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astro-ironman · a month ago
⤳I Can’t Handle Change
word count;726
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Innocent Stripper!reader x Mob!Andy Barber AU
“still lately i begin to shake, for no reason at all...”
Tumblr media
it wasn't that you were Andy's property; well, you didn't feel like it.
but the chain on your neck said otherwise.
you could tell the girls at the club were jealous, but it wasn't your fault you'd spent your entire childhood playing in a sandbox with the infamous Andy Barber.
when you were only 5 years old, you'd watch his father teach him how to use firearms and knifes.
so here you were, letting your best friend let you dance at his own stripclub, but not daring to let a man near you, even if everything was platonic.
or so you thought.
but this month, everyday had been the same routine. you'd dress up, Andy would drag you to the stripclub and you'd wait for Bucky.
you peeked though the red curtain, seeing as James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes was sitting patiently in the vip lounge.
"Andy." you whisper-yelled to your best friend, indicating him that bucky had arrived.
"god, i hate to use you as bait."
it was true. Andy had been trying to get under Bucky’s skin, to make him empire crumble, allowing andy to be the most powerful and feared man in new york, but he needed a pawn.
"i don't mind, he's... cute." you admitted, feeling Andy grip your arm tightly, something he'd never done; his sudden violence scared you, he was unpredictable.
"no funny business, you're mine." you hated when he'd say that, it meant nothing to you. you sighed as he gently placed the necklace around your soft, bare neck.
there was always something about Andy that made him need you in his corner, you were his confidant, his only real friend.
you were his anchor to the past, it sounded selfish, but he just needed a reminder that you two were still those innocent children he was knew.
Bucky's eyes lit up as you stepped into the VIP with a blood-red lingerie, and you smiled shyly, feeling those butterflies in your stomach you once felt for Andy.
"they finally let you out to play?" Bucky teased and you chuckled, wrapping your leg around the pole and twirled slowly.
"i only come out when you do." you flirted, hoping Bucky wouldn't get a clue to your intentions, Andy promised he'd just run him out of town, no harm, no foul.
"were you waiting for me?" Bucky smirked as you forced yourself not to look around for Andy in need of help.
don't you dare blow our cover, [y/n], you know i'm unforgiving, Andy’s words swirled around in your head as you walked over to the bar, pouring a whiskey for bucky.
"to be honest, yeah." you lied through your teeth as you set the alcoholic drink in front of the handsome man, he accepted it as he patted the couch, indicating you to take a seat
"i thought you weren't allowed." he whispered, lips dragging against your neck, causing a trail of goosebumps across your skin.
"mr. Barber just isn't a fan of sharing." you shrugged your shoulders, he pierced his eyes through your diamond necklace, it was almost as if it mocked him.
"what about after hours? please, don't make a grown man beg." he joked and you laughed, almost forgeting all about your boss, but you nodded, discretely giving him your number as you walked away, leaving him consumed in your sweet perfume.
"what'd he say? any valuable information on where he'll be tonight?" Andy bombed you with questions but you just unclipped the necklace, wrapping yourself in a silk robe as you picked up your bag of clothing.
you stepped outside of your apartment, seeing Bucky leaning on his mercedes with a giant grin on his face.
"i feel like a teenager again, sneaking around to see the girl i like." he blushed, making your heart flutter as he took your hand and gave you a spin admiring your flowy, burgundy dress.
"where are we going?" you sheeply asked as he opened the door for you.
"you'll see, doll." the nickname somehow sounded much more pure than Andy’s tainted angel; he never meant it, you were sure of it.
he helped you put on your seat belt and floored the gas pedal, startling you but instantly bursting into a fit of giggles along with him.
maybe you should’ve taken off the ruby bracelet Andy casually gifted you hours earlier.
maybe you should’ve realized Andy had installed an audio chip before and heard everything.
he just had a gut-feeling something was wrong— and sadly, he was right.
no woman had ever broke his heart the way you just did.
but he’d make sure you’d pay.
[a/n; y/n is 5 years younger than Andy, so let’s say she’s 25 and Andy is 30, I just couldn’t find his age on wikipedia lmao]
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astro-ironman · a month ago
⤳I Can’t Handle Change
word count; 560
Mob!Bucky Barnes x Innocent Stripper!reader x Mob!Andy Barber AU
“hanging out where i don’t belong is nothing new to me, i get sick and tired and lose the strength to leave.”
