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#but wholesome bc it's pokemon
danni-dollarsign · 8 days ago
For years I never understood the concept of dark-types in pokemon. But they make a WHOLE lot more sense when u realize that they’re termed as “aku” - or “evil” - in Japanese.
I feel both dumb and embarrassed because (1), I never knew that in like all the 15+ years I’ve been playing Pokemon, and (2), because the only reason I took the time to research this was because I was doing yet ANOTHER piers bulbapedia deep-dive
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dannyboyzone · a month ago
Wholesome Vin Jin headcanons pls??
I hear your wishes @dreaming-about-zzz
If you are not her, you can just ignore that message. Doubt it tho.
ˏˋ🌳°•*⁀➷ Wholesome Vinjin headcanons -˚˖ ੭*⠤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⊱┊He used to really love Pokemon as a kid. He still keeps his Pokemon card collection.
⊱┊He doesn't say it out loud, but he probably thinks about how much he appreciates Mary on a daily basis.
⊱┊He thinks light up shoes are cool, especially white ones. If he happens to wear one, he would stump his foot just to see it light up in neon colours.
⊱┊He thinks Sex in the City - ? - is about actual sex. He is quite innocent in that sense.
⊱┊He owns a bunch of shoes, mostly worn out. He likes to draw on them with alcoholic markers.
⊱┊He once applied for ShowMeTheMoney, he got eliminated though because he can't control his breathing while rapping. So now he listens to rappers who diss SMTM and complains to Mary. Or his mom.
⊱┊His room's ceiling has light up stars on it, that glow in the dark. He put them up as a kid and doesn't take it off bc it gives him a sense of warmth.
⊱┊If he fights with someone younger that resembles him or someone he is fond of in terms of personality, he would let the person win on purpose. Act like he is all annoyed though.
⊱┊As a kid, he always gave food he doesn't like to his mom and dad, so they can eat it.
⊱┊Turtles and tigers hold a special place in his heart. He thinks they are neat, similar, yet very different.
⊱┊He names random objects he owns. Like a phone, bed, room, shoes. Whatever he is attached to.
⊱┊He likes to buy different coloured earphones, his favourites to put in are black and blue.
⊱┊He doesn't necessarily like nail polish, but if Mary or his S/O offer to paint his nails he would let them. " I look badass as fuck, yo "
⊱┊As a kid his favourite colour was yellow because it reminded him of the sun, but as he grew older his life became darker so now his favourite colour is black. He still likes yellow though, because Mary's hair is blond. Won't say it out loud though.
⊱┊He likes matching his outfit and his phone lockscreen.
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ooc-eve · 2 months ago
hi uh 👉👈 i hope this isn't weird but do you ship evesou? i really hope not and i know this fandom is actually pretty normal and you seem normal too but yk. just checking 😐
No no I don’t ship them at all shipping real people is weird af tho I guess you are asking this bc of the meme I posted ksksksksks
Sorry sorry I’ll give some context
1) When I use EveSou that’s bc that’s the name of their utaite duo/unit which is something I believe a lot of people do, I do not say it with the purpose of ship
2) The context of that meme is that a few hours ago Eve was streaming and he explained that a few years ago he and Sou lived next to each other and since both of their WIFI was weak they would sit near their walls and play pokemon locally together. Now this may sound weird and I apologize but I found that extremely cute...for that I do apologize
3) I just appreciate their friendship I think it’s wholesome? It reminds me a lot of how me and my bestie hang out around each other
So yeh nope I don’t ship them so don’t worry about that! I apologize if I made it look that way tho...those two are my faves utaite so I cannot shut up about them
If the meme makes you uncomfy I can take it down no prob! Just let me know!
And now that we are on this I wanna be clear on something: if any of you who follows me is an utaite shipper pls unfollow you are not welcome here, stop being a weirdo and stop shipping real people that shit ruins friendships and other types of relationships >:(
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snorlaxlovesme · 2 months ago
can you believe there were pokemon fans who legitimately stopped watching bc of sumo’s art style??? like imagine missing all the most wholesome moments of 20+ year running show. how does it feel to have no taste
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spoiledlush · 3 months ago
I was tagged by @dinedwithwolves
Name: lina
Gender: woman
Height; 5′0
Time: 2:14 PM
Birthday: I’m a June Cancer
Favourite band: iono, The Killers?
Favourite artist: Lil’ Kim
Song stuck in my head: Tambourine - Eve
Last movie I watched: I Used To Go Here (I have a crush on both Gillian Jacobs and Jemaine Clement - I got him to autograph my bewbs when he was on Flight of the Concords!) and I don’t recommend it, I was uncomfortable the entire time
Last series: currently working my way through Buffy, Claws and rewatching SVU, Girlfriends, New Girl
Blog age: 11 years wow, why am I still here
Content: selfies, fuck cops, mutuals, things that make my eyes and heart happy
Last thing I googled: how to beat giovanni in pokemon go (SPOILER: I couldn’t; fuck this game)
Do I get asks: almost exclusively gross shit from men but once in a while people are nice and/or wholesome 
URL meaning: Spoiled bc I need all of the love and attention all of the time and lush bc once upon a time I drank excessively and my body is repaying me now with violent hangovers if I even think about alcohol
Following: ~430
Followers: ~1400 (majority are probably from The Before and aren’t on here anymore *cries*)
Instruments: I constantly slap my belly like it’s a drum
Average sleep : what is average anymore? my sleep is fucked and erratic rn so 
Lucky number: idk what this means but I find myself counting to 10 often
Clothes: lol, ew. MAYBE a non-underwire bra if my back is particularly bad that day, otherwise just my trusty ol skinbag
Dream job: fuck having to work to survive but rn I’m trying to become a librarian bc I want to work with/for my community + bewks
Dream trip: I was supposed to go to San Salvador to get a little party bug tattooed on my butt before the pandemic happened, so that
Favourite food: all of it but if I could have french fries with every meal that would be fantastic
Nationality: Ukranian-American
Last book: the last book I finished and liked was The Fated Sky and am currently reading Frankenstein for school (meh so far, but haven’t met the monster yet. I HATE the two narrators so far tho, they can smdftb) and Escaping Exodus which is my first real sci fi book and I am LOVING it and it’s also making me extremely anxious, lol
Imma tag @marijn-x-13 @butherintuitionsmagic @bipolarsadomasochisticinsomniac @liftingweights-and-coffeedates @lalunetranquille @fatmaninalittlesuit @icalledyoudumb @lazyluxury @pmallday
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toxic-lavender · 3 months ago
I love your story so far! Is there any stories you'd recommend?
