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#bucky barnes x rogers!reader
rainydayathogwarts · 20 minutes ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: cussing Summary: Reader moves next door to Steve and they get close. A/N: So I kind of really really like this one, don't let it flop please, give it some love
Tumblr media
-So you're finally moving out after living with your best friend for four years.
-It was tough, but you managed to survive.
-You found a nice but affordable place in Brooklyn.
-Which was just about a miracle.
-So you know,
-Independent (Y/N) finally moving into her own place didn't want any help. (As you told yourself)
-But the boxes were damn heavy I'll tell you that.
-So you decided to take a short break.
-You sat down, leaning your back on your front door
-Boxes littered in the hallway
-When your neighbour opened his front door.
-He looked at your small figure, eyes closed, sweat running down your forehead.
-He smiled.
-Might as well make a friend.
-He closed his door with a 'click' making you jump
-"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."
-At the sight of the handsome man, only clad in grey sweatpants and a tight blue shirt, you gulped nervously.
-"Oh no it's fine!" You squeaked.
-Then he offered to help, making you blush and nod shyly.
-So the both of you spent the rest of the day lifting the heavy boxes into your new apartment.
-When you finished transferring them all, you invited him for pizza and wine (with plastic cups because your glasses were in a box somewhere.)
-You know, to get to know each other (and maybe admire his features)
-So you sat on your couch which was messily placed in the middle of your small living room, boxes surrounding you.
-And you got to know more about each other's lives.
-At the beginning, you scolded yourself for not recognising the great Steve Rogers, but he laughed, waving you off.
-"It's actually quite a relief if I'm being honest. You aren't interested in me for being Captain America."
-And then you told him about your boring life story
-And your 'job'
-You were an author, writing books under a pen name.
-And you occasionally edited articles and other writings.
-You were shocked when Steve said he was fascinated in that.
-To him, writing wasn't easy.
-Especially when it was novels.
-And murder mystery ones.
-Or horror ones.
-Or Thrillers.
-Just anything longer than a page that has a plot really.
-So you gave yourself a pat on the back, telling him your pen name in case he was ever interested.
-And he was.
-You guys got a lot closer throughout the next few weeks.
-You went to get coffee together, whether you were working on your own things or just talking.
-He often spent time drawing as you edited articles or got some writing done.
-Sometimes he read one of your books.
-On random nights, he'd come knocking on your door with his mouth wide open, ranting about how ingenious your plot is.
-Or who he thought did what.
-Or what he thought would happen.
-Or to just rant off about anything, going off topic and voicing his own opinions.
-God he was cute when he did that.
-You'd just smile the whole way, not wanting to spoil anything, even with a look on your face.
-One night you played your guitar and started singing a song you wrote, leaning on the wall of your bedroom.
-That was when both you and Steve found out that the walls were very thin.
-He wasn't home very often so one night, he invited Bucky and Sam over to catch up with them.
-You know, not talk about work.
-And he told them about you.
-And his growing crush.
-He was sitting on his bed, the boys sprawled out somewhere in the room, talking and laughing.
-Your brain blocked out the the noise, too caught up in your own world to hear them.
-But they heard you.
-And the peaceful strumming of your guitar.
-"You didn't say she sounded like an angel, Steve." Sam and Steve scoffed, not really taking Bucky's shit.
-But Steve leaned against the wall, trying to listen to you a little better.
-He grinned, bringing a fist up and knocking on the wall.
-"Hey, (Y/N)!"
-You jumped at the sudden sound, letting out a yelp
-"You've got a lovely voice, doll!"
-You flushed a dark red, yelling back a 'thank you!'
-The next day, Steve came barging into your apartment.
-Well not exactly.
-You always kept your door locked, so you had to let him in.
-"You never mentioned you could sing. Or play the guitar." He pointed out, almost accusingly
-"Uh yeah, hobby of mine. I write a few songs here and there."
-That was when your friendship took a next step.
-The moment he asked to read all your song lyrics.
-He asked you to play every single one of them.
-Which you did.
-But only for him.
-And he knew that.
-Just like his drawings were very personal to him, your songs were to you.
-So he made the most of it.
-And so did you.
-You asked to see his drawings all the time and he asked if you had written any new songs.
-One night, you laid in bed, thinking of him and his beautiful blue eyes.
-And you wrote a song about him.
-You were reluctant about showing it to him at first because you knew he'd understand what it was about.
-But then when he asked the usual question, you caved in.
-"Been writing any songs?"
-"Oh yeah, wrote one a couple nights ago actually."
-You stared as he read it, focus written all over his features, taking the lyrics in.
-A look of realisation dawning on him.
-But the first thing he did was ask for you to sing it.
-You didn't hesitate to do so, immediately grabbing hold of your guitar and getting on with the song.
-When you finished, you awkwardly looked up at Steve, him staring right back at you.
-Then, he got up, walking over to you.
-He kneeled so he could reach you where you sat on the floor and leaned in to press his warm lips to yours.
-You put your guitar away, wrapping your arms around him to pull him in deeper.
-"Be mine, doll?" He asked breathlessly, his forehead touching yours, hands still cupping your jaw.
-"I'd really love that."
-"Yeah! GET SOME, STEVE!" You both laughed at the loud voice, somewhat distanced from the (very) thin wall separating it from you.
-"Not the time Bucky!" He yelled back, bringing your lips back to him
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deexchanel · 45 minutes ago
Word Count: 2,778 - not accurate as of rn -
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, arguing.
Summary: Y/N rides along with Sam, Zemo and Bucky to Madripoor.
A/N: I know this episode is over used but I been wrote this and I just wanted to give you guys something after been absent for so long. My birthday is next week and I’m excited. Enjoy this one-shot.
Tumblr media
They followed Zemo to his personal jet. A older man stood at the end of stairs waiting on their arrival.
"So all this time you've been rich?" Sam asked looking at the jet. Y/N walked between him and Bucky behind Zemo. She haven't really been talking to Bucky because of their argument.
It was basically about how he disappeared on her. He left without warning. Only reason the previous couple is around each other now because Y/N was there when Sam gave up the shield and decided to stay by his side through the journey. That’s how she ended up here on a plane with someone that broke her heart.
The reason why Bucky left because he’s scared to love. He’s scared that’s she was going to leave him because of his past since it was to much for her. So Bucky left and still haven’t told her the reason why he did.
"I'm a Baron, Sam. My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country." Zemo replied then spoke to the older gentleman in Russian. After the men greet each other the trio followed Zemo into the jet.
Bucky placed a hand on Y/N’s lower back to help her up the stairs, but she pushed his hand off. She had every right to be mad at him. Y/N really love Bucky but he can't just leave her whenever he get the chance.
Y/N sat in the chair in front of Zemo with Sam beside him and Bucky beside her. She nervously looked out the window, Y/N isn’t a big fan of heights.
"The fridge is out. But I will see if there is some good food in the galley." The man said to Zemo who replied in Sokovian. My nerves were getting really bad, She starts to fumble with her fingers.
"Y/N you okay?" Sam’s voice laced with concern. She turn to see them staring at her like a worried parent. Y/N gave them a small smile trying to ease their worries.
"I'm fine."
"Just checking Y/N. Why don't you tell us about where we are going Zemo?" Sam asked looking at Zemo for answers.
Zemo opened a book, "I'm sorry, I was just fascinated by this. I don't know what to call it but this part seems to be important." He pulled a little book that was inside the bigger book holding it up.
"Who is Nakajima?"
Bucky swiftly gets up wrapping his gloved hand around his neck. Y/N’d eyes widened from seeing how worked up he got up from that. All the nervousness about flying left her body.
"What the hell James??"
"If you touch that again, I'll kill you." Bucky seethed then unwrapped his hand from around Zemo's neck sitting back down. Y/N rolled her eyes at how dramatic he was. Deep down she wished it was her he was putting into place but no one needs to know that. (Our little secret.)
"I understand that list of names. People you've wronged as the Winter Soldier." Zemo said obviously not phased from what just happened.
"Don't push it." Bucky warned glacing at him then towards Sam.
"I've seen that book. It was Steve's when he came out of the ice. I told him about Trouble Man. He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What'd you think?" Sam amused but Bucky kept a straight face.
"I like '40s music, so..."
" '40s music? You definitely need to put me on some good music then." Y/N said engaging in their conversation. She thought it was kinda cute that he held on to the book Steve had. Bucky gave her a small smile.
"Whenever I get the chance, I will. Just for you."
Y/N bit her lip to keep from smiling to keep up the ‘I’m mad at him act.’ But it wasn’t working.
"You didn't like it?" Sam asked shocked.
"I liked it." Bucky said giving him the face of 'duh i liked it.'
"It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African-American experience." Zemo said in the most formal way possible. Y/N gave a humorous smile nodding her head.
"That was one of the best way to explain it."
"He's out of line, but he's right. It's great. Everybody loves Marvin Gaye" Sam agreed as if Bucky didn't agree. Y/N laughed at what he was doing.
"Sam why are you still going on about it? James literally agreed."
"I like Marvin Gaye." Bucky continues looking at him.
"Steve adored Marvin Gaye." Sam said bringing up another memory of Steve.
"I have to go to the bathroom. Excuse me." Y/N held up the finger going to the mini bathroom. She struggled so damn hard in that small ass bathroom trying not to fall on her ass. Y/N soon came out to hear them talking about Madripoor.
"What's up with Madripoor? You talk about it like it's Skull Island." Sam questioned looking between the two used to be villains.
"It's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a private sanctuary back in the 1800s." Bucky start while Zemo finished telling them the information.
"It's kept it's lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone."
Y/N glanced at Bucky who tensed up at those words. I knew it was going to be hard on him. Sitting back down her seat, She moved the hair that was in her face.
"So who do I go as?"
"Miss Sapphire, one of the richest lady there. She models for every company you can think of." Zemo said showing Y/N a picture of a woman looked exactly like her.
"Ooo I think I'm going to like this." Y/N smirked looking at the outfit that she was going to have to put on. She knew Bucky wasn't going to like it but oh well, it apart of the job.
Tumblr media
Y/N was beside Sam as they walked down this empty bridge. She kept sneaking glances at Bucky because he looked so good with his new arm. Y/N didn’t know she staring to long when his eyes linked with hers. She quickly looked away, face turning really hot.
"We have to fix this. I'm the only one who looks like a pimp." Sam complained touching his suit. Y/N rolled her eyes, her feet were starting to hurt from walking for so long.
"Only an American would assume a fashion-forward black man looks like a pimp." Zemo said. Y/N’s walk began to turn into limping which made her fall behind a little.
A little "Ow." came from her mouth, grabbing Bucky's attention. He slowed down walking beside Y/N.
"You okay?"
"I'm good."
"No you're not. You just said 'Ow'. What's wrong?"
"None of your business James. I'm okay."
"So you’re calling me James now? And I know your feet is hurting Y/N. Let me help."
Y/N decided to be stubborn even though she wanted to get off her feet so badly. "It's always been James. I'm able to handle myself, I can take pain."
Bucky rolled his eyes, in the matter of seconds Y/N was in his arms bridal style. Not in the mood to argue, Y/N ooked everywhere but him.
"And it's Bucky to you. It's always and forever going to be that to you."
"Before you left, it was Bucky. Now it's James. You know what, I can walk myself." She moved but his grip tightened not wanting her to get out his arms.
"No, I'm going to continue to carry you." Bucky said but Y/N didn't respond which made it quiet between them. She fought the urge to look at him since she was mad.
"I saw you looking at me and my arm."
She looked up at him fulfilling her urge and they made eye contact. Y/N quickly looked away nervously "Um, no I wasn't."
Bucky let out a laugh,"You indeed was."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"Guys! for the love of god, shut up!"Sam scolded from in front of them.
"He started it!" Y/N eplied back like a little kid. Bucky laughed a little then sigh.
"Y/N, you've barely said a word to me today. Did I do something?"
She scoff getting irritated from that dumb ass question. "DiD I dO sOmEtHiNg?? Huh? Bucky stop talking to me before I say something I might regret."
"What? Y/N I just asked a question." Bucky said in defense. She huff rolling her eyes, 'a dumb ass question at that'
"No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depends on it. There's no margin for error." Zemo explained as the car came into view on the bridge. Bucky placed her down on her feet when they neared it, opening the door for Y/N who climbed in the middle seat.
"Here we are."
Walking into into the bar you could feel the intense stares they were getting. Bucky glared at anyone that looked my direction. Y/N had to fight off any instinct to grab his hand. It wasn’t the appropriate time to do it.
You could hear the whispers of the crowd looking at them. "Is that the Winter Soldier?" . Zemo guided them directly to the bar. A tall dark skin man walked over to the trio so they could order.
"Hello lady and gentlemen. Wasn't expecting to see you, Sapphire and Smiling Tiger."
"His plans changed." Zemo nodded towards Sam. "We have business to do with Selby."
The bartender looked at Sam,"The usual? Anything for you Ms Sapphire?"
Sam nodded his head while Y/N replied, "No, Thank you." The bartender turned around grabbing a dead snake out of a glass jar. She covered up her mouth to keep from gagging. Y/N turn to Bucky shaking her head no.
"Ah, Smiling Tiger, your favorite." I heard Zemo say from behind Y/N. She would’ve laughed but Y/N wanted to puke at the moment. She knew Sam had drunk it when Bucky looked the other way to keep from I guess laughing.
Y/N moved to the side of Bucky when a man walked up to Zemo from behind. "I got word from on high. You ain't welcome here."
