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#but I can't find him so im not gonna check
miyascoffin · a day ago
Hear me out iida finding his crushes vodka 
Tumblr media
iida finding his crushes vodka
-> iida tenya x reader
aaaaaa idk what to add on so um... here :D sorry if this seems all over the place, since i did a similar one of iida finding his crushes juul it may seem a bit repetitive and i was trying to make it not seem completely the same also im trying so hard to get out of this writers block AAAA
warnings: underage drinking !!
word count: 401 words
alternative title: u gonna make him shit himself
check out my masterlist for more of my works !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𖤐 unlike with smoking or vaping, iida’s much more strict and uptight with drinking
𖤐 he’s very concerned about how addicting it can be, how it can severely impair your ability to make proper decisions, and how it has absolutely no benefits whatsoever.
𖤐 he can see how smoking may help with medical issues or as self medicating for mental illnesses, but he believes there’s really no reason for you to be drinking.
𖤐 that being said, when he finds your vodka, he’s very confused and disappointed, and depending on how big the bottle is, he’s also really concerned.
𖤐 now if it’s a big bottle, he’s worried about how you may have even gotten it in the first place, and if it’s a big bottle and close to empty, he’s disappointed that you’ve been drinking this whole time.
𖤐 if it's a smaller bottle, the first assumption and what he HOPES is the case is that a friend may have given it to you or something, that drinking isn’t something you do as often.
𖤐 he can also understand,,,, a glass of wine for instance.
𖤐 in many countries, at his age, teens can drink maybe a glass of wine at a fancy dinner with supervision, but this is vodka we’re talking about,,,
𖤐 it doesn't taste good, much less pair very well with food,, in his eyes, vodka is purely for getting drunk.
𖤐 he goes to you to ask about it, and the whole time he’s hoping drinking is something you don't really do
𖤐 he scolds you and gives you the whole lecture about drinking and how bad it is at your age (assuming you and him are still in high school) and how he’s really disappointed in you.
𖤐 of course, him being as soft for you as he is, he’ll feel bad seeing you upset as well and may even consider stopping and just leaving you be, but he doesn’t.
𖤐 you know he only scolds you and lectures you because he cares, he wants you to be healthy and happy and he just can't wrap his head around why you would want to be drinking
𖤐 he tells you afterwards that he’d like it if you’d let him throw away the vodka, and that he wont tell any of the teachers as long as you try to not drink (that is, if it’s something you do often)
𖤐 just do it for him :( he’s really just devastated about it
Tumblr media
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shyrose57 · 3 days ago
Brothers anon, im gonna start combing the two separate submissions again cause its getting too short to have them separate I think?
1: His possession messed with memories Ranbob had before, so memories of school friends or playing with Ran were distant to erased. Though after Dreams possession it was also harder to make and keep memories. But thankfully as Ranbob was recovering from Dream and got futher away making memories came eaiser to him, though he'll never get back the memories he lost. 
3: Oh he would very quickly grow to regret his decision, but it would be funny. And Benjamin would later admit that while it was annoying and stressful, it was also fun and he was very happy to have his two families meet and generally get along. 
8: Everyone is just in shocked silence before Cletus just goes "YEAHHHHHHHHHH!" Oddly happy that Ranboo committed so much arson. Oh definitely, after all the outcasts of society where put there. Of course people would make such negative rumors about Mizu and treat the people as the scum of the earth. Though this also means, people don't know what happened in Mizu, and anyone who knows, view it in a more happy and a "Their finally gone" type of way, then viewing it as the tragedy it was. 
Spoons is a card game technically. A group of people sit in a group and everyone gets 4 cards, and you keep discarding at least 1 card of yours to the person on your left, who then does the same to their person on their left, the last person in the group puts a card into a discard pile. The goal is to get 4 of the same cards, and once someone gets 4 of the same cards, that person goes and grabs a spoon in a pile in front of them (let's say there's 5 players, theres only going to be 4 spoons cause there's always a spoon less than the people playing), once they grab one anyone can grab a spoon. And the person who doesn't get a spoon gets a S added to them, once Spoons is spelled the person gets out of the game, and a spoon gets removed to continue the game. Basically for flowers its played the exact same way but with flowers in the middle expect for spoons.
11: I just imagine Dream sulking in a corner as you yell at him and him going like "well I didn't know…" as he kicks a stone. And he wasnt sure what it was, but quickly jumped on the idea that maybe it was the fact that Ran was still alive somewhere, and that that's causing Ranbob to willingly let himself become weak and defy him. Causing Dream to become angrier at Ran and punish Ranbob harder. 
3: During the brothers fight in the storm, and after everyone runs off to find Ranbob, Ran is left alone. And he decides to just wander off into the storm, not protecting himself from the rain so he does get burnt. The whole time he's lost deep in thought and isn't really paying attention. He continues to wander for a whole day unfollowed (because after the Gladiators and Fishermen came back to the cave after finding Ranbob they are in no rush to find Ran and decide to look for him after the storm passes, which takes a full day) and at some point Raq finds him wandering. Which Raq then uses Rans distraction to his advantage and attacks him. At first only really the gladiators where concerned when they found Ran gone. But once they found him blinded and terrified everyone felt awful and a looming sense of guilt. And everyone continued to feel that way, even after they got the antidote and Ran started to see again.
4: They would just leave Ranbob alone and check in on him every now and again. But generally let him deal with it himself. They'd feel guilty leaving him alone, but they also know that they can't really do anything for him as their not prepared or briefed on how to help him in this situation. 
10: Oh definitely, even with Ran blinded they would've been kicked out immediately for fighting, without even a second glance. Dont forget, Ran still cares for his brother. And maybe, losing his sight made him face the side of him that wanted to become family again with Ranbob, maybe it brought enough to light that he just can't ignore it anymore. Mostly only negative potions can be permanent, like posion, blinding, wither, and nausea (I know the last like 3/2 are effects but they've also found a way to make effects into potions.). You already know what a antidote for blindness would be. A antidote for wither would be, a ghast tear (actually a basic ingredient for almost every antidote), blaze powder, and glistening melon to make a overpowered healing potion. Antidote for posion would be ghast tear, swiftness (so it acts fast to get rid of the posion), and the 3rd ingredient depends on what kind of posion it  was (posion that has a side effect of constricting or filling the lungs with water? Pufferfish and Turtle shell for last ingredients. Posion that has weakness? Blaze powder, and glistening melon) And antidote for nausea would be ghast tear, and potion of slowness to allow the person to slowly feel better, so their nausea doesn't hit them all at once before disappearing, which can cause them to throw up or have side effects. 
13: Thats exactly what they did. 
14: Jackie will 100% attempt to fight God and no one can stop him. :) (to be honest im not sure yet, I know I want to do more with Raq and have the idea that maybe he could be the person that finds Dream and gets him out of Mizu, but that's pretty often used in stories and I want to try to think of something more unique. Maybe I'll have it so Raq actually manages to capture the brothers or at least one of them and uses them as blackmail?)
15: When Ranbob was a child and Ran was just a baby Ranbob would often take Ran out of his crib and take him to go watch the fish swim by. When Ran was old enough he'd follow Ranbob everywhere, even a few times he managed to sneak into Ranbobs class room and almost wasn't caught. Ran got extremely clingy one day and managed to gather his haunting all up into his arms and carried them around, even though he was obviously struggling. And Ranbob used to complain about his teachers and idiotic classmates whenever he got home, which is funny when you consider Ran was very impressiable at the time and Ran started mimicking Ranbob, leading to him cursing, much to Ranbobs dismay. 
And im curious, do you have any questions that I havent answered? Or do you have any ideas for anything? I'd love to hear whatever you have to say about anything honestly!
Course! I dont have much lore wise other than they go to Kelalen and when they hear Dream is still around they decide to stay back to help fight him. But the idea I have is that Karl is just kinda hanging with everyone I listed, talking about allies or treaties when his time traveling clock/watch starts to go off, and he panics, but sadly in his haste to stop it he makes it worse and it grabs everyone, where they end up in the future. After hours of confusion and explaining they calm down. When 2 days later they find the Gladiator and Fishermen group, at first Karl is strongly against going to then for help, but everyone basically ignores him and go to ask for help. Hours of explanation and proof giving later the GF (Gladiator and Fishermen, got tired of writing it out) group sadly tells them that they cant really help. Until Ran (who was previously gone searching the surrounding area and making sure it was safe) appears high up on a tree (cause I just can't get the image of Ran on a tree and looking comfortable and confident as hell out of my head), and says that maybe Kelalen can help, if not going to Foolish may be a good alternative. Isaac, and Grievous are extremely against going back (at this time a 2 months have past since they left Kelalen)n saying it could be dangerous but Ran just aboustely shoots them down, along with Watson and Jackie agreeing with Ran, and Karls group agreeing to it. They head off to Kelalen. And Jackie is extremely excited at the potential of going to see Foolish finally. And it'd probably be like a sub au where the brothers au is the main backbone for it but at a certain point it separates from the au and becomes its own.
1: Okay, ouch. Can you imagine if Ran brought one of those memories up, and just had Ranbob look confused, or horrified, depending on how quick he realizes what happened? How would Ran react to that realization, both before and after he forgives Ranbob?
3: If nothing else, everyone got some laughs from it-even Benjamin, once his friends were far, far away from his family and not able to teach them more chaos. 
8: Cletus, why are you so happy? Do you just enjoy knowing chaos existed back then? Are you an arsonist? What’s up with you? 
Also, wow. Not cool, other city people, that’s very mean.
Spoons sounds like it’s interesting, I might try it sometime. Did the group just have those cards on them? What other games did they have?
11: Good, put Dream back in the corner, I’m gonna be yelling more. Because, seriously dude? I know you probably exist solely out of spite, but c’mon. Admittedly, from a certain point of view, it could be considered amusing that your first thought was that Ranbob was making himself weaker out of defiance/spite but like. From a more responsible and mature viewpoint, that’s incredibly stupid, and I-just. Buddy, hate to tell you, but I’m pretty sure that’d just be a you thing. Besides you were in Ranbob’s head, didn’t he think Ran was dead? It doesn’t even make sense. Good lord, I’m half-tempted to get the broom and chase you around like you’re a particularly unruly barn cat. 
3: First of all, that sounds really scary for Ran. Second of all, are we getting an overprotective arc?
4: Kind of sad, but understandable, they’re dealing with the situation as best they can.
10: Even if the group was provoked by the townspeople? Potions sound really cool, wish I could make those in real life, tbh.
13: W-what do you mean ‘that’s exactly what they did’? Anon, is your friend, like, a legit gremlin? I’m spooked. 
14: Foolish takes one look at Jackie, wearing a smile that exactly matched Tubbo’s when he was about to cause chaos, and immediately nopes out of that. He knows that face, and he will not be getting tangled into a fight with a goblin child today, no sir. I’m sure Jackie tries regardless though. (Also, that sounds like that goes horribly, do we get an overprotective ender-sibling, for whoever gets captured or used as blackmail, if that’s what you do?)
15: I love all of these so much, oh my gosh. Baby Ran seeing the fishes and following his big brother around. Poor Ranbob’s face when his baby brother cursed one day, Ran trying to carry all of his haunting. I’m in tears, honestly. 
Umm...I can’t think of anything right now, to be honest. If I ever do have a question or idea though, I’ll through it on the Brothers AU tag for you to check out, I guess. 
Oh, this sounds really cool. The part about them just ignoring their local time traveler when they’ve just time traveled particularly amuses me, as does Jackie wanting to see Foolish-I feel like Foolish may be a little more than terrified to see both Tubbo and Jackie back, honestly. Why was Ran willing to help them so much? What did they do to offer proof? How did Ranbob react once they proved who they were? How does all the group get along? Are they Ranboo’s haunting, and if so, if Ranboo gets close with his descendants, does he merge his hauntings with theirs? How does the time group feel about the Brothers fighting, and Ranbob’s possession?
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Ep 3 Confessionals Pt 3. | "We Love Losing" - Linden
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
loves slaughtering half the cast in a comp at f16 for no real reason since one team was throwing and 3 teams were safe but!!!! i get competitive what can i say! anyway sam w/jarod/I made an alliance. its cute and i love our vibe but i cannot see us being final 3. it's rlly not smart for any of us??? but i think we have trust and a good vibe so there's no point in NOT capitalizing on that for now.....but....I need to start finding my own people. Sam W was someone I thought could fit into that but....I think he's a bit mesmerized by Jarod. Sure, I think he evaluates him as a threat but telling Jarod he wants f3 with him? Either he's just preparing to snake him bad, or doesn't really wanna have to cut him. Either way, Sam is concerning me (adore him though). this crystal hunt is what's gonna make or break me. I think Jarod is telling me 90% of what he finds (which I'm betting is more than anyone else at this point) but it's not 100%. And I def don't blame him for that but I did tell him 100% of my first search, so I'm thinking I need to reciprocate only that 90% back. and idk for some reason....the dancing on the ballroom seems like a lie to me. idk if I'm brave enough to do it bc apparently you lose 3 minutes on it, but....I feel like he found something that he wants to be his secret ace. But he had to weave it into his story since Jess straight up tells you about the dance floor when you walk in??? but that's such a colossal risk to lie about something you know people can expose you for so i'm torn. but anywho! rn I'd love a safety without power bc it A) can't be nullified and B) is unique in the game - and even if I try and craft it but fail, at least i know it's *in* the game somewhere?? so wish me luck!
