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#bucky x reader fluff
cherryblossomskye · 4 minutes ago
I've Gotchu Barnes (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Recovery!Bucky x (f)Reader
Warnings: Cursing, name calling (the best friend type), a little bit of slow burn (yes again), we might know what a bucky is now!!
Summary: A new avenger has the job of teaching Bucky how to use his phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cigarettesonmars · 17 minutes ago
The Instagram Page
Summary- You and Bucky have an amazing friendship, and one day you find an Instagram page dedicated to posting pictures of the two of you together.
Pairing- Bucky x female reader (friends who are crushing, hard!)
Warnings- Whole lotta fluff
Word Count- 848 🥲
Author Note- I’m not going to lie, this idea may have come to me while I was in the shower. I don’t know how I feel about this and I went way over the amount of words I wanted but whatever 😙
Tumblr media
“I just don’t understand how they keep getting pictures of us like this! I mean, this is some dedicated fan!” 
You and Bucky had gotten on like two peas in a pod as soon as you first met, bonding over the time your friend Sam Wilson tripped over and fell flat on his face. Since that day, you were rarely ever seen apart, whether you were on a mission together, running at the break of dawn, or sitting on the sofa watching whatever is on the television. 
“I’m really not sure doll, but it’s not that big a deal if you think about it” 
Recently, however, it had come to your attention that there was a certain Instagram page that devoted itself to posting pictures of you and Bucky, a fan page if you will. These pictures weren’t that bad, but if they were able to get pictures of you two lounging on the sofa or during a mission or even just playing with Alpine, then what else could they get pictures of?
“Not a big deal? Bucky, this is their 25th post of us together, what if they, I don’t know, sneak into my bedroom and take a picture of me naked or something?” 
In your plan to try to foil whoever was getting these images, you attempted to keep your distance from Bucky, but that was quickly dismissed when they posted a picture of Bucky looking more grumpy than his usual grumpy self on the sofa without his best friend. The comment under the post stated, “Aww, look how sad Bucky is without his precious doll by his side”. Of course you checked up on Bucky after you had seen the post, I mean, he is still your best friend, and you may have slight feelings for him, but that isn’t the point, you just needed to make sure he was okay. Then the next post was a picture of you looking concerned next to a less grumpy Bucky. 
“I’m sure they won’t take a picture of you naked” Sam commented as he strolled into the room. “Shut up Sam, that’s not the problem! The problem is that they could get a picture of me naked. What we do away from the public eye is none of their concern and what’s the point of the posts anyway, it’s not like we’re a couple!” you argued, desperate to prove your point. ”Well, you sure act like one”. This remark was used more often than you would think, and it’s probably because it’s funny how the blush creeps onto your face as soon as somebody would mention you and Bucky as a couple.
Okay, maybe you had a bit more than “slight” feelings, it was probably more comparable to totally in love. But what you were unaware of was that Bucky felt the exact same way. This became obvious to everybody apart from you when his ears would perk up at the sound of your voice, or by the doe-eyed stares that occurred from his sea-blue eyes whenever your back was turned. The point is that you both had fallen hard for each other and neither of you knew. “No I-we do n-not I-I” the stuttering alone should have made it obvious to Bucky, but he was too busy staring at the blush on your cheeks, the soft pink lips that graced your face, the way your gorgeous eyes complimented the luscious hair that framed your-
“See! If it wasn’t true you wouldn’t be stuttering!” Sam’s obnoxious shouting snapped Bucky out of his thoughts. “Ugh, go fly around with the birds, you seagull”. This comment alone made Bucky snort slightly as you sat beside him on the sofa, placing your head on his shoulder. “I would rather fly around with them than stay in here with you lovebirds” Sam remarked as he left the room. “As I was saying before we were rudely interrupted, I just don’t like the idea of somebody being able to take pictures of us when we are in the privacy of our own homes!” Yawning slightly, you scooted closer to the warmth of Bucky’s arm and cuddled into his side. “I know doll, I know. But I doubt there is anything we can do about it anyway. You seem tired, why don’t you rest your eyes for a bit and I will keep a lookout for the mystery photographer”. Giggling slightly, you slowly lulled to sleep due to the heat Bucky was radiating and the small voices from the television, with Bucky not long behind after he made sure you were comfortable.
So there you were, resting calmly in the arms of one another with nothing but the quiet noises from the nature documentary on the television to soothe you into a deeper sleep until Sam appeared from his hiding spot behind the door frame. He quickly grabbed his phone, took a picture of the two of you, and added it to his collection of images on Instagram.
“This is will go great on the fan page, I’m gonna get so many likes”.
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itsjustmelainey · an hour ago
Ma’am, I didn’t appreciate you breaking my heart with your last fic.
Could you fix it by writing something fluffy?
Maybe reader returns home earlier than expected from her girls night out and catches Bucky taking a bubble bath 🛀 😏 please and thank you ❤️
Bucky’s Bubble Bath
Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: Fluff this time 😂, Bucky relaxing, bubbles!
Author’s Notes: I am so very sorry about that 😭 of course I’ll try and fix your heart! I hope you like this lovely!
Tumblr media
You loved spending time with your girls, you really did. The gossip, catching up, laughing and having a carefree night. It was something you and the girls arranged for every other weekend, but tonight you just weren’t feeling it.
Your feet were already tired, you felt tired and knowing your boyfriend was at your apartment right now by himself made the time go by much slower. You just wanted to go home, and the girls could sense your eagerness by the way you kept looking at the time.
They understood, and told you to go home and relax. Kissing them on the cheek, they even called you a cab and even the journey back to your apartment had you biting your nails in anticipation.
When the cab pulled up outside, you quickly paid the driver and thanked him before heading inside the building and into the elevator. You didn’t tell Bucky you were on your way home, but as it was just gone 11pm, you at least hoped he was still awake. He had just got home a few days ago from a mission and was still catching up on his sleep.
When the elevator finally came to a stop, you tiredly walked down the hallway and entered the apartment. The lights in the living room were off, but there was light from the bathroom shining under the door. As you got closer, you heard humming and some splashing.
With a sly grin, you gently pushed open the door to see what was going on. The sight before you made you chuckle.
Bucky was sat in the bath, bubbles up to his chest. A family of yellow ducks floating around him and he was wearing a shower cap to keep his hair dry.
“Oh my god!” You exclaimed, struggling to hold back the growing toothy grin. Bucky looked up when he heard your voice, he was mortified.
“It’s uh, it’s not what you think!” A shade of pink dusted his cheeks and you knew it wasn’t from the steam of the water.
“Baby, it’s fine! I’m just glad you’re relaxing. You look really cute.” You bit your lip as you slowly approached him and kneeled down by the side of the bath.
“I wasn’t expecting you to come home for another hour.” He smiled, and it instantly washed away all of your worries.
“I know, I just missed you and wanted to come home.” You stroked his cheek lovingly, and leaned in to kiss his lips. Unexpectedly, he pulled you into the tub with him, both of you giggling when the water sploshes over the side of the tub.
“You’re cleaning that up!”
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modern-vellichor · 2 hours ago
I Love Us
summary; feelings are finally being admitted. warnings; injury, blood, enemies to lovers (kind of), explicit language. a/n; I Love Us, The Regrettes
"I'm aware of every little thing you do," you drawl confidently as you inspect your manicure. "If you're looking at me, don't wanna look at you."
Bucky sat on the metal chair in front of you. He wasn't tied, he wasn't gagged. The door wasn't even locked, and yet he moved not a muscle, and spoke not a word.
"I'm scared of you running away. I won't chase you, but you could just stay."
Bucky scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and turning his head away from you. He spread his legs, simply taking up space. He was trying to intimidate you, but you weren't so easily deterred.
"I got so good at lonely but," you kneeled in front of his, forcing his gaze on you. "How things can change when you want 'em to?"
Bucky sighed. You were beginning to get frustrated. He didn't want to leave, if he did he would have. He was free to go, despite your past, you would never restrain him. You would never become a person that he genuinely feared, despite what the public may think.
"And you might not know it yet, but this could be something that flips that switch inside our heads. I see it clear, can you see it yet?"
He pushed you away from him. You landed on the concrete with a huff, your elbows grazed and bloody. He pushed out of the chair, pacing round the room but never nearing the door.
"Y/N, stop."
"I love us."
"You love us?"
"I hold you down, you light me up, that's the stuff. I love us, I love us. All of us. Every fight and every fuck. I want it all."
Bucky paced around the room. He shook his head at you vulgar (and true) words. He laughed ruefully. The way he sneered was domineering and cruel and it made your blood boil. You clenched a fist, channeling your obsession into dangerous, and violently poetic words.
"I'm aware of every little thing you like. Too much coffee and the warm street lights."
"I hope one day I'll be on your list."
Your list. The list that only he knew you kept, the list of victims, and where they're buried. The places you leave flowers every year, anniversary after anniversary, without fail.
"Maybe things will make sense if we kiss."
Bucky laughed out loud. It crushed your spirit. The hopeful gleam in your eyes began to fade. You were stupid to have even thought he'd take your offer up in the first place. You beat yourself, berated yourself. This was stupid. This was stupid. This was stu-
He kissed you.
His hands tangled in your hair, tugging harshly until you hissed through your teeth and bared your neck to him. Vulnerable. Easy prey. He suckled as your neck, nipping and kissing, blooming bruises in his wake.
You swore loudly, Bucky chuckled again, but it was deep and throaty, resonating in your chest in a way that make you moan.
"You love us?"
"Yeah," you panted.
"I fucking hate you," he grinned.
"I hate you more, Barnes."
taglist: @lizzarooni @reichelhache
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 hours ago
If You Love Her: Part 1
The descent had begun and the cheery voice telling passengers to put on their seatbelts and return their trays to an upright position was being played over the system in the plane.
Despite your dad’s request that you take the company jet, you decided to fly coach. You were going home after two years of studying abroad to continue your doctoral studies at Columbia University under the careful and watchful eyes of your parents.
Your dad was a successful businessman who had made his fortune by working hard and making good investments that made it possible for him to own a Fortune 500 company that was among some of the topmost ethical and profitable in the eastern seaboard of the US. As a profitable and very business savvy man, your father had made it his goal to keep you and your mother as safe as possible by providing the pair of you with bodyguards or as you liked to call them ‘watch dogs’, to keep you safe.
They’d been around your entire life, but it was only in the last three years of high school that your parents had a shift in their guard squad. The old bodyguards retired and moved on to other careers or settled down with their families.
The old bodyguard that had been hired to keep your family safe for the first half of your high school years, Steve Rogers, had gotten engaged and married and decided to settle down with a family.
His replacement was one of his best friends and a sergeant in the army who had been honourably discharged after taking a bullet to the shoulder to protect an innocent.
His replacement was James Buchanan Barnes, and he was hired to keep your parents safe rather than you. The bodyguard you had was a woman while you were in high-school, due to the nature of you being a young woman. Your parents trusted all the male bodyguards they hired, but having a male around a bunch of young women was not something that would be deemed appropriate.
At least by your mother.
“Welcome to New York City, and thank you for flying with United Airlines.” The stewardess announced when the plane had officially landed and the passengers were cleared to disembark.
You undid your seatbelt and leaned forward to grab the bag that was tucked under your seat, instead of the overhead bins. As you grabbed the strap and lift it from the floor, you looked out at the window at the reception area and saw a familiar face dressed in a black leather jacket and a pair of black aviator sunglasses. Despite the serious look on his face, you could picture the rather light and mischievousness in his eyes.
The kind of mischievousness that entertained you a great portion in the first two years of high school, especially when your parents were out of town for a charity or a business meeting overseas. That mischief had gotten you into a fair amount of trouble that extended well beyond your personal affairs.
He was one of your favourite people and despite the years that passed, he still greets you the same.
“Hey kid,” he smirked, and offered to take one of your carry-on bags, “did you shrink?”
“Haha,” you rolled your eyes, “did you rise from the coffin you were buried in?”
His rather bright blue eyes were hidden beneath his dark sunglasses, and his dirty blonde hair had been cut and styled with a shaved design on the side of his head. His strong jaw was dusted with stubble that you knew drove his wife crazy.
“I’m old but not that old,” Clint took off his sunglasses and hooked them in the front of his v-neck shirt, “you on the other hand are a baby.”
“I’m almost 22, jackass.” You couldn’t help but grin, enjoying the playful banter between you two that formed from a rather close friendship between you two.
“Still a kid to me,” Clint shrugged and took one of your bags before he started making the trek from the boarding area to the luggage carousel. “FYI, act surprised when you get back to your parent’s place. Your mother’s throwing you a welcome home surprise party.”
The rolling of your eyes and the small sound of derision that was fell from your lips was expected. “Of course she is. Never mind that I just had an 18 hour flight.”
“From Germany back to NYC,” Clint said, allowing you to walk in front of him, “on an 18 hour flight and you don’t want to go to a surprise party?”
“Go figure right?” You closed your eyes and turned your head to the right, hearing that all too satisfying crack and then you repeat the process by turning your head to the left.
“Kids missed you,” Clint stepped off the sidewalk when a back car pulled up to the loading zone, the trunk popping open at the push of a button, “Lila is a soccer champion.”
“Of course she is.” You opened the back door and got into the vehicle, setting yourself against the leather seats, “Lila is a beast.”
“Hell yeah she is.” Clint got into the back seat via the drivers side, and upon settling himself in, he reached into his leather jacket pocket and pulled out a small bag of peanut M&M’s. “Might hold you over until we get home.”
