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#cíara answers
fighterkimburgess · 6 hours ago
Per your last ask,
To be fair to Hallie and Matt’s relationship, Matt himself said that he thought he would spend the rest of his life with Hallie.
They got back together in the end and Matt knew she didn’t want kids/ was on the fence about it. He once again put aside his wants and needs for his partner because he wanted to keep them 🥺
I think that’s why I value Sylvie and Matt’s foundation so much. They match up perfectly and he’s finally going to be appreciated and valued like he deserves. And we already saw Sylvie putting him first, even when they were on bad terms and hurting each other by being with other people. That’s something he’s never experienced before.
Oh completely!! I adore their relationship, I love how real it was and I love how much that even though they had a specific difference that was a big difference, they wanted to work through it so much. It makes me so, so sad that we never got to see them break up and just be friends. I think they could have been phenomenal friends, even though I'm pretty sure the kids issue would have ended their relationship.
Also - it's very weird how Matt's two biggest relationships have ended ostensibly over fights about having children. With Hallie before they reconciled it was because he wanted them and she didn't, and with Gabby it was because he was so terrified of losing (yet another) one of the women he loves most in the world that he was willing to give up his dream to keep her healthy and there.
It just shows the kind of guy he is. He knows what he wants, but he loves people enough to just give up on his wants and ugh it makes me so sad for him in the past nonny. And same on he and Sylvie's friendship!
He knows she's put him first, she's given him the bollocking he needed to go and get checked out, and he trusts her immensely. And he's put her first, making sure she was ok with the Julie stuff. It's just so lovely and even and so well matched. If I ever go more than a few days without screaming about how I love these two, go check on me please?
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fighterkimburgess · 6 hours ago
Your line "He could have put his happiness aside because the only thing he wanted in life was a marriage that would last." pierced my heart!
I would've loved to see a moment in canon where he talked about how hard it was to let go of the idea of being a one-marriage-man because it was so clear that was something he valued so strongly. Thanks for sharing!
Ah thank you so much anon!!
This was such a big deal for Matt, and I hate how it's been glossed over. We saw how he didn't want to marry Hallie as much as he loved her if they were having those issues over whether or not to have kids. Because even though Matt didn't have a good role model for marriage growing up, he wanted one marriage and to find The One.
We don't really see a huge amount of it, but I think it's pretty safe to say from canon context clues that Matt's Catholic - we've seen him at Mass in early seasons, his relationship with Orlovsky, that kind of thing. I grew up Catholic, and the whole one marriage thing? It's drilled into you from childhood. Everything is about one marriage, finding your person and sticking with them through thick and thin. And even though it's fairly safe to say he's not practicing anymore, that kinda thing sticks with you deep.
I think it's part of why he and Sylvie are so well matched. They've both been engaged twice, but her engagements ended before a trip to the altar. They know what they're looking for. They've both been unlucky in love before and they know exactly what they want now, and they don't want to stop until they have it. And for both of them, that's each other. And I think that's so beautiful.
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fighterkimburgess · 7 hours ago
“leaning into the other’s side” and “soothing kisses” for Severide and pregnant Kidd - I’d love to see your take on it 🥺
The contraction ripped through Stella's abdomen, and she held her stomach as she tried to breathe through it.
"Stell? What's going on? Talk to me." Kelly asked as she leaned into him, watching how she reacted.
"I just had a contraction. I thought they were false ones, but that was real." She leaned into her husband's side, feeling him wrap an arm around her as she did.
"You've got this." Kelly pressed a kiss to her temple, the motion soothing her nerves and helping her relax before the next one came through.
"Can you get my bag? And text Sylvie and Matt, she told me if I didn't tell her when I was on the way to the hospital she'd yell at me." He hadn't even arrived back with the bag when the next contraction came, and they hurried out to meet the newest member of their family.
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fighterkimburgess · 7 hours ago
My Stellaride heart is happy right now thanks to you and all the stories you did today, you really don’t know what it means to me! 💞💞💞
So I didn't answer this yesterday because honestly I've spent the entire day just reading this and kinda wanting to sob. Ye've all been so incredibly lovely and it's so wonderful!!!! Thank you so so much!
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fighterkimburgess · 17 hours ago
Kisses #16 for Brettsey
And because we all seems to be in a mood for Brettsey as parents (give that man babies!!) maybe you can write something involving their kid(s)
Love everything you have been writing!!