Tumblr media
u know what im going to play with no fear if mx juls says i cant say that they want mikey out i will simply be like listen mikey im voting u its girls and theys for me i gotta say i adore u but thats where im leaning if i go bc of it, then i go i am at peace bc ur a baddie b bc i am NOT doing this whole BACK AND FORTH I AM NOT!!!!!! YALL MISS ME WITH THT SHIT I LOVE MY WORK I AM NOT CHECKING INTO THIS GAME DURING WORK I NEED TO FOCUS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I AM SO SORRY I FORGOT TO DO A VOICE CONFESSIONAL SO THIS ONE IS GONNA SUCK!!!! Anyways I’m so thankful my team won immunity because ... it’s kinda cute not having to worry about fairy council right now! I feel like I would survive if we went to one with this current set up of us three, because William basically told me last night that he was waiting until the right moment to just tell me that he wants Lindsay to leave. Like sis we’re on a team of three and you can’t just not talk to either of us ... mess I hope that someone from the other team comes to join us but we’ll see . They could all easily join us and throw the challenge just to vote me out but if that happens tbh that’s not even my fault so I know I’d die a robbed goddess. I could sense a little bit of hurt feelings coming from some folks cuz of the challenge ... what DRAMA I’m so here for it lol Prediction is Emily or Linden (I think that’s their name) go home tonight. We’ll see how accurate that is! Wouldn’t mind seeing Eve go home though, that would spice things up so much 👀
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hqcult · 17 days ago
EYELINER ## suna rintarou
Tumblr media
trying to apply his eyeliner would've been easy if only rintarou can keep his hands to himself.
♡ — tw smut, dom suna, established relationship, fingering, oral f receiving, edging, dirty talk, slight exhibitionism, mind break, unprotected sex, pwp
♡ — wc 4k
♡ — a/n this is so self-indulgent im sorry lmao
Tumblr media
"ugh, he's gonna do it again." you mutter, eyeing suna's hand as it skims around your vanity desk for his favorite brand of eyeliner. for some reason everybody naturally finds themself drawn to suna rintarou, even if he was always so stoic and detached. 
you hate how girls would flock around him in parties as they stare at his kohl-lined eyes or at the painted black nail polish whenever you disappear to get a drink, knowing full well what kind of thoughts are running in their heads because you, for sure, thought of him the same way. alright. we get it. your boyfriend can be a hot mofo if he wants to be and his idgaf attitude just adds to the whole appeal.
we get it.
because you love him more than the stars in the galaxy combined, sometimes you can't help but feel jealous when people get too close to him. you really didn't want to be that type of girlfriend but sometimes you just like the assurance that he's all yours and nothing's wrong about that, right? plus, suna seems to exceptionally love when he gets you jealous and feral. he may always pretend otherwise but he loves staking his claim on you just as much as you liked being claimed by him. 
"are you done yet?" you say, staring at him from your bedroom door frame. 
atsumu was throwing a party tonight and you were all dressed up and ready to go, just patiently waiting for your boyfriend. 
suna replies a beat later, not bothering to meet your eyes. "just a minute."
you just want his attention all on you. you don't even want to go to this stupid party and see all these people shamelessly flirting with him even if you were right there by his side. you just want to have some alone time with suna rintarou. 
and you may or may not have just come up with an idea to make that happen.
"where's the eyeliner? the one i always use?"
"it's not there? i know i left it there. wait, let me look." 
you straighten up, walking towards him in your red leather mini skirt that can make any man's eyes sliver down to your ass. 
suna is sitting on your swivel chair, leaning back in a man spread as he clicks his tongue impatiently. he looks good even in a plain shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, his athletic and tall build enough to make any outfit look good.
"are you sure it's not in the drawers?"
"yes, i already checked."
you pout, making a show of muttering "i swore i threw it in here," under your breath as you maneuver around his spread legs to stand in between them, bending forward as you rummage around where he's already looked twice. 
you know he's staring at your ass. suna was never lowkey with how much he loves you in this leather mini-skirt. it's a miracle he hasn't landed a rough spank yet after getting a face full view of your ass. 
"wait a minute, maybe it rolled under my vanity."
so you get down on your knees, making sure your butt grazes the front of his jeans and just like you predicted, suna was half-hard already. 
it was truly such a stroke to your ego but you focus on the task at hand. 
you arched your ass up as you bend down to look for the little tube of eyeliner, slightly shaking it side to side as you "struggle" to get the eyeliner out from underneath the table. 
when your hands feel the cylindrical plastic, you retreat, sitting up straight again and proudly showing your boyfriend the eyeliner in your hands. 
you made sure your eyes were as huge and innocent as they look, kneeling in between his legs, shins tucked in and hands in your lap like a good girl. 
"i found it!"
you could've sworn you've seen his left eye twitch as he stared you down. you've been with him long enough to notice that look in his eyes. what are you playing at, huh?
you wait for him to speak but you can see all the gears turning in his head as he continues to stare at you. 
you wait anxiously for what he's going to do next. maybe he'll make you suck him off, or he'll throw you on the bed, or spank your ass because you were clearly teasing him—
"why don't you put my eyeliner on for me?"
you stand up, opening the tube in as he shuts his eyes. you try not to let your disappointment show too much. fine. maybe you can just have a quickie later while drunk in one of the rooms in the frat house. 
"why are you standing? come sit on my lap while you're doing it."
you were too busy removing the excess product off the brush to notice his eyes had taken a dark turn, contradicting the gentleness of his warm hands as it snakes around the back of your bare thighs pulling you closer. 
"no, i'll mess this—"
"i said sit."
delicious shivers create goosebumps on your skin. 
you know that tone. he only uses it when he's horny and he wants to bend you over. so maybe your game plan did work after all, yet you're staring at him dumbfounded with the eyeliner brush in midair. 
"come sit. i won't repeat myself." he leans back against the chair, manspreading as he waits for you. 
you scramble to straddle his strong thighs, muscles a manifestation of his hard work and dedication to volleyball. it was great to see him in action on the court but you'd rather he flexed those muscles when you ride his thighs. 
you cup his face, getting all up in his personal space to apply the eyeliner. 
you've long grown out of the honeymoon phase but why is your heart beating so damn fast right now?
your hands were shaking, perspiration was building up in your forehead, and you were holding your breath.
"are you nervous?"
"shut up, rin. 'm not."
when the brush first touches the lid of his eyes, a nimble finger traces the expanse of your whole slit over your panties. 
you pull the brush away, hissing in surprise. 
his sharp tone isn't what shut you up, it was the hand cupping your sex. the heel of his wrist slowly grazing against your sensitive clit. you drew a sharp breath. he smirks. 
"go on. continue, doll."
you want to hate the teasing lilt in his voice but you know deep down you love it.
you held your breath, diving in once again to the task at hand whilst trying to ready yourself from his ministrations. 
your hand slightly shakes as you start in the middle of his waterline, slowly tracing the bottom part of his eyes before making a small wing at the end. 
you've seen him apply his own eyeliner so much you have this down to an art form. everything would've been easy if only he kept his hands to himself. you try to ignore the digit still feathering over your slit or the hand wrapping around you to bunch your skirt up around the waist. 
for someone whose eyes are closed he's doing a damn good job navigating. but maybe that's how he shows you're his. he knows your body like the back of his hand, he knows what makes you tick, what makes you pant, what makes you moan in ecstasy. 
"i can never resist when you dress up all pretty for me. you know that, right, doll?"
applying the eyeliner to his waterline had been fairly easy. the lash line, on the other hand, proved difficult. especially when suna's upgraded from tracing your pussy lips to dangerously toying with the elastics of your panties, slipping his finger under before stretching it to slap your skin. 
as you try to connect the upper part of the eyeliner to the small wing you made from his waterline, you hissed. 
"why don’t you pull them down?"
he chuckles at your impatience and you slightly pull the brush away as he finally shoves the fabric down. you gasp when the cold hits your wet cunt. the scent of your essence unmistakable and you know suna's holding back from teasing. 
"as you wish, baby."
as suna grows bolder, the more your hands shook as you worked on his other eye. 
just as the tip of the brush touched his left eye's waterline, he pushed two fingers inside of you, dragging them against your walls in a lazy manner that was so distinctly him. he curls his fingers when he fucks it in before dragging them against your walls when he pulls it out, slightly scissoring you. he uses his other hand to draw figure 8’s against your clit. 
you swallow, trying your best to keep your hand still as a surgeon but you see the jagged little curves where your jolts of pleasure were too strong. 
you never should've provoked him to shove your underthings down, at least then you wouldn't have to suffer through his fingers. they were just so long, so thick, and so experienced when it comes to pleasuring you that you can never touch yourself anymore without craving suna's own fingers instead. 
you bit your lip, the hand that was cupping his jaw tightening as you try to fix the little mistakes here and there, hoping suna won't see them when he inspects your work in the mirror. it doesn't matter that he purposely set you up to fail. there'll be consequences if he isn't satisfied with what you did. may god have mercy on your horny little soul if rintarou thinks you were a bad girl. 
"you just hate losing, don't you?" you hiss, jolting when you feel him slap your cunt. your knees nearly buckled and you almost fell off the chair if not for his sturdy hand on the small of your back. 
"what are you talking about? i'm just fingering my girl like a winner."
just as you started outlining his left lash line, suna shoves a 3rd finger into your sopping cunt. loud squelching noises fill the room as your walls pulsate around his thick digits. the metal rings he wore brushing against your pussy lips as he fucks you knuckle-deep with three fingers. involuntarily, your own hips started moving to match his pace, shamelessly thrusting up everytime he shoves his fingers in.
he knows you so well. he doesn't even need to look at your face, he can feel you out by the noises you make. so good. so good. his fingers feel so good. fuck. fuck. fuck.
until he pulls them out of your sopping pussy. 
"rin," you whine, folding into his shoulder as you struggle to balance your kneeling self on the chair. you blindly reach down for his hand, urging him to put his fingers back in. "rin, please don't stop. please please please—”
"i told you to put my eyeliner, not fuck yourself on my fingers," he leans back on the chair, eyes still shut close while licking his digits clean. 
your lips press into a thin line, eyes dilated as a whine starts to threaten to pass your lips. you're sick of whatever game this is, you just want him to fuck you silly already! but as if sensing your thoughts, suna clicks his tongue and speaks. "hurry it up. we have a party to get to."
without his fingers to plug your cunny, your slick runs down the insides of your thighs. it's slow descent against your skin making goosebumps run up your arms, shivering as the cold hits your bare cunt. 
suna must've known your anguish, he could feel his jeans getting soaked but he didn't care and you wish to punch that smug smirk off his pretty face. 
your fingers stilled when you cupped his cheeks and leaned in to start applying a thin stroke of eyeliner to his water line. with a simple flick of the wrist you ended it with a little wing, just like how your boyfriend likes it. now, you just have to do his lash line and—
you let out an audible gasp when his fingers started feeling around your thighs, having an inkling idea of what he's tryna look for. true to what you expected, he traces the line of your dripping slick up your inner thighs until his fingers graze your nether lips, successfully collecting your essence. 
you stare entranced when suna brings them up to his lips, eyebrows furrowed and almost moaning aloud because of your taste. the fact that his eyes are closed made you want him even more. his fingers pop out of his mouth, but you get the feeling it wasn't enough. he wants more. suna wants you under his mercy. he wants to taste and ruin you until you're fucked out and lying in a pretty mess on the bed sheets. 
"so fucking sweet, my baby. you're this desperate for me? for my fingers?"
you snapped. you threw the makeup elsewhere in the room (though not before screwing it shut) before diving down to kiss him on the lips. all lust-filled and rough as you both channel the desires you have for each other. maybe suna was at his tipping point too, noting that he doesn't even bother to push you away. 
with his strong arms he picks you up and you wrap your legs around his torso, never breaking the kiss before literally throwing you down on the bed, knocking the air out your lungs. 
he's kneeling before the bed, the sheets ruffling when he pulls you to the edge by your calves, hot breath against your sex making you squirm. 
"my pretty thing," the kitten lick against your pussy drove you crazy, desperately bucking your hips up and suna chuckles condescendingly. "but such a bad fuckin' girl, aren't ya?"
you yelp when he slaps the side of your thigh. 
"who said you could kiss me?"
he pinches your clit hard as he enters your line of sight. suna has never seen you this pretty and desperate for him before. sweat making your skin glow, lips raw from your biting, eyes conveying your every lust-filled thought about him. the sight of you so riled up makes his dick ache and he wants so badly to fuck you already but bad girls don't get what they want just yet. you have to earn it. 
"i asked you a question. who the fuck told you that you could fucking kiss me?" the acid in his voice contrasts the gentle way he caresses the spot on your thigh where he had hit you. 
"no one."
you sob in pleasure when his hot tongue licks a stripe up your pussy before suckling on your clit. once. twice. sucking particularly hard on the third. before running his tongue swiftly over the bundle of nerves and kitten licking his way down your pussy lips. your thighs were shaking so hard he had to pin them down. he knows it's a sign that you're close, not that he's surprised, he's been stimulating your body for minutes now it was amazing you haven't cummed yet. 
but then he stops.
a thread of your slick dribbling down his chin as those cat eyes of his stare you down. he watches, enchanted by how your chest rises and falls. another sweet release he snatched away from you.
"i thought so. what does that make you?"
amazing how he manages to sound so normal, conversational even while he's literally edging you like there's no tomorrow. what do you expect? it's his favorite punishment. he gets to see you sob and beg for him like there's nothing in your mind but his cock and he loves it so much. loves seeing you bend and break for him to please. 
you sniffle, arm coming up to hide the frustrated tears in your eyes. "been… been a bad girl."
a hand slaps your thighs, brutal. eyes on rintarou when answering his questions. your eyes shoot up. 
"and who's bad girl have you been?"
this time he reaches forward to tweak your pebbled nipples. the sudden cold of the pads of his fingers making you gasp and spasm. your boyfriend straddles you and you shiver at the head of his glistening cock leaving trails on top of your thighs. but he doesn't make another move. when you sneakily try wiggling your hips for your sex to graze his dick, he slapped your thigh without holding back. you doubt it won't start leaving a handprint. you wait with bated breath when he grabs hold of his cock, the head angry and dripping, the only proof of his also growing desire for you. 
when he directs the head for it to graze your nether lips, you almost cried another fresh batch of tears. his hand quickly brushes up to wipe it away, though not before feeling his dick twitch. you know how much he loves seeing you cry from the overwhelming pleasure he can give you. 
