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#but the other part of me knows the bucks would be an easier match up for us
akibf · 9 days ago
aha i had nothing funny to say after the nets game lol sad. i go through series-eses so slooowly so it’s not like… a great idea to keep adding to the to read/watch list but been hearing good things abt tokyo rev! (don’t add more things to your list don’t add more things to your list aaaand its added)
Tokyo rev is sooooo good you're gonna love it, if i haven't made it obvious yet (LOL) i highllyyyy recommend it omg. the character development is top tier and the characters themselves (boys AND girls) are so well written ):
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goldiniras · 26 days ago
Rollover 401k To Gold IRA
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Transfer 401k To Gold There are 3 basic means to get started in gold investing: coins, precious jewelry, and also protections. Americans born in 1900 had a typical life expectancy of 49 years. Retirement" had not been an assurance. As a matter of fact, it didn't also exist. Individuals that lived into their 70's just kept on working until they died. After taking into consideration the existing market price, the weight of a gold coin or bar is one of the most substantial consider its rate. Generally, the greater the weight, the reduced the premium you pay over the area rate to the supplier. Fascinating Hub on gold mining in Great Britain. It would certainly be wonderful if a few of the old gold mines might be re-opened as they would give much needed work and income. Gold IRA Rules
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modx-afterhours · a month ago
Always on Call Pt.1
The first part of my SW fic, there will be multipul chapters with different characters each time. 
It’s kinda long Ngl...
Just a note, if depections of Sex work or Sex work themes are uncomfy for you please stear clear, also this is written with insite from my personal interactions and professional backround in Sex work.
Up first is our warden and his first time behind these club doors!
Light Smut ahead. Minors DNI
It started back under Schlatt's rule, the club started as a quick way for people to make more money now that taxes were being imposed on people, based simply on how well you behaved, and yet even now that the horrid ram hybrid was long gone the club still stands.
Hidden away from the new government's eyes, a door tucked away only used by the regulars that still want what is offered or someone who managed to stumble upon it and becomes enamoured with the secret life that they can live inside these walls.
Customers come and go some nights not finding what they are looking for and other nights it's back to back bookings, different faces and different needs all blending together into one another. Yet here you are again, walking through those doors once more, the kind woman behind the desk clears you through the worker's door and into the back room, with a quick note that someone is waiting to meet you.
Chatter and laughter mix all around, floor workers telling tales about that last client or some of the older faces sit close talking about old regulars.
You may not have been around as long as the girl who whispers to whoever will listen about the man who used to come in, smelling of ash and gunpowder, but most of the good clients know your face but tonight was something different, a new person had asked for you.
New clients were rare, and ones asking after you more so as your shifts are more scattered, something like a special treat than a regular who has set days.
But tonight was simple an intro and then if all goes well, a booking no longer than 45mins for a first encounter, and maybe even a new face to add to the regulars that come for you.  Getting ready is simple, a black bodysuit under a too-short skirt, something that is easy to get in and out of but still nice enough to draw the eye.
Tucked away behind a set of dark curtains sits the new client, the club's soul fire lanterns cast interesting shadows against green skin and gold adornments, seeing a hybrid in a crown is more common than you would think but the equally as gold rebreather that frame sharp green eyes is new.
"So I finally have a face to the name dream has spoken about, I'm Sam, please sit,"
The intro is pleasant enough, all his questions are clear and concise 'What services do you provide?', 'What is extra?', 'Is there any things that you offer that is not available today?', and the drawl as he speaks definitely makes the experience even better.  
Leading him to the desk after is easy and getting him into the room even easier, leaving him to shower, as once you were back in the room it was playtime.
You took a breath, your goal here was to make him feel good like he expected, getting to enjoy the dips and defined muscles that are now on display is a benefit on top of it all. Getting him to lay down was easy and all his questions made this easy.
All I had to do was show him the worship he asked for.
You rubbed his thighs, admiring the muscle and internally wondering what he must do to be so well built but needy enough to come to the club. Leaning up, you rest one hand above his shoulder while the other rests beside his torso. From there you leaned down, pressing kisses to his skin starting at his jaw and slowly moving downwards.
Each patch of deeper green freckles gets an extra pass, additional affection to what may be considered an othering feature.
Pressing closer another gold adornment is now clear to see, two small gold nipple piercings, quite the contrast to the light green of his chest. "An interesting choice for piercings Sam," your tone teasing as gentle tweaks draw a quiet noise from him but nothing else.
It isn't until your hands touch his thighs that he jumps, a small moan following right after. You wonder when he'd moved his hands, bunching the drop sheet instead of laying at his sides. You make to pull away, questions ready but he only raises his hips slightly "Keep going, please."
He bucked his hips up into your touch when your hand brushed too close to his hips, his back arching "Don't tease- mmph." He bit his lip before he could say anymore, trying to hold back. His dick was painfully hard, twitching against his stomach as precum leaked from the tip. You moved one of your hands to wrap around it, leaving the other to rest on his thigh.
Back arching, pushing himself further into your hand as he threw his head back "Oh fuck," His hands tightly gripping the sheets after only having wrapped your hand around him had your thighs pressing together, stomach tightening as you moved your hand to the tip before dragging it down, his precum acting as a lubricant when you began to move your hand up and down.
He was panting now, flushed down to his neck as he still continued to grasp the sheets. His hips began to move faster than the pace you set, essentially fucking your hand as he moaned praises.
"S-so fucking good. Go-god, please don't stop,"
Your own breathing was harsh and you'd say you were getting just as much pleasure out this as he was. He looked so good like this, it was a borderline power trip to see such a well build man crumble like this. Under all that gold and muscle was someone so needy.
But the thoughts of keeping him on edge whining out what he wants, in that drawl of his, endlessly begging as you edge him over and over again would have to be pushed aside, for now, this was about him.
You increased your pace, clenching your thighs to try and provide yourself with some relief in the meantime as he began to lose himself, one of his hands tightly gripping the sheet below him and the other grasping your shoulder as if you would pull away and leave him like that, restraint slowly lost as he began to fuck your hand harder, increasing the pace to match his thrusts as he finally let out a deep almost hissing gasp.
"Ahn, yes, yes yes, oh fuck!"  
His pace became erratic, a few more thrusts before his back arched off the bed. His legs trembled as he came with a drawn-out moan. You stroked him through it, slowing down with the aftershocks as it dripped over your hand, some even landing on his stomach as he rolled his hips into your hand a few more times before he sank bank into the mattress, a sigh leaving him as he relaxed.
"T-tell me if this is overstepping. But are you always on call? Cause if so, I will definitely be back,"
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whereforewriter · a month ago
𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞: 𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐢 𝐝𝐨
Tumblr media
summary: bucky barnes learns to be a friend and you hate silences. pairing: bucky barnes / f!reader tags: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, slow burn, relationship built on lies, general dumbassary, character building chapter  warnings: swearing, more crime, mental health is touched on and discussed word count: 2.2k a/n: they finally have a normal conversation! kinda. as always, thank you for reading and caring about this little story. it means the world.
read chapter two here!
“Do you think it’s possible that the snap just.. missed her?” You hear your Dad ask on the other end of the line.
That question was one you had asked yourself one too many times in your time since the blip happened. Because how the fuck does the universe made that big of an error that it just forgets to bring someone back?
And why would the only person left behind be your mother? Sure, you had shit luck, but that just felt like a personal fuck you from the fates themselves.
With a heavy sigh, you shrugged, despite knowing your dad couldn’t see you on the other end of the line. It was more a force of habit than anything else, anyways. “We don’t really know how the fuck the entire Thanos thing worked. So, at this point, anything is possible, I guess.”
In reality, you knew better than to be so naive these days. Bucky tore apart any shred of hope you have that your mother was lost in time. Maybe you never believed in any of it, anyways. Does it even fucking matter when she’s still gone, and Bucky still stays aloof about the entire conversation like it’s a secret you aren’t allowed to be a part of?
“Anything is possible at this point, Dad.”
“What do you remember about being gone?”
That questioned stumped you, a short blink in reaction to the topic you both seemed to avoid, like a burned-down building. What did you remember?
It doesn’t fucking matter.
But you gave the answer you have always rehearsed, the one that made it easier to explain to anyone who asked and would never understand.
“I remember coming back, that’s it.”
It’s a half-truth - when you think about that day, all you can remember immediately is something akin to being tossed onto the floor, like a puppet who had all their strings cut, and they collapse in on themselves. Your ankles had given out under you when you came back, now in a stranger’s apartment that used to be yours.
You remember that the wall had never been painted that colour before. Then, the sight of the horrified family and screaming little boy.
All this to say, you tried not to think about that day.
You never did finish watching the movie that had been playing before you disappeared. Nowadays, you can’t bring yourself to.
You can hear the sound of your Dad sighing on the other end; he knows you’re sugar-coating everything the way you always have. He always told you that you speak with candy sentences, and one day it would make your teeth rot. So far, no cavities to report.
“I made a new friend,” you report back to him like a kindergartner on their first day of school. Really, you just hope it’s enough to take his attention away from certain subjects.
It is.
“Oh, sweetie, that’s great! Tell me everything about him.”
How the fuck do you describe Bucky Barnes?
Bucky isn’t much of a texter, as you’ve come to find out in the time since you gave him your number, and he’s made small attempts to reach out. He’s managed to figure out how to use the camera on his cellphone, something that absolutely blew his mind when you first told him about it.
Sometimes, he sends you pictures of the things he sees on his walk. They’re always burry, and his thumb covers half the lens, but you respond the same every time.
Let me tag along next time.
It’s one of those stupid things friends say to each other whenever they do something interesting. Nobody ever actually means it. (Side note, when did you become friends with Bucky? Are you friends with Bucky?)
He allows you to get away with it for the first few times, usually just not responding until the next day or so. It’s a routine you both have fallen into since he’s stopped popping into your life unceremoniously.
It’s a Saturday afternoon the next time you hear from Bucky, and the sound of your phone buzzing on the living room table piques your interest just enough to take a look.
Another blurry photo of what you assume is supposed to be a squirrel. You squint at the picture, trying to make sense of what you’re looking at before sending back the same response you always have.
This time, however, Bucky breaks the unspoken tradition before you can even set your phone back down on the light-coloured wood.
I’ll pick you up in about ten minutes. Bring a jacket.
You stare at the screen, glancing over to the form of your sleeping cat on the couch, before huffing a sigh and trudging off to your bedroom to get dressed.
It takes less than ten minutes for the sound of the door buzzer to ring out, Bucky announcing his arrival. You make an effort to save your side remarks until you actually see him face to face.
You had reached for the first pair of jeans that weren’t in the laundry hamper and hoped it was good enough. Biding his advice, you wore an old sweatshirt you’ve kept in the back of your closet for years now.
Sure enough, when you reach the lobby, you see the unmistakable sight of Bucky through the glass front doors with his hands in this pockets. Some part of you had thought he would change his appearance in the weeks he had been away, but he looked the same as ever.
There’s a comfort in that you aren’t sure how to explain. Everything changes, but Bucky stays the same.
“You know, I half expected you to break into my apartment building like when we met? Or, at the very least, shimmy up the fire escape. You’re losing your edge there, Bucky.”
He barely turns to face you, seemingly already having expected your side remarks. “I don’t shimmy up anything. Besides, I didn’t break in anywhere.”
“Then how the hell did you end up in my lobby?”
His lip twitches slightly; you see a slight sparkle in his blue eyes.
“I followed in a pizza delivery guy. They hold the door open for anyone.”
You can’t help the surprised laughter that erupts from the back of your throat at his confession and ignore the pink tint in his face and the way it makes your stomach tighten slightly. “Yeah, you are definitely losing your edge there, Buck.”
He lightly pushes your shoulder in retaliation, and you stumble on the sidewalk in a fit of laughter as you both walk forward with smiles painted on your faces.
“When did you cut your hair?”
“Christ, you just keep the hits coming, don’t you?”
You ignore the comment, as you often do.
“I get the why; people cut their hair when they want to change their life. It’s basic psychology.”
“What fucking shrink have you been going to? Sounds like something mine would say.”
You weren’t expecting that, the small admission that Bucky has been seeing a therapist, but you make an effort not to let it show. You know that if you do, he’ll be eating those words for weeks straight.
“I took a psychology class in college.”
“Oh great-”
“Shut up. Also, I’ve fallen victim to the breakup bangs one too many times. People go through something in their life, and they want to get control back, usually by changing their physical appearance. You don’t strike me as the tattoo and piercing type of guy, so you cut your hair.”
You can feel him staring at you, the piercing blue eyes threatening to burn into your skin if you look up at him. There’s the need to break the silence building, the familiar sensation to fill the air with anything to stop the moment from being ruined like you so often do.
Right then, Bucky tilts his head and looks forward.
“Steve gave up the shield; Sam took it on. Or, he took it at least, I guess. After that, it felt like the end of something. The end of me, or who I used to be. I didn’t have a life to come back to like everyone else did. So, cutting my hair felt like the first step towards something. I guess.”
There’s a breeze that runs over the both of you after he’s done talking; you ignore the chill it sends up your spine and try to find the right thing to say to all of that.
“It looks good,” is all that comes out instead.
Bucky smiles, and you know you got something right.
You’re freezing your ass off by the time Bucky says to call it a day. The sweatshirt you wore doing little to protect you from the New York spring evening, and you curse not living closer to the equator on days like this.
He didn’t make you walk far, really. You made it to the park and around, Bucky watching the ducks flap around in the water.
“Does the super-soldier serum stop you from getting cold?” You blurt out, teeth nearly chattering as you make your way back to your apartment building.
“Told you to bring a jacket.” Bucky shrugs back, unbothered by the wind or your current state, so it would seem. “Sweater is not a jacket, it is?”
You want to smack him again just to see if it does any real damage to him and his cocky behaviour. Maybe it would wipe the smirk off his face for good.
You flip him the middle finger instead of responding, the cold seeping into your bones now, and you know it’ll take a hot shower and night’s rest to rid yourself of the chill. Before any witty words leave your mouth, you feel the warmth of Bucky’s jacket set over your shoulders.
It’s dark in colour, a grey hue that matches the sky, and it smells like a campfire and something sweeter. Bucky already has his hands back in the pockets of his jeans by the time you look over at him. “Don’t you dare say anything.”
You snort, the small moment ruined by his words, and it takes away the heavy feeling in the air. You’re thankful for that.
“And they say chivalry is dead.”
“How can it be dead when there are people like you to annoy people like me?”
“Spoken like a true romantic, Buck.”
You hear him laugh next to you, and you smile at the sound as you both round the corner to your apartment building. When you finally get the door unlocked, he holds it open for you without the usual snide remarks.
He doesn’t follow you inside.
“Come on, if you’re gonna stalk me, you should at least see where I live.” You offer, waving your hand for him to follow you in the lobby and up the elevator. “Has it been a long time since a girl asked you to come over?”
“Shut up.”
“So that’s a yes.” You grin, hurrying past him to open your front door. Salem greets you, wandering into the hallway with no fear to rub up against Buckys leg before turning back to walk inside.
Bucky hums in response, scratching under the chin of the black furball. “She’s nicer than you.” He comments, following Salem inside and leaving you rolling your eyes at the two of them.
You make sure to lock the door behind you, toeing off your sneakers in the process and kicking them to the closet door. There’s no surprise when you turn back around to see Salem on the kitchen counter with Bucky fawning over her. You should have known when you saw the way he marvelled at ducks. Guy had a soft spot for animals, and Salem had a soft spot for attention.
“Her name’s Salem,” you offer. “I really liked Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a kid and always wanted my own Salem. She’s plenty more entertaining. You wanna give her some treats?” You ask, laughing at Bucky’s nodding.
“Always wanted a cat.” He muses. “Mom was allergic, though and didn’t have time when I joined the army to even consider it. Never had time in general, I guess.” There’s a hint of longing in his words as you hand over the package of cat treats to him. Salem already trying to get at the bag with no hesitation.
“Hey, I know a good shelter not too far from here. We can head over whenever you want and see if anyone catches your eye? That’s where I got her from.” Bucky is already spilling the treats onto the counter as you talk. His eyes light up at the offer.
You laugh, nodding along and turning to the dry erase calendar you keep on the fridge, and you take the marker and draw a cartoonish version of a cat on the next day.
After that, you set yourself down on the couch and turn on the TV as Bucky takes the seat next to you.
“Can we watch that movie you told me about? Grease?”
“You didn’t watch it yet?”
“Was waiting for you.”
You don’t know what to say to that. Instead, you just nod slowly and stand up to fetch the Bluray disk from the growing collection on the shelf and set it up.
Salem finds the best spot between the both of you to fall back asleep in; the opening credits of the movie start playing, and you try not to overthink how easy this all feels.
Not even when Bucky reaches for the blanket neatly folded on the back of the couch and lays it over both of your laps.
taglist: (crossed out means tag didn't work) @haphazardhufflepuff @mamacitaybrujita @sltwins @corvusmorte @carryon-outerspace @stolenxkissess @luxoree @missroro @belladonnabarnes @lilyblackx @emmabarnes @film-enthusiastt @seastarapiaries @felicityofbakerstreet @redcoatgirl @gracehutch @charmedbysarge @scarletxo17 @casssandraslang @amelia-song-pond @goodcleanfunsis @arctic-duchess @rouge-raven13 @moistpotatobear @shamelessphantomlight @beneskataa @leyannrae
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lana-writes-04 · a month ago
everything i wanted (ch.7) • bucky barnes x teen!reader
Tumblr media
summary: bucky has the brilliant idea of breaking helmut zemo out of prison, what could go wrong? word count: 6200+ warnings: HUMAN TRAFIKING!! please be cautious if this offends you in any way a/n: hey! thanks for all the love and support ive gotten recently, your likes and replies keep me going through my finals :') a special thanks to @vidzbyemz for the idea on how to incorporate the reader into madripoor! can you guys let me know if i relied too much on the episode's dialouge? enjoy!
prologue - chapter one - chapter two - chapter three - chapter four - chapter five - chapter six - chapter seven
After a lengthy call to Mr. Nakajima -- consisting of explaining to him how to use his phone, trying to tell him where the spare key to your apartment is, and walking him to the kitchen and through the cupboards to find the container of cat food -- Alpine was ensured company and food for the time being.
Now the hard part -- Helmut Zemo.
Of course you’d heard stories of the mastermind, when Steve would reminisce of when times were easier, or when things broke apart in the airport in Germany. Knowing that the man who framed Bucky for bombing the UN, who killed King T’Chaka, who was dead set on tearing apart the Avengers from the inside, was behind bars always brought you some form of content. Finally, Bucky wasn’t going to pay for someone else’s crimes.
Now you’re in Berlin, Germany with a scowl on your face, watching Bucky walk into a room with said mastermind. He disappears into the cell, leaving you and Sam standing in the hall. Sam turns to you, an amused glint in his eye.
“You’ve been spending too much time with him, squirt. You’ve got a stare that could rival his.” You sent him a glare, eliciting a laugh from him. “And a glare! Wow, the full nine yards!”
“Shaddup.” You murmur, crossing your arms against your chest and leaning against a wall. Sam’s smile fades as he studies you, a frown coming trution.
“What’s up?”
“I don’t know, Sam. I don’t exactly feel comfortable just being in this place, let alone letting Bucky waltz into a room with the guy who literally framed him for murder as if it were tea time.” Sam nodded with a raised eyebrow.
“A valid concern.”
“Why are we even here? He’s already behind bars, isn’t that enough?”
“Because,” Sam sighed. “If anyone knows where to start with the serum, it’s him.”
You huffed, looking down the corridor Bucky walked down a few moments prior, “Doesn’t mean I like it.”
“Me and you both, sister.”
- - - - - - -
“Bucky, I know I’ve been telling you I wanted a car for the both of us recently, but I was not expecting one of these beauties!” You whistled, hands gently pressing to the old car with a pristine finish. The hood of the car was open, tools scattered and engine on full display. “Is this the original engine from the 60’s? It’s gorgeous!”
“It ain't yours, doll.” He chided, a pout falling from your lips playfully. He turns off his personal flashlight and looks to Sam, meeting the Louisiana Man’s stare. “What?”
“Where the hell are we, man?!” Sam exclaimed, gesturing to the large garage all three of you stood in. The two continued to talk as you marveled at the car’s parts, adjusting screw caps and refilling gas ever so slightly.
“Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?” Your ear perk, lifting yourself away from the car and narrowing your eyes at Bucky.
“What did you do?” You asked, watching as he shakes his head shortly.
“I didn’t do anything.” Here we go.
Then, he dives headfirst into a strategically accurate and strangely detailed plan, the frown on your face growing every minute he continues talking.
A loud noise comes from a staircase by the edge of the room, causing you to jump ever so slight and dart your head in that direction. A shadow forms from behind the plastic cover.
There he was, Helmut Zemo.
He reeked of guiltlessness, elegant in every step he took towards you three.
“Woah, woah, woah woah woah - What the hell is he doing here?!” Sam shouts, pointing to the newly emerged man. You stared at the Sokovian, sending him the nastiest glare you could muster as he adjusted himself under the police hat. So that’s how he got out. His gaze meets yours, blinking a couple of times in surprise before smiling politely.
“Hello.” He stated, english accented. “I don’t believe we have met yet. I am-”
“A King murderer? Obsessed with HYDRA? Manipulative? D, all of the above?” You sneered, mirroring his polite smile as his face falls ever so slightly. “(Y/N) Rogers.” You sent with a nod. Zemo’s eyes widen as your last name falls from your lips.
“I had no idea Captain Rogers had a child.” He seemed to look past you as he spoke, racking his brain for any knowledge pointing towards you in the past.
“He didn’t, not biologically anyways.” He nodded, an ‘ahhh’ leaving him while he watched you and your militaristic mannerisms.
“Hey, hey.” Bucky chimed from the other side of the room, walking to you and tugging your arm gently towards himself. “You don't talk to her, understand?”
“Apologies.” Zemo mutters, nodding silently and folding his hands together. Bucky dragged you over to where he and Sam were talking, looking to the latter in desperation.
“What Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law and you stuck your neck out, for me. I’m asking you to do it again.” You glanced between the two silently. Sam sighed.
“Okay, if we do this,” Sam looks to Zemo. “You don’t make a move without our permission.” Zemo nods with a quirk of his eyebrow.
“Fair.” The two heroes share a look before glancing back to the Sokivian.
“Okay Zemo, where do we start?”
- - - - - - -
“You’re seriously benching me?”
“I’m not benching you if you weren’t on the team to begin with, (Y/N).”
“That’s bullshit and you know it! I’ve been on the team since April! You can’t make an elaborate plan right in front of me and not expect me to be part of it!”
Bucky sighed loudly, standing in the hotel room with your backpack straps between his vibranium fingers, his flesh hand rubbing his temple. He had planned to send you back to Brooklyn, but with your glare matching his own, it seemed to not be as easy as he initially thought.
“(Y/N), listen-”
“No! You listen to me! You think I’m gonna let you and Sam frolic through the flowers with that psycho?! Did you forget who he is exactly?”
“I know-”
“Then you know why I don’t trust him! He tore the Avengers apart! He used the words on you for his personal vendetta against something you had nothing to do with!”
“I can’t just let you and Sam walk into something with him as your backup, someone completely untrustworthy, when I could be there to help. Let me help!”
“No! I promised Steve that I would take care of you!” You opened your mouth to continue but he held up his hand with a pointed glare. “You’re not coming (Y/N), it's not a negotiation. You’re getting on the first flight to Brooklyn today.” His harsh tone stopped you in your tracks, glaring at him as your jaw clenched. He met your firefly glare with one of his own, patiently waiting.
“Fine.” You spat, swiping the backpack from his hands and angrily wrapping the straps around your shoulders. You made your way to the door with long strides, ignoring him as he continues to speak.
“(Y/N)! I’m not done talking.” Step. Step. “Don’t ignore me, (Y/N),” Step.
You slammed the door behind you, walking past both Zemo and Sam without a second glance in the hall, waiting for the elevator to come up. Bucky rushed through the door.
“Don’t slam the door again.” He said, pointing at you with the Dad Finger™. You continued to ignore him, staring at the elevator doors impatiently. “(Y/N).”
The elevator doors open. You walk into the small room and turn around, looking towards the century old soldier. “I’ll see you at home, Buck.”
- - - - - - -
This was definitely not home.
Being squashed in the unplugged fridge of Zemo’s private jet was not as comfortable as laying on your bed with Alpine curled in your lap. Alas, here you were, flying in the air in a fridge.
To be fair, you were on your way home. You called a cab and pulled out the freshly printed debit card from your back pocket, ready to pay for the ride and a flight to Brooklyn at the front desk. But as you were walking against the tarmac towards the plane, you had caught a glimpse of shining black on gold. With a sigh to yourself, you rushed from the line to the plane and into the luxurious jet, finding refuge in said broken down fridge.
A bit of turbulence draws a soft groan from you, your knees pushing into your chest with too much pressure.
A quaint gasp came from outside the door, you held your breath with wide eyes. Slow steps came closer, a slight drag to each thud. Then, the door opened slowly, revealing a hunched back older man, old spots speckling his face and hair white as snow. You made eye contact with his blue orbs, and smiled politely.
“Hi.” He yelped and stumbled backwards, bumping his head against the walls of the jet. You gasped softly and rushed up from the tight space. “Oh no! I’m sorry, I didn't mean to startle you!” You steadied him with one hand, the other havering over his head as you examine the small mark. “I’m so sorry.”
“It is alright.” He said with a soft grin, gently pulling your hand from his head.
“Oeznik?” Zemo called from his seat, hurried footsteps coming from behind the black curtains. You curse under your breath with a grimace, eyes closing as the metal rings scratch, signaling the curtains were opened.
“Hello sir.” The older man chimed, looking from you to the newly revealed Zemo. “It seems we have a stowaway.”
“It seems so, yes.” Zemo hums, gaze never moving from your form. You sent him a weak smile, shrugging your shoulders ever so slightly.
“Let’s be honest, this isn’t too surprising.” Zemo sighs and reaches towards you, flicking his wrist in beckon. With a scowl, you begrudgingly follow him through the curtains.
“Gentlemen, we have a stowaway on board.” Zemo says, moving to the side and letting you pass through the small corridor and take a seat behind Sam, where you could feel both Sam’s disappointed gaze and Bucky's cold stare. His anger seemed to radiate off of him in waves as he doesn’t look away from you. A pregnant moment of silence fills the jet before Sam breaks the silence with a sigh.
“Where is Madripoor?” He asked, eliciting a raised eyebrow from Zemo. “What? You guys talk about this place like it’s Skull Island.” Bucky’s glare practically burns through you, leaving you anxiously picking at your cutils with a downcast gaze.
“It is an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago, it was known as a pirate sanctuary in the 1800’s.” Zemo answered, looking out the window as he spoke. Sam nodded along, observing the scene in front of him with a hesitant form. “It has kept it’s lawless ways, but we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves.”
“James,” Zemo started. Bucky lingered on you for another second before looking at the Baron. “You will have to become someone you claim is gone.”
“What about our residential rebel?” Sam looked to you from over his shoulder. Your stare remained on your hands, noting each cuticle and uneven nail.
“What about her?” Bucky’s cold tone causes a wince, you gently squeeze your thumbs into your palm.
“Well, obviously she’s not taking no for an answer on the help aspect, and we can’t leave a 17 year old alone in indonesian territory with little to no laws, so what's the plan?”
