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#bucky barnes x reader sick
imagininglotsofthings · 6 days ago
Bucky Barnes x Reader: Mystery Fever (Extended)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem reader
Word Count: 1,715
 I extended this from last night. 
 Okay, this blog is anonymous, but I wanted to write this. I have this ultra-rare condition called Nephropathic Cystinosis, and it is discussed in this one-shot. Not in great detail, but it is. And Cystinosis Fever is a thing that has happened to me. It’s possible I’ll continue with this sort of thing....Let me know if you want more. For the moment it’s a reader insert, but may turn into something else. 
Y/N sat at the kitchen table in the Avengers compound, in the shared kitchen and she didn’t feel quite right. She got up to fill her water when Bucky walked in.
He smiled upon seeing her. “Hey, doll.” His grin widened as he walked over to her and curled a hand around her waist, placing a chaste kiss to her lips, which he immediately noticed were chapped. And her skin felt too warm under his touch, the body heat radiating off of her was more than was usual for her. He pulled back slightly and pressed his lips to her forehead, letting them linger there much longer than necessary. She knew exactly what he was doing but didn’t say anything, she knew he was trying to hide it under the guise of a forehead kiss.
Then he frowned and dropped all pretense, pressing his flesh hand to her forehead. His frown deepened. “Doll, you’re warm. Really warm.” He moved his hand from her head to her cheek and she leaned into his touch, humming slightly at how good it felt against her overheated skin. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”
She looked up at her boyfriend, bleary eyed, and smiled softly. They had only officially been an item for a couple of weeks. Before that, they had been going out about a month, and two weeks ago, Bucky had asked her to be his girl. He was protective before that, but after, it was like some sort of primal need of his that he couldn’t control. The need to protect her, take care of her, and keep her safe always there. And the fact that his girlfriend had an ultra-rare and potentially dangerous disease just made the urge even stronger. Bucky knew that Y/N had Nephropathic Cystinosis. A lysosomal storage disease. A genetic, metabolic condition that caused fifteen secondary conditions in Y/N’s case. There were only a few others in the compound that knew. Tony, Pepper, and Steve. Bucky looked almost ashamed when he didn’t know what it was, but she assured Bucky most doctors didn’t even know. About 2,500 people in the world had it. Then she went on to explain it to him. After that, he was determined to learn all he could about it, how it affected her, to go to her doctor’s appointments with her (when he could and when the next one came up), you name it. She realized this was something she’d never really discussed with him before, because well, it hadn’t come up yet. And this hadn’t happened to her in a quite a while.
“I think…” she mumbled, and Bucky waited for her to continue. “We used to call it Cystinosis fever when I was younger.”
His heart did a little lurch. Cystinosis fever? There was a specific fever his girl could get with this condition? “What’s that?” he mumbled.
“It’s an unexplainable, sudden onset fever. It can last a couple hours or a couple days, never really sure.”
He nodded slowly. “What else happens, other than the fever?”
“Depends. It’s different every time. Headache, nausea, cough, exhaustion, dizziness…” she trailed off and leant her head against his chest and gripped his forearms. He though she was feeling some dizziness now. He rubbed her back and then sat her down in the nearest chair.
“I’m gonna take your temperature.”
“Bucky, I can take my own-“ but he’d already walked off to get the thermometer from her room. He was back in a flash and knelt down in front of her.
“Open up,” he said and she obediently opened her mouth so he could place the thermometer beneath her tongue. A minute or so later it beeped and he removed it, looking down at the numbers. “102.2,” he mumbled, glancing up at her. “Alright, come on.” He hoisted her into his arms. “I’ll take care of you. Let’s get you to bed.”
Tony walked by at that moment and smirked, as usual his mind in the gutter. “Feeling frisky, Barnes?”
“Shut up, Tony,” he grumbled, his face going slightly pink. Bucky and Y/N hadn’t even been intimate like that yet, and he couldn’t help the flush on his cheeks, nor could his girlfriend. “Y/N’s not feeling well.”
Tony’s features softened. “What’s up, kid?”
“Little fever, I’ll be fine.”
“Well sure, with the bionic man to take care of you, those germs better run if they know what’s good for them.”
Even Bucky couldn’t help but smile a little at that.
“Could you hand me that bottle of water?”
“Sure.” He handed Y/N the bottle and she held it carefully.
“Need any help, Barnes?”
There was hint of a glare in Bucky’s eyes as he looked back at him. “I can handle this, Stark, thanks.”
Extended ‘Ending’
Bucky deposited Y/N gently onto the bed, and took the bottle of water from her, setting it on the nightstand. She had been dozing and looked around. “This is your room,” she mumbled, though she curled up on the bed as Bucky pulled his sheets over her and tucked them in around her. 
“I know,” he said, another light blush dusting his cheeks. “It was the closest to the kitchen.” 
“Thank you,” she said, a yawn parting her lips. 
“Sure.” He smoothed her hair back. “What else do you need?” 
“Nothing, I just...” she paused, and Bucky leaned forward a bit, but Y/N threw the covers off and Bucky moved out of the way she ran to his en suite bathroom. He followed and saw her bent over the toilet, vomiting up the little that was in her stomach. He walked up behind her and crouched down, gathering her hair in his hand to keep it out of her face, rubbing her back. It took several more minutes before she stopped and stood up, wiping at her eyes with her right hand. Unfortunately, since learning about her medical condition, and being trusted enough by her to let him see these parts of her life, he’d seen her throw up several times. And every time, her eyes would tear like crazy.
“You okay?” Bucky asked, still rubbing her back. 
“Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, walking over to his sink and splashing cold water on her face, then grabbing a cup and rinsing her mouth. The sad thing was, she meant it. To her, this wasn’t a big deal. She got sick like this (threw up) several times a week. She told him that for years there she threw up every single day. To Bucky, though, it was. To see his girl bent over the toilet, throwing up the little contents that was usually in her stomach. It was often nearly a fight to get her to eat, this condition affected her appetite, too. 
“Right,” Bucky mumbled, grabbing a washcloth and wetting it, then ringing it out. “Come on, doll, lay back down.”
She did as he said and laid back down in his bed, and he again pulled the sheets over her, then knelt down in front of her and dabbed her face, forehead and neck with the wet cloth. This was something that he learned made her feel better, even when she claimed she was fine. As she had a tendency to do, often to Bucky’s dismay, She hummed and closed her eyes and he placed the cloth down. “It’s right next to you if you need it.” She nodded, “What else do you need?”
“Where’s my water?” she mumbled, opening her eyes. 
“I’ve got it.” He grabbed the bottle and opened it. She smiled some and shook her head gently as he held it to her lips. “Bucky I can..” He shrugged and she rolled her eyes playfully, then took a big gulp and then another. This was something else Bucky had learned. For her, Cystinosis caused chronic dehydration. Which meant she was always, always thirsty. She took another big gulp. 
“Doll, stop,” he said softly, gently pulling the bottle away from her mouth, a trickle of water falling down her chin. She went to wipe it away but Bucky beat her to it. “You’ll make yourself sick again.” 
She huffed out an irritated sigh, but didn’t argue. ”Alright, it’s right here. Don’t make yourself sick, alright?”
She nodded. 
“Okay, what else do you need?” 
She nibbled her bottom lip. 
“What is it?”
“Can you stay with me?”
Bucky was confused. “Of course, that’s what I was going to-”
“No, I mean, in here.” She gestured to the bed. “I just...” she hesitated, suddenly shy. “I want to...cuddle. Want you to hold me. That would make me feel better.” 
