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#bucky x pregnant!reader
myinconnelly1 · 10 hours ago
Winter in Summer: Holding Hands (pt 7)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, character injury, labor
word count: 686
A/N: If you are wonder why the baby still hasn’t been bored yet after (3-4) parts, welcome to the party.  If you get this, and understand why it’s taking so long.... YOU HAVE KIDS TOO!!
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN A COUPLE OF HOURS!”  Bucky shouted into the phone as you lifted a knee to your chest in hopes of easing some of the pressure.  “Nat, it’s Italian Airspace, it’s not RUSSIA!”
“Bucky!”  you cried his name and he reached over to you and held your hand.  His presence and attention alone were enough to help calm you a little.
“I don’t know how to birth a baby, Natasha!”  Bucky was still shouting as you both heard something metal fall over nearby.  You both held your breath until a cat ran through the alley and mewled at you.  “She’s further along than I thought she would be, and there was an explosion.  Do you really need all the details?”  He asked in a frustrated whisper.
“God,”  You groaned as you let your head fall back against the wall and panted.  Bucky kissed your hand gently as he listened to what was being said on the phone.
“No, Hydra didn’t bother to give me a crash course on that, thanks,”  Bucky rolled his eyes, then froze as your eyes locked on his.  “I gotta go.  Track the cell.”
“You’re with Hydra?”  You asked feeling betrayed.  If it wasn’t for the almost constant contractions and agony you would be running from him.  Of course, he works for Hydra.  He and the other ‘agent’ have been playing cat and mouse with you.  If one of them couldn’t get you then the other would.  He was going to take your baby, and at the moment all you could do was help him.
“I’m not with Hydra, OW!”  Bucky groaned loudly as you squeezed his hand through a contraction and tried not to scream.  “I’m not with Hydra anymore.”
“What does that mean?”  you gasped.  “Turn around.”  He did as you asked, exposing his back to you, and you yanked the pipe that was in his back out.  He shouted in pain, but to your surprise, you could already see his exposed skin knitting back together.
“I’m a super-soldier.  It’s complicated, and I don’t think you want to hear about it while your baby is coming,”  He suggested in a soothing voice as he turned back to face you and take the pipe away.
“Who’s Natasha?”  You asked, your body was shaking and clammy to the touch as you waited for the next contraction.  It didn’t take long.
“She’s a coworker.  One of the avengers.”  He said, calmly rubbing little circles on your hand.
“She’s not going to get here in time,”  You sobbed pathetically.  
“Shh,”  Bucky coos as he holds your hand.  “It’s gonna be okay.  You don’t know Nat, but she likes to be dramatic.”
“What if he finds us?”  You whisper.  
“He’s not gonna get us,”  Bucky’s words are final but short lived.
“Boo!”  Rumlow snickers as he and three Hydra agents come into the alley.
“Oh god,”  You whimper.  Bucky gets an arm behind your back and helps you to your feet.  “I can’t.”
“We have to,”  He says dragging you away from the men.  Bucky wasn’t kidding.  His strength was incredible as he led you out, and he turned into a small cafe that was still open in the late night.  “Can you help us?”  He asked the woman that was working there.  “Do you speak English?”
“Yes,”  Her accent was heavy though and she got a good look at the two of you and led you into a back room.  “I’m not going to ask you any questions.  My husband used to work for the mafia, I know trouble when I see it.  Help her to the chair,”  The woman was in her late forties or fifties, and she threw he hair into a bun and locked the door before kneeling on the floor.
Bucky helped you lean on a chair that she had in the room.
“Help her out of her pants,”  the woman said, as you clutched your belly and the chair.  Bucky did as he was told, giving your back a soft rub.  “Alright, Cocca, it’s time to push,”  she cooed from behind where you were kneeling.
Tumblr media
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Angel Hair Masterlist
Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Gender neutral!pregnant!omega!Reader
Warnings: canon divergent post CA:TWS, a/b/o dynamics, true mates, Hydra putting the A in assholes, angst, imprisonment, torture, experimentation, drugging, brain washing, non-consensual artificial insemination, pregnancy, labour, canon typical violence, minor character death, bereavement, PTSD/anxiety/depression symptoms, language, illness, epic amounts of fluff, beefy!soft!manbun Bucky (that's a warning, ok!), the occasional cliff hanger, probably possibly very, very, very eventual smut (I haven't thought that far ahead yet).
These are the big ones but warnings will be stated for each chapter so please check those before reading and if any of the warnings weird you out, take good care of yourself and give it a pass 😘
This one might not be heavy on the smut but this is still an 18+ blog so minors kindly redirect yourselves to these bunnies and rainbows in an orderly fashion cus the law, I thank you.
A/N: I said that I was going to wait until this is finished on AO3 before posting on Tumblr but I a) didn't think it would go on this long and b) could honestly be at this one for another year (it's already been nine months, seriously, how did that happen!?). So, I've decided to start doing some editing/rewrites on what I have so far and I'll post them here as I go while I'm still adding to it.
Those of you who have stuck with me through the "first draft" on AO3 up until now, thank you so much for all the support and feedback, you guys have literally made my year! I hope you enjoy the new and hopefully improved version (I'm not changing anything major but, you know)!
I will be posting Chapter 1 this Friday evening (25th June - GMT)
If you would like to be included on the tags list, let me know with a comment, ask or DM!
Chapter list under the cut because there's a literal metric shit ton already 🏋️‍♀️
I hope you enjoy it!
(And I finally had a proper crack at the whole moodboard thing. I know, will wonders never cease! 😱)
Tumblr media
Image credits: [x][x]
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
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Chapter 11
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Chapter 14
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Chapter 28
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Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36
Chapter 37
Chapter 38
And more to come, believe me I'm not done yet!
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myinconnelly1 · 3 days ago
Winter in Summer: Midnight Confessions (pt 6)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, character injury, labor
word count: 731
“Get down!”  Bucky shouted as he eased you to the floor lightning-fast and covered you with his body just before you felt the heat from an explosion behind him.
The world was spinning and too bright to see anything.  You realized that Bucky was talking and as the ringing in your ears eased you picked up the words.
“Are you hurt?”  He was looking for any signs of bleeding or burns.
“I am alright,”  You groaned, feeling a slight tightness in your back.  
“Can you stand?”  he asked, reaching out for you.  You nodded and he helped you stand up.
“Bucky?”  You asked.  He staggered a little as you got to your feet.
“I’m-  I’m fine, Doll.  don’t worry.”  He groaned, and you both saw a large piece of piping in his lower back.
“Oh my God,”  You started to hyperventilate.
“At least it did hurt your baby,”  He huffed and fell forward into your arms.  You kept him on his feet.
“I don’t know what to do!  Where do I go?  Do I take you to the hospital?”  You asked, putting his arm around your shoulders and trying to help him.  That pain in your back radiated out and made your toes curl.
“No, find us somewhere to hold up.  I’ll be okay once I get this thing out of me.”  Bucky tried to stand a little straighter.
“I’ve said that a number of times,”  You said, trying to keep the mood light.  Bucky did laugh, and the two of you kept low and away from the sirens.
“I think these Italian country-siders are gonna hate us,”  Bucky groaned.  You were thankful it was dark but missed having a bathroom as you lost control of your bladder slightly with a slightly stronger contraction than you were expecting.
“I’m just sad I didn’t get to eat that pasta you brought to me,”  You moaned leaning on a wall to catch your breath.
“More contractions?”  Bucky groaned trying to get a look at the pipe.
“And they are getting stronger,”  You nodded, breathing through it.  “You have to tell me something,”  You said as you grabbed him again and the two of you started moving again.  It was slow travel as you tried to keep against walls and the two of you had to stop several times for you to catch your breath.
“It was an experiment,”  Bucky said reluctantly.  “Hydra had a subject that was unwilling to procreate.  He was one of their best subjects, one of the most successful.  So that baby is actually yours,”  Bucky said, kissing the side of your forehead gently as he gave you life-changing news.
“I don’t know if that is better or worse,”  You huffed during one of your breaks.
“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl?”  Bucky asked, letting himself touch your belly gently.
“No, the tech couldn’t get a good look.  The baby had their legs crossed I guess,”  Your whole body scrunched and you moaned low in your throat.
“Come on, we gotta go,”  Bucky said, looking around nervously.  You hadn’t gotten as far as you hoped and now you both knew they were most likely tracking you somehow.
“I can’t,”  You whimpered.  You wanted to throw up and you felt like you had a fever.  You knew Bucky was worse off than you were right now.  He was still bleeding, and here you were crying because your back hurt.
“Doll, did your water break?”  He asked, seeming to see you for the first time since the explosion.  “We gotta get help,” Bucky said.  He helped you onto the ground and you both sat there in the alley out of sight of anyone, you hoped.  He grabbed your cell phone from your pocket.
“Is that how they are tracking me?”  You panted, as you resisted the urge to pass out.
“Not likely,”  He said, dialing a number.  “Hey, it’s me.  I know I said I didn't need help.  But I lied.”
“Who’s baby is this?”  You asked him, clutching his metal arm and breathing through the pain.
“The Winter Soldier’s,”  He said grimacing, before turning his attention back to the person on the phone.  You sobbed into his shirt to try and muffle the sound.  “We’re in Italy Nat, send a quin.  And hurry, I don’t know how much longer she is going to last.”
Tumblr media
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coldhvrt16 · 3 days ago
A/n: Cheater!Steve x Reader/ Beefy Tattooed!Bucky x Reader.. Just a painful one shot, after reading a few reader x Bucky on Wattpad I fell out of love with Steve. So I wrote this. You are a complete badass. Enjoy
Warnings: swearing, cheating, breakups, angst.
Summary: You get home from your job at S.H.E.I.L.D. And find some things out about your relationship you never saw coming,
Word count: 700
Tumblr media
Listen to You & Jennifer by Bülow. It really sets the vibe.
Cheater Steve x Reader / Beefy Tattooed Bucky x Reader.
"Babe, I'm home" You say sitting your keys on the counter of Steve and your kitchen.
"Hey, y/n, I'm in the study, can we talk about something?" Steve called out.
"Yeah hold on let me take my shoes off" You slide off your pumps and walk to his office.
"What's going on?" You ask and sit on the edge of his desk.
"I fucked Sharon." He blurted out. Seemingly un-guiltily
You start laughing really hard.
"Y/n?" He asks taken off guard.
"Wait why did you, as you put It. 'Fuck Sharon'. Do you want to end this?" You ask still laughing slightly.
"Well, yes, you see, Sharon is just better, in many aspects." He avoids eye contact and you burst out laughing again.
"This is rich." Your loosing your shit
"Are you okay?" He asks
"Oh I'm good it's just" you catch your breath then Your phone starts ringing.
"Hold on let me get this" It's Bucky. That's hilarious.
B: " hey doll So I was thinking."
You: " wait- get a load of this. Steve was fucking Sharon this whole time"
B: "are you kidding. Your going to tell him right?"
You: " yes actually just getting to that part. Should I tell him the details about how you bent me over this desk right in his office and made me cum harder and more times than he could ever dream of?"
Steve sat there flabbergasted.
You: " oops seems like I just did. Well Buck I gtg. I'll see you tonight. Your place."
Call ends.
"Sorry that was your bestfriend. And the man I've been, how did you put it 'fucking'. How do I say this. He's just better in EVERY aspect." You laugh a little standing from your perch.
"Close your mouth dear or you'll swallow a fly." And you walk out to pack your things.
He follows you out of the room.
"You've been fucking Bucky?" He asks like he is hurt.
"Mmhmm." You reply nonchalantly
"Like James Bucky Barnes?" He says again
"Yes. Keep up dear." You finish unloading your drawers into your suitcase.
"Your just going to leave?" He asks hurt.
"Oh did you want to move out? Because that works too I'll just have James come over..." you trail off
"That's not what I meant and you know it." A knock on the door sounds through the hall.
"Ahh, that'd either be your slutty mistress, or my ride. " you joke
"Come in" you call out.
" we're in the bedroom" you call again
Moments later your relieved to find Bucky standing in the doorway, all 6"3 of his tattooed buffed body.
"Well it was mine then" you say shrugging.
"Dill you want me to get that?" He asks.