You thanked Clint and took the package from him, tearing into the yellow paper, releasing the delicious rainbow coloured peanut M&M’s that were a staple part of your candy favourites.
“Anything else I should know?” You could often trust Clint Barton to tell you what your parents wouldn’t. You could trust Clint to tell you the news your parents were afraid to break to you.
Clint was like the older brother you never had or like the fun uncle who let you get into trouble and screw around to a certain point. His family was like your family, his kids were like your own nieces and nephews. Clint had been working for your family for years, and had gained and earned the respect of being permanent, non-blood related family. You spent time with his kids and his wife, your parents had them over for every possible party and gathering.
“Your parents got you a new place,” Clint stole an M&M from you, popping it into his mouth, “and a new watch dog.”
“New?” You questioned, knowing that your parents didn’t hire any new staff unless they were known for over a year.
“Bucky Barnes is being given the job of your bodyguard,” Clint stole another candy, moving his attention away from you to the view outside, “your parents are putting him in charge of keeping you safe and I’m taking his position on your parents security team.”
“Why?” Your eyebrows furrowed, your lips pursed.
“Your parents are worried. You’re home now and you’ll be going out to events with friends and you’ll start dating. Your parents want someone who-“
“-can intimidate any potential suitors.”
“-who can keep up with a young woman who likes to cause trouble.” Clint spoke with fondness that would be suitable for a younger sister, a familial bond that had been nurtured over many years.
“So my parents found me a place to live-“
“-and a bodyguard that’s gonna be sharing the space with you.”
“I’m not living alone? He’a gonna be there? All the time?” You didn’t have to wait for him to answer, because you already knew what he was going to say.
** **
Bucky out the bottle to his lips and tipped his head back, sucking on the strong beer until the bottle was empty. As the last drop rolled down his bottom lip to his chin, he slammed the glass on one of the many tables set up in the garden of the estate set just beyond the borders of the city, in a place that looked entirely untouched by bustling and populated city.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky.” Steve watched his friend drink to take the edge off after receiving the news that not only would he be moving from outside the city to the heart of Manhattan in a townhouse, but he would be moving in with the little princess to take care of her.
To keep her safe. To guard her while she spoiled herself on her parents dime.
“It’s a glorified babysitting job for an heiress.” Bucky sneered, wishing that he could’ve kicked Barton in the nuts with his steel toe boots for taking his position on the security team for your parents.
“Y/N is a good girl,” Steve defended, “and she’s not an heiress. She’s going to be working for the company and learning the ropes.”
“She’s inheriting a multimillion dollar company and she’s not even 22.” Bucky grumbled, and reached for another beer.
He liked working for your parents, they were good people. Your dad had built himself an empire after years of struggling, after years of hard work and taking risks that could’ve broken him, he succeeded.
“Buck, come on-“ Steve tried to reason with him, he tried to tell him that this was a good job, a good career. “Barton has a family, this will give him a chance to ease up his schedule.”
“And I get to escort the little princess on shopping trips and to bars, on dates and social brunches with other snobs.”
Bucky was grateful for the job when he was working for your parents and only for your parents. He was grateful for the chance to have a job that paid exponentially well because there weren’t many job offers for a man like him. As a veteran of the United States Army, Bucky knew that job offers may be few and far between. Especially jobs that paid enough to give him a good living and a sense of purpose.
And he found his job as a bodyguard to be satisfying. His experience as a sergeant in the army and his experience as a sniper gave him the skills to be one of the best around.
Now, his skills were going to be put to use to guard the little darling of the L/N family.
“I think you’re gonna be surprised, Buck.” Steve clapped him off the back and directed his attention to the guest of honour as you arrived with a bright smile on your face and tired eyes. “Little princess is all grown up. I think you’re in trouble pal.”
“What the hell does that mean?” Bucky sneered, following Steve with his eyes before something else caught his attention.
Bucky was irritated yet he couldn’t take his eyes off you.
He didn’t want this job, yet he couldn’t fight the hot streak of desire that shot through him.
He’s only seen you in small glimpses over the past 2 years. The last time he had real interactions with you was when you were graduating. You were an 18 year old kid with undeniable beauty, yet there was a sense of immaturity there.
2 years abroad in Germany had done you good. 2 years abroad had only enhanced your charm and your good looks.
You weren’t that kid he saw in pictures with your high school volleyball team. You weren’t the kid he saw in pictures with your tongue sticking out dyed blue from those stupid sour candies you loved so much.
You were a woman, a grown woman with killer good looks.
And you were as annoyed by his presence as he was yours.
Suddenly the warning Steve gave him, made sense.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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winteralpine · 2 hours ago
Requests are open
Hey guys I would love to get your requests so please send them in!!!!
All MCU Characters
Chris Evans Characters
Sebastian Stan Characters
Tom Hiddleston Characters
Please keep in mind that even though tough I opened my requests it may take a while as I am in exam phase but I want to write during studying phases ❣️
Tumblr media
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blissfullybarnes · 3 hours ago
could you do a bucky one where he’s in a relationship with natasha, but has a deeper connection with natasha’s best friend, y/n? sorry if this doesn’t make sense 😭 I love your writing!
Hi baby! Little disclaimer: I don’t condone cheating and obviously think it’s horrible, but I’ve been in a position where I’ve had feelings for two people, more than once and wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I wrote something like that for you! ☺️🥰NSFW below the cut!
She was your best friend, she always had been. From the time that you were a naive nineteen year old, looking for solace any place you could find it, to now, halfway into your thirties, where you discovered who you are and what you were seeking all those years ago.
He was her boyfriend, although, you could tell by the way he looked at her that he wanted to be more. His smile stretched just a little wider when she was laughing, his eyes sparkled just a bit brighter as he looked at her with admiration, although she never saw it.
You did.
You always noticed the little things about him, whether you were meant to or not. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that you fell in love with a man whose heart belonged to someone else, your best friend, nonetheless, but love worked in mysterious ways.
After the first time, you told yourself it would never happen again.
But then you found yourself pressed up against the door of the powder room while everyone was still outside enjoying the sunset.
Well, everyone except you and Bucky who had excused yourselves for completely different reasons but found yourself in the same place moments later.
“We shouldn’t be doing this-“ You let out between rough, needy kisses.
“I know-“ He agreed, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them to his ankles before he removed his boxers, letting his cock spring free. “Tell me if you want me to stop, alright?”
You nodded as he gave himself a few pumps and you rid yourself of your underwear. There wasn’t anytime for foreplay , but you didn’t need any. You were already soaked.
“Hurry up, Buck-“ A small whine left your lips as you placed a hand on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “They’re going to start looking for us soon.”
He knew you were right. Someone could walk in at any moment and find the two of you engaging in illicit activities, but truthfully, not even the thought of getting caught could overtake the desire he had to feel you around him.
“Can’t help it, doll.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he teased your folds with the tip of his cock. “You’re just so fucking perfect.”
In a single thrust he buried himself deep inside of you, his hand quickly coming up to your mouth to cover the moan you let out as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.
He loved you. He really did, just not the way he loved Natasha. He loved her too, in a way, just not the same way that he loved you.
Send me some requests! 
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beyondspaceandstars · 3 hours ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 6
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: mainly fluffy, brief mentions of violence Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
(a/n: this was probably the most fun chapter for me to write so far it just came out so cute and sweet i think!! also super sorry all my energy has been focused on this fic i haven’t written many other one shots or anything i just really am getting into this story!)
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
When you woke up the next day, something new was in the air. Everything felt lighter, a bit more relaxed. You actually felt refreshed for what seemed like the first time in your life. As dramatic as it sounds, it was unreal. 
You sat up in bed, taking in the morning without the dread. Sure, prior to your dream last night there were bits of chaos still lurking. You couldn’t ignore it and it certainly was not going to go away overnight but everything had shifted, and you could at least appreciate what lulled you to sleep. 
You sighed, almost looking off into a daydream like a lovestruck school girl. You had seen Bucky in such a normal fashion just sitting in his bed reading. You didn’t know when exactly the memory had been from but that didn’t matter. It was something without violence, it was a real look at him. He was so content as he focused on the book...
But you didn’t have the time to sit around pondering about your soulmate’s hobbies forever. You still had a life to get on with. 
Despite your body’s reluctance, you lugged yourself out of bed and started getting your work uniform together. There was a bit of pep in your step, a complete contrast to just a few weeks ago when you were pulling yourself around holding on to the last bit of will you had. It was insane what one meeting with a soulmate could do. Maybe you now understood everyone’s fuss over it.
You redid your hair and touched up your makeup before packing your bag for the day. Once your sneakers were on and you felt actually good (the most glorious feeling, you thought), you headed out your apartment door. 
As you were making your way down the stairs, you noticed someone was waiting by the building’s entrance. You rarely ever saw people around the space so the figure stunned you a bit. As you walked closer, though, you recognized that shoulder-length brown hair.
“Bucky?” You said, surprised, as you opened the lobby door. He turned around, greeting you with a warm smile.
“Good morning.” He spoke so casually as if he always stood outside your apartment waiting for you.
“Everything okay?” You asked, suddenly worried his presence here wasn’t as cheery as he was leading on.
Bucky nodded. “Yeah, I just came to walk you to work if that’s okay.”
Your jaw dropped slightly. “Walk me to work? W-Why?”
Bucky shifted his stance slightly as if suddenly embarrassed. “Because I think that’s something that, uh… that…”
“Soulmates,” you said, finishing his sentence. Bucky looked relieved at that. “That’s something soulmates do?”
He chuckled at the little smirk you were giving him. Your heart felt so full at the thought of Bucky wanting to walk you to work, make sure you got there safe and everything. Maybe even check out the area where you spent most of your days. 
“You can say no, of course.”
You shook your head. “I’m flattered you want to walk me.”
At your acceptance, Bucky extended his elbow for you to take. You giggled as your hand wrapped around his arm and you two began on the route. You were too giddy to look back up at Bucky, even though you could feel him sneaking glances at you, so you turned your attention to his arm. Surprisingly, it was the metal one he had offered to you. While most of it was covered by the sweater he wore, his hand was still peaking out of the sleeve. You stared down at it, curiously, watching the light bounce off the material and listening to the little groans it made as his fingers moved every now and then. 
“It’s not going to hurt you,” Bucky said suddenly, making you jump. You quickly pulled your gaze away, opting instead to look up at him. Your heart sank at the tinge of worry behind his eyes. 
You shook your head as your cheeks warmed in embarrassment. “I didn’t think it would,” you confessed, honestly. “I just think it’s interesting.”
He hummed, unsure. “Interesting?”
A sudden uneasiness fell over you as you found yourself maybe crossing lines now. Sure, you had seen here and there in the nightmares what the arm had done, but you also could see that wasn’t what it was doing right now. Right now it wasn’t a weapon, a danger. It was a guide for you, physically bringing you a tad bit closer to your soulmate. 
“Well, yeah,” you shrugged. You had to choose your words carefully, you thought. “I don’t have to tell you this but it’s unlike anything else out there. It’s powerful. Seems very strong, as well. Probably… Probably has seen a lot but you extended it towards me showing you’re at least a little comfortable with it,” A pause. “I-I don’t think it defines you if that’s what you’re worried about, despite how it’s -- how you -- have been weaponized.”
Bucky didn’t respond at first, making your heart plummet. Had you actually burnt this entire thing down in less than twenty-four hours? You two fell into silent steps as you continued your path to work.
As you rounded a corner, just when you were about to spontaneously tell him it was okay if he never wanted to see you again, Bucky finally spoke up.
“Have you seen the things I’ve done?”
“I’ve read some articles-,”
“That’s not what I meant.”
You brought yourself to a stop on the sidewalk. Bucky halted beside you and shook off your grip. You frowned at the action but didn’t acknowledge it any further. 
“I don’t think it matters what I’ve seen,” you said, a bit of confidence finally mustered up in your tone. It was true, too. Over the past few hours, you hadn’t seen anything from the nightmares that aligned with the actual Bucky in front of you. “We can discuss this another time but I promise you, Bucky, I’m only focusing on what I see right now. Right now I see a man who voluntarily woke up at a ridiculous hour just so he could surprise me and walk me to work. It’s incredible.”
Bucky’s eyes were faintly glossing over, threatening to cry. You didn’t know what to do other than take his hand, intertwining your touch with his metal one. He accepted it, wordlessly. With a nod, you got back on your walking route to the shop. 
“Thank you, doll,” Bucky said just above a whisper. You nearly missed it. Your heart did somersaults as you registered the words.
You two fell into more silence until you decided you needed to lighten the mood. You weren’t letting him drop you off at work like this. 
“Now,” you said, clearing your throat as your own tears had just about formed, “how did you spend the rest of your night?”
Bucky shrugged. “Nothing crazy,” he sighed. “I did some reading before bed.”
“Hmm.” Your interest had been peaked. You thought back to the little dream you had last night, portraying a very studious Bucky. You figured that while it was recent, it wasn’t from last night (dreams rarely ever came through that quick), making you now curious of his reading choices. “Interesting. Wouldn’t have taken you for a reader. What’s the book about?”
He let out a breathy chuckle. “Some new science fiction series Steve picked up for me,” Bucky explained. “I’m not too far into it but I think it has something to do with time traveling.”
You nearly laughed. You thought back to how the nightmares you had been getting recently were all over the place as if you were on your own time-traveling journey -- only it was the cruelest way possible. Fate was such a character. 
“Is that the kind of books you prefer? Science fiction?”
Bucky nodded, “Guess I’ve always been interested in all that science stuff.”
That science stuff. You giggled. “I’ll keep that in mind,” you said. “I’ve fallen a bit out of reading but I’d love to get your recommendations one day.”
