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#bucky just wants people to give him treats and then leave him alone
everything-withered · 3 days ago
WIP Game: Shifter au?♡
Survival has always been something he was good at, after all. And while sticking around in Wakanda would've guranteed a certain amount of comfort, Bucky also knew his presence there was dangerous. The thought that he could lead what reminds of Hydra to the Wakandans' doorstep after they'd helped him made Bucky feel phyically ill, and next to arming himself once more in preparation for another kind of war, Bucky wouldn't stand for it.
Which meant considering the alternatives.
Which meant disappearing.
And what better way than by shifting for the first time in a century, and staying that way?
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mymagicsuitcase · 22 days ago
More fun | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
This is suppose to be funny, but idk if it was funnier in my head 😭
Walker was always popping up when he was least wanted. At this point, just looking at him was enough to give you a headache. He was insistent and stubborn, it was driving you mad.
Of course, he couldn't be subtle either. Stopping you all in the middle of the street while people stopped and stared. That shield was far too flashy for a discreet conversation. All you wanted to do was move on and follow Zemo, who knew where the funeral was being held.
Words were leaving Walker's mouth, but they were going in one ear and out the other.
"Are you done?" You ask.
"Sorry, who are you?" He asks, furrowing his brow and looking down at you. You hated that.
"Y/N, remember? We met before."
"Right." He scoffed slightly. You don't know who pissed in his cheerios, but you were not going to stand for being treated like that.
"What's your problem?"
"My problem? If you had just joined me to begin with, this could be over by now. Not to mention that you really went as far as breaking him out of prison," he gives a slight snarl as he nods at Zemo.
"Technically he did that himself," Bucky shrugged.
"Which, to be honest, is kind of impressive," you mutter.
Zemo wanted to smile. He didn't.
"I'm taking control now," Walker states.
Zemo resists rolling his eyes as he gestures to a girl standing further up the street. Apperently, she will lead you all to the destination. Walker lets Zemo take the lead.
When you get there, Sam states he will talk to Karli alone. He just needs ten minutes to talk to her. Walker, obviously, speaks up about how he disagrees with that, but Sam goes ahead anyway.
Zemo finds himself handcuffed to the wall beside you.
You lean against said wall and cross your arms. Bucky goes to stand by the door. Walker takes to pacing back and forth while Lamar stands there awkwardly. You resist the urge to tell Walker piss off.
"Want to know something funny, John?"
Bucky looks up at you and shakes his head. He knows how snarky you can be, and sometimes that gets you into trouble. You ignore his pleading gaze.
"Not really," Walker mutters.
"I'm going to say it anyway. These past few days have been a rollercoaster and a bit of a shit show, if I'm being honest, but I wanted to let you know that I've had more fun in the company of Zemo than I have ever had with you. Do you realise what that says about me? I like spending more time with the man who blew up the UN building and spilt up the Avengers, then I do spending time with the new Captain America."
Walker had stopped pacing. He stood there, his shoulders rising and falling with every breath he took. The man looked like he was about to erupt.
Zemo, however, laughed. There was something wholesome about the sound. His dark, yet amused, eyes were on you as he grinned.
"That does say quite a bit about you."
John shook his head and gripped the shield a little tighter.
"That's it, I'm going in."
Bucky tries to stop him, but to no avail. You cast a glance at Zemo before following everyone else. Zemo was handcuffed, where was he going to go?
It became a huge mess. If Sam had more time, you were sure this could have been dealt with, but Walker kind of lost his mind.
You found him where Karli had been hiding from Zemo, who was now lying unconscious on the ground. There was serum all over the floor from the broken vials Zemo had stomped on.
You had no idea Walker had one on him.
Once Walker was gone, you were simultaneously glad to see the back of him, and unimpressed with the back of him, as he went.
You crouched down beside Zemo.
"Someone help him." You looked up at your boys.
Back at the house, Zemo was resting on the sofa, a cold hand towel on his head and a glass in his hand. He sighed softly.
You were sitting beside him.
"How's your head?" You ask softly.
"I'll survive," he mutters, not during to speak too loudly.
Zemo lifts the towel from his eyes and looks at you.
"Did you mean what you said before?" He asks, curiously dripping from his voice.
"Mean what?"
"What you said to Walker."
"Yes. I did." You smile. "Why?"
Zemo finds himself smiling too. "You certainly know how to charm a man."
You laugh, "while also offending another. Do you think I made him mad?"
"Very." Zemo sits up and drops the towel beside him. "Still, I'm rather flattered."
You smile softly as you sit beside him.
"Well, you might be a really bad person, but at least you've made my time interesting."
"Then I hope I stick around a little longer to provide entertainment for you," he says, nudging your shoulder a little with a smile.
"We shall see."
If only you knew what would happen next.
Part 2
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autumnrose40 · 2 months ago
Pain & Comfort
Tumblr media
                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           Steve Rogers/Female Reader                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok so, have this mess of a fic, I don’t even know what this is, but the idea would not leave me alone, so enjoy? lol                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The banging on your front door was loud, at least to you, you’re grateful you’re the only one home. Your boyfriend was kicked out, really he was your ex now, but to him you know that wasn’t going to fly, you knew he would come back, make your life hell, he had only left cause you pulled a gun on him.
The black eye on your face can’t look good but you don’t think much of it when you go to the door, your heart pounding in your chest, the ex had a key, he wouldn’t knock, “It’s Steve.”
You breath out relieved, he could clearly hear you inside, you go to the door and unlock it, when you open the door, well, first Steve moves into your place slowly, liking walking is hard, so you don’t get a good look at his face with his head down.
But once you have the front door closed and you both finally look at each other, well, he looks pretty beat up himself, his girlfriend was a real bitch much like your boyfriend. Steve could snap her neck like a twig, but he’s not like that with a loved one, he’s sweet and caring and he’s only human.
You know his story by now because he knows yours. His eyes turn sad seeing your black eye, along with anger, he finally moves closer to you and gently caresses your face, “What happened this time?”
Your hand gently touches the bruise on his cheek, it was clearly from a hard slap, “Same thing as always, he didn’t have a reason, I did kick him out though, pulled my gun on him.”
“Good, I'm proud of you.” he whispers.
You frown looking up at him, “Won’t stop him if he comes back, unless I’m willing to shoot him.”
“I’ll protect you.”
You smile sadly, caressing his unmarked cheek, “I know Steve.”
You frown sadly, “Why did she hit you this time?”
“Because I told her I’m not ready to have a baby.” his hands rest on your hips.
“She’s a bitch, I should go over there and threaten her with my gun.”
Steve actually chuckles slightly, “While I’m flattered you want to protect me honey, waving your gun at her isn’t a good idea and besides…’s…..” he huffs, “I know it’s not my fault, even if it feels like it is sometimes, I just….ending it with her, I’m afraid of what she will do.”
You look at him with understanding, your hands go to his chest, “Do you need me there as support at least? I know you would do the same if I asked, and don’t say it’s not the same, you may be a man but that woman is still laying hands on you in a way she should not, same as my man.”
He sighs and looks down sniffling a bit, “I just….I want it over.” he finally says, voice breaking.
You hold him to you as he buries his face in your neck, hugging you tightly, you pet over his hair, whispering whatever soothing words you can think of.
You snuggle later in bed, Steve’s been your best friend since he came out of the ice, it’s been years now and both of you have seen the other go through partners, but these last two have been the worst for you both. No one in a million years would believe Steve was being abused and you know he would just get laughed at or told to suck it up.
Versus you, few believed you at all because your boyfriend came off so sweet to everyone else. But Steve knew, he knew and he hated that it happened to you, had thrown out a threat or two at your guy and all it did was nothing. You got in a fight with Steve’s woman months back over what she was doing to him and all it got either of you was Steve getting more hit that night.
Oh, he had tried to end it, more than once, but she started threatening him and others, and he just...caved. Steve was only human, he could feel fear, same as anyone else. He just didn’t know what to do. Even Bucky didn’t know.
You lost count how many times he has come to you needing comfort or you going to him for needed comfort. It was said once, while Steve snuggled in bed just like he is now, that if he could be free of that woman and you free of your man, he would want to take you out. Date you. Be yours.
You had smiled so big, the idea something you couldn’t believe you hadn’t thought of before, why had you never thought of dating him? You loved him already as a friend and he was always good to you, he was very handsome, caring, kind, everything you wanted in a man.
You had agreed that night, so now, that’s what you both can look forward too, “I’m going with you tomorrow, I won’t hear another word on it.” you finally whisper sometime later.
His head on your chest, your hand caressing his back, your other hand running through his hair, he’s relaxed, the mark on his cheek, gone now. He’s like an overgrown teddy bear, but he deserves to feel calm and relaxed, “Ok.” is all he says.
You have a plan the next day in place, a little button camera on your jacket. Your idea and one that goes inline with what Steve has been doing for months now, recording her, building a case if it came to that, he was still the man with a plan, he had just....lost his way for awhile, no thanks to that bitch who mental beat him down every single day, when she wasn’t laying hands on him.
Now you just follow behind Steve and then hide a bit, she doesn’t see you and she just flat out slaps Steve across the face when she see’s him, he takes it, he always does because he knows if he lays on hand on her, how it will look, it’s not stupid.
There’s tears in his eyes as your little camera catches everything she’s doing and saying right now, you just stand in your little shadowed spot, arms crossed, you would love nothing more to fight her right now for touching him like this, but you know this is important for him to do.
“You’re leaving, were done, I want you to leave, I can’t make it any clearer then this, I don’t want to be with you anymore, you hurt me to much and I can’t stand it anymore.” he finally says, and it’s not more sub dewed like normal around her, it’s his captain america tone.
She’s taken aback by it enough for him to grab her purse and shoes and toss them out the front door, “Leave.”
Oh but when this bitch goes to attack him, that’s it you are done, you come out of your shadowy spot and grab her hair from the back, shocking her, “You’re not touching him ever again.”
You shove her out the door, she stumbles and you slam his front door in her face and lock the door, seething, however you feel bad you stepped in, it was his battle here but you just....saw red, you go to say sorry, but Steve, sweet, darling Steve is looking at you with so much love in his eyes, he just gives you a bear hug, one you gladly return.
“I’m finally free.”
To the surprise of no one she does in fact try to start shit, going to the papers, making up lies, however once all the videos Steve made over the last few months on her abuse, all the hidden cameras that caught....everything, plus the one you took, yeah she didn’t have a leg to stand on and soon enough everyone forgot about her, and when people did run into her, she was now treated like the bitch she was.
Karma, had to love it.
Your ex does try to get back into your place one night, he’s drunk and angry, something you used to know every well, but now, you’re not alone and so when he tries to go for you, to hurt you like he always did, you can’t even bring your gun out before Steve is there behind you, clad in only his boxers, shoving the man away, “Leave before we make you.”
Your ex’s eyes go wide as he looks between you both, his sneer melts away when you show him the papers in your hand, “I’ll be seeing you in court tomorrow, or did you forget? I’ll make sure to bring up tonight and how you tried to assault me, yet again.”
Clearly he had thrown his papers out, but that wasn’t your problem, you were taking his ass to court for the abuse you had suffered for years at his hands, Steve as your witness, Steve who now, gladly grabs the guy by the back of his shirt and tosses him out of your apartment and slams the door in his face.
You smile feeling....really good, what was it Steve said, yeah, you felt free finally. You playfully squeal when Steve throws you over his shoulder caveman style, gently slapping your robe covered ass, “Come on sweetheart, daddy’s going to take care of you now.”
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wolfheart1313 · 2 months ago
Characters I Don’t Like
Scott McCall—he told Derek there must have been a reason the Argents murdered his family in a fire, cared more about dating Allison than killing Stiles or his mom, was creepily obsessed with Allison and tried to kill her on a full moon because he thought she was kissing Jackson, framed Derek for murder twice, the second time knowing he was innocent, didn’t tell Allison the truth about her mother’s death and instead allowed her to try to kill Derek, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd, used Derek’s body against his will to force him to bite Gerard in his “master plan”, tried to take away Erica, Boyd, and Isaac’s right to choose whether they wanted to become werewolves i.e. controlled their bodies/choices, bit Liam and then kidnapped him, used Kira while carrying a torch for Allison, believed Theo over Stiles and kicked Stiles out of the pack, never apologized and instead told Stiles that he trusted him, too, when it was clear Stiles never trusted Theo, lied to Kira about something being wrong with her fox, used Hayden as bait for the Dread Doctors, looked into Corey’s mind with his claws without Corey’s consent, and refused to bite Hayden when it might have been the only thing that would save her life. This resulted in Hayden dying.
Peggy Carter—she shot at Steve while he was holding an untested shield she didn’t know would work just because another woman kissed him and she was part of hiring Hydra Nazis to work for SHIELD, including Arnim Zola, who helped Hydra grow in SHIELD and torture Bucky right under her nose.
Tony Stark—he used to be a war profiteer, and then when I thought he was going to change, he remained a narcissistic asshole who makes fun of other people’s traumas, almost gets Pepper killed in Iron Man 3, was a horrible mentor to Peter, sided with the Accords that were going to strip people of their basic human rights, tried to murder a brainwashed POW, and then made everything Steve’s fault in Endgame when Tony is the one who couldn’t make a damn phone call. Also, he is the reason Wanda Maximoff’s parents are dead and yet she found it in her heart to forgive and work with him by the end of Age of Ultron, but his stans think he’s justified trying to murder Bucky and Steve when Bucky was brainwashed? Bullshit. On top of all this, he has made a rape joke and a transphobic joke.
Cisco Ramon—he was really cruel to Barry after the whole Flashpoint thing. I understand that he was grieving his brother’s death, but many of the things he did, like out what Barry did during the Dominator’s invasion and get everyone to chew him out were really immature. I mean, seriously, they were dealing with an alien invasion and Cisco thought it would be a good idea to call out Barry and drive a wedge between everyone? And then he went and did the exact same thing Barry did: traveled through time with the Legends and screwed it up, and then never confessed what HE did. Also, he outed Caitlin’s powers when he knew she wanted them to be kept secret. It wasn’t his secret to tell. So, while I liked Cisco a lot in season one of the Flash and then still enjoyed him in season two, season three ruined him for me.
Sara Lance—while I enjoyed this character for a while on Arrow, I stopped liking her once she became a Legend. She tried to kill Damian Darhk in the past to save her sister, and then got on Barry’s case for saving his mother. She was a total hypocrite about it. Not to mention she and the Legends screw with time all the time and have literally broken it before.
Iris West—she’s emotionally abusive toward Barry Allen and gaslighted him at a therapy session she forced him to go to, accusing him of leaving her standing there alone when she was surrounded by other people and she knows he had no choice—it was go into the speed force or the world ends. She’s also a hypocrite. She accused him of making wedding plans without consulting her when he was just trying to help in one episode and then in the next tried to force him to elope with her at somebody’s funeral without telling him until they were there.
Damon Salvatore—he literally raped Caroline and Andie, made his brother’s life a living hell, fought on the side of the Confederates during the Civil War to please his father, murdered people left and right without remorse and with his humanity turned on, and any time things went wrong in his relationship with Elena, he resorted to killing people again.
Elena Gilbert—she was just really annoying and super negative in the later seasons. I also disliked how everyone always dropped everything to help her and sacrificed everything to help her while she just whined and was selfish. Also, book Elena is unbearable. She makes show Elena look like a literal angel.
Barbara Gordon—she beat up Dick Grayson when he was trying to help her and always makes everything negative to do with their relationship his fault when she’s the problem, compared Kate Kane’s experience at war to dating Dick Grayson, as though having a lovely boyfriend is worse than actually going to war, blamed Bruce for his son Jason’s death at Jason’s funeral, slut-shames other female characters like Kori and Helena, and tried to date Jason even though she’d already dated Dick and the two of them are brothers. Also, she didn’t really love Jason and just couldn’t have Dick at the time, and Jason called her out on it.
Sirius Black—he was hypocrite who told Harry to treat those who were less fortunate than him well while being horrific to Kreacher, told Snape to go into the Shrieking Shack during a full moon, which would have gotten Snape killed or bitten and would have turned Remus Lupin, who was supposed to be one of his best friends, into a murderer. He also bullied Snape horribly just because he was bored. I don’t care that Snape was into the Dark Arts, bullying is wrong and Sirius couldn’t let it go even when they were adults. I’m not saying Snape is perfect or innocent; I’m just saying that Snape’s actions are not shown as okay in the novels while Sirius is just given a pass throughout the whole series.
Aelin Ashryver Galanthynius—she and Rowan romanticized colonization and bringing “music, books, and culture”, which was really gross and bigoted. Also, she has a habit of always getting her way and threatening anyone who doesn’t agree with her into submission. Also, didn’t she try to smash a flowerpot on another woman’s head because she liked Dorian in book one? Doesn’t she realize that would kill her and that woman doesn’t deserve to die just because Aelin has a thing for Dorian, too?! She also told Rowan that fae like him made her understand the King of Ardarlan better. Rowan is pretty flawed and unlikable, too, but it’s kind of hard to blame him in that moment for punching her.
Peter Hale—emotionally tormented and abused his nephew and got his first girlfriend killed, murdered his own niece for her power, bit Scott and Lydia without consent, murdered people who didn’t deserve it (I don’t care that he killed the people responsible for the fire. I care that he killed Laura, the janitor at the school, and tried to get Scott to kill all his friends), gaslighted and manipulated Derek into thinking he killed Laura on accident so he would work for him, beat the living hell out of Derek, was abusive to both Derek and Malia, tried to bite Stiles without his consent, etc.
Theo Raeken—murdered his own sister for her heart, compared Stiles to his murdered sister, got Donovan to try to murder Stiles, was really creepy toward Malia, sold Malia out to her mother and shot her, recorded/taped Kira while she was sleeping, tried to harm or kill everyone in the pack, was a coldblooded murderer who murdered his own pack for power, etc. The idea that this monster got redemption just because some people found him hot sickens me.
Jackson Whittemore—was emotionally abusive toward Lydia (Lydia wasn’t great to him in season one, either, but Jackson was horrific in season two. Their relationship is incredibly toxic), came onto Allison and was really creepy toward her while she was dating Scott, bullied other students like Stiles and Scott, didn’t say anything when Isaac’s dad was abusing him even though he knew, tried to blackmail Scott into getting him the bite, demanded Derek give him the bite, etc.
Erica Reyes—the moment she got power, she became the bully she always claimed to despise.
Foggy Nelson—was absolutely horrible to Matt when he found out he was Daredevil, wasn’t sympathetic at all when Matt told him the story about the little girl who was being molested and that being why he became Daredevil in the first place, accused Matt of not really being blind, treated Matt like an addict and Daredevil like his drug, got mad at him when he teamed up with the Defenders even though they were trying to save the world, in season two, when Matt finally decides to break his cycle of mistrust and tell Foggy the truth about Elektra the moment she is actually affecting Foggy’s life in a negative way, Foggy becomes enraged with him, only reinforcing Matt’s trust and abandonment issues. Also, he completely forgave Karen for lying about killing Wesley and keeping it secret, but is always getting on Matt’s case.
Karen Page—used a fake name when she dragged Ben to visit Fisk’s mother, but didn’t have Ben use a fake name, and tricked him into going there in the first place. This resulted in Ben’s death. She also constantly inserted herself into cases as though she had a law degree like Matt and Foggy, even though she didn’t. On top of that, she believed that Matt was sleeping with Elektra, who looked sick and injured, while Stick was in the room, and didn’t even give him a chance to explain the situation. She barged in and then stormed out. Then, she yelled at him at the court room when he tried to talk to her a second time and explain what was actually going on. Later on, she almost gets a man’s leg cut off and she is totally supportive of Frank’s vigilante activities where he kills people, but thinks that Matt has problems when he doesn’t and is not supportive of him. She also used to be a drug addict and got her brother killed. Then, she just got away with it even though she was driving under the influence. I can see why her father doesn’t want to see her anymore. Also, she was mad at Matt for keeping secrets, when she kept her entire past and the fact that she killed Wesley secret.
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lielullabye · 2 months ago
Somethings Never Change (Killer x Steve)
Masterlist (where you can find other Killer!Reader and Mob!Steve)
Bucky has never seen you panic. Never in the time that he’s known you, it’s always been cool, emotionless, and cruel. The only person who can bring anything out of you is Steve and it’s never around other people. Of course there’s the odd deranged smile, but Bucky doesn’t count that as emotion because it’s for a victim.