"last time i checked, my name isn't yours. didn't i tell you to answer in full sentences when i'm fucki—"
"suna! suna rintarou! i've been sun-suna rintarou's bad girl!"
suna ducks to mark your neck and torso. he feels the goosebumps forming on your body. the heat enveloping the two of you as you both quickly shed any remaining pieces of clothing. he kisses you. sloppy. nothing but teeth clashing and tongues fighting for dominance as he cradles your face with his big hands, feeling the mushroom head of his cock grazing your thighs.
usually he'd appreciate you not cutting him off mid-sentence but he too has reached his own limits and right now all he can think about is drilling you to the mattress. "rin, please!" you sob, arms wrapping around his neck as you nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck.
"shh. yes, doll. i hear ya." 
you were dripping wet enough that all it took is one deep thrust for him to bottom-out. usually you're quite hesitant when rintarou's rawing you but at this point right now, you doubt fucking with a condom would've felt this good. no thin plastic whatsoever that's separating you from him. when he starts to move, you both moan in ecstasy. the bed creaking under the weight of you both as he pistons his dick inside. "you feel so good, doll. so fucking wet and tight. look how wet you are. dripping for my cock, huh? this all for me? answer me!"
you hardly register his voice, the pleasure you've been craving since minutes ago now being crashed down upon you. it's overwhelming and you don't want it any other way. 
"yes," you pant. the tears still leaking from your eyes as you claw at his biceps. "yes. all-all for you, r-rin! just for you!"
he stubbornly keeps hitting the spot that'll make you keen and whine, suna forcing your hips down and sitting up with his palms at the sides of your head. he wants to see you come undone, he'd love to grab his phone and make this memory permanent but he doubts his camera can capture the real deal. your moans and pleas reaching his ears, spurring him on, the beautiful way your back arches of the mattress, the way you physically shook in pleasure and you screamed and worshipped his name.
"rin! oh my god, rin! fuck. 'm close," your voice breaks, hiccuping from the onslaught of tears you can't hold back as blinding pleasure grips you in a tight vice.
suna comes down to snake his arms around you, pulling you infinitely closer as one of his hands supports your lower back, manually moving your hips to match his frantic thrusts. "why you crying? bad girls should be tough, right? aren't—shit—aren't you a bad girl? hmm? bad girls like you shouldn't be crying."
you shake your head, looking pretty and desperate as you meet his eyes. "no, i'm not a bad—"
"yes. you are," you groan, his thrusts particularly hard to shut you up and make a point. "you're a very, very bad girl. you don't listen to me at all. bad girls don't even deserve to cum."
"no! no! rin, please!" you say, a blubbering mess as you bury your forehead into his neck, licking and suckling at his skin to get in his good side. "i'll be good. i promise! please, let me cum. rin! please, i'll be good. i'll be good! only your good—ah."
"you fucking bet you're my good girl," he hissed, biting your shoulder before moaning, pitched and wanton as it threatens to snap the stretched cord inside of you. but not yet. you can't. not unless he says so. "it's me that's making you feel this good. this is my pussy. my plaything. repeat what i said—doll! repeat what i said."
you cried, screaming in frustration as his cock stills inside of you and you know he won't move until you oblige. "this is…" you hiccup. "rin-rintarou's pu-pussy. i'm rintarou's play-plaything."
"what was that?" he asks, hips starting to rut against you again in full force. the headboard violently hitting the walls. when your hands scramble to cling onto something, you accidentally shove something off the bed but you couldn't care less. "louder, doll. i want the whole fucking neighborhood to hear you."
"this is rintarou's pussy. i'm rintarou's plaything." you say in your normal speaking voice, albeit shaky and almost incomprehensible as he holds you firm against him, his cock embedding it's shape and size into your sopping walls.
he hoists you up into a sitting position, his hips fucking up towards you and you only realize he did it when you see the window situated meters behind you two. curtains-drawn, open for the night breeze to billow in. he wasn't kidding. suna rintarou wants the neighbors to hear how good you're getting rawed. he wasn't kidding. he was not kidding.
"go on," he whispers, breathy and teasing. "you'll do it. you're a good girl for me arentcha?"
fuck. "this is rintarou's pussy! i'm rintarou's plaything!"
he licks a stripe up your neck, hands coming around your neck as he whispers into your ear the words you've been dying to hear. "cum, baby."
and your orgasm surges through your whole body in violent jolts, thick ropes of cum squirting out your pussy as you distantly hear him groaning, your walls tightening and sucking him in with every aggressive thrust. rintarou quickly finishes after you, teeth embedding themselves into your shoulder as he groans. you knew bruises will form and you're going to be sore as a bitch but you don't fucking care.
"rin, i love you." you say, grabbing a hold of his face as you stare deep into his eyes. and you don't understand why there's doubt clouding in your head when he takes a beat later to answer, when really, he just can't help the sudden wave of emotions festering in his stomach as he meets the gravity of your gaze. the love and devotion in your eyes as he can only hope that he could translate his emotions through his eyes, too.
he smiles, leaning in to give you a kiss. it's sweet and gentle, completely unlike the one he gave you a few minutes ago when in the throes of pleasure. no. you feel every bit of his love for you in this one kiss and you don't know why you ever doubted yourself, doubted him. you've been together for so long and you're it for him. 
"i love you, too."
but leave it to your darling rintarou to ruin the moment.
"but you'll never apply my eyeliner ever again."
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lovelysugawara · 17 days ago
Im so hype, when i saw you're up for request. How about haikyuu boys accidentally dropped the call while y/n is still talking? Maybe they are fighting or something. I leave this to you. 😝
Haikyuu Boys; when they accidentally end your call while in between fight
Tumblr media
N/A: Haikyuu boys, pressed the end button while you are still talking. (facepalm) i hope i got your request right luvs, enjoy. ^^
Pairings: Atsumu, Bokuto, Kenma, Akaashi, Kita, Tsukishima
-he will probably dial your number back as soon as he realizes that he dropped it while you are still talking. -he’s calling your siblings or even your parents to find you, but he still can’t reach you.  -he’s so worried, knowing he can’t contact you and your phone is now cannot be reached. He thinks you turned off your phone. -he even called osamu to check if he can call you, but in the end, you are actually calling him back too. And your call won’t go through because he’s doing the same. XD -”Y/N, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!! AM WORRIED HERE!” he’s already shouting at the other line, and you know you two will be alright.
-a loud “NOOOOOOOO,” can be heard from him when he accidentally dropped your call. -you are mad at him and you are still talking when he accidentally pressed the end button when Atsumu asked him something. -”tsum-tsum, i dropped her call. What should i do???!” he’s all panicky. Atsumu is also the same knowing you’re mad and madder this time. -because bokuto is already starting on his emo mode, sakusa intervenes and redial your number. -”Y/N I’M SO SORRY, I’M SO SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO CUT YOU OFF iI LOVE YOU, DON’T LEAVE ME.-” he’s already saying i loveyou and you know it’s enough. -You already forgave him anyway, he’s such a baby. Sakusa texted you what happened after he accidentally dropped the call. Bokuto is so cute, all panicky. XD
-he’s so shocked after he pressed the end button, and why the heck did he press it? -you two fought this morning and didn't reconcile. You at least wanted to check on him because he hasn't eaten lunch for sure. -but because he’s still on his live streams, he is in a hurry talking to you. And when you say okay he automatically pressed the end button without saying the usual iloveyou’s after every call whether you’re fighting or not. -he suddenly goes AFK in the middle of the game, and his fans are wondering why. -he redials your number, “I’m so sorry pudding, my hand slipped. I pressed it so fast, how can i make it up to you?” he said in a sincere voice. -the two of you talk like there’s no argument that morning. All it well.
-he’s running 3 floors down from their office at the moment, right after he presses the end button of your call. -you are still crying and still fighting with him when all of a sudden he thought you’re not gonna talk but when he heard you speak, it’s already too late and he dropped the call. -you are sitting in the building lobby, crying. You thought he’s already tired of you. -”y/n!!!” you saw akaashi running towards you. He’s now in front of you and panting, out of breath. -” I’m so sorry y/n. I thought you won’t talk to me, that’s why i decided to end the call and we can talk later. I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault.” he hates it when he’s the reason why you are crying. -you just hug him, and he did the same. You know everything is all well now.
-you know he doesn’t like arguing over the phone. He doesn’t talk back at you and he wanted for you to calm down before talking things with you. -you’re more shocked after hearing the beep sound. Did he actually drop your call? -You wanted to be mad at him but you know it won’t do anything well. You just let it be and do the usual thing until that afternoon. -kita arrived with a bouquet of flowers that you like. He saw you in your bed and he didn't think twice and approach you. -He then kisses your forehead, “i’m so sorry love, i didn’t mean to end our conversation. My reception is so bad. And I can't contact you again, I thought you'd call me but i guess my reception is so bad. I’m so sorry.” -you are so thankful that you’re not mad anymore and you didn’t throw fit at him. You two just cuddle for the rest of that afternoon. XD
-you two are mad at each other, that’s not a new thing when a fight broke between the two of you. -tsukishima admits that somehow it’s his fault, but you're not backing down. He’s shouting because the rain is so loud outside. And you thought he’s mad at you. -you are still talking when someone accidentally hits tsukki’s hand making his phone slip onto his hold.and when he picks it up, it won’t open. Probably it’s damage inside. -he sighed and started running despite the rain. -you are standing awkwardly in front of his apartment door. And you thought he’s mad and he’s breaking up with you next. -you’re about to knock when suddenly someone grabs your shoulder. -there he is, all soak because of the rain. He’s holding out his phone in front of you, “My phone is broken, that’s why I can’t call you.” -you’re already in tears when you hug him. -”tsk, seriously. Will you stop thinking negative things? I won’t break up with you, idiot.” he hugs you too. (kyaaah~)
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another-dr-another · 23 days ago
:0 enter the locker rooms!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mekaru - The bracelets are probably in the guys locker room, right?
Mekaru - So should I just get a head start on looking at the pool?
Maeda - That sounds good!
Kobashikawa - actually id say check the girls locker room too
Kobashikawa - no way of predicting how the groups would split up
Kobashikawa - and lo and behold, two girls got grouped together
Kobashikawa - so they wouldnt b able to get the bracelets unless tsurugi found a way to get them into the girls locker room
Maeda - Which, knowing him, he probably managed somehow.
Mekaru - Oh true... so I'll poke around in there then!
Mekaru - If you two finish in your locker room before I'm done, just knock and I'll head out!
Maeda - Wouldn't you rather investigate, look for a way out?
Mekaru - Not... really feeling too hot, so I'm not sure I'll find anything others won't...
Mekaru - It'll all be okay without me looking too much!
Kobashikawa - its fine if u need to go rest mekaru...
Mekaru - Don't worry! I've powered through way worse, I'll be fine!
~*~ [Lockers]
Maeda, narrating - They seem to be standard gym-sized lockers.
Maeda - At least, based off of what I've seen on TV...
Maeda - These are about twice the size of what was in my schools locker room.
Maeda - Used to have a hard time fitting my change of clothes into there...
Maeda - Not that I'm ever gonna reveal that to my classmates though. They don't need anything else to use against me.
Maeda - Anyways, they seem to be locked. None of them are open, and I don't think I'd be able to guess the combo for the lock.
~*~ [Benches]
Maeda - Just normal benches.
Maeda - Metal benches feel a bit rough for the pool locker room, wouldn't they be really cold?
Maeda - ...Not that I'd really sit down in a locker room. Kinda grosses me out, yknow?
Maeda - Is... that weird of me to say?
~*~ [Showers]
Maeda - I never really understood  why you're supposed to rinse off before getting in the pool.
Maeda - Which is odd, considering how grossed out I felt whenever I saw someone not do it.
Maeda - ...Also, would it kill them to have curtains consistently put up instead of just sectioning off a few shower heads?
Maeda - Not the biggest fan of my body, and don't really trust some of my classmates to not make comments...
~*~ [Kobashikawa]
Kobashikawa - find anything?
Maeda - Not really... looks like all the lockers are shut tight.
Maeda - Hopefully Mekaru is having better luck, and the bracelets are hidden in the same spot in both rooms...
Kobashikawa - hopefully mekarus okay... she rlly seems off to me
Maeda - Mmm... hopefully it's just... yesterday, getting to her.
Kobashikawa - ?
Maeda - Like, she's just feeling nauseous because of the trauma from yesterday, and that's it.
Kobashikawa - makes sense... you doing alright?
Maeda - Huh?
Maeda - Uh... I think I'm fine, yeah... just thrown off some because I remember Kurokawa planning the exorcism and everything,
Maeda - So her suddenly dying right before that was supposed to happen has me a bit paranoid.
Kobashikawa - yeah, then there's her and uehara getting hurt...
Kobashikawa - kinda wish id asked inori more about the whole... brain issue thing
Kobashikawa - but no sense crying for what you can't have ig
Kobashikawa - im gonna climb up on some of the lockers to get a better view of this place
Kobashikawa - would u mind checking for the bracelets under the benches?
Maeda - Got it...
Maeda - Hey, do you think we could find anything in the lockers, if we could open them?
Maeda - I know you can't reply right now, sorry... but just think about it;
Maeda - Clearly, somethings up here, what with there being no other students.
Maeda - I saw tons of people on my way into the school, and now there's just no one? I don't trust it...
Maeda - So I almost wonder if there's anything in the lockers that could help us, any notes, or maybe a working phon-
Maeda - Actually, Kobashikawa, didn't you mention having your phone?
Kobashikawa - uhhhhh? when?
Maeda - When I first met you, I thought I remembered...
Kobashikawa - oh! yea i talk abt my phone on my card, but i went to check my bag for it at one point, i think when i talked to tsurugi,
Kobashikawa - and i couldnt find it.
Maeda - Oh... ah well, I'm sure even if we had a functioning phone, Monokumas found a way to keep us from contacting anyone.
Kobashikawa - yea...
Kobashikawa - maeda, go hop up on the bench in the corner, i think i see the bracelets on top of the lockers there
Maeda - I-I'm sure I could reach them!
Kobashikawa - Really? I'm taller than you without my boots, but I don't even know I could get them.