16: Nose kisses
That had officially been the shift from hell, and Sylvie was done with work. It had been misery and destruction, culminating with holding her breath and watching for her husband to make it out of a burning building. Which, granted, was a typical Tuesday for her, but she'd been in CFD for long enough to know when a flashover was going to happen.
Matt and Kelly had barely gotten out when the flames ejected out of the upper levels, making their way down until they were coming through the front door where her husband had been less than ten seconds before. She knew he wouldn't have left Kelly behind - would never blame him for that ever - but it made her stomach lurch remembering the danger they faced.
"I love you," Matt said, grasping her hand tight. She could tell his close call had rattled him too. They finally pulled up outside the Herrmann's, Cindy standing on the porch with Andy in her arms.
"Mama! Dada!" He burbled as they got out of the car, leaning forward to try reach them faster. Sylvie got to him first, a smile on her face to Cindy as she reached down to kiss her son, smothering him in kisses across his face and nose. He giggled as she did, his laughter the best sound Sylvie had heard.
"Christopher told me what happpened. Are you both ok?" Sylvie looked up and nodded as Matt wrapped an arm around her and Andy.
"Thankfully. It was way closer than any of us want, but everyone's going home. That's the important part. Thanks, Cindy." The older woman had offered to take Andy for shift days when Sylvie was deciding if she'd go back to work or not, immediately opening up her home to them.
"Always. I'll see you in a few days." She handed over Andy's bag and the family went back to the car, Matt settling Andy in with a kiss to his nose, listening to the nine month old burble and giggle as he got into the car himself.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
You know I always thought Matt would be more “having my baby” - by Paul Anka. (Super loving song)
But I can totally see feral!Matt. And love the thought of it.
I think he’d be a perfect mixture of the two 🥰
Oh definitely! He's completely gonna be like super loving and sweet when ANYONE is nearby. And if Sylvie needs anything, or if she's sore or just asks for anything he's gonna be there and loving and so sweet.
But then some days she'll look across and he'll have a Look in his eyes and welp feral!Matt is there that day. And neither of them mind, let's be honest.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
Are the touch ask game out to platonic friendships like Natalie Manning X Matt Casey or Stella Kidd X Sylvie Brett or Matt Casey X Kelly Severide
Sure why not! I'm about to go to bed now, but I'll answer any others tomorrow.
I'm gonna do my usual thing of leaving the prompts available overnight, and I'll stop taking prompts at 8amIST/3amEDT/midnight PDT. Any prompts that come in after then will be deleted!
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
I do not think Joe is leaving because he has not thoughts of leaving Chicago and has been on the One Chicago Youtube channel stating how much he loves the show and how excited he is for what is coming to his character
Look, I don't trust One Chicago about ANY of this anymore. Torrey did an interview in like February talking about Manstead.
I mean, I don't want him to leave! I need Joe to stay because honestly I adore him so much, but who knows. I just refuse to trust them all now.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
Oh my god 🥺
I can’t even think about Sylvie being the only roomdog left without having tears in my eyes.
Have I never even mentioned that before?!?! Because ever since the last scene in 9x16 it's all I've thought of. ok granted I probably didn't mention it because, you know, we went straight into PD and in case you know absolutely NOTHING about me I had a lot of feelings about that entire episode.
But that's the thing that kills me. Sylvie was worried about where she'd live, how she'd manage to make her way in Chicago. And then she moved in with Joe and Otis and it was her home. The three were there for each other, they helped her through her breakups, they hung out together. And then Otis was gone and she left Chicago and she probably never really got a chance to mourn him because she was thrust into Fowlerton and trying to be a Chaplain's fiancée and everything that was expected of her.
And then she came back and the memorial was there by then but she was still trying to get by so Sylvie was Sylvie and pushed her feelings down. She talked to Joe and Chloe, convinced Chloe that the relationship was a good idea and that it didn't come around very often. She got to be a bridesmaid at Joe's wedding, got to see her ex boyfriend who became a very dear friend get married and be in love and it made her happy.
And even through the year that has emotionally been hell for her - the on off with Matt and drowning her feelings, the stuff with Greg, living alone for the first time since she first moved to Chicago - she's had Joe there. She's celebrated his baby existing. If you tell me she isn't planning on baking something for the baby shower I'll call you a liar. I'm about 80% sure she's gonna be asked to be Baby Cruz's godmother.
