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#but it's just a general truth)
finalgirldeanwinchester · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
#ok to rb#like. ig my opinion is that lit generally tends to engage on a more critical level than fic#and thats okay! not Everything has to be A Big Endeavor in which you Learn Something New or engage critically#you can consume just for the sake of consuming and appreciate creations just on an enjoyment-based level#however! you should push yourself beyond your comfort zone and enage with material that requires critical engagement#as you should with every area of life - not just media consumption and specifically literary works#alongside that something doesnt have to be groundbreaking or profound or intellectual to have value - especially someones creation#there was a post that said fic and ya is just employment of tropes and while it was very cynical i think there is truth to it#lit is theme-centric and tends to devote itself to audience takeaway/s#whereas fic is based off preexisting work with themes already established and both reader and author have a general opinion of themes#already employed. in-depth fic can be exploration of those themes and/or studies of characters with new themes applied#so yeah i think the fundamental difference of lit vs fic is whether ot focuses on themes and tropes and while trope-centric stories tend to#push along the story for the sake of the story/genre/trope - lit is pushed by themes and the story is demonstrated through characters#rather than a series of tropes happening To the characters#so by that logic fic CAN engage at the same critical level as lit in terms of theme exploration but most of the time its trope-based and se#within the confines of themes someone else already explored that both reader and writer are comfortable with#(or themes common to a tagged trope - rather than specific story - that both author/reader are comfortable with)#so in all - nothing fundamentally wrong with either but they very much dont tend to engage on the same level#and it IS the responsibility of you - the consumer - to challenge yourself to new themes and thinking material#rwther than sticking to familiarity#sia posts
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cptnbeefheart · 9 days ago
mmm i love when old crusty ass white musicians admit that they dont try to find new music anymore or dont like any semi-recent artists. like why would you admit to something so embarrassing. im sorry but im not taking any advice on new artists from old ass motherfuckers that believe nothing good is out there from the last 3 god damn decades lmfao
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prettyboydream · 10 days ago
It's going to suck because a lot of SMP members are sitting out of the next MCC because they can't stream since they have twitch partnerships, which may be the reason why dteam and other "faves" decided to step out to while Vikkstar and such stayed, so I'm actually scared to see what some people are going to say and do when the react to the offical teams not including to many SMP and SMP-aligned people...
Regardless no one should be assuming sexualities of ambiguous creators or truthing as a whole, instead if this MCC is centered around wanting to shine the light on LGBT creators who are openly out and actively a part of the community we should be happy for this prospect not upset!
twitch partners/affiliates (im not sure which one has the exclusivity clause) can still participate in the event they just wont be able to stream (i dont think stream is requiered for mcc anyway? just lietrlally everyone does bc why not kjhkffgh) but im p sure scott's said that there'll be at least one person who can stream per team and i do genuienly hope that while people are gonna be sad that their fav might not be in it they're gonna realise that this is a good way to find more lgbt ccs to watch !
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extreme-technicality · 17 days ago
i only just learned about west coast funnel cakes from your tags but i hate them. i have never put anything but powered sugar on a funnel cake and i have never wanted to cause it’s fucking amazing the way it is
Fucking THANK you, this blog is officially followed by people with Good Taste (west coast funnel cake stans dni)
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comradetubbo · 19 days ago
if i see any of u truthing after tubbo said he wants his sexuality to be a private matter, it’s on fucking sight🔫
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the-she-bear · 29 days ago
People talk about a lot about the tragedy of the Stark family -- which mind you is absolutely fair what happens to them is horrible -- but in my eyes the most tragic family we see in asoiaf has to be the Greyjoys, just because of how inherent their tragedy is. Unlike the Starks, they did not start off happy in a secure home, well respected by the rest of Westeros. From the first moment we see them in the story they’re all struggling in one way or another due to all the trauma they’ve experienced thats either intergenerational, due to the Greyjoy Rebellion, due to the actions of other family members or due to how in general they are treated by the rest of Westeros.
All the Greyjoys we encounter seem to feel this need to prove themselves, or excel or gain power in some shape or form, like they’re all scraping at the walls of this hole they find themselves at the bottom of -- a hole that only seems to get deeper as the books go on. Their wish to prove themselves usually comes from two places; to prove themselves to other family members or to prove themselves to Westeros.
The Starks show us the horrible fate this family suffered from when they left their homes and were separated from each other. And whilst things were never perfect for them, they all yearn to return to Winterfell and their family. 