"Sure. Thanks." He grabs your bag
"Steve" he says
"Buck" Steve relpys.
Bucky leave the room. You cross it to stand closer to Steve.
"Well it's been, something, I guess. Nice playing house with you. I may even miss it." You stand on your tip toes and capture his lips in your own. A strong passion and pain filled kiss. You truly don't want to go. This mask your wearing begins to slip as he grabs your waists but you pull away.
" Goodbye Cap. See ya at work." And you walk down the hall out of the door and get into the passenger seat of Buckys truck.
Then you let yourself break. You start sobbing.
"Hey, doll it's alright. " he comforts.
"He didn't care. He never has. I have him EVERYTHING buck. And he didn't even care That I told him I was ducking his best friend!"
You fall further apart.
The truth is you have never been untrue to your relationship and you had devised the plan quickly after Bucky called.
The one thing you we're supposed to tell Steve however, that you were with child, fell between the cracks, and instead you spun a web of lies about an affair. And your left, pregnant and alone. Without your rock. Lord knows Sharon is in her way over now.
Taglist: @lana-isabelle @itsgonnabeohtay
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agentofbarnes · 4 days ago
When mama calls him Grant or speaks to serious he gets all worried and sad My name isn't Grant, my name is baby 🥺
I have so many ideas for prompts and headcanons, so in love with the Barnes family
baby boy — the barnes’
note || takes place during her third pregnancy, but they don’t know it’s twins yet, it’s very early. okay but seriously, this is my last fic tonight, i just couldn’t help myself
Tumblr media
You rarely call him anything else but baby boy, cause that is what he is. He’s your only son.
Even when he thinks he hates it, he gets offended when you call him by his name.
It’s when he had friends over that he whined about being called baby boy because they made fun of him.
You had been saddened by Grant snapping at you that he wasn’t a baby anymore. You want to blame it on the hormones, and you should be surprised he is sixteen years old now.
Still, you couldn’t help the tears that came to your eyes when you walked into the bedroom where Bucky had just gotten out of the shower from his afternoon work out.
When he saw his pregnant wife crying...he was literally thinking about grounding Grant. He knew that was harsh, Gray didn’t know how sensitive you were right now. You hadn’t told Grant and Becca about the pregnancy yet.
“He’s so grown up,”You cried, leaning your head into his chest and sniffling at the thought of Grant not being your baby.
“Hey, he’s probably just embarrassed ‘cause his friends,”Bucky tried to comfort you, a soothing hand coming over your belly.”He is still your baby, he’ll always be your baby. He’s just being a teenager.”
You sighed out, frowning still but you understood.”I think I wanna take a nap.”
“Yeah, you’re probably tired, carrying a baby does that to you,”Bucky chuckled, kissing your cheeks. You smiled faintly, looking down, and lifting the large shirt you were wear, at the little bump already forming. It was pretty early for the bump to already be showing, so you had been wearing a lot of Bucky’s shirt.
Bucky kissed your lips sweetly, nudging his nose against yours. You sighed out peacefully against him,”Stay with me? I wanna be held...”
“I’ll always hold you, baby doll.”
The next morning when all his friends had left, Grant joined you for breakfast. You were starving, making yourself a ridiculous amount of food. Becca was still asleep and Bucky had taken Alpine to the vet for her yearly check up.
“Morning, Ma,”Grant yawned, coming to sit behind the island while you cooked.
“Morning, did you sleep well, Grant?”
His brows scrunched together, not liking the sound of his full name in your mouth. He let it slide though, it wasn’t until later that morning that he finally got fed up.
“Grant, can you help me clean the living room before Dad gets home with Alpine?”
“Please stop,”Grant whined, standing in front of you with a pout.
“What? Did I do something?”
“Just stop calling me that,”He frowned, chewing on the inside of his cheek.
“What? Your names?”You asked confused, wondering what exactly you were supposed to call him.
“‘m not Grant, I’m baby, your baby, why are I in trouble?”Grant’s eyes matched your saddened look front the night before.
You cooed at him, cupping his precious face,”Oh baby boy, no,”You pulled him into your arms and he just completely relaxed into you.”I thought you didn’t want to be my baby anymore.”
“I mean, my friends were kinda being dicks about it, but”Grant shrugged, kissing your cheek.”I love my mom, I don’t care what they think, you do everything for me. They aren’t as lucky as I am.”
You started to cry and Grant was flooded with your overwhelming emotion, something he had noticed what quite mixed these days. When he pulled away, he realized your tummy was bit firmer.
“Are you...”Grant stopped talking, not wanting to offend you, but you can tell he knows.
“I am, yeah,”You whispered, kissing his nose like you used to when he was a kid. He still loved your affection,”But you’re still my baby.”
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agentofbarnes · 4 days ago
Imagine the reader with a tight dress while she is like 3-4 months pregnant with Becca and she has a small bump which is very visible and she and Bucky go to a parent meeting at school for their baby boy and all the parents are like *is she pregnant again* or just smth featuring the reader with her small bump would be soo cute
small bump — the barnes’
warnings || fluff overload, bucky being obsessed for his wife, also just absolutely doting, men being gross, moms being mean, grant being absolutely precious
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes had only a few weakness and you with your small baby bump growing his child was a big one. This man was practically on his knees for you, especially in the little dress you had decided to wear to the little event of Grant’s preschool.
He was obsessed with your bump, absolutely adored how you looked with the soft fabric of your dress stretching over your stomach.
“Oh my god, isn’t she just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”Greg, one of the dads of Grant’s friend, said to some of the other dads.
The wives rolled their eyes before you turned your body towards them. They gasp and immediately started whispering to each other.
“Is she pregnant?”
“How does she look so good? That’s so not fair.”
“She is literally glowing.”
“Look how her husband worships the ground she walks on, what a lucky woman,”One of the women sighed out.
“I don’t know why you are so surprised she’s pregnant, I swear those two can’t keep their hands off each other, it’s inappropriate, she always seem like a little slut to me, I’m surprised she isn’t always pregnant,”Greg’s wife, Amelia, shared.
Greg rolled his eyes,”With a wife like that, can you blame him?”He sneered back her.
“If my wife looked that good pregnant, I would have her knocked up all the time.,”One of the men grumbled, and the jealous towards Bucky could be felt all the way across the room.
You were completely oblivious, searching for your little baby boy in the crowd of toddlers. Bucky’s large hand was splayed out over your small bump, not able to keep himself from touching you when you looked so damn adorable.
“Mommy!”Grant’s little voice rang out excitedly, his small feet padding towards you with open arms. Bucky picked him up for you, holding you both close while Grant hugged on the both of you.
“Hi, baby boy, did you have a good day,”You cooed, cupping his squishy face and peppering kisses all over his face. He giggled so happily, trying to cup your face back.
Bucky was swooning at the sight of you with Grant and your little swollen belly. If heart eyes were a thing, Bucky had them for you.
“I did! Harry and I played!”Grant told you,”I was like daddy and cap and we saved the world!”
“How adorable, why don’t we got get some snacks while daddy finds us some seats for the little appreciation show your friends are putting on. You do what to stay and watch, baby?”
“Of course, bud,”Bucky grinned, kissing both your heads.”You sure you can hold him? How’s your back today, your feet aren’t hurting are they?”
“Tell daddy to calm down,”You say to Grant and he told him with a giggle,”I’m fine, Buck, I got him.”
You took Grant into your arms, the boy clinging to your body happily. You tucked his head into your neck, kissing his hair.
“I just worry, baby doll,”Bucky admitted, kissing your lips sweetly.”Let me find us some seats, I know you’re both feeling hungry, go.”
You smiled, talking to Grant as you walked towards the snack table. Bucky can’t help but admire how precious you look waddling with your son in your arms. He was such a lucky man.
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altagraye · 6 days ago
How to save a life- pt 2 (Bucky x Pregnant!reader)
Bucky x Pregnant!reader pt 2
Tumblr media
Series title: How to save a life
Part 2: The day the music died
!!! T.W.: arguments. feelings. preggo-feelings. Language.
 (Me: ***Channels bratty smol gal/sub energy**** “Stop it Steve! It’s 2021! Fuck!”)
(Tony: **”Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit” buahahahah** laughs in background**)
(Steve:**”You know what I’m thinkin’?”**)
(Wanda:** “Oh, wow! Oh my! Really?” **reads Steve’s mind, takes sip of coffee to avoid conversation**)
(Bucky: ** STARES INTENSELY** **clutches me to his body, territorially** “No! I was her comfort character first! Hands off my Precious! She’s my Doll. “)
(Sam: **holds bridge of his nose** “Did you just, **pause to inhale**, make a Lord of the Rings reference?” **insert sassy eyeroll and falcon screech**)
(Steve: **clutches his b-e-a-utiful boobs, aghast** “ I thought Glasses was mine on Tuesdays?! Buck! It’s Tuesday.”)
(Bucky: “Yeah, she is. But it’s opposite day. Get over it, Toothpick.” **Proceeds to stick tongue out, like he did in grade school.**)
Tumblr media
*A/N: Ya’ll know you can comment right??
You woke with the familiar feeling of your spine and ribs were used and bruised. 
You woke already tired, as if you’d been suffocated of sleep for weeks. You wish you could fall asleep and wake up, to have this all over with already. you needed your little one in your arms. You and Bucky would playfully banter about the gender of your little one often, but in reality you didn’t care if it was a boy or girl. the only thing that mattered to you was its health and safety.
Bucky was awake, next to you in bed, reading one of his many books. He was careful not to disturb you.
You stretched as much as your bulging belly would allow, and turned over , with difficulty, nuzzling your head into your soldier’s chest and sighing.
Pausing his diligent reading, he landed a kiss on your head and stroked your hair gently.
“Good morning, Doll.” he said his voice left with twinges of rasp.
“Morning, Tin-Man” you giggled, after he gave you a glare. He didn’t like that nickname very much. But his expression was gone and a smile filled its place. He adored hearing you giggle.
His gaze flashed back to his book for a moment, only to memorize his page number and shut it, sitting it down on the bedside table.
His arm went back to its normal resting place, supporting your back, rubbing nonchalantly and dragging you closer to him. Your belly making contact with the defined ridges of his abs through soft cotton fabric.
“I talked with Steve this morning.” Bucky began but trailed off, his eye contact wavering a bit as if he was reluctant to finish his sentence.
“mmhmm. and what did he say?” you nuzzled into his chest. you inhaled his scent and felt comfortable, content in that moment.
“He’s taking us to Wakanda. They have the best medical staff in the world there. Secluded, safe. A whole country of strong warriors.”
“T’challa is letting you in? Even after his fathers death, and what he thought you did?” you quipped.
Bucky sighed for a long moment, his gaze returning to your own, regaining his confidence.
“HYDRA won’t get anywhere close to us there. We can have our little Princess in peace. T’challa knows now that, I was framed.” he said shifting his arm to gingerly stroke your belly. His gaze almost bittersweetly locked onto it.
“if that’s our only choice, then, I'll take what I can get. I’m a bit nervous but, I'll go anywhere with you my Love.” you concluded your own raw thoughts out loud. unafraid to speak your mind in the presence of your Soldier.
Wakanda was different. There you felt like a fish out of water, however you appreciated the warm welcome from T'challa.
"I welcome you to my homeland madam Barnes. Your safety is with the Dora Milage and I. But we will not overstep our boundaries. James and yourself are able to come and leave as you please. Should you need proper medical attention, Shuri will accompany you.” T’challa spoke confidently.
You had dinner and got mildly acquainted with the locals and the royalty. after dinner you noticed Bucky and Steve talking about something, some distance away from you. You waddled up to them, curious as to what they were talking about.
“There she is. My Doll. God, I love you so much. So damned much.” Bucky was almost overly affectionate tonight. which you liked but you couldn’t put your finger on why. Steve stood next to the two of you smiling wide from the pure love that you two radiated as a couple. Bucky kissed you longingly, with a certain passion that you felt might be desperate.
 You kept that feeling to yourself as Bucky took your hand and dragged it up to his soft lips, kissing the back of your hand as if he’d never see it again. His fingers interlaced with yours as he led the way to some part of the building. leading you to a lab of sorts. 
