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niobiumao3 · 23 hours ago
Not clear on where these 'Bucky and Sam will fight in Cap 4' rumors are coming from but that's dull as fuck. Just so, SO boring to me.
No. It's stupid and lazy and I hate it. If it happens, I hope it's actually one of the following:
Bucky and Sam will fight...because someone mind-controls one of them.
Bucky and Sam will fight...because Bucky keeps 'borrowing' Sam's clothes and wearing them all the time, stretching out his shirts, Christ Bucky buy your own damned clothes.
Bucky and Sam will fight...because one of them almost dies and the other one freaks the fuck out ala Pepper in IM2 to Tony. "MY BODY LITERALLY CANNOT HANDLE THE STRESS, BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Bucky and Sam will fight...because Bucky won't tell Sam his Hebrew name, it's a closely guarded secret and only Sarah gets to know it, Sam.
Bucky and Sam will fight...because Sam wants to be Best Man *and* give Sarah away and Bucky's like 'that's not how it's done' and Sam's like IT IS NOW!
Edit: saw the article. I guess it's worth noting, the script's not even written yet, so these anecdotes about what'll be in the movie sound fake as hell.
But if TPTB do try this shit I hope Mackie and Stan fight against it tooth and nail. That's just some awful characterization.
...and now having read up on the leaker in question, these have no more basis than anything you'd make up randomly on tumblr. The guy just reposts other people's claims.
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In another edition of: Fics I need someone to write cause I can't do it myself (well, I can I just don't want to)
I want a fic where Bucky is forced to help Sarah take out her braids and has to go into the hair store with her and get things not only for her (like detangler or something), but the boys and Sam ( a new pic or brush or hair oil or beard oil or something). He learns so much about black hair and I just want someone to describe his sheer terror at the thought of someone's hair taking hours to do and hours to undo as well as how many products it takes and how careful we have to be when combing our hair. It can be SamBucky or BuckySarah. (I lean more towards SamBucky cause I want them cuddled at the end of the day while Bucky recounts his day and Sam laughs his head off)
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woobeau · a day ago
I'm finally done for the day and will be working on new nsfw sarahbucky content within the next hour. which one do you want me to work on first?
sequel to "say please" (ambiguous like the first or not?)
sequel to "melting passion"
you have to vote
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allthingsimaginary · a day ago
Chapter 4 is up on Pamper and Polish on Ao3!
Josie was so well received that I included her in this chapter as well. I think I may have to write a seperate story about her and Sarah’s friendship! 😄
Tumblr media
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indyluckycharlie · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Sarah Wilson
Summary: Tonight, Sarah has more important things on her mind than a clean kitchen.
Word Count: 1.5K
Warnings: Fluff, that's pretty much it.
A/N: So my lovely wifey @thegodswife wrote this gorgeous SarahBucky story Sunshine and Lemonade (go read it, it's so soft) based off of the ask from @ixalit. When she reached out to me to brainstorm, I ended up getting inspired to write my own lemonade themed SarahBucky. So here we go! (@oh-i-swear-writes this is the one I mentioned was in progress) Divider by the ever talented @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Sarah Wilson is fastidious about a clean kitchen.
The stove is always wiped down before the serving dishes even hit the table. Pots are stacked in order of efficiency in the sink. No one leaves the table without taking their empty plate with them. AJ and Sam reach for the tupperware, Cass grabs a cloth to wipe down the table. Bucky- sliding seamlessly into their routine from that very first dinner- tackles the pans while Sarah loads the plates into the dishwasher. They all dry and put away together.
A clean kitchen is the heart of a healthy home. That’s what Sarah always says. So if she has one rule, it’s that she never goes to bed until everything’s clean.
But tonight?
Tonight, soapy water turns cold in the sink. Because she’s got more important things on her mind.
Even with Uncle Sam elsewhere for the night, the boys finished their share of the chores unusually quick. Quick enough that Sarah eyed them suspiciously. But as she watched them from the corner of her eye, bouncing on their toes, trying desperately to hold back their excitement, she took pity on them.
“Bucky,” she called softly.
“Hmmm?” He hummed without looking up from his task.
“Why don’t you let me finish those?”
“Oh no, I can. There’s only-” he broke off as he lifted his head and caught the crooked smile on her face. He raised his brow in question.
When she nodded in the direction of the boys, he looked over his shoulder and laughed.
Turning back to her, he asked, “You sure?”
“Mmhmm, why don’t you boys get headed outside?”
Still, he eyed the half-full sink uncertainly, until she shooed him away, insisting that she could finish up by herself in no time.
But she hasn’t. Not yet. In fact, she just might not bother til the morning.
Instead, Sarah’s usually immaculate kitchen counter is covered with wrung out lemon rinds and strawberry tops.
A half dozen spoons litter the space around her. But with her eyes trained on the scene outside the kitchen window, she keeps forgetting where she put the last one and reaches for a new one each time. When a laugh bursts unexpectedly from her at the antics before her, juice sloshes over the rim of the pitcher, mixing into a sticky mess with the sugar she’s already spilled on the counter.