Bucky smiled, his whole being feeling warm and his heart swelling with affection and....was it love? The word scared him, but he didn’t overthink it or even mention it out loud, he didn’t want to scare Y/N off, not with saying that so soon.
“Sure, babydoll, of course.” She smiled up at him, her cheeks a light pink. 
“I’ll make you something to eat later.”
Her nose wrinkled.
“Later,” he repeated with a grin, and she nodded. “I’ll make the soup my mom used to make when me or Steve were sick. Mostly Steve.” She gazed up at him with a smile, her eyes full of affection, as well.
“I love to cook,” she muttered, turning her face into the pillow.
“I know, doll, but not today, okay?”
She sighed. “Alright. Overprotective,” she muttered, but he could hear the smirk in her voice. He was, he knew it, but he couldn’t help himself.
“For you, yeah.”
He took off his shoes and his long sleeve shirt (there was a shirt underneath it) , but left everything else on. He wasn’t sure they were quite there yet. Then he moved to the other side of the bed, hesitated a moment, and lifted his covers, crawling in behind her. His arm draped over her waist and his other hand went to her hair, scratching lightly and soothingly at her scalp until she fell asleep in his arms. And though he didn’t want his girl to feel sick, he loved holding her like this, and hoped there would be many more chances in the future to do just that. He kissed her top of her head, but stayed up to watch over her. His girl, his little warrior. 
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xuberanthartt · 2 months ago
nothing more embarrassing than your best friend's mom hearing both of you on the phone in the middle of the night, talking about how you wanted bucky to bend you over before sunday breakfast.
Tumblr media
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fxckbuckyscoming · 4 months ago
30: Hot Chocolate || B. Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky makes you his special hot chocolate because you’re sick.
Warnings: none!
Authors Notes: This is for @the-ss-horniest-book-club’s home for the holidays challenge!
Tumblr media
Soft knuckles rapped against your door, followed by the softest call of your name. You groaned into your pillow, your throat felt like you swallowing pine needles, your chest hurt with each breath and your body ached.
The winter flu. It was the one thing you hated about winter. Germ spreaders everywhere. It was actually a little kid that sneezed over you when he got excited to meet you a few weeks ago. And now you were so sick and you remember his mother telling you he was too.
“C’in.” You slurred, quickly drifting back into sleepiness.
The door cracked open a bit and Bucky opened it the rest of the way with the toe of his boot.
“Hey doll. How are you feelin’” Bucky was always concerned when you got sick. He felt helpless. His flesh hand was flushed against your forehead and winced at how hot you were. He could see you visibly shaking under the duvet covers. He set the homemade hot chocolate on the table next to your door and opened a window, earning a disapproved groan in response. “You gotta cool down doll, you’re hotter than me.” He chuckled at your eyebrows raising but your eyes remained closed.
“I know you are doll, I made you some hot chocolate and I promise it’s so smooth it’ll help your throat. I’m gonna go and run a hot bath for you and then I’m gonna take care of you. Steve’s on his way back with some NyQuil.”
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imagining-supernatural · 5 months ago
I know I've gone back and forth on writing and writer's block in the last few years and I'm sure it's super annoying for you guys (it definitely has been for me).
I think I'm finally going to just give up on trying to write anything else. My personal life is absolutely terrible right now and it's taking all of me and my medication to even get out of bed and function like a human being.
I'm so sorry to everyone who has requested something in the last few weeks. Please feel free to send your requests to another author because I do want you to be able to read your request!
Thank you all for a great 5 years on this blog!
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schmucksbucks · 9 months ago
I Told You So
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Bucky is sick and mentions being horny, language, implied smut.
Based off this prompt from @prunes-said-bucky​:
Tumblr media
Word Count: 588
Notes: Prompt written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club​ Thank you so much once again!
Tumblr media
You whistled as you strolled through the wide hallways of the compound with a silver tray in your hand taking Bucky's breakfast to his room.
For the past three days, Bucky has been sick with a cold; high temperature, sore throat, chesty cough and congested nose. Despite his stubbornness, you did tell him to keep warm during his mission in Siberia with Steve, and advised to take a jacket just in case.
Steve came back to the compound just fine because he listened to you and took his thick jacket with a faux fur trim on the hood. Bucky owned the exact same jacket. Bucky and Steve were like twins; same boots, same leather jackets, same jeans.
Bucky had come off worse, already having the tingle in his throat by the time they got back. By then it was too late, despite him reminding you constantly that, "super soldiers don't get sick, doll." This is proof that super soldiers, do in fact get sick but you do love a 'I told you so' moment. Besides, he was so adorable with his little blocked up sniffles that you would coo about every time you passed him a tissue.
You stopped outside of Bucky’s room and kicked the door open with your foot. The curtains were still closed and if you listened closely Bucky was attemping to imitate some wild animal on heat. It sounded like he was trying to breathe through his stuffed up nose to no avail, I mean, I bet not even a little bit of dust could get through that snot factory. By your memory of partly living in this room with him, you knew where his desk was and set the tray down to open the curtains.
“Good morning Buck!” You greeted as the sick man squinted as he attempted to peel his eyelids open.
“Mornin’.” He replied, his voice rough and raspy. He rested a hand on his chest as he yawned, which caused him to erupt into a coughing fit. You rushed over to his side and helped him to sit up and you grabbed the orange juice off the tray so he could take a sip.
“Here, have this.” You tell him, handing him the glass. He mumbles a quiet thank you and takes a long sip. Sighing when he’s done and puts the now empty glass on the night stand.
“What time is it?” Bucky asks, looking around for a clock he never bothered to buy. You checked your watch and sat on the edge of the bed.
“It’s almost 9AM. Tell me how you feel.” You place the back of your hand on his forehead and rip it away when you feel he’s still burning up.
“Well, I wanna fuck your brains out until you’re a whimpering, squirting mess underneath me.” He says with a complete straight face. You on the other hand, can’t stop the grin and the shake of your head.
He’s a typical man, afterall.
“Buck. I- I meant with your cold but wow, you’re such a fucking charmer.”
“M’ serious doll. I’m so fuckin’ horny and I can’t stop thinking about ya. Please help me, I’m your boyfriend.”
“I can’t, you’ll get me sick.” You giggle when he pouts and gives you those puppy dog eyes that work every single time.
“Look, I promise. If you get sick because of me, I’ll gladly return the favour and fuck the cold outta ya. Now please, take off your clothes and come sit in my lap.”
“Yes, sir!”
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arawynn · 11 months ago
Amazon Island
Bucky X Reader Soulmate AU
Summary: You’re suffering from menstrual pain. Your day gets better when Bucky comes over to take care of you.
A/N: This is my entry to @jbbuckybarnes’ Writing Challenge. I had the Soulmate sub-trope of not aging after finding each other and the prompt “Why? Why are you nice to me?”
Soulmate AU setting: Soulmates stop aging once they have found each other. Though “finding” doesn’t mean “see/meet each other” but finding and actually, willingly accepting one another as Soulmates. The realization of two people that they’re Soulmates isn’t enough if one or both partner(s) have reservations against it, no matter whether they’re conscious or not. In that case, they merely age at half of the usual speed.
 Warnings: heavy menstruation problems, menstrual pain, self image issues
 The island Alela was one of the most advanced places in the world. A couple generations ago, it had been known as Hereacles, a conquering island that produced the most fearsome warriors. Until one day, a mysterious illness wiped out nearly all the men, leaving the remaining women in charge. Within one decade, all wars had been ended peacefully and the nation of brutal Warriors had become one of wisdom, peace and equality.
