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#bucky drabble
bibbidibobbidibucky · 4 hours ago
what are we? | b.b
pairing: rockstar!Bucky Barnes x fem!Reader
summary: Y/N confesses how she feels to Bucky.  How will he react?  Will he share her feelings or will she have her heart broken by the devil himself?
word count: 2.2K
warnings: 18+ so minors GTFO! Smut, drugs, alcohol, language, angst, collar pet play, pussy slapping, nipple play, spitting, and spanking. I apologize if I missed anything!
a/n: This was kinda based on an old story I wrote before and this is also for @babyboibucky​‘s writing challenge! It’s based on her series Devil’s Mark! Which is you haven’t read you def need to!  If you haven’t read her’s its still okay to read along! It can stand on its own so you won’t be confused I think. Plus all of those new pics that came out of Seb today got me in the moooood. 😈
Also this is what I imagine Bucky’s band to sounds like: We Lose Control by The Relentless 
Tumblr media
“Fuck! Oh my god, Bucky.”
“That’s it, sugar. Right. Fucking.There.”
A firm slap was placed to your ass and you couldn’t help the wanton moan that escaped from your lips. There would definitely be marks from his rings later on.  Bucky gripped your hips tighter as he slammed into a few more times before both of you started to cum.
You collapsed down into the bed as your release washed over you and couldn’t help but smile. The feeling of cumming while being high was something you had gotten used to in the last few months and it never got old.  Sex with Bucky only got better and better. You looked next to you and saw his chest rising and falling as quickly as yours was.  “Did I wear you out, Barnes?”  You smiled as you traced your fingers over his tattoo that decorated his stomach and you knew that if you kept this up he’d have his cock buried inside you again within minutes. He chuckled and turned his head to look at you. His after sex glow was something you loved. He looked like a fucking god and that smug fuck knew it by the way he was smirking.
“Oh pretty girl, I could go all night with you, but you know I have that concert in an hour.” You pouted playfully and Bucky took your hand that was still lingering to pull you in closer to him. His arm wrapped around you as you placed your head on his chest.  This was something new that had happened in the last few weeks.  Usually it was just rough fucking that made you question your morals and then you would get dressed and leave, but something had changed.  That scared you.
This is what couples do right? They cuddle after sex and just lay next to each other because they don’t wanna let one another go. To Bucky you weren’t a couple because he didn’t date. He fucked.  He was a rockstar who always had girls throwing themselves at him and not to mention he was traveling frequently.  But ever since becoming his ‘pet’ he had only been with you.  To be frank you didn’t know what the hell you were to him now. You wanted to be his girlfriend and that’s what it felt like sometimes when the two of you were in each other's company as of late.  You teased him once about how you were basically a couple but when you did he’d brush it off.  It started to bother you the more time you spent with him because you knew that you were falling hard for him. You knew this only started off as sex, that Bucky wanted you as a plaything so keep his cock warm. And what he said goes; in and outside the bedroom.  Right now though you would leave it alone so you could enjoy being wrapped in his arms for the next few minutes. When he gets back from the concert tonight, you thought to yourself. When he gets back you would talk to him about it.
The next few hours seemed to drag on forever and your stomach had been in knots the whole time you watched the concert from backstage.  Your mind was racing the whole time about the different scenarios of what could happen. What if he got upset or angry when you confronted him? Or what if it was the push he needed? Your eyes drifted back to the stage when one of your favorite songs by the band started.  Bucky had such a presence about him when he was on stage.  He got lost in the music and didn’t give a fuck about anything else in that moment. He was something else and that made your heart flutter a little.  As it did though you grew more worried
It was half past midnight when you let yourself into Bucky’s hotel room and you knew he wouldn’t be too far behind you. You were starting to chicken out and thought about just going to bed and avoiding the whole thing.  You couldn’t, you needed to know so you fixed yourself a drink and did a line of coke to try and settle your nerves.  For now you would sit on the couch and wait for Bucky to get back and hope that you wouldn’t get your heart broken.
Around twenty minutes later the lock turned and Bucky was stepping through the door.  “Hey there, pretty girl”  He smiled over at you and gave you a wink as he kicked off his shoes.  “I was thinking we ordered some room service and while we wait, you could wear that new pretty collar I got you.  Hmm wanna be a good little pet for me and let me fuck you, sugar?”  He chuckled and made his way over to you, but soon noticed your demeanor.  “You’re awfully quiet. Is everything okay, sugar?”  Bucky sat down beside you and you felt your heart start to race.  It was now or never.
“What are we, Bucky?” you bit your lip and turned to look at him as you waited for his response.  He cocked his head a little and rested his arm on the back of the couch as turned his body towards you.
“What do you mean?”  He looked at you curiously and you didn’t know where this was gonna go.
You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair as you got a little frustrated.  “I mean what are we?  Are we just fuck buddies? Am I just your fucking pet? Or is there the chance there is something more here?” you got up from the couch and started to pace. “We’ve never talked about it and the one time I joked about it you just avoided the question. I need an answer. I need to know how you feel, dammit because I might be falling for you.”
Bucky stayed quiet for a moment and you couldn’t read his expression.  “I-I I..fuck, Y/N.”  He gets up from the couch to stand in front of you.  “I didn’t know you wanted more. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”  You shrugged your shoulders and looked down at your feet.
“I was scared. I was scared that if I did that I would lose you. I know you’re not the relationship type Bucky and…”  you were cut off when his lips crashed against yours and you couldn’t help but melt into the kiss as he cupped your cheeks.  He pulled away slowly and rested his forehead against yours as his hands moved to trail down your back to your ass.  He was hoping he just did the right thing.
“I wasn’t the relationship type until I met you, pretty girl.”  He gives your ass a small squeeze and gives you a small smirk.  “Y/N, sugar, I never talked about what we were because I thought you only wanted the fucking.  That is was what you wanted and what got you off, but ever since you’ve stuck around.”  He chuckled and shook his head.  “You’ve grown on me, pretty girl.  I got addicted to you.”
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Bucky Barnes, the devilish rockstar, just admitted that he has feelings for you and that brought the brightest smile to your face. “I guess we need to work on our communication more in the future.” You pulled him back into a kiss and felt all of your fears from earlier start to wash away as he kissed you back. You admitted your feelings for Bucky and he hadn’t yelled and pushed you away.  That’s all that mattered right now.
The kiss became heated quickly and you were moaning against Bucky’s lips as he roughly squeezed your ass as the two of you moved back over to the couch.  “How about we get that new collar out, pretty girl? Wanna see my girl wear it while you cum all over my cock.  You want that don’t you?”
You nodded quickly as Bucky yanked your pants and panties off in one swift motion.  He smacked your ass and smirked before moving over to your bag to grab the collar.  It was a baby pink and had diamonds encrusted on it.  You remember him telling you that you deserved a present for how good you made his cock feel.  You smiled at the thought as you discarded the rest of your clothes and kneeled down as he walked back over to you.
“Pretty collar for my pretty girl.”  He put the collar around your neck before grabbing your face, kissing you roughly.  “Lay down for me, sugar.  Gonna fuck you so good you’re gonna see stars tonight.”  He bit your bottom lip and pulled on it with his teeth before letting go.
You laid back on the couch for him and you could feel yourself getting wet as you watched him undress.  Your pussy clenched around nothing as he pushed his boxers down and took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly.  You whined and Bucky smirked, grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the nearby table.  All you could focus on was his cock as it started to grow hard so you were surprised when you felt the coldness of the alcohol run down your stomach to and over your pussy.
Before you knew it Bucky’s tongue was all over on you as he licked up the alcohol and you felt like you were on fire already.  You knew this time would feel different after what the two of you just confessed to each other.  “Taste so fucking good, sugar.  All fuckin mine. Only mine.”  A moan escaped your lips as his fingers glided through your folds, his rings adding more friction.  After months of fucking Bucky knew exactly what made you putty in his hands.  He pulled his hand away and placed a frim slap to your pussy, making your legs try to close but he just pushed him back open.  “Now now pretty girl, remember you close your legs like that you don’t get to cum.”
You whimpered and nodded as he leaned his head down to take one of your hardened nipples into his mouth as he slapped your pussy again.  “Oh fuck! Oh my god.”  The way his tongue was working against your nipple you felt like you could cum from that and that alone. “Bu-Bucky, please I want more.  Want your cock inside me.”
He pulled on your nipple with his teeth as he pulled away, making you moan and hiss.  “My pretty girl is greedy tonight isn’t she?  You just want me to fill up that tight little pussy don’t you?”  He looked down at your pussy and your juices were dripping onto the couch already.  “Fuck look at you.”  He smirked and grabbed your hips to pull you closer as he kneeled onto the couch.  A string of spit left his lips and you shivered as it landed on your pussy.  “Don’t worry, I'm gonna take good care of my pretty girl tonight.”  He grabbed his cock and started to rub the tip between your folds and over your clit, smearing the spit.  “Who’s pussy is this, sugar?”
Before you can answer him, he slams his cock into your dripping cunt. All you do is moan wantonly and Bucky pulls out all the way before slamming into you again.  “You better answer me, sugar.  Who’s fuckin pussy is this?”
