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#but like..... have yall ever met a man
tokiore · a day ago
Yoooooooo, can you please do a Nanami Kento, Aizawa Shōta, Ukai Keishin and Erwin Smith Before Dating, Confessions and Dating HCs!🥺
Please and thank you 💕
Yoooo! Omg for sure! Everyone here are *cough* daddy material *cough*
Tumblr media
[Head cannon + one shot]
I've ever written~
Note: this does have slight nsfw stuff (but nothing too serious tho) and LOTS OF FLUFF (way too much)
Also, haven't proofread yet so please bare with it <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen
You found Nanami to be a very boring person when you first met him. You found it hard to believe that they put you and him on a mission together to go and find a cursed object.
Nanami found whatever you did to be very annoying and so did you.
You both practically couldn't stand eachother since yall both had different ideas and views to certain issues or problems.
Even though you both were completely opposites, you both still managed to pull off the missions!
There would be one point during the mission that you both would agree on thus making the mission a success.
Slowly, you and Nanami were able to tolerate eachother and be on the same page.
From there it was smooth sailing. You and Nanami started thinking alike and started working on more missions.
This made you both slowly grow closer to the point where you and Nanami would pick on Gojou or spend the afternoon talking about your favorite things to do or talk about some hot Jujutsu gossip. (Nanami would say he's not interested but we somehow has tea on everyone.)
After your successful missions yall would go the ice cream parlor where you would get ice cream for yourself and walk back home with Nanami.
You slowly grew over Nanami to the point where yall couldn't do missions without eachother.
Yall complemented eachother and became complete.
As much as Nanami told he "hated" everything you did, he knew a part of him was slowly falling for you.
The things you once did that he found annoying are now the things he finds cute.
It became obvious that Nanami has feelings for you but you were too flustered about your own feelings towards him.
You too hadn't realized that you liked Nanami until Gojo mentioned it.
You never realized how you subconsciously called him "cutie" or "Mr. Hot mess". He wasn't a mess but he was hot and you didn't mind calling him that.
You didn't know if Nanami liked you back so you kept it to yourself fearing you might get rejected and the friendship you had with him would be ruined.
You and Nanami were assigned to go on a mission and it went well, you got your celebratory icecream and started walking back home:
Nanami felt the light breeze brush past him as he turned to see the sun setting painting the sky in hues of blues, purples, reds and oranges. He looked at you walking infront of him happily eating the icecream and talking about how well the mission went. A sudden urge came over Nanami to tell you how he really felt. Stopping infront of your house before you could go in he stops you. "Y/n..." the blonde called out to you as you turned and gave him a small smile. "Hmm?" You asked as you kept the empty icecream bowl on the porch. "There's something I wanted to tell you..." he says loosening his tie a bit to let himself breathe. "Nanami, are you okay?" You're voice filled with concern since he normally doesn't act like this. "I've been meaning to tell you this for a while now... I have feelings you, Y/n." his even more gentle and tender yet desperate to get his feeling across to you. Moving a step closer to you "You are so beautiful, powerful and caring. I just want to live my life with you and I can't see one without you being in it." He says, gently cupping your face face with both his hands and caressing it slowly. "I love you is what I'm trying to say." He said and kissed you on your forehead. You couldn't help but tear up after hearing all those sweet things he said. You felt so lucky that this man like you back. You hugged him and said "I feel the same way too." As you buried your face in his chest.
And that is how you both started dating!
Dating Nanami was everything you hoped for.
The relationship you both had was built on respect, responsibility and love.
Everyone around you knew that you and Nanami are dating.
He made it way too obvious by walking into work holding your hand.
Nanami would take you out on surprise date to fancy restaurants or restaurants where he would've made reservations.
After work or dates you both would crash at yours or his house.
Cuddle time with Nanami just melts you!
He wraps his arms around you such a way that you're buried in his chest, your legs between his and both of you under a warm blanket!
It's no surprise that Nanami is a good kisser. Every chance he gets his lips are on yours.
After a while of dating Nanami moved in with you and from three yall did everything thing together! Right from cooking meals together to sleeping together to even showering.
To summarize your relationship: you're the couple everyone respects!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> Anime: Boku No Hero Academia
You and Aizawa met when your building was under attack.
Amidst the chaos you and him locked eyes.
As if it was fate that brought you two together, you both bumped into eachother often. You both became really good friends after a while.
Aizawa and you would hang out at your place most of the time where it was quiet and peaceful unlike back at the dorms.
Aizawa would talk about how things were at work and he would listen to how the day went for you too.
You and Aizawa were there for eachother in an emotional way. Yall told your problems to eachother and it felt like whenever yall were together it was a safe place.
After he does most of his work has a hero he would always make time to spent time with you. You both would often just chill around the house.
There would be times where Aizawa would get badly injured and show up at your house. It used to terrify you at that point bit you would still take care of him until he completely healed.
You both were bestfriends and thats what mattered.
Aizawa never had a reason to stay alive. He always thought if he dies he would die with no regrets and he would die not leaving anyone since no one attached themselves to him.
Ofcourse, all of it changed when he saw you. You were now the reason he wanted to live. No because you had no one but because he would miss your smile or the small giggles you let out.
He would miss you because he loved you.
Soon, everything he saw reminded him of you. The books would remind him of how you read to him sometimes, the students would remind him of how you spoke about being kids. Even silence reminded him of how you would take care of him when he was injured on quiet nights.
You were never the type who believed in love but you were open to the fact someone would change it for you and when you saw Aizawa and got to know him you knew, you knew what love felt like.
One day, you and Aizawa were at your place. It was the weekend so Aizawa cam home early:
The warm afternoon sun peaked through the curtains while Aizawa made himself comfortable laying on you on the couch. "You know, I heard that a few of the students in your class are extremely talented..." You said to aizawa while playing with his hair. "Hmm, I have pretty decent students." He said with his eyes closed. "That's great isn't it? You'll have plenty of more than talented heroes." You laughed slightly after you replied and looked at him. Aizawa felt hot, blood rushing to his cheeks. He did not give you time to think. The last thing you felt was his warm hands gently grabbing the back of your neck before pulling you into a deep yet soft and gentle kiss. You felt shivers go through your entire body. After he kissed you he looked at you. "Y/n, I love you. I have been for a while now and I really wanted to tell you this before I don't get a chance to tell you. I'm completely fine if you don't feel the sa--" Aizawa's eyes widened when your lips touched his for the seconds time. "I love you too. Just stop talking." You said to him as you gave out your signature smile.
And that's where everything changed for you Teo love birds!
Nothing much changed after you both started dating.
But the thing that did change was that friendship was replaced with love.
You two spent more time together and you both loved every second of it.
Aizawa made it clear to everyone that you were his and only his.
Now, every morning you both would wake up holding eachother.
It did scare you way more now when Aizawa would go fighting villains
On occasions when Aizawa would have days off. He would wake up earlier than you and treat you to breakfast in bed.
Your dates would be super normal ones like having lunch at cafés or dinner at diners.
Aizawa knew that you would be waiting for him back at home so he would always show up.
You and him adopted Eri and Shinso too (to check that out, click here)
To summarize your relationship: you both loved eachother way too much that nothing else mattered except seeing a smile on your faces.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> Anime: Haikyuu
Keishin and you met when you both were kids.
He fell off the bike and you helped him up and asked him "Do you wanna be friends?"
Ever since then, you both would always hang out together at either one of your homes.
You went to Karasuno together and you both joined volleyball teams.
Your parents died in a car crash when you were in your first year and when Keishin was in his second year.
You started living with Keishin and his family until you graduated.
You also went to the same college as Keishin.
You bothe were inseparable. You both date different people and break up with them at the same time, get piercings and tattoos together.
The only thing you didn't like about Keishin was the fact he used to smoke nonstop.
You and Keishin were best that no one could possibly separate.
When you went through a pretty rough break up, Keishin helped you get back up but you weren't the same. You stopped dating and interacting with other people except Keishin.
When you went through that break up Keishin wasn't himself either. He hated the fact that you went through that!
He knew he would never treat you like that, ever.
Soon he became overprotective of you and you didn't mind. He came to terms that he was falling for and didn't care if you didn't like him back.
All that mattered to him was you getting back to normal.
This is the way it went:
You both were sitting in Keishin's bedroom. It was silent, comfortable silence. You were lying on the bed with your legs resting on the wall as you were staring at the ceiling and keishin sitting on the ground, leaning on the bed going through a random magazine. "Oi, Keishin..." you called out to him. "Hmm?" He hummed and continued reading. You rolled onto your stomach and rested your chin on his shoulder and looked into the magazine. "It's been a while since you had a girlfriend... The last time you had a girlfriend was before I broke up." You said catching his attention but not enough to get a response. Your eyes widened in excitement "Don't tell me, you fell for someone didn't you?" You asked as you grabbed the magazine from his hand and sat up straight. "Spill!" You said to which he replied with a stern "No." Your face changed to a sad one "tell me who she is!! Please please please!!" You said in a whiny tone. "No." He said again. "Is she pretty? Is she your type? When did you meet her? How did you meet her? Keishin, give me someth-" you were cut off again with a "No.". This was the last straw for you "Why the fuck not?" You said raising your voice. "Because I don't want anything to change between us!" Ukai said overpowering your voice. "Why would things cha- oh..." Awkward silence filled the air once you realized. "From when?" You finally decided to break the silence. "From when we were in high school but I realized it even more after you had your break up. When you broke up and said you didn't want anyone's love I didn't tell you because I didn'twant to lose you, that's the last thing I ever want" He confessed as he got onto the bed and cupped your face with his warm hands and brought his forehead closer to yours. "Please don't let this change our friendship" he said to you in a low voice "So.... you don't want us to date?" "I want u- wait date?" He asked, eyes all lit up. "Yes, dummy! I have feelings for you too but I didn't know how you felt. You always take care of me when I'm said and I never got t-" your short speech was cut off with a warm hug. "I love you." Is all Keishin whispered into your ears as you both stayed there for a while.
A cute confession story to tell your kids!
Ha! Dating eachother was smooth sailing. You guys knew eachother in and out.
You knew eachothers favorite color, things yall liked, disliked, tolerated, favorite band, sports, movies, books, subjects JUST EVERYTHING!
Keishin's family was happier than he was that you were his girlfriend. You were practically already family after you both started dating!
You would do his hairstyles for him and you would spend time with him at the store.
To summarize your relationship: friends to lovers trope!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-> Anime: Shingeki No Kyojin
From a young age, you were interested in joining the survey corps since you dad was the former Commander.
You grew up and enrolled yourself in the survey corps and you were put under Commander Erwin Smith's squad since you had a high score compared to anyone there.
You were more than talented, you remember using the ODM gear when you ware just 10 years old.
Erwin had his eye on you the entire time since you joined. He was interested in you after seeing what you were capable of.
You soon started to notice those bright blue eyes follow you and watch what you were doing. You being you decided to walk up to Erwin and ask what his problem was.
From there you both became "friends". Erwin asked you to call him by his name when you guys were alone.
You both would have a little drink in the evening while helping erwin sort out his paper work.
You both gelled together really well.
Erwin slowly started liking you the more you hung out with him.
The time he realized that he fell for you was when you went on a mission with Levi's squad. His heart sand and he prayed that you would come back in one piece with them.
So, when you left again... you know what? I'm just going to let you see it:
The only things you could hear in Erwin's office was the clock ticking, the fan spinning and his heavy breathing. Levi's squad was 46 hours late, you were part of his squad. Erwin was coming up with the worst scenarios possible when he was brought back to earth when he heard the bells from the walls toll. He rushed outside to see alot of injured soldiers on horse and on a cart he saw Hange making eye contact. His heart dropped. His thoughts were spiraling. He rushed to the cart to see you passed out. "What happened, Hange?" Erwin asked trying to sound normal. "She got injured when she saved the other cadets, Erwin." Hange said calmy. "It's not serious, she passed out due to impact. Be patient." She continued. 2 days later, Erwin was in his study anticipating for Y/n to walk through that door with a smile. He wasn't allowed to go to the infirmary and he was swamped with work. He delt terrible that he wasn't there for her. He heard a knock on the door "State your name and business." Erwin said cause he was mistook normal cadets for Y/n. "Captain L/n and uhmm... I was called?" You opened the door slightly and was met with a warm hug from Erwin "I missed you!" He said hugging you tighter. "Don't do this to me ever again!" He said stroking your hair. "Erwin..." you called his name and stroked his back to calm him down. "I love you." He said as he pulled away and looked into your eyes "I love you too." You told him and pulled him and kissed him.