AW,.., thank u anon ur very nice uwu and yes! there are a few stories i’d like to recommend! I’ve read a lot of good stories on Ao3, and I might not be able to catch them all, but I’ll list and describe as many as I can remember. fics under cut bc this list is kinda long ngl - To Defend The People to The Utmost of Your Power, by Divine_Knight - a really great, currently ongoing read! The story focuses on Snatcher maintaining the forest post-The Tale of Queen Vanessa storybook, learning to adapt to being a ghost while also protecting the ghostly survivors of Vanessa’s wrath. I find it to be very interesting, and I check in every time i hear of an update! - Entangled Fates, by TidbitsandThoughts (Ahatintimepieces on tumblr) - A spectacular fic!! Its roughly based on Majora’s Mask, and features Luka discovering a child in the forest, which leads him to a new, strange world and a mask mystery. It’s a very wonderful story, filled with angst and fluff at just the right amount. - Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt, by TidbitsandThoughts - Absolutely amazing. It features Hattie, traveling with a sarcastic and snarky Eevee, with whom she can speak to, in search of her missing father, while also trying to rescue shadow Pokemon being brought to the region. A blend of Pokemon XD, Detective Pikachu, and AHiT, i can’t wait to read more <3 - Soul-Stricken, by Nosferatank (banyanas on tumblr) - The first installment of the Beingverse series, the fic features Snatcher, a Being who stalks the Subcon Forest, having to deal with an annoying new head-roommate after an attempt at a quick snack turns into a bit of an ordeal. *inhales* SNEATURE IS VERY GOOD AND SNOWL IS VERY GOOD PLEASE GO READ DXCFNHJKML< - A Bloom In Time, by Itshauntedtoon3 - Snatcher has been dead for many years. He deals with annoying kids, a spectral doppelgänger, and an annoying ice witch down the road. But when a familiar face Snatcher thought was long gone reappears, could it be possible to love once more? VGBHNJMK this is such a good flowercrown fic yes please go read if u like flowercrown :))) - Well-Adjusted, by lemonadesoda - Probably my favorite fic from the ‘And I don't think you hate this as much as you wish you did‘ series, it features @/doodledrawsthings’ OTH! AU. Snatcher, Moonjumper, Hat Kid, and Bow Kid all go on the Arctic Cruise! Snatcher is dragged along into mischief by the children, and learns to loosen up a bit. 10/10 please go read - Subcon’s Sirens, by TidbitsandThoughts - Snatcher is a lonesome siren who swims around the coast of Subcon after a heartbreaking transformation hundreds of years ago, leaving him as a soul-eating siren. Two kids wash up on his shore. Surely they won’t be a nuisance. Right? SDBHJNKM. rose. rose i swear. my favroite fic. i love this fic so much. i wan more. *grabby hands* gimmie. want draw siren man,,, please read this i love this so much - What To Expect When You’re On the Run ,by berryfartsart - an absolutely heartwrenching fic featuring Snatcher and Harriet, on the run from his insane ex. What are they going to do, starting over from scratch? WATFRGHYUJIKOL. ngl this fic kinda sorta inspired the gijinka au story dfcgvbhjnkmljhgf., i absolutely love this story and its very good!! love. read it pwease., - The Song Fic Series, by Tidbitsandthoughts - I really love this series! Comprised of a whopping 13 fics, the song fic series depicts Snatcher and Hat Kid, each dealing with the sorrow of their pasts, regrets and missing pages... ASDFGH. this series gives me such joy when i read it,,. the sad and happy partts just. make heart and brain swell with wholesome vibes.,
edit: added one more!
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agnidusagate · 3 months ago
rolling up late, my bad, how about 1-15 for those writer asks?
1. From one to five stars, how would you rate your writing? (No downplaying yourself!)
like a solid 3.5
2. Why do you write fanfiction?
to Cope and also bc its fun and why not
3. What do you think makes your writing stand out from other works?
uh. ive been told i write characters very sassily and thats v funny to me
4. Are there any writers that inspire you?
5. What’s the fic you’re most proud of?
right now if i bleed, let me bleed with you and the yet unfinished bpd kaeya fic just cause like.... i feel like people with bpd will really Get it. 
6. What element of writing do you find comes easily?
dialogue usually
7. What element of writing do you struggle with most?
8. Which character(s) do you find easiest to write?
tbh? assholes. im mean in theory
9. Which character(s) do you find most difficult to write?
characters that are actually like genuinely unabashedly nice and wholesome. tsubaki yayoi
10. What’s your favorite genre to write for?
idk i just write what happens happens
11. Who or what do you find yourself writing about most?
whatever my fixation is. it started with undertale. a lot of genshin lately. definitely still blazblue.
12. Tell us about a WIP you’re excited about.
the bpd kaeya one and also a secret one. two actually. i came up with and yelled about one of them to friends this morning it is a Really Good Concept. anyone can ask what it is as long as u promise not to STEAL its genshin related and i need to scream
13. First fandom you ever wrote for?
my little pony if you wanna count when i was like idk 10 but undertale on my ao3
14. What’s your favorite fandom to write for?
pokemon and genshin tbh. blazblue is good and everyone is starved for content but there are just as many cishet dudebros and incest/pedo freaks and assholes
15. What’s the weirdest fandom you’ve ever written for?
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drakule · 4 months ago
wholesome christmas hc but since raihan is always alone for christmas (his family doesn’t stay long due to work as well as having other obligations, nahla has a girlfriend, aurora, a boyfriend. his mother goes home to visit their father’s grave.) his gym trainers usually drop by and have made it a tradition to put up a christmas tree with him in his house and every christmas morning they’d bring their presents to his house so they can all unwrap presents together and hang out bc they’re basically a big family.
raihan never rlly told them that he spent his christmas alone, bc he was used to it being just him and his pokemon but one day they stormed him and said it was going to be a tradition they would have. as a family. so raihan has gotten into the habit of decorating the place when his gym trainers drop by bc they enjoy helping.
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wickedpraycrs · 4 months ago
note: i used my interest check for this so my other blogs are included.
1. Hop + Kyouko
honestly? wholesome. hop is very wholesome. also i wanna see kyouko with a pokemon so bad that sounds so cute. pokemon aus are always so fun ok skdjfs
2. Fuyuhiko + Kyouko
yes pls. i think i’m biased bc i just want fuyuhiko to have friends ‘cause i love him tho
3. Izaya + Kyouko
4. Kid Blink + Kyouko
this could be real interesting honestly?? because KB is real secretive and kinda keeps to himself to focus on whatever the problem at hand is and so does kyouko,, i think they’d Get each other tbh. good duo.
5. Chihiro + Kyouko
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novorehere · 4 months ago
sudden thought; trainer safe vores their p. okemon team by gulping 'em down while in their p. okeballs to stay nice and secure in their tum and keep em from getting lost or stolen (plus the extra weight and feeling of 'em rolling around in there is probably nice >///>) and then just coughs em back up for a battle
I feel... a little weird with Pokémon in vore, ngl??? On one hand, they’re basically animals, but on the other hand, some of them can talk and communicate?? Like, in the movies lucario is just a whole ass person. Idk, it’s very situational. Most pokemon vore I’ve seen is heavily sexualized so that’s probably why I feel weird about it even when it’s wholesome. Especially the anthro/furbait mons :/ That’s why I usually stick to vore with the human pokemon characters 👌 Although I am technically a filthy hypocrite bc I do admit I want to eat pyukumuku he is just a little ball that wants a place to sleep I cannot deny him this SHUT UP-
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corpsedaydream · 6 months ago
i just made friends on among us and they have their own discord lobby and it's just so much fun and it's so cute,,, so i needed to scream about it to someone!! it's weird how a game about killing can be so wholesome.
omg that’s fun! it is such a good time, it reminds me of when pokemon go first came out and the whole seemed to be playing this game and connecting bc of it 
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fictionkinfessions · 6 months ago
Almost all my kins: Wholesome good characters who may have had a hard life but are trying their hardest to make others happy. My Nate (pokemon) Canon: Haha! I use bitter, deprecating and dark humor to hide the fact that I feel terrible all the time because my dad died when I was a kid and my mom is somewhat unsupportive, therefore leaving my cousin with severe anxiety as the only person who supports me! And I feel terrible for spiking that anxiety w/ my jokes bc theyre how I cope!!!!