“Yours! Only yours, Bucky.”  You roll your hips into his and Bucky smacks your thigh before moving his hands to your hips.  He starts to pound into you at a relentless pace to where the only sounds in the room were the sounds of each other's moans and your skin slapping against each other.  Usually Bucky was very mouthy during sex but not this time.  This time all he wanted to do was focus on you.  How beautiful you looked and how good your pussy squeezed his cock as he fucked you.
It wasn’t taking long for both of you to feel your releases drawing near.  Bucky leaned down and grabbed you by your collar, pulling you in close.  His hot breath fanned across your face and you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, digging your nails into his skin.  “Gonna make me fucking cum, pretty girl.  Want you to cum with me.  Want you to soak my cock.”  You could only nod, not being able to form any words at the moment.
Bucky reached his hand down between the two of you and started to rub your clit in tight circles.  You moaned wantonly and it wasn’t but a few more seconds before you started to cum around his cock.  Your body arched into his and your moans were music to Bucky’s ears as he watched your face contort into pure ecstasy. “Oh fuck fuck fuck, Y/N!”  He pressed his forehead to yours and groaned as his hot cum started to coat your walls.
Your body was trembling as you started to come down and brought Bucky’s lips to yours, humming against them as he kissed you back. “Fuck thats”  You couldn’t help but smile and comb your fingers through his hair.  “Definitely had me seeing stars there, Buck.”  You giggled and your hand moved from his hair to take his chin between your index finger and thumb.  You rubbed your thumb over the goatee and couldn’t stop smiling.
“Why don’t we head to the shower and I can make you see stars all over again, pretty girl?”
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mydragulesebastian · 7 hours ago
only angel [bucky barnes x fem!ghost reader (au)] - two
Tumblr media
summary: bucky barnes moves into a new apartment and is met with a ghost inhabiting his place the first night. as he tries to figure out who she is, where she comes from, and why she’s in his apartment, he comes to realize that she may not have had a happy ending. what will happen when bucky finally helps uncover her past that she does not remember?
warnings: ghosts, supernatural experience, mentions of death (if i forgot anything, please let me know!)
a/n: o.m.g. you guys... im so sorry i’m barely posting this. it’s been sitting in my drafts for a month and i know i promised like 2 weeks ago i would post it and... ive been a mess lately lol so this is entirely my fault. but it’s here!!! i hope it was worth the wait. as always feedback is appreciated while it be publicly or privately, i am here with open ears and arms lol. i will be doing a tag list for this fic so if you wanna be tagged, sign up here! (if i cannot tag you, your url will be bold, italicized, and striked)
Tumblr media
𝘽𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 slowly opened his eyes the next morning, a loud yawn escaping his mouth as he searched for his phone somewhere on his bed. When he turned it on he practically jumped out of bed. The time read 12 P.M. He never slept in. And if he ever did happen to sleep in, the latest he would be out of bed would be 9 A.M. 
He ran into his bathroom and cursed himself under his breath. He hadn’t set anything up in his bathroom. His hand came up to his forehead, a sigh escaping his mouth before he ran out to his living room and searched through his boxes for the one labeled “BATHROOM.” 
Bucky set up his bathroom as fast as he possibly could and then jumped into the small shower to wake him up. He jumped out 10 minutes later, brushing his teeth and running the product through his soaking wet hair. He wanted to shave his scruff but decided that it would take too long and he didn’t have much time to waste. 
“Tomorrow will do,” he muttered to himself.
He changed into a plain white tee, black basketball shorts, and a pair of old sneakers. Since he knew he would be moving around a lot he wanted to be comfortable. He quickly made his bed before heading out into the kitchen only to realize that he hadn’t taken out any of his kitchen supplies.
He rushed down to the nearest Starbucks, which was about 3 blocks away, and ordered his go-to. An iced black coffee with a pump of vanilla syrup. He waited with everyone else in the cafe as the baristas made the drinks at the speed of light. He listened, though not intently, as the young girl at the bar called out the orders and names. 
While he waited, he scrolled through his newsfeed on his phone. As he read up on a recent scandal in the White House, his ears caught the name Angel echoing throughout the store. He looked up, his heart beating fast in his chest. He could hear the blood rushing to his ears as he watched the person walk up to the bar and grab their drink, whooshing out of the store and into the blob of people that walked on the sidewalk.
Suddenly, he was reverted back to the night before. He met a ghost. A friendly one. He named her Angel. How had he forgotten about her so quickly? Was he meant to forget her? And why did it come back to him until now?
“Bucky! Grande iced black coffee!”
He shook his head, snapping himself out of his thoughts as he walked up and swiped his drink off of the counter. After taking a straw, he headed back home as more questions filled his brain. He needed to write them down as soon as he could; they were suddenly overflowing. He wasn’t sure if Angel would be able to answer them all but he was up for the challenge.
As Bucky headed to the elevator in the lobby, his phone began to ring in his shorts pocket. He answered, holding the phone between his ear and shoulder as he pressed the button on the wall to take him up to his place.
“What’s up, Sam?” Bucky mumbled, knowing that no one else would call him. He wished Sam would stick to texting. He hated talking on the phone.
“Oh, me? Not much,” Sam replied quickly. “What’s up with you? You need help yet?”
Bucky grunted and added a roll of his eyes, “No.” The elevator dinged and the doors opened, Bucky quickly stepping in and pressing the close button rapidly. “You might get cut off. I just got into the elevator.”
“No worries. I’ll just call you right back if I do.”
Bucky leaned his head back against the elevator wall, silence enveloping him and Sam until he got to the 4th floor and stepped out. Luckily for Sam, he did not get cut off on the way up.
Sam asked if he needed any help again and Bucky just said yes. It wasn’t a lie. He did need help and at this point, he ended up taking Sam’s offer. Bucky’s goal was to be unpacked and semi-organized by the end of the night and at the rate he was going, he wasn’t going to be done with much if he did it by himself.
“Cool. I’ll be over in a few. You hungry?”
“Shit,” Bucky murmured as he unlocked his door and kicked it closed behind him. “I woke up late and forgot to grab food while I was out. You don’t mind, do ya? I’ll pay you back.”
“Nah, I got you. The same as always from Parker’s Pizzeria, right?”
Bucky’s mouth watered at the thought of his favorite pie from the best pizzeria in town. “Yes!”
They said their goodbyes and hung up. Bucky got to work in the kitchen, cleaning and scrubbing as hard as he could before putting cups, plates, pans, and utensils in their designated spots. 
Just as he was getting ready to clean the inside of his refrigerator, a knock on the door echoed in the apartment. He jogged over and opened it to find Sam standing on the other side, one hand holding the large box of pizza and the other hand holding onto a case of beers. 
Bucky helped with the pizza, setting it down on the tiled counter. Sam whistled as he looked around his best friend’s new place. It was definitely bigger than his old apartment. And although Bucky’s home was littered in boxes, he could see it turning into a nice, quaint place.
“Wanna eat?”
Bucky opened the box and smelled the delicious pie. “Yes.”
Sam and Bucky sat across from each other on the hardwood floor, eating pizza and drinking beer. They talked about random things, like the fight Bucky saw last week by the convenience store he used to go to and Sam’s second date with a girl he met out on a run. 
After they finished eating the entire box of pizza and downing their second beer, they got up and threw their trash in an empty box before getting to work. 
The sun was starting to set when Bucky stacked the last empty box on top of the other ones. He wiped at his brow as Sam popped open another bottle. He offered Bucky one, but he declined. 
“Thank you, again.” Bucky leaned against the small bar connected to his kitchen. “I appreciate you.” 
“Dude, I told you it’s no big deal. I know you’d do the same for me.” Sam took a sip of the ale. 
Bucky looked down at his watch and read the time. 7 PM. He tried to remember what time Angel had appeared yesterday but he still couldn’t think straight. 
“I’m tired,” Bucky yawned. 
“Didn’t you wake up late?” Sam raised a brow. 
Bucky furrowed his brows. “Yeah… but we did a lot of work and the pizza and beer have me feeling a little extra tired…”
Sam eyed his friend warily. “Hmm… you got a girl comin’ over?”
“No!” Bucky’s faced turned hot. “No. No girl. Just me. Just me, myself, and I.” 
Bucky was gonna get caught in his lie if he didn’t physically shove Sam out of his apartment. He couldn’t tell Sam what was going on just yet. What if Angel was just a hallucination? Sam would have him locked up forever. 
“Alright, alright. Let me just finish my beer and then I’ll head out.”
Bucky relaxed a bit, eyes landing on the counter. He bit down on his lip, nostrils flaring as he breathed in deep. Once he heard the glass bottle clink with the other empty bottles, he looked up and watched Sam grab his wallet and keys from the small table near Bucky’s door.
“Let me know when you get home, please.”
Sam nodded. “Will do. Get some rest, yeah?”
Bucky waved him off. “Yeah, yeah. Thanks again.”
He watched Sam walk to the end of the hall and get in the elevator before closing his door and locking it behind him. 
“Who was that?”
Bucky jumped in his spot, his back slamming against the door. His hand immediately came up to the back of his head, rubbing the sore spot from the bang.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” She floated over to him and reached out to touch his head but her fingers disappeared into his skull. 