“She shouldn’t be here in the first place. After I deliberately told her that she couldn’t come-”
“Well she’s here now, we can’t change that.”
“She’s not going with us to Madripoor, Sam.”
“And ‘she’ is right in front of you.” You spoke softly, meeting Bucky’s gaze as his head flicks towards you.
“Oh, you don’t get a say in what happens right now considering the shit you just pulled.”
“This could work.” Zemo looks up, eyebrows quirked ever so slightly. There was a silence.
“Well, are you gonna clue us in, Baron?” Sam snapped, shaking his head as he spoke.
“The woman we are meeting up with, Selby, she does not exactly own a moral compass.” He looks you up and down with a scornful expression. “Madripoor is known for its lack of laws, meaning a lot of illegal activity happens there because there are no consequences.”
“Get to the point, Zemo.” Sam deadpanned.
“Selby is a woman set on her own benefit, which is why when we meet with her I will offer James as a negotiation piece.”
“Oh hell no.”
“Excuse me?” You gaped at the Sokovian in disbelief.
“Of course, that is not what is going to happen.” He looks towards Bucky. “But the Barnes vs The United States case was televised for eyes across the globe, she may know you are rid of your crimes.”
“Where are you going with this?” After you spoke, he looked at you with the most emotion on his face you had seen since you met him.
“That leads to you. A pristine young woman who could make her a fortune in Madripoor.”
“No, no way in hell that's gonna happen.” Bucky sits up with a glare that wasn’t pointed at you. “I’m not putting my kid in for volunteer work for human trafficking.” Even through the tense atmosphere, your heart fluttered. He hadn’t ever called you his kid, it was always my friend’s kid or Steve’s kid, never my kid.
“I don’t like this plan either, James. Believe me.” Zemo looks back at you with a thoughtful expression. “I actively avoided doing anything of the sort, but the information on the super soldier serum may be too big of a price without (Y/N)’s help.”
“I’d rather take the chance of getting caught than put her directly in harm's way, thanks.” Sam snarked from his seat. The silence wasn’t long, but it was ever awkward.
“If we don’t get the information we need about the super soldiers,” you started, gaining everyone's reluctant attention. “So many people can get hurt because I didn’t take this chance.” You looked to Sam and Bucy, silently pleading. Bucky shook his head with a clenched jaw, Sam adjusting himself in the seat with a grunt in discomfort.
“I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her.” Zemo said. “On my family’s grave.”
Another long silence. “Fine,” Bucky mumbled before making eye contact with you. “But you never leave my sight, understand?”
“Wouldn’t dream of anything else.”
- - - - - - -
“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…”
Madripoor was beautiful. Bright neon lights reflecting across every surface, mixed cultures on full display along the railroad, spiraling stairs leading them down into the ocean of people. In any other occasion you would have marveled and enjoyed the exxentric city, but with clothes that barely covered your chest and rear as well as your bound wrists, it was difficult to enjoy your surroundings.
“You could say that again.” Sam murmured, trailing behind you with a newly tailored suit, ‘The Smiling Tiger’ as his doppelganger called himself. Bucky was not too far behind him, clad in leather combat wear, a distant look in his eye as he watches your every movement. You frowned slightly, tapping your thigh twice and then once with your pointer finger, flicking your eyes towards the trailing brunette. ‘It’s okay.’ His shoulders visibly react to your taps, letting out a soft breath before looking ahead towards Zemo.
Zemo brings you three into the ‘Princess Bar’, an open roof bar with hanging lights lighting the tables and floors of the bar. He practically struts towards the bartender, a self righteous smirk plastered on his face pointed towards the sets of eyes watching your group.
“Is that the Winter Soldier?” A man mumbles from behind, another speeding up to walk in tow with you with a disgustingly smug grin on his face. His eyes travel up and down your form as you walk, gaze lingering on your chest. He turns to Zemo.
“How much, Helmut?” He asks. Zemo sends him a half-hearted smile.
“Not for sale, Igor. Hands to yourself please.” He places his hand gently on the small of your back, guiding you away from prying eyes and by his side. The bartender walks towards you in suspicion.
“Good evening, gentlemen.” He spares a glance at Sam with a quirked eyebrow. “Wasn’t expecting to see you, Smiling Tiger.” Sam gave him a small shrug.
“His plans changed, we have business to do with Selby.” Zemo gives in a wry smile. As he continues to manipulate the staff, you’re hyper aware of the ogling eyes on your form, a pit forming in your stomach. Bucky watches from the side, back straightened and shoulders raised like a soldier -- the soldier.
As Sam gulps down the still-beating snake heart with a gag, a man comes from behind Zemo with a scowl. “I got word from on high. You ain’t welcome here.”
“I have no business with the Power Broker,” he says, calm and collected as he stares the man down. “but if he insists he can come talk to me…” he gestures to Bucky, the bearded man turning to meet a death glare.
“New haircut?” He snides, studying the brooding brunette.
“Or bring Selby for a chat.” He turns to stalk away after a brief moment. You let out a small sigh while watching his retreating form, curling your shoulders around yourself in desperate need to cover yourself. Bucky slowly places his hand against the bar, looking into the crowd while his middle finger taps three times against the glossy wood. ‘It’s okay’. God, did you want to believe that.
“Power Broker, really?” Bucky mumbles.
“Every kingdom needs its king, let's hope we stay off his radar.”
“You know him?” Sam watched as the crowd’s heads turned towards you four.
“Only by reputation. In Madripoor, he’s judge, jury and executioner.” Zemo turns around as he notices the unwanted attention. He sighed as his gaze landed on a hooded man, turning back to the bar and sparing Bucky a glance.
“зимний солдат.” He takes a quaint sip of his drink as your eyes widen. Winter Soldier. You look to Bucky, watching as he straightens his posture with vacant eyes. The man laid a hand atop Zemo’s shoulder. “Атака.” Attack.
Bucky grasps the finger vigorously, vibranium digits crushing the man's hand with ease. As more men approach, he falls into muscle memory and instinct.
Now, you’d seen Bucky fight before. But that was 6 months ago, where he had an assault rifle at his disposal with bullets tearing aliens to bits. Now? He seamlessly cracked bone after bone, each approaching man ending up sprawled on the floor in pain. The crowd records on their phones in shock, people shouting at the fighters in the center.
Finally, as Bucky slams a guy’s cheek into the bar, every gun cocked in the bar. Sam rests his hand on Bucky’s arm with an expression of concern. Your grip on your thumbs in fists tightens in fear. Not of Bucky, but for Bucky.
“молодец, солдат.” Zemo states, nodding towards Bucky. Well done, soldier. He slowly releases the grip on the guy under him, straightening his posture and maintaining eye contact with the bartender.
“Selby will see you now.” He says, watching Bucky in disgust. You almost lashed out against him, because how dare he look at Bucky like that.
“Thank you.” Zemo patted your shoulder slightly, signaling you to move in front of him. You shoot Bucky one last look, faltering at his lack of eye contact with you, before following the Sokovian.
- - - - - - -
It was official, you hated Selby.
Ever since she laid her eyes on you, she looked at you as if she was predator and you were prey. She spoke to Zemo with a twisted grin, glancing at Bucky up and down just as she did to you.
“Tell us what you know about the super soldier serum,” Zemo moved around Bucky and played with his cleft chin, tapping it once before turning back towards the sick woman before you. “And I give you him. Along with the words that control him, of course.”
“And what did you bring this beauty for?” Selby looks back to you with those same hungry eyes. You turn your gaze to the floor, noticing the tightness in both Sam’s and Bucky’s shoulders.
“She is the cherry on top, if you wish.” He comes to you from behind and rests a hand on your shoulder, eliciting a flinch from you.
“That’s very unlike you, Baron. Ever since you had your own ankle biter you advocated against selling persons.” Selby sits up straighter, observing you as you leaned away from Zemo ever so slightly. “Though, it was time for you to get your head out of your arse, I supposed.”
Jesus, how many times had Zemo done this? The thought sent chills down your spine.
“The super soldier serum is here in Madripoor. Dr. Wilfred Nagle is the man you want to thank or condemn, depending on what side of this you’re on.” She nodded as she spoke. “The Power Broker had him working on the serum, but things didn’t go as planned.”
“Is Nagle still in Madripoor?”
“Oh,” She sits up and pouts at Zemo. “The bread crumbs you can have for free, but the bakery is gonna cost you, Baron.” She stands and starts to circle around the Sokovian, eyebrows quirked as she speaks. “And before you get all cute, don’t think you can find Nagle without me.”
She takes a seat next to you, gently taking a lock of your soft hair between her fingers and twisting. You let out a small whimper, shuffling away from her slightly. She tutted softly. Before she should continue talking, Sam’s phone rang.
“Answer it.” She spat. “On speaker.”
Sam pulled the phone from his jacket and answered. And oh boy, was this military boy absolutely awful at lying.
“Sam, I’m sorry, let me call you back-”
“Sam?” Selby shrieked, turning to her men in the room. “Kill them!”
In the blink of an eye a bullet rips through her chest, a yelp leaving your lips as you jump. Everyone sprung to action then, Sam ripping the gun from the man closest to you and Bucky taking a bullet to his vibranium palm. Both men are knocked to the ground, un moving. You rush to the door, eyes frantic and breathing erratic.
“Now what?!” You whisper-shout.
“We have a real problem now.” Zemo states, glancing at the pistol in hand before putting it back into his waistband. “So leave your weapons and follow me.” Bucky grasps your shoulder with his flesh hand, guiding you towards your escape vehicle while speed walking. There were a few moments of calm, much like the calm before the storm, and then there was pure chaos.
You, Sam, and Bucky sprinted towards the car gunshots echoing across the tight alleys of Madripoors.
“I can’t run in these heels!” Sam shouted. You barked out a dry laugh.
“Get over it, Tiger!” You shrieked, tripping over your own feet and stumbling behind the pair. There was a grip on your forearm, yanking you backwards. You growl, slamming your forehead into your attacker’s, promptly stomping on his foot with all of your might as he doubles over. Without a second thought, you continued to sprint, gasping for air as you desperately searched for a familiar red suit or vibranium arm. Hell, even Zemo would be a sight for sore eyes right now.
Two scooters sped down an alley, you decided to take the chance and followed them. Soon, you found two drivers slumped over their vehicles and your own idiots next to each other. Your footsteps echoed loudly off the dirty walls, causing the three to turn around fully. Ension visibly left Bucky as he laid his eyes on you, letting out a sigh in relief.
“Buck, Sam,” You gasped, leaning into Bucky as his arms opened. He pulled you flush against his side, pressing his lips to your hair softly. Zemo walks to your side silently, assessing your condition with darting eyes.
“Well this is too perfect.” A woman walks up to your four, pulling her hood down and pointing a pistol. Bucky and Sam gape. “Drop it, Zemo.”
“Sharon?” Bucky asked. Zemo silently placed the gun on the asphalt.
“You cost me everything.” Sharon spat, kicking the gun away.
“Sharon, wait,” Sam stepped forward with his hand held out. “Someone recreated the super soldier serum and Zemo has a lead.”
“Well that explains why you guys are here, and Selby is dead.” She looks at you in confusion. “And you’re taking recruits now?”
“She’s Steve’s.” Bucky stated bluntly, ignoring the flabbergasted look the blonde sent you. “What are you doing here?”
Sharon’s mouth opened and closed. She cleared her throat and continued. “I stole Steve’s shield, remember? I also took the wings to save your ass,” she points the gun to Sam. “so you could save his ass,” to Bucky. “From his ass.”
“That was a mouthful…” You muttered under your breath.
“Don’t blow that smoke at me, I was on the run too.” Sam defended.
“Was. Is. Big difference.”
“Listen Sharon, we need your help.” Sharon sent him a blank stare. “Please.”
There was a pregnant moment of silence. “This isn’t over. I have a place in high town, you’ll be safe there.”
And you were off. Bucky had taken the binds off of your wrist and Sam lent you his suit jacket, wrapping the expensive fabric over your bare shoulders. Bucky held you close to his side, squeezing your shoulder every time you started drifting into your own thoughts, reeling you back to the present. The two of you trailed behind the group.
“I’m sorry, Buck.” You whispered. He looked down at you and sighed.
“I know, doll.” He stated softly, pulling you closer to his side. “How are you doing after that?”
“How am I doing? How are you doing?” You turned your head upward to look him in the eye. “You just had to relieve the scariest times of your life.”
“I’ve done this before, (Y/N).” He sighed again. “I’m sorry I let her touch you.”
“I’m sorry I let Zemo touch you.”
There was another moment of silence resting between you both. “Did it always feel like that?” You whispered. He looked down to you.
“Like what?” He asked gently.
“So… dehumanizing. The way that Selby looked at me like I was a piece of meat. A number in her pocket.” You took a shaky breath. “Did you always feel that way?”
“Yeah.” Bucky nodded.
“I’m so sorry, Bucky.”
“Don’t be, it’s in the past and I’m out of it.”
“But it still haunts you. It’s not fair that those people can hurt you like that and live regular lives.” You were starting to get worked up.
“I know, I know sweetheart.” He pressed another kiss to your temple. “I’m so sorry you ever had to feel that way, I wouldn’t wish that on my greatest enemy.”
“It’s okay…I know you were there to help me if she got a little too handsy.” You sent him a weak smile.
“I love you, Bucky. So much.”
“I love you too, (Y/N).”
- - - - - - -
You take it all back, Madripoor is the best.
Sharon lived life luxuriously, to say the least. Being a big time criminal can make you a living, according to the art smuggler that was Sharon Carter. She provided you with a warm shower (in which you spent an extra amount of time scrubbing your hair, earning a knowing look from Bucky and funnily enough -- Sam) and some comfortable yet beautiful clothes. With a light jumper covering your legs fully and a jacket covering your shoulders from prying eyes, the party she threw didn’t seem half as bad as before.
While you didn’t exactly go out to dance on the floor, you ended up people watching with Bucky from afar, doubling over laughing at Zemo’s sorry dance moves. You even got a little sway out of Bucky as you jumped up and down to the music.
Now you sat by the bar with a lemonade sitting at your lips, Bucky stuck to your side like glue and Sam to your left.
“Hey guys,” Sharon comes from behind a piece of work. “I found him.”
- - - - - -
“You guys are really leaving me on babysitting duty?” Sharon groaned as you all made your way through the corridors of containers.
“I’m right here, Carter.” You blinked. She rolled her eyes while handing out coms.
“It’s not babysitting, she knows how to fight. Was taught by Romanoff and Rogers, the whole nine yards.” Sam defended you while placing the tech in his ear.
“Just get on with it, you’re short on time with the bounties on your heads.” Bucky looked at you with a pointed stare, quirked eyebrow and all.
“Yeah, yeah, be safe, don’t be stupid, I get the jist.” He rolled his eyes fondly. “I’ll be careful, nerd.”
“You better, punk.”
- - - - - - -
It was official, everything had gone to shit.
Goon after goon had come through in hunt for the bounty money, you and Sharon kicking ass in the best way possible with knives and guns alike. Five or more body’s lie on the asphalt, covered in blood and gunshots alike. It was going well until one of those dudes dropped from above, and got the jump on Sharon.
He pulls out a knife from his waistband, bringing it up and ready to strike at her neck. In a desperate attempt to get him off of your colleague, you yanked the cloth on his back towards you. He fell with a cry, slamming your head into the container behind you as he topped over.
Black spots cloud your vision as you lay on the floor, eyes blinking rapidly to gain focus. Sharon finished off the guy on the floor pretty quickly. She then rushed to your side to help you up.
“You’re welcome.” You mumbled, leaning onto her shoulder as she led you into a container unit and down the secret stairs.
“Guys, we’re seriously outta time here.” She stated. Then a gunshot.
Nagle was dead.
Zemo was pinned.
Fire was everywhere.
Chemicals cooked in the small lab, fumes filling your lungs all too quickly. Your head was still practically spinning from before, and the fumes in the lab were not helping your predicament. You rolled to your side and groaned softly, eyes screwed shut. The fire roared from all around you, seamlessly thriving on all of the unnamed chemicals.
A calloused hand reaches for your forearm, pulling you to your feet in seconds.
“Keep going, (Y/N)!” Bucky shouted over the flames, pushing you up the stairs and out of the lab. Just as you thought things couldn’t get any worse, there was another explosion. Hot air blew from behind you, your ears ringing from the loud bangs of explosions and gunfire.
“Alright, wait for my signal!” Bucky said.
Instead, Sam went the other way.
“God damnit.” He groaned, pushing you in front of him as you followed Sam. He turned around and shot at a few men, making time for you and Sharon to move past.
You rushed as fast as your feet could take you to where Sam was, leaning against the metal with frantic eyes. Both Sharon and Bucky followed suit, all three adults taking turns firing at the onslaught of people.
“This is why we give me a gun!” You shouted over the loud bangs.
“Noted!” Sam exclaimed, ducking by you and checking his mag. “I’m out!”
Bucky shot a few more times before pulling into cover. “I thought we were gonna go left!”
“You went the wrong way!”
“I cleared the way!”
“I came out first, you’re supposed to follow me!” “And where are we now?!”
“It’s in every action movie!”
“We get it! You’re both pretty, now shut up!” You exclaimed, holding your head with one hand, the other flying in the air.
Another damn explosion.
“How many explosions does there have to be!” All eyes followed the purple masked figure, familiar elegant coat billowing in the wind as he took down a few men single handedly. Sharon sprinted down a corridor, grabbing your hand and hauling you to your feet. She led the way through each narrow space swiftly before opening a loose container door and going into it. A bullet flew past your head and lodged itself into the metal of the door, leading to Sam quite literally pushing you into the container. You could vaguely hear bodies fall outside before Bucky walked in with wide eyes.
You all pushed through the small room in silence, Bucky’s hand finding the small of your back as he walked in pace with you. Just as you saw the light of day through the dark tunnel from under the doors, the purring of an engine echoes off the metal walls. Bucky kicks the doors open with ease, scanning the surroundings before moving to the side. The purring comes closer, before Zemo turns the corner in an absolutely stunning convertible.
“Turbo charged.” He states with a smug smile.
“You’re going back to jail.” Sam sneers. Zemo rolls his eyes.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?”
“He’s right, we need him.” You shake your head softly as you move around the car, opening the door to the backseat and sitting. “There’s two of us and at least 20 of them, come on.” Bucky sits in the front swifty. Sam sighs and opens the door behind the soldier.
“Fine, but if you try that shit again-”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” You snorted before looking at Sharon.
“You squeezing in, Carter?” She shakes her head.
“I told you I can’t, just get me that pardon you promised me.” She stalks off before anyone can say a word. Sam shifts himself next to you, deadpanning at the man seated in front of him.
“You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?”
“Jesus Christ, when’s the wedding? I can practically hear the bells from here!”
- - - - - - -
Concussions were not fun, especially when you’ve run on little to no sleep without a single glass of coffee. With Sam constantly prodding at you in the car ride making sure you don’t fall asleep, you’ve never wanted to punch the man more.
Now seated in Zemo’s jet, sprawled across the tan leather with your head resting on Bucky’s legs, your eyes could finally close without an imposing threat showing up around every corner. Bucky wipes at his vibranium plates with his arms resting across your shoulders. Sam sighs as he plops on the chair across from you.
“You okay?” Bucky asked, glancing up from his hand.
“Yeah. Just thinking about all the shit Sharon had to go through.” Sam looks up to the ceiling as he speaks. “And Nagle referring to the American test subject like Isaiah wasn’t even a person. Just makes me wonder how many people have to get steam rolled to make way for this hunk of metal.”
“Well, it depends on who you ask. That hunk of metal saved a lot of lives.” Your eyes lazily traveled to look at Sam, a small frown on your face. That shield did save a lot of lives, including yours. But was it really the shield? Or was it the one holding it? Idolizing the man holding the shield was always a part of your life, even before you met Steve. Captain America saved the States, fought aliens in New York, saved the citizens of Sokovia. But how many people were cast away in the shield’s shadow?
“Yeah, I get that. All right.” Sam and Bucky stared at each other before Sam continued talking. “Maybe I made a mistake.”
“You did.”
“Yeah,” He shook his head softly. “Maybe I shouldn’t have put it in a museum, maybe I should have destroyed it.”
“Look, that shield represents a lot of things to a lot of people, including us.” Bucky gestures to you. “The world is upside down and we need a new Cap. It sure as hell ain’t gonna be Walker.” You scoffed.
“You could say that again…”
“Before you go and destroy it, I’m gonna take it from him myself.” Bucky nods to himself after he speaks, shifting ever so slightly. Sam’s phone rings again, a dull riiinngg echoing off the small jet. He answers it, speaking softly into the phone.
“Can I sleep now?” You muttered, looking up to the brunette. He looks at your pupils intently, noting the decrease of dilation in them. With a nod from him, you turned to your side and curled, bringing your hands to your chest and letting out a sigh. Bucky’s right hand finds its way combing through your hair. The feeling of Bucky’s steady breathing and his fingers by your scalp lulled you into a much needed sleep.
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The Dark Team (part 7)
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Warnings: mentions of suicide and murder, awfully cheesy petnames (yes I have to put a warning on that).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The streets were so cold you had to rub your hands to your neck as you walked. You had only one piece of information that could’ve been possibly linked to that murder, and therefore that stick.
Saying you weren’t worried about being very undercover was a lie; an almost seven feet tall “man” that dressed like a millionaire, and a man with a metal prosthesis and abnormal sized muscles were not exactly the definition of discrete, much less once they were being categorized as “wanted”.
“Are you sure it’s this way?” asked Loki impatiently.
“And why…?”.
“Stop torturing me with questions you know the answer of. Shut it and let me do my thing”.
“What is exactly your thing?”.
“Trying to not stab you in the balls, if you keep being this annoying”.
“Alright, guys, keep it down”, mediated Bucky. His role in the team was starting to be more and more like a third wheel in a car that’s trying to break down purposely, and he hated every second of it. “Can’t wait for this mission to be over”.
“Talking about that, we still have a game of cards on hold”.
“We could never play that with Loki, he has mind powers or some shit like that. He’d cheat”.
“Me?” he held a hand to his chest dramatically, “I would never cheat on a cards game. That is dishonest and I would never do such mischievous thing”.
Your phone beeped and the address changed suddenly. You stopped dead on your tracks and both Loki and Bucky, who were walking in line behind you, stumped with each other and almost made you trip.
“Careful, guys”.
“Are you fucking…”.
“Leave it there, Barnes”.
“What happened?”.
“I don’t know, the address suddenly changed. This isn’t supposed to happen”, you hit a few times your phone after it froze, and realized it wouldn’t work anymore. “Well, we’re gonna have to do this the old fashioned way”.
“And how’s that?”.
“How am I supposed to know? You’re the one that's a thousand years old and he’s a hundred and six. I’m barely around the two decades”.
“I’m beginning to think maybe you’re not one for this job. Aren’t you the one in charge of the planning? How did you even get to this Stank Internship in the first place?”.
“Hey, don’t be mean to them. They’ll cry”.
You rolled your eyes and ignored them. Meanwhile, you looked around. You had to find this person. A person who saw the “death” of the man with the pendrive, but the only one who said nothing about it. Only thing you knew was that he was a worker in a coffee shop. Which coffee shop, you’d ask? Well, that’s a good question.
It had to be in the neighborhood, that was for sure. You looked around a bit more, trying to drink in all the information the streets and its habitants could give you.
“The man was killed being thrown off that building. They said it was suicide. It was not”, you finally said out loud, pointing at the direction of one of the tallest buildings of the city. You were too concentrated to even realize you had stopped talking again.
The man you were looking for had to have a full view of the window the guy was thrown off from, so it would be in… that direction. A reasonable distance to see both guys would be less than two blocks. And it happened in an unreasonable hour for a work break, so… it had to be… alright. I think I got it.
“What are we looking for, then?”.
“There has to be a coffee shop maximum two blocks away from one of these three streets, the counter of the bar has to be near the window (or showcase) and the showcase should be tall enough to see the high part of the building, so I’d say at least three meters tall. I assume the man we’re looking for is old and introverted, quiet, not very friendly. Not less than fifty years old”.
“Alright Sherlock”, said Bucky, patting your back. “I’ll write down not to mock your intellect. Now you don’t have to pretend like you just figure that out all by yourself”.
“Okay”, you said, not paying any attention to his words. You were still juicing all the information you could.
“I got lost in the description of the man, how did you reach that conclusion?”, asked Loki, who apparently was reading your mind, following your thought process.
“Well, he’s the only one who didn’t testify at all. The witnesses in this sort of cases go through a polygraph. If all he saw was a suicide, then he wouldn’t be lying, he’d go through the lie detector and go out as if anything happened. Since he saw more, and didn’t say anything, it’s probably because he wanted to protect himself against the law, or just too lazy to go into all the bureaucracy it’d imply”, you explained. Loki had a full blown smile across his face, not even hiding it. “What are you smiling at?”.
“Nothing”, he brushed it off and pretended to fix his tie.
“No, please, do give me your input”.
“I can’t read whether you’re being sarcastic or not”.
“Wanna find out, dear?”.
“Hey, the aggressive pet names are my thing. Get your own passive-aggressive mechanism”.
“Can you concen…? You know what? Whatever. I’m going there”, cut Bucky. He was so done.
You walked as fast as you could down the nearest street out of the three possible ones, and kept rubbing your (now almost numb) cold fingers.
“Buck, do you have a gun with you?”.
“I don’t think this is the best moment to kill yourself. Let us finish the mission first”.
“Though, honestly, I think it could speed things up a little”, added Loki.
“Wow, you guys are especially mean today. We might need something to threaten the guy with”.
“Just a pocket knife. Do you think it could help at all?”, he searched for more weapons in his pockets, but found none. Going undercover, you all had to leave your suits and armor in the hotel room. Loki cleared suggestively his throat and you gasped.
“Really? You can make it out of nowhere?”.
“No, but give me a weird shaped branch or anything similar and I can transform it. Transfigurations have been my specialty lately, though”.
“I love you wholeheartedly”.
“I’d literally marry you on the spot”.
“In fact, I think I might kiss you right now”.
“You guys have no idea how glad I am to know you’re lying”, said Loki, patting Bucky’s back.
To find the place was way easier than you had anticipated. Firstly, because it matched every single aspect you had predicted. Secondly, because it was the only coffee shop in the whole place.
The clicking bell filled the silent place as the scent of fresh coffee and baked goods infested your noses. There was only an old lady reading a paper and the fifty year old you were looking for. Bucky sat down on a table near the counter and you and Loki greeted the man.
“Hi, how are you?” you said with a fake warmth that would assure you his confidence. “We would like a black coffee…”, you looked at Loki, still acting, and he reached your thoughts telepathically to hear your “act, dude; you’re frowning”. He immediately softened up his expressions. “What would you like to drink, dear?”.
“Same as you, darling”, he smiled even faker than you. “So are we pretending to be a couple, now?”.
“Alright, two blacks, please”, you went back to the barista. “Yes, old people get all softies for young couples. Just follow me, we need him to like us”. “And a strawberry milkshake with extra cream and a cherry on top, for the gentleman on the table”.
“Going right up”, said the old man.
“Do you ever take vacations on mocking people?”.
“Never. It’s a true blessing”.
“So, what’s the plan?”.