And that's how the commander and Captain of the survey corps fell in love.
You and Erwin started dating in secret. Eventually, Hange found out and let the entire wall know that you and him are dating.
Alot of people found it unfair but you both could care less.
You both started spending more time together.
From "Erwin" the name branched out to "honey", "sweetie" and "love". (Only when you two were alone tho)
You and Erwin sometime slept off while working and the next day you both would wake up wrapped in eachothers arms.
To summarize your relationship: you both were hope for eachother in a world filled with titans.
Tumblr media
That's all!!
I hope you liked it!!
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jream-23 · 2 days ago
Heloo!! If your requests are still open could you do a male s/o with Sanji, Zoro or Luffy, that looks tall and intimidating but he's actually really shy and tries to hide behind people even though hes super tall :)
If you don't feel like doing all three characters, just Sanji would be fine!!
Hope you have a lovely day 🥰
OFC im sorry this has taken so long to get done, as i mentioned i just finished my school year so i'll be able to post more, here are these headcannons tho <3
sanji, zoro, luffy with an intimidating and tall bf whos really shy:
Tumblr media
- when sanji first met you he didn't think much but he was a little concerned with how tall you were because he wasn't used to many people being taller than him
- first time he saw you hide was when usopp and luffy were yelling at each other over one of franky's new features to himself, this really threw him off because no one expected you to be scared of like anything
- from then on he thought you were really cute even tho you were a guy and sanji was quite the womanizer
- when you two established your relationship he mentioned things like him protecting you and stuff because hes aware of your timidness
- def makes sure you two always shop together when you guys are stopping at an island so he can hold your hand and stuff while resupplying
- if anything or anyone is ever making you uncomfortable especially to the point where you do hide behind him or the crew his first move is to get you out of the situation and give you a reassuring kiss (then take care of whats going on)
- tells you you’re still quite a man (specifically a gentlemen) no matter how shy you get about things its normal
Tumblr media
- first time you ever hid he held in a laugh because for someone to be scared with your physical demeanor was amusing to him
- although he felt kind of bad because it's not like you could help what you were scared of but in all honesty he didnt know what to say or do the time
- after getting together, his favorite thing is to nap with you and look like you two could kill whenever someone wakes yalls up
- he likes that you look really intimidating though and honestly it gives him a little rush sometimes whenever he sees you and your cold stare
- and he won't admit how cute he finds you when youre shielding yourself with the straw hats, obviously loves that you put him in front of yourself when nami tries to yell at you
- being a taller man tho, he secretly likes when you’re the one to be spooning him and be just silently loves being in your touch, not all the time (bc he does like to be in control) but occasionally. and it means a lot to him
- anything that scares you even if its a noise he is willing to cut up because he doesnt want you to only hang out in shawdows/behind ofhers
- gets jealous when you hide behind anyone else aside from him but he’ll forgive you lol
Tumblr media
- luffy was not intimidated when he met you and this was the first thing you noted of him because usually poeple deemed you as unapproachable
- luffy asks for piggyback rides and should rides a lot before and after dating just because he likes your big height and big body
- he did in fact, out loud, laugh at you when nami was screaming about her map getting messed up and you crouched behind him
- every so often he has to cutely and angerly remind you of the awesome and strong and big n scary bf you are to him, its like little pep talks from him to you and most of the time they make you feel better about whatever was bothering you before
- expects you to put on that really intimidating expression to get him food in situations
- like i mentioned before, he finds it funny when you gotta block yourself out of fear BUT if something is genuinely making you uncomfy or actually scaring you it’s automatically beat-ass mode obviously
- definitely finds your height and intimidating/rbf expression hot and hes very honest about it which is fine but sometimes he a little too honest about it
- him being an extrovert he will definitely do what he can to try to get you to come out of your shell a little bit but dont blame him if hes a little much
FIRST DAY OF SUMMER AND THIS IS MY UPLOAD, i hope u all enjoy, again sorry for cutting so many days w/o posting, i am back now but thank you for reading :)
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steponmeasra · 7 days ago
CAAAAN YOU FEEEEL THE MENTO IWWNESS TONIIIIIIGHT.... I ALREADY EXPOSED MYSELF IN THE LONG ASS ASKS I SENT LAST NIGHT BUT IM HERE LIKE 🤡🤡🤡 ID GET ALONG W ALL OF THEM SURELY 🤡🤡🤡 i mean if were talking zodiacs i get along great w virgos and leos so virgo line plus changbin n i stay WINNING cause leos love the attention scorpios can give and i will Shower him in it and i Will sit w virgo line as we overanalyze society and its flaws and talk abt some deep shit only to snap to the best flavour of zooper doopers and then theres minho who is KIN, double scorpio GANG homie wed be communicating in some sort of fuckin secret code like ok. n then we have chan who id love bc i adore libras but i think i can be a bit too intense for them sometimes, much to my dismay, but he handles minho alright so IDC WERE GONNA BE BESTIES IN MY BRAAAAIN or boyfriends but yall didnt hear me say that n hyunjin is easy bc water signs generally get along w each other rly easily innie is an aquarius which i typically get along w on a surface level until they get sick of me and flake so hed probably be the first to dip but also we have similar wrath of the youngest kid of the friend group asserting dominance and raising hell so who knows.
i. i cannot believe i typed all that out this shit EMBARRASSING 🤡🤡🤡 i will retreat back to my man cave now and get ready for the hell that will be kingdom live voting 🤡 -felix bi anon
It breaks my heart to say it but I don't think I could irl fw Hyunjin on any level whatsoever, I like him IN SPITE OF the fact he's a pisces, but I s2g I have wanted to straight up murder every single male pisces I have ever met 😭 like I'm on the cusp of pisces, I feel like some of my worst traits are from the pisces side, but the detached/objective brain from Aquarius just looks at that degree of extreme emotion that is normal for them and is like "yall are some complaining ass bitches in here" 😭 I feel like pisces are always the type that have the best life ever, and still find a way to complain about how hard it is, and I just like *stares into imaginary camera with completely deadpan expression like I'm on The Office* 😑 so I think we'd like. Not get along. I love him still tho. From a distance. Same for Changbin, unfortunately. Leos play too damn much. Not everything is about you, bro. Not everybody wants to be you or fuck you, bro (this is a general leo sentiment that does NOT apply to Changbin obvi). Love the energy, love the... I know they call it "charisma", I won't comment on that 🤐 and I love the drive. But like. You tryna get a movie roll, I'm tryna hunt down jefd bezos, we are not the same, and that's OK lfmao.
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steponmeasra · 7 days ago
ok replying to the last ask from the shortie convo: i have decided that the issue isn’t my unintimidating appearance nor any lack of badassery in my chart, i simply need to start snapping on bitches. no more making excuses just committing a straight up murder, verbally, or maybe i’ll just start swinging. who knows. i Could be giving off that energy you describing but i’m clearly not so it’s probably just that i’ve been holding myself back. fuck that, it’s been too chummy over here i’m gonna start summoning demons n shit. haunting people via the astral plane. going to their house and moving all their furniture an inch to the left so they bump into everything. swapping their lube and laundry detergent. stealing peoples bank account numbers. selling their organs online. fucking their mans. nt’s who wanna try me aboutta catch these HANDS! YALL WANTED TO SEE A SCORPIO YALL GON GET STUNG BITCHES
i’m definitely taking this ego boost and running w it tho. ur right tho us scorpios go hard. in theory i’m like “yeah i’m a p selfish person i always put myself over everyone else even those i care about” when in reality if someone even Breathes incorrectly at any of my like 4.5 people i’ve decided are My People they aboutta feel the wrath of a GOD. i just been cast away too many times to put in that energy for most people tbh it’s hard bc i’m an extrovert snd i Want lots of friends but i’m picky w em. if i find them boring they’re getting left on read. if their sense of humour doesn’t bounce off mine like a motherfucking bouncy castle that you can safely do a triple backflip on, i’m not having it. if they can’t take my roasts with their head held high they ain’t lasting long. this criteria narrows it down to just abt everyone who don’t want me, apparently, and some randos on the internet. LMFAO. then again i’ve had people i just thought were ok and not fun enough to stick around for, be the ones reaching out to me n put the effort in to be my friend and i just 🥺🥴🤩🥺🥺 i’m gonna roast them shitless but if anyone else says so much as a single hair on their head being off i am annihilating their entire bloodline down to the 9th generation. you best not go around telling ppl how soft we are on the inside tho hoe i do Not strap a switchblade to my thigh for people to find out about my romanticism or how i daydream abt just hanging out w my best friends n doing The most domestic and normal things just bc i want to spend more time w them, no, shhh. keep it on the down low. also aquarians tend to scare me in terms of genuine friendships bc y’all so flaky like aquas would tell me “i love u so much ur like my favourite person ever” then ghost my entire existence until i ask them for a tbh on their insta story and turns out they thought i was too much and their friends all hate me, like, i love yalls sense of humour but OUCH. u may projectile vomit at ur taurus moon but that’s like Exactly what u need to balance that shit out cause taurians to be ride or die. like yeah they’re arguably “lazy” by generalisation but that’s just bc their motivation is Extremely tunnel visioned towards whatever makes them happy and if that’s you you’re getting Showered in love n affection and attention and yall stubborn as a brick wall but loyal to a fault. us scorpios need thst shit bro we need that Stability taurians provide, esp since they’re so sturdy they tend to be able to handle our intensity well without being scared off. no taurus slander in this household will be tolerated unless it’s from me 😤😤😤 -felix bi anon
I'm tellliiiing you, you need to start smackin bitches. Cause I've met baby scorps that don't realize they literally are The Babe With The Power, and then full scorps who know that smackin tf out of someone is ONLY A PROBLEM to bitches who know they do shit they deserve to get slapped for 😂
I'm always honestly confused when people say Aquarians are cold or detached or unemotional ☹️because I genuinely don't get it 😭 like, we are some of the most emotional people on fuckin planet earth, to our own detriment—I think we just have an ego problem and we also tend to be extremely contrarian, so whenever someone thinks they know us or what we're about, we pull the rip cord because no one could EVAAAAA, and it's insulting that they think they could 😂 But I've always known Aquarians to be some of the most sensitive bitches, we just don't externalize it because our world is internal, we don't share w the world, we create our own. We are flakier than a fresh baked fuckin Popeyes biscuit tho, that is the gods honest truth. We will decide on the drive to ur place that we're no longer invested and just up and turn around and go back to bed without a word. I think what the outside world intercepts as being cold or aloof in Aquarians is actually just the fact that we really struggle with Casualness and take everything WAY too seriously and are extremely idealistic, and we're so used to being made fun of for being too serious or too passionate that we just like. Stop showing up mentally to a lot of spaces. Especially if what we're excited about is something other people find weird, we jsut go "okay I won't share joy with you anymore cause you're a bitch." I've also never known another Aquarian who doesn't feel an extremely strong sense of intuition, coupled with a really black and white thinking, that makes us quickly gauge how compatible someone's values etc are with ours and if we have an inkling it's not gonna work, we just dip. I'm totally guilty of thinking someone is my kindred spirit and then they say one thing that makes me feel differently and I just cut ties, cause I know that they won't change and I can't abide by our differences, so it feels like an insurmountable problem and we just shut it down and move on. We think too much about shit lmfao. My problem with Taurians has always been that, in my experience, they have this deep emotional capacity because they think of their life through the lense of classic film, so being the hopelessly devoted friend or the lovestruck ingenue is appealing to them for that reason, so they can picture their actions from a 3rd person pov and feel that the audience will react positively to their character. To people/signs that are internally motivated rather than externally, that can read as not being genuine, and that's been my large experience with taurus. I don't hate Taurians, I have a lot of them in my life, but the Taurus in my chart only exacerbates the natural dramatic nature i have and makes me unbearable a lot of the time lmfao. I'm idealistic enough as it is, my moon in taurus just makes me INSANELY emotional about romance and friendships to a degree that keeps me from having them because I NEED it to be storybook, it has to be perfect or I can't handle it. I'd sum up the taurus/Aquarius dynamic as us feeling uneasy about them because they're very driven, but we feel it's for the wrong reasons, if that makes sense.
