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#but im still kinda hyped up tho lol
a-depressed-metalhead · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I, excuse me, I live there. But eh, I mean no ones gonna take me...
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shadowfairyy · a year ago
wait hold up my world is crumbling beneath my feet so i was CHILLING OUT and VIBING to some PROFESSOR LAYTON SOUNDTRACKS and having a GOOD TIME and i was listening to the main theme from unwound future ‘cause its fantastic and im always a slut for violins but then SUDDENLY my GARBAGE BRAIN had to go unlock memories of me being like 12 and doing nothing but watching edgy AMVs about future luke and i remember one really short like 30 second one set to numb by linkin park that i ADORED ‘cause the editing and effects were actually really good and i CANT FIND IT  but i watched it ALL THE TIME and im LOSING MY MIND and now i NEED to replay all the layton games and DRAW my BOY FUTURE LUKE because i LOVE HIM because hes an ASS and i cant believe i FORGOT ABOUT HIM
edit: now im currently just watching a whole bunch of future luke amvs and lemme tell ya its very commendable how these editors manage to make these things ‘cause theres like a total of 4 cutscenes with future luke in the entire game to work with fhsjdafkfdksk
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chloelapomme · 12 days ago
I used to watch kdrama a LOOOT when I was in high school and freshmen in university.. though I'm barely catching up lately, and then I entered the anime world (Naruto to be more specific) and I think I almost forget about my kdrama obsession lol 🤣🤣🤣
But now you lit again the flames for kdrama within me hohoho are we going to make a kdrama thread now? 😂😂😂
I can totally understand why you love it so much even though you've only watched the first 3 episodes, because booyyy I've been in the same shoes as you before!! I usually watched kdrama when its finished airing (Im the type of binge watch, not the kind who can patiently wait for new episode every week😂), but something about CLOY really intrigued me back then(because of the hypes and all), that's why it was my first ever kdrama I watched while it was still on-going. But I never regretted starting it early tho hahaha just hang on there, there will be still soooo many things in store you'll definitely like!! 😆
And of course, Taek was a totaaaaal cinnamon roll !! He's so innocent and precious, and everyone from the circle seem to be so protective for him lmao remember when Deok-sun's sister yell at him and then everyone was like "HOW DARE YOU YELLING AT OUR LITTLE TAEKKIE?!!!!!" kinda throw off the similar vibes of Team 8's protective nature for Hina🙈🙈 so I'm totally on your team badluckbrebis! Hohoho
(Singh, here I go again, on a full elaborated ask lmao sorry if its too long, I really enjoyed talking about stuffs I like, just like this, so please bear with me 🙈)
I have to confess, when I was in high school, it was all about american TV shows because of where I lived.
I only started to get interested in Japanese culture when I moved to Europe for uni. I watched Naruto again and started watching anime 5 years ago.
And now here I am starting k-drama 😂
Should I make a k-drama thread? Don't think so. I'm not sure I'll be a big help because I'm so behind!
Haha I'm more the type of watching as it's airing weekly that's why I'm holding back my mom from bringe watching the whole thing into one night 😂
But now that I'm talking about it with you guys, I want to keep watching it 🤣
I think the rest of the ask is for you @badluckbrebis 🤣
Please, don't apologise! I'm so happy I rebloged CLOYs posts because it gave us the opportunity to talk together 😊
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tartagliaxx · 14 days ago
hii lei!! :3 how are you enjoying the new update? i haven't had the time to fully try everything but i did get my teapot and played through all of noelle's hangout routes i wasn't expecting to play a quest and actually meet yanfei fhwldjkw shes so cute and i feel like her and hu tao would be good friends during the quest i noticed that the shorter characters like lumine look up when they have to talk to characters taller than them and their face looks all round and cute i didn't notice before and its such a nice detail
when i played noelle's first hangout event i felt so proud because i didn't lose any hearts throughout all the routes and i got my favorite ending on the first try but now for part two i kept losing hearts on my first try and ended up with an ending i didn't like,,,pane,,,,,it def wasn’t the worst one but fiwkk i feel kinda disappointed i just wanted to be a good gf to noelle i feel like hangout events are just a way to get to know a character that don’t have as a complicated story that would need a regular story quest so i'm wondering if the orginal four will get one if they did and i lost hearts with kaeya i think I would just straight up croak- 🍰
hello bub!! i’m actually,, enjoying it a lot lol. i stayed up late last night just hyperfixating on my realm and im just so hyped for the time i’ll finally fix it to my ideal. right now im just dumping a lot of stuff in it to unlock the furniture i really want which is surprisingly still enjoyable.
when yanfei first popped out i had to take a second because i didnt think she’d be part of the quest too. i see it tho! hu tao and her have so much chemistry and i wish we’d see canon interactions soon. the looking up thing is something i noticed before and it really is cute bc when lumine does it she looks like a baby and i’m— sigh i’m in love.
i havent done the hangouts and zhongli’s quest yet so i cant share much on that matter. i’m sure noelle appreciates the thought of wanting to be a good gf tho. ngl if kaeya did have a hangout, i reckon it would be you losing the hearts and not the other way around. he’s such a jerk but a cute jerk 💕
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smiledog15578 · a month ago
oof totally forgot about that. Yeah, I think Mark def should fill up those holes and worldbuild more 😬 I think an audience needs to know how a fictional universe works. What the rules are. Im not saying we should be given ALL the answers right-out (or even at all in some cases), I'm just saying it needs to be understandable in a way. Questions like: is actor corrupted/not really himself? if so what does that mean? What's the timeline? Did WKM take place in the 1930s? If so, what general years do the other videos take place? Is WMLW the 1930s or 70s? or something else entirely? What's Dark's goal exactly? What's Actor's goal? What's this universe's reality(in other words, how much of ADWM was an in-universe production, if at all)? Plus MANY more questions. I get that Mark wants the timeline to be jumbled and confused, but I feel like he should somehow have that, AND a comprehensible one. If that makes sense. Otherwise, to me personally, it's just poor world-building.
Yea I don’t think it should be answered all at once that seems to risky but something where it’s skewed into each episode of projects he does for this universe. I think some of them you can answer for yourself really it’s kinda just common sense stuff like for instance wkm takes place during the 1920s or late 1930s because the way they act and how they speak about things. And if things happened before 1920 William would be in WW1 right about now and if wkm happened before the 1920s it would be the Great Depression. I like to bring up the great gatsby a lot and wandavision cause it kinda gives off some jumping points to somewhat tie these plots holes together (not saying that any of these media’s copied eachother but it helps me make sense of the story I’m interested in lol) but anyways like wandavision each episode they go through a different decade from the 1950s to the present when in reality it’s only been a few days or weeks so I think when wmlw they’re in a 1970s universe on the outside it’s either the 1930s or whatever time it is. And Mark has stated that things that happen in the videos is all that’s happening. If there’s a jump cut or whatever there’s nothing in between that that’s what happening to them. Kinda like AGAIN like wandavision is when the episode ends everyone goes into a sleep state and awake when there’s a new episode!
I’m not too sure about actor darks goal tho... my only theory for darks goal is to kill Mark for this stuff to end but honestly no clue. And yea I really hate things being confusing sometimes but I also love confusing stuff instead of being spoon fed everything. I think what keeps FNAF so popular is that we haven’t figured out the whole story yet and new stuff comes out. More people want answers so they keep playing and buying to figure it out it’s kinda a good tactic to keep your hype alive. But other than that I wish Mark would kinda give us some answers cause I wanna know more about this universe and I love everything about it 😔. I give Mark credit tho for it even though it might be “poor world building” he’s still got the basis down and has actually interesting characters. Creating stories are a hard thing to do especially if you’re not specialized in it or it’s your first time so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure as time goes on the story will get better I mean look how far it’s came!
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scarah-screeeaaammss · a month ago
Rainbow high spoilers!!
KRYSTAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHES PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL wow what a girl I hope we get to see her more soon, I mean I would guess we would just bc she has another outfit lmao is that the right reasoning? Lol
Poppy has synesthesia!!! I have that too!!! Tho definitely not in the same way but oh my gosh you never see that in media!!!!! That's so incredibly exciting oh my gosh.
Im starting to like Violet a little more but shes still at the bottom of the list. Idk her getting to talk about herself but like bc someone asked her to just felt nice.
The little exercise they did at the end was so cute and I want that dress for me irl lmfao
Amaya saying getting a compliment from Jade means everything just absolutely melted me, like what a sweet thing to say. I think its a nice little way to show how far they've come. Also give me more Violet hyping up her friends!!
Ruby getting the cover was actually surprising to me. Not that I thought she wouldn't get it but I wondered if Krystal would end up featuring all of them or something. It was nice tho, good for Ruby!!
Okay but one complaint but is it just me or does Amaya seem to be taking the place of peace keeper instead of Sunny? We haven't really seen them interact much since she was introduced and now it seems she's taking that role. Like especially in the bubble mask ep Amaya was very neutral, seeing each side, mentioning each party had their own points. I mean I know Sunny was just excited bc Violet hit 1mil but Idk feels weird. I still love them both the most tho. Also not a fan of Krystal's lip color, it kinda clashes with her outfit idk
Also Krystal is definitely queer, she gave a peace sign when on camera with Violet lmao what a bi move. Hi hi from the bi vi.
Overall, very good ep, can't wait to see what happens next!!
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fuckyesdobiegillis · a month ago
hey dobie nation! it’s been awhile but im back with some ~dobie episode thoughts~ lol. basically that means i have work im procrastinating on but writing this’ll be like pulling teeth i know. alrighty let’s get into it!
1. will success spoil dobie’s mother? (february 28, 1961)
i've only watched this episode in full a few times. whenever i watched it i would usually just skip to the “don’t shoot the man in the moon” number and watch that over and over lmao. they really saved the best dobie song for last with that one!
i have a take, and y’all are probably gonna be like “what’s this dumbass talking about now” ... but just hear me out. this is the most lesbian episode of dobie gillis-- now dont click away! i have reasoning!!! the whole premise of this episode is winnie writing a letter about why she wants to go on a date with an actress that is so good that she wins the contest!!! and THEN dobie hits on a girl using lines that ZELDA WROTE. literally the premise of the half of it (a movie that i was hyped for and then majorly let down by rip)
anyways “don’t shoot the man in the moon” alone makes this episode top tier. possibly my favorite scene (def most watched scene) in the whole show. dobie and herbert in this episode were so awful to winnie. and another thing- it was kind of interesting to see the show break into straight up pop culture parody with merilee maribou. but atp we, as a society, have progressed past the point of making fun of marilyn monroe.
2. “the second childhood of herbert t. gillis” (march 7, 1961)
another great episode!!! so many good moments in this episode, and the trio finally graduates! honestly i think season 2 is great for ~the lore~ and this one is an example of that. i like getting the backstory of herbert dropping out of high school to work and then never getting around to finishing because of the war. 
one thing i dont like about this ep is mr. milfloss. i think it’s pretty clear this episode was written with william schallert and mr. pomfritt in mind- there’s a scene with him and trio in the school courtyard that definitely drives home that impression. all the pomfritt shtick is piled onto this guy and he just doesn’t have the same vibe and energy to pull it off. he was probably a good actor lmao i feel mean but it just wasn’t working here. i also think this episode would have been really interesting with mr. pomfritt to further develop the mr. pomfritt & herbert relationship that i think we get a lot more of in season 3.
also-- one last note before i move on! it’s kinda bizarre that this is the episode where the kids graduate, right? like they’ve spent almost two years on the show in high school, and the episode where they graduate is herbert-centric? kinda a weird choice huh? pls chime off haha!