"I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me." Zemo then pointed towards Bucky.
"New haircut?" The man asked but Bucky just stared.
"Or bring Selby for a chat." Zemo continued his deal. The man walked away not even giving a answer.
"A Power Broker? Really?" Bucky finally spoke up.
"Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar." Zemo explained.
"Do you know him?" Sam whispered not wanting to give himself away.
"Only by reputation." Zemo replied. "In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner."
Y/N leaned against the bar with my back facing the crowd. She felt a hand being placed on her lower back. The other hand moved Y/N’s hair from the side to show her neck.
"Sapphire, baby, we didn't get to finish from last night. Let's get out of here."
Y/N prepared to punch him but stopped myself when I heard Zemo say "Зимний Солдат, Атака" ( Winter Soldier, Attack.)
Y/N turn around to see it was a different man this time. He had smirk on face, as his index finger touched her bottom lip slowly then used the rest of his fingers running down her exposed chest.
Y/N had never felt so disgusted in her life. His fingers stopped on her boob when Bucky's metal hand swiftly grabbed it, crushing his hand.
You could tell that Bucky was so angry for him even getting close to Y/N. The man grunt out in pain as both of them walked away from her while Bucky still clutched on his hand.
The pair shared a quick look. The way he eased back into his Winter Soldier character bothered her a bit. Maybe he had it like a switch?
Y/N winced not really wanting to see none of the combat taking place so she turned around with her back facing the crowd.
She didn’t want him to feel he can protect her all the time. Y/N didn’t want to seem so dependent on him especially if he isn’t going to always be in the picture. When Y/N needed him, he wasn't there. Getting out of her thoughts when Bucky slammed the man that touched Y/N on top of bar holding on to his neck, eyes never leaving his face.
Everyone around them start to take their gun off safety. Y/N’s heart start to pound as she looked around. Zemo placed a hand on Bucky's arm whispering.
"Stay in character or the whole bar turn on us."
Zemo says something else in russian which make Bucky let go of the man. "Selby will see you now." The bartender announced.
"Thank you." Zemo said then walked off.
"You good?" Sam asked Bucky concerned. He looked at me but Y/N quickly glanced at them then followed behind Zemo not uttering a word.
Turns out Y/N wasn’t the one she want to talk too since she was just some famous model . She had to stand in the hallway and wait on them. Y/N was so uncomfortable, especially with what she had on.
Y/N heard a gunshot which makes her kick in the door. Both Bucky and Sam aimed the gun at her then lowered it.
"What the hell happened in here?!" Y/N asked seeing the bodies on the floor.
"We'll explain later , let's go." Bucky said grabbing her hand and they all walked out of the building. They walked through the streets hearing surrounding people phones going off
"This is not good." Zemo said looking around at the people who looked on their phones. They near the end of the street when bullets aimed for us. Bucky pulled Y/N to him as they ran in one direction.
"I can't run in these heels!" Sam yelled while he ran.
"You better learn today!" Y/N yelled back holding on to Bucky's hand since it was in the heat of the moment, not wanting to let go.
Sharon help killed off the bounty hunters they had on us. At the moment Y/N was in the bathroom getting ready for the party she was having. Finished with getting dressed, she walked out the bathroom running into a hard chest.
"oops sorry!"
"It's okay doll."
Y/N gave him a small smile then began to walk to room where everyone else wad until Bucky grabbed her hand.
"Why didn’t answer my question from earlier? What did I do?"
"You know what you did Bucky. Is there I need to say?"
"I think I know what I did? I don’t know Y/N. Just talk to me. Tell me what’s on your mind.”
"To answer your dumb ass question, you did do something wrong. You act like everything's okay between us, when it's not! Bucky, you left me. Like disappeared on me without explaining why!"
"I knew telling you that I was leaving would crush you. I didn't want you to be hurt over the fact that I left." Bucky rubbed his hand over his mouth.
"Leaving you was the best way to protect you. I'm feared by many but that still doesn't mean you aren't going to be a target to hurt me."
"Best way to protect me?! You leaving hurted me way more then what you think it did. You're worried about protection but not focusing on my feels. You said you love me but you left like it wasn't nothing." I groan flustrated raising my voice. He couldn’t look at Y/N and it raised her suspicion.
“You’re lying Bucky? What is it? What is the truth.”
“Y/N... Please.”
“Bucky tell me!”
"I was scared Y/N! Scared that you were already planning to leave because of my past. I know I shouldn’t have left when you needed me but I didn’t know what to do. You deserve better then me Y/N.” Bucky confessed as his head dropped. I placed my hand under his chin so he could look me in the eyes.
“Bucky I could’ve told me. You leaving hurt me more then what you think it did. I love you and that means that I’ll understand anything you’re going through. I don’t deserve better, and I don’t wan better. I want you Bucky. You’re not alone in this baby I swear.”
Bucky pulled Y/N to his chest, as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I’m so sorry baby. I love you too Y/N so much.” He kissed Y/N’s forehead.
“Oh and I wanted to kill him so bad but I knew you wasn't going to like that so I stopped."
"You know me so well."
Bucky apologized again, “I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to make up.” He began to kiss on her neck making Y/N tilt her head to the side so he could have more access.
"Hm, I'll accept it if you dance on the dance floor with me."
"No! God no. I'll do anything but that. You know I don't like dancing." Bucky pulled back groaning but she gave him the puppy eyes.
"Please? Or I'm going to stay mad at you."
Bucky rubbed his hand over his face, "Fine."
Y/N smiled jumping in his arms and they rested under her butt to keep her held up.
"Yayyy!! This is going to be fun."
"I’m only doing this for you baby.”
“That’s the best part.”
This took a long ass time to edit but I hope you guys like. Like I said earlier I know this episode is overused but I had wrote this when tfatws was still airing so yeah.
I’m posting something since I haven’t posted in so long.
If this one-shot don’t make sense let me know cause it’s almost 3 am while I’m trying to edit and add stuff to this and I’m so sleepy 😂
Thank you for reading!
Stay slutty my friendsss 💕
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zestyemby · an hour ago
Monsters in the Shadows Update
Hey Everyone!
I know you’re waiting for the next chapter of Monsters in the Shadows and I am working on it. It was originally planned to be ready for posting today but some things came up and it will be delayed for a few days. Hope you don’t mind. In the meantime, since this is a different timeline (not main MCU), some characters that died will be alive. Which ones do you want to live?
Also feel free to send me asks. 😊
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buckys-blue-eyes · 3 hours ago
How about the reader being in a bitchy mood towards Bucky and Steve and then crying over something and they both comfort her.
Tumblr media
“Is there a fucking problem, Y/N?”
You wince at his harsh tone, not meaning for things to escalate this far. Tears were welling up in your eyes as you grab the shards of glass that covered the floor, knowing you can never piece back together Bucky’s favourite mug that you just threw against the wall in your rage.
You wanted to snap back at him and say that you did have a fucking problem, and it was him. Actually, both of them. Your two idiotic roommates who went on extremely dangerous missions that left you up all night worrying as you didn’t receive any calls, any texts any kind of update to know that the people you cared for most were alive.
That’s what sent you over the edge.
You were so overwhelmed with fear and concern that logically you reacted by breaking the cup that Bucky had left on the table for you to find 3 days earlier with a note explaining how he left to go save the world again, leaving you alone to anxiously chew your nails until they bled as you waited for the phone call that he had been hurt, or worse.
But that never happened because Bucky just came strolling in like all the times in the past, a smirk spread across his smug face.
And then you threw the cup, and you weren’t sure why you were so angry when you were so relieved to see that he was okay.
Only now, you were both fuming. Bucky’s face a deep red as he stared down at you on your knees, your palm bleeding as you tightly grip the sharp remains.
Steve was standing between the two of you, his hand raised protectively in the air, his confusion apparent as he prepared to catch any more dishes that you were ready to send flying.
“Let’s just… Take a minute.” Steve said, taking a deep breath and motioning for you to do the same.
You were surprised he hadn’t said anything about the foul language that escaped Bucky’s mouth.
“I don’t need to breathe.” You respond, as you stare at the trail of blood seeping down the side of your arm.
Steve’s on his knees beside you now, obviously not afraid of being struck by any more mugs as he grabs a rag off the kitchen counter and wraps it around your injured hand.
“Probably not the only place she’s bleeding from.”
Steve’s head whips around so fast you wonder how he didn’t get whiplash.
“Bucky-“ He warns.
“What!? Maybe that’s why she’s being such a bitch!”
Your eyes snap up, as you glare, trying to comeback with something snarky, but your tear-stained cheeks cause Bucky to retreat and you’re grateful when he realizes how hurt you are.
“I’m sorry-“ Bucky begins, as Steve’s hands clamps down on the cloth, applying pressure to your bleeding palm. His eyes are no longer on your injury but have also made their way up to your face as your sobs fill the silence.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Steve says, gently.
You shake your head fast, embarrassed for them to find out why you were such an emotional wreck. “I’m fine.” You offer, knowing that they wouldn’t believe it in the slightest.
“Yeah and so’s my mug.” Bucky mumbles, shuffling his feet awkwardly.
Steve rolls his eyes as he releases your hand. “You know you can talk to us about anything.”
You nod, as your lips quiver as another sob causes you to curl in on yourself.
“I just… I can’t lose you guys.” You say, through sniffles as you swallow back the mucous that rises like bile in your throat.
They’re staring at you, eyes wide, unsure of what you meant as they listen intently to your shaky words.
You heave a breath as you go on. “Your missions… You leave and you don’t even say goodbye. You don’t call, you don’t let me know you’re okay and I’m up, for days at a time wondering if something happened and I don’t know what to do with myself.”
Your heart is clenching in your chest as you stare between the two people you loved most.
You sit up slowly, giving up on placing together the broken pieces of coffee-stained glass as you make your way over to the large living room sofa, plopping down as you let out an exasperated sigh. You rub the bridge of your nose, attempting to alleviate the sudden headache that was no doubt triggered by your heavy sobs.
You jump slightly as you feel two pairs of thighs on either side of you, then two pairs of hands pulling you into an awkward embrace.
“I am so sorry, Y/N.” Bucky starts. “I had no idea you felt this way.”
“Neither did I.” Steve continues, as he pulls away. “We would never want to make you worry.”
“But I can’t help it. Your jobs- Your lives- it’s so dangerous. And I just sit here waiting helplessly for some news, and the news I picture is never good.”
The tears have slowed down, as the anger and tension has diminished.
“You should have told us you were hurting.” Bucky whispers, as he stares down at his hands in his lap, obviously feeling guilt for yelling at you earlier.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t you dare apologize.” Steve smiles.
Bucky’s flesh arm is around your shoulders, offering comfort in a way in which his words cannot. He was not as verbose as Steve, but his gentle touch was the only assurance that you needed to know things would be okay.
“I’m sorry for breaking your mug.”
Bucky shrugs next to you. “It can be replaced.”
“The wall can’t be.” Steve says, motioning to the dent and paint chips strewn across the floor.
“Oh shit.” You blush.
“Oh shit is right. You threw that hard. Are you sure you’re not a super soldier too?” Bucky laughs, nudging you in the ribs.
You return the laugh and your roommate’s faces light up to see your mood quickly changing.
“You know we love seeing that smile of yours.” Steve says, standing up and grabbing the broom from the hallway closet.
“I can clean-“ You try, before being interrupted by Bucky.
“You can clean your cut. In the bathroom, with soap and warm water. We’ll take care of the glass.”
“I love you guys. I’m sorry for being such a bitch.”
Steve raises his index finger sharply as he purses his lips,
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loveforaugust · 3 hours ago
marvel shipping activity
hi besties! so i decided to do marvel ships. you send me information about yourself (through my asks!) and i will decide which avenger i believe you belong with! i will also include certain scenarios of your relationship! thank you! <333
please include:
zodiac sign
hobbies/things you like to do
what you like and don’t like
your favorite color
favorites (books, movies, shows, songs, etc)
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 15
A/N: (MILD) Violence toward the end. Be warned
** **
“Will you remove it? Can you please remove it? Can you take it out?” You were well aware that they were getting annoyed, the nurses who worked in the hospital side of the medical floor, but so were you.
“It hurts.” You pouted and turned your head, making your best attempt to give Bucky and Steve the puppy dog eyes. “It hurts so bad….”
“Baby girl-“
“No.” The nurse answered more forcefully. “You know better Y/N L/N.”
She scolded you as she reached for the saline solution drip bag that would soon be hooked up to your IV. The IV that was in your hand, was more uncomfortable than you realized. It was a dull ache, one you could almost forget about if it weren’t for the tube attached to the IV that was a constant reminder.
“Can you take it out? It hurts. Please? Please take it out.” You tried again.
“You know I can’t, now stop asking.” The nurse scolded you again, in what was probably the 20th time that hour.
“Steve,” your bottom lip protrudes and quivered, your voice hitting that specific place that you knew they were weak too, “it hurts….”
There was a moment, a split second, where he looked like he would cave. His eyes softened, and he rubbed his hands on his jeans, his fingers digging into his kneecaps. You knew Steve well enough to pick up on that little quirk, the one that he only did when he was a little nervous.
Captain America was afraid of needles and nurses.
“Steve…” you added a glimmer of tears in your eyes for effects, watching him nearly crumble.
“Bucky,” you turned your attention to him, attempting to break the ex-assassin, “can you please-“
“Y/N!” The nurse hissed. “You already pulled your IV out once, now if you do it again, I’ll sedate you.”
