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#but its so funny
akibf3 hours ago
i feel like levi doesn鈥檛 even like them LMFAOO 馃槶
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pr6 hours ago
i feel so morally obligated (in ultimately a good way i think?) to use my underwhelming social media presence to draw attention to nonprofits that are underappreciated like for small mammals, or for last responders/morticians whom i love, or smaller musicians/content creators who have gotten us through this pandemic - but also i make myself feel so fucking guilty for not promoting other important and major nonprofits doing so much good in the world but other people promote them so i want to promote like the ones i personally want to get more engagement - and i know this is literally unfeasible but oh my god when i dont share every one of them/financially donate to them, i feel sick with guilt
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howdyydee7 hours ago
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belacedia9 hours ago
I鈥檇 reblog this post, if not for the fact that I make no guarantees on myself being a 鈥榢ind and friendly mun鈥, you see, I take sadistic pleasure in coming up with the most tongue twister URLs, condemning the dash to seeing me ooc shitpost every single day, and giving all of my partners second hand embarrassment from how socially awkward yet unapologetically extroverted I am in all aspects of my life on rp Tumblr. AKA im a fluffy, sarcastic, icon. pls forgive
Thank you for coming to my brainrot talk.聽
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tigerpants10 hours ago
why do people make specific terminology about abuse into memes? like i genuinely don't understand why... i get that "gaslight" has effectively been turned into a buzzword now, i get how that's meant to be funny in the context of that "gaslight gatekeep girlboss" meme, but like.. it refers to a very specific form of abuse, and if you're making jokes about how wrong everyone else is getting it, that means you know how serious it actually is, so..??
like maybe i just need to Grow A Thicker Skin or whatever, but i also think it fucking sucks that something that already is never taken seriously (and is an abuse tactic that relies upon nobody else in your life taking you seriously!) has become a joke that is embroidered on fucking etsy patches and shit. like is it really That funny.
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ask-senpaifnf11 hours ago
What if we told you your best friend (/s) showed up here? The short one with the blue hair and the backwards hat?
"my- my what?" he looks surprised, but not all that happy. either because the little blue haired worm is here, or because he was referred to as his best friend. likely both. "is this a joke? i really don't think it's a very funny one."
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mr-skelliot11 hours ago
i feel like we as a community do not use moon and hubert in our headcanons with technoblade enough. like hes got fucking mob roommates that i feel like he probably would be able to talk to if he himself is a piglin
like we did it with edward and we do it with steve BUT WHY NOT MOON AND HUBERT. GIVE THEM THE RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE.
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tsubasano11 hours ago
If we were to give her a similar path to Oroch//imaru where she also joins the akatsuki then I think it would still be fair to say that Sas/ori would hate her the way he hated Orochi//maru. I think its hilarious bc we know they (sasori&orochimaru) had similar perspectives when it came to the prospect of immortality, but somewhere along the way Sasor/i starts to hate him and maybe it's because he left the organization and animosity took the place of any respect he held for Orochi, idk, but the point is: Sasor/i is petty and dislikes people that don't share his viewpoint and you know Tsun/ade would judge the hell out of him for trying to pursue immortality by transferring his core/heart/soul into a puppet that can be customized and last an eternity. He would throw her own youthful appearance in her face claiming that she hasn't had to seriously considered her own mortality just yet, but she is obviously tettering towards following the same path and that as the years pass she'll likely be begging him to share his secrets with her. And beacuse I can't picture them having this discussion sober, they're at a bar or something and she's inebriated and will just ignore him and continue to down 2 more drinks before she gets up and punches him so hard that she shatters his stupid little puppet body and laugh at his insinuations. And maybe, just to be petty, she'd comment on how pathetic he sounds making all his insinuations because he's jealous that she's more competent in a fight and that his weak poisons wouldn't even pose a threat to a child.
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