Maeda - ...Maybe I misjudged how high up the top of the lockers are.
Kobashikawa - rip </3
-(Orange Bracelet Obtained)-
~*~ You have gained: 2 Monocoins
Maeda - Well, other than the locker thing, we didn't find anything that could help...
Kobashikawa - yea but at least there's still other rooms
Maeda - And other people looking... let's go get Mekaru, and check out the pool, see if there's anything there.
//Kobashikawa starts to write a reply, but before Maeda can read it...
??? 1 - B-be careful!
??? 2 - Shhh! Just don't drop me!
??? 1 - I'm trying, but I don't want you to get hurt!
??? 2 - It's not a big fall!
//Kobashikawa and Maeda turn to look questioningly at each other, before heading to the pool door.
Maeda, narrating - Was that...?
Maeda - I should probably grab Mekaru now, but they might've already caught her attention.
{Knock on the Girls Locker Room Door}
[See Whose Voices You Heard]
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sassyduckqueen · 27 days ago
Gang of secrets spoilers/rant
OK so i get that marinette needed to tell someone and I get why she told alya but is alya really the best choice? You know given that she is obsessed with finding out lb's identity and clearly doesn't respect Marinette's boundaries regarding adrien. I get that she was Rena and therefore can keep a secret but hey guess who else can keep a secret? Almost everyone on in her class! As well as luka and kagami! But let's not tell Luka the truth despite that he would actually understand why she is doing what she's doing if she did. Nope let's tell the best friend who doesn't check her facts, runs a blog about said hero and believes a liar over their friend (i get that marinette can get petty and jealous but its to the point now where marinette would have let it go if it just that). It makes no sense to me when there are better options to tell. And im not just saying that she should have told luka. Maybe she can't because of the breakup but oh wait. She could go to him as lb and be like "I need to talk with you" then boom reveal. But back to the point. There is one choice that rises about all others because this was the perfect chance to set up the future by having marinette tell alix instead! You know the girl who is meant to become Bunnyx! The perfect solution people. Marinette has someone to tell and we actually get decent writing.
Im also annoyed at chat in this. He just broke up with kagami but is clearly still trying to woo lb and doesn't appear to be heartbroken at all (to me anyway). So guess he didn't care about kagami at all.
While we're on the subject of chat, if he kicks off about lb telling someone that she's ladybug because its not him. Im gonna be mad. She is under immense stress as the guardian so he can suck it up. I get that he thinks that they should tell each other first but its lb's choice who to tell and if she decides to tell someone else first then he should be an actual decent person for once and respect that. Now having said that if he is hurt by that she didn't tell him first but doesn't kick off or treat her coldly then I'm cool with that. He's allowed to feel at the end of the day but that doesn't mean he should be a petty ass and make Marinette feel worst then she already does. Also I don't think he should reveal his identity to anyone despite it been good. Why? Because he is not the same as lb. For one thing, he has no real stress in his superhero life like she does. He is not the guardian, he is not freaking out every five minutes or pushing people away or close to having a mental break. Sure he has to keep his id a secret but it isnt a weight on his shoulder like it is with ladybug.
Anyway, rant over and make what you will of this.
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mxgatorwrites · a month ago
hello, hi can I please be 🩹 anon since I want to give a couple of ideas. (mostly of the various wilburs but shhh)
we've spoken slightly on ghostbur but take the thought of him as a yandere.
After a day of work on rebuilding the nation, ghostbur comes to find you. he remembers most things about you, ranging from watching the members of his nation running around together with you, to vilburs darkest moments while pounding you into your shared mattress in a pitch black room. you were such an amazing part in his life, how could he ever forget you.
ghostbur ends up finding you almost falling alseep while standing up beside Quackity, a man who ghostbur can't remember much off. with your sleepy slate he finds it rather easy to drag you off back to his sewer home without any resistance. he knows its wrong, you can't even think for yourself, but he can't help the need to take you back into his possession and the strain in his jeans really stopped any rational thoughts that could prevent him from getting his dick wet from his beloved.
you cling onto the ghost boy, dragging him down with you as he places you onto his bed. he stays staring down at you, the tent in his jeans was really starting to cause him pain. he was aching and the slight of his beloved under him, looking so pretty and giving to him. you willingly put yourself into his care! that's what he told hinself anyhow.
losing to his urges, he pulled down both of your pants so the two of you were free and to his eyes, ready. he look another glance at you to see your heavy lidded eyes, you were still awake but lost most senses to your tiredness. he inserted two finger and found that you were already dripping and seemed rather worked up.
the gleeful smile that hit ghostburs face was almost sweet. you were so happy to see him again you were prepared for him to take you at any point, even while verging on unconsciousness.
inserting his dick inside you, he heard your first sound. a low whine from the depths of your throat. that alone made his dick pulse and twitch while inside of you.
he started off slow and soft, not wanting to hurt you, however he noticed only on his particular harder thrusts did it really hit you through the drowsy brain. this caused him to get rougher and allow you to let out more unfiltered moans and whines for him even in your tired state.
ghostbur found himself going for hours, filling you untill you were swollen and heavy. he found himself licking and bitting down every so often as he drifted off to sleep after seeing your blissed out face, closed eyes and heavy breathing.
you woke up hours later with the sun drifting through the blinds into your eyes. you don't even remember how you got there. you felt scratching under you chin alerting you of your surroundings. shifting your neck as mush as possible, you saw a mop of grey curls tucked neatly into your neck. your body felt heavy, not only from the sleeping boy on you but also a warm sensation in your stomach and womb that pooled all the way through your bottom half. ghostbur had yet to remove himself from you so you were plugged with his cock sitting snuggly inside you. however this stopped any cum from slipping out meaning that every drop of cum ghostbur inserted inside of you was weighing you down.
dispite your better judgement, you decided to just drag your fingers through his hair and go back to sleep, staying with the crazed ghost boy.
absolutely however the various wilburs are cloudie’s specialty, so be sure to go check out their blog n give em some love!!
yandere!ghostbur is. So good. The literal second fic i wrote was yandere ghostbur i just fuckin love the sweetheart that is also batshit crazy concept probably too much someone stop me /j
This is DEFINITELY similar to that fic but just different enough that i am. Losing my mind at it. Im gonna blab abt the idea i had in the other fic bc they fit with this one too n i am very, very happy abt it
You fell in love with Wilbur during the L’Manburg era, you adored him n he definitely had a soft spot for you but neither of you really put a label on it bc u assumed you’d have so much time together, you didnt need to hurry and make anything concrete or official. Then the election happened, and you left with Wilbur n Tommy bc you loved him n couldnt bear to be apart from him like that, and they welcomed you with open arms. That was when Vilbur started to come on to you, when he was too stressed with what was happening and you were happy to be his stress relief. It became a regular thing, until the war. You cried for days, after the war, because he was never really yours, was he? Sure you had affections for each other but neither of you made anything certain. You thought you had so much time. When ghostbur comes back, you’re both elated and terrified. What if he doesn’t remember you? What if he does, but not the way you’re hoping? Your fears are soothed when you wake up in his bed, full of him and weighed down by just how heavy you feel. It’s a conscious decision to stay, not a lack of judgement. He’s still your Wilbur, and he wants you just as much as you want him. Why would you even consider leaving?
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f33itan · a month ago
congrats on 100 🤗🤍🙇~~
for the ship request, Im 5’2, hobbies are plants/ collecting dead things/ art, They/them but present more fem usually, im pretty quiet and witty but once i get close i am a lot more gentle and funny. I love horror/gothic/gore movies and aesthetics! Im indigenous and have medium brown hair and brown eyes 🙇. very passionate about human and animal rights, but not always in the conventional ways.. for example i collect bones and shit so .. lmao. i find beauty even in death. umm yea! not sure what else to put 😃!
Okay first of all I’m loving the fact that you collect dead things, I’ve been wanting to start collecting animal bones but I don’t exactly live in the best place for it 🙂
Second of all thank you for the congratulating! It means a lot to hear the happy from many people!!!
The wonderful F33itan says your matchup is...
Bestie I can’t decide whether I should kill you or congratulate the fact that you got him.
Feitan Portor from Hunter x Hunter!
Tumblr media
Feitan calls you short all of the time when he knows damn well that you're taller than him. Will purposely climb on high things JUST to use you as an arm rest.
He enjoys the fact that you like to collect dead things, meaning that the idea of death is fascinating to you and that interests him. Secretly loves seeing your plants, and sometimes when you're not around he talks to them. Usually stuff about you, and since it's Feitan I can't promise it's always good things. He still loves you though dw. Surprisingly he is really good at remembering and respecting your pronouns, and as long as you're not trying to dress skimpy n shit for attention and stares he's fine with you dressing as masculine or feminine as you'd like.
Steals some of the artworks you make, claiming that something happened to the, even though you be seen him take them. If they're done on paper he's especially gonna take them, usually folding them up in his pocket and looking at them on missions while thinking about you. He's always going to deny it though, even if Pakunoda checks his memories and tells you straight up. He's got an image to maintain and he's a tsundere so have fun with that.
Pretends to hate your gentle and kind side and claims that your quiet and simple side is better, but you can see right through him. He absolutely loves how soft you can be and even softer with him, clinging to him, hugging him, stroking his hair and everything in between. Every once in a while it does get a bit bothersome though, so he'll tell you straight up when enough's enough. Usually by the next day he's back to normal and you can go back to being soft.
The dates he usually takes you on besides sitting on the couch binging horror movies are going out on 3 am walks, lookin for animal bones in the woods, late night dinners, and library trips to go read in a cemetery. His all time favorite however is going to the movie theater and watching new horror movies with you, dressing in all black goth style and getting weird glares and stares. Having you clench his hand or arm out of excitement or fear during the movies are an added bonus.
Doesn't phase nor bother him that you're indigenous, and he actually enjoys watching any traditions that you may preform. If you don't though, he's a-okay with that too. He likes your brown hair and eyes, it's dark and he likes the darkness. Not so big on the human rights though, only because of the fact that he kills for a living. With this he things of everybody besides the troupe and you as the same, so that's good I guess? He doesn't really kill animals so he's neutral on the animal rights thing, but he doesn't mind you protesting about it.
Buy him matching black outfits, like some black sweaters with his skull on the back and he's gonna fall head over heels for you, more than he already has 🖤
Tumblr media
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ni-kigai · a month ago
🍙 how enhypen text their s/o
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[✿] heeseung — don't expect a morning text cause he's either asleep/on his way to wake up; he isn't that into texting so he'll just go "I'll call you later"; literally one word replies like "okay" "hmm" ":)" "stupid" etc.; uses reaction photos/memes to respond at times; tbh he'll most probably text you to check on you/when he's coming over at your place/ to tell you his schedule etc.; in case you don't meet him often, he'll send cute messages and probably regret sending them when you tease him about it <3; he'd send his covers/soft songs he'd sing for you through voice mails *sobs*
[✿] jay — is really considerate about the time he's texting you; his texts really depends on the time of day and situation he's in, like : 1) if he's really in the mood to rant, expect a spam coming your way 2) if he's just checking on you, expect mom texts; he'd send over link of home remedies in case you're out of town; is ready to solve 49% of your life problems over texts itself + through voice messages; "I'll make you something when I come over, don't eat from outside everyday"; texts to updates you with his activities/ for song or movie recs; he's most likely to leave you on read because he got kids to raise :")
[✿] jake — the softest texts omg; like a cute morning greeting/sweet good night message; puppy stickers <3 if you're in a bad mood, expect a Layla spam or like even if you're not :) cause you can't stop a #1 Layla fan :) surprisingly, he'd say things to you he'd never dreamt of saying face to face because he's too shy <//3 when you'd send a "im bored" text to him, he'll text about his day and send you jokes he probably searched on the net during break : "How do you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? You will see one later and one in a while." ;) jake shim and his ten thousand ways to say "i love you",, geez <3
[✿] sunghoon — he won't text you too often; he's gonna text you only when he feels the need to; if you're sad/demotivated, his endearing and adorable texts will get you back in no time <3 won't hesitate to call you right away :"") send short funny videos of him/other members to make you laugh, cause he loves his princess's laughter <3 spam you with his selcas with a message "your handsome boyfriend~" or better : "watch out, someone might steal me from you~" this boy-; would send you photos of places he found pretty while travelling/shooting :))
[✿] sunoo — longest texts; would rant about his whole day and what new prank riki played on him; would send a lot of emojis uwu; replies to every single text with enthusiastic reactions : "hahahha" "lol" "wha-" "girl you-" etc.; would send you his selcas for your opinion; "y/n, is this good? or the other one? which ones should I post?" ; soft, adorable messages in times when you're in a bad mood/ when you guys don't meet for long <3 sends his cute tiktoks before posting, cause he knows you'd love them <//3 + his car window doodling photos uwu
[✿] jungwon — caring and affectionate texts from wonie <3 he's 50/50 jay and jake; sends "hii" first and waits for you to come online; would only proceed/let you proceed when both sides are free; sheep + cat emojis <3; if you're ranting, he's gonna point out every detail and give opinions; "I get most of my exercise these days by shaking my head in disbelief"; sarcasm 📈; if nothing, he'll give you a little tmi : " yesterday ni-ki switched off the bathroom lights and played our scary teaser bgm, and sunoo hyung who was inside ran out of the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋ "
[✿] riki — he really said media>text ; talks about sunoo a LOT; "niki" "hmm?" "stop talking about sunoo" "o-okay"; emojis, stickers, memes, his tiktoks, you'll never fall short of them because he won't stop sending :] rip storage; he's naturally good at joking lol; clown his members over text; WON'T HESITATE TO CLOWN YOU EITHER; "remember when you couldn't find your assignments the day-" "was that you?" "I never said-" "WAS THAT YOU MR NISHIMURA" "okay fine it was me *rolls eyes* "
Tumblr media
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miioouu · a month ago
I dont think you have school plays in uni unless youre in theatre or drama, but like, imagine.