“Really?” You shifted on the bed and faced the nurse. “You would?”
“No!” She rolled her eyes. “Keep the IV in!”
She set the saline solution on the hook and then fixated her eyes on Steve and Bucky. You recognized the look on her face, and it was the exact look you’d given patients and their company. It was a warning to behave, a notice to comply with the nurse's orders.
“Good god, man!” The nurse placed her hands on her hips. “You are a world war two veteran! You are Captain America! And you’re going to cave to crocodile tears and a pout? Pull yourself together!”
“Yes ma’am.” He sat upright.
“If she takes her IV out again, it's on you, Captain Rogers. The doctor will be in soon.” Another warning, the last one before the nurse left.
You huffed and crossed your arm over your waist, your broken wrist resting on the bed against your left thigh.
“Baby…” Steve leaned in and grabbed your hand, “can you please just leave it in?”
“It hurts.” You huffed again.
“I know it hurts-“
“Listen to me, Y/N.” Bucky stood and walked around the bed to the other side. He crouched down on the left side of the bed and brushed your hair behind your left ear. “If you don’t keep that damn IV in-“
“Hardass.” You grumbled before he could even finish.
“Don’t,” Bucky warned with a grin, “make me spank you.”
“Keep your IV in, Y/N.,” you mocked. “Don’t try and leave before seeing a doctor, Y/N. Don’t threaten to steal sedatives to knock yourself out, Y/N.”
“Damn it.” Bucky broke and shook his head with a laugh. “Why are you so fucking cute?”
“You want a dog?” Steve squeezed your hand. “If you follow the doctor's orders, we’ll buy you a dog.”
“A dog?” You hummed.
“You can’t buy her a dog, Steve.” Bucky countered.
“Come on, Buck,” Steve was growing soft again, “look at her…she’s so sad….”
You turned your head and returned the pout to your face, your bottom lip trembling like it was before. Steve was easy to break, you knew that. You knew he was the easiest to crack, but Bucky…
You didn’t know if you could do it.
“If you give in every time, Y/N’s-“
“Good morning.” The doctor came through the privacy curtains with your chart under his arm and one of the nurses responsible for your care behind him. “I’ve heard you’ve been difficult, Y/N.”
You remained silent, unwilling to confirm your stubbornness while unable to deny it. If you stayed silent, you could contest them both.
“Well, unfortunately, I wish I could have better news for you.”
The doctor sighed and set your chart down on the table before he tapped the screen to the left of your bed twice, bringing up your x-rays.
“How bad is it?” You gazed at the X-RAY, your mouth becoming dry when you saw what you wished you hadn’t.
“You have eight bones in your wrist, and Mr. Parker broke all of them. Although they are clean breaks and should heal well, that’s not the actual problem.”
Steve didn’t just squeeze your hand; he got up from his seat and came to lay beside you. His arm wrapped around your waist, your head is resting against his shoulder. He was holding you comfortably, making you feel as safe as you possibly could before the doctor could deliver the bad news.
“The three primary nerves on your hand are the ulnar nerve, the radial nerve and the median nerve. Not only did Mr. Parker break all 8 of your wrist bones, but he crushed your nerves. So…we’re going to have to book you for surgery. Usually, this would be a quick in and out procedure but given the damage that Mr. Parker had done to your wrist-“
“12-week recovery with no heavy lifting.” You mumbled.
“Miss L/N, I’m sorry, but that 12 week recovery period is for a broken wrist. Your wrist is…your recovery process could take at least six months.” The doctor glanced from you to Steve and then to Bucky. “And then physiotherapy on top.”
“So…” you weren’t putting on an act anymore; you weren’t trying to gain favour with Steve or Bucky. You were approaching a devastating emotional state. “a year…a year without work….”
“Y/N, you know that Stark has money allotted for “
“That isn’t the point!” You screamed. “That’s not-“
You raised your working hand to your head and covered part of your face with your palm. You inhale of breath was shaking, your tears rolling down your cheeks were genuine. You loved your job; you loved being able to help people. You worked your ass off for this job, for the promotion to charge nurse and now…
“I’m sorry, baby girl,” Steve mumbled into your hair, wrapping his arms around your back and waist when you turned into him. “I’m sorry, sweetheart.”
“I’ll schedule the surgery.” The doctor told Bucky, the doctor conferred with Bucky while you genuinely broke down in Steve’s warm embrace.”
** **
Bucky grabbed his shoulder and threw him against the farthest wall, the stumbling drywall laying at his feet was just the beginning. He didn’t give him a chance to get up before he was grabbed again by the collar of his shirt.
“You really couldn’t leave it alone, could you, Parker?” Bucky’s jaw clenched, his eyes blown rage.
“Mr. Barnes, I’m-“ Bucky grabbed Peter’s wrist and twisted.
“That’s one,” he counts, after breaking the first bone, “you broke 8 of her bones and crushed her nerves. Did you know that?”
Peter stuttered and stumbled, kicking and fighting back against Bucky, but it was useless. Bucky was too far gone with his rage, and Peter couldn’t have to combat that.
“I tried to say-“
Bucky threw him against one of the pillars, breaking another bone in his ankle. Peter groaned with pain; he moaned as he tried to push himself to stand.
“That’s two.” Bucky stalked toward him, but it was Steve who grabbed him instead.
He lifts him over his head, his blue-green eyes glaring daggers into Peter’s brown irises. He knew this was coming. He knew he would get it just as bad.
“A year,” Steve slammed him into the floor, the wood cracking beneath him, “you set her back a god damn year!”
“Captain Rogers-“ FRIDAY tried to interrupt, only to be shut off, no doubt by Natasha.
“I’m sorry!” Peter tried to beg; he tried to apologize again.
“We saw the video, kid.” Steve slammed his fist into him, throwing everything he had at him. “She begged you to stop!”
Again, and again.
“She told you that you were hurting her!” He raised his fist and slammed it down again, blood coating his knuckles.
“That’s four, kid.” Bucky crossed his arms over his chest, slowly stalking toward Peter. “You got four more.”
“I’m sorry!” Peter tried again to reason with them. “Please!-“
“You’re not sorry.” Steve picked him up, threw him against a wall of glass separating the hallway from the offices. “You’ve never been sorry.”
“6.” Bucky held up two of his fingers, switching off with Steve. “8 bones, kid. Eight bones and three nerves.”
“Mr. Barnes-“
“Stark isn’t going to help you, kid. No one is coming to help you.” Bucky knelt beside him, placed his hand on his shoulder and started pushing down, hearing another snap, another bone.
“You fucked up, Peter.” Steve slowly walked around the two of them, his bloody knuckles and hand resting on his hips. “There are laws against attacking someone’s soulmate. There are laws about the constant pursuit of another person's soulmate to cause harm.”
“Last bone, fucker. At least you’ll heal quickly.” Bucky stood and slammed his heel into Peter’s face, breaking his nose and finally knocking him unconscious. “Unlike Y/N.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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2fabul0us4 · 3 hours ago
A Long, Long Time
1940s!Steve Rogers x Reader, some 1940s!Bucky Barnes x Reader (mostly platonic)
Word Count: 1.6k
TW: mentions of cheating
A/N: A little something to hold ya over until the next Prince!Bucky part is complete
Based on the song It’s Been a Long, Long Time by Harry James
Tumblr media
“Never thought that you would be, standing here so close to me.” The irony of performing this song in the very same bar as Steve Rogers and half his unit was almost excruciating. Three people in that room would have felt it: Steve, You, and Bucky Barnes. If any of you had acknowledged it, only one of you showed it. Bucky Barnes, who was sitting at the bar, shifting his eyes between the stage, where you stood, and his best friend.
“There’s so much I feel that I should say, but words can wait until some other day.” You try not to notice the woman dressed in red who enters the pub, capturing the attention of everyone in the room, but you fail. None of it was her fault, you knew that. It wasn’t her fault that she had more in common with Steve, was more alluring, whatever else he had seen in her.
You hadn’t seen him in almost a week. He had been out on another mission. They should’ve all been home days ago, something must have gone wrong.
“G’morning Y/N.” You smile at Bucky as he walks toward your tent. “When did you get back?”
“Two days ago, right on schedule, thanks to me.” He winks, but his smile fades when he notices your brows furrow. “Was Steve delayed?”
“You haven’t seen him?”
You mutter a quick no as you push past him, taking the most direct route to the debriefing area. You’re stopped in your tracks by the sight of them together.
Steve Rogers, with one arm propped up against a pole, leaning close to Peggy, who was giggling at something he must have said. Her back was to you, so she didn’t see you make eye contact with him until you hesitated with your next move, caught with your mouth open, which caused him to take a step toward you.
She turned to look at you then, completely oblivious, even waving at you. You give her a tight-lipped smile, then turn away and walk in a random direction, anywhere to get away from them.
Bucky found you crying behind a training building later that evening.
Steve had an excuse for not coming to find you sooner.
That day was the catalyst of the ending of your story.
You sway on the stage as the music continues, watching the interaction between them unfold until your next part comes. “Kiss me once, then kiss me twice, then kiss me once again.” He asks her to dance.
He was holding his hand out to you. “May I have this dance?” You laugh. “We can barely hear the music from out here.” You could tell the music was loud inside of the pub, able to make out words from the alley where you had come together to get fresh air.
“But we can still hear it, can’t we?” He smiles, nodding to his hand. You place your hand in his, and he pulls you close to him. The hand not holding yours slides down to your waist, and you rest your head against him. You can hear his heart beating against your ear, making you sigh contently. You sway together slowly, able to successfully ignore the cold air around you.
“Thank you for coming out with me tonight. The boys have all been wondering who I’ve been spending all my time with.” You smile to yourself, continuing to dance. When the music comes to an end, you move to shift away from him, but his arms catch you.
“Where’ya goin’? He whispers playfully. You look up at him, not saying anything. Instead, you move your arms so they’re resting around his neck. You stare at each other in silence, both of you warm and comfortable. After a few moments, he starts to lean in, but stops a few inches from your lips.
“Is this okay?”
You answer by closing the space between the two of you for the first time.
The hand that isn’t holding hers slides down to her waist.
You look away, focusing on anything else in the room. “Haven’t felt like this, my dear, since I can’t remember when.”
Bucky brought him to you as soon as they arrived back from another mission. “He’s hurt, but I think he’ll heal quickly.” He had told you as he placed Steve on a bed in your unit. You look over him, checking all the wounds he had sustained quickly and thoroughly. When you were satisfied, you looked back to Bucky. “You’re right. He’ll be fine, I’m just going to clean him up.
He nods, “I’ll leave you to it then.”
You refocus on Steve as Bucky leaves the two of you alone. You set to work, cleaning his wounds, and bandaging up any that would take longer to heal. He starts to become more lucid and groans as you continue to work.
“Shh. I’m almost done.” You concentrate on the rest of your process, then sit down next to him. He’s already looking at you and smiling when you finally meet his eyes.
“What?” You reach for his hand, smiling back.
“I love you, Y/N.” He squeezes your hand. Your heart flutters.
“I love you, Rogers.”
Your eyes slowly sweep across the room again, in part as an element of your performance, the other part to find him once more. This time, his eyes find you also. You keep your eyes locked with his as you sang the next line, “You’ll never know how many dreams, I dreamed about you.”
“When this is all over, we can go back to Brooklyn. You’d love it there. We can make up for lost time, live a normal life.” He smiles down at you from where you lay on his chest. “As normal as life can be with a super soldier serum.” You tease, poking him. He laughs, turning to wrap his other arm around you. He kisses your forehead, “A dream to hold onto.”
You had held onto it, right up until the moment when you realized that’s all it would ever be. He breaks your eye contact when you sing the next part of the song. “Or just how empty they all seemed without you.”
You were never his girlfriend, not technically. The war was dangerous, and you found solace in each other’s company just like many others. Neither of you had anticipated love, not among so much tragedy, but you had found it, and you had thought he had had too. No one could blame you for believing him.
“So kiss me once, then kiss me twice, then kiss me once again...”
The music slows, and you pause, couples beginning to pull away from each other to clap for the end of your performance. Except for one couple that stayed in each other’s arms, gently swaying, lost in their own moment. Steve and Peggy. Your eyes lingered on them near the back of the room, for only a moment, before you find the composure to snap your eyes off them.
You give a sultry smile to the crowd, eyes glistening in a way that no one would think twice about unless they knew your situation. The next person your eyes met did. Bucky.
“…It’s been a long, long time.” You finish the song with a smile that doesn’t meet your eyes, glancing away from Bucky and back to Steve. Him and Peggy have turned to the stage along with everyone else, and though he’s clapping for you, he avoids looking in your direction, smiling down at her. The way he used to smile at you.
You bow slightly in response to the whistles and cheers from the other men in the pub, briefly looking down at the stage beneath you. When you lift your head, your vision is blurry. You turn towards your band, hearing the crowd behind you settling back into their seats. You shake your head slightly as you move to walk off stage, silently telling them to continue without you. Your band leader, Freddy, nods in response, striking up another song as you quicken your pace down the stairs off the stage.
You push open the side door and step into the cool summer night. You wrap your arms around your body, letting your tears fall freely now that you were in the privacy of an alley. You cry quietly, looking up at the stars above you. The sky was clear, the moon bright. It would be dangerous for the soldiers out on the field, so much light. A stark contrast to the memories you had of sneaking out of your tent by moonlight to meet Steve mere months ago. You sighed at the thought of it.