“Same as it was before, except we can’t actually cause any harm while threatening him, if we do”.
“Old lady at twelve o’clock?? Man, you really lack any empathy for innocent civilians, don’t you?”.
“Only with mortals. Don’t really care for them”.
“You’re probably lying. I know behind that shell there must be a big soft heart longing for...”.
“Alright, shut up, here comes our order”.
“Thank you, ah, wonderful”, you said, grabbing the cups. You pretended to just notice the news behind the counter, and Loki made the illusion of a highly realistic periodistic note on the suicide of the man with the stick. “Oh my… is that what I think it is?”.
The old man raised his eyebrows, intrigued.
“Uh, is just… don’t watch that, darling. It’ll make you feel sick”, said Loki tenderly, caressing your shoulder. “We sort of saw that… happening, you know?” he explained the old man.
“Oh, really?”.
“Yes, it was really close from here. Oh God, we saw it all happen, this poor man”.
“Very disturbing. Never seen such a gruesome situation in my short, very, very, very short life”, added Loki.
“Alright, we get it, humans live short lives”. “Believe me, you’re so lucky you didn’t have to see that”.
“Really?”, said again the barista, visibly nervous. “That terrible?”.
“Well, it’s a common tragedy, to be honest. But, you know, the cops and investigators were on our backs all night long”.
“Finally free now”, added Loki, still with his arm protectively wrapped around your shoulders. “You’re truly lucky to miss it”.
“Oh, yes. Sounds terrible. Glad didn’t see it, then”, he lied. And he was a bad liar. You didn’t even need Loki to tell you what you could so clearly see.
“And you know… I didn’t think it’d work, but we…” you chuckled innocently, as a kid telling their devilry to a friend, “we sort of lied to the lie detector, and it worked”.
“Love!”, gasped Loki, and lowered his voice “we shouldn’t be telling this to anyone. What if it spreads around?”.
“But, honey, have you seen this man? Why would you think he could wrong us?” you pointed at him and he, as you predicted, blushed with a smile.
“What did you lie about, if I may ask?”. He fell into the trap. You bent over the counter and lowered your voice.
“We saw it was not a suicide”.
Your expressions drew all seriousness and a terrifying look on your eyes gave the man the trust that you were being honest with him. He bent down on the counter too.
“What do you mean?”.
“We saw… oh God”, you started saying, but your eyes watered and Loki didn’t hesitate to hold your head to his chest, comforting you while you sobbed.
“I know, sweetheart, it’s terrible. I know”, he cooed. “We don’t know what to do with this piece of information. The man was thrown off violently, and the things they did to him before…” Loki hinted. The man swallowed hard and started sweating. Loki muttered nonsense, and you continued his empty explanation with sobs that sounded like words but nobody could actually figure out what you meant.
“That sounds awful, wow”, said the man, pretending he heard. Truth was, he didn’t need to insensitively ask for you to repeat yourself. He knew what had happened.
“We wonder what kind of deals could be behind all that, you know?”.
“Yes, very strange, to try to strip the man like that” started saying the old man, too affected by the situation to actually notice he was spilling the true tea. “It sounds like all a very weird business”.
“And that thing they pulled out of him!”.
“Ah… yes”.
You and Loki had started to lose your patience, and figured the man would be harder to interrogate like this than you’d expected. Loki squeezed your shoulder.
“My love, we should get going, don’t you think?”. And with get going he meant knocking the guy off and getting into his memories through Loki’s magic.
“No, my dearest, let’s stay here”, you insisted, without wanting to cause the fuss this was going to make. Ever since you came into the coffee shop, three other family groups had entered and were waiting for their order.
“But, sweet pie… I think we’re shocking the man enough”.
“Oh, please, I just want a normal day, honey bunny. Let’s stay and drink a cuppa here”.
Bucky chuckled at the pet name war you two were having, and the old man looked at you suspiciously. You sighed.
“Alright. Fuck it”.
“You’re cops, aren’t you?”, asked the old man. You fell off your character.
“No… but sorry anyways”, you said, kicking him on the face and smashing his head against the counter, leaving him unconscious.
“That was unnecessarily violent, I could’ve made him sleep with seiðr”, stated Loki, watching the man drip blood from his nose.
“Guys'', said Bucky, watching how all the clients were running away in fear, “I thought we said ‘keep it low, threaten discreetly’. What happened?”.
“For Fuck’s sake, just get into his head already, sweet muffin”.
“Hold his head, baby cakes”.
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peachstyles · a month ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Getting denied by Bucky turns you into a brat and punishment occurs.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 13.8K (idk what happened)
Warnings: angst, light fluff, dom!bucky (he is pretty soft tbh), oral sex (f/m recieving), spanking w/ paddle, daddy kink, little bit of degradation, use of sex toys, edging, f being tied up, petnames, needysub!reader, orgasm control, unprotected sex, little bit of cock warming, use of 'yellow' safe word, mild subspace (i hope thats everything!)
18+ ONLY - NO MINORS !!!!
Notes: uh hey, this is like my first fic that i have written since i was like 14. This has been in my head for like weeks now and yes i am aware that it is mostly pure smut, don't judge me and my horny brain. anyways, i felt the need to write it and its far too long but oh well. Enjoy!
“Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.”
“I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace”
A/N: since it's long, may as well.
Being denied is an interesting and frustrating thing, you can never understand what it does to your brain, it’s like all of a sudden, a switch in your brain turns on and your entire personality changes to being a horny brat. The first two times of being denied weren’t Bucky’s fault, they were justified, but by the third time, you were so frustrated that you took it out on him, which he didn’t like at all. Three Days Ago, It’s been two weeks since you have seen Bucky. With him being a part of the Avengers, you had become used to being away from him while he was on a mission, but it still doesn’t make it any easier when he is gone. He makes me stay at the Tower in case something happens, and you are more protected there than at your apartment. You love staying at the tower, it truly is your second home, you just much prefer it when everyone is home.
The team is expected back at the Tower any minute now. You cannot wait to be in his arms and just have him close to me for the first time in 14 days, everything seems to be at an equilibrium when you’re with him and you miss that feeling. Like it appears out of nowhere, you hear the sound of the Quinjet landing and immediately, your body gets a sense of excitement and nerves for seeing Bucky, without even realising what your body is doing, you make my way up to the landing strip and wait for the team to walk out of the jet.
You haven’t heard about how the mission went, but if something goes wrong, you are typically informed in-advanced, so like you do every time you’re waiting for them to come back, you are just silently hoping for the best outcome. Firstly, you see Natasha walking out of the jet, she is walking perfectly fine with that fierce strut that she always has but by the look in her eyes, she is ready to sleep in her own bed. “Hey girl, it’s so lovely to see your face” Nat walks to you giving me a big and comforting hug. You had missed the team so much and you were so excited to catch up with them all, but you had more important things to do first.
Sam and Steve walk out of the jet and towards you, they both give you a hug and kiss on the cheek. Your heart is suddenly racing with worry and questioning why he is the last one out of the jet. Seeing your worried face, Steve says “He’s fine, just a bit tired” “But god, he is so excited to see you, if I have to hear about him talk about missing you any longer, I’m going to shoot him and then myself” Sam groans, making your chuckle but feel so much better. You’re so glad that they all came home safely. “Piss off Sam, I’m allowed to miss my girl. You are just jealous that I have someone to come home too and you don’t” The sound of his voice makes you soften, even when it sounds grumpy, it’s still your favourite voice in the world. At your first look at him, he looks perfectly fine with no injuries but when staring at him for a little while, you can see his tired eyes and the little sluggish walk he has, showing that his body is tired and sore, it looks like he can feel the weight of his metal arm more than usual. But the moment he looks at you, his beautiful Brooklyn smile is at full beam. “Hey Darling” Bucky smiles and wraps his arms around your body, you feel him melt into your hold and sigh out loud like he does every time he has home from a mission. “Hey Buck, how was the mission?”
“It went good, so happy to be home though” Bucky pulls back to look at you face better and to fit his slightly chapped lips onto yours. “I missed you”
“I missed you too” Later on, after everyone had settled to their own rooms for the night and Bucky had taken a long and needed shower, you are both lying in bed and completely melted into each other’s arms. You and Bucky slept in many different positions, the two most common is you laying on his chest or being spooned by him. But every single time after a mission, you both lay on your sides with your foreheads lightly touching and legs all tangled together so you can steal kisses every now and then. You think you two lay in this position so you can look and admire each other’s faces after not seeing each other for a while. You like to gently caress his face; the feeling comforts the both of you. You can see that he needs to rest but after staring at his face and feeling his body, your need for him become strong. You begin to shift your hips and start to place sweet kisses on his cheeks and lips trying to make it clear as possible that you want him. His metal hand comes to your hips to halt your actions “Baby, I truly want you, but I am so tired, can we just get some sleep, and this can continue in the morning?”
“Of course” “I’m sorry” “Don’t be” you whisper, giving him a peck on his lips and then settling into the crook of his neck. “I love you sweet girl” “I love you too Buck, I’m so happy you’re home” That was the first time you were denied, and Bucky wasn’t able to complete his promise of continuing in the morning as your sleep was disrupted far too early by Steve. “You have to go don’t you” you sleepily groan, trying to grip on to him so he stays in your bed. “I’m sorry Darling, I have reports to do and other shit with Steve” Bucky weakly smiles at you. “I’ll make it up to you I promise” With a kiss on your forehead, he was gone. Two Days Ago, You have not seen Bucky all day today, you know he said that he would make it up to you, but you couldn’t see it happening today. You just got him back from a mission and it’s like he is still gone. Of course, you understand that he has a job to do but its 7pm and you still haven’t seen him since this morning. You don’t understand what Steve still needs from him. Even if you weren’t here, Bucky deserves to have the day off to recover. You have texted him asking if he is having dinner with you, which you got a short response of just ‘Yes’ so begun to cook dinner hoping that he will come home before you finished. You hear the small sound of the elevator, announcing that someone had arrived on your floor, you watch your boyfriend stroll in looking at a folder with an intense look on his face. You can tell that he is stressed about something. Finally, he looks up at you, “Hey honey”
“Hey, is everything okay?” “Yeah, of course” Bucky just shrugs and puts the folder on the bench “Come and give me a kiss”
After double checking that everything your cooking is okay, you walk over to Bucky and slip into his arms to give him a kiss. Bucky places his hands into your hair to deepen the kiss which makes you feel dizzy in the best way. “You still owe me a continuation of last night” You mention after a few heart clenching kisses Bucky chuckles “Yes you needy girl, I am aware of that and I will give you what you need after dinner” You grab his hips pushing him into yours, slipping your hands down to his firm butt “It’s been 15 days, excuse me for being needy” “Did you follow my rules baby?” “Yes” You whisper into his lips.
“Yes what?”
“Yes daddy, I followed your rules” “Good girl” Bucky smirked very pleased with your words.
One of the things that you learnt very quickly about Bucky is that is a greedy and controlling lover but in the best and loving way. He is also very kinky which matches you perfectly. Bucky has one main rule, which is that he has to give you the permission for every orgasm you have, he loves knowing that he has control over such an intimate act. This rule can be very challenging since he goes away on missions for somethings weeks or one time a month but over the time that you have known each other, you both found ways to ease the struggles of his rule, you have had many Facetime, phone calls or even texts to make sure that you both get what we want – you an orgasm and him to have control. “I really hated that we had zero communication on that mission.” You signed, “14 days has been far too long” “or you are just a greedy girl” “or most people don’t have someone else controlling when they are allowed to come or not”
“That is true, but you do so you’ll just have to wait until I’m nice enough to give you permission” He smirks at you, this makes you pull out of his grip to check on the food. The faster we have dinner, the faster you can get the release you need. “I better get that permission tonight” “Or what, little girl?” His words make your body heat up and you get a great need to clench your thighs together. God, you had missed him. Bucky looks at you with a straight face, but you can see by his eyes that there is a hint of tensing at his words. Bucky is typically a very giving lover and he loves making you come as often as you can but sometimes, he really enjoys making you work for his permission. “Or nothing Daddy” you smile sweetly at him; not want anything coming between you and hitting that sweet spot tonight. After dinner is finished, you both clean the kitchen and get ready for bed. Your body is waiting in anticipation for tonight, but you try your hardest to not look so desperate for him. “Join me for a shower?” Bucky asks putting his hand out for you to take. Showering together is something that you had been doing since the early days of your relationship. Most of the time, it’s nothing but innocent comfort and just having time to yourselves. You are hoping that tonight won’t be so innocent. You let Bucky guide you to the bathroom and you begin to undress yourself, while he turns on the shower and then does the same. You are are only looking at each other with a strong gaze, he tilts his head at you with a smirk on his face when he realises that your chest is raising a little higher than normal. “Are you expecting something during this shower sweet girl?” Bucky chuckles at me when you just shrug, obviously you are expecting something but not wanting to jinx anything.
You both get in the shower and allow the water to fall over your bodies, your gaze is still on him making your heart race. Both stood under the water looking at each other for a total of 30 seconds before you were roughly pushed up against the wall and getting the air sucked out of you by the firmness of his lips. Your hands go straight to his hip for support as your mouths open up for each other to deepen the kiss. You hear him groan at the feeling of your bodies flushing together. “15 days is definitely far too long” Bucky grips the back of your thighs to lift you into his arms, the strength of his metal arm is enough to hold you up while his flesh hand makes its way around your body to sweet but firmly caress it. Things quickly get more intense and you begin to kiss down his neck, kissing and sucking at all of his sweet spots making him lightly gasp and moan. You both begin to consciously rock your hips to create friction, this causes you to get more aroused and needy. “Bucky, I need you please” You beg panting into his neck. You don’t think you have felt so turned on so fast in your life. “Already baby? I was going to take my sweet time with you tonight” Bucky’s hand wonders down to your breast, he gives it a little bit of attention before continuing down your body to where you needed him most.
“Can you just take the edge off please” you needly beg. You’re sounding so greedy at this point, but you really don’t care.
Bucky chuckles “You greedy girl, thinking that Daddy will get you off more than once tonight” His fingers slip lightly into your folds to feel how wet you are, he begins to stroke you, not giving you any pressure on your clit or pressing into your opening. You groan at his teasing “Please Daddy, I’ve been so good for you” “I know sweetheart, but you need to be patient” He kisses your lips while continuing to tease you which just makes you become more brattier than before. “No, Daddy” you whine, rocking your hips “I need it now” “Little girl, don’t be- “Bucky is cut off by JARVIS over the speaker.
“Sorry the inconvenience Sergeant Barnes and Miss Y//L/N but Captain Rogers is requesting Sergeant Barnes on the roof as soon as possible for an emergency situation” JARVIS speaks, making your heart sink and get down from Bucky’s grip. “Captain Rogers wants to inform you that hopefully this will only take tonight, and you will be back by the morning” That was being denied a second time and they weren’t back by the morning, no they didn’t get back till the next night.
“I’m so sorry baby” “It’s fine, you have to go” Yesterday
“Hey, I’m really sorry that Buck had it be called away to a mission, it wasn’t meant to take that long” Steve apologises, it was clear that he felt bad about taking Bucky away from you. “If it makes you feel any better, Bucky was angry at me the whole time for disturbing your time together.” “It’s fine Steve, stuff like this is out of everyone’s control” You smile politely at him, even though you are seriously frustrated at how long it took for them to get back, which is stupid because you can never put a time limit on missions. We are all sitting at in the communal area of the tower, they had been back from the mission for 40 minutes. Most of the adrenaline had worn off by now and they all looked so tired. None of them look like they haven’t rested their eyes since leaving. “Babe let’s get go to bed” You pull at Bucky’s hand; he looks so tired and you’re ready to cuddle with him in bed and most likely watch him fall asleep. “Goodnight everyone” Bucky calls out, they all respond with weak replies. You can’t see them staying up any longer.
“Sweet girl, I’m sorry for barely spending anytime with you in so long.” Bucky says bring your intertwined hands up to his lips so he can kiss them. “I’ll make it up- “ “Bucky, my love, it’s not your fault. Let’s just get some sleep and we can talk tomorrow.” you reply as we reach the elevator, you pull him to your body so you can give him a sweet kiss on the lips as a promise that everything is okay. Present Day Waking up in Bucky’s arms this morning became your definition of heaven. His body felt so warm and nice curled up around yours, getting to touch his skin and watch his chest rise and fall while sleeping. It all felt truly magical. Until his phone rang. Of course, it was the morning after a mission. He had reports to do. You hear him groan at the sound of his phone ringing. “No” you firmly say, moving to grab his phone to turn it off.
“What are you doing?”
“Declining the call, you aren’t going into work because then I won’t see you until later on tonight” “You can’t do that” Bucky takes the phone out of your hands to answer the call. “Hey Steve, yeah I’ll be there in 15” “Bucky” you whine “Don’t leave, I have had barely any time with you” This is when your brattiness started. “I know Darling and I’m sorry, but I have to go, I won’t be long” Bucky softly speaks to you, hoping to make it easier for you to accept. “No” you firmly say “You’re not leaving
Bucky raises an eyebrow at your tone and looks at you sternly “I have to leave, so please be a good girl and don’t make a fuss about this.” “No”
“Y/N please, don’t be a brat.”
“Fine, just go” you lay back down and turn your body away from him. You hear Bucky sigh and move to lean over your body. “Baby, I am sorry that I have to leave but I don’t have a choice” “You never do” You bite out, really frustrated as you just wanted one morning with your boyfriend, to reconnect and just enjoy his presence. “Don’t be bitter. I love you baby. I’ll see you soon” He kisses your shoulder while he waits for your reply. Another Bucky rule, since you said I love you for the first time, he had a rule that you always have to say it back, no matter what. Bucky pulled you on your front to grab your chin lightly “Say it back” You looked at him sternly “Kiss me first” Bucky’s face softens and bends down to kiss your forehead, both of your cheeks, nose and then lastly places the softest kiss on your lips. He then looks at you with a tilt of his head, waiting for you to say it back. You sigh with a small smile “I love you too” “Good, I’ll be back before lunch time. I promise”
“You better keep that promise” Did you wait on the couch waiting for him to get back at lunchtime, you bet you did. Did he get back before lunch time? Of course not. All you get is phone call at 1:30pm from Bucky. “You aren’t coming home, are you?” He immediately signs over the phone at your tone. “Baby, I’m sorry I have a meeting with Steve and some other officials that I can’t get out of. But we will both join everyone at dinner tonight. I have asked for tomorrow off so I’m all yours then, you’ll just have to wait a little longer.” Bucky near pleads for you to be okay with is answer. Obviously, you’re not.
You are seriously horny and in need for Bucky’s dick inside you now. All of your brattiness is coming to play right now. “Give me permission to get myself off, since you won’t do it yourself” Bucky growls over the phone, you can hear him move to a more private place to say “Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.” “You haven’t given me an ounce of pleasure for too long. You don’t deserve to have my pleasure.” you argue back, knowing that you have pissed him off completely. You have never said anything like that to him before. “You better think very carefully about what you are saying right now. You don’t get to speak to me that way. I can happily deny you for longer brat.” Bucky voice sounds so cold, you have only heard him speak like that a few times, but never to you. “I am apologising to you for not keeping my promise, I am very sorry. But since you don’t have my permission, you can’t come, and you better not break that rule. You also need to fix your attitude by dinner time. Do you understand me Y/N?”
“No, I don’t. I won’t break the rule so if you want me to fix my attitude, come and fix it yourself” You hang up on Bucky and quickly widen your eyes as you realise what you have done. Fuck you were so screwed. You feel a buzz in your hand, It’s a call from Bucky. You hesitate but answer the call “I’m so sorry Bucky I don’t-“ You are cut off with words that send a chill down your entire body “Your punishment begins now” Bucky spits out “You do not get to speak to me like that, nor do you get to hang up on me” “I’m sorry”
“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking to you” Bucky near yells over the phone. Shit, you have really made him angry. “Starting now, you do not touch me until I say so, you do not speak to me unless I ask you a question” You panic at his words “We have a team dinner tonight though?” You whisper.
“I understand Y/N, but this is punishment, so you can figure that out. I doubt you want the team to know that you are being punished for being a brat” His tone is still cold, but he knows that you really don’t enjoy embarrassment, especially in front of his team. “Lastly, except for dinner, you will only call me Daddy” “Do you understand your punishment?” “Yes” “Y/N’ He warns “Yes daddy” You are quick to respond, whispering a small sorry afterwards. “Good” “I have to go but I will see you at dinner, you better remember the rules” “I will, um Daddy?” you question, your voice feeling so small, you know you’re not meant to speak but feeling a little overwhelmed you needed to hear it “What?” “Um, I love you” Bucky sighs over the phone, even when he’s angry, he has it say it back. “I love you too, I always will baby” He responses with a very soft tone, he pauses for a few seconds then hangs up. I sit down on the couch to take a breather about what just happened and what is going to happen tonight. Shit. I haven’t even thought about the actual punishment, those rules are nothing compared to what could happen during. You have been punished by Bucky before, it’s not a weekly thing or even monthly. But it has happened. You are typically really good, the only time you have been punished is when you are too needy and become a brat like today or when you have done something reckless or stupid, but it has never been this bad before.
-- The anticipation of waiting to see him at dinner is making you frustrated but when it finally arrives, you are all of a sudden dreading it. What if something goes terribly wrong and he is seriously angry at you, like more than the punishment. What if someone can tell what’s going on and brings it up? Oh god.
“Hey Y/N” When you walk into the communal floor, you see Vision and Wanda beginning to start dinner. You always loved team dinner, you feel so apart of their little family and the food is so good.
“Hey guys” You begin to make small talk with them and slowly everyone walks onto the floor until we are waiting for Steve and Bucky. “Where are dumb and dumber?” Sam asks you after realising that they are taking their time to get here. You bite your lip nervously, but you answer, “They had a meeting this afternoon with some officials, I don’t really know” “So you haven’t spent any proper time with Bucky for what 17 days?” Nat asks looking upset for you. If only she knew how you felt. “Not really, but what can I do about it” You laugh sadly, you get pity looks from all of them which you try to ignore, until you hear the elevator ding and all of a sudden, the air gets thinner around you. You can’t even look behind to see them walk in. “Here they are” Sam exclaims “Yo Bucky, you need to spend some time with your girl here, it’s been too long, she looks sad” Your eyes widen at Sam’s words, he has no idea how much worse he just made this situation for you. “Oh, is that right” Bucky tensely says “Y/N, is Sam correct?” You have to answer because he asked you a question and it’s a rule of the punishment. You turn to look at your partner, seeing his jaw more tense that ever before and hidden fury in his eyes. “Uh, kind of, I understand that you are busy” You are trying so hard to make this better for yourself, but you can’t see it working out well. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to do better then. I don’t want to upset my girl” The way he says it sounds sweet, but you can still hear the anger in his words. You have already told him today that he wasn’t doing enough and now hearing it from Sam, it can’t be nice for him to hear. He sits down across from you and while you want him to sit right next to you so you can be close to him, but it’s probably better that he doesn’t. This way you can fully see all of his expressions and body language. Bucky looks so tense and like he is vibrating with anger, you can see Steve looking at him trying to understand what is going on. You wonder if he has been this way since your phone call, you really hope not. It’s taking everything in you not to comfort him, but you know that you’re not allowed to touch or talk to him unless he says you can. You thought that the actual punishment was going to be worse than the rules but now you’re not so sure. Everyone is making small conversation while we wait for dinner to be ready, but you can’t find any words to spark a conversation. Bucky is talking to Natasha; he hasn’t even glanced in your direction once. After 40 minutes of this, your brattiness that you hoped had gone away, it’s slowly making a strong comeback. Vision and Wanda start placing the food on the table and as per usual Steve does a toast before we start eating, you don’t even pay attention to him, just looking firmly at Bucky who is aware that you are looking at him but won’t give you the time of day. And just like that, hands are going in every direction to grab the food that they want so you start doing the same thing. We all have a routine of asking and passing the food around to whoever wants it or if its closer to you so when Bucky asks for something, it was uncommon for your response.
“Y/N, can you pass me the bread” You look down at the bread that is close to you but within his reach if he wanted it. You could just tell he was asking you to do something to toy with you and he didn’t even say please. But he hadn’t realised that your brattiness had come back when you said: “No, you got hands, you can get it yourself” The entire table stopped and looked at you with shock, they have never heard you say no to Bucky before. You would never say no to something as small as that but because of your frustration, you couldn’t help myself. “Y/N” Bucky warned, looking really angry and disappointed that you didn’t lose your attitude. Which isn’t true, you did. It just came back in that 40 minutes of him ignoring you. You shrug and began to eat. Wanda who was sitting next to you, gives him the bowl of bread.
The table felt a little awkward, so you decided to break the ice, while ignoring Bucky. “Vis, this food is amazing, where is the recipe from?”
Just like that, the table chatter started to pick up again minus Bucky, who just looked at you with a very strong stare. You really tried to make your situation better, but it didn’t work so you’ll just deal with more punishment instead, at this point you didn’t care. “Y/N” Bucky starts to speak, everyone was in their own bubble of conversation and food “Look at me”
“Yes” “Don’t” That was it. Just ‘don’t’. It’s honestly like he is asking you to be a brat. “I have no idea what you are talking about James” You never call him James, like ever. Bucky sucks a deep breath in, trying his hardest not to lose his shit. You can see Steve staring at you with shock and confusion, he knows that you don’t call Bucky by his birth name. Now he has to know that something is going on.
“Y/N, you are making this harder for yourself” Bucky is trying his hardest to speak without saying too much. Even when he is angry at you, he still respects you enough not to embarrass you. You look at Bucky with a smirk, a true bratty smirk and just continue to eat your food. You’re sure he had a plan in his head for how tonight was going to go and it’s like you can see inside his head making this punishment worst for you as his anger increases. The more he becomes angry, the more you become a brat. It’s truly a fun game.
Bucky eats his dinner and when it is clear that everyone has finished eating, normally we move to the communal area to talk more or watch a movie but it’s clear that for Bucky and me, we won’t be joining them tonight. “Well, since everyone knows that I haven’t spent enough time with Y/N recently, sorry to leave you so quickly but we have places to be” You wince at his words, looking at him standing at the table. He nods his head at you, silently telling you to get up. You obey him and start to say goodnight to everyone, giving Sam, Vision and Steve a kiss on a cheek and the girls a quick hug. Steve gives you a silent good luck which you just smile softly at him. You are am fairly certain he knows that you’re being punished, even though it’s awkward for him to know, it doesn’t bother you too much. You look up to find Bucky who is waiting for you at the elevator. Either this is going to be one of the most awkward moments of your life or the most intense. It’s not until the elevator doors close, Bucky speaks. “You are going to go straight to our room, strip and kneel by the bed waiting for me. Y/N, I swear if you disobey me there will be no chance of you getting what you want tonight.” Bucky speaks coldly “I normally am more generous to you and your neediness, but you have pushed all of my buttons tonight, this really is a punishment.” You want to say that you understand and apologise even though you’re are far past that, but you just nod because you know that you’re not allowed to speak. Once the doors open, you make your way to the room and follow his rules. A small part of you wants to be a brat but you decide against it, your need to have an orgasm is bigger. You kneel on the carpet, fully naked and waiting for Bucky. This is normally how your punishments start but it has been a while since you have been in this position. Bucky walks into the room but you don’t look up at them even though your subconscious is telling me that you want to look at him, you really want to look at the man you love but you know that you’re not allowed. “Y/N look at me” Bucky is standing over you fully clothed, making your naked body kneeling on the floor blush all over. He looks so tense but oddly calm, you know that he enjoys your punishments because it allows him to have control and to push your body in ways that you never imagined it could. He just hates being angry at you. “Tell me what you are being punished for” You stutter but answered the question “I am being punished because I was disrespectful to you, I disobeyed your orders, I hung up the phone after saying mean things that I didn’t mean, I was rude to you at dinner, I was being a brat.” Wow, that was a long list, you didn’t realise everything that had happened today until now. You really were being a brat today. “Do you think there was anything else?” “um, I also hurt your feelings”. You whispered, you hated upsetting Bucky. Making him angry was one thing but upsetting him is something that you never wanted to do. “Hm.” Bucky nodded at everything that you said “Before we start the punishment, I will repeat the rules, so you understand”
“You are not allowed to speak to me unless spoken to, I will allow noises but no words except for 4 fours, what are they, Y/N?”