ALSO! what a crazy idea to take this formula that’s working and then throw them into the army halfway through the season. what a risk. i really wish i knew what went into making that decision. alas and alack...
3. dobie vs. the machine (march 14, 1961)
oof okay this is one i had definitely only seen once. overall tho i liked it! mr. pomfritt is back in this episode, and dang it was good to see him. this is one thing i hadn’t mentioned with the last episode, but this stretch of episodes really made use of that classroom window that overlooks the courtyard... you know the one im talking about?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
alrighty there are two gifs. i don’t know what it is, but im obsessed with this window. and i feel like that ivy didn’t used to be there? it’s a nice touch. i love this window lol and the shots look so interesting! like that shot of pomfritt teaching the class??? soooo good
anyways one thing that was kinda weird in this episode is that dobie and maynard apparently graduated last week (like in the timeframe of the show they said it was literally a week ago) but everyone is still in class??? is that a 60s thing? idk
basically the premise of this episode is herbert taking maynard and dobie around looking for guidance on what they should do with their lives. they stop in at the inside at the outside, our favorite location in the show haha. this is sadly the second and last appearance of the inside at the outside, and also i believe the last appearance of tommy farrell as riff ryan. i think he only did 2 episodes in season 2. it’s sad he was a good character, and it was nice for maynard to have an adult character who was in his corner/spoke his language, so to speak.  i really appreciated the scene between herbert and riff, talking about thoreau. this is definitely reading too much into it, but i kinda interpreted this as fuck capitalism lmao. which like, true. 
the episode wraps up with a bunch of doctors running tests on dobie and maynard, i guess to see what career they’re most suited for??? idk im not a stem major. anyways they have this big machine that they feed the data into and it spits out the answer, which is something that seems very commonplace today. (i also thought the machine looked pretty damn cool). dobie says he doesn’t want a machine to tell him what to do, so he rips up the piece of paper with the data. he says “you let machines tell you what to do next thing you know they’ll be running the world. people will be obsolete.” this scene hit me like a ton of bricks lol. we rely on technology for so much today we don’t even think about it. for those of us still in school we do EVERYTHING online. i guess dobie’s attitude in this episode must have reflected how a lot of people thought. nonetheless, it was interesting to see.
this episode wraps up with dobie deciding he’s going to enlist in the army. he has to do it anyways, so might as well get it out of the way now. herbert seems to show some reservations about this choice at first, which i would’ve liked to see more of. im not a pro-military person, and i've been watching m*a*s*h recently which is very anti-military, so i think it would've been interesting to see that angle and really get all of herbert’s feelings.
this week, i believe it’s one more episode at home, and then off to the army. like i said before, it’s a pretty crazy risk to give up a formula that works and throw the boys into the army. i don’t think that risk really paid off in 1961, but we’ll see how it holds up now. til next time dobie nation! <3
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ukaidilf · 2 months ago
Match up mayhaps if you have the time?
My pronouns are She/Her, and I'm bi >:)
For my physical appearance, I'm African/Filipino, my hair is really curly and brown, and goes to about my shoulders and I'm tan. I'm 5'3" and on the heavier side, most of it is carried in my thighs and tummy :")(and it don't even make sense how much body fat i have with how active I am, smh, really annoying. Making me all insecure,, and for what?) my chest is also big tho, got them DD's lmao. I have brown eyes, they're kinda small tbh, and I wear glasses. My nose is kinda flat and big and my lips are even bigger lol
I tend to have varying aesthetics, I go from wearing fishnets, ripped jeans, band tees and docs one day to athletic clothing the next day and then wearing pink dresses and flats. I also wear a shit ton of flannels. It is overall in the alt type of feel tho. Sometimes I will gave more of a farmer look to me tho, not as soft as cottage core, but it looks like I've been out with cattle all day or doing gardening. Straight up, I look like a farmer, and I vibe with it. My nose is pierced and I have just lobe piercings rn(I want more tho).
As for hobbies, I am really interested in learning languages. I speak English, Italian and ASL, im currently learning Japanese, Spanish and Russian. I actually plan to double major in a foreign language and either saxophone or jazz, I'm not sure yet. But as you can probably tell from that, I'm also a band kid. I have over 20 instruments in my room that I play and I can play even more that I can't afford to buy. Music is a lot of my life, last year, I spent 40+ hours each week on band alone(I was in 4 different bands, marching, 2 jazz, and concert). I've been a musician since I was little. I actually have just been a performer since forever. I've danced, and still do dance. Currently I'm doing Folklorico, and that's what I plan to stick with. I have done ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tap. I'm also a circus performer, I mainly do aerial silks and flying trapeze, but I've also done hoops. At some point, I want to be a circus mermaid at some point tho. I really just love to put on a show for people. That's honestly just what I live for. Keeping people entertained is always fun for me, even if I get exhausted lol
I dont really have an ideal partner, just someone who i can trust and who trusts me. Also someone who will be willing to put up with how much I do and even maybe give me feedback on how something sounds or looks. My love language is physical touch and quality time, so if thats any help
I know this is a lot, sorry about that haha... but im super excited for it!!
tysm for asking I hope you like it!
I ship you with... hinata shoyo <3
Tumblr media
✿ ok from what i’ve gathered.. you seem very bubbly and upbeat!
✿ this boy is exactly that.
✿ over everything he is your best friend. seriously. he is in love with everything about you.
✿ he will watch you do anything. practice your instruments, study, etc. will always hype you up too.
✿ he obviously wants you to do the same to him.
✿ “come to my game y/n! i’m gonna do so good- just for you- I promise!”
✿ he is also an entertainer. wants everyone to think he’s cool LMAO
✿ “how did i do!? did you like the new attack we made up!?!”
✿ he of course smiles all big and wide when you tell him you loved it.
✿ he always takes you out to eat after games too <3 he spoils u fr but thinks nothing of it at all
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sortavibing · 2 months ago
Haikyuu romance matchup
Hii, could i request a haikyuu matchup ive read some of them on your blog and theyre so good. 
Im 5'7 with blonde curly hair and a big nose. My body type is an hourglass however im chubby so ive got some a stomach and thiccy thighs and thicc arms and i love them lmao.  
Im a taurus and my personality type is estp :)) I’m quite confident in myself and im kinda blunt not a great thing tho LMAO. Im more of an older sibling type of person im the more mature friend in my friend group and i tend not to take risks coz im a scaredy cat lol. My friends also say im quite funny which i take pride in coz if someone said i wasnt funny i might cry.
I like to draw and play sims 4 its my favourite pastime i also study alot because i take pride in my grades but also im blessed enough to be smart naturally. I like music such as kanye west, sza, 2000s, kpop especially twice ong i love them, 70, 80’s and 90’s.
In a partner I’d want someone with a sense of humour and someone who is honest and loyal. Just someone who respects boundaries and loves me for me yknow, I also want PICNIC DATES AND SLEEPOVERS MEIXJSIDJSJZJSJ man I’d do anything for a picnic date.
i kin oikawa which is a very fun 😃👍.
hello! thanks for requesting! please i wish i had good grades :I my 60% in geometry isn’t looking very good rn🤠 anyways, here’s your matchup!
generating matchup…
Tumblr media
matchup: complete
i match you up with sugawara!
Tumblr media
you and suga are both the mom/older sibling friends of your friend groups, so you guys were drawn to each other with the mutual just annoyance of having to handle so many children. he was really happy to meet you, because you are like the only person that he knows who is somewhat mature and he needs you to stay sane.
you guys often have study dates, and you both actually study pretty well, with light conversation and sappy 80s songs playing in the background to break up the silence. suga usually gets bored of studying if he’s covered everything that he needs to cover, and then he will go over to you and lowkey bother you until you go watch a movie or just vibe with him.
one of your most memorable dates you had with him was an almost perfect picnic date. the weather was warm, and there were like no people at the park you guys went to eat, and all the food was really good. you guys just talked and made stupid jokes the entire time, while trying new food combos and doing the eating a cake out of a glass tik tok trend. the whole date was super chill, but really romantic at the same time.
every few weeks, you guys have a movie night, where you jokingly argue over what movie to watch, and then you and suga try to see who can catch the most popcorn in their mouth (you guys both are pretty bad at it). if you want, you guys will do facemasks, and just laugh and have fun with each other while the movie plays in the background.
one of suga’s love languages is touch, so if you guys are together, he will always have an arm wrapped around your shoulder or waist. his favorite form of pda is when you guys lock pinkies while walking, because it’s a lowkey way of showing everyone that you are his, while still being cute and romantic.
he likes to make playlists for you, and they always are super upbeat and will put a smile on your face just from the pure vibes they give off. if he ever sees you listening to them, he will get really happy that you actually liked it, and then he will add more songs to it just to surprise you the next time you listen to it.
suga likes to draw as well, and will often make small sketches of you and say something smooth like “i tried to make the drawing as pretty as you are in real life, but that’s impossible”, and he will be secretly proud if he gets a reaction out of you. he will keep everything you draw for him, and look at them whenever he is missing you.
you are always able to make him laugh, no matter where you guys are. if you and suga are in the same class, you would be joking around when the teacher was talking, and he would literally laugh out loud, and everyone would hear him. he has gotten in trouble many times, and he always pretends to be mad at you for getting him in trouble, but he really thinks it’s funny to see you try to apologize.
sugawara is your #1 hype man, like you could be doing the simplest thing, or wearing the most boring outfit, and he would tell you that you are a literal goddess and just make you feel like the baddest bitch ever (as you should). if you are ever going to put extra effort into an outfit, he would want to match with you so you guys can be an aesthetic couple together.
overall, you and suga are always able to put a smile on everyone’s faces, especially each others. he loves you so much, and would never think of cheating on you. people envy you guys for the trust you both have in each other, and how aesthetic your dates are. (god tier picnic dates i tell you).
i hope you enjoyed!
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what have I created?
idk if yall like this, but they just exist not i guess :/
ok the the first one is Royalty AU
first things first, when I say Royalty AU, I don't mean the classic shit we've all become accustomed to. Im talking about the good old Chinese royalty! And I want to emphasize that these guys will/should be dressed in century appropriate attire. As someone thats read a handful of 'marinette, princess of china' fics from the ML Fandom, I've noticed a common trend. Marinette wouldn't be in the culturally appropriate clothes, always ballgowns. Not that there's something wrong with it, its just most of if not all these fic are set in China, so I'd expect Chinese royalty to dress as THERE dress code calls for. And since this AU takes place far in the past like, it won't make sense for any of the characters to be in royal clothing that wasn't from there region. I'm not trying to white knight/gatekeeping. Im Guyanese not Chinese. But since JTTW and Monkie Kid take place in China, it's only right. In my opinion that it. You don't have to outright agree with me.
With out of the way, it's time for that good old AU crack
- Wukong is the king of the Flower Fruit kingdom(or a different one if you'd like, again I'm only familiar with what western culture has taught me, but I'll try my hardest) 
- he’s single but rumor has it he used to/still is dating the Vigilante/thief The Six Eared Macaque
- *chants ShadowPeach violently* 
- no one know whether it true or not
- On of his wanders around the kingdom he finds an abandoned baby in a basket. 