“Y/N?” You jump slightly, your body tensing. You relax when you recognize the figure approaching you. “Bucky.” You say quietly, with a small smile before looking back up. “It’s a beautiful night. I despise this war for ruining it and all the others.”
He doesn’t say anything as he walks to your side, looking up to the same sky. After a comfortable silence, he speaks. “You alright, doll?”
“Of course. Don’t I look alright?” You shake your head, letting out a short laugh. You finally meet his eyes. You nod at the pub. “You should be in there with your friends.”
He quirks his eyebrow at you, then smirks and looks around. “Nah. I’d rather be out here with you.”
“Well, I hope you aren’t expecting any entertainment. I’m not particularly feeling like myself.”
“Hey.” He lightly bumps your shoulder with his until you look at him again, his face serious. “I’m on your side, for the record. Steve’s my best friend, but even I know he didn’t handle it right.”
You nod as you look to the ground again, sniffling. Bucky slings his arm around you, pulling you into his body. “You’ll be okay.” You turn into his chest, breaking down into tears once again. He wraps his other arm around you, one hand holding your head to his shoulder.
“You’ll be okay.”
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Morning Sweetheart
🌧-Both ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1369
Warnings: IDRK
Lowkey based off of the ending of Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Taglist (Line through means unable to tag)
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Y/N gasped, looking around as she awoke. There was a soft light in the room. She recognized it as the med-room in the Tower. She realized something was on her face and moved her arm to take it off. She grabbed the top off it, feeling that it was an oxygen mask, and pulled it off. She sat up and looked around, finding that she was the only one in there. She pulled the IVs out of her arm and was surprised that nothing went off. She got out of the bed and began to walk to the door. She grabbed a syringe, just in case she needed to fight back, and walked out of the room. 
She walked down the stairs and into the library. Pulling the book she walked down the dim hall to the "meeting room”. She stopped in front of the automatic door, hearing voices inside. She faintly recognized them as Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter’s.
“She’s gonna lose it when she finds out about her father.”
“Do you think she’ll still cooperate?”
She could hear Wanda’s sigh, “With her dad still being out there? There’s no guarantee.”
“We’ll figure--” Natasha started.
“Just tell her when--” The door opened and Peter stopped speaking when his eyes laid on her.
Everyone turned their heads to look at her. She let in a shaky breath when she saw who all was in the cave. Those who she already knew: Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter. However, a few others were there too: Tony, Vision, Steve, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, Carol, and Hope. No one who had one was even in their suits. Everyone dressed normally. Vision was even looking like a normal person and not a robot.
Bucky smirked while Peter turned away from her and Sam sighed. Everyone else just looked down at their hands. Bucky walked towards her and took the syringe out of her hand. After pushing her into a wall as she went after him. Plus he had to do it just to make it hard for her to be able to move. When he pushed her into the wall was when she noticed Loki and Yelena. She attempted to speak, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you doing with them?”
He just ignored her question and moved her arms to be over her head and held them both with one and took the syringe with the other. “You and a syringe against a bunch of 'heroes’?” He walked away slightly and let go of her wrists. And he tossed the syringe across the room so she couldn’t get it. “That is why no one allows you to make the plans.”
She stared at the god and the spy and it was as if Bucky knew she was about to pounce on them, he held her against the wall again. So she was left with just speaking in the hoarse whisper. “What the hell are you two doing here?”
Yelena was the one to speak, “Stop Bucky stop.” She looked at Y/N, “Y/N, just listen. Please.”
Tony was the next to speak, “With your father watching you, it was too risky for us to tell you our plan.”
Y/N finally pushed Bucky off of her when she felt his weight shift. He sighed and motioned for one of the empty seats at the table. “Sit.”
When she didn’t move, Clint walked over and grabbed her arm and gently pulled her over, sitting her in the empty seat next to him. Her actual seat. He took the bowl that Rhodey was handing him and placed it in front of her. “Eat. You’ll feel better.”
But she didn’t. She just stared at the bowl as Steve started to speak. “If we had told you what we were planning, it wouldn’t have worked. We knew your father was watching you thanks to Loki and Yelena pretending to be on his side, we were able to find you.”
Natasha spoke, adding something that triggered something in Y/N, “Bucky helped to create the plan. Then he told me so I could carry it on to my sister and Loki.”
Other words were said, but she didn’t acknowledge them. All that she could think of was how Bucky promised to protect her and yet her father still got her. And now she was being told that it was all apart of some plan that everyone was in on? That she was supposed to get taken so they could send everyone that was helping her father to jail again. So they could get some silence for a short time before one of them broke out again.
And she had no idea why she did it, but it was as she stared at her fingers, noticing that they still were almost as perfect as they were for the wedding that something in her snapped. She slowly looked up at Bucky. Not caring that everyone in the room could easily take her down. She quickly stood up and jumped over the table towards him. It was as if he was expecting it as he quickly pulled his arms up to protect him. She still got him. 
Somebody pulled her away but she elbowed them in the nose and ran over to Bucky again and began to slam her fists on his chest in anger. But even though she was angry, she was sobbing in pain. She was hurt that he let it happen. “You promised he wouldn’t get me!” It was barely recognizable due to the painful sobs coming from her. “You promised me! You lied! You’re a liar!” It came out even worse than the previous statement. He was probably the only one who heard her. But she didn’t care. She just kept repeating the two statements. You promised me! You’re a liar! You promised me! You’re a liar!
She didn’t know how long later it was, but soon she felt stab in her left and right sides. It didn’t take long for the effects of the drug to take place. Her vision soon began to blur and she began to lose whatever balance she had and fell to the ground. But she fought passing out. Even as she was on the floor, she fought it. 
She felt someone carefully lift her up and she was about to attack them until she saw it was Peter. She shut her mouth and focused on him. Faintly hearing him say something. Probably that he was taking her back to the room as they soon left the cave. It was as they exited the library that he finally spoke to her, “I didn’t know.” She didn’t realize what he meant until he said the following statements. “Neither did Vision, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, and Hope. None of us knew of Barnes’s plans.”
She didn’t know why she said it because it wasn’t true. “I know.”
He looked down at her and smiled, “No you didn’t. You may know a lot of things, but that wasn’t one of them. You had no idea that we didn’t know.”
She felt herself being lowered down and soon felt the soft mattress behind her. “Maybe, but I’m happy knowing that at least I wasn’t the only one in the dark.”
He pulled the blankets over her and he pulled the chair next to her, “I was terrified when he and Wilson pulled me. They actually told everyone that you were just sick and I tried to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true.” He carefully took her hand in his, “I-I thought that you were dead when we got you. were so still and cold. Your lips had turned blue and your skin looked like it was as pale as it could get..”
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, “Whatever do you have to be sorry for? None of this was your fault.” He was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she still felt like she had to say it. He kissed the back of her hand, “Go to sleep. I’ll see you more in the morning, okay?”
She nodded and closed her eyes. Sleep soon coming to her.
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honeyspence · 5 hours ago
hi i write a lil and am stumped rn!! send me requests please :)!! i’ll write anything for marvel or for criminal minds or harry potter!
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dayanacvm · 6 hours ago
Um.. hi since you said you wanted to write for a few Marvel characters I would like to request a Natasha x reader where reader is self conscious because they don't speak very well English and Nat helps them at that and reassures them :))
Broken English
Tumblr media
Paring: BF! Natasha x Reader x Bucky
Warning: Mention of blood, a bit of violence, and low self-esteem.
Words: 2, 296
Author Note: Remember request are open! I write them in the order I receive them, once I start writing, it takes about three days for me to finish. So just keep that in mind! Thank you for supporting my writing with your requests!!! 💕
It was a dark rainy afternoon, the night seemed to have arrived early, and every lightning was welcomed as it provided some kind of light. Fear traveled across your veins like a venom that paralyzed your legs. The angry roars from the sky only worsened the panic inside your body, but the survival instinct stopped you from breathing any louder in seek for air. “(Y/n). Where are you?!” You heard Tony ask for you through the ear comms, but you didn’t know how to describe the place you were in. “I don’t know,” You answered, but the truth was you did know where you were, but you didn’t know how to describe it because of your lack of vocabulary in the new language you were still trying to learn. “Try to focus,” Natasha said next but the more pressure you felt the harder it became. “I can do it on my own don’t worry,” You said, but you knew it would be difficult to find the place you came from and meet with the team when the rain had erased every step you took seconds after you had walked over the land. “You can’t always do things on your own, last time I saw you, you were badly hurt. Just describe the place the best you can, don’t let shame or pride get you,” Natasha reassures you, knowing how sometimes you had difficulties explaining yourself leading you to speak less instead of even trying to. She couldn’t blame you, she knew how embarrassing it could be to admit you had difficulties speaking another language, the idea of looking like an idiot is something she has been familiar with, and that’s why she had more patience for you than you had for yourself. “I” You stopped, to not let the others know you were on the verge of tears. Swallowing the knot in your throat you spoke with a voice slightly thicker, going unnoticed by the other Avengers except for your best friend Natasha. “I am near the old tall building, the one that keeps a light on in the night so the thing on the sea know where the land is....” Your face felt warm, and you pressed your back against a tree, afraid any of the enemies still standing could surprise you. “You mean the ships? You’re near the lighthouse?” Bucky said, and you felt even more embarrassed, adrenaline made you forget he was on the same mission as you, and making mistakes in front of him only helped you feel more like an idiot than before. “I’m near. We can return together.” Within seconds he ran towards your direction. A bolt of lightning struck, and you screamed upon seeing Bucky silhouette, but at the moment your brain processed it was him you were able to stop yourself from shooting.
Bucky saw the wound on your leg. Knowing it would be difficult for you to keep his pace, he picked you up on his arms and ran with you to the jet. Tears ran down your cheeks, yet nobody could tell you were crying with the rain pouring over you, but you could feel the difference in temperature between your hot tears and the cold drops from the rain. Once you two made it to the jet, Steve threw his shield one last time before retrieving it, and Clint kept throwing a few arrows so those attempting to stop your escape would fail. You allowed one last tear to fall from your eye, and Natasha noticed but remained quiet in front of the team, yet to console you, she sent your way one kind smile, that you returned with another one. You shyly looked over your shoulder to Bucky, but he gave you a hard look of concern, but because of his frown you misinterpreted with anger and you looked down in embarrassment, thinking it was probably because of how dumb you kept being for not learning English.
Back in the Avenger’s compound, Wanda was waiting for the members of the team that were assigned to the mission like she always did. She considered each of you as her only family, and even if she never addressed it, through her actions she always showed how she was afraid of losing every single member of the team like she has lost the rest of the family. “Oh my God. Is (Y/n) hurt?” Wanda covered her mouth in disbelief as Bucky had to carry you once again so you could make it to the infirmary, his cold metal arm contrasting with your hot body that burnt with fever. “Buck, I’m afraid” You confessed, for the first time losing consciousness while being aware of every second. “Don’t worry, everything would be fine,” He didn’t know if you were truly going to be fine, you had lost a great amount of blood, and your skin looked shades lighter then normal. “Look, there’s something I have to tell you,” But he suddenly felt the weight on his right arm increase as your head dropped with your eyes close, “I love you,” He said to your unconscious self, and raised your head to give your forehead a gentle kiss, afraid it could be the last time he saw you alive.
The next day you woke up, but you kept your eyes close, and even though your body ached to move you remained still and calm so your heart ratio wouldn’t go up and alert those in the room you were awake. It was the quietest fight you have ever heard. “Steve, there is something that must be done!” You recognized the yell-whisper from Bucky. “She is trying as much as she can, it’s just harder for some than others,” Steve said with pity. “Because of her not knowing how to speak properly, Vision got shot. He made the bullets go through but what if it had been any of us? We don’t have Vision’s power! We could get killed, or worst, she could be the one getting kill!” “Don’t worry if I get kill,” You said, interrupting Bucky, and your broken heart beating as fast as it could making the machine scream your pain for you. “(Y/n)” Natasha made herself visible as she stood. “Guys, I need some alone time, please.” You said, and Bucky and Steve left. “How bad is it?” You asked Natasha, who was the only one who stayed, and the only one you didn’t mind. “You need antibiotics because of the infection, and the wound was suture, of course, other than that you are fine. You are a really strong girl,” Natasha said attempting to cheer you up, but you were a pessimist and said “And really dumb” “Don’t say that” She assures you. At that moment Wanda arrived, hearing you were awake made her rush to see how you were feeling, but her smile faded when she saw the tears that fell from your eyes. “I’m sure he thinks that way, especially after what he said. I’m desperate, why is it so hard for me to speak sometimes? Why I have a very small vocabulary!” Wanda sat with Nat, not having to ask who was the ‘he’ you were so worried about, knowing well who you have been in love with. “Limited” Natasha said, “Why is my vocabulary so limited. It sounds better. You know, I’ll start teaching you, we can do it simultaneously as I teach Wanda to remove her accent” Natasha suggested, “That will be nice,” You said, and Wanda showed her support by agreeing and wishing to even start right away.