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sinkix · 9 months ago
《What your fav Haikyuu!! Character says about you│Nekoma Edition》
Yo-hoo! Here’s another part to this potential(?) series! I hope you enjoy the possible call-outs in some of these lmao. Writers block been kicking my ass recently but I had a lot of fun writing these. Enjoy <3
You can find the Karasuno ver. here 
✧✧✧✧✧ ✧✧✧✧✧ ✧✧✧✧✧ ✧✧✧✧✧
Have a hand fetish and will not say no to choking.
Daddy kink™
Will not accept anything below 6 inches.
More of a dog person but would love to own a black cat.
You drool over tattoos.
Your grades are mostly B’s but you know in your heart you deserve that A, and tbh you probably do. Chase ur goals bby.
Halloween is likely your favourite holiday.
You have to resist not to carve a dick into the pumpkin EvEry GodDAmN YeAr.
You either study for 6 hours consecutively or cannot study at all and you get very frustrated at this.
Have the potential to be a good leader and command the room but probably don’t put it to use as much as you should.
Your playlist parkours from sad 3am crying into your pillow songs to aggressive punk music you could rob a store to.
You like bad boys who hang around bars and look like they would put out a cigarette on your forearm and call you a slut. Just stating facts sweaty xoxo.
Either dress very feminine and girly with a ‘smol girl uwu’ aesthetic or a hardass punk who would kick your ass for a can of beer no in between and tbh both are equally hot.
You’re a big softie at heart either way and just want to be held and told everything will be okay.
Ur a hoe for when people stroke your hair or caress your chin it’s your ultimate weakness.
Watched Rick & Morty.
Sleeves rolled up veiny forearms and donning a silver watch are your muse and something you fantasise about frequently.
Most of your memes are shitty top text bottom texts that are somehow funny and I don’t understand why lmao.
You call someone ‘bro’ even if it’s someone you’re immensely attracted to.
Did someone say ties? No it’s just ur dirty ass thoughts thinking about that hot business dudes attire from across the street and how you wish they were tied around ur wrists.
Probably had a crush on Jeff the Killer as a tween and are relentlessly haunted by your old Wattpad library. 
Tbh any dark-haired dude with bedhead that screams rugged and probably not good for you is something that draws you like a moth to a flame.
You often question why every person you’ve fallen for has been a Scorpio and curse that tendency of yours.
Dw man they’re hot so I feel u.
Went through a ‘I’m not like other __’ phase and it’s something that you think about a lot and wish you didn’t.
Watched dan & phil as a kid.
Any mention of Pokemon has you turning into a rabid beast you get way too excited.
It’s cute though dw bby.
Pretty antisocial but interesting to talk to.
Your family often question how you’re able to sleep in till 3pm and judge you heavily for it.
Nocturnal night owl gang rise up.
Frequently have bags under your eyes but somehow manage to pull it off.
Listen to ASMR on the down-low and will never admit it to a single soul.
Frequently go on BL binges and have many related book marks.
You pray that someone will never find your laptop bc holy fuck the amount of smut on that.
You wear scarves & beanies even when it isn’t that cold outside.
100% went through a scene hair phase/attempted to.
You dye your hair a lot or REALLY want to.
You have a voice kink low-key so anyone with a pleasant/soothing sounding voice just gets u goin’.
Cats are your favourite animal and you either do or want to own several.
Would name them after video game/anime characters u fuckin nerd lol.
Speaking of cats ,you fantasise heavily about cat-boys and have a folder dedicated to them.
Oversized hoodies are your vibe and always ball the sleeve hems in your fist as a comfort mechanism.
Shopping centres are your worst nightmare and trigger your claustrophobia or social anxiety and honestly I feel that spiritually.
Have a cute sticky note collection.
You like a lot of music consisting of guitar and slow/soothing beats.
You also fw EDM/ techno on occasions.
Honestly wouldn’t wanna anger you since you have a seething temper when pushed far enough.
It’s the kinda temper that’s eerily quiet but no less terrifying, like the other person can tell you are graphically plotting their demise.
You love sleeping to the sound of rainfall and often play those nature ambience videos while you sleep.
Never tidy your sheets and it’s just a big scrunched up heap of fabric in the centre of your mattress most of the time.
Make your fucking bed.
Your ships are chaotic and shamelessly controversial.
Would do something just for the sake of creating mayhem lmao.
You were the fucker who stuck their chewing gum under the desk, I see you.
Your brain never stops whirring it’s a constant hurricane of crackhead energy and you have no idea how to turn it off. 
Would eat a stick of pencil lead for $2
You don’t help your situation with the amount of coffee/energy drinks you consume.
The class clown who cries themselves to sleep.
Such a wholesome dumbass but somehow kinda intimidating??? 
Even if you’re not confident you can do something you’ll try anyway and honestly I respect that about you.
You !! use!!! a lot??!! of!! random punctuation!!! so you always??!?!? seem!!111!! excited!!!!!11!?
Every time you’ve ever tried to make a sandcastle it has failed.
You tried to eat the sand once but we don’t talk bout that.
You would  also pick up slugs and snails and chase your friends around with them.
Can never tell whether people are laughing with you or at you and while you don’t let it show it high-key bothers you when you’re laying alone in your room at night.
Not one to hold grudges, you carry a ‘shit happens’ mentality which is v good but it sometimes leads to people taking advantage of it or walking all over you.
Your meme collection is both questionable and horrifying.
Like how many cursed images and heavily distorted pictures does one person need.
Never organise the files on your PC/laptop so it looks like a complete dumpster fire.
The one at sleepovers who persistently woke everyone else up with their snickering and refusal to sleep till dawn.
For the love of Asahi charge your damn phone.
I see that red bar and ‘12%’
Charge it now.
Bought a plant one time, gave it a name and talked to it frequently.
It died not long after bc u forgot to fucking water it.
No one better ever make you responsible for a pet.
Type of person that when someone asks you to tag along on an endeavour no matter how stupid it is you will agree.
2am skydiving in france? hell yeah.
Midnight shopping spree and spending over half your pay check? count you in.
Exploring an abandoned hospital and performing an Ouija board to summon the demons of hell? you’re damn right you’ll be there.
I hope you have a mum friend by your side bc if not how are you still alive.
You sometimes put the milk in before the cereal and it’s something I’ll never forgive you for.
Very responsible and usually make the right decisions.
You do have moments where you act like a complete dumbass though.
Like u go from 50 year old to 5 year old in the blink of an eye.
