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#but it still split
porcelainbluejay · 8 hours ago
So apparently Midrin (a prescription migraine medication I was on for years) wasn’t discontinued because Excedrin is basically the same thing like I thought it was. I mean, the drugs both have three parts: acetaminophen, an NSAID, and a vasoconstrictor, so they act on the body in pretty much the same ways, but that’s beside the point right now.
It was discontinued in 2009 because the manufacturer had 33 different drugs, Midrin among them, seized by the FDA due to violations. Generics also had to be discontinued due to the seizure. Later, another manufacturer made their own version, Nodolor, but in 2018 the FDA mandated the cessation of distribution of all drugs containing the vasoconstrictor used in both Midrin and Nodolor.
And that’s the story of why I can no longer get the only migraine abortive that actually works for me.
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thespoonisvictory · 20 hours ago
I hope people who hate dream know about the time he lost a legitimate $100,000 duel because he wasn’t good enough at fucking minecraft, then every other mcyt outside of his immediate friends celebrated on twitter. I just think it’s funny
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celestialborderline · a day ago
besties i can’t deal with having a fp anymore no less fucking bpd what the fuck i cant keep splitting like this
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kissthegoatherder · 2 days ago
Young Copia: dances ballet, spry and flexible, could do the splits.
Old man Copia: cannot touch his toes, pulled his groin stepping off a curb funny, gets a cramp if he walks too fast.
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tinyangryhands · 2 days ago
Oh god I made it to the Final Battle Arc and I'm snervous
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ivanaskye · 3 days ago
Ok hot take but there’s a lot of like…. conflict and animosity between hard fantasy (“magic has rules”) and soft fantasy (“fuck rules!”) authors and readers but uh…..
For some reason, I several times have seen soft fantasy types be like, “this is the ONLY valid way to write fantasy, fantasy has been RUINED by hard fantasy ppl”
And I have not seen the opposite? Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist but like. What is going on here.
Am I just looking in the wrong places? Is that what masculine coded reddit is yelling about while feminine coded tumblr and to a lesser extent twitter is like ONLY SOFT FANTASY CAN EVER BE GOOD ??????
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pcachlovc · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
mmmmm like for me to send you a meme to/with a muse I’m not currently interacting with?
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stargazingfangirl18 · 4 days ago
I totally re-outlined the rest of Necessary Arrangements today so I can start having all of our babes in every chapters vs. splitting them up into their own parts. And I just ::flappy hands:: love this world, okay? Bless y’all for putting up with me and my nonsense 😂😘❤️
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