Alela was also known as “Amazon Island” because for generations, all the important positions had been filled by women who had learned how to assert themselves without violence. There were still few men who held leading positions, though their numbers grew slowly. Albeit the population of Alela also grew only slowly due to the fact that there were many who had found their Soulmate and thus didn’t age so having children wasn’t a pressing matter.
It was time for the weekly meeting of Queen Aileen and the Council. Alela wasn’t an actual monarchy, the Queen got elected every 5 years and nobody could hold that title for longer than 10 years per 500 years. To avoid stagnation. The members of the Council too changed regularly and there were always members of the different trades and ages to ensure the opinions of as many different people as possible could be heard and considered, so the Council could decide in the people’s best interest.
The Queen wanted to begin the meeting that would last most of the day, but there was an empty chair. “Where’s Y/N? It’s unlike her to be late.”, she asked nobody in particular. “She called in sick for the day.”, Claudine answered, who represented the healthcare system of Alela. Queen Aileen simply nodded. She had an idea what the problem was, Y/N had talked to her in private about it shortly after being appointed a member of the Council.
“Has she been sent the Health Basket?”, one of the Councillors who had been appointed the position along with Y/N asked. “Yes. I sent James Barnes to deliver it and offer his help.”, Claudine replied with a twinkle in her eyes. More or less everyone who knew Y/N also knew that she and Barnes most likely were Soulmates but Y/N refused to accept it. “This is the Council, not some kind of group where you can play matchmaker.”, Queen Aileen reprimanded, but it was half-hearted. Everyone wanted to see their fellow Councillor happy. Including the Queen.
 You were curled up on your couch. Not the comfortable kind of curled up but the pain foetal pose that came from horrible stomach pain. The pain had been there for at least half of the night and you were exhausted, but at the same time you couldn’t sleep. Not when your uterus seemed to fight a bloody war inside your body that had your intestines in highly uncomfortable knots.
A knock to your front door woke you from the half-slumber you had managed to fall into – the closest you were able to get to sleep in your current condition. Groaning you got up and somehow managed to reach the door. In front of it stood Bucky, who brought you the mandatory Health Basket. Seeing him made your heart flutter.
The Healthcare System would send one of those baskets at least every two or three days when somebody was ill. They were always individually tailored for the specific illness and person. Even without looking inside, you knew it’d contain your favourite type of menstruation product, comfort food, the ingredients for a nice, filling meal and the type of pain meds you responded to best.
“Hey Bucky.”, you greeted softly. “Hey doll.”, he replied with that charming smile of his. It made your heart fluttering even more. “Here’s your basket. Do you need something else?”, the brunet continued. One would expect that he’d stop asking that question after you had said no to it every single time. Yet he kept asking and offering his help every single time.
No matter how difficult it was to say no to the man you knew was supposed to be your Soulmate. But you didn’t be the one who was so weak they depended on the help of others regularly. Especially after you had become a part of the Council! Till now, you had been lucky that your period had never started on the day of the weekly meetings so you could attend (though with pain).
Before you could answer, the sharp pain of a cramp forced you to the ground. It was so bad that you barely noticed anything besides the pain. When it receded, you found yourself in Bucky’s arms. He settled you back down on your couch. Knowing where you kept your stash of blankets (the two of you had been close friends since early childhood, after all), it didn’t take him long to build a very comfortable blanket nest around you.
“No more sending me away. Not when you’re unable to stand upright from the pain.”, he said gently. But the look in his eyes told you that there was no point in arguing. And to be honest, you really wanted somebody to take care of you, even if it was only this once. With a soft sigh, you grabbed your hot-water bottle, but it had gone cold. Out of habit, you wanted to sit up to re-fill it with hot water yourself, but Bucky tut-tuted and took it from you.
A couple minutes he came back not only with your hot-water bottle, but a glass of water as well. And a pill. “Take this, it should knock you out for at least two hours. You look like you really need it.”, he told you upon placing the pill and the glass in your hands. Not knowing how to voice your thankfulness, you simply accepted both and washed down the pill with about half of the water.
Bucky sat down right next to your blanket nest after setting your glass aside. One hand gently played with your hair while he tucked your fluffy favourite-blanket a little closer around you. For the moment, you were rather content with your life. The pain was getting bearable, you were warm and comfortable and your supposed-to-be-Soulmate was taking care of you. “Thank you Buck.”, you managed to mumble before you drifted to sleep.
 When you woke up again, you were alone on your couch once more. The first thing you did was gulping down the rest of your water because your mouth was dry from sleeping. The nap must have lasted a while, but it had been a restful one. Even the pain was better, despite still being there. You even started feeling hungry again. Hungry enough for some real food, not only snacks. A major improvement since the pain usually spoiled your appetite.
When you entered your kitchen, you froze, dumbfounded by what you saw. Bucky Barnes, cooking something in the biggest pot you owned. And it smelled heavenly. “Hey doll. You look a lot better than before. I hope you’re hungry, my mum’s soup is almost ready.”, the brunet greeted you with a smile. It awoke your interest. Ma Barnes’ soups were famous. “Sounds heavenly. I didn’t know you knew how to cook her soup.”
You sat down on the already laid table when the brunet motioned to you. He hadn’t taken the soup plates but bowls. It reminded you of his mum’s favourite saying that a good soup belonged into bowls and how it made the soup taste better. “Of course I know. I helped her make them since I was a titch.”, he answered with a laugh.
Only a couple minutes later the soup was ready to be served. Bucky had made so much, you’d have plenty to freeze for other times. And he hadn’t exaggerated, his soup was just as good as his mother’s. It warmed you from the inside out. For a while, the two of you simply sat there in silence and ate.
 “What do you feel like now? Watching a movie?”, Bucky asked after the two of you had put the leftovers in your freezer and tidied up the kitchen again. “I think I should do some work for the Council. At least read the minute of today.”, you answered. The brunet’s brow furrowed. “You called in sick for the entire day, nobody will mind when you don’t do any work today. Plus there’s often stuff not in the minutes you’ll hear from the others.”, he argued.
“Listen, I’m fine again after that nap and the soup. And I’m grateful for your help but now I’m well enough again to be on my own.”, you spat. The anger inside you actually wasn’t directed at Bucky but at yourself, but you just couldn’t keep it from boiling over. That was another reason you buried yourself in your house when you got your period: the mood-swings were insane. And not appropriate for a member of Alela’s Council.
Instead of starting an argument or just leaving, Bucky pulled you into an embrace. The shock of the unexpected reaction was enough to have your anger fizzle out and be replaced by sadness and shame. Tears spilled all over your face while you pressed it in the dark-haired man’s chest. He simply held you close while one hand rubbed over your back comfortingly.
You had no idea how long it took you to calm down again, but Bucky didn’t let go even once. Not until you broke the embrace yourself. “Better?”, he asked simply. You just nodded. “Good. Movie and ice cream?”, Bucky suggested with a gentle smile. “Buck...Why? Why are you nice to me? After I treated you so horribly?”, you wanted to know, ignoring his attempt to brush that incident aside.
The look on Bucky’s face got even softer. “Because I care about you. A lot.”, he answered simply. It brought you once again to tears. Stupid out of control menstruation hormones. At least you stopped crying faster this time. “Tell me why you refuse any kind of help so vehemently?”, he asked softly. You sighed. There was this question you really didn’t want to answer but that had been there for quite a while already.