- and no shit sherlock it's fucking baby Xiaotian 
- I think we all know where this is going because i'm a simp for Monkey Dad & Monkie Son shenanigans
- Xiaotian becomes prince
Shit, ill be referring to Xiaotian as Mk from now on, I mentioned this before in a fic I wrote for lmk that Mk's a nickname for Xiaotian for some reason- wait i don't have to explain my self to you people!
- Sun loves his son
- MK is treated differently by staff and others because he's not blood related to the king
- no one mistreats MK per say, because there King loved his adopted son, but words are said behind his back
- Sometimes MK hears what’s said, and he feels as if he won't live up to his dad’s legacy.
- He meets Mei during a festival
- Mei is from a noble family, that wouldn't mind if they got a connection into the royal family.
- but it becomes hella clear to Mei’s family very fast that the two are just friends, and will always will be. but hey there daughter is bffs with the prince so that's a plus.       
- the Demon Bull Family is rules a kingdom as well, I dont/am not creative enough to think of a name I leave that to you.
- It's a common misconception that DBK is a tyrant, when he’s not. 
- most of the time...
- they have been at war with the Monkey King for some time now and settled for a peace agreement.
- that agreement being there sons to marry
- oooo original i know
- MK and Red Son are roughly the same age, Mk being 20 and RS 22
- RS is revolted/disgusted at the idea of being wed to the Monkey Kings child, even more so when he realizes MK is adopted,
- but, that all changes the second he meets MK while he meets him by accident when he gets kinda lost in the palace when he and his parents go to discuss the arrangements.
- the second he looks at MK, he's instantly in love. MK less so, he's nervous and honestly kinda bummed he's not marrying someone he loves but it's for the good of his ppl, and he'll do anything for them.
- RS isn't even aware that MK is Suns adopted son until MK walks him back to the meeting room.
"Oh There you are MK! I was about to have a servant go fetch you!" Sun Wukong says, gesturing for his boy to come sit with him.
"S-sorry for keeping you waiting I got caught up in my lessons with Mr. Tang" MK responds, sitting next to his father. Red Son looked gobsmacked. The beautiful young man he had bumped into, was the prince of this land? Damn, life truly blessed him. Or cursed him depending on how you looked at it.
- the two are left alone in a separate room for a while.
- And MK straight up tells RS why he's agreeing to this union.
"Look Red Son. I've dreamed about meeting my one true love for a while. And I would give almost anything for that dram to be real. But I wouldn't ever dare give up my people, for as there price they mean more to me. I'm doing this for them, no other reason" MK says, his back straight and hands folded neatly in his lap. The look in his eyes was a mix of sadness, but that was drowned out by loyalty and determination. It just made Red Son fall for him even harder. Clearing his throat Red spoke.
"I understand, for im doing this for the betterment of my people to. But I propose a wager"
"A wager?"
"Yes, if i can make you fall in love with me by years end, before our marriage, we can live together like in the fairy tales from far away. But if I fail, in a years time afterwards you will be permitted to find your own path in life" Red Son stated. MK took a moment to process what was happening.
"So, if you succeed in making me fall in love with you, before our marriage we can live happily ever after?" Red Son nodded in response, letting the younger continue.
"And if I shouldn't fall for you, in a years time after our union, im free to leave?" Red Son nodded once more.
"So, what do you say?"
In the end, your free to choose their fate, should Red Son win the hart of Mk? Will he fail? Or will he let him go, and let him travel the country, after all Mk's a free spirit and keeping him trapped in a big house is like keeping a cannery trapped in a cage only for its song, only for it to dul. Or will the unthinkable happen and will both boys find their freedom? together or appart? I don't know, because that's all up to you 😉
personally, I’m partial to where MK and Red Son both find freedom together. Like they straight up run away together to somewhere far away and just live out there lives together. 
this could also be genderbent thing as well. MK or Red as their respective counterparts. Again it doesn't have to be, but it’s whatever bro. im just spitting out the idea. 
Also, there is a main side plot that they fight the WBS throughout the year as well, along with other shenanigans you wanna throw in.
The second is a My Hero Academia/BNH/MHA AU
truth be told i'm not a big fan of MHA i think it to over hyped(this is also coming from the same person that’s a Fairy Tail fan lol), and the fandom i don't even know how to describe that mess, but I will admit not the whole of its toxic since every fandom has some toxic members, some even more so. 
I just sometimes find myself enjoying MHA AUs like the Fullmetal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, Evil!Deuk AU and several others. 
to make it clear I don't see this AU taking place the same time as the main plot of the actual Anime/Manga. This could be either like 6-10 years before or after the plot idk bro. But i’ll do this after the main story plot of MHA, so keep that in mind ya? another thing, the gang is still in China, the top hero school in the world just so happens to be in Japan, and it’s only ever mentioned by Sun wukong and other pro heros. So MK never attended AU. in short it’s only ever mention/ reference.  
- Mk was considered Quirkless as a kid. 
- he was just a late blumer, i swear  
- Mai’s Quirk is called Dragon. 
- it pretty much works the same way as it does in the show(duh)
- Tang’s got a knowledge Quirk, 
- my man can retain information and he’s basically an archive of information drawback being his personality lol 
- Piggsy is a Animal that gained a Quirk
- in cannon to my current knowledge, there are two other characters that can confirm animals can become sentient. the characters being Fumikage Tokoyami, & Nezu the principal at the school UA.  
- Sandy is just Conner Kent, aka he like superman but can't fly, or shoot lasers from his eyes. And blue.  
I have two scenarios for Macaque and Wukong  
*- The first one is that, Sun Wukong & Macaque are brothers. twins to be exact. 
- they where legit people, but have mutation quirks that made them too like monkeys. 
- the added powers were just a boues. 
- Sun and Mac are close growing up, like there brothers but also best friends.
- the draw back to there quirks could honestly be whatever you want bro idk, same with the others tbh. Personally I like to think Sun just has lack of motivation, and Macaque needs to draw on other people's energy.
- Sun is a hero, Monkey KIng and Mac is a villain Six Eared.
- Sun was always treated has the golden child in the family, Mac always resented that, but there shitty up bring didn’t stop the two from being good brothers to one another.
- soon tho the resentment became hatred when Sun was able to attend UA in Japan, while Mac didn't.
- Mac be angy 
- so he became a villain, and joined the Chinese branch of the LOV(league of villains)
- Sun doesn't know this till he finds out during the all out war during the main story. and by that time he’s a full on hero with is own agency(The Flower Fruit agency)    
- when the hero's ultimately win and Mac is arrested 
- This ultimately hurts Sun a lot, his brother was in jail now, arrested for his involvement and wrong doings, he knew nothing about this! this brother, his blood. A bad guy? why? he hadn't seen his brother since he left for UA, he hadn’t seen him when he came home, and started his agency. 
- this just puts Sun into a funk so he’s not as active as he used to be, and he starts thinking he might need a successor 
*- The second one is that they were two separate people that had similar quirks and both attended UA but Sun ended up in the hero corse. so 1A.
- Both Macaque and Sun have similar quirks, Sun’s is obviously more light based while Macaque’s is more shadow based(this applies to the first one as well)    
- Macaque was placed in class 1B, U.A.’s High's Heroics Department, I believe, you can correct me. 
- In cannon Class 1A and 1B both went to the training camp. I can see the teachers pinning Sun and Macaque against each other to hone their skills. 
- And because of that they become great friends    
- In fact when they graduate they both co-found there hero agency together in China and are a duo.
- But due to Monkey King’s popularity and Six Eared's association with shadows(people sometimes saying he has more of a villains quirk than a heros) the public see’s Macaque as Sun’s sidekick when thats far from the truth. 
- now it’s up to you whether you think that Wukong and Macaque would be in a relationship together, but knowing how cooked we all are, ShadowPeach is a thing here more than likely. 
- If you do or don’t support/ like the ShadowPeach aspect, the two would be living together regardless since its more cost efficient. 
- They my be heroes but living costs are expensive!   
- I would imagine there would have been a huge fight/argument between the two in privet of course, at there home.(or in there shared office if you want the extra angst of the other people they work with hearing them fight)   
- If the two are dating, then this would either lead to an out right breakup, or Macaque just up and leaving with Wukong thinking he’ll come back once he’s cooled off. But after a week, with no sign of his partner, or him answering texts or calls, not even coming into work. Wukong gets worried that something might have happened to him. so there wouldn't be a confirmation if they were still a thing or not. 
- But Wukong remains hopeful, despite the nagging at the back of his head, and gut telling him to go find Macaque, or atleast make a public statement, or even just tell another pro hero about it.   
- on the not so shippy side, Macaque and Wukong still have there argument, and much like the ShadowPeach esc side, Macaque up and leaves, and isn't seen for weeks. the only difference here is that when Wukong comes home one night to there flat, most if not all of Macaques stuff is gone. 
- where as if this was the ShadowPeach side, Macaque leaves all of his possession in the flat he and wukong share. for the simple reason being, he still loves him and wants to go back, but Macaque being Macaque can’t bring himself to do it, especially after seeing just how hurt Wukong looked when he yelled at him just before he left.  
- in other words, ANGST DIALED UP TO A 10 BABY  
- in either case, its a news report that confirms Wukong's suspicions that he desperately didn’t want to believe, and that is Macaque turning into a villain.
- much like if the two were brothers, Wukong just can’t take it and is no longer as active as he once was, and is thinking about, either A) Retirement  B) Saying, “Fuck Society, Be Gay Do Crime” and join Macaque as a villain himself, or C) find a successor, and a way to bring Macaque back to there side, but most importantly, back to him.    
- also extra points if you're after people's hearts and want to make them suffer;  - If there dating, Wukong curle’s up in the bed he and Macaque shared, holding/wearing something of great value to Macaque and just crying himself to sleep, where as Macaque is getting wasted on alcohol, as he stumbles out of the bar he’s in, he either see’s something that reminds him of Wukong or while he’s trying to put his wallet back into his pocket, a photo of them on their first date fall’s out. and Macaque just cries in a nearby alley way. And it’s there where he gets indoctrinated into the League.
       - If there just friends, macaque heads to the nearest forest and just levels it, where as Wukong just gets engrossed into his work, trying not to think about it. you could add you own spin on this, again i'm just spitballing.             
- NOW BACK TO MK! :D     
- Obviously MK is a huge Monkey King fan     
- at Twenty MK has come to terms he's quirkless (HE’S NOT)
-for ANGST reasons MKs fokes kicked him out at this realization at 13.
- he works at Piggsy's Noodle shop, and has been since he was 14.
- don't need a quirk to drive or cook!
- the boy lives a content life with his new family, till DBK happens :D
- DBK runs a Mafia(in conjunction with TLOV) and has been in jail for like 5 years thanks to Monkey King, PIF and RS brake him out one night when MK's out making a late night delivery since Piggsy had the bright idea to go 24/7 service!
- one thing leads to another and Mk somehow manifest what looks like the Monkey King's staff, but its not, it’s MKs powers, it just so happens to be the same power the Monkey King has. And it practically goes down the same way in the pilot. 
- but unlike the pilot Mk and Mei go straight to the FF Agency, after making a panicked call to Pigsy and Tang.
- one way or another Mk are lead into Wukongs office. Mei being forced to stay in the lobby.
- they have there convo, butterfly monkey squishing included.
- "And so, I want you do be my success-" BOOM 💥
- from there they rush downstairs and see that the lobby has been infiltrated by the DB fam, and you know fight.
- once the DB family seems like there down, PIF wisks them away. Much to Monkey King’s displeasure.