But now you’re sprinting up a hospital staircase to get to Steve who’s in the middle of emergency surgery, from a sneak attack at the club. Stab wound, all the way through. “Where is Steve Rogers!” You yell as the lady at the front desk looks up.
“Who-“ you cut her off taking her by the shirt pressing her face into the plexiglass wall.
“The man you pay so people like me don’t fucking burn down your hospital. Steve Rogers, where is he?” Bucky looks around at the empty waiting room and sighs. He unravels your fists and with his metal arm holds you out to the side.
“Our friend, Steven Grant Rogers, he’s in surgery, we just want to know when he’ll be out, or if there’s a room we can wait in.” He says calmly. He can’t freak, you’re freaking out enough for both of you, you’re kicking and biting at his arm. “Hey will you calm down!”
“Yes...” the woman looks at you and your hiss at her, “Um I’ll lead you to the recovery room.” Bucky drags you to the room and you immediately stop when you get there. The woman tells you that she’ll be in with updates and closes the door. You wrestle yourself out of Bucky’s hold and move for the potted plants and start doing something with them. Bucky shakes his head and looks at his phone his messages from Sam and Emily blowing up.
Sam: Everything’s secure over here, got the punk. Should we wait for you guys to get back.
Bucky: I’m afraid what little miss psycho would do if we didn’t
Emily: Don’t talk about her like that. Any word on Steve?
Bucky smiled at Emily’s name, always so worried about you and Steve. She really cared about you, she knew that Steve was the most important thing in you’re life and she protected you and your love fiercely.
Bucky: Not yet the Nurse said she’d let us know.
He hears chanting coming from behind him and it’s in... Celtic? He turns to see you had crushed up flower a ring of soil, and how you had got ahold of a fucking candle he’ll never know. He doesn’t interrupt you, he’s so the knife marks to keep him from doing that again. When you’re finished you look at him.
“Everything will be fine.” You tell him and take out a nail filer looking at your nails.
Bucky: Well she did a spell or something says Steve’s gonna be fine.
Sam: ...
Emily: Good, her stuff always works. She did one for this guys to leave me alone, he’d been stalking me for week and then he just disappeared.
Bucky: Well Doll hate to break it to you, but make people disappear is her job.
Sam: ...
Bucky laughs and turns back to look at you. You have no emotions on your face, but tears are streaming down. Bucky sighs and goes to sit next to you. “Hey you know Steve’s gonna be fine. Nothing in the world could keep him from taking you to Highland House like you planned this weekend. Or the Hampton’s next month, or Paris in December. He hasn’t gotten you that ring he’s been talking about since he met you.” Bucky whispers though there’s no one else in the room. You look up at him, and he sees the fear in your eyes. The hurt and the pain that you’ve already built up.
“Nothing’s gonna keep him from coming back to you.” Bucky says and wraps an arm around your shoulders. “Here’s something to look forward to, you and Steve can beat the shit out of the guy who stabbed him.”
“Really?” You wipe you tear stained cheeks.
“Oh yeah, Sam’s got him tied up in the basement. And Emily’s on her way with Sam right now.” You sigh sadly and lean into his arm. You’re probably pretending he’s Steve. Which is fine, he’s pretending your Emily.
Emily and Sam enter a short time later. Emily coming immediately to you and giving you a comforting hug, fuck he loved her so much. He wished she’d just let him date her.
Later the Nurse came in saying that Steve was out of sugary and would be coming in a few moments. Only one person can stay in the room and no one questions that it’s you. You sit for what feels like an eternity before he wakes up. He smiles a sleepy dopy smile.
“Heyyy, Suga’” He slurs and you smile. A tear slipping down your recently dried cheek. “Hey, hey, why you cryin’ baby.” He ask slowly and you shake your head wiping away the tears that keep coming.
“I’m just happy to hear you acting like an idiot.” You say and gives you that dopy cheesy smile again.
“Thas only cause you make me dumb with love, Babygirl.” You kiss him gently and he lifts an arm you keep you there when you pull back. “Little more suga’” you treat him to a few more kisses.
“You have other visitors you know.” And he shakes his head kissing at your chin and cheek.
“No.” You kiss him one more time and then push him back onto the bed.
“Then you need to rest.” You tell him and he pouts. The most powerful man on the Eastern Sea Board and he’s pouting because you won’t give him kisses. Rediculous. You finally wrestle him into sleeping, and then Sam, Bucky, and Emily came in. Sam and Bucky answering phone calls, and taking care of the business of the day. You and Emily taking care of the club, making sure everything is fine as much as you can from the hospital.
Steve wakes up every once and a while trying to take back everything over but you refuse and tell him to sleep. You make Bucky go back to the pent house to get Steve’s teas you made. They helped him sleep and relax, he was always just so tense.
When the nurses said he could go home at the end of the day you took great care in getting him to your shared bed. Bucky helped you, Steve was taller and way heavier than you.
Bucky watched from the doorframe as you two whispered on the bed. Steve laying down and you sitting beside him. Bucky had never seen you panic before, but he’s also never seen you this happy too. He suspects it’s you little prise in the morning as well.
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toomanyrobins · 3 months ago
Summary: Clint Barton, college football star, has a new interest: Y/N Y/L/N. But with her father gone all of the time, a younger brother, and going to college, Y/N has no time for dating. Will Clint get the yes, or will life get in the way?
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader
Content warning: nothing really yet, occasional cursing, mentions of drinking and sex later
Word Count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
Y/N Y/L/N was sitting outside in the quad with her best friend and roommate, Nat, between classes when her phone rang. She dug it out of her bag and answered. Her brother’s school was calling to tell her that Asher was sick. Y/N cursed, she knew the stomach bug was going around and it was going to be a crappy next few days. She asked Nat to send her the notes for the lectures before rushing to her car. In the parking lot, she was digging around trying to find her keys in her purse. She heard her name called and saw Clint Barton and his friends standing around by their cars. He jogged up to her and she could see over his shoulder that they were all watching them. “Where you going?”
Y/N was confused why Clint was talking to her. She rolled her eyes internally at the invasive question. The football team was notorious at their college and she didn’t have time to be one of their flavors of the month. “Places.”
He leaned against the car door, “Are purposefully secretive or does it come naturally?”
“Oh, I’m all natural, Barton,” Y/N jerked on the door handle, knocking him off balance. “Now I have to go. My brother is sick and I have to pick her up.”
“But it’s the middle of the day. Don’t you have class?”
She took a deep breath to keep herself calm. It wasn’t Clint’s fault she felt this way, she was just stressed about Asher, “Look I’m sorry. I wish I had the time to make idle conversation while you decide whether I'm worth sleeping with. But, I don’t. I have a sick kid to get to.” Y/N threw her stuff in the car and peeled out of the school.
Clint walked back over to his friends who had watched the exchange take place. “She looks like your number one fan,” Sam said, laughing at him.
“Oh fuck off. She’s just busy.”
“Looked like she couldn’t wait to get away from you.
In the three days since she’d got the call, Y/N’s life had been sniffles, cuddles, and soup. Just as she had predicted, a sickly five year old was exhausting for any parent, but for a 20-year-old it was beyond overwhelming. Y/N had just planted him in front of the TV when she heard a knock at the door. She swung it open and was greeted by a familiar face, “Mrs. Barnes! What are you doing here?”
“I’ve told you before, call me Winnie!” She held up a dish, “Anyway, I heard about Asher and thought I’d bring dinner by. This stomach bug has been going around and Rebecca had it last week.”
“Oh, that’s so nice of you. It’s been a hectic three days.”
“Have you called your father, dear?”
Y/N nodded, “I left a message with his assistant, but by the time he got back here they’d be on the mend. I’m almost certain I’ll send them back to school tomorrow.”
“Well, I have to get going anyway and pick up Becca. I’ll see you at the Halloween parade next week?” Y/N nodded and closed the door.
Winnie Barnes was her savior. A single mother who had taken pity on Y/N over a year ago. Three years ago, after another nanny had quit, Y/N had started taking care of her two younger siblings. Her father was rarely home and the women he had impregnated had no interest in raising children. This combination led to a 17-year-old raising a three and four year old all on her own. Last year, Winnie had befriended Y/N and since then she tried her best to offer support. Y/N refused to talk about her father’s absence, but they both knew her father was rarely home. Thankfully, Winnie’s magic had worked again and the next day, both kids were feeling much better and life could return to normal.
Y/N was sitting outside of a coffee shop on campus, the autumn sun warming her. She was transcribing all of the notes she had missed last week, when the chair opposite her became occupied by Clint Barton. He smiled at her, “There’s a party tonight. You should come.”
Y/N barely spared him a glance, keeping her eyes on the paper, “Thanks, but I can’t. I have plans.”
“Plans? What kind of plans?”
She weighed her options and decided that there was only one way to get him to leave her alone, “A date.”
“You have a date?”
Y/N sighed and shut her notebook. “Don’t sound so surprised, Barton, or I’ll think I should be insulted.”
“I didn’t mean it that way. You just don’t seem like the type to casually date is all.” Y/N sighed and closed her notebook. She crossed her arms and just stared at him. “Is there something on my face.”
“No, I’m just trying to figure out what it is about you. You’re so annoying and yet, I don’t have the urge to throw my coffee in your lap.”
“Let’s call that my charm,” the boyish grin that he gave her made her laugh. “Now, why did you reject me last week? I'm obviously not repulsive to you.”
“Reject you? What was there to reject? I don’t remember anything being asked.”
Clint glared playfully at her, “Don’t play stupid, it doesn’t work for you. You know what I was trying to do.”
“Look, Clint, you’re right. I did know what you were trying to do. You’re cute, but I have two young siblings and I’m the only parent they know of.”
“You think I’m cute?”
Y/N laughed, “Of course, that’s what you get out of it.”
Clint smiled at her again, “I hear you, though. I’ll back off, but just know I’m not giving up.” He pushed his chair back and started to walk away, but turned back around, “By the way, you didn’t actually say no.”
Clint was in the kitchen with Bucky talking about the party that night. Becca, Bucky’s younger sister, came running into the room, “You can’t go to a party! My Halloween Parade is tonight! You guys promised you would come!”
He crouched down, “How about we go to your show and then the party after. Deal?” He held out his pinky. Becca surveyed him for a second and then held out her finger in agreement. That night, when they got to the school, Winnie was immediately pulled in by friends. Parents chatted away, occasionally asking him and Bucky how their second year of college was going and how working at Stark Industries was. He noticed the woman next to him kept looking around and leaned over, “What are you looking for Mama Win?”
“This lovely girl, Y/N.” Clint perked up at the name, “She’s around your age and usually is at these things. I saw her younger brother, but not her. Oh wait, there she is!” Winnie waved over to the teenager.
Y/N smiled and greeted her, “Sorry, I’m late. The joys of costume emergencies and five-year-olds. It’s a lethal combination.”
Winnie waved away her apologies, “Is your father here?” Y/N was quick to make excuses for her father. She had been doing it for years. The older woman nodded sympathetically, “Oh, well that’s too bad.”
“Yes, he was very disappointed to miss this.” Clint could tell that she was hiding something, but before anything also could be said, they were interrupted by a young boy running up.
“Y/N! Y/N! Carter spilled juice on my dress!”
His classmate plastered a smile on her face, even though Winnie and Clint knew that she was overwhelmed by the chaos, “It’ll be okay. I’ve got a change of clothes for you in my car.”
“Why don’t I take him to the bathroom and get him cleaned up while you run and grab the clothes,” Winnie offered.
Y/N looked relieved, “That would be great. Thank you,” she quickly started to leave the gym.
Clint jogged after her, “I thought you said you had a date tonight.”
“I do. At Pizza Charlie’s. It’s a tradition to take the kids after school events. Plus with trick-or-treating tomorrow, I just don’t have time for frat parties or hangovers.” They stopped in front of the car and Clint looked into the trunk. He saw that her car was made for kids. She had changes of clothes, toys, and snacks.
“This is your car?”
“Yeah,” Y/N was confused, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, it just looks like Winnie’s. You weren’t kidding when you told me that stuff earlier.”
“My dad’s pretty busy. So I spend a lot of time with my brother. You learn to be prepared. On another note, what are you doing at a kindergarten spring concert?”
Clint rubbed his neck and blushed, “Winnie’s like a mom to me and Becca is like a little sister. A very persuasive sister who has made it clear to Bucky and I that we are needed at every school event.”
Y/N laughed, “Oh yes, I am very familiar with the persuasiveness of five-year-olds. There is a reason we keep going to Pizza Charlie’s and it is not because I think the food is good.” The duo headed back inside and Y/N headed off to the bathroom, while Clint went back to Bucky.
“Dude, I can not wait to get out of here. People are sending videos of the party set-up and it looks awesome.”
“Yeah, I’m actually thinking of bailing tonight. Practice killed me.”
Bucky stared at the blonde. His blue eyes were like lazors, searching for the truth, “You’re going to Pizza Charlie’s with that Y/N girl aren’t you.”
Clint was so confused, “What the hell, man?”
“I’m psychic,” Bucky laughed at his friend’s face, “No, I’m messing with you. Mom told me she and Becca are going with them after. Figured you had hopped on in hopes of more time with Y/N.”
“You are a truly terrifying person sometimes.”
Winnie and Y/N came back with her sister and sat down with Bucky and Clint. After the concert had ended, Asher sat down on Y/N’s lap while everyone spoke. He looked up at Clint, “Are you Y/N’s boyfriend?”
Y/N choked on the candy she was eating as Bucky roared in laughter, “Ash, what the fuck?”
The little boy pointed at his sister, “That’s a dollar in the jar. And what, he kept staring at you!”
“You can’t just ask people that without some warning.”
“Okay, how do I warn them?”
Y/N was stammering for an answer and Clint decided to help her, “I’m not your sister’s boyfriend. I go to school with her.”
“Do you want to be her boyfriend?”
“Asher Y/L/N, what has gotten into you? Enough.”
The boy was pouting, “I heard Aunt Nat telling you that you needed a boyfriend and that you need to lie down or something. I don't know what laying down has to do with the boyfriend thing, but I thought I’d ask.
The situation was like something out of Y/N’s nightmares. Bucky was in tears from laughing, Clint was trying his best not to laugh, Winnie was trying to get Bucky under control and Y/N just stared at the ceiling, willing the universe to give her strength. Finally, she turned to Asher, “I will give you $5 to end this conversation and never bring it up again.”
“Deal!” Y/N slapped the bill into her brother’s hand and rubbed her temples.
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Change Hurts (Part 3.)
[Posted 20.12.31]
Summary: (Y/N) has always been one of the stronger Alphas. Which is saying something when the Avengers is a team overrun with Alphas. A mission gone wrong changes her entire world and when everyone starts treating her different, she doesn’t know if she can cope. Change hurts and (Y/N)’s not sure it’s a pain she cant bear.
Warnings for the Series: strong language, angst, fluff, assault, a/b/o dynamics, sexual content (not sure if there will be smut or just talks, leaning more to just talks but since I don’t know, let’s just say 18+ readers only)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x black!reader?, Sam Wilson x black!reader (platonic)
Word Count: 3.5k
Notes: Hello, we are surprisingly back. I’ve never done a/b/o before but something about this premise seems really fun. You have to thank @the-mighty-jellybean​ for the idea!! I’ve reblogged their fic Fallen From Grace already but you must seriously read it because it’s so good and inspired this one! Hope you enjoy, no clue how long this will be… I know I said hiatus but here we are, anyway, ON WITH THE SHOW!
Notes II: The timeline is post Civil War so we can have everyone in the MCU. The compound doesn’t exist, they still live in Avengers Tower so that way we can be in the city easier. That’s it for now in terms of technical movie notes
Series Masterlist | Previous Part 
Tumblr media
You dragged yourself out of bed early in the morning like you had been doing for the past couple of weeks and trudged to the bathroom. Your new normal, you thought as you pulled the band tight through your teeth and stabbed the syringe into your thigh. Chewing the Omega suppressant, you quickly showered and made your way into the gym for training. 
The black sports bra was still slightly damp. You had taken to handwashing all of your clothes, the scent not quite disappearing if it was hand washed rather than machine-washed. You couldn’t go on any longer without washing your training clothes but needed the smell to stay on. Bruce was working late in the nights when everyone left the lab to try and reverse the serum but so far nothing was coming back indicating a breakthrough. 
You avoided sparring when you could and opted for the bots— not always successful. Sam was usually your partner because it made everything easier. But there were other times it had to be someone else and you just prayed no one would smell a thing. Like now with Nat. She knocked you flat on your ass and you grumbled as she stretched out a hand to help you up. 
“Pretty soon I’ll be the one with the winning streak,” she said with a smirk. 
“Shut up, you got lucky.” You snapped. 
Nat held her hands up in surrender before placing them on her hips. 
“What has you so worked up? So damn irritable. Those suppressants are messing with you, I swear.” 
“Must have taken two pills by accident this morning, wasn’t paying attention.” 
“You’re always so on top of it. Had to have been a rough start to make you that forgetful.” 
“Yeah, rough start,” you muttered. 
You rubbed at your side and headed into the locker room. The rest of the team followed behind to grab their equipment and head back upstairs for showers and a break. Sam stopped you in the locker room after everyone else walked out. 
“You’ve got to start taking both shots in the morning,” he whispered. 
The injections were administered in two doses. You took one when you woke up and one in the evening to spread it out, finding that taking both at the same time didn’t make you feel so hot. Some people could handle the double dosage, you couldn’t. 
“The team’s starting to wonder why you’re always disappearing during dinner and come back a few minutes later,” he explained. 
“I have to pee.”
“They’re not really buying that excuse from Bruce and I anymore.”
You chewed on your bottom lip. It wasn’t the easiest to take both in the morning but if everyone was getting suspicious then maybe it was for the better to do so. You decided it was ultimately for the best. Starting tomorrow, you would get up a little earlier and take both shots and use the extra morning time to try and recover before heading to training. 
When you entered your room, you frowned at the sight and smell of people on your couch. 
“FRIDAY, what did I say about just letting people into my room?” 
“They insisted it was urgent, (Y/N).” 
You huffed and walked over to where Sharon, Maria, Bucky, and Steve were sitting on your couch. The scowl on your phase let them know to be quick. Maria unlocked the tablet and handed it to you. 
“SHIELD wants a small group for this one. Sam’s going to be taking the West Coast so I’m the replacement.” 
“Nat?” you asked. 
Sharon rolled her eyes. “Going with Sam since she knows the men. I’m her replacement so deal with it.” 
Instead of growling, to everyone’s shock, you just let it go and locked the tablet. Maria took the tablet back from you. 
“Ok, I’m briefed. We leave in three days, understood. Now get the fuck out of my space.” 
It came out as a snarl and they were on their feet. No matter what your cells might suddenly say, you had spent your whole damn life as an Alpha and that didn’t miraculously change. It especially didn’t change when everyone still thought you were an Alpha. The four in front of you opened their mouths and then closed them. 
“You good, (Y/N/N)?” Bucky asked. 
“Yeah,” you said tense. “I was just trying to relax after training and I’m not getting that right now.” 
“Right, sorry.” 
They started to pile out. It wasn’t that you wanted to relax. You wanted them out of your space because the smell was too much, especially with Bucky and Maria being the only claimed ones in the room. You glared at the couch that was now covered in them. How long had they been waiting in your room? Steve stopped when he saw you rub your temples. His hand on your shoulder made you calm immediately before you tensed up at the fact you simply melted under his touch. 
“Maybe you should go to the masseuses downstairs. Have professional help instead of whatever you do.” 
“I’m fine, Steve. Just need a bath and a nap.” 
He gave you a nod and left with the others. You took in a deep breath once he was gone. Warming up your hands, you touched the pillows and watched them burn up in your clutches. Every pillow except for the one Steve had been holding was burnt off of the couch. Your alarm rang and you sighed. Even with the suppressants, you weren’t sure how bad a heat would be. Bruce tried to walk you through it but said that it was only understandable once you went through it physically. The only thing you knew was that a rut was not nearly as bad and you’d give anything to have one instead. 
The bath wasn’t warm but freezing cold. You felt hot— not as sweaty as most Omegas but definitely slightly overheating. If you had to you could easily get up and still handle your daily tasks. But you couldn’t deny the warmth in your lower abdomen was something you rather have gotten rid of through natural means. You tilted your head back and enjoyed the rest of the bath, mentally preparing yourself for the nightly shot you’d have to take once you got out. 
