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#but i think it’s night for u 🧍🏻‍♀️
shinsuque · 11 days ago
hihi bae <3
hi bestie i hope you have a great day tomorrow 💖💖
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goldenxddeonu · 5 days ago
enhypen’s reaction to you calling them by their first name !
Tumblr media
Genre: fluff
Warnings: small amount of cursing and mentions of scratches
Requested by @mikimiki23
“ Heeseung what are we gonna have for dinner I’m hungryyy”
“What did you say? 😀”
Dead ass forgot the fact you said that you’re hungry and focused on what you called him
“I said heeseung I’m hungry” rolling your eyes cuz tf your hungry 🙄
He gets on his knees to get to your level (if your taller than him he puts his hands on your shoulder so your at his level) and says “ you wanna repeat that for me?”
Your brain goes &@“!!!);));&@&/$-)/$:&@/@
“ No sir. 🗣”
“ ew no don’t call me sir”
“ then what? Heeseung?” You say teasing
“ noooo..maybe bambi?” He says with his eyes sparkling into yours
Your heart malfunctions
“Okii Bambi whadaya wanna order :]”
He pulls you into an suffocating hug and and says “aaaaa what I’m gonna do without you “
You’ve always liked jays shoe collection, and he had a couple pairs you wanted for your own. You were planning on getting a pair but in your size
“Hey jeongseong, what’s the website you got these boots off of?”
My man had to give himself a second to take in what he heard👹
“Uh who tf is that?” He said thinking that if he asked you that you would realize what you just said
You being dense 🤡 just said “ who the hell is here but you and has the name jeongseong?”
He gave you a sassy look 💅🏻
You got off the bed, so you could stand in front of him and return the sass
When you did he just tackled you back on the bed and into a hug and just said “ I’ll get them for you since I already know your size”
Summer was coming up and you knew you would be bored, so the idea of starting a garden in the backyard was a perfect way t send time with Jake and keep you busy
“ Hey Jaehyun, do you wanna help me grow a garden this summer :]”
“wot. Do I have something on my face?”
Doesn’t wanna make it a big deal Bc he thinks it’ll make you feel bad so he just giggles his way out of the silence he made
Your sitting there like 🧍🏻‍♀️
He took your hand and started to play with them, playing with the rings he gifted you on your anniversary
He looked up at you and said smiling from ear to ear “ ofc I do”
You patted his head
And he just full on ✨plopped✨ into your lap
it was a boring and quiet Sunday afternoon and you were scrolling through tiktok
And you saw this one dance that seemed like it matched sunghoon so you decided to ask him if he could learn it with you
“ hey sunghoon if your not busy do u wanna learn this dance with me?”
Sunghoon rn: 😐
You: 🧍🏻‍♀️🚗
“Um I’m sorry did I say something wrong??” You genuinely were nervous
He just started cackling and u were there like 😃
He pulled your wrist with the phone in it open to the tiktok to see what dance you’re talking abt
“ you wanna explain what just happened?”
“ no 😛”
You guys didn’t end up learning it Bc he kept laughing at the past situation
He was spending the night at yours and he brought a whole bunch of skin care products for you two to use
He brought out one of those jade rollers
“ I don’t know how to use them, can you do it for me sunoo?”
He was about to put it on your face until he heard you say it
Sunoo rn : 😃
Literally looked like someone paused him
“ you didn’t just say what I think you did”
“ what did I say?”
You genuinely seemed like you didn’t know what you did so wrong and he felt bad part 2
So he went back into rolling your face and just scoffed here and there
And every once in awhile he let out a “ tch..Sunoo” while rolling his eyes
You guys were cleaning out his closet and in the back was a pair of roller skates
You never learned how to skate and wanted to so you asked him if he cud teach you
“ jungwon oOooo I never knew you skated!! Could you teach me?”
Blushy bb
“ huh?..oh..OH skating yeah ofc I could teach you!”
You spent the rest of the day learning and let’s say you have scratches all over each your knees
He made it his mission to place a bandaid on each one and place a tiny kith on each one
You saw this couple bake a cake on YouTube and now your determined to make one with Niki
You heard him coming towards your room so you called his name
“ riki I wanna ask you something cmereee!!”
He does that thing where he slowly turns his neck and pops his eyeballs out KSJDNDJ I HOPE YALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT
“ what did you call me?” He says with a psychotic look while smiling in the doorway
“ Riki...?”