From there stuff kind plays out like cannon, the calabash ep is just a conjoint quirk the Demon bros have. As for EP9, ill have to script that one out myself lol. I'll get onto it as soon as my will to commit stabs me in the face. Till then have a dancing Kermit the frog.
Now if you'll excuse me, am about to Kermit a felony :D
(For legal reasons thats a joke)
Psst @writingamongther0ses its done
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da-freakin-film-z0ne · 3 months ago
Friday, February 5th 2021
Tumblr media
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Year: 2018 Country: United States Genre: animated, superhero Director: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
List: Br Category: random Presence: Br, Ca, CF, DM, EI, JM, MS, RT, Ra, RC, Wh
Everyone except for Wh had seen the movie at least once (many of us had seen it multiple times). Our version came with Japanese as one of the audio options, so some of us decided to try watching the Japanese dub.
RC: kinda worried about the degloving scene tbh JM: sticking with japanese for now Ra: spidercock Wh: No
Ca: :sunflower emoji: EI: i'm just walking here. NO MASKS DM: no masks lol EI: of course JM: switching back to english i think DM: i did too haha JM: dont want my eyes drawn to the subtitles at all times EI: this is why dubbed anime is superior [JM] confirms it here first JM: bruh. the dream learning japanese so i can watch anime without subs
EI: I've had that same exact convo at work so many times Wh: Smart teacher RC: this is how i got into harvard EI: yo its chance 3. in the back. its coloring book CF: what is he actually was just incredibly unlucky BG: #coloringBook. BIGGIE JM: bruh. imagine takinh a test thats all true false EI: this is why america's education is failing. only true/false exams
RC: i think the shoulder touch is creepy tbh EI: don't make me touch your shoulder [RC] JM: im gonna do this but platonically EI: I'll do it but antagonistically Ca: :woozy face: "hey"
MS: second puberty?? me too miles EI: GWANDA RC: don't do the shoulder touch bro EI: OH NO JM: i hate when this happens
RC: love my cop christmas albums EI: damn when you lose you shirt just sticking around haha
RC: it's the scatman Wh: Whelp. Whelp x2 JM: whelp multiplier EI: *posts an image of a Whelp dragon card* Wh: You’re a whelp RC: *posts an image of an Onyxia card*
Wh (at the Stan Lee cameo): Him Br: “get rid of the body” ... 5 mins later
RC: damn he’s dead Wh: Ouch JM: 42 EI: usbs sucks. see
Wh: Who EI: peter bitch parker RC: peter “bussy” parker Wh: B team RC: down bad RT: Seems like something you should talk about before getting married. Oh no my :B:izza Wh: Should EI: damn aryan spider man
Wh: This guy DM: arteleme asking nyklos for 5cp to pay for photina’s lodging EI: 3.2 stars lmao Wh: No cape!
Wh: Them EI: :cake emoji: RC: peter thicc
Wh: Rip. Oh. Her EI: DOC OC RC: bro my 144hz monitor EI: not even 240 hx. these poors Br: he took a bagel! Wh: Bageled EI: why are the scientists fucking clones. from star wars Wh: More. Or her EI: gwanda RC: gwanda Wh: I figured that gwen
EI: spider person JM: THICC Wh: Her! RC: why’d she kick her own back door EI: its a kickable door
Wh: Hmm. Noir. Oh wow RC: i still don’t know why his hand is wet Ra: sweating EI: spider? JM: he washed them Wh: Porker RC: best hype man Ca: >.< EI: over the hill peter best peter Wh: Hypest of hype JM: real biscuit boxers Wh: invisible EI: rip juice wrld
Wh: Whelp Ca: oh yah, me forget. D: evil uncle
EI: poor aunt may RC: peter b parker is so nice EI: it’s his dad development arc Br: uncle aaron doesnt even recognize the shoe game RC: f Wh: Nooooooo EI: WAIT ITS CHANCE 4 RC: oh it’s chance 4. lmao EI: HOT SHOWER. THE BIG DAY RC: F DM: F RC: this song’s a banger
RC: me after busting Wh: :thinking emoji: I like May CF: best shot in the film RT: Oh that reminds me. I haven’t been taking any screenshots RC: cause there aren’t any worth taking Ra: LMFAOL RC: ugly af movie
EI: yikes RC: down bad Wh: Bye bread EI: spider down bad parker
Br: turtleslapper Wh: Donk EI: F. was that a dolphin noise Wh: Yes EI: oh my god
DM: “Oh, you’re approaching me?” EI: damn. this movie is really fucking ugly Wh: Hey EI: its crazy the city allowed this building to draw enough power to literally shut off the grid. what is their electricity bill jesus christ Wh: Clink. Wow voice DM: SpiderSprout
Ca: i find it funny that the pig eats hot dogs. cannibalism at its finest RT: Could be a chicken hot dog. But then again. Pigs eat anything Ca: no no no [RT]. it was from a hot dog stand. those is definitely pork. even sentient pigs eat anything. smg EI: or a beef dog Ca: nu uh Wh: Or a cartoon EI: i feel like in ny i mostly encounter beef dogs
JM: My favorite part of the end credits scene was when the cop says “Which one pointed first?” EG: My favorite part was the dolphin noises. I was dying for minutes after that.
DM likes the movie, especially the visual artistic aspects, but felt that there were many narrative elements that were brushed over near the end. JM, on the other hand, felt that it started to become a slog about 2/3rds through, when it started to get really serious, and wished that they brushed over more.
Saturday, February 6th 2021
Tumblr media
Year: 2016 Country: United States, Japan, others Genre: drama, historical, epic Director: Martin Scorsese
List: JM Category: voted Presence: BG, DM, JM, RT, RC
DM: so who are y’all taking this moment of silence for RT: Kylo Ren BG: [man speaking japanese]
JM: this is based on a true story too i think? need to double check that. its not RT: Nope. It’s based on historical events but the book that it’s based on is fiction RC: weeb
RC: ayy cantonese BG: This is the most yee yee ass haircut I’ve seen on Driver in any of his films JM: hes beautiful
JM (when Rodriges and Garupe sneakily spit out the food): lol DM: lol. reminds me of my first dinner at home with the fam after college RT: idk the name of the actor who plays the Jii-sama. But Shinya Tsukamoto (Mokichi) is so good in this movie
(Garupe: I’m sick of being trapped in this place!) BG: Me in quarantine JM: andrew garfields hair RT: :UH OH emoji: DM: :UH OH emoji:
RT: #KichijirouDidNothingWrong BG: Church wafer before mags
JM: -1 piety DM: hahahahaha BG: You could definitely make a solid theological argument about idolatry tho JM: oh yeah. i think andrew garfield is in the right here. theologically BG: Same. Catholicism loves their reliquaries and symbols tho DM: it is very different for catholics of this time
JM: isle of cats
JM: hes gonna turn into the joker BG: #kichijirodidsomethingswrong
RT (when a kid points to Rodrigues and says “he’s so big!”): Me when I see a white man JM: lmao DM: lol
JM: this guy RT: Kichijirou goes in the corner of shame
RT: Is it just me or does the border and shadow around the font change from scene to scene BG: The madman does it again RT: WikiHow to give up my christian faith (with pictures)
RT: Women, amirite fellas JM: even this movie has wife jokes. lmao BG: The ol 4 ball and chains DM: god is not dead
RT: They have a little sun screen :) DM (when Garupe shows up): :UH OH emoji: BG: :UH OH: CF (who was not watching with us but saw the chat): :UH OH: RT: :UH OH: DM: :cross: :UH OH:
BG: Oh shit it’s qui gon jin RT: Damn he’s so tall. Father Ferreira the OG weeaboo DM: libertarian guy with asian wife BG: THIS DUDE
DM: GKSDJFGVSEDFCa BG: Jesus said step on me
We were very confused when we saw credits for the score and music supervision, since the movie didn’t have any music. It turns out that the soundboarding was done by the “composers”, and they tried submitting it to the academy awards. 
RT: Under Martin Scorsese’s direction, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. 
JM liked how the film framed the relationship between Christians and the Japanese state in the film, which is unlike how any sort of Christian persecution is usually presented.
BG: i cannot believe kichijiro was around that long. imagine letting that dude be your servant after everything that happened.
DM: I like that Father Ferreira’s way to cope with his failure was blaming the Japanese for not understanding Christianity. JM: It really shows the condescending attitude that missionaries have towards the people they set out to convert.
We discussed the ending scene, in which Rodrigues hears the voice of Jesus before he apostatized. JM said they preferred the silence of God that had been presented in the rest of the movie, rather than the explicit voice of Jesus. They presumed that it was there because Scorsese, as a Catholic, wanted to make his perspective clear, but that part was adapted directly from Shuusaku Endou’s novel.
It was impossible to stop the Jesus “step on me” jokes. BG changed their nickname to “Jesus “step on me” Christ”, JM to “Daddy Rodrigues”, RT to “Daddy Garupe”, and DM to “Padre Mestophelis”.
Tumblr media
We also found Sebastião Rodrigues/Francisco Garupe fanfiction.
Unifying theme: Dads? Beautiful movies.
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kisara-16 · 3 months ago
It’s matchup time!
Heyyo! I hope you’re having a great day/night and that you’re happy and healthy uwu 😚 May I request a matchup for ikemen sengoku??
I’m a female on the libra-scorpio cusp and a Slytherin, I used to be an ENFP but now I’m an INFP. Appearance-wise, I’m 5'2, i’ve brown eyes and caramel brown hair. I also wear glasses and I’m also quite tanned from being out in the sun all the time.
- I can be really enthusiastic about stuff I’m really interested in, such as history (especially world war history), sciences (but physics is trash to me) and anime (I’m a closet nerd hehe) .
- I can be really ambitious and competitive, and I would sometimes place unrealistic expectations on myself, leaving me mentally exhausted and stressed, but like i place these unrealistic measures on myself to strive to be the best
- I do try to chill and take it slow, but you know, sometimes i just can’t 😅
- I’m quite an open book to all my close friends
- I also tend to be really possessive, like I dont like people purposely trying to steal my friends (it happened a lot of times before) and i hate it when someone randomly butts into a conversation i’m having with anyone, especially if it’s a deep conversation
- I can be really awkward around people i don’t click with, but around people i click with, i can be pretty wild and will be able to hold conversations with.
- I tend to procrastinate a lot, and people say i look intimidating but i don’t feel like I’m intimidating.
- I can be really sensitive to other’s emotions and i tend to put others before me, so like my close friend always told me that i’m too much of a giver, like I try to please everyone else and ignore myself
- My love languages are physical touch and quality time
- I can’t stand people who are attention seekers or just aim to be public nuisances as i feel that they’re just really irritating and it gets on my nerves, especially those people who are just doing stupid things to be popular (which is lowkey why i think tiktoks dances are dumb, like seriously i dont get the hype, but i do like tiktok meme videos tho)
- I listen to a lot of different genres of music, but i especially love classics (mozart and chopin are my favourites) and pop.
- I can really insecure at times, because i always feel that every other girl out there is better than me and i’m just a plain and ugly, and partially because i got bullied when i was younger about my appearance
- I like dressing up and putting on makeup occassionally, but i do act like a tomboy most of the time (ie. I hate skirts, like i really dont like them and i have no idea why, but jeans are supreme).
- I also love playing the piano and singing as well, even though i’m not that good at it :D
- People tell me that I’m very curious and persistent, constantly pushing until i get answers, but i do know my limits.
- I’m also very passionate about things I love, and i would do anything to protect people that i care and love.