“It’s okay,” Bucky winced and her hand fell back to her side. “I’m okay.”
When he opened his eyes, the same feeling from the night before took over him. The air got knocked out of him, chills erupted all over his body and it seemed like every single strand of hair on his body stood up straight. 
“Is he your friend?” She asked.
Bucky nodded, walking over to the chair that belonged to the small kitchen table. He pulled it out and sat down on it, Angel made her way over and stood across from him. 
“What’s his name?”
“Sam,” Bucky replied, taking a long pause to recollect himself. “How long were you watching us for?”
“Maybe an hour or two. You were trying to figure out where you wanted your television to go.” 
Bucky hummed in response as his eyes grew heavy. Angel seemed to be taking energy from him, although he wasn’t sure if she knew or not. 
“You make me feel tired.” He blurted, rubbing at his eyes with the back of his hands. 
“Oh!” Her eyes widened. “I’m sorry. I-I didn’t know… You’re the first human I’ve come across so I’m not sure what my effects are towards people.” 
He laughed through his nose. “It’s okay. You’re not doing it purpose… right?”
“No, absolutely not!” 
“I can talk with my eyes closed,” he cleared his throat. “So, I know it hasn’t even been a day since we met, but have you remembered anything?”
Angel frowned. “No, not yet. I’m just stuck in limbo for now.”
“Oh.” Bucky looked at her and pursed his lips. “So you’re being punished because you don’t know what happened or who you were?”
“I’m not sure,” Angel responded with a shrug. “I guess so… it seems like it, right?” 
“That’s fucked up.”
She laughed; music to Bucky’s ears. He wished he could save it somehow. “It is, I agree.” 
“What was it like?” Bucky asked, blinking away the sleep that wanted to settle on his eyelids.
He nodded and Angel hummed. She bit down on her lip as she went back to the day she left her body. It felt weird. She remembered not wanting to go. She wasn’t ready to leave yet. But something called her far away from her body. The pit of darkness that she sat in turned into a beaming light. It wasn’t blinding though. It was a comforting light. And she walked until there was nothing more to walk to. Her life that she had lived played out before her in a blurry compilation. All the good and the bad she had gone through passed by in a millisecond. And just like that, everything went dark again.
“And then I ended up here. In this apartment. With no clue as to who I am, why I’m here, or what happened to me.”
“Do you… need my help?” Bucky offered.
“You would do that for me?”
“If it’s going to help you in any way, yes.”
“You just want me out of your apartment.” She joked.
Bucky blushed. “No! I mean, look, it’s not you. It’s just… how do I explain to someone that I have a roommate who’s a ghost?”
She threw her head back and laughed. “No one would believe you.”
Bucky laughed along with her, relaxing into the chair. “Exactly!”
“I get it,” Angel softly replied. 
Bucky grinned sadly. “I want to help you. I’m going to help you.”
Angel’s eyes lit up, the smile appearing on her face full of hope. “You’d really do that for me?”
“Yes,” Bucky responded. “You deserve peace now. Whatever that may be for you. But it’s obviously not here on Earth. I’m going to help you, Angel. You’ll be out of here before you know it.” 
Tumblr media
@feelmyroarrrr​ @yourlittlestalkerlollipopgirl​ @buckyarmybts @cherryblossomskye​ @theetherealbloom​ 
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wannabeschyulersister · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
just a lil something based on this gif
When the door to Bucky’s office was closed, you knew that he was in the middle of something important. Whether it be a merger or closing out a deal, it was something that needed his undivided attention.
It didn’t bother you. You had your own work to do along with errands and other stuff to keep you occupied.
Every once in a while, Bucky would crack the door open to his office. He did that to let you know that he wasn’t busy and wouldn’t mind a kiss or two if you had the time.
You were in the middle of answering some work related emails when you heard the door open. You didn’t hear any accompanying footsteps so you knew that he needed a break. Finishing the last few remarks for the email that had occupied you for the last five minutes, you quickly pressed send and made you way down the hall.
Bucky was sitting at his desk scrolling through a sea of emails just like you had been doing just moments ago.
He smiled when he noticed you standing in his doorway, “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”
“How’s it going?” You asked moving across the room and sitting down on the edge of his desk.
He sighed as he glanced back at his computer, “Sam and Steve have been hounding me about the Stark merger. They want to finish the deal as soon as possible but I keep telling them that we have more details to iron out. I suggested that we all meet for lunch at the end of the week.”
“You could take them to that Maximoff restaurant not too far from your office. It’s quant and has the best lattes I’ve had in a while.” You offered the idea to him which made him smile.
“That’s a great idea. I’ll have my people call Stark’s people.” He chuckled, “What have you been doing?”
“Oh just ordering some more things for the boutique. Natasha and I were just talking about locations for the second store.”
“Two boutique openings in a little over a year. My girl is doing big things.” Bucky smiled and it made your heart skip a beat like it always did.
“We both seem to have a lot going on.” You nodded at the huge stack of papers on the other end of his desk.
“Yeah, but you know that you’re more important to me than all of this. You’re my number one.” He liked to tell you that often and it meant a lot to you. Bucky had seen firsthand what letting your career take control over your life did to someone. He had a lot of friends and coworkers that ended up ending relationships and even marriages because they couldn’t find a balance.
He made a vow when he met you that he wouldn’t ever let that happen.
After three years, he had been holding up with it.
“Likewise, babe.” You winked.
Bucky reach his arms out in front of him and made grab hands to you, “Come here.”
You got up from your seat on his desk to sit on his lap. Bucky wrapped his arms around you and you felt his lips kiss your neck softly.
“Even though we’ve been in the same home all day, I’ve missed you.” He said to you as you rested your forehead against his.
“I’ve missed you too. I’ve missed your lips the most though.”
Bucky chuckled, “Is that so? Well, what are you waiting for?”
You connected your lips with his. During those sweet and intimate moments, you often forgot about everything else. Any problem that you had seemed to just disappear when you were around Bucky.
Bucky’s phone started to ring in the middle of your moment. He reached over and pressed the mute button continuing to give you his attention.
“Don’t you have to get that?” You questioned as his lips went back to your neck. It was getting hard for you to think straight.
“Nope. The only thing that I have to do right now is to bend you over this desk and have my way with you.”
Bucky’s words made you head spin.
“Well, what are you waiting for?”
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onmyojisrambles · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve wrestles them both, somehow managing to shove them in a ‘Get Along’ t-shirt --the whole op has Natasha written all over it-- and leaves them alone in a locked room.
But Bucky can get out of it. It’s a flimsy thing and he doesn’t know why Steve thinks he can just—
Oh yeah, that-- that he can work with.
Because Sam started squirming around inside the shirt and is now in front of Bucky. Ass to groin.
So, yes.
He can work Sam’s ass. And he’s drooling but he doesn’t blame himself, because the Sam's ass is plush and round, and feels fucking good against him.
He’s pretty sure Sam can now feel his erection trying to push between those sweet, sweet, cheeks inside those tight jeans.
“Is that a knife?”
A pause.
A hitched breath accompanied by a shudder.
Bucky can now feel Sam’s heart beating as rapidly as a rabbits.
The sound of a zipper is loud amongst their sudden harsh breathing and Bucky feels Sam pushing his jeans and underwear down.
And Bucky doesn’t give a damn that they’re still inside the damn fucking shirt when he grabs Sam’s hips and tugs the other man roughly against him.
Sweet, gorgeous, beautiful Sam moans out, “I’m all yours, big guy.”
At the end, the t-shirt does end up in tatters; and Bucky gets enveloped, over and over, in a whole different type of heat.
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agentofbarnes · 16 hours ago
Heyy if you're still doing blurbs for the weekend, what would happen if Stucky had an argument and reader ended up being middle man? Like they communicate through her and all sweet on her but not to the other guy and reader is all confused and doesn't know who to go sweet on. After a incident she finally loses it and yells at them to stop acting like children, cause she can't go on like this and not to talk to her till they can be like the guys she loves
torn — stucky
warnings || angst kinda, being put in the middle, fighting
note || gif not mine, found it on google
Tumblr media
Bucky and Steve were not speaking. After a very intense mission, they both had gotten into a fight about how to handle your safety. Bucky thought Steve was reckless and impulsive, that he had put you in danger. Steve had tried his best and told Bucky that you made your own decisions, that he coddled you when it came to missions.
Steve knew your fighting style better, how you could truly hold your own and how you had gotten out of trickier situations. Bucky thought that there wouldn’t be a situation if Steve actually thought out what he was doing.
To make matters worst, Bucky had yelled about this on the flight back in the quinjet in front of everyone. Steve was livid, hating how Bucky tried to boss him around in front of his team. How was he to lead the Avengers when Bucky disrespected and challenged him on the basic safety of his team? He was pissed and they had been speaking at all.
You were stuck in the middle. The boys didn’t even want to be around each other right now. They slept in separate rooms, meaning you had to choose between them. You ended up sleeping in Natasha’s room the first night, talking all night about how stupid your boyfriends were being.
You sighed out, staring at the ceiling while you spoke with Natasha, ignoring the texts from your boyfriends— separate messages as they weren’t using the groupchat.