A hopeless romantic but it’s a side you don’t often reveal.
Prefer strawberry milk over any other flavour.
You’re the type of person to shower twice a day w/o fail.
Where that stank smell coming from? Not you clearly bc your skin is basically 90% The Body Shop’s rose scented soap at this point.
You get stomach aches a lot and you can’t figure out why.
Probably an allergy to everyone’s bs.
Really good at dirty talk even though you don’t seem the type so people are always taken aback.
You have to be really in the mood though otherwise it falls flatter than Oikawa’s ass, use your skill wisely.
You often call people clowns when you know you’re secretly the biggest one going.
Honk honk, hoe.
You send messages in one paragraph rather than multiple texts unless you are REALLY excited.
People underestimate you at times then are shocked when they realise you are capable of being a fire-breathing dragon from the flaming pits of hell.
You like spicy chicken wings.
Such a petty little shit at times lmao.
Enjoy the view from the top of mountains so you either hike a lot or really want to.
Way more of a cat person since it’s just much more convenient for you.
Usually pretty cheerful or calm and people are drawn to your stable/friendly aura.
Went through a phase of drinking mountain dew and your body still feels the awful effects
Fav element is probably air.
You’re 5′6″ or shorter.
Box dyed your hair brunette several times and can never get the pigment out to this day.
Whenever you smell something weird in the room you always internally freak out and think it’s you.
Head-butting walls is your hobby.
You fell off your bike as a kid and still have the scar on your knee.
Probably have tons of ear piercings.
Would tame a pigeon and call it Larry.
You get frequent nosebleeds and can never tell if it’s a medical issue or your extreme simping for fictional men/women.
Hopefully the latter.
You constantly chew your pen/pencil in class so you never lend them to anyone out of embarrassment.
I really hope no one ever lends you stationery bc 30 minutes later it’ll look like it was mauled by a rabid rottweiler.
You really want to own a dog and would call it something intimidating like Banshee or Diablo.
You bleached your hair that one time and it almost fell out so now you’re forced to stay at least 10 metres away from all at-home hair dye products.
You tried your best though bby so A for effort, even if it did look like dehydrated ramen afterwards.
Your grades are mostly C’s and you’re barely passing bc you just don’t care about your classes lol.
Still though you’re actually pretty smart so put it to good use you lazy oaf, channel that crackhead energy into something good.
Your phone screen has several cracks in it from when you dropped it on the bathroom floor while shitting and you’ll always be angry at yourself for that.
You have some really weird quirks but you make it work.
Actually a v chill person but you just kinda attract chaos/trouble wherever you go.
Carry a lighter with you even when you don’t need one.
Shy texter but once people see you irl you are the complete opposite, you just dk how to text without coming across as awkward.
One of those people that’s unintentionally funny and always get confused when you make someone laugh but it makes you feel good regardless.
Have a cool necklace collection and own at least one dog-tag/army style pendant.
Should really consider buying a rabbit you would look so cute w/ one.
You have really nice legs and people should compliment them more.
Either severely dehydrated or overly hydrated to the point you are peeing pure tap water so for the love of god please learn moderation, your kidneys and bladder will thank you for it.
Your favourite character would be Hinata but you like people taller than you so your love for Inuoka spawned.
You really enjoy using the double spiderman meme.
Cannot correctly verbalise your feelings without creating a minimum of 10 misunderstandings but once people are used to it it’s kinda endearing.
You usually wake up in a good mood and people can never fathom how or why.
You either stay up till 5am or you wake up at that time no in between.
A morning person bc you love the sunrise.
Change your lock-screen very regularly bc you get bored.
Your humour consists solely of poop jokes.
When you don’t understand a joke you laugh anyway and hope they don’t ask you if you actually get it.
Happened once and you’re still traumatised from the cricket silence that fell upon the room.
Really like the taste of lemonade and drink it more often than you should.
Often think about what you would look like with a shaved head.
More of an extrovert but def have occasional introvert tendencies where you wanna be left tf alone.
Never allowed to pick up anything in stores bc the last time you did you sniffed a scented candle and it shattered to the floor.
Constantly have spontaneous ideas of what to change about your appearance.
You use a lot of hand gestures like thumbs up and peace signs.
‘Dude’ and ‘lmao’ is 90% of your vernacular.
Your nails are a disaster, some are down to the nub while others are pretty grown out bc you only bite a select few please sort it out.
Look really good in red.
Your laptop has way too many tabs open from random google searches of words you didn’t know the meaning to.
You read a lot of books but for like 10 minutes at a time bc you have the attention span of a walnut.
You are the type of person to nuke your AO3 tags with things that aren’t even relevant purely bc you found them funny.
Your Tumblr drafts are a nightmare, you have like 100+ in the works yet keep starting new projects why do you do this.
Happy sunshine but you have a LOT of mood swings like that shit comes out of nowhere.
Cry pretty often but no one ever sees and it’s usually because of said mood swings.
You always smile and pick yourself up again though which I commend you for.
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razorfangz · 11 months ago
yknow with how many tantrums people are throwing over people not liking the sonic movie cop or the b99 cops im surprised no one has said anything about me saying i didnt like an officer jenny pokemon episode specifically bc they showed their equivalents of k9 dogs as something wholesome
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milk-caramel · a year ago
thank you for tagging me @embeddedinmybrain! 💕 gave me something nice to focus on!
five fave books
1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (bc who doesn’t love wholesome POC queers)
2. Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (it’s literally so all over the place but like,,, a fave)
3. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (one of the few classics I’m proper obsessed with.
4. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (who’s still an angsty teen at heart? I am)
5. The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams (it’s a childhood favourite and I recently rediscovered it on audiobook and remembered it word for word)
Five Fave Drinks
1. Iced Soy Latte
2. Vanilla Coke
3. Pepsi Max
4. Vodka raspberry
5. Alize and lemonade
Five fave songs rn
1. Don’t Fill Up on Chips - the Front Bottoms
2. Enfance 80 - Videoclub
3. Strange Little Girl - the Stranglers
4. These Days - Nico
5. Queen of Disaster - Lana Del Rey
Five fave quotes
1. “And I’d choose you; in a hundred different lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”
—Kiersten White
2. “I belong deeply to myself.” 
- Warsan Shire, 34 Excuses for Why We Failed at Love
3. “I want to dance, laugh, eat pink cakes.”
- Virginia Woolf, “The String Quartet”
4. You opiate this hazy head of mine”
- The 1975, “Medicine”
5. “I mean, I have the feeling that something in my mind is poisoning everything else”
- Vladimir Nabokov 
Five fave fictional characters
1. Noora Amalie Sætre
2. Eliott Demaury
3. Jake Peralta
4. Minako Aino
5. James (Pokemon)
tagging!! @alewifes @cheloumaury @glorious-technicolor @losrdyke @your-lips-are-poison @lululuvselu @itspoeticdeath and anyone else who wants to it’s really fun 💕💖
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gomie · a year ago
Underrated switch game bc I feel like no one talks about it but pokemon mystery dungeon slaps
It's a wholesome game where you are a pokemon with pokemon friends rescuing other pokemon and they sometimes join your super squad of pokemon friends to save more pokemon
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nanasarea · a year ago
Zhong Chenle as your bff
Genre: crack fluff
Pairing: Chenle x reader
Prompt: best friend Chenle shaking your sanity 
Word count: 766 
a/n: me being in my chenle feels caused me to make this...he really do be shaking my bias list rn. also not proofread.