Tumblr media
It was the only way Bucky could explain the feeling he was struck with when he first saw you.
In the VIP lounge, dancing in a little white lace lingerie get up.
maybe it was the way they kept you away like a brand new doll.
but he wanted you, he needed everyone to see you were his.
“I haven’t seen her around, who is she?” Bucky spoke to the waiter as he was handed his regular whiskey.
“they call her angel, just brought her in today.” Bucky nodded to the information, staring intently as you swayed your hips to the soft music playing in the background.
“she’s gorgeous.” Bucky commented, the waiter nodded along.
“boss doesn’t like any clients around her, she’s just here to dance, nothing else.” Bucky stood up dismissing the man’s words, walking over to the VIP as the guards let him through, he sat on the dark red couch and looked up at you.
“hi.” he whispered, watching you spin oh-so slowly on the pole, his eyes dragging up and down your body.
“I’m Bucky.” he introduced himself, getting comfortable as you lightly chuckled.
“mr. Barber said I’m not allowed to get familiar with other men.” you stated like a good girl, making Bucky hum in a teasing manner.
“me and Andy are great friends, doll, don’t worry your pretty little head about that.” you bit your lip as you tilted your head at the man.
“that’s not what he said earlier.” you giggled, feeling intrigued by this man as you stepped off the platform and sat next to him.
“oh? so you know me already?” he smirked as you nodded, taking a sip of your bottled water.
“he said you were dangerous, like him.” you recited, watching him sit a cigarette between his lips and light it.
“yeah?” he offered you a drag but you politely refused.
“and what’s he got you back here for, away from everyone?” he quizzed as the two of you looked around the club, all kinds of men watching the stunning women dance.
“i’m his.” Bucky’s attention was pulled towards the diamond necklace you had dangling on your chest, embroidered with the name Andy.
“why? doesn’t he have more women?” he would’ve regretted what he said but you just laughed, it made his heart feel lighter.
“I know. but he says I’m his angel, he likes me because I’m pure or something.” you air-quoted with your manicured fingers.
“that’s right.” a familiar voice boomed and your heart began to race, you turned to see the Andy Barber and stood up, standing shyly in front of him.
“angel, is this strange man bothering you?” Bucky could hear the sarcasm in his voice as you shook your head, receiving a kiss on your cheek.
“what do you want with my girl, Barnes?” Andy sat down, motioning you to leave, you hesitate but exit after sending a look Bucky’s way.
“nothin’, just curious as to why she was hidden, i can see why.” Bucky put out his cigarette on the table instead of the ashtray, causing Andy to scowl.
“she’s mine, Barnes. I intend to keep it that way.” Andy warned, making Bucky roll his eyes.
“I got my own fair share of women, Barber.” he mentioned as he smoothed out his suit and stood up.
“she’s special, I can tell.” Bucky says as Andy clears his throat.
“she is, indeed. so I suggest you stay away from her.” Bucky was already half way out the door when he walked over to his black mercedes.
“I can’t promise she’ll stay away from me.”
[a/n; im so excited for this new short series, full of angst in this “love” triangle with Andy and Bucky :) stay tuned!! ]
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astro-ironman · a month ago
⤳Pinky Promise
word count; 656
[a/n; im in love with seb stan]
Tumblr media
the thing about you and bucky, was that you two weren't official. you two did everything couples do, but it never actually came to the point were he'd ask you to be only his.
so it was a day like any other, you and the avengers were in the training room, sparing like usual, throwing a few punches and getting a few laughs.
you were seated on bucky's lap as you watched steve get his ass beat by wanda, causing you to giggle and clap your hands.
"you think its funny, [y/n]? come on up." steve challenged you as everyone oohed, even bucky as you chuckled.
"make me proud." bucky slightly tugged on your ponytail, forcing himself not to smack your ass as he watched you walk towards cap in those tight black shorts.
you dodged and threw punches, not stopping for a breath of air, surprisingly knocking steve on his back as you pressed your heel to his neck.
"show-off." steve grunted as you helped him to his feet, patting your shoulder.