He runs from the doorway and belly flops on to you in your bed
Acts innocent while your suffering
“ 😇 so what did you wanna ask me?😇” he says with his legs kicking back and forth while your under him
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miyachondria · 7 days ago
OK YESSSS ALL THOSE QUOTES!! ESP the last one holy cow (or should I say crow....I’m so sorry that was such a bad joke)
u neeeeed to read crooked kingdom (the second book) after, since soc ends on a cliffhanger.. the kaz&inej moments are even more scream worthy
i have 3 kaz&inej moments from crooked kingdom that I frequently think abt. that’s also where I think the rooftop fighting scene is lmao
anyways what are ur thoughts on the other characters?
i didnt want to answer this until i finished crooked kingdom and i did last night and i sat for 10 minutes staring at inej’s chapter’s last page i feel like i aged 20 years
okie i had to let the whole thing marinate in my head and rn im definitely suffering from withdrawals but on the topic of kaz “pro-choice” brekker and inej “boss-lady” ghafa
Tumblr media
im going to fucking shoot myself in the mouf 🧍🏻‍♀️look at how they went full circle
Tumblr media
i was so mad at the start of ck bc all we were getting from them was CRUMBS but the first book was HEAVY on sexual tension bc i guess they were sorting out their feelings but the second book was plain Troubled Teens Experience Feelings... Don’t Know What To Do...
i have so many thoughts but i get incoherent trying to explain it in words i know you feel me i KNOW you know the feeling so lets just classify it as The Feeling...
the rooftop scene was sublime u were right but i loved the silos scene even more ahrhrh with the net and everything and kaz going back to the slat to get the dregs back n getting beat with inej at the rooftop and THE FUCKING BATHROOM SCENE IMAGINE THAT BEING ADAPTED TO SCREEN IM GOING TO FUCKING JUMP
“i will have you without armor...” he didnt wear his gloves on the docks..................................... i dont... i ...
but the last scene... notice how the first proper pov in the series was inej’s and the last proper pov was hers as well... i care about her so much........ and the dock... at sunrise..... “that’s the laugh,” “come meet them.” “is my tie straight” u might as well punch me in the head
nina: i love her. i would die for her. she makes me feel pretty.
matthias: MFER HE WAS RIGHT THERE FOR FUCKS SAKE wylan me even though i knew how it was gonna end “i thought all of us would survive” ME TOO BITCH... chapter 40 fucking skewered my appendix . like. he conquered the voices in his head... he was THERE. he and nina couldve produced tall human specimen babies ..
jesper: I THINK WE DONT TALK ABOUT HOW HE WAS IN LOVE W KAZ AT THE FIRST PART OF THE FIRST BOOK.... we dont talk about that part enough....
wylan: idiot... snuggle....
Tumblr media
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kozuelle · 10 days ago
hello manager, may i please order a haikyuu male matchup, please…
my pronouns are she/her and i don’t really have a preference as to who i’m matched with, your choice. my personality type is infj and my love language is acts of service. i am a very introverted and soft spoken person, only talking when it’s necessary. i rarely ever talk to people i don’t know, never really starting conversations. when people get to know me, they say im a patient and loyal person. it’s not easy to get me upset, i take the time to understand where people are coming from. when it comes to people, i prefer a quieter and serene aura. when i’m around people that tend to get a little too loud, i get really anxious and start to fidget a lot.
that’s about it, i’m really sorry if i overdid that. i hope all of well for you :)
HOLA HOLA!! IMMA DO HCS JUST BC A ONE SHOT IS SAVED FOR A DIFF FIC COMING OUT LATER SO I HOPE THIS IS OK!! omg im an infj too and honestly maybe were the same person 😟🏃🏻‍♀️🤝🧍🏻‍♀️
BUT WITH THAT IVE MATCHED U WITH: kenma kozume (my one true love)
some hcs:
ok so yall have the sweetest little dynamic of like the two people who see each other w stars in their eyes but never rly pys attention to anyone rlse
he n u have a lot of similarities so yall both understand that when ur not talking s not bc ur mad!!