I feel like if its some sort of romance story where the two main characters are love interests, boiboi would totally want you two to be the main character, like, even better if theres a scene where they kiss in the end. Of course, I'm sure schools and teachers wouldn't force students to kiss, probably instead its a hug or something, but i swear boiboi goes straight in for the god damn kiss, he doesnt even care.
God damn, actually, i remember having documents just about info on my ocs, if I grouped them all together (the document about ONE COUPLE (they go together, its mostly about the male though since hes a yandere and I wanna write a lot for him) then there's probably 30+ pages. I read them over and over again, probably 5 times at least. I just like writing about my ocs, even if no one is actually going to read them because there's too much text skdjk-
And like, I had a motivation boast like half a year ago. That's when I wrote all of that stuff. I even have head canons and that's over 15 pages, can't remember the exact number though...
Lmao boiboi be out here saying, watch porn only with me but you can't get turned on >:(
Like boi, I mean, I'm sure hes watched a bit of porn, but he probably felt really ashamed of it so its only a few times, but like, bro, you want just say "watch some stuff that's supposed to turn you on but don't be turned on" skdjk- youre asking for a lot, but like 👁👄👁 what happens if i get turned on??? What did you have in mind??? Like, what are you even going to do???
Hes such a jealous boi, he just doesnt want to lose the only person that cares about him! My god he'd be so insecure that videos, VIDEOS, are better than him actually touching you and actually having sex, like, I'm I that bad??? :'( how can they please you more than me while not even touching or doing anything to you??? :(
how bad is he??? He can improve! Just, just tell him what you done like and he wont do it he promise!!! Please :(
👁👄👁 oh no, boiboi 's gonna take that opportunity of not being able to full out moan and run with it. As far as his confidence is reaching at least, but if you push him a little more hell do something a bit more risky than hes comfortable with, but that doesnt mean it doesnt feel good 👀
Not like I'm gonna push him anyway, I can barely tell people what i want for my birthday
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sorry, I want help but make cute stalkers >m<
I just want to love them, its a curse, all of my yanderes are all just lonely and/or emotional. I go so very soft for them, and they have that air mystery and that's really hot too 😔
I done mind reading about them as long as theyre not too abusive or mean. Like, I like reading about actual stalker/yanderes but like, I want possibly make one myself. I want help but make soft ones because I feel bad for them and I just want them to be at least somewhat lovable 🥺
I can't help it
Reading descriptions is fine as long as its not too long (I barely read anything unless I have to or its fan fiction because Im very picky with stuff like this, even movies, i actually don't have many movies that i like or want to watch. The movie i remember being really absorbed in is jumanji 2 (can't remember how to spell it but it sounds like that)
I remember our teacher forcing us to write description about something I had 0 motivation to write (I couldn't get started until there was an hour left to finish it. No motivation = can't write shit. Even then I had to write it in Eng,iso so it was at leads somewhat fun and easy. Then I edited it because google translate ain't gonna be perfect, and then I got an okay grade out of it. Which I was surprised at, even more so when my teacher complimented on hoe I described things and they felt like they were there, I was like 👁👄👁, most of the description was about how the place smelled like sweaty feet because I had nothing else to write details about.
Yes kisses are easier, it’s also less humiliating if he wants to do it in public to show his possessiveness!!
Yesss, especially in the beginning of the relationship. He wouldn't dare to be put lie with sex at all! He would basically close the windows, the blinds, the door, make sure everything is locked, double check it and stuff like hat before doing anything, and even then he wound tense at the slightest but of noise.
With kisses its considered normal to do in public if youre in a relationship, and he is, so kisses!
On the mouth of course, but sometimes he just feels like doing it everywhere so that's what hes gonna do.
-🐱nonny who got major neck cramps rn, sitting on the floor ain't a very good idea and like, I have two math tests, one of which i forgot to do F.
Omg even if the play isn't romantic at all, he will find a way and a reason to kiss you in front of the whole skl/uni! And i feel like boiboi wouldn't be THAT good of an actor, but if you're going to be the leading actor,,, he'll find a way to be your partner (aka maybe threaten the teacher, or even the student who was cast to give up the roll).
Pleaaaaase!! I'm glad im not the only one who puts so much effort into their ocs even tho they're just for personal purposes! I have a whole lot of "get to know the character" spreads in my journal and random hcs like oh what song do they usually sing in the shower, what do they smell like, or what their voices sound like! It's actually so fun! And i also have like irl models as face clame (???) even though when i draw them they look extremely different!!
Riiight, like boiboi what are expecting?! And the worse, he's such a hypocrite! He tells you not to get turned on (like yh you totally can control that yk?) when he's clearly soooo turned on. Like all you had to do is glance down and see a raging boner in his sweatpants,,, like boiboi?! How dare you?!
Boiboi you're not bad! Besides you're a quick learner! So it won't take you too long to know exactly how to pleasure nonny!
Mhm mhm! Boiboi will use it against you! He even likes to make it a challenge, can he make you moan? And when it happens, he'll see how loud he can make you moan! He makes it his goal to hear you at leat moan his name a bit loud each time you two do it!
Oh yes i totally get you! I actually find it much harder to write mean characters. But idk once we started talking about it, it gave me the idea and now i want to write it! Like an actual fanfic👀👀 i lowkey want to write it with a bnha boy, but idk whooo! Maybe shinso👀👀 SEE I'M JUST GETTING GIDDY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT BAUSNSJS maybe I'll do it in my free time, though i have to think of who first...
YOU WROTE ABOUT SWEATY FEET,,,, AND YOUR TEACHER TOLD YOU THAT THEY FELT LIKE THEY WERE THERE?! IM WORRIED ABOUT YOUR TEACHER AHAHHAHAHA but oh gosh please, I'd rather write description than argumentative uensjsnsj i hate those, they were so boring.
Also with kisses,,,, he'll get to mark you, if we're talking neck kisses, since they're the most visible. Also, if he jealous, he wouldn't even hesitate fully make out with you, sloppy and steamy while maintaining eye contact with whoever has dared to look at you!
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trikxx · 2 months ago
Hey besties im backkkk😙! Im trying to get another chapter of my Kenma story but I need some time so im just going to write for this one.
Songs for this chapter:
• losin control - russ
• first fuck - 6lack, jhene aiko
( ⚠️this chapter mainly contains smut(degrading & edging)⚠️)
Tumblr media
A few days later🧍🏽‍♀️
"Hey y/n are you awake?" Denki says. Y/n groans "now i am." Denki huffs and slowly opens the door and goes in the room. "I made breakfast. But I wanted to talk to you." He says looking at her pinging phone.
"You cant keep ignoring him y/n."
"Why should it matter Denki?"
"You should go and talk to him. No you are going to talk to him cause you can't keep locking yourself in here and not talking about your feelings. You both need to talk to each other and talk it out." Y/n lets his words sink in.
"No. Get dressed we are are going back so you can talk to him."
Y/n rolls out the bed after Denki leaves the room. 'Why?' Y/n thought to herself as she pulled out some clothes.
Y/n looks at her phone analyzing the messages sent by Shinsou and sees some from Shindo who she occasionally texted only cause he was being annoying.
Hitoshi☄️: y/n. You dont have to come back and stay can we at least just talk.
Hitoshi☄️: nvm take you time.
'That was the last message he sent huh?' Y/n thought
Shindo.: Hey just want to ask if you wanted to hang out today?
Shindo.: You there?
Shindo.: y/nnnnnnnn😃.
Shindo.: are to shleepingggg🙂
*1 missed call from Shindo.*
"Dude." Y/n said making a irritated face. 'Am i about to text him back....yes cause why not. Shinsou can be player why cant I. I mean just a little sum sum to get my mind off that douche Hitoshi.'
Y/n🌸🤍: sorry I was sleep.
Y/n🌸🤍: yea sure we can hang out. What time and where.
Shindo.: Heyyyyy!
Shindo.: Any time is good for me. Maybe at Venice😗?
Y/n🌸🤍: Cool! I'll text you the time when I figure it out.
Shindo.: Do you want me to pick you up?
Y/n🌸🤍: no its ok. I have to do a few things so ill meet you there.
Shindo.: ok see you later then😏.
Y/n🌸🤍: cant wait🤗
'Bitch what the fuck was "cant wait🤗"' y/n thought to herself as she did her hair.
"Falling in love now lossing control now~" y/n sang along with the lyrics 'damn a bitch really in her feels.'  Y/n giggled and went to get her outfit out
Y/n sat back down on the bed. 'Maybe i should take my truck. No Denki wouldn't let me.' Y/n thought
"Do we really have to go?" Y/n asked. "Yes." Denki responded bluntly. Y/n rolled her eyes and went back to the room and called Mina.
*incoming call from Y/n😃✨*
Mina picked up her phone and answered quick.
Mina: Hey babes! How are you feeling?
Y/n: Im feeling ok, Denki is making me go talk to him
Mina: I agree with Denki you should talk to Hitoshi before you go and.... ya know... pop ya pussy fa a grand
Y/n: Mina noo
Mina: Im kidding im kidding.... unless..
Y/n: Nope. Thats enough.
Mina: Put ya p*ssy lips on live i give ya a thousand dollas
Y/n: Bye Mina.
Mina: No waittt-
*call ended*
Y/n giggles and lays back on the bed. 'I wonder how this is gonna go' . "Lets go y/n im ready." Y/n grabs her phone and keys and follows Denki out the house.
"Can I take my-" "no." Denki said. "Well shit."
"Y/n. You've been ignoring him and sulking for too long. We need y/n back." Denki said keeping his eyes on the rode.
"Can I play some music at least?" Y/n asked "Yea. What ever floats your boat and gets you to talk to Shinsou."
"I'm ready." "Ok lets go." He responds. Denki and Y/n walk out to Denki's car and he pulls out the driveway and drives to Y/n and Shinsou's apartment.
"You go in ill wait out here for you." Denki said. "Tch. Ok" y/n said getting out the car.
Y/n walked into the lobby "Hello ms. Y/n." The woman at the desk says. "Hey." Y/n says walking past to the elevator and then pressing 5.
There was many thoughts going through y/n's head.
'Should I actually do this.'
'Why am i here.'
'I should have taken my car any way and went somewhere else'
'Fuck him i should leave'
'Is it my fault?'
"FUCK!" Y/n yelled right before the elevator stopped. There was someone waiting and they looked at her crazy. "Sorry." Y/n said walking past them soon putting her hands in her pockets.
Y/n was standing outside the apartment with the key in the door debating if she should go in or not.
Y/n takes the key out the door and turned to walk away. But the door opens "y/n ?" Shinsou says standing in the door way shirt less. His eyes puffy and his eyes looking more restless then usual.
Shinsou runs toward y/n immediately enclosing her in a hug dipping his head into the space between y/n shoulder and neck. "Y/n im sorry! I should have known! I- I wasn't thinking!" Shinsou said. "Please forgive me." He continued pulling away to look y/n in her eyes.
"Y/n?" He said again looking into her teary eyes. Y/n hugs Shinsou tightly. "I missed you." Y/n say crying on to Shinsou's chest. They walk in to the apartment and sit down on the couch.
"Soo what have you been doing Shinsou?" Y/n says looking at Shinsou while he scrambles around to pick up the stuff that was out of place. "I've been..." he stops. "Its ok to tell the truth. Im not gonna judge you Toshi."
Shinsou blushes cause he hadn't heard the nickname in a while. "Well.. crying and trying to get in contact with you." He says. "Sorry I wasn't answering i've kinda been ignoring everybody." Y/n says with a small chuckle while leaning onto Hitoshi's shoulder.
"I missed you y/n." Shinsou says. Y/n lifted her head up and looked at Shinsou he looked back. "You kn-"
⚠️ne noor ne noor mayday mayday⚠️
Y/n was cut off by Shinsou's lips crashing into hers. Y/n kissed back and moved closer to him deepening the kiss.
Shinsou grabbed her butt making y/n moan into the kiss. This turned him on more. He pulled y/n on to his lap. Y/n put her arms around his neck and closed the space between them.
Yes y/n and Shinsou were best friends but they fucked a little bit here and there. Shinsou had feeling for y/n and he really wanted her but he didn't want to ruin their relationship. Y/n had feelings but she didn't want a relationship because of what happened with Todoroki.
But theres only a matter of time before every ting becomes clear. Right?
Shinsou picks up y/n and carries her to her room and laying her on the bed not breaking the kiss. He tugs at the bottom of her shirt and she nods. Shinsou begins to pull y/n's shirt off breaking the kiss. He takes off his sweats and climbs on to the bed hovering over y/n's frame.
"Beautiful little fuck." Shinsou says with a smirk then taking off y/n's shorts.
He tosses the shorts to the floor then dips into y/n's neck immediately finding her sweat spot and starts leaving hickeys and love bites.
Shinsou starts kissing y/n again slowly brushing his fingers down her body stoping at the band of her underwear.
Shinsou begins to rub y/n's clothed clit "ahh~". He smirked and stop and started removing y/n's panties. Shinsou bit his lip at the sight. "So wet already." He said. Shinsou goes back to kissing y/n.
He inserts a finger into y/n. "Shinsou~" y/n moans. She feels Shinsou smirk on her lips as he adds another finger. "Like that? Fucking slut." Shinsou says breaking the kiss and speeding up his pace.
Y/n felt her core tighten up "im gonna cu-" Shinsou abruptly stopped. "What the fuck Shinsou?!" Y/n says. "Aw did I get your hopes up?" "Fuck you." Y/n spat. "Oops- wrong answer." Shinsou said smiling.
"What?" Y/n asks. "Shin- ah~" Shinsou dipped his fingers back into y/n going at a fast pace. "Fuck~"
Y/n relaxed her body knowing she was about to release but Shinsou stopped. "FUCKKKK! WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THAT!" Y/n yells. "So I have to say it don't cum till I say so." Shinsou says.
"Ok." Y/n responds but Shinsou doesn't budge. "Ok what?" He said with a straight face. Y/n held back her smile "ok Shinsou." She said deciding to dance with the devil. "You little fuck." Shinsou said with a smile.