“I mean, I know you don’t want to pick sides, but you do have an opinion on who is right, don’t you?”Natasha asked curiously, fiddling with her own phone on Twitter.
“I mean, yeah, but it feels wrong to gang up on one of them...”
“Who’s right? I mean, I think it’s Steve, Buck is just being protective, I know, but you aren’t some damsel anymore,”Natasha explained, looking at you.”You know how to hold your own and Steve and you have been partners for years now. He knows you in this way better than Bucky does, and I think Bucky is so mad about the fight because he realized that Steve is right, and that he pointed out that he knows you better this way.”
“You won’t tell them if I tell you I think Steve is right?”You whispered, naming Nat chuckle gently.
“Of course not, and you can stay in here as long as you want,”Natasha told you, and you slept in her bed with her comfortably for the night.
Tumblr media
The second day of fighting wasn’t any better and you were already fed up from the day before. When you had woken up, Steve was already in the kitchen. He furrowed his brow when he realized you were coming from a different wing of the compound.
“I thought you were with Bucky,”He commented, frowning slightly as he ate his mug down. He didn’t hesitate to pull you against him, kissing your lips very gently.
“No, I stayed with Natasha,”You told him with a pout, wrapping your arms around him. He picked you up and placed you on the kitchen island.”Didn’t want to sleep all alone.”
“You could have come slept with me,”Steve told you, brushing your hair out of your face.”I missed you, bunny...”
His voice made you weak and you wished you had come to stay with him, but you hadn’t wanted to get in the middle.
“I missed you too, Stevie...”You whispered, kissing his lips sweetly with a smile,”But I’m not gettin’ in the middle of this...”
“You know I’m right,”He sighed out,”I know you know, saw the look on your face when he yelled at me, but I get it, secret’s safe with me...”
You rolled your eyes, smiling when you saw Bucky emerge from the hallway. He frowned at the sight of you and Steve all cozy.
“This where you went last night while you ignored me?”
“I was with Nat,”You told him, making grabby hands for Bucky. He seemed to relax at that. Steve moved away, not giving Bucky the satisfaction of his own affection. He’d never deny you that though.
Bucky hugged you close, kissing your lips eagerly and pulled you against his body in a way that made you gasp.”You gonna stay with Nat tonight or you gonna sleep with me?”
“Bunny, tell him you’re staying with me,”Steve said to you.
“I’m staying by myself,”You told them with a frown,”I’m not making anyone jealous so either work out a schedule if you want to continue this fight, but don’t make me choose!” You snapped at them.
“Sorry,”Steve apologized, coming to kiss your cheek,”I think Bucky will understand you wanting to stay with me, seeing as I’m right.”
“Tell him he’s not and I’m just trying to keep you safe.”
You look between the two of them with a big frown,”Boys.”
“You don’t think I can keep her safe?”Steve craned his neck towards Bucky,”You can’t seriously think I’d let anything happen to her.”
“That’s not what I said, but I don’t trust anyone with her but myself!”Bucky snapped at him, glaring at the blond with a clenched jaw.”I have taken care of both of you, it’s my job, so why won’t you let me fucking do it!”
“Because you don’t know her like I do!”Steve yelled back, huffing out and you can see how both of their words impacted each other deeply.”You can’t get over the fact I know better for her in this case, or the fact you can’t control what we do in the field! She’s been doing this for awhile now, Buck, we have been doing this together, I trust her judgment for herself in a fight, you can’t—you can’t always take care of us, it’s not how it works!”
“Well, fucking fine, I guess you don’t fucking need me then!@
“That’s not what I said!”
“Stop!” You cried out, getting off the counter with tears staining your face. You pushed both of them away from you when they tried to comfort you.
“No!”You screamed, backing away from them with a sigh.”You want me, you’ll fucking work it out. Yes, Steve, you know we work well together, but Bucky is just trying to keep me safe. You get protective too, you can’t fault him for that! I get being angry about him disrespecting you in front of team, and Buck know he was in wrong about that, but Jesus Christ, get over it! Bucky, baby, we need you and I know you need to have control but you gotta trust me and Steve. Never think you aren’t needed. We were broken without you, so don’t even say shit like that.”
They both look at you in shock, and they both go to open their mouths but you put your hands up. You were crying and it was their fault. They had hurt you in the midst of all this.
“No, you guys don’t get to talk to me until you’ve made up, come find me, I’ll be in my room alone.”
Tumblr media
It isn’t until around seven in the evening that Bucky and Steve reappear with shame written all over their faces. It’s clear that they have made up, intense with a make out sesh resulting in disheveled hair and reddened lips.
You are laying in your small bed, an old book resting in your hands that helped you escape from the anxious thoughts of your boys fighting. You peered up at them, placing your bookmark between the pages and throwing it on the bed. You crossed your arms against your chest.
“We’re sorry,”Both of them spoke out, making you faintly smiling at them.
“It was wrong for us to put you in the middle, and we hate that we made you cry,”Steve said softly,”And we shouldn’t have let things get out of hand, we should have talked through it to begin with.”
Bucky added,”It was unfair to you, and obviously we didn’t want to put you in a position that hurt you or made you have to choose, that’s not what this relationship is, we know that. It’s all of us, and we love you, just please talk to us.”
You sighed out, biting down on your bottom lip gently.”I’m so tired,” You admitted as you moved to swing your legs over the bed to stand up.”I slept so terribly last night cause I was so cold, ‘m used to be sandwiched between two super soldiers, you guys have no idea...”
You stand between them, pulling them both into an embrace. Instantly, their arms around around and lips are colliding messily as you alternate between showing affection to each of them.
“You wanna go to bed, bunny?”Steve asked quietly, his hands under your shirt for some skin to skin contact.
“Feeling needy, wanna be held, is that it, peaches?”Bucky teased right with him, and you know that everything was back to normal with their roaming hands and teasing.
“Yeah, missed my boys.”
“We’re right here, baby—“
“and we plan on making it up to you.”
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agentofbarnes · 18 hours ago
Hii I love your stuff, could you do a drabble with Trinity AU about the reader getting sick and is throwing up and all, and feels bad that Stucky have to take care of her? And also hates they see her like this ( you know the classic sweatpants, some random shirt and looking like you got hit by a bus)
sick bunny — stucky
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is by far the best caregiver, having much experience from when Steve was sickly. So when you came down with the flu, he was with you every second. Steve was the most comforting, shushing you when you whined about how you didn’t want them to see you like this.
“Bunny, you have seen me so much worse, I think we’re past this,”Steve chuckled when you halted at him from the doorway of the bathroom dressed in a baggy shirt and sweats. You felt like you had just been hit by a bus, pouting while you waited for Bucky to come back with some crackers and sprite.
“I look like a fucking mess, Steve, you were cute when you were sick, so tiny and adorable cuddled up in blankets, I’m just..gross.”
Steve rolled his eyes, picking you up gently and lay you back down in the bed. He kissed your cheek, brushing your hair out of your face.
“How’s she doing?”Bucky asked curiously when he walked back into the room.
“Whiney,”Steve teased, crossing his arms when you stuck your tongue out at him. You rolled in the bed, burying your face into your pillow with a frown.”She doesn’t like us seeing like this?”
“Oh please, she’s gorgeous,”Bucky said without any hesitation.”You really want us to leave? You want to be alone with no one to cuddle?”
“No...”You admitted, just barely turning to look at the boys.
“Sit up,”Bucky told you, helping you sit against the headboard.”You need to eat and drink, just a little bit.”
“You guys, I can take care of myself,”You sniffled, wiping your nose with the back of your hand.
Steve thought you looked so cute with your red nose and messy hair, even when you were a complete mess.
“She’s not nearly as whiney as you were.”
Steve sent a little glare towards Bucky before sighing,”I have no idea what to do, ‘m not used to taking care of someone...I was always the sick one, what do I do?”
Bucky chuckled gently,”Why don’t you cuddle her, make sure she’s comfortable and that she doesn’t get out of bed unless she needs to.”
“Wait, where are you going?”You pouted, moving to the center of the bed before curling up against Steve’s chest while also making grabby hands for Bucky.
“I’m going to the medbay to talk to Bruce, you need to see a doctor, but I’m gonna make him come to you,”Bucky told you, leaning over to press a kiss to your sweaty forehead.He shared a brief kiss with Steve,”Take care of her.”
“Promise you’ll be back soon?”You asked quietly, clinging to Steve’s shirt. You were burying yourself into his side, feeling needy and clingy.
“What happened to you not wanting to see you?”Bucky teased, chuckling at you. It made you glare at him weakly.”Oh peaches, I’ll be back soon, I promise.”
Steve held you close as Bucky went to get Dr. Banner and Dr. Cho to check you out. The blond kissed your nose,”My sick little bunny, I got you, just rest, okay?”
You nodded, yawning against his hard chest and relaxing in his arms.”I love you, Stevie, and Jamie too.
“We love you too, bunny, we love you so much.”
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buckybarneschokeme · 23 hours ago
I feel like I haven't written drabbles in ages 🤔🥺.
I miss it.
I am also feeling like I'm starting to come out of the funk I've been in the past couple of weeks.