“Green, Yellow, Red and our safe word Brooklyn” you say them without hesitation. This part of the punishment you have heard many times but every time, it settles your nerves a little bit. “Good, you need to use those words whenever you need too. This is a punishment and I do have control, but you always have the highest control during this, do you understand? “Yes Daddy” That was a point that was always made very clear to you during the punishment, Bucky loved to have control and you loved giving it to him, but you always had the overall control, you could stop him doing anything by just one word.
“You aren’t allowed to touch me at any time until I tell you that you can. You must obey my orders when presented them, unless you used those four words and lastly, you must only call me Daddy at during this” Bucky finishes his rules with a steady breath, the room is feeling very intense now. “Do you understand all of these rules?”
“Yes, I understand Daddy”
“Good girl, can you please get up onto the bed but be in the same position” You follow through with his demand, this is one of your favourite parts of the punishment. You don’t know why but it seems to make everything feel a little sweeter. Bucky stands before you, placing his hands around your face, getting fairly close. “I know that I am about to punish you and speak and act a little mean but there is never a time during this that I don’t love you with my entire being and that I don’t cherish you and respect you, do you understand?” “Yes daddy, I love you too” Bucky smiles and continues “While I am still angry and upset at you for how we got here in the first place, I want to apologise for not giving you the attention that I know you need and deserve. This wouldn’t have happened if I just spent a couple of hours attending to all of your needs, mentally and physically so I am very sorry. We will talk more about this later, but can you accept my apology?” “I accept your apology Daddy” You sincerely say, wanting to apologize for your actions as well but you know that now is not the right time for that. “Thank you, I love you” “I love you too” You smile at him, trying very hard to not pounce on him to show your love and need that you have for him. and to top off the sweet moment, Bucky leans forward to place a soft and loving kiss, giving you your first kiss since seeing him this evening. But very quickly sweet and loving Bucky quickly turns into the same Bucky from earlier, angry and strong. The change gives you whiplash. “Y/N, I want you to get on all fours for me, facing the head of the bed.” His voice gives me goosebumps, you follow his demand. You know that being in this position means that you’re getting spanked with anything that isn’t his hand, which means that a part of your punishment is that he won’t touch you with his hands. This is truly one of your least favourite parts of being punished, you thrive on his touch and he knows that. Bucky places things next to you on the bed you didn’t even realise he had grabbed, it could be a number of things, you have a box that filled of toys that you have played with. You want to turn and look to see what he picked but you keep looking toward the head of the bed trying to please him as much as possible. “Y/N listen carefully, I am going to spank you with a paddle twelve times, I want you to count every time and if you need to use those four words please don’t hesitate. I know that twelve can be a lot with a paddle, but I believe that you can do it.” Bucky explains “Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand Daddy” You breathe out your nerves, you love being spanked but mostly when you’re over his lap and he is using his hand. This is different, you don’t have the comfort of being close to his body and having his touch. “Remember to count” Bucky says before landing the first hit on your left cheek. You gasp at the feeling, forgetting how much it stings “One” He switches to the right cheek “Two” Bucky pauses “Colour?” “Green daddy” as soon as the words leave your mouth, he lays the third one back on your left cheek, hitting right over the last spot. “Three” “Four” This is hurting more than his hand and you are missing the feeling of his hand rubbing the area when he’s done. He normally does it with is metal one which always soothes the area perfectly. “Five”
“Six” We are halfway there but each one is getting a little bit harder to tolerate, you are now wincing at each hit and your legs are starting to tremble. “Seven” you gasp out with tears pooling in your eyes but don’t fall down your face just yet. “Eight”
“Nine” You slightly sob at the pain; the hits are getting hard each time.
“Ten” The tears have fallen by now and you are starting to notice your brain becoming slightly foggy, this typically happens when you get spanked.
“Two more Y/N, you are doing so good” Bucky is noticing your body becoming unstable. He understands your body more than you do, so you have full trust in his ability to keep you safe while feeling a little more vulnerable than before. Bucky hits your butt cheek with the same force but on a different angle, so it wasn’t hitting the same spot as previous the hits. “Count Y/N” “Eleven” With the last hit on your ass, your legs give out and your body lands firmly on the bed while you mutter out “Twelve”
“Good girl, I’m so proud of you” Bucky gives you a moment to breathe and settle. All he can give you are his comforting words because you know that he won’t touch you. You turn over onto your back with a grim look on your face from the pain, but you want to see his face. All you can see is his face tense but with soft eyes and his fists clenched like it is killing him not touching you.
Without giving it a second thought, he reaches to you face only to wipe away the tears falling from your eyes and pulling back. “Colour?” “Green daddy” you smile ready for more. Your butt is throbbing, but your head still feels a little cloudy so the pain is less present than it should be. “Good, can you stand up next to me please.” Bucky spoke and began to unbutton his t-shirt, making you feel giddy at the chance of seeing him shirtless, even those you have seen every inch of his body more times than you can count.
Once his t-shirt is off and you are standing next to him, he begins to take off his pants but leaving his boxers on. He sits on the edge of the bed “Kneel between my legs” “Daddy” Your eyes widen when you realise that he is requesting, you quickly kneel between his legs and gently rest your ass on your calves without causing too much pain.
“I didn’t say that you can talk, you also cannot touch to me so put your hands behind your back.” Bucky instructs you; he shifts to make himself more comfortable which allows you to see his hard length in his boxers. You feel your body shake with excitement; You haven’t had Bucky in your mouth for 17 days which is longer than you are used too. Whenever this intimate act happens, you normally can take your time touching him and praising him, just completely worshipping his body but this is a punishment, so you know that you won’t be able to do that.
“Now because you are a dirty girl who loves having my cock in her mouth” you gasp at his sudden dirty words “I understand that this might not be a punishment for you, but because I am greedy and all this is because you wanted to get your release, I have decided that I get to come first while you still wait until you are given permission. You have been a brat all day thinking that your pleasure is more important than mine, but it’s not. So, you are going to suck my cock until I finish in your mouth and you are to swallow everything, I give you.” “Understand?” ‘Yes daddy” You grin at him which just makes him shake his head at you. Even though you are grinning, you are frustrated and so aroused. Sucking Bucky off makes you so much needier because it turns you on a lot. You love the feel of him in your mouth and giving him as much pleasure as you can.
Bucky reaches into his boxers to pull his cock out; he pumps it a few times with his metal hand to tease you knowing that you’re not allowed to touch him with anything other than your mouth. You stare intensely watching bits of precum trail down his tip, you look up at Bucky waiting for permission to get your lips around him. “Go ahead brat”
Leaning forward and trying to keep your balance, you stick out your tongue to lick everything that had been released from his tip, the familiar taste of his precum urges you on. “Don’t be a brat and tease Y/N, this is a punishment and it’s about me, not you” Bucky growls, lifting his hips a little to get you to take him fully in his mouth. Without even thinking, you take as much as you can into your mouth without releasing your hands from behind your back. “Fuck” Bucky groans throwing his head back. You guess it has been a while since he has had your mouth as well, but at least he was allowed to get off without anyone’s permission.
You pull up lightly giving the tip of his cock a tight suck, moaning a little so he can feel the vibrations on the most sensitive part of him. You look up at him to watch his facial expressions as you sink back down on his cock, allowing your mouth to take as much as you can until you can feel him hitting the top of throat. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you deep-throating him just yet, you pull back up and continuing that motion for a bit, just appreciating the feel and the heat of him in your mouth “You can do better than that Y/N, don’t be lazy and get me off” Bucky grunts, thrusting his hips a little making your gag around him and your eyes water. You pull off him to take a breath and lick at his tip again, running your tongue across his slit making his breathing grow heavier, before swallowing your mouth around him to take him as far as it allows you. You can feel his cock twitch in your mouth a little making your mouth salivate and make this whole process a little wetter, but it’s makes it easier for his cock to slide up and down your throat. You slow down and try to take your time deep throating him, hoping to make this as pleasurable as you can for him, but he seems to have other ideas. “I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace” You moan around his shaft, you haven’t had your face fucked since your last punishment. Bucky loves letting you take your time getting him off, for his own pleasure and yours. He loves the pleasure building up over time allowing him to have a stronger release and he loves watching you be a slut for his cock.
“Oh, is that something you want?” Bucky chuckles at your response “Little slut wants her face fucked, huh” Your entire body clenches at his words and you begin to feel your arousal slip down to your thighs. You nod lightly with him still your mouth, your body is craving a release but all you can think about is you gagging around his dick. Bucky is still not touching you with his hands, but he skilfully thrusts up, making you take his entire length at a strong pace. He continues this movement with little grunting noises until you feel your lungs burn, fighting to get air in. Bucky pulls back for a little bit, allowing you to get air into your lungs and suck at his crown tasting the salt that had released. “I am close brat, finish me off” It doesn’t take long but after skilfully using your mouth in the way you know he loves; he grunts out profanities and warm seed is filling your mouth making you swallow around him giving him extra pleasure on his now sensitive head. “Fuck Y/N, your dirty mouth is so useful, getting me off so well” You release him from your mouth, licking everything that was left remaining on his length, his cock twitching at the sensation. Bucky pushes you back softly to give you your next order, not wasting anytime. “Get up on the bed, on your back with your arms up” You finally take a quick glance at the items on the bed and see silk rope and your favorite dildo and vibrator. You realize what the rest of your punishment is going to be, after trying your hardest to get permission to come, you are now going to be edged and denied for as many times as Bucky sees fit. You hate being edged. You are too needy to be edged and you become the biggest brat. You would much rather be overstimulated and be allowed as many orgasms as your allowed. Now you are being edged, without being allowed to talk or touch Bucky nor are you being touched by him. This might be a little less frustrating if you were being edged by his fingers, mouth or cock but no, only your vibrator and dildo. Bucky reaches over you to tie your hands to the headboard, he is clearly doing everything in his power not to touch your body in the process. “Not too tight?” He asks yanking at the rope a little to make sure its secure. “No daddy, green” You give it a little pull yourself, to test how much movement you have in your arms, which isn’t as much as you hoped but you still felt comfortable. “Repeat the 4 four words to me” “Green, Yellow, Red and Brooklyn” Bucky nods standing up to look at you tied to your bed. “Look at you, so needy all day wanting to get off. I had all night and tomorrow planned to worship your body and give you permission to come as many times as you wanted because I knew that you needed my fingers, my mouth and my cock to satisfy you. But no, you had to be a spoilt brat and ruin my plans, you wouldn’t listen to me and be patient.” Bucky shakes his head while all I want is to sink into the bed feeling embarrassed by my actions today, but I have no choice but to be present and listen to everything he is saying. “You know I still haven’t decided if I’m going to give your permission to come tonight, you were so disrespectful to me today so I could be mean. I could edge you until I’m ready to bury myself into you and just use your holes for my pleasure, because my pleasure is more important, isn’t it Y/N?”
“Yes” you whisper with watery eyes from both feeling so frustrated and embarrassed.
“Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” You lightly sob, pulling at the ropes before responding “Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” “Spread your legs” You whimper at your request knowing that he is going to see how wet you are, see how desperate your body is for him. “You desperate brat, you are dripping onto the bed” Bucky laughs with a mocking tone “You must really be needing a release if you are this worked up, too bad you don’t have permission” Wanting to beg with everything you have to get him to touch you, you just nod and shift your hips as that is all that you can do. These rules are really affecting you; you hate not being able to talk to him. Bucky kneels on the floor, getting really close to your dripping cunt but not touching it, instead he does the cruelest thing and lightly blows straight at your clit while looking directly into your eyes. You groan at the sensation while he watches you with smirk. Your core is clenching at just that small act, feeling no relief at all. You just want to beg and plead for something. “Reminder than you are not allowed to come without my permission” Bucky states “I am giving you a heads up now that I am not going to be generous so don’t get your hopes up for a release anytime soon” You groan with frustration needing to get off right now. Since you have only ever been allowed to come until he tells you, your body has become fairly trained at holding off until you hear those words, but with the punishment happening and how long it has been since you came last, you aren’t too sure if you will be able to help yourself. “Remember the rules and I might be nice eventually” Bucky picks up the vibrator making my stomach twist in anticipation, you were hoping that he would start with the dildo first. While you can get off from just penetration, it takes longer unlike getting vibrators on your sensitive bud. All of a sudden forgetting all the times in the past that you have used this toy, you get a big shock when he turns it on and places it just above your clit moaning at the intense feeling. The vibrator is on a lower setting and isn’t directly where you need it, but it doesn’t stop you from moaning loudly and bending your knees finally getting an inch of release. “I’m sure that feels good brat but it just going to build and build, you aren’t going to get that release that you need” Bucky begins to tease you with his words and movement, the toy is now running up and down your soaked folds. “Stop moving, otherwise I will tie your legs down too” He orders after you began to shift your hips towards the vibrations. You can’t help yourself; he just isn’t hitting any of the spots that you need him too. Soft whimpers fall out of your mouth, hoping that he understands that you are begging for more, which of course he does when he turns it to another, more intense setting and placing it just directly under your clit. Your body spasms involuntarily and your mouth falls open with a silent moan.
Your pleasure is building a lot quicker that you thought that it would. It had only been minutes and you were so close to coming. If he put the vibrations directly on your clit, you were in serious danger of coming without permission. “You are so wet Y/N, it’s almost gushing out of you, are you that desperate that you need to come already?’ Bucky turns it up to another setting but keeps it in the same place, constant noises were falling out on your mouth at this point, you are wanting so badly to use your words to voice how you are feeling but you just nod quickly, you really need to come. “You need to hold it Y/N, you aren’t allowed that pleasure of letting go” Bucky sternly says watching you lose your mind trying to hold it. You are gasping for breaths with your chest rising and fall quickly, it feels like there is a band in your cunt that is wearing thin and wanting to snap any minute so you can orgasm, but you don’t let it. Bucky begins to circle the vibrator around your clit, hitting every nerve that you have. You back are now arched and if your hands weren’t tied up, they would be straight into Bucky’s hair griping tightly. But all you can do is just shake your head and clench your fist around the rope. You are so close to the edge that when Bucky takes it off your cunt, you groan loudly at both the frustration and there is always just burst of pleasure when you get a ruined orgasm, it’s not as good as the real thing but it feels so intense.
“Well done Y/N” Bucky praises watching you shake in response to how your body is feeling right now. “I know you need that release, but you didn’t let go” “Colour?”
While panting you say “Green, Daddy”
Your body is settling down a little, but you know that this time is going to be so intense for you and only going to get worse. Mentally preparing for the frustration, you look at Bucky for comfort. His body is standing tall at the foot of the bed and he is looking at you in awe and making sure that everything is green in your mind and body. While this is still a punishment, you can now see his anger diminishing and he is just enjoying watching your body being pushed to the edge and your frustration about the situation. You are aching for his touch; it has been too long since you felt his hands on your body, missing the feeling the coolness of the metal hand contrasting with the warmth of his right hand. How softly he caresses your body, giving you kisses and bites all over your body. Especially seeing him between your legs, all you want is to feel him place kisses in your inner thighs and grip them firmly. Paying attention to his movements, you watch him put down the vibrator that is glistening in your arousal and pick up the dildo. You suck in deeply looking at the toy, you and Bucky had used this often, your most favourite memory is him fucking you with it sitting on the floor with your legs spread in front of a mirror, remembering that moment and how amazing it felt, you grew excited at having it fill your cunt again. “Don’t get too excited needy brat” Bucky laughs at your excitement “You still can’t come yet, just have to take it in that throbbing cunt of yours” You groan at him saying the word cunt but spread your legs wider, giving him the green light at continuing, trying to communicate with him without using words. Bucky gets close to your pussy again, gently rubbing the toy up and down your folds, spreading your juices everywhere over your core and the toy. The sensation of the firm toy gliding over your cunt is nothing compared to the deep feeling of him pushing the toy into your entrance. It is taking everything in you not to shout out his name, all you can do is groan deeply at the feeling of being filled for the first time in over two weeks. Even though it’s a fake cock and you want the real one, you still welcome the feeling. Bucky just teases the toy in and out of your entrance, not pushing it in far just yet. This allows your walls to loosen and give way for the toy to fully slide in your cunt when Bucky allows it too. The toy isn’t as long or as wide as Bucky, it doesn’t have the same curve or feel as Bucky’s does, but it is still big enough to stretch your walls and it can fuck you well. “I know that you want the real thing because you are a greedy slut but you’ll just have to take this fake cock for now” Bucky says while thrusting the toy in and out of your cunt at a quick pace “Well you seem to be enjoying it as you are coating the fuck out of it with your juices, damn” You can feel yourself dripping down to your ass as all of your arousal is now getting played around with by the dildo. You feel the pressure build again at the dildo stroking your inner walls, hitting all the needed spots. Coming from only penetration can take a while but when you have been horny for 17 days and edged it seems to happen quicker. Your hips begin to rock with the movement of the dildo entering your body and moans leave your mouth each time the thrust hits deeper that others. Bucky angles the dildo in the perfect direction hitting that sweet spot inside you, a spot that his cock perfectly hits because of the curve of his length. “You getting close brat? I can feel you clenching the cock like you always do when mine is buried in you” Bucky keeps up with his motions, his words assisting your pleasure. “That’s how I know when you are ready to come, by how tight your pussy becomes when you clench around me” You moan out with a small sob because of the overwhelming feelings your body is going through, all you want to do is let go but you know that you’re not allowed to so you just relish in the pleasure trying not to let that band snap.
You look into Bucky’s eyes pleading for him to give in and let you come or to stop, the toy is hitting every spot so deep inside you. With your eyes and body being your only form of communication, you buck your hips and close your eyes tightly trying so hard to obey his rules. Bucky very quickly pulls the dildo out of your cunt, only to smack it down hard onto your clit for a spank making your legs pull together and your body arch at the sudden pain. “Fuck” you can’t help whining out and then widen your eyes because you broke a rule. Bucky looks at your sternly, angry that you spoke because you were doing so well. “Y/N, I didn’t give you permission to speak. But I’m going to let it go, just this once because you have been so good at obeying my rules. But don’t do it again” Bucky tone became very tense again, you didn’t mean for it to come out, you were just so caught up in the pleasure and then the sudden pain made your brain stutter. “Apologize” “Sorry for breaking a rule daddy” I croak out, my voice sound harsh from the lack of talking.
Bucky just nods and then in a sudden movement the dildo was thrusted deeply into my cunt again making me pull down on the restraints. You did not expect that, but your wet cunt welcomed the toy quickly, the pressuring began building once again as Bucky fucked you with it. Bucky continues to fuck you for a little while, until you tipped your head back to close your eyes as the pleasure felt so good, without any warning there was a strong vibration on your bundle of nerves. You immediately shout out and thrust your hips up at the sensation.
The need to release just became ten times more present and it’s all your brain was thinking about. Bucky didn’t let up on the thrust of the dildo or the pressure on your clit, you began to sob, tears falling out of your eyes having no control over your emotions anymore.
“Hold it. Do not come” Bucky orders watching you thrash over the bed in need for that band to snap but it doesn’t. You know that you don’t have his permission and you can’t break the biggest rule Bucky has. You whine and sob really loudly, everything is overwhelming and the need for his touch and the need to come is just too much. “Colour” Bucky asks, his thrusts have slowed down a little, but the vibrator is still firmly on my clit. You want to say green, because you hate saying anything else otherwise but knowing how important communication is to Bucky you say “Yellow” Bucky takes the vibrator away from your core but is still lightly thrusting the dildo in and down, letting the pleasure dial down slowly before stopping and removing the toy from your opening. “Good girl, I know how difficult that was for you. I am so proud that you said yellow.” Bucky praises me with the softest voice you have heard all night “I know that you need to come but there is still a little while longer, can you handle that?”
You take a few deep breaths and try to ground yourself so you can understand how your body is feeling. While doing this you realise how clouded your brain felt, everything was so intense that your brain wasn’t able to keep up. “Yes, green daddy” You say not knowing how much longer you had to endure this punishment. “Is there anything you need to say to me?” You pause wondering if you show how needy you are feeling right now but you don’t care at this point “I need your touch Daddy, I miss you.”
Bucky just softly smiles at you “Why am I not surprised that is your answer, you will get it soon okay?”
You just nod, you truly have no idea how much longer he is going to edge you for, it has been three times so far and each one is getting harder to control. You are so ready to come, you are so surprised at how well your body is taking his punishment. “You ready, Y/N?” Bucky ask, picking up only the vibrator. You just nod, not find any words do speak. You can feel how sensitive your clit is right now, having the toy pressed against it again makes you feel so nervous, but you trust that Bucky knows how much your body can handle. You take a deep breath when you feel the toy back at your folds, not turned on yet. Bucky guides it up and down your pussy, building up the suspension of him turning on. Bucky is looking at your face, watching all of your expressions and body movements. Your eyes are glazed over which is telling him that you’re feeling a little floaty and emotional, but your body is ready for more, he can tell by your thighs trying to clench themselves and your hips lightly lifting when the toy glides over your clit. Without any warning as per usual, he turns on the toy at a low setting. You tightly close your eyes at the sensation and rock your hips at him still running all over your core. You feel your walls clenching with need, every time it reaches your clit your body pulses at the sensitivity. You whine when Bucky starts to focus on your clit, circling the toy around the small area. He increases the setting by one, allowing you to get use to the change before pressing it down firmly. Bucky starts showering you with praise, muttering how proud he is of you, for obeying his rules, for enduring the punishment. He is saying all of this only using your name. The whole night you have been aware that he wasn’t calling you by any sweet names like he normally does but the need to get a release or even to get him to touch you was more important. You don’t know if it’s because your head is all floaty and your emotions are all over the place or if you just miss those words, you begin to cry strongly. You begin to hate the sound of your name coming out of his mouth.
The feeling of the vibrator was overwhelming you and the pressure that is wanting to burst is only building every second, but you just shake your head at his words and choke on your cries. Bucky is a little confused on your cries but knows how emotional you get when you are at this point, so he just talks you through it
“You’re doing so well Y/N, I know that you want to let go but just a little bit longer” Annoyed by his words, you kick out one of your legs trying to communicate with him the only way that you can. This makes Bucky take the vibrator off you, understanding your limits. “Hey, It’s okay. Take a deep breath, just a little more” Bucky soothes, but you don’t care about the pleasure anymore, you just want him, you want his touch and his sweet words. Witnessing you cry and shake your head, “hey, talk to me. You can speak now Y/N”
“No” you cry, your brain only allowing one word to come out.
“No?” “If you want us to stop, you need to say the safe word” Taking a deep breath trying to slow down your tears so you can get your words out, but it doesn’t work. “Daddy” you sob, shaking your head. Your brain is just not focusing the way, you need it to. You begin to get frustrated, all you want is for him to call you baby, darling or anything other than your name. “I’m right here baby, just talk to me” Bucky coos, and just like that, your body begins to calm. Your emotions are so out of touch that one simple word makes everything better. Watching you calm down and lightly smile at him, Bucky is really confused on what is going on, he is looking at you, still crying but more relaxed. “Y/N talk to me” You frown shaking your head “No, not Y/N. Baby” You can only speak in simple words, that’s all your head can muster out. Bucky looks at you clearly not clicking on your words before it all seems to make sense. During your punishment he hasn’t said a single pet name and he knows how much you love hearing him call you pet names, with baby, darling and sweet girl being your favourites. “All this crying is because I wasn’t calling you a sweet name?” Bucky chuckles but find it so endearing, not realising how much you needed sweet talk during intimate moments until now. “Uh huh” you nod “Please daddy” “You are being punishing you know” Bucky teases smirking, his anger from today is completely gone at this point. He is still punishing you because you needed to be taught a lesson but the anger he felt before is gone. Seeing you behave so well during this punishment and getting an orgasm for himself helped a lot. “I know but I need it” you whisper, feeling a little shy and soft. “okay sweet girl” you smile at his words, your heart suddenly feeling a lot better.
“How are your arms feeling?” Bucky asks, the restraints aren’t that tight, and your arms are rested on the pillows above you, but he still felt the need to check in with you, especially since you are feeling extra sweet. “Good daddy” you said waving both of your hands for him to see. “I wanna touch you though” Bucky looks at your pout but knows that soon enough you will both get to touch each other so he denies you for now. “I know darling, a little longer. I wanna do something that I have be craving for 17 days first” “What daddy?” Your voice is sounding so soft and sweet, it makes Bucky’s brain feel like its melting, but you still need to be taught a lesson, so he isn’t letting you sweet talk him. “You’ll see, now back to where we were.” Bucky moves to between your legs “rules are back my love. No talking, only noises, understood?” “Yes daddy” “Close your eyes sweetheart” Bucky whispers and you obey, curious to find what he has been craving from 17 days. You feel sudden heat close to your core, it takes you too long to understand what that heat is until you feel his tongue deep into your folds, lapping all of the arousal still there.
Wanting to call out his name at the feeling of his mouth where you needed it most, but not being able to speak, all you can do is whine out and move your hips making all your arousal spread over his face. His tongue is targeting your clit to quickly build the pressure that has been wanting to be released for hours now, sucking at your clit making it throb but he soothes the area with small licks making your legs shake with pleasure. “okay darling, you have been such a good girl for me tonight. You haven’t been much of a brat since this punishment started and I know that you are sorry for how you behaved today so I’m going to give you permission to come on Daddy’s tongue” Bucky speaks softly, placing soft kisses surrounding your cunt. His words sound like magic, getting the permission you so desperately needed, you raise your hips in hopes that he will continue. He chuckles at your neediness to come now that you have permission. “Needy little girl” Whining at his words, loving that he is speaking to you with pet names again, you have always loved hearing little girl during times where Bucky is more dominate that usual and you are feeling subby and all floaty. Bucky continues to tease you with his tongue, not giving you enough pressure for it to get you off, you rock your hips into his mouth wanting him to give you more. He knows exactly how you like your pussy to be eaten so he is purely just toying with you to create more frustration, like he hasn’t done that enough already. You sob at his small movements craving more “I’m just teasing you baby, be patient” You have been patient all night, so you glare at him making him laugh into your needy cunt. Before he gives you exactly what you need, he flattens his tongue onto your clit putting the right amount of pressure and goes down lower to your entrance, he begins fuck you with his tongue lightly collecting all the juice that is seeping out before diving right into your core to fuck you properly.