From that moment on, whenever she taught Wanda to pronounce words with an American accent, she helped you be more fluent when speaking, taking away your accent as well, at the same time teaching you new words. Since you were best friends and spent most of the time together joking around, she took the opportunity to cheer you up into getting into more conversations, like asking for your drink at your favorite cafe instead of her doing it for you, and hiding every book and movie you had in your mother tongue and replacing them with English copies. But even then, she noticed your tongue still getting stuck from time to time, and your grammar failing a bit here and there, and using her spy abilities she paid close attention to you every day. You woke up and followed your basic morning routine, until meeting with her for your early workout. She heard you name the machines right, and as you both stretched, you told her the plot development of a book she gave to perfection, not even making the grammar mistakes some natives made, and if something slipped you corrected yourself immediately without difficulty. At breakfast with Wanda and Tony, you made fun of the bag of his eyes making his eyes roll and said “If I were you, I wouldn’t mess up with me, pumpkin” He said jokingly messing up with your hair, treating you like the daughter he wishes to have one day. You explained to him your concern for his health like you have done numerous times before but instead of saying “Very little sleep is bad” or “Not many sleep is wrong” you said, “Numerous heart-related diseases have shown correlation with sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep also can lead to early dementia or even Alzheimer's. Saving the world is a good cause, but saving your future health is important as well. Plus if you get sick, I doubt I’ll ever find anyone like you” You said the last part to lighten the mood. He gave you a kind smile, “There would never ever be someone greater than me, I can assure you that,” He joked, “I’ll get some rest after this.” He said and you smiled. Natasha still not finding what made you make your mistakes.
At lunch the whole team sat on the table, Steve and Tony taking the opposite extremes, Natasha sitting in front of you next to Wanda and Vision, who only kept the rest of the team company since he couldn’t eat. Thor, who has made a quick visit, sat next to Tony, and the chair that Clint would have had occupied if he had visited, remained empty as Bucky sat right next to you. It was then you avoided speaking, and suddenly you were barely making short comments whenever the conversation was directed to you, “Nat, could you...” You said pointing at the napkins and she suddenly had the idea of playing dumb to force you to speak, but knowing what was to be in your position she considered it cruel and dropped the idea, and passed you the napkins. “Hey, how’s the book you are reading, it must be very interesting since you wouldn’t stop reading” Bucky spoke softly to your side, wishing to finally be able to speak to you after you have been avoiding him while you were practicing your English with Natasha. Natasha could tell that whenever Bucky was in the room you became self-aware of everything you did, from how you looked to even how you spoke. She smiled finding it ironic how much he cared about you, and yet you were afraid of being around him because you thought he didn’t like you for not speaking right and that being the cause of your tongue getting stuck, “I, really liked it.” You said, expecting that to be enough, “You mentioned to me you loved the protagonist for his personality” Natasha said, and as she got your attention, she gave you a kind look with a gentle smile, and you could tell how she was secretly cheering you to speak. With her reassurance, you felt that you could speak everything you wished, and even with the table in silence, looking at you to hear what you had to say, you didn’t feel any pressure, “The protagonist went through a beautiful metamorphosis in which he went from hating himself for seeing every mistake, to use that same ability to fix his flaws and grow from within. And as he evolved as a person his surroundings seemed to change, until he realized nothing changed, that it had always been perfect, but that he couldn’t see the love and support from those who surrounded him, because it was himself all along that couldn’t love him. His family and loved ones never saw him as a failure, they were the first to see how amazing he was, and those small mistakes that kept him from growing were only increasing because of his insecurities. He learned, how he didn’t have to change in the first place, but only had to accept himself for who he was and be the best version of himself. What a tragic irony,” The team cheered your improvement, and they kept asking you about the book and Wanda made you promise to her she was going to be the first one you will borrow your book to. Your eyes went to Natasha and with a small gesture thanked her. Understanding what you did, she slightly nodded with a side-way smile.
Author’s Note: Wow! My first fanfic in years! I hope you guys like it. There would hopefully be a part 2 that would explore the reader's relationship with Bucky, but I wanted to still have a feeling of closure in case it doesn't happen so you guys could enjoy it! Don’t forget to show your support, and thank you for reading!
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The Bet
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n has never been good at relationships. In fact, she sucks at them. So much so, her friends often place bets on how long they will last. The only man she’s managed to keep by her side for longer than a month is her best friend Bucky Barnes, that is, until she meets Steve Rogers. Will Steve be the one to change her or will he help her realize something she’s known all along?
Who: Y/n Y/l/n x Bucky Barnes. Y/n Y/l/n x Steve Rogers. Featuring: Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Clint and Laura Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff and Jarvis Vision.
Warnings: The usual cursing and sex. This isn’t the boy scout Steve Rogers character.
I’m pretty sure this has always been me. I meet someone fall hard and when it all seems perfect i take a look at my life like I’m watching a movie. I think, am I really happy? Is this really the life i want? Eventually, I bail.
I don’t know why I’m like this, well that’s not entirely true. I just refused to figure it out. What I do know is this is me returning home after breaking up with another amazing guy because I just turned into an astrologer needing time and space from this relationship.
“Hey we’re all going to Iron Bar later invite Greyson.” Nat says when i answer her FaceTime call.
A heavy sigh leaves my mouth “I don’t think he can make it.”
“Why not?”
“We uh we broke up.” I suddenly hear a mix of groans and cheers from all of our friends at her place.
“I hate you guys. Who won?”
“That would be me.” I can see Sams gapped tooth smile when he says he’s the victor.
“Congratulations Wilson.”
“Double or nothing if I can guess how she did it.” He lifts a brow.
“I’ll take that bet.” Nat focuses her phone on Bucky “Don’t let me down doll.” He winks and i roll my eyes.
“I’m going with, ‘You’re a great guy I’m just not in a place for something serious’ for one hundred Johnny.”
“Eh!” A buzzer noise erupts from my mouth.“Pay the man.”
“Damn really? What you say?” Sam asks as he takes money out of his wallet.
“Booo!” They shout.
“I hate you all.” They see me roll my eyes before ending the call
Barnes: Free tonight then?
Y/n/n: YES!
Barnes: 8?
Y/n/n: Or sooner. . .
Y/n/n: Like now.
Barnes: Leaving Nats
Thirty minutes later Bucky and I are naked on my couch.
“Damn doll.” He breaths heavily as i climb off of him.
“We missed you.” I smirk
“I see that. Where you going?”
“Bedroom.” Looking over my shoulder I ask if he’s coming.
I’ve known Bucky Barnes my whole life. He’s literally been my best friend since i was five. He was my first kiss, after I barged into his bedroom crying that all my friends had been kissed. He planted his plush lips on mine then in true Bucky form told me to, shut up about it.
He was my first, first. Senior year we went on a camping trip to Oregon. It was incredible. The stars sparkled in the night sky and suddenly their was a meteor shower. He took the opportunity to properly kiss me and we ended up having sex, a few times. Which actually lead to the creation of our annual camping trip.
We even went to college together. With Bucky, it’s the best of both worlds, sex with zero real commitment.
Lying between his legs, my arms are folded under my head, resting on his stomach, when he asks how i broke up with Grey. I lift my brow in response.
“Oh come on.”
“Fine, i said i needed time and space to figure myself out.”
I smack his chest, “Shuddup.”
“What did you say to the last one?”
“I wasn’t in the right state of mind to start something so serious.”
“You’re a terrible person.”
“Mmm I’m pretty sure you told Dol you were moving across the country.”
“Uh huh?”
“Through text.”
“Again I don’t see how that makes me worse than you.”
“Get inside me again before I remember you’re a total douchebag.”
We do this awhile longer before falling asleep. I swear Bucks the only guy I’ve ever been real with.
“Mm Y/n your phone.” Bucky mumbles.
“Your phone is ringing.” He groans.
Reaching my hand out I feel for it on the bed and nightstand finally finding it.
My voice is groggy when I answer hello.
“Y/n?” The familiar voice asks very confused.
“Yes Samuel?”
“The hell? Why are you answering Bucky’s phone?”
My eyes widen sitting up. Shit!
“I thought it was mine, he uh came to get me to go out with you guys.”
“Oh alright. How long till y’all leave?”
“I don’t know like thirty.”
“Cool we’re headed out in a few so see you soon.”
My glare meets Bucky. Grabbing a pillow, i hit him over the head with it.
“What the hell?!” He rolls on to his back.
“That was your phone. It was Sam.”
“Oh.” Realization hasn’t hit him as he lazily rubs his eyes yawning “Oh shit.”
“Yea dick. Get up we gotta go.”
“But, I’m tired.”
“Well i couldn’t say we’re not going because we just spent the last four hours fucking.”
“You could’ve.” His arms wrap around my waist nuzzling into my side.
“I’m going to shower.” That peaked his interest.
“Can I?”
“Mmm, fine. But be quick.”
Fourty five minutes later we make it to the bar.
“Where the hell have you guys been.” Nat shouts over the chatter and music when we make it to the table.
“She messed up her eyeliner or something.” Buck shrugs.
“You’re not wearing eyeliner.” Nat says confused.
“Lashes he meant lashes. Fucker wouldn’t stick.” My finger lifts my falsie as if it backs up what i said.
“Come on Lauras here.” Laura is Clints wife who rarely comes out with us.
“Y/n! How are you!” She’s drunk already.
“Hey babe, not as good as you.” I smile hugging the sweet girl.
“Have you ever had a watermelon cooler? They’re really good!”
“Yea? Maybe I’ll try one. You guys need anything?”
“I’m good!” Nat shouts.
I don’t mind this bar it’s smaller but has a decent area to dance and on Friday/Saturday nights theres a band.
“Everyone put your hands together for Steve Rogers.” The club manger speaks into the mic though my attention is on getting a drink.
“What can I get you?”
“Tequila and soda please.”
The guy starts playing his guitar and so far it sounds nice. I turn to put a face to the sound and am completely in aw of the sight of this man. We make eye contact but I’m the first to break it when the bartender gives me my drink.
“Hey what’s taking you so long?” Bucky shows up blocking my view of the guy.
“I just got my drink.” He drapes his arm around me leading me back to the group as he goes on about something Nat said but I’m fixed on the singer. Sliding into the booth Laura cozies up beside me nudging my side.
“He’s cute.” She grins. My eyes stutter coming off the singer to look at her.
“What?” I ask trying to regain my focus.
“The guitar guy. He’s cute.”
“Yea, i guess.”
“Okay.” She rolls her eyes. “You and that one still hooking up?”
“Laura.” I almost growl her name.
Unfortunately for everyone involved Laura caught Bucky and I at Clint’s birthday last year. Though sometimes it’s nice to talk to her about it.
“No one’s paying us any mind. So that’s a ya?”
“On occasion.”
“Like Friday nights?” I glare and she laughs.
“Hey you need another?” Bucky asks walking over to our side of the booth.
“I’m good thanks.”
“It’s no problem.” He smiles.
“I’m good too thanks.” Laura shouts as he walks away.
“Y/n, Y/n, Y/n!” Nat runs over sitting across from us.
“Nat, nat, nat?”
“That guy has been staring at you since he started playing.”
“What?” When i look up he’s finishing his set putting his guitar down. “Is he coming over here? He’s coming over here.” Fuck he has a good smile.
“Hey. Sorry to interrupt. I saw you before I started playing and I didn’t want to regret not introducing myself.”
“Uh drink Laura?” Nat asks the jerk sitting next to me.
“Yea look at that I’m empty.” She gets up heading off with Nat. Really great friends.
“I guess, take a seat?” I extend my arm out to the seat Nat just left empty.
“You don’t have to entertain me. If you’re not interested, i could just get lost.”
“I’m not sure if I’m interested yet.” He scratches his neck with a smile.
“That’s honest.”
“I don’t know you so no need to lie.”
“Funny how that happens isn’t it?”
“What’s that?”
“The less you know someone the more honest you are.”
“I suppose you care less about the judgment of a stranger.”
“Steve Rogers.” He extends his hand.
“Y/n Y/l/n.”
“Now we’re not strangers.”
He smiles and I’m pretty sure i just fell in love.
“Looks like Y/ns over Greyson.” Sam nods in her direction.
“Who is that?” Clint asks.
“The guy that was just playing guitar.” Laura answers and now all five of them are staring at Y/n and Steve.
“Musician? Yea, no. I’ll give it two weeks.” Bucky bets.
“Oh I’ll take that.” Sam turns to Nat. “Baby?”
“Yea I’m opening my notes.” Nat says pulling out her phone.
“You guys are terrible.” Laura hugs Clint.
“Yea terrible.” Clint agrees with his wife “Put me down for two months.” He yelps when she nudges his rib. “What? You know Y/n she’s not the most committed.”
“I don’t know, Bucky?” She questions “You’ve been with her awhile.”
“Friends. We’re just friends, no commitment Laura.”
“That is probably the longest relationship she’s had.” Nat shrugs.
“I say they make it.” The whole group looks to Laura then laughs.
“You think what? They’ll get married?” Buck asks.
“I don’t know, maybe.” She looks over at them.
Y/ns definitely into him and he hasn’t taken his eyes off her since he set them on her in the first place.
“I can see them getting serious.”
“Maybe switch to water.” Nat suggests.
“Alright add her to the board Nat.” Sam shrugs taking a swig from his bottle.
“So what exactly is the bet?” Nat asks.Laura smiles shaking her head. “You’re not telling us?”
“Nope. I’ll write my prediction down.”
“That’s not how we,” Sam starts to say when Nat interrupts him.
“I like it. Jerry!” Nat shouts at one of the bartenders. “Pen and paper?” When he hands them over she gives them to Laura.
She takes a minute to scribble something on the paper.
“Chance you got an envelope?” He squints a moment then ducks by the register.
“One left.”
Laura places the paper inside, licks it closed, then signs it before handing it to Nat.
“A pleasure.” Nat smirks
Laura might be on to something with Mr. Musician because Y/n looks very much interested in the gorgeous man in front of her.
