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#but it turned into a 'pick me' bs type thing
hotwings0203 · 3 days ago
Okay I’m at work rn and I just got this weird ass call at the front desk. This dude called asking for a reservation and I was like aight lemme transfer you to our reservations department, and the dude was like “it’s my wife’s birthday.” I said “oh well tell her I said happy birthday,” AND THEN he was like “it’s actually our anniversary.” And I was like “…okay…tell her I said happy anniversary??” AND THEN WHEN I TRIED TELLING HIM THAT I WAS GONNA TRANSFER HIM AGAIN HE WAS ALL “wait before you do, I have to tell you something.” And I was like OKAY MAN JUST HURRY UP IDFC he said “my wife says you look beautiful today.” And then I hung up the muthafuckin phone cuz who the FUCK was I to deal w that bs💀💀 sooo, in honor of that I’m gonna write a lil’ shigaraki thing that was inspired by that phone call
Tw:stalking, creepy shiggy, noncon implication, cultish behavior?
You awake to your phone ringing at your bedside table. It’s in the AM, maybe 2 or 3. The night is quiet save for the dull buzzing next to you, and the whispers of the wind spiraling through the trees outside your window.
Bewilderingly, you grope around in the darkness to locate your phone before picking it up and cracking open a bleary eye to check the caller ID.
Extremity begrudgingly, you hit the green button.
“Hello?” Your voice comes out groggy and coarse from your slumber remnants.
“Beautiful girl”
Both eyes are open now.
“Who is this?”
“You don’t know me…but I know you.” The voice across the line is almost as raspy as yours yet slightly shaky. There’s a weird clicking noise in the background.
“Who the fuck is this, and why are you calling me at-“ you turn your head to check the analog next to you. “-three thirty four in the morning?”
“Because I wanted to formally introduce myself as your new owner.”
“My new-what?” You snap and lift yourself on one elbow. Just because of the chill that races down your spine, you squint around the darkness of your apartment. No one was there, so then why couldn’t you shake the feeling someone was watching you?
“You heard me, pretty cockslut. In a few days from now, I’ll be waiting for you, right at your door. I’ll have a collar and leash waiting for you so you can properly be my little bitch in heat.”
Your hands unconsciously fist the sheets underneath you, and you try not to let your voice wobble when you respond.
“I’m-is hanging up now you sick fuck. Don’t call this number again, or else I’ll track your number and call the police.” But you find that when you try to tap the red button, the call still continues. You hit the button again, but no difference. You start to frantically turn your phone off and fiddle with the volume buttons to wake your screen out of its frozen state but the call still continues, the person on the other line keeps rambling.
“What did you do to my phone?”
“Whatever I need to do to talk to you one on one. Tell me Y/N, would you prefer your dog bowl in pink or red?”
“I’m not choosing either, fucking bastard. Tell me who you are!”
“Aww, come on now, be an obedient pet. Use your big girl words and let your master know what you like. It’s the only time I’m being nice, I’d take the opportunity if I were you.” The clicking on the other side of the call multiples, as if we were typing away at dozens of keyboards.
“I’m calling the police.” You spring up from your bed and search the room for another landline phone or anything where you could contact someone. This was insane, you weren’t putting up with this bullshit.
“Sure, go right ahead. I can’t wait for them to see you naked, on your hands and knees, pussy drooling and mouth watering while you suck my cock in front of them.”
You yell in frustration and panic as the clicking noise grows louder, the volume swallowing up your thoughts and musings.
“Fuck, what the hell is that noise?” You raise your voice now, your remaining sleep swept away in the currents of adrenaline.
“We’re all waiting for you, Y/N. You’re such a pretty girl, don’t you wanna share some of that beauty with us? We wanna see you mouth opening, face down ass up for us, working your pussy on all of our cocks. We wanna see you getting fucked against all the surfaces of your new home, against the windows, on the basement floor, in the shower, on the bed. I wanna be on top though, above everyone else under and over you, would my little bitch in heat like that?”
Your mouth opens and closes, but no sound comes out. It’s silent outside, as if the world were holding its breath on the same moment as you. But on the other end of the phone, you could hear it.
Along with the clicking, there were moans. Different pitches and tempos, but the grunts and groans were definitely audible. He spoke above them, claiming his place above his subjects.
“Oh no, did I scare you off already? It’s okay, you’ll get used to us soon enough. Think of this as training. You’ll soon know your place well enough once initiation starts. All your holes will be open-“
The moans grow louder. They gasp so loud you’d think they were being murdered. The clicking grows evermore.
“-And you’ll be out on display for all of us to touch, and feel, and taste, and listen to while you just take it, take it, take it like the good little bitch I’ll force you to be”
“Leave me alone!” You half sob as you run over and pick up your phone, looking around wildly and unsure of what to do.
“I’ll plug you with so many drugs and chemicals that you’ve never even heard of just so that you’ll crawl to me on all fours and beg me to fill you up again, with anything I want.”
“You’ll kill yourself just to be anything to me”
You think you hear the groaning and sighing on the other end evolve into screams of satisfaction, but you can’t tell over the ringing in your own ears.
“So sleep well my precious babyslut. I’ll come for you soon enough.”
And the line goes dead
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rainbowjay20 · 7 days ago
I've had one of those days...
I stopped at the drug store to pick up a few items. One item I managed to forget completely. Of course I didn't remember that I forgot the item until I got home. Another item I was searching for is generally used for babies. I had planned on buying a sample size as I had purchased a different product online but the same day shipping wasn't available. I searched the sample/travel section and not only did they not have any of this common staple but most of the rest of the samples were sold out/not in stock. So I went to the aisle where they normally have the adult version of the same product. Nary a one. Finally, as a last resort I went to the baby aisle, because I look out of place in the baby aisle!😳 Now, this product which is used by a majority of parents on a daily basis, multiple times a day, was not available in a large size. There were about three bottles of the travel size of the name brand for about $2.50. This sample size bottle retails for $1.79. The full bottle retails at $3.79. They are selling that size, when they have it, for $6.99. When I don't have a product, I tend to discount the price, let's my customers know I'm a sport. JK Ripping people off because you can't get a product is no way to run a business.
Then I stopped at Starbucks because I needed some real coffee. I don't get it often. Wawa is fine. But $10 for a coffee and two cake pops?!
Then I went in a home improvement store to get some flowers and veggies. They didn't have the flat/pallet type cart so I grabbed the only type they had, the regular type one. The only thing that did go my way is that it did not have broken wheels or damage in any way. I usually end up with the f*ed up ones.
I also needed to get some storage bins/tubs for clothing seperation so I got those first. Of course, because this was the day I was having, I couldn't find them. Having looked everywhere for them, finally walked past them, then realizing this, I turned around to go back and grabbed them. On retrospect, I should have paid for those and came back for the flowers and stuff. By this time I had started "glowing". (Women glow, men perspire, horse sweat. Which is a BS saying because we all sweat.)
So anyway, I had only a little space left in the cart by the time I got to the flowers. I couldn't find the roses. After asking, the girl showed me where they were. Half way back out across the parking lot again. Shit. More walking. I asked if I could leave my cart there. I managed to get one rose back by myself as they weighed a metric ton. I grabbed a store employee standing nearby and asked if there was a strong young man to help me grab the second rose and butterfly bush. One of the older women helped me because of course the able bodied young men were no where in sight when there was work to be done. I had grabbed my Tomato plants first, before the roses, two Early Girls, a BeefSteak and a Big Boy. They didn't have any Cherry Tomatoes and I couldn't find either cucumbers or peppers. I paid for everything and was basically concentrating on keeping the two carts I now had from crashing into anyone or each other. When I got to the car I realized that two of the tomato plants were missing. Luckily, I hadn't paid for them. Some twit had poached it from my cart to avoid walking out to the parking lot like I had. They were the Early Girls too. SOB's. For those who aren't in the know, the names are axiomatic, obvious. Early Girls bloom early. Big Boys are larger. Beefsteaks are big and hearty. After everything else I wasn't going to walk all the way back. I'll go to a local garden center and picking the missing items up.
Then came the groceries. First some a*hole tried to cut me off on the road, then another in the parking lot. It was getting close to lunch and CFA is in the same lot as the Grocery store. Then I had to circle back three times in the produce section because I forgot things. I could find half of the meats I wanted and our grocery is usually good about that. It also seemed that everyone in the store was blocking where I needed to get to with regards to shelves. Not one unblocked shelf. There was even an older gentleman in front of my Lime Popsicles! (He was buying Ice Cream Bars next to them, not the lime Popsicles of course!) Finally, I picked up the last item on my list, some wine for a chicken recipe. Now I'm not a drinker and I know liquors but not wine other then basics. I told the employee to point me towards the cheap shit. He looked at me funny and I clarified that it was for a recipe. He suggested the "splits" or 4 packs wines. It was a good idea because I don't need a whole bottle for the recipe. Also they had some fruit wines including a pineapple flavored one and pineapple goes great with chicken! But then I got up to the counter to pay. Now I know they have to scan your license for all age related products. Its not the first time that I've had to do it. But this girl, the way she asked, she was definitely questioning my age. I asked her how old she thought I was. She said 16. SIXTEEN???!!?!?!??! I AM FLABBERGASTED!?!! OVERWHELMED!!! AMAZED!!!
For reference, I haven't seen the north side of sixteen in a very long time.
And then I came home and had stomach issues.
That was my lovely, wonderful day.
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cheryls-blossomed · 10 days ago
Just to let you know this won't be the last irisco scenes this season carlos is coming back for the 150th episode and the finale. So that's probably when you'll get your proper goodbye from iris and cisco and I can't wait to see his reaction when he sees nora again and also meeting bart .... those are the type of things I'm looking forward to. I actually enjoyed this episode just as a fan and not someone to pick apart everything but just watch it as a viewer and see how happy carlos was filming this made me enjoy it even more. Could it have been way better absolutely but I already went into this episode with the intent of it being a otf type of episode and who wrote the episode so my mind already knew what this would mostly turn out to be. Now this episode is out the way I'm really ready for the ball to start rolling with these stories and storylines. Was it perfect absolutely not was it my favorite nope but I can say I enjoyed it. To those fans that I see that think Iris is being pushed out the show to me I call BS also from what carlos has mentioned in his interviews he sees that eric is very accommodating to his actors and makes sure they are good not just about their character but them as a person he tries to help them and work with them the best he can and to me that's a good showrunner. Eric has a long way to go when it comes to fixing stuff in the writers room but I will say he's made that set a better place to feel comfortable and work at. Also CP was talking about her experiences with that network which I think eric has tried to do what he can and what he's allowed to do for his actors wellbeing. As for Westallen as we seen in 7x11 when GG and CP are given great material they can really work with it and even when they don't they do their best. Now the Joe and Iris scene I couldn't tell you why it was cut ... timing .... or did they feel it wasn't needed if iris was literally having that same type of convo with kamilia so they choose that one we may never really know so I tend to not worry about those things but I get why some fans would be mad about that especially how it seems to always happen to iris getting her scenes cut but it is what it is I'm not going to keep harping over spoiled milk. I enjoy your blog so much cause it gives us fans a safe space no matter if we agree or not so thank you for that. Here's to hoping the season turns out better for you and the fans that aren't enjoying it right now. I'm more of positive optimistic type of person so I tend to see the positive side of things especially for my mental health. Anyways I don't want to take up to much of your time sorry for this long ass post I'll try to keep it short next time!
No need to apologize, nonnie! I appreciate you sharing all your thoughts. I'm glad that you enjoy this blog, and I'm also glad that we can healthily disagree at times, because I think that's important. And optimism is honestly a very good thing in this life.
I definitely don't think Iris/Candice is being pushed out of the show. There's nothing to suggest that from this season, and I’m not sure why anyone would think this. 
Oh yeah, I mean, I don't really have much hope for meaningful Iris/Cisco scenes, but a small goodbye in the finale would be nice. And I'm glad that Cisco will get to meet Bart and Nora.
Re the Iris/Joe scene: I think it's pretty clear with the benefit of hindsight that that moment was one showcasing Iris's POV about why she was struggling to hire a new photojournalist and that Joe was helping her work through her feelings about Kamilla leaving. It was hopefully a moment of vulnerability, and it wasn't going to be the same moment as the Iris/Kamilla scene, because it was supposed to be Iris working through what she was originally struggling with in the KamIris scene. I would have felt better if Iris and Kamilla got another scene for the sake of closure, where we got to see them have this really supportive, sweet moment, but they did not get that. Part of it is that the show really didn't care about Kamilla at all in the episode and didn't give her any proper sendoff. Additionally, there's the continued fact that Iris scenes are used for promo, but her scenes seem to be the first to end up on the cutting room floor, especially important character-building moments for her, often times shared with her family (her father, her husband, and her daughter). They very well could have cut something else to include the Iris/Joe scene, but they deliberately chose to cut this scene. 
Anyways, with regards to Eric, I don't really agree with his stylistic choices as showrunner, and I am somewhat frustrated as a fan by his... apparent lying about story-lines, therefore indicating that he knows what the people want, but he chooses not to focus on what the people want, but it's clear he's a good boss when it comes to the cast and that he's made the set safer and is the first showrunner who has really listened to Candice and addressed her concerns. I think to a degree we have to separate who Eric is as a boss and our own concerns and grievances with regards to story-telling as fans (which are certainly very valid and reflect upon him as showrunner, but are separate from what he’s done to make the work place environment better).
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ironspiderson · 25 days ago
I’m ruining my own life
I don’t even know if this is the right subreddit for this and I’ve never even posted anything like this before, but I just have to talk about this.
I’m destroying my life right now, and have been slowly for the past several months and even years in some small ways. I’ve always done good in school, getting good As and occasionally high Bs without having to put in a lot of effort in, and I honestly think that’s sort of where this all started. I never had to put much effort in and so when things became harder it slowly became more and more acceptable to myself to not turn in assignments, or have them be late two weeks, or fail a test and do nothing about it. I would lie to my parents saying I had everything under control, that the teachers just “needed to update it”, and even if I knew they would get an email detailing my grades or anything of the sort, I would still attempt to lie all the same and it would only backfire tremendously.
This came in its worst form this year during my Junior year of highschool, the one year you’re supposed to do the best in. And of course, this is the year I end with a C in AP Physics and a failing grade in Statistics. The funny thing is, I understood both classes just fine. The problem is that I’ve become so lazy and so willing to procrastinate everything anything that I easily let that happen and found I didn’t care, and I care about nothing except temporary pleasure, like staying up to play Terraria when I should be turning in eleven missing grades.
So it finally got to a breaking point today, when my mother messaged me asking why I have three things missing in Physics, one of them being a major grade, and a sixty in Stats when grades were finalized yesterday. My 74 for Physics and 62 for Statistics stand, and I can’t do anything about it but let it stare at me in the face and mock me for being such an idiot with my own actions.
I decided to suck it up and tell her the truth, that while I legitimately did the Physics assignments and it was not updated, I did not turn in the recent six daily assignments and one major test for Stats. Sure, I could possibly fix it since I believe the final for that class was quite literally those same assignments, sans one of the daily ones, averaged together, but it still stood that I was failing a class at the end of a school year, something that had never happened before in my entire life.
And so my mother was pissed, absolutely livid, but rightfully so, much to my heartache. Typing in all capital letters, not caring how bad her spelling was. I’d tried saying that this year just sucked and I hated it, she’d respond with a, “NO, YOU SUCKED”. Angry that I had no priorities (at least no important ones), that I had to prepare a backup college since the one I want to get into, the University of Texas, sure as hell won’t accept me if I continue this path, and heartbroken that I didn’t care. It broke my own heart as well, seeing her act this way. My mother is truly a kind woman, but I’ve never seen her act like this, only slightly so when I made mistakes of this kind in the past.
Honestly, what really broke me, I think, is what she would say next. Not anything about taking away all of my electronics or how I wouldn’t be able to drive my car, but that while she was disappointed in my sister (who slowly did worse in worse in highschool, went to a community college for two years and will now leave for the Air Force in about a week), it was me that hurt her the most. She gave up on school, sure. But I gave up on myself. I betrayed my mother’s trust that I’d do great in my school years and amount to be this great engineer that graduated from UT and would have an income worth more than that of both my parents combined.