She doesn’t even notice.
Picking up the sound of her laugh as it floats through the window, Bucky looks back, his head and shoulders shaking from his own suppressed laughter. When their eyes meet, her heart squeezes. Without bothering to give it a final taste, she decides that the concoction in the pitcher is good enough- another first for Sarah “everything’s got to be done right” Wilson- and grabbing some cups, she hustles to the back door.
Taking just enough precaution not to spill the rose gold liquid down the front of her shirt, she nudges the backdoor open with her hip and makes her way down the porch stairs with quick but careful steps. Leaving the boys to their own disastrous devices, Bucky strides across the lawn to meet her and takes the heavy glass pitcher from her hand.
Together, they walk to the patio table. From the corner of their eyes, they watch the boys engaged in their epic battle with canvas and aluminum. They try very hard not to find amusement in the boys’ plight. It takes all of their combined resolve not to break down in a fit of laughter, when the whole setup collapses on the boys' heads and AJ lets out a long, slow groan of exasperation.
“Bucky?” he calls from underneath the tent. “Can you help us?”
“You sure? I thought you wanted to do it yourself?”
There’s a burst of movement under the canvas. Abruptly, AJ and Cass’s heads break free. They turn pleading eyes to Bucky.
“Please, Bucky?”
He chuckles warmly, “Of course.”
Reaching a hand in, he helps the boys untangle themselves from the mess they made. He then disassembles their half formed construction and lays all the pieces neatly in the grass to start again.
Sarah watches as he carefully explains each step, showing the boys exactly how the whole contraption works.
“Pull these apart first before you snap them together— see these little nylon sleeves?— each of you take a corner— yes! You got it! Who’s ready to hammer in the stakes?”
When they’re done, the boys stand back to admire their work. Sarah’s heart squeezes when they beam proudly at Bucky, and he rubs his hand affectionately over the tops of each of their heads.
She pours out glasses of lemonade as they lay out their sleeping bags on the floor of the tent.
“Okay, boys,” she calls when they’ve finished. “One glass for each of you, then inside for pajamas and teeth brushing.”
Instead of sitting around the table like they normally would, they all stretch out on the grass. The boys pepper Bucky with questions about the constellations that turn above their heads. Sarah tilts her head back and lets the sound of his voice and the boys’ chatter fill her with a warm glow.
When they finish up- without being told- the boys grab the half full pitcher and empty cups and take them back inside on their way to change.
Sarah and Bucky stay where they are, sitting side by side, gazing at the sky in comfortable silence as the smell of sweet cypress drifts through the air.
After several long breaths, Sarah breaks the silence with a voice soft and low.
“Thank you for doing this with them.”
“I’m happy to,” he replies just as softly.
“They’ve always wanted to, but I’ve never felt comfortable having them sleep out here, not with the gators. But I know they’ll be safe with you.”
Bucky chuckles, “‘Alligator deterrent’. Think I can put that on my resume?”
Sarah laughs in reply, “Maybe not in New York, but around these parts? Very useful. Good thing you’ve decided to stick around for a while.”
“Yeah,” he dips his head and turns to look out over the water. “I like it around here.”
Sarah watches his profile, black against the darkening sky. She nudges his foot with her toe.
“That's good. Because we like you around here.”
He turns his head to her, but looks down to the spot where he twists strands of grass around his fingers.
“It’s nice,” he says softly, “to have a place.”
She nods, “Yeah, it is.”
He raises his eyes and something catches in her throat. Because they’re wide and earnest and something reflects deep within that makes her chest squeeze tight.
“You know, you,” he pauses, letting the word hang for a moment, then tilts his head towards the house, “and them, you’re all a big part of that.”
Her chest squeezes again, but this time it eases into something soft and warm. Her eyes prick and her cheeks crinkle as she smiles.
“I’m glad. We’re glad.”
Bucky’s lips curve up into a shy smile and he dips his head.
Suddenly feeling shy herself, Sarah clears her throat and shifts in her seat.
“Well, I should probably…” she tilts her head in the direction of the house.
“Oh, yeah. Of course.” Bucky gets up and offers her a hand as she stands.
She nods a wordless ‘thanks’ then dusts the lingering dirt from her pants. Standing awkwardly for a moment, she clears her throat a second time.
“Well, I’m going to go check in on the boys. And then I’ll leave them to you for the night if that’s okay?”
“Yep, I’ve got this. You go relax. I can take care of the rest of the dishes in the morning.”
“Thank you.”
Before she goes, she reaches up and puts her hand on his shoulder. He leans down automatically. It's become a habit of theirs, a chaste kiss on the cheek. A "nice to see you" kiss, a “thank you” kiss, a "see you next time" kiss.
But this time, compelled by an impulse she can’t quite name, Sarah does something she's never done before.
When he leans down, instead of his cheek, she presses her kiss into the corner of his mouth.
He pulls back slightly, his brows raised, a question in his eyes. She draws in a deep breath and offers him the barest of nods.