 You both sat down on your couch with some ice cream. You needed a snack for your nerves with this conversation. “I’ve always had these problems. And today was...a somewhat decent day. There’ve been others I couldn’t do anything but lay somewhere and hope it’d be over for at least a full day. I struggled a lot at school because of it and at work too, no matter how accommodating everyone was about it. It made me feel...not exactly useless, but less useful than I could be. And when I got appointed as Councillor, I wanted to prove everyone that I’m capable. That I don’t need to rely on others. But today tanked that.”, you explained, your gaze firmly on the ice cream even though you didn’t actually eat from it.
“You’re already highly respected and suffering from a chronic illness won’t change that. You don’t have to prove yourself.”, Bucky replied softly. A tiny smile appeared on your face, though you had your doubts. “Tell me – did you ever think less of my mum when she took a day off because of her migraine?”, the brunet asked. “No.”, you instantly replied out of instinct. Only afterwards the intention behind this ask came to you. If you could accept somebody else’s struggles without letting it lower your opinion of them, others could do the same with you, right?
The bright grin on Bucky’s face told you that this had been exactly his intention. “See? And now that you realized this, we could start to build up your self-confidence.” His hand gently cupped yours. “You’re the best, you know?”, you whispered, abandoning your bowl of now half-melted ice cream on the coffee table.
Something inside you shifted gently, only to be followed by the most beautiful warmth you had ever felt. Bucky gasped, his eyes wide open in surprise. As if he felt the same. Then he tackled you in a hug that had you both crashed down on the couch. The feeling of tears soaking through your tee-shirt was far away while you tried to get your emotions sorted. Stupid out of control hormones, once again. Today really was insane.
 At some point the two of you shifted positions so Bucky wasn’t almost-crushing you anymore with his weight. Instead you were cuddled up against each other. “Thank you.”, the brunet mumbled hoarsely. “I should thank you for helping me realize that the benchmark I set for myself was insane. It lead to me being under the delusion that I had to do everything alone.”, you replied gently. Your fingers were playing around with his hair.
It had hurt yourself and – even worse – Bucky, who was the gentlest soul under the sun. Not intentional, but still. He gently cupped your cheek. You immediately loved the sensation. “How about we agree on leaving the past behind us and starting to build a happy future together?”, he suggested softly. You merely nodded, worried that you’d start crying again if you spoke. Though this time it’d definitely be from happiness.
You knew you weren’t over your aspiration of compensating your physical illness with perfectionism, those things didn’t just go away that fast. But you had Bucky by your side who’d support you to let it go. And to remind you that your worth didn’t diminish because you had some days you simply couldn’t work.
Tags: @jack4xx @papi-chulo-bucky @time-travel-bouqet @captain-ak84 @the-wayward-robot @teamcap4bucky @buckysbrat @loricameback @fratboievans
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binkysteebnpewter · 12 months ago
Under The Rainbow, Draga mea || Chapter One
A/N: Here’s chapter one, I hope you enjoy! 😊 The UTRDM Taglist is open. Let me know what you think, and take the poll to influence what happens!
Masterlist || UTRDM Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UTRDM Taglist: @stop-drop-and-drumroll
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paradox-psyc-hoe-sis · a year ago
The Avengers dealing with a sick reader :)
Avengers x teen!reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes x teen!reader (platonic)
Summary: after the reader gets ill, the avengers take it upon themselves to care for you! Written by Aphrodite ;)
Word count: 1.34k (whoops, I went slightly overboard)
Warnings: throwing up, headaches, feeling dizzy, aspirin, nausea.
Tumblr media
• You first realised you were sick while you were studying at the Avengers tower on a Saturday morning.
• Both you and Peter were studying for a maths exam that you had in a few days, and Tony was trying to help as much as he could.
• Peter asked the most questions, you were too tired to even open your mouth.
• "Mr Stark, I don't get it"
"You've just got to cross multiply, kid."
• You couldn't believe how stupid Tony Stark was at high school math.
• "You don't cross multiply, Peter. You divide the negative integers and then multiply the denominators." You didn't have the energy to give Tony the death glare so instead you just rubbed at your aching head.
• "What? No, that's not how they taught it when I was in school."
"Uh, y/n's right, Mr Stark. They must have changed it."
"You can't just change math, kid."
"Well I don't know why it's different, let's ask-"
• They were going to ask you what the difference was, but when they both turned to you, you had your head on the desk and were asleep.
• They didn't know what to do so they just left you there. Wow.
• You woke up 40 minutes later with the worst stomach ache EVER.
• When you sat up from the table, you realised that Peter and Tony had balanced pencils on the back of your head and they all fell on the floor.
• Between your pounding headache and churning stomach, the loudness of the pencils hitting the floor sent you over the edge.
• You ran to the bin on the other side of the table just in time for you to throw up pretty much all that you had eaten in the past 24 hours.
• And by 'all of the food you had eaten in the past 24 hours', I mean a single black coffee and a rice krispies treat.
• Because you were so caught up in the immense amount of pain you were in, you hadn't realised that Scott Lang was sat on the sofa in the living room, which is merely meters away from where you once sat at the table.
• "Oh my god, are you okay?"
• You turned to him, the most sarcastic look on your face.
• "Oh yeah, I'm just dandy." You kept your voice completely monotonous.
• You loved him really...
• Then the second wave of nausea hit you, so you turned to the bin again and emptied the rest of your stomach.
• Hearing the commotion, Tony walked in. He saw you hurling into the bin, turned around, and left.
• "Ew." He added before leaving the room.
• Scott came over once you were finished and walked you back to your bedroom, telling you that he'd come and check on you soon.
• As soon as you practically touched your bed, you were asleep.
• Scott did come and check in on you, bringing a box of tissues and some aspirin, but you were asleep and didn't want to disturb you.
• A few hours later you woke up to Bucky coming into your room, carrying a tray.
• "They told me you were sick, and I was the only one brave enough to come and bring you food."
• You both laughed, and he set down the tray. There was a glass of water, a bowl of noodle soup, and a small bar of chocolate.
• He brought a small bin with him too, and once he set the tray down on your bedside table he began picking up the tissues that were scattered around you, and putting them in the bin.
• "Thank you, Buck. I'll sort out the tissues, you don't want to get sick."
• He smiled and patted you on the head, and left you to it.
• Everyone was in the living room, and once Bucky went back in they swarmed him with questions.
• Peter would be so scared that you'd be dying, he'd start hyperventilating and wheezing like crazy.
• Steve would be so scared to come and see you omg, not because he was scared of getting ill but because he always doubts his abilities with teens.
• Don't get me wrong, you and Steve were really close, but he never thought of himself as the dad kind of person, and worried that he'd only make you feel worse if he came to see you.
• About 7 hours passed while you dozed in bed until you felt well enough to leave your room.
• It was 10pm, and you'd slept so much in the day that you couldn't possibly think about sleeping any more in the night. You had already heard three sets of footsteps walk past your door, so Peter was bound to be in bed by now, along with 2 other people.
• When you finally made your way back to the common area, you realised that there was nobody there. You grunted and picked up your blanket from the sofa. Despite everything feeling achy, Tony had brought you a coffee an hour ago, and you felt full of energy.
• Putting on a pair of slippers, there was only one thing you could do to pass the time until somebody came to the living room. Putting the blanket behind you and holding it to your neck like a cape, you ran along the halls of the tower, pretending to be Thor.
• You ran back and forth, back and forth. Past the bedrooms, through the labs, into the foyer, and all the way back. You made it back up to the bedrooms, and before running into the living room again, you whisper shouted, making sure to get the impression right.
• "I am Thor, son of Odin, GOD OF LIGHTNING!!!"