I might write some tonight 👀
So if you want to send in requests I'll look forward to writing them after work later 🥰😍.
Tumblr media
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I can’t stop picturing Steve walking into the Brooklyn apartment that he shares with Bucky (as roomies because he’s a pussy about expressing his feelings) and seeing Bucky sprawled out on the couch asleep and Steve feeling like time has stopped because he looks so, so beautiful. He looks so peaceful, his brow free of the scowl that he seems to wear all the time now since he got his mind back.His hair is fanned out on the couch cushions ans Steve wants to run his fingers through it so bad that his fingers itch.  
He remembers Bucky doing the same thing when he got home from the docks back in the 30′s. Steve would come home and find him spread out on their shitty, threadbare couch, overalls covered in dirt and perfect cheeks streaked with grime, but looking so quiet and peaceful. Steve would get his sketchbook out and capture the moment in charcoal before Bucky woke up.
Steve wants to draw Bucky like this, but he hasn’t drawn anything since he was unfrozen so he doesn’t have a sketch book anymore.  Bucky has always been his muse so when he fell from the train, he took Steve’s desire to draw with him, But now? Now he wants to capture the chestnut shine of his hair in watercolours. He wants to paint the plump pink of his lips in vivid acrylics.  He wants to sear the blissful quiet of his face onto paper with oils. He wants to do all these things so that he can stamp this moment in time onto canvas forever, always afraid that Bucky will become nothing but a memory again. a ghost that haunts him during his darkest moments.
With a soft smile on his face, Steve sweeps his eyes over the love of his life one more time before pocketing his keys once again and then heading out to find the nearest art supply store. He’s got about 80 years worth of sketching he needs to do.
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teebarnes · a day ago
🌿 | I know, I know.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dad!Bucky x inhanced!reader
Summary: Bucky had come back from a horrible mission, and all he needed was to confide in his favourite person.
Word Count: 880ish words
Warning(s): Sad Bucky, a child :0, Implied death? (minor), fluff? LMAO.
A/N: Peg me to be the person who questions all her warnings. (GIF is not mine), Enjoy! thank you all for reading 🥰. I'll be slowing my posting soon, I just needed to get a few drafts out because I have too many.
⤑ Click here for my taglist, feel free to add yourself :)
Any Likes, Comments & Reblogs are super duper appreciated :))
He dropped to his knees right at the door, "Bucky?" you to jump up from the bed and race over to him. Kneeling in front, you take your hands to cup his cheeks, and that's how you both ended up with him leaning his head into your chest, sobbing softly as you caressed his head. Being an enhanced individual, you were subjective to his pain; you saw what he had witnessed and felt along with him.
Wanting all so badly to take that pain away from him, you knew why he was upset. People die every day; it is the cold known fact of living. But you knew Bucky; you searched through his recent memory and saw it all; this massacre was filled with young children who hadn't lived an entire life yet. The same children he so desperately tried to save.
In the connected room slept both you and Bucky's two-year-old daughter. The thoughts running through his head, sending him into a deep state of guilt; he could've saved them all if he tried harder, he thought.
"Hey… love… don't do that" you lift his head slightly, so his eyes meet yours "don't do that to yourself; you saved as many as you could", you smiled at him, kissing his forehead. His breath slowly calmed as you kissed him. He let a light breath out. "What I-if it was her.. those parents", he whimpered, hugging you closer to him as if he wasn't going to let go.
"But it isn't; we are perfectly fine, Bucky. We are practically live in one of the safest places." "you cannot put this on yourself. Think about all the children you saved, love..." you sigh. "Life isn't perfect, and you know that, but what happened today wasn't your fault."
You smiled, waiting for his response, to which he slowly nodded.
Bucky thought that you always had the right words to say to him when he needed to hear them. No doubt about that. That's one reason why he fell in love with you, He loved you for all you were, and nothing was ever going to change that.
"I love you y/n," he said smiling, pulling your waist closer so he could hug you tight. You chuckled softly, rubbing the back of his head. "I assume you all had showers on the quinjet, so, let's head to bed hm??" Before he could reply, you both looked towards the door of your daughter's room when you heard the padding of little feet.
A slight smile appears on your face as your daughter walks through holding her teddy bear that Sam got her looks just like her dad with the metal arm. She could sense her dad was upset; you could see it in her emotions.
"Hey, sweets", you kneel down as she walks up to you sleepily. You caressed the hair out of her face, "Dada… Mama. I'll sleep with you tonight", she softly spoked. She is the spitting image of both you and Bucky combined. She looks at her dad, noticing his tear-stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes; she was good at this. She knew peoples emotions better than half of the Avengers team did, even better than you most of the time.
She moved towards Bucky making grabby hands at him; Bucky leaned down from the bed smiles as he picked her up, placing her on his lap "hey beautiful", he said, kissing her cheek softly. She smiled at him before looking up to kiss his chin "it's okay, Dada. They're all safe now, they told me", she beamed before climbing out of her dad's lap and snuggling herself into the blanket of your bed.
Bucky sat there in awe; you both did. It wasn't long ago that the pair of you had figured out that she could see people in the afterlife. But no matter how much you tried to get used to it, her ability still surprised the pair of you even with how wise she was. You turn to Bucky before hopping into the covers on one side of your daughter while Bucky got into the other.
"I know, I know," you said with a proud expression, "I wasn't going to say a daym thing" Bucky chuckled lightly, turning the lights out. The silence grew, but Bucky's thoughts sung to you, 'she is just like her mother.'
Sebastian Stan Taglist: @buckyswintersoldiermask @lharrietg @buckyfan12 @afraid-to-be-me @fairityretro @livstilinski (I'm sorry for the tags today 🥺, just trying to get some of my drafts out).
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teebarnes · a day ago
🌿 | Tricky...
Tumblr media
Pairing: tfatws!bucky x y/n :)
Summary: You ask Bucky to go out with you but he doesn’t want to, so you do a little reverse psychology on him only to be tricked by your own trick.
Word Count: 500 n somethinggg
Warning(s): Implied smut? (Idk, that's up to you lol), reverse psychology, a lil shoutin.
A/N: I honestly don't know what this is... I imagined Bucky being really tricky and kinda wrote this after studying for my psychology exam so. (GIF is not mine), I hope you guys enjoy this sort little fic.
⤑ Click here for my taglist, feel free to add yourself :)
Any Likes, Comments & Reblogs are super duper appreciated :))
"You wanna go to dinner tonight, love?" You round the corner taking a seat on the edge of the couch next to Bucky, "uhhhh… no," he spoke. You're taken aback, furrowing your brows a bit before looking at him "why not?" "I want to stay home", you sigh, giving a loud groan before standing.
"you don't want to come out with me to dinner?" "Where are we going?" You glare at him "it's a surprise- Bucky… love, you can't even just say yes without fighting with me?" His attention directs from the TV straight to you "well…" he goes to say something as his mouthparts. However, he then immediately closes it.
"still no"
"yes, we're going"
"no, we are not."
"yes… we are Bucky."
"no, we aren't y/n."
"No!" You smirk and begin to walk off, first reiterating what you had just said, "no, we aren't".
"YES, WE ARE!" Bucky replies "nope… nevermind, no we aren't" "yes… y/n yes we are going final answer" he growls as you chuckle to yourself.
You have him trapped right where you want him. "fine… fine… we will go, be ready in ten to leave 'cause I'm not waiting". Bucky smiled up at you nodding eagerly, watching you walk off into the room. "okaayyy- be read- wait..." he gasps, noticing what you just did to him.
You're lying on the bed texting your mum when the door slams open "you tricked me" your 6ft tall boyfriend stands in the doorway, arms crossed, looking directly at you; you look up from your phone smiling ", but it worked, didn't it?" You chuckle, staring back down to finish your text.
"You tricked me!" He stalked closer to you. Bucky took your phone out of your hand, resting it on the bedside table. "Buck! I was texting my-" he picks you up, lying you back in the bed before he climbs on top of you, plopping his body onto yours. "B-Buck", you laugh ", no! I have you trapped!" his head on your chest and his arms secured around your waist, Bucky rolled over, so you were lying on top of him.
"Bucky, let go of me!" You giggled, his eyes closed, holding you close as he snuggled you. "You want me? Hm?" He teases, whispering his sweet voice into your ear. As he opens his eyes softly, gazing at you, "no", you shake your head. Yes, you wanted him, wanted him to do many things to you right this moment. But you couldn't sacrifice the power you had over him.
"Really?" He smirks "nope…"' you trail off, getting up from him "yes, you do", he smiles, slapping your ass. Then, looking back, you smirk.
"not today"
"fine… not today…."
Bucky nonchalantly sighed, lying back down in your bed. Then, without thinking, you spoke, "yes, baby… I want you-" you gasped mid-sentence, looking back at Bucky. he smirks, getting up, he caught you right in his trap. "you used my trick against me" you walk back to him, straddling his thighs.
"Did I doll?" "Yes…" you chuckled, leaning in to kiss him softly on the lips. He deepened the kiss pulling your thighs to shorten the already short distance you had between the two of you.