“So you’re a musician?”
“No, no uh my friend owns the bar. The band they had cancelled last minute. I’m just doing him a favor.”
“Oh well that’s nice of you.”
“How about you? Musically inclined?”
“Well i do put on quite a show in my shower or when I’m cleaning.”
“I’d like to see that.” He laughs.
“I bet you would.” i grin.
“I didn’t mean it like,” he becomes flustered cheeks turning red from embarrassment “i would love to hear you sing.”
“G-d you’re adorable.” His face goes serious a moment staring through his long lashes.
“You’re beautiful.” His eyes are gorgeous shades of blue with the smallest hints of green. He stares in a way that makes you feel both vulnerable and secure. Is this what falling in love feels like?
“Uhm so what do you do?”
“I, well I paint.”
“You paint? Like houses?” He laughs
“No unless you need a room done then sure but no I’m an artist I guess.”
“Oh like an actual painter. That’s interesting.”
“Yea i enjoy it. It’s always been something i loved and now i make a living from it so it’s I don’t know nice I guess.”
“I totally get what you mean. I love books. I was always that kid who read through the summer reading list or finished the book the day the class started you know? There’s nothing better than finding a great book and cuddling up on the couch with some coffee. Unless it’s a cold rainy day then that makes it absolute perfection.”
“Have you ever been to Willow in Brooklyn on Smith? That’s the exact atmosphere you get in there. It feels like you’re in a secluded cabin in the woods.”
“That’s mine.”
“That’s your what?”
“My shop. I own it.”
“Are you serious? I’m there all the time. Strange I’ve never seen you.”
“I’m in the middle of opening up another location in Manhattan but with a bit of a different theme. It’s more lay a blanket under a tree or meadow full of flowers, enjoy a perfect spring day kinda vibe. The location is bigger I’m hoping to have writers, poets, perhaps the occasional musician come out and speak or play.”
“That sounds incredible Y/n.”
“Thank you. And hey if you ever decide to fully venture in to music, I may be able to get you a gig in 2-3 months”
“If i can see you again i might take you up on that.” I bite my lip.
“Hey Y/n ready to go?” Bucky slides me down the booth taking a seat beside me.
“Uh we just,” checking my phone i see it’s a little past midnight. “Oh wow we’ve been talking for awhile.”
Steve does the same, eyes widening a bit “Seems like i just sat down.”
“So?” Bucky asks kinda annoyed.
“Oh Steve this is Bucky Barnes my best friend. Bucky this is Steve Rogers.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Ya you too. So, are you ready.”
“Unless uh would you maybe wanna grab a cup of coffee?” Steve asks me.
“That sounds great actually.”
“Really?” Bucky makes a face.
“Yes really.” I glare at him. “Let me just go say goodbye really quick.”
“Alright I’ll be here.”
Bucky moves out so that i can get up draping his arm around me as we walk back to the group.
“Oh my G-d!” I mouth to Nat and Laura.
“He’s hot.” Nat smirks.
“Ay.” Sam warns “I’m right here.”
“I know.” Sam throws his hands up. “So you going home with him?”
“No just grabbing some coffee.”
“Sure.” She winks.
“No I don’t know,” i turn to look at him “he’s not a one night stand kinda guy.”
“You’re really going out with this guy?” Buck asks me.
“Yes? Is that not ok?”
“Just thought we would go back to my place.” He says in a hushed tone.
“Oh I see you didn’t pick any one up so I’m your last resort?” I roll my eyes with a smile. “You’ll be ok James. See you guys tomorrow!”
Heading back to Steve I can’t suppress my smile. Especially not when he smiles back.
“Ready?” He holds out his hand and I gladly intertwine my fingers with his.
“Lead the way.”
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lovely-uma · 6 hours ago
hold on till may part one
pairing: platonic!avengers x genderfluid!reader, eventual bucky x genderfluid!reader
part one part two
set a month before the winter soilder events
word count: 1k
Natasha stood over you, both of you panting, red on your cheeks. She extended a hand to you offering help.
“You promise this is the end and not a trick?” you asked.
“I promise kid,” she replied. “As long as you promise you won’t pull the same stunt you did last time.”
Still panting you nodded your head, reaching up and slowly getting up. Your body ached and you winced as you felt your sore muscles. Your spar lasted a good half and hour this time, but Christ, were you hurting.
“I don’t know why I spar with you,” you whined. “All I do is get my ass handed to me.”
You heard her chuckle, the two of you walking side by side. You edited the training room and walked over to the kitchens, itching for a glass of water. Once you arrived, you chugged a glass, some dribbling down your chin. You placed your glass down, letting out a sigh.
You were sitting down in the lab with Bruce and Tony around you. Needles in you as they ran tests. Your leg bouncing up and down, Tony looked at you and gave you a reassuring smile but you weren’t convinced.
“Is it getting worse?” you asked.
Bruce shook his head, “not at all. I think.. it’s just finally manifesting right. You’ve had these powers for years y/n, it only makes sense for them to get connected to your dna.”
You nodded slowly, taking the words in.
“You’ll need to practice more,” you heard from Tony.
“More?” you asked fear laced in with your voice.
He nodded his head, “you need to learn how to better control them-” he stopped. “Not that you don't already know how it’s just.. your powers are yours and only you can ever really understand them y/n.”
Your room was silent and dark. You didn’t bother to turn the light on when you walked in, you just walked to your bed and placed yourself in a comforting position. You were still in your training clothes, no longer feeling sweaty but cold against your skin.
You knew that your powers were getting closer intertwined with your dna. Bruce’s explaining it to you made more sense than anything. You were only scared of what would happen if you got out of control with your powers. It had happened more than once, and you were scared that it’d happen again. You felt your arm twitch and you froze, feeling it calm down once more. Your body relaxed and you decided to take a quick nap, unbeknownst to the argument happening below.
“They’re just a kid!” Steve screamed at Tony.
“I know,” he said.
Tony rubbed the bridge of his nose, knowing this is how Steve would react, having taken care of you for years.
“Their powers,” he spoke, “not the.. shifting ones. The ones they’re terrified of are getting closer with their dna.”
Bruce nodded his head, taking his glasses off before speaking, “I’ll train with them, keep their powers under control and if they don’t stay under control I know how to turn it off.”
Steve let out a sigh, hands on his hips.
“y/n doesn’t have a choice do they?” he asked.
He saw the two men shake their head.
You woke up with a scream lodge in your throat. You were sweating and you felt hot. You turned over to your right and grimaced seeing the scene in front of you, small flames and a burnt side of your bed. You took deep breaths before feeling the flames die down and walked over to your bathroom taking a cold shower.
Once you finished you changed into pajamas, and decided to walk to the common room. You hummed softly, feeling the cold tile against your feet. Once you arrived you smiled at Steve and made your way over to him.
“Steve Rogers,” you said.
“y/n l/n.” he replied.
“Any new missions cap?”
He shook his head, “Staying low for a bit-“
You giggled, “how can Mr. Captain America stay low?”
You huffed at the two way mirror in front of you. Staring at yourself, or whoever was on the other side. You turned around, shaking your right arm before taking a deep breath and seeing the fire.
“Now try turning it off,” you heard.
You did just that, you closed your eyes, took a breath and heard a “good job y/n.” That went on for hours.
You were tired, your right arm aching and you felt dehydrated. You collapsed onto the floor, panting. You did nothing but stand but continuously turning it on and off drained you. You heard someone calling your name, it sounded a bit far then what you thought. You tried to lift your head up, wincing as you felt your arm. You felt an arm around you, slowly lifting you up.
“I’ve got you.” whispered Bruce.
He carried you up to your room, making sure he didn’t hurt you. You were tired, hungry, and thirsty. You slowly closed your eyes as Bruce set you down.
“I’m sorry I pushed you too hard,” he said.
You shook your head softly, “I needed… needed to train more.”
He shook his head, kissing your forehead, “go to sleep y/n.”
You sat up, panting.
“Jarvis,” you called out.
“Yes y/n.” responded the AI
“Turn the light on please.”
Your room brightened and you squinted. Slowly, you got off your bed, grabbing your phone you checking the time. You have taken a nap for a couple hours, you rinsed your mouth and walked over to the kitchens. You were itching for some ramen, and decided to make some. You waved at Steve, giving him a small smile as you made your food. Once it was ready you sat down and ate, making small conversation with Steve.
“Hey Steve?” you asked.
He hummed, acknowledging you.
“Can I start accompanying you on your runs?”
He chuckled, nodding his head. “Alright.”
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velvetcardiganbucky · 6 hours ago
Hi, I’m not back right now, but it was just brought to my attention by my friend that dark!fic writers on here are getting some hate and I just want to say something. Just because you write something doesn’t, mean you are a bad person, just because you read something doesn’t, mean you are a bad person either. So many of the writers who I follow and who follow are some of the most amazing people in real life! I started reading dark!fics as a way to cope with what I went through, it was a form of therapy, was it an ideal way? No, but it helped me, deal with my trauma on my terms and honestly I owe a lot to the dark!fic writers. They did more for me than my first 3 therapist did, after the trauma I went through as a teen. Most stories here on tumblr are tagged with trigger warnings (tw’s:) letting you know what to be aware of helping you avoid a story so you don’t read it! As consumers of fanfiction its up to us to block our triggers, to read the descriptions the writers should be giving us (there are some who do not give descriptions, those stories I don’t even bother to read.) and decide if it’s even worth it. Don’t be attacking writers on tumblr, Wattpad, AO3, or anywhere you consume your content, telling them to off them self, that in itself is triggering and disgusting behavior.
Hey Writer! Keep writing and being your amazing self because I’m so thankful for you for supplying us readers with content, and writing inspiration!
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noshame-bb · 8 hours ago
Stucky x Reader
The boys can be sometimes pretty jealous when it comes to the reader. It’s like a competition who kiss her more? Who makes her more laugh? ....
nonnie, stucky makes me want to wrap them in a hug and never let them leave
pairing: stucky x reader
ratinf/warnings: jealousy, doubt, sad!stucky, jealous!stucky, relationship competition, fluff at the end
join the sleepover
Tumblr media
Being with 2 super soldiers was great. Sure you worried everytime they left for a mission, worried they would come back battered and bruised. But, being with them made you feel safe, and secure and loved and cherrished. You honestly could go on forever. 
You, Bucky and Steve have been together for almost a year, and it’s been amazing. They were both so atnentive, caring, compassionate, loving. Except, lately it’s been a compitition between them. I can’t compliment one without making the other mad. You try to divide your time equally between them-you even started sleeping in the same bed because Bucky claimed ‘you sleep with him more!” with the biggest cutest pout. 
You all were at one of Tony’s party, havibg a great time. You and Nat were at the bar, you were wearing a little black dress, while she was in a strappy red dress. You could feel the boys eyes on you, they both sat away from each other..... wierd? Bucky got up from his seat and started to stalk towards, like he was on a mission. 
“Hey Buck-” You were cut off by his lips. His hands cupped your face, and yours went to his huge biceps. This kiss felt......rushed compared to other times he’s kissed you. He eventually pulled away, smirk on his face as he looked to Steve across the bar. What the hell?
“Bucky what’s going on between you two?” You questioned. 
“Don’t worry about it doll” He said before he bopped you on the nose and walked away. You looked to Natasha, she gave you a ‘what the fuck just happned’ look. Waving it off, Wanda came up and started chatting. “Hey loves!” 
“Wanda! Hey!” You guys hadn’t seen Wanda for awhile, her and Vis went on vacation together so, you were excited she was back. She talked about how peaceful it was, and how she can’t wait to do it again. “We’re happy for you Wanda” Natasha said with a sweet smile. 
“Yeah we are! Seriously you guys-” Steve came up behind you and wrapped a arm around your middle, beer in the other. “-are uhm the uh cutest couple here.” You stuttered. God, what the hell is happening? They usually aren’t into so much pda. 
Time went by without anymore hiccups when, suddenly a slow, sensual song came on. Still deep im conversation with your girls, you started to slowly sway your hips to the beat. (instert freak by doja cat) 
“Hiya doll” Bucky whispered in your ear from behind. You nearly jumped out of your skin “James! You scared me!” He only laughed. “Sorry sorry,” He held his hand out “, dance with me?” How could you say no? You took his hand and he led you to the crowded dance floor. 
Bucky held your hips, while you held onto his shoulders as you swayed to side. He pulled you closer, so your head went just under his chin. “You look beautiful doll” You giggled. “Are you trying to butter me up or something Barnes” He turned you around so your back was against his front, still swaying grinding,”Maybe” 
Unbeknown to you, Steve was watching the whole interaction, squeezing his beer glass tighter and tighter. “Hey man, you alright?” Sam asked, as he put a hand on the super soldiers shoulder. At that moment, Steve broke the bottle, and glass went everywhere. You and Bucky looked at each other before rushing over to him. “Steve! Are you okay? What happened?” You grabed his hand that had blood running down it. “I’m fine sweetheart.” Steve said before he rudely snatched his hand from you, and gave Bucky the nastiest look. Oh that’s it.
“Alright I’ve had enough.” You grabbed Steve by his right ear, and Buck by his left and drug them into your room. “Sit down, now” You demanded as you pointed to the bed. They did so with a sigh. “Now I don’t know what the hell has gotten into you two but, someone better start talking.” They looked to each other. Trying to comunicate who was going to talk. You snapped your fingers in front of their faces, “Hey!” That got their attention. 