“I’m not exactly well versed in all the books out there.” Because he had missed so much -- there was always that unspoken fact in every other thing he said. You wished you could coax him out of that habit but that didn’t seem possible right now. I
“Well, good thing I’m not looking to know about all the books,” you smiled, looking up at him, “I’m just looking to know about your books. Whatever comes across your radar that you end up loving, I’d like to hear about it.”
Bucky returned the smile. “What did you do with the rest of your night?”
“Nothing really,” you shrugged, turning your focus back to the sidewalk ahead of you. “I fell asleep pretty much right after getting home.”
You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you. From the corner of your vision, you could see a bit of a frown on his lips. 
“You didn’t do anything?”
You shook your head.
“No hobbies or anything?”
You sighed. “I’m usually just too tired or too into work to do very much. Last night had been… Overwhelming for me, I think. When it was over, I was exhausted. All of me, body and mental.”
You felt Bucky’s thumb start rubbing soothing patterns on the back of your hand. Your breath caught a bit in your throat. 
“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean for you to get overwhelmed.”
You began shaking your head profusely, “No, no, it’s not your fault, Bucky,” you insisted, “I psyched myself out a bit, I think.”
He let out a long sigh at that. “Well, you shouldn’t do that anymore,” he said, so sincerely. “I never want to bring you pain or worry, okay? That shouldn’t be what… we do.”
“We do?” You looked up at him but he had already turned away. “Oh, you mean what soulmates do.”
“The word still gets caught on the tip of my tongue.”
Your cheeks started feeling hot. “I understand.”
As the conversation faded, your coffee shop came into view. You two stopped outside it. Glancing in the window, you made eye contact with your coworker who had just begun setting up for the day. Her eyes got wide as she realized who the man was behind you. Her shock promptly morphed into excitement.
You turned back to Bucky. “Thank you for accompanying me.”
He flashed you a smile, making your heart just absolutely dissolve. “Of course,” he said. “Anyday, anytime. I’d be happy to accompany you anywhere.”
You were shamelessly full-on blushing, once again feeling like a ridiculous school girl. You had to avert your gaze as Bucky’s eyes on you were making you feel all sorts of things in these fluffy moments. 
With a pointless nod and no more words, you turned to face the coffee shop entrance. One hand on the handle, you stood there. Just holding it. You could hear Bucky walking away. 
Fuck it, you thought. 
You quickly turned back around and dashed to catch up with him. He was walking so leisurely as if he expected this. You called out his name and he whipped around promptly, looking as if he was fighting back another smile. 
“Here,” you said as you grabbed a napkin and pen from your bag and scribbled down your phone number. “It’s my number in case you want to, I don’t know, text me or call or something.” 
He took the napkin gently as if it was the most precious gem in the world seconds away from shattering. With a nod, Bucky responded, “Sure, doll. Thank you.”
You smiled, giving him a nod back. That wasn’t all, though. You had another caution to throw into the wind. Quickly, you placed your hand on Bucky’s shoulder and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. It was so fast you barely had time to register your own movement but Bucky definitely picked up on it. Now his face was the one with a tinge of warm color coming up on it.
“Have a good shift.” It was all Bucky seemed capable of saying as he shot you a wider smile, eyes softening at your nervous form. Before you could respond anymore, prolonging this weird but sweet goodbye for the day, he resumed his walk back. 
As feelings of all sorts washed over, you headed back to the coffee shop where you finally entered… And was greeted by your coworker standing in front of the entrance, arms crossed, staring you down.
“Good morning,” you said, avoiding eye contact and trying to get around her. She stepped in your path.
“Was that…” You nodded before she could finish the words. She broke out into a surprise fit of giggles. “You met him?” She asked in disbelief. 
You nodded. “Last night. We had dinner and he walked me home. It was very nice.” You kept it short and sweet, not feeling like gossiping about something so fresh. But you also secretly wanted to just throw everything out there. It was exciting, it was new. Overall, though, it felt great. 
Your coworker let out gasps, almost in awe. “That’s so exciting,” she said. “Is he, like, nice? Anything like-,”
You shook your head quickly, making her cut off her words. “He’s nothing like…” You didn’t want to say them anymore. Well, at least for right now. You knew a talk with Bucky about it all had to be coming but you want to push it aside for now. “He’s wonderful. A true gentleman. He showed up this morning to walk me to work. What man nowadays would do that?” You chuckled, almost in your own state of disbelief. “Plus, he’s kind of fascinating. Unexpected, even. Would you have guessed he’s a reader?”
You made your way farther into the shop, discarding your bag and throwing on an apron. You began wiping down the counters as your coworker followed. 
“He sounds almost… normal?”
You stopped your movement, taking in that observation. You finally nodded in agreement. Yeah, you guessed that so far he was kind of normal. At least, personality-wise. 
After a moment you said, “I think I’m glad I didn’t try to move on.”
Despite not looking at her, you knew your coworker wore another ridiculous, lovey smile. She was practically in awe and, you had to admit, you kind of were, too.
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Spilled Coffee
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 
Summary: You love reminiscing about the day you met the love of your life. 
Warnings: pure fluff, slight cursing 
A/N: I thought of this idea last night and just had to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! Thank you!!
Tumblr media
“The Course of Love, The Course of Love, The Course of.... Ah, found it!” you say, pulling the book off the shelf. 
“Perfect,” you whisper, as you stare at the book’s front cover. You’ve been dying to read this book, but since work has been so hectic recently, you haven’t gotten around to it until now. 
With the book in your hand, you turn around and start to head off towards the front register. No point in browsing, you’ll only end up buying more than you need to. 
After walking a few steps, you’re abruptly stopped by another body slamming into you. Hot liquid spills onto you, burning every part it touches. You yelp in pain and the book in your hand falls to the floor. 
“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” says the person in front of you. 
Taking a minute to register what just happened, you finally look up, only to be met by the stare of piercing, blue eyes. When you realize who’s standing in front of you, you mentally facepalm yourself. Sebastian fucking Stan just spilled his coffee on you. 
“Are you okay?” he asks, speaking again since you have yet to respond to him the first time. 
“Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m alright. A little hot,” you respond. A little hot? What the fuck are you even saying? 
“Your coffee,” you continue, as he starts to look at you with a confused expression on his face. “Your coffee was hot.” 
Realization dawns on him. “Oh my god. I didn’t even think about that. Here, let me get you some napkins.”
He is about to run off, back towards the café where he can grab napkins, when you reach out and grab his arm to stop him. 
“It’s okay,” you say. “I’ll just go to the bathroom to clean up.” 
Sebastian nods at you and then looks down at the floor, staring at the book you dropped. He picks it up. “The Course of Love? Were you about to buy this? I love this book. It’s one of my favorites.” 
“It is?” you ask surprised. “I’ve been wanting to read it. I finally have some time to. Figured I’d come pick up a copy.” 
“You’ll love it.” He looks down at the book again. “Shit, it’s stained with coffee. Let me buy you a different one. To repay you for…,” he gestures towards your clothes, “this. It’s the least I can do.”
“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” 
“I want to,” he insists. “Please.” 
You slowly nod your head. “Okay, um, let me just go get cleaned up and then I’ll meet you at the front?” 
“I’ll be waiting.” He gives you a small smirk. 
Practically swooning, you somehow manage to walk yourself over to the bathroom. 
Once inside, you grip the edge of the sink and stare at yourself. “Okay, Y/N,” you whisper. “You’ve got this. You’re going to clean up, walk out this door, and meet Sebastian at the register.”
Grabbing some paper towels out of the dispenser, you run them under the sink before wiping them onto your clothes, trying to get some of the coffee stains out. After vigorously wiping for five minutes, you decide you’ve done the best you can do and head back out to the front of the store. 
Sebastian is standing there, waiting for you. He smiles when you reappear at his side. 
“I did the best I could,” you say as you gesture towards your clothes. 
“You look great,” he replies. “Coffee stains and all.” 
Smiling back at him, you follow him as he heads towards the front doors. 
“Don’t we have to pay?” you ask, confused. 
“I paid while you were in the bathroom.” He reaches out and hands you the book. “Again, I’m really sorry about the coffee. I should’ve been paying attention.” 
“Things happen. It’s okay. I mean hey, I got a free book out of it,” you joke. 
Sebastian laughs loudly. “That you did.” He opens the door to leave, before turning around to look at you one more time. “I just realized that I never asked what your name is.” 
“Y/N,” you answer. 
“Y/N,” he repeats. “It was nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Sebastian.” 
“It was nice to meet you too, Sebastian.” 
He gives you one last smirk before leaving. 
After watching him walk away, you look down at the book and realize there’s a small piece of paper sticking out of the top. 
Curious, you pull it out and gasp when you see what is written on it. In Sebastian’s writing, it reads: “Let me know what you think of the book…”, followed by his phone number. 
When you look back up, a car is driving by. Sebastian sticks his head out of the car window and waves to you. You wave back and watch as he drives away. 
“And… that is how we met,” you say to Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans, having just explained to them the first time you and Sebastian had met. 
“I can’t believe we’ve never heard this story before. Leave it to good ol’ Sebastian to spill hot coffee on you,” says Anthony. 
“I think it’s kind of romantic,” says Chris. 
As the two of them continue to talk about it amongst themselves, you turn to look over at Sebastian, who’s standing across the set room, getting ready to film a scene for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. After sensing that someone is staring at him, he turns to lock eyes with you and smiles. You smile back and wave, before returning your attention back to Anthony and Chris. 
Four years ago, after Sebastian left his number in the book he bought for you, the both of you went on multiple dates together. At the end of the sixth date, he asked you out. You’ve been together ever since. 
Now you were with him in Georgia, as he filmed for his new show with Anthony. Chris had come down from Boston to visit, saying he wanted to witness the new Captain America in action. 
Anthony’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts. “Speaking of him, here comes lover boy now.” 
Sebastian comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. 
“Hey, beautiful.” He kisses the top of your head. “Did I miss anything?” 
“Y/N here was just telling us how you two met,” says Chris. 
“Yeah,” chimes in Anthony. “We heard you were real smooth, Seabass.” 
Sebastian blushes and looks down at the ground. Turning around, you reach out and squeeze his cheeks. 
“Hey now, nobody messes with my Seb,” you joke to Anthony and Chris. 
“Besides,” you say, smirking at Sebastian, “I think it was really cute.” 
“And, that’s all that matters,” Sebastian replies as he leans in to kiss you. 
“Whoa, cool it with the PDA,” Anthony jokes. “There are children around.” He gestures to Chris. 
Chris looks at Anthony in shock and points his fingers to his chest. “I’m the child?”
You and Sebastian sit back and watch as Anthony and Chris jokingly argue with one another. 
Sebastian wraps his arms back around you and rests his head on your shoulder. 
“I love you,” he whispers into your ear. 
“I love you too,” you whisper back.
You look down at the outfit you’re wearing and smile. After multiple attempts of cleaning, you finally managed to get the coffee stains out of your clothes. To this day you still wear the outfit, for it represents your favorite memory: the moment you met the love of your life.
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My Love - Bucky Barnes
warnings - none/just kinda flirty
Idk what this is lol but have fun
"Hey, Buck." you say as you look at him and poke him in the face.
"Mmm what I'm sleeping." He replies in a soft tone.
"Wake up." You say as he grabs you and rolls both of you over so you are on top of him. You and Bucky met a year ago after your best friend, Nat, introduced you to each other at one of Tony's parties. You guys hit it off and have been inseparable ever since.
"What do you want to do today?" He asks as he looks you in the eyes and kisses you.
"I don't know." You said. "But I don't want to leave you." He was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen and you never wanted to let him go.
"Okay so sleep all day it is." he rolls you over again so you are cuddling.
"I love you." he says
"And I love you, my love."
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🌿 Buckyxreader where reader is on her period and has really bad cramps and Bucky takes care of her and brings like ice cream and hot water bottles etc. Idk🙈🙈
Cramps & Cuddles || Bucky Barnes
a/n: you caught me just at the right time bestie- i needed this :’)
word count: 642
warnings: period cramps and fluff
masterlist || request || taglist
Hearing rushed footsteps down the hallway, you turned your attention towards your door, not surprised when you saw a flushed Bucky on the other side.
“Are you alright?” He asked, making his way over to your bedside.
“What? Yeah. I’m fine, Buck.” You told your boyfriend, pulling the sheets tighter around you. “I just didn’t feel up to going on the mission with Nat and Steve.”
Pressing the back of his hand against your forehead, he shook his head.
“What’s wrong?” Bucky asked. “You don’t feel hot.”
You and Bucky had only been dating for a short time- less than a month. It wasn't as though you two had met and immediately begun dating- you had known him for the better part of six months and had been flirting with one another for three. In that time span though you had never brought up your period to Bucky. There wasn’t really a reason to when you were only friends and this was the first one since the two of you had started dating. As you sat there now though, your worried boyfriend by your side, you knew there wasn’t a way you were going to go on not discussing it for much longer.
“Yeah I’m uh...” You began, clearing your throat. “That’s because I’m on my period.”
His eyebrows rose. “Oh.”
Before you could say anything else, you felt another painful cramp ache throughout your abdomen, causing you to squeeze your eyes shut and groan in pain. Sinking deeper underneath the covers, you pulled them around you and laid your head on your pillow.
“What can I do to help, doll?”
“It’s fine, Buck.” You said. “You don’t need to get me anything-”
“Stop being a pain in the ass and let me help you.” He said more firmly, standing up. “I want to help you.”