Sebastian Stan Taglist: @livstilinski @fairityretro @afraid-to-be-me @buckyfan12 @lharrietg @buckyswintersoldiermask
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samwlscns · a day ago
"Uhm, I fell." "Upwards?" With Bucky please! This is a resend! If you already have it then tumblr worked!!!
a/n: ugh sorry about all the tumblr disfunction but i’m glad it resent! and ty for sending! also this took me forever i am so sorry alsjlsjdkdh
bucky barnes x reader
warning(s): swearing
The common room was quiet. Too quiet. You could usually hear the sound of Tony’s tinkering or Sam’s incessant humming as he fixed himself a sandwich in the kitchen. You let out a soft exhale as you sink further into the couch cushions with a content smile on your face. It was rare for you to get a moment of peace in the compound so you took advantage of every moment you could get. Closing your eyes, you embrace the peace and quiet when the sound of a loud bang caused you to jolt up, alarmed. Your hand drifts to your hip on instinct, reaching for the gun in its holster when you silently curse, realizing you left it in your room.
“Shit! Fuck! Damn it!”
Bolting up from the couch, you run to the source of the sound, only to be met with Bucky laying on the kitchen counter with half of his body hanging off the edge.
“Bucky? What the hell happened?” you exclaim as you walk over to the man with wide eyes.
“Um… I fell.”
You roll your eyes and place a hand on his shoulder as you gently pull him off the counter and back on his feet. “What were you even doing on the counter in the first place?”
“I was, um, well I was trying to get my mug from the top shelf of the cupboard. But I couldn’t reach it so I climbed on the counter and slipped,” he replies with red cheeks and a sheepish smile.
You shake your head with a laugh as you walk over to the dishwasher and pull out the mug in question, flashing the Snoopy decal on the front. “Is this the mug you were looking for?”
Bucky only avoids your gaze, rubbing the back of his neck. “That’s- no. That’s not mine.”
You chuckle, placing the mug on the counter before going over to him and wrapping your arms around his neck. “It’s ok, I won’t tell anyone.” You bring a finger up to your lips.
He releases a breath of relief and lets his forehead fall on your shoulder. “Thank god. If Sam ever found out, I’d never hear the end of it.”
You only giggle in response before pulling him towards the couch. “C’mon, go make yourself comfortable and I’ll make you a cup of tea. In the Snoopy mug, of course.”
Laying himself down, he brings your intertwined hands to his lips. “You’re the best.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.”
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bucksdolll · a day ago
Tumblr media
You do not have to include something from this list to request anything. But these lists include prompts you can send in as a request for a Bucky oneshot / drabble / headcanon :)  PLEASE FOLLOW MY RULES FOR REQUESTS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
RULES -                                                                                1. Be respectful                                                                  2. If you send in a request I will get it out as soon as possible. Please be patient with me. Do not harass me to do your request, it will just make me stressed and then I will lose motivation                                            3. Send me your slutty thoughts 4. I write for fem!reader and gn!reader                            5. I will write smut, and fluff.  I will not write angst because I don’t like sad shit plus i’m horrible at it. I will also not write non/dub-con ( daddy kink is okay as long as it doesn't include age regression )    6. There are lines that I will not cross and that includes water-sports, incest, rape, cheating, racism, and homophobia/transphobia. Any asks including any of these will be ignored and deleted  7. If you have any questions for me send them in 8. Requests you send in don’t have to include things from the lists
Tumblr media
List #1 - This list includes fluff prompts / scenarios
List #2 - This list includes au / tropes / prompts ( you can send in one of each how ever many you would like )
List #3 - This list includes many many prompts of fluff and anything else really
List #4 - This list includes fluff and general prompts 
List #5 - This list includes fluff and general prompts 
List #6 - This list includes fluff and smut 
List #7 - This list includes fluff prompts / situation
Tumblr media
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jurassicbarnes · a day ago
Hi Manu!!! Congrats on the milestone(?) or just a happy day to you!! 💞
Could i request a domestic bucky barnes with the spontaneously painting a room on a sunday prompt?
Thank you very much 💗🥺
- @buckysbiota
Also im on anon bc this is a side blog and it gets confusing otherwise 😌
lazy sundays
Tumblr media
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Post TFATWS)
a/n: thank you for this! ❤️ i took a more practical approach and turned this around! requested by @buckysbiota [wc: ~1.1k]
warnings: fluff, inaccuracies, typos
Tumblr media
Sunday morning. Two cups of coffee, hot and steaming. Warmth seeping into your palms as you sip and read the news. 
You on one corner of the sofa, Bucky on the other end. Legs bare and smooth, sprawled out, caressed by your husband’s touch every now and then. A typical Sunday morning consists of these mundane activities. Bucky usually likes to stay home, mostly in bed, wrapped up with you in sheets that smell like fresh detergent and your faded perfume well until noon.
Work’s far from his mind. He’s a lazy cat on weekends. You don’t mind unless you have predetermined plans—in which case he has to get off his lazy butt and tag along with you whenever you take him. Neighbourhood block party, or a barbeque, or a game night with the couples you usually hang out with. 
Retirement suits him, you always say that to him. 
You had a thrilling life back at the compound when you two were going about the superhero business. When you decided to settle down for good, you’d made sure it is what you both wanted. But sometimes Bucky thinks this normal life may take a toll on your relationship. Make it dull like those suburban couples who get tired of each other and decide to pop kids just ‘cause they can’t help the boredom. Or worse, get divorced because there’s no spice left in their marriage. 
He can’t help but be drawn towards his old life when these thoughts haunt him. 
Spontaneity. He should do something to keep it fresh. Keep you both on your toes and do things that are one-fourth as exhilarating as the life threatening missions you used to go on.
He eyes you from the curved rim of his teal coloured coffee mug. Gives the sweet spot of your foot a little press with his thumb. You acknowledge it in the form of humming gratefully and that dimpled smile of yours. Eyes still on the device you’re reading from.
“How about we paint the spare room today?” 
You snort, eventually giving up on reading as you look at him. 
“The office.”
“Bucky, the office is just fine.”
“I’m bored of looking at the same walls everyday. Who even approved of beige anyway?”
A gasp of offence and you flick the rolled-up newspaper on his torso. “I did! And it’s not beige, it’s eggshell white!”
“Well, it’s gotta change! Too dull.” He dismissed anything you’re about to say when he gets up. “Let’s go to Home Depot.”
. . .
An impromptu trip to Home Depot was not on your agenda for the day. You don’t know what took over him. Sundays are for relaxing and brunches. Not wasting half your day picking out a colour to paint. The massive amounts of preparation you have to make in order to paint the room—who’s going to consider that? Tape the trims and the edges? Sanding and cleaning the walls? Applying primer? You don’t even have a ladder or a sheet large enough to cover your floor. And where will all the furniture go? 
“You worry too much, babe.”
That’s all he said before dismissing your questions. It took an entire afternoon—you don’t know how time flies faster once you enter Home Depot, but it took you so fucking long to choose a color and then shop for other supplies you’ll be needing. 
But you didn’t question him. And you promise to yourself you won’t say “I told you so” when it becomes overwhelming. 
Bucky immediately gets to work once you’re home. Using that super strength to haul the furniture to store in the garage. A sheet spread reached all four corners of the room, the edges of the electric boards taken out. Tape stuck wherever seemed necessary. Two walls done with cleaning and sanding. It was half past 6 and the room was half in disarray. Paint boxes unopened and brushes and rollers lie on top of them. Buckets of soapy water laying dormant. 
You were both tired and hungry, since lunch was unceremoniously cancelled. Laid down on the floor of your living room, staring at the ceiling. You haven’t even started painting yet. How did Bucky think it was a one-day job? 
“This was a dumb idea.” he states, huffing.
“The paints are just gonna sit in the garage, aren’t they?”
He chuckles.
“Babe? Don’t ever let me be spontaneous.”
You scoff and turn to face him, head propped up on your palm. “Where’s this coming from?”
“It’s… Stupid.”
“Bucky,” you said in that stern tone which means spill. When you use that voice Bucky knows he can’t hide shit from you.
“I just wanted to do something different today.”
“Why’s that?”
“I don’t know…” He sighs thoughtfully. “Years from now, I don’t want you to think that we didn’t do anything that was impulsive or fun and exciting after settling down.” 
“We do things that are impulsive.” You tell him, “Remember that time you almost got a tattoo of my name on your lower back?”
“Ah, the tramp stamp. In that hideous font.” 
“You still have a black freckle from the ink before I pulled you away. Imagine if you’d gone through it.”
He snorts a laugh, “It was Asgardian liquor courage.”
“That time when you let me cut your hair? I trimmed a little too much on one side?” 
“It still hasn’t grown out fully.” he touches the side of his head, snorting. 
“Or that time we role played as total strangers on Valentine’s day?” You remind him, wiggling your eyebrows. “Don’t tell me you forgot how miserably we failed at the pottery classes we took a few weeks ago.” Two small earthen pots, disfigured and unfinished, unpolished decorate the shelf next to the flat screen TV. He groans at that memory, how annoyed he was with the clay stuck to his hands. “Or those dance lessons? Oh my god, I didn’t know you had two left feet! The infamous Bucky Barnes—”
“Hey, I’m good at slow dancing. Just not the best at salsa…” 
You lay your head on his chest, an arm securely placed around his torso to cuddle him. The vibranium arm snug against your own body, he sighs in content.