- I’m also very affectionate and supportive towards my close friends and people i love. - I do have trust issues and I often feel like i do not deserve love and that I hate people who betray my trust.
- I’m ok with pda, but not anything overly affectionate, like hand-holding and kissing is ok, but not making out 😳😖
- I also tend to be pretty forgettful, and i’ll not eat for hours to get my work on hand done (whoop pretty unhealthy but :0)
- I’m also really sarcastic when i want to be, and i can’t hold a poker face to save my life (i swear i always start laughing like 2 seconds in) and I tend to sass people a lot, especially if I’ve had a bad day
- I’m also pretty fiesty and I hate people stereotyping me for my gender 
- My sense of humour is kind of twisted at times but i really love memes and i tend to crack inappropriate jokes sometimes
- I’ve been told that i come across as really flirty to some guys but it’s because i can be really touchy feely to my friends
- I’m also quick to anger, especially if i have a bad day, i hate people who nag and i hate people who put down others
- I’m kind of touch-starved, so i really like hugs and cuddles, but I’m also ticklish so my friends tend to tickle me when hugging me
- I can be a daydreamer at times, like I would get stuck in my own fantasy world when i shouldn’t 😂😂
- I’m also a drama queen around my friends, I dont have a lot of them in real life because of some rumours that others spread, so i only have a close circle of friends i really treasure and would do anything for them
- I also tend to bottle up all my anger and negative thoughts, and would sometimes like explode on others even though I don’t mean to
- Sometimes I don’t really think before I say or act, which is why sometimes I can come off as a bit rude or unfeeling but it’s just me and my impulsiveness 🤪
Fun Facts:
- i really love food, especially sweets (dark chocolate and dango is my life)
- i really hate horror movies (I’m usually pretty brave, but horror movies just get to me so much ergh) but i love chick flicks and adventure flims
- I’m also a hopeless romantic, which is why even little romantic gestures can make my heart flutter
- My hobbies are reading, writing and shooting (only air-rifle though)
- I used to be pretty athletic, I still am, but to a lesser extend now, because i injured my left knee playing volleyball in the past. It’s on it’s road to recovery, but it still hurts quite badly when i overexert myself.
- I love artic foxes and cats, dogs are too energetic for me 😅
- I’m also a sneaker hoarder and I love collecting and wearing sneakers hehe, heels are like torture devices for the feet i dont care even if they make me taller
- Coffee over tea anyday, no offense to peoples who like tea, but a fresh cup of brewed coffee is one of the best things in the world 😚
- I’m really terrible at drawing, I’m not gonna kid you. When i was younger, my art teacher threatened to fail me because im really terrible at drawing. 😂
- I’m also very injury-prone and a bit clumsy, which caused me to have bruises occasionally
- I’m kinda bad and math and physics, but like if you take your time to explain to me then I’ll understand a bit more lol, my best subject is like chemistry
I hope it’s not too tmi and i look forward to hearing from you soon!! 🥰😚☺
Hello my dear. Thank you so much for your patience, I think that this is one if my best pieces of writings that I’ve done so far, and I hope you agree! Without any further ado, let’s do this!
I match you with………………………………………………
Shingen Takeda
He had never seen anyone quite like you. In a time where nothing except death was promised and everyone hid their true intentions, you were truly one of a kind. He had never seen anyone with no boundaries put up to keep others out. And he couldn’t believe that someone would be so kind and expect nothing in return. One day a lovely lost maiden happened to catch his eye: you. You were a little disoriented which was a given since you had just traveled back 500 years after time travel is finicky. 
Tumblr media
Being the you that you were, your eyes decided it would be a great time to blatantly miss the tree root that was right in front of you. In broad daylight. Clenching them shut, you braced yourself for the face front fall, but no fall came. Reluctantly opening your left eye first, you found that a broad-shouldered hunk of a man caught you. Looking up at his face slicked with perspiration only led you to believe he, “must’ve been sculpted by a god.“  
Smirking while raising an eyebrow curiously, he slyly stated, "that’s not how this usually happens… I usually pursue the goddess not the other way around,” he finished. Shocked at what accidentally slipped out, your hand quickly flew to cover your mouth least you blurt out more embarrassing comments. Your mind was reeling and quickly tried to backtrack, “I…um was not flirting." 
His leaning in while towering over you gave you the impression he didn’t quite believe your hastily assembled excuse. He casually brushed off your poorly presented reason all while wearing an expression that suggested he didn’t believe you. He replied, "well regardless of whether you were flirting with me, my Goddess, as much as I love having you in my arms, any longer and I just might not let you go,” he proposed with a dazzling smile. 
And that was your first of many encounters with the Tiger of Kai.
One longish period of time (plus a kidnapping) later, you found yourself in the meeting hall performing your duty as a princess. Shingen had requested your presence as an important potential ally was in Echigo. Not so gracefully tripping on the tatami mat, you knocked into the warlord who in turn spilled his drink on himself. You could see the anger build-up, however, he forced himself to keep a semblance of calmness. While you were bowing in apology, he plastered an insincere tepid smile upon his face, one that would not reach his eyes, insisting everything was fine.
After returning to your spot besides Shingen, the warlord mentioned how this tea was excellent, and naturally, Shingen gave you credit for the brew.  Not bothering to mask his sudden glance to give you a look of distaste, he noted how it was surprisingly good, for being made by a pampered princess. Failing to notice Shingen’s eyes darken and narrow at the lord, you abruptly stood up drawing all the attention in the room to you. You went on a rant (one that might rival Hideyoshi’s), “what does my gender have to do with my ability? There is zero correlation,” you declared boldly while locking eye contact with the man, daring him to challenge you. Mouth agape while flustered he tried to recover his dignity so he stammered, “ a… a  woman dares to speak to me-me like that?!” he cried out in indignation. Meanwhile, Shingen simply laughs, sporting an entertained smile while thinking to himself, “she’s truly one of a kind.” 
As per tradition, once every few days Shingen would take you out to the town, for whatever reason, something to eat, something to see, something to do. Although you wouldn’t admit it, he could tell that you always anticipated these outings, after all, you were quite an open book, but your favorite part was him holding your hand as you walked. Coming to an abrupt stop, Shingen turned and gently looked at you, “my dear Y/N, might you like to stop and take a break at this quaint teahouse?” He gently asked. Giving a small nod, he brushed aside the curtain while slightly ducking his head to enter leading you in. The shop owner smiled and directed you two to a nice table. Several minutes after you had ordered, your table was adorned with beautifully crafted sweets along with a delicate floral fragrance originating from the tea. 
Finished with your tea break, Shingen waved the shop owner over to pay the bill. After leaving the teahouse, you and Shingen were sharing a nice pleasant conversation, but a pair of ladies on the side called out to Shingen in a pleasant manner, but their eyes suggested a different motive than polite conversation. Anyone could tell just by looking at them that they were snakes in a woman’s skin. And just as your instinct was right, suddenly they shed their reptilian disguise when they commented on your “ugly appearance”. You felt your throat begin to close as the memories and emotions of when you were bullied flooded back. Quickly excusing yourself from the conversation you dashed off, lest you give the snakes the satisfaction of seeing you cry. Shocked that you would have such a strong reaction towards those words, he also excused himself from the ladies to chase after you. Finally catching up to you, he grabbed your arm forcing you to look at him. You snapped at him as you threw pointed words his way, “shouldn’t you be with beautiful women or something?” Feigning a hurt expression he replied sincerely for the first time, “But I am, I’m next to the most beautiful woman that I have ever had the honor to lay my eyes upon. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else besides next to the woman I love." 
Due to you and Shingen’s love of sweets, you two would simply be the end of Yuki. Many times, he would pull you into a closet, but not to make out or doing anything of the sort. It would simply be a time where you two would steal away and indulge in all the sweets without fear of being chided by Yukimura. Due to your coffee addiction, you easily convinced Shingen to get imported coffee beans just so you would be able to settle the argument with him over whether or not coffee or tea was superior. Sasuke was even so kind as to make sweetened condensed milk to make Vietnamese coffee. Needless to say, he loved all things sweet, deserts too, but mainly you. 
I definitely struggled with your matchup because I felt you were compatible with a lot of suitors. Please let me know what you think! I’ve been working on this on and off for like a month, ugh. But I do like how it turned out. Big thanks to @iotona​ for beta-reading this for me. You’re amazing. Also I need to get a new phrase, all I ever title these is "it's matchup time" 🤣 As always, feedback is loved! Thank you for reading 🌻💛
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littlebabycrybtch · 3 months ago
bro..... im sooo tired of ppl being whiny freaks about ppl liking fictional shit ‘~too much~’. like bitches are literally fully convinced if you prefer acting out certain ideas in fiction but not irl, thats not your normal preferential boundaries but rather your brain is a mental illness BOMB and you need to be fucking hospitalized for being imaginative and having autonomy. like yall if its not taboo or smth shut uuuuhp man you’re not ‘concerned for their health’ or w/e you’re fully just tryna get away with being a nihilistic asshole who lacks sympathetic reasoning skills. listen to me. fiction is valuable. the thoughts we have on it are important. the personal lack of value you happen to put on a media is next to worthless. its not a fuckin waste of time dude, creators are people, who live in the real world, they experience it and have ideas through it and about it, they form and tweak their ideas while still definitely existing in the real world, and then put that back into the world with a new angle and new perspective, to share with other people definitely encountering it in , you guessed it , the real world. thats not disconnected. its not nothing. these things do not magically appear from fairytale land, they are created. stories mean smth, people tell them for a reason, its ok to feel smth for any story, why would we even tell them if not with the intention to impact others emotionally somehow i mean??? fiction does not Just affect reality, it is valuable to real life society, it is a functioning thriving part OF reality. 
humans have told stories since the dawn of our existence. it is literally all but an inherent species trait for us to imagine things, its tied to each and every one of us, and to reject ‘fantasy’ as smth worthless to human life is frankly just fuckin wrong and weird of you. bitch we are Supposed to get outside the box, the fandom ppl you cringe your pants over arent thinking abt fake shit too much, you guys very often just arent exercising abstract thought and imagination enough, which actually hurts your ability to engage with it critically in all the ways its meant to be. if you dont see the value in fiction its because you put in no effort to form the analysis skills. in other words, you idiots dont get the hype bc you’re too stupid to get how you're supposed to compare a book to the real world it came from. ‘uu but cmon not everythings valuable what about [tumblr designated cringe media]-’ 1. ok! somehow you havent come to this conclusion yourself yet but thats not real, whatever ppl get to enjoy is not all abt you, your bias means less than dirt to others outside of hivemind social medias, you can keep it to yourself, ppl shouldnt care about it bc it means nothing outside of ur own space, its literally funny to me that you’re so elitist you want me to cater my interests to you, Your Standard Of Quality Isnt Universal, 2. ranking the values of fiction is the waste of time here, if you compare mlp to pride and prejudice ill dissect your teeth, different emotional impacts from tragic to funny to Just A Vibe are all able to be assessed as ‘valuable to somebody else so leave well enough alone’ if you dont have 2010+ funnyman brainrot disease that makes you incapable of reflecting on anything you can find a way to joke abt first.
i mean seriously like. whenever randos start engaging with medias you ppl dont like or in ways you dont get, the strawmans yall make up to get to be cringe culture vultures abt such benign shit, and almost Always at the expense of neurodivergent people with a deeply rooted undertone of extreme ableism might i add..... its just so selfish. u have a brain ok, you’re manipulative but we both know you dont Actually think ppl automatically default to being a waifu obsessed incel rotting away at their basement computer, stagnating their social skills and straying further and further from reality with each passing day, a poor disturbed wretch that you just HAVE to save from themselves, all bc they say they. prefer fictional porn or w/e to having sex irl. buddy thats not a big deal, theyre normal, just different from you. theyre fine, you’re just uncomfortable. as a functioning adult you’re gonna have to try and recognize that sometimes that feelings gonna be 100% on you, and you cant always just lie abt the validity of it to make ppl feel obligated into agreeing with you. this is gonna be one fragment of their personhood and your self obsessed brain imploding over how unrelatable that is doesnt fucking matter, grow up bitch like. how detached do you have to be to think thats so unstable or morally wrong.... its just a completely inconsequential preferential decision that only affects them and isnt a wrong choice at all cuz nobody has to get their dick wet if they dont wanna for any reason ever and thats gotta be that tbh.... and it kills me cuz they still inherently experience the real world and are capable of thinking abt it critically,,, even tho they... masturbate to drawings or w/e the fuck ppl think is unhealthy ???? like? imagination is just fun we dont need to moderate it anymore than we moderate other fun activities i mean lol ksdjfsd this is the DEFINITION of ‘just vibing’ no one FUCKING cares and it deosnt fucking matter the way you desperately try to make ppl think it does just so u get to be loud abt ur shortcomings as a decent understanding person. 
