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#cadence blackburn
cadence-blackburn · 22 hours ago
Morrigan: Behind every girlboss is another, bigger girlboss.
Cadence: It's called a pyramid scheme.
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cadence-blackburn · a day ago
Arch: My hair’s getting really long.
Cadence: I could cut it for you.
Arch: Really?
Cadence: Yeah, I cut Anah’s hair all the time.
Anah: When have you ever cut my hair?
Cadence: You take a lot of naps.
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cadence-blackburn · 2 days ago
Cadence: I’m stone cold. Unbreakable. A true loner.
Morrigan: [smiles]
Cadence: I’m a mess, someone help, I’m gay.
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cadence-blackburn · 3 days ago
Cadence: Anyone else remember being a child and seeing the very neat handwriting of other little girls and somehow knowing that you were a different genre of person than they were?
Noelle: Literally no... I remember seeing bad handwriting and thinking, "Oh, those other kids must be orphans or something"
Cadence: Fascinating to hear from the other genre, thanks for your contribution
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cadence-blackburn · 3 days ago
Arch: Where do you think the money went?
Thaddea: Guns?
Hawthorne: Ships?
Morrigan: Bombs?
Cadence: Political bribes?
*everyone looks at Francis*
Mahir: This is where you tell us how awful we are
Francis: *shrug* they all seem like practical choices
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queen-fenestra · 5 days ago
So my last post I talked about my wundersmith reincarnation theory a bit. So here’s a more organized version.
So the courage square massacre happened and all the wundersmith a died
And wundersmith reincarnate when they die. What if there spirit waits till eventide to come to earth. So then on eventide the wundersmiths are born. Enough to replace all the dead wundersmiths from the past age
And that’s why cursed children are born on eventide. But some children aren’t wundersmiths. Even if they were born on eventide. Because there’s only eight spirits going around (Ezra is still alive) so not all of them are wundersmiths.
And the reason the keep ending up in the republic is that nevermoor doesn’t want wundersmith spirits in the free state. So with old city magic she repels them.
Nevermoor lets them in if they are already born because she can judge their character. She can’t decide which unborn baby will become the next wundersmith. So she only lets already born wundersmiths in.
Ok but also eventide is like a Sozin’s Comet for wundersmiths or something. Like that would be so cool
There you go. That is my theory. Nevermoor the great city is very picky about magical babies that enter her realm
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cadence-blackburn · 5 days ago
Mahir: what if people had food names and food had people names?
Arch: hey spaghetti time for dinner
Morrigan: what're we having?
Arch: Margaret
Francis: I swear you guys better stop
Cadence: shut up broccoli
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cadence-blackburn · 5 days ago
Cadence: I hate Noelle.
Anah: "Hate” is a strong word.
Cadence: I have strong opinions.
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cadence-blackburn · 6 days ago
Morrigan: If you had to choose between Hawthorne and all the money in my wallet, which would you choose?
Cadence: Hm. How much money do you have?
Hawthorne: Cadence!
Morrigan: 63 cents.
Cadence: I'll take the money.
Hawthorne: CADENCE!
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queen-fenestra · 7 days ago
Morrigan: and then I realized it wasn’t worth it. It was just annoying
Jack: as annoying as Hawthorne?
Hawthorne: I have a waterbottle and I’m not afraid to use it
Cadence: oh no! You’re going to be hydrated when you fight Jack! Such an advantage!
Jack: *imitating hawthorne* I’m gonna hydrate and there’s nothing you can do about it
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Alright Fright Trial headcannons to break your hearts! 
Mog: getting caught by the Hunt obviously (Why would you do this Jess, why would the Elders do this?)
Hawthorne: legs got bit off by a dragon (eh sad but no too sad)
Mahir: can’t communicate (very sad, once read a book in class about a kid who had cerebral palsy and couldn’t communicate and his family considered “putting him out of his misery”, never finished the book, the school year ended)
Francis: His guardian kicking him out and calling him a disgrace to the family (that he’s pretty proud of) name.  
Lam: Family killed because she was sent to the Wundrous Society  
Thaddea: I’m not entirely sure, but maybe she can’t protect herself/her loved ones with her fighting skills? This way she feels inadequate and useless and she hates that.
Arch: Oh boy do I have an elaborate backstory for Arch! (this might be confusing without it) I’m not solid on the trial but maybe this time he causes his family to go bankrupt and starve. 
Anah: I have no idea, feel free to break the hearts of me and my followers and mutuals though with an answer!
Cadence: Everyone forgets her, this time including her family (unit was not official at this time so I can’t say the unit forgot her as well), and she can’t get their attention for even a second because everyone acts like she’s not there and ignores her.
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breteshcorn · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Morrigan and Cadence in Wunimal AU. Morrigan’s a black cat and Cadence’s a Blandford fox
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iwantmystarbuckstogo · 11 days ago
Here's a quick sketch of Candence
Tumblr media
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cadence-blackburn · 13 days ago
*something blows up in the distance*
Cadence: Morrigan, what did you do?
Morrigan: my best.
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okay-hamlet · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Mordence fanart to warm a dead, cold heart.
Happy Pride Month, people!
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cadence-blackburn · 13 days ago
Mahir: what do you call murdering a friend?
Cadence: revenge?
Francis: betrayal?
Mahir: homiecide
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queen-fenestra · 14 days ago
Chapters: 3/? Fandom: Nevermoor Series - Jessica Townsend, Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan, The Trials of Apollo - Rick Riordan Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Summary:
Percy, Piper and Nico are checking out the attic of the big house. they touch something that says 'don't touch'. so yeah.
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