“Honey, we have a myriad of impulsive things to add to our list. We used to save the freakin’ world for God’s sake! And As much as I loved the Avenging life, and well, sometimes miss it—but only because I miss the team—I love this life we’ve built together here in our home even more. You never have to think that I’ll get bored. Or tired of this. I want this. I wanna be able to come home and put my feet up. Maybe occasionally have a long bath and go to bed by 9.” You laugh at the last part. His smile says that he agrees too.
“Yeah? You’re not gonna get bored of this old man?”
“Never, unless I wear you out—years from now.”
“That’s not possible, Mrs Barnes.” He shakes his head and leans down to kiss the grin on your sweet lips.
“That’s reassuring, Mr Barnes.” 
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artisancowbells · a day ago
ok so i wanna write a bucky drabble but i need help with inspiration:
i’m thinking
some variation of professor x student
college au
friends with benefits + fluffy ending
some sort of punishment + smut fic
pls leave a comment or message/request one!!
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cupidsbarnes · a day ago
Drabble request please! Heavily pregnant belly kisses from Bucky in the morning and late at night
In My Heart
(considered this a piece of my arms will hold you) *warning of pregnancy
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
Bucky hated that you sat on the floor instead of in bed or on the couch.
You couldn’t help it though, something about the carpet against your legs and the stiff floor was comfortable for you. It was routine at this point, if you wanted to talk to your babies you would make your way into their room and sit on the floor to whisper softly to them.
“You know I hate when you sit there.” Bucky’s leaning against this doorway with crossed arms. You laugh softly at his predictability. “There’s a chair right there.” He nods to the rocking chair in the corner meant for you.
You smile up at him innocently. You’re leaning with your back against the wall as you talk. “Come sit with me.” You pat the ground next to you.
Bucky lets out a heavy sigh, but he makes his way into the room and falls onto the floor next to you. His head falls onto your lap and he allows one of your hands to come up and run through his hair as he presses a couple kisses to your stomach in greeting.
“What’re we talking about today?” He asks quietly. You shrug, one of your hands coming to rest of your bump. “Can’t believe they’ll be here in a few months.”
You laugh softly as Bucky begins to trace circles over your stomach with his fingertips. “I can’t believe we’re having two.” You murmur in awe.
You feel a gentle kick, which was normal when the two of you sat talking quietly. They responded to your voices. You hum. “Talk to them.”
Bucky smiles up at you sweetly. “Good morning, Barnes Babies.” His voice is a special kind of gentle, a tone you’ve learned is reserved for his babies, as he talks to them. You smile as you watch the scene. Watching Bucky whisper to them always made your heart swell, it was a habit you had come to love.
Your favorite habit of his though, is the soft kisses he presses to your stomach in greeting. It’s almost as if they’re second nature at this point. Whether it’s early in the morning while to two of you lay in bed chatting idly or sometime in the evening as he says goodnight to you. It was almost calming, definitely sweet and made your love for Bucky grow.
“Mm.” You let out a sigh as Bucky presses a kiss to your stomach right beneath your hand. “What are your plans for today?”
Bucky presses another kiss to you stomach, a little over to the left like he’s trying to find both of the twins. “Probably work on putting together the changing table, it’s supposed to be delivered this afternoon.”
You nod. “Want help?”
Bucky snorts. “No. I want you to stay in bed.” He looks up at you exasperated. “But since I know you won’t do that, I would very much like it if you sat in here and kept me company. On the chair.”
“I will keep you company.” You grin. “From the floor. It’s just much more comfortable down here. Don’t you want your pregnant wife to be comfortable?” You pout as you rub your hand in a circle over your stomach. “Daddy should want mommy to be comfortable, right babies?” You ask them quietly.
You feel a kick against your hand and smile victoriously. “That’s a kick. They agree.”
“You’re a menace.” Bucky laughs as he sits up from his laying down position. “What do you want to eat?”
“Chocolate chip pancakes, please.” There’s a moment as you and Bucky watch each other softly. “And apple juice.”
Bucky nods, but he doesn’t get up to leave without bending down and scattering kisses across your stomach with whispered I love yous to you and your babies.
You smile as you watch him go. Who knew Bucky Barnes would make such an amazing husband and father?
(You did. You’re so, so happy you did.)
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
i changed it up a little bit, but i hope you still enjoyed it! i love dad!bucky 🥺
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jurassicbarnes · 2 days ago
𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐞!
Tumblr media
Manu said, she’s going to challenge herself lol
Since I don’t celebrate milestones, I thought I should do something to celebrate my readers! I love each and everyone one of you <3
Also, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Get the writing neurones fired up in my brain and whatnot.
Send me a character + prompt of your choice, and I’ll write a drabble
Not necessary to add AU/trope, but it will be fun, if you do!
I write Character x Reader fics
Word count will be 500-1000 roughly (could exceed, I mean, it’s me)
Dialogue & prompts cannot be repeated. However, characters & AU’s can.
Maximum number of prompts per request is two (2)
Mix it up! You can mix n’ match any prompt from any catagory
Strike-through means the prompt has been used.
As you may notice, most of these prompts are smut but there’s a little something for everybody!
I do not write dark fics, non-con, incest, bestiality, sexual activity where underage character are involved.
If you send requests on anon, there’s no way of telling, but you must be 18 or above to send an ask (or even following me tbh)
Lastly, Please Fucking Flood My Inbox :D
Without further ado!
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Steve & Bucky
Andy Barber
Colin Shea (bonus!)
Coffee shop
Royalty (Modern only)
Ex Spouses Universe (specifically for Andy Barber; check the tag: ex spouses universe + college addition)
AU/Trope of your choice
I haven’t mentioned tropes, but go crazy!
Prompts that make you go Hot Damn!
“Don’t act innocent when we both know where your mouth was two minutes ago.”
“We should probably leave, before we start a scandal.”
“Stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me any longer.”
“I think you lost your underwear somewhere.”
“My tongue still remembers the way you taste.”
“I want to count every one of your freckles with my lips.”
“Jealousy seems to be a great motivator for you.”
“Oh no, there is only one bed, what will we do now?”
“I could make you feel better.”
“Get back down here, we’re not done yet.”
You’re a lot more flexible than I thought.”
“I want to please you.”
“Your shirt got a little dirty, how about we take it off?”
“I want to give you a hickey, so everyone can see how I feel about you.”
“Oh, I love that sound you make.”
“Do you want to take it off or should I do it for you?”
“Bend over, I’m not kidding.”
“Slap my ass again and I’ll make you fuck me in that closet.”
“My dick isn’t that big, you can handle it.”
“I saw on your Amazon wishlist you wanted a dildo. You know I got a dick, right?”
“Your parents would be royally disappointed if they saw what you have on right now. Even more disappointed at what I’m thinking about doing to you.”
“Wow, you take cock like it’s your day job.”
Prompts that make you go uwu:
Falling asleep on the couch, waking up to not only a blanket around them, but their partner squeezed in behind them.
Spontaneously deciding to paint their spare room on a Sunday
Leaving notes in each other’s lunch box when they know it will be a stressful day at work
Having a secret signal for parties that means “Let’s go home now”
“It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
“You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”
No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
“First second I saw you and I couldn’t get over how beautiful you were.”
“I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”
Prompts that make you go OUCH:
“Did you really have to be that honest?”
“Every time I see you I just feel more alone.”
“I don’t want to know.”
“Can we start over?”
“Of course it meant something!”
“Stop yelling!”
“You should go.”
“Every time I wake up I’m reaching for you… but you’re never there.”
“I still need you.”
Wild card! Send me a scenario + character of your choice, if you don’t find the above prompts appealing.
Tumblr media
A/N: Since it’s a challenge I’ll try to write and complete as many requests as I can. But I also can’t promise anything. So if your request is neglected, please don’t be disappointed (probably send another one if I state that I won’t be writing the previous one). (The pretty divider by @firefly-in-darkness)
Sources: x x x x
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cupidsbarnes · 2 days ago
drabble request: reader & bucky are in a secret relationship, and he gets jealous when another avenger gets touchy/asks you out?
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
Bucky could admit that maybe he made a mistake in asking if you guys could keep things under wraps. In his defense he just wanted what was best for you and he wasn’t really it.
You and Steve were his only friends, really. Natasha and Sam tolerated him. Either way, a lot of tension still rose around the subject of Bucky Barnes.
That didn’t happen when your name came up. Never. You walked into a room and greeted everyone with a kind smile and eyes so captivating you held everyone’s attention. How could Bucky not fall under that spell?
He was only a man after all.
So, how could he blame Steve for buying you a drink at the bar? Steve was a sucker for sweet eyes and Bucky had seen him focus on you as soon as you walked in.
Only, Bucky can’t stop staring. His vibranium fingertips tap against the heavy wood of the table while his other hand grips his glass so tightly he can feel it begin to crack under the pressure.
“I think we should tell them.” You’re slipping Bucky’s shirt over your head as he works on his jean’s button closure. “They’re our friends.”