‘uuuuuu im sorry but thats unhealthy :///’ you sound like a goddamn maniac dude stories are not unhealthy having feelings abt them is not unhealthy thinking some anime bitch that was DRAWN TO BE HOT , IS HOT, is not UNHEALTHY and you clowns arent convincing anybody you ‘care’ abt that concept anyways !! im losign my mind here skdlsdfsd medias are literally DESIGNED TO DO THIS TO PEOPLE... WE’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL THINGS FOR IT.... IT IS WHAT MAKES THE ART WE’VE TAKEN PART IN FOR CENTURIES, “ART”.... ITS JUST... HAVING IDEAS AND EXPERIENCING IMAGINATION..... whats wildly unhealthy actually is yalls toxic obsession with ‘harsh truth’ and validating your stupid ass cwinge feewings to the point where everything that gives your underdeveloped selfish ass hives has to be a matter of health and morals and whats ‘best’ for everyone. u dont know that shit!!!! ur a petty brat and im not ur mommy ok i wont baby you so u dont feel like the shitty whiny person you are, you need to grow and do better and think outside urself already, dont put the responsibility of making u feel right for judging somebodies benign hobbies on me. i wont bc its wrong and unnecessary. you’re not a savior no ones falling for that lmao you’re just a bitch girl xoxo get over it shit truly does not matter. let them write nsfw self insert fics instead of banging !! 
to make it real do yall really not Get that basic consent kinda doesnt just mean ‘no when im not in the mood at the time’ but it means ‘no if i just dont fuckin feel like having sex ever for literally any reason at all bc i choose what i do’ and pressuring them, even with what your warped brain translates as the best of intentions, is inherently disgusting? especially with the ‘i know how to help you’ attitude like......... ohhh die soonly ew lmao! lay off this nasty shit already please it doesnt matter! stop trying to make it matter!! its not hurting you or them you stupid tumblr phd ass!! and like again yeah some media shits just truly gross but tbr now its like even That kind of shit, the Real social issues caused by Actually problematic media that ppl should discuss Genuinely without ulterior motives, is being used more and more rampantly as just a stepping stone to get to the needless mockery of other harmless things in the media they want an excuse to bag on.......... like a bitch cant just be grown and talk about problems at face value without getting a bully jab in. smhhhhh you all fuckin suck please just stop talking already. so anyways yeah being attracted to fictional characters instead of real people or w/e IS funny, funny how many boyfriends they have when u have none xoxo theyre having fun and you can die sad abt it they get to die 5 times in an angsty fantasy fic and be brought back with mouth to mouth by fuckin kakashi every time and then they go get lunch irl while ur updating tinder bitch ... different fucking strokes ig !
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kittyandco · 3 months ago
oooooh do you have any sort of narrative arc/timeline for you and roman??? since dc characters always have such Fat Juicy Thick Lore im sure its very fun to think abt where you fit into it..!
i dshjfdjkfkd i ‘m jfkkjfkjfdsdklkdf SOMEONE ACTUALLY ASKED ABOUT HIM THANK FUCK y’all don’t understand aaaaaaaaa i’m getting a hot flash from this 
this ask this is going to be really long because i love him very much
so. um. i’m a bad s/o i literally don’t know much about him outside of The Lore from birds of prey (which i heard is a little different but that’s to be expected? at least, a little) but i looked on the dc wiki a couple months back and i couldn’t find much more. i’m gonna preface and say that it’s one of like, the 3 or 4 dc movies i actually like and none of the other ones are from the dceu because the rest of those are disappointing or boring, IMO, IF YOU LIKE THEM THAT’S EPIC i can see why, but the others haven’t spoken to me like this mess did lmao. it’s just one of my faves in general tbh) 
here’s the tea though: usually my s/is and story arcs with my f/os if that f/o is Bad are very opposites attract (but we connect over shared trauma or whatever. or we just learn to vibe with each other), but this time i made her a baddie too (in more ways than one AYY), so i’m not fazed by his antics other than i’m definitely the calm one out of us dkjsdjk... i had this thought that my s/i would have a huge crush on him, because he is kind of a celebrity around gotham, and it’s strange, especially considering how collected my s/i tends to be. they’re not one of those Cold Killing Machine types because that’s boring usually ‘specially for a fem-presenting character lol, but they’re like, i’m just vibing. might fuck around and shoot you though. they’re chill if you know them. quiet. smart, but not bragging about it. funny, saying some out of pocket shit all the time, but not where you wanna avoid them. they don’t quite know how they got here but there’s nowhere else, so might as well have some fun while we’re at it. but a big, kinda cynical kinda serious hopeless romantic type on the down, doooowwnn low. so when it comes to roman it’s like the squidward meme “oh NO HE’S HOT?!?!” and knowing him, he’s gonna approach them. he’s Gonna. he’s gonna flirt and know exactly what he’s doing and it’s AWFUL HOW DARE YOU 
but. they’ll do anything but ally with him. they still stand their ground with him more than other people do (while still making heart eyes at him). they prefer the “i work alone” principle. whether he asks or not... doesn’t matter, it’s not happening. 
still... they become a familiar face for him, taking the edge off with a couple drinks and btw once they start dating he names a drink after me and it’s sweet and it makes me aAaaaA (and why not there? there is no quiet and peaceful place in gotham, so. lol)... it comes to the point where he’s like, hyping himself up for the night in his flat like “i hope i see kitty tonight... no reason tho just saying, i don’t love them or anything... 😤” 
soon enough, everyone just kinda Knows. i get such a rush from knowing that everyone else knows that i’m his... and ofc no one’s gonna dare mess that up for us. still... he doesn’t quite get how to, umm, love. he thinks his attention and protection is enough, and it actually is... but on his own, he comes to really care, because he’s never known anyone like me. no one who’s understood his way before, who’s ever seen eye to eye with him before, etc. at first he thinks it’s just fun to pick my brain (and i keep a lot of things in, even if i want to trust him), because that’s what he does, with his stupid charm and charisma... but soon he realizes “well shit now i actually care...” congratulations. you played yourself. he typically only sees people as pawns, sees them in terms of how he can use them... but not me, HAHA! got em. we got em. i got him. uwu 
as for actually putting me in context of the plot of the film though? of course i would help him in his efforts but i also really love harley and don’t wanna make things bad for her, full offense...
y’all for real please encourage me. thank you 
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xratedmush · 3 months ago
thanks for the information on aot, maybe i would check it when im done with my semester ! ah, i shall also check out that fic, ngl fluff makes me squeal sm so i will have to prepare myself for the softness.
ouuuuu shiggy, yes yes, ah i love reading about him, and that fic idea you got sounds amazing, id def read it when you post it. i loveee him tbh, oh yanderes are my faves to write about too, im kinda obsessed with the idea that someone would go to dangerous lengths for another person. very interesting to read and write about.
SSOOO I see you have self ships, ah from what i know about you so far i def agree with your ship of you and chuuya or you and Tendou!!! i gotta ask do you have hc for your self ships ?
- cupid 💘
Okay just a warning tho, the first half of the fic is in a horror setting with like a billion trigger warnings so be careful abt them, cause the fluff is more towards the end
And same!!!!!! I think it's so interesting, esp cause like you have to think abt how each character would become/fit into the yandere category. Some characters i can see stalking and kidnapping, but not killing their victims. Some i can see making shrines while others i see being more violent. Thinking abt all the ways one can become one and how they act is super interesting, as well as how they would react to their darling putting them in dif situations.
And aaaaa thank you!!!! I have lots lots and lots hehehehe gonna put them under a readmore or else this reply would be mega big. But!!!! Pls tell me abt your selfships!!!! I love hyping ppl up abt that!!!
Okay so i'm gonna talk abt my ~spicy~ hcs since i haven't talked abt those yet
You know the collar he always wears for the Mafia? He makes me wear it in bed💖
He also loves putting me on his lap, one hand on my throat and the other under my panties
I lied, here is some fluff too:
He hates the fact that i prefer cheap, bad wine over fancy ones (cheap wine is sweeter) but he still buys it just for me, and if anyone besides him dares make a comment on it he goes off lmao
He knows i love the feeling of being on a motorcycle (i can't drive them but i love riding them when i can), so sometimes he takes me on little rides around town, just him driving for abt an hour while i hug his waist and feel the cold breeze on me🥺
Cosplay!!! Sex!!! He indulges me so much, buying slutty costumes inspired by my fave anime characters aaaaa
Also he is just as much as a weirdo as i am, and he lets me just lay there on his lap, sniffing his dick to my hearts content yes i have a scent fetish, ball smell is the best
He has a recipie book with all my fave chocolates, and on his bakery he has a "mush" section on his menu, with my current faves of each season
He is super understanding with me being scared of being famous/known by a large audience, so he always makes sure that the ppl interviewing him are respectful abt me and he takes lots of care to ensure no pics of me are leaked💖
(i still can't get over the fact that Ushi was interviewed for being Tendou's friend, and not for, you know, being a mega volleyball genius lol)
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leoyearns · 3 months ago
what animes are u watching atm leo :0 ??
alex 🥺🥺 im so glad u asked 🥺
OKAY so a list:
jujutsu kaisen! i only started this yesterday but it started last season and is in its second cour rn!! its a rly good shounen that ive seen a lot about and been like ehh but i decided to give it a try bc i was bored n caught up w everything else and now i am . obsessed
horimiya! its a rly good romance anime n theres only 2 eps out (as is the case w the majority of this list) but i read some of the manga before this started airing and i love that so im hyped <33 cloverworks is doing a wonderful job with it and the art is beautiful and i love miyamura with my whole heart
beastars season 2 !!! ive been excited for this for SO long .. its looking rly good so far ofc. i forgot everything from the first season tho HAHAHAHA so when my bf was asking me about stuff from the s1 op and what it Meant i was like lol idk . still loving s2 tho
sk8 the infinity! i wasnt planning on watching this one but i gave it a shot and am lowkey in love w it.... i already love the dynamic between the main characters, langa and reki, aka dumbass^2. it just feels rly fun to watch ^^
2.43: seiin high school boys volleyball team! the title is so long LMAO but its pretty good so far. ive seen a lot of comparisons to hq bc volleyball anime but tbh it seems like its going to have a different focus. theres already some pretty heavy topics in the first couple eps, and it seems like itll be a lot more focused on the relationships of the teammates as opposed to just raaaa volleyball better more better!! (not to knock hq tho ofc, i love love love hq, this is just a different focus in a similar premise so im excited!)