His gaze softens. Raising a hand, he brushes his thumb lightly over her chin as the tips of his fingers graze against the soft skin of her throat.
He dips down, and she lifts her face to him. Their lips meet in a gentle press. A tentative gesture, a query, a test of things yet unspoken.
When his mouth moves soft against hers, with the barest increase of pressure, the answer to his question comes to her, and she realizes it’s no question at all.
Slowly, she draws back. Keeping her face close to his, she cups his cheek with her hand and studies the curves of his face. Bringing her eyes back up to his, she smiles, stretches up to peck his lips once more.
“Good night. Sweet dreams.”
“Good night.”
As she steps backwards, she lets her hand trace across his shoulder and down the length of his arm, until she holds only his finger tips.
She gives him one more slow, sweet smile, which he mirrors, then turns and walks to the house.
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rebellconquerer · 2 days ago
I don’t know if this counts as headcanon, cause I’m still trying to understand what the term means 😅, but it would be cool to see how you handle a scene where Bucky meets an ex of Sarah. Not her husband obviously, but perhaps someone she briefly dated or had a thing with after during the blip or after.
Here, have a story. This is how I kinda see him moving.
"Oh shit!" Sarah whispers under her breath as she sees him.
"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." Her voice gets progressively more high pitched as she mutters.
"You ok?" Maribel asks, eyebrows raising, voice ungodly loud.
Sarah grabs her best friend, ducking her head down as she moves to a more secluded spot further down the aisle.
"What are you doing?!" Mari grumbles.
"It's Derek!" Sarah mutters, peeking around around the large bach of flowers currently hiding her.
"Who?" Mari asks, peeking as well.
"Umm… he was a parent in Cass's 1st grade class." She replies simply.
Mari raises an eyebrow. "Uhuh, I know that face. That is the face you get when someone has seen you naked."
"Mari!" Sarah screeches. Her friend just laughs. God, this is awful. She grabs her hand and starts making her way back out of the store.
The restaurant had had a good couple of months and Sarah had decided to celebrate by getting a little bit of landscaping done. It was Mari's side gig and she was very good at it. She'd recruited James to come do most of the heavy lifting while she and Mari picked out the plants. Running into her ex was not part of the day's plans, thank you very much.
"Regardless, it's none of your business. Let's go!"
"Oh but we aren't finished shopping, Sarah" Mari whines, her eyes glinting mischievously as she comes to a complete stop.
Seriously?! Sarah needed new friends.
She huffs. "He asked me out. We went on a couple dates… Yes, we slept together, you fiend, but he was a little… I dunno, too much? Wanted too much, too soon."
"So you broke up with him? Why are we hiding? You are both adults."
Sarah groans. It was right around when Sam was becoming Captain America and she was a little distracted and busy… she isn't proud of it.
"I didn't ok? I never formally broke up with him but in my defense we were never officially a thing." She mutters. Mari's eyes absolutely sparkle with glee.
New. Friends.
"Sarah, I don't think anything else is gonna hold in that truck. I can get Sam's if there's more but that's gonna be a trip." James says, walking into the back of the store. He's wearing faded jeans and a white t, with his jacket, gloves and sunglasses on. It's a little odd in the Louisiana heat, but it really just makes him look like a movie star.
She glances around and sees the moment Derek spots her.
Sarah would like to apologize to the universe for whatever she has done to upset it.
James frowns looking at them. "What is going on?"
"Sarah's ex is here. The one who she never officially broke up with. We were trying to hide." Maribel says happily. If Sarah had known Mari and James would have hit it off when they met she would have never allowed it.
James gives her a slow, devious grin. She hates that it's attractive. "Sarah! Did you hit it and quit it?" James asks with faux shock.
Sarah glares at him. "Who is teaching you these things?!" She whispers harshly.
James just shrugs, looking up at the approaching man. "The internet exists."
"Sarah, what a pleasant surprise." Derek says, lazy smile on his face. Accepting that the ground will not in fact swallow her whole, Sarah smiles at him, glad for the fact that she had gone with a bright yellow sundress that compliments her skin.
"Hi Derek. It's been a long time." He leans in to hug her and she returns it a little half heartedly.
"This is my friend Maribel and… um.. other friend" she stumbles, a little over what to call James. He still introduces himself as Bucky and she seems to be the only one allowed to call him James. She is also uncertain how to identify him… they haven't had the conversation about what exactly they are yet and… well… maybe an earthquake will actually come to swallow her whole.
She watches Derek take in Maribel with a small hand shake then switch to Bucky, clearly sizing him up.
Bucky, for his part, removes his shades with a charming grin and she's close enough to see that cocksure swagger he sometimes gets loosening his shoulders.
" Nice to meet you, man." Bucky says, shaking his hand. Derek frowns. Sarah hopes for a moment it's because he recognizes Bucky with the shades down, but she isn't that lucky.
"Yeah. I don't think I've seen you around before… I've known Sarah for a while and she never mentioned you." Derek starts. She glares. This was why she ghosted him.
Bucky just shrugs, cocky little smile staying on his face. "Yeah. I'm visiting from out of town. Sarah wrangled me into helping."