The team questioned the missing seat of their team member. Bruce and Sam tried to distract but no one paid attention. Sam was the first to come up with a bullshit excuse that you went to find a hookup and were either coming home late or not at all. Nat asked FRIDAY so she could figure out if they needed to set anything aside for you to eat later. 
“There’s no need to call her. Miss (L/N) is in her room.” 
“I’ll get her,” Steve stood up. “Probably just forgot after hooking up.” 
Wanda laughed. “Have we met many presentations that made (Y/N) forget to want to have dinner after sex?” 
The elevator doors closed before Sam and Bruce could do anything about it. Steve knocked and you didn’t reply. He figured he could just walk in when FRIDAY informed him that the door wasn’t locked. You were sitting on the edge of the tub and pulled the band. You stabbed the syringe into the vial of serum to suck it up before sticking the needle into your thigh. 
“(Y/N)?” Steve called into the duplex. 
The suddenness of his voice scared you, you hadn’t smelled him coming in. Your fingers fumbled as you tried to grab the vial but it shattered on the floor. You muttered no’s over and over again as you looked at the destroyed medicine.Your head snapped up when you heard the creak of the stairs as Steve’s foot stepped on it. You were sweating in panic and even worse you could smell Steve and it made the warmth in your abdomen burn a little more.
“You still have an Omega here?” he called as his nose was suddenly flooded with the scent of an Omega he didn’t recognize. 
You saw your chance. 
“Holy shit, Steve, get the fuck out! Be down in a minute.” Your voice summoned up as much Alpha in it as possible. 
“Sorry. Sorry. Just thought you came back alone.” 
He retreated and you waited until you heard the door close. You went back to the broken vial and spilled serum. You were in heat, even if you stayed in your room someone ran the risk of smelling it. There was no choice but to take the vial meant for tomorrow morning and join them at dinner. You’d have to beg Bruce to try and get you just one more bottle before the next month of injections was delivered. With extra careful hands, you took the vial for tomorrow morning and stabbed the syringe into it. 
No one was any wiser when you got downstairs, instead cracking jokes about Steve almost walking in on something he shouldn’t have. He just complained that your suppressants were making you annoying that day and hoped you never lost focus on taking your meds again. You sat next to Sam and dropped your head on his shoulder before grabbing some food to pile on your plate. Steve was on the other side of him and you were trying to control every urge to reach out to him— the thought scaring you a little bit. On the team, Steve was the only unclaimed Alpha. That had to be the reason you felt so drawn, at least that’s what you were telling yourself. Which meant sooner or later you’d have to go out and find somebody else to try and suppress any urges. 
“You watching a movie with us?” Wanda asked. 
You straightened up and grabbed your plate, dumping the scraps in the trash and the dish in the sink. With your classic side smile, you strutted to the elevator. No matter what, you remembered how to be an Alpha. 
“Sorry, Wands. Still a little busy upstairs if you know what I mean.”
“You should’ve invited them down for dinner.”
You barked out a laugh. “No chance. They’ll start thinking I’m trying to bond with them.” 
The elevator closed before anyone could say anything else. You muttered a thank you to no one in particular that you were in the clear. No one would bother you for the rest of the night. You texted Bruce. The message he sent back wasn’t particularly comforting. He wasn’t sure if he could sneak out a vial to replace the one you dropped. It was easier to fudge the numbers for the beginning month shipment but not once a few weeks had gone by. You sighed in frustration and practically buried yourself under your comforter. 
No one else was allowed to touch your mission bag. It was a small mission but Maria said you guys would have to hideout for a few days. Which meant you would have to bring the injections with you. You weren’t taking the chance of letting anyone else touch your bag and accidentally breaking the vials or discovering them. Very carefully, you set down the bag by your feet and sat down in the co-pilot chair. You stiffened at the footsteps behind you. 
“I thought Buck was flying with me,” you said. 
“He and Steve are running over last minute plans. You’re stuck with me.” 
Sharon sat down in the other seat. Neither one of you looked at each other. You didn’t have to talk to get the job done so the flight was long and silent. You stretched and jumped out of the quinjet when it reached the safe house. The other four followed behind you, the feeling of still being a leader made you feel warm and proud inside. The safe house was nothing spectacular but it also wasn’t the worst one, some were literal shacks in the desert. 
“Alright.” Maria dropped her bag. “Buck and I are in the small room. Sharon, Steve, and (Y/N) get the big one.” 
You almost dropped your bag. “What?” 
“Three unclaimed Alphas. Not smart to have you guys room with me or Bucky when we both have bonds. I’m not saying anything would happen but if the mission accidentally starts you up, better to be safe about it. Before our partners kill you when we get back home.” 
You sulked into the big room and threw your stuff on the smaller twin bed in the corner. No one thought much of it. It was easy to assume that you were just annoyed at the thought of having to room with Steve and Sharon, especially when they would be sharing the bigger full-size bed. Internally you were panicking. 
You had been on missions with Maria before, she was a heavy sleeper. If it wasn’t a high-stakes mission so close to what should have been your usual rut time, you would have bunked with her no problem. And her tendency to not wake up once her head hit the pillow was perfect for you. It gave you a nice window of opportunity to take your suppressants and injections. The safe house only had one bathroom and you didn’t want to risk carrying the vials back and forth from the bed to the bathroom so you would have to be sneaky and take them in your room. You stripped from your normal clothes and into your suit. 
The fighting wasn’t much that day. You quickly showered and slammed the bedroom door shut, knowing someone would barge in a few minutes later. Like clockwork, you had barely slipped on your shirt when Sharon and Steve walked in. 
“You both ever heard of knocking? It’s a new invention, you should try it sometimes.” 
They rolled their eyes and flopped down on the bed. Sharon got up first to take a shower. Bucky entered the room as she left and sat down on the big bed. The two men looked at you expectantly. Their eyebrows lifted when you plopped down on the small twin bed. 
“First time for everything I guess,” Bucky said with a laugh. “We’re both all washed up (Y/N/N), not sweaty.” 
It was pretty customary for Team Cap to have a post-mission cuddle each night of the missions. Usually it was all five of you: Sam, Steve, Bucky, Nat, and you. You guys would find a way to fit all your bodies on the same bed and just talk about nothing until it’s time to sleep. Maria and Sharon didn’t share the same enthusiasm for post-mission talks when they joined you guys— most of the Avengers didn’t share that enthusiasm. 
There wasn’t really a good excuse for you to avoid them so you took in a deep breath, enjoying the last smell of fresh air, and pushed yourself off the bed to move to the bigger one. You could gag at the overpowering smell of them. It never bothered you before, now it was downright ridiculous. They talked and you contributed where you could. If you could hold your nose you would have. Steve and Bucky didn’t smell anything from you at all and of course they weren’t bothered by the smell of each other. 
There was only one time in your life that you would ever show gratitude to Sharon and this was one of them. When she strolled back into the room yawning, Bucky took that as his cue to leave and let everyone go to bed. You moved back to your small twin bed and turned your back on the other two. It felt like hours had gone by. You couldn’t fall asleep until you took your injection because you couldn’t set an alarm to wake you up without waking up Sharon and Steve as well. You turned over and saw two bodies that weren’t moving. As gently as you could, you sat up and grabbed the vial from the bag under your bed. 
“You still up?” 
Sharon asked right. The band fell from between your teeth and you silently screamed as the vial dropped and you could hear the sound of it breaking. It was still dark in the room but you felt she could make out an outline of your body. At least she couldn’t see anything for real. 
“Your bed creaking woke me up.” 
“Forgot to put on my headscarf and take my suppressant, my bad.” 
You fished for another vial, pissed that you had damaged another one and were completely screwed for the last days of the month. You hoped Sharon would mistake the sound of the broken vial as you dropping your pill bottle and hastily stabbed yourself with the injection. You quickly dropped the items back in your bag before her eyes could adjust to the darkness and begin to see what was actually happening. 
The syringe laid at the bottom of your bag. It was unsafe carrying all of them in there but there was no place in the safe house you felt comfortable disposing the used ones in. You weren’t going to risk someone finding it in the trash. You said another goodnight before Sharon could say another word and went to sleep. 
All four nights at the safe house were met with very rough sleep. You were always on edge every night and slept very few hours to make sure you were up before Steve so you could take your morning shot. It was noticeable to the others. You seemed irritable and no one would say it but it wasn’t the most pleasant to be around. You were even at Sharon’s throat more than usual. When you returned to the tower, you immediately jumped off the quinjet and headed to your room not saying hi to anyone but Sam. The others informed everyone of what was going on when you stormed back in all done up in the tightest and shortest outfit possible. 
“Jacket,” you demanded from Steve. 
Your foot tapped with great impatience at how long he was taking to do what you asked. He took his jacket off and handed it to you with little hesitation. You adjusted it on you, shoving your stuff into the jacket pockets. 
“I’ll be out all night. Don’t need to know where I’m going, don’t wait up, don’t need me. Bye.” 
The team watched your heavy boot stomping towards the elevator. 
“Has she ever had a rut that bad?” Vision asked. 
“She was getting miserable the last couple of days,” Bucky said. 
“Kept forgetting to take her suppressant before bed,” Steve added. “Woke me up almost every night. She’s not very jittery but has been the whole damn time.” 
“Well, there’s your answer. She normally takes it pretty routinely, (Y/N)’s good for that. She’ll be fine tomorrow just needs to work it out,” Bruce covered. 
He hadn’t been able to steal another vial and the last day of the mission was also the last day of the month’s supply. You were going to stay out all night and sneak back to the tower after everyone left the residential floors where you would stay until the next morning and Bruce could get you the next crate. And you would be more careful. He couldn’t sneak out more than you needed and you weren’t going to let another mistake happen where you lost a vial. 
The tight club outfit was on purpose. You had to dress like the most promiscuous Alpha out there to help play the part. It was also your previous clubbing outfit and hadn’t been washed, keeping that scent on you. Steve’s jacket was a second precaution. If your faded scent on old clothes wasn’t enough, his jacket had to be. You were surrounded by Alpha smells, there wasn’t a hint of Omega in sight. 
You weren’t going to any clubs. It would be stupid to take that risk of getting sweaty on a dance floor and letting the Omega scent slip out. Instead, you decided to hang out at a twenty-four hour diner and just play around on your phone and listen to music until you could go back home. The waitress was so nice as she gave you your food and first round of coffee. 
“Are you working the late shift?” you asked her in the most pleasant tone you could muster. 
It was important to seem super friendly when you absolutely reeked of Alpha. You weren’t trying to scare the Omega waitress or make her think you were up to something. She went back to the bar seating area and began to wipe it down. 
“Night shift gets the best tips around this time of the month,” she said with a shrug. 
She wasn’t wrong. The end of the month was always some party in New York City— a good chunk of them thrown by Tony. Everyone was out, money was getting spent left and right, and if you breathed too deep the whole city reeked of sex. 
“Also the most drunks this time of the month.”
You said with a sip of your coffee. There were other words unsaid but she seemed to understand you. A lot of Alphas ran around and even bonded ones were subject to cause havoc. The waitress finished wiping down the area and collecting plates that had been left by other patrons. The diner was empty except for the two of you. She came back to refill your coffee. 
You motioned to the booth seat across from you. She looked around. 
“Ah, no one else is in. Come on, have a cup of coffee.”
(Part 4)...
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Wiersa - Chapter 9
Fandom: Marvel Pairing: Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes Title: Wiersa - Chapter 9, by Meeni Rating: T Square Filled: N1: Insomnia Summary: After the end of the world, there are no more demons and no more angels. But there are still humans and monsters to protect them from. And so there are hunters. Clint Barton is one of them. James Barnes? Well. A lot of people consider him more monster than human these days. He’s not exactly sure where the line stands anymore. (A Supernatural AU) Warnings: discussions of insomnia and mental health issues, but nothing too graphic this chapter
Read it on AO3.
Clint hated burning bodies. He hated the smell and he hated the reminder of his mortality and he hated how many awful memories the fire always brought up for him.
Mostly, he hated the smell.
Hunters' funerals were the worst, because then the bodies were fresh and the stench of the burning flesh overwhelmed the air. This wasn't as bad, but it still wasn't nice.
Clint might not have felt as whiny as he was right now if he wasn't also so tired. The smoke wasn't helping, making him feel like he was short on breath. He desperately needed to sleep, and he knew that James had noticed something was up.
Of course he had noticed, Clint had almost gotten the two of them and Janiece killed.
Clint knew there was a talk coming. He also knew he really didn't want to have to talk about this. He didn't like to admit weakness. Not to strangers, not to friends. Not even to himself.
Especially not to himself.
It hadn't gotten this bad in a long time, and Clint had thought that maybe he was finally free of it. But it had been three days since he'd caught more than a couple hours of fitful sleep a night, and he was quickly approaching the end of his rope.
When the flames had finally died down enough that it was safe to leave, Clint offered Janiece a ride. The woman had been possessed for days, she was alone, without any supplies, and the least they could do was drive her to the nearest rest camp. Most of those places had policies in place that allowed people to work for their food and shelter if they didn't have anything to trade in for a night's rest.
Besides, if she accepted the offer, Janiece would act as a nice buffer between James and Clint, giving the latter some more blessed time to figure out what he was going to tell the other man.
It wasn't like PTSD was an uncommon thing these days. It was a lot less rare than a good therapist. And Clint knew there was no shame in struggling with mental health, except of course that knowing that didn't prevent him from drowning in the stuff.
It was just... He didn't like not being in control. He didn't want to have to admit that he wasn't in control. He didn't want to have to admit to his own weakness, didn't want James to judge him.
He didn't want to seem like he was making excuses.
So many people had had it worse than him, still had it worse than him. And they kept on going. Hell, just look at James. He'd been possessed for years on end, he'd lost his best friends and been manipulated by the armies of hell, and he was still standing. He was probably the best fighter that Clint had ever seen besides Natasha, but he was also human, so that comparaison was more in his favor than anything else.
How could Clint look him in the eye and tell him that he needed a break because all of that stuff about Purgatory had brought up some bad memories in him and he hadn't been able to rest properly since leaving LA?
Probably by doing just that. Clint knew that was what he had to do. He just really, really didn't want to.
Clint drove on the way to the rest camp. Probably a bad idea, but at least it kept his mind off things a little. Besides, his short stint as a ghost puppet had woken him up a great deal.
He hadn't taken the time to fix his hearing aids, probably wouldn't have been able to considering his hands tended to shake when he was too tired. So he'd put his spare ones in. They did the job, but tended not to be good at filtering between different noise sources. Which meant no music in the car.
It was a quiet and frankly rather depressing drive. Janiece made herself small in the back seat, looking out the window and saying nothing. Clint figured the truth of what had happened was finally hitting her, now that the adrenaline from the fight had worn off. He wondered if there had been someone else with her when she'd been possessed. It was pretty rare to see people hunting alone. Too dangerous.
But Clint didn't ask. He didn't want to know how much she'd lost. He'd heard that story too many times before, and he was in no emotional shape to listen to it again. It probably made him selfish, but well. It wasn't as if Janiece seemed eager to share either.
She did thank them profusely when they finally dropped her off. They stayed at the rest camp long enough to cook themselves some food, but it was early in the afternoon, so when someone approached them about a potential hunt in one of the re-urbanized area a few hours away, they decided they might as well hit the road again.
And so Clint had to finally stop avoiding the conversation.
James didn't even let him get inside the van before starting. Instead, he stopped Clint as he was about to head for the driver's side.
“Don't you think I'd better drive?”
Clint played it cool. He knew it was useless, but he couldn't help it. He just felt that prickly aboutthe entire situation. “I mean, if you want to. I've got no strong feelings either way.”
James didn't respond. Instead, he just looked at Clint. Very intensely. It was the worst kind of response. Clint didn't like silence. It made him nervous, and he babbled when he was nervous. Except that right then he was trying not to talk, so this really wasn't good.
“The old thing's got a temperament, but you handled her just fine this morning, so I guess I can trust you.” He fished out the keys from his pocket. “Here you go.”
James took the keys from his fingers, but also caught Clint's wrist before he could pull away. “We need to talk.”
“Sure. That's fine. I'm talking. It's usually you who sticks to the silent brooding and stuff. Or well, I guess I did some of that earlier too, but talking verbally when I don't have my hearing aids in is a pain. Do you know ASL? You should learn ASL. It's very useful.”
There was something in the way that James said his name that stopped all of Clint's thoughts dead in their tracks. It reminded him of Natasha every time she was done with his bullshit. Clint could have gotten mad about it, could have argued that he didn't need to be treated like a child, but instead Bucky's stern tone just made him realize that James... cared. The fight went out of him in one breath.
“Sorry. I just. I don't really want to talk about it.”
James raised an eyebrow, but he also let go of Clint's wrist. He moved towards the van, so Clint followed, stepping into the passenger side.
Unlike what Clint had thought, James immediately started driving, and for a while there was only silence. The music was still off, and Clint didn't dare turn it on and draw attention to himself.
After several long minutes, James finally spoke again.
“You haven't been sleeping well.”
Clint didn't look at him, keeping his gaze fixed on the scenery outside. James' gaze was just too... intense, sometimes. When he was focused on something.
“Not really.”
“Not really? You asked me to drive this morning. Because you hadn't slept.”
“I didn't think it would be a problem. I thought just resting in the car would be enough. It wasn't supposed to be a problem. Not like I could have known the ghost was possessing people.”
“You should have told me. If you're not feeling at 100%, I need to know about it. It doesn't matter what we're hunting. I need to know so I can look out for-”
“I don't need someone to protect me, okay? I'm fine. I'm just fucking tired. It's not a big deal. I messed up today, sure, but you're not my babysitter and I don't need to tell you everything about me and I can take care of my-fucking-self.”
Clint immediately hated himself for the way he'd spoken. James hadn't deserved any of that. He was entirely right and Clint was just making everything worse by proving how much of a mess he was.
“I used to sleep in bouts of 2 hours,” James said after more silence had passed. “A full sleep cycle. I would do that three times a day, keep moving between cycles. It was the only way that felt safe.”
This was exactly what Clint had been trying to avoid. Thinking about James being so scared was horryfing. The man was so strong. If he was scared, how was Clint supposed to keep going? He didn't want to know this. He was aware that James was just trying to help by sharing his story, but Clint really didn't want to know this.
“Sleeping for longer than that felt like I was losing time. I knew Lucifer was dead, I did, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it hadn't been real, that it all was just-
“Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there,” Clint said, finally turning towards James again. To his credit, the other man was keeping his eyes on the road. Clint was glad. His van might be old and busted, but that didn't mean they could afford to crash it. “I absolutely do not need to hear this, okay? This is not a fucking intervention. I already admitted that I messed up today. And I'm sorry about that. I put you and Janiece in danger and I'm sorry. It shouldn't have happened and it won't happen again. End of story.”
“I was just trying-”
“Just trying to help. I get it. The thing is, it doesn't help. We all have awful stories, okay? And yours is worse than most. And if you need to talk about it, I'll listen, but not now. Not if you're doing it for me and every word feels like you're pulling teeth out of your own mouth, you know?”
James frowned. “I wasn't-”
“You kind of were. It's okay. It's sweet. But this isn't that kind of problem, okay? I don't feel sad or alone or whatever. I don't need to know that it gets better. I just need to sleep. It's just something that happens sometimes. It will pass.”
“It just seemed like-” James stopped himself before finishing his sentence. Clint was grateful for it. It had sounded very much like he'd been about to ask whether Clint's insomnia was connected to Natasha's visit a few days earlier.
And, yes, probably it was. He'd been feeling restless and anxious ever since they'd left LA.
The thing was, the implications of Natasha asking for his help had only really sunk in after she'd left. He was still used to the idea that she needed him as much as he needed her, even if that wasn't true. In truth, he still had no idea how powerful she was, and the fact that that Purgatory stuff had her so worried had made him panic a little.
Clint was just a guy after all.
Listening to James' stories about his time as Lucifer's vessel had really rubbed that in. Clint wasn't made to play a part in those cosmic kinds of threat. He wasn't made to battle angels, even less archangels, and certainly not hordes of demons. One or two of them? Sure. He'd done that back in the days. Still knew his Latin exorcism by heart. But the armies that started showing up during the War? Nope. Much too big for him to deal with.
His main skillset was that he was good at staying alive. For someone who got injured as often as he did, he was surprisingly hard to kill.
