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#but it鈥檚 not by me 馃拃
desolyt12 minutes ago
sitting here in nature, thinking about s&b and giving frankie a whole ass verse like :) she was born in ketterdam to a criminal, awful father and a g.risha mother who was indentured to him and there was absolutely no love or lack of conflict. and then, like usual, her mom dies in an "accidental" fire when she's like 7 or 8 and eventually frankie's dad ships her ass off to ravka and the little palace because??? the effort of raising a kid?? nah. ( but i also think it would be maybe interesting if i gave her a ketterdam verse where her dad trades her and she's indentured to someone else because that's fucking awful too ). anyways, she's a healer because :'^) she just wants to protect everyone and support people and fit in but she's so annoying and hungry to belong that it's like lk sad fufnjfjdjd. anyways, i will further expand on this later.
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donovanrocker48 minutes ago
just found out that my exam results are coming out tomorrow, pray for me y鈥檃ll
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eboyxiumin52 minutes ago
exo era that lives rent free in your mind?
definitely love shot and obsession
(wolf and mama live in my mind as well due to how awful the styling was 馃拃)
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miyaniacsan hour ago
Okay I feel like at this point it鈥檚 decided. I just become a cold hearted fuckgirl so I can fully embrace my trust & commitment issues and don鈥檛 have to care about my insecurities lol
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astagfirulah2 hours ago
I'm surprised no one's posted that nct fanart on here
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callumsmitchells2 hours ago
temporarily forgot i had a dog, heard some squeaking and thought it was a mouse鈥ope just milo鈥檚 toy
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hvnlymha2 hours ago
hi shanti !! is it okay if i could have a quick self ship with amajiki?
My name's Demitrius, my pronouns are she/he/them/chain/corpse, i identify as a demigirl, my dream date would be at home either playing danganronpa or watching crime shows! If i had to pick an aesthetic, it would probably be techwear! I'm Nigerian-Congolese, I love kpop and I'm in love with vocaloid!
馃懇馃徑鈥嶐煉: Hi love! sorry this is so... late. it got stuck in my inbox and I went on my computer a week ago and saw it??? again I鈥檓 so so sorry<\3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You sat on the couch with your legs over the couch leg, slouching on Tamaki鈥檚 lap watching聽鈥淐riminal Minds鈥, He wasn鈥檛 fully paying attention - more so just agreeing with whatever you wanted to do, while you had your full attention onto the show.
鈥 it鈥檚 obvious he鈥檚 the one who killed her - right amajiki?鈥 he sat there rubbing circles on your legs responding with a聽鈥榟m?鈥 looking up at you.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 you think he鈥檚 the one who killed her?鈥 you pointed to the screen as he complied with an answer - not entirely knowing what was happening,聽鈥渟ure, angel.鈥
His answer was short, but you knew that was his personality. Short and sweet, so it didn鈥檛 mind you much- just laughing at his clueless demeanor, rubbing your hands through his course hair.
鈥淲hat are you laughing at hm?鈥 He looked down at you - squeezing your sides gently to catch your attention back to him. 鈥淥h nothing, just you.鈥 You ran your hand down from his hair to caress his cheek - seeing a blush pink forming at the top of his cheeks.
He never got used to your flustering, always finding a way to make his blush appear and his heart jump a mile per second - but you enjoyed the adorable flushed face so much, it was almost like a pleasure - entertaining the boy.
鈥 Demetrius I will never get tired of you.鈥 He sighed, placing his palms on your puffy cheeks. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l ever get tired of you either, ama.鈥 You snuggled into his touch - forgetting entirely about the show and more so focused on his calloused warm hands protecting your face.
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bishopsknifetrick10 hours ago
for the red asks, begin again??
begin again: describe a time people laughed with you. - ok the first thing that comes to mind is just a bit ago i was trying to tell my family 'i have bigger fish to fry' and bc i am tired and a little dumb i accidentally said 'i have bigger fish to fuck' and they all started laughing n at first i felt dumb for messing up saying That but like it also is objectively funny too n none of them were making fun of me so i started laughing too n i know they were laughing with me fhsdkf
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liashideout11 hours ago
you just hammered onto my head that i will not going to sit on any men鈥檚 lap because they can feel my pussy鈥檚 heartbeat 馃槍馃 LMAO AAAAAAAAAA
(but well, i鈥檒l never going to sit on anyone鈥檚 lap except if it鈥檚 jinwoo鈥檚, i guess? T__T)
i don't care if jinwoo feels it but if he does he better r*il me !!!!!
WAIT i was gonna send you big tiddy men hold on lemme get the link
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parcai11 hours ago
what would be the perfect day for you, activity and schedule wise, and then what does a day of relaxation look like for u irl
i don't like to 馃槶 oh god i don't like to relax NFHDKDGSKSGSK i like to DO shit and travel and explore and 馃槇 but if i must stay here and chill 鈽:
1. the birds do not wake me up 馃槕 this step is essential to being able to sleep the fuck in for once and begin our soothing experience 馃拞鈥嶁檧锔 once we have successfully shot down those motherfuckers 馃暣, we rise ready for the day in an empty house w no one to bother me 馃懠馃尀
2. 馃毧, 馃枌馃Ψ
3. i like to cook when i am left alone actually 馃グ so maybe i will make a waffle as a treat, topped with some fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream w some lemon zest, be all snazzy 馃槡馃挴 watch some comedy while enjoying it
4. a nice morning walk and chat w my friend and her dogs at the nearby state park. she likes to bake so maybe i would skip breakfast before and we'll share cake together or smth idk 馃グ she's 12/10 ramsay should be afraid of his own baking skills (she made key lime pie from scratch for a party in 6th grade that's so extra ily 馃え)
5. i would drive up to a great lake of my choice. go whale watching, shipwreck searching (we almost never find anything but it is a great deal of fun 馃グ), tour the lighthouses even tho ik them all at this point, but i find them enjoyable. lunch out there is always excellent bc of the fresh seafood. i may bring a friend but only one and only a chiller one for relaxation sake 馃鈥嶁檧锔
6. by the time i get home it's evening. hmm homemade dinner brought outside (maybe pizza? that seems summer night outside worthy. but i like asian food and mexican better so 鈽 this would be a difficult call), call over the gang, start up the firepit and grab marshmallows and the Good chocolate, drop down the white sheet on the deck, project a stupid movie everyone loves and have lots of fun w that, then kick them all out by 3am so i can sleep in peace 馃拃
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clouiis12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Reposting an old comm from @spacetravels over from my deleted choices side but re-reading ilb and finally seeing the scene where they hug :( I am in pieces
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teapartyships13 hours ago
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