“Sweetheart it’s not what-” 
“No you don’t get to ‘sweetheart’ me Steve! You both have been acting like our relationship is a compitition for WEEKS, so what.the.hell?” Bucky sighed. 
“I think we just got jealous of one another. I think we-I mean I know i felt like, Steve was getting more love than I was.” 
“Yeah and I felt like Bucky was getting more.” That made tears spring in your eyes. You knelt down so you were smaller than them. 
“I’m sorry that I made you feel that way-”
“Doll you didn’t make us feel that way we were just being id-” You put your hand up to stop him. 
“Regardless, I’m sorry. I love you both, so fucking much. So much it’s like I have no more room in my body for it. I promise not to let you guys feel like that, ever again, okay?” You gave them a sad smile. 
They grabbed you by the arms and pulled you into their laps for a hug. 
“Yeah bubs, we got it.” Bucky said quietly into your shoulder.
“Course baby, love you” Steve murmered
You let a tear fall
“God, I love you guys” 
a/n: writing this made me sad :(
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helen-with-an-a · 9 hours ago
Hi, so I’d thought I’d tell u all a little bit about me.
My middle name is Alys (like Alice) - it’s the old English spelling and I really like it as a name.
I am from the UK and am 19 years old.
I am definitely more introverted but I like meeting people (just during the day rather than out at night).
I am lactose intolerant and have a gluten sensitivity.
I have emetophobia and I ground myself using water (either through the coldest water from a tap on the inside of my wrist or through a cool shower) - which sucks when u feel like u might throw up when I eat lactose/gluten but I do it anyways cos I keep forgetting to ask for lactose and gluten free things.
I am a former synchronised swimmer
I write my “a”s with the little hat on top (like how the computer does them) cos my old history teacher used to do it that way and I thought it was cool
I like to read but I only really read the same like 3 book serieses (Discovery of Witches trilogy by Deborah Harknesa, the St Mary’s chronicles by Jodi Taylor and the Undead and Unwed series by MaryJanis Davidson) on repeat because I like the comfort in knowing how the books end and everything will be ok.
I am a “true” Scorpio (I don’t know what the correct term is) - by this I mean that my sun, moon, rising, mercury and Venus signs are in Scorpio
I like a lot of fandoms but only for specific characters (like in the Harry Potter fandom a lot of the “golden trio” age group of characters would annoy me and I think they’re somewhat whiny, but I like the marauders era a lot - maybe because a lot of it is fanon/head canon stuff)
When I was 14 I had a not-quite cancer scare with a boney growth on my knee (it was benign but left me with a 6cm slightly wonky scar)
My favourite baby names are Annie-Maria (pronounced like Mariah Carey) for a girl and Willoughby or Kit for a boy
In summer 2018 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and during my GCSEs my dad was in hospital frequently. In summer 2019 my dad had sepsis twice (during my exam period). I joked that I needed an exam period without trouble and then 2020 happened (Covid might be my fault, sorry about that folks)
I don’t quite know my sexuality yet. I’ve only recently started to question it but I am unsure on what’s really going on. I’ve never had a crush/liking on anyone in my real life but I know I’m not asexual or aromantic (whenever I picture myself as a fully fledged adult I do picture myself with a s/o). Whenever I read fanfics I do find interest in read for both male and female characters, but I can’t necessarily see myself with a woman in a relationship. Maybe that means I’m bi with a stronger preference for men?? (If anyone can comment/message me to maybe help me figure it out I would be immensely grateful). When asked for my sexual orientation, I always feel hesitant marking straight, but I don’t know what else to put.
I am a plus size woman (uk size 20/22) and have insecurities that crop up when I’m alone with my thoughts at night so I also listen to audiobooks to help me fall asleep - but I don’t tell people/voice my insecurities because then it becomes real.
My favourite colour is a pale purple/lavender.
I think I have some sort of anxiety but I don’t want to get tested in case they tell me I don’t have it (which I think pushes me towards the “does have it” camp). A lot of my anxiety stems from negative test conditions is primary school and swimming competitions.
Over lockdown I got out of a toxic friendship group which I have been a part of since I was 11 (another source of anxiety) but I’ve been invited to attend a party over the summer so I’m going to go to help prove to myself I’m that much better without them after a year of being in uni.
And yeah, I hope that helps someone if they read this, and I would be grateful for any suggestions/comments (I think I have replies turned up but I’m not quite sure - I also don’t know how to change that if I haven’t got them turned on)
Helen-with-an-A ♥️
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stuckyxlb · 9 hours ago
Hey friends!
I started my new job today and I haven’t, and will not have, time to write, edit, and post tonight.
I’m working on a new chapter and I hope to post tomorrow, so be on the lookout!
Thank you all for the support and love that you’ve shown to my series.
I love y’all!
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imaginedreamwrite · 9 hours ago
If I Fall: Part 4
Bucky stepped back inside their home, with the omega trapped between his broad back and Steve’s broad chest. The omega was still shaking, still trembling despite letting her guard down just enough to let them take her back. You were scared; Bucky could sense it. He could hear the sound of your teeth grinding when you crossed the threshold just as quickly as he could listen to the up-kick of your heartbeat.
Bucky could smell the stench of cold sweat sticking to the small of your back, and the hairs at the nape of your neck dampened. It was cold sweat from running in the rain and walking back through the bushes that proved to be a trek; it was cold sweat from the spike of anxiety that was still afflicting you.
“Are you okay?” Steve asked, closing the front door to the cabin before he clicked the lock. “We have to keep the doors locked. I know it isn’t much of a deterrent for wild animals or any wandering strangers, but it helps.”
You had stopped between the living room and the kitchen, one foot on the wood floor and the other on the tile. Your hands were balled in the sleeves of the shirt they’d given you. They knew that you knew they changed you. They could sense it, and while you hadn’t given them a conscious response, there was thankfulness there.
If they’d found you in the river and left you there, if they’d even brought you home and kept you in your cold clothes, you would’ve gotten sick. Or worse.
It was necessary.
“Can you tell me…can you tell me where I am?” You stumbled over your words, still very cautious about the two of them.
Bucky wouldn’t have blamed you. He wouldn’t have been able to trust easily either if he was found halfway in a frozen river with bruises covering his legs and arms.
“You’re in our cabin in the mountains,” Bucky state the obvious first, “we found you halfway in the river, and you were freezing.”
“Did you,” you hesitated, “did you create the bruises? Were you the ones who…”
They both stopped and looked at you. The one with dark hair flinched as if he had remembered hurting an omega a time or too before. He looked hurt and uncomfortable, while the blonde looked sympathetic. The blonde had squeezed the other’s shoulder, his body brushing against his side.
Steve and Bucky were mated. They were two bonded alpha’s who were complete, yet not.
“No,” Steve opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water, setting it down on the island for you to take, “when we found you, the bruises were already there.”
“Oh,” you frowned and rubbed your heels together, “do you know my name?”
“You don’t know your name, doll?” Bucky was gentle when he approached you, and he was gentle when he placed his hand on your shoulder. “You’re unmarked? Unmated?”
“I don’t….” You frowned and shied away from his touch, from his hand on you. “I don’t have any personal memories. I don’t know who I am, how old I am, what my name is….”
“I think you’re close to 23, sweetheart.” You whipped your head around when he called you sweetheart, your lips pressed tight together, and your eyebrows furrowed. He looked like he had second-hand embarrassment, wishing to retract himself from the statement he’s just made.
There was an air of awkwardness that followed. You didn’t know what to do or where to move. You felt like you were stuck there, incapable of doing anything. Your mouth went dry, and you cast your eyes to the floor or the furniture, the lights. You looked everywhere but at the two alphas in the room.
Their scents were strong, bringing you a sense of comfort that diffused some of the awkwardness. Bucky’s scent was more artificial, you noticed, perhaps due to the metal arm attached to his left shoulder.
While Steve’s scent was woodsy and natural, the kind of scent that could’ve been ripped right from the pages of some fairytale about mountain men was born of smoke and ash.
And yet there something even deeper, something…altered?
“Are you hungry?” Steve finally broke the silence, turning his back to the two of you as he opened the freezer portion of the fridge.
You watched him; you studied his massive broad shoulders and the thick and sharp angles of his muscles. He was a strong alpha, perhaps only matched by Bucky. He looked as if he could rip you right in two with a flick of his wrist.
He was massive. He was intimidating, and he said he didn’t give you all those bruises.
“Yes,” your stomach grumbled and evidence, “I feel like I haven’t eaten in weeks.”
Steve hummed and set something frozen on the counter, his hands then going to the tap to turn on the hot water. He was focused on his task, and you were focused on him, studying him with narrowed eyes.
“You’re not…entirely human, are you?” You pondered, stepping closer to the counter. “I mean you are, but…there’s something about both your scents…something altered.”
“Super soldier serum,” Bucky came to stand beside you, his arm brushing against your own as he reached for the unopened bottle of water Steve had offered you, “we were both given that.”
“Super…” you bit your bottom lip and traced one of the lighter streaks in the marble top.
“Super soldier serum,” Bucky’s hand slipped down your back to your lower back, “it’s what made us…big.”
“Big,” you turned your head and lowered your gaze to his hidden dick, warmth sprouting in your belly, “like…big?”
You spread your fingers as a way to quantify the size of their packages, much to the delight of Steve and Bucky.
“You could say that,” he smirked and lowered your hand before raising your chin, “but I was talking more about physical size.”
“So was I.” You unscrewed the cap off the bottle and lifted it to your lips, finally drinking some of the water in the clear plastic.
“Bucky lost his arm during the war,” Steve explained, drying his hands on a thick towel before he set it back down on the marble. “I fell into the ice in the ‘40s’.”
“How old are you?” Your nose scrunched, and your lips curled.
There was no possible way they could’ve been 106. They didn’t look a day over 35, and neither of them had even really any sign of ageing other than a few frown lines. 106 was impossible.
“106,” Bucky was still close, leaning against the island, “although I’m a year older than the punk.”
“You’re not 106. That’s impossible.”
“Super soldier serum combined with falling into the ice and becoming….” Steve paused and locked eyes with Bucky before he shook his head. “We’re 106.”
“Well damn…” You trailed off, your gaze becoming unfocussed as you drew further back into your head.
You didn’t remember anything about you. You couldn’t remember anything about why you were here or how it was possible to be here. You had no idea what happened to you or who caused the bruises.
They saved you. These two massive alphas had saved you from freezing or drowning, or possibly both. But you were still full of questions, and you knew they were too.
You supposed that your only chance at survival was to trust them. It was either that or lost yourself into the surrounding forest with little hope to remain alive.
You couldn’t survive on your own even if you had all your ducks in a row. You were an omega who had no idea where you were; you were an omega who was unmarked and unmated, and going out there alone would be like rubbing yourself in meat and dropping yourself into a lion’s cage.
This was your best option. For now.
** **
Tumblr media
Permanent Tags List: @jennmurawski13 @swoopswishsward @marvelsangels @beardburnsupersoldiers @rvgrsbrns @captainchrisstan @stareyedplanet @fandom-basurero @awesomerextyphoon @glimmering-darling-dolly @daydreaminginthechaos @psychiccreationtaco @rayofdawnworld @asgardlover75 @socalgem1124 @call-me-baby-gir1 @sleep-i-ness @tenaciousperfectionunknown @archy3001 @rebekahdawkins @supraveng @muralskins @megamieversole-blog @buckysgirl101 @xxchexchickxx @bookfrog242 @belovedcherry @thefridgeismybestie @bibliophilewednesday @old-enough-to-know-better73 @hoe-for-sukusa @linniep @jessyballet @lunarmoon8 @darlingkeiji @hotti3lamotti3 @valsworldofcreativity @thisuserlovesyouandyouandyou @otherglowcloud @loveitorleaveit20 @jemimah-b99 @ladydmalfoy @dpaccione @rainbowkisses31 @leyannrae @alexakeyloveloki @fanatic434 @mogaruke @dreamlessinparis @frisky975 @broadwaybabe18
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xerotodeath · 9 hours ago
Misc Prompts!
Lets ignore me coming back from my hiatus and focus on the fact that I finally have some motivation to write!!!!
You should know the rules by now but if you don’t!
Here’s who I write for
If the prompt looks like this its already been used!
I do not write smut
and lastly but not least the more prompts you want me to use the better!
most of these are from prompt generators and @write-it-motherfuckers
Person B holding Person A very close, close enough to smell their hair. They whisper into Person A's ear: 'I don't like your new shampoo'
Person A: "Hey, (Person B), why is (Person C) crying?“
Person B: "He tried to beat an egg.”
Person A: “Well that doesn’t sound to ba-”
Person B: "At Mario Kart.“
Person B: "He lost.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted anonymously 
“Your sister told me you needed my help, and that you have a crush on me”
Person B serenades Person A with a New Year's kazoo/squawker/party horn.
“What would you say if I told you I was in love with you?”
“That you have terrible tastes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B: Do you hate me or something?
Person A: Not at all. I’m actually quite in love with you, really.
Person B: Maybe I just have a really bad taste in men
Person A: “This is going to sound crazy-”
Person B: “Most things that come out of your mouth, do.”
Person A follows Person B out for a cigarette break.
“I’m not saying anything, every time I say anything you think I’m attacking you.”
“Did you ever think we would make it this far?”
“Honestly, I’m still surprised I survived high school.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You won’t stab me, I’ve got a witness!”
“Person C, turn around”
“Why do I get the feeling that you’re about to tell me something I really don’t want to hear?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How good of a mood are you in right now?”