• And as you ran into the living room, you heard a small cough come from behind you. Your room was closest to the living room, and turning around timidly, you saw Rhodey stood at the door of your room, with his arms crossed. Yet, he was smiling.
• "You know, we all have different ways of coping with being sick, but maybe you should go back to bed..."
• You groaned and plopped yourself down on the sofa.
• "Where is everyone else? I only heard 3 people go to bed."
• Turns out, Peter, Bucky, and Scott had all gone to bed. The rest of the avengers had a meeting in the conference room. When you ran past the conference room in your great imitation of Thor, all of them saw you through the windows, but you weren't paying attention. Thor laughed so hard he peed a little bit, apparently, and that certainly cheered you up.
• "Do you want to watch a movie?"
• "Nuh uh, no way, y/n. I'm not getting sick. If you want to watch a movie then either go back to bed or go and infect Buck. He said he felt like he was catching your cold anyway."
• Rhodey went back to his meeting, and you felt a sudden wave of tiredness pass through your body. You went to the pantry and grabbed two cupcakes, a box of aspirin and two chocolate milkshakes.
• You quickly went to your room and grabbed a film before knocking on Bucky's door.
• "Rhodes told me you felt ill. I know you don't sleep much, and I can't sleep, so I thought we could watch a movie?"
You spoke quietly through the door, not wanting to intrude. The door opened and you plopped yourself on the bed next to Bucky, putting your snack down on the table next to you.
• "Alright kid, what movie did you pick? It better not be a Disney film, because last time we watched one of those, it ended in both of us singing Let It Go at the top of our lungs at midnight."
• You chuckled at the memory and made Bucky choose between The Breakfast Club and Love Actually. Of course, he chose the latter. You were the only person who knew that Bucky's a sucker for romance films.
• Bucky put his arm around you as you cuddled into his side. Within the first 10 minutes, you were asleep. Typical.
• Bucky stroked your hair as you silently slept, and whenever a song came on, he'd sing quietly, which made you smile in your sleep.
• After an extremely long day, this was the perfect escape.
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thetiredbiwrites · a year ago
Okay so, I know you did a sick!readerxSteve Rogers but I was wondering if you can do the same thing but with Bucky? If not that concept just something cute with Bucky?
Thank you for requesting, hope this is ok 😊
Bucky x sick!Reader, platonic!Tony x sick!Reader
A/N: I know I said I’d post something yesterday, but my laptop is a bitch and didn’t co-operate. I nearly punched a wall.
Tumblr media
Your hands froze on the tech you were upgrading as you took a deep breath, letting it out slowly while rapidly blinking the dizziness away so your eyes could re-focus.
Tony had been subtly watching you all morning, concern growing as time ticked on. Of course, he had noticed his favourite teammate (don’t tell Rhodey) wasn’t at her best when she first set foot in the lab a few hours ago.
His initial instinct was to ask if you should be down here and not in bed, but he’s learnt from experience that that didn’t work. He can count the times he won over you on one hand. Instead he opted to keep an eye on you, make sure you didn’t hurt your self or pass out or something.
Additionally, the more he watched you, the more evidence he had to use against you when you try telling him you’re fine.
As he heard you mutter ‘dammit’ for the fiftieth time, he decided it was time to speak up.
Even Tony makes mistakes when working on something, but you had been making silly mistakes and taking twice as long to complete things, which is highly unlike you. You were nearly as smart as Tony in this area (much smarter in many other areas so you were ok with giving this one to Tony).
“Y/N, are you ok?”
The concern was clear in his voice, making you realise you hadn’t been as subtle as you thought. You opted to keep your eyes on your work, determined to finish it and fully aware that if Tony saw your face, you were going to lose this.
“Yeah, I’m good, Tones.”
You had tried to sound normal, but your voice failed you making you cringe at how weak and raspy it sounded. Not needing to look at Tony to know he didn’t believe you.
“You wanna try that again?”
“I’m-I’m just-“ You sighed, leaning back in your chair. “I didn’t sleep well, ok? And with-with Bucky on this mission and- I-I-I’m just tired. That’s all.”
You ran a hand down your face and looked over at Tony who was clearly still concerned and didn’t entirely believe you. With a sympathetic smile and furrowed eyebrows, Tony looked over your face. You looked more than ‘just tired’ to him.
“Maybe I’ll just take a break, go get a coffee.”
You didn’t want to worry Tony more and believed that if you kept convincing yourself you were just tired then that’s all you’d be, right?
“Good idea. Take as long as you need.”
You felt suddenly light-headed as you stood and briefly rested against the desk, just stood up too quickly, that’s all.
The second you stepped out of the lab, Tony asked FRIDAY to watch you. He didn’t need you fainting in some corridor or on some stairs and hurting yourself. The others were due back from the mission today and he really hoped they’d be home soon.
After an hour passed and you hadn’t returned to the lab, Tony became worried and decided to check on you. You were incredibly stubborn and so Tony expected you to immediately come back to the lab, claiming the coffee worked even if you were dead on your feet.
Entering the kitchen, he spotted you at the table, head and arms resting on the table, one hand still holding your mug of now cold coffee.
As you had finished making your coffee, heat spread through your body and a wave of nausea hit. Deciding to sit down, you rested your head on the cool wood, figuring it would pass in a couple minutes. Instead you opened your eyes to see Tony crouching next to your chair.
“Go to bed.”
You stumbled over your words as you sat back, not ready to admit defeat.
“Don’t even try. You’re not well, Y/N, and don’t try to convince me otherwise, it won’t work. Go to bed.” He cut you off, his voice firm but face soft, his paternal side shining through.
He handed you a bottle of water from the fridge and send you off towards your room.
Your feet dragged on the carpet, using the wall for support to help you reach your room. You’ve gone 70 hours in the lab and didn’t feel this weak and tired.
You hated it.
Just as your door came into view, your stomach flipped, and a burst of adrenaline allowed you to get to your bathroom just intime to throw up the contents of your stomach.
The cold wall was a blessing as you rested against it, still sat on the bathroom floor. That’s where you stayed for what felt like hours, focussing on your breathing and willing your body to move.
After using whatever energy was left flowing through you on brushing your teeth and drinking most of the water Tony had given you, you collapsed onto the bed. It had never felt more comfortable than it did right then. Like landing on clouds.
Reaching out just enough to wrap your arms around Bucky’s pillow, you fell asleep.
Bucky pov
The team trudged into the kitchen, glad to finally be home and eat some decent food.
Bucky stretched, his back popping from the long, uncomfortable journey home in the jet. You’d think with all that money, Tony could make decent seats. Sam handed him a mug of coffee and a sigh passed his lips, I guess the expensive coffee machine makes up for the seats.
“I see everyone’s still alive and in one piece. Fantastic.”
A series of grunts and groans followed Tony’s comment. A ‘good to see you too, Tony’ from Steve and an eyeroll from Natasha.
“Barnes, need to talk you.”
“I just got back; can I at least finish my coff- “
“It’s about Y/N.”
Those three words were enough to make Bucky’s heart race as he snapped to attention. Everyone else also looking over at Tony as they simultaneously realised she wasn’t there. The less annoying mechanic would usually meet Bucky the team at landing or in the kitchen.
“What about her?”
“Where is she?”
Bucky ignored Clint and Sam as he rounded the counter and approached the shorter man.
“Is she ok?”
“Sent her to bed a few hours ago. Claimed she was just tired, but she didn’t look well. Probably just sick but too stubborn to admit it. Thought you should know, check on her.”
Bucky nodded, patting Tony’s shoulder in thanks as he passed.