You shout out at the feeling of his warm muscle inside you, all you are receiving is his tongue, no fingers or touch anywhere else. It’s frustrating you but not being able to complain, you just relish in the feeling of his mouth and tongue that is making its way back to your clit giving it attention.
Your eyes start to see stars and legs begin to shake as the band is getting thinner than ever. Bucky is assaulting your cunt exactly how you need him too. Not having the luxury of your pussy clenching around anything, you begin to lightly fuck his face instead feeling the tip of his tongue at the most sensitive part of your bud. Not holding back from your noises, Bucky can tell how close you are to coming. “Come for me sweet girl” He speaks, continuing to give you everything that you need to make that release and with the support of his words, that band finally breaks. Your body completely trembling as you reach your peak and instead of having it be denied, it finally washes over you more intensely that you have ever felt. Bucky watches you in awe getting your release, your legs shaking around his ears and you back fully arched perfectly. He slows down his acts but doesn’t let up, just collects all the wetness that was released during your orgasm. He moans at the sight and the taste on his tongue, he was finally getting the thing that he was craving as well. “So perfect baby” He coos, placing kisses on your thigh while you come back from your high. “So beautiful” Bucky crawls up to place his body over yours but not putting any weight onto you. He can immediately see how floaty you were by the pure and innocent look in your eyes. Also, by how it took for him to touch your face for you to realise his position. You gasp and your eyes tear up very quickly seeing his face so close to yours, after all this time, he was finally going to touch you. Bucky brushes hair away from your face with his flesh hand and leans down to give you a soft kiss, you moan at the feeling of his lips on yours, he pulls back as you chase him for more, not ready for the kissing to stop. “Hi, my love” Bucky smiles at you “you are so beautiful when you come” You smile softly at his words, lifting your hips to press your body to his. Now that you have had your release all you want is his touch and his body on yours. You may be really needy before an orgasm, but you are next level clingy after one, especially when being punished. Bucky’s touch radiates so much love that you just crave when feeling so relaxed and soft like you are now. “You can speak now sweetheart, but I’m not done with you yet” Your eyes widen at his words, being excited to communicate with him but also knowing that you weren’t finished yet. Even when still recovering from an earth-shattering orgasm, you still wanting more- you wanted him. “Daddy” you breath out “Touch” “I know darling, you need my touch, and you will have it. But you’ll have to wait a bit to touch me, okay?” Bucky reaches up to release your arms from the restraints, while he knows that you love being tied up, when you are any kind of subspace, whether it is only light or really deep, he doesn’t feel comfortable having you restrained. “Your arms need to stay by your side until I say otherwise, okay?” With your arms moving down to your sides, a little stiff by being up above you for long, you shake the feeling out a little “Yes daddy” “Colour baby?”
“So green” you whisper feeling sensitive but ready for him, always ready for him. “Good girl” Bucky kisses you sweetly, he gently grabs your thighs and slots himself between them, somewhere during your foggy brain he had removed his boxers and is now finally naked with you. The feeling of him between your legs is calming nerves you never realised you had, your body and mind finally found its equilibrium you had been waiting for.
“I missed you so much” you whispered to Bucky while gripping the bed sheets to stop you from touching him.
Bucky strokes your right cheek softy and places a kiss on your lips “I missed you too darling, I’m not going anywhere right now, I promise” “Good” you lightly tease “because I really need you in me” This comment gets you a full body laugh from Bucky and a pure smile “Okay, okay you little brat” Bucky immediately kisses you, moving his hands up and down the outsides of your thighs, this causes your bodies to mould together and both of you to moan into your kiss. After deepening the kiss and making out for a few minutes leaving you both breathless, his hands find his hard cock to tease it up and down your folds. Since your core is feeling so sensitive you shiver at the motion but whine because so quickly, you need more. “Please daddy” you whine into his ear rocking your hips into his “I need more, I need you” “Shh sweetheart, you got me” Bucky whisper, making sure that he is fully grounded and comfortable, he looks right into your eyes while sinking into your warm heat. The feeling was intense for the both of you as he bottoms out inside of you. You begin to pant out softy and he curses under his breath. After 17 days of being apart, you finally get to have that connection you need, your bodies finally become one and you both get to find so much pleasure from each other.
“Daddy, please move” He has stilled inside you to feel the stretch of your cunt around him and just the warm surrounding his cock and while you love the idea of his cock just resting inside of you, now it’s not the time for that. “You feel so fucking good baby” Bucky groans thrusting slowly into you getting as deep as you let him. His hands make their way to your lightly bruised ass to get grip on your body in preparation to move faster, you moan at the feeling of his hands on your tender cheeks and wait for him to start fucking you hard.
You both moan out at the change of pace when he thrusts into you hard and fast like you both needed. Sex with Bucky always feels so good, it was amazing when you first started dating and now years later, in love and so comfortable with each other, the feeling is more than you ever thought was possible. Raising your hips to meet his intense thrust, your walls being to tighten, and your body begins to feel so hot and the need to touch him, to have your hands in his hair or scratching down his back becomes so overwhelming that you beg for it.
“Can I touch you please” you beg “please daddy, you feel so good” “Go ahead sweet girl” Bucky grunts out, anticipating the feeling of your hands on his body after all this time. He always craves your touch, just as much as you do for his and even though you were being the one punished tonight, he did feel punished at times for not getting to feel your small soft hands caressing his body. Your hands reach around his core to bring you to his toned warm body with your legs wrapping softy around his waist. The change of your body makes him so much deeper into you and hits the spot you need so perfectly. “Fuck” Bucky groans rolling his hips while grasping one of your thighs “Darling, I’m going to need you to come soon” You can tell just how close he is as his body is trembling a little above you and his breathing is becoming harsh. You both move together so perfectly, hitting every spot over and over again. The pleasure building inside of you is making your moans very easily escape your mouth. Getting onto his level of high, your legs tighten around his waist at the same time as your cunt clenches around him. “Daddy, I’m close” “Let go baby, let me feel you” Bucky waits for your pleasure to wash over you, your eyes rolling back and chest pressing firmly into his, the feel of your release around his cock is everything that he needs to spill inside of you. Holding on your body so tightly as both of you recover from your high, Bucky’s head is nuzzling into the crook of your neck and his full body weight is now on top of you.
He sighs out, feeling happy and content, placing kisses into your neck while his member is still buried in you keeping him warm. Your arms curl around his back to lightly stroke his back the way you know he loves. Feeling so comfortable and still a little floaty you lay there with him in your arms, you realise that this is everything that you wanted for the pass 17 days. Both relaxed after reaching your high together, just lying in each other’s warmth, talking whenever you feel it’s necessary and soft kisses.
“I’m sorry for today, I did mean to be such a brat” I whisper tightening your grip on him “I think I just really missed you and miss not being able to be like this for so long, it sounds so stupid, but being like this with you, being vulnerable and just safe with you in your arms helps me so much” “Baby, how you feel is never stupid. I accept your apology because I understand and feel the same way. I’m just less of a brat about it” Bucky teases, making you huff and glare at his words. “But I love you so much and I love being intimate with you, it helps me too, in more ways than I even realise” “I love you” “I love you too sweetheart” he says before kissing you with all the love he has.
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worldsover · a month ago
Ante ft. Taeyeon
length ✦ 8937
genres ✧ stupid games, sexy prizes; succubus trickery; holy water needed; virginity; choking; telepathic dirty talk deepthroat; neighbor!Taeyeon
Tumblr media
There might be a little too much powder this time as the myriad particles suspended in mid-air forces tears from your eyes. Your enclosed bedroom smells like you’re ready to take on a battalion of redcoats or perform the 1812 Overture. An absolute litany of preparation and it’s all worthwhile. Your heart pulses apace. First of all, you don’t want the neighbor to start complaining about the strong smell—maybe suspecting you of crafting homemade ammunition or the like—but secondly, if the spellbook really works as it says it does, you’re about to have sex for the first time. Not only that, but even though you’re pretty much guaranteed to summon someone with experience, the suspense of not knowing who excites you further. The book says that the circle of sulfur combined with all the different aspects of the ritual is sufficient to bring a succubus to this world safely, without needing to uphold any outlandish ancient contracts. However, it’s quite a song and dance. The dance part is especially difficult for you as dark magic’s been quite picky about the precision of your gestures.
Fortunately, pork blood makes a fine substitute.
“...ennil, torril, prano,” you say the nonsense words with a bit of flair, “Kyat.”
As you utter the final word and relax your arms, the sound of waves crashing in the distance converge with magical twinking to a distinct single point on the circle. Finally, it worked.
“The contract from below has been sealed,” a voice from within your head says, not in English but you understand it as so when you pass out from the crippling jolt of the intrusion into your consciousness.
In the blackness of your stupor, the melodic chimes subside to water, crackling and clashing louder.
Then, a tsunami hits—or at least its deafening roar does—yanking you awake. You gasp and search for your breath as though you were truly underwater. Confusion grows in your eyebrows as you bestir yourself. Your exact fears came true, though if they did, it’s odd that Taeyeon would barge all the way to your bedroom to complain. In fact, she managed to get all the way to the summoning circle before fainting in its center. It’s inconsiderate but you appreciate that she’s still out, considering your apartment isn’t nearly as clean as hers next door. Other than the time you returned her mail to her, you’ve only seen her living room in glimpses, but it has much less clutter. Your first idea is to put away all your manga and Lego architecture before she wakes up but you realize you should probably put your priorities straight instead and bring her straight home. Hopefully she left the door unlocked.
What an interesting outfit to wear this late at night with the floral quilt robe, the silk tank top with matching roses and red leather skirt. Maybe she just got home from the club. Regardless of why she’s wearing it, she looks so insanely hot especially with those braided pigtails, that you imagine what if she’s...
No, you have to maintain some sort of decency—even if you were trying to beckon a demon for sex. At the very least, it’d be a lot harder to get all the way to the end of your shift at two A.M. without the chance of seeing that flawless yet friendly smile, though jail is more likely if you follow through with l'appel du vide.
A faint scent of sweetness and mushrooms draws you closer to her. For a moment in your head, you want to take a peek underneath her skirt, or steal a kiss from her vibrant rosy lips. Even as a man who resorts to the dark arts to get your dick wet, you're not usually thirsty enough to stoop so low. When your fingers graze the skin of her legs as you try to carry her, she glows like lava and is as hot to the touch.
“Ah!” Your hand darts away and you suck on your finger before you realize there's no physical burn. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, did I mess up the ritual?"
"Should’ve known by the smell. Figures." You swing your head around looking for the source of the voice but find nothing. It sounds vaguely like Taeyeon but you discard the idea as you watch her lie motionless in her sleep. Managing to hold her without touching her apparently blazing skin, as soon as you try to bring her out of the circle, a translucent yellow wall extending upwards from the sulfur stops only her body.
Kick the sulfur out of the way in another stubborn attempt at rescue. Despite dispersing the powder and making a mess of your hardwood, your second attempt at carrying her fails worse.
"Ow!" Taeyeon exclaims while her eyes slowly open. She takes all effort to move her hand to her head to soothe the bump, but becomes limp. Set her down on the floor very carefully. She inhales and exhales at a careful pace and your breathing follows. “Alive. We’re alive. Thank you, thank you.”
“No, this is my fault. I’m so sorry.”
Her right arm shakes and her hand jitters as she reaches up for yours. “Please help me.”
“I’m sorry. I don’t, I’m not sure what to do. Hold on.” Get up and scramble for the book.
“Actually, I— I know how to fix this.”
Your head turns, confused as to why she’d know anything about the occult. “You do?”
“Come here.” Kneel next to her, sweating because of both the heat in the room and the precarious situation you’re in. “Closer. The only way you can help is if we cum at the same time,” she whispers in your ear, heating it up with her warm voice.
“Huh?” You pull back.
“There’s someone, another voice in my head. I’m trying to resist but she says there’s no point, it’s the only way for all of us to get out.”
You gulp. “I can’t. This feels wrong. You just said you’re trying to resist.”
“No, it’s fine. I don’t mind if it’s you.” Taeyeon's words reassure you though her tone is unnaturally seductive.
Your chest burns but you bring your mind back to rational thought. “That’s not you. It can’t be.”
Although Taeyeon’s body lays frozen in the circle, her face seems to relax even more. “Look at me. I swear, this is me talking. Be more confident in yourself. You’re more than good enough for me.”
“You don’t have to tell me that. I can… h-help you just fine. Maybe not just fine.” Your hands retreat to your lap and you sigh. “This is my first time. I don’t know if I can make you cum like that. Or even how.”
“Just do your best, whatever's natural for you, plus I can guide you too. Take my hand.”
Her fingers and palm are unusually hot, but it’s more bearable than when she was asleep. Already, you feel a bit tired, probably because of the nerves of losing your virginity to your neighbor and having to fulfill this challenge at the same time. Get on top of her though the angle feels awkward for you to maintain. One of your hands clasps with hers while the other pushes against the floor to hold you up. Not only do you not want to crush her but you also want to see her face. You want to be sure she isn't distressed by the circumstances.
“Is it okay if I kiss you first? If, if we make out first, maybe it’ll be easier for me to, like get it up and...” you say, though there’s no question you’re hard enough already at the sight of your neighbor lying beneath you, ready to receive.
“Please. Don’t feel bad.” Taeyeon blushes. “I promise. I’ve kinda wanted this.”
Her demure tone makes you not care who’s talking. Pull her skirt up to her waist. No panties. You didn’t know she had that side to her. Forgot to ask if it was okay to pull down her top as well but she doesn’t seem to mind. Your lips crash and teeth bump while you take off your sweatpants and boxers, then you poke and prod the tip of your cock in the general vicinity of her lower thighs before eventually finding that hole. It’s incredible how precise you have to be and as you carefully probe deeper and deeper, you finally grasp just how much she grasps you. Taeyeon closes her eyes at your dick finding itself as far as it can go.
You refuse to breathe, keeping your lips seated on hers. As you extract your length, her moans come out more as vibrations on your kiss. Already, you notice the most subdued pulse on your cock and a bit of semen spills out into her. The idea of protection is far past you at this point. Push and pull and push, you replicate the motions that make her react as best as you can.
However, despite finding a basic rhythm for you to buck your hips, you can’t ignore some sense of incompleteness within you. It’s certainly not disappointment since even being with a woman like Taeyeon is more than enough for you. Maybe she isn’t wet enough, or your dick isn’t hard enough. It takes a lot of playing around before realizing your first mistake; you’re pretty much laying on top of her which gives you no leverage to hit her more sensitive spots. Push hard against the ground to give yourself more space and find the best angle for your erection.
“Angh,” Taeyeon gives the cutest little squeak. There it is. She needs something a little more. When you kiss her again, this time with your tongue tasting the perplexing sweetness of her saliva, either your dick gets harder or Taeyeon clenches tighter around you. In any case, your length becomes a bit more drenched with every insertion.
“Taeyeon, I’m gonna go faster, if you don’t mind.”
“Mmm, yeess,” Taeyeon groans out and you grunt in response, holding her hand tightly and pushing down on it with force when you fuck her with more intensity.
So that’s the secret. Fondle her more, and go from grabbing her tits underneath her loose top, to pinning her wrists as though she hasn’t already submitted wholly to you. With enough puissance in your squeezing and holding, Taeyeon refuses to be separated from your cock as her pussy lips disregard its newfound lubrication by gripping your shaft.
Taeyeon pulls away from your kiss and for a second, you think you’ve made a mistake. She takes a breath, looks down at your cock going in and out before looking back up at you. “There you go. You’re learning. Nngh, this is the best way to learn, isn’t it? It’s like fucking your own little sex doll.”
“Huh?” you say, confused at her sudden lucidity only slowing the pistoning a little bit.
“I know that’s exactly what you want. You’ve always wanted to hold me down and pound into my tiny pussy like there’s no tomorrow, mhmmm.”
Your breaths become ragged at her words and you watch her pliable body lay still with her robe beneath her, only moving when her tits jiggle the slightest at each stroke of your cock. “I didn't think you could talk like that.”
“Woah, that wasn’t me.”
You stop immediately.
“No, keep going, keep going, I think I’m getting a little closer.” You don’t think for a second and comply, resuming your cadence. ”Ahh, that’s it. What I meant—fuck, mmh, what I meant was, I didn't think I could say that either. The voice, it's giving me ideas. I kinda like them though.”
”M-me too. It’s just, it’s not that I mind, but… fuck. If you talk dirty like that, I don’t know how much longer I can last.”
While on the outside, she looks like she’s as stationary as she can be, her insides clutch and massage your dick actively. “Well, come here, kiss me again. Maybe my lips can distract you.”
So you return to kissing her, taking in every breath of air she gives. Her mouth is even more addicting with saltiness, maybe a hint of spice, complexifying her flavor and inviting your tongue to explore further.
“Mwah. I know you feel bad but if you want, maybe you can think of me as just a gloryhole or sex toy that happens to be attached to my body.”
“That doesn’t help.” Kiss her neck, drawing a sharp high noise from her. In selfishness, you forget about your mission for a moment and let go of your inhibitions, almost battering into your personal fuck doll. Can’t cum yet. Bend your neck up and look at your clock to stave off your looming end. Maybe it stopped working, or maybe only a few minutes really did pass. Either way, your focus breaks as Taeyeon wraps her legs around yours.
That’s when you realize, with every little spurt of your cum inside, her enthusiasm grows. Her tits threaten to spill from her top, her legs slowly wrap around yours and her face expresses more bliss. Hopefully this means she’s getting closer to her climax. Grit your teeth but every deliberate thought to distract yourself is ripped away when the tip of Taeyeon’s tongue sticks out and her pupils roll back. She realizes her overt satiation and cools down, closing her eyelids. She grabs your neck and the two of you are as close as two humans can get to each other.
“The voice in my head says even if you finish first,” her voice becomes lower as she purrs in your ear, “we can keep doing this until we cum at the same time.”
As much as you tried holding back the rippling warmth, a wave washes over you at once and your body tenses, releases then explodes. Your name rings in your head over and over again, again in that incomprehensible language. It’s deep, both in pitch and in how it burrows your brain like itching an ardent scratch. Taeyeon’s feet are crossed behind your legs which restrains you, though you wouldn’t dare pull out as you shoot your cum inside of her since your cock is tender to even modest movement. Despite being underneath you, she grinds her hips desperately against you and pulls your hair to kiss you.
“Nngh,” Taeyeon says in your mouth. “please, please, please. Fuck.”
Your body freezes when a bitterness inside you swells. There’s an urge for you to shiver as though you had a fever, but still, your body doesn’t let you move. Is this what cumming inside feels like? It’s going to be awkward explaining this to Taeyeon if she forgets the whole experience and returns to her normal self, though that would be much better than her remembering. The chilliness subsides and you unwind your muscles. You almost fall on top of her but you manage to roll her around so that she lays on top of you.
Taeyeon hasn’t opened her eyes. You’d ask but she looks both exhausted and ready to go again. Maybe a little embarrassed as well. Rest for a moment. You would pull your dick out, but it’s so sensitive that you thrust all the way back inside mixing her wetness with your cum. As soon as your erection softens, it returns even harder, cognizant to the tightness that hasn’t gone away. You want to keep going but she interrupts, taking your shoulder and pulling you to your side while she turns her back towards you.
“Can you help me take off this robe? It’s really hot in here. I didn’t cum but for some reason I feel a little better and it seems like you are too with how quickly your dick became hard. Fuck me again.” She bends her arms back, pressing her tits down on you and you remove her sleeves one by one, throwing the loose-fitting garment to the side of the room. After complying with her former request, she sticks her ass back and wiggles it, and you’re bound to follow through with the latter.
Your erection slides smoothly between Taeyeon’s thighs, now slick with her spilt fluids, and you enjoy the pressure that her lithe legs give to you by stroking up and down. However, as soon as your shaft hits her pussy, it tingles. Trapped in her squirming legs and already feeling the hints of a second climax imminent, you hasten your cock’s entrance into her slit.
“Woah, ppphh,” you breathe out and Taeyeon joins in a similar exaltation of pleasure. With only the slightest movement, you notice the sensitivity of your cock reach new heights.
“I’m sorry I’m so tight. You got me so close last time.”
“Don’t apologize,” you say. Grab her hands behind her. “Like you said, we have all the time in the world.”
Her ass reverses, sinking your cock deeper with speed as though there were no time left. “Yes!”
You reverse too, watching your shaft exit from beneath her ass, lustrous with her girl cum but you only get so far until the flesh of her lips reject your cock’s escape. So you return deep inside of her and find a comfortable pace in your plunging, your hips rocking forward and back. “I wish I could fuck you forever, mmmm, or at least cum as many times as I want. This is impossible.”
“Ahh, agh, god, fuck, dammit, more, more!” Taeyeon exclaims and bounces her ass back with every vigorous entrance. Her oscillations against your cock lose their timing when she slows down. “Let go of my hands.”
You listen, then she takes one of your hands to place it on her neck. It rests there, unsure of what to do.
It’s fortunate she’s able to vocalize herself more. “Please, choke me. Choke your sex doll. It’s okay, I’m just a toy, toys don’t need to breathe.”
Her neck is small, which is why you hold her throat gently at first despite her perverse suggestion. However, as you thrust into her, you instinctively squeeze tighter like your hands were empathic to her cunt’s hold on you. Taeyeon’s breath becomes short, and any irresolution you have vanishes when she reaches down to rub her clit. You picture a smile on her face with how fervently her fingers work on her pussy. You fantasize that she fantasizes the same as you, your grasp playing with the thought of her passing out again. You imagine her gurgles and breathless sounds are profanities, maybe words of gratitude and pleasure, or even just your name repeated over and over again, though the most she manages to vocalize is a raspy “soo… good...”
Each time you feel a pulse within you, she squeezes your dick like she has full control of her inner muscles, which causes the cylinder trapping you to become more opaque. Taeyeon's insides start to feel less like perfectly plush flesh holding your dick and more like a malleable toy with different shapes and textures. Her labia is like a tight ring choking the base of your shaft, her walls tickle your erection with coarse waves, and a firm bump deeper within teases underneath your tip. Attacking every point possible with arousal, your hand loosens its grip on her neck.
“What the fuck. Is that how a pussy usually feels?”
“Mmm, maybe it’s just mine since I’m so close to cumming. You don’t like it?”
To answer her question, you hug her tightly and hammer into her. Every thrust is in time with her fingers playing with her pussy, her writhing ass backing into you with sweat bouncing off with every clash, and your body tensing with ripples coming and going until you hear Taeyeon’s loud cries.
“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, cum for me, cum for your slutty succubus!” No ounce of confusion could prevent you from climaxing, unleashing endless strings of cum from your delicate tip deep within her.
Open your eyes while still working through your orgasm and you see that for all the semen you unload into her, she squirts as much onto your dick, your waist and all over the floor. The room smells like a tantalizing musk mixed with the scents of a garden.
She turns around to cuddle you. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” her voice says, with each repetition sounding less like it comes from her mouth and more like it’s from inside your head. It’s not possible to process everything that has and is happening to you, which is why even when she turns around to face you, you don’t notice her eyes glowing red until it's too late.
A single wave. The ocean in the distance turns out to be a sea of fire and lava.
Taeyeon tilts her head forward, smiling at you, and brings her fingers down to her filled pussy. The smallest drop of your load makes her fingertips slick, which she brings to her mouth. Taeyeon sucks and moans in dissolute pleasure. “Fresh virgin semen. So fucking yummy. Been a while since I had this.”
Your ribs hurt at the pressure of laying on your side as you stare up at her. Back up to the wall of the yellow cylinder. What was once a penetrable barrier for you now makes a solid enclosure. You're an exhibit at the zoo.
She stands up and floats, growing a prehensile red tail, and when she motions the fallen robe to come hither, it flies to her arms. Taeyeon bends down to rest her palm on the side of your face. “What a nice circle.”
“Thanks. They, um, don’t make compasses that big. Haha.” There’s an insincere glint in your laugh, though your dejection is genuine when you look down. “But, Taeyeon. Were you faking all that?”
“No, no, sweetie. You’ve just put me in a pretty unique situation. I’m assuming this is your first time summoning a supernatural creature.”
You nod.
“I knew it. Fun fact, you’re most likely to summon the eligible being closest to you. Should’ve figured it’d be you some day. Unfortunately, you seem to have fucked up a bit. For one, I was sleeping,” Taeyeon says as she stretches her arms upward, then downwards while crossing them, pushing her tits together.
Maintaining eye contact doesn’t help. “You sleep in that outfit?”
“Well no, I was sleeping in a big t-shirt.”
Examine her up and down. “Can’t say I expected either of those from a succubus.”
“Hey, it’s not like we all have horns or wear bondage gear all the time!” Taeyeon says. “More saliently, that old spell that you used pulled me out of the dream I was visiting. Really fucks up my powers. Plus, travelling dimensions is almost as bad as American Airlines!”
“Shit. Am, am I gonna lose my soul?”
"What, never flew American?" She laughs before her tone turns dour. “Not yet. Though you’ve already given a part of it when you came inside of me.”
Your mouth widens and you fidget your fingers running the possibilities through your head, whether you should plead for a lifetime, live amongst monks or sign a blood pact. Anything. You'll take anything to live.
Taeyeon shakes her head. “I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but that’s not a summoning circle like it says in your silly little book. The ritual to procure me doesn’t need it, rather it prevents me from leaving the circle and you from losing your soul permanently. You were missing one important part of the ritual though.”
“A condom. Well, there’s also plenty of magic to make your seed unfruitful for a day. A lot of horny motherfuckers who want to cum inside the tightest pussy they’ll ever experience. I get it.”
Clench your hands. Of course those torn pages would come back to bite you.
“Don’t feel bad. Thanks for all the extra energy.”
Taeyeon looks to the ceiling which disappears to the sight of the night sky despite all the residences upstairs. A circle, gargantuan compared to yours, forms against the starry backdrop with runes or whatever symbols surrounding a seal emanating royal strength. A single finger from Taeyeon points downwards, and like your ceiling, your floor disappears. This is the part of the dream where you fall from a great height and return to the land of the living with a startling jump. Instead, a Stygian chain rises from the earth while a beam of blinding light descends directly above you. As the beam approaches, the chain shoots up to the circle, scattering the white light into versicolor rays. The towering seal tilts and the color disappears as the beam reflects back to where it came from.
One star is extinguished.
As your floor and ceiling materialize, Taeyeon collapses but awakens quickly, balancing on her tail while sitting up.
"What the fuck just happened," you say catatonically.
She reaches out and you realize the second hand of the clock has yet to move a millimeter as her arm stretches slowly. The yellow cylinder bends inwards. A brief silence and you waver when none of your instincts attempt to aid you in any fashion, then the artificial chamber explodes, shattering the windows and knocking everything in the room down. Your bookshelf, your desk, even the bed is overturned. You’re swept off your feet and onto your coccyx. Somehow with all that force, there’s no car alarms going off and the high-rise building still stands.
Your scream is cut off when the air in the room disappears. Hold your breath before covering your mouth with your hands. Your entire skin tightens and your whole body swells as you shiver and feel your bareness in the coldness of the vacuum, drawing sweat off you. Taeyeon mouths profanity.
What is only an instant feels like forever, though somehow time is even more pliable than you remember when the shards of glass whip back into place, rebuilding the window, and your room becomes exactly as it was sans a circle of sulfur. Hold your breath and with a loud whoosh, the atmospheric pressure returns.