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secretarykang · 9 days ago
devyn & karlheinz hcs
( also pretty much you need to know about their relationship and other stuff)
they met at a ball after karlheinz asked her father to introduce each other since he was curious about her
they became friends pretty fast
and were friends for about an year and a half before he asked her to be his royal advisor and pretty much his right hand
devyn was scared he will propose but was relieved to know its just that
she met his wife and kids properly after she got the job (as i mentioned in the hcs for hers and beatrix’s friendship)
she developed a great friendship with beatrix
her relationship with cordelia were never very good for obvious reasons
her relationship with christa was okay, they didn’t talked much
she has a good relationship with all the kids
always tried to help them when they needed and guide them
karlheinz was okay with her being close to his kids to a certain extent
he made it clear that he won’t like if she gets involved in their punishment, and by that i mean if she tries to stop him or contest his decision
like she did when laito was locked in the dungeons
they work really well together
the fact that they were friends from before helped consolidate this work relationship
both of them grew quite fond of each other with time
by the time karlheinz started developing deeper feelings for her, he made sure to keep her a bit closer to him in order to keep away any suitors she might have
when she started developing deeper feelings for him, the situation was a bit different
since devyn was near karlheinz and his family for a lot of years she saw how he treated his wives and was reluctant of ever confessing her feelings
bc yeah a relationship with this guy seems great from the outside but is it as great from the inside
through out the years there were a lot of speculation that they were actually together and she was his mistress and that’s how she got her job
that’s one of the reasons the other officials and advisors didn’t liked her that much
they did confessed their feelings to each other ( yall can read confessions of a drunk man, both parts— it’s in my masterlist, for more details)
pretty much karlheinz had to be drunk to say that he fell for her
so rn, in current times, they are together
devyn is still his secretary/right hand bc this guy can’t do anything without her anymore
serious stuff
she knows about the whole adam and eve thingy
she doesn’t know too many details tho
she just knows the basic things about this
so she doesn’t know about the whole experiment thingy that happened recently in the manga (like the ceremony stuff and where and why he send ayato and the others?)
karlheinz told socrates about devyn and he talked about her to him a lot of times
devyn pretty much takes care of the boys( both sakamaki and mukami)
she attends parents teacher nights
she goes to their school activities
she visits them quite often and makes sure everyone and everything is fine
also she gets along pretty well with yui(it’s her favourite bride ngl)
do devyn and karl gossip about the vampires in his court? absolutely
they like to spend a lot of time in the library, reading or just talking
their romantic relationship, at this point, goes okay, pretty well
they had a few bumps but they worked it out
but again, with karlheinz being karlheinz you never know when he will fuck up
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dubeee · 15 days ago
Things were alot more better now i swear.
I met this lady whom i loved the most, so pretty yet humble lady whom i known for years.
We’ve been an aquintance for quite sometimes back then cause I’m not that kind of typical guy who randomly talk to girls.
But back then, a few years later we began to talk as a friend Ofcourse and yeah I’ve been asking tips and ranting about my feelings cause i known for sure she’s trusted.
There’s this one particular time where both of us went single, I didn’t know that she’s single or taken cause my intention was just to talk and maybe some cup of teas.
And yeah, so i made the funniest or idiotics move I’ve ever doned in my entire life.
I asked her out, not to a date! But just a supper with me around my place. And yeah she came perhaps from work which is a distance to my place, yet she come.
I fetch her from my nearest mrt, walk her to the place we wanna eat and it was close, so we decided to just hang around at my cribs and grab something on the go!
Yeah we did, we both sat around my block and have a wonderful chat i guess we’ve both ever had? Indeed?it was beautiful i swear, literally the most sincere talk I’ve ever had in my life : )
We began with the stories of lifes of us, what happen to both of our past and shares some little secrets and making some jokes to not break an awkward silence.
And boom, she asked me out the next time! I didn’t expect that she would ask me out! And we did eventually we went out too…
Jewel Changi Airport? Yeah that’s right. That’s the most impromptu of my thoughts man, I literally find that place suits us, those vibes for newly couples like us would like.. sikesss
Yeah it was fun, we really spend our day well that day, really splendid, i was the happiest guy that time ever.
And yeah, she asked me out again man, to a proper date? I guess we ate an andes @ Changi village yeah, that’s right.
We ate finely well man, but it isn’t on me cause I’m broke at that point of time, and she said it’s on her, well after we ate those dine, we walk ourself to the nearest beach what else!
Share and shares our thoughts about life, and guess what? We got a lot of bloody same interest man but the most importantly is, we both loves the view at the beach especially with the one we loved the most.
It’s the best man, idk yall? But i guess i love it.
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blurrcheerio · 16 days ago
Sole crusher thought bubbles 👠
disclaimer: dont read if u havent watched sole crusher
so i finally found a video with subs (again big shoutout to fellow translators out there yall r AWESOME) so yes we be having another crazy session :>
- omg that tour rlly makes me wanna go paris!! too bad we cant actually see lb and chat patrolling around 😔
- omg tom and sabine’s bakery is officially the best bakery in paris YES
- idk if it’s just me but zoe gives off ✨ gay vibes ✨
- the second marinette hears abt zoe only having one friend she immediately showers her with food and love and exchange numbers WHO WOULDNT LOVE THAT GIRL
- i know some ppl r asking why we’re getting another new character but honestly i find it refreshing and also i may or may not already be trying to adopt that girl oop-
- audrey ma’am do u just wear those sunglasses everywhere???? like u’re literally indoors reading a magazine
- chloe those r literally the tackiest shoes i have ever seen how is audrey not screaming at them
- okay i honestly was wondering why the sudden attitude change but now im realising that she’s acting to actually fit in djejdjjene
- chloe: “all the boys must fall over for u and the handsome ones must carry ur stuff” also chloe: picks someone who is not all that good looking (no offense to the guy :< )
- uhhhhh where did that red carpet come from????
- did- did she just say she’ll buy her a new name???? uhhh her name isnt all that different from yours ma’am
- okay ngl zoe’s a rlly good actress (ahem liela take some notes)
- oooh but she’s in aurore’s class??? i can totally see them being besties doedkke
- rose: “can we adopt her??” OMG U SWEET CHILD CAN I ADOPT U????
- marinette seeing right thru zoe’s act and trusting the girl she just met in the morning 🥺
- okay i always thought andre was like ehhh but he just wanted to be loved by his family omg i hope he can stand up for himself and achieve his dreams 😭😭
- omg zoe my poor baby I WISH I CAN GIVE U A HUG
- oh frick the akumatised item isnt on her this is interesting
- also idk if anyone’s told gabriel but that shadowmoth outfit he’s got on is kinda ugly and he’s a fashion designer —
- chloe, the first reaction when u see an akuma isnt to ask why they stole ur image U R IN DANGER GIRL
- okay idk why the cheese floating im space sent me 🤡
- omg chat arriving and marinette just being like “shush it kitty im not done” HAHAHAHA
- chat waiting for marinette to finish before tripping sole crusher WE STAN A GENTLEMAN
- omg chat suggesting he cataclysma here before she destroys the city 😦 wut is this man capable of
- okay i didnt recognise the lucky charm object this is why i cant be lb yalls 😔😔
- wow that was a slow punch if i’ve ever seen one
- hello where can i get one if those charms they’re so pretty 🥺🥺🥺
- awww ivan was the first one to hug zoe i love u mannn also did yall see adrien’s face GIVE SUNSHINE BOY A HUG PLEASE
- audrey listening to chloe??? who r u and wut have u done to audrey bourgeois
- aww i can see this father daughter relationship between andre and zoe even tho she isnt his actual daughterrrr i rlly hope this will help him stand up for himselfff :<
- okay i rlly love that pink hair thooo wishing i had light coloured hair now :<<<
okayy that’s all for today folks thanks for joining :D
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gimbapchefs · 17 days ago
♧ hi nat, i've arrived with my clover! please send yours my way too ty
YAYYYY i think i sent u a clover but frankly the day is so long i can't remember what i did an hour ago LOL
You’re my: fellow impulse-purchase-from-the-weverse-shop mutual as well as one of the mutuals i admire the most because of the work you do 💖
How I met you: im so bad at this question but I THINK? either i saw you interacting w people on my dash and was like i think she'd be fun to be friends with or you followed me and i was like omg a new cc and i saw you were a psychotherapist and i was like ok now i really wanna be friends with her
Why I follow you: because you make fabulous gifs and we have a shared flip out in the tags esp because of namjoon (im converted fully🥲) and you're just such a nice, kindhearted person
Your blog is: aesthetically pleasing with a side of crack (im getting better at describing things m a y b e-no) like when i look at your header, icon, colors it's so satisfying and you post and rb quality content and then the tags and commentary bring in the crack LOL mainly bc i just looked at your page and yall are currently screaming about pogo sticks haasjdfh i love this community
Your URL is: we all need suga with butter maybe as yoongi's bengali wife he'll give you some buttered toast in the morning so it'll literally be...suga with butter...(ha ha ... ha *finger guns*)
Your icon is: SEXY MAN pink mon came back strong as ever and i am such a fan also to talk about your header more i just love the colors in it like the greens are such nice tones plus namjoon and yoongi in white angelic outfits - i love it all
A random fact I know about you: i'm thinking about how you just bought a bunch of bts albums recently and made reaction videos with your sister that were absolutely hilarious yall are iconic (which may have convinced me to then do it myself)
General opinion: you're so so so sweet. the first time we talked we ended up talking about career goals and i'm so appreciative of all you shared with me and how supportive you were. then after that it ranged from talking about kdrama to sweaty bts pics to our impulse purchases and i love it.
A random thought I have: i think you were the first mutual i talked to and forever grateful for how nice you were to me :)) i had such a great experience having you as my first mutual-friend that i had more confidence to talk to other mutuals so thank u t you are wonderful both as a person and through your work 💗 remember to take care of yourself as always 💗💗
mutuals send me a ♧!
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smallstoriesiwrite · 18 days ago
The Dragon and her Knight
a/n: before I start this. This will be my first time writing a short story that I thought of. So please help with feedback!as well! its very long! its been awhile since i wrote something like years so please bear with me! remember yall are loved!
Tenya x Female!reader 
“We will be family day tomorrow remember tell all your family to come so we can all get to know each other.” Aizawa said
All the class groans
“Hey I'm just the messenger. Principle Nezu requested it for Class 1-A. So please bring your families. And I understand if some can’t make it. But please request they come. Okay class is over for today. Remember to call to see if they are coming and that it’s all day. Class dismiss”
Everyone started packing up when Shoji approached Y/N.
“Hey y/n you excited for tomorrow?”
“Honestly Sho I am. You will get to see my 3 older siblings and my parents again! They are always so busy with the agency we never see father is even taking the day off.”
“That’s amazing! I would love to meet your parents again!”
You smile remembering how Shoji met your parents when you fell ill during Flu season and your family came and visited you while Shoji took care of you.
While walking towards the door someone bumped into you hard as you fell to the floor.
“Y/N?! Are you okay?” Shoji asked while helping you up
“Yeah Im fine sho now who the fuck bumped into me that hard ?”
“I must have not seen you there L/N. I figured because you're not up to my level?” Iida said.
“Guess who still hasn't learned how to fix that cursing problem you have L/N? Even as kids you used to curse like a sailor. You really have no manners do you?”
Smirking you said
“I may have a cursing problem Iida. But god knows I don’t have a stick up my ass now do I? And from what I hear you're just mad from your actions.”
“Now why would I be mad?”
“My family is all coming tomorrow and your precious rich daddy can’t take a day off of work now could he?” You say tauntingly
“For your information all my family is coming along tomorrow as well. Even my brother.”
“Ah the laid back Iida is coming too! Wow must be an accomplishment?! Here let me give you the pity award” You say sarcastically
Tenya growled and walked away while saying
“See your family tomorrow L/N. Tomorrow will be an interesting day.”
You rolled your eyes and walked to your dorm with Shoji.