She said to join the Air Force for all she cared. Do everything on my own. Schedule my own college visits, volunteering, applications, everything. She put so much effort into me, way too much, and this is how I repaid her, by wasting her time, all of these years.
I know she loves me. According to her, I’m talented and smart, it’s just up to me to dig down and figure out these things for my own, and that I’m not failing everything, I just need guidance. I also asked her if she was sure about that, her reply was that she had no idea, and that we’ll talk later, as I’m currently at school as I type this and I’ve yet to talk to them in person.
I even broke a little more and finally vented out to her a bit, all of the other ways my life has been going downhill. That I don’t even have real friends and I don’t know if I ever have or will, and the people that I hang out with are merely jus that, people I hang out with. Not much more than that, and if I stop interacting with them long enough, we both forget about the other, as is with one of my good middle school “friends”, Issac, who I’ve only seen one or two times in the past three years in hallways. And if I were to go to college, would I really be friends with anyone? If I don’t, well I imagine that same thing would only be amplified.
Then there’s the issue of lying as I sort of discussed earlier, that even when I know it won’t work or that I shouldn’t or that I need to change, I will still be dishonest, afraid to tell the truth blind to the consequences. I can’t give a damn about anything other than temporary pleasure, in which I worsen everything and then that pleasure is no longer available, and now the tasks I had to do are more dire than ever, likely stacking up and becoming more impossible.
Music is also ruined, where I never practice my piano, percussion, or guitar. I’ve played piano since I was about four and yet I still rarely put in any effort for my upcoming lesson, and I always put of band music for until the last minute. With guitar, it went so far that I don’t even remember how to play and now I haven’t even picked up the instrument in probably around a year.
I even wanted to learn German at one point, inspired and eager to learn, doing all of it on my own, using Duolingo and Pimsleur as well as a different subreddit for learning it, videos and such. As you can imagine, I put effort in for only a week. After that I did absolutely nothing, plagued by the notifications I would receive from the subreddit, and the monthly Pimsleur bills, until I ended up unsubscribing, having wasted tons of money.
The more I look at it, the more I realize my life is tearing to pieces and the bright future I’ve seen for so long, only seems to to fall apart the longer I stare. I’ll likely get kicked out of NHS at my school with my lackluster average, I basically quit Key Club this year, I’m almost always late to band rehearsals and sometimes nearly school, I continue to be dishonest, and be a failure as a son to my parents and to myself, torturing and twisting my future self. Honestly, if my future self could time travel, I’m sure they would want to beat the shit out of me, or maybe hopefully try to help. The former would probably end up working better.
And so here I sit, in my fourth period classroom typing on my phone, typing away hoping something will change. I’ve had that hope for a long time and always held onto it, and I’m realizing now that relying on that is a fucking terrible life strategy. I can’t continue on this path. I just can’t. I’m scared to think of what will happen to me if I don’t change, of how I’ll end up after high school, how I’ll end up several years from now, how I’ll end up as an adult. I thought I knew for a long time, but I know now that that just as much of a lie as the ones I tell so often.
I fear that going down this dark path will result in me feeling certain emotions that relate to depression, and possibly suicide. I’m pretty positive I am neither of those and I have reasons to live, but I’m terrified that I may not have that mindset in the future, near or far.
I don’t want to die, I don’t want to be alone, I don’t want my life to end this way.
In fact, I’m so alone that while a lot of boys may joke about being single forever, I think that may just be the case for me. I’m so deprived and alone that I constantly find myself reading shitty “x Male Reader” inserts on Wattpad and on the Internet, and girlfriend roleplays on YouTube. In fact, one thing I’ve found myself constantly seeking is the “yandere” variants of both of those things, where a girl is obsessed with the reader or listener to the point they’d abduct them to keep them safe and protect them.
When I think about it, that really is all that I want. For all my problems to just be cast aside and for me to no longer worry about anything, and finally have someone to love me besides my family, who would do anything for me.
Fuck. That’s just so sad, isn’t it? And yet day after day I still read those stories, still listen to those audios.
I just have no clue where my life is going to end up. Even if I can turn things around and have a great Senior year with all high As, and volunteer tons and do lots of good, if I apply to UT and get notified that I didn’t get in, I think that would be another huge wake-up call. A reminder that all of my actions have consequences, and that I can’t escape that. And with UT, I’d love more than anything to play in their band, as I play in my own school’s drumline now.
But you wanna know what the funny thing is? I’m going to be the Snare Captain next year, with all of the responsibility for keeping the snares together, and thus the drumline, and thus the song tempo, and thus the band, and thus our entire performance, more or less resting on my shoulders. How the hell am I going to do that? I’m not even super good or anything, it’s just that I’m the only one qualified enough after the previous Captain graduated.
I just have no clue where things will go from here. And I understand that many people have worse lives than mine, whether it be someone in poverty suffering disease or a young man forced to be a soldier in WW1, but damn I just have to get this out of my chest, to someone besides my family. Because like I said, I don’t honestly think I have real friends, because when I think of them, I can’t name one I’d feel truly comfortable sharing this with, so I’m forced to turn to the Internet.
Just, please. I don’t care if this only ever gets three comments and I care even less about awards and upvotes, I just want to be told that it’ll be okay, and that there’s something I can do to fix this ugly mess that is currently my life. Advice, tips, quotes, anything. Like my mother said, I just need guidance, and maybe I can gather some courage and drive to get back onto the road and steer to where I want to go. And I honestly think that while part of me is terrified to talk to my parents tonight when I return to my house, the other part of me realizes that this may be one of the most important conversations of my entire life, as shitty as it’s turning.
I’m tired of wearing this mask that says I have everything under control, that I have friends, that I’ll have a good career and future, and that I have a life worth living. I’m sick of it, especially because I’ve worn it for so long and am so used to it that I’ve convinced myself that that mask is a part of me, only stepping back every small now and then to remember that it isn’t, and then I break.
Please, just lend me a hand, anything. Thanks, and thanks as well for reading all of this. It means more to me than my idiotic brain probably realizes.
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seductionreddit · a month ago
Howdy. One of the recent posts on this sub hinted me to write this. So pull up a chair and grub a cold one - this post will take you some time to read.A bit about myself: I am a foreign student in Midwest from a non western country. Who had been doing my game here about a year (before all that COVID stuff) and will resume in Fall when my state and colleges will go back to normal. All the advises mostly pertain to folks from Arab World, Israel, Turkey, central Asia and southern Russia. Cannot speak for experience of folks from other regions. The think that matters the most - who you have been home. I know that we all got it easier because mentioned places tend to center men and women are way less independent than in the west - in my home country if a woman is not married and doesn't have children at 30 people would think there is something wrong her and will genuinely sympathize with her. It is not uncommon to marry at 19-20. So needless to say I grew up having it simple to get girls around, enjoy relationships and never even thought that it could be any other way. But life happens, I decided to pursue my American dream and now I am here. I ended up in Midwest (not Chicago area though). Most people of said background reside in places like LA/NYC/Miami so my area (especially outside my college which is pretty big) is mostly non immigrant white folks with German/Scandinavian ancestry (like 80% of them). I am also pretty white on surface but my accent always gives me out.All success in life comes down with confidence and confidence is created by practice and repeated success. I had been enjoying all the reaps of the model of society we have there, so it boosted my confidence and reading for the first time stories like "I am 23 and virgin" really blowed my mind because I never even thought it could be possible for other than religious reasons. Same as "I am 30 and never been married". So when I moved to the US I soon realized that men are not center of the world. And most women at 20 don't think of marriage by the time they graduate college (extremely common in my home country).At the beginning it really puzzled me, I never though I would need to make something to make girls interested in me. I always thought that the fact that I am a man is already enough. But I accepted this as a challenge. As I understand that I will never want to have committed relationships with someone outside my culture, and getting a nice girl to marry at home and transfer her to the US is a cakewalk, so I always have that lifeline no matter what, I decided to play the game just for the challenge. Many folks from said countries probably can relate to this as well.So you just need to have sex. Some guys get into that mental trap like "I need to establish myself here and the best way to prove my social rank is to bang as many girls as possible". Drop it. You don't need to do anything. But you need sex, otherwise you wouldn't read this post. What do you do?The key is the right attitude. You don't to have sex with any particular woman. Or with most of them. You just need some. And you utilize brute force method (if you are familiar with math/IT). Never turn on your ego and don't let yourself think that you are a second class person. Tediously and monotonous you do the work until you get the results. I am not sharing strategies because they are the hard skills and there is literally the whole sub about this. But attitude will serve you well. You need to get this idea - you are not worse than US born folks. Even if some blonde girls look down on you for your appearance and accent. Never let this touch your ego. Don't measure your success by appraoch-to-sex ratios or any other BS. You measure your success by simply asking yourself do I have enough sex? Get 2 girlfriends if needed. There are 2 types of relationships - just for fun and serious. And I would advise against trying something serious with women outside your culture. And if you are doing it just for fun then who cares? Please don't be like "last months I banged only 2 girls and I some guy did 20". Focus in yourself, do you have enough sex or not. Not partners. Not approach-to-sex ratio. Just enough sex. It can be done 10 times with one girl. Or every single time it would be a new one. Doesn't matter. I personally prefer to have some sort of consistent partner (even if consistency means just few weeks), because I also have to study LOL. And I highly detest this "pick up master" idea many have in their heads, because it leads to validating yourself by percentage of women that want to have sex with you. It is BS.And it all comes down to how "Alpha" you are (I hate this word but it gives you the idea). You need to work on assertiveness. And you need it damn a lot. First of all, you have serious competition - American guys are pretty tough themselves and they know English way better than you, and they don't have accent. And you need to be better than them - because you have "minus points" for your appearance and accent. There are numerous studies that show that having an accent makes you look less attractive and intelligent (even if you are way smarter and educated than that person). So keep that in mind. What you should also keep in mind - is that people in America/West are taller than in other countries, I was surprised when I noticed this. I am 6.0 and was above average at home, here I am at best just average. Height is of course not a deal breaker, but when game is stacked against you... You need to work on your assertiveness. I know it is scary, you are at foreigner at their country, and these folks are strong motherfuckers and have their shit together and you need to persuade their women that you are better then them. But the thing is - as soon as you prove it, your weaknesses will become your strengths. I have been asked multiple times to say some sweet words in my native language, talking about places I lived and visited. I assume if you have money to study in the US then you traveled to various countries as well. So as soon as you showed your masculinity you become interesting. Now you are not that guy from somewhere. Now you are interesting, unusual, special. It attracts women (especially with heightened level of sexual curiosity).What also matters is of course your knowledge base about human nature. As someone who plans to become a psychiatrist I enjoy studying human brains and thinking process. It helps in game. Read books about human ethology, behavioral ecology, dual-process theory, evolution, instincts, neuro biology, cognitive biases. Also helps to have some philosophy in mind - we are just bunch of various highly organized organic molecules living on a small planet that will extinct in 3 billion years due to Sun collapse. What are you afraid?Good luck! via /r/seduction
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can u do more roman! percy? I feel like there is a great opportunity for a "you're a painter you're a baker, you always double knot your shoelaces" type scene between percy and annabeth and what if leo built a phone into the argo 2 so percy could call his mom. break my heart with angst. love ur writing ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Great minds all think alike! Thank you asking me to write more Roman!Percy. I am too weak to write a whole AU, but get this burst of adrenaline when you guys ask me to write the fun parts lol. A lot of you guys sent me in various prompts for this too, so it looks like they’ll be a lot more!
For new peeps. Here is the post that started it all and below are the oneshots I’ve written so far (also Frank isn’t a Poseidon descendant here bc I forgot he was before pairing him with Percy. Whoops):
1. Percy & Nico being friends in SoN and also finding out about Frank/Percy
2. Percy meeting CHB without having gotten his memories back and being totally sold to the Roman side.
3. Percy deadass breaking his girlfriend’s heart without knowing it and also being a terrifying praetor who puts up with no BS
The dreams were getting more vivid. Percy woke up, gasping for breath before he stumbled out of bed and towards the edge of Argo as he tried and failed to keep from trembling. This time it had been a man. A giant? A something that kept healing whenever he touched the ground. A temple of bones towered in the background and Percy felt his breath catch at the memory of it.
If it even was a memory. He was never really sure. Just as the world started to become a bit more real, a hand touched his arm and within seconds his sword was out and ready to attack. A clang rang as the metal hit something else and it took him a moment to realize his blow had been deflected.
“Hi,” Annabeth said, knife raised against his sword. “I wanted to check that you were okay,” she said. Percy swallowed. Oh. He slowly lowered Anaklusmos.
“How did you know I was out here?”
“I-” Annabeth began and then snapped her mouth shut. “Before the first war you would... get a little like this. I guess I picked up an extra sense for it,” she said slowly. Percy frowned. Huh. He wasn’t sure he liked that.
“I see,” he said cautiously. “I’m fine. Thank you for the concern.”
Annabeth bit her lip.
“Do you want to talk?” She asked and Percy looked out over the side of the ship. “You haven’t asked many questions. I thought you might... want to know about stuff. Maybe your mom?”
Percy turned back to her. His... mom? He had a mom? The thought had never even occurred to him. He figured she was dead or never been a part of his life to matter much. Just someone who hooked up with a god and ditched. His surprise must have shown on his face because Annabeth smiled weakly.
“She’s really worried about you. I used to visit her every week while you were gone,” she said. Percy didn’t know what to say to that. “Her name is Sally Jackson. She... she’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. The bravest too. You were really close with her,” she added.
“Oh,” Percy said. That was all he felt he could say. He pursed his lips, putting the cap back in his sword so it shrank back into a pen. Then swallowed. “Do I... have any Greek siblings? I mean, Clarisse mentioned a Tyson...” He said cautiously. Annabeth bit her lip.
“He isn’t a demigod. He’s a cyclops. You two are close too. You also have a stepfather. His name is Paul. You guys get along well.”
A cyclops? Percy tilted his head. Interesting, but sure. Annabeth must have taken this as a sign of encouragement because she kept going.
“Grover is the satyr that brought you to camp. He’s your best friend and-”
“I think I’ve heard enough,” Percy said. He wasn’t sure why. He should be curious about all of this, but something about it was so... so overwhelming... Annabeth flinched. “It’s just we need to focus on getting to Greece and-“
“I understand,” she cut in. Based on how clipped her voice was... she did not. An awkward silence followed. “But I do… I have one thing for you,” she said and brought out a small, bronze square. “I had Leo make this for you. It isn’t exactly a phone… more like a walkie talkie, but whatever works, right?” She said with a small laugh. Percy’s brows came together before he reached out hesitantly to take it from her hand. “Sorry, I couldn’t get it in blue,” she added lightly. Percy raised an eyebrow.
“Do I... like blue?” He asked. Annabeth’s face fell. “Sorry! Blue is great, I just never thought much about my favorite color is all,” he said quickly.
“It isn’t your favorite - well, it is, but - nevermind,” Annabeth sighed and pressed the phone in his hand.
“Thank… you…” he said slowly and flipped it open. The screen blinked to life. It only had three buttons. A green one, a red one, and a black one. “I don’t understand. Who am I contacting?” He asked. “Reyna?”
A strange look crossed Annabeth’s face at that. It was the same look that she wore whenever Frank was around. It quickly disappeared a second later.
“Your mom.”
Percy’s heart felt like it sped up for a good five seconds only to flatline. His mom. Right. Of course, he looked down at the phone.
“That isn’t fair to her-“
“She knows that you lost your memory,” Annabeth said softly. “I told her everything, so you don’t need to explain… if you decide to call her,” she added. Percy’s eyes flicked down at the phone again. “You don’t have to, but… I know she would want to hear your voice,” she said and then put a hand on his shoulder. “I should be getting back to bed. I have first watch tomorrow. You should try to sleep too - since you’re such a morning person,” she smiled. Percy tried to return it. The way she said it made him sound like he wasn’t a morning person. What a weird thing to hear about yourself. Ever since joining Camp Jupiter he had gotten up at the same time every single day. He wasn’t sure if he was a morning or night person at this point.