Not being able to help the chuckle that escaped your lips despite the pain, you caved in.
“Can you get me my heating pad? Oh and um... ice cream.” You said staring up at your boyfriend, pouting and batting your eyes. “Pretty please?”
Shaking his head at your dramatics, he grabbed your heating pad off of your dresser, plugging it into the wall and laid it on top of the sheets over your abdomen. Making his way out of the room, he stopped short in the doorway, spinning around.
“Chocolate, right?” Bucky asked.
“You know me too well.” You smiled.
Shooting you a smile in return, he briefly left the room before returning less than a few minutes later, your carton of chocolate ice cream from the freezer and a spoon in his grasp. Pushing yourself up in your bed, you reached out and took the sweet you had been craving in your hands.
“Anything else I can get you?” Bucky asked.
Popping open the carton, and sticking the teaspoon inside, you then slipped it into your mouth, looking up at your boyfriend with puppy eyes.
“Hold me?” You asked, voice muffled by the ice cream you had just taken a bite of.
Not being able to say no to you, he toed off his shoes at the side of your bed.
Pushing yourself forward in bed, away from your pillow, you felt the bed dip beside you as Bucky crawled into it, positioning himself behind you with his legs on either side of your body.
“C’mon, doll.” He cooed. “Lay back.”
Once he was situated, you sat back, laying your back against his chest. Slipping another spoonful of ice cream into your mouth, your boyfriend tucked the sheets tighter around the both of you, grabbing the remote from your nightstand. Switching on the television, Bucky wrapped his arms around you from behind.
“Feel better?” He asked.
Leaning your head back to look up at him, you pressed a kiss to his jawline. “Much better.”
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fitting in
bucky x reader 
summary: an unfortunate series of events or Bucky Barnes tries to fit in at the compound 
warnings: some talk of sex, fluff, curse words, awkwardness 
word count: 1,828
Tumblr media
To say Bucky’s glad to have Steve would be an understatement. He’s delighted and overjoyed to have a best friend, a brother who never gave up on him, who saved him, who brought Bucky to the compound, a place he calls home and introduced him to his teammates, the people Steve wholeheartedly loves. Steve’s family in a way. Bucky’s happy for Steve, he really is, but sometimes he feels jealous, and sometimes, he cannot help, but wonder how would it feel like to fit in, to have the same friendships Steve has with the others. He’s drinking his morning coffee when y/n comes into the kitchen at 6:03am. She rubs her sleep painted face, and he smiles, offering to make her a cup. Grateful, she sits down, watching him try and figure out the espresso machine. He, himself, never uses it, preferring to make coffee the 1940s way, with a kettle and coffee grounds, but he remembers y/n making a disgruntled face every time Steve hands her an old-fashioned cup of coffee, and so even though he doesn’t understand how the machine works, he’s modern enough to know that pressing the ‘black coffee’ button will make her a cup she’ll actually like. He doesn’t say anything when she pours, what seems like, half a bottle of creamer, either, even if he doesn’t understand it. She smiles after taking a sip, and it brightens Bucky’s heart. Ironically, he’s always more careful around y/n, because she’s the nicest, and she made him feel welcome from day one. Bucky doesn’t want to lose her trust. He smiles to himself when she pats a chair, inviting him to sit right next to her, and he gladly accepts it, sitting down so close, their arms brush against each others. Neither speak up as they drink their coffee in comfortable silence, and watch as the rising sun paints the sky in warm orange and golden hues. He puts his mug down, studying her as she closes her eyes, relishing in the warmth coming through the window, and strangely, he feels more content than he did in the last 70 years. But then she suddenly opens her eyes, startling Bucky and he accidentally moves his arm, in turn knocking his cup down, and the boiling beverage spills down y/n’s old t-shirt. Wide-eyed, he start mumbling something along the lines of sorry and it was an accident, but she puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder, and slightly smiles at him before disappearing from the kitchen. A sight makes its way past his lips and Bucky lets his head fall down, forehead hitting the hard marble.
Embarrassment washes over him again when he and Steve enter the gym for their 12pm training session, and he sees her. y/n’s standing in the boxing ring, having changed out of the t-shirt into a more sparring appropriate outfit of a workout bra and leggings. “Ready to get your asses kicked, boys?” She laughs, the sound of it coming teasing and sweet. Rolling his eyes, Steve puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder when they walk up to the girl.
“I’m not fighting today, but I’m sure Bucky’s ready.” Bucky smiles timidly upon hearing Steve’s voice and straightens his shoulders. He nods his head, throwing his towel to the side, and chooses to climb up into the ring from the side instead of using the stairs. Bucky’s tall, so it’s easy, and y/n playfully rolls her eyes when they’re standing eye-to-eye.
“Show off.” y/n teases, but Bucky has no chance to reply, as she swings herself onto him just seconds later, wrapping her legs around his head, and throwing Bucky to the floor in a couple swift moves. They lock eyes for a bit, and y/n tilts her head, as if asking why he’s not moving, but Bucky quickly recollects himself, grabbing onto her ankle, and bringing her down onto the floor before she can attack him further. She swiftly gets up, Bucky following right after, and for a couple moments they just walk, both in fighting positions, and both ready to attack when the time will seem right to do so. She gets behind him, and when Bucky tries quickly turning around, he accidentally lifts his metal arm up, hitting y/n in the stomach so hard, she falls out of the ring and on the hard floor, groaning. Steve jumps up from his spot, running to check up on y/n, but thankfully, she’s uninjured, the only sign of the accident being an already forming bruise on her right shoulder. “It’s my fault, really.” She groans out, but Bucky does not seem to hear that. y/n leaves the gym shortly after that, and Bucky tells Steve about the coffee incident, stopping him before the blonde has any chances of making fun of the man.
It’s 3:12pm, when the shower in Bucky’s bathroom runs out of hot water and he’s walking up to Steve’s room. Usually, he’d knock before entering someone’s room, but it’s Steve’s, and Bucky knows Steve stayed behind for an extra cardio session. Shaking his head at the blonde’s passion for working out, he strips off his clothing, and enters the bathroom. It’s warm and a little foggy, almost as if someone was just showering, but Bucky’s not fazed, thinking it was probably Steve that came down to shower before his run, a towel still left close to the shower’s curtain. Neatly placing a clean outfit and a pair of boxers on the sink’s edge, he looks at himself in the mirror. If he thought spilling boiling coffee down his crush’s t-shirt or knocking her down was embarrassing, his ungodly thoughts seem downright shameful. A war happens inside his mind as he looks down at his hard-on, but Bucky needs this, he needs to let down some steam. Grasping the sink, Bucky palms his dick in his hand; he thinks back to her legs wrapped around him, and the way her ass, covered in lacy panties, peaked from under her shirt this morning. It’s only when an involuntary moan slips past his lips, does y/n fully understand how much trouble she’s in. Her shower had run out of hot water when she’s gotten back from the gym, so she went over to Steve’s without thinking much about it. Except now she’s soapy and wet, stuck in his shower, with only a curtain between her and Bucky, and she’s pretty sure those are moans that she’s hearing. Her mouth drops open when she realises she might be listening to Steve and Bucky having sex, and when the thought fully settles in her mind, she vows to herself to never use other people’s showers without asking. It’s both a relief and a nightmare, when a metal arm pushes the curtain open and a naked, mortified Bucky stares back at her. Her gaze drifts to his hard on for a moment, before she closes her eyes all together. Bucky tries his best to not let his eyes wonder around her body, but the image of her, seemingly perfect, curves already carved deep, deep into his brain. Closing the curtain, he hears the water start running again, before a hand reaches for a towel, and seconds later, y/n steps out, wrapped in the fluffy, white material. She tries smiling at him, but he’s still naked, as in the midst of shock he forgot to cover himself, and it’s awkward as hell, so y/n quickly scurries past Bucky, and out of Steve’s room completely. Looking down, Bucky sights. “How in the fucking hell are you still up?”
When the whole teams comes to the dining room for their usual 8pm dinner, Bucky’s too mortified and embarrassed to look y/n in the eyes. He can sense she also feels awkward, avoiding him as much as possible, setting the table up and bringing dish after dish from the kitchen. When she comes out with the final plate, the only open seat is next to Bucky, and even though she still feels weird, she reluctantly sits down, and even smiles at him slightly. Everyone’s plates are full, and people have started eating when Steve sparks a conversation.
“So, all the hot water in my room was gone when I got back.” He focuses on Bucky and y/n. “Either of you have something to say?” Shaking her head no, y/n continues eating her meal, playing innocent and smiles at their Captain. “What about you, Buck?” Sighting, he puts his fork down, and looks at his best friend.
“Alright, I took a shower in your room, because mine was broken.” He admits, hoping Steve will leave the topic alone, but strangely, he doesn’t.
“At least two people had to shower in my room to use up the hot water.” Bucky can only hope his face isn’t flaming red, but he can feel the heat rising up to his cheeks and spreading down his neck. Noticing Steve’s waiting for an answer, y/n turns to Tony.
“I can’t believe you’re a billionaire, but half of the showers at the compound are broken.”
“y/n, I also found your panties in my bathroom.” Choking on her bite, y/n takes a sip of her drink, before meeting Steve’s eyes. Everyone’s looking at y/n and Bucky, Tony’s amused face doing nothing, but fuelling y/n’s anger. “Did you and Bucky shower together?”
If Bucky could have just one wish, he’d wish for the Earth to swallow him whole in that very moment. “Steve, we were not showering.” Bucky blurts out, realising how insinuating it sounds only when half of the team’s jaws drop to the floor.
“Did you have sex instead?” Natasha asks, a teasing smile on her face.
“No!” They both blurt out at the same time, faces heated up in embarrassment. Bucky looks at y/n apologetically, and raises his eyes back to Steve.
“We didn’t-“ he starts “I didn’t-“ he tries to form a sentence, but keeps choking over his words. Knowing the team won’t believe them either way, y/n takes over for Bucky.
“Steve, Bucky and I are sorry for not leaving you any hot water. The rest of you can go back to eating.” Y/n has that overly sweet smile on her face, but when she turns to Bucky, her face softens, and she rubs his shoulder, whispering it’s not worth it. And so he drops the topic, leaving it alone, and goes back to eating his meal in quiet. But for what seemed like the worst day ever, it’s not so bad; it’s the first time Sam doesn’t make a joke where his teammates laugh at Bucky, instead laughing with him, and it’s the first time Tony smiles, genuinely smiles at him, gesturing to y/n when she isn’t looking and holding thumbs up. And when the sun has hidden all the way, and the time for sleep has come, y/n smiles at him before disappearing into her room, and, yeah, he thinks, I guess it was such a bad day after all.
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marvelmusing · 5 hours ago
Upcoming Fics
Here’s a list of ideas for series or drabbles that I’m either writing or planning to write (this is partly for me to organise myself - but also for people to follow if they’re interested)
Cover Stars and Stripes (the masterlist is here)
HYDRA Hunter (a couple more parts, you can find the first one here)
Living with Bucky headcanon (just domestic fluff)
Single dad!Bucky x reader AU (they work together and one day he asks the reader to pick his little girl up from school)
Time Travel fic (after the events of endgame the reader wakes up back in either 2012 or like just before Iron Man 2?? I haven’t decided yet - it’s essentially a fix it fic but I haven’t decided how long it’ll be)
Mafia boss reader x tfatws Bucky (they have a history together and meet up in Madripoor)
House renovators Stucky x Reader AU (based off of every home improvement show - just cute funny fluff)
Mafia boss reader x detective Natasha (Natasha’s undercover trying to get the reader arrested - the reader doesn’t know that Natasha is a detective - little angst, soft ending though I think?)
Zemo x fem!reader oneshot (you’re undercover together and you have to play the part of husband and wife - just cute fluff)
Meeting Steve Rogers oneshot (might be ace!steve idk yet - the rough idea I have is cute but it might just be short)
Wanda x witch!reader (might be a short drabble with a sort of happy ending idk yet)
I’ll update this list when I get more ideas or when I post something that’s on this list.
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multi-stann · 5 hours ago
Karma at its best(2/?)- B.B. (part 1 here ; repost from old account)
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Another family dinner, some more drama ensues, and things start to get brighter for Bucky and you.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, cheating, angst, fluff, specified age gap in first part(reader is of age, duh), Bucky is wealthy/non-avenger/modern day au
***also, i have barely started on part 3, so bare with me lmao***
Two weeks after your ‘dinner’ with Bucky, there’s to be another family dinner at Katlyn’s house tonight. Bucky hasn’t cut things off with her yet, but you’ve both been talking a lot more;and even saw each a couple of more times;…and by the happy tone of Kole’s voice ringing through your ears as you drive you both to his moms house for dinner, Bucky’s been over a lot less. “He’s legit stayed the night three times within the past two weeks and he has came over maybe three or four times during the day collectively!! I’m not sure what’s up, but i’m fucking glad he’s not around as much.” Your hand tightens on the steering wheel, not out of anger or being upset at Kole’s words, but out of sheer hope that this means Bucky is working on breaking the ties between him and Katlyn. “Anyways, how was work today?” Kole asks you, changing the subject quickly. You just picked him up from some sports practice that his mom nor Ash could grab him from, and he wouldn’t let Bucky even get near him with his car. “It was good, how was practice?” You ask him, remembering that you didn’t ask him when he got into the car because you were too focused on teasing him over the fact that him and his girlfriend were making out before you arrived and you saw a split few seconds of it. “It was good, tiring as always, but good.”