ur communication skills w each other arent the best, but you guys can very easily read each others body language i feel like
u two def are like the couple people would just ship bc yall are so similar bye-
if u can cook hed love ur cooking sm and his love language being gifts and quality time kinda just fits w urs
god people would not have the slightest clue yall r dating-
like pls he def gives u games as a present
but like u just sit there like “ty 🧍🏻‍♀️” JEGDJSHD
esp if its one u dont rly know
so he teaches u how to play games
he is also very patient and loyal so i think that pairs extremely well together
he would take some time to open up but when he does youre just there for him and he appreciates that more than youll ever know
hes the person to send u like 2 rly long paragraphs ab how much he loves u then never again and he never acknowledges it-
he leaves lil messages for u everyday on like a fridge or a table before u leave sjdhdj
you guys have lil hand signals to get each other out of an uncomfy situation
so like 🤞 for example would be maybe im uncomfy pls get me tf out of here n so on n so forth
idk i think thats rly cute
matchup requests are: open
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luvdsc · 12 days ago
OMG @ that anon who shared their random dream abt johnny i can relate to u so much KFDSJKJD this happened to me but with hyuck. i've had like 3 dreams of hyuck and what's so weird is that they're always in the same setting,, which is in his dorm room?? and we do the same thing ALWAYS which is either chill/hang out n play or cuddle (i mean,, i aint complainin tho) the latest one i had was that we were play fighting and all of the sudden,, out of nowhere my nose bleeds?!?!?!? AND ME N HYUCK ARE LITERALLY FREAKIN OUT?? CUS MY NOSE IS BLEEDING?/ AND HYUCK JUST SCRAMBLES THRU THE ROOM TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING AND HE THEN RUSTLES THRU MY BAG AND GETS A TAMPON. he's holding the tampon and he looks me dead in the eye, and just shoves it up my nose (not violently tho thank gOd) and he just beams at me with the brightest smile (like a preschooler who's proud of his stick man drawing 🥺😭), and then he suddenly was liek, "oH wAit, i fOrgot something!" and hyuck just grabs another tampon out of my bag and shoves it up his nose??? and he says "that's better, we're now matching!!! :D" and i'm just like: ????👁👄👁??? wtf he's so cUTEANDWEIRDOHGOD,, for awhile both of us were just standing there like sims players with tampons up our noses LMAO and then i asked him,, "cuddle?" and he answered me by attacking me with an aggressive bear hug and screamed "cUDDLE!" like he was a spartan soldier ready to go to war LMAO. it was the oddest yet cutest thing ever in my life and i woke up with a smile on my face oh gosh. AND OMG I HOPE U FINALLY FIND WINWIN IN UR DREAMS MISS CAT!!!! U DONT DESERVE THIS SLANDER :// YA'LL LET MISS CAT SEE WINWIN IN HER DREAMS IN PEACE FOR GODS SAKE!!! BFDVJSD btw i hope u have a great day luvs! 😚
- 🐼 anon
oooo so a little psychology about dreams !!! 💕your brain stores info and memories in a certain manner, kinda like file cabinets. so for you, I think your brain stores college stuff like dorms and nct in the same drawer or file cabinet, so it mixes the two subjects together and creates your dream! that may be the reason why you always get hyuck and a dorm room together for your dreams 💘 DBHDIDJDDKKD WAIT OH MY GOD THIS REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF SHE’S THE MAN 😭😭😭 WHEN DUKE AND HIS FRIENDS ARE LIKE WHY DO YOU HAVE TAMPONS AND SHE DEMONSTRATES STICKING IT UP HER NOSE FOR POTENTIAL NOSEBLEEDS AND THEN LATER ON DUKE USES ONE TOO LDBKDJDJD I NEED TO REWATCH THAT MOVIE SOON NOW AAAAAA but omg that’s literally the cutest dream ever, honey bee !!!!! 🥺💗💗💗💗 I wish I got cute dreams too 🤧 NDHDJNDJSDJ ikr 😭😭 I can’t even see winwin in my dreams, what is this 😔😔 I remember getting a dream where jeno was my bf and jaemin was suffering second male lead and since I lucid dream, I was just there like 🧍🏻‍♀️🧍🏻‍♀️ are you serious. And thank you so much, sweetpea, I hope you have a lovely day/night too !!! pls remember to stay safe and hydrated 🌸🌸
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elysianslove · 18 days ago
and omg prince!osamu......i'm thinkin that tsumu is probably the heir to the throne so samu's probably pretty lax about the whole thing...but also omg now i can't stop thinking of samu disguising himself as a commoner to observe the townsfolk?!?? and then he meets u and gets to know u and falls in love and people at the palace start to notice how the 2nd prince just casually disappears from time to time and whenever it's brought up tsumu has no choice but to cover for him and come up with excuses DHSJKDBS MANY THOUGHTS INDEED
you're making my brairot so much worse help 🧍‍♀️and i'm looking forward to the fic you'll be posting <3333—🦊
WAIT WAS THIS THE ASK YOURE TALKING ABOUT??? if yes then 🧍🏻‍♀️ i really need to filter through my inbox damn ,,, starting to look a lot like a whole bunch of unread emails <//3 ANYWAYS now i wanna write prince!samu :( had to put a read more cause i got way too into it 
like u said, tsumu’s older so he’s next in line, so samu’s just busying himself with anything that he can since his duties are not as heavy as tsumu’s. on a day that tsumu’s doing heir and next in line things, samu decides to get away from the palace for a bit. (is it because he can’t handle the agony of always placing second to his brother in everything or just boredom? depends, which hurts more?).