He found his favourite person curled up on top of the covers, arms wrapped around his pillow. Her skin was paler than normal, eyes puffy and shivering slightly, goose-bumps covering her bare arms.
His heart broke and eyebrows furrowed as he looked at her. As quick as he could, he was out of his suit and in sweats and a tee before perching on the edge of the bed. His brows pulled together again, and he let out a sigh as he gently pressed his right hand against your forehead and felt the heat radiating, despite your shivering.
His hand moved to rest on the side of your face as your eyes fluttered open. You tried to smile, glad to have your boyfriend home and safe. He didn’t appear to have any injuries, but you were aware of the worry swimming in his eyes and half smile on his face.
“You’re home.”
“And you’re sick.”
Struggling into a sitting position, you still attempted to deny it, despite throwing up just a few hours prior.
“No. No, I’m not. I’m fine. I- “
You cut yourself off, hand covering your mouth and groaning as the urge to throw up returned.
Bucky’s head tilted as he looked at you, eyebrow raised and a small smile daring you to say ‘fine’ again.
“I’m never babysitting again.”
Bucky chuckled, no believing that for a second. You loved little Morgan like your niece and cried when she first called you ‘Aunt’. You couldn’t stay away from her, even if she did share her germs.
After helping you into comfortable clothes and back to bed, under the covers this time, he put a DVD on the tv and left the room.
Less than 10 minutes later he returned with a steaming mug and a plate of toast.
A smile graced his lips at your grabby hands and passed you the large mug. It was one of your favourites, a Christmas gift from Peter. Adorned with a little black cat holding a knife with the words, ‘I am small and sensitive, but also fight me’. You loved it.
Wrapping both hands around the mug, you brought it up to your face. The aroma of ginger tea already made you feel better and more relaxed.
But when Bucky sat next to you and presented you with the plate of toast, your nose wrinkled in disgust. The thought of eating anything didn’t sound appealing right now.
“Come on, Y/N. You have to eat something; you’ll only feel worse if you don’t.”
You knew he was right, and his face told you he wouldn’t be backing down. He might even resort to force feeding you if he had to.
The tea had been drunk and toast eaten, and now you were wrapped in strong arms, the metal of the left one feeling good against your warm skin.
Bucky leaned down to kiss you, but you flinched back.
“Don’t kiss me.”
“Doll, I can’t get sick.”
“Well… what if I throw up on your face?”
He smiled and kissed your head before pulling you into his chest as the two of you settled to finish watching the movie.
Not that you did, his fingers lightly running up and down your arm soon sent you to sleep.
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“The Barnes Special”
Summery- Bucky x Y/N. Bucky gets a craving... and he has your full support. Word Count- 1130
Tumblr media
"Fuck!" He hissed above you before collapsing over you, his words muffled in your shoulder, and you, with your ankles hooked together, heels digging into his ass cheek and purring underneath him, nuzzled his shoulder with a satisfied sigh, your hands smoothing up and down his back in a loving gesture, was how you found yourself in a slightly lightning room. Your Bucky Barnes was just as good a lover at 4 am as he was at 11 pm, but this wasnt anything you didn't already know.
He slid off you once you unlocked your ankles, after he had softened, a bite to your lip and a moan drifted from you, you already missed feeling him inside you. His arm stretched rather possesviely over your chest, cupping your breast, playing his fingertips lightly over the nipple. Enough for you to stay slightly on edge, the damn tease. Turning your head to face him you caught sight of his impish look peeking at you where he had his face pushed in a pillow.
"If your priming me for round three, I'm not gonna say no Buck, but give a girl a break" teasing, honestly say no to him? Never. You were as addicted to his touch asnhe was yours.
Pushing himself up to lean over you, his lips brushing over yours, tongue dipping playfully to brush along yours, he smirked down at you. "Actually I was gonna say lets go get breakfast, you make a man starving Doll." Rolling up to sit on the edge, he grabbed sweat pants and his shirt, going to dig into your dresser drawers, finding you a similar assamble.
Fuck if you were one to pass up breakfast, you wiggle yourself up out of bed and catch the clothes he tossed to you. Piling your hair up top lf your head in a messy bun and a look in the bathroom mirror showed well a natural not put together you. Your hand reaches for the makeup, but he catches you in time, tugging you away.
"Stop, after sex morning glow works for you" Bucky informs, hand in his dragging you through your living room, perfectly manuevering around the much darker room. You trusted him not to plow you into any furniture.
At least not by accident. On purpose, well.... There might have been a few (many) instances you could recall.
Out the door he has you, and if your small Brooklyn Apartment, you two were in walking distance to EVERYTHING. New York, the city that never sleeps. If you wanted it, it was to be had. You found out Bucky had very set destinations in mind.
Like the diner on the corner. "Best pancakes ever" he claimed, and he had a to go order made of golden fluffy stacks, loads of butter and gooey maple syrup to go.
3 blocks down, the two of you stood at a small counter, peering into the case at freshly made jelly, glazed, and frosted donuts. Long cream filled eclairs and bear claws the size of your face, dripping glaze and pecans. Of course you both needed a sampling of all of them. Bucky Barnes was hungry.
You also had two piping hot coffees made. A woman had needs to.
Next stop, across the street where a small food vendor set up. "Good morning Mr.Barnes, the usual?"
Bucky gave a nod and You were left maneuvering your boxes while he dug for his wallet. "Yea Sid! Hot sauce added to them eggs." The crack of fried eggs and sausage patties filled the air as Bucky took the boxes back. "He makes the best fried eggs and biscuit sandwiches." Your mouth was already watering while you watched Sid assemble. Toasted buttered biscuit, sausage patty, egg with a slightly gooey center, thick slices of American cheese and a dash of hot sauce to top it off, neatly wrapped in foil.
Last stop your told, and the mountain of food built up already seems enough, but no. Your super soldier had a need. A new york pizza pie to be exact, and edging on 6 am, he found it. Little joint near the park called Papa Murray's Finest. One large pepperoni pizza just topped off your hoarde. Paper plates and napkins collected, the two of you headed into the part to feast. Heartburn city? Maybe, luckily you kept antacids back at the apartment.
So watching him assemble this was something to behold. He flipped open the pizza box and rubbed his hands together while assessing the other contents of your mass collection. "So how you gonna do this Barnes?" You perch on the table edge and sip your cup of coffee, watching your boyfriend really study his choices.
"Oh just like this" and sure enough, he put everything on there. First the pancakes went on the pizza, he smeared butter on them, then in wavey golden patterns glistening in the early morning sun. The first jogger passed with a surprised look. You two ignored her.
Then a selection of donuts. Lined up along one side, here you plucked a glazed for yourself, taking a bite while you watched. "Oh dont forget that sprinkle one!"
"Thanks babe" he snatched and added to his pile, you were always encouraging whatever fuckery he wanted to do.
Next was his egg sandwich, and he ripped it in chunks to add to his masterpiece, you volunteered yours to, winking at him. "Gotta cover the pie after all" And this is where Steve jogged up, and Sam huffing a bit more, not far behind. Sam braced his hands on his knees and his face grimaced when Bucky folded the pizza and lifted it from the box. "What in the ever lovin' hell is that?"
"The Barnes Special." Bucky retorted, pushing half falling out donuts and egg back into the fold. Sam look disgusted, Steve look unsurprised, you looked like you were about to cheer him on.
"Your gonna make yourself sick Buck, remember that time you cleaned out half the vendors on Cooney Island?" Steve mentioned, a roll of the eyes from Barnes.