Derek nods, eyes squinting a little as he tries to make heads or tails of James.
"Well this was lovely. But we really should be going." Sarah says into the marginally uncomfortable silence.
Maribel holds in her snicker, for which Sarah will forever be grateful, and James just nods, strolling over to collect the last bit of mulch they had paid for.
Derek holds on to her hand as she goes to turn away. "You know I've missed you, Sarah. I thought we were going well. I'd still love to see you again." He whispers for only her hearing.
Bucky lets out a small cough and Sarah turns to glare. She knows he can hear them, supersoldier hearing and all, and he still has that cocky smirk on his face.
"Yeah, it was a good time. But things got really busy you know, what with Sam and the press and all." She hems. "I just don't think this is the right time."
Derek smiles sadly, trying to give her a pouty look.
"Sarah, this is it, right?" Bucky yells across the room, holding two bags of mulch on his shoulder just high enough that you can see the band of his boxers and just a hint of his abs in the little gap between his shirt and his jeans.
Sarah isn't sure she can glare harder, but she tries. "Yes, James. That's it." She says with an edge that she knows he can hear. He nods, turning to head out the door.
Sarah turns back to Derek. "I'm sorry, I have to head out, you know." She states, pointing in the direction that James just walked.
"Ok, at least let me walk you out." Derek insists. She doesn't roll her eyes but it's a close thing.
James has finished loading the truck when she gets out and is leaning against the rear door, talking to Mari. It's a bad sign.
She finishes with Derek, finally making her way back to the truck and to James who is smirking at her with a head tilt.
"Don't say a word " she threatens playfully. He just shrugs, offering a hand to help her into the truck. She takes it, stepping up and he trails a hand lightly across her waist, knowing Derek is watching.
She turns to glare at him again as Maribel laughs.
God, she hates her life.
His smirk gets more cocky if possible as he slips his glasses back on his face and strolls around to the driver's side.
She can do nothing but huff.
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rebellconquerer · 2 days ago
It's Fanfic Writer Friday again!!
In celebration of finishing In The Woods Somewhere, (and being so lonesome without these characters chattering in my head), send me an ask with your favorite or most painful line or scene from my Music Theory series and I'll explain my headcanon behind it.
Send me your own headcanons based on the series (with characters who were mentioned or from elsewhere in the MCU) and I'll write you a little scene about it.
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mercurymakkari · 3 days ago
Sarah (married/engaged or whatever to Bucky) joining a military wives Facebook group just to troll
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honestlyfrance · 3 days ago
whoever said buckysharon will be canon made a typo it was buckysarah all along
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ivorylei · 3 days ago
When In Need
The Truth Hurts
TW: Mentions of sexual abuse emotional abuse and ED.
By the time Sarah came back downstairs, everyone had come into the house. There he was. Her twin. Sarah's matching half, her baby brother, Patrick. He was watching the kids play and looked up at Sarah when she entered. He scoffed and turned his gaze elsewhere, and Sarah rolled her eyes and did the same. Lette watched the interaction. 
"Hey, kids, Why don't y'all go play outside?" Lette spoke up, looking at her wife. May took the hint and guided the children out the door. Anissa, Patrick's wife, had followed.  
"So, what is going on between the two of you? Neither one of you has spoken to the other. Apparently, looking at one another is pissing y'all off.  Sam and I have been gone for five years, and I know that is more than enough time for things to happen, but y'all are twins. You shared a womb together. What happened?" Lette asked. 
Sure. Patrick and Sarah's relationship had been rocky since their tweens, but it was never this bad. Both Lette and Sam knew that there was a lot more going on than told.
"Nothing, We grew apart. We no longer see eye to eye." Sarah stated nonchalantly. 
"Nothing. Really Sarah, over nothing. You and your so-called husband had me arrested and filed a restraining order on me." Patrick chuckled angrily. 
"I mean, you did start a fight with him." Sarah spat.
"Sarah, He was hurting you." 
"No, He wasn't. You never liked Demarcus, and the first chance you got you, try to ruin our relationship." Sarah shot back. 
"You call that a relationship." Patrick giggled, pushing his dreads out of his face. 
"Wait. Wait a minute. What exactly do you mean by that statement?" Sam asked, feeling knots in his stomach. 
"Demarcus was an emotionally abusive narcissist," Patrick stated.
"No, he wasn't. You know I don't even know why you want to have this fight... There's nothing to talk about... Nothing happened." Sarah snapped
"Yes, he was. The reason why I fought Demarcus was he was sexually assaulting Sarah." 
"He wasn't sexually assaulting me. He was doing what every loving husband does with his wife." 
"Sarah repeatedly said no, was pushing him away, and put distance between them, but he wouldn't stop. Even had the nerve to say she is my wife and that it was okay. News flash, it is not."  Patrick looked at Sarah as if to say, I dare you to defend him. 
"Oh, and he cheated on Sarah multiple times. Sarah knew about it but never dared to leave him. You know how he died, right?" Patrick asked his older siblings. Both shook their heads.