he hears about this festival taking place in a village nearby and decides, why not? he picks out a disguise and is thinking up a plan on how to sneak out of the palace and make it all the way to village without being recognized when tsumu spots him, and obviously, he pesters him for way too long until osamu relents. he tells him everything and atsumu’s not stupid. he knows the reasoning behind this, and he’ll be damned before he takes away anything that could possible make osamu happy. 
osamu makes it to the village— he gets lost about a hundred times and looks really out of place when he arrives, but he does, and in one piece. he arrives just as the festival and parade is starting, and he’s so lost on where to go and what to do, when he bumps into you. it’s fate, he believes it is. because he sees you, and sees the spark in your eyes, and the excitement in your step, and the dazzling smile on your lips and thinks, where have you been his entire life? 
he shamefully admits he has no idea what’s going, to which you laugh and go, “ah, a foreigner,” and he agrees. a foreigner. he lets you take his hand and lead him through the crowd until you’re right before the parade and he’s so— in awe of everything. everything is so lively; he feels his heart beat faster than it ever has. he wonders how he could live in the most lavish palace in all the lands and have it be the dullest place he’s ever visited. he’s mesmerized by it all: by you, by the parade, by the lights and the fireworks and the music and the laughter and the people. he’s never felt more alive. 
it becomes a routine. once a week, he visits your village, visits you, till it becomes twice a week, thrice a week, every day. atsumu encourages it, a little too much, and makes up excuses every time osamu misses dinner because he lost track of time with you or misses breakfast because he decided to spend the night in your cozy cottage because your bed is so much more welcoming than his own. when osamu kisses you for the first time he sneaks back into atsumu’s room and gossips with him like they’re twelve year olds, and atsumu teases him about the lovesick look in his eyes and the smile that won’t erase off his lips every morning. their parents ask him what’s been making him so happy, and osamu brushes it off and tells them it’s nothing. 
it’s not all good though. there are nights when insecurities overwhelm you, where you’re reminded that he’s royalty, and— you’re not. that despite the similarities between you, you’re still so different. that you’ve introduced him to your family, but he can never introduce you to his. you meet his brother, and he’s so alike osamu yet so different it’s dizzying. he approves, and you hadn’t realized you’d needed to hear something like that until atsumu says it. but still, it’s not the same, because you’re his little secret, and you can never amount to more. 
things get worse when he’s arranged to marry. osamu has no say in it, even though he does protest. he has nothing against the person they’ve arranged for him to marry, they’re just not you. he argues and argues and argues, for nights upon nights. he tries to be careful, tries to come up with believable excuses, atsumu even going out of his way to back him up. eventually, when nothing works, he blurts the truth out— and tells them everything. tells them he can’t marry someone when he’s in love with someone else, with you, when he has been for the longest time, when he wants nothing more but to marry you. 
and that he’s willing to do anything to be with you. anything. 
after all, nothing, not even love, comes easy, does it? 
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pupimouto · 18 days ago
hii babi!! how are you today?
i woke up rlly sleepy bc i was like. too h-word at night so 😐 my thoughts were a bit confused earlier- i was thinking about asking u what's your fav smell but idk if i already asked it🧍🏻‍♀️
i hope u have a wonderful day, stay healthy and hydrated <3
have u ever heard of the comic nine stones?
-br anon
I'm good!!! Woke up like an hour ago and just finished my hw for today so I'm happy hehe
My fave smell is my bf's musk lol, but outside of that I think it's a tie between the smell of my cats and gasoline
You too bby, don't forget to eat and drink some water!!!