The next few moments are spent listening to the song that’s quietly playing on the radio, you think it’s something new because you’ve never heard it before. Then finally after a few more minutes, you come pulling in to the driveway. You park and Kole goes to get out, but you stop him. “Kole….” You sigh out before he can open your passenger side door. His head turns to you in question. “Please, just- keep it cool tonight? Yeah? For me at least.” He nods with a small smile before prying open the car door and stepping out. You huff, but then do the same after turning your car off, and Kole grabs his bags from your back seats.
You’re hoping Kole will keep his word, seeing as Bucky hasn’t been over as much, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem and there shouldn’t be that much tension within the room between the ‘family’.
You both head to the front door, as usual, and Kole walks right in. You follow shortly behind him, then shut the door. The aroma of homemade chili hits your nose and you hum in delight. Katlyn’s cooking has always been good, but her? No.
Kole parts ways from you as he heads upstairs to place his bags down in his room, and you walk over into the kitchen. “Ash not here yet?” You ask Katlyn as you watch her grab some bowls, you remember that her car wasn’t parked outside yet when you pulled up. Katlyn’s head turns around and she smiles,” No not yet. Work caught her up, she should be here pretty soon though.” You give her a small nod, then she turns back to attend to the pot. Bucky soon walks into the kitchen after hearing your voice, which is after Katlyn finishes her reply, with a big smile on his face as soon as he sees you….but he quickly has to discard of it and look at Katlyn when she whips her head around. “Hey you…” She says in a teasing tone. Your gut wretches and you want to throw up as she places a hand on his chest. Half of you wanting to punch her into next week, the other half of you’s heart is breaking as you watch the small scene unfold. “…can you go to the cellar and grab that wine?” Bucky nods and says a brief “of course” before his eyes are back on you. His gaze lingers for a bit, running down your body, before he walks off to go get the wine. You feel your cheeks heat up, but shake it off and walk on over to the dinner table.
Ash arrives right before dinner is served, something about a new shipment of tv’s came in and she had to stay and help put them on display was her cause of being late. As you all sit down at the table, Bucky sits across from you as usual, Ash beside you, Katlyn in front of Ash, and Kole on the other side of Ash. Conversation flows easily, Bucky mainly staying quiet as to not start trouble, and Katlyn talks to her kids. “So how was practice?” Katlyn asks Kole and he nods. He then goes on to talk about how it went, more in detail than he did with you, and the rest of you just listen as you eat. After Kole finishes his rant, Ash is next to talk more about work and how her week went at the beach last week. Bucky doesn’t talk all that much still, but his eyes say he’s not even listening to whatever anyone is saying. They’re nearly boring right into you, watching you, a small smirk on his face….and he’s lucky he hasn’t been caught by the rest of the table members.
“So, i have ice cream and brownies for dessert. Kole would you mind helping me grab the stuff?” Kole gets up along with Katlyn after she speaks, and Kole walks behind her to the kitchen, of course not telling her no to the help. You feel the sudden urge to pee, but you’re also hoping that you and Bucky can get some alone time as well? So why not kill two birds with one stone and excuse yourself for a few minutes? “I’m gonna use the bathroom right quick, let me know if i miss anything.” You suddenly tell Ash with a small nudge to her arm which grabs her attention and she smiles at you, “Of course, but you probably won’t.” Ash just laughs in reply as you stand up, your chair lightly scraping over the floor. “Ya never know!” You reply to her as you walk away from the table, with a small sway of your hips while you walk. Before you turn the corner to go down the pretty long hallway, you look back and see Bucky’s eyes are on you. Ash is already on her phone, clearly not wanting to be with Bucky alone, so you send him a quick wink and a lip bite, hoping that he’ll get the message. You then round the corner and walk down the plain hallway, entering the third door on the right to enter the bathroom. You walk in, shut and then lock the door, and begin to do what you need to do. Bucky on the other hand, goes to take an “important phone call”, excusing himself from Ash and the table, then makes his way outside. He plans on sneaking back in through the side door quietly, and then making his way to you in the bathroom within a minute or so.
Around two-ish minutes later and you’re washing your hands, a knock is placed on the door. You swing it open and Bucky pushes himself into the bathroom. You don’t even question how he managed to leave without speculation, you just know you’re horny and so is he. “Think we can make it quick enough for them to not realize?” His voice is husky in your ear, then his teeth graze the shell of it. Chills run down your spine and your eyes flutter closed. A subtle nod is all Bucky needs from you and he’s bending you over the big granite counter in less than a second. He’s quick to undo your jean button and zipper, then he tugs them down your legs until they’re at you ankles along with your panties. His metal hand hikes your shirt up and you can’t help but gasp at the cool sensation on your skin. “Let me feel how tight you are baby.” His voice is low, sultry, and dominating. His cool, metal finger soon dips through your folds and pushes into you. You let out a small gasp at the feeling, Bucky let’s out a low groan, and he wastes no time in pumping it in you. Within seconds you’re already a wet mess, biting your lip nearly until it’s bleeding, but he pushes another metal finger into your hot core. He groans again a bit louder this time at the sounds your pussy makes, sucking his fingers in, he’s never been so hard in his life….only for you. “Damn, doll. Not even gave you my cock yet and your pussy’s already sucking my two fingers in. Fuck-!” He growls out, suddenly removing his fingers from your cunt, becoming even more impatient to be inside of you. You whine, and shake your ass a bit, trying to coax him in, wanting to hear his pants hit the floor like yours had done. As if Bucky read your mind, you soon hear his pants falling to his ankles and the tip of his cock is running in between your wet folds, pressing right at your entrance. Bucky can feel the heat radiating from your tight pussy, and he’s holding back from just going ahead and pushing into you. He wants you to beg for it first, he wants to hear you whine. “Give me the words babydoll and i’ll give you what you want.” His right hand runs over your back, then grabs at your hip. The metal one helps continue to tease you with his cock. “Please, Bucky. I need you so bad! Please fuck my pussy, want you to fill me up.” You whine, making sure to control your volume so the rest of the people outside can’t hear you. “I’d love to make you beg even more sweetheart, but we are kinda on a time crunch.” He pushes his cock into you then without hesitation, and you let out a silent moan, your mouth dropping open wide. His grunt is a tad bit loud, but you’re almost sure he doesn’t give a fuck.
“God….i love this pussy, doll. It’s so good to me, you’re so good to me.” His metal hand grabs onto your other hip and he begins thrusting. His whole length is buried into you, over and over again hitting spots you didn’t even know existed. Your body ruts into the counter with each thrust he supplies to you and your cheek is pressed into the granite. “Love taking you like this, sweetheart. Love the way your ass bounces while i fuck you.” He grunts out, quiet profanities leaving his mouth afterwards along with your name. You can’t help but whine and whimper under him, a bit of drool falling from the corner of your mouth as to how good he’s making you feel. The wet sounds of your pussy turning you on even more, and his thrusting gets harder after you move your hips back to synchronize with his. “Nuh-uh baby, i’m in control and you know it.” He whispers, but the words have such a dominant tone over them that you know he means business, so you don’t dare do it again.
Bucky is soon to change the angle slightly by pressing his weight onto your back; his hands no longer on your hips now. He thrusts deeper, harder, hitting that spot inside of you and you almost scream if it wasn’t for his hand cutting you off. “Shhh babydoll, can’t let them hear you. They’d kill us. i’d love to hear your screams and moans, but the sound of your pussy being wet at the cause of me will have to do, i guess.” Bucky taunts and you have tears forming in your eyes from the wave of pleasure that’s continuously building inside of you all because of his cock. If you were at your own home, or his, fuck- you’d be screaming his name. You’d be screaming his name over and over again until the cops were called by annoyed and pissed off neighbors, but you’re here. You’re in Katlyn’s home, his girlfriends home. You can’t be as loud as you want unless you want everyone in the room down the hallway to hear and find out about you getting fucked by Bucky, and you can’t let that happen…. not yet anyways and not like this.
“Want me to cum in your pussy, sweetheart? Want me to fill you up with my cum?” You nod your head as best as you can with his hand pressed over your mouth, and you hear him chuckle. “That’s a good girl, cream on my cock for me then i’ll fill you up. In fact……..i’ll give you all the cum you deserve later when i go over. Would you like that, angel?” The thought of it makes your head whirl, spin, makes it hazy. The fact that he mentions even going over to your house has you wanting to confess your love for the man that’s ruining your pussy. “Hmm, would you like that?” He uncovers your mouth for a split second to let you answer. The answer comes out in a whiny “yes, Bucky” and he immediately overs your mouth back. “That’s my girl, now cream on my cock. I wanna feel your tight, little pussy squeeze me, sweetheart….and i know you can.” Right as your orgasm is about to wash over you, a knock is sounded at the door. “Hey, y/n….we have a bit of a problem. When you get done, we need you out here. You good?” Your orgasm crashes on Ash’s ninth word and you can’t help but to shake and tremble. Your legs wanting to give out but Bucky doesn’t dare let you collapse. Your moans are cut off by Bucky’s hand that’s still there and you’re so glad you’re good at keeping quiet when needed to be.
Thankfully, your aggressive high ends and Bucky removes his hand a few seconds after Ash finishes speaking. “Yeah…..i’m good. Be out…soon.” Your sentences are short but a bit labored and before Ash can even answer, Bucky stills inside of you and cums. His hand leaves your shoulder, where he had placed it after removing it from your mouth, then moving it to his to bite down on it, and the feeling of his cum spurting into your pussy is enough to make you cover your own mouth this time. The feeling is making you want to cum again but you know now is not the time for that. “Okay, uh….,hurry if you can.” You then hear her steps retreating at a fast pace and you thank whoever is listening up above that she didn’t hear you guys. “Guess you’re needed huh, doll?” Bucky whispers in your ear before placing a kiss to your cheek, then several to your neck, as if the two of you didn’t almost just get caught and he didn’t fill you up with his seed while your best friend was out side of the fucking door. You nod weakly, then he pulls out of you and you hear his pants shuffle back up a few seconds after. You then hear the sound of the toilet paper roll rolling on the holder as you lay chest down on the granite still, too tired at the moment to move. Bucky then cleans you up and helps you pull your jeans up, standing you up afterwards. “You okay?” He asks, arms around your waist as you two look in the mirror. Thankfully your hair isn’t a mess, and you only look a little “fucked out” but nothing anyone would probably ask about. “Yeah, i’m great.” You sigh out of contentment with a small smile, and Bucky places a kiss to your head before he opens the bathroom door, “Two minutes then come out.” You nod at his instructions and then you begin to wait when he leaves.
When you feel as the two minutes have been up, you flush the toilet for a second time, wash your hands again, and then exit. You suddenly hear yelling and you’re wondering what exactly is going on, hoping that the two of you didn’t get caught because that would be awkward and embarrassing. You pick up your pace as you smooth out your hair a bit, and when you round the corner, you see that the front door is wide open. The dishes are splayed out on the table, some dirty and some with melted ice cream and brownies still in them, and you see Kole and Ash standing a little ways from their mother who is talking to another man outside. Bucky is standing in the doorway, arms crossed, watching whatever is happening. “Mom! Mom! So you’re telling me you’ve been seeing this guy behind Bucky’s back? Look, i’m not fond of the dude but- you’re in the wrong yet again, what the fuck is wrong with you? First dad and now Bucky? What happened to your other boyfriends, did they get cheated on too?!” Kole yells his questions as he gets closer to Katlyn. You can just see pass Bucky’s shoulders, Kole is almost in his mom’s face, pointing at the other guy who’s holding a bottle of wine and looks like he’s unaware of what’s going on.
You make your way behind Bucky and place your hand on his back. He immediately knows it’s you and turns to look at you. “Some “normal dinner” this was supposed to be.” He huffs out, referencing to the shit that’s happening outside on the lawn. Ash looks back at the door and finally sighs of relief when she sees you, thankfully not noticing your hand because she can’t see it. “Kole” she mouths to you and you nod. Bucky let’s you out of the house and pass him, then you immediately go to Kole. “Kole!” You yell and his actions and voice falter. “Look, this isn’t your shit to get into. I know she’s your mom but, she’s the one who needs to fix her own fuck ups. Yelling and shit isn’t going to help this. Your point is valid, but Katlyn needs to deal with her own problems and not cause her kids to get into them!” Kole’s demeanor changes and he rolls his eyes. His arms then fall to his side from where he was pointing and waving then around. Not long after, he rushes up the set of stairs then pushes pass Bucky into the house to go to his room. You hear Katlyn sigh and you look over to your side, and you see her rubbing her temple. She then looks up and just as she’s about to say something to Bucky, he buts in, “Katlyn, we’re done. I’ve known about you doing this shit, and i can’t do it anymore.” Bucky looks at Katlyn then at the guy, then at you. “I’m leaving, i already got all of my stuff out last night. You and whoever he is, can do whatever when i leave.” Bucky then turns around and walks off, leaving you four outside. “Well, i wasn’t fond of Bucky, as Kole said, but no more family dinners for me mom. I’m done, this is so fucked up.” Ash’s tone is serious and her face even tells you that she’s not lying, she’s definitely not coming back for a while. “You coming in?” She taps your shoulder and you nod. You start to think about leaving, and you finally make your mind up that you don’t want to be here any longer. “Yeah, i’m actually going to leave too. I’ve had enough drama for a good while.”
You and Ash make your way into the house, which leaves Katlyn and her new man outside. You just need to grab your phone and keys then you can go. As you’re making your way to the table to retrieve them, you see Bucky grabbing his jacket and pulling it on. “Keep an eye on Kole.” You tell Ash as you watch Bucky and grab your things. She replies back, “Of course i will, might let him spend a few nights with me honestly.” You nod at her, agreeing with her idea. You then turn around to her, and give her a short hug. “I’ll talk to you later.” You mumble in her ear and she just gives you a reassuring squeeze.
