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#cale makar
honeybearbarzal · 2 hours ago
We appreciate "Sweet cheeks" Cale Makar in this house!
Tumblr media
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honeybearbarzal · 2 hours ago
The “sweet face” nickname is perfect for Cale omg 😭. And every-time you call him that he’s instantly like “babe stop...” and all red and you’re like “I can’t help it, stop being such a sweet face and I’ll stop” and he’s all 🥺 because he does like it but he doesn’t quite get why you’re so into him (bc you know typical insecurities) and he’s like “but why me ? You can be with any other guy and you’re with me ? Why am I so special ? I mean, I don’t even last more than 10 minutes in bed and I can’t cook, I snore in my sleep and wake you up and sometimes I-“ and you cut him off with a big smooch and love session because that’s one thing you know he enjoys because it’s different than fucking and means much more
And he just smiles so much the entire time bc he’s just SO in love & the whole night is spent just completely wrapped up in each other and he cannot help himself he just has so much love for you im-
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honeybearbarzal · 2 hours ago
Cale would be a sweetheart, the best boyfriend ever especially after you two move in together and even though he’s busy he’d try his hardest to do little things for you like get flowers delivered to your work with little notes and quotes from your favorite movies and shows and even though he sucks at cooking he’d still try to make sure dinner was ready when you got home “I made spaghetti and chicken but the chickens a little dry and my spaghetti is runny but it’s good I promise babe !” with those red cheeks and you’d just grin and give him a kiss and he’d blush like crazy and you’d have to remind him there’s no need to blush because you guys have been dating for a while now and you live together and he’s just like “I just can’t believe this is real with you 😭”
He’s such a simp for you 😭😭 like even if you’ve been together for YEARS he still blushes and he still is just so whipped for you as he was on the first date
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honeybearbarzal · 2 hours ago
Slow dancing with Cale in the kitchen after just putting the kids to bed and you’re both exhausted but you still have to finish doing stuff and he just pulls you close and starts dancing to nonexistent music
He’s just like “i missed you today....i hope you had a good day....i love you 🥺” STOP
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honeybearbarzal · 3 hours ago
Please EJ would be like “so all those tips finally worked huh ? You two are gonna be parents holy shit” and Cale’s all ☺️ because y’all did do some freaky shit but it was for a good reason and he’s all like “we know what it is...” and Ryan’s like “TELL US NOW !!!!” because he’s so excited Mallory and Walker get a little friend and he gets to be an uncle
Yes!!! He’d be so excited to tell everyone omg
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hookingminor · 3 hours ago
25&42 from the list 1 prompt (fluff) with cale <3
25. “You’re hugging me too tight!”
42. “Hey, only I can call them that!”
As Cale’s resident best friend and on account of him being single, you got free access to all his spare game tickets since he never had anyone to give them to, save for the rare occasion his family made the trip to Colorado to watch him play.
And lucky for you, Cale invited you to take his extra playoff tickets. His family had taken the first few games, but with the lead they held over the Blues, Cale elected to save at least one game for you.
The game ended with a 4-1 win over St. Louis, giving them the 4-0 sweep in the series and sending them to the Cup final, and everyone was bouncing off the walls.
You huddled with the other significant others and family members in the tunnel outside the locker room, waiting in excitement to celebrate with the boys.
One by one they filed out, first the captain and a couple older guys whose first mission was to hug their families, and you waited your turn for your favorite rosy-cheeked boy. Tyson was the first to greet you, running up to engulf you in a bone-crushing hug.
“Fucking Stanley Cup final!” Tyson cheered, his volume a little too loud for being right next to your ear that you had to wince away before he blew an eardrum.
“Tys, you’re hugging me too tight,” you managed to get out in between wheezy breaths.
“Sorry, Squints, I’m too excited to let you go,” Tyson grinned, only letting up his grip just enough for you to inhale. He shook you around in happiness, and it was when he twirled you around that you spotted Cale leaning against the wall watching Tyson squeeze the life out of you.
“Squints, eh? Only I can call them that!” Cale chuckled beside you, and Tyson took his cue to let you go so you could embrace your best friend. ‘Squints’ was a nickname Cale had given you ever since the first time you watched The Sandlot together. It was, probably, your all time favorite movie, and you could recite the entire film from start to finish. Once Cale had discovered your little obsession with it, he started calling you Squints, who was one of your favorite characters.
Cale often called you by your nickname rather than your actual name and the rest of the team had eventually picked up on it.
“You don’t have a monopoly on them, Makar,” Tyson scoffed as Cale pulled you into his arms. “I’m your favorite, right?”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re my favorite forward, Jost.”
“Semantics,” he shrugged.
Tyson was pulled away into another celebration by the Comphers not a second later, leaving you to give your congratulations to Cale.
“How does it feel to be four wins away from being Stanley Cup champions?” You asked, wrapping your arms around Cale’s middle while his draped over your shoulders.
His face broke into a wide smile and his cheeks were still red from the exertion of the game. Cale was happy. So fucking happy. You could see it in his eyes how excited and proud he was to be going to the final, and you were proud of him. The feeling almost made you want to reach up and kiss that dopey smile off his lips, but you held yourself back.