And it was a good skillset to have. One he'd been able to put to use in a way that helped people. From the point of view of humans, the regular ones, the War hadn't been as much something they had fought in as an event that they had survived.
But now... If what Natasha had said was true, humans would be smack in the middle of it when the gates to Purgatory opened. And so they were supposed to bring the fight there, to attack first, or at least figure out enough that they could stop it.
This was a different thing altogether, and Clint had agreed to help Natasha because of course he would, of course he would help her and of course he would fight, but he felt entirely out of his depth and frankly terrified.
So maybe this all had something to do with why he couldn't sleep. Maybe.
“It's fine if you don't want to speak about it.” James was the one to once again break the silence. And who knew that all it took to make him talk was for Clint to shut up? Maybe he should try that more often. (He probably wouldn't.) “But I do need you to tell me when something's wrong. Not because you can't handle yourself, but because it means that I need to handle myself differently. And this is not... I'm not saying that I can't trust you to have my back. I do trust you. When you're not hiding things that could put us both in danger.”
He was being so reasonable about the whole thing, it was absolutely infuriating. But Clint knew that responding with anger now would be doing the both of them a disservice. So he took a deep breath, forcing himself to calm down and act rationally instead of letting his vulnerability dictate his reaction. It wasn't easy.
“I'm gonna try. I know it wasn't a good idea not to say anything, and I'm gonna try not to do it again in the future. But I don't want to talk about it. It's just some trouble sleeping. It won't get better by sobbing it out, okay?”
Silence settled once more. James was a good driver. Smooth. It was easy for Clint to let his mind spread out and unravel until he approached a state that could almost be called rest.
“Sorry I was so harsh. I just... I hate it when I get like this. I feel on edge. I hate the way it makes me feel and I hate how I lash out in return. And I did lash out. You didn't deserve that.” He took a deep breath, still looking at the road instead of James. “I just hate feeling this vulnerable. Out of control. I hate it. And when I look at you and all you've been through... I don't know. I hate that I can break down so easily, because of something as simple as not sleeping. That's why I didn't want to say anything. Which isn't an excuse, I know that, but well. At least it's an explanation.”
James didn't reply. Clint was glad for that as well. He wasn't sure what he would have done with James' forgiveness if he had gotten it.
The other man insisted they stop at a rest camp that night, not actually saying it was for Clint's sake even though they both knew it. He didn't argue. It would have been too much of a cliché to say he was too tired to argue. You could never be too tired to argue, that just wasn't possible. Clint was pretty sure he would still be arguing with people on his deathbed.
He just thought James deserved for him to shut up. For once. As a treat. Because he'd been nice and polite and hadn't pried. Totally not because Clint was exhausted.
As he slipped into bed, Clint thought that maybe he should have protested. He thought that if he didn't manage to fall asleep tonight they would have wasted valuable trade ressources for nothing. Hunting might be a more respectable profession than before, but it wasn't like anybody was rich enough to hand out freebies for every vampire head one brought back, so it still couldn't pay the bill.
After staring at the back of his eyelids for some long minutes, Clint turned to his side. He waited. He turned to his other side.
James was sleeping in the bed next to him, in a perfectly straight position on his back. It was kind of freaky.
But then Clint noticed that he could see his chest move with the movement of his breaths. A rush of relief ran over Clint.
He realized that James' position made him look like he was dead. That was what had been making him uneasy about it.
Clint also realized that he really didn't want James to be dead.
Clint watched him breathe for a moment longer. Unconsciously, he started matching the rhythm of his own breaths to that of James's. Slowly, very slowly, he felt drowsiness take over his body.
As he closed his eyes, Clint thought that he really wanted to be alive along with James.
It was a nice thought to have.
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slytherinzouis · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m back after my hiatus from fanfiction, to give y’all the best multifandom recs of the fics I read this month. Shoutout to all content creators who helped us live to see the close of this year. This fic includes 15 fics for Sterek, Larry, Winteriron, and Geraskier. The starred ones put me through heaven and hell *chef’s kiss*.
Sterek (Teen Wolf)
1. Six Letter Word for Romance by @troubleiwant | domestic kink - omg there’s only one bed - soft Derek - oblivious idiots in love - 6k
Stiles definitely starts off thinking it’s fucking hilarious that Derek-sourwolf-Hale does crosswords and cares about scuffs on his furniture.
But at a certain point, and he can’t pinpoint exactly when, “fully functional adult couple” somehow becomes a massive fetish of his. Derek in sweats and bare feet, nudging his glasses up his nose while he does the Sunday crossword? Unff. Derek filling out forms to get some renovations on his property approved? Oh God, yes. Derek putting away groceries and bitching that the corner store was out of the right type of Greek yogurt? Take me now, Stiles thinks, worrying at his lower lip with his teeth.
This can’t be normal.
2. *Dirty Little Secret* by @isthatbloodonhisshirt | Cora & Stiles bffs - no one can resist the Stilinski charm - celebrity Derek - human au - 91k
“Holy shit, this is a date!” he blurted out, turning back to Derek wide-eyed. “This is a date! You intended for this to be a date, this was supposed to be a date!” He figured if he said it enough times, maybe he would believe it, but so far, no dice.
Derek was scowling again—seriously, did he want wrinkles?—but he just reached into one of the bags and pulled out a burger, checking what was written on the foil in sharpie before handing it over to Stiles.
“Of course it’s a date, what did you think this was?”
3. Can You Feel A Whole New Part of Your World? by @isthatbloodonhisshirt | i genuinely don’t look at authors names i just click i am sorry for spamming you but you write too good - neighbors Sterek - emotionally mature Stiles - the ideal fluffy world you’d want to live in - 53k
Can you hear me singing in the shower?” Stiles blurted out, because he had to know, now. If one of his neighbours had slid that note under his door, then it meant Parrish as another neighbour could hear him, too! He had to know if this was all a huge joke and one person had walked by and overheard him and decided to fuck with him.
Parrish gave him a weird look at the question, but answered anyway, making Stiles’ plans to leave the country speed up in his mind.
“Of course I can. You’re actually not bad. Though you have been singing a lot of Frozen lately, getting kind of tired of the soundtrack.”
4. Theory of Overprotective Canines by @petals42 | derek can turn into wolf - oblivious Stiles - future fic - mutual pining - 11k
Stiles is totally looking forward to living alone in his super cool apartment off-campus. He is. He is also very excited to bike to school every day, ready to set up an awesome game room, and definitely over his crush on Derek Hale. Completely over it.
Or at least he is until Derek decides he's moving in with him. And then turns out to be the perfect roommate. And then starts attending all his classes. As a wolf.
This is not going according to plan.
Larry (One Direction)
5. **The Changer and the Changed** by @homosociallyyours | literally the best fic of all time i want to live in there - girl direction - NYC ‘70s au - trans Zayn - the girls are so lovely - 59k
It’s the spring of 1977 and Harry Styles has just moved to New York City after graduating college. She knows she’s a lesbian. She just needs to figure out how to meet other lesbians.
Louis Tomlinson works at a popular women’s bookstore in the Lower East Side, Womon’s Direction, where she spends her days reading feminist literature, writing poetry, exchanging friendly barbs with her boss Niall, and dreaming of finding someone to love.
When Harry and Louis meet, their connection is instantaneous. Slowly but surely, Louis welcomes Harry into her community of women. Stonewall veteran and old school butch Niall; Liam, a land dyke who’s moved to the city for love; and Zayn, a lesbian musician who’s been ostracized by a vocal part of women’s community for being trans, welcome Harry with open arms, ready to help her find her place in New York City’s bustling lesbian scene.
6. others i’ve seen might never be mean (but they would never do) by @cherrylouvol6 | aaaaaaaa it’s lesbian When Harry Met Sally !!! - rom com - girl direction - coming out and first times - really great sex - 20k
Louis sighs.
“Do you remember what I said to you the first time we met?”
“That I’m naive and neurotic and would be hard pressed to ever find someone who could put up with me?” Harry snaps.
7. some things fade (some never do) by @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed | aaaaaa this story took me apart and back together again just like Louis and Harry - urban fantasy au - second chances - exes to friends to lovers - hurt/comfort - 25k
Matching tattoos. He’d never thought he’d be the type for tattoos to begin with, let alone matching or magical ones, but once Harry had put the idea in his mind it had never quite managed to disappear. And it had made sense. With their relationship a long distance one, this was simply another way of feeling close to one another. Of knowing where the other was, how they felt. It had made so much sense.
Back then.
8. we can take the long way home by @eleadore | i usually don’t rec my porn but there’s so much feels in this one - canon-divergent - kink discovery - friends to lovers - this was written in 2015 as a future fic but it felt like it was taking place now so good job - 27k
“Fertile,” Louis says, and then laughs because it sounds stupid to say out loud. He hasn’t ever really thought of himself in those terms. Baby-making terms. It’s just one of those things his body can do, like exercise, or go without tea. Doesn’t mean he will.
Winteriron (MCU)
9. **Dig No Graves** by @missaphelion | Tony finds out about his parents right after winter soldier au - Tony Stark has a heart - Bucky heals with bots and lots of sugar - slow burn - 142k
"I'm here to kill you, Terminator," Tony said slowly, "does that compute?"
The soldier looked up at him with wide blue eyes and no expression. "Okay."
Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"
10. A Rifling Matter by Penndragon27 | Winter Soldier has such a big crush on Tony’s weapons, he escapes Hydra au - identity porn - pining Bucky - fluff and angst - Winter Soldier is a fanboy and it’s cute - 37k
All the Asset knows is fighting, killing.
He also knows a good weapon when he sees one and Stark Industries... they make some great weapons.
11. *Winter is Coming (aka Fifty First Avengers Dates)* by @tisfan & @everyworldneedslove | enemies to friends to lovers to 50 first dates - pining Bucky - Tony gets amnesia - no Steve bashing but he’s a little bit of an ass - mental health issues - 109k
Bucky Barnes is still mostly The Asset, and he's pretty sure Hydra is going to come back for him soon, so in the meantime he's just going to keep an eye on the Avengers for them. But then Clint spotted him hiding in the shadows, so Tony came out and dragged Bucky back to the Tower, threw him in the shower, and fed him cheeseburgers.
Now The Asset is having anomalous feelings. In his pants.
Geraskier (The Witcher)
12. *no reason to run* by @yoursummerfrost | different meeting au - only one bed but camping - cursed Jaskier - soft Geralt!!!! - poly negotiations - 61k
"You'll change your mind one day," says the innkeep. "The road can't love you back."
What a strange way to flatten something so beautiful, Jaskier thinks. What a small way to love.
13. *He Fell into a Faerie Ring* by @geraltnoises | Jaskier gets bardnapped after the fight au - non-human Jaskier - soft Geralt - Jaskier encourages people to be kind and becomes a god - emotionally mature Geralt - 57k
Traders are a gossiping sort. If there was a scandal within the noble houses of Posada, you’d hear about it in Cretegor by the end of the week. So, the quick spread of a rumor about a little village in the Kestrel Mountain range was not at all surprising. What was surprising was the story that the traders wove. They said that Luibhtorrach, a sad, ghost of a farming town, had miraculously become a hub for trade, as if overnight. Their lands unbelievably fertile and brimming with crop. Even stranger, each and every one of Luibhtorrach’s people professed that their good fortune was the work of a mysterious beast they’d claimed as their personal deity. Most recent news foretold of their plans to throw a midsummer festival celebrating this newfound god. In preparation, silken blue banners were erected in every corner of the town, each bearing the symbol of their new patron: A delicate dandelion wrapping around a golden sun.
14. Barking Up the Wrong Tree by KHansen | 5+1 things - I’m worried about Geralt’s skills - non-human Jaskier - monsterfucker Geralt - crack treated seriously - 11k
Geralt is 100% certain that Jaskier is a vampire.
He's 100% proven wrong.
15. Bardic Idyll by Lisztful | fake relationship - Geralt is soft and oblivious - pining - fluff and angst - Jaskier you can’t show your emotions mainly through song! - 13k
Jaskier is certain he can win the Continent's annual bardic competition, but he needs to be accompanied by a dashing romantic companion in order to enter. Enter Geralt, who is definitely, for sure, only interested in the free food, and not at all in staring lovingly into Jaskier's eyes.
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jack-skellingtons-stuff · 4 months ago
FMK: King Steve, King Bucky and King Thor?
Omg u my dear have put me in a tight ass spot😂. But like I've wanted to write something for sometime nowand this is giving me ideas👆. Ok here goes nothing🤦.
Ok I guess warnings r in force. It's not that bad I guess its actually horseshit. Just becos of tht read at ur own risk😂😂.
Tumblr media
A little peasant girl (a.k.a yours truly) working in the castle of a prosperous kingdom becomes spoils of war with the other servants, when the kingdom could not defeat the mighty King Thor and his army. King Thor was mighty indeed but also just downright borish.
Tumblr media
He treated the servants as if they were the ones who slaughtered his brethren on the battlefield. The brother Monarch's king Bucky lays eyes on the young peasant girl and instantly wants to take her for himself ( I'm kinda ugly so just go with it. It's my imagination 😂). He asks the king of Asgard to part from the pesant girl since she served no purpose to him other than occupying the dungeon for real criminals. But mighty Thor was also unfortunately, greedy. He made King Bucky pay triple the amount of what the girl was bought at. Bucky being the ever generous king he was parted from the gold coins without a single bat of his eyelashes.
King Bucky was not only a gentleman but he also knew exactly what a woman wants. He was gentleman in the streets but a brute in the sheets. He solemnly would let the girl leave his bedchamber because of his libido. He would fuck her on every furniture of him room, to the point the servants could smell their spent on the furniture. But then came a faithful day when King Bucky's half brother, King Steve had waged a war on him.
Tumblr media
Steve was Bucky' father's bastard child. But his mother raised Steve as her own. The two of them together had always been a force to be reckoned with. Never did anybody think that the throne would be the reason for their quarrel. Steve knew in his head tht he deserves the throne not only because he was smarter than Bucky but he also had a sense of responsibility. Ofcourse Bucky thought that that was a load of horseshit. Steve decided to leave the kingdom, after which he eventually married the daughter of Bucky' enemy. His daughter was next in line to be Queen since she was the only child, her husband would be the king. Steve grabbed this golden opportunity by the throat in hopes to overtake Bucky' Kingdom.
Steve didn't want to do it. He never meant for the Queen to die. He didn't mean to strangle her. But she was being stupid. She wanted to end her enemity with Bucky' Kingdom to ensure no further lives of innocent people would be lost in a baseless war. He didn't care about those people anymore, be cared about killing Bucky and he was just an inch away from doing it.
The night Steve snuck into Bucky' room to kill him while his army stealthily killed their way into the kingdom, he was met with a sight that nearly made him fall off the balcony. It was a girl. A girl who was adorning a diamond necklace and her birthday suit only ( haha nakey nakey ). On top of Bucky, who was also naked. She was riding him and to understand that Steve actually had to stop staring at the girl's tits bouncing. He then realized that he cannot get distracted now.
He climbs in through the window. Both the girl and Bucky are oblivious to what is happening other then the earth shattering pleasure they were giving eachother. And before they could do anything, Steve stabs Bucky through the heart multiple times to make sure he would die. After years of seething in self-loathing and the craving for revenge, he could taste it. And as for the girl she had passed out as soon as he first stabbed Bucky.
The thought of leaving the naked girl all alone was not compelling at all at first. But then realized that she was Bucky' lover. His sick brain wanted to put Bucky' soul through the torture his body had suffered. He then and there decided that she would be his Queen and bear his children. Whether she liked it or not.
Umm what have I done😵😵. This utter shit but I want people to read it😂😂. So I'm gonna tag my trusted mutuals who r the reason I'm still on this app to read this garbage and tell me how I could make it less shitty. I'm sorry for disturbing all of u😓😓.
@lookiamtrying @navybrat817 @angrythingstarlight @sweater-daddiesdumbdork @the-soulofdevil @firefly-in-darkness @cloudystevie
Sorry again for wasting ur time🤦. And thank you for @queenoftheworldisdead for giving me the idea of the kings to write this 💛💛
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justsomeoneunordinary · 4 months ago
An “Assassin”
Day 2 of @winteriron-week: Assassin & Recovery
T, 2.3k, Crack, Humor, Sam Wilson Is a Little Shit and We Love Him for It, Background Sam/Nat, Team as Family, Bucky Is an Idiot in Love | AO3
(Day 1 / Day 3 / Day 4)
Muzzy is not a word Bucky thought he’d describe how he feels like with ever since he got injected with that bastardized version of the Super Soldier Serum. And yet it’s exactly how he’s doing after waking up and being blinded by the brightness all around him. A groan leaves his lips as he closes his eyes again.
Fucking hospitals and their stupid bright lights.
There’s a snort to his left, followed by a “Finally, you’re awake.”
Bucky slowly turns his head and blinks up at Sam who’s seated at the visitor’s chair, a grin plastered on his face, all shiny glinting teeth and tooth gap. The sole sight of the mischief in those black eyes is enough for his memories to come back.
And boy, do those hit harder than a truck on the highway.
“Oh man, that was hilarious.” Sam’s grin widens even more at that and Bucky can feel his cheeks heat up. “Can’t wait to tell the rest of the team what happened. I even got a video of it!”
Oh, hell no. Sam is already taking his phone out but before he can click on the video, Bucky shoots him an angry look and growls, “Don’t you even dare.”
He tries to get up in a sitting position, so he can throw a pillow for emphasis but with each movement the room spins even more and he loses orientation anew. Faintly, he feels a pain in each of his joints, but his head is too dizzy to register it properly. God, the last time he had been like this was in 1937 when he got high in the queer bar down the street of Steve’s and his apartment with that tiny guy from the neighborhood who knew to give one hell of a blowjob. 
“Sure. I already quiver in fear,” comes the deadpan reply.
What an ass. Not for the first time does he wish to kill Sam. Just a little bit. As a treat.
So, he pulls his winner card: “You tell anyone what happened and I tell Nat where you hid that strap-on of hers she’s been missing so much.”
Sam’s grin immediately falls at that, changing to an expression of pure outrage. “You son of a bitch.”
Hah, checkmate. Bucky still can’t feel any of his face muscles, so he doesn’t know if they’re doing the right thing, but he imagines he’s grinning smugly right now.
“Have you even seen that strap-on? That thing is deluxe! You wouldn’t want that up your ass either!”
No, Bucky had not seen it, and he’d like to leave it that way too, thank you very much. But knowing Natasha, he can only imagine what it must look like. She tells him much more about their sex life than he’d ever want to know. And he still doesn’t know why she tells him these things of all people, instead of Clint or Wanda or hell, even Tony (Tony would absolutely participate in any sex talk there is (Bucky wouldn’t say no to sex talk when Tony is involved in it)), but he suspects it’s her own way of hobby torture.
Sam wrinkles his nose while he gets up, flips him the bird and says, “Fine, you win.” Then he walks to the door and Bucky squints at him, because there’s no way it would be that easy, Sam would definitely want to have the last word—
“Good luck explaining to Tony what happened, because he’s waiting outside already,” Sam tells him while opening the door, winking at Bucky and leaving the room, his snickering still lingering in the halls outside.  
… Fuck.
Okay, he’s got like… ten seconds before Tony comes in, he can easily just climb out of the window and up to the roof. He just needs to get out of the bed which shouldn’t be a problem, broken bones or not, because he’s a high-profile assassin and—
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Trying to disappear before you can see me?”
Tony blinks at him and Bucky blinks right back, because seriously, what the fuck Barnes? He didn’t mean to say that, it just… slipped out.
“Well, that doesn’t sound like a good idea. You might have enhanced healing, but you broke nonetheless more bones than you have in your body, I don’t think getting out of that bed any soon could end well for you. And it would be such a shame too. After all, I brought you a get well soon balloon.”
And sure enough, there it is. A red balloon. With a ‘get well soon’ inscription in golden letters. Bucky feels quite touched by this gesture. Tony thought of him. He brought him a balloon. In Iron Man colors even. That has to mean something, right?
As Tony comes closer, Bucky seizes the opportunity to appreciate the way Tony’s suit hugs his figure perfectly in all the right places. If Tony were his, he’d unwrap him out of it as if he was a present. He’d trace the material with his fingers, take slowly each layer off and soak in every inch of newly revealed skin.
