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romancemedia · 19 minutes ago
During the CSI Miami & NY crossover, it’s kinda weird how Horatio interacted more with Stella than Mac. I like the teamup, but I would’ve preferred to see a teamup with Mac and Horatio.
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slushie-writes · 36 minutes ago
There’s a theory that the cabbie driver is Caine in disguise. Caine being a yandere for the LA fledgling brings up interesting scenarios. How would you see that going, especially if the fledgling didn’t know the cabbie is Caine?
TW: mystical manipulation (? like hypnosis type stuff), fighting mention, Yandere, mentions of blood, mentions of death.
-I think, fundamentally speaking, Caine is looking for a proper home. He's spent close to all of his Kindred existence wandering, and every home he's ever found never lasted as long as he did, so regardless of how good he felt he had it for a century or two of his life, it never lasted. He's aware that this is the nature of his curse, but it's hurts him to live through all the same.
-The Fledgling that captures his personal interest will be a Fledgling that can be that sort of "home" for him; Engage in conversation with him despite the long pauses and intimidating nature of the silence he tends to keep, intrigue him with some philosophical conversation or curious questions regarding Kindred struggle, charm him with some silly stories of your old human life or your Kindred beginning, and overall ebb away at the loneliness he's been plagued with since the dawn of Kindred existence. It takes a special sort of Fledgling to be devoted enough to forming a bond with what most assume to be a painfully average cab driver, and he acknowledges that.
-Alternatively, if the Fledgling is Malkavian and knows of his true identity, it's a bit more complicated of a relationship. Caine will respect your attempts to form a bond, despite you obviously being more than a little uneasy eye-to-eye with your maker, but he'd also be aware of the possibility that your intentions may not be what they seem. There are many benefits in having powerful allies, and you are in desperate need of those benefits under the heels of Kindred who would see you dead; it takes more care for a Malkavian Fledgling to prove no underlying motive in getting to know him.
-That all being said, though: if you don't know? you'll never know. The lives of legends are the prey of the ambitious, after all— and he doesn't care for living the life of a legend. Caine only wants the relative peace found in obscurity, for however long that peace will last him.
-It’s after that initial bond is set, and only after, that he develops Yandere tendencies. He’s a protective and possessive type. His protective nature is routed in the comfort you provide him, ensuring it (and subsequently you) last as long as possible. Granted, he would keep any physical interference to a minimum (so as to not break the obscurity he’s obtained by openly associating himself as your ally), but subtly tips the scales in your favor; He’ll subconsciously manipulate the actions of your opponents through the manipulation of the Jyhad, so you always manage to come out of the most deadly encounters alive. Coming out of an encounter tasting lead or missing an arm is not off-limits, though. For Caine, the bottom line is that you live through any problem you face.
-His possessive nature is more a call back to his younger, more rash personality. He’s learned a lot since he was first made a Vampire, and he likes to think he’s matured a great deal since, but underneath it all you awake an immature part of himself that closely resembles the Caine from all those years ago; the Caine that turned to the Crone’s magic when rejected by his Childe, the Caine that bound an unwilling Zillah to him. This possessive aspect of Caine is absolutely determined to be in your presence, and have you enjoy his company as much as he enjoys yours, regardless of the cost.
-Seriously remembers every detail you share with him about yourself or your life. It’s incredibly weird. You could mention a general description of your old Kine best friend from 8 years prior to your embrace, and he’d be able to miraculously pick them out in a crowd (not that he would tell you, unless you didn’t find reminders of your old life painful). It either makes you feel genuinely heard by him, as he keeps all the important information you tell him close to his chest, or weirded out by how he remembers the name of your elementary school after you told him that info a century ago. 