"lover boy is next!" sam pointed at bucky, making you wipe your forehead with the back of your hand, smiling with a blush on your cheeks.
"you're gonna go easy on me, doll?" he winked as the two of you circled around the mat.
"never." you remarked, sliding your leg to kick out his feet from underneath, making him to fall on his behind, causing everyone to laugh.
he got up in embarrasment, clutching his hands into fists. you could swear his eyes turned to a navy blue somehow as he blocked one of your punches to his gut.
"give up, punk! she won this round." sam mocked with his hands cupping around his mouth, something set off in bucky, causing him to unvoluntarily swing his metal fist at your nose.
it happened in slow motion, the force of his hit made you throw your head back, blood instantly dripping down from your nose to your neck.
you raised your shaky hand to cup your nose that was pulsing in utter pain, with a petrified look in your [e/c] eyes.
"oh god, [y/n], im-"
"asshole." the bags under your eyes beginning to morph into a light purple, wanda pulled you away from the winter soldier, narrowing her eyes at him as she escorted you out of the room.
a hour later, bucky stood in front of your door, thinking of words to say until wanda used her powers to swing the door open.
"better have a good apology." she said once she left the room, leaving the two of you alone.
it broke his heart, seeing you with red blood-shot eyes with a gauze pressed against your nostrils.
"bruce said i'd be fine, you know, me being a super soldier and all, i didn't think i'd ever get a broken nose." you muttered, not wanted to look up at bucky who was now towering over you.
"bunny, im so sorry. i don't know what came over me- the last thing i'd ever do is hurt you on purpose." he tried explaining, but the apology sounded wrong anyway he'd put it.
"i'd die for you, [y/n], i could spend a lifetime begging for your forgiveness. i love you." his last words were cue for steve and sam to walk in with all sorts of gifts, stuffed animals and your favorite flowers.
"bucky, i-"
"please, forgive me and... be my girlfriend? it's not the best time i know but i've been a fool to not make you mine." he breathed out, gently reaching for your hands and you grinned, nodding your head softly.
"yes!" steve and sam exclaimed in unison, high-fiving eachother like a couple of little boys as they scurried out of the room.
"i love you, i love you." bucky repeated as he snuggled next to you, laying his head on your chest and wrapping his arms around your waist.
"promise me we'll never fight each other again." you giggled at his words, playing with his now short hair.
"pinky promise, bucky."
[a/n; i had this in my drafts, i just HAD to post it, i hope you guys enjoyed it, ily! ]
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astro-ironman · a month ago
⤳Matchmaking with Bucky!HC
word count; 460
[a/n; pure bucky fluff it literally makes your heart melt]
Tumblr media
it was hard for bucky to trust someone, especially since he had been used for 70 years
but then sam introduced you to him, and suddenly everything made sense
you were just so friendly when the world had been so afraid of him
he'd let you marvel at his vibranium arm, you enjoyed tracing at the golden streaks
he was in a trance by the way your eyes sparkled, even in the moonlight
he loved the way your hair fell into your face so he could easily brush it away, watching as your cheeks glowed red
bucky asked sam where you worked, so one day he showed up, shyly waving at you through the glass door, hoping he didn't embarrass you in front of your co-workers
but you placed some documents on your desk and ran over to him, pulling him in for a warm embrace like it had been the most casual thing in the world
bucky could instantly feel eyes glued on the two of you, mostly from the males.
bucky realized they probably had a crush on you. i mean, why wouldn't they? you're gorgeous.
"do you have a lunch break? i brought you a sandwich."
bucky handed you a wrapped sandwich, causing your heart to flutter at his gesture, grasping as his hand as you guided him to the breakroom
you handed him a cup of coffee as you munched on your gifted subway, he was just mesmerized by anything you did, he couldn't explain how perfect you were
when he’d hanging out with sam, bucky always made sure to ask about you and how you've been
"why don't you just ask her out? she likes you, i can tell." sam would mention casually, making bucky's heart almost beat out of his chest
"how can you know a girl so perfect, and i have to fight for her attention?" bucky sulked in his chair, narrowing his eyes at sam when he laughed out loud, mocking him
"i see, you can't have her and it's killing you." sam stated, making bucky go mute but jumps at the sound of your voice.