And then the episode ends and she's staring out at the water where her male best friend is there, the fiancé of her female best friend, and two men who she cares about and has gotten to know and trust over the last seven years are there. And she knows exactly how much oxygen they have and how long they can stay under for. And she also knows what happens to a human body when they run out of air. But she's also the PIC on scene and has a victim to deal with even while she's worrying.
So yeah, I have a lot of feelings about Sylvie staring into that lake and waiting to hear about everyone. I really, really do. And now I'm sharing them with everyone and I'm not even sorry because this has been going around my brain for nearly three weeks and it feels good to get it out.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
‘neck kisses’ and ‘hugging while grabbing butt’ for Severide and Kidd, asking for a friend 😎
Btw I’ve seen that you weren’t so comfortable writing about those two but you decided to try - boy I am so glad you did because you do it so perfectly! Every story is so so good, thanks for that!
Ah thank you nonny! This was so, so sweet to be told, it means so much to me.
"Kelly!" Stella exclaimed as he grabbed her into a hug when she arrived in, a smile on her face. Her fiancé pulled her closer, sticking his hands in the back of her jeans to pull her into him and palm her ass at the same time.
"Why are women's pockets so small? I can barely get my hand in," he grumbled, pressing kisses along her jawline and down her neck as she held onto him, throwing her head back to give him more access.
"Bedroom, and I can show you what it's like without the jeans on?" She didn't have to say it twice, Kelly lifting her up and carrying her into their room while leaving a mark on her collarbone.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
"But you look so good pregnant with my baby," he murmured, before reaching up to kiss her properly.
Sylvie’s gonna look around one day and wonder how she ended up with so many kids and Matt’s gonna hit her with a look and she’ll be like ~oh~
I want to say I'm sorry. But I'm not.
We've already seen what he's like when he knows he's gonna be a dad, but actually seeing Sylvie pregnant? Oh man. Feral!Matt will come out to play.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
I was just daydreaming as I always do…. and I now really need for Sylvie to save Severide in 10x01. Like he’s unconscious and she performs cpr and gets him awake.
I feel like that’ll be a good intro to the fantastic foursome we are about to get in season 10.
I am so desperate for any crumb of Sylveride 😭 it’s unreal.
Like I know she’s saved him multiple times before BUT I NEED IT AGAIN.
But I'm also pretty sure she'll go to Joe first. Sylvie cares about them all, but Joe's her brother. He's her Roomdog. She can't lose another one of them. Losing Joe will kill Sylvie, regardless of her relationship with Severide and Stella.
But also Sylvie trusting Violet enough to trust her with Joe? And knowing that she needs to save Kelly for Matt and Stella? Ooooh can you imagine the GOODNESS IT WOULD INVOLVE??
I have so many feelings oh my god. SO MANY OF THEM. I need it to be September already.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
Kisses #40 for Brettsey 😍
Oh god we're all firmly on the Matt has That Kink train, aren't we? Yes, yes we are. And honestly I don't think I can be mad.
40: tummy kisses
Sylvie was tired. She was tired of the Chicago heat. She was tired of the humidity. She was tired of being heavily pregnant and her feet constantly aching even when she'd spent the day sitting down. She was fed up of their child using her bladder as a punching bag. If Matt ever said in the winter that they should have another child, she would refuse. It'd be easy to refuse him. She'd just have to not look at him at all.
"I brought a fresh icepack for you?" Matt asked, coming closer to her. She held out her hand, putting it on top of her bump. Somehow having it there helped with the heat even more than when she had it on her head, so she accepted it and moved on.
"You are beautiful," Matt said as he sat next to her, pressing slow kisses along her stomach. Every time he pushed his lips down, the baby kicked up, hitting him in the face. "You are gorgeous and you're having our baby and I can't wait to meet them and tell them just how amazing their mom is." He continued kissing as she smiled, watching him lavish affection on her.
"If you ever tell me in October again that we should start trying for a baby, please remind me that we're both fertile people and being heavily pregnant in July is hell. Please?" Sylvie asked, watching her husband grin against her stomach.
"But you look so good pregnant with my baby," he murmured, before reaching up to kiss her properly.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
You are so great with writing Stella and Kelly so I ask for ‘possessive hand-holding’ for them 😘
"Yeah, we could definitely do with some hazmat training. When are you thinking?" Stella asked Zach, who was standing slightly too close to her for Kelly's liking. He trusted his wife, knew that he trusted her, but Zach set every cell in his body alight in warning.
