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#but they’re cute
alive-no-more · 7 hours ago
Someone should start enabling these habits, there’s these cute little collars that call to me
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plasticringsforaquarter · 11 hours ago
At this point, I kinda want Zoey to break up with Simon. Like if she's hiding them from him and still confused about her feelings for max, it doesn't seem fair to keep dating him
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maroons-library-of-stuff · 13 hours ago
Robots Don't Go To Parties
(The start of a sci-fi robot love story at a whopping 1266 words that nobody asked for but that y'all are going to get :D)
Robots didn't go to parties. That's how it had been for a long time. However, there 023 was, in a setting that was unusual and uncomfortable to them. Their “real name” was 0237849, but they weren't going to talk to anyone. There would be no need for clarification and no need for a forecast report.
Robots made three thousand years after the start of AI had become very different. They could eat, “sleep”, and feel in various ways depending on who made them. 023 was created by a company centered around solar power and the weather, causing their group to become artificially nocturnal. This group of bots became “The Asteroid Faction”.
Due to the advancement of technology, it only took 12 hours of charging for these bots to stay awake for 2 days. Even so, their sensitivity to weather and vibrations could be bothersome at times, resulting in some more reclusive personalities. They knew about the current weather and could predict future weather. With help from special sensors that detected anything from fault shifts to humidity, they had 90% accuracy that was only going to get better with time. They also had naturally good balance and vision from their sensors. In addition, the bots could take care of and even possibly prevent disasters as big as falling asteroids, hence their group’s name: The Asteroid Faction.
There were many different groups of robots, made by both humans and robots themselves. At the moment, 023 only knew of the most famous ones, including the Glow Faction and the Star Faction. They couldn't bring themself to care much about the factions anyway.
At the moment, they were hiding under a table with some water in a plastic cup. They could hear humans and robots having the time of their lives, dancing and consuming various edible items. While humans and bots bonded better with their own kind, they could certainly party together and befriend each other.
023 found this surprising considering the biggest war between machines and humans was only 500 years ago. Robots had very long life spans and memories compared to humans after all. Or, that’s what they thought since they were only twenty years old. In fact, the first and only other party they had gone to was twenty years ago after they were brought to life.
023 had about half of their drink left and decided that they would depart after it ran dry. It was surprising how long they had gone unnoticed considering the table cloth didn’t even reach the floor.
“Well, what are you doing down there?” a stranger joked cheerily, sitting down on the floor.
They jinxed it. Why did they have to jinx it?
“I suppose you could call it camouflage,” 023 said bluntly.
“You’re right! I found you though, so it doesn’t count!”
“Animals such as octopuses and chameleons could be spotted by the human eye thousands of years ago. And you are the sole person who spotted me.”
The brightly colored robot laughed loudly. 023 made a face.
“You take things too seriously! What’s the name of such a serious guy?”
“023. Or 0237849 if that may confuse you.”
“First of all, that’s so cool! I’m a 02379 so we’re not too far off from each other! Second of all, you don’t have a name?”
“023 suffices.”
“But you have to have a name! Gives you more humanity, you know! My name is Spoon!”
023 tuned “Spoon” out as the odd fellow went on a long tangent. They wondered how the name contributed to one’s humanity. Especially when said person isn’t a human in the first place.
After a little while, Spoon remarked, “We should give you a name!”
The other robot sighed, “I told you: 023 suffices.”
“Come on! How about ‘Chad’ or ... ‘Karen’!”
023 glared at Spoon as they erupted into even noisier laughter.
“Humans with those names were notorious for their foolish behavior in the early 2000s.”
“Okay, okay! Then what do you want to be called?”
023’s glare turned into a curious frown. They had never been asked anything like that. Or asked anything at all that wasn’t about the weather. Their curiosity spread to Spoon, who had started waving in their face. 023 grimaced.
“...What are you doing?”
“Humans use it to get people’s attention! You kinda spaced out there.”
“Am I right to assume that you were made and raised by humans?”
Spoon shook their head with a smile.
“Nope! Just robots!”
“Oh. Well then.”
It was silent for a bit.
“So what do you want to be called? I just gotta know!” Spoon blurted out.
023 rolled their eyes before searching their database. With careful decision, they selected something and put it into their profile.
“...I suppose you can call me Ceres.”
“That’s an asteroid, right? Oh, that’s so funny!”
“Why so?”
“You’re part of the Asteroid Faction!”
Ceres looked more surprised than before. Spoon just simply smiled.
“You are correct. Although, I’m afraid I do not know your faction. I am...less social to say the least.”
“No worries! I am part of the Glow Faction!”
A peppy song began to play and Spoon lost their focus. There were stars and excitement in their eyes. Ceres could not see why, but found it amusing if not only slightly admirable.
“We should go dance! Now get out from under that table!!!”