“Tell me why again you and Tenya are always at each other’s throats about y’all’s family’s? “ Shoji says
“You see love. Me and Iida grew up together and were the best of friends. We did everything together from helping both of our older brothers with their suits to eating family dinners together. “ you say while arriving at your dorm and unlocking it
“Our older brothers were best of friends and so did my sister and brother got along with Iidas older brother. We were always neck in neck in school and Quirk power. Until one day my older brother Kyo (I’m just gonna name the siblings and if that’s your name I’m so sorry😭) was top of his class and was beating Iidas brother in both hero work and school wise. It was never more than a friendly rivalry between them but our families took it seriously. Iidas family found out that Kyo was excelling faster than Tensie. And surely enough my brother graduated top of his class and knowing how to control his quirk.”
Going into your dorm you set your backpack down and Shoji did the same. Starting to change into normal clothes while shoji did as well. It was so common for shoji left clothes because he always slept over.
While changing you continued
“So when graduation came along both of our families decided to have dinner with each other before having our own big parties  separately. While eating dinner at Kyos and Tensies favorite restaurant our families started to compare our brother's work and every time they tried to one up each other until finally Iidas' family said “You know what? Our sons don’t need to hang out with your kind. We are better than you all and our Agency and money proves it. You don’t have enough money to raise 4 Children! Ha you guys are low lives we will never associate with again.” According to Kyo, Athena and Laxus
Tensie defended us and tried to apologize but it didn’t slide with my parents. We left and ever since we have been rivals. We were never the richest like them. We worked for our big agency. My father and Kyo run the Agency.
It has been a rivalry between us as well. That’s why I study for long hours and as well practice my Quirk with Kyo Athena and Laxus when they come around to visit or present. They all graduated top number one. I want to do that as well.
Iida is just a reminder from my past that tamiles like them exist. They are born into riches while we work for ours. I can never forgive his family for what they said to mine. You know how much I love them. My family is everything to me. We might have arguments and disagreements about my future and the agency but at the end of the day they are my headache to deal with and honestly I don’t mind.” You say smiling and looking at Shoji
“But you do remember that time you lost a dare and kissed Tenya that one night I thought for sure you were over this rivalry. I swear every time I bring it up-“
You cut him off by throwing a pillow at him
He laughs and says
“SUREEEE you came back a squealing mess and so unsure of your feelings that night to my room.”
I sighed and looked at the grown
“You know I can’t love him. My family wouldn’t approve and you know they are my world.”
“But n/n you need to realize that it’s your future. And your love. You love him don’t you.”
Sadly nodding
“I do. But he hates me. He doesn’t see me as a potential lover. He sees me as a rival he needs to crush because his family says so. My family wanted me to have that mentality as well. But for the love of fuck we held hands growing up and he gave me flowers because he thought it would go pretty un my hair.”
You say while walking to a small box of memories and pulling up photos of Tenya and you as children and dried flowers you pressed.
“I’ll just love from afar Sho.”
He nods and pulls you into a warm hug.
“Remember bestie I’m here for you. Anytime anywhere and if I have to knock some sense into Iida when he’s mean to you. Even if I don’t like hitting my classmates I will do it for you.”
Hugging tighter you said
“Thank you really bestie thank you.”
“Now let’s get to studying. We need to review for next week's test. But we can listen to music and dance around as well.” You said smiling while pulling away from the hug
Shoji nods and grabs his work while you turn up the music.
——time skip to next day brought to you by my raging headache and wanting to eat as well my spelling errors———————-
“Hey y’all made it!” You said running towards your family
“Hell yeah we did we miss your stupid face!” Laxus said while hugging you
“Haha I miss your dumb face as well.”
You said while pulling away from the hug
“Hi mom hi dad “ you said smiling and hugging both
“Hi my love, how are you? Are you eating well? Not forcing yourself too much are you? And Shoji, where is he?” Mom said in a hurry
“Women, she will never understand you. Calm down, I'm sure they are fine. Right love?” Dad says
“Yes dad I am, don't worry mom I’m okay I’m healthy and breathing no I’m not giving myself too much and Shoji is just with his parents In his room before we meet up in class for the activities.” I say while looking over to see Athena and Kyo walking our way.
“Tell me again you sleep deprived child why are we here again? Family day was eject a thing back when we went to school” Kyo said while leaning into a hug
“Nice to see you too Kyo and I don’t know honestly. Guess to get closer. Dawg we've been through so much shit together as a class I think In principle eyes we need to like to know each other on a deep level I guess.” You say while pulling away
“Well beats me honestly it gives us time to relax with you and spend time with our small child we raised now come here and give your sister a hug.” Athena said while giving you a bone crushing hug
“Look at her now she was Bitching the whole way saying she was hungry and didn’t want to relive her U.A. memories. Now she’s hugging you.” Kyo said while wrapping his arm around Laxus.
We all laughed when we heard
“I see you still have a cursing problem L/N. You haven’t changed since U.A.” Tenie said
“Well you see Engine arms we love to keep it real with the family and no filter who do we need to please with our manners? Now you can just simply ignore our “vulgar language”now can you?” Kyo said tauntingly
There was a dead silent between them when Tensie said
“I’m just fucking with you Kyo. How you been, haven’t seen you in months brother.” Tensie said while hugging Kyo laughing.
“I’ve been good! traveling to America for hero work and Singapore. How are you?”
“Even since the accident I’ve been in my wheelchair but I’m still helloing the old man with work at the agency. Mister and Misses L/n hope you guys are well. “ Tensie said
My parents simply nodded there head with a straight face
“The Devil Dragon herself. How are controlling your powers going?” Tensie said to me
“I’ve gotten better. Athena has shown me ways to control them better and so has Laxus and Kyo at times.”
“Now that’s good! I say take better points from Athena. They don’t give her that name for nothing. Now do they?” Tensie says flirty to Athena like who simply rolled her eyes and said
“ in your dreams Iida” while smirking
“Ah so I’ll dream of it tonight.” Tensie said and laughed
Which left Athena a blushing mess
Before Tensie can talk again I hear
“Son, why did you wander off again?! We told you to meet us at the Classroom.”  Mister Iida said while approaching us
“Yeah Tensie, we thought you got lost?” Tenya said as well
“I'm a fine father. I was just saying hello to Kyo and his family. And how could I get lost Tenya I came here to school. I can only go so far with my wheelchair.” Tensie said
Our family locked eyes and said
“Ah The L/N family I’m so surprised they let you children come to this school after your first son.” Mister Iida said
“Well I have you know Iida, my daughter and Son graduated top number one in their class as well. And our last daughter is not too far behind. I hear from Eraser that she’s number one in her class. And her Quirk is more lasting and controlling than anyone’s” my father said while stepping up
“You see Tenya isn’t too far behind and I’m positive he will beat your daughter. And her devil form.” Mister Iida said while giving me a side eye
I rolled my eyes and grabbed my dads hand
“Come on dad. Let’s go do the activities and see around.”
“Okay love let’s go.” He said not even saying nothing to the Iidas while I spoke up to Tenya
“Keep your father on a damn leash or i'll send him to a nursing home.” While bumping into him harshly
[time skip]
After a day of fun activities and hanging out with Shoji and his parents everyone decided to meet up in class to have the introduction part over with.
While everyone introduced their family my name came up.
“Y/n your turn “ Aizawa said
While dragging my parents and siblings up there I said
“Hey guys you know me Y/N I am the youngest of 4. There is my brother Kyo you may know as “The Fire Dragon” he is the oldest. Then there is Athena who y’all may know as “The Wind Dragon” who is second oldest. Then there is Laxus who you may know as “The Thunder dragon” and lastly me who happens to be “the devil dragon” us 4 beautiful babies came from our mother Lilac and our father Ivan. Together we all run Dragon Slayer Industry. Any questions?”
Someone spoke up and said
“Why does your name end with dragon?”
Kyo spoke up and said
“When we activate our Quirk our facial features slowly change into a dragon form. We saw that in the patterns of myself maturing into my Quirk along with everyone. You see, our cheek has scales at times when we use our quirk and Wings as well but only if we are fully using our powers. It differs for Y/N tho. Due to the fact her transformation is more lengthy and more levels towards her dragon form. She posses our strongest form of Dragon Slayer which is Devil power.”
I looked down and smiled when my dad speaks up
“She’s the youngest of our 4 children but we love her as much as we love our 3 eldest. They all happen to be our pride and Joy of Dragon Slayer industry.”
We all look up and dad and he gave us a soft smile
After everyone introduces their families and explains their quirks, Principle Nezu stands on Aizawas shoulder and speaks.
“All of the Families and students meet up in the common room of The dorm we are having karaoke night with the families!”
Me and Athena locked eyes and smiled
While Kyo and Laxus groaned and sat their heads on both mine and Athena's shoulders.
“Awwww what’s wrong Lawx? You don’t wanna perform?” I say while scratching his head
“No, because we don’t sing well, you and Thena always sing better than us.” He mumbled into my shoulder
“I mean that’s true but we know our old school songs don’t we Laxus?” Kyo said optimistically while wrapping his arms around Athena's neck
“You guys legit screamed Drivers License with me and Y/n when it came out. What makes y’all think y’all can’t sing?” Athena says while getting up and following the crowd to the common room.
“Did you really sign the driver's license with your sister Kyo?” Tensie said while his family behind him
“Hell yeah I did. It’s manly to scream with your sisters in the car about a breakup song. And I love them too much as well.” Kyo said proudly
“AWWWWWW you love us?!” Me and Athena gushed
“Shut up you guys” kyo says while pushing us
We both laughed and look at tensie
“What song are you planning to sing?” Athena asked
“Well hopefully a duet with my brother but if not if you want I can do a duet with you?” Tensie said
Athena blushed and mumbled
“Yeah sure.”
I smiled and quickly looked at Tenya who was just smiling at his brother and kept quite along with his parents.
“Are y’all planning to all sing together at least one song? “ Tensie ask us
“HELL YEAH WE ARE! “Laxus yelled happily
“We already have a song in mind. We relate to it too much so we might sing that one!”
We all nodded in agreement and arrived at the common room. It was big enough for the karaoke machine that was hooked to the t.v.
We all sat down Iidas family not far from us and Shoji's family right near us. Me and Shoji smiled and shared snacks while everyone performed.
So many performances went on From Sero and Ojiro performing
To me and my siblings
To Tensie and Tenya
Me and Shoji as well
And even Tensie and Athena
To even Bakugo surprisingly
Everything was coming to a end when Mina requested After her song finish
“I request Y/N and Iida do a song together to close it off!”
“WHAT?!” Tenya and I screamed
“Yes, that would be an amazing idea!!!” My sister stated
“We second that!” My brothers and Tensie said
All the class started agreeing and even there parents while I looked back at mine and Tenyas parents
“Love. It’s all up to you, we won't be mad at you if you do.” My mom stated
My father was about to say something when kyo covers his mouth
“Go sis. It’s okay. Right old man.” He said forcefully
I sighed and got up and said
“Well are we doing this or not engine legs?”
Tenya nodded and got up as well while we headed to the small stage and we looked at eachother and sighed.
“What song are we gonna do?” Tenya asked quietly
“Well I don’t know we can pick random-“ before I can finish the sentence Tensie and Athena walked up and said
“We already have a song in mind. Here this one” Tensie pointed to “Beauty and the Beast and before you say no one we won’t let you leave so do it good” Athena said smiling and walk off with Tensie
“Let’s get this over with Engine legs. I'm sleepy.” I say while pressing play
The music starts
I sing
Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
I look at Tenya and he smiled and turned to me
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Both of us at the same while looking at each other
Beauty and the Beast
Ever just the same
Ever a surprise
Ever as before
And ever just as sure
As the sun will rise
Ever just the same
Tenya singed and looked into the crowd
And ever a surprise
Both while Turning to the crowd
Ever as before
While I sing sweetly
And ever just as sure
As the song goes on we became more emotional and more one with the song
Both looking into eachothers eyes and singed
Bitter-sweet and strange
Finding you can change
Learning you were wrong
We scooted closer together
While still singing Tenya puts his hand on my cheek which makes me melt Into his hands and forget anyone was watching. I felt that the world stopped while looking into his blue beautiful eyes.
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and...
Beauty and the Beast
Singing the last note, Tenya pulled me into a kiss.
It wasn’t a dominant kiss, it was more of a passionate and tender kiss.
Happily kissing back we sadly pulled back for air and realized we were around people.
I turn to see my siblings clapping and jumping around and my mom's smiling face and my dad's soft stern look.
To Tensie clapping and hugging Athena and Iidas parents' shock.