Jaemin / Jisung / Renjun / Haechan / Chenle / Jeno
Tumblr media
chenle is chaotic and i love him 
i know it’s 2020 and ya’ll probably forgot this existed but
Pokemon Go
you met while both playing Pokemon Go
he dragged Jisung outside to go with him to the park
Chenle was DETERMINED to find the rarest ones 
so when he heard you yell
“Oh my god! I found a Porygon!”
his immediate response was 
and you became instant friends
you met up regularly to catch the Pokemons 
and to get your km/miles in for your eggs to hatch
he ends up offering to take your phone to get the kilometers in for when you have to study
which was the most wholesome thing
and you thought he was the cutest human to ever walk this planet
but then you soon realized
he’s also the most chaotic
once, you wanted to put on more makeup than usual
or put makeup on in general, your preference
Chenle would clown you
“What happened to your face?” 
“That was makeup! What’s your excuse?”
You would bicker so much omg
“I can’t get the hang of this game, what’s wrong with me?”
“You want me to get the list? nice”
“Did you just “nice” your own joke?”
“You would too, if you could do jokes. Nice.”
yknow when Chenle wanted to eat on Weekly Idol and told Haechan he will buy him a new computer if he lets him eat?
that’s his way to get what he wants like 99% of the time
“no, chenle, it is 4 in the morning, go to sleep.” “I’ll buy that cute phone case you have in your cart but never bought” “when we meeting?”
no, you’re not his friend bc of his money
so you kinda feel bad at him buying you everything
and when he finds out, he just laughs
“consider it like me being your sugar daddy, but make it platonic”
he insists on spoiling you
even making an extra diy craft for when he does ChenJi’s This and That
and you guard it with your life
hyping you up
making you do aegyo
and then his arms turning into fists
he malfunction
also don’t you dare say anything bad about yourself
(in general, not just here lol)
especially not in front of him
he will scold you
and tell you that whatever insecurity you said was cute
but also he will not hesitate to insult you if needed
“chenle, what do you think? black or blue shirt?
“Black, the blue makes you look weird”
he’s a Sagittarius he has no filter what do u expect
but he’s also a cusp (scorpio-sagittarius cusp) 
so he enjoys insults
and sometimes uses them to cover the fact that he finds it cute
“that was weird”-chenle’s mouth
“that was the most adorable shit my eyes have ever seen”-chenle’s brain
also teasing Jisung together
ChenJi + you are the new holy trinity 
he plans all of your surprise birthday parties
like he did for jisung
“y/n, you are going home with me and MEETING ALL OF MY FAMILY BC THEY NEED TO MEET YOU!”
spoiler his family likes you more than chenji
you end up hearing all the stories from his iconic baby photos
you entering his house is basically Shane Dawson reacting to Jeffree Star breathing
“i knew you were rich, but damn, you rich rich”
and then you meet his nephew
it’s like looking at two babies at once
a big baby holding a small baby
he’s your own personal cheerleader
whatever you do, he hypes it up
screaming your name 
causing you to lose your hearing but okay
teaches you chinese insults and swear words
renjun scolds him for it
also turns into your personal chef
mainly he cooks ramen tho
mainly to show off
but he will feed you
he doesn’t care if you can eat yourself, 
he will feed you
gets all cocky when you compliment his food
“amazing, right?”
and he nags 
like almost all day
chenle: one of the best vocalists of this century, has been singing since he was a young child
also chenle: you know I’m a rapper, right?
127 marathons
since they are his favorite group
cue kun crying in the background
he ends up being a mom to you too
he baby chenle
he baby you
now both u and chenle baby
to kun
have i mentioned he cuddles you like 24/7
the c in chenle stands for cuddles 
and clingy
and cocky af
Long story short, he is just a whipped best friend who takes care of you while driving you insane at the same time 
I’m whipped for Chenle and that’s the tea, sis.
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yamujiburo · a year ago
tagged by @queenof-evil-blogging
Pick 5 shows, then answer the following questions!  Don’t look at them first. Then tag some people.
Jimmy Neutron
The Amazing World of Gumball
Steven universe
My Little Pony
Who is your favorite character in 2? 
Carl Wheezer!!! My boy!!! Most people either love or hate Carl and Sheen but they were the best part of the show for me. I like how he’s kinda the nerdy trope but actually not (he’s really dumb). The voice acting for him is A+, the gags with him are my FAVORITE (“that’s not mine...” “that’s not me”). God I love him
who is your least favorite character in 1? 
Oh god there’s so many characters in Pokémon. I didn’t really like Paul much. He’s a good character/rival and serves his purpose in the show but uh yeah didn’t really like him.
what is your favorite episode of 4? 
THERE’S TOO MANY GOOD SU EPISODES!! The one I go to the most though is Rose’s Scabbard. Such a beautifully sad episode where we learn about Pearl’s relationship with Rose. Plus UGH the music at the end makes me cry every time.
what is your favorite season of 5? 
Season 4 for SURE. Season 4 is when I jumped into MLP (yeah after the alicorn stuff). That felt like peak MLP to me. They hit their stride with the writing, the characters were well established but there were new challenges they had to face with Twilight being a princess and all (plus it was before the started catering more to their male audience). It’s also just very nostalgic for me being that it was the first season I kinda watched while being in the fandom.
who is your favorite couple in 3? 
Ooof hmm. TAWoG doesn’t reaaaally focus on ships all that much. I thoroughly enjoy Gumball and Penny’s relationship, and Carrie and Darwin are cute as hell. But I think I gotta Go with Nicole and Richard, especially after watching “The Choices”. I hate when shows portray marriages as awful and like the worst possible scenario. They make jokes about it but Nicole and Richard genuinely care for each other. I always think about the part in “The Fury” when Nicole is sad but Richard cheers her up in his own goofy way. So cute ;0;
what is your favorite episode of 1? 
I,,, have watched,,, Pokemon XY63 so many times you would not believe.  It’s a Jessie episode (obviously). Seeing her fall for this doctor and do a complete 180 in character was so funny but also gives insight into how desperately she just wants domesticity and to be loved. Seeing James and Meowth be supportive of her choice and letting her go hurts so gooood and the little sprinkled in “twerps offering to help jessie plan her wedding” was wholesome. 
I know I can only pick one but HHHHHH SAYONARA DOKUCALE MESSED ME UP. It was one of the first Pokémon episodes I had ever seen and I distinctly remember watching it in my Uncle and Aunt’s living room and SOBBING. Jessie backstory, a twerp truce AND a bitter sweet ending. GOOD STUUUUFFF
what is your favorite episode of 5? 
I always come back to Rarity Takes Manehattan (rarity’s my favorite fyi haha). I love love loved the songs, Suri Polomare for no reason is so funny to me LMAOOO. Rarity episodes where she has a creative breakdown, which is most of them, are super relatable haha. There was so much fun Tabitha St Germain acting and great animation. It’s not the most well written episode of MLP but I still very much enjoy it.
what is your favorite season of 2? 