You’re still shaking at the havoc, sitting with your hands behind you. “Fuck, goddammit, holy shit. That was scary. I don't understand, holy fuck, I shouldn't have done this at all. Please don’t tell me the world’s over.”
“Whoops." She puts her hand on her side, malapropos to the gravity of the damage. "I’m so sorry cutie. Any booboos you want me to kiss better?”
Taeyeon just wrought heaven and hell and it's nothing but a booboo to her.
"Nah, that's nothing. Wouldn't have even woken up the baby downstairs."
"Really? That kid cries if a mouse trips on a banana peel in my apartment."
Taeyeon smiles and you nearly throw away questions of the past minute at its brightness. Your face stiffens. She glides right in front of you, bending down and putting her hands on her knees. Stare instinctively at her tits peeking from her dress top and she smirks as she pulls the top back up.
“Don’t worry. It could be worse. You’re lucky I have good reflexes or you would probably be goop.”
Possibly hopped up on adrenaline, you remember the important question and have the nerve to talk back to the calamitous being. “Did you have to do that?”
“Depends if you ever want your soul back. That ritual you used only summons me for a little while, so if I just disappeared while your circle was still working, I would’ve been stuck in my dream forever and you would’ve never gotten your soul back. Next time, I'd avoid tech from the Tudors.” She looks into your tense eyes and pouts. ”Relax, it’s all fine now. ”
A sign of relief from deep within, but your breath hitches again. “So, where is it? My soul?”
"Ahh. Well, almost all fine. "Taeyeon untucks her top from her skirt and pulls it up, revealing her toned midriff, then points to a penny-sized marking below her left breast. “Right here. See, I can keep a lot of these, but they tend to fade away. Only the one on my heart lasts forever.”
“Please, is there anything I can do?” you say on your knees, which is a bit awkward with both of you kneeling.
Taeyeon stands. “How about a bet? We could make this a win-win scenario.”
She strokes her chin. “Hmm. Here's a classic. You have to last as long as you can without cumming. If you hold out for enough time, I’ll give you back your soul and return to the dream. If you lose by cumming, then your soul will be stuck indelibly on this body since the circle is broken.”
“How is that a win-win?”
“Well, as long as the mark is on me, you can fuck me whenever you want, however you want...”
“But I still fade away.”
“Mhm. I do get all of your mortal power though.”
“Well thanks. Fuck. I really don’t think I can last that long. Can’t you just wait to return?”
“I don’t have a spare key and I’m not going to the apartment admin with my tail like this. Also, maybe I'm risking this life returning my soul to you? Never done this exact thing. More importantly, I'm a succubus! I can’t just wait around with a cutie like you.”
“That’s not right.”
“Remember.” Her voice darkens for a moment. “This is your fault. You put us in this mess.”
The air in the room is even harder to breathe than when you were creating the circle. Put your hands up and she sits down next to you to speak into your ear.
“I already got a taste of your cum. It's literally impossible for me to hold back. Besides, you know what it’s like to use me and that was with barely any of my power. I could make your every forbidden desire come true, and then some. You could spill your seed inside all of my holes while I pleasure your entire body using my centuries of knowledge and experience. Then, we could do it all again without needing a moment of respite. But most of all, I know you just don’t want this night to end. Sure, I could transform myself to that coworker you had a crush, that bully you need to fuck your anger into..."
Hold your surprise in how scarily accurate her hypotheticals are. There are no coincidences in a world where you can beckon a demonic creature sex.
She blows a puff of hot air into your ear. "I don't need to be a mind reader to know that all you want is me.”
How little control you truly have though. Her gaze is like a painkiller you should’ve stopped taking sooner. The better part of you knows you should argue, or try to do anything to get out of this.
Taeyeon runs her fingers through her hair and points. “Move that chair to the middle of the room. Nice one by the way. Maybe later, you can tell me where you got that.”
Though the worse part wins when not you, but your reflexes pull the leather chair to the circle. A bit of sulfur drags along the wheels. Sit.
“Anyway, I’ll go easy on you because you’re such a cutie. Then again, you’re not a virgin anymore, so maybe you can handle a little more. This'll be a bit different though. I won’t touch that aching… wand just yet.”
She leans down to kiss your right cheek.
“That isn’t that bad, is it? Not enough to make you cum at least,” Taeyeon says impishly, befitting her wagging tail.
Her lips are dewy as you expect from their glossiness, planting kisses on your cheeks and nose. Your eyes notice how close her nipples are to slipping out of her flowery top when her tail brushes your toes. You giggle and she does too.
“Aww. Whoops. I can tell you really like them. They’re not the biggest succubus tits but they’re just perky enough to play with and just the right shape to stick your cock between, or you can slap them with your dick too. Mark them as yours if your soul isn't doing a pretty enough job."
You let out a slight groan and a bead of sweat at the idea, while Taeyeon’s tongue licks up the contour of your jaw.
“We don’t want you to lose too early though.” Taeyeon gets up to walk towards your bed and you sigh in naive relief, believing for a moment that she’s giving your erection a needed timeout. She bends over on your mattress and slowly slides her dark red skirt out of the way, shimmying and shaking as the leather is snug on her ass and catches on her tail. “The way you’re staring down my shirt means I’m sure you’re not an ass man.”
“What if I’m neither?” Admitting too much of your weakness could prove a fatal error, but truthfully, you’re both when you look at Taeyeon’s willowy body.
“Aww. Let me get on your thighs now that my stupid skirt isn’t in the way.”
Your cock grows as she starts leaking onto your legs, lacquering it with her girl cum when she grinds back and forth.
“Be careful with that thing, sweetie. You definitely don’t want that thing to slip inside of me, right? You already know how my soaking wet pussy can siphon every drop of cum from you. That’s with none of my power. If it slips in now, my tight little hole might never let go. Plus you were doing a great job learning how to fuck, but trust me, I can ride you like there’s no tomorrow.”
Taeyeon starts kissing lower on your face until she reaches your neck, tickling you a bit with vibration. Her boobs wedge against your chest and when she notices your reaction to their softness, she rips off your shirt with a smirk and no sweat. Your breath catches, not for the desecration of your clothing, but for the dainty brown nipples pressing into yours as she nibbles away. "Taeyeonnn," you stretch out in moans as idle hands take action, wandering towards her ass before her tail slaps it away.
“Mmmm, mhmmm. No touching.” Her fingers reach down between her legs and even the slight brush of her slick against your hand sends paralyzing electricity. “It’ll get too slippery for your own safety. There is a whole nother hole you could, with its own twists and turns. Countries have fallen for a taste of my ass. But there is one more I haven’t mentioned.”
You flutter when Taeyeon sucks down hard on your nipples before licking back up to your neck and giving it a quick smooch. Purple marks your sensitive skin bigger than your soul.
“That’s ‘cause it’s doing the mentioning. I might be an entity of lust but everyone tells me I’m too proud of my mouth.”
“I can tell by how much you talk.”
“Oh? So you want to shut me up then.” Taeyeon slinks down to her knees. It should’ve been obvious what defiance to the ravenous creature would get you.
“Uh, ah, I don’t know if this is even fair.”
“What’s not fair is giving my greedy pussy two tastes of your delicious seed while my tongue’s barely gotten a lick of your cum.”
Taeyeon slowly approaches from underneath you, looking at you with big eyes and blinking as though she needed any permission to go closer. The tip of her tongue taps against each of your balls one by one before she begins licking around the bottom of your shaft. She goes part of the way up before coming back down, repeating a few times until eventually her tongue rests beneath the tip of your dick. One of her hands is on her thighs, wandering closer to that cursed vagina, while the other is on your legs, keeping you from standing with little effort. Her tail swipes from side to side as she smells you and takes in more of your flavor.
"Oh no. This is bad," she says sarcastically, "Your cock tastes too fucking good. You know what else tastes good? Ahhh.”
Your cock is set aflame at the globule of her spit after it pools on her lips and drips down. You don’t remember it being this big. That’s definitely magic.
“Don’t worry cutie, I love your cock but—”
Your soul or your pleasure. Your reflexes make the right choice for you when Taeyeon’s lips hastily find their way to the bottom of your shaft, and you look straight at the ceiling, avoiding contact from her pleading watery eyes. The lightbulb looks like the sun. Close your eyes.
You thought if there were one saving grace for your salvation, it would be that you could endure her blowjob longer than her pussy built like a custom fleshlight.
Choking and gasping sounds lead to more of her stimulating spit spilling from her mouth as she slowly brings her head back up. Only one eye is open to look at her and her curling tail, while the other eyelid is shut at the intense textures of her gagging throat and tongue kneading your erection.
So you thought wrong. Par for the course by now.
Taeyeon coughs. “I love choking on something big too.”
“I didn’t know—” Learn your lesson. Stop talking back, especially at your volition. You tuck your lips but it’s too late.
“That succubi had gag reflexes? It’s all for effect.”
She effortly glides down your dick at her second pass and your hand smacks the arm of the chair. Taeyeon would make a bad referee with how she ignores you tapping out. It’s all up to luck or God if you’d cum right away, though God certainly has no place in this bedroom. You hold tight as she turns her head and finds an angle to go an inch deeper, making the tip of your cock hit far past anatomy you understood. Taeyeon bobs her head to take your dick in and out while keeping her lips wrapped around the base of your shaft.
"Mmm," she vibrates her swathing lips with moans and it resonates down to her chest. As Taeyeon unsheathes your cock from her throat once again, she stops halfway and widens her jaw to talk. “There’s... ahhh, a wot of stuff I can do foh effect.”
Her attempt at human language creates a ripple effect of pleasure that she must have had decades to perfect. The sound of a woman so focused on keeping your dick in her mouth that she doesn’t care makes your cock twitch, which makes her salivate even more, which makes your cock twitch again. When she brings her lips higher up your shaft, her fingers join to tickle your balls and wrap around the bottom of your erection, then her thin tail does the same. It’s warmer and smoother than her fingers and when it gets slick with her spit, it squeezes not enough to make you cum, but just enough to coax louder and louder cries of pleasure from you. You’d be worried about the neighbors hearing.
She doesn’t look too worried herself.
After letting your erection free with a pop, Taeyeon takes her hand from your leg and rests her cheek on it. “Hmm. I could just keep giving you the best blowjob a human could possibly give, since I’m sure you like the sound of me struggling to talk with your cock in my mouth, but...”
This time when Taeyeon swallows your dick, her words aren't just sloppy gibberish.
“I can do so much more.” She purrs in your head, giving it a deeply satisfying massage. You look at the scalp massager on your desk. It just lost its job. ”You seem so focused on not losing and I wanted to show off a bit more. You know, pride and all. How does this feel?”
The logical part of your brain watches her lips twist and slither, up and down, it feels the erection occluding her vocal cords, it hears the slurping noises she makes with all the spit from her profilgate salivary glands, yet you still can’t believe the words sent straight to your head.
“Uhhhh, I don’t, ugh, fuck, know.” You let out a throaty groan.
“You can just say good,” she whispers, still inches down and filling the room with wet gagging and moaning.
Try to turn your head away but her tail holds your chin steady while she maintains her erotic stare.
“Don’t worry sweetie. Fill my mouth whenever you’re ready. You’ve been so lazy just sitting there. Take these fuck handles,” Taeyeon pulls her pigtails to show them off, ”And pound into my cum hole of a face. You can pump and thrust at the pace you want, you could feel how my lips and throat tighten as you use me without holding back, you could let your cock throb and explode as you pour all your delectable cum into my tummy. Please. Don't fight it cutie-pie. Succumb to your succubus. Do you think my mouth's ever gonna let go until you cum?”
Hold your breath as a single pulse threatens to end your existence after death.
"Just kidding! See, I love playing with my food. At the end of the day though, naughty girls have to clean up."
Taeyeon sucks up all the saliva as she slides up your tender length. She blows bubbles of spit, then sticks her tongue out to let the mouth-produced lube fall into her cleavage. Her hands hold her tits together while her tail wraps around your frenulum and slowly strokes downwards as she leans in closer. Taeyeon rubs your cock against her chest, slathering it even wetter, then you smack your cock against her adorable breasts and leave obvious redness on her flesh. Strings of her saliva between her lips fall apart when she sticks her tongue out to take your dick as deep as she can again.
“I can make my spit warm too,” she says telepathically amongst sounds of “Glk, glk, ghk.”
The warmth makes her already heated throat feel more like her blazing pussy, causing your dick to fuck her face almost entirely under its own locomotion.
“I can make it a bit cold,” Taeyeon says as she swirls her tongue around the tip of your cock
Your legs kick forward at the contrast in temperature.
“And I can suck it all up.” She wipes up the side of your shaft with her fingers and licks the spit off.
An endless amount of arousal and it’s when she blows on your cockhead that your cock gives another singular throb.
“Oh! Is that precum? Well that doesn’t count but,” she takes her finger to your leaking slit, “when a succubus gets a taste… She won’t give up until there’s nothing left.”
Taeyeon’s suckling of her fingers gives you nostalgia for mere minutes ago. Her nails tap along your shaft, her fingertips rub underneath your dick’s tip and as she brings her tail up your torso, its pointy end pokes at your nipples.
“Maybe that could be a good compromise. You won’t lose and I get to drink all of your cum.” She kisses in between your balls. “I just have to slowly, mwah, very slowly urge each drop out of you.”
Moan in pure agony.
She looks at her watchless wrist to make a point. “Ahh, right. We don’t have time for that. Here. How about this instead?”
Her tail retreats to her behind for a moment as her kisses find their way up your length, leaving pretty red marks despite all the saliva coating it. Her prehensile limb grabs your wrists and forces them towards her pigtails. You don’t move and Taeyeon pouts on your cockhead. You know exactly what she wants from you. Still bound by her tail, grab her hair and bend your hips slowly forward, bringing you closer to the end of the seat. One stroke, two, then a third, but your speed is not enough. Her tail grabs tighter and you clench your teeth using her throat as a personal pocket pussy. For all the talk about letting you set your own rhythm, in a way, she’s fucking her own face onto your cock. Then again, it’s not like Taeyeon forced you to pull her hair as tight as you do.
“Please, this is so good, fuck. I’m so close. But I don’t want to lose my soul,” you say desperately.
With all the tension in your body, you think about everything you’ve accomplished in life up until now and you think about how it’d all go to waste if you climax now.
“Is it a waste? Isn’t this your goal?” Taeyeon asks straight to your mind while nursing on your erection. Of course, she’s been in there the whole time.
Despite the unbearable buzz on your cock and your entire body, watching the bulge in Taeyeon’s throat grow and shrink, you hold back with all the resolve you can muster. This isn’t the goal. There’s so much more for you to do.
Waves crash in the distance. Taeyeon slowly brings your length out of her throat.
Finally, you hear her true voice again. “Hear that? That’s the spell beckoning me. Imagine if you don’t even get to cum once down my throat. I better hurry.”
The waves intensify until they almost overpower the wet sounds of her dedicated sucking, but the noise can’t drown out her telepathic communication.
“You’re right there on the edge, sweetie. I feel your balls tightening,” she says as she gently grabs them. Her tongue feels like it’s licking all the way up and down your shaft, even when your dick is as deep as it goes in her throat. “Let me have it. Please, your slutty fucking succubus wants every drop, every last tasty ounce of your delicious sperm. That’s right, I feel it coming. Cum, cum, cum all the way down my throat, cum for me!”
A final wave crashes and a light arpeggio resonates the room. Your breathing is heavy while Taeyeon’s is nonexistent, refusing to relinquish your cock from her mouth and letting it release everything in your balls. You writhe in your chair and she keeps true to her word, softly sucking on your tip as it throbs.
She wipes her mouth then snaps her fingers. The sound of the waves give way to silence, letting only your breath and your heartbeat compete for volume in the small bedroom.
“Wowee, you really gave me quite the meal today.”
You frown and your hands scramble for your head. Your legs jitter. “Wait a second. Does that mean I just lost?”
“Oh sweetie, didn’t you hear that crash? You won!” Taeyeon says and you relax all your muscles, sinking into the chair.
“Really? I did it?” Put your hands up. “I did it! Wooo!”
She grins and high-fives one of them. “That’s right! It’s incredible you managed to last so long against a succubus with all her abilities.”
“I felt the heat inside of you. You would’ve climaxed a dozen times without my intervention.”
“And my intervention could’ve gone the other way. You know how many times I could make you cum in a minute?”
“Ah. Dammit.”
”I’d never just steal a soul like that. Well, not from someone as sweet as you. Speaking of which, take it. And don’t feel bad by the way. I’ll be fine.”
You recognize some of the words she says from the arcane book before the pointy tip of her tail stabs at her heart and she passes out. It couldn’t possibly be sunrise yet, though rays of light from above shine on your body. You warm up before you feel frigid, then blazing, then frigid again, like a pulsating orgasm of temperature. Taeyeon bleeds profusely as she lays on the floor but before you can rush to find bandages or do anything to save her, once again, time rewinds.
“There we go. Sorry for lying to you. I just needed a little more power to do that and magic has a funny way of reveling in high stakes. It really likes when you up the ante with a game like that.”
Your mouth rounds into an O shape again.
“Looks like you had a lot of fun there. You know, we could do that again. Just do that ritual exactly the same, and add this symbol.” She holds her palm up, and it glows with a red seal with some archaic language. “You draw that on your body and it’ll ensure that you summon me. I think I have some stamps at my place, those should work better. That’s my true name by the way.”
“Is that a big deal?” you ask.
Taeyeon laughs. ”Like you couldn’t imagine. On the one hand, I could never give your soul back. On the other hand, it would never fade away from my body, slowly giving you some of my power until you turn into one of our kind.”
Your eyes widen. “Wow. Maybe I’ll consider it.”
“I’m sure you—”
Crash. Taeyeon dematerializes. For a moment, an odd pain strikes your chest and you reach out for her. It’s not supernatural, but rather it feels like you were just yanked out of a dream with a hypnagogic jerk.
Take the moment to finally get off that chair, first and foremost. It’s comfortable though not enough. You’ll clean the room tomorrow. Might as well enjoy the tempting scents she’s left behind until then. You’re drained from the experience but at the same time, every image of Taeyeon pleasing you burns into your mind, keeping you staring at the ceiling while on your bed. For all the stress she dealt upon you, you can’t shake off the avarice within you for another orgasm.
The doorbell rings, and you rush to open it to find who you hoped it was. Taeyeon stands between the doorframe. Her hair is more disheveled not tied up in pigtails and her oversized shirt stained with coffee drapes just down to her thighs.
“I’m only a little sorry for waking you up considering how you interrupted me." She examines your jittery face and you calm down realizing that she’s okay. “Oh, right. Well trust me, if it were any other time, we could just fuck normally. You can think of this as one last punishment. Check your mail tomorrow.”
One last punishment. It doesn’t have to be. Curl up and hide in your sheets; it’ll be the only way you get enough sleep to function tomorrow.
The sun hangs as high as it can over your head when you step outside and take in the fresh air. In the set of apartment mailboxes, a metal ring with a stamp and a letter penned in paper older than you or your family heirlooms.
Not a mistake this time. You remember what to do, right? The easiest way would probably be to use a candle, since that's what the stamp was originally designed for. Just do it at a reasonable time. Please. Wait shit I can’t erase this, shouldn’t have used ink. I’m not wasting this parchment. Do NOT summon me from 3 A.M. to 3 P.M, unless you wanna make things really complicated for both of us. Oh, and here:
Her phone number and Instagram username. Good thing Taeyeon’s up to date with modern technology. There’s a lot of questions you want to ask her, about the past, about your future. Roll the signet along your fingers and consider your choice carefully. Are you going to ignore Taeyeon? To move on with life having learned so much about yourself would be enough of a blessing itself, because you feel a residual confidence that she’s imprinted on you.
The red wax on your chest isn’t that hot.
Tumblr media
A dose of Pfizer and I’m feeling good enough to write something normal. Relatively speaking.
Another story inspired by Peach, though the idea got perverted with hentai and porn plots and next thing you know sexy succubus slurps saying sixth sense stuff because my brain would rather multiply 2 and 2 than add them together if I could reach four either way. (don’t ask me what that means, idk either)
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felixuguh168 · 2 months ago
The Top Reasons People Succeed In The Limo Hire Near Me Industry
If a golfing holiday is what You are looking for, then a golfing limo deal in Ireland is the greatest and many gorgeous solution to go. Not just does the limo decide on you up but it is going to convey you to by far the most lovely programs within the state like Donegal, and Tralee. Some will deliver breakfast and hotels from the package. The majority of the golf packages are 6 times, 7 evenings with twin lodging. Commencing at around twelve hundred pounds for non-golfers and fifteen hundred bucks for golfers, this value is predicated on a party of 8. In case you have a lot less people it would be additional. This deal is great for company vacations or a significant family holiday vacation. You won't have to certainly be a tourist to have a very good time. If you live in Eire all You must do is get on the net and try to look for resident deals.
A relatives vacation is often entertaining, particularly if you can get the children concerned. It is possible to give them a listing of locations to determine in addition to a map. Have them pick out in which they would like to go and also have them map it out. This can not just hold them fast paced but they can know particularly how far-off almost everything is and you most likely won't hear "Are we there yet?" and when you need to do you may have them consider the map. If they're also young to study and you have rented a limo, That is a great way to go sightseeing, In particular now with rates of fuel going up and no stop of its rise in sight. You might help them by studying the map and applying turns and inches rather than miles. Applying conditions they can fully grasp could make the rides easier. If you have teenagers, maybe do anything sooner or later that's just for them. Perhaps letting them check out lunch by them selves and allow them to go ahead and take limo, if its permitted. You will be the king and queen of cool.
If you don't need to begin to see the standard tourist spot inside the town or city where you're vacationing, you would possibly go for the one of a kind. If there isn't any compact small children in Your loved ones, you might like to go on the ghost tour of the city Or possibly go shopping where the locals go. A good way To do that is to lease a limo. The drivers will know wherever the locals go due to the fact This is when they store. From the overwhelmed keep track of excursions are enjoyment and you get to discover sights You would not Generally see to the typical excursions.
While on getaway, why not take All your family members to some show. Not only any present, a Broadway exhibit or anything like it. Not simply will you want it but so will your Children and If you would like an Grownup night out in a exhibit, some lodges have babysitters. If you are reserving a offer via hire a limo a limousine Hire company that does getaway offers, inquire Should your hotel does have little one treatment. You might not only get to find out a present, there's a chance you're able to have meal as well.
Gonna dinner on holiday in a large city can be difficult if you do not know your way close to and if you wish to consume at a vacationer incredibly hot place you may have for making a reservation. In order to eat at a location wherever the locals consume it may be a little bit away from just how. Eating out even though on holiday vacation is ordinary, but why take in speedy food items? You'll be able to still eat out and never commit a fortune. With all The cash you can help save, you could potentially lease a limo to take you out to take in to those away from just how dining places. Eating out will not be the only thing you could utilize a limo for. You might have a night out over the town. Sporting functions and going to the pub are just many of the enjoyment factors to accomplish When you've got a limo for your evening. The night time existence is different in different towns, but one thing that's the exact, your limo driver should know the most popular places in city to go. If he does not you could talk to the lodge or locals what the scorching places are.
Most Young ones visualize holidays like a time for enjoyable and sun, but when you are doing it right you could potentially instruct them anything also. In case you are Abroad or An additional part of the nation that you know almost nothing about, you could possibly get guides or go over the internet and come across enjoyable sights that have a thing to carry out While using the heritage of your spot. You can even Engage in street map bingo or have them map out the route that you might choose. Or improved still, hire a limo and also have them Examine the map with the GPS device within the limo. This can not merely continue to keep the little kinds occupied, but will hold pre-teenagers intrigued way too. You can ask them if there are any variances while in the routes that they mapped out and also the GPS, this can instruct them how you can read a map and give them math expertise without the need of them understanding it. After at the location, you are able to inquire them to acquire turns studying about the various info regarding your desired destination or destinations.
Limousine operators are already giving limousine use for sporting situations for many years, the most popular events currently being the Royal Ascot and Grand Nationwide Horse Racing occasions. Above current a long time There was a rise in bookings for all sorts of sporting gatherings for limousines, from bookings for that Soccer Affiliation English cup final, limousines for that Charity Defend soccer match at The brand new football stadium in London, as well as classic automobile seek the services of to the Tennis tournaments and Rolls Royce Phantom employ for that British Motor Racing.
You'll find other sporting activities which have become An increasing number of prevalent for limousine operators to provide limo use services for, these involve Boxing matches and company golfing days.
Most limousine operators have a large fleets of limousines, these involve the preferred limo which can be the Hummer H2 limo in a variety of colours starting from white to pink. You will also find newer limousines which come in a variety of colours, every year you will see new designs of limousines over the streets. The larger the limousine and also the more recent the product, the more desire you will see for that limousine. The older models inside the limos remain common decisions. Limo seek the services of towards the snooker championship at the crucible theatre in Sheffield is common for supporters and teams of buddies going with each other from work to get a glimpse in the snooker stars.
Limousines may be rented and employed for any event or occasion you are able to think about and not just limited to the most well-liked functions.
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marcoocub935 · 2 months ago
17 Reasons Why You Should Ignore Pink Limo Hire Solihull
Tumblr media
As a new bride to be, you have your whole wedding celebration spending plan reserved for the bridal gown. Nevertheless, there is also a lot that you have to spend on various other devices for your wedding day. If you are on a spending plan, this can mean restricted choices when it involves what you can obtain for your wedding event. A Limo Hire in Solihull might seem like a severe selection, however it is actually one of the most budget-friendly methods to go about points. In fact, it is among the most budget-friendly, which is why numerous pairs choose it. Thus, right here are some terrific suggestions to obtain you started with how to dress up a limo hire Solihull.
The very first point you have to do is choose a limousine that will match your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This team represents the people who will certainly be taking you around in your wedding celebration event. You desire to make certain that they look ideal. It would certainly not be a great concept to work with a stretch Hummer for your bridesmaids and males to ride in because they will all be sitting in the front and also none of you may fit sitting in the back. A limo that has more legroom and room for the assistants to spread out will be much better for your wedding celebration.
You ought to additionally take note of your gown code. While the new bride and also her wedding celebration party remain in the limo, you need to keep the guests that are outside the limousine secure as well as protected. That suggests you have to check with your hosts that the wedding event party is permitted to go into and also leave as they please. If your plan is to use something less formal than typical white dresses, then additionally be aware that you will not have the ability to do so when you enter into the limousine.
The other point you require to know regarding exactly how to dress up limousine hire Solihull is that it has to have lots of indoor space for your wedding event celebration. Lots of limo business use a special section simply for fire-resistant limos, so you may desire to locate out what kind of life they have prior to you work with one for your special day.
One last thing you need to learn about how to dress up a limo hire in Solihull is that all vehicles feature their very own stylist. This can make the process much easier for you since you will not have to linger while your stylist does the final discuss the attire. Just ask the limo solution concerning the style of the chauffeur prior to you set off to ensure that you will be riding in a style that matches your outfit code. If you have a black limousine, for instance, then you definitely do not wish to be riding in a red vehicle! (Of course if you are mosting likely to have a colour style throughout the wedding celebration, you can constantly inform the chauffeur to follow your colour code if the car is black, but this may not be the case for every solitary limousine service in Solihull.).