Finally I pulled away from Tenyas grip when I felt being pulled off the stage by Tenya. Dragging me to an empty room.
“Wait Iida what are you doing? Dude let me go” I say while struggling to get out his grip when finally we stopped in an empty study room.
“I'm sorry I pulled you away. It was too much commotion for me to speak to you in private.” Tenya says while looking down
“Why did you kiss me?”
He stayed silent
“Tenya, why did you kiss me?” I say softly
He chuckles and says softly
“I haven’t heard you say my name in years. I forget how smoothly it came off your lips.”
Smiling sadly I grabbed his face and looked at him.
“Huh yeah it’s been awhile hasn’t it. But really why did you kiss me? I understand if it was in the moment and not meant-“
“Wait, you think I didn’t mean it?!” Tenya says with panic in his eyes
“Well with the rivalry and the mean comments and just brutal training against each other  at times I would never think you would like me or even kiss me.”
“I understand where you're coming from but I need to assure you that I do care for you. Even after the stupid and inconsiderate comments my parents said years ago. I never stopped caring for you. This rivalry is so dumb. if I see Tensie falling in love with Athena. Why can't I do the same.” Tenya says
“Wait, you love me?”
“I always have. Since the day we met when Kyo and Tensie had a group project and you came over with Kyo to my house. I remember your beautiful c/e looking so afraid and didn’t want to leave Kyo’s lap because you only knew him. And while I tried to persuade you to come and play with me in the garden I remembered I overheard your mom say your favorite flower was f/f and lucky for us we had it in the garden. I begged my mother to cut the smallest flower there was.” He smiles and continues
“I grabbed the flower carefully and ran back to Tensei's room where you and Kyo were. I sat next to Kyo and I saw your eyes light up in the sight of the flower. I asked if I can put it in your hair and you nodded and I said-“
“It looks beautiful. If you come outside with me we can make a beautiful flower crown for a princess like you.” We say in sink
“You remembered” I say softly
“I always have.” Tenya said
“What do we do now? We both like each other and just want to be happy with each other. Without our parents at our throats.” I say
“Come.” Tenya says while holding my hand
We both ran to the common room and saw nobody and I looked to see that both of our family’s were in my dorm room. I tugged Tenya and pointed to my family. He quickly dragged me with him and while we approached our families we heard our fathers argue.
“If your daughter hadn't come to this school Tenya would be number one!”
“Oh please that is so not true and you know that. Your son wouldn’t be number one even if my own daughter wasn’t here. She got so many recommendations to come here like Endeavor's child!”
While they argued I see our mothers knock on my door
“Y/n sweetie please open the door. We know you're in there with Tenya.” My mom says
“Y/n its okay me and your mother are not mad. Tenya please convince Y/n to open the door.” Tenyas mom said
I see on the floor crouching down my brothers and sister along with Tensie who seemed to be calling our phones. And I remember I left my phone on my bed.
“Mom, I'm right here.” I say
I see my family look at me and Tenya holding hands.
“Oh thank god. We thought you locked yourself in your room.” Athena said while getting up and hugging me
“Oh no I just left my phone on my bed. I just talked to Tenya for a bit and we want to talk to y’all actually.” I say while looking at my family and his.
“And before we go into my room. Please stop the fucking arguing this rivalry is gettin old. Of who’s better or not. Both of you men are reaching an old age, stop arguing and act normal. I will not tolerate it in my room. If y’all do I will spray you with my spray bottle that has water. Got it?” I say while unlocking my door
They nod and all pile into my room.
My siblings sat on my bed with Tensie next to them.
My parents and Tenyas parents sat on the couch I had.
After everyone settled in Tenya spoke
“I understand that this rivalry has affected me and y/n in many ways you wouldn’t understand. From me and Tensie losing our best friends to hating the idea of them succeeding. Tensie matured and became friends again with the y/n family and hell even fell in love with Athena. I always respect you father because you always knew better for me but this is my time to choose and I choose to be friends and more with Y/n.”
“I understand dad that you don’t like me associating with the family who made fun of us because of our wealth and status. And god knows I'm still upset but it was never Tenyas nor Tensei's words. Even misses Idas words. And I know it gives you rage and anger seeing with the son of the man who made fun of us. But dad. Im old enough to choose who to associate with. I know mom is okay with it. But I want you to be okay with this as well. I'm not asking you to forgive them this instant. But please work with Tenya and Tensie they are trying to make amends.” I say with tears in my eyes
“Father. I love her.”
‘Dad I love him.”
We say together
Our father look at us and each other and sighed
“Darling I will try for you.” My dad says
“ I will as well.” Tenyas father said
I smiled and ran to hug my parents.
“Thank you really thank you” I say crying
My parents hugged me back and kissed my forehead
My sister pulled me from my parents grasp and threw me to my brothers who hugged me
“Look at this little devil dragon growing up it was just like yesterday you told us to shut the fuck up.” Laxus said
“If you dont let me breathe ill make sure you don’t have children you fucking dick” I say struggling to breath
When they let me go I see Tensie and Athena hold hands having there cute couple moment
I smiled and walk over to my record player and put the disc vinyl of Cage the elephant and
“Cigarettes Daydreams” played
I look to see my father dance with my mom
As well with Tenyas parents
With our siblings singing
Distracted in the moment i hear
“Can I have this dance” Tenya says
I smiled and slowly danced with him
“ We will make this work. I promise.” Tenya says
“We better. I know I didn’t kiss you as a dare for nothing.” I say while looking up at him
“I remember that kiss. You ran off to Shoji's room while I stood shocked and eventually went back to my dorm and overthink the kiss.”
We both laughed and that’s when I sing
“Soft speak”
“with a mean streak” Tenya singed
“Nearly brought me to my knees” we said softly as we danced to the rest of the song
Do do do do do do You can drive all night Looking for answers in the pouring rain You wanna find peace of mind Looking for the answer If we could find a reason, a reason to change Looking for the answer If you could find a reason, a reason to stay Standing in the pouring rain
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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myraakhad · 18 days ago
name/nickname: myraa (never have I met a person who can pronounce my original name correctly hah)
gender: female
star sign: gemini ♊
height: 175.26/ 5'9
time: 23.03
birthday: June 21st
favorite bands: One direction, BTS, The Beatles, like literally all kpop bands man
favorite solo artist: Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Johnny Orlando, HRVY, Jessi
song stuck in my head: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri ( I don't think it'll ever go)
last show: W
last movie: The Grudge (tht was last night,istg I didn't sleep)
when did I create this blog?: besides the point that I was a bored soul, insta no longer interested me and strangers there are creepy so no thx, basically- to make friends, to share poetry and stories, and support people (bcuz they're just amazing?!) It was March 2021
what do I post: everything- poems, fics, memes, kpop, kdrama, dramas, movies, multifandom, shit posts, relatable posts,picrew chains, any chains bcuz why not
last thing I googled: ineffable
other blogs: none!
do I get asks: ooh yes I love getting em (feel free to send whatever u like!)
why I chose my url: bcuz myraa is easier to spell n pronounce and khad is the first four letters of my nine letter name that people can't pronounce at all
following: 100
followers: 60 77 82(I appreciate every single one of yall mwah😚)
average hours of sleep: 8 (I hv an ok sleep schedule y'all)
lucky number: 7 & 9
instruments: I just know a traditional kashmiri instrument lol but I'd love to learn the piano!
what am I wearing: black pants and blue shirt
dream trip: the moon, Europe, south korea
favorite food: biryani yall
nationality: Indian (you got qs, feel free to ask!)
top three fictional universes: MCU, Harry Potter, every single kdrama and webtoon ik.
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sherlockwatsons · 19 days ago
ok I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but maybe you'll get a kick out of hearing a fandom baby (hi, thats me, by the way) realize it for the first time
im /d y i n g/ thinking about the plane scenes in HLV and TAB. I needa talk about it.
Setting our scene: Sherlock is being sent on a suicide mission, where he's given no more than 6 months to live. He asks to have his last moment on the tarmac with John.
He almost works up the nerve to tell John that he's always cared about him, and he has never found a way to say it. But he panics, probably realizing that he didn't want to leave John on a confusing note, and makes the 'Sherlock is a girl's name' joke. It's just heartbreaking seeing the look in his eyes once he decides to make the joke instead.
Tumblr media
It's a look that says "I love you. But I want you to be happy. And Mary is what makes you happy. So I'll go, leaving with only the memories of what we had. I know you are in good hands now. She will love you since I can't."
(Side note: this looks pretty similar to the look he gave John at the wedding once he realized that having a baby would most likely divert John's focus...)
Tumblr media
and i mean come on look at his face here as he finally settles into his seat
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HES SO HEARTBROKEN. He looks sad when he thinks John isn't looking. How could he be looking, after all; he is standing on the tarmac, holding hands with his loving and beautiful wife, Mary.
what REALLY GETS ME THO is when everyone gets on the plane in TAB to grab Sherlock and they see him practically overdosing.
Here's the kicker: Mary discovers that before he passed out HE WAS READING JOHN'S BLOG. THE POST ABOUT THE DAY THEY MET.
"It helps me think if I can see myself through John's eyes" YEAH RIGHT SHERLOCK
what if....
what if Sherlock was purposely trying to die on that plane from the drugs. If he wrote down his list of what drugs he was about to take, took as much of it as he possibly could in the span of a couple minutes, and then read John's blog in his supposed last moments of life.
There was that one scene in ASiP where he asked John, "What would you say if you were about to die?"
The plane scene showed what Sherlock would actively choose to do in his last moments of life. He was never a talking man when it came to properly expressing his emotions. Maybe because he didn't understand them himself, or he feared the world's reaction to Sherlock Having Emotions(TM). Since he didn't manage to say how he felt on the tarmac when he had the chance, he decided to flood his brain with memories of the man that made him the happiest he'd ever been. The man who kept him right and recognized his beautiful brain and heart when everyone else would just call him a freak and a psychopath. He wanted to spend his last breaths thinking about his honorable, loveable, jumper-wearing John Hamish Watson.
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itsgaga · 20 days ago
Dating Lars Ulrich Would Include...
Tumblr media
i would like to take a moment to appreciate this mans beauty 
ok thanks.
So Lars
kind of has a big ego
You two met at a bar where once again the whole “i’m in a band” thing came up
He walked up to you as confident as one can be and goes
“Hi i’m Lars, i’m in a band. Can I buy you a drink?”
Who were you to reject a free drink?
You two were very different 
Complete opposites 
But you two compliment each other because of that
He had you meet the band really early into your relationship 
Because he couldn’t wait for the members to see how beautiful you are
He honestly is a really proud boyfriend
Like listen Lars is a very confident dude
Finds himself really handsome and holds himself at a high as far as self importance/esteem
And if you don’t feel that way about yourself then Lars will sure as hell feel that way about you
He is a sweetheart towards you
A very smooth talker type of guy
Wants you to be everywhere he goes
Tour, interviews, award shows, etc
Two different types of dates
Nonchalant dates
Like getting a bunch of snacks from the gas station
And just watching a movie together while eating a bunch of junk food
Romantic Dates
Fancy restaurants
Stuff like that
You two have a very open non judgmental relationship
And Lars has been and always will be open ears for you
He really likes to feel needed by you
Not a “you won’t survive without me” type of needing
 But like you telling him you can’t sleep without him
It makes him feel really good on the inside
Touring with Metallica
Good God
You aren’t even the one performing but there you are completely DRAINED
Lars is really understanding of that because you don’t do stuff like this the way he does
So he tries to do things to either calm you down and let you rest
Or fun things that get you all energetic 
Could be a day at the spa or racing in golf carts
Could be the most planned type of event or the most random thing you’ve ever done
You and James end up getting really close
But you and Kirk and literal best friends
And then and Jason honestly just screw around a lot
Lars tries to teach you how to drum
And honestly
Like maam listen if someone didn’t know that you yall were together 
They now do 
Because Lars will deadass be screaming
Lars loves seeing you in the morning 
The sight of you 
He knows nobody else gets to see you like that 
Like the messy hair and makeup from the night before
It does something to him
Loves when you wear his clothes
Like before you guys moved in together he would “accidentally” leave shirts, hoodies, or sweats at your house
And would just pray that you’d be wearing it when he came over next
Ok Now
I could see Lars taking you in a Limo to a river side, holding your hand, and then when you got there he’d walk behind you with his hands on your eyes
He’d walk you somewhere until he stops, takes his hands off your eyes, and wrapping his arms around your waist
For you to see this whole set up next to the river
Like your favorite flowers, all of your favorite type of food, and whatever your imagination creates 
He rests his head on your shoulders and calmly asks you to marry him
It was really sweet
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dyketectivecomics · 21 days ago
I started typing this out last night & work was slow today, so here's some backstory/building blocks for the Batcavers AU (long post is Long so under a cut it goes!):
Bruce's adventures in solo spelunking & cave cartography started about when he's 15/16 & goes back down the well on a whim. Martha gets worried when he starts spending too much time alone down there tho & makes Bruce promise to never go without a friend
his usual go-tos are Harvey & Tommy, but a couple times when Zatanna was in town, she joined him. we love childhood friendssss
(now insert some benign reasons for idk other heroes/rogues to join him somehow fdjksla idk man. these are early years stuff)
i know i said it earlier, but all the rooms/Major formations follow a shakespeare theme. all of bruce's friends call him a Nerd for it fjdakls;
Bruce becomes a professional spelunker & speleologist and develops out the cave for the public to enjoy & continually explores and maps out the system. he's a big advocate for Bats too
and that's how the Media dubs him..... "The Bat Man" fkjdsalf; ROLL CREDITS
So the Tour Guide Kids:
So Dick & Babs were some of the first kids hired who have stayed the longest, obvsly. (dick's nickname is still robin bc circus origin is the same lmao. Babs gets the 'Batgirl' nickname for a few years when she gets chased by a couple of them lmao)
Dick fell in love with the cave when Haly’s visited gotham and his parents took him on one of the tours. When Dick starts college in Gotham, he works at the cave part-time mostly in the ‘off’ season (but a little over one summer too when he doesn’t tour with halys bc of some summer courses he’s signed up for).
