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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#but I think it's from being busy
bookmarksandbonfires · 6 days ago
I feel like my to do list isn't getting any shorter this week???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, got (the first dose of) my COVID vaccine yesterday--so far, my arm aches a little, but nothing too awful. As a young healthy person, I feel a little gross being able to get it when there are other people out there who won't have access to one for ages, but I also live in an anti-mask city, so I know a lot of people around here aren't being COVID safe and likely won't get vaccinated. So I guess I'm doing my part for this community of assholes and protecting myself--and also making sure I'm fully vaccinated in time for camp and (hopefully) my study abroad next year. Stay safe!
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its-captain-sir · 6 hours ago
hi this is a personal rant but it's in the tags cause I don't want to clog up people's dashes with whatever I say ✌️
#I'm just super stressed and way behind in school and when stuff starts getting like this my first reaction is to *.✧self isolate*.✧#which I've kinda done for the past week or so though there were times where i was just legitimately busy and wasn't online cause of that#but yeah I've been doing that and normally once i see that I'm doing that i metaphorically bonk myself on the head like no stop doing that#cause that is not a healthy coping mechanism!#but this time it actually seems to be helping me?#like i muted a bunch of fairly active servers I'm in on discord today and i felt like i had a lot less stress#cause i wasn't trying to keep up with those messages and check all the notifs in between trying to do work or pay attention in class#and i focused a lot better and got a lot of work done#so maybe my unhealthy coping mechanism isn't so unhealthy after all!#(that's a joke it totally is it just so happens it's working for me this time)#but anyways i think I'm gonna keep doing that for the foreseeable future cause i really do need to stop being behind in things#like it's not even just school work it's like every aspect of my life hskfhskfhsk#but like. doing this means i cut off like 80% of my socialization with people that aren't related to me#which probably isn't great! but idk what else to do#y'all should just interact with me on here more so i get that little bit of socialization smh#←that's a joke but also not really cause i manage my tumblr usage way better than anything else#so theoretically i Could get enough socialization to not go insane just from here#you know i had a point i was gonna make where was i going with all this hajdhakfjskdj#OH YEAH so i am gonna mute all my relatively active servers on discord for a while but for any friends/mutuals who want to talk#my dms are still open and if you @ me in any server i should still see it so feel free to do both of those!#and depending on how things go i might unmute everything on the weekends idk#we'll just see how this goes i guess#also whoops this got WAY longer than i wanted it to be#i don't even know half of what i said at this point HSJDHDKFUSOFU#y'all can just ignore everything except for that last bit about if you want to contact me on discord#megan.txt
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gayluigi · 12 days ago
tfw you discover your former best friend’s tumblr and stay up until 5 am being sad about it and writing a letter to them you know you’ll never send :(
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snapperoni · 15 days ago
sometimes i catch my ass acting like patrick when he was all like “i wait for you to come back :(” and i gotta be like Damn Get It Together
#snap chats#i gotta review myself bruh#for the longest time i was really good at not like#caring whether someone pulled up in my day or not LMAO#yk and like i still like. know NOT to care you know#like people are busy or like doing things and obviously cant just be available all the time#it been like that for the longest time for me yk#so i think its cause of that and the fact like#i do got homies now#its like :) oh no i miss talking to my homies :(#gotta stop that like ASAP LMAO#i think its also a matter of me being bored and not having the will to do things ih ave to do#which is ALSO bad#this is just a call out to myself damn :( i need my life together#tryna think of what to do cause Again im feelin like. Meh yeah#and i dont even want to do what i usually do but idk might force myself#since i need to get out of this weird funk both involving this patrick star ass moment and not working#i've b een getting off track of My pAtH as of late its so bad i gotta fix it#i think its indulging too much- i ve been doing that a lot lately and its not good for me me thinks#i gotta step away from the things i like for a while maybe and just go back to centerin me soul or whatever#I Say As I Plan On Drawing DB After This Post LMAO#its so bad :(#though i thnk-- nvm LMAO i was gonna say i got some art supplies and i could try them out by drawing a thing#but uhh the thing i was gonna draw uhh i dont want my fam finding it by accident <3<3#i mean i could say that about any of my art but like. this one isn't BAD BAD but its still sus <:)#dont need my mom thinking im more sus than she already suspects Probably#anyway bye bye gonna uhhhh draw That Thing and see if that wakes me up ig :) at 4PM :)
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ftmmidnighter · 18 days ago
unpopular opinion o’clock i hated that billy and teddy got married, it made no damn sense, they love each other and should stay together but also theyre like 18. i feel like marvel got them married just to give them something to do/us queer readers something to be happy about. i’m not happy. i actually feel like a horse thats being fed a sugar cube to keep it walking.
like i know its been said but ricstar were right there somewhere lmfao
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workofthediesel · 29 days ago
it’s been a week and cam hasn’t even looked at that fic he said he would help me edit so
Tumblr media
#life tag#joking (mostly)#i know i'm complaining about this a lot but i'm genuinely kinda hurt about it#i've been playing it off to him like it's not a big deal because for all intents and purposes it isn't#this is for fanfic it's just a hobby#so it's not like my career is on the line or anything#but i was really excited to have him edit it#it was like being back in one of my writing workshops#honestly they were so fun and i was looking forward to getting feedback like that again#from someone else who's been through stuff like that and knows how to actually critique a piece of writing#and he keeps telling me he'll do it on this day or that day and then he never does#and like. i'm going to post the fic anyway once i'm all done with it#but i was really excited to have it edited bc i never edit my fics like that and i thought it'd be cool to have one polished to that level#and i don't know if he doesn't want to do it so he keeps putting it off or if he gets too busy and doesn't have time or if he just forgets#but... :(#i've edited personal projects for him before#and i didn't spring this on him out of nowhere i gave him like a month's warning that i was even thinking about it#and now i just#idk#i don't want to seem pushy or whiny about it but i also want to go to him and be like#hey remember that fic you said you'd help me edit like two weeks ago? why haven't you looked at it yet?#because like. he said he'd help me edit it like two weeks ago and he hasn't looked at it yet#and that doesn't make me feel good
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akaroot · 29 days ago
with traditional film and television a lot of people don't understand what goes into the production and all it goes through to get to your screen. I don't think most people think about the hectic switch room that goes into live broadcast television. and that's fine! but seeing people try and view critical role like it's either of those three traditional forms of media is so damn tiring. whether youre looking at the story, or the decisions of a company, it's not as simple as looking to the CR cast.
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