"One of his frequent whores stabbed him to death because he refused to leave Sarah," Patrick said emotionless.
"Sarah, is this true? I mean, the man gave me off vibes, but I didn't know it was that bad." Lette said, looking at Sarah, who was glaring at Patrick. 
"Sarah also had lost a lot of weight. Momma had commented on her eating patterns. How she would only eat the leftovers on Cass's plate." Patrick continued
"I was busy. I didn't have the time to sit down with my own plate and eat."  Sarah said, rolling her eyes.
"But even when you did, you made up excuses like you ate while cooking." 
"I was eating while cooking. I wasn't lying." 
 "Sarah, you were snacking at best. Demarcus always commented, 'she could stand to lose a few or 'she still has a little baby fat on her. I mean, I don't get it." 
"What is there for you to get? You don't know the whole story." Sarah said, rubbing her temples. 
"Then tell me." Patrick pleaded.
"No! Patrick, drop it. It was none of your business. Demarcus would never have hurt me, and 
you were just being overprotective!" Sarah snapped.
"I don't know why you defend him. Even when he no longer can hurt you, you still defend him." Patrick said, sounding tired.
 "Maybe because I have two boys, and I don't taint the memories they have of their father. Aj doesn't remember him at all. Cass doesn't know his father was evil, and I would like to keep it that way. " Sarah sighed.
"Sarah. Why do you think I showed up that night you had me arrested?" Patrick questioned
"Because Mrs. Walter heard me and Demarcus arguing and was worried. Not even sure why you show. You told me you weren't going to be involved with anything to do with me anymore," Sarah stated.
"Yeah, but Mrs. Walter calling is not why I came. I came because Cass called me. He called saying that Demarcus was being a big ole meany and had made you cry. Cass called your name, but you wouldn't answer him. He called for you again while on the phone, and there was no response. I could hear you whimpering. Cass was scared. When I got there, Cass opened the door and led me to you. He kept saying that Demarcus was bullying you again. Cass knows, Sarah. He knows." Patrick said with tears in his eyes. 
"No, he doesn't. He said he doesn't have many memories of his father." Sarah stated.
"That's because I don't. I do remember Dad trying to burn me, and you told him you wouldn't leave," 
Everyone turned to see Cass standing in the doorway with a juice pouch in his hand.
"Mom, you asked if I had any good memories of Dad, but I don't. The majority of my memories are centered around you. I don't remember him ever saying he loved me, but I remember he said that he would take us away from you if you left him. Dad was a bully." Cass stated, and with that, he went back outside.
"That's why you choose him over me. He threatened to take them away." Patrick said slowly.
Sarah refused to meet her brother's gaze. All this time, she thought that she was protecting them, but she didn't.
"He threatened to label me as some crazy bitch and that I wouldn't see them again. Well, with all the shit that is wrong with me and the fact that I had PPD. It would have been easy for him to take custody. He forced me to have Cass and Aj so that he could use them against me." Sarah said before turning to head upstairs. 
Bucky had removed himself from the corner he was in and followed Sarah upstairs. The rest of the Wilson stood there in silence. They weren't exactly sure what to do. 
Once Bucky and Sarah reached her room, he hugged her, and she broke. Her sobs were silent but went throughout her whole body. Bucky just held her and tried to soothe her the best way he could.
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ivorylei · 5 days ago
When In Need
Secretly Desperate
Sam, Bucky, and Lette were outside playing with the boys and Lette kids. Lette's wife, May, and their kids had shown up at 9. Lette and May had three kids. Sawyer and Sailor are twin girls, and Paul is a twin, but his brother passed away when they were infants. May was in the house helping Sarah. The kids were teaming up to take Bucky down when he noticed a car pulling up. Once it stopped, two kids got out and ran over to the rest. Lette and Sam got up, started towards the car, and hugged the woman who got out. The driver hadn't moved from his seat. Lette had walked over to the door and started talking to him, and Sam was standing next to Lette, chipping in ever so often. Bucky watches until one of the new kids screamed,
"Titi Sarah." 
The two girls had to be in their teens. Sarah smiled and hugged them. "Hi, Jayden. Hi, Jaylen. You two have grown. " 
"Yeah. Cass and Aj are so big." Jaylin said
"The winter soldier is in your yard, Titi Sarah. " Jayden giggled
The twins were hard to tell apart by looks, but they had different priorities.
"I can't wait to teach Cass and Aj about aviation," Jaylin said excitedly
"Did you know that Steve Roger wasn't the first super soldier and also he could lift a car? Do you think that He could lift a car? He is a super Soldier. Wasn't he also the best friend of Steve Rogers?" Jayden wondered out loud.
"Well, Uncle Sam is better. He has wings and can fly. What can the boring, old winter soldier do? Other than falling off a train." Jaylin spat 
"Hey. No, no. The winter soldier has super hearing. We are not that far away from him. He can probably hear what you are saying." Sarah said, trying to avoid the war the twins would cause. 
Jaylin and Jayden walk back over to where the kids were, and Bucky walks over to Sarah. 