When you get home, Bucky has followed you there. “You didn’t have to make it creepy, ya know?” You joke with him as you twist your keys in your fingers, finding the one to your house as you both walk up the small, brick steps. “It wasn’t creepy, you knew i was coming over, why not make it a bit sooner than i intended?” You can hear the smirk on his lips as he speaks, but you can’t bring it in you to not smile. “Shut up.” You chuckle as you unlock your front door. You swing it open and let him in, closing it and locking it right after he enters. Before you can even take your shoes off, Bucky is hoisting you up over his shoulder which earns a squeal from you. “Bucky!” “What? Just getting started on what i had planned, nothing bad.” You laugh as you feel him squeeze your thigh and you already know he’s taking you to your bed room. “Bucky, i can walk.” You add in and he lays a smack to your clothed ass, “And so can i?” You just roll your eyes before you’re plopped down onto your neatly made bed, your eyes peering up at him. “Bucky….” “Y/n……” His blue eyes stare into yours as he leans down eye level with you. You can’t help but to feel so small when he stares at you like this. His hands gently grab the back of your knees and pull you towards him so that your faces are merely inches apart. “Your eyes are so pretty.” You mumble, not really feeling like you have any control over the words that come out of your mouth; almost as if you’re in a trance by him and just his presence. “Yours are even more beautiful, doll.” Bucky’s voice is a tad bit louder than yours when he speaks, making sure you hear him. His eyes study over your face and he licks his lips hungrily almost. “You are beautiful.” His lips then press against yours in a kiss and your heart is pounding. His hands wander up to your thighs and he pulls you even closer to him so that he’s in between your legs.
Tongues and teeth clash together and moans can be heard as the kiss only gets more heated. His hands are gripping at your waist now and your arms are wrapped around his neck, fingers lightly tugging on the strands of his brown hair. Your breaths are heavy and you feel the ache in between your legs worsen when he suddenly brushes his knee over your clothed pussy. A moan vibrates from you through to him and he smirks into the kiss, knowing how easily he can get you so needy for him.
You pull away to catch your breath and his right hand hand cups your warm cheek, his thumb brushing over your skin. His eyes are filled with admiration for you, and he wishes so badly for you to be his, but he knows it’s too soon. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart. I can make it happen.” His voice is only a rumble in his chest and you have the sudden urge to say ‘you’. He’s what you want, but you don’t say it…’s too soon. “Need to feel you, Bucky.” You bite your lower lip in anticipation and he only smirks before his lips are on yours again.
As the two of you lay in your bed, your head on his chest, finger drawing shapes on his skin. Bucky’s metal hand rubbing over your bare back, his right hand rubbing your head. Bodies pressed flushed together, naked, slightly warm. Nothing else can be heard other than the sound of the AC running through out your home. You can’t help but to think about all of the things that happened tonight. You know it’s too soon to jump into a relationship with him, he just got out of one, but part of you doesn’t care, but you want this to last. “Whatcha thinkin’ bout, doll?” His chest vibrates under your head, and he startles you just a bit. His hands never falter their movements though, yours don’t either, you simply just answer him. “Just the whole situation tonight.” You hum, your breath fans against the skin on his chest and Bucky gets a shiver up his spine.
He continues to look down at you, the girl he’s come to love over the past few months, and a small smile appears on his lips. You can’t see it, but if you could you’d be smiling as well. “What about it?” “Kole, Ash, how shitty Katlyn is, and you. Doesn’t it hurt, just a bit at all?” Your head tilts up to look at him, his smile now gone from hearing your question. “It does a little, but i know that i have someone who actually cares about me laying in my arms, and i don’t want to let her go.” He whispers the last part before placing a kiss to your temple. “I mean everything i tell you, you know that? I really do care about you, y/n.” His lips ghost over your forehead as he speaks and you almost want to cry. The feeling he’s giving you is so surreal, you’re not sure how all of this is going to play out when you have to come to terms to Ashlyn and Kole about it, but you’re not extremely worried about it. You’ll worry about that when the time comes, for now, you need to figure out what’s really going to become of this whole situation.
Is Bucky going to love me, take care of me, be with me? Is he going to be more than just a fuck buddy, and does he actually mean the things he says? “Bucky?” “Yes sweetheart?” “Can you show me how much i mean to you?” Half of you is expecting him to hover over you again, kiss you, praise you, love you. The other half of you is expecting him to take you out to a nice dinner(where no drama would occur) and treat you to a night full of surprises and wondrous events. But what Bucky does next isn’t what you expect. “Okay, doll.” He stands up and grabs the boxers that were discarded from his body a couple of hours ago, and his shirt. He pulls the boxers on as you watch him, then he comes over to you and holds out his hand, “C’mere.” You gladly take it and he helps you up. You stand by your bed and Bucky helps pull the shirt over your body. He then grabs your panties and pulls them up your legs, “It’s not too chilly outside, right?” Bucky asks you and you shake your head. “Good, c’mon.”
Once he takes your hand into his, he drags you out of your room and towards your back door, you a bit confused. You have a little patio out there that you two sat on the last time he came over, so he knows where he’s taking you. He knows his way around your little house now and the thought makes your tummy flutter.
Once you reach the back door, he pulls it open and lets you walk out first. It’s now dark, and the skies are clear, you can see since you’re looking up. The moon is full and it’s casting a lot of glorious light down onto the Earth tonight. You hear the door click behind you, then two arms;one made of metal and the other human; snake around your waist. Bucky’s chin rests on your shoulder and you’re both now looking up at the sky. “Okay….where do i start….” He sighs out, and you furrow your brows. “What are you doing?” You chuckle and he presses a kiss to your cheek, “Showing you, well…i guess telling you as well, how much you mean to me.” His grip around your waist gets tighter and your heart skips a beat.
“So…..i feel like tonight the sky is clearer because you’re with me. If you weren’t here and we weren’t together, i don’t think the sky would be cloudless like it is. The moon is a full moon, it’s shining extremely bright. It reminds me of you, and how much light you brought into my life the moment i saw you. The short amount of time we’ve spent together, you’ve made me smile a lot more, you’ve made me brighter.” He presses another kiss to your flustered cheek and your hands wrap around his wrists as you lean back into him. “You’re like a star, one of a kind, glorious, and beautiful. You’re out of this world, and you make me feel things i’ve not felt in years if in ever, y/n.” His voice becomes a whisper as he presses his head to yours. “And last but most certainly not fucking least, the air feels a bit more breathable tonight. Usually it’s not as crisp and fresh as it is right now, but that’s what it feels like to kiss you, to hold you, when i see you, when i touch you. Like a breath of fresh air. Like you’re helping me to breathe, like i need you.” You close your eyes and take in what he said, and a small breeze blows as if right on queue with his words. Your lips curl into a smile and you can’t help but to feel an overwhelming sense of joy flood through you because of Bucky. “Yeah?” “Mhm.” “I love that, Bucky.” “And i love the feeling you bring me, y/n. Please don’t make it end.”
wanted to be tagged(no, i don’t have a taglist lol): @jbcalway @intothesoul
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hi !! first of all, congratulations on 1.5k !!! that's so amazing and im very happy for you!!
the "you can call me whenever you want, even if you don't have a reason to" from the fluffy sentence prompt and the kissing prompts reason: longing and the place in the rain/on the sidewalk (you can choose !!) with bucky barnes, please? thank you so so much aa <3 congratulations once again !!!
Call me
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. Fluff.
It was the best first date ever.
Easy conversation over delicious food and occasional flirty glances in between bites. It had been a while since those butterflies fluttered in your belly, it was nice to be reminded of what it felt like.
Bucky made you believe chivalry wasn’t dead when he brought you flowers, held out a chair for you and insisted on walking you home.
After grazing his hand lightly but deliberately against yours while you walked, you caught it firmly and intertwined your fingers, replaying moments from the date in your mind.
A few stray grey clouds lingered in the sky as you were heading home.
It was a shame that your apartment was located quite close to the restaurant you’d been to, you didn’t wish for the date to end so soon.
“Well this is me.” Your came out low and quiet.
“I’ll call you!” Bucky asked almost immediately, making you chuckle and nod.
“Or you can call me. Whenever you want, (Y/N). Even if you don’t have a reason to.” He scratched the back of his neck as he rambled, adorably so.
You felt confident enough to pull him closer by his hand that was still clasped in yours, stand on your tiptoes and press your lips lightly against his. The butterflies in your belly went on overdrive when Bucky reciprocated by cupping your face with one while the other went around your back to press your chests together.
There was a rumble in the clouds above before you felt a couple of fat droplets on the top of your head while you were still kissing on the sidewalk.
You two broke apart smiling before inviting him back to your apartment to continue the date as the rains grew stronger.
Tumblr media
Thank you for your kind words!
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spid3rgwen · 7 hours ago
Hey all, this is the first fic I’ve ever written. I’m not completely sure where this is going to go, I would love to hear some feedback! This is just based on a dream and a thought I’ve been having.
Prompt: Set in a dystopian day and age, where the avengers are deemed enemies of the state after an authoritarian government has conquered America. Bucky Barnes and his lover are trying to get to a rendezvous point. The events of Endgame didn’t happen. Bucky x fem!reader. Minors dni, 18+.
Conformity: 403 words
The worst monsters are human. Bucky isn’t sure where they can from. But ever since William Stryker has been calling the shots, America has gone from bad to total shitstorm. Bucky isn’t sure about the rest of the world.
Bucky was on a mission with you when it all went down. It all happened so quickly. The assassianation of the president. Apparently, some mutant shot him down, people were scared. And when people are scared, they need a leader. Stryker,somehow calmed the masses. Convinced them that mutants were dangerous, that they needed to be controlled. When Stryker called Steve and Tony to help, Steve more or less told him to fuck off. The avengers were deemed enemies of the state and were to be shot on sight. Ever since, Stryker introduced an authoritarian regime, and since people were scared, well it’s easy to figure out the rest.
That was a year ago. A year since Bucky had seen Steve and Sam, since he has been around anyone but you. You. His lover, his girl, his everything. The other avengers, except for Sam, didn’t know about your relationship before Stryker happened. Now,  it was fairly obvious. About five months ago, you came to him absolutely distraught. You were late, you told him. A part of him wanted, needed the reason to be that you were undernourished. The small, rational part of his brain, however, knew better. A couple stolen pregnancy tests later, and bam! Baby Barnes. A baby?. What the fuck is Bucky supposed to do? Under normal circumstances, he would be terrified about being a father, but now? He was more scared than that day Hydra captured him.
“Bucky? What are you doing up?” Your voice pulls Bucky from his thoughts. “Need to keep watch, baby.” You frown, “When was the last time you slept?”. Bucky doesn’t answer. “Honey, get some sleep, I can keep watch for a couple hours.” Bucky thinks about this for a moment, and replies “Absolutely not.” Your frown grows deeper, as you groan. Stubborn asshole. “Fine, but then I’m staying up with you.” Bucky hums as you climb into his lap, arms going around his neck. Bucky’s arms immediately wrap around your waist, right hand resting on your stomach. The flutterly baby kicks mimic the ones in his heart. You snuggle closer to him, head resting right above his dog tags, right above his heart.
Bucky smiles.
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Tumblr media
After The Storm Comes Sunshine
(requested by 2 anons) The reader and Bucky have a huge fight about Zemo making Bucky act like the Winter Soldier - Bucky thinks she doesn't believe he can resist going back to his old ways, especially when he loses his temper, hits a wall and scares the shit out of her
Midnight Sky
(requested by @ravenscavenger) It's New Year's Eve, the reader and Bucky are celebrating at Sam's place. The whole time, reader thinks Bucky's attracted to Sarah and he's gonna kiss her at midnight. Turns out, reader had it all wrong ..
War Rages On: part 4
Bucky and reader are trapped inside Hydra secret base and he accepted to surrender himself to save her life. The trigger words don’t work anymore, so they think they still have a chance to make it out alive - that is until Hydra find a loophole that could change the outcome of the game
A/N: Those are the stories/requests I’ll write in the next two weeks. I’m also right in the middle of finals and, not gonna lie, being in college during a pandemic had my anxiety/depression skyrocketed so bear with me a little bit please, I might be a little late on some stories -
Don’t forget to tell me if you want to be tagged and, as always, stay happy & safe 💕 - Millie
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Nemesis: Retribution (5)
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: EXPLICIT SMUT. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR (18+ ONLY. I WILL BLOCK YOU), human rights violations, polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events, angst, Punisher canon level of violence and gore, strong language, mentions of trauma, mentions of character death, fluff if you squint,
A/N: Okay okay. I’m finally happy with how this turned out. Goddamn that’s a lot of words. I’ll see you all in the party in the comments and reblogs! I love reading what you think. Don’t be shy. Jump in!
No permission is granted to repost, steal, or translate my work. Not even a credit makes it okay. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
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Tumblr media
1:5 Lemons
2 missions.
A 50/50 chance of getting Salvacion.
Your heart was pounding in your chest and you were on the verge of getting lightheaded from the anticipation. A decade of chasing this bastard and this was the closest you had ever gotten to him. The man was not only deadly in skill, but always seemed to manage to give you the slip every single time. Forcing yourself to face the life you left was worth it if it meant finally avenging Lily.
The briefings the past week had been long, but they were important to make sure everyone was prepared to end this. You were minutes away now from shipping off to the mission and your whole body was buzzing.