-Confesses in a heartfelt, albeit standard way. He struggles finding the words to convey how strongly he feels regarding you, so he really relies on the established bond you two have for you to know that he’s genuine in his feelings, just not as expressive as others may be in conveying them. Rejecting his confession, shockingly, goes over rather well. A younger Caine might’ve forced you to love him, but as he currently is? Caine is more than content simply remaining in your company as a close friend. He’s too old to tire himself with the song-and-dance that is forcing your affections. That being said, he may be more than a little tempted to manipulate the blood, and you might find yourself weirdly tempted to give him a chance at times....
-While he is rather protective of your life, he is not totally against putting you in danger. He doesn’t seek to do so, of course, but watching you walk your own path fascinates him, and if that path tends to lead to danger (as this undead life so often does) then that is simply the risk you’re taking on your way to making yourself a legend among Kindred. He wouldn’t interfere with that....unless the path you’ve chosen leads only to death, of course, at which point he gladly interferes. 
-If you’re a very reckless Fledgling, and take joy in constant life-threatening danger, you drive Caine’s protective obsession up the wall. At some point, he’ll be convinced that you’re simply a danger to yourself, and will either persuade you with words or manipulate your blood into taking a more passive role in Kindred society, at least until you learn what self-preservation is. Caine doesn’t care if you have a lust for battle, so long as you don’t pass a death wish off as one. 
-With all that blood manipulation talk being said, though, never mistake his willingness for joy. He often regrets manipulating the blood like this, especially if those manipulations were the only things influencing you to consider him a romantic partner, but he either finds the alternative solutions too problematic or rationalizes the use of his power so the guilt in his heart can lessen a bit. Even so, on particularly guilt-ridden days, he might seem very noticeably solemn...if you offer him comfort, he greatly appreciates it.
-See, the ultimate problem with Caine as a yandere is that he lives by your side in the first-date stage. With the accumulated power and knowledge that comes with being alive since the beginning, Caine masterfully hides any unseemly behavior from you so you continue to enjoy his company as much as he enjoys yours. Plus, while it’s not exactly his first choice, if you ever do decide to openly despise him, he can manipulate the blood into making you mysteriously change your mind about him as a friend/lover. The only Fledgling that stands a chance at realizing the manipulation is a Malkavian, but even with that knowledge, what do you intend on doing to get The Father to stop manipulating you? as though he couldn’t simply dominate you into forgetting what you knew.
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Because I am, as established in previous posts, Thirsty for Abigael Jameson-Caine (and no, I will not stop using her full name it is a sexy name and it would be a tragedy to part with a single syllable of it) I have dedicated myself to rewatching the entirety of the Charmed reboot from scratch. Yes, that’s right. I finished season in roughly a day, and I’m already 3 episodes into 2. It took me over an hour to watch 2x03 because that’s when Abigael Jameson-Caine shows up and I could not stop replaying her pressed to a wall by Macy and saying the words “affair” and “bastard” in That Accent. 
I have a problem. 
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cassandykecain · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cassandra Cain in Harley Quinn (2000) #10
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lives-in-a-harpsichord · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Abel & Cain, inspired by this performance of Scarlatti's Il Primo Omicidio I have now watched three times
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weelings · 3 hours ago
Dc maybe unpopular opinions:
Wonder Woman needs to stop being written by men.
Wonder Woman needs her villains to be from greek mythology
Actually Wonder Woman just needs more inspiration from Greek mythology in general
Hunters of Artemis = the Amazon’s. Change my mind. You can’t.
No live action batman (or bat family) suit will ever be accurate or practical. It’s either one or the other
All the robins are POC.
Superman’s struggles mainly deal with overpowered outside forces that are almost entirely made up.
Luthor should beat Superman without kryptonite once. Or come close to it. He’s smart, he can do it without his failsafe or public opinion. Like is that the most creative way you can kill him? Authors?
Cassandra Cain can beat anyone she wants in hand to hand but she puts up a “good fight” with the batfam since she wants to spend time with them
Everyone expects Dick to have the old timey phrases but It’s really Jason. 
Dick can’t say no to Damian. He’s the first brother he’s actually spent a lot of time with at the start of their robin career and he values it too much.