Well... he supposed now he knew.
“Right. Goodnight, Annabeth,” he said and straightened up. She nodded before giving him one last look and turning towards the cabin behind them. Percy watched her go before looking back out towards the sea rolling behind him.
…then back down at the phone. His finger hovered over the green button. What were even the chances she picked up? It was the middle of the night. He could at least say he tried.
Licking his lips, he pressed down. A buzzing followed. Not quite a ring, but more of a purr. He grimaced at the sound - pulling away before it suddenly stopped. The phone crackled to life.
Oh no. Percy didn’t know how he liked this. Not at all. The woman on the other end sounded... tired. Her voice was soft and warm, but there was no denying the exhausted note hidden underneath that one word. Percy swallowed.
“Um, Mrs. Jackson?” He tried. Silence. This had been a bad idea. “It’s...Uh, Perseus. I’m... well, Annabeth gave me this phone and said-“
“Percy,” she breathed out and he fell silent as heavy breathing came from the other side. “Percy, it’s you. I... I thought... Annabeth told me...” she said and he winced at the tears in her voice. “You still don’t remember, do you?”
“No, ma’am.”
“That’s okay,” she said immediately. “That’s fine, sweetheart. Just... how are you?” She asked. Percy swallowed. This felt bizarre. He was talking to a stranger who... well, never mind that. “It’s just nice to hear your voice,” she prompted.
“I don’t really know what to say,” he admitted and looked down at where his hand was resting on the railing of the ship. “I didn’t even know my last name was Jackson until a few weeks ago,” he said and glanced over his shoulder. “Annabeth said we were, um, close.”
“Hm. Well, I don’t mean to brag, but there was a time where you called me ‘mom’ instead of ‘Mrs. Jackson’, ” she said. Percy smiled a little at that. “We’ve been through a lot together, I suppose. Fourteen different schools. Sixteen birthdays. Two stepfathers,” she said lightly.
“It’s best you don’t remember the first.”
That sounded concerning, but Percy wasn’t sure if he should press at that particular topic. Silence fell between them.
“Are you okay?” Mrs. Jackson finally asked. “Nobody hurt you too badly?” She said. Too badly. She was used to him being hurt. Percy wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing. “Did you make friends?”
Percy laughed.
“Yes, I did,” he assured her. He looked at where Hazel and Frank had been standing a few hours earlier and sighed. “I made a good life before… the other life found me,” he said, trying hard to keep the bitterness out of his voice.
It was hard, though. What was he supposed to do with this? He had worked hard to figure out his place. To make friends, to do the right thing, be the right person, to fit in. He had completed quests, won battles - even sacrificed himself a few times.
And now what? Now half the legion dismissed it because he was Greek. The other half expected him to rise above it all and be Roman anyways.
But how? How could he when he found out he had a mother who raised him for sixteen years? He had a best friend who was a satyr. A confusing relationship with a daughter of Athena. He had a life as a Greek. Was he supposed to ignore that?
“Can I ask you something?” Percy asked, fiddling with a loose strand on his shirt.
“If it keeps you on the phone, then ask as much as you want,” she said. Percy gave a weak smile and tried to find the right words.
“Ever since they found me, people have been telling me who I was. Like, this prophecy I was in or the quests I did or… people I cared about,” he said slowly and tapped the railing nervously. “I was… I was a Greek, I was a hero, I was a friend, I was a son of Poseidon, I was an ally to minor gods, I was an enemy of Ares, I was a leader - but also laid-back - I was temperamental, I was patient, I was impatient, I wasn’t a morning person, I - I was… I don’t even know!” He said, throwing a hand up with a small huff. “I’m left wondering if they even know what I was. It feels like they just shoved me in all these roles without having ever figured it out,” he said and bit his tongue.
What if that was the truth of it? He had been no one. Absolutely no one except what these Greeks needed him to be. The scary part was that… maybe the same thing had happened with the Romans too.
How does someone even live up to themself?
“I guess, I was just hoping you could tell me who I was,” he finally finished and ran a hand over his face. If anyone had a chance of truly knowing… it was her.
Mrs. Jackson hummed. For a second, Percy thought she might not answer, which would have been horribly awkward. However, when she did speak again… her voice was certain.
“You’re a good kid,” she said and Percy felt his throat tighten a bit at that. “Just… had some rotten luck. You’ve always made the most of it, though. You always tried to do the right thing - even if you didn’t know what it was. You were kind and you… cared. You cared an awful lot. More than you had to. More than you should have. It was the best thing about you.”
Percy closed his eyes. This was terrible news.
“Oh,” he said and thought back to his more recent decisions. How cautious he had been around the Greeks. How cold he had been to Nico since realizing he had been lied to. How distant he was with Annabeth. He sighed. “I don’t know if I’m like that anymore,” he admitted. There were instances, sure. Percy always melted around Frank. He loved Hazel to death. His adoration for Reyna was neverending, but... he just didn't hand it out freely now. He couldn't imagine... You know. Being whatever caring, laid-back, goofy kid he had been with anyone and everyone he came across.
Don’t get him wrong, it sounded… great. Whoever that kid was. He sounded nice. Someone you would want to hang out with. But Percy wasn’t sure he could find him again. His mind thought back to his previous adventures. The blood on his hands… him shaking in the dirt as he begged and -
“That’s fine.”
Percy froze.
“I said that’s fine,” Mrs. Jackson said, voice even. “I mean, if you’ve changed… I will of course miss how you were. That was the boy I raised. I love him with everything I am, but… one of the first things I asked your father when we met was if humans had souls. He said we did and it wasn’t something that could be changed,” she explained. Percy pursed his lips. “That means you’re still you. Even if you aren’t the same. You’re still my son. Nothing can change that. Me loving you no matter what is just part of the deal, unfortunately,” she said. Percy bit the inside of his cheek. He wasn’t sure if that made him feel better or worse.
He wanted so badly to feel the same, but he just wasn’t sure what was real anymore. For all he knew, this was Juno is disguise. Still, he could feel his emotions betraying him and letting the doubt in chest crumble.
And because he was an idiot the next words out of his mouth were:
“Even if I was a serial killer?”
Maybe this was something the old him would say because Mrs. Jackson gave a bright laugh in return.
“Yes - though we would maybe have to have a talk about how not to murder so many people,” she told him, voice laced with fondness. Percy smiled weakly. He had been lucky to have whoever this woman was. He could already figure out that much. “Thank you for calling, Percy,” she said quietly.
Percy’s heart hurt. So far, he was able to build a wall between himself and his past. But Sally Jackson... he really wanted to remember Sally Jackson. More than anything else in the world.
“Thanks for answering,” he said and then took a shaky breath. “If, um, I live through this... could we... see each other?” He asked. He heard a soft sigh on the other end of the line.
“I would like that,” she said and then her voice went tight. “I love you.”
Percy closed his eyes.
“I love you too, mom.” He said and clicked the red button before she could respond. Waves beat against the Argo. Percy pressed his head against the ledge and cried.
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sinistercacophony · a month ago
(Im so sorry 4 ranting :( this isnt directed at u.) I hate how the whole 'Aaron isnt actually homophobic' thing is picking back up again... I'm sorry but the 'he just finds nickys flirting uncomfortable cause it's his cousin!' is such a dumb thing to argue... and I'm so sick of seeing ppl say shit like 'if you like andrew/neil/kevin/whoever then you SHOULD like aaron or else ur being unfair!!! and ur just blinded by neil being an uNrELiAbLe nArRaTOr' like.... ik andrew murdered tilda or whatever but ffs she was an abusive parent. Aaron on the other hand is just straight up homophobic. No ones ever tried to murder me via car crash, ppl have however been homophobic to me. I'm just so tired of it, I thought we had moved on from this bs. I have zero issue with ppl liking him/stanning him but I wish they sent the same energy back. (Again, I'm sorry about the rant- I just saw u had mentioned it so I felt like youd understand)
yeah like,, i’m all for coming at aaron through an empathetic and understanding lense. like. that’s my whole mo. like i have written multiple aaron fics i think he’s a super interesting character but also
he is homophobic. he is uncomfortable with gay people, and he makes this discomfort known. nicky can be an oversharer who is bad at gauging the appropriateness level of his flirting AND aaron can be homophobic. and aaron can still love nicky and defend him from assholes, and then turn around and be a dick to neil and call him slurs to provoke a reaction. like these people are complicated and also generally not very nice and like. i think analyzing that is interesting but also i have not really ever been directly affected by homophobia, esp not the type homophobia directed at gay men (i mean i got asked if i was a lesbian and then tittered at a couple of times over the years in high school, but like,,, on the scale of things that’s basically nothing and i never cared in the first place) so for me it’s easy to go ‘aaron is this thing and it doesn’t upset me to think about this thing, therefore it is interesting to analyze and explore’ but like. the people who don’t want to write from a homophobic mindset or explore that or empathize with that should not be pressured to! its not my business!
i will disagree with you on “ik andrew murdered tilda or whatever but ffs she was an abusive parent.” though. i don’t think it’s fair or right to tell people how they should be allowed to feel about abusive parents, or that they’re dumb or stupid for still loving them, or for believing their parents still love them back, or that maybe the relationship could be repaired, maybe it’s not that bad, maybe it’ll get better some day. obviously all of these things could be more or less true (usually less) but that doesn’t make someones feelings on it less real or important. andrew cut off a huge part of aarons life, someone he loved, someone who loved him. and she did love him. and she was abusive. the two aren’t mutually exclusive. you can love someone and hurt them and i think the biggest scam we pull as a society is pretending you can never hurt something or someone you truly love. it doesn’t work like that. love does not decrease your capacity for harm.
anyway yeah this ‘if you like x you gotta like y’ game is dumb though. i don’t have to do anything /you/ don’t have to do anything. have fun in fandom the way you want to have fun.
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kusagrasskusa · a month ago
Light X Reader Part 2 - Betrayal
Part 1, Part 2
READ THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU'VE RESD PART 2 BEFORE- So this paragraph used to talk about how I kept on remembering to save my drafts, and evidence of which isbthat when this was posted, it wasn't finished. I completed the whole story, and it was pretty long, but it all went to shit. So if you read this story before, feel free to check out the real ending.
@comradedani you brought me deep into the Death Note fandomm- And again, sorry for the low quality writing. I'm writing this at school lol
"Y/N, Y/N help! I messed up!" B/N yelled as he busted in Y/N's room and opened his schoolbag. He pulled out a piece of paper and turned it towards his older sister so she can see. Y/N sounds around in her chair, facing her brother.
"Jesus, you scared me!" Y/N huffed, reading the paper B/N had. Turns out he had a report card in his hand; one with 3 Fs, 2 Ds, and 3 Bs. "And those grades scare me more, what the hell," Y/N stated, a sly smile appearing on her face. "Dad's gonna be pissed when he reads that, haha," Y/N laughed, leaning back in her chair.
"It's not funny! You know dad's all about good grades and ever since his detective work increased, he's been more stressed about grades! I don't want to get grounded," B/N retorted, making a pouty face. He put his report card back into his bag and picked up his bag. "And dad usually comes home at this time. You know he's gonna be curious."
"Well, just don't tell him you have your report card," Y/N said casually, returning to her homework in front of her. She leaned on the desk, writing down answers as if they nothing.
"Oh, why didn't I think of that," B/N rolled his eyes sarcastically. "Mom gets emails from my school, Y/N. She's gonna find out about and tell dad, y'know." B/N sighed, fumbling with his hoodie strings. He opened the door and spoke, "dad's gonna be home soon, so bye I guy." He then left.
Y/N sighed, trying continuing to work on her assignments as if nothing happened. Although her focus was never fully on her assignments anyway, and our reader should know why. It's hard to concentrate when your mind keeps on going to the man you love who you felt betrayed you. Though to be fair, Light and her were never dating to begin with however Light was completely aware of Y/N's feelings towards him yet he choose to put her in that situation: where she had to be calm even though she was hurting inside.
Y/N took a deep breath before leaning back in her chair and shutting her eyes tightly. Don't let the tears fall, you're too strong for this, she told herself. For the past week, she's been feeling nonstop regret and of course, sorrow. Not to mention pure jealousy of Misa Misa; a pretty, popular model/actor. She refused to question how Light got to meet a women like that, since afterall Light was popular as well.
"You know what? I overreacting," Y/N said to herself, standing up sharply in her chair. She stretched her arms before taking a deep breath and putting on a smile. "There's more important things to worry about; like that damb Kira case. All I need to do is just call him and ask to meet up, right? He's forgiving..." She told herself, taking a deep breath again to ease her anxiety.
For the past week, Y/N had been thinking nonstop about her yelling at Light. She hadn't seen him sense, and there's been no communication between them. From a certain perspective, it almost seems like they really are overdramatic and acting very edgy, which is definitely true to an extent. However two friends arguing over something that's pretty serious for the first time is bound to cause some trouble. And when one friend feels almost betrayed, it gets worse.
Anyway let's go to B/N after about 15 minutes.
"Good afternoon, B/N," the tall, H/C haired man with grey ends due to stress, spoke. He held a nice smile on his face as he took his jacket and put on the coat hanger then took off his shoes. B/N smiled nervously, chuckling unsteadily as he waved.
"Hi, dad! was your day?" B/N asked, holding his report card to his chest. His dad raised a brow and snickered.
"Strange. You never care to talk to me when I get home. Only when you're hungry or your mom says no to something," he teased, making B/N huff and cross his arms. His dad chuckled, "I'm joking. Anyway, what's that you're holding?"
B/N smirked nervously holding out the paper for his dad to grab, which he did. "I got my report card today, haha." His dad scanned over it for a few moments, frowning and his eye brows furrowed together.
"Are you skipping school son? I've never seen grades this bad and you've had rough years," he mumbled as he walked towards the living room. He say on the couch and sighed loudly, making a shiver crawl down B/N's spine.
"Nuh-no... It's just that the teachers have been putting a lot of pressure on us since we're about to go into highschool, heh."
"I don't understand. Are you just not understanding the material or are they putting too much work out?" The dad looked his son right into his eyes, making the atmosphere a bit more tense. B/N felt weak under his eyes; it's not because he was scared of his dad, it's because his dad has really high expectations and he's scared of failing them.
"Both. It's both," he mumbled, fumbling with his hoodie strings and tapping them together, making that quiet metallic clinking sound. "And I've always struggled with math, too, y'know. I don't understand how they expect me to know the Pythagoras Theorem after simply giving me 5 assignments daily about it."
The dad stood up from the couch. There was a moment of silence before he spoke: "I have to make a phone call. If you go to the trunk of the car, I got you something in a plastic bag. Don't tell your mom," he smiled to his son as he walked away, leaving B/N both confused and curious.
A few hours later and Y/N hummed to herself, watching a movie featuring her favorite actor on the couch besides her dad. He was on his laptop typing away on the keyboard while occasionally glancing at the TV. B/N was in the corner of the living room, playing a new game his dad just bought him on his Nintendo. It was quiet aside from the TV playing, at least until their dad spoke up.
"So, son, I forgot to mention who I called earlier. I asked if a coworker of mine would mind tutoring you for a bit."
"You...what?" B/N asked, pausing his game and turning back to see his dad. "Why?" Y/N gasped quietly, covering her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Her little brother glared at her and their dad, his nose scrunching up from annoyance.
"Well, you don't understand the material, right? That's why?" He explained, staying the obvious. Y/N giggled at his tone.
"Who is it, dad?" Y/N asked, rubbing her tired eyes.
"Oh, I won't say. But you two have met before," he replied, smirking playfully at his daughter as if he was planning something. "That's all the hints you get.~"
"Okay, now I'm so curious," Y/N mumbled, yawning. Who do I know who he works with? I know he works with the Kira investigation and I never met anyone there, I don't think. She shrugged it off as she kinda didn't care too much about whatever would happen in her brother's life since why should she? "Whatever. I'm tired," she mumbled as she rubbed her tired eyes. Her father looked over at her and smiled.
"Heh heh, alright darling. Get your sleep; you have a long day of school tomorrow." Her dad pat her head as she giggled and stood up. She hugged him before mumbling a goodnight. She then headed up the stairs, though she overheard her dad speak as she was walking. "Your tutor lives in the same neighborhood so he will come over shortly after you come home."