"Maybe next week? What days are you on shift and I can work it out. Maybe get your number and we can talk about it?" Kelly's thin control snapped, and he stood up, walking over to his wife.
"Hey, can I get another round for us?" He pointed at the table he and Casey were sitting at, intertwining his fingers with his wife and squeezing tightly for just a moment before letting go. Zach stepped back as he watched it.
"Of course, darling," Stella said, and he knew he was in trouble when she got home. But it was still worth it for his own reminder that he was the man going home with Stella Kidd that night.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
Hugs 27 + burzek!!! 💖
27 - piggyback hugs
Kim stared at the broken glass around her, wanting to cry. She was still getting used to the way her bump had just popped out in the last week, and when she turned around it had knocked the glass casserole dish Bob had gotten them for the wedding on the floor, shattering instantly. She didn't regret the dish being broken, but now she was stuck in her little area of no glass, unable to move.
"Adam! I need you!"
He came running out, taking in the sight of what had occurred, Kim watching him holding back his laughter.
"Ok, this is fine. C'mere." He was still in his work boots, and stepped on the glass, bending down. Kim wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he lifted her up into a piggyback, depositing her neatly on the couch.
"I'll clean up, Darlin'. Will you order takeout for dinner?" She nodded, reaching up to give him a kiss in response.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
Just want to thank you for sharing your work and imagination and talent with us - absolutely love your work and can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us ❤️❤️❤️
Hope you know how talented you are and wish you al the best! (And also never ending source of inspiration)
So I'm about to cry from this. Thank you so, so, so much. SO MUCH.
I've been pretty open about the fact that I'm incredibly insecure when it comes to my writing. I always have been. I can pinpoint exactly when it happened (second year English when my teacher told me I should drop to ordinary level because I wasn't able to do well in it), and ever since I was 13 and that happened I've been like this.
But so many people? Saying so much amazing things about my writing and being so honest and lovely? I'm actually believing it. And that's the most amazing thing I can imagine, because you've all been so good to me and so supportive. It makes me WANT to write, and want to tell these stories that are going around my head. Long may I do it!
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
I think in season 6 episode 22 because Matt told Gabby they should try having sex twice a day in hopes to get her pregnant as the test came negative (before they went to the doctor)
Tipsy Cíara's immediate response is - OH MY GOD YES OF COURSE.
Cíara's braincell trying to work overtime to be heard has a Completely Different Reading of this scene which involves Matt realising his marriage is starting to fail, and he's doing anything to save it.
Look Tipsy Cíara is also Dark!Cíara, so it makes sense that my brain is like that but yeah. I'm going with there's a definite possibility of one being there, but further information is needed.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
I do not know if this is true or not, possibly because I am horny but do you think Matt Casey has a breeding kink became he wants to be a dad (one episode also strongly gave that vibe off him)
...nonny, are you reading my private twitter DMs? Because a friend and I JUST had a conversation about breeding kinks in fic. Like literally less than an hour ago.
This is not something I have ever considered for Matt. Ever. But it kind of makes sense? But I have no idea. I am very confused by my thoughts now. (Also what episode because I need to rewatch for research?)
Also - I'm not complaining (because I love all my anons) but how have I become the person people come to with this? I am Not Complaining because it's amazing, but I'm so confused.
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
‘hushed conversation in-between kisses’ for Stellaride 🙏🏻
"I'm going to kill you one of these days," Stella murmured, returning Kelly's heated kisses now he was home. They had the loft to themselves, Matt at Sylvie's, and they were curled up on the couch trading lazy kisses. "At least if the water doesn't do it first."
It had been six days since she'd watched the four limp bodies be dragged out of the water, six days since her heart had stopped. The four were alive, but Capp and Tony were still in hospital with their injuries. Kelly was only home that day, Joe lucky enough to go home the day before.
"Too soon, Stella. Too soon."
"I mean it, Kelly. You once told me you were going to die happy in bed with me and our kids and grandkids. Don't you take that from me, you--" her words were swallowed by his mouth on hers, holding her close to him as they kissed.
"That's my plan. And we're not doing anything to stop it. I promise."
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fighterkimburgess · a day ago
‘hiding their face in the other’s neck’ and ‘kissing their bruises and scars’ for Kelly and Sophia because the first promp with them just melted my heart and I need more 🥺😍🙏🏻 this isn't for me I think? The only Kelly and Sophia I can think of is the fab @unmistakablyunknown's FTA Kelly and Andi and their kids. Sorry Nonny!
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