“Hey, I know I look irresistible, but there’s no need to drool, Buckaroo.”
Damnit. Bucky would like to order a shot in the head right about now, please and thank you. He tries to wipe the drool off, but neither hand does what he wants, so he settles for living in shame forever.  
“So,” Tony sits down at the same chair Sam had been just a minute ago, “can you tell me what put you, a Super Soldier, in such a state?”
This is exactly the question Bucky had been afraid of. See, Bucky has a tiny little bit of a… problem.
It started only three weeks after he had moved into the Avengers Tower on a completely ordinary and uneventful morning. Bucky had sat himself down at the kitchen bar, as always on the second last chair on the left side, which was the exact right angle for him to get a look at Tony’s perfect round bubble butt when he would come and bend over the counter to get himself coffee, so his pants would stretch over that wonderful butt and Bucky would have an eyeful of perfection without being creepy about it, because he was “just sitting there” and “looking normally straight ahead”.
On that particular morning however, had Tony loudly cursed after opening his coffee can, and whirled around to glare at each Avenger with a look that promised murder and bloodshed. “Which one of you used the last bit of my coffee and then didn’t even tell J.A.R.V.I.S. to order more of it?”
The answer to that was obvious. No one else would’ve done something risky like that but Clinton “I have a death wish” Barton. Which wasn’t something they would tell Tony, because no one on this team was a snitch.
Well, and then Tony’s eyes landed on Bucky and it took only three seconds of having Tony’s full attention, that he blurted without a second thought, “Clint was it,” and even pointed with the finger towards him. That earned him a gasp and spluttering and an utterly disappointed “How could you? I thought we were sniper buddies!”
After that there was a pattern. One Nat didn’t take long to notice and confront him about it.
“You can’t lie.”
“What? Of course I can lie.” Which was true. You can’t be a high-ranking assassin and go on undercover missions without being able to lie—you’d die on the spot.
“Fine, I correct myself: you can’t lie at Tony.”
Which Bucky denied vehemently and then didn’t talk to Nat for a month.  
Fact is though, which it always is when it comes to Natasha Romanoff, that she was right. For some even to him inexplicable reason, Bucky is simply unable to not tell Tony the truth when he just looks at him. And it’s absolutely ridiculous, because Bucky should be able to. He is the Winter Soldier. The Fist of HYDRA. Instructor of the Black Widows in the Red Room. A weapon—a ruthless killer responsible for numerous assassinations. Tony’s big brown eyes, shining golden in the hospital’s light, framed by those surreal long eyelashes, which makes him the most beautiful person in the entire world, should not be a reason for—
“Sam bet that I wouldn’t manage to roller skate and I had to prove him otherwise.”
… Damnit. Bucky doesn’t need a mirror to know that his face is redder than a tomato. The memory of it alone fills his entire being with embarrassment and Tony knowing what happened makes this situation definitely not a single bit better. He still can’t believe it happened in first place. Bucky is a well-trained Super Soldier! A pair of ugly shoes with some tiny wheels on it should not have been his downfall, for fucks sake!
Tony tilts his head at that, his brows furrowed in confusion. “Wait a moment. What exactly happened then? Did you just… fall?”
Bucky gulps and focuses on Tony’s tie pattern instead of answering. There are little Hulks on it. He likes it, it’s very Tony.
“In my defense; there was a staircase,” he murmurs at last, still not looking up. The Hulks on the tie wear purple pants. He’s pretty sure Bruce would like that tie too, he’s got a dorky humor like that, even though he’d never admit it.
A few seconds of complete quiet pass, and when Bucky finally does look up, he can see Tony’s corner of his mouth twitch, until he apparently gives in to his urge and throws his head back, laughing so hard that tears of laughter start forming and running down his cheeks.  
Bucky wishes for an instant divorce. Sure, this might be the most beautiful sound he has ever heard in his life, but he still wants a divorce.
Not that they’re married or something—or at least not in real life. Bucky did dream of it once, though. It was a spring wedding. Nat and Pepper were their “best men”, because neither wanted Steve and Rhodey to hold a speech. The decorations were in Arc Reactor blue. It was very beautiful, people even cried.
“You are something else, Bucky Barnes,” Tony shakes his head, the humor still audible in his voice, and a look in his eyes, that could almost be described as fond.
Bucky takes the divorce-wish back.
“Now see,” Tony begins as he gets up and slowly gets closer to Bucky’s bed, “you’re not as subtle as you think you are.” He sits down at the edge of the bed an sends him one of those brilliant smiles, that make Bucky’s head all dizzy and his heart sing with want. “Those looks you always give me are unmistakable.”
Tony takes that weird looking pudding from the nightstand and starts opening it up. “And all this time,” he continues, “I waited for you to finally make a move.” At that he rams the spoon with the pudding right into Bucky’s mouth without any prior warning.
Bucky almost chokes and it’s only thanks to his control over his reflexes that he ends up swallowing the pudding, instead of spitting it out. He coughs a few times and looks up at Tony in shock and disbelief. If this is how Tony takes care of injured people, Bucky doesn’t have any interest to ever do a nurse role play with him.
Tony gasps in indignation. “Are you telling me you would not want to see me in a nurse costume?”
This time Bucky does choke. On nothing but his own spit.
He imagines Tony in one of those tight short dresses, his legs all exposed, wearing heels as well as rich red lipstick and—and stops before his blood can rush anywhere south.
“Yeah, thought so,” Tony smirks and proceeds to slam another spoonful of pudding into Bucky’s mouth. At this point Bucky doesn’t know if his face is red from embarrassment, horniness or almost chocking, but red it sure is.
“Where was I again? Ah right, so I waited for you to make a move, but had to face reality, that you’re just too chicken to do anything about your crush on me. Which is kind of ironic, because aren’t you supposed to be a feared assassin or something?”
Bucky’s brain officially short-circuits at that, because Tony did… what?
“Yes, yes, I figured out your little secret, keep up with the class, I don’t like repeating myself. So anyway, this is me—” another spoon makes its way down his throat— “asking you for a date, because you apparently weren’t going to.” And Tony smiles at him so brightly, Bucky is sure he could lighten an entire country.
Bucky holds his breath and waits to wake up, because this can’t be real, this must be a dream. But when after a while nothing happens, but Tony’s smile slowly falling apart and making room for an unsure expression, he asks, “A date?”
“With me?”
“Preferably, yes.”
“Okay,” he croaks, so he doesn’t do something dumb like start crying from happiness for example or jump at Tony who’d crush under his weight.
Bucky clears his throat. “Yes, okay. I’d love to go on a date with you.”
“Okay.” And back is that smile finally Bucky would like to kiss one day.
“Now that that is settled,” Tony digs into the pudding again (fucking hell, is that still not empty?), “how about a deal while I take care of you, since we have to wait until you have healed anyway before we can go anywhere: you tell me where Wilson has hidden Nat’s deluxe strap-on and I tell the rest of the team that you got your injuries from a heroic fight protecting civilians against a criminal. Hm, what do you think?” The glinting mischief in Tony’s eyes when he winks at Bucky is unmistakable.
Bucky thinks that this is the best day of his life.
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anika-ann · 4 months ago
WINSoD - Pt.2
We Move Together...
Type: series, soulmate AU series  (part 1, part 2, part 3)  
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader    Word count: 2400
Summary: In which Steve might get a bit tipsy and jealous in a sweet way. 
A/N: As adertised, What I’d Never Say or Do (Had I Been in My Right Mind) is only refered to as WINSoD. Also - enter Age of Ultron ;)
Warnings: mention of superntural creatures, alcohol, language, briefest mention of death, journalists acting like jerks 
Tumblr media
Part 1 (previous chapter)
The press conference was a thing from nightmares. You did not enjoy all the flashes of cameras; you were not Tony freaking Stark, all charming and witty when over a hundred reporters stumbled through the doorway of the huge conference room. No, you could only manage to be sassy and fun within a circle of your friends. Which you found yourself in anyway, but boy, the presence of the others was still very much apparent and they were the ones asking questions.
Even Bruce had been forced to come, much to his dismay, but him and Clint were for some reason left out when it came to the poisonous questions, their duo considered only unwilling participants of the whole plotting for and against the poor soulmate pair of you and Steve.
You truly envied Thor who was off to Asgard once more. And while you wouldn’t want to be in Bucky’s shoes, you sure as hell wished you could sit this one out as he did, the public still not aware of his existence safe for one priest who had helped him to find his way to Steve.
It was ridiculous. The tone a question was asked with was enough to distinguish whether it was aimed at you and Steve or at someone else. Hell, when it came to you and Steve, they didn’t even bother asking, just stating the facts instead.
“Such a long recovery. That must have been horrible, especially with amnesia involved, wasn’t it.” (Yes, shockingly. What is it to you, huh?)
“Such luck you were able to remember, isn’t it.” (Luck had nothing to do with it. God’s sister has.)
“You must be angry with Captain’s team too, aren’t you.” (No, they are the best, you idiot, this whole thing is a stupid lie.)  
“I am sure you’re willing to share your story since people were grieving for you in such a worship-like way…” (…fuck you.)
In reality, you tried to word your indignation towards this herd-like aggressivity aimed at the Avengers and the blatant pity for you rather carefully, speaking of hardship but justified, and yes, you were very lucky indeed. They didn’t need to know just how much.
Steve received a pretty similar set of questions, but they were more of anger and questioning whether the team was still able to function after such a betrayal that nearly ended up tragically. Steve was surprisingly convincing in his act of a disappointed teammate and friend and expressed hope that they would be able to continue to exist and cooperate, his team slowly earning his trust back.
“Have the outcome had been different, my reaction would be too. But the love of my life is here with me and that is what matters. I cannot begin to say how lucky I am to have her back and I thank God for that every day.”
You bit your cheek so you wouldn’t laugh at the private joke and smiled at him instead, earning a whispering wave of ‘awww’ from the crowd and a blinding mess of camera flashes when you gathered the courage to lean in and kiss Steve’s cheek chastely. The reporters went absolutely nuts.
Tony and Natasha on the other hand had to face the stoning. Seriously, there were being personally attacked, questions dripping venom. But they clearly had more experience and knew how to answer without the cunning reporters being able to twist their words into something else, much to the vultures’ dislike and annoyance. Duo Stark-Romanoff fought back and very effectively.
It filled your chest with pride, having friends capable in so many ways. They were so freaking badass.
It made the whole experience more bearable; that and Steve’s hand always touching you, grounding you and reminding you that never ever he would let you face the wolves alone.
You all knew that a public apology and trying your best to deal with the press somehow wouldn’t be enough. Well, you had hoped it would, but hadn’t quite believed, expecting to have to more in near future.
You were right, of course, which was why you were currently dressed up (or dolled up, as Steve loved to say, because you were his doll, after all) and forcing yourself to leave the elevator once it would stop, with Steve by your side.
“It’s gonna be alright,” he coaxed, knuckles brushing your cheek tenderly, planting a soft kiss to your temple, too worried about smudging your lipstick despite Natasha’s earlier reassurance that it wouldn’t smudge under any circumstances as she had thoroughly tested.
You tried not to think about that kind of testing and clearly Steve felt the same.
Instead, you gazed into the cerulean blue with a drop of green of his eyes, not convinced. He was being sweet and all, which you appreciated, but in reality, he had no way of knowing it would be alright. Mostly because Tony went all the way and invited all the important people who could influence the public opinion as much as rising stars of whom he felt could influence the public in the near future.
So next to a senator and a group of big-shot businessmen, there would hang out a pair of lawyers sticking for the little guy and right next to a supermodel, there would be a girl starting a new food bank. Thinking about it, it was a funny parallel to Steve and you by his side, except you weren’t doing any good, unlike them. Not that you would say that out loud.
To be fair, the Avengers decided to spice thing up a little by revealing Bucky Barnes being alive, very slowly leaking his story of a brainwashed soldier. Funnily enough, in a shadow of your big reveal, his own went rather quietly.
People were so freakin’ weird.
“I guess I’m gonna survive…” you murmured, ignoring the icy shiver that ran up your spine at your choice of words. Steve’s gaze seemed to turn distant for a moment before coming back to you, some of the strength he had been trying to project into you disappearing in the wind because of the painful memory. “Sorry. That was-“
The emotion no doubt twisting his gut caused his inhibitions to fly out of the window and his lips captured yours in a searing kiss that took your breath away. You melted against his muscular frame that seemed to engulf you completely, his calloused fingers grabbing onto your bare shoulders, digging in a bit deeper than necessary.
Your head was spinning with the passion displayed so openly and in the back of your mind, you registered that the elevator stopped, but before you could get to the idea of thanking Tony’s AI, your brain got side-tracked when Steve shamelessly licked into your mouth and backed you into the railing by the wall.
Feeling the familiar heat pool in your lower abdomen, sending sizzling heat through your veins, you instinctively gripped the lapels of his suit jacket when his lips retreated to give you a chance to breathe in.
Who needed breathing anyway?
He grinned against your mouth, the little shit he was, and one of his hands guided your head to a tilt for better access. You most definitely whimpered at that as his body trapped you against the wall completely, not leaving an inch in between.
Feeling him this close would never get old and you thought you might burst by the time his mouth moved to your left ear, keeping you in place while his hand moved from your shoulder to trace the line of your dress, slipping between the high slit of your dress to caress your thigh.
“Watch your mouth, doll. Or I’m gonna have to do exactly this to shut you up every time you don’t,” he whispered and your ragged breath caught in your throat when the perfect comeback popped in your head – a reasonable one, surprisingly enough.
“I bet the press would love that.”
His fingers flexed on your leg and his teeth very carefully nibbled on the skin of your neck, causing your heart to skip a beat.
“Don’t care about the press,” he growled lowly, sighing as if in pain when he slowly pulled back, leaving you clutching the railing so you wouldn’t fall as your legs turned into an uncontrollable wobbly mass. Then, as if he wanted to ruin you completely before the night even started, his lips were graced by a soft smile, his eyes twinkling. “I care about you.”
“And you call me trouble…”
He had the nerve to wink at you and thank the AI for the stop he never explicitly asked for.
“My pleasure, Steve,” Jarvis hummed, sounding amused and self-satisfied.
Your soulmate gentlemanly offered you an elbow to lead you out of the cabin.
“Shall we, my lady?”
In all honesty, the party wasn’t that bad, mostly because it wasn’t just to celebrate your resurrection, but also retrieving a sceptre Thor’s brother had used during The Battle of New York.
You wouldn’t go as far as saying you enjoyed the evening greatly, but you had met several interesting people of which only few had weird questions regarding you; however, weird questions when showing up in public was an everyday occurrence.
You finally truly understood why Steve was happy you treated him like an equal (most of the time anyway).
Every single original male Avenger and Sam and Bucky made sure to dance with you as well as with Natasha and for a good measure, when the song got the right beat, your favourite redhead dragged you to the dance floor for a friendly dance; needless to say Natasha was much better at spontaneous dancing than you. Steve assured you about the opposite by a kiss and a rather filthy promise as soon as you shared your thoughts on your lacking skills with him.
Actually--- yes, you might even say you enjoyed the party very much, uncharacteristically for you, considering the insane number of people attending. The penthouse was way too full, but here you were, sipping on your third glass of champagne, listening to Thor’s colourful narrating regarding Asgardian battles. It wasn’t that you were interested in battles, no – it was the man himself creating suspense and gesturing wildly and making the whole clutch of listeners breathless.
“Careful with the admiring, doll,” Steve whispered to your ear, his arm sneaking around your waist out of nowhere, nearly making you jump out of your skin. “I might get jealous.”
Giddy from the alcohol, you turned your head and brushed his lips with yours.
“We did establish I’d marry Thor if you weren’t an option, didn’t we?” you teased lowly, catching the wink Thor sent your direction as if he heard you despite your hushed voice. It wasn’t flirtation; no, it felt more like mischief, as if he was being your wingman, which he excelled at apparently, because Steve might get little possessive if the grunt by your ear was anything to go by. “As if you didn’t know I only have eyes for you.”
“Just eyes?”
“Why, Captain, are you implying something?”
“Of course, my heart is yours as well,” you smirked at him, making his somehow annoyed and pleased at the same time. You leaned even closer. “And everything else.”
“Alright, but what about that hammer of yours? I mean, I saw people swinging around Captain’s shield – though not as skilfully – but no one uses your weapon. Why? Is it that heavy? Are you the only one strong enough to… keep it up?” one of the women asked, apparently more than a little tipsy, judging by her implication.
Gee, she had no inhibitions. Were you being like this now? You really hoped not…
“Well, my lady, that is a very complicated matter…” Thor started, clearly pleased by that question.
“Dance with me again,” sounded softly at your ear and your lips automatically curled up in a smile.
“Whatever makes you happy, my love.”
Steve grinned as he swiftly got rid of the glass in your hand and was already pulling you away by the time you noticed the envious or the amused stares of your companions.
“Green’s not a good colour on you, Steve,” you hummed incidentally, earning an actual pout. “This is adorable though. And I’m not gonna complain about you getting a bit handsy more often.”
“Trouble, doll.”
“I love you too.”
“I do love you. I’m sorry if I got annoying. It’s just… ugh. Thor. You got this look in your eyes and I just-”
You sometimes forgot Steve could be as self-conscious as you were. It made your heart ache and yet grow with fondness for your soulmate.
“No, Steve. I might get starry-eyed, because of course I do admire him. It’s easy to get captivated by his stories or his manners, just look at the crowd around him. But you… there’s something about you… that strikes me right here.” You tapped over your heart pointedly. “You know me through and through and yet here you are. You must know I’m yours and still – you treat me every day like you’re courting me and at the same time, we’re comfortable with each other and--- yeah, that. Thor is great. But you’re everything. You’re mine.”
“I’m yours,” he confirmed, brilliant eyes shining, the drops of Asgardian liquor he had consumed adding to the glow. “And you’re mine.”
“Meant to be…” you cooed, happily giving in to his lips when they found yours again for a short moment. You barely realized you stopped in your steps as the slow song had made you only sway. You whispered into his lips then, unbothered. “Plus, I bet you could lift that hammer and keep it up too if you tried.”
His rich laughter filled your ears and he spun you both in circle, planting a kiss on your forehead. You already planned on how you’d get him a custom-made mug with a little hammer on it, reading ‘I am worthy’ or something like that. You were sure he’d love it.
Yeah, it was an amazing party.
Here was a funny thing though; when you had already been confronted with the fact angels and God existed, you should have known blasphemy was a thing.
So, naturally, as you had said ‘I guess I’m gonna survive…’, you should have known there would be a thick chance that you wouldn’t.
That was the first thing that flew through your mind the moment something burst through a wall as if it was made paper thin and not metal.
The second thought? Oh shit.
Part 3
Thank you for reading! 
Like I said, chapters of this fic will be less chronologically tight. Buuut, you’ll see ;) Also, sorry it took me so long.
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gomustanggirl16 · 5 months ago
Traitor Cat
Based off this random idea I have that’s a mix of my own two cats, Corona (no we named her after alcohol two years ago but it is a fitting name) and Tanqueray (gin we have a theme). So Tanq is more my cat, she likes cuddles, she likes to sit on my chest and be in my face and does know when I’m not okay and seems to take my anxiety away. Then there’s Corona, my moms cat, who well lets just say I call her a gargoyle because every morning she sits on the end of my moms bed like a gargoyle staring at her in the dark until she gets up.
So that got me thinking of Liho naturally and I had 15 minutes in an MRI machine (it’s fine I’m fine) to think clearly while ignoring the odd bagging against my back that reminded me of a child kicking the back of your seat on an airplane. So here we have Steve meeting Liho for the first time, this takes place right after TWS and this is also one of many forms of the idea and I’ve had wine so bare with me.
It had been long day, hell it had been a long year, Natasha lost her job, her antimony, her apartment, her parents apparently though that had been years ago, and now she was living in Avengers Tower because gaining her aliases back had been harder than ever before and she had started wondering if it was worth trying. But at least she had Liho, stubborn cat she was she’d missed her after leaving her with the Barton’s while she went Russia she’d found she missed the cat and Liho had seemed to miss her to, crying when she went to the farm to pick her up and see the family. 
It was late almost midnight, she’d been tracking a shipment of S.H.I.E.L.D. contraband at the docks that led nowhere, yet. Natasha checked Liho’s bowl her dry food touched, but her wet food she’d asked Tony to put out untouched. That was highly unlike her, but she was still getting used to her new surrounds, now that she wasn’t allowed outside she was going a bit stir crazy, having come into her room the other day carrying one of Tony’s socks collapsing on the floor and proceeding to “kill” it like a mouse. 