Babs has been working at the cave for a few years ahead of him. At this point in time, Dicks been promoted to a supervisor/senior guide position & Babs works mostly in admin and overseeing communication (& eventually earns the New nickname of 'Oracle' bc somehow she's always able to predict exactly what ppl are radio-ing her about lmao)
They’re constantly flirting and it’s an open secret that they’ve dated off and on at this point. Y’all this kinda shit happened SO much at my cave, the drama was RIDIC Aksjaksj
Tim and Steph start around the same time & stick around a little longer than most guides. Tim makes a niche for himself working retail and eventually moves over to the main ticket sales/admin office. He and babs absolutely Crush things when they're working overlapping days. Steph's somehow wormed her way to being under Dicks wing rn being trained as another Head Guide.
tim's nickname is 'red robin' is bc he suggested they all have dinner together after work & they somehow had the Worst Dining Experience Ever™. Steph gets her 'Spoiler' nickname bc she constantly brings up new TV show episodes and just launches right into her Thoughts™ without asking and well fjdk Spoils Things
Harper and Duke start around the same time too, they're both newer to the whole operation & are still learning the Ropes. (yall got some of my initial thoughts on duke, so i'll just touch that Harper gets the Bluebird nickname bc Dick or Steph gives it to her lmao)
You're probably wondering 'wait, where's the Other Kids?' well BUCKLE UP BUCKO, bc its SELF-INDULGENCE TIME
Damian is the easiest to explain, in this the al Ghuls run another rival company, Bruce and Talia met in college and have an off/on relationship (divorced once MAYHAPS 👀) either way, Damian’s the result of that, Talia and Bruce share custody.
Okay, realistically, Everyone’s backstories can stay p much the same or be finagled to work out realistically enough to skirt by. Cass’ backstory needs to be straight up thrown in the garbage in this bc the League doesn’t exist akjsk SO here’s what I’m proposing instead:
We’re gonna shoe-horn the Jason & Cass twin theory and also have Bruce adopt them both bc REASONS. (Those reasons are, they were trying to steal Bruce’s tires and they were doing a REALLY good job of it w/ Cass distracting ppl and Jason doing his nascar tryout lmao, but Bruce caught on bc This Is Gotham and was basically like ‘you little shits (laughing the entire time)’ and the rest is History
ANYWAYS all of that to say that all three of them grow up basically having the run of the the cave and doin what they want aksj, Damian’s a little young yet in this to be giving tours/working, but all 3 have varying levels of interest in the cave
Jason loves being a guide, but is a little abrasive when ppl ask REALLY dumb questions. He WILL sass them if it’s something just objectively dumb. (Someone asked me when we moved closer to the highway. Like SIR) Cass likes giving the off-trail tours more than doing the big guided groups & likes helping with training new guides, so she’s more hands-on in those situations. Damian rlly rlly wants to help map out areas with smaller openings to see if he can find More Cave but it gives Bruce a heart attack having him down there and disregarding all safety precautions so he’s constantly being benched from that
Oh ye, so for nicknames, Jay gets Red Hood bc he’s always wearing a red beanie even when it’s the middle of summer. Cass gets the Batgirl one passed down to her bc she’s a pro at catching stray bats/somehow corralling ‘em to leave the main rooms. Dami is the baby bat/robin bc he’s always following either Bruce or Dick around when he’s on the property.
Let the Not-So-Shitty Summer Job AU begin hahaha
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sodapopblogs · 23 days ago
Comfort ~ Ethan Winters (Resident Evil: Biohazard/Village)
requested by: –
pairing(s): ethan winters x male reader
warnings: sad boi ethan winters, a little bit of angst, cursing, mentions of canon character death (bakers family), hints of smut
a/n: the audacity of yall for depriving me of any ethan winters x male reader content that i have to make my own is absolutely fucking sick, im so mad and disappointed smh
but also, this is surprisingly not a smut at all. i know, i was surprised as well! but i had this idea for awhile now for a hurt/comfort ethan winters (the smut will come soon... i hope) because he is now one of my comfort characters and i like watching him cry and sob whether it be angsty fluff or him getting fucked like no tomorrow asdfhsjdnbffajsbdkd
anyways, imma try writing for shakes or chuck now afahskfhjwhdjwjdjwhd i am deprived of supa strikas content yall
btw, its so weird writing something again besides drabbles and replying thirsty ask lmao
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Name]'s face unconsciously scrunched up as he mumbles incoherent words underneath his breath when he heard something beside him. What was making that racket in who knows what in this hour? It was too early, goddammit...
It took a while before the sleeping [Hair color] haired man had enough of the noise that he forcedly opened his eyes with a groan leaving his lips. It took a whole minute or two for the man to function properly, mind hazy as he was still sleepy and Hypnos was still not backing down on his clutches on [Name]'s subconscious. But with whatever the noise still making beside him, [Name] finally won the battle as he had blinked a couple of times to chase away the sleep he was feeling.
Turning his face towards the direction of the noise, [Name] was surprised to see Ethan sitting up from the large bed they share, hands trying to wipe away the tears that fell from his face as he was harshly biting his bottom lip, obviously trying muffle his cries. Probably not wanting to wake up and worry the [Hair color] haired man sleeping beside him.
Unfortunately for Ethan, his efforts were in vain as [Name] heard his muffled sobs and sniffles and had grown worried seeing his finacé in such a state. [Name] immediately sat up from his comfortable position on the bed in high alert as he tried to comfort the brunet.
"Ethan?" [Name] softly called out to the sobbing man as he slowly and gently wrapped his arms around the brunet. Trying hard not to scare Ethan as best as he can, knowing how the brunet is sometimes jumpy in the middle of the night or morning. Especially after waking up from something...
"Ethan, it's alright now... I'm here," [Name] softly muttered as he pulled the brunet close, not minding the harsh gasp leaving Ethan's lips nor the choked sob as [Name] was more worried about why the other male was like this. Was it the night terrors again? Of course, it would be. Why else would the man he knew to be so strong willed in such a state?
Shit, he should've known.
"I'm here... I'm here..." [Name] cooed to the brunet, tightly hugging Ethan when he felt his fiancé turned to face him. The brunet shoving his tear stained face on his lover's chest as the brunet's hands slowly gripped on his shirt. A loud sob leaving Ethan's lips as he cried onto [Name]'s shirt. "I'm here for you Ethan..."
[Name] didn't know what to do at first when they first started dating and this happened. This wasn't the first time Ethan has abruptly waken up and started sobbing at who knows what time in the godforsaken evening, and they both knew it wouldn't be the last. But the first time [Name] had ever witnessed such a thing, he felt so helpless.
Ethan was so strong willed and would smile often— but when they moved in together after two years of being together, Ethan had almost always woken [Name] up with his nightmares despite Ethan seemed to be trying his best to contain whatever he was feeling on his own, and it broke [Name]'s heart seeing Ethan like that.
It was hard at first, but after dating the brunet and even got engaged to him weeks ago, [Name] was finally getting better at how to help Ethan cope with his night terrors. [Name] knew what those night terrors were as Ethan had to confess after so many nights of them both missing sleep after they moved in together. It was the least the brunet could do when he saw how tired the [Hair color] haired man was after the fourth night.
[Name] knew that Ethan had undergone something traumatic in the past. Specifically with his ex-wife, Mia Winters, who was a researcher for a criminal organization and kept it from her husband. Ethan had only known the truth when he went looking for her after her disappearance three years ago before they started dating after receiving a cryptic video message from her surviving whatever she was doing for her job.
Ethan had told [Name] how he had to kill her in self defense after Mia had gone crazy and that she attacked him when he found her. He was sobbing and clutching his hair when he told the story that he didn't mean to kill her, but how horrified he was on finding out she somehow survived because he knew Mia should've died. He fucking killed her with a chainsaw after all after she cut his left hand off.
But not only did the brunet suffer the memory and trauma of killing Mia, but it also wasn't even the worst part. No, Ethan told the part of what he has undergone with the Bakers family, and it was too horrifying for [Name] to compare to anything at all.
Ethan broke down as he continued with his tale. The brunet could barely form sentences from his sobbing as his body was shaking from the ghostly pains he felt all over his body from remembering such a horrid memory. [Name] remembered Ethan tightly holding his left wrist on where his ex-wife had cut his hand clean off.
At the end of his confession, Ethan was sobbing in [Name]'s arms. The brunet finally ended with him couldn't facing his ex-wife anymore and the two separated after the whole terrifying ordeal. That was also the time where Ethan had met [Name] after a few months of him moving away to start a new life, and two of them got acquainted and feelings spark between them after becoming friends.
Ethan Winters was terrified after telling his story. He wasn't only afraid of remembering those horrifying memories that he wished he could forget of that time he had in Louisiana, but also because [Name] knew the truth. He finally knew that Ethan had killed people, even if those people turned into monsters. He was still a murderer...
And Ethan was terrified that [Name] would leave him.
The brunet had hugged [Name] tightly, muttering for the [Hair color] haired man to not leave him after knowing his fucked up past. Looking down at the ground as avoided eye contact from his lover as he whispered pleas towards [Name] he should stay.
Ethan was terrified that if he would look at his lover's face, he'll see nothing but facing the disgust and fear from [Name]'s face from what he had just confessed. And Ethan couldn't even blame the [Hair color] haired man at all... he just couldn't accept the said man leaving him though... he can't...
Was [Name] looking at him with a disgusted look on his face? Was he horrified at the realization that he was dating a fucked up psychopath who murdered a family? Would [Name] just leave him now? Were they finally over...?
Please... please don't let them be over... Ethan doesn't want that at all. He would do anything...
Ethan couldn't bear to think of a life without [Name]. He had grown attached and he loved the [Hair color] haired man dearly. If [Name] [Last name] would leave him, Ethan didn't know what he would do. [Name] had been something he couldn't think a life without with...
"Ethan..." The said man sobbed cried hard when he had heard [Name] firmly called out his name that moment. Was [Name] leaving him?
Please... he can't... he just can't...
Ethan begged the gods above that [Name] wouldn't utter the words of leaving him. He couldn't bear that at all... it would destroy Ethan Winters entirely...
"Please... please don't leave..." Ethan weakly cried as he looked at his lover. Desperation and fear were the only emotion in Ethan's eyes as he tears up and begged for [Name] to stay. "I'll do anything... anything, please!"
"I need you!" Ethan said, desperation evident in his tone as he cried more. "Just please... don't leave me alone..." He weakly sobbed as he gripped [Name]'s arms tightly. His nails digging onto his lover's skin but Ethan was too focused to try and make [Name] stay with him. "I'll do anything..."