Many limo solutions in Solihull provide gown baby strollers as well, which is something that a lot of new brides neglect concerning when intending their wedding events. A lot of limousine hire services in Solihull even offer a limo with an indoor medspa so that you do not have to stress regarding getting a hair cut as well as taking a bathroom while riding in your wedding vehicle!
One of the most vital points to understand when you are thinking regarding exactly how to clothe up a limo hire Solihull is what kind of songs to play inside the limousine. Limo Hire business will certainly offer a range of options for your wedding rehearsal dinner as well as the actual wedding ceremony so that you can make sure that whatever goes according to plan.
While you are finding out exactly how to clothe up a limousine hire in Solihull, take the possibility to ask the Limo Hire business regarding any type of unique instructions or requests for devices you could need for the wedding event. Some firms will add special touches like wedding celebration prefers or also customized published T-shirts to the limo prior to the wedding event in Solihull.
If you are organizing for an event as well as would desire to hire a limo in Solihull, you must be certain that the lorry is effectively outfitted with the called for devices. By discovering just how to fasten these tools to the limo, you will not just make your party a success yet additionally shield on your own as well as your visitors from any damages as they get in the limo.
When you have all these devices in hand, you need to begin by discovering a limo hire firm in Solihull. By looking at the website, you will certainly be able to identify the professionalism of the limo hire company.
You need to likewise look right into the various amenities offered by the limo you are considering employing. You require to make a decision exactly how much you can invest on the limousine.
There are various methods on how to fasten bow to a limo hire business. For this, you ought to lease a limo and also drive it around with the required devices set up.
Once you have parked the limousine, you require to start driving. You might want to check out the limo hire firm's location code prior to starting. You might wish to learn if the automobile lies near a mall or bar. This way, when you get to your location, you can just hand over your buddies as well as make your way to the place. Of course, you do not wish to drop them off there! Rather, you want to drop them off at their hotel and after that select them up at the limo hire business.
As soon as you get to your destination, you can make sure that every little thing goes efficiently by obtaining the devices that you require from the limousine hire business. This way, you will not have to run around community trying to find a particular part or solution. The company should have all the materials you need, so you can appreciate your ride knowing that you looked like a million bucks!
Before you start to use your own automobile, you could want to evaluate drive it just to make certain that it will certainly run well in a limo. If every little thing goes well, then you can go in advance and start utilizing your very own vehicle.
Currently that you know how to fasten ribbon to a limousine, you could want to employ a limo for other occasions. Do not neglect to inform the limousine hire business so they can arrange a consultation for you.
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christopherismybuddie · 2 months ago
First of all, thanks for your elaborate post about this topic. I really appreciate it. And after reading the ask by my predecessor (and your answer to it), it really got me thinking about the topic of disabilities. And what it means to be disabled. But most of all: what Carla's remark means exactly.
So thanks for that. :) First of all, let me explicitly state: I don't have CP, nor do I have any significant difficulty with movements. So as far as that goes (and with regards to the skateboard situation): I can't say I share the same experiences. That being said, I do have experience with having "limitations" as Carla puts. I'll get to that a little bit later.
So first the scene in question. I rewatched to see what we're dealing with here. This is roughly what Carla said about the skateboarding incident:
I think you should talk to him about how he got hurt. I know Christopher wants to be like all the other kids, but... [...] He already knows that [he's different]. You [E.] need to teach him what it means. That he has...limitations.
As you can see, "limitation" is actually a small fraction of what Carla says about this topic. The way I understand a "limitation", is does not automatically mean that you cannot do things at all. Rather, it means you might not be able to do them "in the regular way", or it will take you more time/ energy to do it, or (and this is what I am referring to) you need help doing certain things (possibly for the rest of your life). All in all, I do think that it's part of Carla's job to have such a conversation with Eddie. I wouldn't take her completely seriously if she wouldn't have done that. Carla's job is to advocate for Chris's needs, to look out for his wellbeing and his health. But I think part of doing that is eventually teaching Chris how to do that himself. (And for that, you need insight into how your disability affects your life.) But the first step is to teach the parent how to do that for their child.**
And to be honest: that does not have to be a bad thing. But I think a key thing about disabilities* is learning your limits, i.e. the focus points in which you need extra support or help (whether that'd be a person like Carla, tools like a wheel chair, therapy like Dr. Copeland or schedules/ lists/ reminders like the ones I need). For one, it'll help you find the things in which you excell (in Chris's case: his green thumb or his interaction with his peers). Moreover, it will make it easier to reach out when you do need help in certain situations. And it will make it easier for others to notice that you need help.
So, about me. I am neurodivergent*** And for me that means, I experience limitations in what I can do every single day. And after feeling disappointed in myself for years, and not understanding why the sky wasn't the limit for me, for years... I have come to accept that there are things that I can't do "like the other kids". Maybe certain things (like working 40 hrs a week) I will never be able to do. And for me, that's oddly liberating. I have a counselor, who I meet up with every week, to discuss what's going on in my life. That can be anything...from work (major topic rn) to my mental health (used to be a major topic), university/ learning strategies (no longer relevant but used to be central topic), my eating habits, my sleeping cycle, housework tasks, paying my bills...
It's a lot honestly, and I don't need help with all of it all of the time. But it's nice to have someone to discuss everything with. (Without them having any personal relationship to you, like friends or family.) Because sensitive stimuli are very intense to me and because my brain generally has trouble applying order and structure into my thoughts. I am restricted in my some extent. To an extent that I need to take certain things into account (like how I schedule things, how much energy I have left or how much stress I can take) and I'll probably always need some degree of support.
But that doesn't limit me...if anything, it's liberating. Because: If I take into account the things that I just mentioned, I'm likely to succeed in anything I set my mind to. And if for whatever reason it still doesn't work, I don't have to be angry at the universe, or jealous of my peers, or sad that I might have disappointed my parents or scared that my life will come to nothing. Because 1.) it's just a setback in a lifetime rich of experience and 2.) there are other people that can help and support me. I have a network of amazing people -> "Bucks" if you like. But a vital part of that network is my counselor -> my "Carla".
So, tldr: justice for Carla. I do think she actually as a point. Limitations aren't as bad as they sound. But it's important to recognise them. Not because others expect you to do so. But because it'll enable you to improve/ alter your life in a manner that suits your needs/ hopes/ desires.
* another semantic thingy: it's dis-ability; not in-ability -> you can't do things very well, but not necessarily at all)
** Although my parents are still happily married, Eddie actually reminds me a lot of my father when I was younger. For a long time he believed I would "grow out" of my disability. That it wouldn't be such an issue when I got older. And for a long while, I believed him. Because it's the thing you want to believe as a child. That one day, you'll be "just like the other kids". But eventually, I got older and the difficulties didn't disappear. If anything, they grew, but in other areas. That left me with a lot of disappointment in my life, in my talents and mostly in myself. It took me a significant amount of time to figure how I am disabled and in which areas. But my sense of self worth still needs a lot of recovery. My mother on the other hand was a lot like Shannon: constantly worried about how I would grow up. And adamant I would get the help that I needed to function (and mostly to feel) better. (-> Briefly said I just to be a lot more restricted before the age of ten than I am now.) Honestly, that woman fought like a lioness for me and I couldn't be more grateful. But inevitably, that'll make you "the unpopular parent". Because you say the things your child probably doesn't want to hear. (But deep inside: already knows, as Carla pointed out as well.) And I just don't think it's fair to be put in such a position. Nor is it fair to make your child think they're "limitless", because nobody is. But having a disability (whether it's CP, a learning disorder or being blind/ deaf) entails you should pay attention to areas in which you need help. So that you can make your life easier. And this might sound very harsh but I certainly don't mean it that way: in the end you are in charge of your own life. And running away from things you may need help with isn't just dumb, it's an injustice to yourself. Because life gets so much easier and happier and more carefree once you don't constantly have to think about keeping up and being "like the other kids". Obviously it's everyone's own choice what to do with their lives. But life is too precious to spend it matching others, attempting to be normal or trying not to bother anyone. It should be filled with the excitement of what might be around the corner. Not the anguish of falling on your face.
*** If you really want to know: I was diagnosed with ASD 15 years ago; and even my parents are convinced I have ADD too. It took me way too long to realise my disability didn't limit me as much in social situations. I actually love interacting with others and overall I'm rather good at communication.
I really enjoyed reading this ask and I really appreciate you sharing with me this part of your opinion and your life experiences. I could only imagine how much courage and time and effort you needed at that time and I thank you for trusting me with this. I feel very honored to have this. And I just needed to tell you that I adore you more...
I totally agree with everything you said on your ask. I couldn't add more than just simply saying that we all need a support network for us doing whatever we want. And so we do need to know what our limitations but also not to let them define who we are.
You see, sometimes I believe in the word's power. I do believe that the way you speak does effect on your state of mind. Like saying "I'm disabled " is very different from saying "I'm with disability ". I once wrote something about disability and limitations and it was in Hebrew because of the words game so it sounds a lot catchy but basically, you don't have disability so you know what's your limitations and therefore you know what you can or can't do. You have disability so you know what's your boundaries so you know what is your adge of your capabilities.
So yeah, we can dream about everything we want to do and we can have ambitions that might be impossible but worth to try. And yet we do have to be aware of ourselves just because we need to protect ourselves from disappointment and frustration. And maybe that's a crucial part of growing up and finding a new ability and a new side of ourselves. Because at the end of the day disability is just another new ability.
I have said this before about my father and his similarities to Eddie as a character. And I thought about it more deeply and I even recalled some memories of him. And I found that he just a perfect combination of Eddie and Buck. Because while my dad was a quiet man and private person, he would make everything that I could do whatever I wanted.
My dad always used to tell me that whenever I get opportunity for doing new then I should say yes first and ask questions later.
And that's what I'm taking with me everywhere.
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xsarcasticwriterx · 2 months ago
Au Volant-part 1
Summary: You were free, you had control until bucky and Steve showed up at your door.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: Angst, swearing, minor tfawts ep 2 spoilers.
Notes: This is a series btw and I'm not sure how long it'll be (not like I do for any of my series) and yea that's all just know it will be pretty....dark pfft. Also, this does NOT fit in the marvel timeline even if references are made to such.
Tumblr media
Steve knew when he was out-matched, hell even before the serum he knew when he'd lose he just didn't know when to stop. Bucky did though and nothing about that had changed in 100 years. Not even now when steves ass was being handed to him. after getting bucky back steve and bucky had gone off on their own mission to find other super-soldiers who may still be alive. of course they expected this to be easier than it was.
Of course, bucky could've just brought steve to Isaiah Bradley but he still knew steve would be pissed after finding out what had been done to him and he just wanted to leave Isaiah to his own thing still.
Then there was you. Bucky met you back when he was first becoming the winter soldier. you were their first test into becoming one of them. of course, your trigger words hadn't been finished before you killed those who were working on you and escaping. it s why they advanced buckys mechanism. You'd had tried to free him but they were already in the works of triggering buckys words.
Bucky knew you were free but only by self-discipline and no one knowing the words aside from hydra who, by this point, you'd spent the last century running from. He wanted you to stay out even if he knew where you were at.
That was until now, they needed another super soldier to win. Sure he could call Isaiah but as far as triggers go you were more likely to not only survive this but even join it. So with that process bucky grabbed steve ignoring his words and ran to your house.
you were 95 years old, despite how you looked. you had managed to escape hydra. Ever since hydra fell you ere truly free for the first time in a long time. you had enrolled in college majoring in history, ironic yes but you figured with your overextended life maybe you could use it and become a history professor.
This was your plan until there was a knock at your door. you figured it was the pizza you had ordered until you opened it seeing a bloody avenger and the weapon that hydra used over and over again to kill people. So with that you slammed the door, locked it, and walked back to your living room. "y/n come on" you heard bucky say. "nope" you yelled back.
"I thought you said shed be willing to help?" you heard steve groan. "I never said willing I said she could help" bucky replied. steve sighed "look y/n I know-" steve started to say "you don't know shit about shit star-spangled man with a plan," you said back.
"I spent the last 70 years running from this man ok. Now I know he is back to Sargent Barnes or whatever crap he was before but guesses what it does mean I am willing to just jump back in the man who was on my ass trying to kill me just yesterday, and it sure as fuck doesn't mean that I am willing to jump back into war" you wished they just go away. You were finally free safe. "steve go" "huh?" "go ill be back with you in a few minutes" and so steve walked away out of hearing distance. bucky said down but your door.
"look y/n I know what you've been through ok. I know they hurt you because they hurt me too. See this difference is I was a soldier before were just someone in the wrong place wrong time. Me and steve here are looking for the others those who were like us, set them free too. Though they seem to either be like you, Isiah, or are still trying to fight. now I'm here because most are trying to fight and they're gathering together and fighting. I don't blame you for not trusting me I get it, some days even I don't trust me but know that I never wanted to hurt you." bucky cleared his throat "I am James 'bucky' Barnes and you are part of my amends" bucky said before the door opened and he fell back.
You stuck your hand out "give it" you said which bucky only looked up at you confused. "come on there's only so many therapists for brainwashed murderes give it" you said again. bucky handed you the tiny book. you opened it and crossed out your name handing it back to him. "get up and get your boy toy over there to come inside. I need to get ready if we're going to war." you said walking upstairs. "so you'll come?" bucky asked. "sure James why the fuck not but be aware you may be fixed but I'm only free out of pure will, soon as someone says the words I'm no longer free" you said walking to your room.
Bucky opened his notebook writing down ten words. he handed the paper to steve. "what's this?" he asked looking down at the words in both Russian and English. "her trigger words. just know as soon as there said she's one of them" bucky knew the words. hydras orders were if he found you to trigger you. "so she's not...." steve trailed off "nope she's only free out of self will" bucky shrugged sometimes he wished he had been able to be like you. "is it safe to bring her?" steve asked fearing what would happen if you became like bucky. "ill be fine" you said from the top of the stairs. you were wearing your gear which consisted of a black long sleeve made out of bulletproof gear that you stole from the police, black leggings for movement, black boots, and a hoodie. your hair was out of your face and you had your daggers on one side of your belt and your guns on the other.
"don't be a moron and say those words and everything will be fine," you said walking down. "now what's the game plan what do I need?" "what you have and spare clothes and weapons," Steve said. you nodded walking to your garage where the rest of your knives and guns were at along with your disguised clothes. "so you said that the soldiers are grouping up and fighting. know why?" "There are only rumors some say they want new hydra, others say they're scared some say they are forming a 'better' hydra," bucky said following you.
you grabbed a bag stuffing clothes in and ammo along with some daggers. "so are we staying with the rest of the little einstens?" you asked turning to steve. you were met with two confused faces. you blinked, how on earth are you, a person on the run, more educated on pop culture than these two "its....its a kids show" you said clearing your throat "im asking if were staying at the avengers headquarters" you said awkwardly. "oh no were tracking the group and certain people, those suspicious and then we just stay in hotels" steve said. you nodded and walked to the front door. "lets go then shall we"
you two got into steves car. "so how come no ones ever heard of you if you were on of them?" steve asked. "got out before i become one fully they never were able to trigger me" you shrugged. "she tried getting me out but...she was too late" bucky looked down. steve shut up from that point on. you all drove to a motel close to where they had seen a few people hiding out at from the sights of it.
the motel was kind of well really bad, not quite what you expected when rolling with the avengers. they said it was to stay undercover, large purchases and such could trigger that someone famous is rolling in. So here you were sat on a rigidy bed in the motel. there was 2 beds but 3 of you so someone had to share. "not it" steve said flopping back onto a bed. you and bucky looked at each other. "come on you two have known each other for almost as long as buck and I" steve said sitting up.
you grumbled sitting on the bed before sighing. not like you slept much so maybe you wouldn't have to actually share the bed. "for tonight we will fill you in" steve said. you 3 sat at a table and they told you the information they have and what they're plan is.
They said how they have a few places where they think people are hiding out based on the hours of activity and a few spots look like people are hiding out there. They said their plan was talk until people started noticing bucky and then chose to fight, then they came to you. Now their plan was talk but with back up incase shit takes a turn again.
Bucky and steve had gone to sleep but you were still up sat at a table. you were sharpening your daggers. you were zoned out for a while at this point. you didn't sleep often due to fear that if you let your guard down you wouldn't be able to hold back the soldier part of you. you really only slept when you were on the verge of passing out. This started when one night you had a dream, not long after you escaped, of the man saying the words. you felt your whole brain shift, luckily you woke up and were able to push back before anything happened. since then it was too close of a call to risk anything ever again.
You saw movement and looked up seeing bucky look around in almost a panic before he saw you. his breathing steadied "hey" he whispered out of breath. you nodded to him "you ok there?" "hmm? yea why are you up isnt it late?" you looked at the clock. last you looked it was 12am. you shrugged "same reason your up" "guess being brainwashed has its cons" you huffed "ysupposeou could say that"
"you sleep at all" bucky asked standing and walking to you. "i sleep when i feel like im going to pass out" you returned back to sharpening your daggers "last time i casually slept the world almost had another winter soldier" you scoffed "never doing that shit again" you looked up at bucky. his hair was a mess and a thin layer of sweat covered his chest. he was definitely muscly and you'd be lying if you said he wasn't hot.
"you should rest ill watch over you make sure you don't change" he said looking at you. "no its fine got another" you looked down at your watch looking at the date "few days before i pass out" you shrugged. "y/n. sleep" he stated. you shook your head. bucky groaned, walked to you and threw you over his shoulder "come on sleep time" he said putting you on the bed. you groaned but soon as you were laying down you felt your eyes insticntly close. "stupid body" you grumbled
soon slumber took over. bucky smirked down at you. you two were one in the same except while he was forever free you, you were free on pure will and keeping your guard up. "ill keep you safe doll, no one will change you even yourself" he said brushing the hair from your face. soon he felt as peace seeing you so calm and he laid next to you. the bed reminded him of the ones in the military. sleep took him over not too longer after.
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The Lovers
For The HarringroveApril Challenge - Day Six Stargazing
The first time King Billy gets jester Steve on his knees
Warnings Hand job, anal fingering, cum eating, blow job
The Lovers
Billy is avoiding his court out on the veranda gazing up at the stars, a rare moment of peace that is broken by the tale-tale jingle of bells. Billy does not really care for court jesters, lets them entertain his people, dispatches of them when they displease him. This new one though, has a way of drawing Billy’s attention, he is simply to pretty for Billy to ignore.
 He practically knocks into Billy in the dark walkway overlooking the gardens, bells jingling harder as he comes around the corner eyes up on the stars instead of where he is going. His eyes go wide, mouth dropping open in an enticing way as Billy catches him, keeps him from falling to the stone ground. “Your highness please forgive me.” Billy is pretty sure there is a blush staining his pretty cheeks as he drops his head in a bow bells jingling.
 “What drew your attention away from the earth pretty fool?” Billy asks, hands sliding down Steve’s sides, falling to his hips keeping him close as he peaks back up at Billy.
 “The sky in all of its infinite beauty my king, the stars are particularly bright tonight.” Steve says, his own hands finding perches on Billy’s chest where his shirt is open, touch hot in the cool night air.
Billy licks over his lips and leans in close, mouth nearly against Steve’s ear, bells brushing his hair. “What do you know of the stars?” Billy asks curious, he has seen the way Steve is at court, manners too good and practiced to come from low birth and not for the first time he wonders how Steve came into the jester trade.
“Many things,” Steve’s fingers caress Billy’s chin turning his head toward where Steve’s other hand is pointing up into the night sky at a constellation of stars. “Orion's belt” Steve moves his hand pointing to another grouping of stars “Ursa Major,” His breath is warm against Billy’s skin as he points to another constellation voice going lower, husky in a way that makes Billy want “The lovers.”
 “Hum never heard of that constellation, tell me about it.” Billy twists, his head mouth against the skin of Steve’s cheek lips trailing, hands gripping tight.
 “Their love was forbidden” Steve murmurs pulse jumping as Billy drags his mouth lower over his neck, teeth scraping before he sucks over his pulse intent to leave a mark. “They came from two waring villages. Their elders had forbidden any contact with those from the other.” Steve makes a pleasant noise in the back of his throat, bells jingling softly as Billy keeps working his mouth along his neck, pleased.
 “Keep going” Billy commands, shifting them against a pillar, pressing Steve back against it, trapping him between the cool marble and the heat of his body. “That's an order from your king.” He adds when Steve hesitates, grinning widely as Steve’s cock kicks against his hip trapped and straining against his laces.
 “The lovers met by chance, one tracking an injured deer the other at the river collecting water.” Steve’s voice is breathy as he continues, words broken up by the occasional moan and whine as Billy’s hands drag over him, mouth hot against his neck, pulling the laces of his shirt open revealing more skin for Billy to mark. “The water bearer was caught off guard by the injured deer, it knocked them into the river in its haste to escape death.” Steve makes the sweetest kneeing noise as Billy drags his shirt open further latching his mouth over a nipple, rolling the bud between his teeth and sucking. “My king!”
 “What happened next?” Billy asks sucking marks against his chest trailing across to catch Steve’s other nipple between his teeth, making him shudder and buck his hips up against Billy’s, the bells of his hat jingling hard.
 Steve pants as he continues “The river was raging and the bearer couldn’t swim, calling out for help as the water threatened to drag them down.” Steve cries out as Billy snaps his teeth hard against his nipple, back arching as Billy’s hands stroke further down his body going for the laces of his pants. Billy thinks he is going to have to remind Steve again to keep going but as he lets go of his nipple Steve relaxes and shudders as he catches his breath again before continuing the bells a constant low jingle.
 “They cried out for help but only the hunter was within earshot, the hunter was torn but felt at fault so they jumped in after them, managing to catch up to them in the river, get them above water as the current dragged them both away.” Steve sucks in a sharp breath kneeing and bucking as Billy gets a hand into his pants thick finger wrapping around his hard dripping cock. “By the time they managed to get to the bank of the river they were far away from their homes.” Steve chokes off a noise, head falling against Billy’s shoulder bells hitting him in the face as he strokes Steve’s cock.
 “Is that how the story ends?” There is a teasing hint to his voice, he is sure it does not, sure there is more as Steve clutches at his shoulder, moans into his cloak, Billy’s fingers stroking him steadily, thumb swiping over his tip using the steady stream of pre leaking out of his jester to make the glide of his hand easier.
 “No my king” Steve groans out breath hot as he turns his face into Billy’s neck, lips dragging over his skin making him shudder this time as Steve continues the story. “They were hostile at first but they had to work together using both of their skill sets to survive and make it back to their homes. It was a long journey with many trials, each one bringing the two closer together, the hostility between them slowly melting away.”
 Billy wishes he had oil on him as he gets his other hand in Steve’s pants fingers rolling over his balls, a dry finger trailing over his rim, making Steve shake harder the bells not against Billy jingling madly. “By the time they reached the village, they had fallen in love, they did not want to be parted, determined to stay together, hoping to use their example to bring peace to their warring people.” 
 Words fail Steve as Billy switches his hands, using the slick of Steve’s pre to press a finger into his tight rim, making him moan and tremble, hand moving faster over his cock as it leaks faster, mouth biting and sucking a trail back up over his neck. “Come for your king.” Billy commands, as he crooks his finger rubbing against the little bundle of nerves he finds, hands working faster as Steve’s fingers dig deeper into the fancy furs of his cloak, as he lets out all of these breathy desperate panting moans against Billy’s neck shaking apart and spilling all over Billy’s fingers staining the inside of his trousers.
 “Good boy.” Billy groans against Steve’s neck dragging his hands free from his trouser, nosing at Steve’s cheek until he turns his head, lax and breathing deeply smiling dopily at Billy. Billy’s stomach swoops low as he leans in and kisses Steve’s panting mouth, licks into him with vigor as he presses him harder against the pillar. “So good.” Steve is too pretty and perfect to entertain the public, Billy decides right then and there, especially as he brings his hand up and Steve starts lapping at his own cooling cum making Billy’s dick kick in his trousers.
 “What happened to the lovers?” Billy asks curiously, his other hand still sticky working his pants open as Steve’s finishes sucking the cum off of the fingers in his mouth eye half laden as he stares at Billy.
 “They were immediately stoned to death by the people from both of their villages” Steve's face pinches up cutely as he says that part matching Billy's own face before Steve continues. “But the goddess Aphrodite punished both villages destroying them and made sure the lovers were reunited in the sky so they could spend an eternity together.” he offers with a little shrug “I never said it was a particularly happy story.”
 “You did not.” Billy snorts, dragging his mouth against Steve’s cheek to his lips, catching him in a kiss again. “How about you give your king a happy ending to this night and get down on your knees for him?”
 Steve grins eyes shining with mirth as he squirms, shimmying down Billy’s body to his knees, bells shaking softly, eyes falling to Billy’s dripping cock. “It would be my pleasure, your highness.” Steve’s eyes come up catching Billy’s as he coyly kisses the tip making it spit out a drop of pre Steve catches on his tongue before he swallows Billy’s cock down.
 Billy groans as those bells start up a seedy rhythm, eyes up on the stars as he braces his hand against the pillar careful to keep his hands from knocking Steve hat off, finding the jingle of them oddly pleasant as Steve sucks him off.
King Billy and Jester Steve can also be read about in The Kings Fool Part 1, Part 2 or check it out on Ao3
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the-bau-quinjet · 2 months ago
what about doing a steve x reader? maybe where the reader gets hurt during a mission by hydra?? just an idea!! xx
He’s Like a Brother to Me
Summary: Pretending to be a couple for a mission is normal, so why is your Captain so upset?
Warnings: being injured on a mission, kissing, a swear word or two
Word Count: 2202
a/n: My first request!! To the anon that requested this, thank you! I hope you like it :) Sorry if it's not angsty enough! I really tried, but once I got this idea in my head I ran with it. 
Also! I didn't do my normal tag list since y'all requested to be tagged when I was only writing Criminal Minds fics. Just lmk if you want to be tagged in marvel or CM or both!
Tumblr media
"The mission is simple. You two will go to the gala as newly weds, pretend to be interested in more than the charitable events of the evening, figure out the chain of command for the weapons dealing, and put a stop to the weapons dealing assholes." Tony laid out the plan as if nothing could go wrong.
You turned to the super soldier on your left, relieved to find a matching grimace on his face.
"We have to pretend to be a couple?" You asked, turning back to Tony.
"Yes. The invites we secured are for Mr. and Mrs. Farley, so you two will be Mr. and Mrs. Farley for the evening. Any other questions?" Before you could chime in with the 17 questions in your head, Tony kept talking. "I didn't think so. Your clothes have already been dropped off to your rooms, so get ready. You'll have Rogers and Wilson doing surveillance in case anything goes wrong." Without another word, Tony forced you and Bucky out of the room.
"I guess I'll see in an hour, husband." You tried to joke, but your smile didn't meet your eyes.
"Same to you, wife." Bucky's face held a similar expression as you both turned your separate ways to get ready for the gala, trying to put the awkwardness behind you.
You and Bucky have been incredibly close ever since he first came back from Wakanda. You became fast friends since you are both so close with Steve.
It was easier for Bucky to open up to you than he anticipated, and in part it's because you remind him of his sister. Similarly, Bucky is like the older brother you never had. The two of you mesh, in the most platonic of ways.
He is there to tease you about your not-so-secret crush on Steve, and your there to help Sam come up with more annoying nicknames (starBucks being one of your favorite to date).
When it comes down to it though, you look out for each other. Of course, that won't make pretending to be a couple any less awkward.