Y/N hummed as their conversation went quiet due to her being too far up the stairs to hear. She found her way into her room and closed the door behind her whenever she got in. Huff. Her hair was lifted from her shoulders as she put her hair in a ponytail in order to keep it from being too messy when she wakes up.
Layjng in bed, she furrowed her eyebrows together and sighed. Four entire weeks since she's talked to Light all because he found a girlfriend. Y/N felt more embarrassed of it then upset; well, she's still jealous but she knew she didn't have to avoid her friend of years because of something so stupid. What happened to the Y/N who would tell herself that even if he found a girlfriend, she would be better? Those were good times. And she would tell herself that she would call up Light and ask to meet up as friends but she gets so anxious about it and that anxiety turns into embarrassment.
It was kinda hardt to fall asleep with thoughts circulating her mind all night. But eventually, sleep came, and she sokn found herself waking up a couple hours later, going to school, and then coming back home.
Y/N waved goodbye to her friends as they dropped her off at her house. "Bye! Haha," she giggled as one of them stuck their whole body out the car window to yell out goodbye and wave her hands.
"Bye-bye, girl!" She yelled playfully as the car drove away to drop off her other friends. Y/N giggled again as she watched them pass and playfully rolled her eyes before spinning around. She took her time walking to the front door and pulling out her keys, as the door isn't unlocked ever and her parents are at work. Yet as she stuck her key into the house, the front door cracked open.
"....What the fuck," she mumbled as she took her key out of the door and pushed herself inside. It was so quiet which was weird considering B/N was loud as hell on the couch when he got home. He got home like 15 minutes before she did too. "B/N!" Her voice called out as she shut the front door and locked it.
"I'm in the kitchen!" Thank God he isn't dead. Well, sorta thank God. Y/N smirked as she set down her bookbag, took off her shoes, and took out her phone. She checked her notifications as she walked into the kitchen/dining room.
"You forgot to lock the front door," she said as she giggled, looking up from her phone. Bam! The phone hit the floor as Y/N's eyes stayed on Light's, almost like a staring contest was happening between them. Well, it sorta actually was because the brunette who was assisting B/N on the dining table spoke up once Y/N blinked.
"You blinked; I win, heh heh," he smirked. "Hey, Y/N! Long time, no see, huh?" He leaned back in his chair, waving his hand towards the stunned girl.
"I, uh...I wanted to call and meet up with you but I thought you were mad," Y/N said shyly as she picked up her phone. Blush dusted her cheeks as she examined her phone to check if it were broken.
"Same here, actually. I'm happy it's not like that."
"Muh-Me too, heh..."
Y/N but her bottom lip nervously as the room went into an awkward silence. B/N sighed before breaking the painful silence, much to Y/N's relief. "I think I understand this now," he said. "To find A, it's C^2 - B^2 = A^2. To find C, it's A^2 + B^2 = C^2."
"Very good!" Light smiled warmly as he pulled B/N practice assignment from him and examined it. He had a red pen in his hand and with it he marked a few things. "You did very well on these, apart from 3, 7, 8, and 12. But then again, those questions were hard for me to solve when I was in 8th grade."
"Really? But you're so smart! And I'm actually in 7th grade, advanced math," B/N said proudly with a cheerful look on his face.
"It really shows how smart you are, heh heh," Light chuckled as he handed back his assignment to B/N. "Can you try these again? I circled the part of the equation you messed up with so hopefully it helps."
Y/N was across the room in the pantry to grab chips. Once she grabbed her favorite kind, she headed out of the kitchen and towards her room. Light looked over at her leaving and sighed. Suddenly, he heard Ryuk talk. "You do realize that this is a good thing, right? You can spend more time with the Death Note and watching the police this way." Light couldn't reply of course, but in his mind he disagreed. After all, he knows she's bad at remembering time and he would have an alias every time he's with her, so he could lie to get out.
For example, let's say he was accused of somehow killing 5 people one day between 5-6pm. But at 3-5pm, he was with Y/N. Because she can't remember time very good at all, he could easily say he was with her while the killings were happening, and with her agreeing because she doesn't know any better. Y/N can also easily be turned into an abused puppy in his eyes; a loyal punching bag who he can manipulate for certain circumstances.
"While your doing that, I'm going to use the restroom," Light excused himself as he stood up from the table and walked away. He walked over and up the stairs, down the hall and to a certain person's room. Once he got to the door, he softly knocked on it. "May I come it?"
Y/N on the other side jumped from the sudden arrival. "Just a second!" She called out as she took her hair out of the bun and fixed it, because let's face the fact that a lot of us are very insecure about our looks. She quickly fixed her shirt because calling out, "come in!" A mere moment later and her door was open to reveal a tall brunette.
"You look lovely today," he complimented as he stepped inside her room and shut the door behind him. Y/N blushed a little bit.
"Thanks, heh. look nice too," she replied nervously.
"Don't be nervous with me please. You know I'm not mad at you. Actually, I came in here to formally apologize," he spoke as he walked up closer and bowed in respect. "The least I could have done was call you about her earlier that day, or told you I was seeing someone way ahead of that. It was foolish of me not to and led to both of our hears being hurt. I'm sorry." Y/N frowned as she comprehended what he just said then sighed. She walked up to him and grabbed the sides of his face and pulled him up.
"You're face is so squishy, sir," she said as Light stood up all the way, however Y/N didn't go of him. "It's weird someone so very collected and serious became friends with someone as dimbas a bag of rocks. I mean, have a told you about how my IQ test came back negative? Because it did."
Light chuckled as her comment, playing with a strand of her hair. "Did this really happen? You're so weird sometimes, haha." Y/N giggled softly before frowning.
"Hey, y'know, I really wasn't mad. The first week we stopped talking was so painful but I knew I had to make it up to you somehow. Yet even though I really wanted to just call you and have a drink of coffee with a long conversation full of pleasant topics and laughs, I was so scared. It's embarrassing," she confessed, keeping her head low.
Pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, Light smiled down at her. "Then I hope today takes all that weight off your shoulders."
"It did, heh heh," Y/N smiled as she looked him in the eyes. With how close they are, the eye contact, and the smiles, they seem almost suggestive towards one another. Or at least in the eyes of none other than-
"Ew!" Yelled B/N from the doorway. He must have opened the door while they were distracted. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows together and glared at her brother whereas Light just smiled. "All I wanted was help, not this teenage romance scene. I finished all my problems by the way, ugh," B/N spoke, sounding dead.
"I'll be down there in a moment," Light responded as B/N walked away. He turned towards Y/N again; "well, it was nice seeing you. Your dad is paying me for this so I should probably get back to work." Y/N nodded as she hugged him softly.
"Alright. Make sure you let me know when your done or free," she responded before she pulled away from the hug.
"Will do," Light replied as he pat her head. "I'll see you later." Light waved goodbye as he walked out of her room and shut the door behind him.
Y/N took a deep breath to ease her nerves. That's it, she thought. This man is about to be my husband-
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britnispears · 2 months ago
A few years ago I really had a lot of reason to believe there was in fact someone listening to me. Sometimes I would pray really hard and good things would happen. And there were a lot of synchronicities that I constantly noticed (never knew the meaning of them cause it was always random shit which shifted me to the whole simulation thing). I really did believe everything happens for a reason and things would be better. Now I’m not saying my belief went away at all. I hold on to things forever and ever. I don’t let go of shit and especially not God. I just feel abandoned. On one hand I think, when I asked for stuff I would say I would never ask for everything again. Well that was a lie because I never stopped. And you’re not really supposed to just pray for things all the time sometimes aren’t u just supposed to like... be faithful or something. So I think to myself, maybe I asked for way to much. Maybe when I said this is the last thing I would ask for, that God or whoever took it to heart. But then I think, is that really something he would do? No probably not. Cause of those “rely on god” type quotes from the Bible saying he’s always there ...
Anyways. Then I notice I’m begging for things and they’re not improving. And now recently I noticed a bunch of shit just keeps happening and it’s almost like the world is fucking with me on purpose. Like, yeah we hear you, stfu you’re not getting anything from us. You can just suffer.
And theeeen, I think. Well I’m not the only one hurting. And I’m not hurting severely as others. I’m not homeless, I’m not sick, I’m not whatever you know? Like. I’m just incapable of improving my own life. I’m just incapable and I’m alone. Because why would the world help me when so many others who need help also don’t get it. Why the fuck do people have to suffer? It feels so sick.
I don’t know if anyone remembers or even reads this bs but I obviously used to be very emotional. Like I know this. But lately I haven’t been. But then for the last 2 weeks or so I just cry and cry. I was doing a presentation on zoom and I just couldn’t stop thinking about things that make me upset but I had to just let it go in that moment. My dad called me to say he’s coming to pick me up and I started crying (without him knowing ). And I mean I do have reasons, these tears aren’t for nothing. And you know no one gives a fuck. Not that anyone should ... I mean I don’t give a fuck about me anymore. But I think basically what I’m saying is what really hurts is I don’t give up on things when I probably should.
I was laying on my old childhood bedroom floor, now my study room yesterday. I was overthinking a lot. And I mean it really felt like some of my brain just was done, over heated and stopped. No thoughts. And I just laid there in silence.
Then later on I wrote a good amount in a story I’ve been working on for 2 years. So that is truly all I’ve got at this point. It’s funny because In the story a girl abandons God and you know who she turns too... it’s funny.
And u know it’s getting bad because I turned to tumblr to write in to the void.
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Tumblr media
Act 1 | No. 1 - Overture
Overture (noun)
1. A piece of music that serves as an introduction to a larger work.
2. An approach made to someone in order to offer something.
🔊 "Sweet Sacrifice" by Evanescence
Rhiannon traces the outer edge of the butterfly wing with one painted fingernail, admiring the contrast between the purple and gold. Normally she wouldn't snoop, but he has so many lovely things in his office - surely the point was to display them to visitors? And, even if not - what was he going to do about it?
He'd asked to see her, even scheduled a specific time, but he was pulled away just after she'd arrived. He'd said to wait here, that he wouldn't be long. She had no problem with that (classes didn't start for a few more weeks, so she had time), especially when it gave her free reign to peruse his collection.
There were several pinned insects and arachnids, which was unsurprising, but pleasant to look at. There was one particularly large tarantula that she took her time examining before moving on to the bookshelves. These contained mostly entomology texts and the like - again, not shocking - but a few of them looked old, more like collector's items than anything. She leafed gently through a few of those, noting some lovely illustrations.
She did find a few outliers; the book on medieval torture devices was a bit of a surprise. So were the medical and architecture books, though not quite as much - those seemed in line with the kind of side-interests he'd have. She pulled out the torture book and read through some of it, ending up so engrossed in the volume that she doesn't hear him return until he closes the door behind him with a click.
Unhurried, she shuts the book with a quiet snap, places it back in its spot on the shelf, and turns to face him.
"Find something interesting?" He asks, and she picks up the stern foundation in his tone, the way one brow rises slightly - it's subtle, but she picks it up - and she fights not to roll her eyes. If he thinks she's that easy to intimidate, he hasn't been paying attention.
"Maybe," Rhiannon shrugs lightly, then the shadow of a smirk crosses her face. "Why? Got something in here I'm not supposed to see?"
He's silent, but if his gaze were a knife she'd be bleeding.
Finally, quietly, he releases the breath he'd been holding, and some of the tension in the line of his shoulders dissipates. He gestures toward the chair on the other side of his desk - Rhiannon takes it as he moves to sit behind the desk.
"I requested to see you today because I have a job offer for you," he began, and she wasn't surprised he was getting right to the point; she'd never known him to meander through a conversation. "I need a TA this year, and you've traditionally been my best student. Even now that you're in graduate classes."
Well, that was surprising, and Rhiannon didn't bother to hide it in her expression - as far as she knew, he'd never chosen to use a TA before. Not to mention - despite the fact that she did well in his classes - she would never have expected him to approach her with the offer.
"Hmm. And here I was under the impression you didn't think much of me," she says, and she's successful at keeping the smirk off her face, but between her tone and the look in her eyes she needn't have bothered.
Honestly, she expects him to ignore the remark; he's not the type to deny it because it's the "polite" thing to do, and he's too stoic to rise to her bait. So, the deceitfully warm smile that graces his features in response unnerves her immediately.
"On the contrary; in fact, I don't think anything of you."
It's a sharp bite that leaves its fangs behind as it retreats, pumping venom even after the sting subsides. She fights the urge to wince.
Ooh, he's extra grumpy today, she thinks, and she wants to scowl but she makes herself mirror his smile instead.
"Ouch," she says, chuckling, shrugging off the puncture wounds, "so why ask me, then, is my question? And don't repeat the same BS about me being the top student - I'm sure there's someone almost as smart as me who would -" get along with you better, be easier to manage - "be a better fit for the position."
"Oh, undoubtedly," he answers quickly - she bristles again - "but I'm looking for competence, not... compatibility. The workload is quite intense, due to some upcoming changes in the university's structure. I don't believe any of my other students would be able to handle it while keeping up the rest of their grades. So, unfortunately, we're back to you."
"Well, that is a shame," Rhiannon clicks her tongue, feigning sympathy, "but what makes you think I'd want anything to do with this... opportunity?"
She revels; time to make him sweat. He needs her, he practically said as much - the power balance slides back in her direction and she starts to smirk - but then he shifts his eyes away from her, as if in consideration. For some reason, it sets an ominous feeling in her stomach; something significantly uglier and more dangerous than butterflies beating their wings against the lining of her gut.
"I'm surprised you have to ask. As a graduate student, certain things are expected of you, which include responsibilities such as this, and, more importantly, your thesis... of which I happen to know the subject."
At this, his gaze flickers back to hers, scorching in its intensity, and there it is - the jaws clamp shut around her throat, leaving an echo of the snap of teeth ringing in her ears.
The illusion of control is ripped away, leaving her stumbling to keep her feet under her, as she's brutally reminded of all the reasons she hates the man in front of her.
In truth, she'd had him pegged almost the second she walked into her first class. His stoic, businesslike manner might fool most people he encounters, but she saw straight through him. Controlling, uncompromising, egoistic - she'd seen his kind enough to recognize it. Her dislike of him had only grown since then, and he'd seemed to return the sentiment; by this point, they were arch-nemeses masquerading as casual academic acquaintances. She'd considered changing her major more than once, just so she wouldn't have to see him anymore.
And now, it seems - she swallows hard, nearly shaking with fury, gripping the arms of her chair hard enough to make the wood creak - she'd be seeing enough of him to wonder if they'd both make it out alive.
He hadn't noticed her at first - why would he? She was another student in an exhausting sea of them - but then she excelled, and continued to do so, and all without needing him to manage her or hold her hand. Her work was some of the best he'd seen at her level. He hadn't been shocked when she'd changed her major from whatever it had been previously - she'd shown affinity, talent... potential. Then she'd graduated, returned, and continued to excel.
He might have liked her, if only he hadn't despised her almost immediately.
It wasn't that she caused him any trouble; her attitude just grated on his nerves in the worst possible way. She was arrogant, self-centered, and belligerently apathetic - and it didn't help any that she seemed immune to manipulation. He knew she didn't feel any fondness for him, either, and they just seemed to be losing more and more patience with each other over time.
He'd thought about collecting her. He already knew exactly what he'd do with her; the image burned brilliantly in the back of his mind. Every time he started to seriously consider it, though, he decided he'd rather just kill her and dispose of the body - that seeing her in a glass case every day, in his sanctuary, would only get under his skin. Then, after a while, he'd grow tired of the idea altogether and just settle on giving her a wide berth.
Right at this moment, he was glad she was still alive - if only so he could watch her smug expression cave in, giving way to shock, alarm, distaste, fury. She was flushed and snarling, her eyes burning with naked animosity. This is easily the most unsettled he'd ever seen her, and it granted him a level of satisfaction he rarely got to experience.
He feels a smile - was it a smile? - stretch its way across his face. Would she scream at him? Lunge at him? She might even try to hit him, and he'd have to subdue her -
She jumps suddenly to her feet, and for a wild, exhilarating moment he thinks he will get to use force against her -  but she turns around, shoves the chair out of the way - it goes screeching across the room, slams into a bookshelf - and stalks toward the door.