[Name] quickly cupped his hands on the crying brunet face and had his thumb wiped away the tears falling down Ethan's cheeks. Lovingly caressing his lover's cheeks as he looked at Ethan in the eye. Not minding the slight sting he felt from the brunet's nails digging onto his skin from Ethan's earlier grip on his arms.
"Why are you crying? I'm not going to leave you, you dumbass," [Name] softly said to him, a soft and gentle smile on his lips as he placed a soft peck on Ethan's forehead. His hands leaving the brunet's face and instead pulled Ethan for a tight hug.
"You think that would immediately drive me away?" The [Hair color] haired man chuckled as he teared up. [Name] never realized his lover went through so much horror and pain, and he had been dealing with this all on his own? He should've known.
[Name] felt like he had failed Ethan for not noticing the signs sooner, but he was here now. And he wouldn't let Ethan deal with this alone.
"Your dumbass, Winters..." [Name] chuckled as shove his face onto the brunet's neck and shoulder as he pulled the sobbing man closer towards him. Tightly embracing the man he loved who had to bear such a traumatic experience all on his own.
"I'm here for you..." [Name] promised to Ethan. He would always be here for him. He promised that...
"I'm here for you..." [Name] softly said as he rubbed circles behind the sobbing brunet's back. The brunet was sitting on his lap to make Ethan more comfortable as [Name] gently rocking the crying brunet back and forth in his arms as he muttered sweet nothings to Ethan's ear. The brunet still was crying but he finally wasn't bottling his emotions again for his sake. [Name] sometimes wished Ethan wasn't so stubborn and just wake him up whenever he had nightmares like these. "I'll always be here for you, darling."
"Please..." Ethan weakly sobbed. "You left..." The brunet brokenly wailed. "You left me..." His words made the [Hair color] haired man momentarily freeze for a second. Him? Leaving Ethan? Was his lover absolutely mad? He would rather die than leave Ethan alone, especially at times like these!
[Name] was about to tell Ethan how he would never even think of doing such a thing like that. But before he would even say anything, Ethan continued to talk. Voice shaking and weak as he sobs in between his words.
"Please don't leave me... don't leave... please..." Ethan cried as he remembered his nightmare of the [Hair color] haired man leaving him. Forcefully taken away as his past continued to haunt and terrorize his dreams. "I can't... I... I need you..." Ethan weakly sobbed.
"Shh, darling," [Name] cooed. "I won't... I won't... I promise you that," [Name] comforted as he felt his heartache from his lover's wailing that he had left him. That he was taken away from him and left Ethan all alone. Ethan was still terrified of the thought that he would lose him... fuck...
"Remember what I promised that night you told me the truth about your nightmares?" [Name] asked as he looked down at Ethan, a soft look on his face as he saw the brunet still hiding his face on his chest but nodded his head. Raising one of his hands to run his fingers through Ethan's hair, trying his best to comfort his lover, and it seemed to be working, even just a tiny bit.
A weak and fragile "yes" came from Ethan's lips as his grip on [Name]'s shirt never waver and instead, it only tightened. Like he was afraid that he would let go, [Name] would disappear. The [Hair color] haired man would have sworn that if Ethan continues gripping his shirt so tightly like what he was doing now, it might just tear. It was cute, but [Name] kept that thought to himself as he pushed that back in his mind and focused on comforting his lover.
"I told you I would never leave you, you dumbass," [Name] chuckled as he shakes his head. Remembering the memory of that night that Ethan told him his past and how he promised to always stay by the brunet's side. "I will always be here for you..." He said as he felt the brunet nuzzle his face on his chest. A soft and fond smile on his lips as Ethan's cries seemed to stop little by little.
"I love you too much to leave you, Ethan..." [Name] confessed. And he meant it. The [Hair color] haired man couldn't bear to leave Ethan alone. Not after he has heard of his traumatic past and even if he never knew about it, he adored the man too much to let go as well.
It made Ethan's heart skip a beat when he heard those words leaving the [Hair color] haired man's lips. [Name] said it with so much love and fondness...
"I... I don't deserve you..." Ethan muttered and he slowly lifts his away from [Name]'s chest to look at his lover in the eye. Ethan could truly see how his [Hair color] haired lover absolutely adore him... and it was too much for him. "What have I... done... to deserve you?" Ethan softly asked as he leaned from [Name] cupping his tear stained cheek.
"I'm sorry..." Ethan weakly apologized. "I'm so sorry..." Closing his eyes, the brunet let a shaky breath from him remembering all the memories of [Name] always being there for him. From the moment they first met to they started dating.
Ethan remembered [Name] staying up all night until dawn, hugging and comforting him whenever he had nightmares of what happened to Louisiana when they moved in to lived with each other. Or just comforting and easing him from the paranoia that crept on his mind. Reminding him that he was loved and cared for no matter how much his mind told him he shouldn't deserve [Name] at all.
Ethan does agree that he doesn't deserve a man like [Name]. Not at all. But he was thankful to be blessed with someone like the [Hair color] haired man. [Name] was patient and loving towards him, and he couldn't wait to spend his life with [Name] when they finally marry each other.
"Fuck," Ethan cursed as he bites back the tears. He shouldn't cry now, he already cried and caused his fiancé to wake up in the middle of the night. He didn't want to appear weak at all. He fucking fought a fungus monster years ago for fucks sake! "I'm so sorry for you... dealing with me like this..."
"Dumbass," Ethan heard [Name] chuckle as he opened his eyes. Staring at the loving eyes of his fiancé that looked at him with so much love and adoration. Like he was the absolute perfect thing in this entire world. Ethan would disagree but to [Name]'s eyes, he absolutely was. And the brunet knew. He knew how much [Name] loved him. Ethan doesn't think he deserves this at all, but it felt nice. It felt addicting.
"Why are you apologizing for? Is that all?" [Name] asked as he raised a brow at the man sitting on his lap.
"I... no... everything..." The brunet mumbled. "I... I really don't deserve you, [Name]..." Ethan said which made [Name] frown for a second as he shakes his head. Clearly disagreeing at what his brunet lover had just said. Honestly, Ethan should know by now how much he loves him.
"You can think you don't deserve me all you want, Winters," [Name] started as he softly glared at Ethan. His glare immediately wiped away from his face though as he leaned close to the brunet. "But you're a fucking idiot for thinking such a thing," [Name] said as he placed a soft kiss on Ethan's lips. The kiss was soft and sweet, full of care and love as Ethan let out a laugh when they parted from each other. Mind processing what his lover had just called him.
"I'm not a dumbass," Ethan said as he pulled the other man into a tight, warm embrace as [Name] chuckled at his words. A small smile on his lips. Of course the [Hair color] haired man knew that. Ethan Winters was an intelligent man, but Ethan sometimes acts dumb. Like thinking [Name] would ever stop being there and loved him.
"If you say so, darling," [Name] teased as he pulled Ethan down to lay in their bed. Not minding the surprised shriek that left the brunet's lips. Chuckling when Ethan slap his chest after the stunt he pulled.
"Now how about we cuddle until we fall asleep? It's too early to get up," [Name] said as he looked at his lover who made himself comfortable laying on top of him with Ethan's head laid on his chest as the brunet's arms lazily wrapped around his waist.
"Sounds like a plan, [Last name]," Ethan said as he raised his to look at the [Hair color] haired man. Surprised when his lover was staring at him. What did [Name] want? Was he looking at him because he looked horrid from crying his eyes out? "What are you looking at?" He asked, confused as he felt one of [Name]'s hands played for his hair. It was honestly comforting.
"Just looking at how beautiful you are..." [Name] said with a loving smile on his lips. Now, the [Hair color] haired man was no stranger to complimenting Ethan out of the blue, it wasn't uncommon at all but the brunet still gets flustered and surprised by it. It was always so genuine that it made Ethan just love his lover more.
Slapping [Name]'s chest again, Ethan rolled his eyes as he then sent his fiancé a grin. "Aren't you a charmer?" Ethan said as he adjusted himself to have him face to face [Name] more. Not minding the soft groan leaving [Name]'s lips from him teasingly brush open his groin and his own weight projecting onto [Name] still sluggish body.
"You sure we are only cuddling, [Name]?" Ethan asked as he looked at his lover in the eye with mischief in his. Normally, Ethan wouldn't act like this but it seemed like he wanted to blow off some steam and have his mind blank with his fiancé and soon-to-be husband inside him. "I have better ideas to spend the night than going back to sleep."
[Name] let out a groan as he rolled his eyes at hearing his lover's words. With a chuckle, [Name] couldn't himself but kiss Ethan's lips. Loving how the kiss started innocent but turned needy as Ethan seemed to try and took the lead on the kiss. Oh, the [Hair color] haired wouldn't mind Ethan riding him at all.
"Mind making me pass out and not walk for a while, dear?" Ethan mumbled through the kiss and [Name] could only think how much he loved Ethan Winters.
God, he loved this man so much.
"Such a tease, darling," [Name] said as they parted from the heated kiss. Biting back another groan trying to leave his lips when he saw Ethan rolled his eyes with a smirk on his lips as the brunet rolled his hips to cause friction on their groins.
"I didn't hear a no, [Name]."
"You got me there, darling..."
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djarinlyy · 24 days ago
Softly (Finale) 18+
Tumblr media
Photo cred @zimmerxman
Warnings- !Mentions of self harm and trauma!, Fluff, Soft!Kylo, Smut, (Light fingering, unprotected sex, praise kink, soft dirty talk?, body worship if you squint, creampie, cock warming, also unintentional size kink.)
Side note- Im genuinely sorry for the long wait everyone. I almost didn’t post this cause i didn’t really think it was good and its been literally YEARS since i wrote smut, but i know yall have been waiting for this forever and i did my best. Sorry if its bad and the smut is kinda short but I hope yall enjoy anyways!
P .S. i will no longer be writing for Kylo/Ben. I may still do headcannons or oneshots for him but i will no longer be doing full stories and smut.
You sighed and lifted your head up to look at him. “You remember that day you read my mind?” You asked. He hummed in response letting you continue. “You told me I felt alone and unloved. You were right. I did. For a long time. For so very very long.” You said, your voice threatening to crack as you spoke. You felt your eyes start to water and quickly looked down at your hands. You didn’t want him to see you cry again. This wasn’t you. “Throughout my entire childhood I felt like I was just this... inconvenience to my parents. They always treated me like anything I did was terrible. Id do everything I could to get approval from them. I wanted some type of praise instead of the non stop displeasure. Nothing I did was good enough. I wasn’t good enough.” You whispered. Kylo rested a large hand on your knee comfortingly. “I just did it as an escape from everything. It gave me that temporary moment to feel something. It made me feel real, in some sick twisted way. Like I was my own person and not some droid disguised as a princess.” You joked but Kylo didn’t laugh. You sighed again before wiping away stray tears that fell on your cheek. “I stopped doing it months ago. It didn’t feel the same anymore. The scars never healed right and thats why they look like that. yeah.” You said awkwardly looking around and avoiding his gaze as you tried to hold back more stray tears. “Y/N.” He said softly, his voice barely above a whisper. You slowly turned your head to meet his stare. “Yeah?” He brushed a strand of hair behind your ear before leaning in and kissing you. You closed your eyes and melted into it. It felt like the first kiss you two shared, except this time it felt like he was pouring all his emotions into you. You felt it all. His desire, his loneliness, his sadness, his conflict, everything. You reached up and held his face in your hands kissing him with just as much emotion. Both of you stayed like that for a few minutes. Just holding each others faces and kissing one another like it was the end of the world. He slowly pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. Both of you were breathless. He chuckled slightly at your soft gasp for air. He mumbled something but you were too dizzy from the kiss to hear him. You smiled slightly. “Come again?” You hummed brushing his hair back with your fingernails. He stared at you intensely. Your eyes met his and waited for a response. “You are good enough.” He hummed. Both of you were silent as you processed his words. You felt your eyes water again. This time you let the tears fall. He smiled softly and carefully wiped them away with his thumb. “You are good enough.” He repeated. You smiled through your tears and kissed him again, this time softer. He smiled in the kiss and held you closer before pulling away and kissing along your jaw. You hummed in appreciation and angled your head so he could have more room. He hummed kissing along your neck and back up to your jaw. “I dont ever want you feeling that way again. You are more than enough Y/N. You’re everything I dreamed of and more. We only met a week ago and I would kill for you. Id fall to my knees for you. Just say the word.” He mumbled into your skin. Your heart swelled upon hearing his words. No man has ever treated you this way. Or made you feel the way Kylo made you feel. His nose brushed lightly against your neck sending small shivers through your spine. One of his hands slowly snakes around towards the back of your dress, cautiously tracing his finger on the zipper. You bit your lip and ran your fingers through his hair again. The wavy black locks feeling incredibly soft to the touch. “Kylo?” You say gently. His hand stopped its movements. “Hmm?” He hums pulling away and looking at you. You felt heat gather on your cheeks as you looked him in the eyes. “Unzip me please.” Your voice was barely above a whisper. You could see a faint pink color begin to form on his cheeks as he hesitantly did as you told. His fingers grasped the small zipper and ever so slowly pulled downward.