Dick can’t change his nickname. Not to Ric or Rick or Rich or a middle name or only using his last name. It doesn’t work. He is DICK. If you can’t find a good use of his name and want to change it, you shouldn’t be writing.
Tim using drake as his hero name was dumb. The mail in the coffin was the HORRIBLE COLOR SCHEME!
Bruce uses batman as a shield agains his trauma. Dick uses batman as a job he has to take for the good of people, even over his own wants and desires. Jason uses batman as a way to get away with stuff. Tim uses batman as a beacon or anchor for himself. Damian uses batman as if it is his right.
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deadletterpoets · 4 hours ago
Damian Wayne in Batgirl (2009) - I want to meet Cassandra
Damian Wayne *meets Cassandra* - My father never loved you.
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deadletterpoets · 4 hours ago
I think it's ridiculous that Cassandra Cain fans had to put up with Orphan for so long and people actually tried to defend that shit.
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fancyfade · 4 hours ago
Okay this is the entire reason I started doing the week, I knew I wanted to do the autistic Damian prompt :P
(And obviously Cass is there).
Hopefully Cass and Damian interactions make up for me not being able to update my regular fanfic (shameless plug) today
cw: internalized ableism (mild, not major)
It simply starts by being in the airport.
They shouldn't ever need an airport. Damian can fly planes. Father has multiple private jets. But it was a school trip and the school wanted the students to come together. Why Damian even needs to go to school is beyond him.
The airport on the flight there was somewhat manageable. It was big; it was horrible how noisy it was, how many people there were, how much potential for a massacre was lurking under the surface of every interaction. But he went in fresh. Right after patrol, training, and sleep. He was ready.
The airport after the flight back –
He's used up all of his ability to pretend to be a normal child. Or at least, his version of normal, which was still abnormal, which still alienated people. So the only thing he sees is potential.
He sees the potential for the people checking in their bags to suddenly pull a gun out and shoot down the veritable mass of humanity before the security guards can react. He sees potential for his orchestra teacher to suddenly drop his act and step behind him and snap his neck. Potential for a League of Shadows convoy to suddenly come driving through the glass doors that lead to the outside and turn the place into a battlefield.
.keep reading..
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charmedcwsource · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CHARMED | 3.15 “Schrodinger’s Future”
WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS – Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) has a disturbing vision, forcing her and Macy (Madeleine Mantock) to pay a visit to the future. Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Harry (Rupert Evans) struggle with challenging new circumstances. Also starring Poppy Drayton. Stuart Gilliard directed the episode written by Bianca Sams and Blake Taylor (#315).  Original airdate 6/18/2021.
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deadletterpoets · 4 hours ago
Cassandra Cain is a main batfam member. Just cause DC doesn't like to remember this fact doesn't mean we should forget it. She is the definitive Batgirl. No, I'm not saying she is the most popular or well known. No I'm not saying Stephanie Brown is irrelevant. I am saying every solo Batgirl series owes respect to Cassandra Cain's. I get that the white supremacy of DC comics has buried that fact in favor of Babs being the reason Batgirl solo is important, but NOPE
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deadletterpoets · 4 hours ago
I wasn't against the mirrored theme of death between Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva in Cass's Batgirl run that sorta connected them before it was revealed they were actually related, but I do find it kinda ehhh that they brought back Shiva having a death wish and her choice to handle it was fucking Bruce. Now, I'm not expecting her to ask Cass to kill her. In current continuity that's not happening even more so than Pre52 continuity mostly just due to them actually having a more amicable, though distant, relationship. It's just, Shiva, babe, if you gotta put the knife in his hand and then stab yourself that is not the man to kill you. She should look up Punchline, or Ghost Maker. Those two seem to be masters or something idk, but they kill no problem. Hell maybe once Damian is done with his tournament and if he's still on a kill high he can give it a shot.