Shinsou puts both of y/n's legs on his shoulders and puts his arms around her legs keeping them in place. He lick a "mmm y/n you taste so good." Y/n threw her head back and slipped her hands into Shinsou's hair.
"Fuck! Ah~" y/n moaned. Shinsou started to go faster "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Shinsou got harder at the sound of y/n's moans. He couldn't wait any longer. Shinsou wanted to break y/n. He wanted to feel her around him.
"I'm gonna-" "yes princess cum on my face" "cum for me!" Shinsou demanded and Y/n obeyed. "FUCK~"
Shinsou let y/n finish then he kissed her. He then pulled of his boxers and threw them with the rest of their clothes. Y/n sat up on the her elbows as Shinsou started kissing her again. He positioned himself at y/n's entrance.
"I want to hear you beg. Beg for me to fuck you senseless." Shinsou demanded "please" "please what." "Please fuck me!"
"I said beg bitch!"
Y/n let of a quiet groan when Shinsou yelled. He could way all night for her to beg just edging her for hours on in.
"Please fuck me! Ughh~ please!" Y/n whined out. "Good girl~" Shinsou purred as he put his hand on y/n's stomach to feel him self going in count each inch.
"2 fuck~"
Y/n threw her head back as he went further "cant take it?" Shinsou said voice laced in lust.
"8 ughhhh~" he said throwing his head back.
Shinsou pulled y/n closer to him and kissed her neck starting to stroke slowly at a gruesome pace for y/n. "Faster~" y/n moaned out. Shinsou smirked and pulled out. Y/n loudly groaned "stop fucking teasing~" she whined pulling Shinsou back on to the bed and getting on top.
"What do you think your doing." Shinsou says with a smirk. "Something you wouldn't."  Y/n said lowering herself down. Before she could get past tip Shinsou flipped over with him on top and went the way in and started going at a brutal inhuman pace.
"Is this what you wanted, fucking slut!"
'Y/n has been in there for a long time' Denki thinks getting out the car. " im gonna go check on them."
Denki walks into the apartment building. "Good evening sir. Is there anything you need help with?" The woman at the desk said.
"Uhh...actually yes do you know which apartment.. Hitoshi Shinsou stays in." "Yes apartment 503." "Thank you" Denki says walking away.
'503. 503. 503.' Denki repeated in his head while in the elevator and while walking to the door. Denki knock on the door but noticed it moved when he made contact. "Bitc- oh its open. Scary~" Denki slowly walks into the apartment. "Damn this is nice."
Denki goes to find Shinsou's room. As he gets closer to what he think is Shinsou's room he hears moans he decides to stop and just listen.
"What are you doing."
"Something you wouldn't."
Denki heard something hit the bed and then a loud whine.
"Is this what you wanted, fucking slut!"
Denki couldn't bare the screams. "Y/N ARE YO- oh~" "Looks like we have a guest Y/n." Shinsou says looking at Y/n. "You like this y/n?" Be continued with a smirk. "Ah~ please- s-slow down" Y/n whined
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flamediel · 2 months ago
Ok everyone welcome to the crackfest that is my brain rn, time for weird ass joel/sam s theories.
Let me preface this by saying I have not slept in over 40 hours, and im not claiming any of this as fact. I just went down a rabbit hole of old ass content and a certain clip caught my eye:
This is from the interview they did with AwesomenessTV on 25 Sept. 2019 (or at least thats when they posted it), which you can find here
What stood out to me is when everyone is saying chris is the most likely to hit on a girl their friend likes, and joel and Richard IMMEDIATELY raise the chris picture. Then joel says "and I have PROOF," and you see the realization dawn on zabdiels face and he raises the chris pic too. They're all laughing and joking around in the video so im not gonna claim there's some serious animosity there but like?? If we check the timeline joel knew sam first, and its entirely possible he was into her at the same time chris was. Imnnot saying chris "stole his girl" bc I dont think it was ever that deep for chris, but its entirely possible that they were both kind of chasing her at the same time. And then joel ends up w emilia (which. We don't know when that started to become real and when it was just PR, so we can't confirm if he was or wasn't actually single), chris refuses to let things get serious w sam s, and then the minute joel and emilia break up hes hanging out w sam s?? Like. Im not saying its sus but it would explain sooooo much. Like there was barely tension between chris and joel? If chris knew joel liked sam when he was hooking up w her he has no right to be mad now, and I dont think he would be. And similarly, the boys (zab posting the hugging vid w joel after the sam s news broke) would be much more likely to side w him/not reat it as a huge deal when he got w her. They're def still using it for pr (and its weird af that she went for her exes friend she's so wrong for that) but it would maybe explain why joel is so upset w fans reactions. From his angle, he's completely in the right here. Doesnt explain or seem to be tied to the richard thing but yeah this is what my brain is on rn.
AGAIN im not claiming this is fact but it would def change how I look at this whole situation and lowkey makes more sense than everyone being chill about joel getting w Chris's ex right after a breakup (and we know they're chill bc these boys CANNOT keep shit to themselves lmao).
Tagging everuone who liked the last post about this so far so @cncothoughts @zaddywilk @adictivaperotoxica @nenapapi and @lupusxuniversum
And special thanks to @mind-of-tavia @jane-ray @chrisdiels-babygirl for entertaining my crackhead theories and actually taking me seriously when I've clearly lost it 😭😭
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everyhowlmarksthedead · 2 months ago
back to life.
Tumblr media
© @sonsofeorl
Tumblr media
❝ request by anon: Lovely Aurora, the light of our existence. Is it possible to get prompt 3 from angst list for our amazing Hank, please? I would be honored! Thank you! ❤
❝ request by anon: ¡Hola! Can I please request #14 from angst list with Tranq? ¡Gracias! I hope you have a good day!
❝ prompt: “Letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do”. / “I’m at the hospital”.
❝ words: 666.
❝ a / n: as always, don’t forget to comment and reblog if you liked it!
Tumblr media
When he has pronounced “I'm at the hospital”, you haven't cared about anything else. You haven't cared about your past together, nor about the relationship he broke by using cheap and poor excuses. You have just left your house like a bat out of hell, driving your car above the speed limit of Santo Padre to the Imperial Hospital. Eight months have passed, but you haven't forgotten him. You have tried with all your efforts —you have really tried it, but Tranq isn't a man you can forget. He's fervent, attentive, charming, generous. He has treated you like a queen since the first moment you came into his life. But Hank wanted to protect you.
Your calves burn because of how fast you're running through the hallways, checking every room you find on your path until you glance to the crew some steps away. They don't say anything when they notice your presence. They don't stop you. They are just smirking at you. Glad that you're there. Walking in, your eyes go straight to the big man lying on the bed. A bandage covering his forehead, some scratches on his left cheek, a neck brace, and a few bruises all around his bare chest.
You can't help but let the tears fill your eyes as your lips start to tremble like jelly, tilting your head to a side not knowing what to do. He beckons at you with a hand in slow motion, trying to sit up. Taking two big lungs closer, you put a hand on his back to help him, containing your sobs as best as you can. Apparently, someone has pushed him out of the road and these are the consequences. But you aren't sure why he has called you.
“Do you…? Do you need some— something?” You sniff sitting on the edge of the mattress, next to him, as you watch Tranq shaking his head.
“You're here, that's more than enough”. He replies with a sorrowful tone of voice, holding one of your hands to kiss the back of it. “I haven't stopped thinking about you since I woke up”.
You click your tongue inevitably, biting the inside of your shaky bottom lip. Using your free hand, you clean the tears wetting your cheeks with the fist of your hoodie.
“Letting you go was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, sweetheart. I swear it”. His croaky voice confessing that, practically, he has missed you breaks your heart. “I've been too close today to losing everything… I don't wanna die without you knowing that I love you more than anything in this world”.
“You are… not gonna die, Hank”. You reply in a low and bitter cry, leaning down to the side to kiss his right cheek.
He places his arms on your back, giving you some more space to be comfier almost on top of him. Even if the atmosphere around you smells like gauzes and alcohol, his strong scent is still on him, dizzying you when your lungs are filled by it. So damn strong. So minty. So smoky. You haven't moved on, because you haven't wanted to forget him. You can't continue lying to yourself.
“I'm better with you, than without you”. You mumble between soft sniffs, still hiding your face on his shoulder.
“I know… I'm sorry. I won't… leave you again”. Hank vows with his eyes on yours, as soon as you sit up again, helping you to clean the tears left under your eyes. “Forgive me…”
You nod your head, letting him cup your cheek on his huge palm, can't help but close your eyelids at his warm touch. He's the best thing that has happened to your life —the same life he broke into pieces when he closed the door behind him, practically abandoning you for a dog's fight between gangs, not wanting to see you involved in it. But you don't care anymore. No one is going to set you apart again.
Tumblr media
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shinsouthings · 2 months ago
having a breakdown while streaming.
Pairing : Corpse husband x fem!reader
warning : mention of anxiety , depression.
author's note : so this is my first writing a prompt and as english isn't my first language , you may find grammatical and spelling errors. PLEASE DON'T MIND IT. but anyways , i hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
The eerie silence in the apartment just made you feel a lot lonely and helpless. It's one of those days where a mere thought leads to overthinking and then full self loathing session. You feel selfish for even being sad when you have wonderful friends and supportive fans. You curl into a ball as you hide your face in your hands while laying on the bed. Streams of tears flow down your cheeks and the pillow gets wet but you don't care. You let out a muffled scream as you pity your overly sensitive self. You hate that you always beat yourself up for things that are not even in your hands but that's the only way to cope with the negative emotions. For you. You remember the hate comments that often appears while your streaming. You know you shouldn't think about them but because of your vulnerable state , you can't help it. You question their hate but then find yourself agreeing to it.
A hug would be great right now. By anyone. But you just want someone to hold you , even if it's for a second.
Suddenly your phone dings , indicating you recieved a notification. You reach for your phone and see the lockscreen.
It's Corpse.
Your heart swells a little , just at his name. Corpse is a wonderful friend , the most kindest and sweetest human being to ever grace the heart.
A person whom you don't deserve.
And just like that your mind shuts out the tiniest bit of happiness that came.
He's asking if you're up for an among us game and you were about to say no when you stopped. Maybe a game can help you take your mind off and then by the time the game is over you'll forget it.
You send a yes to which he adorably replies
' yayyy !! come on the discord , we're all waiting! [ insert heart emoji ] '
You laugh and go to your recording room where your computer is. You dry off your tears and drink some water so you don't sound like you just bawled your eyes out for four hours straight.
Your little avatar appears on the screen and Corpse's little comes and starts circling yours.
" Hey y/n !! I missed you so much !!" Rae exclaims excitedly and you laugh.
" We just played yesterday Rae!" You said , feeling better already.
" It's been a WHOLE day y/n that's 24 hours!" Rae said dramatically and you laugh again.
" Hey y/n!" Sykunno chirps in between.
" Hey my favourite person on Earth!" You reply back and you could almost hear the betrayed look on Jack and Corpse's faces.
" What?! What about me?!" Corpse said dramatically.
" This is betrayal!" Jack said with rage and you laugh.
" Start the game! start the game!" You gush and the game starts , everyone's voice going mute and you sigh in relief.
It's a Proximity mod so you purposely run away from the pouting kids before they start whining again.
You were doing oxygen in the O2 when you phone suddenly dings , grabbing your attention. You look over at the screen and freeze. It's showing a reminder of a birthday. Of someone you loved a lot.
You throw the phone on the couch harshly and tears stung your eyes. Memories flashed your mind , regrets started coming in one by one. You try to do tasks but all you could think about is what you could have done before it was too late. You curse at your phone for it's impeccable timing. You find a corner where you're sure no one visits much and you stay there. You take off your headphone and it hung on your neck. You clench your fist as you start crying again. Little muffled sobs left your lips.
Unknown to you , Toast had called a meeting and they all were able to hear your sobs.
" Is that y/n?" Rae asked in concern.
" Seems like it as she's the only one not responding." Sykunno replies worriedly.
" Omg is she okay? She was fine minutes ago!" Leslie exclaims sadly.
" Fuck this is scaring me , I'll try calling her." Corpse said and everyone agreed.
Your phone rings and you look at it , your eyes narrowing to get a better look at the ID then widening when you saw it's Corpse. You look over to your screen and see there's a meeting going on. You wear your headphone.
" Omg-- I didn't notice--"
" Are you okay y/n? You can--"
" I'm sorry-- I just-- i gotta go. I'm so sorry. " You said and disconnected from the game. You go to your bedroom and flop on your bed while punching the mattress aggressively.
Your sudden departure left everyone worried , especially Corpse. He has been your friend for long , and he knows you good enough to know that this isn't just nothing. You've confided to him about your depression and breakdowns.
After the round is over , Corpse tells everyone that he's gonna check on you. After apologizing to the viewers , he closes the stream and is immediately on his way to your apartment. He knows the feeling of total despair and his heart aches for you to have to go through it alone.
He stands outside your apartment , contemplating whether it's a good idea or not but before his brain can convince him otherwise , his hand has already started knocking on your door.
" Y/n? it's me , are you okay?" He asks calmly and your eyes widen at his voice.
You hastily get up and tumble towards your door with wobbly legs.
" W- what are you doing here? " You stutter.
" I wanted to check up on you." He says softly and your fists clench. More tears start streaming down as guilt starts to settle for worrying your friends.
" I'm fine you didn't need to come im so--"
" You don't need to apologise , it's not your fault. I made the decision to check on you because i was worried about you and i don't care what others think. All that matters to me right now is you." He says and you wipe your tears.
You suddenly feel self conscious , you don't want him to see you in a mess. When you don't say anything , Corpse quickly catches on.
" You don't need to let me in , i just want to know if you're gonna be okay." He quickly adds and you lean against the door , hand on the doorknob.
You could really use a hug right now , Corpse's hugs are limited edition.
Just as he was about to take a step back you opened the door wide and quickly dove in for your hug. He lets out an ' oof ' before wrapping his hands around you tightly. You stay like that for a moment in silence.
" You didn't have to play today , why'd you say yes to it?" Corpse asks softly and you shrug.