Sarah had walked into the house with Bucky on her heels. He followed and helped her do whatever task she seems to try to busy herself with. He was hoping she would acknowledge him. She didn't, and it only seemed to piss him off. Sarah was trying to hide arousal at the thought of pissing him off, but Bucky could smell it. 
"Oh, you are such a shameless whore," Bucky whispered before dragging Sarah to her bedroom. Sarah didn't say anything, only try to push past him. She wanted to ignore him, but she needed him.  She wanted him, and she wanted this. 
"Why can't you be a good little omega? You should know your place," Bucky said while tracing Sarah's jawline.
Sarah was going to snap at him until she felt his hand in her pants. 
"For someone who wants to be a cold-hearted bitch, you are nothing but a needy omega who is always wet for her alpha."  
If she was going to piss him off for her arousal, then he would do the same. God, he was trying so hard to focus but damn, her warmth was inviting. Bucky didn't know what came over him. In an instant, he had his and Sarah bottoms off and was aligning himself with Sarah. His hand covered Sarah's mouth when he thrust into her, wasting no time in bottoming out. He stops for a bit, giving her time to adjust before moving again. He replaces his hand with his mouth, drinking in her moans. He uses his metal arm to hold Sarah up while using his flesh hand to rub on her clit. He had her come twice before following his orgasm. He quickly cleans himself and her up before sitting her on her bed. When he was done adjusting himself, he left.
 Sarah couldn't think straight. She wished that they could last forever, but she also was confused. Did this mean he wanted her like Sarah wanted him, or was he just using her? Hell, she kinda felt used. She wished that he would realize she liked him and would at least let her know whether he feels the same about her. This feels like a schoolgirl crush. Sarah feels like crying. 
Bucky, on the other hand, was furious with himself. He shouldn't have done that. Bucky had already ruined the relationship he and Sarah had, and she was already avoiding him and probably hated him. Bucky felt horrible. He claims he loves Sarah, but all he did was anger her. All he did was drive her further away. God, Why did he always have to screw things up? Why was this so much easier with Gracie? Bucky decides that once they end the bond that he should leave Delacroix. He is doing nothing but being a burden to Sarah. God, Sam was going to hate him when he found out. Bucky was pretty sure that Sam would try to kill him. He would let Sam kill him. Bucky deserves it at this point. All he ever does is hurt others, especially the ones close to him. God, he was nothing but a monster.
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rebellconquerer · 5 days ago
Chapters: 6/6 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther (2018) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sarah Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Sarah Wilson (Marvel), AJ Wilson, Cass Wilson, Ayo (Marvel), Shuri (Marvel), T'Challa (Marvel), Ramonda (Marvel) Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Bucky Barnes Feels, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes Has Issues, Established Relationship, Bucky Barnes Has PTSD, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Porn With Plot, Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson Friendship, Sam Wilson Is a Good Bro, Angst with a Happy Ending Series: Part 4 of Music Theory Summary:
Love, like recovery, isn't a static option. It's a choice, to move forward, every single day.
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When In Need
Family Knows Best
Sarah was in the middle of getting dressed when her door opened. Lette walked in and sat down on the bed. She didn't say anything, just sat there. Lette usually did this when she wanted to talk about something. Most of the time, what she wanted to talk about could cause a shift in someone's mood. Sarah's mood was unpredictable, no matter the topic. Sarah waited for Lette to say something, only to get pissed when she realized Lette wasn't going to speak first. 
"What, Letty. What do you want?" Sarah snapped at her.
"Watch your mouth when you talk to me, Sarah. I'm still your big sister." The Alpha laughed at Sarah's outburst.
"Letty," Sarah sighed.
"Your scent is different," was all that Lette said.
Sarah rolled her eyes and grabbed her lotion. She knew Lette wasn't going to drop if she answered. Lette might not drop it at all. Ignoring everyone was looking like the best option. 
"You can't ignore everyone, Sarah. You have kids. You are going to have to get involved sooner or later." Lette stated.
Who the hell does she think she is? Letty and Bucky can get the same treatment. Sarah moved on to her hair.
"You know. Now that I think about it. You kinda smell like you have been marked." Lette stated. 
Sarah's reaction to the statement was so small that had Lette not been family, she wouldn't have seen it. Sarah hoped that she didn't notice, but she knew that hope was pointless. It was Paulette, and she made it her job to know everything that went on in her younger siblings' lives.
"Sarah Grace E Wilson. You are marked." Lette said a little loudly. Sarah immediately reacted, trying to shush her.
"God. Letty, you do know Sam is right downstairs." 
"But you have been marked, Sarah. Who is the lucky Alpha?" 
"Letty. God." Sarah groaned, rubbing her face.
"Is Mr. James 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' Barnes? Cause Damn, I understand." Lette smirked. She knew she struck a nerve with Sarah but did she give a damn. The answer is No.
"Letty. First of all, Aren't you gay? A full-blown out lesbian, last time I checked. Number 2 Why bring Aretha into this?" Sarah said, rubbing her temple. 