This is really difficult bc Jimmy Neutron is just so consistent all the way through. I looked at a list of episodes and most of my favorites are in S2 so I guess that one! I remember watching a lot of these with my brother.
how long have you watched 1?
I’d seen episodes of Pokémon since like the early 2000s but didn’t start watching regularly until DP when me and my brother finally convinced our parents to let us watch it. I feel like we got into it around 2007/2008?
how did you become interested in 3? 
Oh god everything about it interested me! Gumball came out RIGHT when I was starting to seriously pursue animation as a career. So, the animation/mishmash of animation styles initially hooked me right away. But then the WRITING. Oh the WRITING is what kept me coming back. It was so smart and snappy and it greatly shaped my sense of humor.
who is your favorite actor in 4? 
SUSAN EGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! Literally the whole cast is incredible but Susan Egan’s voice is just,,,, WHEW!!!
which do you prefer: 1, 2, or 5?
This is the hardest question I’ve ever had to answer. I love each of these shows for such different reasons. But if I were put in a scenario where someone said “i’m gonna show you a random episode from one of these shows, which do you wanna watch?” I would pick Jimmy Neutron hands down.
if you could be anyone from 4, who would it be? 
I would be Sapphire I think. Just like vibing w my wife as a fusion sounds p dope.
would a crossover between 3 and 4 work? 
Well 4 did a crossover with Uncle Grandpa so yes absolutely. Plus Gumball is so meta anyways, it would work with generally anything.
pair two characters in 1 who would make an unlikely but strangely okay couple?  
delia,,,, and,,,,, jessie
overall, which show has the best storyline: 3 or 5?
MLP for sure! Gumball is super episodic and started having continuity by the later seasons (and the storyline they were gonna have got CANCELLED so!!!!)
which has better theme music: 2 or 4? 
Jimmy Neutron is a classic but the fact that there is a full theme for SU and it made me cry when it was released at ComicCon is making me want to say SU lol.
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masterhandss · a year ago
My Next Life as a Villainess! All Routes Lead to Doom! have officially taken over my headspace, and I really want a platform to talk about it. I’ve read the manga and novels over and over again, and I’m so happy to seeing the reactions of everyone to each anime episodes.
Tumblr media
Though surprisingly, other than obviously the original novel, what actually piqued my interest in the series is actually the spinoff manga for hamehura, “I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags... In a Dire Situation!? Verge of Destruction Arc”. Yes, it has a spinoff.
Tumblr media
(This might be considered spoilers for the spinoff and anime, be warned!) I just want to ramble about it and give my critiques, opinions and expectations. My words might not make sense if you haven’t read the spinoff, but I think having a general gist of the events of the original anime/novel/manga is enough to read through my vents and rambles. also there’s screenshots here so there’s that. 
It’s basically the same plot as the anime, but if Katarina regained her memories of her past life during the events of Fortune Lover, within the school year, instead of when she was 8 years old like the original novel.
I don’t even really know if I’m in the right place to comment on it, considering it only has like 6 chapters (with the 7th one still being a month away) anyways and has a lot of time to expand and grow it’s concept, but gosh darn it, I want to talk about it!
I really really love the premise of the spinoff, and i think it’s much more compelling than the original novel. The novel wins by being more wholesome and heartfelt, but with the spinoff, we get to see Katarina play this “game” in hard mode” where she doesn’t have the connections that she would’ve had if she remembered sooner. There’s a sense of urgency in the plot that you don’t really have in the novel because she had already won everyone over before the game even begins. Both premises are charming, but this one really lifts up the concept of the title.
While I’d love to say that i’m excited to see this alternate version of the plot and find out how Katarina would solve herself out of her destruction, sadly the spinoff still follows the original material very religiously, preventing the spinoff as really coming out into its own (again, I could be wrong, there’s only 6 chapters so far after all but from what we have so far, it’s practically identical to the manga/novel). 
I think one of the greatest strengths of the spinoff is that it would take it’s time in the Magic School because Katarina only has one year to put the odds in her favor, instead of years, so it means we wont speed through her school life like the novel/anime/manga did. 
This is why my favorite part of the spinoff is Sienna, Katarina’s main underling when she was still the villainess of Fortune Lover. I love her because her existence provides a reason for the writer of the spinoff to find ways to insert her into the original plot, or to write new ones altogether in order to include what I imagine to be Katarina’s new best friend in this timeline.
Tumblr media
Sienna’s existing can also be a sign of a possible future conflict regarding Katarina’s behavior post-accident. In the original novel/manga, it was okay for the snobby and spoiler Katarina to suddenly become dense and gluttonous, because she was 8 years old, and thus in the eyes of the adults, still had a lot of time to grow and develop her character. It’s still weird of course but it can be written off as such. With the event happening during the events of Fortune Lover, characters such as Maria and Geordo are obviously confused but her change of heart. Personally, I’d love to see her underlings and other students call her out on her behavior (especially since we are about to see the dynamic of Keith and Katarina in this timeline) because of how abrupt and sudden this change was. The spinoff tries to run away from this problem by writing off Mary and Alan as “not knowing much about Katarina other than rumors” but I doubt it, considering how much they would probably encounter each other in social gatherings and such. For them to not have an independent impression of her seems lazy to me to be honest, because not having an opinion on her means that she can act in any way that she wants and it can be considered as her being normal to them.
Because of how faithful this spinoff is to the original material, the banter that characters would have about Katarina feels undeserved, such as Geordo being possessive of Katarina during her interactions with Alan, despite not being interested in her until now. Bare in mind that at this point, Geordo had already met Maria (who piqued his interest during their first encounter, according to Katarina in the original novel) and only just gained interest in her fiance because of her out-of-nowhere change in personality. the banter between the twin princes doesn’t feel right when you factor in that he doesn’t care about Katarina enough (yet) to find his brother as a threat. To be honest, I wouldn’t even have this problem if the spinoff wasn’t so loyal.
This also opens up the question of how she will gain rapport with the characters in Fortune Lover. The spinoff pulled off Mary and Katarina’s friendship through their similar interests in gardening, but without the mistake of taking Alan’s in game dialogue, Mary has no reason to be attached to Katarina at all, and is definitely in love with Alan.
Tumblr media
I mean i’d be okay if the spinoff writes off their relationship as just friends, but then again that ruins the charm that the original novel had (which is that Katarina catches love interests like she does with pokemon) which can be both a good thing and a bad thing (I don’t mind if they don’t have the harem, but maybe that makes it too far from the source material idk)
This is why I don’t want the spinoff to be religiously loyal to the source material! Keith’s introduction makes me nervous because there is absolutely no way that the spinoff can follow the original method of winning him over without making it look ridiculous, so obviously his route will have to be written from scratch. It’s not the rewrite that makes me nervous, it’s how similar it’d be from the original novel. The same would have to happen with Sophia (who has probably lived in fear and isolation without a real friend FOR YEARS), Nicol (who is intertwined with his sister), and Alan (depending on how far Maria is into the plot). From what i’ve seen from the spinoff so far, Katarina can still realistic gain the character’s of Fortune Lover as her allies, but they won’t be (or atleast might not be) as attached to her as they do in the original novel (like Mary and Sophia maybe)
My only biased exception to this is her and her maid Anne, because it’s pretty endearing to know that even the spoiled version of Katarina is still attached to Anne, so as long as they are together, she doesn’t really mind the difference. 