And no, I don't think so!! What is it?
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kozuelle · 24 days ago
if youre still looking for requests you could do a movie night with kenma thing 😩
Tumblr media
UHM OK ANYWAYS PAIRING: kenma kozume x gn!reader
warnings: none but there r slight major possibly incorrect spoilwers for ready player 1?
a/n: this has been rotting in my drafts for MONTHS. im literally so sorry ok anyways here we go:
Tumblr media
ok so first of all hes picking the movie. i dont make the rules
hes very “im good w anything idk what i wanna watch” n then u say like jurassic park or sum shit and hes like “no.” LIKE BOY WDYM NO.
anyways he ends up choosing ready player one 😐🧍🏻‍♀️
im- ok get it mr. cliche 😍‼️
hes the type of person who cannot get comfortable no matter what so hes just struggling to find a good position for mf half of the movie istg
so bravo bravo he finally finds a good one then this bitch has the AUDACITY to sit up get food n then he struggles again.
at this point u just ignore him (i feel bad for him i feel the pain tbh)
he also has like just the two of us the song playing in the background just bc hes very like always needing a lot of everything tbh
so yall r watching that and one might think he is very stoic doesnt like movies n shit but theres two ways this can go:
hes either sleeping or hes hyperactively paying attention
for this movie in particular he becomes overly attached n when the like house complex comes crashing down n im p sure there is like a scene where shes getting tortured? idk i havent watched the movie in forever
ok anyways he literally gasps, kinda jumps, n he cries a lot.
hes a v pretty crier tho 😖🥰
he kinda just has like tears streaming down his face n then like his head is in ur lap and ur stroking his hair and its honestly rly funny 😭😭
n then theres the scene where its the meetup face reveal irl and oh boy does kenma cry at that (you do too tbh)
ok so after that hes prob either heartbroken or out cold. if hes out cold, baby im sorry but ur not going anywhere
when he sleeps he doesnt wake up until its like 3 pm istg-
ugh but he also loves building shit
like constructing chairs n desks n he just lowk loves engineering its just not a big thing more like a side hobby bc he doesnt have the energy for doing that shit all the time
omg dad!kenma 😖🥺 elle stfu he cant be the father of ur children, HES NOT REAL. actually idc
so naturally for a movie night hes gonna go all out
im talking projector, pillow fort, blanket fort, fairy lights, maybe even a galaxy projector idk
he def built a whole ass fort for yall BUT thats why movie nights r so rare
so that night he stays awake duh but now its ur turn to choose
n so being the icon u are, u choose a barbie movie 😎💪
n hes like “again???” but he knows its ur turn so hes like “k fine ig.”
so u guys choose the mermaid one like the lost princess of a mermaid kingdom, that one
do yall know what im talking ab? idk google it ig but like where was ur childhood smh
ok anyways back to the topic at hand
kenma has watched all the barbie movies. its canon, furudate told me himself
he went up to me one day knocked on my garage n went “hey elle i heard u love kenma kozume, well im hear to tell u that hes watched all the barbie movies” n then he disappeared <33
ok but fr thats just a hc of mine anyways so yall be watchibg it
and hes obvi very sucked in
and then theres like the betrayal scene
n he gasps so loud his popcorn w extra butter n light seasalt n extra cheese w a side of HI-C fruit punch almost spills
that order is also canon.
and ur like “kenma baby r u ok?” while laughing ur ass off lowk
n hes like “yeah yeah im fine stfu now pls”
like just bc u said pls doesnt make it better but i see u, choosing barbie over us 🤨🙄 can relate tho
finally the movie ended n now yall both feel very empty. so what do yall do? by this point its like 4 in the morning
so the only logical answer is to play otome games, episode, animal jam, n the winx fairy rp game thing
Tumblr media
^^^ thats what yall look like btw
n thats it i hope u enjoyed n im so sorry for how late i am BYEE
Tumblr media
haikyuu general taglist: @babyshoyo (sorry it was like 2 am when i posted this i forgot 😭😭)
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marykateabad · a month ago
april 15, 2021
heeeyyyy 🤚🏼 stalkers welcome back to mk abaddie’s day
so remember yday i said i’d eat at midnight... lol didn’t happen i forgot again 🧍🏻‍♀️ i ended up talking to pari till like 4am. i can’t wait to wait for opportunities to call her out mwah ha ha 😈
i only slept for 4.5hrs i woke up 1.5hr before my alarm and i was anxious ab everything i had to do today so i couldn’t go back to sleep so i j started my day earlier than expected.