This was it.
There were two locations that you had to hit at the same time. Two locations with large shipments that you had to stop from reaching its destination. The teams needed to be split.
"Let's go over this one more time," Steve started, fully suited up in black that was truly a far cry from his old blue and red ensemble. "I'll be leading a team into the shipment yards with Bucky and Nem at the front. Sam will be on air support. Billy will manage a team of snipers in the surrounding area."
This was the smaller of locations, but with the larger shipment. The location itself entailed a more strategic approach. You weren't happy that there was a chance that Salvacion would be at the other location, but having Frank on that team put you somewhat at ease. He understood more than anyone how important this was to you and he promised he would take Salvacion alive. He was yours to kill.
Frank always kept his promises.
"I'll be leading the other team into the industrial district," Frank continued, his signature vest strapped tight across his chest. "Pietro and Matt will cover the perimeter and I'll be charging in with Nat and Wanda."
Their location was more complicated. It was too close to the residential district and the warehouses there ran 24/7. There was a high risk of civilian casualty if they weren't careful which was why almost everyone who was powered was assigned to that group. They needed every capability they could pull to make sure no innocent blood was spilled.
"Good," Steve nodded. "We'll both have a group of agents with us too. They've been briefed and are prepping transport as we speak. We leave in 20 minutes."
Everyone nodded their understanding, grabbing their gear and heading down to the transport docks. There was a fleet of cars standing by that would be used, gassed up and ready to go. Your hands were drumming repeatedly on your vest, itching to just get on the road. Frank and Matt lingered with you before they joined the rest of their group.
The towering marine stepped up close to you and tightened the buckles of your bulletproof vest, wishing you would have accepted the offer of better gear from the Avengers but also knowing it was hypocritical of him when he declined as well.
It just wasn't your style.
It was his own damn fault for training you in his own combat style. He had no doubt of your capability, but still he worried about you. He always worried about you and he felt a sense of responsibility toward you after finding you tortured within an inch of your life.
"Stay close to Steve, sweetheart."
You snorted, but a glance back at Steve who was already looking at you with a raised eyebrow made you grumble and relent. "Fine."
"Good girl," Frank chuckled, before leaning in to press a firm kiss on your lips as he held you by the buckles of your vest. You smiled into the kiss, feeling the steady protection and reassurance that he always brings.
He stepped away for Matt to get his turn. This was a tradition that just developed naturally between the four of you. A kiss before danger. A promise to keep safe. A promise to come home.
Matt took your face in both hands and kissed the breath out of you as if he was trying to outdo Frank. It wasn't uncommon. He was always more aggressive with his affections, always as if he was scared you might suddenly slip away from his life and you were happy to reassure him every time that you weren't going anywhere. He chuckled when you bit his lip, beating him to it. He gave you one more peck before stepping aside.
Billy came closer to your side and slung his arm around your shoulders, chuckling as he nuzzled his nose against the side of your face. It was amusing him to no end at how easily you were folding for Steve. It was a nice change of pace from the three of them never being able to deny you anything.
Most especially Billy.
"We're definitely keeping Steve around. I think I like you compliant," he snickered, turning your head toward him with a finger under your chin. He planted a quick chaste peck on your lips. Your eyebrows quirked at the unusual behavior.
"What you're not gonna try to outdo me too?" Frank teased.
"Nem knows I do my best kissing elsewhere. Don't you, pretty girl?" Billy winked at you and you rolled your eyes. You smacked him in the chest but didn’t comment further. He wasn't wrong, but he was smug enough as it is.
You were about to turn toward the cars when you were knocked back slightly to the side by a sudden peck to your cheek. You couldn't stop the laugh when you caught Pietro's grin before he vanished again, a subtle warmth spreading in your chest. You were still smiling when you took your seat beside Steve who intertwined your hand with his and raised it to his lips, smiling that soft boyish smile against your skin that now made your stomach flip. He didn't let go of your hand throughout the ride, even as he caught Bucky's yearning gaze in the rearview mirror.
You were greeted by an ambush.
Somehow the syndicates knew that you would be coming, setting up a small army as your welcome party. A quick distress call through the comms from Frank confirmed that they were facing the same in their location.
But you couldn't focus on that.
You were too busy tearing through the goons that kept coming at you. Having two super soldiers and Sam in the thick of it with you was a blessing, but even with the other agents and Billy's sniper support you were severely overrun. You would just have to trust that the other team can handle their own.
You emptied the clips of your pistols as you trudged your way deeper into the fray, not bothering to duck or take cover from the onslaught of angry men. You tossed your empty guns to the side and drew out another, catching a few bullets in your vest.
No time to reload.
"I got you, Hedwig. Give 'em hell," Billy said in your ear.
The deadly smirk on your lips was the only warning the men in front of you got. You charged again as the adrenaline coursed through your body, bullets flying precisely into their skulls.
One. Two. Three. Four men down.
When your bullets ran out, you dropped the gun and pulled out two daggers. Your eyes narrowed as you took off into a sprint toward the closest target, weaving effortlessly through the oncoming fire.
A slice to the forearm to disarm.
A dagger up the chin.
He dropped to the ground spluttering on his blood as you took the other dagger and sent it flying toward another's chest.
Rough muscular arms caught you by surprise and gripped you from behind, caging you as you struggled. You saw the gun in his hand and reacted.
Break the wrist to disarm.
You smirked at the loud pop of his bones. You grabbed the gun before it dropped to the ground as you slipped a knife from your vest. The pain in his wrist caused him to loosen his hold on you, allowing you to turn to face him.
Blade to the gut.
Bullet to the face. Point blank.
You didn't even flinch when his blood splattered across your face, joining the explosion of red already painting your figure. You could make out two more in your peripheral who dropped to the ground before they could advance on you, care of your guardian angel with a sniper rifle.
"Thank you, Blackbird," you said sweetly.
"Goddamn, doll," Bucky said, Steve stood beside him mirroring the same look of equal awe and fear.
This was the first time they had seen you in action. Hearsay and that little demo with Kim did nothing to prepare them for the sheer brutality you had when given the clear purpose to kill. You didn't hesitate. You didn't waste time. You didn't care that you were drenched in blood. You had a goal and you were going to meet it every time with ruthless violence.
This was who you were now.
"Are you hurt anywhere?" Steve came up to you looking worried after seeing you charging headlong at open gunfire.
He didn't like it. At least he had a shield. Skilled as you were, he didn't like that you were running every mission like you had a death wish. There was so much blood on you that it was difficult for him to tell if any of it was yours.
"None of the blood is mine," you dismissed, wiping your face with what was the only clean part of your sleeve. "Let's go. I hear more up ahead and Sam said that's where the shipment is."
Rounding the corner, you were faced with another cluster of goons with weapons aimed at your small group. They stood a good distance away in front of two shipping containers that were being readied for transport. Sam landed beside you along with a group of agents. Bucky pushed you behind him and Steve raised his shield to cover you both. Billy chirped in the comms that the snipers had repositioned and were ready. All of that barely registered with you, white noise against the rage that was brewing, because behind enemy lines was the goal you've been chasing for a decade.
"I have to say," he drawled. His voice, the first you're hearing of now, sending a chill down your spine. "I expected more from the Avengers. You didn't even bring Iron Man. I'm disappointed."
"Give up the serum," Steve growled.
"No. I don't think I will," he answered. "Kill them all."
All hell broke loose once more; fists, bullets, knives, and a shield flying in every direction. Bucky and Steve kept close to you, shielding you from most of the shots as you advanced. You gunned down every bastard you saw but your eyes never strayed from Salvacion who was just standing there watching the clash.
Taunting you.
Something nagged at the back of your head as you fought. It was unusual for the syndicates to be deploying this many people to a single location even if it was for the serum. While you were thanking every god you knew for luckily drawing Salvacion on this mission, his presence was also peculiar. Something else was going on.
Something else was here.
The syndicates were pushing back on your team hard, but you were making a dent in their numbers. When you saw Salvacion start walking away, that was when you felt the panic stir in your mind.
"I can't let him get away, Steve!"
You ignored his and Bucky's calls for you as you made a mad dash straight through the fight, efficiently shooting and stabbing anyone who dared get in your path. You were consumed with the purpose of reaching him, of finally being able to end it all.
You left the larger fight behind you in favor of this more personal one, the noise receding as you chased him farther. You caught a glimpse of him making his way up stacked containers and you sped up your run. You didn't even think twice about climbing the height. Nevermind potential broken bones. Nevermind getting cornered. Nevermind that you had no backup.
Salvacion would die today.
When you reached the top, you were surprised to see him standing there waiting for you but also that he wasn't alone. You raised your gun to match the one he was aiming at you, but he merely tutted and smirked. His other hand also had a gun, this one aimed up the chin of the person he was holding captive in front of him.
The amount of irritation this woman was bringing into your life was starting to get on your nerves. She was delegated on your team for this mission and you stifled the aggravated groan as you noticed that she was bleeding heavily from both shoulders causing her to not be able to fight back.
Top agent my ass.
"Hello, Nemesis," Salvacion grinned at you. "Or should I call you Y/N? Much more personal given our history, don't you think?"
Your name on his lips caused a wave of nausea and a sneer to grace your lips. You raised your gun higher, narrowing your eyes as his own pressed harder against Kim's skin. It wasn't an idle threat.
"Nice of you to show up for once. Was beginning to think you were avoiding me."
"Come now. Don't you enjoy our little game of cat and mouse?"
A game.
This was all a game to him and the malevolent smile on his face confirmed that. The fury in you burned, almost making you physically shake. Killing Lily was nothing to him while it had completely consumed your life. It had become your driving force while to him you were merely entertainment.
"You're going to let me go," he declared, fully confident.
"Is that so?"
"Yes," he dragged out. "Or else your teammate here will die."
"What makes you think I give a shit?" you scoffed. "Go ahead."
The way Kim's eyes widened in terror brought a sick sense of pleasure in you that you shouldn't be proud of. Salvacion let out a low laugh, amusement clear in his tone.
"Oh, dear child. No matter how much spite you wrap yourself with, you are the same naive hero wannabe you always were," he snickered. "Self-sacrificing. Even at the expense of your sister."
"You don't talk about Lily, you bastard!" you screamed, your grip shaking slightly on your weapon.
All of a sudden it was hard to breathe and your heartbeat was hammering in your ears. You didn't expect that finally facing him, hearing him talk about Lily like she was inconsequential, would shake you to your core. This was what you have been waiting for. This was what you have been building up to for the past decade. This was your purpose for living.
What were you waiting for?
"I am feeling generous today. Consider it my gift to commemorate our first official meeting," he said.
"What the fuck are you on?" you growled.
"Open the containers," he smiled. "See you soon, Y/N."
He abruptly tossed Kim to the side, pushing her off the ledge of the containers you were on and bolted away with a mad cackle. You shot at his retreating figure, desperately trying to aim through the turbulent emotions he inspired in you. You were going to chase after him when a yelp of pain caught your attention.
Kim was hanging by one hand off the edge, obviously struggling to hold herself up with her busted shoulders. You were too high up for her to survive the fall and she was too injured to help herself. Her grip was slipping.
"Y/N! Help me please!"
A dark shadow passed through your features. Saving her would mean Salvacion would definitely escape. Again. You didn't know if you would ever get another chance at him or when that would be.
You didn't like this woman. You never did. She tormented your youth, took joy in it even and as you reunited nothing changed. She was the same egotistic bully she always was. This was a dangerous mission. People die in the line of fire.
It happens. No one would blame you.
You dropped your weapon and clasped both hands on hers to pull her up. You strained with the effort, Kim being a deadweight adding to the struggle. You let go when half her body was safely on top, her legs swinging up to roll herself flat onto the surface. She was crying and whimpering from the fear and pain. You couldn't help the anger that bubbled to the surface.
You slapped her face.
"Get your goddamn shit together," you roared at her. "I don't have time for this. Call for evac, princess."
You ran toward the sound of helicopter blades, jumping onto crates and jolting your bones at the impact. You didn't care. The renewed rage had steadied you, calmed you almost to the point that the only thing you could see in your mind was taking him out. You had faltered and you would beat yourself up about that later, but you couldn't let him slip away again.
The helicopter was already starting to take off, Salvacion clearly visible through the open door. You cocked your gun and fired away. Empty. You slipped another gun out and fired. Empty. You kept running toward him, drawing and firing every last bullet you had as you screamed your frustration with every shot that missed.
You noticed that you managed to get a few through him by the way his body jerked. You were feeling optimistic until he reached around and pulled out a rocket launcher. You saw the sinister grin before he fired.
"Nem!" You heard your name being called, but you were too stunned by the horrible realization that you had failed today. You watched the helicopter slowly make it's way farther and farther behind the rocket that was hurtling toward you.
Even if you ran, the area of impact would still tear right through you. You were frozen in place, unable to process that this was how it would end. That it would end in you dying by his hand as well. That it would end without you making it up to Lily.
Your internal struggle was interrupted by a large body completely engulfing yours. The impact of the rocket threw you both to the ground and the loud explosion accompanied by ripping metal deafened your ears.
You struggled with your vision, the ringing in your head was painful and your body sore from crashing down. Oddly, your skull itself didn't feel injured. All of the pain seemed to be concentrated on your torso. You blinked a few times to focus the blur of your eyes as the repeated chanting of your name became louder.
"Are you okay, doll? Answer me, Nem! Come on."
Your sight finally focused to find that it was the brunette super soldier on top of you, covering you from what would have certainly been your death. The dread on his face gave way to a tired relief at you finally responding.
