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chaos101lynx · 2 hours ago
⭐️ ✏️
⭐️- how do you get your inspiration?
The eternal question ... What tends to happen to me most often is I’ll have single lines that pop into my head (like “I’m sorry that you love me”) and then I’ll piece them together!
✏️- favorite part about writing
When you’re really in the zone, you kinda slip into a space where it doesn’t actually feel like you’re writing anymore? It feels closer to reading, in a way—like the words are already there. You don’t have to actually write them down; you just have to make them appear. 
Ask game one!
Ask game two!
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swan2swan · 3 hours ago
....watching old cartoons is teaching me something.
It’s not that cartoons are finally being made with diverse casts today.
It’s that they’re being allowed to stick around.
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deimosatellite · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“then i grew up, and the beauty of succulent illusions fell away from me”
word count: ~5.5k
chapter: 1/?
summary:  Alex was 15 when he first met a wicked boy with blue eyes. Well, not exactly met, as in introduced himself-more like-tried to steal from.
hi hi alex fic alex fic anyways this is kind of a somewhat sequel / somewhat tangential to my arthur fic ( but can also be read by itself, lowkey i wanted to make this another long single chapter but it was getting like . REALLY long so ill be releasing it in chapters. anyways have fun 
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giraffeskull · 4 hours ago
damn I thought that Montero being taken down was a meme or marketing tactic but I deadass can’t listen to it on Spotify; I can listen to all the other songs on Spotify’s shuffle list tho literally WHATS going on, why is montero making my app crash
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inkykeiji · 4 hours ago
Ah sorry if someone has already said this but all the rich boys™️ (Particularly in bmb but touya-nii as well!) give me massive My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone vibes!! Love ur work and hope you’re doing good! Stay safe n hydrated love
no no, no one has made that connection before!!!! BUT YES YES ANON I TOTALLY AGREE 110% ahaha oh my god ESPECIALLY the whole chorus and and and the line they tell me jesus walks, i tell them money talks <333
aw bb thank you so so much!!!!! you too my friend!! <33
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unclegarou · 8 hours ago
I REFUSE to believe watchdog man is above Garou. His probably taste like dog food. His n-nut🤮 WILL have you looking like Spongebob when he ate garys food
omg i knew exactly what you were talking about lmfaoooo ☠️☠️
Tumblr media
one things for sure though, watchdog man’s dick is microscopically small
i know he’s a virgin. no doubt. never even seen a titty before.
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i-am-the-third-heat · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well if it ain't me
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So I’ve been playing phone tag w my obgyn for /months/ trying to get an answer for what tf I’m supposed to do when I need to come off my meds this month. Ran out of meds on sat, just got to refill my prescription like this afternoon.
And I have cramps after only 3 fucking days
Ahhahahahaha I’m in danger
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meraki-kintsukuroi · 9 hours ago
Blank Period
Tumblr media
Whatever you do, please don't think about the blank period--the year/s of loneliness in the Miya Twin's life.
Don't think about how they start noticing the small little details in their separate apartments. Like how there's only a bed instead of a bunk bed, one toothbrush in the sink instead of two. How the silence is just a little bit too much on some days, and how no one is there to occupy the emptiness because of it.
Don't think about osamu cheering so loudly and happily because he finally got his license for business approved and turning around wanting to scream at atsumu in joy that he finally got in, but realizes a bit too late that there's no one but him for a celebration now.
Don't think about atsumu winning his very first tournament when the first time he goes pro and instead of saying "I" he says "We" expecting osamu by his side basking in the ecstasy of winning just as the same as him, only to realize that osamu is miles away and probably isn't watching because the silver twin is too busy for him anymore.
Don't think about how the twins were countries apart. How their schedules don't align and how lonely atsumu must have been because of homesickness, and that despite being surrounded by a team just as loud as the last one, he was lonely because as great as they all were none of them were his twin, the boy he grew up with, the brother he had learned to love and live with.
Don't think about osamu cooking to much food needed for himself and wanting to call atsumu so that he could come over and eat the rest, but realize that atsumu is so far away from him, far from where he can go, and just eats all of it up in the silence that was his apartment, the food bland in his mouth because he has no one to share his food with and at the very least when they squabbled over it, it tasted better because of the victory of winning over it.
And please, please, whatever you do, don't think about the twins seeing each other on the television, or some distance away, seeing the other shining so bright and wonderful around people, seeing them changed so much that it terrified them to see their face because of the fear--of the fact, that maybe, maybe he already had lost his brother the moment he let him go.
Tumblr media
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frog-appreciator · 9 hours ago
People will see someone complaining about something shitty and then go “lmao ur not oppressed” and there are some cases imo where this may be true, and even a fully appropriate response, (I approve of “bullying” the rich for example) but then there are cases imo where saying that is still completely inappropriate and a complete dick move because the person complaining about it isn’t trying to say that they are being systematically oppressed. 
One example is how a lot of people respond to when asexual people talk about their experiences, or when furries talk about being on the receiving end of weird  harassment campaigns because they enjoy a “cringe” hobby. 
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