" I thought it would take my mind off but guess not. " Corpse kisses you forehead and you hear a soft click.
Both of you freeze at that.
" You did bring the keys right?" Corpse asks , even though he knows the answer.
You turn around with horrified eyes.
" Noooooooo."
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everyhowlmarksthedead · 2 months ago
spanish lessons.
Tumblr media
Gif credits to the author.
Tumblr media
❝ words: about 900.
❝ request by @phoenixhalliwell: Hey pal 👋 Thank you for being a willing participant to the Frankie teaching the reader Spanish with a reward system HC. I cant wait to see you do with it 😊💛
❝ a / n: don’t forget to comment and reblog if you liked it, i’d really appreciate it!
Tumblr media
Every time you see Frankie talking in Spanish, his face literally brightens as his eyes shine. It isn't common for him to find people who talk in his native language, so you have just heard him speaking to Santi.
Sometimes you've seen some movies and tv shows in that language —for you, unknown, although you know some words and simple sentences.
And you know he misses it, even if he left Chile many years ago.
You have searched to take a course, but they aren't really compatible with your work, so the only option you can see viable is using one of those apps where you can spend the time you want learning and improving, with no pressure.
Duolingo. Everybody talks about it.
Of course, you haven't said anything to your boyfriend, wanting to surprise him. It probably will take you a while, but you'd do anything to see that smile he draws when he speaks in Spanish.
Bit by bit, your vocabulary is more extensive, knowing to identify every single thing around you.
Verb tenses are another story. If when you were in elementary school you thought the English verbs were the most complicated thing in the world, it was because you didn't have Spanish lessons.
As it's normal, you understand it better than you can speak it, get into the habit of watching everything in his language whenever he leaves for a mission during a couple of days. And now, all your music is in Spanish too, which is helping you with pronunciation too.
But when you feel confident enough to say something in his language, you just don't think about it, letting go of the words from your mouth.
“¿Yo puedo tener más café?”
(Can I have more coffee?)
Frankie turns at you blinking confused, believing it has been just his imagination. Sitting at the island kitchen, you have your empty cup raised in your right hand towards him, some steps away from you. Your boyfriend is staring at you in complete silence and you're starting to panic. Have you said something out of place? Has he understood your accent?
Slowly putting down your mug, you grab your phone turning around on your stool, giving him your back. Fastly, you look for the notes app on your phone to check if you have said it correctly. But, when you look up, you find him by your side and his eyes on the screen. You can't help but scream not expecting it, locking your phone before he can really read anything.
“Since when do you spe—? Are you learning español?”
“Uh…” You mumble clearing your throat. “¿Yo puedo tener más café…? ¿Por favor?”
You repeat then scratching your left eyebrow, trying to pretend that your cheeks aren't burning in shame whilst avoiding eye contact with an astounded Frankie. He doesn't reply, coming back to the corner where the coffee maker is, grabbing your mug to pour the drink inside.
(Thank you).
“You don't need to say yo at the beginning”.
“It's enough sayin' puedo tener más café”. He explains offering you back the cup.
“Oh… Oh, okay. I'll write it down”.
Even so, you feel a little bummed because it hasn't had the intended effect. You have been working really hard for the last three months, but you haven't received the smile you were expecting. Puckering your lips in a slightly forced smirk, you take your phone to write his advice, not being capable of looking at Frankie coming closer to you again. He takes off the device from your fingers to leave it on the marble board, leaning forward to press his lips on yours.
This is much better. This is much better than a simple smile.
For some reason, Frankie has taken the habit to kiss you anytime you tell him something in Spanish. A word, an expression, the chorus of a song… He feels proud of you, of the small things you do to make him happy. And it's his way to demonstrate you.
Long conversations are his favorite. He's always looking for an interesting topic, letting you talk for hours and hours while he only hears you enraptured on how good your voice sounds in his language —being a little more honeyed, a little softer. Don't misunderstand him. Frankie loves every single tone of yours, but the Spanish one? That's a higher level.
And he thought that situation couldn't be perfect until he hears you speaking to Santi.
“Para ti, la cerveza más fresca”.
(For you, the coldest beer).
His eyes widen in surprise holding the drink, as you raise both eyebrows nodding with your chin. Until you realize it isn't correct at all.
“Fría. Fría, no fresca. La cerveza más fría”.
“¿Habla español?” He says turning at your boyfriend about to laugh glad of it. “¡Hablas español!”
(She speaks Spanish? You speak Spanish!)
Frankie can't help but kiss you in front of his brother shamelessly, cupping your cheeks on his palms and peppering your lips noisily.
“Espera, ¿qué es eso?” Santi asks frowning funnily.
(Wait, what is that for?)
“Me besa cada vez que digo una frase bien”.
(He kisses me any time I say something correctly).
“No Spanish in my presence”. He fastly demands, taking a sip from his beer while waving his free hand. “I feel like you're gonna have sex if we keep talkin'. And I'm too innocent for that”.
Tumblr media
GENERAL TAG LIST: @mayans-sauce @peoniarose @destynelseclipsa @band-psycho @myakai13 @petlaufeyson @-im-fantastic- @horsesandwolvesaremyanimals @rocketqueen @rosieposie0624 @ellyseveronica @Jessprins13 @diaryofkali @ravenmoore14 @starrynite7114 @kenbechillin @miahelen @monkeyluver4546 @sheeshgivemeabreak @jadesamhart @rawrlittlepanda-95 @megapeacelovemusic-blog @katsav17 @skits90s @wildsould1221 @littlekittymeow
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frankie morales: @agirllovespancakes
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greenorangevioletgrass · 2 months ago
red right hand (mob!Harry x oc) 3/3
"Staring at the ceiling / two weeks and I'll be home / carry the feelings / through Paris, all through Rome / and I keep thinking back to the time under the canyon moon / I'm going, oh, I'm going home."
Tumblr media
series masterlist | main masterlist | ko-fi
pairing: mob!Harry Holland x Bel (spy!ofc)
summary: the tables have turned. Harry fights one final battle for his fresh start, and Bel waits.
word count: 3.7k
warnings: so much yearning, fluff, smut, angst, hurt/comfort, brief violence
notes: this is it y'all! this is the end and im emosh! thank you so much for sticking through this story. i hope you had as much fun reading it as i did writing it 💕
[read part 2 here]
It takes 3 minutes to get Harry to the hospital, 4 hours of surgery to patch him up, and another 5 hours for him to come to. And frankly, feels longer than the 6 years they spent apart.
Every second feels like getting pushed closer and closer to the cliff’s edge, and Bel feels like the living room is closing in on her. She’d put down her phone so she can look up apartments in Butt Fuck, Nowhere in peace like an absolute moron. The next thing she knows, her phone lights up with 41 new messages-- ‘Harry Holland’ and ‘shot’ and ‘Highgate Hospital’ barely pass by in a blur.
For a brief night, her house finally felt like home. She could picture slow nights and dancing in the kitchen and coffees in bed. But now it feels like some random safe house in some random city that she’d been assigned to.
She has to get out.
The hospital canteen is depressing and her scalp is sweating under her hat, but the harsh white interior keeps her grounded and alert. And as her tea goes stale, she hacks into the hospital system and just stares and stares at her screen until she gets an update.
Holland, Harry: surgery completed.
Transferred to Suite 1207.
Bel channels all the nervous energy into careful precision, from the way she gets up from her seat to the way she slips out of her baggy sweats and snapbacks into a sleek well-fitted suit, marching up to the 12th floor with unwavering conviction.
She spells out her name with every rap of her knuckle against the door, and a burly guard answers the door.
“Let her in,” he commands from the inside. He sounds… exhausted, and her heart breaks a little.
The man stares her down, but makes way for her. She barely registers the Ruger peeking out from his hip. Her attention is entirely taken by the man giving the order from the hospital bed. It’s only been a few hours since she saw him leave --bubbly and bounding about in her kitchen, kissing her goodbye like it’s an ordinary day for an ordinary couple.
And now he’s lying limp and pale and drifting in and out of consciousness.
“Give us a moment, will you?” Harry tells the guard and he nods, ducks out wordlessly. “Bel.”
She wastes no time to rush over, taking the seat by his bed and his hand in hers. “I suppose our escape plan will have to wait until your recovery, eh?” she smiles wryly.
“More or less.”
There’s a weight to his words, and Bel wants oh so badly to ignore it. God, she just wants to stroke his hair and comfort him, but her stupid self can’t help but ask, “So is it more or less?”
He locks his fingers between hers, only his thumb moving freely against her skin. "I have to do this one last time. They're not gonna stop until we finish them."
"Who are they, anyway?"
"The Five Families in New York --and no. Don't--" he knows what she’s about to say even before she thinks it, and it terrifies him to death to let her in on his little shit show.
"You know I can help you, right?" she tries to argue, calm and even, although the tightness in her voice betrays her.
"I can't risk it. Nobody knows you're with me, and I want it to stay that way. I can't have that-- I won't."
"Kid, I can look after myself--"
"Bel,” he cuts her off. Final. Resolute. “Please. I’m asking you to trust me. I’m gonna finish this, once and for all, and then I’ll come back to you. I just… I need you to hang tight for me.”
She wonders if it’s this hard on him when she gave him the five-year warning long ago. The uncertainty, the powerlessness, the crippling fear of losing one another.
But she knows that. And she knows there’s nothing else to do but wait. She’s not a hero or a martyr. This isn’t the kind of story where she could swoop in and save the day; the last thing she wants is to put Harry in harm’s way. So she simply says, "Okay. Just... finish it quick, yeah?"
"Wait for me?"
"Any day, kid," she assured him with a kiss to the top of his head.
She does wait. Patiently and painfully, as weeks turn into months and months turn into a year. Before she knows it, a year becomes two.
For Harry, each day he spends without her drags on-- and he spends every single day that way since then. He knows he’s being watched, and he knows better than to put Bel in the picture. This time, he’s the one going in and out of radar fighting the bad guys. How the tables have turned.
He does keep tabs on her, though. She retired from MI6 after his company’s case is closed, on the grounds that “desk jobs give her a permanent migraine.” Her colleagues laughed at that, she told him. And he loves hearing her laugh-- dulcet and warm. Quiet. Comforting over the crackling white noise of his burner phone.
“Are you there?” she breaks the silence.
“I’m here, yeah.” he takes a deep, heavy breath. “Got everything settled?”
He could hear her smile. “Pretty much. You’re gonna love it.”
“Just a few more hours now…” his words hang in the air, and he tries to pick the mood back up. “Until you tell me where the hell we’re going.”
Or until I find out whether or not you make it out alive, she pushes the thought of her head. “Any minute now, kid.”
His tear sneaks up on him as much as that little word does. Her 'any day' is now 'any minute.' The hours are running out, and as much as they're looking forward to it, the final moment terrifies them still.
Because when it comes down to it, he only ever has one minute. A soldier's minute, where everything happens at once. There's no revenge, no secret lover back home before. No sweet escape and happy ending after.
There's only himself, the infamous mob leader John Gotti and a gun in his hand. Even his brothers seem to fade away into the background in his mind. The hustle and bustle of the New York nightlife below them sound so far away.
There's only Harry, his gun, and the man who ordered his execution and kept him from his lover.
"It's over. You think we've been hiding from you all this time?" Harry seethes, charging forward until the barrel of his gun presses on Gotti's clammy forehead. "Think again, you old fuck."
"Well, these little boys just handed your ass over to Frank Cali, which you're at a losing war with. So you either die with Cali or with us. Take your pick." Harry cocks his gun and he can feel Gotti's insides churn.
Gotti, a stocky Italian-American man in his late 60's, is unraveling under the pressure. But of course, he wouldn't show that so easily. There's still that one last show of bravado. "You little boys are nothing but playing pretend," he scoffs condescendingly.
"Fuck you," the old man all but spits at him.
Harry blinks. "Fair enough," and pulls the trigger.
And then his ears go ringing and his face smattered with blood.
Eventually he notices Harrison and Tuwaine's expression of shock, and Tom… disapproving but not surprised. He simply orders the body to be taken away and the Cali clan to be contacted. Clean and clinical.
Harry insists on driving all the way to the airport. He needs something to focus on. The red ghost of blood on his hand is still stark against his pale skin and the comings and goings of the street lights distract him from that. And on the jet to Hamburg, he checks the contract for Frank Cali over and over, until Harrison gives him some Xanax and tells him to call it a day.
At least he's able to get some sleep then.
He calls Bel as soon as he lands, and she picks up even before the first ring ends.
"Kid?" she answers-- her voice small and worried and hopeful at the same time.
"It's done," he simply says. "I'll see you in an hour?"
She lets out a sigh of relief. "Yeah. Okay."
"I'll... be seeing you."
Bel braces herself to say it back without bursting into tears. This will be the last time they utter it in longing. After this, no more.
An hour couldn't come fast enough, and she ends up just driving aimlessly, stopping for coffee and gas, and even then she arrives at the hangar early. She couldn't wait to stop all this waiting, past lives be damned. The TARDIS blue door she left behind in London didn’t even cross her mind; her home was never a house.
Her home is a feeling.
A person.
Bel parks on the edge of the private hangar just as the boys disembark from the jet. Tuwaine and Harrison walk right towards their black SUV. Harry stands on the threshold while Tom gives him a firm hug before making his way down the steps. It's a very brief, very intimate moment and she almost feels like intruding for witnessing that.
But Tom clocks her-- or rather, her car- and knocks on her window with a knowing look.
"So I was right," he says in lieu of a greeting, "It was Harry."
"And I was right," she counters, "You were in love."
He catches Bel's eye on the wedding band adorning his ring finger and smiles, almost to himself.
"You know what? If you weren't a shady criminal mastermind, I think I would've liked you, Tom."
He’s quick to retort, "And if you hadn't fucked my company over and ruined my kid brother there, we would've gotten on."
They share a laugh, light and easy, and they can almost recall how friendly they used to be. Not intimately close, but enough common ground for a budding friendship there.