"what are you boys talking about?" you leaned down to wrapped your arms around bucky's neck from behind, you could definitely give this man a heart attack any hour of the day
"oh, nothing, but bucky here wanted to ask you something, [y/n]..." sam's words lingered in the air as he left the two of you alone with a smirk plasted on his lips
"what's that supposed to mean?" you giggled, observing as bucky stood up, towering over you as his cobalt eyes pierced your [e/c] ones.
"would you- do you want to go on a date?"
you nodded almost instantly, making him smile shyly.
the two of you couldn't help but internaly thank sam for being such a good matchmaker.
[a/n; we must protect Sam and Bucky at all costs, they are too precious 🥺]
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astro-ironman · a month ago
⤳Moving On
word count; 608
[a/n; BUCKY FLUFF, IM SO IN LOVE!!! inspired by the first episode of tfatws, don’t worry, no spoilers.]
Tumblr media
try and make friends, at least one.
those words were like a mantra in bucky's broken mind, how could he just pretend like he wasn't at least 60 years older than everyone around him?
regardless of a crowded and noisy city, he still felt alone.
he looked around, searching for meaning, til his eyes caught a bright blue sign which read, we're open!
it was a small coffee shop, it definitely wasn't there yesterday, so he decided to give to a chance.
he crossed the street, standing in front of the glass door as he fixed his gloves and swung open the door, causing a little cheery bell to ring.
for a fresh new business, this place was already looking pretty set and steady, with a couple of people standing in line for a drink and younger kids sitting at the tables.
he waited patiently, looking at the menu as the line quickly advanced, but he'd probably just get a regular espresso.
"welcome! what can i get you?" he felt frozen, mouth gaping open slightly as he stared at you, with the brightest smile on your face, you quite almost lit of the room.
"uh.. there's so many options." he grinned nervously, determined to find a way to keep this going without being a creep.
"well, i can definitely recommend a dark roast coffee, they're pretty good." he watched as you pointed at the menu, your lazy ponytail swinging around, radiating off your enthusiasm.
"sounds good." he reached for his wallet but you shook your head, already processing the payment with your own money, making him stare at you in confusing.
"it's on the house, your coffee with be ready in a minute." you winked in a friendly matter, taking a cup from the side with a marker in your free hand.
"name?" you asked and he leaned a little closer to the counter, feeling like he belonged next to you.
"bucky." the two of you shared a smile as you wrote down his name on the side of the cup, handing it to your co-worker.
"well, bucky, hope to see you around." he nodded at your words as he reached for his coffee, waving you goodbye. it pained him to leave, but he was definitely coming back soon.
next morning, as you were jingling the shop's keys in your hand, you tilted your head seeing your first customer of the day waiting for you to open.
"wow, bucky, didn't know you liked the coffee this much." you giggled as he sent you a small smile, following behind as you told him to take a seat.
"not just the coffee." he remarked with as smirk, causing you to blush as you flickered on the lights, and made sure everything was ready.
he kept you company as you served him the same coffee as yesterday, he claimed it made his day better.
at one point, he noticed you glanced at his gloves but waved it off as you started a new conversation, it made him think that maybe you didn't care about his past.
customers came and left with a smile on their faces and a coffee in hand; he just knew you had that effect on people and he adored that about you.
the days past, and bucky didn't even realize he stopped having nightmares, he felt he was cured just by holding your hand, watching you blush as he complimented you or when he finally had the courage to attach his lips onto yours.
you didn't know this, but you turned his life around in a matter of seconds.
you were suddenly the best thing to ever happen to him, and he'd protect you with his life for it.
[a/n; the first episode of tfatws made me sad, so i just needed a taste of happiness and fluff🥺]
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astro-ironman · 2 months ago
⤳WS!Bucky HC
word count; 436
[a/n; bucky hc just because we’ll be getting the falcon and the winter soldier this month :) ] 
Tumblr media
[based around when Bucky was still being brainwashed by HYDRA]
it had been around two weeks since HYDRA had kidnapped you
you were beatened down, tired and memories of loved ones began to fade
that was until they presented you to the winter soldier
he had a metal arm, and he was extremely buff with hair to his jaw, they'd say it was his signature look
"he will train you into a soldier, ms. [y/n], the ghost soldier."