He stands, though he's not sure why - it's not as if he'd go after her if she stormed out, but she stops with her hand on the doorknob. She whirls back to face him (he hopes, fleetingly, to see tears, but he knows this isn't enough to make her cry - that's a goal for another day) and crosses her arms petulantly.
"My thesis subject doesn't matter, you're not involved with - "
He cuts her off as she spits the words at him, his voice growing colder and colder in opposition to her rising heat -
"But I should be. Who else are you supposed to work with? It's my field - "
"It doesn't have to be you, I checked," she bites out, nearly shouting now, "Professor Granville can oversee - "
He actually laughs at that, abrupt and mean-spirited. Rhiannon unfolds her arms, letting them dangle at her sides as she clenches her fists.
"Granville is a moron and you know it," he says caustically, "but, by all means - try to get some intelligent input from him while he's busy putting his hands up your skirt - "
"That's still preferable to you!" She barks, eyes wild, quickly advancing on him until her face is about a foot from his. "Anything is preferable to you."
They stand, still and silent except for the heavy breathing that often punctuates heated arguments. He notices that a lock of hair has come loose from the twist at her crown; it falls over her face, adding to her manic look. Her eyes were locked, unwavering, on his; it's another thing that gets under his skin - people usually could not hold his gaze, and watching their eyes slide away from his was empowering, gratifying. Whenever their vision collided, they got stuck - almost like she expected him to crumble under her stare.
He was beginning to acquire an aversion to green - one shade, in particular.
He suddenly wants her out of his office.
"I have the resources, knowledge, and experience necessary for the kind of research you need to do. My clout is significantly higher than Granville's. You know your chances of success are greater with me, and I'm extending an offer that I will not make again. Take it or leave it."
"I can succeed perfectly well without you, thanks," she snarls, "I only need a supervisor as a formality, I can handle the work myself."
"Yes," he breathes, searching deep inside himself for patience, "you likely can, but are you prepared to spend that much extra time? Exponentially more time?" She starts to answer but he presses on. "You've just taken on more responsibilities in the school's ballet program, if I'm not mistaken? Surely you don't want to step down already? Or quit entirely, as the case may be."
Her mouth, which had been opening and closing in attempts to retort while he spoke, snaps shut. She clenches her jaw, glowers at him, bares her teeth - but apparently finds nothing to say.
He remains silent as he watches the mental struggle play out across her face; finally resignation settles in her eyes, and she pales visibly. His satisfaction at the sight is dulled by his desire to wrap his hands around her throat.
"Fine," she says quietly, voice hollow, "I accept."
"Good. Now get out."
She takes her leave like it's all she's ever wanted, pausing only to flip him off at the door.
As it slams shut, he stares at it, fingers flexing in agitation.
If she was still alive at the end of the semester, he'd be shocked.
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kyle-01 · 2 months ago
Fine I'll say it to the world then because, honestly.. what have I got to lose at this point..?
I'm am hopelessly, helplessly, enraptured to love the person commonly known as Taylor Swift.
(aren't we all??)
And I'd recently "allowed" myself to believe that she'd contacted me through a back channel of the interwebs as a way to remain discreet while communicating with a big-hearted schlub like me, and while posing as a similarly clouted, but altogether different celebrity known as Dianna Agron, in order to protect herself on the off chance I were the type to abuse the privilege of building a relationship with someone of her colossal stature..
After all, if I were her, reaching out to someone on the ground floor like me.. I would protect myself too.
So when "She" promised to help me in the legal fight to get my daughter back from her abusive mother.. that's all it took to ensnare my heart and fill it with corrosive hope.
To this end, I willingly accepted task after task posed to me to accept various deposits of money into my bank account(s) to not only help with my own life struggles, but to in turn also build trust and a rapport between "her" and I for.. idk.. some long drawn out true love type of thing..
I ignored all the red flags and my instincts to run as I leant into the fear as if to send a message to the universe and myself that I could be brave and see past the scam of it all in the hope that it was truly building to something better with this person over time..
So when the first deposit cleared, I withdrew the money, completed my posed task, and went along my way feeling accomplished.. only to have the check then cancelled days later, and the money that was no longer in my possession retroactively removed from my account balance only to push it thousands of dollars into the negative.. and then promise after promise to fix it came and went.. and in the end the account was still been closed for fraud and a bill for thousands of dollar sent to collections with my name right on top.
But that's not all.. the trusting sap that I am, I believed "her" when she said she'd help with my phone bill, and gave her the info to pay my bill for me.. instead she ordered brand new iPhones and ran up the bill all the more, telling me I would get an "agent" fee by way of payment for selling her the phones through my account or some bs. Again I believed her, skipped away my fears as directed, and still the promises went unfulfilled, despite the bill that was multiple times the cost of my rent -went unpaid, until my account was eventually closed, and once again a bill for thousands of dollars has been sent to collections under my name.
Two HUGE strikes!!
At this point a wise man would've cut their losses and ran, but again promises were made that painted a picture of all being solved and put right, even after the fact..
But trust was (stupidly) extended yet again by me, as I was given heart eyes and promises of sweet happy ends despite all the pains it had been taking to get there.. promises of sweet summer months and the long wait soon being over.
And so I fell deeper into my loving, compassionate, ignorance, trying to feel brave and channeling my own fearlessness in the face of setback after setback..
Long story short.. now even the new bank account I'd opened has become overdrawn by $17,000.. my most recent rent check bounced.. all of my saving and stimulus check are evaporated as if it never even existed, and despite all my protests and all the sweet promises made over months and months of this back and forth of running errands.. "she" won't even return my calls or answer any messages.
I am an absolute fucking idiot.. in glaring, agonizing, hindsight.
I am nothing but the hollow remains of everything I hoped and wished to be, yet now can never be.. at least not without years and years of slaving away all the more trying to dig my way out of this shithole I slipped into.
If ever theres was a cautionary tale about trusting a stranger on the internet..
..You're looking at it.
I've been abused my whole life. Manipulated, and taken advantage of for being trusting and openhearted. Crushed into oblivion time and again just for trying to give people the benefit of the doubt.. trying to see the good..
..And decimated like the soft target I am.
So.. rigut now, when you ask if I am ok.
The answer is most definitely, no.
(I am nothing but a hollow, twisted husk of everything I once wished to become.. and now it's all downhill from here.)
Do me a favor.. please spare no expense in telling me just how asinine and stupid I've been, and how you would've done things differently if it'd been you being scammed..
All I can do is try to learn from this .. and try to live through the most recent fallout without giving into the urge to eat a bullet or two.
I beg of you all.. go ahead pick my corpse clean if you deem me to even be worthy of such a thing.
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carmenxjulia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I put together a transcript of the 2 hour Q&A Interview the Carmen Sandiego Discord did with Showrunner Duane Capizzi. All of the questions were submitted by server members. You can read everything below the break!
Duane Capizzi:
Hi there!
Am I in? Is this thing on?
Hi, welcome!
Yep, you're in the right place!
Duane Capizzi:
Sorry I'm late, I was wandering around some empty Discord hallways looking for the right room haha
No worries. Let's get started!
Who is your favorite character?
Duane Capizzi:
Moose Boy!
Alright, how to NOT get myself in trouble if my answer isn't "Carmen" haha.
But really, they are ALL my babies.
So I know it's going to sound like a cop out to some that I can't pick just one. But hmm, some for instances...
I love that she's so morally evolved at such a young age; her ability to always take the high road and never lower herself; her drive and conviction and dedication. Her ability to kick serious booty and look good while doing it. Her progressive values, her fashion sense. I could go on and on. But then there's Shadowsan and his arc; Chase and his. Julia, who's every bit as strong as Carmen but shows it in different ways. The Cleaners don't get enough love.
I'll close that question with an anecdote about The Cleaners ...
I love that all our characters are embraced and that everyone seems to have favorites. Our sound engineer Marcel is a pretty serious guy: he has a serious job that takes high levels of focus and attention. He's always deeply focused and not prone to small talk. Anyway, we were in the middle of our first or second sound mix, and he suddenly stops in the middle and turns around to face us. I'm thinking, "uh oh, we're giving too many notes." That's when I notice he's freeze framed the Cleaners. He says "I really like these guys." Then he turns around, hits play and gets back to work.
What was the biggest challenge for coming up with new stories and plot for the reboot?
Duane Capizzi:
THE biggest? Sigh. I'm not sure I could come up with just one. Plotting is always challenging and we had the brain trust of the room, our trusty white board, and writer assistant to keep the threads of the ongoing storyline together. I think the single biggest ONGOING challenge was tracking which character knew what at any given time.
The caper part was challenging - coming up with new capers and keeping them interesting and fresh. But, it was the characters and their interactions that kept things fresh and interesting. Another museum heist? That's okay - Chase is on the case and he gets to interact with "X" this time (for instance).
There were also some episodes - Duke of Vermeer and Crackle Goes Kiwi come to mind - where there was SO MUCH SET UP needed to get the payoffs to work. I was really worried about too much talk/too much detail. Very "Swiss watch!" It took a lot of work to make sure it all clicked and was clear - hopefully it seems effortless on screen but I can't say there wasn't some sweat and the occasional tear (mostly from me - I'm a big cry baby
But really, what made it fun was that we had so many buckets to draw from: sometimes a story germ initially began with a character idea; sometimes it was inspired by global location; sometimes it was a clever way to update or reimagine an idea from old Carmen lore. Usually, it was some combination of all of the above!
What was your favorite scene to write?
Duane Capizzi:
I think we have a theme here! "How can I pick just one ...?"
As a film buff, I got to indulge in some serious fan nerdery on this show: I got to write spy movies, yakuza movies, spaghetti neo-westerns (though turning it on its head: spaghetti westerns usually involve REVENGE and because of Carmen's character make up, this was sort of anti-revenge).
Is writing coming up with the idea or typing it? Haha. An "if a tree falls in the forest" question. The writing team and I had so many cathartic "that's how it goes" in the room. But on my own, writing the Pilot, was a very inspiring time for me: I remember laughing out loud the moment I thought of Chase falling on his own car (in part because of doing my spin on "that trope" that we've seen in so many hard boiled movies recently). But also how emotional I got when I imagined the simple but potent image of Black Sheep deciding to take her destiny into her own hands and walk that long corridor to the Faculty who we were about to meet for the first time.
I think I've cited this in another interview, but there was a period where I was completely immersed in Chase's arc and the scene where he would crack the location of VILE island ... by listening to Julia in a dream ... was a big one for me. It revealed he was finally open to admitting he needed Julia more than he would ever admit - yet, it was his own subconscious speaking.
The next morning, after cracking that scene, I bumped into Raf Petardi (voice of Chase) ... at the supermarket! It was very strange and hilarious
Did you scrap any lengthy or funny scenes that you would be able to share?
Duane Capizzi:
With few exceptions, most scene cuts are done at the script stage so that the story board team doesn't waste effort over boarding. A variety of trims to any script are common, but they are usually for the better
The easier question to answer might be scenes were part of our "wish list" at writer room stage, but never made it to story or script. I hesitate to go too deep here (in the event that we might ever do more Carmen episodes in this canon - I'm not giving up hope). And there were cases where things we wanted to do earlier in the series wound up getting nixed or not fitting for whatever reason, but we got them in later - USUALLY FOR THE BETTER. So there's sort of a reverse Murphy's Law/rule of good fortune somehow in these things. But some fun things that didn't make it into the show, that leap to mind were: a Bollywood dance sequence (!). A Vegas caper involving Brunt wanting to steal an Elvis jumpsuit against the backdrop of an Elvis impersonator convention. We also thought it would be neat to get Maelstrom imprisoned so that Julia could interrogate him and he would play mind games with her - very Lector/Clarice!
Were there any different treatments of Carmen you pitched before settling on the one we ended up with?
Duane Capizzi:
I was one of several "pitches" that I'm sure HMH heard before running with my version. But I can honestly say I've never pitched anything as fully formed: the take on Carmen felt so right to me, and clearly HMH and by extension Netflix agreed
I'll answer your question with an anecdote: I had the entire Pilot pretty well worked out, and pitched it in the first meeting. But one key thing that changed (much for the better!), simply because it wouldn't have fit without slogging things down ...
In my Pilot pitch, Black Sheep's escape on the boat was off screen: we see Shadowsan corner her, then we cut away. The rest of the Faculty show up to find SS's broken sword on the rocks, and are led to believe BS killed him (!). In the present, Crackle points his weapon at Carmen and prepares to pull the trigger. We know that Chase is on the way and may rescue her. The compartment door opens to reveal - not Chase - but Shadowsan! Big surprise! Then we cut back to BS's escape and find out what really transpired etc etc.
Crazy, right? SS would have been hanging out with the gang in season 1; we might not have gotten to 203 with his back story, since his sword was broken and he couldn't return it. Just one of those magical things where "things work out" the way they are supposed to. THAT SAID, it made for a heckuva pitch
Are there any characters that ended up taking a direction you didn't initially anticipate?
Duane Capizzi:
I didn't know we'd make him amnesiac when I wrote the Pilot, that was something we came up with in our first week Writer Room.
And even then, when it became clear he'd be a key piece of the bigger puzzle, we didn't know how exactly (mostly the Season 4 stuff).
We did get very deep with a version where 404 ended with his protective streak for Carmen kicking into high gear, and they would be fighting off Vile Guards back to back in perfect tandem. Then, having chosen Carmen over VILE, it was Carmen who actually orchestrates Gray going "off grid" so that VILE can never find him again. Funny, I know that is arguably the version of Gray's arc that many fans might have preferred seeing. But in the tradition of spy thrillers and film noir, and for a lone wolf character like Carmen who is focused on her life mission and not romance, we stand behind where we went with him. We felt it was so much more compelling ... and truly more emotional that he totally has a get out of jail free card when he sacrifices everything (including his life, potentially) to save Carmen.
when she needs him most!
I know I made some controversial comments about Gray "not being good enough for Carmen" and I'd like to clarify that I meant, until that final episode. What he did was so selfless and heroic. Is there hope for them in the future? Who knows?! But I do hope we get to explore that one day
I'm sure Gray is living off the grid somewhere now, inspired by Carmen's selfless good and thinking of her from time to time.
You mentioned in the interview with Alicyn that Carmen is a love story, but you were cut off before you could finish discussing. Could you elaborate on your answer now?
Duane Capizzi:
Ugh, yes! Sorry about that. I actually answered that privately for someone so will cut and paste that response here. Let's see if it works.
Something we never said in the show, but something I imparted to the creative team was: Carmen Sandiego is (among other things) a LOVE STORY, where every character in our ensemble is in love with Carmen in one way or another. Even if they don't know it! That love can take different forms: we see how spurned by Carmen Coach Brunt feels and why she retaliates so excessively. Chase eventually comes to realize that he too loves Carmen, even if he wasn't initially aware of it haha. One of the most moving things to me about the series is how all of the different factions come to Carmen's rescue at the end when she's not "in her right mind," without knowing the others are there too. It's a massive group effort to bring back the Carmen they love. But we weren't looking for a fairy tale ending for Carmen with ANYone - Carmen's a classic lone wolf anti-hero, that goes with the territory. At least at this stage in her journey.
Were there other locations that you wanted to feature in the show that didn't make it?
Duane Capizzi:
I think we managed to cover a lot of ground and "cadence" between different countries/cultures/continents was important to us. Many "iconic" locations of course, and it would have been nice to explore some lesser known locations if we had more episodes.
One that we almost did was Niagara Falls, Canada - actually literally going to the Falls and doing a big hydro-electric caper, where Player could actually get into the field with Carmen and the team.
But ultimately, we wound up bringing Player into the fold the way we did and wound up stronger as a result. It made his "first face to face" with Carmen even more impactful, IMO.
Were there any changes in production between the first half and the second half of the series?
Duane Capizzi:
Well, there was that Covid thing
But while it was no doubt a colossal undertaking to get the entire staff transitioned to work from home (animators! and their equipment!), we managed to make up for lost time WITHOUT a dip in animation quality. My fedora's off to our amazing team at Wildbrain for pulling it off!