You and Bucky enter the gala just after 8:00 pm. The large hotel ballroom is lit up by three enormous chandeliers, spaced throughout the room, with small sconces lining the outside walls. There are round tables around the outside of the room, framing a large open space for dancing.
People are mingling in small groups scattered throughout the room, waitstaff wondering around the room in precise lines to ensure anyone who wants a drink has access to one.
With a deep breath, you link your arm with Bucky's, laughing at the surprised look on his face.
"We have to at least try to sell it." You whispered in his ear, trying to play it off as a cute couple-y thing. "Even if we'd both rather be anywhere else." That comment earned a laugh, easing the tension from his shoulders.
Steve's voice in your ears refocuses you on the mission. "We just got video feed from the security cameras, so we have eyes on you now." You would have sworn you could hear an unfamiliar strain in Steve's voice as he spoke, but you chalked it up to just being nervous for the mission. "Try to mingle, figure out who's in charge."
Mingling was easier said than done. Every time the two of you tried to talk to anyone, the conversation was awkward and tense. You just didn't know how to answer questions about falling in love with each other. Ultimately, you decided eavesdropping was your best bet. Bucky pulled you to the dance floor, whispering in your ear as he held you, "dancing is the perfect cover for moving around the room."
You nodded your head in response, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"What are you doing? I said to mingle, not dance." Steve's voice in your ears surprised you. Normally, he'd stay quiet unless he received intel that could help with the mission or noticed something for you to look into.
"We're listening to other conversations, relax punk." Bucky's voice was light as he spun you around, closer to the most suspicious people you've found thus far.  
"What time is it happening?" The woman seemed nervous as she checked her watch.
"A few minutes. Relax, we'll meet them down the hall at 8:45." The man was calm and collected as he took her hand, leading her across the dance floor and out of the room.
"Guess that's our cue." You stated the obvious as you and Bucky went to follow them out of the ballroom. The couple turned down a side hallway, pulled out a key card, and entered a room, about halfway down.
You and Bucky made quick work to reach the room, pausing outside to listen in. You heard the couple, along with an unfamiliar voice.
"Do you have them?" The unfamiliar voice asked.
"We do. They're hidden in another room down the hall." the woman again sounded nervous.
"You" the unfamiliar voice must have pointed at someone, "go get them. Your wife will stay here to keep me company. Make it quick, Hydra has more important things to do."
Yours and Bucky's eyes went wide at the mention of Hydra. This mission wasn't supposed to have anything to do with them. Before you could react, footsteps could be heard coming toward the door. You had a few seconds max to figure out a way to hide.
With no other options in sight, you pulled Bucky across the hallway into the world's most awkward kiss. When the door swung open, you pretended not to notice, too lost in your "relationship" to care.
The man you saw earlier walked a few doors down before entering another room. You pulled back from Bucky, wincing slightly at the expression on his face. "I'm so sorry, I couldn't think of anything else to do to make it look like we weren't listening..." You trailed off.
"No, no it's fine. It was the only option." Bucky cleared his throat, still slightly dazed and very thrown off.
"Could the two of you stop staring at each other and get back to work?' Steve's voice was again present in your ears, and this time he was definitely angry.
"Right! Right, of course. Let's go." You awkwardly pushed off the wall, moving down the hallway to the room you saw the man enter. On the count of three, you burst into the room together. It was easy enough to over power the lone man in the room, but you and Bucky were still a little shaken up after the kiss. You handcuffed him to the bedpost, taking the key card he used earlier and moving back down the hallway.
After a brief, awkward eye contact, Bucky opened the door with you rushing in behind him. The only two people in the room were the two you heard earlier, making for a fairly easy take down.
"Cap, we got 'em. Two in room 217 and one in room 223." You started to fill him and Sam in, unsure if they still had eyes on you. At that exact moment, three more Hydra agents ran in from an adjoining room, catching you off guard.
You yelped when the gun went off, surprised at the sudden noise after thinking the mission was over. You and Bucky managed to take down the three agents without much more difficulty.
"Scratch that Cap, five in room 217." You again began filling him in, but the room started spinning. Your voice was wavering when you collapsed, the last thing you heard a mixture of Steve's voice in your ear and Bucky's in person calling your name.
"Y/N!" Then everything faded to black.
"What the hell happened in there?" Steve and Bucky were standing just outside of the med bay. After you collapsed, Bucky realized you had been shot in the stomach. While other Shield agents came to collect the men you had stopped, Bucky carried you to the quinjet, meeting a pissed looking Steve at the door.
The two didn't talk at all during the short flight back to the compound. It wasn't until you were in the med bay receiving medical attention that Steve rounded on Bucky.
"There was never any indication that more agents were there. They caught us off guard! I didn't even realize she had been shot until after we had them contained." Bucky was beating himself up. He let his guard down, still trying to get over the lingering weirdness of you kissing him.
"Caught you off guard? Buck-" Before Steve could yell anymore, Dr. Cho came out to talk to them.
"Y/N will be fine. She lost a lot of blood, but she should recover relatively quickly. She'll likely wake up in the next half hour." Dr. Cho got straight to the point, trying to ease the nerves of the two super soldiers.
"Thank you so much. Thank you!" Bucky called over his shoulder as he ran into the room, planting himself by your side. He may be weirded out by the kiss, but he knows you were too. You're still like a little sister to him, nothing could stop him from being there for you when you wake up.
Steve followed Bucky into the room after thanking Dr. Cho and briefly discussing the timeline for your recovery.
"As I was saying. Caught you off guard? I've never seen you caught off guard before." Although he was whispering so as not to disturb you, his words were nearly venomous. "The two of you let your feelings get in the way of this mission."
The look of guilt already present on Bucky's face multiplied tenfold. "You think I don't know that? I should've seen it coming. If I wasn't distracted I could've stopped them before Y/N got hurt."
You woke up at some point, hearing Bucky blame himself. Instantly, you wanted to ease his worries. "Hey," the two men turned to you, concern clear on their faces. "It wasn't your fault, Buck. I was just as distracted. Neither of us saw it coming, even though both of us should have. It doesn't matter though, because we got them, and I'll be fine." You sat up, wincing slightly at the pain in your abdomen.
"How can you say that? Of course it matters! You could have died, all because Bucky was too busy making heart eyes at you to-" Steve's words were cut off by identical sounds of laughter from you and Bucky.
"Heart eyes?! Oh my god, that's hilarious." You stuttered out the words between laughs. Steve look so confused, you couldn't help but laugh at his cute expression.
Every time you thought you were done, one look at either Bucky or Steve had you laughing again. "Oh god, make it stop! It hurts to laugh!" You pouted slightly, begging Bucky to stop laughing and Steve to change his expression.
Finally, Bucky reined it in enough to speak. "I was distracted because Y/N like a little sister. It's definitely a bit distracting to feel like you just kissed your sister" You and Bucky each made a face of disgust as you looked at each other.
Meanwhile, Steve had a look of complete shock on his face. "Wh-what? You two aren't ... ya know?”
Again, you and Bucky share looks of disgust. "God, no. He's like a brother to me."
"Yeah, I love Y/N like a sister. I'm definitely not in love with her." Bucky agrees.
Steve's expression is sheepish as he tries to explain himself, "but, but after the kiss you were staring into his eyes like you were in love!"
"We most definitely were not." Mumbling under your breath, you kept talking "his aren't the blue eyes I'd like to lovingly stare into."
Steve was shocked into silence by your statement.
"I think that's my cue to leave." Bucky wore a smug grin as he slapped Steve on the back, uttering a quick "good luck, punk" before leaving.
It was quiet for a minute, neither of you quite sure what to say.
"Who's blue eyes do you want to stare into?" Steve broke the silence, shuffling closer to sit on the side of your bed.
"What?" It took you an embarrassing amount of time to realize you said that sentence out loud. "I said that out loud?" You threw your hands up to cover your face, mumbling about being an idiot to delay having to answer.
"You did. So... who's blue eyes?" Steve's demeanor quickly shifted from shy to confident. He slowly moved your hands off your face, tilting your chin up to look into your eyes. One look had you confessing all your secrets.
"Yours. It always been yours." He rubbed his thumb across your cheek, leaning in closer to you until your foreheads were touching.
"Let me take you on a date." His words were barely a whisper, the warm air from his breath sending a shiver down your spine. You nodded in response, not trusting your voice.
He leaned in closer, barely brushing his lips over yours. "I need words, sweetheart."
You pushed forward, your lips meeting his in a passionate kiss.
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russiafile2 · 2 months ago
How to Make a Plane till for Hand Tool Storage | Woodworking Shop Project
This is what happiness looks like hey, y'all, I'm James right and welcome to my shop. Last week we built a soft Hill and I have that video up in my site, but this week we are working on a plane tail and I am in love with this thing. If you do want to build along, I do have plans on my website, so I'll leave a link to those down below it's a fairly simple setup. It'S designed to be flat to the wall, so it's not sticking out as far as one. That'S, not an angle. They'Re held in place with a clip system divider here that has a hook that holds onto the toe, and the bottom here actually has a basically like a French cleat, so that the bottom is forced in against the side. This way at any time, I can quickly pick them up and put them back and they're held in fairly secure, so they're not going to be they're, not gon na be falling out. They'Re not can be something I can easily bump out. I really like the system, and it's just nice to have when I'm working at the bench. I can turn around grab something use it and when I'm done with it, I can just put it right back rather than having it clutter up my bench. So it's a very simple system and I'd like to show you how to build it and you're, probably wanting me to stop talking so, let's dive into that, so this is going to be very. Unlike me, I'm going to start by planning. I know this is a crazy idea, but we're going to figure this thing out, so we're gon na actually use the tape measure and Mark out all of the measurements and how long these are how wide each of these grooves need to be. So I have a system of how to actually hold these in place for the main panel of the plane till I'm gon na be using this large piece of white oak. It'S about 18 inches wide and it's almost 9 foot long, a beautiful piece but yeah we're a perfect likeness because I used 2 pieces to make the panel for it for cross-cutting it. I can put it up in the saw bench and then rest was the extra on a chair that is the same height. Yes, I know it's a nice chair, it's my shop chair, but it cuts pretty quickly for all the other pieces. That'S easier! Just put him in my bench and hit him with the buck. Saw I just enjoy using the buck, saw it's no another fun for me. Next up. We need to join together the two panels for the base of this plane tail. So I'm going to start by jointing the edges and making sure everything is the way it needs to be. So when these two pieces come together, there's no gap between them they're perfectly smooth with a really nice clean edge. Then we can put some glue on them and clamp them up, making sure it a little bit of glue squeezes out in between each one when they're actually clamped up that way. I know that there is a good, solid contact between them all the way across after that we can start flattening and much like flattening a bench. It'S just a large panel, although if this panel were much wider, I would have to do half of it from one side, then go around the other side and do the other half over there, but thankfully I can just barely reach across this thing. I think it was 2 foot 9 inches all the way across something like that. So it's a big panel and still a lot of fun, but it just takes a little while after flattening, I can actually come through the smoother and smooth it out and make it feel good to the touch. And this is where a lot of the fun comes out, where you get these nice curls and yeah, it's happy hand. Tools are always fun. After that we can start making this the actual size it needs to be now. Here'S where a lot of the interesting part comes into it, because I want to flatten and joint up one edge and then with that one edge. I can use it as these reference surface to mark off all of the other edges, so that this has a all. The sides are 90 degrees to that reference side, and that means cleaning off a little bit of this rather than planing this little piece off. I found it easier to just grab the plane and cut off of this piece, and then I can chalk it up in the vices and plane off all the saw marks. Planing end grain is a pure joy, especially when you get the plane set up really nice and tight. Everything is tuned in its sharp you get these really beautiful curls. Then you get full length full width shavings of in green. I don't have anything supporting the grain on the end. That'S because I'm gon na be ripping that off a minute and that's the the third and fourth sides are going to be taking care of just the same way and once all that's done, then I can make these quarter by quarter strips. There can be little strips that separate to the plains, so I had this stock of white oaks. It'S a quarter inch thick that I got from. I think I got it on Craigslist and I decided to rip those down and then plane them to size, but right around here I realized I have to cut nine of these. Let'S do this. Oh wow, that was easy. Thankfully, the store carries quarter by quarter. Sticks now we need to create grooves to put these sticks into the base itself. I'Ll clamp up a fence running all the way along it at the right point. Make a marking gauge marking line all the way along that and then I'll put the stick in against that and then use that stick as the new fence to create the other side of the groove. That way, I have a two lines perfectly parallel at a quarter. Inch apart keeping the fence in place, then I can come in with a saw and cut down to the eighth inch depth. Once I cut all the way down on this, it really only takes you know four or five passes or so to get to get down to that depth. So it goes fairly quickly. Once I get this side, then I move the fence over to the second line that I created and then cut in a second groove, with the saw there once I have both grooves cut in with the saw, then I can come in and remove the waste in Between you can do it fairly easily with a chisel, but I prefer to use the router plane as it's just it's a fun tool and I can clean that out down to depth and tell now those sticks right into the groove. That was cut an eighth inch. Deep, so the stick is protruding about an eighth inch. Once that was done, I decided to do it a little bit differently for the rest of them and use my stanley 55. You could also do this with a 45 I'm using the second, the second skate as a fence and basically allowing that skate to ride along the previous stick, so that every groove I can set a specific distance from the last stick over and then groove out a Quarter inch groove 1/8 inch deep with the depth stop on it, and this this is a lot of fun. This was, I wish there were more grooves, because this was this was enjoyable. I could do this all day long and be very happy once I have all those grooves cut, then I want to put the sides onto this panel. The sides will just provide a little bit more Judy, but they're also stopped the planes from sliding off the side of the plane tail and a little bit of glue and while they're on next up. I want to work on the French cleats much like making the French cleats on the wall, which, if you haven't seen that that video I do have that up. I'M just going to be planing them down. Instead of cutting them with a plane. Putting a bit of an angle on them all the way across and making sure that this angle matches the angle of the cleats I have on the wall already this way they fit together - and Here I am in a block leftover from those cleats to make sure At the right angle, with the two cleats on the wall, I actually want to screw them on here, because they're going to be going cross grain to the panel, so the center screw is nice and tight. It'S the right hole for a pre drilling a screw, but the screws on the outside I'm making them much larger so that when the screw goes through, the hole is about 1/8 inch, slop small enough, so that the head still doesn't sink in but big enough. So the screw can move around then I'll, put the French cleat on to the back of the base and run in the screws. This way, the expansion and contraction on the base will allow the movement in those screws so that I'm not splitting it apart kind of like how a how a breadboard end fits, I might do the same thing with the baseboard that runs along the bottom, and this Is what all of the planes will sit on? It'S basically a French cleat in itself and screwing it in place once I have that base on, I can put in all of the sticks into their grooves with a little bit of glue to hold it in place. Nice and tight, and I'm really happy this is another very fun thing getting these sticks to to fit in and work well. The last piece I need to make are the little dividers that hold in the top of each toe on the panel, and then they also have basically a little French cleat above, if you want to put another plane above it to hold the next one. So, rather than cutting all these little pieces, I decide to basically mill up a stick that is the right cross section and then cut all of the pieces. Out of this stick, and you can see the cross section - is basically a half rabbit running all the way along it and then on the top side. There is well a 1/8 inch angle for kind of like a French cleat, I cut all those two lengths and then I can clean up all the corners by putting a plane in the vise upside down. It just makes it very quick to run over each corner. Take all the burrs off and to make them really nice and pretty and ready to go up. The last step I need to do to them is drilling out a hole through the center of each one, and this will allow me to put a screw in and hold them at the appropriate height on the on the main panel. After that, it's on to finish, and if you know me, I love boiled linseed oil. These little blocks were kind of fun. I can dip them in and then wipe off the excess and let them sit up. Let them dry for a little while, before wiping off anything that was left on them fairly, quick and easy for the main surface. It'S just more boiled linseed oil. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off add a second coat and then paste wax. On felix furniture website of that, I have a whole video showing my process on that. If you want to see that as well, but it's a finish that I love for my hand, tools. The last step is actually installing all of the planes and putting the blocks at the right height to hold them in. So I'm putting the heel of the plane on the bottom rail, which is basically like a French cleat, and then I can put that block in and if I push it in place, sometimes it'll stick, but most the time I'll have a mark so that I know Where to put that screw, then I can come in with the brace and drive in that screw into place and make it all fit, and just one after another. I keep those going until all the blocks are in place and the planes actually go in and out very easily. I really like how the system comes out. The toe clicks in and then gravity holds them in place. Gravity gravity is trying to keep them held back to the board and it's a fairly slick system all told I am really happy. I have a lot more space where I can put more planes on here and yes, so, let's go shopping. More planes makes me very happy, [, Music, ] and voila. I am extremely happy I did wear both of these. I actually ended up designing them completely from the beginning. It'S not something. I'D only do normally. I just jump into the project and build it and then pump out the design afterwards, but this one I actually went through and figured it all out and put the designs together, put the plans together and then I built them from the very same plans that are On my website now, and I really like how that came out, I'm trying to do that more often, I've had a lot more people asking for those plans so that since them seems to work fairly well, I'm really liking how this is coming out. It'S a really simple system anytime. I you just grab a plane, go to town and then come back here. Hang it up and it's in place. It'S not something! I'M worrying about! I'M not going to be easily bumping them off and yeah. I'M really happy! If you can't tell, I am in love with this, we do want to say thank you to the patrons on patreon. You guys are the reason why and keep putting out videos like this. I am gon na be putting up more tills and storage units on this wall, and I had this whole thing planned out. I'M really looking forward to that, and this is all because of you guys on patreon, if you'd like to help out or find out more about that, you can do so right down here. Also, if you'd like to subscribe or see the podcast that Johnny Brook and the z'h fabrication and myself all have we record every Thursday on this channel right here and that's about it until next time have a wonderful day.
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popculturebuffet · 2 months ago
Green Eggs and Ham: Here (Patreon Review for Emma Ficci)
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! And I have my first fully paid for comission and patreon review all in one! Yes my good friend Emma became a patreon and you can too, go to Even one buck a month helps and 5 a month nets you a review of whatever of your choice a month. An episode of any tv show I have acess to. It feels good to have more than one person paying my salary, though I sitll want to thank Kev, my other patreon for helping with that. 
So with that all in order, let’s talk about this thoroughly weird, thoroughly wonderful show from a couple years back. Green Eggs and Ham is modern adaptation of a Dr. Seuss book..... and I bet those of you who haven’t heard of this series before or it’s reputation just had your bowls clinch a bit. Yeah while I haven’t seen illumination’s takes on the maestro of children’s books, I haven’t heard the best things and the trailers and odd and counter productive marketing tie ins for the Lorax have made me want to stay 30 feet away from it at all times. Seriously you get certified Legend Danny DeVito.. and you waste him on “Dat’s a woman” a joke that I don’t have time to unpack all the ways it sucks. My point is Seuss really hasn’t had the best time with adaptations latey.  But leave it to Warner Animation and Netflix to pull out a great one. Yeah I wasn’t too excited about a tv adaptation of one book at first due to all this and even a celebrity cast wasn’t a good sign. They roped Danny DeVito into the Lorax. So even with a whopper cast containing Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, my boy Adam Divine, Ilana Glazer, Kegan Michael Key,  Jeffery Wright, Eddie Izard and JIllian Bell.. I wasn’t convinced. But word of mouth was really good, and the animation looked downright gorgeous, perfectly mimicking suess’ work and feeling like an unabashed love letter. 
So I did what I tend to do.. and sat on it for several years because I simply forgot to watch it till my friend comissioned it and here we are. And off the bat.. the reputation.. is not remotely overblown. This is easily the best Dr. Seuss adaptation i’ve seen in some time taking the best of his ideas and whimsy, with what little behind the scenes stuff I could get saying they specifically took art design from his art of book, with a modern and intresting story behind it and an all star cast that this time around are used well instead of just being there for Name Recogntion. Not only that but it takes inspriation form, of all things, Planes Trains and Automobiles, but does so well so far, getting the oddcouple dynamic down perfectly. 
So join me under the cut as I cut this bit of green eggs and ham into bite sized pieces for you all and go into why it’s so delecitable. 
Tumblr media
This episode’s mostly broken up into bits to introduce all the main players, so as I tend to do when there’s multiple plots, I will be covering each one at a time. 
Guy and Sam: The Failed Inventor and the Animal Thief
So our story begins with.. a ninja breaking into a zoo to steal the rare Chikaraffe. 
Tumblr media
Neither was the narrator, played by Key.. and the narrator naturally for a work like this delightfully interacts with things and is one of the best parts of the whole episode. But this already shows how well the series updates things. There’s one or two things like Ninja Sam or a family making ducklips during a photo, there’s even a fairly obvious trump stand in we’ll get to.. but none of it’s SO overdone it takes you out of things or dates the projects. The tech is kept to about the 70′s or 80′s with cameras still used instead of camera phones, crt tv’s, and what have you, and most inventions seens are susian. It feels wholly in line with his books while still nudging it into our current decade here and there. In other words.. how you SHOULD do it: add in a few things here or there but no overt pop culture refrences and at most a take that at something Seuss would gladly take aim at. 
So we meet our other hero the next day, Guy-Am-I. Guy is the show’s version of the nameless harassment victim from the books, with a bit of a darker fur and hat, likely to help better distingish him from sam as well as sell him being older than his co-star. It’s a good change, and helps sell Guy as what he is.. a grumpy middle aged man who keeps failling in life as demonstrated by his way to the inventions: he falls in a puddle, signs no on a pettition because he’s in a hurry, reminds me of man in a hurry from hatchefield but I couldn’t find a good image of him saying that in time and takes a picture of the family “Say runing my life” “ruining your life!”. We later see after some of the following scenes Sam do the same.. but he hops over the puddle then dives ino for fun, signs an entire page of the pettition, and takes tons of pictures. It’s a nice establishing scene for both. 
Guy is presenting his invention for Snerzco, your standard megacorp given a delightful Seuss twist with LITERAL pencil pushers and beancounters, to present his invention, with other inventors presenting, witht he hopes of presenting to Snerzz himself, having such delightfully bonkers and seussian inventions as a reverse umbrella (it rains on you) and an automatic fingercrosser. It’s touches like this that really tell me the series really loves Dr. Seuss. 
Sadly things don’t go well for guy as he’s hoping his invention dosen’t explode, his invention being a backpack made of hands to help people fly. Most people are imprestted apart from Michelle a bean counter who.. randomly snarks she wouldn’t let her daughter fly on it.
Tumblr media
Yeah it’s not a great introduction for one of your major characters to have her randomly mock something that hadn’t exploded yet, and to for no reason bring up what a paranoid and unfun parent she is. We’ll get to her more in a bit. But yes it does explode and Guy’s dreams are ruined. 
And this whole picture.. shows who guy is. He’s someone whose kept trying agian, and again and again only for it not to work, and to get laughed at by the public and spat on by god themslef. It’s easy to see WHY he’s such a bitter curmudgeon: life hates him, so why shouldn’t he hate it back. That’s a self defeating prophecy of course but this is episode one and tha’ts probably the point of the series: to explore this. That being said I could see this coming from a mile away and felt it to be the most unupsired bit of the episode. 
Guy enters a diner to get some Oatmush “The Sadmans Special” after the bus leaves before he can get to it because again, God hates him personally.  No the sadman’s special is a famous bowl from KFC. I should know as a professional sadman. Regardless Guy is miserable.. and in enters sam, whose fascenated their “Breifcase Buddies” because thier briefcases match.. and unlike the above I like how they call attention to them being identical. We know wha’ts going to happen there but the lampshading helps it go down easier and makes us wonder if they will swap. Sam is a regular, being friends with Donna the waitress and ordering his usual green eggs and ham.
So we get the expected bit: Sam asks Guy to try them, he says no, but the show makes a good choice. Instead of just.. stalking guy for the next 11 episodes to get him to try it.. he simply asks if he’s actually tried it, Guy says no and makes a great poop joke, and Sam leaves it. He apparently asks once an episode, but it’s made more into a character thing; Guy refuses because he hates to try new things outside of his inventing and that’s hit a wall. It’s also a nice suprise that Devine and Douglas just play perfectly off one another. The two are from vastly diffrent generations and backgrounds acting wise, but they just work perfectly together and it’s what makes their interactions work. 
Sam does leave it and the other inventors having ALL got the golden ticket, arrive and Sam treats them.. only to notice Guy’s paper and the fact guy failed, and asks donna politely to get guy his mush as he ordered first. It’s good setup for Sam. We saw him be nice and free and what not, but we also see that while he can be insietive (He asked guy what broken dream he had earlier in the scene) he does geniunely care and it isn’t just surface level. He loves people and helping them and getting to know them. 
Of course while Guy is greatful, showing that beneath his own exterior he’s not a bad guy just one made miserable by life, he’s not going to be best friends or anything.. that’s a lot to ask they just met and takes his case after gulping down his oatmush. 
That night Sam prepares to leave, having given Donna his adress.. multiple times. in the hopes someone comes over and hangs out. Can relate even if i’d never go that far. He does however reveal himself as the ninja and prepare to take the chikaraffe with him for whatever reason. 
Guy goes to his hotel room to sulk, not helped by the other inventors partying outside, and full of misery and self loathing throws his suitcase in the fire.. until it makes a noise. He quickly pulls it out to find the Chickaraffe. Will he surivive? I mean probably. We have 12 episodes left. And a full second season. God this is going to take a few years.. regardless, let’s move onto the subplots. 
MIchellee and E.B.
We meet Michelle’s daughter EB who just wants to live but her mom dosen’t let her have toys or shenaniagnas.. and comes off untetionally as really abusive. She’s SUPPOSED to be overprotective, but saying “I detect a hint of whimsy.. i’ll allow it” really just paints you as an overcontrolling psycho. Their headed on a trip and while EB wants to catch the chickaraffe for herself dosen’t have the time and her mom gives her a magnetic friendship bracelet.. that shackes her to her. Just... yeah Michelle has made me  hate her in one episode and she’s played by Diane Keaton. How do you do that? Hopefully she’ll get better but hearing about these two characters was part of the reason I procastinated so long. The other is my brain being kind of a forgetful swamp. 
Snerz: We meet Snerz himself who has someone bringing him the chickaraffe. Snerz is a cold, mean man with trump hair.. that in this case is a literal being he’s forcing to be his hair, has everything gold plated and keeps animals in a wall forcing them to stand on the other side and put their heads through like he mounted them because he’s a sociopath. And this is the refrence I meant. Snerz has many comparisons to trump, the hair, the gold platings, but it dosen’t really date the thing as Trump has been around since long before this and will sadly probably be around till his inetivitible jail sentence. But it’s not so overt or over the top that it takes you out of it it works. Okay one more. 
Two mysterious agents, one old and one on her first mission, go to the zoo and interogate the guy running it holding him over a slapping turtle exhbit. Their after the chickaraffe and depart.. with the yougner agent accidently dropping him. Whoops. At least he gets to get hit into space by a turtle. Some of us never will “Sigh”
Final Thoughts:
This was an excellent first episode. It fleshes out the characters well, sets up the story without feeling too slow, and the show strkes the right ballance of being it’s own thing while still feeling Seuss. It’s a wubusoully wonderful good time and I recommend checking it out. I look forward to the rest of the series over the next year. 
Next on this blog: Sleepover time as Shadow into Light, my Lena Saberwing retrospective resumes. 
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