"Just cause I am gay doesn't mean I don't think others to be attractive. Two, from what Sam told me about the looks Mr. Barnes gave you. Hell, it sounded like he was ready to be a stay-at-home dad the moment he saw you. I also heard from Josie that you were ready to turn him into a daddy." 
Sarah groaned again and laid back on her bed.
"Are you going to make him a Dad? You never know he might be your soulmate." 
"Letty. I already met my soulmate, and he is gone." 
"If you are talking about Demarcus-" 
"No, Letty," Sarah interrupted, " I meant the man I met before losing my memories. The one I can't seem to remember. The man I supposedly loved so much. From the letters and what little info I have about us. He was my everything, and I was his universe." Sarah said, feeling the tears in the corner of her eyes. 
Her ghost was something or rather yet someone from her past that haunted her. Her ghost is believed to be dead after going MIA. She met him on deployment or as the story is told, but Sarah isn't sure that's the truth. He had no family, no friends, nothing but his Sarah. She was his loved one. She was supposed to honor him by cherishing the memories, but she doesn't even have those memories. He was said to be her soulmate. She doesn't even know him. 
"James could be your soulmate. If you would let him be." Lette said, trying to comfort her sister. 
Lette knew that the loss of him hurt Sarah in so many ways. She didn't know much about the man other than what Sarah let on. Their relationship seems to be forbidden. Lette believed him to be a Russian spy. She had heard him speak Russian to Sarah over the phone. She knew he was dangerous but also protective of Sarah. Lette had seen him once from a short distance watching them. Sarah said he was shy, but Sarah was lying, and they all knew it. His long hair covered the majority of his face, not to mention he had a mask. Lette had remembered the icy cold look he gave until he turned his attention back to Sarah. Then those stormy blue eyes lit up so bright. Lette knew he loved Sarah and vice versa. She also knew his disappearance was to blame for Sarah marrying Demarcus. It seemed like all the life was drained from the younger Wilson when he went MIA. She never told anyone what happened to him. Always said that he just stopped showing up, and everyone left it at that even though they knew it was more than that. After a long pause, Sarah spoke. 
"I didn't feel anything when I first touched him like I was supposed to. So no, he is not my soulmate." 
"So James did mark you." 
"If I admit it will you drop it?"
"For now. Sure." 
"Ugh, Fine. Yes, James marked me, but we will be ending the bond. End of discussion." Sarah sighed.
"What do you mean you are ending the bond?" Lette said, shocked.
"Nope. Letty, drop it. We are done talking about this." With that, Sarah left to go wake up her boys. 
"Aj. Cass. Get up. It's timed to get ready." Sarah called as she knocked on Cass's door. She was surprised to see Cass and Aj both dressed and peacefully playing a game in Aj's room. 
"Goodmorning, Momma." They said, barely looking up from what they were doing.
"Goodmorning, babies. Titi Lette is here, and Sam and Bucky are in the kitchen cooking. Do you want to go see what they are doing?" Sarah asked as she hugged and kissed her boys. 
With that said, Cass jumped up and sped out of the room with Aj on his heel. Sarah giggled. They were so adorable.
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Chapters: 5/6 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther (2018) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Sarah Wilson Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Sarah Wilson (Marvel), AJ Wilson, Cass Wilson, Ayo (Marvel), Shuri (Marvel), T'Challa (Marvel), Ramonda (Marvel) Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Bucky Barnes Feels, Bucky Barnes Recovering, Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes Has Issues, Established Relationship, Bucky Barnes Has PTSD, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Porn With Plot, Bucky Barnes & Sam Wilson Friendship, Sam Wilson Is a Good Bro Series: Part 4 of Music Theory Summary:
“Someone put an order in your head for you to kill yourself James, and all I am hearing is that you are unwilling to fight it!”
“Unwilling to- You think I don’t want to live, Sarah? You think I don’t want a life without all this fucking baggage?!” he yells at her, surprised at himself for the vehemence of the feeling within him. Surprised at himself for yelling at her. “No, tell me really, you think I want to go back into cryo? You think I enjoy the thought that the world may be safer without me? I am just asking everyone to slow their roll for one moment and think about this logically!”
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When In Need
Beginnings of Trouble 
It had been a month and a half since it had happened. With both Sarah and Bucky being as stubborn as mules, neither one had talked about it. They avoid each other as much as possible. Well, as much as they could without raising suspicion to Sam or the boys. It was killing Sarah to avoid Bucky and not because he had marked her. Although it had a part in her pain, Sarah wasn't going to admit it, but it was not her fevered mind who wanted Bucky. Any alpha would have been able to end her heat. Hell, she could have answered Bucky when he called in the first place. If she had, she would not be married to James B. Barnes. Sarah still can't tell whether or not she regrets that. No, that is a lie. Sarah doesn't regret letting Bucky mark her. No, she feels guilty because she doesn't know if that is what he wanted. Bucky is stuck with her till death do them part but is that really what he wants. Why would he want to be with her? He can have whoever he wants. Why would he willingly choose an old, ugly widow anyway? 