I would really love it if Katarina could gain allies outside of the established cast, to emphasize how different her situation is now that her circumstances are different due to the time of when her memories return. I just don’t want the spinoff to suddenly make the characters interested in Katarina, even though she’s lived her life until now as a spoiled and selfish noble.
Tumblr media
This brings me to another concern of mine: Maria, the protagonist of Fortune Lover. So far, Katarina has already won over her friendship and has forgiven her and Sienna for their actions against her after seeing their efforts to fend off other harassers. My problem isn’t really how quickly she got won over or anything (despite this already solving her problem of being accused of orchestrating her bullying that could cause her end just before the final graduation event of the game), it’s more of what she represents.
Tumblr media
You see, what made all the characters of Fortune Lover so attached to Katarina is that she lacks the outlook of a noble, being someone who lived as a normal school girl before being reincarnated. She is a very empathetic person who is able to sooth the worries of the characters but literally not seeing it at all (examples being Alan with his rivalry with his twin, and Mary & Sophia with their appearance). She alleviates the pain and worries of others by being what they need. In the original novel of My Next Life as a Villainess!, the readers/viewers already know that her villainess fate is already thwarted because she had already accomplished what Maria was supposed to do during the events of Fortune Lover (befriend Sophia = gain Nicol’s affections / interest Geordo = gain his affection / differentiate Alan & Geordo = gain Alan’s affections / be a first real source of comfort and company = gain Keith’s affections etc.)
I can’t really speculate on much of the plot of the game, but luckily the anime dvd box comes with the actual Fortune Lover game routes of the 4 boys so I might be able to comment on this better in the future. 
Maria is basically the same as Katarina (or Bakarina, if its less confusing); both characters are outsiders to the world of nobles and royalty, and it’s through their own personal outlook that they help and befriend the characters of the game. The spinoff would probably stick the two by the hip now that they’re friends in order to solve this problem, but it’s basically a race between the two of which of them can apply their personal quirks in getting the characters to ally with them. Again I can’t really speculate bc I don’t know the actual routes of the boys, but yeah. 
For example, Geordo has met the heroine while she was trying to climb a tree with a skirt, which he has never seen before, while her also being the pretty light-magic user commoner, and this definitely made her interesting to him (Note: this is an event that occurs canonically within the events of the game, Fortune Lover, but is not presented as something that had occurred in the manga). 
Tumblr media
Now we have Katarina acting out of character and eating tons of sweets, while trying to salvage the dress of her peer after she spilled a drink on it, and this character change made her interesting to him as well. Katarina, considering her actual personality as time progresses in the story, is definitely much more interesting than Maria’s (I say that with biases of course) so Geordo would most likely find her to be the more unpredictable and interesting out of the two, but it looks like the only way (or what seems to already be the chosen way??) of writing the spinoff out of this mess is to make it appear like the Maria event didn’t or hasn’t happened yet, because while the original novel does state that Geordo would have fallen for Maria if he wasn’t already inlove with Katarina before they entered the Magic School, Geordo has yet to address his relationship with Maria. (yeah I get it there’s only 6 chapters yet jhgsdgfjsdg BUT STILL IT’S A LOT TO THINK ABOUT)
I don’t know what kind of dynamic Maria and Katarina would have in the spinoff, especially since you need to factor in Sienna, but in the original novel, Maria was pretty submissive to Katarina and would mostly just follow her lead. Maybe with this new friendship, Maria might not actively approach the main love interests (unless it’s by accident, since they don’t have to always save her from bullying Katarina and Sienna already try to solve that themselves) which gives time for Katarina to win them over with the quirky personality. At least, this is what I hope the spinoff goes for lol. (side note, it’s actually interesting to see what it’s like when Geordo literally only uses Katarina as a shield from other women, so when the shift from tool to romance occurs, i think it’ll be pretty nice to see)
Tumblr media
To be honest I don’t even know what I’m rambling about, I’m sure I’ll love the spinoff regardless of what direction it takes lol. I’m just nervous because I really really love this concept an I want it to be different from the source material because it literally has the potential to be its own story (idk if this spinoff is even official at all, like I think it has the permission of Yamaguchi Satoru, but idk if its licensed)
Before I end this long ramble, I just want to note that i actual like the art style of the spinoff (illustrated by nishi) more than the original artist nami. I feel like this more simple artstyle captures the shift between Villainess Katarina and Bakarina more smoothly, while the original illustrations kinda makes it looked forced (mostly the manga tbh, the novel covers and art is fine). With nishi’s art, you can easily grasp that these two personalities are both Katarina. 
Tumblr media
Anyways that’s it, my hands hurt lol. Might edit this in the future. 
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magacofi · a year ago
It's time for an MANGANIME RAMBLE (how I got in and never left)
Before you start: this is full of tangents because it's written the way I tell my stuff so be warned XD, there are also references or unexplained things that may prove highly confusing, sorry not sorry
So, I've been a reader since I was around 9 yo. Said in other words: I've completely and absolutely loved reading since I was 9, it became my main hobby and has remained as such. That's the introduction.
The first ever book series I read was Percy Jackson (Side story: I was having breakfast with my friends at school one day, and scrolling through one of their phone's galleries with them —she had memes, I'm weak— and came across a photo of the first PJ book series. At the time I had previously watched The Lighting Thief movie and was completely, paw-sitively in love with it. So when I asked and she confirmed they were books I was like "oH iT's oN". That's how I discovered PDF btw, until then I had only known the school library's books; mostly books from an international —for South-american writers— editorial, Alfaguara). And, you see, for all my imagination, I really wanted to see a visual representation of the characters, so of course I went and typed 'Percy Jackson characters' on Google. What showed up was mostly from Viria (if for some reason you don't know her, she's an amazing artist for a lot of fandoms) and so I went on and downloaded her art to have an offline reference for the books (another side story: I didn't know fanart was a thing, and as I spoke only Spanish at the time, very little English —also I was like 12, yes I discovered PDF when I was 12— I wasn't yet familiar with the term, so because Viria has, in my opinion, the best PJ fanart out there and mostly results came from her Tumblr, I assumed art made by other people about characters or stories they didn't own was called Viria, and promptly created a folder with that name where I proceeded to save all fanart I came across from that point onwards. Clearly some time later I realized that wasn't the case, but decided to keep it like that because I found it highly amusing and silly on my part).
