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#but then i was like wait i forgot how to draw
Hey Dark, you deserve more than you give yourself credit for. I know someone who would’ve told you that himself, but I figured I should in his stead.
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He was surprised, but nothing more
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askplayerpkmn · 5 months ago
sorry i’ve been away tho!! just uh, holidays and all that. so I should be posting again real real soon >:) 
BUT I got a new art program (csp!!! ty cam!!!) and im debating on changing the art style a bit! because im not used to csp yet and im still trying to figure out my old style kjbsdfkjab so!!! out of these three which one do y'all like that most? :0
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steppingonshatteredglass · 5 months ago
Biana Vacker!
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BIANA VACKER!!! commision/birthday gift for @bianavacker-is-bi-as-hell​
kjhghj i love this art so much-
the first piece is the original/first tracing i did, the second piece is biana in a white bckg and the last picture can be used as a profile picture!
okay what do i usually say- my art posts are as inconsistent as my style? no no i can’t say that-
oh okay um so i kinda love this piece? its close to my usual “colorblock with shading” style and the color scheme is so pretty-
original artwork
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on twitter 
jhgfvbhj so here’s my tag list - lmk if u wanna be added or removed
@sincerely-milli​ hi bby <3
and some people i wanna tag that arent on my list uwu sowwy to bother-
do one of your friends have a birthday coming up? do u want a profile picture/commision? great! send me an ask and we can talk about it!
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mxandrist · 7 months ago
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feel like my art style is going through some changes recently especially with how I draw faces so I decided to sketch team 8.... one of the main reasons I started doing art back in high school was so I could draw naruto and well. here we are about 5 years later and I am still doing that
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fordekyle · 9 months ago
i think we should kill tumblr user fordekyle
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box-of-serkets · a year ago
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Being her fan is like being in love with that girl in school that everybody wants dead
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