kemono jihen! ahhh this one is rly good too. im not even sure why LOL it just has good and interesting vibes. im pretty curious to learn more about the world !! just fun 2 watch tbh :]
wonder egg priority!! this only has one ep out until tuesday when the next ep comes out but it seems RLY good so far. obvi its only been setup but i LOVE the art (cloverworks again..... shocker. i love their art) i am SO excited to see more of this one!!!
and last and kind of least as of right now (LOL), bottom-tier character tomozaki! this one i am.. unsure on. theres a lot of gamer references (which im fine with tbh) but theres been multiple times in each episode where ive had to pause and put my face in my hands bc of secondhand embarrassment..... its. Fine, i guess. just kinda hard to watch, and not even in a good way. this is rly too bad bc the premise was interesting when i read it! but actually watching the show, im ehhh
SRY THIS IS SO LONG LMAO if tumblr deletes this one ill genuinely die
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emotionalsuppork · 4 months ago
hi i feel really weird about requesting this and idek if it sounds so strange you’ll be like wtf but i’d like to at least feel like somebody loves me even if i feel like no one does :’) umm ig this is an emergency request? tho i mean like i’ve dealt w these feelings w/o requesting stuff so it’s okay if you’re busy! anyways um i feel like my hormones are higher bc my period is taking it’s sweet time 😅 anyways i kinda got yelled at by my dad for smth small but i’ve been doing it often but it’s so small like he really didn’t have to get so upset ANYWAYS wow i’m ranting basically i hide in my closet when i get super overwhelmed and i’ve got a lil bedsheet on there and pillows and a candle so it’s nice and comfy :’) the candle isn’t lit btw, the space is small so the scent goes around well anyways yaku, taketora, noya and sugawara are my comfort characters so maybe smth w one of them? you obvs don’t have to do all, i just thought having choices would help?? i just feel ✨unlovable✨ and everything is hopeless even more so w the pandemic and shit ykw i mean WOW n e ways so sorry this is so long JFKSKSK legit don’t even bother answering if it’s too weird i’m just gonna pretend i didn’t write this i really don’t wanna overwhelm anyone else w what i feel i should get a therapist aye but they’re expensive and i’m broke KFKSKSK okay i’m sorry if i overwhelmed you as well bc you don’t deserve that okay bye 👁👅👁✌🏽
HI OMG IM SORRY I DIDN’T SEE THIS SOONER!! also i do that too! i made myself a blanket nest lol. and no darling you’re not overwhelming me at all! also i literally was JUST complaining about nobody loving me so this request is just like.....fate. i hope this makes you feel a little better and loved! (even if it is late which i am very sorry about, i didn’t realize it was there :( )
im gonna do some headcanons for all ur boys instead of a longer thing for like 1 or 2 
would be the best to vent to 
would 100% get angry on your behalf
also he’d be very reassuring that you’re valid and your feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel like this
he’d definitely take care of you in any/every way he could
he’d also gently scold you if you get too hard on yourself
would be stern about reeling in bad thoughts
gives good advice but also gets that sometimes advice isn’t really all that helpful so he’ll ask what you need beforehand 
would keep checking in about that specific thing
like he always checking in, but now its checking in to see how youre feeling about that
really nice about it but also like laser focused 
you’re going to feel better if its the last thing he does
would try and squeeze into the closet with you 
don’t even try and fight it you are getting his love and you’re getting it now
he’d listen but i think he’d also be bad at advice so he’d just try and make you laugh instead
10/10 best distraction
also wouldn’t allow you to feel hopeless in his presence
like he will constantly be hyping you up 
and if you’re still not convinced on how amazing you are?  well youre about to be
because suddenly you’re getting calls and texts from his team about how cool you are 
and to make it even better you better belive you’ll be getting calls and texts and freaking f a c e t i m e s  from Tanaka and Noya at Karasuno
you literally haven’t even met these boys!?
tora would just look so smug 
speaking of noya
he’d be so shocked and bummed out
like what? you dont feel good about yourself? you’re having problems at home? YOU THINK I DON’T LOVE YOU?!?!?!
would be hilariously trying to simultaneously reassure/comfort you and like..beat himself up for not treating you even more like a queen
he is 1000% going to get you out of that closet and take you on the best damn date of your life 
hes clueless though so you’re going to have to be a little blunt about how your feeling to make him understand
would also probably suggest you hanging out more with him and his friends
like his friends all like you so if you’re feeling down about yourself come hang with us and we’ll gas you up!
which is a sweet thought but this boy is literally a puppy so no surprises there
i think out of all of them, suga would handle everything with the most grace
like he’d totally have some sort of self care routine that he’d walk you through
and then i feel like he’s the type to be like “let’s have a therapy date” where he takes you to lunch or coffee and you guys just vent/rant/cry/work through emotions with each other 
i also think he’s the type to be like “that’s currently a hostile environment so why don’t you come to mine and we can cuddle!”
super sweet and understanding but also will be firm about stuff
like he gets that you feel this way and you’re feelings are vaild, but try and think about it like this instead before you spiral
also he like....wouldn’t let it go
like if a day or two passes and even if you’re feeling better, he’s still gonna check in 
hey you good? you sure? i got you a cookie?
like so so sweet and thoughtful and he’s so caring too 
an angel
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riskeith · 4 months ago
manifesting xiao for you!!!!! it surely will be worth it after all that wait and all those rolls shsjdhsj <3 you’ll probably upgrade him and his weapons and talents and all that right away too, huh? spilling all your recourses on one stotic lil boy 👅 (can’t say i blame ya he deserves it) FUNNY YOU MENTION THAT when i did the guiding light seal puzzle before the stormterror battle i accidentally forgot to change kaeya’s weapon to the ones i’ve upgraded so he was stuck with the dull sword and i was like why the FUCK doesn’t he do any damage and then it hit me . yikes 😬 Lmao has that ever happened to you?
oh really? reading all of that makes it seem like we’re in the bad end of the stick dhdhdjdjfh but you made me curious to try it out tbh... now where could i get a hold on a pc..... hm
yeah omg you’ve gotten so far now i can’t imagine how bizarre it would be to revert back to giving like 10 dmg and facing level 3 villains lmao still sometimes even i find myself missing the early days things weren’t as stressful then ): do you?
school did start which is why haikyuu is perfect!! it’s been keeping me very warm and happy tbh... 🥺 you know something i noticed this time watching is that kagehina are Always around each other. i honestly don’t remember them doing that but watching now it’s like at almost every scene they are either standing next to each other or showing up to the other’s scene and it’s like??? damn???? y’all live like this? idk if that changes in future eps but right now it’s Constant. i love it.
dude i’m such a nostalgia person i’m always up for a trip to the good ol’ days bc sometimes you just gotta go back to things for your own sake. but fun Fact i started watching voltron after it ended so i missed so much of the hype while it was ongoing.. literally came into it while it was a goddamn mess. i knew that klance wouldn’t be canon but watching i couldn’t help but hope... how was it stanning while it was ongoing?
(you saying that reminds me of the what if we kissed meme..... what if we kissed in the genshin co-op mode 😳 anyway you’re at such a high level idk how much i could help you... i suppose we could just run around but yeah i do play in europe... 😭)
RED AND BLUE GAYS!!!!!! RED AND BLUE GAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the purple light were mega gay like hello????? especially since lance is bi and it was Him that said the line and hfjdhdhsjdjdhdj fuck ! i’m so sad now ever since we started talking about them i’ve just been missing them sooooo much it’s crazy... KEITH DESERVES THE UNIVERSE he’s so sweet and caring in his own way and he grew so much like compare s8 keith with s1 keith and see!!!! he matured so much and god . at least he’s helping the galaxy with his lesbians now
dude i wanted to say that but i was scared it was an unpopular opinion.... hunk and pidge could be so mean to him sometimes for no reason or just shoo him aside and no??? don’t do that to your friend????? it irked me sometimes bc you could see that he got upset about it but he felt like he had no one to turn to 😭😭😭😭😭 kms but keith. keith is good.
THE I LOVE YOU SCENE did it also take you sooo much by surprise like i remember watching and just going AAAAAA??????!!!??!!?? and the art???? mister anime keith kogane?????? it was so beautiful and so perfect and so sad ughhhhhhh funny how keith has 2 out of the three i love you scenes on voltron even tho he’s the stotic type .
i’m thinking but honestly all i want is some fluffy angst... a punch in the gut with some final kissing . i love fics that rewrite the sunset scene always chefs kiss... or you know how in season 7 for some reason they always called out for each other first? like when lance has his crashing scene keith yells out lance come in twice??? or when they are stuck in the galra prison and they yell out each other’s names???? idk something about that would be amazing to read???? ok i rambled idk rewritten canon klance is just Mwah... OH IM SO EXCITED TO READ THOSE SNIPPETS EEEEEEE :DDDDDD TY FOR SENDING THAT
i’m soooo glad you liked the fanart when i saw it i HAD to send it your way... it’s the little bois in their animal hats 😭😭🥺 i love them so much it’s soooooo cute 😭😭 i’ve been stalking the original tweet and there’s some other version and they’re super adorable too 😭😭😭😭😭😭
hope you had a wonderful day today + yesterday... take care <333
hey heyyyy~
actually i don’t think i have many resources to give him bc im focusing on levelling up my team for the ascension rn FJKHDSKFHSDKJFHSDK but for sure i will do it... anything for him 😩 AHAHAH nooooo but yes ! during the chalk prince dragon event i used festering desire in dragonspine but my higher levelled sword everywhere else, but sometiems i forgot to switch back and was stuck with shit damage 💀
yeah actually i see a lot of poeple complain about not being able to do missions on mobile either (or having a really hard time with it) fskjhfksj but there are for sure people who would think mobile is better so 🤷‍♀️ to each their own! ahah does anyone in your family have a windows laptop/pc? steal borrow it 🤪
i definitely miss the easier days!! it’s fun going to an area with lower level enemies bc i defeat them so easily.. but then again their drops also aren’t as good so you trade one thing for another i guess lol
ikr?!?!?? like we get it you’re inseparable omg.. it’s so cute when they go seek out asahi as well and hinata hides behind kageyama and then points and at him like he’s showing him off.. lives in my mind rent free 😌
oh i see!!! that’s so brave of you omg you knew all that and still decided to give it a shot? fshfkdsjf. it was. insane. like talking about the positives only, it was just everyone going crazy every time there was a single hint of klance is canon king and just ugh. it was all so exciting and hype and like the energy you know?? especially when there were conventions where they were revealing trailers or new info wow tumblr was buzzing.. (reminds me of when klance was top ship.......) i miss that kinda environment tbh! but also now that i’m in uni i don’t think i’d have the energy to keep up fhskfjds
(WHAT IF WE KISSED!! IN GENSHIN CO-OP!! HAHA JK... UNLESS?! that’s so funny fskdj but i wish 😔😩 makes a second reroll account just for this? HAHAAH. and noooo even if we didn’t do anything i feel like it’d be so fun just running around hfkdsjs. and maybe i could carry you w your quests it’s always been my dream to help someone out like my brother can just come into my world and one-shot enemies 😩 but maybe some day!! cross-server will happen)
:((((((((((( S1 KEITH AND S8 KEITH THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT 😭😭😭😭 keith went from being a lone wolf expelled from the garrison to finding his MOTHER!! AND THE BESTEST SPACE WOLF DOGGO!! AND LEADING A FKN ITNERGALACTIC ORGANISATION!~!!!eASKJDHSAFHEHFSDIUHSAZODUQWEQWYRHIASKJDNCSOUADHB. marmora!keith............. both a blessing and a curse.... but that uniform tho 🥵
i cried!!! so much watching that scene lmao!!! can’t remember how i felt at the time but i was probably also surpirsed.. and ikr? that’s poetry in its own tbh we love that keith said the most ‘expressive’ and ‘emotional’ lines the most
sunset scene... sunset scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg yeah them just calling out for each other’s names first like??? explain please?? omg also remember when keith chose lance in the quiz.. AND LANCE CALLED KEITH THE FUTURE? FUCKING EXPLAIN???????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! there is no heterosexual explanation. okay but now that you’ve put sunset scene in my head... either rewrite where lance was looking for keith to confess to him bc they were going back to space and he wanted to get it out or.. in the future where klance are together and lance has a dream about it and suddenly realises wait. did keith already like me back then. and then they talk about it ... hmmmmm . AND WOOOO NO PROBLEM!! HOPE YOU ENJOY <33
i def have to look at the other versions!!! honestly this meme is kinda the best thing out there rn so many cute baby renditions of charas.. blessed!! i love them all sm...