(this is like 75% a joke)
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starofgold · 4 hours ago
Cain Central Concerto SSR Card Story: The Glory That Echoes In the Gallop
Cain: Let me introduce this guy to everyone here. This is Richard, the horse I told you guys about.
Riquet: He is so dashing! Are horses all this big when we see them up close?
Akira: His fur is so glossy! Nice to meet you, Richard!
Arthur: It’s been a while, Richard. How are you?
That day, there was a visit from Richard, the army horse that was Cain’s partner.
Riquet:  Cain, I heard that horses love carrots, so I asked Nero to spare some. May I feed him?
Cain: Sure. Be careful so that he won’t chew on your hand too.
Arthur: I’d like to give him a brushing. It must feel nice to comb his fur under the sunlight like this. Master Oz, would you like to brush him with me?
Oz: No.
Riquet: Are you afraid of horses, Oz? Richard is a nice, friendly horse, so there should be no problem.
Cain: Ahaha, I’m glad everyone likes him. Akira, thank you for giving me the permission to bring Richard to the Magic Manor.
Akira: No need to thank me. I’m happy that I get to meet him too.
Looking at Cain’s face, which was full of joy, I recalled what happened a few days before.
Akira: Cain, you have something you want to talk over with me?
Cain: Ah, I’d like to talk to you about inviting a horse to the Magic Manor.
Akira: A horse?
Cain: Yeah, an army horse that was my partner when I was with the Knights. From what I’ve heard, they decided to retire him and let him live in a farm near the border. He will pass by the Magic Manor on his way there, so my former comrades asked me if I would meet him. Since a horse is still an outsider, I’d like to discuss the matter with you first, Master Sage.
Akira: Of course, feel free to bring him here! He must be happy if he can meet you too.
Cain: Thank you! I’d like to see him off, so I’m glad to hear that.  That’s right! Would you like to meet him when he is here? I’ll invite Arthur, Riquet, and Oz too.
[End of recollection]
Riquet: Whoa, why is he licking my cheek? Ahaha, that tickles!
Cain: That’s because he has taken a liking to you, Riquet.
Akira: (Cain looks really happy that he can meet Richard)
Akira: Can I give Richard some carrot….. What?! An explosion?!
Arthur: The sound came from the roof. Maybe the Norther Wizards caused it? Ah! Richard!
Richard: *neighs*
Riquet: Whoa! Richard is bolting!
Cain: Richard!
Richard: *neighs*
Startled by the sound of explosion, Richard became agitated and acted out.
Arthur: Calm down, Richard! Master Sage, please get behind me!
Oz: … Vox no…..
Cain: Don’t do that. I’ll calm him down. Everyone, please step back.
Having said that, Cain gently stroke the neck of Richard, who continued to lash out, and started talking to him.
Cain: Calm down, Richard. No one around here is your enemy. Calm down and look at my eyes. I’ll pet your back, so breathe, slowly.
Richard: …….. *snorts*
Cain: Yes, like that. Good boy. You’re really smart, aren’t you.
Akira: Amazing! He really calmed down in no time.
As I got close to him without thinking, Richard softly touched me with his nose as if to say sorry.
Riquet: It’s as if he really understands what Cain says! Does Richard know human speech?
Cain: He is smart, after all. If we sincerely try to reach out to him, he’ll listen to us. Hey Oz, you should come here too. It seems that Richard is curious about you. He has been moving his ears in your direction. He must have understood that you wanted to use magic to calm him down too.
Arthur: Master Oz, please come. Horses love sweet things, so I think he’ll be happy if you give him some sugar.
Riquet: You probably don’t know how to feed him yet, so I will show you!
Oz: …..
After a moment of complete silence, Oz slowly walked towards Richard. There was sugar on his hand.
Akira: He ate it!
Richard: *snorts*
Cain: He thinks that was tasty. Well done, Oz!
Arthur: As expected, Master Oz. If you don’t mind, how about you giving him a brushing next?
Oz: I will.
[Time skips to the evening]
Akira: Oh, time sure flies. The sun is about to set already.