House Greyjoy (it would feel weird to call them a family) are splintered apart from day one. The horrible things that happen to them don’t happen because they f.e. left home or are apart, they come from the inherent tragedy of being a Greyjoy, and how that affects and defines their actions across the series that lead them to their predicaments.
Which is why, other than the Starks, where we have the feeling that this all was avoidable and are biting our nails at every corner hoping they will make the right choice, the fall of the Greyjoys seems almost inevitable at times -- and therein lies, imo, the tragedy.
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wraithqveen · a month ago
I was looking through SoC/CK to find every single bit in which kaz and inej react or think to react violently to the other being in danger (for science!). to no one’s surprise, kaz has the most I’ll murder this person violently reactions to her being threatened or hurt, with inej having one where we can see that’s how her thoughts and the others being more about her acting (or starting to) than thinking of it. not counting when they’re just fighting and there doesn’t seem to be an emotional reaction, it’s interesting that when it’s related to kaz in two out of three times she’s at her most quick to resort to violence/most vicious when it comes to pekka rollins. considering all that, the most notable moments she has of being ready to kill for kaz are
1. when he goes take the leadership of the dregs from haskell 
Inej was moving before she thought of it. She couldn’t just watch him die, she wouldn’t. They had him down now, heavy boots kicking and stomping at his body. Her knives were in her hands. She’d kill them all. She’d pile the bodies to the rafters for the stadwatch to find.
2. before he threatens rollins’ son, because the moment he suggest he’ll fight kaz she’s already readying her knives 
“I can admit I didn’t show you the proper respect, lad, but now you’ve got it. Congratulations. You’re worth the time it’s going to take me to beat you to death with that stick of yours.”
Inej drew her knives. “No, no, little girl,” Rollins said warningly. “This is between me and this skivstain upstart.”
3. when she literally cuts up rollins’ chest and leaves the implicit threat she will cut his heart out if he goes back to ketterdam.
“You can scream now,” she crooned. She peeled back the fabric of his nightshirt, and then her knife was digging into his chest. He screamed around the gag, trying to buck her off.
“Careful now,” she said. “You wouldn’t want me to slip.”
Pekka forced himself to still. He realized how long it had been since he’d felt real pain. No one had dared lift a hand against him in years.
She sat back slightly as if to review her work. Panting, Pekka peered down but could see nothing. A wave of nausea rolled through him.
“This was the first cut, Rollins. If you ever think about coming back to Ketterdam, we’ll meet again so I can make the second.”
with the last one winning for most vicious ALTHOUGH I think the first one is the most emotional
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hua-fei-hua · a month ago
i LOVE naming chapters. rip to everyone who has trouble naming things but i’m different
#especially love it when chapter titles in a sequence make a little fun thing#y'know like building / crumbling / rising --> reflects the phoenix cycle#the sun / the moon / the truth --> 'only three things cannot be hidden for long'#searching / for you / forever --> just a neat little phrase c:#although i didn't actually title the orchid epilogue 'forever' it was a strong consideration#huh wow it's only really happened in orchid huh#though i do have at least one chapter title sequence planned for zenith#everything under the sun / the face in the moon / the truth of stars#for a sun / moon / truth thing AND sun / moon / stars thing#god i'm so so so so so so excited for that part of the story it's god a mad plot twist#one time i read a book where the chapter titles were an actual canon part of the story#and if you didn't read them you'd sometimes be a little confused it was SUPER NEAT in my opinion#ever since i wanted to write a fic where each chapter title flows seamlessly into the story#like maybe not confuse you if you don't read them but it would be SUPER COOL#extra added challenge of having the chapter titles tell a mini story in themselves#or only named after song lyrics from a certain band. or both those things at the same time#idk man i just love love love taking on little technical challenges like that in writing#but YES I LOVE TITLING CHAPTERS I ALWAYS HAVE FUN REASONING BEHIND MY CHAPTER TITLES#and also titling fics in general is pretty fun for me! star always tell me i have banger titles c':#and i AGREE like they're not really poetic or anything but i am the kind of person who prefers to catch people's eye through light comedy#rather than moving poetry. like yeah i can come up with some banger lines and thoughts but i wanna catch people off guard with them#i feel like having a poetic title makes readers expect a certain kind of tone in what they're reading and i'm too irreverent to deliver that#花話
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avvocarlo · a month ago
I'm oddly attractive probably
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