A year later, I saw this ( crossover and was like "who are those two and why are they with Leo?" Curiosity won me over, and when I saw the title linked to the image was something like (FMAxPJ crossover), I naturally then looked for whatever FMA was. Across came the Wikipedia page, I read some about the argument and found it interesting, then noticed it was a manga when I thought it was just another book series, cue: "whaaat is a manga?". Despite knowing absolutely nothing about manga, I'm nothing if not stubborn when I have a goal in sight. So I somehow managed to get to this page ( and downloaded all the volumes (side story: that's how my love story with MEGA started) (side story 4: so now it's a pattern and I thought you could only download manga through this user blackaiser, silly me) (can you also notice that this was 5 years ago but I can remember all this details vividly) (I had to type that password —blackaiser— for the .rar archives 27 times, it kinda got stuck)
(Side story 5: 13 yo me didn't know how to extract the images from the .rar's, so I actually clicked image by image to read the whole thing, until I figured it out by volume 25 how to do it —sheer dumb luck, I tell ya—. So please a minute of silence and also some degree of admiration for that girl and her mouse; they did so much clicking you'd have gotten a headache and a trauma towards the clicking sound). Oh, yeah, right, this was all done by computer btw.
It was really funny at first, because I obviously had no idea the reading had to be done right-to-left, and just bulldozed through the first 15 pages treating it like a comic and reading left-to-right. I was really sad and confused and disappointed because the scenes made no sense whatsoever and I couldn't understand what was going on. Usually beginners don't make that mistake, either because they were introduced to manga by someone who already likes it and were told how to go about it, or read it online, where the admins are kind enough to leave a reminder of that detail in every manga and every subsequent chapter of it. Thank you for that, I imagine it saves trouble for a lot of people. But as you may notice that wasn't my case because since I discovered PDF I've had this habit, or quirk idk, of downloading EVERYTHING because I got used to it being more comfortable (actually I still stand by that and am most grateful for my little me doing it since the beginning), and no one introduced me to manga. So. Totally on my own. I eventually got back to the first page to see what I was doing wrong and figured out the reading was from right-to-left in an awesome moment of enlightement, after which I was like "wow that's so cool" in a totally non-ironic way because I really had no prior experience with Japanese or asian stuff in general and thought it was really interesting. So there I was, now armed with that knowledge, reading FMA image by image in .rar and loving every minute of it.
Then, when I finished it, I tried to remember if the classmates I had that liked anime (I figured it was anime they were talking about after reading FMA) had ever mentioned any good ones in their conversations, which I overheard plenty of times because, well, they were really loud about it. My brain eventually managed to recall one, which ended up being Death Note. I know, that took a 180 turn real quick, but how could I have possibly known? So, Death Note it was after FMA.
And I was thrilled with it. So, SO GOOD. I remember my heart beating really fast when Light and L had their first ever confrontation (the whole Lind L. Taylor affair). I was on edge and really anxious about it. Also, it was the first time I was so split between the 'hero' and 'villain' personas, because I could easily tell Light was the bad guy, but at the same time I wanted his schemes to work so badly... But L was the good detective guy, so cool and clever and felt like he knew how to counter Light's every move... It really had me reflecting on those roles. So now I fondly keep it as the first of it's kind in my memories. And also the root of the reason why I live ambivalent characters so much.
After that I wondered what could possibly be better than Death Note. After such an epic story, what could I read next that wouldn't feel like a let down?
So me, an intellectual, literally searched something like "which is the best manga" in Google. Genius really, Google knows it all.
But it actually went okay and that's how I got introduced to One Piece (still my undisputable and ultimate favorite) and, with it, to long manga series (Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail...). A wholesome step forward, seeing as I'm a total sucker for long and good stories, and there's nothing more infinite than One Piece, fight me. The more chapters the merrier... and the more empty I feel after if finishes...
Heeeeey and let's not forget when a friend showed me the shōjo genre. That one's very, VERY funny. Let's just say she recommended Tonari no kaibutsu-kun (aka My little monster), pretty normal and cute, and that sometime after I ended up with Kaichō wa Maid-sama and not pursue that topic any further. Nowadays I don't really enjoy it anymore, but it still gives me the occasional smile/laugh. There's comedy gold in those.
I also remember my first time with anime (though 'first' used both loosely and strongly, bc I vaguely recall having watched both Naruto and Pokemon as a toddler, but those don't really count; they weren't intentional nor memorable at the time). A total fiasco.
I wanted to watch FMA because, as you can probably tell by know, it's one of my all-time-favorites (Heads-up explanation: remember when I said I love reading and that it all started with PJ? Well, I forgot to add that after reading The Lighting Thief I grew a lotta distaste for movie adaptations of books. Dude, they were 12, not 16. Felt so betrayed), and I was expecting a reliable adaptation from the manga. Guess what I watched. Fullmetal Alchemist, but the first version, not Brotherhood. And so I made my first prejudice and banned anime. Lol.
And you'll never guess what reconciled me with anime.
Sword Art Online
I say it with that much contundente because I know there's A LOT of people who hate it, simply don't like it, think it's lame, etc. BUT WHATEVERrrrrrr. Around the time I watched it, there were a lot of ads of it but as an actual game, not the anime. The aesthetic had me really drawn in and I researched it (hey I'm an artist, I see stuff I think It's pretty, I research it). When I saw it was an anime (not rlly, but I didn't really understand what a light novel was back then), not gonna lie, I hesitated. But eventually I downloaded it and watched it. Bro, I really liked it. Anime got unbanned, yayyy. Lolx2. Now, my opinion of it it's slightly different, as there are details I rather dislike, but overall I still like it and still don't understand why so much hate (I haven't really read any threads on it either, there's that, too), tho my theory is that many people got to anime because of it and got a wrong impression of the Anime verse I guess? SAO is rather simplistic compared to other greater stories, but I don't really make the comparison 'cuz it's unfair. C'mon I'm not gonna compare SAO and Bleach for God's sake. To be fair I do think the SAO Abridged parody is hilarious.
After that I think I searched for recommendations in the comments and came across Darker than Black. Really interesting, but super strange too, left me very confused. Loved it.
Now if someone asked me for some anime list to watch (assuming the person is new to anime so I had to think of short ones no longer than 24-26 episodes), I'm sure it would include some like: Steins; Gate, Death Parade, Darker than Black, SAO (depending on the person hehe), Erased, Akatsuki no Yona, Durarara (get them hooked on the first season and let them keep going bc it's so worth it), Rokka no Yūsha, Kuroko no Basuke (oh, the laughs) (actually, the laughs with whatever anime sports-related that ain't Free) (So: ), Haikyuu, and probably many more I can't remember right now. NOT Tokyo Ghoul, I prefer the manga by a far, far cry.
Now let's wrap it up.
I love that my experience entering that world was so unique, unbiased (hadn't really heard any bashing until after I started liking it), full of funny mishaps, challenging and, most of all, so rewarding. The lessons I've learned from characters, the stories I know now, the people I've interacted with from different fandoms, the laughs, the tears, the enjoyment, the entertainment, the intrigue, mystery, theories, inspiration, adventure, action, fantasy, lore... all of it is fantastic and I absolutely love it. It is also why I always try to make people understand why it's good and why they shouldn't be so quick to judge it, I believe it's a really underrated art form.
Also, to this date it surprises me how little things can escalate so quickly if one is determined enough, and how a little post can open such a fantastic gate. So I guess I'm thankful for Viria. Maybe I wouldn't have gotten to know all these fantastic stories without her art ;3
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