i am one of the princesses 👸🏼 for spcn and i went to ww to film today and the long af gold nails we wear kept coming off even tho i made them so tight i didn’t have circulation in my fingers anymore 🥸 by the end of my take 3 fell off but i j kept going like the champ i am 😤 i appreciate everyone in vinta royalty and for making my dream of being princess come true. circumstances weren’t ideal i still have yet to perform at royce but i’ll forever b grateful for this opportunity. i hope u can’t c me struggle get on sticks in the final video 🥲 luv u trent and jed for literally carrying me on ur shoulders <33
it took me awhile to get home bc of traffic but i also contribute bc i exited the freeway at the wrong place aaannddd ended up going to lax luh mao i needa learn how to read i’m always f***ing up exiting freeways.
anyways i also had my interview for pch today. did not prep as much as i wanted to i was on a time crunch from after i got home from filming to the time of the interview. i think it was an okay interview considering i p much winged it. lol i forgot ppl were nice it was refreshing 🥸
i didn’t eat my first meal till after my interview which was like 6pm so i didn’t eat for like over 24hrs lol not lol but lol. i ate the entire 🌯 my brother got me yday from chipotle which is good
our ph team also had our first mental health campaign for this quarter and the topic was self care. it was rly nice educating ppl ab the importance of self care bc sometimes it’s hard to remember *i* am a priority. i enjoyed hearing ab some of the things they do to destress and relax 🕺🏻 i rly needed that to slow myself down bc my mind b 🏃🏻‍♀️ and it got me to 🚶🏻‍♀️ but now i’m back to 🏃🏻‍♀️ soo idk at least my head got a mini break and i got to spend time w my community :’)
i am all caught up on 153a lecs so i gotta study for my midterm on monday but i forgot i have a physics 5c midterm tmrw so rip me lol. it’s open for 24hrs so i *hope* i’ll b okay
i think this is gonna b another long night bc i needa study and catch up on other tasks 🥲 o also i cried 2x today which helped me a lot bc i like to bottle things up so it was good i got it out and i also got my matcha green tea latte w 3 pumps of brown sugar syrup again so those were my methods of self care today 💆🏻‍♀️💅🏼 o also i b detailed today bc writing this helps me organize my th*ts and today was a 🚺🐶
last th*t if 1 more person asks what ethnicity i am ima start telling ppl a different one each time 😐🤚🏼
byeeeee 🇵🇭
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yukae-rin · 2 months ago
ok but i’m wondering,, which knb boys would actually visit u in the midst of a pandemic? idk if this makes sense T - T
who would visit you during the pandemic?
Tumblr media
featuring  gom
genre fluff, not edited
warnings  nothing really except the pandemic 🧍🏻‍♀️ 
[!] yukae  asgndjn im actually scared to post this because i feel like someone would get mad but this writing does not romanticize the corona virus. it’s comfort for those who feel lonely and locked up during this pandemic. i genuinely don’t want to offend anyone, but if you are please let me know, i can take it down.
Tumblr media
oooh i like this one. so, midorima and seijuro wouldn’t, we can cross them off. as much as midorima loves you deep down, he would’t visit you he’d say it’s ‘too much of a hassle’ and that it’s dangerous. seijuro would love to visit, but he follows the ‘stay at home’ rule very very strictly
but the ppl who i do know would visit you are kise, atsushi and aomine 
headcanons under the cut!
murasakibara atsushi
there were little to none cases in the town you and atsushi lived in. he missed you a lot and with the very very few cases he thought it wouldn’t hurt to visit you. after all, the both of you just tested negative.
he probably would forget to tell you in advance  that he was coming over, so when he was at your door, knocking loudly, you were surprised.
you wouldn’t really think that he would go out of his house during the pandemic just to see you.
but here he is, hovering over you, gloves, mask and face shield on, with a box of snacks held tightly to his chest.
“oh atsu! you could’ve told me in advance that you were coming over! i could’ve tidied up the place a bit.” you babbled excitedly. after not seeing your boyfriend face to face in 8 months, you couldn’t help but squeal.
“it’s fine, y/n-chin. i have snacks.” he mumbles, walking past you and plopping down on the couch. he patted his lap to indicate that you should sit. he took off his mask and face shield looking at you expectantly.