"Sick?! Hes gonna need his stomach pumped!" Sam all wide eyed and unbelieving at what he was seeing.
You said nothing, another bite of glazed donut and sip of your coffee. Bucky knew what he was doing.
Bucky glared at the twonin challenge and opened his mouth wide, taking the biggest damn bite youve ever seen, and smirked around his chewing, moaning out after he swallowed it. "Almost as good as sex"
Steve shook his head and bolted off.
Sam pointed a finger at Barnes and stated" your fucking crazy man" and he took off after Steve.
You snickered into your coffee and winked at Bucky "You showed them"
Ladies and Gentleman.... Thats your Bucky Barnes.
Tumblr media
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itsunclebucky · a year ago
Sick Day
"You feel warm to me." Prompt for @the-ss-horniest-book-club drunk Drabbles! I love these so much!
"You're getting sick." Bucky sighs stepping away from you. It was breakfast time at the compound, Steve, Bucky and Sam got back from their morning run and Bucky sensed immediately you had a virus on the way.
"No I'm not." You tut, drinking your coffee and willing the slight ache in your throat to go away.
Bucky plants the back of his hand against your forehead and nods his head like he's a doctor.
"Yep. You feel warm to me. Stay dry, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest." He orders.
"Thank you Dr. Barnes." You roll your eyes sarcastically and Steve smirks at you.
And the next morning, your throat felt like you had swallow the pricks off a cactus, your head pounding and your nose was blocked, which meant every breath you inhaled through your dry mouth, a monstrous cough would erupt.
You were laying on the couch facing the TV watching something Steve put on Netflix for you, with a blanket draped over you and a fan blowing in your face, since you were stuck between hot and cold you figured this was an ok solution.
You sniffled through your blocked nose and groaned in frustration. Why the hell did you need to get sick. And why was Bucky always right. The fact he was able to tell you that you were getting sick days before you actually did was amazing.
Bucky walks in and his heart sinks to his stomach at the sight of you.
"How are you feeling, doll?" He asks, putting his flesh hand against your forehead and hissing at how hot you were burning up.
You didn't respond, only groaned. And Bucky did the unthinkable, stripping down to his boxers as he climbed behind you under the blanket, gliding his metal hand under your shirt and you shivered at how cold he was, his body keeping you warmer.
"You gotta sweat it out. I can help you tonight." He whispers, and you can tell just by the tone of his voice he's smirking.
"Night time activities doll, the more you sweat the quicker you'll get better."
"What's in it for you?" Your voice was hoarse and you hated it.
Bucky laughs. "You." He states like it was obvious. You roll your eyes, secretly excited by what he has planned exactly, the warmth and comfort of Bucky makes your eyelids heavy and you fall asleep in his arms.
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endlessymphony · a day ago
— ˗ˏˋ zo’s fic recommendations ˎˊ˗
↳ # zo’s must reads ; is the tag that these are under!
❥ these are a collection of fics that i adore and highly recommend
vivre d’amour et d’eau fraîche by @acosmis-t
↳ sirius black x reader. it’s GORGEOUSLY written, and i also adore the idea of french speaking sirius.
take me seaside (for my health) by @sventeen-daybreak
↳ tfatws!bucky barnes x reader. this one gave me actual butterflies ! alongside the great writing, it’s just straight up adorable. tw // sickness
his jumper by @faeinorbit
↳ cedric diggory x reader. this is SO CUTE!! i love ced, and best friends to lovers always makes my heart melt.
your love is a drug. by @illiicitarts
↳ sirius black. i’m floored by the elegance of this piece, honestly it’s a literal work of art. tw // smoking
more coming soon !! ༊*·˚
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band--psycho · a month ago
March (1)
‘Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world’ Enjoy this reading list of wonderful stories by these amazing writers💕
Fic Rec 2021 Masterlist
Dean Winchester
Dean Winchester x Reader-Take Care Of Yourself by @agirlwithdemonblood
Dean Winchester x Reader-Life For Rent by @winchest09
Dean Winchester x Reader-Captive by @wonder-cole
Dean Winchester x Reader-Nothing Is Permanent by @little-diable
Sam Winchester
Sam Winchester x Reader-Insecurities by @heloisedaphnebrightmore
Sam Winchester x Reader-Lucid by @impala1967dwinchester
Harry Potter Era 
Draco Malfoy 
Draco Malfoy x Reader-Old And New by @gryffindors-weasley
George Weasley
George Weasley x Reader-Little bit more time hanahaki!AU by @wand3ringr0s3 
 George Weasley x Reader-The Promise by @loony-loopy-lupinn
George Weasley x Reader-Against The World by @amourtentiaa
George Weasley x Reader-Affection by @anchoeritic
George Weasley x Reader-Eager To Please by @emmamarie7708
Fred Weasley 
Fred Weasley x Reader-Yes, Sir, Mr Weasley by @lumosandnoxwriting
Fred Weasley x Reader-By The Glow Of The Fireplace by @lupinsclassroom
Fred Weasley x Reader-Bubbles by @darthwheezely
Harry Potter 
Harry Potter x Reader-More Than Just A Stupid Rivalry by @amourtentiaa 
Harry Potter x OC-Rain Song by @lilulo-12fanfiction 
Peter Parker
Peter Parker x Reader-Rooftop Getaway by @wand3ringr0s3
Natasha Romanoff
Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader-A Beautiful Name by @kingsmanandqueens
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers x Reader by @sweeterthanthis
Steve Rogers x Reader-The Golden Rule by @honeyhan-123
Wanda Maximoff 
Wanda Maximoff x Reader-Children Of Tragedy / Part 2 by @8plasma
Wanda Maximoff x Reader-Rose Tinted Glasses / Part 2 by @nermalina
Wanda Maximoff x Reader-And She by @youreobsessedwithmarvel
Wanda Maximoff x Reader-She Got The Moon In Her Eye by @blueberrythor
Wanda Maximoff x Reader-Bottled Up Feelings by @captains-simp
Bucky Barnes
Bucky x Reader-Smooth Criminal by @bestofbucky
Mob!Bucky x Reader-Boys Like You by @world-of-aus
Bucky Barnes x Reader-Losing You by @drabblewithfrannybarnes
Bucky Barnes x Reader-Hope And Coffee by @jobean12-blog
Bucky Barnes x Reader by @everyhowlmarksthedead
Buck Barnes x Reader-You Tried To Change The Ending by @thefallenbibliophilequote
Sons Of Anarchy
Chibs Telford
Chibs Telford x Reader-Truth Or Nothing by @chibbybish
Kozik x Reader-Adrenaline Rush by @drabbles-mc
Angel Reyes 
Angel Reyes x Reader by @nestors-whore
Angel Reyes x Reader-Up Late by @blackmissfrizzle
Angel Reyes x Reader-Movie Night by @lilacyennefer
Angel Reyes x Reader-Make Me Forget by @mystic-shadows42
Angel Reyes x Reader-Kisses by @mrsmarvelous1995
Angel Reyes x Black!Reader-Quality Shower Time by @cornbreadbatter
Angel Reyes x Reader-Storms by @em0avacado
Bishop Losa
Bishop Losa x Female Reader-Break Up, Make Up by @mayans-sauce
The Hobbit
Partial Kili x F! Reader, Implied Fili x Reader-Ruined by @luna-xial
Thorin x Reader-A Beautiful Ghost by @classyhorseeclipseduck
Harvey Specter x Reader-Into The Lioness’ Den by @rebelwrites
Negan x Reader-A Helping Hand by @mrsnegan
Raymond Smith x Reader-Now Sit by @hotdamnhunnam
Spencer Reid x Reader-Caught Up by @differentkettleoffishalltogether
Jensen Ackles x Reader-Happy Birthday Jensen by @little-diable
Lee Bodecker x Female Reader-When I’m Down On My Knees,You’re How I Pray by @sweeterthanthis
Hayley Marshall x Mikaelson Sister!Reader-Don’t You Dare  by @mikaelson-emma
Brock Rumlow x Fem! Temporarily sick! Reader-Persistence by @thefasstasticvoyage
159 notes · View notes
marvel-xd · a month ago
summary: you and Sebastian are pregnant but no one knows. You and the rest of the avengers cast go out and celebrate for finishing the movie. But how are you suppose to go to a party without having anything to drink? Will your secret get out?