Cain: The time to say goodbye to him has finally come, huh.
As he petted Richard, who kept pressing his nose at him, Cain looked at the forest nearby.
Cain: I’m going to take Richard for a walk around the forest one last time. You guys want to join me?
Riquet: It is a pity but I already plan to help with dinner, so I will come back inside.
Arthur: I’d like to join you guys but I’ve work that I brought from the castle. Master Oz, you will retire to your room, won’t you.
Oz: Yes.
Cain: What about you, Akira? Since there’s still time, do you want to go with us?
Akira: Yes. Since he came all the way here, I’d like to stay with Richard a bit more until we part with him.
Cain: Thank you. He’s happy that you go with us too. Well then, we’ll be going since it’s getting late.
As we arrived at the forest, Richard stopped and stared at us for some reason.
Akira: Huh? What’s the matter?
Cain: He wants me to have a ride with him. Do you remember how he pressed his face at me earlier? That’s his way to invite someone too.
Cain: I got you, Richard. I’m taking up on your offer since you insist. What about you, Akira?
Akira: May I?
Richard: *Snorts*
Cain: Haha, he has no problem with that. In that case, let’s go.
With practiced ease, Cain got on Richard’s back then lent me his hand from there.
Cain: Please take my hand. I am honored to accompany you on this little trip under the sunset.
Akira: Thank you for your kind offer! In that case, I will…. Whoa!
Cain: Good, you’re seated properly. What’s the view like from here? It must be a new experience from what you see normally.
Akira: I can see well into the distance! Also when you’re on horseback, you’re very knightly and dashing.  
Cain: Haha, really? Then I’ll tell you a story about our time with the Knights. That day, it was raining when we were on our duty patrol at a village in the border area. We came across a pack of wolves that were about to attack a farm. There was a child playing by the fence and the sheep. The sheep immediately noticed the wolves and ran off. The child was left behind and got surrounded by the wolves.
Akira: Ehh?!
Cain: I thought the child would end up being eaten if it went on like that, so Richard and I rushed to the child’s place and managed to rescue them in the nick of time. Afterwards, the wolves were driven away, and the sheep were safe. From the bottom of my heart, I was relieved that I could protect them.
Akira: So something like that happened. It’s really like you to rush to the child’s help when they were in danger.  
Cain: Thank you. That incident is something I take pride in.
Richard: *snorts*
Akira: Ahaha, yes, you too, Richard. You’re a hero too.
Cain: That’s right. Back then, the child could be saved because you charged in the pack of wolves without hesitation. It’s all thanks to you, Richard.
As we continued our walk, we arrived at an open clearing. Richard immediately tapped his front foot repeatedly on the ground.
Cain: Akira, it seems he wants to have a run around the forest. He’s pretty fast when he runs at his full strength. I won’t let you fall, but please hold on tightly just to be sure.
Akira: Understood! Is this okay?
Cain: Yeah, you’re doing good. So, we’re done with our preparation. Let’s go, Richard! It’s our one last run! Don’t get tired in the middle of the way!
Richard: *neighs*
Akira: Wow, it’s like I’m riding the wind!
Cain: Ahaha, this feels great, doesn’t it!
My heart danced from this new, brilliant, unrivalled joyful experience. On their faces, which were lit up by the setting sun, there was no lamentation of a farewell. Only the radiant wholehearted savoring of this irreplaceable moment.
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sohotthateveryonedied · 5 hours ago
i can’t believe dc really thought that dick grayson didn’t have enough family members with his dad, his other dad/grandfather, his chaotic good stepmom, the assassin he co-parents damian with, his gay aunt, his four brothers, his one sister and one honorary sister, his four lifelong friends who are more family than his actual family, and his dog. dc looked at all that and said nope, that’s not enough, add one more to the pile please. i can’t fathom it
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incorrect-sandman · 5 hours ago
Matthew: I think my humour has reached its peak
Cain: Yes, its lowest one
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