“atsuuu, i missed you so much!” you wailed, jumped into his lap. he let out a ‘oumf’ at the sudden weight, not that you were heavy he was just surprised at your supa speed. 
“y/n chin?” he called out.
“yea atsu?” you asked snuggling deeper into his chest.
“i'm home.” he said chuckling softly.
“does this mean you're moving in with me?”you pulled away to look at him confused.
“dumbass. I'm implying that you're my home and you make me feel at home. You always do this when I try to do something sweet.” Atsushi huffs, grabbing a bag from the box, and munching on the salty snack.
aomine daiki 
honestly he probably snuck out. he just missed you so much that he couldn’t bare to not see your face for another minute.
he stands in front of your door, hesitant about knocking. 
he stands outside for half an hour because he wanted to make sure when he saw you he would be able to hug you. he thinks if he waits long enough the germs would disappear and he’d be sanitized by then 💀
you open the door and you didn’t even get a chance to see his face cause he immediately hugged you.
“woah, woah, woah mister! didn’t you know there’s a pandemic?” you giggled, hugging him back.
“hush, i sprayed myself with alcohol, plus i had no direct contact with anything for half an hour! we both tested negative anyways, just one little visit wouldn’t hurt right?” he said picking you up and spinning you around outside of your front door, making you squeal in surprise.
“i guess not. movie night?” you suggested looking up at him flashing him a bright smile.
“of course, lovely.” he mutter into your hair wrapping his arms tighter around you.
kise ryota
kinda doesn’t want to go and whines while arguing with himself wether to go or not.
but his longing for you overcame his rational thinking.
he tested negative and so did you, so it was fine, he supposed.
so he decided to surprise you.
“Y/N-cci?” you heard him call out through the phone. you could sense something was wrong, from his shaky tone.
“Hmm? What is it, kise?” his breathing getting heavier.
“Can you look outside?” he muttered out. you walk over to your window and took a peek. you saw your boyfriend, rocking on his heel and waving at you with a huge grin plastered on his face and a gift box in hand.
you rush downstairs and let him in, settling him down on the couch. 
“So what brings you here?” you asked teasingly, wiggling your eyebrows at him as you sat down beside him.
“I brought you a gift!” you thank him and took the gift, opening it carefully.
Inside was a sweater, a plushie of him, and signed photocards — of him (idea from johnny vu on tiktok) you glare at him but your actions betray you by leaning in and kissing him on the cheek, eyebrows still furrowed.
Tumblr media
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kozuelle · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Pretty setter squad hcs pt 2
Includes: akaashi, atsumu Miya, and suga
Warnings: none just fluff
Note: idrk atsumu that much but I think I’ve read enough fanfics to get a good enough idea. Pls reblog and comment and like it rly helps me out :)
Pairings (sorta): TIMESKIP akaashi keji x Gn!reader, atsumu Miya x gn!reader, and sugawara koushi x gn!reader
A/n: sorry for the accidental hiatus I just like completely forgot I had to do this 💀💀 anyways can someone explain how to use tags 😀😀😀 ALSO WTF IS WRONG W ME IM WILLINGLY BY CHOICE LEARNING INTRO TO BIO ON KHAN ACADEMY AND IM LOWKEY LIKING IT????? 😀🧍🏻‍♀️ I- anyways on w the headcanons. Oh also idk why but I cant/don’t know how to make like a separation photo thingy but I’ll figure it out ig
Tumblr media
Akaashi Keji:
He’s insecure asf. Like idk why but he just is, so if u date him be prepared to have to reassure him that u love him all the time
He secretly loves being bokutos babysitter
I lowkey get like pan vibes from him?? Like not bi but pan or if he is bi then he isnt just attracted to women and men
He wants you to do his eyeliner
He makes playlists for the two of you 🥺
He doesn’t take no bs and is rly good at reading people
He loves cuddles and needs to be given physical affection but gives verbal affection best
He will give you anything you need if u ask for it
His ideal partner just needs to be energetic enough to keep him on his toes but has smth that grounds them and can stay focused when needed
In hs when going to the training camps, he would sneak into the kitchens at night bc he couldn’t sleep and that’s how he met you
Loves seeing you in his glasses
Touch. Deprived.
He is a pro fort builder
Lowkey he’s a bookworm and loves to read but he got bullied for it (in a loving way) by the volleyball team
In college he still plays a bit of volleyball w the rest of fukurodani at reunions
Def gets high but not often so when he does- 🥵
Donates money to charities that he gets from bonuses at work
When he sees you in his old jersey- ur ability to walk: gone.