But the laughter dies down and Tom turns serious. Bel swears he could see the wary in his eyes. "Hey, uh… take care of him, will you?"
She doesn’t need to answer; he knows she will. But it still doesn’t make up for the ache in the pit of his guts. He is losing a brother, after all.
“Hey,” she snaps him out of his reverie. “You can always come down to visit-- just make sure you don’t bring any trouble with you, yeah?”
And as Tom walks away with a smile and drives off into the foggy dawn, Harry walks over-- his suit replaced with jeans and black hoodie, a duffel bag slung on his shoulder. He opens the passenger door and slides in, pulling her into his arms.
She holds him so tight for as long as he holds her. In her smothering, he finds comfort. Her lavender shampoo and her warm clothes and just her familiar scent soothes the copper and smoke in his nose. Her arms around him feel like an extension of his body. A protective armor, of sorts, padding him from the sharp air he’s been submerged in.
Harry feels her soft lips on his cheek, and his mouth seeks the very same touch. Her kiss seems to unlock the ache he’d been putting away: the stinging in his throat, the sobs threatening to rip out… He tears his lips away as the tears come streaming down.
“Are you okay?” Bel runs her fingers through her hair.
“Yeah, I’m just…” he sniffles, wiping his eye with his sleeve. “I’m just glad it’s over.”
“Me, too,” he cups her face.
The invisible red returns and Harry finds his right hand trembling again. He pulls away and tries to cover it with his left, but all he thinks about is staining his palm and smearing the blood on Bel's face. She catches sight of that, and he meets her concerned gaze.
"Thought I'd grown out of it," he muses, like he's disappointed in himself. "Guess not."
Far be it from Bel to judge. She knows that pulling the trigger doesn’t feel as easy as it looks. Instead, she places a comforting hand over his clasped fist. "It never got easier for me either. Every time I needed to do that, I-- I wouldn't sleep for days."
"I'm just so... tired," he leans back against the headrest. "Can we go home now?"
He sounds like a child, and yet he looks like the last two years aged him ten times over. It breaks her into bits. So she sits up and starts the car with a fond smile,
“Of course.”
Bel is thankful for a lot of things in that moment; she’s thankful that Harry made it in one piece, that they made it through the end-- ten agonizing years since they first met. That he landed in Hamburg, so the drive isn’t too long…
She spends nearly the entire journey going on about the places she considered for the two of them. She adores New York, but following Harry’s altercation with the Five Families, that city is not an option anymore. He wanted a little cabin in the middle of nowhere-- and she would love that, if she weren’t so inherently extroverted.
They needed somewhere peaceful enough, but not so quiet that it would drive her stir-crazy. Someplace they could live a normal life-- to work and study and go on dates without anyone batting an eye…
Harry looks back and forth between the winding morning roads and the girl next to her, and he couldn’t quite believe that everything she said wasn’t some distant daydream anymore. Their home, their new life. They’re on their way there and they will arrive soon.
Any minute now.
“Welcome to Holland, Harry Holland,” Bel announces as they enter the city of Gröningen.
The birthmark on the corner of his lips is pulled into a half smile. “It’s Frost, actually.”
“I’m legally Harry Frost now.” he motions at his brand-new passport in his pocket. “It was my mother’s name.”
“I like it,” she decides. “Harry and Bel Frost. Has a nice ring to it.”
He hums in agreement. It does have a nice ring to it, but pauses a moment when he realizes what that entails. “Are you proposing?”
“I’m… entertaining the idea,” she shrugs all nonchalant, although he doesn’t miss the nervous shift in her posture.
“Bel, we’ve waited ten years to be together. Do you seriously think a marriage proposal would be a dealbreaker?”
“I don’t know. Maybe you don’t wanna be tied down by this nutcase.”
“Please. I would love to be tied up and down by you. Any day.”
“Easy there, tiger. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” she chuckles, although his last words echo in her mind. She just had to make sure. “Any day?”
“Any day,” he reassures her, his hand squeezing hers on the gear stick, and he imagines what they would look like with wedding bands on their ring fingers. He wonders if he should get her an engagement ring, or if it works differently, given the circumstances.
She eventually pulls up to a quiet street lined with red-brick Renaissance canal houses, bicycles and birch trees scattered along the sidewalks. It’s charming and bay-windowed and lush with the median strip that stretches along in front of it. It reminded him of Bel’s apartment in New York, where she took him after she wreaked havoc on his house. Funny how the tables have turned.
“Help me with the boxes?” she asks as she turns off the car engine.
Clothes, Documents, and Trinkets. The very essences of them packed up in just three boxes. Bel takes the first box and takes it to the door marked ‘15’, balancing it on one arm and knee as she unlocks the key. Harry slings his duffel bag across his shoulders and piles up the other boxes, shutting the boot closed.
He doesn't know what to expect from the house itself. There's a white couch with light blue throw pillows and a box of TV set uninstalled on top of the coffee table. The house winds down to a kitchen/dining room area adorned with more moving boxes labeled Dinnerware and Pots & Pans and the likes. The walls along the stairs are bare from pictures and paintings, although Harry can already see what they’re gonna put up.
It doesn’t look like a home-- not yet, but they’re gonna make it so.
“You can put your photos up right here,” she breaks the silence as they climb up the stairs. “I like the ones you took in Nairobi. And Seoul.”
“And the ones I’m gonna take here.” his stomach flips at the thought of taking pictures of her by the canal, lying around in the park, by the Christmas tree in the living room, or in the confines of their bedroom...
Bel’s voice gently coaxes him out of his reverie. “Here we are.”
Harry follows her lead and puts down the boxes on the floor. The bedroom is light and airy; the morning light streaming through sheer curtains upon the warm bed. The lavender throw pillows add a pop color to the white sheets, slightly askew from being slept on. He can imagine her twisted in the bedsheets, and he can’t wait to be entangled with her for the rest of time.
“Do you like it?” she seizes his trim waist, kissing his shoulder from behind. “We can always… redecorate.”
“Don’t be absurd, I love it.” he all but tuts at her as he turns around. He gazes deep into her eyes, soft as he says, “Thank you.”
She knows he means more than that. Thank you, for coming back. For fighting for him, and for sitting out when she needs to. For waiting. For her patience and her stubbornness. Her everything.
And he knows she knows that, too. He doesn’t need her to say anything else. He’s more than happy to see her gaze back and utter her promise once again.
“Any day, kid.”
The simplest phrase, the shortest of nicknames, and yet it sounds lovelier than any love song he’s ever heard.
Bel laughs, and Harry stands corrected. “I can’t even call you ‘kid’ anymore. You’ve got grey hairs now.” her hand flies to the side of his head, right where she stitched him up that one time.
He rolls his eyes at her, although the fond smile doesn’t leave his features. He kisses her, still beaming at this beautiful, impossible girl standing before him. A whole decade after she turned his life upside down, and she somehow managed to piece everything together until it makes sense.
And it all makes sense now. This home, this moment, this… feeling.
She kisses him back in earnest. Returning his kiss with every bit the same kind of elation, smiles clashing together and all.
They fall into bed, soft and unhurried, seemingly happy to just drink in each other’s lips in each other’s embrace indefinitely. Taking all the sweet time that’s been robbed off of them all this time. There’s nowhere else they need to be. Not anymore.
There will be this, and there will always be.
The clothes eventually come off and the kisses grow more heated and spill over to every inch of their skin. But still they don’t rush. Bel savors the feel of his pulsing neck on her lips, his rising and falling chest marked with her teeth. Harry rubs off the fatal sin from his hands on her bare body, replacing it with handfuls of her curves.
She ventures down his torso, grazing a thick line of scar on the right of his navel, and her breath hitches.
He sits up to kiss her again, trying to keep her from the wariness that threatens to loom ahead. But he winces, the pain sears underneath that very scar, and she feels herself slipping out of this gentle ecstasy.
"It stings every now and again, but I’m okay, Bel.” his voice comes out so gentle, and his hand on the back of her neck even more so.
She looks up at him and realizes how different everything is now. There's no more toughing it out, no more countdowns. Just two people who have finally reached the finish line.
Harry kisses her again. Harder this time. Like he's got something to prove. Like he's got something to plead. His hand guides hers towards the bulge straining against his stomach.
It feels like second nature to touch him there. Every ridge and curve of his cock feels familiar, and she uses it to her advantage. She wets her hand and strokes his hard length, soft and firm at the same time.
“Fuck…” Harry's eyes flutter closed as she closes her fist around him, hips bucking into her.
Bel watches his hand traversing down her body, putting them where they belong; between her legs, drenched in her arousal. They sit there holding and fondling each other, readying themselves for what’s to come.
She sinks down on his cock in one swift motion. Her cheeks hollow as she cleans his long fingers of her juices, neck bared and branded with kisses, hips rocking against his. Her stretch marks are like waves ebbing and flowing. It’s truly a sight to behold and Harry wishes he could immortalize the moment forever.
But that old pleasant body ache nags him, and they pick up the pace until they can’t anymore. She falters into his arms and grinds lazily against him, taking him deeper and deeper and squeezing him in. His mouth hungry on her tits make her clench, and the infinities he draws on her clit make a cacophony of cries in their little room.
And as she closes in on him, squeezing and convulsing around his cock, Harry finds himself surrendering to his orgasm. Painting her inner walls with his sweet release.
And then there's just silence.
His heartbeat. Her breath. His fingers down her spine. Her eyes, counting the freckles on his nose.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m…” he looks at her like she holds the entire world, and kisses her ever so softly on her forehead. “I’m home.”
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miioouu · 2 months ago
You can make a bomb out of a black hole 👀 it would be as destructive as a supernova, so... Most dangerous man made bomb!
Also 👁👄👁 do u believe in astrology? I dint know much abt it and i was kinda curious when I told you I was a Scorpio and you went "that's why we got along so well" tell me moar 👀
I mean, I wouldn't call him bro 👁👄👁 I mean, I hope so. Like, I call everyone bro so... It might be accidental??? Honestly I dint know with relationship nicknames. Most ill do is "love" or "my love" or just a nickname I already had for them. I can't say the other things without going 😖
I dint mind if HE wants to call me stuff, but like, anything but "babe". Baby is already pushing it. I just... Don't like it. It just feels so uncomfortable to me...
I would giv... Kiss to face. Like, I'd be sooooo clingy and affectionate. I have these weird mood that happens once or twice a day where I just aggressively cuddles something. Like AGRESSIVELY. I'd rub my face and hug it and just very aggressive. Its usually my pillow that gets the aggression, its one I've had since childhood and since I dint have anyone to cuddle it'll do!
Pls Im just so touch starved 🥺
Anyway yaya:D I mean, I don't see fishy as someone who would force you to kill it if it happens, but auau will definitely make sure that it doesnt. Ever, so that you don't even have to decide to keep it or not because if it doesnt happen, you don't have to suffer the consequences of it!
Anyway yeye boiboi just loves it. He wants you to need him like he needs you! Just show him you love him pls 🥺 I feel like he wouldn't mind putting a cellar on you either. Like, now there no way you can actually leave him? HR can also surprise tuck EN the collar and hear your voice 👁👄👁 yesyes
Wait- do you love me or hate me 👁👄👁 what do you feeeeel
Yeah I can never imagine domming anyone, though I found out I have a mommy kink and im kinda 👁👄👁 like, what do I do now. Im a sub but I have mommy kink. I literally can't dom unless you want me to die, so what do I do with my life
I mean as i said, most i will do is call them a bad boy or just soft degradation like that, and maybe overstim and stopping before they cum.
Like, I can barely do any of that anyway??? I prefer just being a sub uwu
If we ground them together, it might not be a punishment... Or maybe it is... It depends I guess 👀👀👀
-🐱nonny who is supposed to have class right now but she didn't listen and now shes confused on when she'll have to check back. God im totally gonna fail history class rip
Dbsubsjsbsi it's ok I was writting a request during my stat class,,, if it helps you feel better, i cant remember ever passing a history exam👀👀
As of astrology, i like it, i know the basic and it's fun. But i wouldn't really say i know a lot. You should first find your whole birth chart. So depending on the day and hour you were born, the stars aligned in a certain way right? So like your star sign is scorpio, but you have a moon sign, an ascendant and a venus and all that, all each sign has it's specific meaning, venus for example is about love, andd all these signs combined will tell you soo much about your personality! It's easy, there's plenty of birthchart calculators on google. Scorpios and pisces, get along well together, since they're water sign, they have a lot in common, emotional and creative, but they're also quite different. Scorpios are very very intense and passionate, pisces are overly emotional and dreamers. They kind of complete each other in way. Where pisces lack in confidence and stay grounded, scorpios are here to help them, and when scorpios are having difficulties expressing themselves, pisces understand them easily...
Anyway sunsjsnss i talked a lot about astrology, but it's fun. Even if i don't really believe it like a 100%, a lot of things are very true.
Ah i like being called babe, baby is a bit weirder i feel. I feel like those are easier to say than love or darling or whatever, especially in public yk? Although, i do prefer like a special nickname, something that only you and that special someone share, the others don't feel as special.
UEBSISN YOU RLY ARE JUST LIKE A CAT!! (another thing in common👀) but yes, sometimes i do have this urge to squeeze something really tight, it just pqkauanjs feels nice!
Yes auau fishy would do anything. Would force you to take the pill, or any other type of contraception, and even then, he would know your cycle by heart, the days that it's more likely for you to get pregnant, he would not have sex, and if he does, he'll make sure to pull out and wear a condom. Anything to not have kids.
Bdhdnsisn boiboi is very kinky. He'd get you a collar with his name on it, or "mine" written on it. He'll make you wear it in public even.
Well, maybe it's more of a lifestyle mommy kink than a sexual kink?? I don't know if that's the right terms, but like, you like to baby people and take care of them, give them all the love and affection, and all that jazz, but in the bedroom, you're a sub?
I could never do any of these, I'm a bit of a brat, so maybe teasing and whatever, but i physically cant go that far, degrading people, I'll feel bad. I wouldn't mind getting degraded and whatever, but i can't do it to others, i would give in too easily
It depends what they do👀👀
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