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#c: draven weiss
ghostlyanon · a month ago
🥚Draven lightly places an egg atop Ghosty's head. Why? Who knows.
🥚 giv eggs 🥚 | @iinauras​
Seeing Draven approach her, Annie was ready to happily greet him. But not a second long after she had barely parted her lips to speak, she spotted his hand coming closer from above. Her words were cut short and once she felt the touch of a small object over the crown of her head, she suddenly went still. 
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Obviously, she couldn’t see what was it that he had placed atop her head, but by the way that it balanced its weight and the feeling of it threatening to fall to the sides to any slight movement, she could tell that it was round-shaped— or something close to it. A deeply buried instinct told her she did not want this specific round item to fall.
Thus, she remained locked into position, keeping the little egg safely balanced on her head. Not moving her head didn’t keep her gaze from searching Draven’s visage, with knitted eyebrows already settling on hers, and a hushed question which tone carried a little bitterness toward him for trapping her in such a manner.
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ghostlyanon · a month ago
↕ Draven vc: laughs in 6'0"
send me ↕ + your muse’s height | open!
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Tumblr media
“You shouldn’t be laughing! You do know being tall makes it easier to stand out and become... huh... A TARGET! Don’t you?”  She says that,  but she’s totally aware he’s laughing at HER height. Not nice!
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ghostlyanon · 3 months ago
₱ ; w ; ?
₱ | receive a pokémon from annie! | accepting
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#775. Komala. Normal type.
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“This little guy never stops snoozing. It might seem odd, but that his own lifestyle, I guess... It’s very cute and can put up a fight if needed, but... I-I think it would do you good to care for a pokémon such as this. When you see it, you sort feel like resting too, don’t you...? Perhaps it might help you get some rest as well. Taking breaks and relaxing is good for a person, after all!”
@iinauras | draven
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