I feel like he’s the type of person to chew on the back of pencils and pens when rly deep in thought
Straight a’s bby
Would 100% respect ur pronouns and/or sexuality
He gives me tea lover vibes
He didn’t rly like manga until he was assigned that at his work place but then he fell in love
Protective supportive bby 🥺🥺
Literally mans is so pretty istg- but he finally realized that when y’all started dating 😚😚
His fingers: GORGEOUS. I feel like his fingers are always cold but that might just be me
That’s it for pretty boy 😚😚
Atsumu Miya:
so his OG hair color isn’t his actually yellow since he dyes it and he has like a schedule for it
At the end of the day the most supportive person to osamu is atsumu
He loves to travel
He has an album in his phone just full of photos of people he loves
Is a fuck boy but treats his momma well
I feel like this man watches k dramas in secret 💀💀
He’s a messy roommate and cannot clean for shit
He’s an emotional drunk so when he gets drunk he’s like crying and clingy to you and asking you if u love him all the time
Wants to receive words of affection but actually shows his feelings with physical affection
Has temptations to shave his head fs
I feel like he crosses his legs no matter where he’s sitting he just HAS to cross them
Sits like a frog (SAME BYE-) and def kind L from death note (maybe I’m an atsumu kinnie...)
Has tried to dye his hair other colors. Did not work.
Ok so I feel like he grew up close w other people so he’s very touchy feely yk? So like he will have physical contact no matter what
Speaking on that, he expressed love by physical contact and touch but prefers to get words of affection to receive love bc he feels inferior to osamu sometimes lowkey
I just wanna say that atsumu has a piss kink. I don’t make the rules
ok anyways he’s def a frat boy or at least used to be one
Gets drunk a lot but like not wasted wasted just tipsy enough to be not safe to drive (it’s never safe to drink and drive tho)
When drunk he is lowkey just a koala and always by you, hanging off ur arm and everything
Loves to do that thing where y’all hold hands in a pocket if u know what I mean?
Will spray his hoodies w his cologne to mark dominance go alpha go ig
Mans is so possesive istfg
Fav color is orange. Idk why I just get those vibes yk?
Ok a lil bit of nsfw ish ones not full out tho
Hardcore dom
I feel like he’s down for anything EXCEPT for u pegging him. (#pegatsumu2021)
Ok that’s all idrk that much ab him tho 😭🤚
Sugawara Koushi:
chews his nails
He/they tbh
I get pan vibes from him but I feel like he rly won’t talk in love w anyone unless he has an emotional attachment to them so like a biromantic but will be sexually attracted to anyone
Writes poetry and love letters to you ‼️‼️
Has his wedding vows ready already
Gets white girl wasted 💀💀 but he doesn’t rly like getting drunk so it’s fine
Mostly the designated driver
The only one on the pretty setter squad that isn’t touch deprived
Will defend you no matter what. Unless ur in the wrong ofc
Has bailed people out of jail before 😐🧍🏻‍♀️
I feel like he’s a collector. So like he collects idk cards or smth? But he def collects smth
he doesn’t wear socks or shoes sometimes to feel more connected to earth
Spirit animal is a koala (just bc they radiate the same vibes in such a good way)
Def believes in the supernatural
K drama watcher and proud of it 😌😌
Also a huge k pop Stan
Ok some nsfw ones now
Has suggested a threesome w u him and daichi
Uses handcuffs sometimes ngl
but he’s soft either way
So when he’s dom he’s like akaashi and doesn’t do anything that will hurt you
Boob guy but also likes ur ass? Idk he basically just loves you in general
Will worship ur body
Ok now we done w that
He fts the karasuno team or keeps them all in touch and together over quarantine and in college
Him and akaashi are the second closest in the pretty setter squad (no 1 being Hinata and kenma duh)
Very much so a family man
Gets so protective over the smallest things
Someone laughs at u bc u fell? They’re gonna eat the floor and taste sugas fists
Calls his s/o sugar or honey, you call him glucose as a joke (pls if u don’t get that I AM concerned for ur health.)
Daichi and him still keep in contact
Suga has a gc w all of the simps of the team(s) and adds people whenever they simp for someone so they can all gush ab the person they simp for
Is friends w everyone on every team
Shy when u meet him so loud once ur close to him
Self conscious of his birthmark 😪👊
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