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readtilyoudie · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to the first rec list this blog is going to put out, hosted by Jo. It's a little late in the month for starting the Pride Recs, but the blog is new and we're still figuring this out. So each week, we'll do little themed recommendation lists of five books. All recommendations have been read, we won't be posting any that aren't personally vetted. (Feel free to ask us for more or for specific themes). This month is Queer Pride, and I'm the Queer, so Here are my recs:
Fat Girl Finishing School by Rachel Wiley. If you like poetry.
Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers. If you like gentle softness, daily slice of life (but in space!).
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. If you like pirate adventures, friends in love with friends, and asexual side character! Content warning for physical abuse and ableism and homophobia.
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson. If you like comics and enemies & lovers.
Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee. If you like superheroes, queer everything, no phobias.
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kpopblurbs · 10 days ago
Stray Kids mtl to ride their partner?
Felix Jisung Minho Changbin Jeongin Chan Seungmin Hyunjin
Felix, Jisung, Minho - These three are the most eager bottoms, Felix and Jisung would happily ride their partner any day while Minho would bring more power bottom energy to it.
Changbin, Jeongin - They're still very much down but sometimes the work might be too much for them all the time.
Chan, Seungmin - These two have the biggest top energy so they might prefer their partner riding them though they still wouldn't be opposed to switching the position
Hyunjin - He is at the bottom not bc he's a top or anything bc like he's a bottom and we all know this, rather it's because of his incredibly strong pillow prince energy. He wants to be on his back while his partner does all the work not the other way around.
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kpopblurbs · 11 days ago
Stray Kids mtl to be into using toys?
Minho Hyunjin Chan Felix Changbin Jeongin Jisung Seungmin
Minho, Hyunjin, Chan - These three love love love toys, they use them to enhance already fun scenes and are the most likely to use at least one small toy every time they have sex
Felix, Changbin, Jeongin - These three don't use toys as often, preferring to save them for a special occasion when they can really enjoy using them on their own or with a partner
Jisung, Seungmin - These two might use a toy here and there to enhance a situation but ultimately they prefer the classic that is hands and mouths, they enjoy feeling their partner more than a toy
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kpopblurbs · 11 days ago
Could you do a Stray Kids mtl to be into orgasm denial?
Changbin Chan Jisung Felix Seungmin Minho Jeongin Hyunjin
Changbin, Chan, Jisung - Absolutely, these three love that feeling of being controlled and orgasm denial fulfills that sensation for them.
Felix, Seungmin, Minho - Not as much, it's definitely more of a punishment for them and while they still love that feeling of being controlled they would much rather be able to cum whenever they want
Jeongin, Hyunjin - This is the worst and most effective punishment for them, they're still into it like the others are but they hate it the most it's the fastest way to get them to break if they're being bratty
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kpopblurbs · 11 days ago
who in stray kids is most likely to survive in a zombie outbreak lmao
Seungmin Chan Jeongin Felix Minho Changbin Hyunjin Jisung
Seungmin, Chan, Jeongin - These boys just have survival instinct energy. Like they know exactly what they need to do to survive, Chan prolly has a stockpile of non-perishable food and they're all ready to put in the effort to survive
Felix, Minho - These two are ready to put in the effort but they're more likely to fuck up or get too comfortable and get bit on accident. They'd survive for a good amount of time before that happened though
Changbin, Hyunjin, Jisung - Absolutely not, they all think they can but the second shit hits the fan they're gone. They're all too loud and clumsy to survive beyond a couple months and trust me that couple of months would only be if they're surviving with the other boys.
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kpopblurbs · 11 days ago
If you ever have the time, could you write how each Stray Kids member would be a sub?
He just wants to be good
The boy doesn't have a bratty bone in his body
He just wants to be taken care of
He can take literally anything his dom wants to give him
Bc of how hard he works he's the kind of sub that just wants to turn his brain off
He wants his dom to make all of the decisions for him
He's very into being used like a toy
And degraded
All of his pleasure comes from his doms pleasure so he's more than happy for them to use him however they want
He just wants all of the praise
He constantly wants to be told how good he is and how well he's taking it
A brat
That’s it
All that dom energy has to go somewhere when he's subbing
And it goes straight to disrespect and rule breaking
He loves degradation and very rough treatment
He will challenge his dom every chance he gets because he lives for the punishment he gets
I feel like he's into a bit of pain
Like definitely some impact play whether it's bare hand spankings or like paddles or floggers he's here for it
Honestly it would take a tough dom to control him
The boy can take a. lot.