they'd make you fight each other day after day, you could tell he wasn't a big fan but who ever lost would get brainwashed
and for some reason, he'd always lose
that exact night, your eyes followed the winter soldier as they threw his tired body into his cell, right in front of yours
"are you okay?"
he'd grunt, you knew it hurt to even sputter out a sentence after such pain, so you sat on the rough floor, leaning your head against the wall and quietly hummed a song you used to know
the next day came agonizingly slow as they pulled you and bucky out of your cells, as they made you practice in the shooting range
the winter soldier felt as you stole glances from him, and it felt warm for the first time in a very long time
"alright, that's enough. showers, now."
bucky would grip your arm and lead you to the cold and dark room where the two of you un-dressed and felt the freezing water on your bruised skin
"hey," he'd whisper, causing you to flinch when his metal hand made contact with your arm, "im gonna get you out of here."
you'd look up at his deep, sky blue eyes and sighed, hands aching to cup his face,
"seems like too much to wish for, don't you think?" you asked softly, hoping the guards outside hadn't heard you
he took a chance and pressed his forehead against yours, he felt he was over-stepping but you took his silver hand in yours, almost healing his open wounds
"i swear to you, i'll help you escape, even if it's the last thing i do."
after that, they'd allow you two get dressed and took you back to your cells
you grip at the rusty cell bars, looking directly at the winter soldier with glossy, [e/c] eyes, making his heart ache
"can you... can you sing that song you always do?" you mirrored his actions of taking a seat on the hard, bleak cement
and you did as requested, you hummed the song with a crack in your voice as you tried your best not to cry, all you wanted was for him to hold your hand
"stay strong for me, doll. i'll get you out of here someday."
[a/n; i was supposed to post this tmrw but I can’t wait!!! i love bucky so so much wow i’d do anything for him🥺]
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Lone Wolf
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has been disappearing every morning for almost a month. Curiosity gets the better of Tori and she follows him, what she discovers is unexpected and brings out the softer side of the Winter Soldier.
Warnings: fluffy, one bad word, smidge of angst I guess.
W/C: 2.5k
Bingo: @anyfandomgoesbingo Square Filled: “oh look, there’s a bear. Let’s go.” - it’s bolded.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, OFC. Mentioned: Sam Wilson
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC (Tori).
Read It Now
Master Lists: AFG Bingo // Main // Marvel
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Behind Closed Doors Mini Series
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky has been ghosting her. Y/N doesn’t know why. The whole thing is slowly killing her, losing her friend, not knowing what she did wrong. When the opportunity arises she confronts him.
Warnings for all parts: angst, cheating, language, mentions of depression, friends to lovers.
W/C: 12k (4 parts)
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, OC’s.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, Bucky Barnes x OC (mentioned), Reader x OC (mentioned).
Notes: First person POV. I don’t know why I just started writing and it happened this way. A one shot turned into a mini series. I guess it could be classed as an AU as I never specify what jobs they do so you decide.
A/N: I had a dream about someone I should not be dreaming about. I told Manda Panda and she said it gave her Bucky vibes so here we are.
Part 1 - Behind Closed Doors 
W/C: 1.8k
Summary: Bucky has been ghosting her. Y/N doesn’t know why. The whole thing is slowly killing her, losing her friend, not knowing what she did wrong. When the opportunity arises she confronts him.
Part 2 - When One Door Closes…
W/C: 2.9k
Summary: The aftermath of the confrontation. How will they deal with it? Will their friendship survive or has the door been closed?
Part 3 - …Another One Opens
W/C: 3.9k
Summary: Perhaps, it’s time for another confrontation.
Part 4 - What’s Behind Door Number 1?
W/C: 3.2k.
Bucky’s POV.
Summary: So it’s all out in the open. What will Y/N decide? Has Bucky pushed her too far away or can she forgive him?
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stucky-my-ship · 5 days ago
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igotavibraniumarm · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
|| *snorts* @buckybarnesangst this url is worth an instant follow back from me. 🤣
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you-are-my-sanctuary · a year ago
Lovers to Strangers Masterlist
Warnings: angst, post-break up, just sad lmao you’ll be drowning in the angst
Prompt: After 2 years since Bucky broke up with you, you guys see each other again.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
chapter 1
chapter 2
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