You looked around at the various unfamiliar instruments confused and verged on frightened. Bucky hopped onto one of the metal examination tables as if he were a patient. Steve stayed in the room, but gave you and your husband space.
Bucky sighed long and drawn out as if he dreaded what is was about to tell you. You grimaced slightly and tilted your head.
“Buck? What’s going on? Why are we here? T’Challa said we have a hut of our own in the village with goats and everything.”
Your lover chewed on his lip, you could see his eyes going glossy his gaze darting to your bump. His hand stroked your own, gripping it a little tighter than usual.
“I’m not all here, Doll. I have to go back under ‘til I'm better.” he said.
You couldn’t believe what he was suggesting.
“What?! James. I’m 36 weeks along! We’re going to have this baby soon. Not me, not you, us!” you said desperation piercing through your voice.
“Doll--” he began.
“Don’t! Don’t you, Doll me. I- I can’t do this alone.” tears staining your face, beginning to tremble. Just the thought of not having him with you tore you apart like nothing else. Was he going to miss the birth of his child? Let you suffer by yourself in a foreign land? He’s been alright so far, he’s never hurt you or turned into the Winter Soldier in your presence since being pregnant. So, why? Why would he do this? Didn’t he love you? Weren’t you his world? 
Bucky brought your hand to his lips, kissing your wedding ring. 
“Y/N. I can’t risk it. I need to be stable, for you and for our little Princess. Can you just let me do this, please? Can you be strong for me. Y/N?” He brought your palm to his chest, letting you feel his heart beating.
“No. Not without you. I can’t have this baby without you. I can’t stand being away from you. I don’t know who I am without you. I love you,” you dragged your tongue against your teeth, something you did when you were really upset. “But I can’t keep you from wanting this.” You didn’t know what kept you from disintegrating right then and there.
“I know I'm asking a lot. I don’t want to be away from you either, my two Loves. But, if I lost control. If I did hurt you and our baby, the way I am now. That’s not an if, it’s a when Doll.” he said hearing his voice wavering for the first time. 
“James Buchanan Barnes. You had better come back to me, soon! Gods-Dammit. I’ll be counting every minute, you hear me?” you pleaded.
A bittersweet half smile came across his features.
“Thank you Doll. I’ll be back before you know it.” he said.
“You’d better not break that promise, Barnes.” you chided.
“Yes Ma’am.” he responded looking into your eyes with longing. He wiped your tears away with the pad of his thumb. You were already missing his touch.
You stayed like that. holding each other until the last second. Bucky gave your swollen stomach a tender kiss. “Take care of your mother my little one.” was the last thing he said.
Steve stood next to you as you watched them put him under. Stroking your shoulder in an effort to console you as more tears spilled over. You kept your wedding ring pressed to your lips, the only thing you had of him was that piece of gold, sparkling diamonds, the child still growing within you.
In truth you weren’t sure how long you could last without him. But you would try to hold on to what you had left of him. You stayed long after Steve left to go back to New York. You pressed your palm to the frigid glass stroking your belly with your other palm.
“Just come back to us soon, Romeo.” you spoke to the glass as if he could still hear you.
“The White Wolf is lucky to have a woman like you. I am honored to have such a strong soul in my homeland. You would have made a great warrior among my people. It takes courage to love and more to let go.” T’Challa startled you a bit.
“Thank you your highness. For everything, really. You’ve done so much for us.” you felt you owed him something for his hospitality.
“Please, Mrs. Barnes, address me as T’Challa. May I escort you to your living quarters?” he asked holding out his arm for you to take. You felt awkward at the gesture but took it nonetheless.
“Sure.” you replied having a last look at your sleeping beauty.
P.S.-I apologize if T’Challa is written terribly! I hope I got him close to accurate? ***nervously chews on nails*** don’t kill me my lovelies. 
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agentofbarnes · 6 days ago
For your Barnes AU, imagine after the reader had one of their babies her nippers became so sensitive that Bucky could make her cum hard just by playing with them and not touching her anywhere else
sensitive — bucky
au: the Barnes’ au
warning || nipple play, cock warming, lactation kink, smut
Tumblr media
Bucky had a strict rule placed on him right before you had given birth to Grant and it was to never for any reason touch your nipples. Towards the end of the pregnancy, they hurt and swollen. Now, they still swollen and much less hurt rather made you feel sensitive. Not necessarily in a bad way, but an uncomfortable way.
Bucky hadn’t noticed there had been a shift in the sensitivity. You actually enjoyed feeding your child and being close. It had been a few months now and you had gotten used to it, so Bucky shouldn’t have been surprised that your nipples seemed to perk up when you accidentally rub against him when trying to go around him the kitchen. He ignored that slight gasp that left your mouth.
You sighed out when you came back into the room, frowning at the wet shirt that now graced your body.”I’m still leaking,”You frowned,”He’s not drinking enough, I still feel full.”
You cupped yourself breast in your hands, looking up at Bucky who seemed to have short circuit.”Hello? Earth to daddy barnes!”
“I Uh,”He cleared his throat,”I could help...I read this article that said if were to...well, if after Grant fed, I could...and it would actually be beneficial to you because you get the relief and it makes sure you continue to keep the right amount of supply...”
Bucky was a blushing mess at how he presented his idea, making him want to hide in a hole.
“My god, you can’t stand not being able to play with my tits, and now you want me to feed you?”You asked with curiosity like you weren’t wet at the idea of Bucky’s mouth on your breasts against.
“Hmm, I think you forget I can smell you, baby doll, that idea excited you,”Bucky rasped, hands coming around your waist and pulling you close to him. Maybe you were a little excited, a blush creeping on your cheeks.”Come on, the baby’s asleep, why don’t you come sit on my cock and let me take care of you?”
You gasped at his words and how his lips trailed down from your ear to the base of your neck. It had been awhile since you both had time or energy to just be with each other.”Okay,”You breathed, giggling when Bucky picked you up and took you to the bedroom.
It didn’t long for both of you to be fully striped down, his metal hands coming up to grope your full breasts.
Bucky made himself comfortable on the bed, back against the headboard while he guided your soaking cunt over his cock. Once you were fully seated on his large cock with your cunt so stretched out for him, Bucky stilled your hips.
“Shush,”He told you when you whined,”We’ll get to that, so needy, baby doll.”
“Bucky...”You gasped, his hands massaging over your breasts and making you jolt at how sensitive you felt. His cold digits tweaked at one of your nipples, causing you to moan quietly.
“Fuck, you’re so sensitive, aren’t you? Haven’t let me touch you like this in forever,”Bucky groaned, admiring how taut and responsive the little buds. When he pressed two fingers against your nipple, licking his lips when beads of milk emerged.”Gonna let me drink from you?”
You were already a mess in his hands, nodding weakly,”Please, touch me.”
Bucky smirked, dipping his head down between your breasts and left kisses all over the sensitive skin before enveloping your tit into his mouth. His warm, wet mouth made you jerk in response, crying out when he suckled on your breast.
Your back arched against his lips, skin vibrating as Bucky groaned into your breast. The sweet milk filled his mouth and he lapped your every single drop of it. His hand pinched and massaged your other breast, making you tremble under his grasp.
The pressure and stimulation was too much to handle. The fuzzy feeling in your belly built up and exploded inside you like a thousand stars. Nails dug into his arms, holding on to him tightly when he pulled an orgasm from your body.
You couldn’t believe you had done it until after the high ripped through. Bucky pulled over you, licking his lips with a tilted head.
“Did you just cum?”Bucky asked, his cock throbbing in your clenching heat. You were squeezing him so tightly,heaving your chest out as you tried to catch your breath.
“Yeah,”You whimpered, his tongue teasing at your redden nipple.”I can’t help it, you make me feel so good.”
“Oh baby, we are going to have so much fun tonight,”Bucky smirked, swiftly flipping you over with his cock still pressed inside you. Your back hit the mattress,”Baby doll, you taste so sweet, so good for me,”His lips surrounded your nipple once again, drinking your the milk eagerly while he had begun to thrust into your thought heat very slowly.
It was going to be a long night and you were already buzzing with excitement. You just hoped Grant didn’t wake up anytime soon.
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myinconnelly1 · 7 days ago
Winter in Summer - Bubble Baths and Cuddling (pt 5)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence
word count: 672
“They want your baby,”  Bucky said plainly.
“It’s not even my baby!”  You cried in disbelief at what Bucky said.  Bucky looked at your unsure.  “What I mean is, I signed up to be a surrogate.  This baby has someone else’s DNA.  It was closed I never met the real parents, but they paid me a lot of money, and I wanted to help someone.”
“It was Hydra, they tricked you doll,”  Bucky said as he reached out to hold you when you started crying.
“I guess you didn’t save any of the pizza,”  You sobbed trying to make yourself laugh.
“Sorry,”  He grunted.  “You should get off your feet.  Maybe lay down or take a bath.”
“Probably not gonna have another chance for a while am I?”  You asked wistfully.  This was your version of the Terminator expect you didn’t get to have sex with your hot rescuer and you were already pregnant.  You started to sob hysterically again.
“It’s gonna be okay,”  Bucky said squeezing your shoulders gently.
“Why did they trick me?”  you asked when you finally pulled away from Bucky and started to look for a towel.
“They are Nazis, they trick everyone,”  Bucky said, almost defensively.
“I guess I’m not special then,”  you sighed dramatically.  You couldn’t be a weeping mess, so you were damn sure going to laugh about this situation.  “Who is that guy that’s been trying to kill me?”
“Rumlow.  He used to work for SHIELD, but he betrayed everyone,”  Bucky said sadly.
“You know people that work for SHIELD?”  you asked awe-struck.
“Only a few,”  He said rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.
“Do you know Captain America?”  You asked hopefully.  Bucky chuckled.
“A little,”  He smiled.  Then it dawned on you.
“Wait, your Bucky Barnes,”  You felt like your knees were gonna give out.  “You were friends with him before he went under the ice.”
“Yeah,”  He said quietly.
“Why are you helping me?”  You asked placing your hand on your belly again when it tightened.
“I need to do what’s right.  And everything about Hydra is wrong,”  Bucky said.  He glanced at your hand on your bump but said nothing this time.
“Do you know whose baby I’m having?”  You asked finally realizing he could have a case file about you with all the information.  
“You should go take your bath.  I’ll find you something to eat.  I’m not going to leave the property,” He said with his hands up as you started to panic.  You nodded and let out a long breath before going and getting undressed in the bathroom.
Bucky was gone for less than twenty minutes and the food he had smelled amazing.  You quickly toweled off and threw on your dirty clothes before going out into the main room.
“The owner said she made this for you and you Bambino,”  Bucky smiled placing a Tupperware down on the table.  “Did you have any more contractions while I was gone?”  he asked.  You considered lying to him to make him stop worrying about you, but figured that was unlikely.
“One but it was small and could have been because of the awkward way I was sitting in the bathtub,”  You shrugged as you started eating the delicious food.
“That’s not a good sign,”  Bucky said, looking around slowly.
“Awe James Barnes do you care about me?”  You teased allowing yourself the fantasy.  “You do know that this baby isn’t ours?”  You looked up at his but he wasn’t looking at you.  “Bucky?”  you asked gaining his attention.
“I’m sorry I can’t tell you everything but something’s not right,”  He said quietly.  You stood now, fear returning instantly and making your belly cramp.
“Bucky,”  you gasped holding out a hand to reach for him as the other held your belly.
“Get down!”  Bucky shouted as he eased you to the floor lightning-fast and covered you with his body just before you felt the heat from an explosion behind him and wetness between your legs.
Tumblr media
@waywardbaby @destielhoneybee @snffbeebee @deangirl7695 @spnbaby-67 @maddiepants @ladywinchester1967 @woodworthti666 @miraclesoflove @tumbler-tidbits @emilyshurley @akshi8278 @mannls @wendibird @bobasheebaby  @chelsea072498 @donnaintx @justsomedreaming @supernaturalenchanted @kalesrebellion @prettydeaneyes @emoryhemsworth  @dontshootmespence @its-a-spn-thing @vicmc624 @idreamofplaid @anaelsbrunette  @lovealways-j @kickingitwithkirk @wayward-mikaelson @electraphyng @mariekoukie6661  @katelynw93 @deandreamernp @thoughts-and-funnies @lyarr24  @charred-angelwings​ @pearlruth​
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itsjustmelainey · 7 days ago
Here To Help
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Female Reader
Summary: Your super baby is so heavy that you’re uncomfortable, fortunately Bucky might have found the solution to help you.
Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, discomfort, soft!bucky.
Words: 466
Author’s Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and my prompt was: “The reader is pregnant and Bucky sees this thing on tiktok where partners stand behind and gently lift the pregnant belly to take the weight off.” Thank you very much for the prompt!
Tumblr media
Your belly felt extremely heavy. What, with being close to 7 months pregnant and all it was to be expected. But you were carrying a super baby that seemed to be heavier than a normal baby, or at least from what you found out from the other mothers-to-be and as the baby grew bigger, the heavier your stomach felt and the more pressure it put on your legs and back. Sometimes it felt like you were carrying a Boulder around.
To see you in such discomfort made Bucky feel guilty. He wished there was a way he could carry it sometimes just to give you a break and he tried a lot of things to try and make you comfortable; hot baths, extra pillows, a pregnancy pillow, using his hand as a stress ball. Nothing seemed to work. He wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet though. After Sam had introduced Bucky to tiktok, he’s become somewhat addicted to the app. Looking up videos of funny animals, life hacks and since your pregnancy announcement - pregnancy tips and tricks. There was one video he watched that seemed to work, noting the sigh of relief on the woman’s face and the tension leaving their shoulders. He was positive this might work, and he was willing to try anything just to give you some relief.
Bucky found you standing over the kitchen sink, slowly washing up the few dishes that you had insisted on doing. Your tank top was stretched across your belly, and your shorts hanging low on your hips. With your stomach being so tender and stretched, having any item of clothing over it was so uncomfortable. Bucky stood behind you, his chest flush with your back and his hands resting atop of your bump. He kisses your neck gently and whispers sweet things in your ear, reminding you of how much he loves and cherishes you.
“I love you.” He says, rubbing your belly in small circles. You sigh and smile tiredly.
“I love you too.”
“You’re so great you know that? I know it’s not easy, I want to help in any way that I can.” He says, still kissing and whispering. His hands drop lower so they are under your belly, he can feel the baby moving slightly as he very gently lifts the whole bump up with his hands.
You immediately relax, throwing your head back against his shoulder and for once since the baby started to grow, the huge feeling of relief washes over you.
“Thank you.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He bums, kissing your hair and holding the two of you close to him.
Finally, Bucky has found something that works a treat. He will do this for as long and as often as you need him to, to give you a few minutes break from the weight.
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watchmegetobsessed · 7 days ago
a/n: this whole series just one big puddle of fluff lmao but i regret nothing! im having way too much fun writing these little scenarios so here is one of another milestone as a soon to be dad, feeling the baby kicking for the first time!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
word count: 1.3k
This fic is part of the LITTLE ONE series, but can be read as a simple oneshot as well! Find the masterpost of the series HERE!
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
There is nothing like a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed, bodies melting together under the soft sheets as the morning Sun peeks through the blinders. You’ve been lucky enough to have more and more mornings like this since Sebastian has returned from his last job before his hiatus he has planned for the baby’s arrival. Life has been slowing down around you, the hours spent with work and endless tasks are now turning into baby shopping, lounging around at home, enjoying the time spent together as just a couple before two becomes three soon.
Ever since your stomach has grown quite significantly, you haven’t been able to sleep in any other position than on your side, your belly kind of a burden in sleeping on your stomach at this point. In the evening you always fall asleep cuddled to Sebastian’s side, using him as your human-sized pillow, but somehow by the morning you seem to switch the position and it’s always him spooning you from behind, one arm under your head, his other one draped over your waist, hand protectively sprawling out on your bump. He has been obsessed with touching your stomach, amazed by the magic that’s happening to your body during pregnancy and he always sneaks his hands to your bump in every scenario, which you absolutely don’t mind. You love feeling his warm touch, his fingers caressing the stretched out skin, especially when he pays extra attention to your stretch marks that started to appear just a few weeks ago. At first you were a little anxious about them, afraid that they wouldn’t go away and you’d never be able to look at your body the same way, but he was quick to shut down every and any insecurities you were having.
“Baby, nothing can change the way I’m so grateful and amazed by everything you do for our little one. Those marks? Love them, if they are not gonna fade, I know you’ll rock them,” he told you one day when it came up. You almost started crying at his words, not sure how you scored such an amazing man.
Now as Sebastian slowly wakes, eyes squeezing gently, but still closed, his first instinct is to brush his hand over your bump, gently tickling the skin while you’re still fast asleep. He loves the way it curves into his hand, like it was made for him to touch. You stir in your sleep, pushing yourself up against him even more and he can’t help a lazy smile as he kisses your shoulder gently, just enjoying holding you in this blissful moment.
He almost falls back asleep a little when he feels the tiniest movement under his hand, something he hasn’t been able to catch before and his eyes almost immediately shoot open.
The baby started moving around a few weeks ago, the first time it was so weird and unexpected, but you’ve come to enjoy her little movements around, however she refused to move when Sebastian was touching your belly, waiting to feel her, but getting absolutely nothing. It’s like she knew when it was his hand on your stomach and not yours, staying still on purpose so he couldn’t feel her. That’s why he is now so excited as he feels a limb, a hand or maybe a tiny foot pushing against your belly from the inside, meeting his warm palm for the first time ever.
“Oh my God!” he whispers to himself, lifting his head up to see your stomach, hoping to get another little kick. “Babe, baby wake up!” he gently nudges you, only earning a growl as you bury your head deeper into the pillow. “I felt her! She moved!” he whispers in excitement, like a little boy on Christmas morning.
“Mm, just five more minutes,” you mumble, not even processing what he said.
“Y/N, she just kicked and I felt it!” he repeats, kissing your shoulder again, his hand now gently moving around your stomach, hoping to feel another movement.
“I felt it too, I really hope she is not trying to find my bladder,” you mumble under your breath, making the man behind you laugh.
“Do you think she’ll move again?” he asks, completely in awe of what he just experienced. You let a lazy smile tug at your lips as you take his hand on your stomach, move it around a little until you stop right under your navel.
“This is usually her spot, let’s see if she’ll kick for daddy again,” you hum, as Sebastian rests his chin on your shoulder as you’re still lying on your side, the two of you patiently waiting for something to happen. You can tell he is starting to give up, accepting that your little one is not gonna move again now that he is waiting for it, but then it finally happens.
A tiny foot kicks on your stomach from inside, right under Seb’s palm, making him gasp at the feeling and you can’t get enough of these reactions he always has for everything about this baby. You can’t believe there was even a moment when you were anxious about even telling him that you’re pregnant. This man was born to be a father and you’re the luckiest woman that you get to go through this all with him.
“I can’t wait to meet her, oh my God,” he breathes out as he leans down and kisses your cheek and temple softly.
“Not long is left,” you sigh, a little nervous about giving birth, but you’re trying to stay calm and collected.
You turn around so you can face him, arms snaking around his neck to pull him down for a sweet good morning kiss before he scoots down on the bed so his face is at your belly. Hands on each side of it, he presses a kiss to the naked skin as you run your fingers through his hair, playing with the locks that are getting longer now, outgrowing his usual clean ‘do.
“Hi there, little one. Are you enjoying the mama hotel?” he starts talking to the baby and you can’t help the grin that plasters across your face. “I know it’s warm and nice, but I can’t wait to meet you out here. Your mom and I are very excited for your arrival.”
“And a little nervous,” you add chuckling. Seb smiles up at you with those pretty blue eyes you are hoping your daughter will have too as he nudges his nose against your belly.
“Just a little, because we want to do everything right. But you’re gonna be a good girl and be patient with us, right?”
No answer comes, but he takes the silence and stillness as her agreement on the deal.
“You’re gonna let us sleep through the night, right?”
“Don’t even dream of that, baby,” you laugh, knowing well even if she’ll be a good sleeper you’ll have to wake up a few times still during the nights.
“Alright, alright. But cry just enough to wake me up, so I can take care of you and so your mom can sleep as much as she wants,” he then corrects the deal and your heart swells at how much he wants to take care of not just the baby but you as well.
“I think she agrees,” you smile down at him, running your fingers down the side of his face.
“Great, good talk, I’ll hold you onto this agreement. Love you, little one,” he hums, pressing another kiss to your stomach before he pushes himself up to meet your face again, capturing your lips in a quick kiss. “And I love you too.”
“I love you too. And she does too, even if she doesn’t like to make an appearance for you,” you chuckle, running a hand along your stomach.
“No, I get it. She is bonding with her mom for now. It’s all good, I’ll have all the time with her when she is here,” he smirks so proudly and you already know that this little one will be such a daddy’s girl.
Thank you for reading, please like and reblog if you enjoyed it!
@geek-and-proud​ @lharrietg​
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myinconnelly1 · 8 days ago
Winter in the Summer - Late Night Stroll (Pt 4)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: canon violence, threats of harm, mild side effects of dehydration (drink some water now, while you’re thinking about it)
word count: 569
Bucky heard you scream his name and he bolted to the bathrooms, pulling his gun.  Another patron at the pizzeria screamed when she saw the firearm, and a stampede began.
“I already told those scientists that you weren’t really worth the trouble,”  Rumlow snarled at you as you both came into Bucky’s view.
“Get away from me!”  You shouted at the Hydra agent while cradling your belly as he held your back against his chest.
“Can’t wait til this brat is out of your belly and I can kill you,”  Rumlow sneered as he held a knife to your neck and the other traced the underside of your bump.  A high-pitched ringing in your ears disoriented you as the pressure against your body fell away suddenly.
“Come on, Doll, the cops will be here soon,”  It was Bucky.  He had a gun in his hand and was starting to drag you out of the late-night restaurant.  You wanted to move your feet but a cramped tugged at your belly causing tears to well in your eyes.
“Bucky,”  You groaned, but he pulled you anyway.  You realized that Rumlow was still alive, simply injured, as you heard him say something in a different language.
“We’ve gotta get out of here,”  Bucky said just as your contraction loosened your belly and you could take a full breath.
“Where are we going?”  You begged as you mingled in with the panicked crowd.  You were tired, and your whole body hurt.
“There,”  Bucky nodded to a small bed and breakfast.
“Isn’t that really close?”  You asked rather unsure.
“They will expect us to run further away.  If we stay close we might have a chance to lose them.”  He said confidently.  You nodded your head in understanding and tried to keep your breathing steady as you moved as fast as you could.
The woman behind the desk smiled and greeted you in Italian, asking if you wanted a room for the night.  You did your best to smile and not look out of place, as Bucky responded to her in Italian and offered her cash.  She handed him a key card and motioned away to a small cottage.
“We get the whole thing?”  You asked as Bucky opened the door and ushered you in.
“Yes, go sit down,”  He said, moving around the perimeter of the cottage and checking all of the doors and windows.  You eased down onto the couch breathing slowly and trying to calm yourself down.  Stress was not your friend at this point in your life.
“You shot that man,”  You said.  It wasn’t a question, but you were finally realizing it had happened while you were in front of him.
“Drink this,”  Bucky handed you a bottle of water.  “Any more contractions?”  He looked rather nervous as he asked this question, and as if his words summoned it, a smaller contraction rolled down your hips and you grimaced.
“It’s not as bad,”  you replied through a tight-lipped smile.  He nodded but didn’t look like he believed you.
“When are you due?”  He asked, getting a bottle of water for himself and handing you a second one.
“Three weeks.  The contractions happen on and off, it’s not really a big deal.  Just stress,”  You tried to smile and convince him everything was fine.  “Why is Hydra after me?”
“They’re not,”  Bucky said.  “They want your baby.”