“They’re your friends.” Bucky corrects instantly. “Nobody but you and Steve like me.”
“That’s not true at all. You just won’t let anyone get to know you!” You huff at him. “Why don’t you want them to know? Are you like…Embarrassed of me?”
Bucky pauses unsure of what to say. That’s not it. Of course not, but how can he explain that you should be embarrassed of him.
Bucky’s glass shatters between his fingers at the memory as Steve rests an arm on the back of your chair. Your eyes move over Steve’s shoulder at the sound and lock with his instantly.
You smile hesitantly, like you’re worried he’s upset, when it’s really his fault Steve is over there in the first place. If Bucky has just admitted that he didn’t want people knowing because he knew he didn’t deserve you. He knew the looks you two would get and the questions asked would either ruin him or turn you.
Your stare doesn’t waver, even as Steve talks to you, and Bucky feels like he’s drowning. The air is sucked from his lungs and leaves a burning sensation in its place as he realizes he could lose you. Not to some stupid stares or invasive questions but his own stubbornness.
The chair crashes behind Bucky as he stands up suddenly. This makes Steve glance over his shoulder with furrowed brows, brings in the stares of the rest of the group but all Bucky can focus on is you.
Your eyes watching him with surprise as he makes a beeline for you. “I’m sorry, Steve.” Bucky says hastily as his hands cup your cheeks, then he’s hauling you up to meet him in a searing kiss.
Your hands clasp at his jacket lapels as you pull him impossibly closer. Bucky feels the jolt as your back hits the bar counter and his body presses against yours.
He doesn’t even hear Steve leave or notice the shocked eyes on you two. Bucky doesn’t really care because when he pulls away all he can see, hear and feel is you.
“What was that?” You whisper breathlessly. Your hands are still holding him close and Bucky’s own hands drop to rest on your waist. “What happened to staying under the radar was for the best?”
Your tone is teasing, but Bucky feels guilt surround him. “Realized what an idiot I was.” He shrugs. “I want people to know you’re mine. I’m yours.”
A smile breaks out onto your face. “Yeah? It had nothing to do with your pal Steve putting the moves on me?”
“The moves.” Bucky snorts and it makes you giggle. He smiles softly. “Maybe it had something to do with that.” You lean up towards him and he gets the hint, his lips slanting over yours again as you wrap your arms around his torso.
“Hey guys.” Bucky pulls away and turns to look at the source of the voice. Sam stands in front of both you with a look that says he definitely lost a coin flip and would rather be anywhere else. “Hate to interrupt. Congratulations! We can all see you. Like, all of us are watching the beginning of an amateur porno. So I was sent to ask you to either join us again or get a room.”
Bucky flushes in embarrassment when he notices almost everyone in their group staring at you two with wide eyes, but it only makes you laugh.
You move to grip his hand. “We’ll get a room. Don’t expect us back.” You wink at Sam as you begin to pull Bucky towards the exit. Sam scrunches his nose up in disgust before looking away from you both.
Bucky can only watch, absolutely captivated by you.
He was only a man after all.
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《
thank you for the request! i hope this is what you hoped for!! 💞
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smuttybucky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Movie Night
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Word count: 1,128
Warnings: vibe talk, exhibitionism if you squint, talk of overstimulation, multiple orgasms, Bucky calls reader “my little slut”, if there’s something else you find, lemme know!
Thank you to @bwhitewolfbarnes for beta’ing this ❤️❤️
Request: hello thank you so much for doing this! Could Buck just really want to please his partner? Like a semi-public situation and everyone else is worried for the reader, because she’s really fidgety. Like a movie night with the rest of the team, and reader and buck are sharing a blanket and he’s teasing her under it! Maybe the use of a vibrator somewhere (during or after the movie? I’m not sure)
A/N; thank you lovely Nonnie!! I hope you like this! Thank you for your request!!
Nat had originally thought of the idea, claiming that it had been too long since everyone was together to just watch a movie. You told her you and Bucky would be there. She had everything scheduled for the next night.
You stepped out of the shower, and walked into your room to change into clothing that was a little more comfortable. As you stepped out into the bedroom, you saw Bucky sitting on the bed, smirking. “Shouldn’t you be downstairs with everyone else?” You asked him, walking over to your dresser.
He smirked, “I have a proposition for you.” He said. To say you were intrigued was an understatement, and you turned to face him, the look on your face saying ‘go on’. He smirked and slid a small bag over to you.
“What is this?” You said, walking closer to him. He kept smirking, but didn’t say anything as you stood in front of the bag.
“Open it.” He said, eyes darkening. And slowly you took out some tissue paper. Coming across a small wrapped box, you pulled it out of the bag. You bit your lip, and unwrapped it.
Gasping softly, you saw the words “Controllable Bullet Vibrator” written on the box, in a bright blue cursive font. You looked up at Bucky, only to see him staring at you with his lips between his teeth. “What is this for…?” You asked, slowly sitting beside him, and opening the box.
“Well… you were talking about wanting to be more adventurous. So I figured we could start off easy... wear this tonight. Let me control it. See how many orgasms we can get you without the rest of the team noticing.” He said, reaching for the device that looked smaller in his hands.
Your whole body grew hot at the mere thought of you two getting caught. Tony would kill you both. Nat would probably be impressed. Steve would just be disgusted. “Doll?” He asked softly. You felt a shudder run through you and nodded.
The thrill of allowing Bucky to use a device to control how many times you came, had you squeezing your thighs together. “Ohh, look at you baby…” he said standing, and walking over to you kneeling in front of you. “You like that idea? My little slut likes the idea of being pleasured with a toy, huh?” He teased, lifting your leg slightly, and kissed your calf.
You couldn’t tear your eyes away from him. “Bucky… please” you whined. You knew Nat and the others were going to start to worry about where you and Bucky were.
He chuckled, and spread your legs further apart. He kissed up and down your thighs. You knew it was going to be quite a night, but you allowed yourself to revel in the feeling of Bucky between your legs. Gasping softly at the feeling of cold plastic being pushed into your pussy.
“Now, be a good girl for me tonight, yeah?” Bucky said as he smirked, standing up. You bit your lip and nodded, and slowly stood, walking to your dresser. Grabbing a pair of pajama shorts and one of Bucky's T-shirts, you put your clothes on.
You turned to Bucky and damn near fell over as a powerful vibration ripped through you. “Oh this is going to be fun” Bucky sounded, and turned the vibrator back down. You only glared, then walked out. Bucky laughed and followed you.
Walking to the main room where the movie was playing, you noticed everyone was already there. You and Bucky were late. “Sorry” you said softly to Nat, who just smiled and shook her head. You and Bucky sat on the unoccupied couch. Bucky smiled and threw a blanket over you two. You curled into his chest as Nat started the movie.
The movie chosen was ‘A Quiet Place’. The minute the movie started, Bucky turned the vibrator on. You balled your hand into a fist against his chest. Thankfully, he had started it relatively low. You squeezed your thighs together, only to find that doing so made the pleasure more intense.
You shifted your hips, as Bucky's hand came down to your thigh. When you glanced at him, you swore the smirk that was etched into his face, was permanent. You let out the tiniest of whines, as your first orgasm hit you full force.
You twisted against Bucky's chest, and he wrapped one of his arms around you. Pulling you impossibly closer, you whimpered and buried your face in his neck. You moaned ever so softly. Making sure no one heard you, Bucky rubbed your back.
The over stimulation set in, thighs shaking. You could feel the second orgasm getting closer. You tried desperately to calm your nerves, and watch the movie, but between the vibrator, and Bucky's hands drawing figures on your thigh, things grew difficult.
You became a lot more antsy as your second high came, soft gasps and pants coming out of your mouth. Your hands gripped Bucky’s shirt tighter in your fists. Not even realizing Nat was talking to you, until you heard Bucky say, “she’s just not feeling well.”
You looked over towards Nat, smiling softly, “sorry… what was the question?” You asked softly, afraid of speaking too loud.
“I asked if you were’re doing an awful lot of fidgeting over there? Bucky says you're not feeling too well… are you okay?” She asked, concern lacing her voice. It wasn’t until now you had realized that the movie was paused, and all eyes had been on you.
“I mean, I’m not. He’s right, but I didn’t wanna ruin movie night,” you trailed off, hating that Bucky just looked like a good boyfriend. He was rubbing your back, and watching you sympathetically. The hand under the blanket controlling how much pleasure was coursing through your body.
Nat just shook her head, “for God’ sake YN, Bucky take her to her room and stay with her. You’re not ruining anything, hun. We can always schedule another movie night, it’s alright," She said softly.
Bucky muttered a ‘yes maam’ and picked you up bridal style and started walking you to your room. “I hate you so much,” you said when you got out of the team's earshot. Bucky laughed, and walked into your room, setting you on the bed.
“Do you need anything, sweetheart?” Bucky cooed at you, smirking. You rolled your eyes and sat up.
“Yeah, get this thing —“ you started to say, but we’re cut off when Bucky cranked it higher, causing a rather loud moan to come flying out of your mouth.
“Oh no baby.” Bucky said, leaning his body over yours. “We’re gonna have so much more fun with this thing… it isn’t going anywhere.” Bucky smirked.
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