thank you!! hope yours have been great too, and school is treating you well :**
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bangtanger · 4 months ago
was thinking for 84 hours where should i post it but as its my creator blog i m doing it here <3 i was tagged by @taemaknae @suhdays @ynki @honsool @jjeongukie @taeyungie @dearbangtansonyeondan @lifegoesmon @everythingoes @flipthatjacketjiminie @yoongi-bts @jiminslight @hopekidoki @cowboyjinbop @yoonqiful @jcngkooks @pjmsdior @hobeah @balenciaguks​ @jinvant @hobibestboy @vjimin @yoongikook AND THANK U SO MUCH FOR INCLUDING ME T_T ik maybe its not a big deal but its a big deal to me and im touched :(((((((((((( also gimme some time to check all ur posts 👉👈 also im in a mood to say that ive collected many pokemons here djfksfhsakjddld ok nvm 
also sorry for a long post ik tmblr fvcks things up sometimes when there is keep reading so dont fight me plz <3
❀ first creation and most recent creation of 2020 
ok this is the fist one (still very pleased with colouring here T_T the stage lighting was,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well yeah as always lmao) and this is the most recent (TBH DKJSKDSDK I WISH MY MOST RECENT POST COULD BE A DIFFERENT ONE THE ONE I WANNA MAKE FOR A MONTH NOW THE ONE ID PUT A LOT MORE EFFORTS IN SO IM A LIL FRUSTRATED i literally just missed giffing but couldnt watch anything new so took an old vid i wanted to gif once I DIDNT EVEN USE MYCOLOURING PSD IT LITERALLY HAS ONLY COUPLE OF LAYERS uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :( but whatever,,, it just kinda doesnt show the difference -_-)
❀ a creation u r really proud of 
well 👁👄👁 there r quite few,,, and the main reason is colouring most of these r comps and i a b s o l u t e l y sucked at comps and esp at making the colouring consistent there lol so lets begin lol  1 (u have no idea how muchi love this set) 2 (i fucking mastered it i wanted to remake it for two years and i finally did!! 60 fps smooth good moments iconic performance iconic hair colour his attitude bruh and ofc the fact that i could do sth with colouring,,,,,, and chose such an unusual colour scheme that i doubted jckdckfdk and it still worked out 🥺) 3 (lol i had this idea written down since 2018 as well and this year i could finally collect all moments i needed and oh boi yeah,,, AND COLOURING I COULD ALMOST yeah almost do sth decent with it there r still couple moments id changed but im pleased) 4 (im so happy whenevr i see this CUZ IT ALL WORKED OUT it was such an impulsive comp i literally only saw couple moments for past few years as well where i could see three of them in one frame and suddenly I WAS LIKE I FUCKING MUST POST THOSE MOMENTS SOMEHOW and im so proud of colouring it looks so well T_T) 5 (the colouring ofc im still :o that i could get rid of that shitty shit dkksjkj AND THE MOMENTS ITSELF?????? AND BLACK SWAN???????? EVERY PERFORMANCE???? HAIR?????? OUTFIT???????? EVRERYHTIGNM???????? HIS FUCKING STARE? FACE??? DONT MAKE ME CONTINUE AAAAAAAAAAA also if im not wrong this set in particular made me start my before/after posts 🥺) 6 (i jujst love everything about it e v e r yt h i n g also i could made ppl believe that jin fr has purple hair here when in reality its brown djhfdhskdf one of blending modes or adjustment layers worked this way lol) 7 (i wont even comment this tried a great tutorial with great beautiful resuls for the first time ever and it worked out so well and i like it so much and the whole yoongi here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, also love me some borders that add cinematic feels to some gifs or just make them pretty in a dif way just like i did with prev post i mentioned imo lol) OK LAST ONE 8 (I USED A VIDEO OF STARS AND ADDED IT TO THE GIF FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I FUCKED WITHMASKING FOR 3 HOURS GRRRRRRRR THIS IS SO HUGE FOR ME!!!!! i cant even explain whew IVE NEVER DID ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE SO I WAS REALLY PROUD TOO even tho i fucked masking up on some layers lmao but lets not pay too much attention to it 👀)
❀ a creation that took u forever
ohhhhhhhh i think this one cuz the moments were long i couldnt decide what do i want to include + it ts file so u kno,,, the speed,,, of processing,, + somehow decided to put them all together + fucked with colouring + had to get rid of the logo and as we know japan likes a lot of big braight text around haha and draw hair in moments where logo made it look blurry + had to adjust the order and all that stuff but getting rid of logo was the longest part 
❀ a creation from 2020 that received the most notes
whew this iconic one im still amazed tbh they looked soso incredible and im glad how everything turned out here <3 (could change some colouring on bg tho so it could look better and more hq :c)
❀ a creation u think deserved more notes 
lol this one cuz i was so hyped to make it cuz their concert in saudi arabia is one of my fav things in the world and i waited for so long to have mood and energy to go throught it to find jk moments and i couldnt choose some for this comp for so long and just,,,,,, overall,,,, the way he looks here............................................................... its a special comp to me haha ill def gif more of it i have shit ton of clips left and also there r other members and i just want to sit and enjoy yhe whole thing to so may find more stuff to gif here lol
❀  a new fandom u joined an a creation u made for it 
i didnt join anything heurheru
❀ a creation u made that breaks ur heart
OKAY LISTEN DSJAKDJHFDKJ THIS ONE IF U KNOW U KNOW AND IM SURE IT BREAKS ALMOST EVERY HEART tbh whenever i see soft smiles or soft interactions or anything like this im just :’( <3 even my serotonin boost tag does it to me cuz its too precious T_T
❀  a ‘simple’ creation that u really love
this one cuz everything about it ah and this one 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
❀ a creation that was inspired by someone else
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk maybe this one ? cuz i never did anything like this before and maybe i saw someones beautiful headers and decided to try one too ? i could do a lot better there is not enough depth but oh well,,, lol
❀  a favourite creatin created by someone else
oh its gonna be hard :) dear every conten creator i hope u dont mind if i wont go though the whole 2020 gif tag but choose form the most recent ones i loved? u know how much i appreciate ur content cuz i never stop screaming about it in tags but truly there r more content makers and i want u to know that i really love ur content :(
@syubb welllllllllllll i wont even comment this is iconique.....
@jinv T_T val i miss u but there should be bday comps with that BIG ASS IMAGE THAT HAS ITS PARTS ON EVERY SINGLE GIF I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN that icant even find dfjksfskj
@jung-koook i literally couldnt choose ehdskjdjksd but i decided this one cuz its sososososososososososososososososososososo well made every single detail here is chefs kiss
@kkulmoon i truly really cant get enough of ur colouring lately T_T
@minhope !!!!!!LITERALLY EVERY PANTONE COMP OR ESPECIALLY 7 YEARS WITH BTS PANTONE ONE IM AAAAAAAAAAAAA and lmao i think this is one of the most reposted things ive ever seen on internet T_T
@jjoon hng amy u know how i feel about ur content T_T decided this one cuz f l a w l e s s 
@hopekidoki stuff like this makes my jaw lie in the floor dsjkdj
@flipthatjacketjiminie idk whats up but it makes me scream like a madman every time i see it.........
@lifegoesmon i cant even explain why i chose this one but everything here is so incredible !!!!!!!!1
@hobeah one of those good fucking bye ones.....
@taeyungie this made me feel so many things and a whole ass a w e so cool T_T
@jiminfilter i will never shut up about bts core jungkook one should also be here
@jinvant i wanna YELL but also u know how much i love ur quality and blacks  T_T and gfxs too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@yoongi-bts i love everything here with my whole heart!!!
@joenns  I WONT EVEN EXPLAIN IM SO HURT HES SO THIS IS SO T____________________T 
@jjeongukie idk i cant get enough of skin tone!!!!!!!!!!!!
@chaylani i really love the colouring and love these posts with highlights T_T
@oncupid cant get enough of every colouring ive seen <3
@taee it was really hard to choose too T_T decided to go with this cuz,, u kno
❀  some of your favourite content creators from this year
ok i may forgot someone + in no order in particular + literally every creator that i follow/whose content i reblog @taeguks @tearuntold @cyphertaehyungie @love4hobi @kimnamtaejin @taejoon @jimiyoong @namkook @taeyungie @jinvant @jinv @6dis-ease @jiminrolls @daechwitas @syubb @syuga @jjeongukie @cowboyjinbop @hope-film @minhope @hopekidoki @joonie @namgination @jung-koook @faerieth @kooksv @lifegoesyoon @yoonqiful @j-sope @chaylani @jiminfilter @jjoon @everythingoes @varietae @seoksjin @dearbangtansonyeondan @ofkimtaehyung @yoongi-bts @gaypeople @seokjinyoongis @agustdfeatrm @joenns @houseofarmanto @namjoon (will miss forever) @thebtsgenre @honsool @vjimin @seokjinite @jiminswn @taee @hobeah @lifegoesmon @taemaknae @gukgi @kkulmoon @flipthatjacketjiminie @jintae @jcngkooks @ynki @yoongikook @yoongiandthebiaswreckers @jiminslight @gwkie @oncupid @eternalbulletproof and many more <3
OK SO i wanna say a special thanks to every content creator ever and also i wanna say that im really glad to be a part of this community all of u r so cool and creative and make such beautiful things and many of u made me feel EMOTIONS with ur sets or not only sets ill be forever grateful that i discovered bts and for everything they do to me without even knowing ALSO THANK U FOR STILL BEING HERE ON TUMBRLDSDFKJ yeah this year was less active there were few issues many ppl went on twt but thank u for still being here also happy new year <3333333 i think i sounded deeper and more emotional when i was commenting ppls gifs :| but its almost 2 am so i hope u will understand dkfjkfsjk im happy there is this corner on the internet that feels cozy and so welcoming <3 i love u i wish u a better year ahead <3 ok for checking notifications purpose ill tag my blog lol @eternal-bangtan
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