Tumblr media
@waywardbaby @destielhoneybee @snffbeebee @deangirl7695 @spnbaby-67 @maddiepants @ladywinchester1967 @woodworthti666 @miraclesoflove @tumbler-tidbits @emilyshurley @akshi8278 @mannls @wendibird @bobasheebaby  @chelsea072498 @donnaintx @justsomedreaming @supernaturalenchanted @kalesrebellion @prettydeaneyes @emoryhemsworth  @dontshootmespence @its-a-spn-thing @vicmc624 @idreamofplaid @anaelsbrunette​  @lovealways-j @kickingitwithkirk @wayward-mikaelson @electraphyng​ @mariekoukie6661  @katelynw93 @deandreamernp @thoughts-and-funnies​ @lyarr24​  @charred-angelwings​
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altagraye · 9 days ago
How to save a life pt 1 (Buckyx Pregnant!Reader)
Bucky x Pregnant!reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1:
Author's note: sorry this is so long! 😖
You were heavily pregnant with your husband's baby. You couldn't be happier honestly. But you've had to keep yourself away from the public eye.
You and Bucky were afraid that HYDRA would find out you were pregnant with their most prized assassins' child. Bucky wasn't the Winter Soldier any more, but the remnants of what he was turned into was still there.
Not only that being a factor but your own powers, molecular destruction, basically crushing things up at will. Combined with the strength of a super soldier? What HYDRA agent wouldn't want to get their hands on that?
You can't let that happen. No way were you going to let them take your baby.
Bucky was out getting some plums for you, a food craving you've picked up since becoming pregnant.
You groaned sitting up in bed, feet dangling off the edge. The baby was already kicking you like crazy, forbidding you to sleep. Plums and a good rub of your belly usually did the trick to calm your little one down. The kicks were stronger than average babies, naturally. Usually they left dull bruises, which worried Bucky greatly.
Bucky was so excited and shocked once he found out ultrasounds were a thing. You swear he worshipped those little pictures. The both of you came to a conclusion of wanting to be surprised, neither of you wanted to know the gender yet. Although, Bucky insists on a girl.
You let out a deep exhale and stroked your humongous belly, hopefully mommy’s hands would be enough to quell your rambunctious tike.
You felt you were on the verge of going crazy, staying the Avengers tower for so long already but you knew it could only be for the best.
You couldn’t shake this feeling though. looking around to the TV, your laptop, and your phone. HYDRA.
You started to sweat and a panic swept over you. With a flick of your hand, you crushed the TV, caving in on itself like a dead spider. you did the same with your laptop and your phone. if anyone needed to contact you they could do it face to face.
Holy shit, I really am going crazy. What is Buck gonna think when he sees this?
Just then the door swung open and Bucky, clad in his civilian clothes came in. His eyes widening, seeing the destruction of the electronics around the room.
Sweeping some of the broken glass with his boot he walked over to you with a bag full of plums. "What's wrong Doll? I thought i was the one who didn't like electronics." He semi-joked to lighten the mood.
His flesh arm, now being the only option of touch since the fight with Tony, caressed your bulging bump.
You exhaled as Bucky pressed your foreheads together.
Your lip quivered, he'd think you were crazy for sure. But you were so afraid HYDRA was coming for your and Bucky's baby.
A searing tear fell from your eye, unable to hide your emotion from your lover.
Bucky swiped away the falling tear with a brush of his calloused thumb.
He cradled your jaw gently and pressed his lips against your own. Breaking it, "you know you can talk to me. Y/N? What's on your mind, love?"
"I'm scared, Buck. I'm so scared." You told him barely above a whisper.
"Of what, Doll?" He asked in a hushed tone, his eyes deepening with worry.
"HYDRA. They have to have been watching me. T-they'll come for me. For our boy. I know they will!" You confessed, your entire body trembling uncontrollably.
"No! I won't let them! I'll murder every single one of them before they think of touching you, and our little girl." Bucky said, his voice firm.
You chewed nervously on your lip, still unable to shake your paranoia.
Bucky brushed your hair behind your ear, "i love you both, so much! I can't lose either of you. You're my world."
Your foreheads were still connected, you shifted slighty, moving in for a tender longing kiss.
"I trust you." You said as he moved away, opening the grocery bag for you to feast on your favorite pregnancy snack.
"I know you do, Y/N. So, don't worry, love." He said as you picked one plum from the bottom of the bag and took a nibble.
Bucky grabbed a broom from the closet and started to sweep up the glass into a pile.
"I'll have Wanda pick up the microscopic shards in the morning. And Steve will be more than happy to help chuck this." He muttered within earshot finishing his task.
You cursed under your breath, and Bucky shot up from his laying position in your shared bed. He placed his hand on your shoulder.
"Is it the baby? Is it coming?" He asked eagerly and tentatively.
"No, i have to pee. Your son is sitting on my bladder." You told him. And looked down for peices of glass, starting to shimmy your way out of bed.
"Y/N! Don't! Here." He alerted and acted fast, coming to your side of the bed in a flash. "I may be a one-armed wonder, now but i can still lift you." He said tucking his arm under your knees as you held onto his neck for support.
He carried you into the bathroom and set you down gently on the tile.
He stood, leaning on the doorway, gawking at you.
You were slightly uncomfortable with this, getting back to shy feelings like you had when the two of you first met. You shooed him to turn away from you, which warranted a sassy eye roll.
He turned anyway and sighed, staring down at his hand.
You finished up, relieved, and washed your hands thoroughly.
"I feel useless." He blurted out.
This sparked an anger in you," James, Buchanan Barnes! You are not useless." You tried to reassure him.
He turned, looking at from you to your bump. "Sure i am Doll. Look at ya. She's beatin' ya up." He said seriously, his accent falling through in his words.
You dragged his hand to your bump, so he could feel your little one. So that feeling could soothe him.
He bent down and kissed your flesh." Be gentle with momma. 'Kay Princess?" When he was like this all you could do was melt.
You groaned uncomfortablly, one of your hands shooting to your back for support, the other to the left of your belly button.
Bucky stared, still and in suspense.
"Doll?" He begged.
"Mmmm, just a kick." You told him wincing and exhaling as the pain left you.
He stroked the spot near your hand and leaned in, speaking to your baby. "My stubborn Princess."
Bucky carried you back to bed and tucked you in. Leaving one last kiss on your belly for the night.
He snuggeled up close to you, spooning you, his hand rubbing soothing circles into your back. His lips occasionally dotting your skin with kisses.
"We'll think of something, Doll. Everything is going to be alright." He said, his voice low but with meaning.
"Love you, Buck" you said. Staring off, your gaze focusing on the wall.
"I love you too, Y/N, always." He said sweetly following up with another kiss.
You lay there focusing on the rhythm Bucky kept and fell asleep quickly.
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agentofbarnes · 9 days ago
Barnes AU: similar to the office episode 6x16 delivery: where Pam doesn’t want to go to the hospital til late for the birth of her baby and Jim’s just freaking out. I’m not sure if you’re an office fan though! :) but would be nice to see Bucky like that. I can imagine sam kinda being like Michael.
here comes becca
note | uh so weirdly enough i just started watching the office this month and just watched this episode last night wtf how weird is that
Tumblr media
When it’s time to have Rebecca Barnes, you feel like you know everything from the last time you have birth and insisted that you wait a along as possible to go the hospital. It was so you could a whole two days in the hospital to recuperate after the baby, but it seemed as if little Becca Barnes had other plans.
You were determined, though. Bucky was going to have a heart attack. It was the middle of the summer, you, Bucky, and Grant had all gone to the Wilson’s for a pre-Fourth of July celebration before the big neighborhood bash tomorrow (which wouldn’t have fireworks since many of the attendees had experience in the army and it can be quite triggering).
The contractions had started in the morning and Bucky had wanted to go ahead to go the hospital, but you told him no. Sam had helped you the couch while Grant asked questions repeatedly to Bucky.
You had waddled back into the yard where Bucky sat on the bench with Grant, a stressed look on his face.
“It’s going to be fine,”You told him, stepping towards with an easy breath.
“I think we should go to the hospital.”
“The book says seven to five minutes, its only at six, we got time, it’ll be fine,”You assured him.”Trust me, Buck.”
“I do, trust you, but maybe you should trust me with this.”
“I’m the one in labor, when I’m ready to go, I’ll go.”
“We match!”Grant noticed finally, the large tee shirt was the same symbol of Cap’s Shield on it. Grant wore a similar one today.
Bucky glanced over your form, tilting his head curiously,”Did you change?”
“Oh, yeah, my water broke and it made a whole mess—“
“What?!”Bucky asked in a panic, making Grant jump slightly at the booming voice. He quickly apologized to his toddler before standing up to try and move you towards the door.
“We’re leaving, Sam can watch Grant, we don’t have much time unless you want to birth in Sam’s living room.”
“I like his living room, he has a nice ambiANCE!” You screamed, clutching your bump and reaching out for Bucky to catch you. He helped you the chair while Grant looked at you in terror.
“It’s okay, baby,”You cried out,”Don’t be scared, I-I’m fine.”
Grant’s eyes were welled up with tears, making you cry too, not just from the pain. Bucky kissed your forehead before calling out for Sam.
Sam came around the corner,”Oh god, it’s time, we’re having a baby.”
“We?”Bucky asked, tilting his head.”You have your own baby on the way, man.”
It was true, his fiancée also happened to be pregnant. She was a two months away from giving birth to her own little girl, but Sam had always been super involved with you and Bucky so he felt like he needed to panic too.
“Grant, go to Uncle Sammy,”Bucky told him, heart aching at how sad Grant looked.
“Mommy hurts,”Grant cried, almost as if he were completely in sync with your emotions.
Sam picked Grant up, rubbing the toddler’s back gently and trying to soothe him.”Hey, your mama is gonna be okay, bud, and you’ll have a cute little sister after this.”
“You need to calm down,”You told Bucky,”Your aura is too much, you gotta breathe,” You hissed in pain, trying to simultaneously send calming waves over Bucky.
“Stop that, you’ll hurt yourself,”Bucky told you, kissing your forehead. He tried to calm his own emotions,”Hey, you know what will calm me?”
“What?”You panted, trying to make it through the contraction.
“Let me take you to the hospital.”
When you finally listened, Bucky took you to the hospital and you were in labor for 14 more hours. By the time your baby girl was born, it was the Fourth of July and you were exhausted.
Bucky praised you, loved you, and took care of you until you had successfully give birth. Hours later, you finally got both of your babies with you.
“Mommy!”Grant came tumbling in, much chiper that he had been the last you saw him. Bucky quickly caught him before climbing the bed.
“Gotta be gentle, bud,”Bucky chuckled, glancing at you cradling the little baby. He sat Grant on the edge of the bed, taking little Rebecca in his arms to let Grant cuddle up in your arms. He sat with his back against your chest, between your legs so that you couldn’t hold him.
Bucky gently put Rebecca in Grant’s arms, holding most of her weight while you supported her head so Grant could hold her. Bucky sat on your side, smiling down at his little family.
Sam clicked a quick picture, the first photograph of the Barnes’. Grant kissed her forehead, giggling when she blinked up at him. He whispered a little love you that made you cry. It was sweet, and Sam captured it on film.
“You ever decide on the full name?”Sam asked curiously as Bucky took her back into his arms fully. He felt safer with his baby curled into his arms peacefully.
“Rebecca Natalie Barnes,”You answer, sniffling while you gazed at her perfect face.”Felt like right you know? Nat saved my life, the first friend I had outside of my boarding school, the first non-mutant to accept me. She was my best friend, it’s only right that my strong little girl be named after the strongest woman I’ve ever met.”
“She’d like that,”Sam chuckled,”Born on Fourth of July too, just like Steve, think she might be the next Captain?”
Bucky smiled at that, glancing down at his baby girl with tears in his eyes,”She might, got that look in her eyes, she’s gonna be trouble.”
“Just like her daddy,”You giggled, leaning against his arm while Grant cuddled against your chest all clingy like.
“‘m not trouble,”Bucky murmured.
“You literally broke someone out of prison,”Sam reminded him.
“Let it go,”Bucky rolled his eyes, kissing Rebecca’s little forehead.”She’s my perfect girl, she’s not gonna go near anything like that. She’s gonna be good trouble.”
“Look, she already has your pout,”Sam joked.
“I call that’s the Barnes Grump,”You teased, grinning sheepishly,”All my loves tend to be little grumps except Buck, of course, he’s a big grump.”
Bucky smiled happily, not much of a grump at the moment. How could he be when everything was perfect?