A very good boy
He can have occasional bratty tendencies but it's mostly just him whining for attention
He just wants 100% of his doms attention and if getting it means he gets punished then so be it he's fine with that
He's down for restraints but idk about heavy bondage
He just likes feeling controlled and like a simple pair of cuffs is more than enough for him
I feel like he's very down for like complete orgasm control
Like he wants his dom to tell him when and where he can cum
And he wants to be a good boy so he's always obedient
He loves praise which is why he's so well behaved all the time
He esp loves body worship as a form of praise it just makes him feel so full of love
A pillow prince
As a sub he never ever wants to lift a finger
He has his bratty tendencies cause while he may not be in control he prefers things his own way
The best punishment for him is making him do all the work
He'd lose his mind if his dom just laid there and made him do everything
He also loves toys
Especially the remote controlled kind
He's also a bottom through and through
He's gonna need to get dicked down regularly
It's truly his favorite thing
He also loves being degraded
Things like calling him dumb and teasing him if he cums too soon
He lives for that honestly
Such a whiny sub
He's so sensitive so he makes the cutest little whiny hiccupy noises
Lots of squeaks and high pitched breathy moans
Not the type of sub that enjoys being tied down
He wants to hold onto his dom it helps keep him grounded
His dom could edge him as many times as they wanted as long as they held his hand the entire time
Bc he's so sensitive he wouldn't always be down for things like vibrators
I feel like he prefers like physical touch over toys but that doesn't apply to like standard dildos
The more worked up he gets the more like shaky he gets cause the pleasure is almost overwhelming
He enjoys feeling small and being manhandled
But he also loves being treated very gently
He's also very cocky and will talk big game outside of the bedroom but the second he's behind closed doors with his dom he backs down immediately
He is all bark and absolutely no bite
As a sub, Lix likes feeling truly owned
He's a lot more gentle but he really loves collars and the symbolism behind them
He's the type of sub that wants to wear a necklace or a bracelet all the time as a subtle symbol that someone owns him
Also he's very eager to please
He has big service sub energy
Like he'd go out of his way to do things for his dom
Especially like cleaning while they're at work or making sure food is there when they get home
He would absolutely get his partner off without pushing to get himself off as well
He just wants to be a good boy for his dom
He's rarely if ever a brat
He's just not here for the punishment as often as some of the other boys
A bit of a brat
Not as often as some of the other boys
But he'll absolutely act out now and again
Much like Minho his dom energy has to go somewhere
And he's never been one for truly listening when someone tells him what to do
He's just normally a lot more subtle about it
He likes to see which rules he can break without his dom finding out
And then when he wants to be punished he'll bring up everything he got away with
Like Jisung I feel like he's more of a physical kind of guy
He doesn't care as much about toys he prefers the hands on approach
Pretty into orgasm control
Like maybe not 24/7 control like Changbin
But during scenes he likes being denied his orgasm or forced to hold it back
A brat
The type to break rules bc he knows it drives his dom crazy
Like he'll break a no touching rule just for his dom to see bc he knows how hot he looks while getting himself off
He'll also send lewds at the most inconvenient times
His dom will be at work or out with friends and Jeongin will send videos of him touching himself or pictures of himself all dressed up or wearing nothing at all
He just wants his dom to always be thinking of him
He would want to be degraded especially after he does any of the things mentioned above
Also his preferred punishment when he's being a brat is to be edged
He would love to be manhandled
He wants his dom to pick him up and pull his hair and push him into whatever position they want
Aftercare is especially important with him
He needs to be absolutely pampered after all the degradation and manhandling is over
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slaughter-books · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 11: JOMPBPC: Library Or Bookstore?
Bookstore! Dymocks Adelaide is my favourite bookstore and the aromantic pride flag! 💞
Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
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slaughter-books · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 9: JOMPBPC: Holy Nostalgia Batman
I didn't know what to do for this prompt, so I decided to make the bi pride flag out of books!
Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
P.S. I know the colours don't match up, but I hope it still reads as the bi pride flag☺
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl to be more vanilla?
Jeongin Seungmin Felix Changbin Jisung Hyunjin Chan Minho
Jeongin, Seungmin - Not that these two don’t have their own kinks, they'd just be on the more vanilla side of things, preferring their sex to be more gentle and passionate
Felix, Changbin, Jisung - These boys have their fair share of kinks but they may not want to engage in them all the time, about half the time I'd say they'd be in the mood for more vanilla sex
Hyunjin, Chan, Minho - These three each have a long list of kinks and likely include at least their milder ones in every sexual interaction they have.
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl to be into S&M?
Minho Chan Changbin Jisung Hyunjin Seungmin Felix Jeongin
Minho, Chan, Changbin - These boys like it r o u g h they can take and dish out the most and love the feeling of pain mixed with pleasure, literally spank them, slap them, step on them, let them do the same to you they're all down for it
Jisung, Hyunjin - These two wouldn't be able to take as much, their pain tolerance would be lower but they would still enjoy it every once in a while, they'd probably connect it more with a punishment than part of the reward
Seungmin, Felix, Jeongin - These three are absolutely the least down for it, they're not opposed to things like manhandling or more rough treatment but they don't see pain as anything but a harsh punishment
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl to be into breath play?
Chan Minho Hyunjin Changbin Seungmin Jisung Felix Jeongin
Chan, Minho - These two are the most likely to want to be choked or to choke someone else, Chan would be more on the be choked side of things while Minho would be the opposite but seeing as they're both switches I think they'd be fully down for it either way
Hyunjin, Changbin - These two probably wouldn't engage in it as often but when they're in the right mood they're all for it
Seungmin, Jisung, Felix, Jeongin - These four would either take a lot of convincing to try it or would be completely uncomfortable with the thought, if their partner was really into it they might be willing to try but they're never gonna bring it up on their own.
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl to be into food play, and what types of food?
Hyunjin Jisung Minho Felix Chan Changbin Seungmin Jeongin
Hyunjin - Lots of sticky things, honey, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, various fruits Jisung - Sweets, he loves things like edible underwear but also things like popsicles and pretty much any fruits, also he would enjoy the sensation of pop rocks in his partners mouth when he's receiving oral Minho - Primarily whipped cream and honey, loves a good cherry or a strawberry, but his personal favorite is frozen grapes Felix - Any sort of chocolate, little pieces as an aphrodisiac or melted to to add in that extra sensation Chan - I feel like Chan likes using champagne, especially an expensive one to really make his partner feel spoiled as he poured it over them Changbin, Seungmin, Jeongin - These three are gonna keep it the most simple, probably sticking to whipped cream and potentially some strawberries or cherries if they're feeling spicy
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl to be down for car sex?
Hyunjin Minho Changbin Chan Felix Jeongin Seungmin Jisung
Hyunjin, Minho - These two absolutely love it, for Hyunjin it probably happens most often bc he just can't wait until he gets home while with Minho it's mostly for the thrill of the fact that anyone could peek in and catch you
Changbin, Chan, Felix - These three probably wouldn't make it a regular thing, it would only really happen when they want something extra spicy.
Jeongin, Seungmin, Jisung - These three would probably give it hard no, to them car sex is super uncomfortable and not worth the risk of being caught.
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stay kids mtl to be a service top?
Chan Changbin Jeongin Felix Seungmin Jisung Minho Hyunjin
Chan, Changbin, Jeongin - These boys are the definition of service top, they're entirely focused on your pleasure, whatever you want to happen is exactly what's gonna happen.
Felix, Seungmin - These two go back and forth with whether they're service tops or not, they still put a lot of emphasis on your pleasure ofc but they're more likely to not just rely on exactly what you want
Jisung, Minho, Hyunjin - I don't wanna call these boys selfish, like they want you to enjoy yourself obv but they're the most likely to be more focused on how they would like to bring you pleasure than exactly what you want
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
I'm feeling soft rn, could you do an Stray Kids mtl to back hug their taller s.o?