We did lose some staff between orders, but that is a natural part of production unfortunately. Namely, one of our episodic directors Kenny Park, our first storyboard artist Dennis Crawford, and our story editor May Chan were among those who moved on to other shows during the break. But, as hard as their shoes were to fill, fill them we did!
What is your favorite season?
Duane Capizzi:
Easy. Hands down, Season 3.
Again, another "they're all my babies" answer (and yes, I love Season 3 equally
It's hard, because really when you step back I'm sure you'll agree it's a series, with stand alone capers; but it's really all ONE BIG MOVIE.
Season 3 is like the scherzo of a symphony: the shortest movement of four, and the one that tees up the big finale.
That's my hoity toity answer but I'm going to put to rest all of the various theories on what happened with season 3. It was a combination of two things: Netflix's desire to experiment with different ways of "dropping" seasons, and their desire to do a holiday themed drop (in this case Halloween, naturally). It became our challenge to come up with a theme (easy enough: masks), and the bigger challenge to serve their need while not interrupting our ongoing narrative. A challenge to be sure, but a challenge met. I think the biggest bump was perception: it was a short season and I know that was disappointing to many. But, by design.
So, Season 3 = an essential part of the whole. I don't think there's a wasted episode, and it gets everyone into position for the big finish. I can't pick a favorite season - you can't make me
Were there any characters you had wanted to give more time to but couldn't due to time/plot restraints?
Duane Capizzi:
Well, there's the "what was on the white board" answer but hopefully some of those ideas will see the light of day in some way, shape or form some day. I think if we had more episodes, we would have shaken up the internal dynamic of VILE a bit more (as hinted at Brunt's displeasure with Maelstrom for leaving her hanging out to dry at end of 405 - a seed we planted "just in case," as some have noted). And we had more scenes in mind with Chase's partnering with Carmen for the first time that we had to cut to the bone because of what little room we had in that otherwise packed episode (worry not: it's mostly more gags, more embellishment, more twists and turns - but the important stuff is there). Mostly, and I don't think it would have been right for Season 4 but I hope to tell in the future, I think there's an interesting history between Shadowsan and Lady Dokuso - possibly tragic - that I would love to explore one day. (She was a cameo in Duke of Vermeer at the dinner party BTW, I'm not sure if anyone noticed. And we built a bigger role for her out of that)
What are some pre-2000/nostalgic Carmen references you snuck into the show? Do you have a favorite reference that was included?
Duane Capizzi:
Doing that was so much fun! I'd say roughly 60% of the characters were from previous iterations of Carmen, though often in name only. We had fun reimagining most everyone to make them more relevant or updated or giving them a more colorful personality for starters.
"Suhara" was Carmen's Japanese mentor when she worked at the ACME Agency in a flashback episode in the 90's series, for instance. I don't think I need to spell out how we turned that one inside out
And Tigress was also one episode only: she was a "rival thief" to Carmen, but revealed to be an ACME agent in disguise - a persona created solely to bait Carmen. It was really cool of course, but it seemed like untapped potential so we made her an ACTUAL Vile Thief.
My own internal rule was to make sure the references/easter eggs wouldn't confuse anyone - they were there for those who were in the loop and window dressing. The one and only time i broke that rule was Dark Carmen's line from 407: "I do it for the mental gymnastics." It was one of the most absurd lines from the 90's series (IMO) and i was determined to have it come out of Dark Carmen's mouth. I'm sure it left some 7 year olds scratching their heads
aside from that, the key references were the music: I still tingle at how we worked the Rockapella theme into the Interactive Special; and the 90's main title theme (composed by Mozart!), in our Vienna episode ("They're playing my song"). If you wanted Rockapella or Carmen as a bad guy, well ... be careful what you wish for!
Was there any improvised content from recording sessions that made it into any episodes?
Duane Capizzi:
Yes! Not much, because a lot of it would have pushed us into TV-MA haha
Mostly Mary Elizabeth - Coach Brunt has a POTTY MOUTH!
Mikey and Abby usually riffed their banter WAY beyond what was on the written page and had us in stitches. Some bits definitely made it in! But mostly there was too much or it would get off point (hmmm, much like my interview answers maybe? haha)
Sharon Muthu did rise to Pun Goddess status with "Mask and you shall receive." And Raf pitched me "Chasse means hunt in French" after one session and I said: "I'm going to write that in." I don't think he believed me. You can't say I'm not a straight shooter.
If you could get more season, would you do it, and what type of story would you tell?
Duane Capizzi:
Well if that hasn't been clear so far, ABSOLUTELY
There have been discussions of course. It's up to the powers that be at this point. I will say this: the beauty and tradition so far has been that every iteration has been its own thing. I definitely think there are more "different canon" versions of Carmen that can be had and be a part of this wonderful tradition. After all, there were many naysayers for our version when it was first announced.
I will also say that if we don't get to tell any more stories in this canon with these characters, we've left a perfect gem that will stand the test of time. I would rather go out on a high note than overstay our welcome.
All that said, we worked within the allotted episodes given, ended it as we wished, but left the door open for other stories. I'd love to do an expansion and a deepening: pick up where we left off; find out what happened in those two years; and proceed to do the equivalent of Godfather II or Better Call Saul as related to the amazing originals they followed.
Let's hope! Keep putting good vibes out there!
If you could pick a character on Carmen Sandiego who'd you switch places with for a day (you get to control their life and they get to control yours) who would you pick, and why?
Duane Capizzi:
Okay, THIS is difficult. So you're going Freaky Friday on me?
on a Sunday?
Hmmm, I know Ivy would get along with my cat ... but then I'd have to hang out with Zack!
That's the trick: I can't pick my favorites cuz I couldn't hang out with them!
(not that I have favorites - they're all my babies haha)
Okay, I have one: ROUNDABOUT. I could fill Shadowsan's seat - how cool is that? Then, I could enact all my evil fantasies - but still have a get out of jail free card cuz he'd be sitting at my desk!
(cut to Duane being brain wiped - D'oh!)
Who are two characters who don't really interact in the show that you think could be good friends or work really well together?
Duane Capizzi:
Hmmmm. Okay, now I'm going to give you quick and sassy answers. Gray and Julia! They'd be so cute banding together to rescue captive Carmen (for instance). And they could also duke it out and maybe settle things between themselves re: shipping controversies instead of dragging me into it
The FINAL QUESTION. Have you learned anything super impactful while working on the show?
Duane Capizzi:
Aside from Iceland's terrifically low crime rate?
I think I have learned to never underestimate how meaningful characters can be to fans. Social media has obviously brought us a lot closer to our fan base in more immediate ways: it's been really gratifying to hear/see/read feedback and not be writing things in a vacuum. It's been gratifying to see that ideas that were meaningful to myself and the creative team on Carmen that were crafted with care, have also resonated with our fan base. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has traveled on this journey with us - for embracing Carmen's world view, and her friends and foes alike. Take care everyone! Stay safe! This has been fun, thanks for having me!
HUGE thank you to Duane Capizzi: for being here today.
Thank you everyone for watching and reacting!
Duane Capizzi:
Okay, gotta run - just gotta find the door
Anyway, really: THIS HAS BEEN AMAZING. I speak for everyone involved in the creation and production of Carmen: it has been an amazing and inspiring series and we're elated to see it connect with such a CREATIVE, TALENTED and INTELLIGENT fan base. Take care everyone! Until next crime...
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mystech-master · 3 months ago
F/GO High School/Modern AU BS
Me and @rex101111 have been talking about a modern/HS AU ft. as many Chaldean servants as possible. Here are the ideas we came up with (I am pretty much cut and pasting our message convo, so this is a mixture of both me and Rex's ideas):
Gil is the douchbag Senior everyone hates but his dad owns the school or whatever so he can do whatever he wants. The only decent person who willingly hangs out with him is his childhood friend Enkidu who's hoping he can un-douch his bro. He has kid Gil as his little brother and Caster Gil as his older bro who both agree that he sucks (Gil is the loser middle child of the family), Caster Gil wonders what Enkidu sees in his shit head brother. "He's too good for you." "Blow it out your ass." "One day he's going to wise up, see how much of a shit you are, and when you're all alone don't come crying to me." Caster Gil is in college studying political science, Kid Gil goes to a fancy boarding school. Archer Gil goofs off and throws parties
Scathach is a swimming class teacher, mainly b/c I recall underwater training being a part of Cu's regiment under her tutelage. People were jealous of the Cus for like two seconds when they find out the swim teacher is their mom, then they see her having them do an extra twenty laps and ignoring when OG Cu starts floating in the water. "CU DIED!" "YOU'RE NOT HUMAN!" while Scathach is like "you have two seconds to stop playing around before I ACTUALLY drown you" and he's back to doing laps.
Yeah with 4-5 Cus (if you count Setanta from Arcade) that is like 5 brothers.
Nightingale as school nurse, she is friends with Asclepius who works at a hospital associated with the school (strictly professional, but the students think otherwise).
Side note, keep in mind you can have multiple servants be the same type of teacher, just for different classes/grades.
King Hassan is the old Religious History teacher. Every one thinks he's older then the rock is the school is made out of. He has a scary face and a scarier voice but most students consider him the most fair and patient teacher in the whole school. He always gets a lot of food gifts before Ramadan form the students. (A few students, such as the Guda twins and Mash, call him gramps.) The other Hassans are his grandkids, like actual grandkids. He's super strict with them because he expects a lot from them. He always praises them when they do well though. He made sure they ALL got into his class and they've been living in fear ever since. They love their grandpa but by Allah they know not to disappoint him. The only one to ever get out of anything is kid Hassan (one of the hundred face). Cursed Arm is oldest, then Asako (the main hundred face), then Serenity.
"I am very disappointed in ALL of you, have you all lost your heads? I swear I-*to kid Hassan*-ah no Habibi not you you're fine here have a candy-*back to the rest*-I KNOW you're better than this!"
VERY traditional guy, Cursed Arm mutters "Oh for God's sake" while doing a pop quiz and King Hassan looms over him and growls, "No Blaspheming In This Class Room"
For the various Artoria/Arturias, I imagined Lancer and Lancer Alter being sisters, so Saber Alter is a cousin. That leaves everyone else to just be sisters with one brother. Mother Lartoria owns a casino and gas her own yacht in reference to the summer event where she became a Ruler. If you want MHX could be a part of the family as a massive fucking Star Wars nerd. MHXX and MHX Alter are her mom and sister (so MHXX is a third sister for the two Lancer Artorias)
For Irisviel, I remember in one of the Nero Fest things that she was called Therapist Iri. Maybe she starts to get into that b/c she wants to help her adoptive son Shirou (instead of a big fire like in Zero it can be an orphanage fire thing, similar situation but a much smaller scale) , so she is the school therapist/psychiatrist. Like Maruki in P5 Royal.
Iskandar died in his 30s, Waver is around his 30s as Lord El Melloi II. The two are old college friends who still hang out and Alexander is Iskandar’s kid.
If you guys want you can see this as the two being gay dads since I know that ship is popular.
Fran had an abusive father before Babbage and Moriarty got involved. In the og story, Frankenstien has a scientific mindset like his creator, here Fran has a talent in the field, but she also hates it b/c it reminds her of him. Like imagine being talented at the thing your abusive parent was good at/known for. Moriarty tried to get it into her that SHE'S the one with the talent, not her college dropout bum of a father, "From you tell me of him Victor couldn't engineer his way out of an argument with a cat, you have a magnificent mind my dear, not letting it flourish to spite him would be a horrible's your talent, your skill. Not his." He smiles that smile she loves that scares every one but she knows he only smiles like that when he is absolutely convinced of something, "and you can out perform him without breaking a sweat."
Moriarty teaches Fran sign language while Babbage teaches her some engineering.
Jekyll is going for a major in medicine with a minor in law (in the actual irl story Dr. Jekyll was a doctor in medicine and law).
For science associated servants, you got da Vinci, Babbage, Edison, and Tesla as possible science teachers.
The Jeanne sisters. Without the Avenger BS, the reason Jalter (or Joan as one series of fics calls her) could hate her here is just inferiority complex and being compared to her perfect saint big sister all her life. Joan does have her talents, based on the summer event an, but again she doesn't acknowledge her own talent b/c of her always being compared to her older sister., in the 7 counterfeit events she is a really good artist. And it is the typical thing of Jeanne actually being scared out of her wits of being less than perfect because of all the expectations thrust on her. She gets one A- and runs to the bathroom crying and Joan has to swallow her pride and actually have a conversation with her sister for the first time in years. Jeanne Alter lily puts up Christmas decorations super early, much to Jeanne Alter/Joan's displeasure.
Martha is Jeanne's BF since middle school and has this HUGE dog that scares everyone and growls at anyone expect Martha and Jeanne. She calls him Terry.
Rex loves Penthesilea. and we talked at length about the situation between her and Achilles. Can you not tell that he likes a woman who can kick his ass *gestures to all of his Baiken posts*
Rex's idea: I think they had a fight when they were little and Achilles, being a little shit back then, made fun of her for being a girl, and Penth has been sore about it ever since. She keeps running into big misogynistic meatheads that reminded her of that and she just got angrier over the years. She's a wrestler and can knock out just about every dude in school by herself. Achilles is very regretful about back then and wants to apologize but Penth ain't having any of it.
My idea: I thought they were on opposing HS sports teams and when Achilles handed her ass to her he forgot to drink his respect women juice and then Penth got all pissed.
In this AU, Penth and Hippolyta's dad was a general who taught them how to kick the ass of men twice their size since they were seven or something.
Penth surprises everyone when a festival comes up and she gets picked to be the one to organize everything...and does a spectacular job. Another surprise is that she plans on being a business major when she goes to college (Obligatory Amazoness CEO jokes)
Bedivere is the Arturia Pendragon family butler with a prosthetic arm. He's also the security guard, last guy that tried to steal something or cause trouble got slapped right out of the window he sneaked in from.
Francis Drake and Artoria Alter Lancer are work friends (referencing them both being associated with the Wild Hunt in F/GO's lore).
Beni-Enma is the short and shorter tempered lunch lady, last kid who mouthed off at her during lunch got smacked upside the head with her spoon. She's sweet, but if you're in detention and have to help her in the kitchen she's a mini Gorden Ramsey, "IT'S RAW DECHI!!!" She can also come into the home EC class where Shirou is her best student. Also her roasting of the other girls like in her quest. Getting Fs in Beni's class is the worst, because it isn't just an F, it's a meticulous dressing down of exactly why letting into a kitchen should be considered a war crime, dechi.
The three Avenger Nobus are three different people. 1st Ascension is basically Archer Nobu, then you got Oda Kipposhi, and then the mom is Ascension 3 with Demon King Nobunaga. The youngest Ascension 1 Nobu is a musician. Demon King Nobu is one of those "super scary but also super polite people that only makes them scarier" type, basically a female koei Nobunaga from samurai warriors (check out some cutscenes form the games with him, he's a treat).
Imagine Demon King Nobu mom in a business suit.
Suzuka Gozen and Sei Shonagon are the textaholics who always talk in slang to the point of it sounding like they speak a different language. Murasaki is the librarian but Sei is like that ONE student who just makes her job so much harder.
Every week it's "No phones in the library Miss Shonagon." while Sei rolls her eyes and types out twitter post like "fugly ol librarian at my school needs a life lol"
Oui Katsushika is a gifted art student, and her dad (not a floating little octopus), is just a normal dude with a squid/octopus like beard. She's the teacher's pet in De Vinci's art class.
Eresh and Ishtar come from a rich family, Ereshkigal is the older sister so she had a shit load of responsibility to take over the family business while Ishtar basically gets to party her life away. Rin is the cousin they each try and swing their way. Eresh wants Rin to keep up her studies and get into a good university, Ishtar wants Rin to loosen the fuck up and admit that she likes that scrawny Emiya kid already.
BB is the host of a talk show downtown so she is kind of an absentee mom. Meltryllis has prosthetic legs that she specifically asked to be made into stilts b/c she wanted to be taller, and Passonlip has a massive rack that makes life difficult (either people staring, people assuming she's gonna be a home wrecker b/c said staring must be intentional, etc.), and of course he also has prosthetic arms to match her canon claws, obviously not as massive.