Natasha moved to her room, going through the motions as she got ready for bed collapsing into the oversized bed and abundant pillows Liho loved hiding in, slowly drifting off. Next time Natasha woke partially spreading her legs only to pause realizing Liho wasn’t at her usual spot at the end of the bed. She looked at the clock to see it was almost 2:30am and felt a slight panic pulse through her. Liho always came to bed. Even when Natasha didn’t want her to she’d sit outside the door and scratch and meow until she was let it, but there her door stood ajar and no Liho.
“Liho?” Natasha called out, nothing.
“Liho?” Natasha tried again getting out of bed and going to her door.
She went through the penthouse calling Liho but nothing. No reply. Oh no, Tony had been shocked learning she had a cat, and even more so when she’d asked him to feed her. He owed her that, but he wasn’t used to owning pets let alone Liho who tried escaping out the door every time it opened. oh no.
“J.A.R.V.I.S. are you able to track Liho’s movements?” Natasha asked trying not to think about all the possible ways Liho could be trapped or hurt or...
“Yes, reviewing the Tower’s surveillance it seems she got out when Mr. Stark fed her this evening and made her way into Captain Rogers quarters.”
Oh god...Steve had just gotten back from Spain tracking Bucky. They made plans to have breakfast later this morning. She needed to get Liho back upstairs before she gave poor Steve a heart attack. She quickly made her way out to the elevator and punched the button for Steve’s floor. Just like she knew he would his front door was unlocked, and she quietly made her way into the living room.
“Liho!!” Natasha whispered looking through the space for black ball of fur while trying not to wake the soldier. She went room by room until she reached Steve’s bedroom and her stomach knotted, knowing her cat this would be it, it’s door was cracked and she peaked in.
Sure enough there she was curled up at the end of Steve’s bed sound asleep.
“Traitor.” Liho stirred yawning and stretching with a little meow. “shh, come on.”
Instead of Liho following her Liho made her way further up the bed towards Steve’s sleeping form. Don’t you dare. Natasha moved quickly around the bed quickly snatching up the cat as she was about to climb up onto Steve’s chest. She was about to make it out the door before her foot snagged sending searing pain through her foot and her to the floor.
“What the Hell?” Natasha looked up and turned on her back to see Steve rubbing his eyes as he looked down at where she was on the floor.
“Natasha? Are you okay?” He got up realizing what had happened, helping her up off the floor.
“I’m fine, you know you should really keep that thing on the wall or between your night stand and your bed.” She said looking at his shield now laying in the middle of the floor.
“Yeah, wouldn’t want people tripping over it in the middle of the night who weren’t already here when I went to bed. Speaking of, what are you doing in my room?” 
Natasha hesitated, her eyes traying just a bit down his bare torso to where his sweats hung low on his hips-
“Right-shit where’d she go?” Natasha looked around realizing Liho was gone again. She had to be around here somewhere though.
“Where’d who go? Nat are you sure you’re okay? Even for you this is a little strange.” She frowned getting back on the floor to look under his bed.
“Liho!” She hissed but the only thing there was a duffle bag. “You got any lunch meat? Ham preferably. She doesn’t like cold chicken.”
“There’s a sandwich in the fridge...” Steve replied now more confused than ever. I mean he did wake up to her in her pajamas tripping as she tried to make her escape from his bed room.
She made it to the fridge her foot still stung but she pushed it away as she opened his fridge.
“Nat why don’t you sit down let me take a look at your foot.” Steve tried to insist as he came out putting on a zip up.
She found the remaining hoggie in the fridge and sat down on the stool at the island as Steve went through the freezer for an ice pack,
“Liho, momma’s got ham!” She heard Liho’s distinct chirp before the cat jumped sliding across the counter to get her treat. 
She watched Steve jump looking back in the direction Liho had come from then to Liho her self as she tore the thin slices of ham up into smaller bites for Liho. Poor thing was starving.
“Where-whose cat is this?” Steve asked dumbfounded as Liho devoured the ham from his sandwich.
“Steve meet Liho, my traitor cat.” Liho slept with no one not even the Barton kids but her and she was incredibly picky, yet here she was, cozy as could be with Steve.
“Why were you and Liho in my bedroom?” Steve asked again as Liho went over to him head butting his stomach to get him to pet her.
“Because I asked Tony to put some wet food out for her while I was working and he let her get out. I told him she’s sneaky and can’t be trusted, but she still got out. I didn’t noticed until half an hour ago when I woke up and she wasn’t in bed. J.A.R.V.I.S. was the one who told me she’d made it in here. Not sure how long but I found her sleeping on your bed with you and not me.”
Liho seemed completely un-phased as she started purring as Steve paid her attention.
“Probably should have realized there was something in my bed, but Sam and I spent the last three days wide awake and I crashed.” He did look tired really tired.
“I know, I’m sorry I woke you, but she was about to use you as a bed and she likes to lay across your neck until you can’t breathe.” He frowned looking at the cat that was now propping herself up on his chest trying to paw at his face to get his attention back on her.
“So it’s true what they say, pets are their owners.”
“I resent that, I don’t own her, we live together.” Had for two years now.
“That why you refer to yourself as her mother?”
“Oh so you’re cheeky when your half asleep huh?” Truth was it was Clint who started that and it just snuck into her vocabulary.
“So you say. How come I never knew you had a cat?”
“There was no reason to tell you.”
“How did you manage that you were gone so much?”
“Oh Nick would watch her for me.” Steve raised an eyebrow at that and she laughed, “Don’t tell him I told you, but he is quite the cat person, has one himself, used to follow him around hang out at S.H.I.E.L.D. but she passed away a few years ago, so you wouldn’t have seen her.”
“Well alright then. Say what does Liho mean? It’s Russian but I don’t think I’ve heard it.”
“The embodiment of evil fate and misfortune.”
“That’s a terrible name for a cat.”
“Its supposed to be ironic, she’s been everything but for me. I can shut everyone out, but she still wiggles her way in. There are days where I can’t get out of bed, and if I have nowhere to be, I had no reason to, but she won’t let me. She cries and won’t leave me be until I get up, even runs to the shower because she likes to play with the water left in the tub and if I turn it on, I’m not going to waste water. Granted most people think that’s just her hungry and wanting to make a mess, but she’s been my reason for getting up now more than ever. God I felt so scared when I realized she was gone, and a little betrayed. I’m sorry I have no idea why I just told you all of that.”
She looked away from him then playing with Liho’s tail to get her attention.
“You know if I stop looking for him-for Bucky I sometimes think I might go insane. Nat we just destroyed the one infrastructure we had...animals know this.”
“Yeah they do. Last time I leave her with Tony.”
Steve laughed a little shaking his head.
“Not to speak i’ll of the man currently housing us for free, but he can barely feed himself Nat.”
“Yeah, I mean he did what I asked, he just underestimated her willingness to go outside.” Steve smiled at her giving Liho one last pet.
“So, we still on for Breakfast? I know it’s three am now, but I don’t know about you but I’m not going back to sleep.”
“I could go for something to eat, let me cook, I was going to already, but now I think I really should since I woke you up by breaking into your bedroom.”
“Sounds good to me. Come on Liho,” Steve picked her up and Liho settled into his arms like a ragdoll.
Natasha would later recall that as the night she started to fall for him, the way Liho reacted to him, like she was telling her Steve was it, he was the one.
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sugarrushblondie · 5 months ago
My Baby
Tumblr media
This story is based on events from my own life. 
Warnings: Miscarriage
Pairing: AvengersXPlatonic!OC
If anyone wants me to write something just send an ask. :) Thank you to @every-marveler-ever​ for editing for me.
Ever since the news of my pregnancy was announced everyone in the tower was walking on eggshells around me. They’re acting like I’ll bite their heads off if they talk to me, and it was starting to bother me a lot. One day it got to the point where I told Jarvis to summon everyone to a meeting room. There I would explain everything about my feelings and listen to their concerns. 
Surprisingly everyone was sitting down when I walked in the door, they weren’t even arguing about the silly things they usually would. “Good Morning everyone!” I smiled at everyone and sat down at the head of the table. “Why are we having a meeting Dawn?” Tony asked me annoyed I dragged him out of the lab. “Because I’m tired of you guys treating me like a china doll,” I say it as simple as I can without insulting them.
We had a long discussion on everything concerning the pregnancy I was experiencing at 19 and the fact that the father wouldn’t be in the picture. To which Natasha said something along the lines of “We should castrate him” and everyone laughed at that. After the meeting, I decided it was time to tell the rest of my family since I had only told my mother about it beforehand. 
I decided to just send them a message because having as many siblings as me with different reactions is exhausting. As soon as everyone saw it I got a lot of congratulations from almost everyone. My ringtone startled me and I looked to see that my slightly older sister was calling. “Are you serious?” was all she said and I assumed she was talking about the pregnancy “Yes, I am,” I tell her firmly so she would know I was. 
The other Avengers were sitting around me in the living room “You’re ruining your life. You won’t get a good education. That thing doesn’t have a heartbeat yet, you should get rid of it.” she started to ramble on and on about how I was never going to succeed in life unless I took an abortion. “Just because you gave up doesn’t mean I will” I snarl through the phone before I hang up and start to cry. All at once, I heard feet run to me and everyone was hugging me all at once saying they would be here for me.
------ A few days later ------
These past days I had been gathering information for a mission the others were preparing for. A new Hydra base had been found and they were planning on raiding it sooner rather than later. Right now I was on my way to brief them on what they should expect when it suddenly felt like my stomach was cramping. “It’s probably the worry for the others” I mumble to myself as I open the door to the meeting room hearing Steve and Tony argue about something. “Guys shut up” I demand as I give them their tablets so they could see for themself what they would go into. “Good luck on the mission, come home safe” I smiled at them while holding the left side of my lower back as I walked out.
Hours had gone by with a pulsing like pain going through my lower back and stomach, and it was starting to worry me. Therefore I decided to book an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow just to be sure everything was alright. I had talked to my mother about it earlier today and she told me that I needed to relax and not do any heavy lifting like I normally would when the others are gone.
Midnight came, and I woke up to sharp pains, and when I looked down, I was bleeding slightly. Picking up my phone I called my mom freaking out and asking her what I should do “Put in a pad, and if it isn’t better by tomorrow you go to the hospital” she then hangs up. Deciding to do what she said I went to the bathroom and did my business then went to bed trying and failing at getting any more sleep. 
Driving to the doctor’s office I was nervous and hoping for some good news despite the dread I was feeling. The secretary soon called my name and she showed me the room I was supposed to be in. “Thank you” I try to smile at her but based on the look of pity on her face it must have looked like a grimace. “The doctor will be here any minute” she then closed the door leaving me here alone to my thoughts. “Hello, Ms It says here you’re pregnant and have experienced some cramps and bleeding” the doctor greets me and goes straight to business. “Correct” I answered every question he had before he decided to take a blood test and schedule an ultrasound. 
Changing into the usual hospital gown I sat in bed twiddling my thumbs realising I was all alone without any of my friends or family around. Picking up my phone I asked the others for a status report on the mission only to find they were four hours away from home. Not wanting them to worry I told them I had a few errands to run and that I would be back sometime later. As soon as I sent the text my doctor came through the door and told me that he was going to perform the ultrasound now.
---- A couple of hours later ----
I took a taxi back to the tower and went right past the others without saying anything and just went to my room. “Friday, don’t let anyone come in here” I sob out and lock the door and lay down on my bed. 
---- Tony’s P.O.V ----
Dawn had told us that she was running some errands earlier today, yet when she came back she didn’t have anything with her and she didn’t say hi to any of us. “Am I the only one that saw that?” I ask and look at the others while I point in the direction she left in. “We saw” Natasha confirmed that we all saw the heartbroken look on Dawn's face “Should someone take a look?” Steve asked with a worried frown on his face. “Let her be while we order dinner for everyone” I decided we didn’t need to crowd around her all at once. Secretly I made a gesture to Bucky telling him to have a look since he was the sneakiest out of all of us.
---- Bucky’s P.O.V ----
Tony gestured for me to check on Dawn, and I happily did, seeing as she was one of the first people here to welcome me with open arms. Knocking on her door I only heard Friday tell me that she didn’t want anyone. Knowing she only did that when something was really wrong I decided to do something drastic and broke the door off its hinges. 
Dawn was laying in her bed looking at the roof completely spaced out “Dawn?” I ask in a whisper not wanting to scare her. She didn’t even look at me “Are you okay? What happened?” I sat down on the bed beside her and touched her head. Only when she felt my touch did she look at me and the look in her eyes was nearly breaking my heart. Her mouth opened like she wanted to say something, but all that came out was sobs and she buried her face in my stomach. I stroked her hair and tried to calm her down. “Friday get Bruce and the others” I ordered worried for her and not knowing what I should do. 
While I was waiting for the others I heard a tiny whisper “I failed her, I killed her” it was all she said again and again. “Huh? Who are you talking about?” I ask looking at her hair “I lost my baby girl” she hiccuped and put her head down again. I didn’t have time to respond before the others came through the broken door “You broke the door!” Tony asked, looking at it with big eyes. “Emergency,” I said and whispered to Bruce what she told me so he could help me calm her down while I told the others “Hallway now” I pointed with a serious face. They all went out after me “What’s happening?” Clint asked looking at Dawn and Bruce. I didn’t know how to tell them “Based on what she told me I think she lost the baby” I then explained exactly what she told me. 
Tony had gone to get a Stark pad or whatever so he could look at her medical records and it said right there that she had suffered a miscarriage. “Poor girl, she was so excited” Clint and Natasha went in to comfort her “Sorry about the door,” I told Tony before the rest went in “Don’t worry” he shrugged. 
We all were sitting or laying somewhere in her bed just touching her so she knew she wasn’t alone. “We’re here for you, it’s okay to be sad,” Natasha said and we all made noises showing we agreed. No matter what we would be there through this chapter in her life and help her with the grief. 
----- THE END -----
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underatedcharactersunite · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Trying to get permission to go on vacation becomes a struggle, but once you get there it’s totally worth it.  Pairing; Loki x Reader  WordCount; 1,265 Warnings; Strong Language 
For @imanuglywombat​ 4K Challenge! Congratulations!                                             **************************
Vacation. A word that is supposed to bring you immediate joy. However, the sentiment couldn't express itself when your boyfriend was a notorious mischievous God who attempted to destroy New York.  
Despite being brought into the Avengers that didn't give Loki the other's trust, in-fact you were growing tired of the stars that your boyfriend often received. You needed to get away for a while. You desired nothing more than to feel comfortable spending time with Loki without the interruptions of others. 
If only it had been that easy. Upon your decision to do something nice for Loki and plan a surprise trip to a wooded cabin surrounded by nothing by acres of trees and wild animals. You were immediately shot down by the very people you called family. 
"No, Y/N. There is no way Reindeer Games is being allowed out of this compound without someone watching him! He's too dangerous." Tony yelled as you threw your hands up in the air. Your eyes glared at him with fire behind them. How dare he! 
"Once upon a time, you believed that I was dangerous! I was the threat! I was a ticking time bomb. Did I or did I not prove everyone wrong?! You haven't given him the chance to do so."
"You were scared, discovering your powers. Anyone in their mind would be, considering you had shot a fireball out of your hand. Not to mention, you weren't the one to attempt to destroy New York and take over the planet. Loki did that. So no, the two of you can't take a trip to the cabin. End of discussion." 
“I understand that Loki was formerly one of the earth’s greatest threats, but it’s been years. He’s been on countless missions without incident or betrayal. Yet you still prohibit us taking a vacation away from anyone. How is he ever going to believe that people believe and trust him if you keep blockading every hurdle? Or doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance, just a selected few?” Swiftly, you turned away to leave Tony’s office unable to stomach any more of his prejudice when you almost knocked into Steve who was blocking the area of the doorframe. 
“Tony, Y/N’s right. How can we expect Loki to change if we treat him as nothing more than a villain? If it were just up to me, Y/N I would sign off on it, but a decision like this has to be unanimous. I trust you, Y/N and it’s clear you’ve been a positive influence on Loki since he’s arrived.” A smile was exchanged between the two of you. Steve always managed to keep a clear head regardless of the situation and the person’s involved.
“Fuck you, Rogers!... Fine, but if you're going then all of us are going. I’ll set everything up. Tell Reindeer games, that he better be on his best behaviour, otherwise there will be hell to pay.” Retracing your steps, you crossed the room wrapping Tony in a tight embrace. 
“Thank you, I promise you won’t regret it.” Pressing a kiss to Tony’s cheek, you rushed out to find Loki to inform him of the good news. 
“Just to make it clear, I’m doing this for you!... Don’t look at me like that Rogers, if this goes to hell it’s your fault.”
The drive up to the cabin resort that Tony had insisted on renting out was uneventful, to say the least. With your headphones in, you listened to the enticing melody as it played in your headphones ‘We’ve come too far to give up who we are. So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars. Resting against Loki’s shoulder, he proceeded to read his book, but the slight tilt as his lips curved up into a smile. Never again would you doubt Tony’s desire to escape the rest of the world, because the moment you pulled up, it dawned to you how alone all of you were. 
There were no longer the busy sounds that the streets provided, there was no access to people or busy traffic. No chaos. Just peaceful silence of the enticing forests surrounded the cluster of cabins. A firepit laid in the centre of the grounds in the distance hidden behind the vast quantity of trees and shrubbery, a beautiful turquoise lake. Never before had you witnessed something so beautiful. 
“Alright, everyone goes ahead and pick your cabins. Although the one farthest away has been reserved for Y/N and Loki. Now go ahead and relax.” As Tony threw a set of keys at you it brought you to a realisation that Tony was doing the best that he could. Understanding there was a high chance that Tony was never going to be able to accept Loki, but at least he showed some sort of compromise, even though Steve was the key factor into making the decision. 
Once the two of you had located the cabin the two of you settled into your new home for the next two weeks. One thing no one could ever argue about was Tony’s undeniable sense of style. Never before had you stayed in a cabin as beautiful as this.  
“One thing no one can deny is Stark’s expensive taste. I guess it pays to be able to witness views like this.” Standing outside on the balcony, you could observe everything. It was the perfect opportunity to use a camera.
“Not as beautiful as the one in front of me, my Love.” As Loki engulfed you into a tight embrace, peppering your neck with kisses. 
“I’m sorry, we couldn’t take the private vacation that we hoped for.” In a swift motion, Loki twirled you around in his grasp.
“While I will never be a fan of Starks, I admit I understand the reasoning to his scepticism. I am, after all, the God of Mischief and lies. Chaos ensues wherever I go.”    
Several days pass as everyone began to unwind. Steve had decided to take his pencils and kept sketching by the lake. Tony and Pepper had taken to relaxing in the outdoors. Bruce was resting on the porch resting, while Thor was attending the main campfire. Bucky, Sam and Rhodey had been going exploring at every ounce of area. A mixture of banter ad playful shoving occurred each time they returned. 
Meanwhile, you and Loki had been taking things easy. The two of you spent your time relaxing, reading, listening to music, taking warm baths together. While the two of you were a stone throws away, it felt like the two of you were truly alone. 
As Loki came down on the front porch, where you had been reading your book for the past couple of hours, as Loki came to sit down in the chair beside you. 
“I have something to ask, you my Love.” Glancing up from your book, Loki, took a hold of your hand softly while he pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your hand.
What’s up is everything okay?”
“Nothing to worry about my Love, I just wanted to ask that perhaps when we get back, perhaps you would consider moving in with me that’s all.”
“Loki, I would love that.” As Loki picked up his book, the two of you continued to read while immersed in the beautiful scenery that laid out before you both, perhaps one day the two of you would be allowed to come here on your own. But for now you allowed yourself to immerse in yourselves in the serenity of your surroundings.
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not-close-to-straight · 5 months ago
I think about Pirates Heart and what would have happened if Steve had left after the marriage and Tony hadn’t followed. Like, would he have gone home in disgrace? Would he have wandered until eventually found Natasha? And if he did would Stucky ever have come across him again there and regretted it? The Great Angst just brought up so many scenarios for me to wonder about.
You know I can honesty say I’ve never had this question about Pirate’s Heart. 