“…..What did you do?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What the ever-loving fuck, happened to you?!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My life motto is fuck bitches, get money, blow cash. “
“Is anyone going to explain what the giant inflatable dick is for?”
“We’re going to stick it to the roof of my dad's house.”
“….fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Motherfucking shit nipples! What the dick?!”
Person B and Person A trying to put together IKEA furniture
Person A: Ah, shit
Person B: Watch your fucking language
Person A and Person B burning something together,
Person A is the barista at a coffee shop and always screws up Person B's name on purpose.
Person A: FIGHT ME
Person B: Unfortunately, I have a rule against battling children
Person A: “I thought you said, there wouldn’t be anyone else here.”
Person B: “...There shouldn’t have been.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“That’s a weird way of apologizing.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“My therapist warned me about people like you.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Uh... Why is the kitchen on fire?”
Person B: “(Person C) was trying to teach (Person D), how to cook.”
*Muffled clattering and cursing, gets louder.*
Person B: “It’s, uh... It’s not going so good.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know (Person B), we make one hell of a team.”
Person C: “Hell, being the operative word.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What are you going to do, kill me?”
Person B: “Yes.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “...We probably should have expected this, shouldn’t we?”
Person B: “Probably, yeah.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “Fuck....I’m definitely going to hell.”
Person B: “Save me a seat.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Aren’t you a little young, to be here?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I don’t know how to tell you this, but yelling at someone to, stop panicking, isn’t going to stop them from panicking.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Fuck.... I knew I should have bought those light-up sneakers.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person B gets confetti in their hair. Person A notices
Person B: Don’t talk to me.
Person A: “I don’t think this is what they meant when they told us to surprise them.”
Person B: “Well then they should have been clearer.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A:  “Are you truly that heartless?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did you even find all of this shit?”
Person B: “eBay.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh my god, I’m such a fucking idiot.”
“No arguments here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“What are you gonna do, stab me?”
“Actually, don't answer that”
“I don’t think I’ve ever run so much in my entire life.”
“Me either. Terror seems to be a fantastic motivator.”
“Yeah, who knew”
By write it, motherfuckers.
“Are you ready for this?”
“Not even slightly”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Must you always wake me up like this?”
 “If you didn’t want me waking you up, you should have locked the door-”
“I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Are we even meant to be in here?”
“Honestly? Not really, but at this point, trespassing is the mildest of our many misdeeds.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh god, there’s so many of them! What do we do?!”
“How the fuck would I know?! You’re the one who led them here!
“Hey, you don’t have to do anything today, do you?”
“…..No…But I have a feeling I’m about to wish I did.”
“Aw It’s nothing that bad, I promise!”
“History would suggest otherwise.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I just fucked up.... big time.”
“....If you’re waiting for me to be surprised, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I should have listened to you.”
“Maybe... But I should have done more to protect you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m glad you came to the right decision.”
“You say that as if you actually gave me a choice.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“How the fuck did we even get into this mess?”
 “Oh please, we both know the answer to that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“We have a problem.”
“Aww Don’t call them that! I’m sure (Person C) has lots of positive qualities hidden somewhere.”
“……I hate you so fucking much.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I didn’t know you could do that.”
“Me either.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....This isn’t going to end well, is it?”
“Most likely not, no.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“So if your brother’s the pretty one and your sister’s the smart one... which one are you?”
“The disappointment?”
By @dailydialogueprompts
Person A: “Sorry I’m late.”
Person B: “Traffic?”
Person A: “No I just didn’t want to come.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I’m gonna do it.”
“Please don’t.”
“I’m doing it.”
“Oh god.”
By write it, motherfucker
“I haven’t made a single good decision in almost twenty-four hours, which isn’t a whole lot of time, but it’s still noticeable.”
“I will find her, or I will die trying.” 
“Always have an escape plan.”
“Oh come on, how long have you known me?”
 “Too fucking long.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You know what? Fuck you. Fuck this. This is the final straw. I’m buying leather pants and a crop top and getting into Satanism, solely to spite you. Also because that’s a mad sexy aesthetic, but mostly to spite you.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“Absolutely, but I only advise communication, homosexuality, or murder.”
”There are easier ways of doing this, you know?”
“Yeah, but none of them are quite as fun, are they?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You are, without a doubt, the stupidest genius I have ever met.”
“Why do you have so much perfume?”
“Why not just use alcohol?”
“That’s illegal.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “I know, that’s why I’m telling you and not (Person C).”
By write it, motherfucker
Person A: “I should never have brought you with me.”
Person B: “Oh come on, I was well behaved!”
Person A: “You flirted with almost every person in attendance, for the entire time we were there.”
Person B: “What, you upset I didn’t flirt with you too?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Why didn’t you tell me?”
Person B: “Because I couldn’t bear the idea of you choosing to stay with me out of pity or guilt.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I hate you.”
Person B: “Yes we’ve established that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I will end you.”
Person B: “Is that a promise dearie?”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me, and don’t even think of going near the coffee machine. I will stab you.”
Person B: “…..Good morning to you too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Out of all the ways you could have possibly dealt with that, why the fuck did you think glitter bombs were a good idea?!”
Person B: “In my defense, it did work.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“ Help me I’m being hit on at a bar please be my fake boyfriend for a second”
Person A: “Why are we doing this again?”
Person B: “Because why the fuck not.”
Person A: “….Fair enough.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Can you please stop biting your lip…it’s distracting.”
Person A: “I will feed you your own fucking spleen.”
Person B: “That means thank you!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Remove the hand before I remove it for you.”
“Did you just whistle at me?”
“I need to make an entrance.”
“I brought you a muffin. You’re favorite…”
“Be quiet! You’ll get us caught!”
“We walk in together.”
“That looks like it hurts…”
“You’re freezing, Jesus!”
“I’m not getting involved, this is between you two.”
“Oh come on, give me one reason we shouldn’t do it.”
“Other than it being super fucking illegal?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Isn’t this… you know… Super illegal?”
“Oh absolutely.”
By write it, motherfuckers I think
“I cannot put into words, just how much I want to stab him, right now.”
“……You could always draw a diagram.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Hey (Person B)?”
 “Please don’t ever speak again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Why does nothing ever go according to plan?”
“....There was a plan?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“It’s okay you’re safe now”
“What if they come back?”
“Trust me. They won’t”
“I feel a song coming on!”
“If you sing I’ll strangle you”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, I do everything wrong. Can I go now?”
“Why are you in the fridge”
“.......Because of reasons”
By write it, motherfuckers
“None of this seems healthy.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....Should I be concerned?”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I know you steal my WiFi to watch porn but it’s kinda hot idk”
“I said pass it to me, not throw it in my general direction!”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Spare me your pity.”
“You confuse pity with love.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“The prettiest flower always comes with a hefty price”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“You really need to stop flirting with every woman you see.”
“I don’t just flirt with every woman I see…. I flirt with every man too.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Could you, I don’t know, help maybe?!”
Person B: “I mean, I could, but I don’t particularly want to.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I suppose this is where we have to go our separate ways...”
Person B: “...Yeah, fuck that.”
By write it, motherfuckers
“Oh no, please, by all means... Continue~”
By write it, motherfuckers
“I swear to god, I’ll beat you to death with my high heels if you don’t shut the fuck up. ”
By write it, motherfuckers
“....I really hope I heard that wrong.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Did you really think I wouldn’t know it was you?”
Person B: “I was counting on it actually.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Where the fuck do you keep pulling all of those snacks from?”
Person B: “None of your business.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh fuck...”
Person B: “What happened?”
Person A: “It’s more what’s about to happen.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “How did we even get dragged into this whole mess, anyway?”
Person B: “I believe that may have been my fault.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s wrong? You look ten seconds away from ripping someone’s throat out.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: ”I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended.”
Person B: “I think a mixture of both is probably appropriate here.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I’m not that creepy.... am I?”
Person B: “Oh you’re extremely creepy but in a fun way.
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “What’s it like to finally taste freedom?”
Person B: “Fucking terrifying.”
Person A: “Really? Why?”
Person B: “...Because I can’t help but wonder when it’s all going to be taken away again.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Oh come on, aren’t you going to tell me your secret?”
Person B: “That would defeat the purpose of it being a secret.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “This is a terrible idea.”
Person B: “So, I suppose you’re out?”
Person A: “Hell no, I’m 100% in. This is just what I need to cure my boredom.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @xpegasusuniverse
Person A: “My mom did it, and I’m not a serial killer yet.” 
Person B: “You always add yet at the end of that sentence.” 
Person A: “Just trying to keep my options open.”
By write it, motherfuckers submitted by @luvleakypenz
Person A: “There is a small blemish on my record.”
Person B: “Blemish? This is a shit stain.”
By write it, motherfuckers Submitted by @wherdtonygo 
Person A: “I swear, this isn’t what it looks like!”
Person B: “….That’s a shame.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “Look, so long as you stay positive, you’ll be fine.”
Person B: “Oh I’m definitely fucked then.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “You know they might not remember you, when they wake up… They took some pretty heavy damage.”
Person B: “Even if they don’t, I’m still not going to leave them to deal with this, by themself.”
By write it, motherfuckers 
Person A: “From this point onward, there’s no going back. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
Person B: “I appreciate your concern, but the option to turn back, was never open to me in the first place.”
Person A: “….I’m gonna kill ‘em.”
Person B: “Normally I’d protest such a thing, but in this case…. want me to hold them down?”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Ah, I’m sorry if this sounds strange, but…. have we met? You seem familiar.”
Person B: “Hm… unlikely, I’m sure I would remember having met someone such as yourself.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “How did someone like you, end up with someone like Them?”
Person B: “I’m not sure, but I fully intend to continue showing my gratitude, till the end of my days.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m just slowing you down, at this rate, we’re not going to make it. Just leave m-”
Person B: “Shut up.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “So…you’re a detective?”
Person B: “I am.”
Person A: “You don’t look like one…”
Person B: “It would be rather counterproductive, if I did.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “I’m going to kill you!”
Person B: “Understandable. Could you at least wait until I finish my coffee though?”
Person A: “…What?”
Person B: “It’s a really good coffee.”
By write it, motherfuckers.
Person A: “Are you fucking stupid?!”
Person B: “Yes, but I think they prefer (Person C).”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I have a plan.”
Person B: “I’m already terrified.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “….Where did we go wrong?”
Person B: “Probably somewhere around the time that we agreed to this bullshit, in the first place.”
By write it, motherfuckers
Person A: “I wish I could just leave this place and never come back.”
Person B: “Why don’t you?”
Person A: “Where would I even go?”
Person B: “…..You could come with me.”
By write it, motherfuckers
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abraodwaystateofmind · 10 hours ago
Summer Road Trip
Sam Wilson x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader
Tumblr media
Y/N remembers the quick and hurried road trip that Steve, Bucky, Sam, and herself all took when they were on the run in Europe. It wasn’t necessarily a fun memory, but it did bring back some fun memories from her childhood.
“Oh, c’mon guys. It’ll be fun, I promise. We can go anywhere.” Y/N pleaded to her friends and co-workers. 
“Anywhere?” Bucky asked looking up from his cup of coffee. 
Y/N finally coerced her guys into giving in to her summer plans. They each picked a place they wanted to go, then figure out the routes and details from that point. Steve wanted to go to Colorado, where Bucky always dreamed of Texas. Sam’s from Louisiana, so naturally, he would choose somewhere north, like Chicago. Y/N chose Charleston to represent the history she loves.
“Charleston? Why?” Sam asked.
“Well, I’ve always wanted to see where Steve and Bucky fought. Cause you know, they’re ancient.” Sam laughed with Y/N as they were chased down by the two super soldiers. 
Traveling with her three boys were fun. Coming from the Avengers Base in upstate New York, the gang decided going west, traveling down south, then back up the east coast. 
They chose to go the route through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois to reach Chicago. After that, continuing through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and finally Colorado. Next, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas to come into the state. Next, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina to get to Charleston. Lastly, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and back home in New York. Stopping at Chicago first, Sam loved every minute of it. Taking photos at Millenial Park and the Cloud Gate made all the difference to a deep southerner. Steve loved Colorado, wanting to see the mountains. Camping was an experience to remember. Texas was next and it was simple and southern. Sweet tea, farming, and brisket was Bucky’s ideal fun. Charleston came last, but it was the most fun Y/N had had the entire trip. Pure enjoyment of the historical and eatery there was. The being on the water and feeling the southern charm brought Y/N back to her childhood. It tooka total of 8 weeks to get around the United States, but they wouldn’t trade it for anything different.
“This trip is one to remember. I am blessed to have you three in my life.” Steve said, laying in the grass watching the stars. 
“I don’t think I’ve seen this much of our country.” Bucky commented.
“Nice job kiddo.” Sam patted her knee.
No matter where your job took you, where your friends chose to be; Y/N knew that she was home with her three boys, Steve, Bucky, and Sam.
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mobiusismyfav · 10 hours ago
Marvel one shot Masterlist
Characters I will write for:
Wanda (Scarlet Witch)
Agatha Harkness
Falcon and The Winter Soldier
Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier)
Sam Wilson (Falcon/ Captain America)
Loki (Series)
Damaged but Not Beyond Repair 
Mobius M. Mobius
Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)
Tony Stark (Iron Man)
Bruce Banner (Hulk)
Avengers Together
Important Note: I will write fluff and angst but no smut I’m just not comfortable writing it.
Please send me request I’m bored and want to write something.
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