Hijikata is a very serious police officer but his wife Carmilla just uses this to have fun in the bedroom. They have two Dobermans. Hijikata's route has him patrolling near the school so most of the kids know as that scary police dude that has a picture of his wife in his pocket. One day a famous Idol called Eli-chan~ (yes spelled with the ~) is about to perform in the town and the kids can't stop talking about her, so Hijikata overhears. But, being the serious dude he is he shrugs it off until he sees a picture of this "Eli-chan~" and realizes it's his sister-in-law that came to visit and suddenly the influx of parasitic paparazzi near his house start making sense.
Carmilla: "Now you see why I hate them?", Hijikata: "No you cannot send the dogs after them honey."
She almost ran one of them over in her, very expensive, car and when that reporter says she should be locked up Hijikata corrects that would only happen if she had hit him...and she would be fined. For littering.
Okita Alter being Hijikata's partner, while Okita is her younger sister who's looked up to Hijikata since she was a little kid but she has asthma and such so she's afraid she might not get accepted.
Sigurd owns a metalworks shop (referencing his myth where he was raised by the dwarf Reginn), he met his wife Brynhildr when she was disowned by her overly controlling father.
Ozymandias, Nitocris, and Cleopatra are all the high board members of a company. Nitocris specifically got wind of Scheherazade's abusive husband situation and after getting said husband arrested, she offered Scheherazade a job.
Atalanta is a college student/TA who worked with Achilles' dad who ends up at their HS for a program or something, Achilles' dad has told him a lot about her.
Amakusa Shirou is an uncle married to the CEO of Babylon Gardens Pharmaceuticals, Semiramis. Semiramis herself is kinda chill if REALLY scary. She had to be pretty cutthroat to get to her position in the company, but Amakusa Shirou helped her mellow out, but she is still a massive tsundere.
"You know you COULD poison their lunch." "Semi, dear, I'm not going to poison my coworker's sandwich for being an ass." "It wouldn't kill them! Just a bit in their peanut better and they'll be stuck on the toilet for a week, no harm no foul."
Rex initially said Taiga would be an overly enthusiastic gym teacher but then I remembered that she was a homeroom/English teacher in Fate canon, but either or can do if you wanna be unique.
For Quetzalcoatl, Wrestling club supervisor when she isn't the senior year gym teacher. Some of the male students laughed that they didn't think a woman would know anything about wrestling. Two piledrives later, the students have earned a new appreciation for the importance on how not to be two pieces of shit. She's big on Lucha as in canon and during Halloween she gets JAGUARMAN to have an exhibition fight with her. They make a show of it but later on Taiga admits that Quatz could have CRUSHED her if they were actually fighting. She takes the wrestling club out for homemade Mexican food after tournaments
For Siduri, there's a bunch of rumors she's dating Caster Gil but it's strictly professional, Caster respects her too much to consider that. Archer Gil hits on her relentlessly, she manages to wound his ego more severely then anyone else simply by being unfailingly polite in her rejections and treating him like what he is, a teenage punk jumping higher than he can handle to land.
Ibaraki is Shuten's adoptive little sister after she was taken from an abusive mother, hence why Ibaraki looks up to her. Ibuki is either Shuten's big sister who had to take on a guardian role, or just her mom. Shuten and Ibuki have a bit of a strained relationship because Shuten saw the way Ibuki acted as they grew up, taking more and more responsibilities onto herself and refusing any distractions. And she decided that her biggest nightmare is to wake up one morning and realize she's turned into Ibuki so she tries to do everything to avoid that, hence their relationship not being the best. Ibaraki is kinda stuck in the middle because she wants to side with Shuten but she sees where Ibuki is coming from. Messy.
Caren is still Kotomine’s daughter, but he isn’t a good dad and in rebellion she sleeps around despite being a woman of god. Including sleeping with local punk Angra Mainyu. Angra Mainyu seems like a bad guy but he has a shit load of issues due to being blamed for everything going wrong in his old town, eventually coming to believe them and thinking he will cause nothing but problems. Caren banging him gives him a type of closeness he’s never felt, but under very warped circumstances.
For the Tamamo family, Vitch totally fucked her way up a corporate ladder or something, imagined Tamamo Cat working at a Cat Cafe if she were a Student. Tamamo no Mae accidentally fed her prev BF a food he was allergic too, and that kind of haunted her and scared her rep. IDK basically she seriously fucked up a previous relationship, either on purpose or accidentally, and that kind of hurts her deeply so she wants to start over with Hakuno.
Nero and Tamamo no Mae are rivals over this one guy.
Kiichi Hougen is the adoptive mom, Benkei is the family friend/uncle, Taira is Ushiwaka's older sister. Taira isn't on the best of terms with her family, some drama way back caused a rift and nowadays Ushi is the only one who's willing to talk to her and visit. Benkei never lets her go alone because he doesn't trust Taira one bit. Taira and Ushiwaka are Kintoki and Tomoe's cousins (I say Tomoe b/c apparently her husband and Ushiwaka were half cousins, with their grandpa having kids with their grandmas. I tried to make a whole family tree out of a few servants).
These are the ideas we had the most to talk about, if you guys have any suggestions for your fav servants in this AU, let either me or Rex know. Or just reblog and say them here. Who knows maybe you have a much better idea for a Servant we already mentioned.
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snowstark · 3 months ago
Anon with the arts v stem bs for you, could you write a thing where Peter is in your position trying to write an essay when his brain Just Won't Work Right To Do The Words and he asks Tony for help and Tony's like *cracks knuckles* "get on your knees, baby boy, I'm writing this whole thing for you and you're gonna have your mouth stuffed with my cock until I'm done"
my god i saw this at like 7 am and went “shit, yes. i have to write this” before passing the fuck back out until 10. also sorry it’s late, i got carried away 
we say thank you, we say please.
you can also read on ao3!
Tony glanced over at yet another one of Peter’s noises of complaint. They had grown in severity and loudness over the past few minutes, and the angry crinkle in Peter’s forehead told him just how frustrated the younger boy was.
Tony sniffed a smile, amused. “You doin’ okay, baby?”
“No,” Peter bit back, slamming his forehead onto the desk. “This stupid essay isn’t working out. Why am I even writing an essay? Isn’t the whole point of science to experiment?”
“And reflect on your findings,” Tony corrected with a roll of his eyes. He got up from his seat and came over, placing a hand on Peter’s shoulder to peer at the laptop screen. “Lemme see what you have.”
“Be my guest.” Peter tried to get up, but stilled when Tony shoved him back down.
Humming, Tony read over the introduction Peter had managed to craft, then wordlessly reached out and highlighted the whole thing before deleting it.
“Hm?” Tony smiled at him sweetly.
“Why’d you do that?” Peter seethed with a pout.
“Because it was trash,” Tony replied. “And I know you know that it was.” He held Peter’s gaze until the fire in it died down a bit, and waited until Peter dropped his gaze.
Miserably, the younger boy picked at his nails. “I’m gonna fail this course. I’m not smart enough.”
“Don’t say that.” Tony’s voice was sharp. “I don’t ever want to hear you say that again; you hear me?”
Silence, then a petulant look.
Something Tony clicked. He reached out, slid a hand through Peter’s soft curls, and tightened his hand into a fist, pulling hard enough for Peter to hiss through his teeth. “I said, you hear me?”
“Yes,” Peter muttered. “Ow! You’re gonna pull my hair out if you don’t—ow, yes! Yes, Daddy.”
“Yeah, that’s what I thought you said.” Tony eyed Peter for a few more seconds, then let go. “You should start off with the basics. Think of a good hook, but don’t you dare try and make a statement about society or some shit like that. Profs hate it.”
“I can’tttt,” Peter whined. “It just doesn’t work.” He turned to look at Tony with his best puppy eyes. “Maybe you could write it for me.”
Tony rolled his eyes. “Yeah, honey, hilarious. Now you want to commit an academic offense.”
Peter glared. “This entire essay is an offense! To me! And if you don’t help me, I’m going to fail, Tony. Okay? I’m gonna get a big, fat, ugly zero—”
“You sure you want me to help?” Tony interrupted, a wicked, filthy plan suddenly forming in his mind. He nudged Peter out of his seat and sat down, appraising him, mouth already watering in anticipation. “Because you know I don’t do things for free, sweetheart. You’ll need to pay me back somehow, show me how grateful you are.”
Peter rolled his eyes. “Yeah, okay, I’ll give you that massage you’ve been asking for—”
Tony barked out a laugh that silenced him. He let his hands drop to the buttons on his jeans, enjoying the way Peter’s eyes immediately followed the movement. “Oh, no, no, no, baby. That’s not what I’m asking for.” He pressed the palm of his hand to his dick, and looked at Peter with a raised eyebrow.
“Yes,” Peter immediately said. Tony didn’t miss the way he sounded a little more strained now, eyes still fixed on the tent in Tony’s boxers. “I’ll pay you back.”
Tony smirked, then snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. “Get on your knees, baby boy. I’m writing this whole thing for you and you’re gonna have your mouth stuffed with my cock until I’m done.”
Peter dropped to the floor like a puppet whose strings had been cut, and looked up at Tony expectantly, licking his lips.
“You know what I love about you, honey?” Tony drawled, sprawling his legs wide open, enjoying the way Peter immediately leaned closer. He pushed a hand through his hair again and leaned close so that they were nose-to-nose.
Peter tried to kiss him, almost instinctively, and Tony laughed before gently pushing him away. “You’re always so”—Tony yanked his head back harshly with the grip on his hair, eliciting a gasp—“fucking”—A sharp slap to his face, making Peter moan—“grateful.” A caress now, to counter the heat blooming in Peter’s cheek. “Isn’t that right?” He ran the pad of his thumb across Peter’s bottom lip.
Peter stared up at him adoringly in response, eyes wide.
The boy was already completely out of it, Tony noted with amusement. So responsive. Beautiful. He let his thumb brush against his flushed cheeks before sitting back and gesturing to the zipper on his pants.
“Go on, then,” he murmured, watching Peter’s eyes flash eagerly. “I undid the button for you, didn’t I? I think you can do the rest by yourself.” He stopped Peter with a hum when the boy reached out with his hands, and he shook his head. “No, baby. With your teeth.”
Peter swallowed, then obediently wriggled forwards and mouthed at the zipper, trying to get a good grip on it with his mouth.
Tony watched him for a few moments before reaching out to pet his hair as silent encouragement. It took Peter a few more seconds before he managed to pull it down, and Tony grinned when the boy immediately nuzzled closer, mouthing at his cock almost hungrily.
Tony pulled him back a bit before holding a hand out in front of Peter. “Spit.” Once Peter obeyed, he took himself in his hand and stroked in long, lazy motions, not taking his eyes off of the boy for a single moment. After a few minutes, Peter began to make impatient little noises at the back of his throat, just as Tony had expected him to.
“Needy thing,” Tony crooned, then smacked Peter’s face with his dick, making the sub jolt. Peter looked up, eyes glazed over, practically whacked into submission now. “Open up. I wanna see you gagging on it, you hear me? Don’t you dare try and slack off.”
Peter nodded in quick little jerks of his head, mouth falling open immediately at the order.
Tony fed his cock into Peter’s mouth inch by inch, wet and warm and ready for him, until Peter had taken him into his mouth nearly completely. He ran a hand through the sub’s curls, then shifted, feeling his cock hit the back of Peter’s throat, and pulled the laptop closer to him. He felt Peter’s cheeks hollow as he tried to swallow in vain around his cock, and Tony cursed quietly under his breath at the spasm of Peter’s throat.
Right. The essay.
He sucked the inside of his cheek, thinking, before beginning to type.
Biophysics is critical to our understanding of the mechanics of the molecules in our lives, and how complex systems and beings function, which, according to—
Tony stopped when Peter’s cheeks hollowed yet again and he looked down, raising an eyebrow. “You need something?”
Peter’s eyes widened and he shook his head as best as he could, then pulled back to wipe the drool on his chin with the back of his hand. “Just—was just tryin’ to swallow, Daddy.” God, he already sounded wrecked, voice rough and throaty.
“What, embarrassed that you were making a mess of yourself?” Tony chuckled, then shoved his hand into Peter’s hair before yanking him back onto his dick. “Stay. There. Your job is to be the filthy, needy thing you are while being grateful for what I’m giving you. Remember what I said about wanting your mouth to be stuffed with it until I’m done? You think I was joking about that?”
A small whine; Tony gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was feeling generous today and assumed it was a ‘no.’
He went back to work after that, and for the next half hour, the only sounds that filled up the room was his typing and the occasional little noise Peter made, whether it be a small exhale from his nose or an attempted swallow of his throat.
He took the time to finish, then ran through it three times to edit it. After the last run, he finally—finally—looked down at Peter, whose eyes were closed, eyelashes occasionally fluttering with each shallow inhale he took through his nose.
Tony rested his hand on Peter’s head, watching him, then murmured, “Good boy. Get me off now, sweetheart. Show Daddy how good you can be.”
Peter was more than eager to obey, and in less than five minutes, Tony was swearing under his breath, hips canting without his permission, and he could barely stutter out a warning before he came down Peter’s throat.
Peter took it like a champ, swallowing every drop and only pulling off when Tony made him. Panting, he looked up at Tony, eyes wide and teary.
Tony brushed a thumb over his cheek for a few moments, then murmured, “Good boy.”
When Peter reached for his leaking, red cock, Tony snapped sharply, “Ah-ah! What’re you doing? You think you deserve to get off by yourself? No, baby, you have to earn that.”
Peter looked up at him through wet eyelashes. “But I—” He gestured vaguely to Tony.
“What, made me come?” Tony rolled his eyes. “No, sweetheart. That was just you thanking me for writing your essay. All you had to do was drool all over my cock and show me how grateful you were for my generosity. Not exactly a hard feat like, say, writing an essay, is it? Not for a greedy little thing like you, at least.”
Peter stared at him, jaw slack and hanging open.
Tony grinned, and it was mean. “This, though...” He reached down and formed a loose ‘o’ with his hand, stroking Peter’s cock from the base to the head in one easy, smooth motion. “We’ll see about this. Get on the bed.”
Peter immediately scrambled to obey, and Tony’s grin grew.
Oh, he was going to make Peter beg, and enjoy every single moment of it.
A few weeks later, Peter came marching up to Tony’s desk, then slapped down a package of paper.
Tony raised an eyebrow.
Peter jabbed his index finger at the 98%, written and circled in red, at the top of the first page. “My essay,” he said, proudly, making Tony bite back a laugh.
“A ninety-eight,” Tony mused, picking it up and leafing through it. “Not bad, huh?”
“It’s perfect.” Peter maneuvered himself onto his lap, straddling him and mouthing along his neck.
“Two percent away from perfect.” Tony tossed the paper back onto the desk and let his hands drift down to squeeze Peter’s ass, hard enough for his nails to dig in even through the sweatpants. “Should’ve been a hundred. Must’ve lost a mark or two ‘cause your mouth distracted me.”
“Not my fault I’m so good,” Peter chirped.
Tony rolled his eyes. “Uh-huh, good at being a filthy slut.”
Peter ignored him. “Besides, maybe next time you’ll get that hundred for me.”
Grinning, Tony pulled back to look at Peter’s face, then kissed him, wet and hard and sloppy. Peter’s chest was heaving by the time they pulled apart, and he pushed his thumb through his lips and into his mouth, watching him suck languidly for a few moments before saying, “Yeah, baby boy. You’re right. There’s always next time.”
Because they both knew this wouldn’t be the last time.