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myinconnelly1 · 10 days ago
Winter in Summer Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Window Shopping
Dancing in the streets
Getting a bite to Eat
Late Night Stroll
Bubble Baths and Cuddling
Midnight Confessions
Holding Hands
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myinconnelly1 · 10 days ago
Winter in Summer: Window Shopping (pt 1)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader
Summary:  You are rescued by a stranger, when Hydra tries to abduct you in the street.
Warnings: nothing really this part
word count: 520
The day had started out nice enough.  It was hot sure, but the sun was out and the kiosk you were standing in front of had great produce.  Your stomach rumbled and the babe within your belly kicked lightly as you eyed all the different fruit.  You had a moment that you zoned and looked around slowly.  It felt like someone was watching you.
The man at the kiosk said something to you in Italian, but you didn’t understand him.  You mentally kicked yourself for not preparing better.
“I don’t understand, I’m sorry,”  You said smiling sadly at the older man.  A young woman turned and looked at you.
“He said it's on the house,”  She said grabbing a piece of fruit and handing it to you.
“Oh, thank you.”  You said, taking a bite of the delicious fruit.  “Sorry,”  You said as you bumped shoulders with a man in a hat that you hadn’t noticed.  The fruit was refreshing in the heat, and you pulled the brim of your sun hat down.
“You drop this, miss,”  A voice said from behind you.  You turned and looked at the man with the American accent.  He held a small wallet out to you.
“Oh thanks, but this isn’t mine?”  You said holding the leather.  “Ow,”  you dropped the wallet as something pricked your hand and you felt the flips and jabs of your baby.  The man smiled coldly.
“Move in,”  He whispered to no one in particular.  Your head felt light and your feet felt heavier than normal.  The feeling of danger in the back of your mind was drowning in tiredness.
“Move your feet,”  a voice commanded as an arm pressed to the small of your back and almost dragged you.
“But I can’t dance, I’ve got two left feet,”  You protested dreamily.  You were still moving despite how much you wanted to sleep.  You hadn’t been this tired in months.
“You’re doing fine doll.  Just remember, one two three four,”  he counted with each step and you found yourself repeating him as you moved your feet to the cadence count.
“I’ve never done anything like this,”  You gasped as he led you into a building, not wanting him to get the wrong idea about what kind of girl you were.
“I’m sure,”  a cold hand wrapped around your shoulder and pulled you against his hard chest.
“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”  You mumbled against his shoulder before the world started to spin and went dark.
“Where am I?”  You groaned as you woke and felt the pain in your back and hip.
“Safe, for now,”  The man you had danced with earlier said to you.  “We’re gonna stay here for a bit until things calm down.  Have some water, can you sit up?”  you told him your name as you sat up slowly and took the water.
“Who was the man in the market and who are you.”  You asked starting to feel a little better after the water.  You were still hungry and realized you had lost your fruit.
“Rumlow, he’s with Hydra.  My name is James.”
Tumblr media
@waywardbaby @destielhoneybee @snffbeebee @deangirl7695 @spnbaby-67 @maddiepants @ladywinchester1967 @woodworthti666 @miraclesoflove @tumbler-tidbits @emilyshurley @akshi8278 @mannls @wendibird @bobasheebaby  @chelsea072498 @donnaintx @justsomedreaming @supernaturalenchanted @kalesrebellion @prettydeaneyes @emoryhemsworth  @dontshootmespence @its-a-spn-thing @vicmc624 @idreamofplaid @anaelsbrunette  @lovealways-j​ @kickingitwithkirk @wayward-mikaelson @electraphyng​ @mariekoukie6661​  @katelynw93 @deandreamernp @thoughts-and-funnies​ @lyarr24​  @charred-angelwings
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agentofbarnes · 12 days ago
Which scenario would be sweeter?
Bucky comforting y/n in the midst of a hard super-soldier labor with his child. You whimpering "James" instead of what you normally call him, (Bucky).
Steve helping y/n through a similarly rough labor with his kiddo. Y/n collapsing down onto Steve's chest (he is behind y/n for support). Exhausted y/n pleads "Stevie? I can't do this anymore." -Steve's kid is also supersoldier, of course.
Tumblr media
Ohhhh my god I can’t choose, I’m just gonna have to expand on both cause I can’t stop thinking about it
Bucky Barnes
It’s a rough birth, but you had a feeling it would be, I mean, you had prepared for this. But holy shit, it hurts so much.
He insisted that you give birth in Wakanda because the best care is there and they are more than equipped to deal with super soldiers.
He’s got his flesh hand wrapping around yours and his metal hand pressed against your face to cool you down. You are screaming in pain, collapsing in the bed.
It had been literal hours and you were nowhere closer to birthing his baby. You can’t help but cry in pain and defeat.
“James,”You whimpered, gasping for air and turning your head towards him.”I-“
His heart palpates at the sound of his actual name, not Bucky, not Sarge, or even Jamie. James.
James goes into real serious mode, knowing you needed the guidance and the soothing words from him. Seeing you in so much pain makes his heart ache.
He shushed you, cooing at you gently and telling you were going to be okay.
“We’re almost there, baby doll, she’s coming, but you gotta push for me, okay? I got you, just a little longer.”
Bucky leaned his forehead against yours, kissing you gently before encouraging you to push.
It’s a whole two more hours of praises and soothing whispered before baby barnes comes into the world.
“She’s perfect, baby doll,”Bucky whispered holding the tiny babe before resting her in your arms.”You did so good, I’m so proud of you. Look at her, she’s everything. You both are.”
You look up at him firefly, tears in your eyes as you agree,”Yes, she is, and so are you.”
Steve Rogers
Oh my god, Steve Rogers would be sickeningly sweet. You had known the chance of his child growing in you being a super soldier.
He holds you so close, letting you squeeze his hands so tightly as you push as hard as you can.
It’s been hours, you have been in labor for almost 20 hours and you think you might die from the pain. Steve is taking such good care of you.
“Stevie?”You cried, body exhausted and sweaty,”I can’t do this anymore.”
His heart broke at the sound of how hurt your voice is. You are in so much pain and he knows you can do it.
“It’s okay, hey, we can do this together, pretty girl, listen to me,”Steve whispered in your ear soothingly.”We can do this all day.”
You’re gasping for breath, leaning back against him and nodding slowly. He kissed your sweaty face, whispering how proud he is and how perfect you are.
He’s right, you were the Rogers’ and you never gave up.
Finally, the world is graced with your baby boy and absolutely collapse into Steve in complete exhaustion.
You hold your baby for the first time and you cry so hard, happy to be done and to have in your arms.
Steve holds you close, the baby sleeping soundly beside you guys while he laid in the hospital bed. He watched over both of you, happier than he’s literally ever been.
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heavenhatesme · 15 days ago
The Miracle (6/?)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
Chapter Warnings: Mentions of past rape, Flashback, A lot of talking, Fluff!!!
Summary: When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and there hasn't been a baby for almost 18 years, what happens when two certain super soldiers fall for the same woman and accidentally impregnate her?
18+ minors dni please!!!
Part 5
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You better start talking."
Natasha was sitting on an armchair in front of them with her hands folded in front of her chest, her lips pursed. She looked as if she'd been chewing a wasp. Her brows were furrowed while she was looking between them, waiting for an explanation.
Steve and Bucky exchanged a look, as if having a brain-to-brain conversation. They lived so many years together, went to a war together, they lost and found each other after almost 70 years. So if there were two people in the world who could communicate without words, it definitely would be them.
In all the years they'd been friends, they'd never been this nervous; not even when they were shipped off to Germany to fight in world war 2. They had never been inclined to explain anything to anyone either. After all, they were Captain America and the Winter soldier, the most respected men in the whole world, or in other words, the most feared.
But now they were like two little boys who broke their neighbor's window with their ball, and Natasha was their mom, jumping on them for what they did.
Natasha threw her hands in the air, exasperated. "Well? I'm waiting."
"It's complicated Nat." Steve muttered.
"If only we were sitting in the common room, with no mission to go." Natasha said sarcastically, tilting her head to her left.
Bucky sighed. He knew there was no way around this one.
"It started from when we were assigned to train the recruits S.H.I.E.L.D brought in six months ago." He started, "Y/N was among them. Just another ordinary recruit to be trained and sent out in the world. We didn't even notice her at first, at least I didn't. But now I know it was because she hadn't been constantly flirting with us like other recruits.
Then, one night, I needed to let off some steam. I asked Steve to come spar with me. I remember our own gym was closed for some reason so we had to use the one for recruits on the other side of the compound."
Bucky's nightmares would come to haunt him at unexpected moments. Therapy had helped him to control them, but some days, he couldn't look anywhere without seeing the bodies of the targets he had killed when he was the Winter Soldier.
That's how he found himself leaning on Steve's door frame tonight, asking him if he had time to come spar with him.
Steve was checking and filing some reports regarding their previous mission when Bucky knocked on his door. Although he was not even halfway through them, he accepted his offer.
Steve knew how much Bucky needed him at times like this. He lost his friend and got him back after seventy years, and there wasn't one day that he wasn't grateful for that. He was always there for Bucky and was always ready to do anything for him.
They had to walk across the whole compound to reach the common gym since Tony decided it was time to redecorate their private one.
They stopped in their tracks as they opened the glass doors to enter the gym.
The sound of someone hitting a punching bag was echoing through the gym, matching the rhythm of their heavy breathing.
Bucky and Steve exchanged a look of confusion. As well as they were aware, recruits barely trained hard enough to get selected for missions. Many of them even tried to be rejected, mostly feinting dire illnesses. Yet here they were standing, hearing one of them training alone in the middle of the night.
They walked in to see who it was. Of course, they weren't expecting to see one of those people who constantly flirted with them, but as they looked at the woman in front of them, they couldn't even recognize her. They trained with hundreds of recruits daily, but not once had they noticed her.
Bucky's eyes were wide as he looked at the woman. He was mesmerized by the sight in front of him. Her hair was free, sweat was dripping down her furrowed brows as she punched.
Steve was as captivated as his friend. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Nowadays it was rare to see someone who was motivated, who pushed themselves hard to be fit for missions, to go out in the outside world.
As if feeling their presence, the woman stopped punching and turned. She gasped, startled to see them staring at her.
"C-captain Rogers," she stuttered and looked between Steve to Bucky, "Sergeant Barnes."
"H-hi," Bucky said awkwardly, not taking his eyes off her.
"Forgive me for asking but," she asked after a few moments. Her breath was coming in short pants, locks of her hair had stuck to her sweat-covered forehead. Rays of moonlight illuminated her beautiful face, making her look like an angel. "What are you doing here?"
Steve blinked a few times and cleared his throat. "We uh," he scratched the back of his neck as he swallowed, "We came here to spar actually. Our gym was closed due to redecoration."
"Oh," she mumbled as she put her arms around herself, "Then I'll better get goi—"
"No," Bucky nearly shouted, making her jump, "I mean, you should stay, we could spar together. It's better to train with professionals rather than alone."
A broad smile slowly appeared on her face, as if she was given a precious gift, "Okay." She mumbled bashfully.
"What's your name?" Steve knew he had to know her name.
"Y/N," she mumbled, her smile still plastering on her face. "Y/N Y/L/N."
Steve and Bucky had no idea why that smile melted their hearts.
Steve and Bucky finished talking and waited for Natasha's response. To their surprise there was none.
They expected her to shout at them, throw things at them or even challenge them to a fight, but Natasha was stoic. Her face held no emotion at all; as if she was daydreaming or watching a humorless soap opera the whole time.
After a minute of silence, Natasha leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. "So you two just thought to yourselves you have the right to do whatever you want with her?"
"It's not—" Steve began but was stopped by Natasha. "Don't interrupt me." She deadpanned.
"I remember you showing her to me in training several times Steve. And you know what I thought to myself? I expected you to ask her out like a gentleman. I thought it would be good for you to have someone after all this time. I guess my expectations of you were just too high. But raping her and sharing her with Bucky? Really? That's how you treat someone you love?"
"He didn't share her with me. We made a deal that either we both will have her or neither of us can. There's a difference." Bucky tried to explain but Natasha wasn't having any of it.
"I don't care if there's a difference. And you never told me you liked her too."
"I don't need to tell you everything, Natalia. I didn't even tell Steve, but he knows me too well for my own good. He just, figured it out and everything else after that just happened. We couldn't bear losing her and when she rejected us, we just didn't know what else to do."