Jisung Chan Felix Changbin Jeongin Hyunjin Minho Seungmin
Jisung, Chan, Felix, Changbin - These four are the absolute cuddliest of them all, they'd back hug you any time any place, most often completely unprompted. Jisung specifically would do it all the time, he's very touchy feely so I feel like he'd always want to make contact with you and if he knew how much you liked it when he did it he'd make sure to do it all the time. Chan, Felix, and Changbin would do it more often if they felt like you needed it like if you were sad or melancholy that day they'd really pour on the back hugs.
Jeongin, Hyunjin - These two wouldn't do it nearly as often, they'd still definitely do it but it would happen more if you told them you enjoyed it.
Minho, Seungmin - I don't see these two initiating the cuddly stuff as often, if you told them you wanted them to back hug you more often they would but I think they'd probably reserve it for special moments.
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Sub Stray Kids mtl to be into pet play?
Minho Felix Jisung Chan Changbin Seungmin Hyunjin Jeongin
Minho, Felix - These two are the most into it, both seem like they wouldn't mind being either master or pet. They both like the idea of taking care of someone acting as their pet and they also have strong kitten energy.
Jisung, Chan, Changbin - These boys would still definitely be into it but they may not be as consistently in the mood. Chan will go back and forth between master and pet while Jisung and Changbin would be pets more consistently.
Seungmin, Hyunjin, Jeongin - These three wouldn't be opposed to pet play though it may not be their suggestion and more so smth they do for a partner. Hyunjin has strong pet energy, Seungmin and Jeongin would go back and forth but may have a preference for being the master.
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Since you wrote an mtl on Stray Kids getting punished, what do you think is each member's favorite way to get punished?
Chan's favorite form of punishment is having to watch his partner fuck someone else, it's the ultimate form of degradation to him, esp if he's tied up when it happens so he can't even get himself off
Minho loves impact play, whether it's with hands, crops, whips, or floggers he loves the pain as a punishment
Changbin loves forced orgasms, being tied down and left with a vibrator on his dick so all he can do is cum until his partner decides he's had enough drives him crazy
Hyunjin loves getting punished with really rough sex, the kind where gets tossed around and used entirely for his partners pleasure and is then denied orgasm at the end, being treated like a toy and then being unable to cum is simultaneously his favorite and least favorite thing
Jisung also loves forced orgasms but not in the same way as Changbin, Jisung wants his partner there the whole time so he can beg, he loves having his partner watch him lose his mind especially if they're actually stroking him and not just using a toy
Felix wants to be tossed around as a punishment, he wants to be used like a toy as a way of proving to his partner that he can be good
Seungmin loves being punished with edging, he wants his partner to make him ask for permission to cum and then to be denied over and over until his partner is satisfied
Jeongin is into short term orgasm denial, his partner taking away his orgasm privileges for a few days to a week would frustrate him just as much as it excited him, he'd use it as a chance to prove just how good he can be
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
SKZ most likely to be open to a threesome with their partner and another member? bonus points for which other member they'd feel most comfortable involving
Chan Minho Felix Hyunjin Jisung Seungmin Changbin Jeongin
Chan would be down for anyone tbh Minho would be the most comfortable with Jisung (but he'd be p open to others as well) Felix would probably trust Chan the most esp if it was his first threesome Hyunjin would probably be very down with Minho Jisung would probably trust Minho or Chan the most. Seungmin would most likely choose Jeongin Changbin is big down for Chan or Felix Jeongin might be the most open for Seungmin or Hyunjin
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kpopblurbs · a month ago
Stray Kids mtl for public sex?
Minho Hyunjin Changbin Felix Chan Seungmin Jeongin Jisung
Minho, Hyunjin, Changbin - These three would love the thrill of more public locations, they're the types to purposefully not lock the door when they're jerking it just for the risk of someone walking in
Felix, Chan, Seungmin - These boys would be more nervous about it, while the first three would love it if their partner jerked them off under the table at dinner, these three would be more comfortable in a more semi-public setting like a bathroom stall or in the car in a secluded area
Jeongin, Jisung - These two are very unlikely to be down, I think the idea of someone walking in would stress them out more than it would turn them on.
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