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irregulardiaryposts · 3 months ago
16:35 01/03/2021
so. its now march!!!!! march is an okay month. but it also means its been a year since corona really kicked off and thats proper weird to think about. it feels like absolutely fuck all has actaully changed but yet im a very different person yk. i played minecraft for 10 hrs last week. im addicted to it. this time last year i was kinda sick and we thought i had corona but since testing wasnt really available i just had to stay home ages. it was horrible but to think that was a whole YEAR ago is absolutely fucking wild. anyway back to minecraft. i absolutely love it. its such a simple game and you can truly play however you want to. like. if u dont want to bother beating the enderdragon or doing any serious grind stuff, you can literally just fuck about doing whatever you wanna do... u wanna build a little cottage in the woods? yes. u wanna pick lowers and decorate and build cute farms? yes. u wanna explore a vast and expansive world filled with literally endless possiblilities and find pets and loot and different biomes and blocks? yes. you wanna mess around with ur friends? yes. u wanna do pvp or multiplayer games? yes. u wanna meet new people? yes. u wanna play by yourself and become exceedingly rich? yes. u wanna do all this and comforted by the melodic tunes and beautiful landscapes? yesssssssss. it literally has something for everyone but people get so pissy about how others play its soooo annoying. like so what if someone wants to go into creative and cheat or they wanna play on peaceful or they have keep inventory on? they are playing the game in the way they enjoy the most, the way that makes them happiest, makes them conforted, allows then to enjoy playing it. coz i bet if everyone was made to play the exact same way and there was no way to customise your experience, it would not be nearly as popular as it is. it probs wouldve died out if people werent enjoying it because they got frustrated by it, or too scared to lose their things to progress in the game, or too anxouis to play becuase its scary and they dont know how to beat things. or if people play solely in creative and they enjoy that the most and wanna try survival, they dont deserve to get made fun of coz they want to ease their way into harder things. or if someone just wants to build or just explore or just tame a million dogs, as long as they are happy they are already enjoying the game to the max, they dont deserve people being like “ if u play without X youll enjoy it more coz thats the way we play it” like fuck off it would be like if a hardcore players was like “play in hardcore or ur stupid” ppl would get mad because thats not the way they want to play it and they wouldnt enjoy it as much or at all as the hardcore player does. and dont even get me started on this whole bedrock vs java bs. this its such a waste of time like??? who benefit from this argument? because its silly java players think they are automatically better than every bedrock player because they have java. like obviouslyyyyyy java is better and im sure a lot of bedrock players would rather java, but u cant lie and say that a lot of og players didnt start on bedrock and then upgrade to java, because as kids u cant really afford a proper pc but everyone has an xbox or an ipad lol. like they litterally forget that they proably started playing on bedrock too. and its so stupid because yes while bedrock is a little shit in comparison to java, ITS STILL THE SAME FUCKING GAME just be glad were not fucking fortnite players jesus its pathetic. yes this is essentially a minecraft post and what fucking about it. i told u im obsessed with it. i should talk about something else. perhaps my crippling procrastination? its absolutely abysmal how shit at school i am now. i get two unconditional offers and suddenly i think i dont need to do a single bit of work (its kinda true tho) i only have thre classes and in doing 1 and 1/2 of them. im not even bothering studying for prelims/exams whatever the fuck because im hopeless. theres no point because even if i do end updoing the exam and i fail theres absoluty no consequences because i have 0 shame. ill walk out of an exam i failed with my head held high because i know uni will be so much better - ill only have one subject, one i actaully anjoy and want to do work for (only somewhat tho, my procrastination problems still carry through, im actauuly doing this instead of a 15 min thing for class but whatever) ill have a reduced working day, i can focus on just one subject, ill have other things to work on too like a part ime (scary) and car (exciting) and ill get to meet new people that also want to learn spanish and are interested in it too, and i want to make more friends and i want to be more independant (moving out??? hopefully but also scary) i cant beleive im actauly at a point in my life where im actually interested in the future and want to live to see it (lol yeah) like i wonder what 13 yo me would think. even 15 yo me. i wonder how 20 yo me will look back on this. hi me if ur reading. do u have a s/o?? or new friends? how many new experiences have u had? are u comfortable in ur life? struggling ? happy? i hope ur happy coz u deserve to be. i deserve to be. i hope u have a good time reading these. i dont know if ill ever forget about this blog or not. what was i talking about tho. procrastination. its horrible,i hope u get that fixed pls tell me u do. also please tell me u get better at typing.  this has accidentlay turned into a speaking to ur future self thing. ill stop now. im a very good procrastinator. and my ability to actaullu focus on stuff has been getting comical. idk if its the pandemics fault or mine or schools but is a bloody issue and it needs to get better. i guess its coz i just have absolutley 0 enegry do do what i need to or it just absoloutyl does not interest me to do it and i knwo theres absolutly no consequenes to it looool. i dont think ive spelled absoliyty right a single time in this. but the thing is i dont bother to correct it and im a very messy typer so my hands and doing a liitlel clumsy dance all over the keyboard. i also think im typing dyslexic. dont ask. every now and then theres a day where i feel very unproductive and lazy and it feels like how it used to. a sort of growing annoyance at myself and feeling like a slug. idk somedays i feel teleported back to like almosy 4 years ago and idk what to do about it. i used to have a coping mechanism (?) where if i felt bad about stuff id just shower, wash my hair and put on new pjs and do something i wanted to do. it kinda put me in a clearer headspace and allowed be to get out of a slump for like 20 mins. u could call it self care or whatever but it genuinely was like washing the bad thoughts away and starting anew (is that the word) like i was able to think more rationally and get back into the semi real world but i was alos doing it because i never used to have a proper shower routine, i used to go days without showering or getting out of bed for much and it kinda feels good to have this little reboot thing where i just shower to get me away from straying back there. idk. am i articulating well enough. ive wrtiiten a lot i think. is there any more updates? nothing really apart from my growing disinterest in all things school lmao. anyway until next time i suppose (will probs be either never or like june lol)
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andifnotheisstillgood · 3 months ago
How to decide between two good offers
Backstory to explain situation:
My family and I are in a weird transition. I’ve been home for the past 6ish months with my kids during Covid while my husband has continued working at his job of 6 years. He has been working on some side projects for a couple years and was recently picked up by a production company. He will get payed will for this work, but due to the nature of the work we aren’t sure when he will actually get the pay, but it appears to be within the next 3ish months. Because of this, we decided that I would return to work and he would stay home with the kids. His project will require some travel but mostly he can work from home. He has many meetings and interviews currently and his heavy work schedule doesn’t allow him to put all he needs to put into his dream, so this is really the best option.
We live in a larger city. There are many jobs in my field but also many many applicants. I am an Licensed Practical Nurse with a BS in Business Administration. I am working towards my Masters in Healthcare Administration with will be finished with that in October. I have 10 years of healthcare management experience with the most recent 4 being as a Director of Nursing for a luxury assisted living community. We agreed that I should apply to local openings but could apply in a couple select cities if I noticed anything great in those cities as well.
The offers:
Director of Nursing role at an assisted living community that is 45 min away from my house. The community is not very nice and has a high amount of state insurance residents. Additionally, the residents are mostly between the ages of 55-75 which is VERY young for assisted living. A lot of homelessness and drug addition has been present in the lives of these residents. The building is way in the country and hard to staff. The company wants me to grow this building into mostly private pay, but this would take a huge amount of work due to the state of the building. The staff has never been trained and they have been in trouble with the state for medication errors. They recruited me specifically from LinkedIn because someone I know in the field gave them my name.
Pay is $75,000 (great for the area I live in) they offer benefits but insurance in expensive. 401 K matches 4% of the first 12% I invest. Building is open 24/7 365 and I have to come in for any issue or if there are no call/no shows to pass medication and work as a “floor nurse” when needed.
This job is literally a dream job. It’s a Regional Clinic Manager position with a corporate specialty clinic. We would have to relocate for the job about 9 hours away from where we own our home. I would manage 6 clinics in the 2 states in my region. I would be able to work from home some but would also have to travel somewhat often. Most clinics are within 1.5-2 hours of each other but 2 are 3.5 hours away from the others. This is a new region for the company and it is tough finding skilled people in the area in the medical field. I have never worked in this specific type of medicine, but I do know about it and the actual duties are mostly the same as my past duties. There will be a small learning curve though. They originally low balled me at $65k and I abruptly turned it down because they would be totally unreasonable for the area this job is in and the amount of work required. They got back with me and offered $80,000 with a relocation package and a sign on bonus. That is still a somewhat low salary for the position and will make things tight for my family living in that area, but they are offering a $2,500 raise at 90 days and another $2,500 raise at 6 months.
I’m not sure which to choose. Some of the issue is that we will not be selling our home right away if we move so I need to be able to cover an extra $1,000 mortgage and the very minimal cost to keep Power and water on and pay about $2,000 - $2,500 for temporary houses in the new city as well.
I don’t know what to go with. I feel like if we move it will be somewhat of a burden but if we stay I know I will be working myself to death. I am very lucky to have gotten each of these offered and want to really make the best choice. What would you do?
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vesperstalksclones · 3 months ago
Drawing lesson #2 - full body
So for fun I decided to do another drawing tips & tricks thingy! I'm not an expert by any means, but I have been doodling forrrrr... at least 30 years now so.... *shrugs*
Ho-kay! So I'm drawing mr sexy pants Rex in Zygarrian armor because who doesn't love an angry cutie pie in a cat suit!
So BIG important - set some guide lines on your paper! Ugh! Don't draw and draw and draw and then suddenly you can't fit a foot on your paper ! 😭
Make dumb fat messy shapes to set up where your body parts are, and go over them multiple times. I find all those lines help to create the nice organic shapes I want!
Tumblr media
So I have a messy outline going. I filled in that stick man type thing here and my important joints. Also I added some plains to help keep my body aligned
This is kind of a 3/4 angle. Not facing perfectly at me, so I don't have to be as fussy with the symmetry.
Now, let's talk about shapes. I often break body parts in to shapes while I am drawing. This helps keep the body parts the right size in relation to eachother; its easier to draw two triangles than to mock out two entire feet, right? These are my training wheels!
Tumblr media
So take a look here! See how I turn the basic areas in to easy shapes? This way I can make sure my body is nice and proportional before I put lots of effort in to details.
This is also hugely helpful with hands and feet! So see how the foot on our left side is viewed from dead on? From the angle to the bottom it is kind of one big cone/triangle from this angle, or even maybe like the look of a horse's hoof!
Look to the one on the right - I used a triangle for the heel, a squatty rectangle for the toe and a sloping rectangle for the mid foot. I almost prefer to err on the side of bigger and chunkier with feet. What can I say... I like boots!
Also, look at the leg on our left. See how I outlined the leg? The natural curves of the thighs and calves should be "B" shaped at this angle.
Tumblr media
Ok, so I want to make sure my arms are proportional! If you straighten out and put your arms at your sides you'll find your palms reach your thighs well below your hips! Like, Rex needs to be able to cover his nethers if need be!
So to draw my arms, first I pick where my hand is going to be, and my shoulder first. THEN I draw the forearm, elbow and upper arm to connect my hand to the body. To check my proportions, I grab my ruler and measure the rough length of my arm pieces, and then make sure a straight arm would reach his thigh. It looks pretty good to me!
Tumblr media
What? More shapes? YES! So I like a thic chest on my man, but this really works for even skinny bodies. The top of my pectoral rectangle also acts as my collar bone, which connects the shoulders. Then the tops of the trapezius/shoulder muscles make a triangle pointing to the head. The rounded portion of the shoulder is two petals.
Now, the torso/sternum part is a fatty triangle pointing down from the pectoral. This also forms your rib cage. The tip of the triangle pushes down in to a cylinder shaped waist/abdomen. On a male body type this is generally not as curvey.
And the pelvis/hips... shaped like shorts 😋
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dude.... hands are hard!!! For EVERYONE. Anyone who says otherwise is BS-ing you. The painful truth is practice, practice, practice. Copy pictures from magazines. Sit and look at your own hands. Make the shape you are trying to draw and examine yourself!
Thank goodness for my cheater shapes! If you look at your mitts, you'll see that the knuckles line up fairly well, so laying down a guideline can help to lay them out. The palm section is a pretty comfortable rectangle, and where palm becomes wrist -> triangle.
Also, check out the fist on our right. IDK why, but I like making a triangular gap between my fingers. I feel like it adds depth in a way and it makes them feel less like sausages that way.
Tumblr media
Alright! I've been working my way around my drawing. I like to jump around from part to part to keep everything moving along together. Work together the lines that you laid out with your shapes. I start out light, but when I've found the shape I like, I lay down a thick dark line that says "this is done. As much as I'm tempted to be lazy, I know I'll be unhappy if I don't keep working at all the little details. A simple curved line makes a wrinkle in the fabric. Add seams to your clothes and textures to cloth or metal.
For shading, sometimes a softer graphite pencil is nice, but it can get really smudgey! Some folks have these paper blenders - they make me gag. Its a texture thing. I prefer to blend with my fingers; the oils seem to help soften the pencil and seal it to the paper. Just a light scribbling motion with the pad if my finger usually works.
Tumblr media
There he is babies!! I could lecture more, but I can only put this many pics in to a post!! So here I have my finished Zygerrian Rex. He has no patience for d-bag slavers and is going to open up a world of hurt on sumbody. I rrreeeeaaally wanted an angry toothy snarl a la Frank Miller's Spartans... bit I couldn't make it happen and look good. *Shrug*
Well, dollies... lwt me know what you think! Feel free to ask questions any time!
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eremiie · 3 months ago
Hello Charm ! I was hoping if I could try and do the matchups, you can answer to my ask whenever you’d can and like, take your time bsf I’m honestly so okay with it :) <3
I kinda forgot what I needed to put but i’ll try my best to remember-
I am 5’0, quite petite, middle of hours glass and pear body, my hair is pretty black i’d say, it goes 3 inches past my shoulders, I have medium curtain bangs too-I’m hispanic, I have pale skin, i’d say my lips are a decent size with a pinkish red tone, long lashes and a small-medium nose.
My zodaic is Aries, Aries sun, and my Leo moon. My personality type is INFJ-T. And my birthday is March 28.
My personality is somewhat confusing to others and even to my self, but I always manage to make it work and make sense, I’m either very rude or somewhat nice to people I run into, I have little to no friends because I like to keep my circle small, Im no introvert I’m an extrovert but I just have a friend type and most people are just far from it. I sometimes make fun of my close friends and loved ones, even bully and tease them, I can take things too far and I notice and end up apologizing at night, a lot of people see me off a s a rude person but I promise I’m actually VERY nice :), I like to help people if they need support and comfort, only if they feel comfortable telling me what’s wrong, I would never want to force someone to tell me something they dont want to say. I have a bipolar disorder which kinda gets in the way of my friendships and relationships, but I do try my best to keep it under control, I get mad very easily but again I can managae it and keep it simple. Overall I have an “I don’t care personality” because I really don’t care but half the time I actually do- I just have no way of showing it so I just express it by giving people things or reminding them that they are doing so well and that I’m proud of them :)
My love language is touch and gratitude, I love to remind close people of mine how much they matter to me and that I’ll always be here even if we don’t feel the same for eachother, I will still be here to make them feel wanted and special. If I had a partner to show me a love language, it would probably be anything they want, I’m a people pleaser, I wouldn’t judge them for how they show their love towards me, if it’s harsh, small signs of showing love, or just not showing enough, I wouldn’t really care as long as I get the chance to remind them they matter a lot to me.
Some of my hobbies are running, going on adventures/places, hanging out with my friend, cooking, cleaning, a lot of cleaning, I just dont like having a messy place, it makes me feel uneasy and lazy, I also like competing/competitions, finishing my work as much as I can, writing about myself-
Some turn offs are when people lie, it’s so easy for me to tell and it gives me second hand embarrassment, another is being a little too clingy or a pick me person, acting like a baby, such as saying “pweese.” I find it funny but it’s just not for me, I dropped one of my friends because of that- but there are people that loved her like that so I’ll just leave at that and wish her the best. Some turn ons for me are when people remember the small details of me and in the things I like, when they take me places, often remind me how much they’re happy to be with me, letting me work on my own problems if I want to, keepinng up with me, being patient with me, putting up with my bs, insulting me, I know it’s kinda weird but I find it nice, good spelling and grammar, I don’t know I just find it attractive- not judging the type of person I am, arguing with me, <—-I really love arguing and even more if it’s with my partner.
So sorry if this was tmi, I just wanted to give off important details to make it easy for you to make up your decision, again take your time Charm, I’m very patient! <3
hi bestieeee, matchups are closed, i’m only completing old ones from when they were open!
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