"Nothing you say can justify what you did," Natasha muttered.
They looked ashamed, their heads were hanging from their shoulders.
They already had regretted what they had done to you a long time ago but they also knew they couldn't undo what happened.
They tried buying you nice clothes and jewelry, but if you weren't indifferent towards them, you would be hostile, saying you knew exactly what they were trying to do with buying you these gifts.
Tears pooled in Steve's eyes as he raised his head to look at Natasha. "Nat, we really need to talk to her."
Natasha frowned. She knew it must be something important but she also didn't want them to overwhelm you.
"I will talk to her first. You two need to go wash your faces and sort this out." Natasha got up and turned to walk away but stopped. "Do you want me to say anything to her on your behalf?"
"No, we have to talk to her ourselves." Bucky was fast to answer.
Natasha nodded and left the room without another word, leaving the two men behind.
You had no tears left anymore. Your cheeks and neck were wet with tears. Your eyes were bloodshot as you stared at a spot on the wall.
Your hand was caressing your belly. It was a soothing gesture.
So many questions were swarming in her head. "Why me?" was the one possessing your mind.
Millions of people on earth wished for children but they couldn't have them no matter how hard they tried. Yet here you were, with a strawberry-sized baby in your stomach. Although the situation was far from ideal, it brought a smile to your lips.
A knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. "Y/N, are you there?"
You hurriedly wiped your tears as you mumbled, "Yes, come in."
the Black Widow entered the room and closed the door behind her. She walked towards you before sitting on the bed next to you. Although she was smiling at you, you were still careful of her.
"I'm Natasha as I'm assuming you already know but you can call me Nat." She said.
"Nat." You said and nodded in agreement.
"They told me pretty much everything that has happened." Nat began, "I'm sorry."
Your eyes went wide at her words, and she frowned.
"What?" You asked, your voice low.
"I said I'm sorry. They are sorry too, you know. They told me they couldn't bear losing you and that's why they did what they did. And I told them no matter how many lame excuses they provide me, there will be no justification for what happened to you."
Your mouth dropped open as you were staring at her in awe. You were looking for a lie, for deception in her eyes but you found none. She was being honest.
"Thank you." You managed to whisper after a few moments. This time when she smiled at you, you smiled back at her.
"They wanted to talk to you. I guess it was important. You know I can come with you so you wouldn't be alone if you want to talk to them." She suggested.
You thought about it for a moment but you knew you had to be alone when you talk to Steve and Bucky. "No, it's fine, but I have to tell you something."
You didn't know why but you had a feeling that you could trust her. "I'm pregnant."
"I'm sorry, what?" Her eyes were literally bulging out of her head as she stared at you without even blinking.
"I-i'm pregnant. Dr.Cho confirmed it." You repeated.
"B-but that's impossible! I mean—" Natasha was baffled as she stared at you, baffled.
"I know," You whispered, "That's why I need to talk to them alone."
She blinked a few times, digesting the information she just received. Opening her eyes, her smile appeared again.
"It's amazing." She looked at your stomach and then back at your face before she burst into laughter, "I can't believe it!"
You didn't know if it was the pressure of today's events or your genuine happiness, but you started laughing with her.
After your laughter died down, Nat put both of her hands on your shoulders and looked you in the eye. "From now on, no matter what happens, whenever you needed me, I will always be there for you."
"It's all because of the baby, isn't it?" You half-joked but she was serious.
"I can only imagine what you went through, and I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you. I should've known." Natasha muttered, her eyes turning glossy.
"Please don't blame yourself. You couldn't have known. None of this is your fault." You smiled, hoping to brighten the mood.
"I can't have kids, you know." You frowned. You already knew that nobody can kids. "When I was in the Red Room, after we graduated, they would perform a ceremony on us, making us infertile. They said it made everything easier for us, even killing." She finished.
When she looked back up at you, your eyes were filled with unshed tears. "I'm sorry." You said with a shaky voice as your tears fell.
"Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. I just wanted you to realize that maybe it is kinda because of the baby." She smirked as she joked and you laughed again.
She put the hands on your shoulders behind your back before hugging you tightly.
You returned her hug. You were glad that after all this time, you found a friend.
A/N: I'm so sorry for the delay! I'm gonna be writing more from now on😅 Don't forget to let me know what you think!
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Becoming more whole again
(so, i’m thinking of making this a series... I have a lot of time on my hands so let’s just see from here 😚)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x pregnant reader
Summary: You and Bucky now live in Wakanda after the events of Civil War and you are having doubts about the future, until Bucky reassures you with a surprise
“Bucky?” you call out to him, as you slowly walked out of the tent. You see him facing outwards to the pond, as his eyes start to shimmer from the water’s reflection. “Don’t worry doll, just need some air…” he murmured as you creeped to the nook of his neck. 
You hear him chuckle as he slips his arm around your waist, his hand on your protruding belly. "Just a few more months and we get to see this little guy.” You smiled slowly as you looked up to the man that held you. Suddenly, your smile drops. “James…” you said quietly. He knew whenever you said his real name, your conversation would be serious.
He looks at you as slowly lowers you down to the ground as he holds you closer to him. “What’s wrong?” he questioned. You look down, breaking your trance from him and silently huffed. 
“After the baby is born, what’s going to happen? To us? I mean, we just met six months ago and I found out I was frozen in time for almost a century, pregnant with your baby.” He stares at you as he knew you were tensing up as he lets go of your waist, wanting to give you space. 
“-and I just feel so guilty that we’re living here. I feel like I don’t deserve such a beautiful place like Wakanda.” You look down as you are fiddling with the hem of your dress. “Heck, I didn’t think I would see so many trees back then. Now you’re going to call me a fool now, huh?” you bite your lip as a tear falls down your face. 
Bucky looks forward to the pond and goes back into the tent. Surprisingly, you weren’t shocked that he just left you like that. He probably thought you were delusional to willingly leave such a paradise like this country that gave BOTH of you a second chance at living. You look up to the sky that takes your breath away as you are fascinated by the stars. 
“Nothing compared to Brooklyn…” Bucky said, breaking your trance from the sky that gave you clarity. “I know… I didn’t think there would be so many stars up there.” As you sadly smiled, remembering when you were just a child, probably counting ten stars at night that you could clearly see that were blinded by the city lights. 
“I wasn’t talking about the lights, doll.” Bucky said as his eyes deepened into yours. Bucky still caught your breath, you were always flabbergasted by his presence.
He uses his right hand to dry your face from the tears that already dried up.“I was supposed to wait till the baby came, but I think this is the perfect time to do so.” You were confused as Bucky shuffled around his position, trying to find a position he would be comfortable in. 
“Doll, ever since I met you when we were just kids, I knew that fate wouldn’t keep us apart. Not war, not distance, not Hydra freezing us for the past decades without each of us knowing, not even time itself would ever let me be able to let you go. That day when I was hanging on by that train, I was holding on for dear life for you. All I could think about was you… how you beat my ass if you knew I died.” You snickered a bit as you moved the strand of hair out of buck’s face to see him clearly. 
Bucky now changed his position, now on one knee to be exact. You were so surprised that you got up quickly, looking down at him as your eyes began to water. “James…” you whispered as you took breaths to calm you down. “Hang on princess, I was working on this before I was deployed. Let me do this for you…” He gives you a slight smirk that turns into a smile as you nod your head. 
“And when I saw you in that cryogenic sleep at that base, I remembered everything. All the memories we had together, all the promises that I made, including to marry you once I was back in one piece. Although I’m missing a limb, I feel complete because I finally have you in my life again, including this little fella that I love too.” 
You look down at your bump as you smooth your hand over it. “No matter where we are, I know that my home is with you and him. Wakanda, Romania, hell… even Queens! I will build a house from my bare hands in order to have you both under a roof where you’ll be safe and loved. So… Y/N Rogers, will you marry me?” As he opened his closed hand and revealed the most breathtaking ring.
You started to bawl more as slowly walked up to Bucky still holding the ring. You exhale as you shake your head up and down. “Yes.” you said in a shaky breath as you smiled with happiness. Bucky laughs with adoration as he carefully puts the ring on your finger. He gets up and puts his arm around you. 
“Uri helped me build this ring. I knew you didn’t want anything flashy or big, so Steve actually sketched it out for reference.” Your heart strings pulled just from hearing your brother’s name as he’s now a fugitive in the eyes of the government. “How was he like when you asked him?” you said taken back. Bucky slightly smirked remembering. “He said ‘The only last name Y/N would ever take would be Barnes.’” 
You laughed lightly as your brother’s name was still a topic you didn’t like to talk about, but Steve was the only thing alive that thought the world of Bucky. Not that you were jealous, but it would’ve been nice to know that Steve was trying to fight for you too when he came into the twenty-first century. Bucky knew this too, so he held your chin in his hand and inched closer to your lips. 
“Tonight, it’s just us. Let's get you to bed, I think it might be late for the two of you.” he looked down and used his thumb to roam around your bump. “Just one more thing…” You said looking up to him. Bucky raised his eyebrow and smirked. “and what’s that?” he asked curiously. “This.” you whispered, pulling him in for a kiss, a kiss that could break any bad curse in his head… as if he was becoming more whole again.
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holylulusworld · 18 days ago
The pet (3)
Tumblr media
Summary: Strange and Loki have a plan, but will it work out or end up in a tragedy.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x Reader, Thor Odinson x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader 
Characters: Dr. Strange, Loki Laufeyson, Thanos, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: angst (I’m not fooling around this time), language, polyamory, pregnancy, the reader has visions, mentions of characters death, characters death, Strange and Loki have a reckless plan and your men won’t like it, the story is by all means not canon-compliant, don’t come after me for incorrect timeline crap, fluff
A/N: This was one version of Therapy for Superheroes. I decided against this version but kept it. I made a mini-series out of this version.
A/N2: Sorry this one took me ages to update. I got stuck in the plot more than once.
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The pet masterlist
Tumblr media
Thanos, the name echoes in your mind while the miles fly by. You finally agreed to follow Loki into a different dimension, but therefore you must use the Bifrost bridge in another timeline. 
You didn’t even pretend to understand whatever Bruce, Tony, and Dr. Strange were talking about. All you understood was that Strange was trapped in a time loop a few years ago. Now he’s the self-declared expert for timelines and crap.
“It will work out, darling,” Tony squeezes your hand, and you return his smile effortlessly. He tries to comfort you and you appreciate his effort but sadly you know better.
Nothing will work out. Not with the babies in your belly; the ones who should never have been in this timeline in the first place.
“I’m not so sure,” while Dr. Strange watches you, Bruce guides the jet toward a deserted place in the middle of nowhere. “I told you Y/N is out of a different timeline. Thanks for me messing up with the time loop and all of you she ended up here.”
“This doesn’t make sense, Strange,” Bucky grunts. “Where did she come from? Why is there no other her in this timeline?”
“The Y/N from this timeline died during the attack of the Chitauri, in New York,” you feel your stomach tighten at Stephen’s words. How can you not be from this timeline? “When I started the time loop a rift opened and people like Y/N who didn’t die in their timeline ended up in our timeline. Over the last years, Cho and I tried to find those people and sent them back.”
“Let me guess,” you say, voice bitter, “I’m the last one. So, you sent them back and then…what happened to those people? Did they die? Did they live happily ever after? What happened, Strange?” you cry.
“Darling,” Tony wraps one arm around your shoulders. “No one is going to send you anywhere, okay. You are you. I don’t fucking care about timelines or dimensions. You are our girl, and our babies will not disappear only as Thanos is after them. We will kill him like any other enemy before.”
“Right,” Bucky clenches and unclenches his metal fist, nodding eagerly. His eyes glued to your belly. “We will never let anyone hurt you, doll.”
“I know,” your voice cracks when you look at Bucky, knowing what lies ahead.
Over the last days your daydreams, or rather visions become more intense. You can smell the blood and death now. And you can feel Bucky turn to dust under your fingertips. 
Eyes filled with tears you look at Tony, swallowing thickly. He doesn’t know that when you look further into the vision when you allow yourself to watch it till the end, you see Tony fall and Steve disappear right in front of you.
This story will only end in death and despair. Loki, Stephen and you are the only people seeing what must be done. It will break your men’s hearts, but you can’t let them die for you or the lives in your belly.