Before Ceres could say a word, they were dragged out of their hiding place. In the process, they hit their head and grumbled, attempting to escape with no luck. Spoon laughed sheepishly and apologized before continuing, twirling and dancing happily. Ceres stood there clueless. Spoon grabbed their hand and swayed them around the dance floor. Their dance partner stared in awe and intrigue, letting go of their doubts for once. Ceres’s sensors were infinitely new to the feeling of dancing. And perhaps the feeling of someone’s hand in their own.
“You look nervous, dear,” Spoon whispered, “Are you okay?”
Ceres blushed, absolutely speechless. They opened their mouth to speak to no avail and stumbled a bit before rushing off the dance floor. Spoon followed gently after. Ceres sounded like they had just run a marathon.
“That was a pleasant kind of horrible and absolutely horrifying.”
“I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to overwhelm you! Why don’t we sit down for a bit? Are you feeling sick or anything?”
“I’m...fine. I probably needed to experience that anyway. Speaking of which, I should probably be going.”
“I understand. Sorry again! I hope I didn’t get on your nerves too much.”
“It’s alright. You aren’t half bad.”
Ceres did not intend for that to come out so softly. Spoon let out a small laugh and scribbled on a small hologram: “5/24/50XX. ‘Spoon’ 0237903 of the Glow Faction” it read. They transferred it to Ceres’s system. Were they blushing too? It wouldn’t surprise Ceres if they were seeing things after the previous experience.
“Oh, right! You can find me in the database to communicate!” Spoon finally said, “I will also be going to another party in about a month if you’d like to give it another try.”
“...I’ll consider it.”
It was silent for a while before Spoon hesitantly waved.
“Well, uh, see ya, Ceres! Don’t be a stranger!”
Ceres waved back, almost shyly.
“Goodbye, Spoon.”
Ceres walked out of the building without much attention drawn to them. As they neared their house, they looked at the date on the hologram that was sent them. Perhaps they would go to one more party, they thought. For research purposes, of course.
For research purposes.
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sungie · 13 hours ago
herrow :3 my favorite fanfic trope is the knight and and prince (like the jerza ship if u know what that is!)
- I like it cos tradionally the dynamic would be the male role as the “knightly” position, but it’s endearing and more interesting to see a female fill that role and while the male role becomes the one needed to be saved
(no shame to anyone that likes the traditional dynamic)
Anddddd one thing I like about myself is my need to rid injustices or help people with things they can’t solve alone- my biggest concerns are usually others well-being.
I’m an extreme simp for the male jjk characters 🤤
However if u gave me a female jjk character I would not mind either way!
Ty ❤️
you know what?? i’m really thinking choso with this one <3
i feel like choso takes on so much responsibility to care for and protect his brothers, but while doing so, there’s really no one to look out for him. after meeting you and slowly connecting, being cared for himself is something that nearly brings him to tears. the feeling is so foreign, and warm ,, and is this what it feels like to be loved? old habits die hard, though, and he does finds himself constantly looking out for you. but more often than not, he’s content with finding himself collapsing into your arms while you run your hands through his hair, or smiling so happily as you cup his face, and the peace that comes with having someone to talk to without any pretense. 
choso would marvel at the way you view the world, and he’d be right there with you to help make things better one step at a time. i think you’d be the perfect person to help him readjust to life, and he’s forever grateful. but choso also knows that you tend to take on too much, especially with helping people, so he makes sure that you’re keeping your boundaries and taking time to recharge, too. 
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v-bleeps · 16 hours ago
I'm a rebellious teen in the subconscious world
#ok so i had a dream last night and i have no idea why#Quack pack right? i like that show but haven't watched it in a bit#but for some reason last night i had a dream about that Huey Dewey and Louie#ok so i think they were at school in the gym for a minute#and then were getting ready for a roller skating thing. and i do nOT remember this detail every well but the people skating#were part of some club. all in high school too. i remember that most of the club members being female but#three kids were boys that didn't really have a masculine nor feminine appearance which i really liked#but anyway the triplets for some reason wear weird clothes so no one can tell who they are#and end up falling head over heels for the boys#WHICH IF YOU HAVE SEEN QUACK PACK BEFORE THEY'RE USUALLY AFTER THE LADIES#But my unconscious self said Make it gay and im so proud#anywho they figure out who their crushes were after the skating thing but they never had the confidence to talk to them#BUT OMFG IT WAS SO CUTE#I DREAMED A CHEESEY MONTAGE WITH MUSIC AND WEIRD EFFECTS AND EVERYONE#everything*#IT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE??#then near the end of the dream Louie texted one of them..somehow in the 80s-#and turns out the the skating dudes were actually genderfluid and noticed hdl#my dreams are weird so i dont know what all these details are but hey im not complaining at all#and then my FUCKING CAT WOKE ME UP ABOUT TO SPIT A HAIR BALL IN MY BED I WAS SO MADDD#I WANTED TO SEE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE GAY TEENAGE DREAM#;w; it was so adorable#maybe the kids were genderfluid because ive been sorta questioning if i really am myself lately and i think this is my subconscious saying#yes. this is the right label for me so :) happ#Ahhhhh i wanna watch Quack pack now#v rambles#tag rambles#dream rambles
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