“It’ll feel even better when we win the Cup,” he replied, unable to stop his hand from drifting to trace his thumb over your cheek.
The moment could’ve lasted one second or one hour, you couldn’t tell. You were too distracted by his blue eyes to properly process the passage of time.
“Come on, we should get going. Gabe’s hosting a small party tonight to celebrate,” Cale spoke up after a moment, his smile fading slightly.
The sound of your names being shouted burst the bubble around you, and you forced yourself to take a step back. Cale’s hand reached down to grab your own before you could pull back too far and tugged you into his side as he led you towards the exit.
“You’re coming to the first game, right?” Cale asked as he ushered you through the parking lot, and you nodded.
“Of course, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be,” you replied, and Cale shot you a quick smirk.
Once this is all over and once they’ve won the Cup, I’ll tell him, you decided, butterflies fluttering in your stomach as Cale didn’t drop your hand the entire walk to his car.
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honeybearbarzal · 5 hours ago
Okay but you and Cale finally telling the guys you’re expecting and having them and their wives over for dinner and Cale’s like “do you guys want BIG pieces of Kale or BABY pieces of Kale in your salad because we have BOTH and the guys are like “bro wtf just give us the damn salad already 🙄” because they’re not getting it but the girls and Cale keeps pressing and finally EJ and Nate finally make the connection and immediately widen their eyes and Cale’s like “we have both now 🥰”
Tumblr media
^ this is EJ as soon as he puts it together LOL
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honeybearbarzal · 5 hours ago
Calling Cale all the soft nick names while you’re dating and he gets all shy and cute about it. “Sweet face” and “sweet cheeks” being the most popular because he literally has the most sweet face ever and after games while you wait for him down at the tunnel he always comes up to you first he lift you up no matter if they win or lose and you love caressing his cheeks and kissing them first because they’re always so rosey “great game sweet face, it was so good !”
And he blushes every single time 🥺
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capsvsducks · 7 hours ago
From TikTok
How do I @ the Avs? 👀
Like...yes, 5 inch inseams please!!!🤭
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kalemakars · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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honeybearbarzal · 8 hours ago
Taking Cale to a sunflower field and you take pictures of him with the flowers and you post it and say like "You are my sunshine." And he blushes when he sees it and he's like. "Bur that's my line." All whiny
he'd always call you his sunshine prove me wrong
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honeybearbarzal · 10 hours ago
(I'm projecting a lot today lol) but I just finished my second tri of Grad school and imagine Cale taking you out on like a super cute dinner date to celebrate he brings you flowers and you're like "What is all of this for?" And hes like. "I know I was super busy with hockey and wasn't able to be around as much to help you when you were stressed but I'm so proud of you and I wanted to do something nice."
Pls 🥺🥺 he’d buy you the biggest bouquet that he could find and make you feel very lucky on your date.
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honeybearbarzal · 11 hours ago
Cale doing a post game interview and he knows Flynn was at the game but it’s way past his bedtime so he lets him fall asleep on his shoulder while he does media because he literally can’t ever be apart from his baby
And he’s talking quietly but Flynn likes to fall asleep to the sound of his voice so its no problem for him omg 🥺🥺🥺
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hockeylvr59 · 19 hours ago
One of the first times Cale had a hockey stick in hand he was 1.5-2 years old on a beach in Hawaii and people stopped to watch because he was already impressive.
The first hockey psychology book Gary gave Cale was Hockey Tough by Saul Miller when he was 13 or 14.
Makar family road trips to their cabin in BC were filled with motivational lectures.
Cale was completely unfamiliar with the avs defensive system during his first playoff run and just kinda went with it trying to “do his best and see what happened.”
Cale hates to lose more than he likes to win.
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honeybearbarzal · 21 hours ago
au's that i write for!
it's become apparent to me that over the past few weeks i have created a few new au's and i figured i would make a masterpost of them all so that i won't forget them or confused! feel free to ignore or send asks about any of them. if you click on the names you can read through the au's tag.
college!mo -> in which Moritz Seider (redwings) is a college hockey player at the University of Michigan.
best friends dad!josh anderson -> in which, Josh Anderson is your best friends (Ava) dad and you have a thing with him.
kirby and olive -> in which, you have a four year old daughter named Olive and Kirby is in love with the both of you.
nolan and mackenzie -> in which, Nolan Patrick is a single dad with a 7 year old daughter named Mackenzie.
detective!nolan -> in which, Nolan Patrick is a homicide detective and fell in love with you over a murder case when you were a witness.
tkachuk fam -> in which, you have three children with your husband Matthew: Violet, Meredith, and Jack. Violet is the oldest by six years, and there is a three year difference between Meredith and Jack.
graves fam -> in which, you have two children with your husband Ryan: Walker and Mallory. there is a three year difference between the two.
makar fam -> in which, you have a son with your husband Cale: Flynn.
mat and muffet -> in which, you have a daughter with Mat: Muffet.
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