You both kept eye contact the entire time. With a gentle smile pulling at your features you guided his hands back to your shoulders, and helped him push your wedding dress down.
The lace felt silky smooth as it brushed down your torso to leave you halfway bare in front of him. The fabric pooling at your waist. Your nipples hardened at the cold air. You stared at Kylo, watching and waiting to see what he’d do next. He glanced down at your half naked form. He slowly moved his hands to your sides and moving up to your ribs. His hands barely cupping your breasts. He was so cautious and gentle. Almost as if he was afraid to hurt you. “I wont break y’know.” You whispered softly and placed your hands on top of his. His lips quirked into a small smile. “I know. You’re beautiful. I wanna savor this moment.” He whispered back. Your cheeks flushed at his words. You couldn’t help the grin that appeared on your face. You brought your hands down to the hem of his uniform and tugging at it. He chuckled and helped you pull it off of him, leaving him just as bare as you. He leaned down, pressing his lips to yours once more, gently laid you back on the bed. He trailed his hands back down to your sides and down your waist carefully sliding your dress all the way off. Your hands fumbled with his clothing until both of you were in nothing but your underwear. He traced his hands along your thighs, just barely touching your scars. He pulls away just a bit before leaning down to leave soft butterfly kisses from your jaw, to your neck and downwards. A small whine escapes your lips. He drags his lips over one of your breasts before taking your nipple into his mouth and sucking slightly. A shaky gasp erupts from your throat. You reach a hand up to hold his head slightly, loving the way his onyx colored locks felt in your fingers. He hums in response before trailing his hand back up to cup your other breast. He gently massages the flesh in his large hand before pulling away to give the same treatment to the other one. “K-kylo.” You moaned softly. He begins trailing his lips down your stomach, his hands following his pursuit. He cautiously spreads your thighs, coming face to face with your covered heat. He gazes back up at you. “You sure you want to do all this?” He asks. You smile over his concern, biting your lip and nodding. “I trust you.” You say softly. He gives you a small smile and plants a tender kiss on your stomach, carefully taking the sides of your panties and pulling them down your legs before tossing them somewhere in the room. Your body tingled from his touch. It felt as though a burning fire had spread across your body. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach at the thought of what you were about to do with your new lover. It gave a new shock wave of excitement to you. The thought of being completely his, even after knowing your secret. For him to see you from a different perspective and still be willing to marry you. Much less touch you. Your thoughts were crowded. It was all overwhelming, in the best kind of way. You didn’t even notice how wet you were for him until the air hit your pussy. Jeez you were soaked and he barely touched you. You bit your lip feeling slightly embarrassed, but before you could say something, you felt the tips of his fingers rub softly over your slit and gather up some of your slick. You gasped softly at the sensation, gripping the sheets beneath you. You could see his lips quirk into a small smirk at your reaction. He hummed lazily rubbing your slick lips. You squirmed slightly as he made sure to avoid your clit. “So sensitive.” He teased finally rubbing his thumb over the sensitive bud. You whined feeling that spring beginning to curl up in your abdomen. “Kylo please.” You whimpered squeezing your eyes shut as he drew tight circles over your clit causing the fire in the pit of your stomach to burn brighter. You weren’t sure what you were begging for but Kylo seemed to understand. He stopped his movements on your clit and continued stroking his finger over your slit. He leaned upwards capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. You hummed into his mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck as he slowly pushed one of his fingers past your entrance.
You groaned into his mouth at the intrusion. He pushed his tongue into your mouth allowing you two to taste each other. Slowly pushing his finger in and out of you before slowly adding a second finger. He muttered a silent curse as he felt you strech ever so slightly around his thick digits. You moaned running your fingers through his hair. God he felt like a dream. He began pushing his fingers in and out of you at a faster pace than before. You pulled away from the hungry kiss to gasp for air as he goes back to drawing tight circles over your clit with is thumb. “Maker.” Your squeak, moaning as you began moving your hips to meet his fingers pace. He begans kissing along your neck. “One more princess.” He says softly. One more what? You thought to yourself but before you could ask he was pushing in a third finger. You grip onto his shoulders, immediately whining at the feeling of his thick fingers stretching you. You were a panting mess now and getting wetter by the second. The way he said the nickname made your walls flutter against his fingers. He grunted at the sensation and stilled them to let you adjust to the stretch. You couldnt help it when your hips began slowly grinding against him, letting him go knuckle deep inside you. You were desperate for friction. His light touches to your clit and fingers weren’t gonna be enough. You were hungry for more. You tried to focus and gather your words. “K-Kylo please. I need you...please please I’m ready.” You begged, your voice trembling and a bit high pitched. You hadn’t meant to sound so needy but you were delirious with pleasure. Kylo gave a strained grunt at the sound of your desperate plea. He sucked a few gentle marks along your neck before pulling away and slowly inching his fingers out of you. They were glistening in your juices. He brought his fingers to his lips opening up and tasting them while staring right at you. Your cunt clenched around nothing at the sight and you could feel yourself go red. “Mmm, Patience sweetheart.” He hummed settling himself between your thighs. His cock was already hard and throbbing in his underwear. You swallowed as you felt the size of him against you. You were thankful that Kylo had prepared you a little beforehand. You reached your hands down to the waistband and pushed them down his thighs letting his erection spring free. You bit your lip watching precum already leak out of the tip. He reached his hand out to brush a strand of hair behind your ear. You gazed up at him noticing his eyes held an admiration to them. He was looking at you as if you were the only thing in the entire galaxy. “I love you.” Those three words slipped right past his plush lips shocking you to your core. Your eyes widened in surprise. You weren’t even sure he really said it. Almost positive that your mind was playing tricks on you. Not until he said it again. “I love you Y/N” He repeats, nothing but love behind his eyes. He was being truthful. He wasnt just saying it. He meant it. Your eyes began to tear up. Once he noticed this, his eyes widened with panic and started apologizing. You shook your head with a shaky laugh grabbing his face pulling him to you and sharing another passionate kiss. Your tongues dancing with one another. This time he pulled away with a soft pant. You smiled at him. “I love you too.” You replied. He took a second to let the words really sink in. Never in his life did he think he’d truly be in love with someone. Especially after only knowing them for a week. This is the happiest he had ever been. He wanted this moment to last forever. He burned the image of you into his brain. Never wanting to forget. You pressed a soft kiss to his nose, gently breaking him from his thoughts. He gave you a small smile before giving you another heated kiss as he reached down to align himself to your entrance. “Ready?” He asks once more. You hummed a response into his lips as he rubbed the tip of his cock along your folds, gathering up a bit of your wetness before finally sinking in.
He swallows your shuddering moan as he slowly buries himself to the hilt. You pull away letting out a low moan at the feeling of him inside you. The delicious burn of the stretch lingering down in your floor muscles. You took a second to manage your breathing. He groans at the feeling of your walls constricted around him, taking a second to stop and let you get adjusted. “Are you okay?” He asks, his voice barely above a whisper. You nod, leaning up a little to give him a quick meaningful kiss to his plush lips. “You can move.” You say once you feel adjusted, your voice just as small. He gives a test thrust, the movement causing you to gasp. He reaches a hand down to where the two of you are connected. His large thumb began rubbing small gentle circles to your clit with barely any pressure. You whimper softly, relaxing your body enough for him to inch a bit deeper inside you. The sounds you were making spurred him on. He kept his thumb to your clit and pulls back a bit leaving only the tip of his cock inside you. You were about to protest until he thrust forward, Seating himself fully inside you once more. “You’re taking me so well Princess look at you.” He praises glancing down to where the two of your bodies meet. You follow his gaze. Fuck. The image of his cock fully seated inside you was burned into your brain. You let out the most sinful sound he had ever heard. “F-fuck Kylo.” You stuttered out. You couldn’t even think straight. The only thing going through you’re mind are the filthy images of him fucking you. Different scenarios filling your brain. Ones of him pounding into you, making you scream. Ones where you pleased and worshipped him. Anything and everything crossing into your imagination. Kylo must’ve read your mind. “Don’t worry baby girl we’ll have plenty of fun later. Right now, I want you to really enjoy this.” He hums as he gives you another gentle thrust. Then another, before setting a steady pace. Leaving you a moaning mess. “You look so beautiful like this.” He grunts. All of his talking was starting to making you dizzy. Or it could be the fact that he began circling your clit with more intention. “You f-feel so good.” You whimpered. He fastened his pace slightly upon hearing the praise. You gasped, your head falling back into the pillow. The new speed and pressure of his thumb on your bundle of nerves left you feeling light headed. The feeling of him was overwhelming in the best way possible. His broad shoulders crowded around you. All you could feel and experience was him. It was pure heaven. You could die happy like this. He was all you ever needed and more. Nothing and no one has made you feel this way. You felt yourself become emotional with the mix of your thoughts and stimulation. He leans down gently kissing away the tears that managed to slip out. You wrapped yourself around him, holding him like you were afraid to let go. “I love you I love you I love you I love you-“ You chanted like a prayer. Your voice came out in broken sobs and moans. You were almost embarrassed by how delirious you sounded. By how you clutched onto him and by how tightly your inner walls gripped him, he knew you were close. “Go ahead sweetheart, cum for me.” He moans, trying to keep his voice steady. His words had you falling apart right then and there. Pure utter pleasure came to you in waves crashing over you and you nearly saw stars. It felt like an supernova explosion inside you. Your mind went blank. There was nothing but this feeling. You wanted to feel like this forever. Kylo helped you work through your orgasm, his thumb staying on your sensitive nub until your shakey hands reached down to stop the overstimulation. You felt like you were high on the best spice in the galaxy. You noticed his thrusts become sloppy. He gently holds your hips giving a few more meaningful thrusts. A moan rips from his throat as he stills himself deep inside you filling you to the brim with his warmth, your cunt milking every drop. The next passing minutes were silent, aside from the recovering pants that left the two of you.
“I love you too.” He says kissing your sweaty forehead and brushing your hair out of your face. You smiled up at him, moving your hands to hold his face bringing him down for a tender kiss. He hums and gently maneuvers you both so you were laying on top of him. Somehow keeping his softening cock inside you the whole time. The two of you stayed like that as you came down from your highs. Kylo laid his head back closing his eyes. The afterglow making him the most relaxed he has ever been. After awhile you suddenly became aware of the fluids leaking out of you and figured you should probably clean yourself up. Carefully you sat up despite your aching body begging you to stay laying on him. The most comfortable bed you’ll ever lay on. You made a move to get of of Kylo but he stops you. A light grip on your hips. “Where you going?” He asks, his eyes barely opening. He looked so serene, so at peace. The sight made your heart flutter. “M’ clean myself up.” You muttered keeping your eyes transfixed on his face, studying every feature. He made a hum. The sound rumbled in his chest. “Stay.” He says as one of his hands barely dances across your thigh, feeling the scarred skin. The touch was so light yet so loving. “We can clean up later. Right now lets stay like this... please. Stay.” His voice was quite, barely above a whisper. You smiled not even thinking about arguing. Laying your head back down on his chest, he used his other hand to stroke your hair. You two breathed each other in finding a sense of peace within each other. “You’ll always matter to me.” He said, referring to your guys previous conversation. “Always my love.” His lips pressed a kiss onto your head. You smiled closing your eyes. He was everything and more.
Tbh I completely forgot tags cause it’s literally been so long im so so so sorry
DM’s are always open for questions, comments advice, whatever!
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