'He only marked us because of our scent because we were in heat. We don't even compare to him.' Her omega cried.
Sarah shook all those thoughts from her head and got up. She didn't need him. Sarah Wilson had buried her mother, had two memorial services for elder twin siblings, kept the family business afloat, dealt with an emotionally abusive narcissistic husband, buried said husband, had two miscarriages and raised two boys all by herself. She didn't need James, 'I look good, and I know it,' Barnes.  
'But we want him,' Her omega deadpanned.
Sarah didn't have time for this. Sarah needed to start preparing for Sam and Paulette's (Lette) birthday bash. They were turning 45. Well, 40 since the twins were both blipped. Lette had insisted on Patrick being there. Patrick and Sarah had not talked since Sarah's late husband got a restraining order on him. Their relationship as twins became rocky after the incident when they were twelve. Sarah started to distance herself from him, and he hated it. He didn't understand then and never really did. It has been six years since she had even mentioned her twin. Who knows if he would even show? 
'It would be your fault if Pat didn't show, but then again, you are always causing problems." 
Sarah made her way downstairs and started working on the food. After 2 hours, She notices a presence in the room with her. Sarah ignored him, hoping he would go away, but apparently, he is patient when he wants to be. He held out for thirty minutes. 
"You can't ignore me forever." He sighs. Sarah gives no reply. He obviously doesn't know her. Minutes pass before he speaks again. 
"Sarah. It is 7 in the morning. It would be better for you to answer me than me having to goat you into an argument." Sarah doesn't even have to look to know Bucky is gritting his teeth. Still, though, she doesn't reply. He is bluffing, and she knows it. 
"So I learned that because of the law, we are married. I also learned there are ways to end it other than death." 
'He doesn't want to be with us. I mean, it is not surprising, but ow." Her omega whispered.
Sarah was hurt, but it didn't make sense. She knew that he would seek out that option and that this would be the end result. Sarah had prepared herself for this. This was part of why she avoided him so that it would hurt less.
Before Bucky could say anything else, the front door opened and someone called out. 
"Sam. Sarah. Anybody up?" 
Sarah quickly brushed off her hands and left the kitchen without giving Bucky a glance. 
"Lette. Happy Birthday, sis," Sarah said, wrapping her arms around her older sister.
"Thank you. Where is my dumb ass twin?" Lette asks as she shrugs off her coat.
"Probably in his room still getting his beauty sleep," Sarah answered.
Bucky watched from the doorway as both women looked at each other in silence before busting out laughing.
"Well, Hello. You must be Sam's partner. James is it." Lette was shorter than Sarah. She looked like a female version of Sam. 
"Yes, ma'am. That's what my momma named me, but my friends call me Bucky." He smiled as he held out his hand. Lette ignored it and pulled Bucky into a hug.
 "Look at what we got here. Who lets this old dusty Negro into the house? Shouldn't you be out in the field with your ashy ass?" Sam said with a grin on his face.
"Oh, you must think you are all big and bad now with that white man's shield. You are just as dark as the rest of us, honey. Just cause Massa let you in the house doesn't mean he likes you." Lette laughs as she moves to greet her brother. 
The two do some handshakes before hugging each other. 
"It is good to see you even if you are a no-good negro. Love you." 
"A no-good negro would not have the shield. Thank you very much. I love you too, sis."
"You know there is one thing that we can agree on," Lette says 
Both pause before looking at Sarah. 
"You, Sarah, are the darkest, with your midnight-looking ass. " They said in unison.
Sarah does nothing but rolls her eyes at the antic. 
"You both can get out of my house with that Tomfoolery. You know what, since we wanna talk shit. 
Y'all can finish the cooking." Sarah states with a smirk before walking up the stairs with Bucky on her heel. 
"Don't think we are done with the previous conversation, Sarah," Bucky states once Sarah reaches her room. Sarah still hasn't spoken to this man, and it was pissing him off. Bucky was about to say something when Sarah turned to face him.
"Ok. Barnes." Sarah closed the door in his face. 
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To piggyback on the Sarah Wilson appreciation, it’s lovely how she’s a single mom (who need better rep pls everyone) and a dark skinned black woman (they also need better rep!) who isn’t stick-thin, who’s hair isn’t straightened, who’s skin isn’t lightened w makeup, just an overall good portrayal appearance-wise. And she’s portrayed as desirable AJD they’re giving her the Hollywood heartthrob whitie! (I ship sambucky too). She’s soft, she’s even almost cried onscreen. Give her all the ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥
Tumblr media
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bonus Bucky flirting with Sarah
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Pamper and Polish - Chapter 3 - Allthingsimaginary - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This chapter is just for fun and humor.
I plan to get into some romance/smut stuff either in the next chapter or the one after. I'm trying my best to keep the flow natural and realistic, whilst still delivering on how much Sarah and Bucky want to bump uglies. 😄
There is a mention of a past guy that Sarah had dated and I will touch on that later. I mean, jealous/protective Bucky is a side we all want to see. 👇
Tumblr media
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