My gut instinct is to say that Tony would have just returned home to Obadiah and lost himself in his library and books and stayed in that life but then again, one of the main catalysts for Tony even finding his independence was the difference in how Steve treated him vs Ty? So even if Tony hadn’t been brave enough to follow Steve and Bucky, it was only a matter of time before he started comparing even those few stolen minutes with Steve to how Ty treats him. Just that scene in the garden where Steve kisses Tony and is so in awe of his beauty and doesn’t make fun of his stutter... that alone would be reason enough for Tony to start rejecting Ty. Even with the heartbreak and feelings of inadequacy with Steve leaving, I think this particular Tony would have decided one day that enough was enough and he needed something different. 
Think about how his eyes lit up when Steve told him about the ship and the ocean? Maybe the heartbreak of Steve and the bitter realization that a lifetime with Ty would never be as exciting as a few moments with Steve had been would be the catalyst for Tony to just get up and GO. Not necessarily anything crazy right away, but it would start as him denying Ty the chance to escort him somewhere, it would manifest as Tony realizing that he’d never made any decisions for himself and that if the people making his decisions didn’t want him, then he would decide he didn’t want them either and to hell with their decisions. 
I don’t imagine he’d end up anywhere near Natasha BUT I have no issue believing he might have traveled North to the smaller sailing communities to try his hand at something small like that, working the fishing boats etc instead of just hitting the open water? But in the fic Valkyrie and Diana make their winter home up along the coast (100% imagined them being Ye Olde Lesbians in a lighthouse) so maybe their little village is where Tony ends up working the docks and he’s far too pretty to be scrubbing fish guts from boxes so they invite him to sail with them, first as a joke as they are drinking together but then Valkryie and Diana see that spark in his eye and the determination to be free and since Valkyrie is a freed slave and Diana has literally never let anyone own her, they understand the soul deep NEED they see in Tony’s eyes and invite him out onto the Antiope. 
Tony goes sailing with them and eventually they cross paths with the Nomad and Captain Rogers and his Bronco and Steve and Bucky can hardly believe that this Tony is the same stuttering, shy one from the wedding and Tony wouldn’t even give them the time of day. He would be so fulfilled having found his own way in the world and his own escape that he wouldn’t care about them anymore. They would just be someone from his past. 
PLUS this version of Tony would be lighter because instead of having the weight of Stucky’s lies on his shoulders, the knowledge about the slave trading, the brutal deaths of Obie and Ty on his conscience, he would just be a pirate. Just a sailor. Just soaking in the sun and not caring a single bit about what was happening back on shore. 
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syntheticavenger · 5 months ago
Second Place - Part II
This is the second part a two-shot for the very lovely, always amazing @sapphirescrolls​ that I wrote as a gift to her on AO3 because in this house, we STAN.
Maybe I’ll write an epilogue to it? Or maybe it should stand alone? We’ll see.
Notes: Dark! Steve Rogers x Black Female Reader. 18+ for drugging, non-con, small amount of breeding kink, pregnancy.
gif by @theroncharlize​ / divider by @writeyourmindaway​ [tags are going to be the death of me! i keep trying to fix them but tumblr hates it.]
Tumblr media
His fingers found the key, opening the door, his arms around your waist as he took a look around. It was a small space but well organized. Much like it was when you once shared a room with him. You were a creature of habit.
“We’re going to be happy here.”
Still angry and full of adrenaline, you tried to pull away from him and he shoved you to the floor, his patience shot. You scrambled to get up as he pressed you to the ground, the blanket ripped away from your shoulders while your knees ground into the hardwood.
“Stop! Let me go!”
Steve stopped listening. All you needed was to know that he loved you. He would make you understand that you needed to be with him. Mistakes had been made but it wasn't too late to rectify the wrongs. Eventually you'd come to your senses and realize he only wanted you.
“I did love her,” Steve said quietly, ignoring your sniffle of pain while he held down your arms, his thighs up pressed up against yours. “I won’t lie to you.”
“Shut up!”
“So many years of longing and doing the right thing for other people. I deserved happiness. I earned it. After Tony died, I felt free. There were no obligations left. We'd saved the world. So I went back to my happy life. It was nice at first.”
Your tears hit the ground as he spoke. You’d met him before the world had upended completely. He hadn't even counted you as a reason to stay behind after the world had been brought back from the brink of extinction.
Maybe you weren’t second place. Peggy was first. Tony was second. Bucky was most likely third. You factored you were somewhere in between fourth and fifth and you let out a small cry of sorrow. You wanted him to leave you alone so you could be free to sink back into the darkness and despair that was creeping back up inside your mind that the therapist had tried so hard to remove. The emotional shackles of wanting someone who clearly did not choose you were strong and you whined as your brain fought with your heart.
“I should have been better for you,” Steve admitted, holding your arms across your back. “I shouldn’t have treated you the way that I did. I was wrong to lie to you. I figured you would have moved on. When I went back to Peggy, I felt like it was home. It was familiar. We could just be and that dream I had been chasing for decades was finally mine. But she wasn’t you. We were both different people and we weren't the same like before. You were all I could think about.”
He threaded his fingers in your hair and you attempted to pull away but it was too late, your chin forced forward as he applied pressure.
“I hate you,” you breathed, your cheeks warm with determination. “I don’t want you, Steve. I moved on.”
He shushed you as he grabbed a fistful of your curls, pulling you up from the ground as tears dripped down your cheeks. It didn't matter that Peggy wasn't you. He'd left you and every little dream, fascination and domestic scene you had wished once upon a time had been ripped away. There was no future with Steve. He had made his choice.
“Then why are you crying?”
“Let me go,” you demanded weakly, your lips trembling while he pressed his face against your hair. “You never loved me.”
“I do.”
“I don’t want your love.”
“Stop lying!” he roared, pushing you back down to the ground. “You ran away from everything. Ran away from me. We'll be happy. You'll see.”
“No, we won’t. I hate you, Steve! I hate you!”
There was a soft click and a pinch on your skin, enough to make you realize something was not right and then the darkness surrounded you.
Tumblr media
When you came to, you were on your bed, curled into a ball under a blanket. The room was still spinning and you squeezed your eyes shut to try to get your bearings back. You couldn’t remember how you ended up in your bed but you remembered Steve. You lifted the blanket slowly, your arms weak while you pushed it down past your hips. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed was a chore. Once you stood, you hold onto the wall for balance as the room began to come into focus.
The door opened and Steve stood there, a plate in his hand while he furrowed his brow.
“What are you doing up?”
“Go away,” you murmured, your words slurring.
“Sweetheart, you have to get back into bed. You could fall.”
You pressed your back against the wall as he placed the plate of food on the nightstand, picking you up with ease and placing you back into bed, your head propped up on the pillows. Your arms felt like lead. There was no fighting back.
“You’ve been out for hours. You need to eat something.”
Food was not on your mind. He held out a forkful of mashed potatoes and you turned away from him, beginning to cry.
“I know this isn’t easy but the sooner you stop fighting, the sooner we can fix us.”
He brought your face to his with a simple guidance of his hand. His blue eyes were glassy with emotion.
“I’m sorry I hurt you. I want you to forgive me.”
He wouldn’t let you turn away and you closed your eyes instead, tears brimming at your lash line.
“I’m going to take care of you the way I had promised.”
“Leave me alone,” you protested, trying to push him away with your feeble hands. "What did you do to me?
He pulled you into his arms, your head tucked under his chin while his grip was like a vice. It was meant to keep you submissive like he knew you always were.
“A mild sedative to keep you calm. Stop fighting me. I don’t want to hurt you.”
“You already have," you replied bitterly.
“Do you need more medication?”
You stilled in his arms and shook your head slowly. You knew you would be out cold once again, reliving the same scene that you were right now. There was a pause and his lips brushed against the top of your head.
“That’s what I thought. Good girl.”
He reached for the plate with one hand, the other hand still keeping you close while he held out the fork.
“Open up for me.”
You opened your mouth and accepted his offering, chewing mechanically while he visibly relaxed, his grip on you easing slowly. If you could force yourself to eat, perhaps he would leave you alone for a while.
"I'm sorry," he apologized once more, smoothing down your hair gently. "We just need time."
Time would heal you. That much you knew for certain. But you wouldn't let him into your heart. You'd learned a valuable lesson and one you would not be forgetting anytime soon.
"I'm full," you lied, watching him place the plate back onto the nightstand with a defeated sigh.
"We'll try again tomorrow."
Tumblr media
Your nightmares had returned, sorrow permeating every memory that had played inside your head while you fought in your sleep. Steve had held you close, your back against his chest as his fingers slid between the valley of your breasts.
"I'm here," he soothed, his voice breaking your thoughts. "It's okay."
His arm was locked over yours as you attempted to move. Once upon a time, this is how you used to wake up, his chin atop your head, the need to protect you overwhelming even in his sleep. You protested against the stifling of your movement and he relented. You got to your feet slowly, careful to make eye contact as you told your next lie.
"I'm just going to the bathroom," you promised. "I'll be right back."
You slipped your phone into the sleeve of your shirt after picking it up quickly from the ground as you walked slowly into the bathroom, locking the door behind you with a soft click. You silenced your phone, sitting on the lip of the bathtub while you figured out your plan. The moon shone through the closed window, barely large enough for you to escape. There wasn't enough time. You typed out a message and turned on the faucet, hoping it would draw away the attention of you inching the window open. With a little pressure, you pushed the screen out. Though it had only been mere minutes, it had felt like hours as you took one last look at the locked door and gripped the window, your palms sinking into the prickly stucco as your legs followed suit.
Your knees hit the soft ground before you pulled yourself up. Behind you the bathroom door broke open but you ran toward the safety of the trees, giving yourself a head start. Your bare feet were no match for the upended ground but you continued forward, refusing to stop. The phone vibrated in your hand as you ran, most likely a response to the message you'd sent earlier. There was no time to stop and read the answer from your plea for help. You heard his footsteps and your name being called, his voice breaking like a wounded animal. There was solace in hiding behind a tree as twigs and dry leaves snapped and crunched over his shoes.
"Don't do this," Steve warned. "I don't want to hurt you."
His voice continued past you but you knew it was risky to move. His eyes and ears were enhanced and any movement from you would draw him straight to you. His voice began to fade and you waited, cautiously, before you moved an inch. You could swear your heartbeat was loud enough for him to hear before you turned and ran in the opposite direction. Out of nowhere, you were grabbed from behind, a large hand closed over your mouth to muffle a scream before you were pushed to the ground, sprawled out in front of him. You tried to crawl away but Steve held you down by your neck, your face pressed into the cold ground.
"I wanted to talk but apparently you need to be shown," Steve growled against your ear.
Your shorts and underwear were ripped down to your knees, the sound of his belt and zipper clinking as you realized what was happening. This wasn't the Steve you knew.
"No," you sobbed. "Stop."
"I came back for you and all you do is run from me. No more."
There wasn't time for you to prepare for what happened next. He pushed into you, a sob catching in your throat in surprise as he still held you down. Your cunt stung with the lack of preparation and you squeezed your eyes shut as he stilled inside you.
"I know your body," Steve reminded you, your chest rising and falling with every deep breath you tried to take. "You may want to deny me but your body won't."
His movements were slow and shallow, your fingers gripped into fists while you tried to block him out.
"So fucking tight. You can't ever deny me, can you sweetheart?"
Your body responded in kind, the pressure building between your legs as he pounded harder and faster into you. You stifled a moan, from the pain or the pleasure you weren't sure of which, as his breath warmed your back.
"All I need is you. You forgive me, don't you?"
Your shoulders were pressed into the ground, his thrusts meant to control you while he waited for his answer.
"Y-yes," you cried out, hoping he would grant you a reprieve. "I forgive you."
"We'll be a family, won't we?"
"No!" you squeaked, his hips slapping against your ass. "Steve, no!"
"Yes," he breathed against your ear as you felt him cum, warmth spreading inside you. "The three of us. One happy family."
Tumblr media
The flannel blanket was still draped across your shoulders as you drank the last of your tea, swinging slowly as the breeze mingled with the salty ocean air lifted your hair. This was still your solitude.
Heading back toward the house was more of a chore, your steps slower but still purposeful. There was a lot to do inside this space. You outlined ideas for a new kitchen and the new furniture had been delivered for the living room, including new bookcases for the all the books that had sat in piles around the house. There was a space for everything now. You'd grown accustomed to keeping yourself busy.
You rounded the corner, the sound of a drill catching your attention. Bolts and screws surrounded the floor, among boxes of items that needed to be built. This particular project was finished, the final touches an extra once-over by careful eyes that caught yours. The crib was a light gray, the mattress leaning up against the rocking chair in the corner of the room. It was beginning to look like a nursery.
You looked down at your belly, unable to see your feet. The family Steve had desperately wanted was almost here. Every day was a check off the calendar, leading up to the due date. Steve had been right. The sooner you stopped fighting him, the better life had become, the pain that you had held onto so tightly a faded memory. It was much easier this way.
At the sight of you, he didn't hesitate to drop his tools, his lips pressed against yours while he cradled your bump.
"You both are all I need," Steve promised.
You needed to believe him. After all, you were worthy of love.
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captainjimothycarter · 6 months ago
Prompt: okay so Peggy is de-aged and Steve finds out but he’s far away undercover. Like worst timing ever so she gets on the phone and he races to her—big heartfelt reunion and everyone is there to witness and it’s beautiful, but don’t forget the snark. Maybe avengers didn’t really believe that their relationship was so pure 😱😭😭😭♥️
Oh my god so i am on sleepy pain meds bc i hurt my back and this might be the worst thing i’ve ever done.
Everything about this was hushed-hushed, no one was to know. Of course, naturally at Shield that meant everyone knew but the intended people. That meant when Peggy found herself waking up to a body that was only in distant memory, Steve was nowhere to be found. It didn’t take much prodding from a Doctor Banner and or Jemma Simmons to get an answer as to where exactly he was.
Over 400,000 miles away. Undercover. On some vital information that is meant to save their asses in some case or another.
Peggy was not a patient woman, even if Banner and Simmons kept her busy with all these tests. Even if they were the most patient people in the world when it came to Peggy suddenly getting her old body back and being right as rain. She understood the need for tests to see if she ran in tip-top shape and wasn’t going to deteriorate but what she really wanted was to call Steve.
How could no one see what was important to her?
Well, maybe some people did.
The lab was empty as Jemma brought her in for another round of testing, her face stoic as she brought her into a new room with just a table and a phone. She pressed a finger to her lip and motioned that she had one call to make and a timer on the clock said she had a few set minutes. 
“Thank you,” she breathed to her, pulling Jemma into a tight hug. She had to be mindful of her strength now, given the serum.
“I know how it feels to be separated from your life partner, even if this case it’s just miles.” The look in her eyes told a story that Peggy wanted to dissect. Later, she told herself. “Banner and I will keep people ready but if you hear us bang on the door, drop the call.”
That’s all Peggy needed.
She found herself clinging to the simple block of a phone that was meant for satellite calls, listening to the breaking dial tone. Then the click. The heavy breathing. The slight pain in his breath, like he was reminding himself to breathe.
“Fury? Coulson? What-what is it? We’re sorta busy - there’s…”
Oh, his voice. That beautiful tone. Even if the break in it made her worry about the pain he was in.
“Hello? Is anyone there? Oh, fuck. Sam, duck!”
She could hear crashing, a pause, then laughter from Steve that made her eyes sting and her heart soar.
“Steve,” she breathed, feeling the tears roll down her cheeks. She didn’t bother to wipe them off.
“Peggy?” He sounded about as shocked as she did. “Peggy is that you?…?”
“It’s a long story,” she laughed. “De-aged thanks to your blood samples, a project I did not approve of but I am glad they did it anyway.” She flinched at a loud screech and clung to the phone. “Steve? Steve! Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, doll. I’m okay.” He sighed over the phone, hearing his own aggression. “I’ll be right there. Don’t leave HQ. Sam, we gotta go!” 
“Be careful and…” She clung to the phone like it was her lifeline. “Don’t you dare fly a plane, Rogers. I mean it.”
“I love you too.” 
Even over the phone, she could hear that trademark smirk as the line died on them just in time for Jemma to open the door.
“So the rumors are true?” Jemma asked her when they weren’t exactly alone an hour later. She stood beside Peggy as the new patient was jogging lightly on the treadmill. Banner was on the other side of the room, doing something on the computer. 
Steve had just been confirmed to be coming back in-land and it would take a few hours. There was another agent or two here, someone by the name of Bobbi, working beside Jemma and adjusting the monitor to Jemma’s height. Someone named Fitz was with Banner and given Jemma’s heart eyes on him, she could guess that was her life partner. 
“I suppose we’re no longer at our war nor am I officially his liason, so yes,” Peggy mused, slowing the speed down to a small trot. “Steve and I were...together.”
“I thought that was only for the history books?” Banner mused, looking over his shoulder at her. “Y’know, the hero gets the girl sorta thing.”
“He didn’t get me,” Peggy scoffed, rolling her eyes. “It’s complicated.”
“I think those two know a thing or two about complicated,” Bobbi mused, her head bobbing towards Fitz and Jemma. She looked downright amused. “As do I.” 
“It…” Peggy sighed as she hit the stop button much to Jemma’s frowning. “Simmons, I’ve been at this all morning. I am fine. Anyway...Steve and I were in a relationship before…” Her throat tightened just at the thought alone. Before...he sacrificed himself for the greater good and took a piece of her with him.
“Miss Carter,” Fitz suddenly spoke, seeing the look on Peggy’s face. He shared a look with Jemma, rolling his stool over to her. “Why don’t we go for a stroll in the garden, hm? I take it you had some personal touches in the plants there? Jemma and Dr. Banner can run the analysis on your tests before they treat you like another dancing monkey.”
“I’d like that,” Peggy sighed, pulling her hair off of her neck in an attempt to cool down.
Turns out, it wasn’t just Banner who doubted her relationship. Tony did too. Even Fury. Everything seemed to relate to the history books of a picture-perfect tale of them together just for Steve to lose her. 
The only people who seemed to understand were those working under Coulson. Even Phil Coulson seemed to understand their relationship to a degree. Though, Fitz and Jemma seemed to understand on a personal level and their young made Peggy’s heart swell. 
By the time she got the notification Steve’s plane was in the area, Peggy was freshly showered and being lead up to the docks by Jemma, Fitz, and Bobbi. Suddenly the people part of Steve’s team had other things to do.
She could barely sit still as the plane landed and the ramp was lowered. Steve was not the first one-off. The first one-off, basically running off before the ramp was fully lowered was a tall, muscular, yet slender blonde with purple hearing aids. She watched him throw himself to Bobbi, knocking them both to the ground. Who she could only assume was Sam was next, the man giving her a trademark wink that reminded her of Gabe Jones, before hugging FitzSimmons to his chest and helping Bobbi up.
Steve did not get off and she feared the worst. 
“He fell asleep behind the wheel,” Sam whispered to her, patting her shoulder. “Told ‘im not to pilot but he said they’d get there faster.”
“The bastard,” Peggy sighed. “Never bothers to listen to a thing I say.” 
Ignoring the reunions around him, she jogged inside and passed the small cots and a few labeled containers that Fitz was carefully grabbing. She found Steve as Sam had promised. Behind the controls, head tucked into his chest. The few stray hairs falling onto his forehead, chin rising with every breath he took. 
He was breathtaking and Peggy’s eyes brimmed with tears. She dropped to her knees beside him, hearing Jemma pause as she looked over to make sure their prized science experiment didn’t just die on them. 
“Oh, darling,” Peggy breathed, her red painted nails [habits died hard] reached out to touch his cheek, stroking the soft stubble. Her hand moved to push his hair out of his face and smiled at how a lock fell right back. “Working yourself to the bone again. Don’t you know when to rest?”
“He does not,” Clint mused, crossing his arms and leaning into the entranceway. “I think you know that by now.”
“And I know you follow suit and are avoiding medical,” Bobbi pointed out, wrapping an arm around her boyfriend’s waist. “Come on. Before Hunter and Bucky see you like this, you idiot. Did you break another rib?”
Peggy ignored them as they left, leaning up to gently press a tender kiss to Steve’s lips. She was met with a flutter of baby blue eyes that brought her back to the first time she saw them. A scrawny Brooklyn Native covered in red dust and in a helmet far too big for him. He smiled against her lips, eyes still hazy with sleep.
“Are you an angel?” he whispered, pressing their foreheads together but making no other moves. She was sure he stopped breathing.
