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#but we'll see
northern-passage · 43 minutes ago
Everyone saying Duncan is hot is sleeping on Rodrick.
thank you, anon!!!!! thank YOU!!!! he is right there!!!!!
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aldous-the-crow-man · an hour ago
my old pfp isn’t saved to my chromebook fsr so have knife crow for a bit
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bajillianwrites · an hour ago
okay, I finished writing the last part of my loveblossom series and I wanna figure out what I should work on next
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safaerax · an hour ago
idk if I like this promo...... but when have I ever liked something I made? ndfjlnskl
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fenixdown · an hour ago
i’ve cleared my blog of old ooc posts, in character posts for muses that lack activity, replies to asks from those who unfollowed, and ask meme reblogs. i re-formatted my pinned post and i’ve queued two of the three replies i’m aware i owe.
i’m still considering a fresh start just to remove any lingering heebie-jeebies, but that’ll come another day if it happens at all.
thanks for your patience and for sticking with me the past 24 hours.
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baptists · an hour ago
Tumblr media
              “      well   shit...      ”       do  you  remember  why  you’re  here?    remember  starting  an  argument  with  some  thug  that  ended  up  with  one  bleeding...   only  for  you  to  be  knocked  out  cold  just  to  wake  up  tied  to  someone  who  didn’t  do  anything.    this  isn’t  someone’s  sick  fantasy,  nishitani.  one  must  remember  that  at  least.     he  tugs  at  the  rope  that  kept  them  together,  with  the  shake  of  his  head  nishitani  wishes  to  apologize  but...  words  fail  him  the  moment  he  starts  to  blabber,     “     s’not   my   fault.    they   should   have   watched   their   goddamn   mouths.     ”      another  tug  only  for  the  back  of  nishitani’s  head  to  lull  back...   landing  on  reijiro’s  left  shoulder   a  small  smile  forming  on  lips  and  the  bubbling  excitement  aching  to  burst,     “     but   at   least   i’m   stuck   here   with   you,   reijiro  -  kun!    oh  -  ho,   i’m   gonna   cream   just   thinkin’   about   you   fightin’!     ”       @ancsthctist​​    :     [ RESTRAINED ]
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So how excited are you about EXU tonight? Bc I could barely focus all day (I was supposed to prepare a session 0 I'm to run for my own game but... oh well)
I'M SO EXCITED! I'm at 100/10. Work is flying by and I feel like I'm not getting anything done, because I'm so excited lol
I'm glad we're all equal levels of distracted while waiting for the Summer of Aabria to FINALLY START!
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heart-forge · 2 hours ago
getting to the end of moving MH back to Twine (need to move the last valeri and gnarl chapters), then I have to start writing the convenience features (build a save, the ability to change the MC mid-game: I already have regular save/load working and I think I've managed to figure out the "next" function), and then writing Abeni's chapter and then in theory the MH demo will be complete !!
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trckstrgod · 2 hours ago
I  need  to  start  a  new  game  on  skyrim  vr  and  set  it  up  to  be  my  loki’s  skyrim  verse  so  I  can  get  more  muse  to  flesh  it  out.
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mmarkle · 2 hours ago
Hey you're back! I do follow you on Twitter but I missed you on here lol
Not this question being from May and me just now answering it, lol. I'll tweet this answer so hopefully you'll see that I finally answered you, lol.
There is definitely a different vibe on here, huh? I missed talking about things more in-depth so I'm happy to be back!
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c0nsul-valerius · 3 hours ago
 Couples who play together...
🔞🍋18+ Minors Do Not Interact🍋🔞
Tumblr media
Collection of raunchy one-shots for the @midsummer-masquerade​ featuring Donna and Valerius enjoying the night’s festivities together
Day One: Marking (Nadia x Donna x Valerius)
Finishing Touches:  In which Nadia gives Donna and Valerius some finishing touches to their outfits before sending them on their merry way.
Day Two: Role reversal + Overstimulation (Lucio x Donna x Valerius)
Pledging Their Allegiance:  In which Lucio and Donna show their devotion to the new “Count of Vesuvia,” and Valerius says to hell with being good.
Day Three (a): Impact play (Nadia x Valerius)
Dethroned: In which Nadia pays the new “Count” a visit, and Valerius regrets a lot his choices
Day Three (b): Impact play + Denial + Worship (Donna x Sam)
In which Donna revisits an old flame that is just as hot as they remember. 
Day Four: Outdoors + Sensory Deprivation (Asra x Donna)
Like Horses to Water: In which Donna and Asra catch up at the fountain, and their bodies remember.
Day Five: Toys + Degradation (Tasya x Valerius)
In which Valerius is lured in with good wine and a very pretty face.
Day Six: Humiliation (Valerius x The Courtiers + Nadia x Donna)
In which Valerius has a request for Nadia, and she cannot help but laugh.
Day Seven: Praise + Bondage + Exhibitionism (Nadia x Donna x Valerius)
In which Nadia is very pleased with her pets and needs everyone to know how good they’ve been all night. 
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shadow--writer · 4 hours ago
So I'd feel bad sending in character requests while still sitting on the raffle one jdfkls, but, Happy Birthday!! Speaking of, how does Maeve usually spend hers? :3c Does she get to enjoy it in a way she likes, or is there room for improvement? Who gives the best birthday gifts? What's the best kind of cake?? etc etc this is an invitation to ramble
Tumblr media
Thank youuuuuu. Take your time on the raffle, there’s no time limit and it’s always there if you have an idea you wanna see 💕💕
Maeve’s birthday is Halloween (but they call it the festival of Samhain. End of summer) so it’s spent warding off spirits crossing over with Jack o’lanterns and bonfires. Her dad makes her mom’s apple cake every year, making it an almost bittersweet affair. With her family it’s usually a loud musical affair. 
Her sisters give her the best gifts. She has a necklace from her older sister that she wears when she’s wanting to dress nice. It’s a simple silver chain with an opal stone (her birthstone). Aislin goes out to make her lemon and lime sweets and get her new paints. 
Her dad is the WORST at getting/making gifts. But DAMMIT HE TRIES. Maeve appreciates each try but BOY. Think ugly sweaters/knitted things then crank it up a few notches. He likes knitting but he has no fashion sense 😔. Her cousins are the runner up WORST gifts since they usually do joke gifts. The infamous swimming incident happened at her birthday/Samhain celebration. So yeah she doesn’t trust her cousins gifts. At all. Ever.
Away from home she almost forgets she even has a birthday. Since she’s just spending it alone she just doesn’t care at much (sad I know). Usually she spends it working. On occasion she’ll buy herself a small cake but that makes the whole thing more depressing.
Though her cousins visit sometimes which is nice. With a partner she doesn’t really tell them her birthday so they don’t feel obligated to do anything for her. Generally sees it as a reminder she’s away from home and it makes her miss her family more so she doesn’t celebrate that much. If you push her she might lie about her birthday to get you off her back aslkdjhuujk. Not a good relationship with it :/ (if her family is in town they’ll tell you in a heartbeat and she’ll kill them (affectionately) lol)
The best birthday cake is obviously her mom’s apple cake. It’s only made for celebrations or for someone special. The first time her mom made it was for Maeve’s dad since his favourite fruit is apples, so it does have a very sweet and romantic backstory. (though we’re going to ignore Maeve inheriting her mom’s kitchen disaster tendencies).
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