Not when you don’t belong here. Not when it means to lose most of them in an avoidable battle.
“Strange, Loki and I will go alone,” you finally say, looking at Steve. “Cho will stay with you and make sure the timeline doesn’t collapse or something. He will inform us if I must return. With me gone, Thanos has no reason to correct anything.”
“We won’t leave you and our babies alone,” Steve gasps when you shake your head. “Doll, this is not negotiable. I will come with you.”
“Same,” Thor booms, glaring at his brother. “Loki is my brother, but I do not trust him with you. He will use you against us if I do so.”
“ENOUGH!” you stand up, glaring at your men. “I’m the one with visions of death and destruction. This is the only way. I will go with Dr. Strange and Loki.”
“No, baby doll,” Sam protests. His eyes fill with tears and your heart shatters at his sadness. “You can’t just leave us, please.”
“It won’t be gone for long,” you whisper. The lie weighs heavy on your heart but you know, if your men knew the truth, they would never let you go.
You hate to leave them. There is so much love and adoration in your brave men, but this can’t be helped.
Of course, sacrificing yourself isn’t an easy decision to make. But you are not going to let Thanos destroy half of the universe to stay alive. Even if it means to take your babies with you…
Tumblr media
“We will open the rift here, jump in and end up in your timeline. From there we will go to the Bifrost bridge, ask Heimdall to send us to a different dimension, and wait for Cho to contact us,” Strange lies through his teeth, but you asked him to explain your plan to Tony and the others.
If you had to do it, they would’ve heard the pain in your voice. “Before we do this, I want you to know that—” your voice cracks, and you choke on your words. “I love you, all of you,” you take Tony’s hand squeezing it tightly. 
“Darling,” Tony chokes out, watching you with teary eyes. “Please…”
“Tony, you must keep the bunch together for me, okay.” You press your lips to Tony’s, savor the last intimate moment with him. “I love you, crazy engineer.”
“I love you too,” he whispers, kissing you again. “I will move heaven and hell to get you back, you know that.”
“I know,” you smile, but it doesn’t reach your eyes when you turn to Sam. “My soft teddy bear, I love you too,” cupping Sam’s face you kiss him softly. “Steve will need you more than ever, Sam.”
“I love you too, sweetie,” Sam sniffs. “Don’t stay away from us for too long.”
You wish you could promise Sam to be back soon, but you can’t. There is no way out. Strange reach the end of the rope and all he can do is to sacrifice one life for millions of people.
“Steve, Bucky,” you coo softly, “my super-soldiers duo. I love you so much, my over-protective brothers in mind and soul.” You let the soldiers wrap you in a hug before both of them take their turn to kiss you. “Don’t go too hard on Tony, okay. He’s going to need you, Steve.”
“We love you doll,” both men whisper. “I will follow you to hell and back if you want me to,” Bucky sniffs. “Promise me to come back to me, Y/N.”
“I promise, Bucky,” the lie doesn’t roll easily off your tongue. It takes all your strength to not break down and beg your men to find a way to keep you here. “I love you.”
“My little one,” Thor pushes the soldiers aside to bring you into his arms. “Please tell me what to do, my love,” he kisses you fiercely, holds you tight enough to hurt. “I won’t let you get hurt. I love you, little one. My sweet pet.”
“I love you too, Thor,” pressing your lips to his cheek you sigh deeply. “Asgard, it will need you soon, my golden-haired God. Never forget, you are the god of thunder, even if you do not have Mjolnir,” you press one hand to his heart, smiling weakly up at Thor, “you strength comes from within you.”
“My love,” he whispers, looking at his brother. “What are you hiding from me? Did you have another vision?”
“Loki, he will tell you everything later,” you step away from Thor to look at all of your men. “I love all of you, and I’m sorry.”
“Y/N—” Tony steps toward you but you flinch away, grasping for Stephen’s hand. “Strange, what’s going to happen with her?”
“I’m sorry, my beloved ones,” crying you squeeze Strange’s hand. “This is the only way to save your life, Tony, Bucky…Steve. I can’t let him destroy half of the world for me. I love all of you, always will.”
“Y/N!” Bucky tries to reach out to you. “WAIT!”
“NOW LOKI!” you scream at the raven-haired imposer. “Please…forgive me.”
Using his scepter Loki creates an undestroyable shield to keep your men away from you, while Dr. Strange opens a rift. “Forgive me…” you whisper now. “I love you…”
“NO!” Thor rams Mjolnir into the invisible shield but he can’t breakthrough. His powers get reflected and he ends up smashed into the jet, groaning in agony.
“Darling!” nothing can break the shield. Not Bucky’s metal fist, nor Steve’s shield. 
Tony uses all his strength, rams his metal glove into the shield, but he can’t reach you. Even when Sam and he combine their firepower there is no use. 
“Doll, no. Don’t do this—” Bucky crouches down in front of the shield. “Please, don’t !”
“I love you,” before you disappear you look one last time at your men. “One day, you’ll understand. I’m sorry.”
And then you, Strange and Loki are gone, and your men fall to your knees, despairing.
Tumblr media
“AH, the master arrived, and got me a present,” Thanos muses, ignoring Loki who grits his teeth to the point of pain. “Loki, what an unpleasant surprise to see you here.”
“I’m here now,” you whisper, running one hand over your belly, crying silently. “No reason to destroy half of the universe anymore. Dr. Strange said I’m the last one.”
“Indeed,” Thanos marches toward you, flexing his hands. “You are a brave soul, little girl,” he muses, lifting your chin with one large finger. “I’m almost impressed, girl.”
“You don’t have to destroy her, Thanos. There must be another way,” Strange tries to negotiate. “I brought you the others, let this one go.”
“She interferes with the timeline, Doctor. Two of then can’t exist in one reality,” Thanos dips his head to glance at Loki. “We all know what this means. Chaos. Destruction. Despair. I can’t allow chaos to replace the order.”
“Her soul, can I at least save her soul?” Dr. Strange begs. “She was there, in our world, in our timeline. It was my fault the original Y/N got killed. I was too late and—"
“Interesting,” the giant in front of you smirks now. “I never saw a master and an imposer beg for another soul. If you can exchange their souls in time, you can have her soul. If not,” Thanos shrugs, smirking at Loki, “your brother will hate you and the Doctor for the rest of your short lives…”
He snaps his fingers to watch you slowly fade away. A strong light escapes the dust, floats in the air before Strange holds out his hand, watching your soul pulse in his palm. 
“I promise to bring you back together. No matter how long it will take for them to find you—”
Tumblr media
Around seven years ago, in New York, during the attack of the Chitauri,…
“Over there, Clint, take that one down,” Natasha calls. “Thor, there is a girl! Oh, god,” the redhead screams in terror, “the car must’ve smashed her.”
“We need tokeep on fighting,” Steve pants, cursing himself for not being faster. “There are more civilians over there.” He points at people hiding from the monsters attacking New York. “We couldn’t save her, but we can save them.”
A blinding light hits the girl underneath the car and the vehicle gets smashed into a building right next to her dead body. “What the—? Thor was that you?” Tony asks, landing next to the body of the girl. “Miss? Guys, she’s alive!” 
“Impossible!” Steve rams his shield into another attacker’s face, fights his way toward you. “Everyone, we need to help Tony, provide back-up.”
“I’m on my way, Lord Rogers,” Thor jumps of the roof, lands only a few feet away from you in Tony’s arms. 
“Doll,” Steve pants, looking at you in Tony’s arms. “Why do I got the feeling I know her?”
“I-I,” blinking your eyes open you look up at Tony. “Where’s my car? What happened? Oh, fuck! I made it back.” You cry, throwing your arms around Tony. “Strange was right.”
“Hello darling,” Tony whispers while the world around you threatens to explode. “Let me bring you somewhere save before we rip some bastards apart.”
“Avengers, assemble!” Steve calls out, jumping over a car to ram his shield into a Chitauri’s face. “You won’t get the poor girl!”
“Tony? Why don’t you say something? Are you still mad?” confused you cling to Tony when he flies you toward the Stark tower. “Why don’t you remember me?”
Tumblr media
“This is all wrong,” watching the rain splatter against the window you shake your head. “All of this to end up in the same loop again, Strange. I’m not her, and it will start all over again.”
“It’s different this time,” Dr. Strange, the one who brought you Thanos, steps out of the shadows. “I must return to my time soon, but I wanted to check on you first.”
“My babies are gone, just like my men,” you sniff. “I can remember every touch and every kiss, but they don’t.”
“The time is not now, Y/N,” Strange stands next to you to watch the rain wash his sins away. “This time you took over her body. There are no two Y/Ns in this world anymore. She died and her soul took your place in your timeline, I made sure of it.”
“That was the problem?” you ask, glancing at Strange. “Her soul was still in this world and that’s the reason for all of this?”
“Sadly, yes,” Stephen sighs. “It would take too long to explain the fragile cycle keeping this world from falling apart. Her soul is now at peace in your timeline. One Y/N is gone, and the other is alive.”
“Why didn’t you bring her soul to my timeline in the first place, Strange?”
“Only Thanos had the powers to separate your soul from your body. Bringing Y/N’s soul to your timeline wouldn’t have succeeded. You still had to take over her body, Y/N.”
“I’m getting a headache,” rubbing your forehead you sigh deeply. “What if this didn’t work out, Stephen? What if Thanos returns?”
“Well, in that case,” Stephen smirks, tapping his forehead, “I will come up with a different plan, a better one.”
“Yeah, that would be great, asshat,” you shake your head, laughing at your predicament. “What will I do now?”
“Waiting for the time to come to meet your men, your destiny,” Strange whispers, kissing your forehead. “I promise this time it will work out.”
“How many times did you do this, Strange?” locking eyes with the master you frown. “And how many times did you fail?”
“301,” he admits. “I tried different things. I hid you in another dimension. We fought Thanos. I tried to destroy one of the infinity stones. I killed Steve Rogers and every Avenger. I killed you. I killed the other you. I made sure you never meet the avengers. I cause a rift between you and your men,” your legs wobble at his words. “Nothing worked out, Y/N. But this time, I know it will. Promised.”
“300 times you failed,” nodding to yourself you look out of the window again, watch the people on the streets. “I hope this one time, you didn’t…”
Tumblr media
Around seven years later, Avenger’s tower,…
“No, we won’t name our son Tony jr.,” you tut. “Come on, Stark. Think of a better name.”
“We agreed to call our daughter Samantha,” Sam exclaims, grinning at his fellow avenger. “Bucky how’d you wanna name your little girl?”
“I don’t care,” Bucky nuzzles your belly, smiling when you pat his head. “She’s healthy, that’s all I need to know.”
“Uh, may I disturb you for a moment?” Stephen Strange steps inside the bedroom you share with your men. “Y/N, great to see you are doing well.”
You swallow thickly. This is the moment you waited for, the day you prayed would never come. “Yeah, thank you. I’m fine.”
“Great,” nodding Dr. Strange steps toward the bed to hand you something. “A gift for the beautiful lady. I’m glad everything worked out in the end.” He says only for you. “You and your children will have a bright and peaceful future, I’m sure about it.”
“You are,” quirking a brow you hold Stephen’s gaze. “Is this final or just a hunch?”
“It’s final, Y/N,” Dr. Strange, nods, giving you a soft smile. “301 was enough.”
“301,” you nod, watching him excuse himself before he leaves the room.
“301?” Thor asks when you begin to cry. “My love. What’s wrong with you? Are you in pain? Do you need anything?”
“No,” you sniffle, watching your men crowd you. “I’m just overwhelmed and happy, is all.”
“Back to the names,” Tony insists while you hide your face in Bucky’s chest to silently cry. “How about Anthony jr?”
Tumblr media
“We can’t be sure, Doctor,” Cho worriedly watches another vision. “How can you be sure it will work out this time?”
“Their souls got exchanged. There is only one Y/N in this timeline and if not,” Stephen turns around, features darken, “we will kill Thanos. I won’t try another time. 301 are enough, my friend.”
“301 are enough,” nodding Cho falls silent. “We should prepare either way. A master always must be prepared.”
“Oh, I am prepared, my friend…I am.”
The End...?
Tumblr media
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