The question made Peggy laugh. “No, darling, no. I don’t think that statement has worked on anyone.”
“Damn.” He rubbed at his eyes and yawned, having enough courtesy to turn his head before he wrestled Peggy into his arms. He couldn’t care about their little crowd. He needed her. Hastily kissing her lips like he needed to breathe.
“You two are disgusting,” a voice snorted from the entranceway. 
Peggy didn’t even need to look up to know Steve had thrown the shield haphazardly at Bucky. 
“We’re making up for lost time,” Steve groaned, pulling away from Peggy with kiss-swollen lips. “You don’t gotta look.”
“How can I not when you’re kissing right in front of me? Hiya, Pegs.” Bucky wrapped her up in a hug and kissed the side of her face, letting Steve drag his weary body out of the chair. “Do me a favor and get this sap home.”
“Consider it done. I think we need to christen the bed anyway,” she mused thoughtfully.
Bucky’s expression was everything to her as Steve wrapped her up in a hug and half carried her off of the ship.
“Hang on it’s real?” 
Tony breathed, turning to point his wooden spoon threateningly at Peggy’s face. She easily batted the spoon away with her own, making him pout.
“What’s real?” Steve sighed, dropping into the stool beside Peggy with his own coffee from the counter. “Our relationship?”
“Yes! I thought that was just a...thing Howard and you made up! I didn’t think you and Cap actually got together!” 
Peggy rolled her eyes, draining the last of her tea. “Christ, is everyone going to say that?”
“I mean, I thought you two boned or kissed, but…” Clint mused from the couch, his leg up in the air to wave in their direction. “Not like kiss-kiss.”
“What are you twelve?” Natasha snickered. “Of course they were together. Don’t you see how Steve pined after her? Even in just her photos at the museum.”
“Aw, you pined after her?” Bucky breathed, earning an elbow from Steve. “Oh c’mon, punk, I had to live with this dancing around one another crap for years before Hydra finally put me out of my misery.”
“Hey, not funny,” Steve grumbled. “Still not funny. That will never be funny. And we didn’t dance around one another.”
“It is funny. I told yah, I was found before you and everything.” Bucky huffed, stealing a croissant from Tony’s hand to bite into. “And yes you did. Pegs, tell him.”
“I wasn’t dancing around,” Peggy mused, refilling her mug. “Steve was the dancing monkey.”
“I see where you two learned it from,” Bobbi teased, throwing a look where Fitz and Jemma were sitting on the other end of the couch from Clint’s prodding foot.
“If everyone can stop taking the mickey out on all of us that would be great,” Fitz over dramatically sighed. “Steve and Peggy can finally be together, thanks to this genius.” He squeezed Jemma’s frame to him, making her flush. 
“And Dr. Banner,” Peggy pointed out. “Where is he, by the way? I haven’t seen him since we left.”
“Vacation. Something about this was a favor to the history books,” Bobbi mused, waving her hand. “So, you two...Pegs, when’s the wedding date? And don’t tell me not yet. You two finally get to be together. I think you and FitzSimmons over there need to do a double destination date.”
Peggy and Jemma shared a look from over the table, making Steve laugh. “I wouldn’t say no to that. What do you say, Miss Simmons?”
“I’ll draw up the wedding plans.”
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dyns33 · 6 months ago
Dance with the vampires extra. 
Au revoir. 
Tag : @prophecy-is-inevitable​     @just-someone-who-likes-to-write​    @guiltyfiend​ @the-winter-ass-bucky-barnes​   @qardasngan​
Tumblr media
           This did not happen often, as the Countess was one of the most respected and admired vampires in the community, but there were times when a ball was put on by other vampires, far from her castle, and even if she did not always respond, she was always invited. This year, it was mainly to please her partner and her son whom she had accepted. Madison was really starting to stomp, clamouring for new occupations, while Michael craved to see his old friends, but not for the reasons his mother had imagined.
           "My dear (Y/N) would like to meet them. If she likes some of them, they can come to the castle more often, or she will write to them."
           "Are you not enough ?" she scoffed, knowing full well that he was not.
           "I would love to, but my beloved wife is a cultured, curious woman who loves diversity. As long as they are just friends, not lovers, that's fine with me. She will chat with them, but I will be the only one with a place in her bed and in her heart."
           "You will never change my son."
           "It's kind of the principle of eternal life Mutter."
           "No. Not at all. But it still makes me happy that you are still yourself. Unlike others."
As he had thought, (Y/N) was delighted to see new faces, although she had already met some of them, like Coco and Gallant. She remembered Mallory, with her gold leaf, who had seemed very sweet from the start. Zoe was a little more shy, but lovable, while Queenie was a bit like Madison with her strong character, but it was interesting to hear her take on many topics. Everyone seemed to adore Michael's wife, whom he refused to leave for most of the evening. Even though there couldn't be a vampire hunter here, he remembered the last time he had made that mistake.
           "That was almost thirty years ago Michael… I'm a big girl now !" laughed (Y/N).
           "Oh, I know, but I also know that there are beings worse than these goddamn hunters lurking here. I'd rather stay and scare them away."
           "Like who ?"
           "Fiona and Marie are not very social, although they can be funny when they fight. Kai, Dandy and James should be avoided at all costs. Even though I feel a little sorry for her, never be alone with Sally. And, the worst of all is..."
           "Son, can you come help me ?" then asked the Countess. "Madison is arguing with Myrtle."
           "I told her not to upset Myrtle… You too… Everyone told her."
           "Sure, now come help me."
           "I'll be back soon ma chérie." Michael said kissing her hand.
Although she liked his friends, (Y/N) took advantage of this solitary moment to go to the window and breathe a little. Technically, she didn't need to breathe, but it was still nice, because while she loved discussions, she hated crowds. She ignored the sound of a cane approaching her.
           "Ma chérie ? So you are the new pet ?"
           "... Excuse me ?" (Y/N) wondered, turning to the woman who had just spoken.
She was tall, her red hair tied in a stern bun. This colour did not match the purple of her dress at all. Behind her glasses, you could see the hatred and wickedness in her eyes. (Y/N) wanted to know why she needed a cane to walk, but that would have been rude. She would have, if she had known that this woman was not going to behave kindly to her at all.
           "Wilhelmina Venable." she introduced herself with a cold fake smile. “A former partner of yours… husband ? This is his last game, right ? Marriage. It doesn't surprise me, he had never tried it before. We are all waiting to see how long this will last. Longer than with me maybe, but I doubt it."
           "With you ?"
           “He chased me for years. Forty-five years exactly. Poor boy, I refused all his advances, he wasn't used to it. Then when I finally said yes, he was obnoxious quite simply disgusting. I wasn't funny anymore. But he was kind enough to give me a farewell gift, I admit."
As she said this, Venable touched her neck, which made (Y/N) wince. It was not possible, since Michael had sworn to her that he had never changed anyone, that she was the first, the only one. But she was also surprised to learn that her husband could have treated one of her lovers so badly. Michael said little about it, but he never insulted his past lovers, unless they deserved it. He admitted he was wrong, thinking he was in love, but he had never said that he liked to play with other people's feelings. Was he doing this with her ? (Y/N) couldn't believe it.
           "I have heard of your story." Venable continued. "Very touching. Very romantic. But you're a scientist aren't you ? Do you really believe in love at first sight ? Do you really think that a man like Michael, who is centuries old, can fall in love with a little human so quickly ? My poor darling... I almost pity you."
(Y/N) wanted to answer, but she didn't know what to say to defend her husband. It was true. Maybe she liked him, but she hadn't fallen in love with Michael in the first week after they met, it had taken her longer to be sure of her feelings. Michael immediately said he loved her, which seemed a bit precipitate. Venable sneered at her saddened expression, she opened her mouth to spit out more of her venom, but eventually she held back and walked away. A hand rested on (Y/N 's shoulder.
           "Liebling ? Are you all right ? Did that witch hurt you ?"
           "Witch ?"
           "Not literally." Michael laughed, even though he looked nervous. "We have… a common past let's say. Venable is not someone to trust. I didn't know she was here, I hoped not."
           "Were you afraid she would tell me what you had done to her ?"
           "... What did I do ? What did she say again ? That viper."
           "It's okay Michael. I'd rather know the truth."
           "My love..."
           "No. I would like to go talk to the others now, excuse me."
It was obvious to Michael that the dastardly Venable was responsible for this nightmarish situation, but he decided not to make a scene during the ball, it was probably what she wanted. So he stayed with (Y/N), without speaking, without touching her, waiting for them to be alone to clear this misunderstanding. It almost didn't happen, but luckily for everyone, Madison came to see him realizing that something was wrong.
           "Your wife asked me if she could sleep in my room... Can you do something ? Don't take it the wrong way, she is very beautiful, but I share my bed with your mother, and we want to... It would be weird for Elizabeth to do that with her stepdaughter. But we're vampires, so..."
           "No ! I'm going to talk to her... It's all Venable's fault."
           "Venable ?"
           "The tall woman with a cane."
           "Oh, her. The Countess told me about this bitch, I don't understand why no one has already put their cane in her..."
           "Thank you Maddie."
It wasn't easy, but he managed to corner (Y/N) in a secluded room, after the other guests had already left. He didn't need to explain what was going on to his mother, just to give Wilhelmina's name.
           "Michael, let go of me…" his wife sighed.
           "What did she say ?"
           "... Alright. She told me you had been lovers and..."
           "Wait. What ?! Lovers ? Never ! We almost kissed, once, but that's it ! Nothing more !"
           "Really ? But she said..."
           "She lied ma chérie. I never liked her, and I was sure she didn't like me either. I found it funny to tease her, but I didn't think she was hiding her feelings or that she would say yes someday. It surprised me and... I told her the truth, that I didn't want anything with her. Yes, I was having fun, but I didn't promise her anything. I never played with my lovers, ever. If it wasn't serious, they knew it from the start. Often it was them who played with me. That's why I'm pretty sure Venable didn't really love me, maybe just a little, but most of all she wanted to become a vampire, she was afraid of getting old too."
           "Ah ! So you confess !" shouted (Y/N) pointing at him.
           "Liebling ?"
           "You bit her ! You changed her ! You told me I was the first ! Liar !"
She wanted to leave but Michael grabbed her arm, to hug her and prevent her from running away. He then let her scream and hit him, until he couldn't stop his laughs.
           "Don't make fun of me ! Awful man !"
           "Sorry my love. She said I bit her ?"
           "... Not really but it was obvious."
           "She asked me but I refused. On the other hand I introduced her to Jeffrey and Matthew, they prefer Jeff and Mutt. I did it so that she leaves me alone and because I don't like the men too much, and they are the ones who changed her. Not me. My love, it's just you. But it seems that she resents me anyway and wants revenge."
           "... Oh."
           "Did this witch say something else ?" he asked.
           "She... She said you were playing with me. That you weren't in love, that it was not possible to love someone so fast, and it's true that you said very quickly that you loved me, while several studies show that love at first sight is..."
           "Ma chérie. Breathe. I'll admit it, at first I found you amusing. Someone to fill my boredom. But when I got to know you, I found you charming and very interesting. I was fascinated by all the sacrifices you were able to do to make your dreams come true. Your pride, your courage, your honesty, your dignity, your beauty... How not to fall in love ? I was even a little afraid of not being worthy of you or that you will not think that I was serious. Like now."
           "Michael... I'm so sorry."
           "Don't apologize dear heart, I know Venable can be very persuasive. I'm going to punish her for trying to destroy my marriage."
           "No, please. She'll be furious to see that everything is going well between us. I'm just reassured. Actually, I knew she was lying, about our relationship at least, but the rest disturbed me, forgive me."
Most of the time it was Michael who needed reassurance, so that was new. Adorable. It would be, he hoped, the last time they doubted each other's love. He couldn't kill Venable, it was a crime for a vampire to kill another vampire, unless there was a serious offence. Ruining a love affair was not, even if Michael did not find it normal. He would have liked to at least slap her, after all even though she was a woman he was for gender equality, or insult her, but when she appeared in the hallway, (Y/N) grabbed his face to kiss passionately, while she hated doing this in public. Venable's grimace of disgust was enough to satisfy Michael, who stuck to his wife as much as possible.
           "Yuck. Mikey, yuck." Madison growled seeing them. "Stop ! (Y/N) you too !"
           "Let the kids have fun." said the Countess, smiling.
           "But... I'm young too ! Kiss me in front of everyone!"
           "We will go home now."
           "Not funny !"
           "I'll get you new shoes."
           "We're going home !"
Madison wasn't saying it, but she too wasn't too fond of displays of affection in front of everyone, preferring to show her vulnerability in the shelter of a bedroom. However, she loved shoes. She used her favourites to kick Venable's ass when the bitch tried to come in one of the Countess's party, where she was not invited.
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Spook-vengers Tower
Tumblr media
Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson (all platonic)
Inspiration: Halloween!
Warnings: None.
Summary: Your plan to host a Halloween party at the tower was sabotaged and so, you enlist the help of the mighty Avengers. What could go wrong?
It had been perfectly planned out from decorations to the catering and music - that was, until Baron Zemo attacked the tower the day before. It was a futile, and frankly petty, retaliation that he knew he would lose given that all Avengers were stationed at the base. The villain was quickly tossed out but the damage had been done to the top floor where you were meant to be hosting a Halloween party for the children of New York as a charity fundraiser.
With less than twenty-four hours on the clock you thought that a full home of superheroes could be wrangled together for the common cause to help fix the mess.
Oh, how you were wrong.
Yes, they banded like a team. And yes, they allocated specific tasks.
The only problem was that they appeared to be working according to their own time and party design post-tower fight. Your only saviour was Natasha who you trusted to pick up a themed-cake from Hell’s Kitchen without a fuss.
With the Black Widow out on a dessert mission, you found yourself watching the rest of the team put up the ‘emergency’ decorations after a quick clean up of shattered glass and broken tables.
“I don’t know if I should be in the kitchen, (Y/n). It’s a stressful place.” Bruce confessed a little sheepishly. You would have taken sympathy on the doctor but the man with multiple PhD’s had the easiest job. All he needed to do was follow the recipe for all the cold treats - you even organised the ingredients.
“Bruce. There’s literally nothing to bake or measure. And if following instructions to mix melted chocolate is too hard then you really don’t have a promising career as a chef.”
You hadn’t meant for it to sound snappy but his complaint came across as meagre. Of course, despite being overwhelmed with the volume of things happening, you weren’t a horrible person and your eyes caught themselves on the short, tousled brown hair of their youngest member. Peter had been carrying orange and black chairs three times his weight across the room when he spotted you waving him over. The young boy quickly set the chairs down by an overturned table and jogged over.
“(Y/n), this is going to be an amazing party. What can I do to help?”
His peppy voice and eager eyes managed to coax a brief smile from you and you gestured to the scientist standing to your side. “Think you can give Bruce a hand in the kitchen with the party treats?”
“Halloween candy preparation with the Hulk?” Peter clapped his hands together. “Count me in!”
Bruce gave a nervous laugh as he led his chatty partner back towards the kitchen. You took in a deep breath and closed your eyes hoping that you hadn’t just added to your list of problems. 
Ready to check on the rest of the preparation, you turned around and managed to take a step forward before Steve approached you with a pumpkin and a proud smile. He shifted the pumpkin ‘face’ around in his hands so you could see it.
“What do you think?”
A monkey - the man carved a damn monkey onto the hull of the vegetable. You glanced over his shoulder to the table and found that the primate wasn’t alone. It’s like he had created a pumpkin zoo.
“They’re meant to be scary.” You told him bluntly, no trace of an amused smile on your face. “Scary - not educational.”
Steve looked at his creation, shoulders and smile dropping a little. “Well, I thought that...”
“It’s pumpkin carving, you shouldn’t need to think when there’s less than fifteen hours until people arrive!”
The outburst came out louder than expected and drew the attention of the few in the room. Tony sauntered over and draped an arm around your shoulders, “You know, I think I might change my costume and just go as you. Honestly, it’s a lot more frightening.”
You heard a roar of laughter from the God of Thunder by the balcony and shot him a scathing look that made the man swallow down any further jests in pure fear. Tony gestured to the newfound silence, emphasising his point. “See?”
You lifted his arm and freed yourself from his carefree attitude with a huff. It was difficult enough that your earlier preparations were ruined and now the team - who usually had your back when villains rained hell - were treating this like a joke.
“Lighten up, (Y/n). We’re going to have a great ‘Spooky Town Monster Mash’.” Clint commented as he attached some fake cobwebs to an arrow. With his eyes cast down, he couldn’t see how furious you were when he got the name of the party wrong - and you had repeated it several times in the last week! 
The avenger aimed his bow high above the elevator door and let it the loaded arrow fly until it hit its mark and splattered the white cotton messily against the wall. The only thing he succeeded in doing was jamming the doors as they attempted to close - the mechanics whirring and grinding loudly. 
The Hawkeye pursed his lips and hummed at what had just unfolded. “I think your decorations are a little dodgy.” He assumed despite it being clear that his idea to use his weapons indoors backfired.
You were raging at this point and probably just about to scream at the top of your lungs when there was the distinct beep of an incoming message was heard through the room. A holographic screen appeared in the centre of the room with the familiar faces of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. All eyes were drawn to it and Steve paused what he was doing as he stepped forward.
“Hey guys.” Sam greeted in a quick whisper, eyes glancing around the figures in the room before landing on the blonde-haired man. “We’ve tracked Zemo to an abandoned medical facility but he’s got more friends than the two of us can handle and-”
Suddenly, the Falcon was nudged aside as Bucky leaned in closer. “Did you carve a monkey on that pumpkin?” He asked with a frown. Steve glanced down at the orange vegetable in his hands and racked his brain for a response when Sam took charge of the call once more, pushing his co-Avenger out of frame.
“So, can you spare a helping hand?”
Straightening his shoulders, the Captain nodded. “I’m on it.” He confirmed and waved his hand to close the projection. He had just turned to ask if there were any volunteers when you stormed past him in a blur.
“I’ll go.” You said quickly, leaving no room to argue. “This tower is a nightmare.”
Almost two hours later, you found yourself wrapping the last five of Zemo’s henchmen together with some rope while narrating how their boss destroyed your event which was being ruined further by your friends.
“, you can’t blame me for wanting to throw one of them off the tower, right? All I wanted was a fun night for the children.”
The henchmen looked at each other confused and gave a small grunt in reply. It didn’t really answer you but at least it meant that they were listening. You fastened the rope together and began to talk again about classic Halloween parties when Sam and Bucky returned. They jogged past the knocked out soldiers until they reached you.
“Zemo took off.” Bucky sighed, head shaking with disappointment.
You couldn’t blame him or Sam, sometimes the bad guy got away but it just meant that you’d be ready to strike them down when they resurfaced.
“We’ll get another shot at him.” You smiled.
Sam nudged his friend in the metal arm and chuckled. “Come on, we’ve got a Halloween party to get to.”
And just like that - you remembered why you came on this mission.
“Can’t we just stay here or go out for a drink instead of going back home?” You asked only for Sam to laugh and shake his head.
“Not a chance. Friends don’t let friends attend party disasters alone.”
Bucky perked up at the change of topic and sent you a sympathetic smile. “(Y/n) you just took out twenty armed henchmen. The party has nothing on you.”
You would have stayed to argue the point further but it would have been futile as the duo refused to step back. With a reluctant sigh, you agreed to return to the tower and found yourself standing in front of the tenth floor doors, mentally preparing yourself for the chaos inside.
Alright, let’s get this over with. You thought and pushed the wooden panels wide open.
The first thing you saw was a bright orange and black banner hanging across the balcony window reading ‘Happy Halloween’. Then your eyes dropped lower to a confectionary table that was decorated and hosted party snacks, including a mystical bowl of fruit punch that sent plumes of smoke over the edges until it fell into nothing. Children were laughing and screaming and you noticed the spookily-carved pumpkins - not a monkey in sight!
“What the...?”
Tony strolled over and handed you a glass of red wine. “Welcome to Spook-vengers Tower.” He smiled, taking a sip.
You watched a few children run around and play while some pulled down the fake webs and others grabbed as much candy as possible. When you had left, this place was a shamble so the turn around was surprising until you spotted a few of the Avengers by the table.
“Nat put the fear of god into you, didn’t she?”
Tony smacked his lips together, enjoying the beverage. “Like you have no idea.”
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