He pressed his forehead to yours and closed his eyes, taking deep steadying breaths. You noticed now that he was wincing and that his flesh arm was underneath you, supporting your back and cradling your head. His metal arm was detached, a mangled mess of forcibly severed wires and metal plates sticking out from his shoulder. Your eyes widened in realization.
"Bucky, your arm," you started to struggle underneath him, knowing he must be in a world of pain.
He shushed you by rubbing the tip of his nose against yours. Your eyes met icy blue ones and you saw him smile weakly, as if telling you it was worth it. He wouldn't hesitate to catch a missile with his arm again if it meant protecting you.
The rest of the boys reached you shortly after, Sam took Bucky and informed you that evac and medics were here. You were still in shock from what just happened. Billy took you gingerly in his arms, endlessly fussing at you and apologizing for not being able to do more even if you understood it was impossible for him to have tracked you through the chaos. Steve stood to the side, obviously furious at himself for not going to you even if you understood it was only right that he led the main fight.
Your body felt like it had gone through a war and you were too emotionally distressed to address anything else. You felt defeated. You felt at a loss. You failed Lily again today. Suddenly, you remembered what he told you.
His gift.
"Steve, Salvacion told me to open the shipments. He said it was a gift from him."
You didn't wait for them to respond, dragging your battered body limping across the yard to the crates. Billy recovered first, quickly jogging up to support your battered body straight with his. Steve followed closely behind, the uneasiness clouding the three of you. The locks were easily broken by Steve's shield and soon your gift was revealed.
What you saw drained the blood from all of you and caused your skin to immediately chill. It was the most sickening thing any of you have ever seen in your lives and that was saying something. How anyone could do this was beyond comprehension.
People. Dozens of people.
Crammed inside the steel box were dozens of people in various states of distress. All of them had barely any life left in them, barely sustained by the various IV bags hooked on their bodies. They hardly reacted when the doors were opened, too spent by what they had been made to go through to even blink. You suspected that a good portion of those who were not moving at all were dead. The smell was horrendous and this was coming from people who were about to be shipped to god knows where.
The horror you felt heightened to epic levels when you noticed that some of the drip bags held a different colored fluid, the distinct color of the super soldier serum. Then it clicked and the nausea finally overcame you. You poured your guts out onto the pavement, your stomach heaving violently as the truth made your vision spin.
Human testing.
Human experimentation.
And you had let the bastard escape.
Steve was going to approach you, clueless as he was on how to help you at that moment, but you had scrambled out of reach and ran out of the shipment yard. He called after you readying himself to go to you, but Billy's grip on his forearm stilled him.
"We're not who she needs right now, Cap," Billy shook his head. "Right now these people need us more."
"Where's she going?" Steve asked, swallowing hard on the lump in his throat and reluctantly agreeing.
"She'll be fine. Matt will find her."
Matt found you hours later. He had returned badly beaten and bruised from their own mission, but upon receiving word from Billy he pushed aside every painful injury he felt and rushed to where he knew he would find you. His chest tightened when he was told what you had seen. It was bad enough that you were carrying the guilt of your sister's death, but now you had the weight of all the lives that were victimized by these sick people too. It was too much for one person to bear.
He found you in the confession booth of the church on the corner of a quiet street and he couldn't see the broken look on your face when he opened the door, but he could feel it. He heard it in your unusually slow heartbeat, as if your organs were trying to give up. He heard it in the shallow breaths you took, as if the act of living was a betrayal in itself. He heard it in the cry that was begging to break through you throat. He could almost taste your despair.
He slowly knelt in front of you and pulled you urgently into his arms, squeezing himself into the tight space. He held you against him, clutching you tight and rocking you gently back and forth. This was an open secret shared between the two of you. When the darkness was overwhelming, you turned to each other and confessed. He pulled away after a long moment, cradling your face firmly in his palms. His thumbs brushed against your dry cheeks. Of course you hadn't been crying.
There were no more left to shed.
"Talk to me," he muttered, pressing his lips softly against yours.
"He experimented on a lot of people," you muttered. "And I let him go, Matty. I've been letting him carry on for ten years."
Your tone was almost a hoarse whisper, devoid of much emotion apart from a cold defeat. This worried him, but at least you were talking. You had known when you were being tortured that they Hydra hadn't perfected the serum. They kept torturing you in the hopes that they could get you to reveal anything about the formula, Steve and Bucky's abilities, or where samples of their blood were stored. You didn't talk.
Maybe you should have talked.
When the syndicates got their hands on the incomplete formula, they were faced with the same problem. A problem they apparently decided to solve by trial and error on actual people. You knew this. At the back of your mind you knew this, but it didn't register until you saw it for yourself tonight. Somehow you had ignored that fact because you had only been focused on your own grief.
"I let him go. I did this, Matty," you breathed, the guilt clear in your voice.
"No! You did not let him go. The bastard got away," he insisted. "And this is not your fault. I won’t let you think that this is your fault."
"No," you argued weakly. "I let him go. I had a shot at stopping him tonight and I didn't take it."
"Steve told me. You stopped to save Kim." The movement of his thumbs on your cheeks changed to soothing circles. "You stopped to save a teammate. That was a good thing."
You scoffed. "I wanted her to die."
"For a solid moment as she was hanging on for her life, I wanted to let her die."
"She's alive now because of you, Nem. You fought it. You're strong. You didn't give into it."
"But what if that's what I need to do? If I did I could have ended Salvacion tonight."
You could have ended it all tonight.
Salvacion's words tonight plagued you. if you didn't try to play the hero then this whole twisted operation could have been stopped. If you didn't try to play the hero then you would have gotten your revenge for Lily. If you didn't play the hero then Lily wouldn't even be dead. You had wanted to save people so much, make a difference in the world, that you didn't stop and think about how that would impact the people you held most dear.
"You don't honestly believe that, do you?" Matt asked cautiously, he knew more than anyone the struggle you faced. All of you were just a bad day away from completely snapping.
"I don't know," you admitted in defeat. You sounded so tired and confused that it broke his heart.
He held you for a moment more, waiting for your heart and breathing to return to normal. He didn't know what else to do or what else to tell you. He didn't know how to help you this time. Just then, he sensed the arrival of a Maximoff twin.
"Pietro's outside. I'll ask him to take you away for a while," he shook his head when he felt you were about to protest. "You need a break and you need some peace."
He led you outside, his pace slower than normal as your shoulders slumped lower to the ground in resignation. He exchanged a few words with Pietro before he pressed a kiss to your temple and pushed you toward the other man.
"Come with me, little star. I'll take care of you."
The next thing you knew, Pietro had lifted you into his arms and asked you to close your eyes. You buried your face into his neck as you felt the world around you dissolve in a blur, your hair whipped around but you weren't scared. The steady grip he had on you assured you that you would be safe. When he told you to open your eyes, you had no idea where you were or how long you had been traveling.
"Where are we?"
He gently set you on your feet as you looked around the area. It was beautiful. A dense lush forest that opened up to a lake with a small cabin. Isolated. Quiet.
Immediately you felt your body relax in the new environment. It was so far removed from anything and everything that it allowed you to let go of the tight hold you had on your life. It allowed you to let go of the rage for a moment.
"Sokovia," he answered. "This is mine. When Wanda and I were little, even before the enhancements, our connection was strong and can be overwhelming. I needed a place that was only my own."
"Wanda doesn't know about this?"
"No, it is the only secret I have ever kept from her. I've never brought anyone else here."
Turning to him, you could see the shy smile on his face. There was a reluctance there, as if he was nervous that his little hideaway would not be good enough for you. You were quick to shoot that thought down.
"It's beautiful, Pietro. Thank you for sharing this with me."
His smile brightened as he approached you and held both your hands in his. "We can stay for as long as you want to. I can go into town and get us more supplies. We can swim in the lake if you like and I can cook you paprikash. You'll love it."
He was so excited. So happy to be able to spend time with you. Elated to be able to share this sentimental place with someone else, but he saw the sadness in your eyes and it made him force himself to slow down. The smile on his face dimmed.
"Do you want to go somewhere else? I can take you anywhere you like."
The heartbreak and disappointment in his voice alerted you. You hurriedly wound your arms around his shoulders and forced his eyes to meet yours. You recognized the way he looked at you, but it was only now that you really noticed that he has always looked at you that way. He was so pure. So honest. So good.
He was too good for you.
"No, Pietro. This is perfect. You're perfect." You tried to smile up at him. "I don't deserve you."
Just like that he understood you. He drew you closer by the waist and pressed a soft kiss at the corner of your mouth. When he drew back, his smile lit up his face again.
"Why do you need to deserve me, little star?" he chuckled at the puzzled look on your face, finding it adorable. "Can I not just choose to love you?"
You frowned and he just laughed more. He shushed your protests by pulling you flush against his body, lowering his head to hover his lips mere inches from yours. He left this small distance as your choice to make just as he has made his.
"Let me choose to love you."
You could feel his breath on your face at this distance, see the sparkle of anticipation in his eyes, and his tongue darting out to wet his lips.
You made your choice.
Kissing Pietro has to be the most comforting experience that you had ever felt. He tasted like hot chocolate on a rainy day and you felt your body melt when he returned the gesture. You were sighing against his lips when the now familiar feeling of him dashing turned it into a surprised squeal. You blinked and you were lying down on a soft mattress with Pietro grinning down at you.
You laughed as you shared more kisses, hands giddily exploring each other and tearing away pieces of clothing until nothing lay between you. For the first time in a long time, you felt insecure about your scars. For the first time, you were reluctant for someone to see them. Again, just like that he understood you.
"You're beautiful, little star. You have always been beautiful to me."
He kissed you again, deeply and full of emotion that you melted into the bed. His lips traveled down your neck, your chest, your stomach. He stopped to nip and suck at the inside of your thighs causing you to involuntarily moan his name. Lower he went until his mouth was working gentle swirls on your sensitive bud. Your hips grinded against his tongue, desperately seeking more.
He pressed his mouth fully on you then, adding a finger much to your delight. He ate you like he worshipped you. Like he was blessed with the opportunity to bring you pleasure. Your body sang his praises, reacting with equal enthusiasm by soon reaching your orgasm. You shook beneath him as he allowed you to ride out your high, soothing you with gentle hands rubbing circles on your hips. He was smirking at you when he crawled up, satisfied that he had made you cum but clearly aiming for more.
He kissed you again as he lined himself up against your core, sliding it against your slit to coat it with your slick. He wasn't even inside you yet and you already felt like you were ready to cum. He held your gaze, silently asking for permission that this was still what you wanted. Instead of answering, you moved your hips to slip his length inside causing him to drag out a hiss and capture your mouth again. The groan you both let out when he bottomed out vibrated through your fused lips.
"You feel incredible," he whispered. "You feel so good wrapped around me. Just like I always thought you would."
"Pietro, please."
His strokes were slow and deep, hitting that special spot inside you that had you panting with want. The smooth roll of his hips was quickly driving you higher and higher toward another orgasm. It was so gentle. So sensual. So personal.
"Tell me what you want, little star."
Everything about Pietro's life had been one big event after another. Rushed decisions. Angry fighting. Missions. Even his very enhancement relied on speed.
He didn't want that with you.
With you he wanted to slow everything down. He wanted to savor every moment. He wanted to stop time if he could, keep you in his arms for as long as possible. Freeze you in this exact moment when all you felt was pleasure.
"More," you pleaded.
Maybe he could speed up just a little bit.
His strokes gradually hastened and he glowed with satisfaction at seeing you delirious with desire because of him. He palmed at your breasts, nipped at your neck, and bucked his hips just a bit harder.
He smiled. How could he deny you? He lifted you up until you were seated on him, holding you firmly with an arm up your back with his hand fisting in your hair. The other hand he slipped between the two of you to rub against your clit. You saw the wicked glint in his eyes before he dipped his head to lave at your breasts.
You felt like you were going to explode from the different sensations. That was until he decided to move your body to bounce on his cock, his own hips thrusting up to meet you and his hand on your back guiding you to wind your hips as you came down. Your clit hit his pelvis each time and another wave was added onto your building climax. You whined, moaned, and pleaded his name. Begging him to grant you release.
“Let go for me. I have you. Let go.“
He growled against your breast and pounded up into you until you screamed and shook above him, clenching him so hard you pulled his own orgasm out of him. He spilled into you, crushing you against him as you continued to flutter around him.
You fought to catch your breath and when you caught each other's eyes, still hazy from lust, you laughed. You felt free. You felt renewed. You kissed him then.
"I love you too, Pietro."
He looked at you with unrestrained adoration. He had been chasing after you for so long that he could hardly believe that he had finally caught you. That he was finally yours.
"What? You didn't see that coming?" you teased.
He chuckled and pulled you in for another lingering kiss. You felt so good in his arms that he has completely forgotten how it felt to not have you in them.
"I meant what I said earlier," he murmured against the skin of your shoulder. "If you want to we can runaway. I can take you away from all of this. We can stay here or we can go anywhere else."
He smiled warmly at you and pecked your lips when he saw the internal conflict flash through your features. Again, without a word he understood you.
"But I know that is not what you want," he reassured you. "I just wanted you to know that you have that choice if you should want it."
Tempting as his offer was, you knew you couldn't let go of Lily's memory. You would never truly be at peace until Salvacion was rotting six feet under and his whole operation was blown to bits. You couldn't leave your mission unfinished. And you couldn't bear to leave four other men behind. Looking back at the events of the past night, it felt more accurate to say five. Still, there was a sense of security from knowing you had that option.
"Let's go home."
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