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Warnings: fluff, smut, drinking, secrets?
Tumblr media
You and Sebastian had been married for about 2 years now and you were excited about having a family together. You weren’t trying for a baby but it wouldn’t be bad if you get pregnant.
That’s we’re today leads you to, you and your lovely husband in bed watching tv, cuddling together. You and Sebastian both worked on the set of avengers. You being tony sparks daughter and of course seb being Bucky Barnes. You had just come home from having a long stressful day at work and you still had about 4 months of filming left to finish. You were caught out of your day dreaming but the sound of your husbands sleepy voice “I think I need a shave and a haircut. What do you think?”
“You know I love this look on you” you answered with a grin and that added a sparkle in your eye that Sebastian could read like a book.
He looked down at you from we’re your head was on his chest. A knowing smirk spread across his lips as he replies “oh, really? Why’s that then?”
“Well,” you scooted close to his face so our chests were touching as you lifted your hands to reach the back of his hair. “I like getting to run my fingers through your soft, longer hair. I like the sounds you make when I tug on it.” As if on cue, a soft grunt left his lips as you pulled lightly at a handful of strands.
“Especially when your fucking me into to the mattress, or against the wall when you’re really impatient.” You continued with a smug grin.
“Im not impatient.” He defended giving you a playful swat on your ass that made you jolt forward with a gasp, felling his erection pressed against you.
“Uh-huh. Totally not impatient.” You said, trailing your fingers to his face and across the soft hairs oh his beard. His eyes were glued to yours, waiting for your next sentence or move.
“As for this beard, I like the way it feels on my skin when you kiss me. On my lips. on my neck. My breasts. Between my thighs.” You stammered your breath as Sebastian’s hands suddenly hoisted up your skirt, his big blue eyes wide and full of promises. That night was probably one of the best nights of sex you’ve had in your life.
2 weeks later
You knew the second you woke up and started running to the bathroom to be sick, something was up. You quickly got a pregnancy test out of a cupboard and took it quickly. Finding out it was positive you waited till seb had come home from finishing his scenes, to tell him the good news.
4 months later
You had been pregnant for 4 months and 2 weeks, according to the doctors. You were finishing the last ever scene of the movie so you could go home and get changed. Of course you told the producers and directors you were pregnant because you couldn’t do as much of your own stunts anymore. You were starting to grow a small bump, only recognisable up close. You hadn’t told the rest of the cast as you were going to wait to see if they would notice.
You got pulled back to reality as you heard liz talking to you “so y/n you coming to the after party tonight?” She asked with her sweet like voice. “Pffft of course I am who isn’t?” You said with amusement in your voice. As you were looking forward towards all’s the drinks, forgetting that you couldn’t have any.
“Good cause I love drunk y/n” she said as she was getting ready to leave the set. You let out a little giggle as she said her goodbyes and left going to get ready.
Later that evening you were dressed in a flower baggy dress. Only because you had a bump and didn’t want anyone to see it. Sebastians voice pulled you out of your thoughts. “You ready babe?” You beautiful husband asked you. “As ready as I’ll ever be” you replied.
You and Sebastian arrived at the party just after everyone else. You headed straight to greeting everyone with Sebastian trailing behind you. Once finishing greeting everyone you sat down with everyone else. It has been about half an hour before the drinks started to pile up. As you reached to take a sip Sebastian whispered in your ear “hun you can’t drink while pregnant” dammit you thought as you slowly spat the drink back into the glass.
You thought no one noticed as your turned your attention back on your cast, but of course the lovely rdj didn’t. He was starting to get suspicious from the extra stunt doubles to the baggy clothes and now to the not drinking alcohol. “Hey y/n why don’t you get a drink” he said in a toying manner, causing everyone to look at you.
“Oh I’m not really in the mood right now” you said with a nervous chuckle. “Huh you always drink as soon they come to the table” scar said making you turn a slightly red.
“Hmm well I’m not that thirsty” you said with a slight smile on your face. “Huh well to the extra stunt doubles to the baggy clothes to the not drinking alcohol you got anything to tell us?” Liz said with a slight tilt to her head.
“Fine I’m pregnant”
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dameronology · 2 months ago
Hey :) so i don't know if you're accepting prompts but I saw this one and immediately thought of something (Reader x Bucky Barnes)
•" 7) we both called in sick to spend the day in bed "
(the crime world could wait a day right?!😋) Thx.
Tumblr media
hey!! i’m afraid that prompt requests are closed right now but i’m planning on reopening them soon so pls feel free to re-send this (or request a full length imagine!) when they are :)) 
 tysm for requesting and also for including that gif bc hOT DAMN💕
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tangtownie · 2 months ago
TangTownie’s Masterlist
A compilation of my works posted here on Tumblr. This list will be updated, as new work gets posted. 
Dividers were created by the magnificently talented @firefly-graphics​
Warnings for the individual stories will be in the descriptions, but stories containing explicit smut will be marked with an asterisk * 
I have tried to keep the descriptions of the reader/character to a minimum, so that anyone regardless of appearance might be able to imagine themselves in place of the reader. 
The songs listed as ‘song inspiration’ are not always related to the story, but simply the song that I obsessively listened to on repeat while writing, so check them out if you want and ignore them if you don’t. 
Feedback in the form of messages, likes, reblogs and comments are always encouraged! Hope that you enjoy my rambling thoughts! 
Tumblr media
Chris Evans 
One shots:
 Sleepy - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: It’s morning and reader just wants to cuddle. 
HBC’s Week of Love 2021: 
Snow Angel - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader bumps into Chris. 
Holiday Inn - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader and Chris go on their first date. 
Cold Water - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader and Chris share their first kiss. 
Warm Hearts - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader and Chris say those three words for the first time. 
Keeping You Warm - Reader Insert x Chris Evans *
Summary: Reader and Chris have their first sleepover. 
Windy City - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader and Chris have their first, intentional, public display of affection. 
Snowed In - Reader Insert x Chris Evans 
Summary: Reader and Chris spend their first Valentine’s Day together. 
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers 
One shots: 
Honey - Reader Insert x Steve Rogers 
Summary: Reader wakes up feeling sick and Steve takes care of her. 
Tumblr media
Ransom Drysdale 
One shots: 
Ranny Daddy - Reader Insert x Ransom Drysdale (College AU) *
Summary: Just a lil’ nugget that dropped into my head about what it might be like to get nasty with everyone’s favourite Mean Sweater Daddy while he was in college. 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes 
One shots: 
Questioning Authority - Reader Insert x Bucky Barnes 
Summary: There’s nothing reader loves more than testing Bucky’s boundaries and self-restraint. 
Tumblr media
Henry Cavill 
One shots: 
A Woman and a Dog - Original Character x Henry Cavill 
Summary: A woman enjoys her lunch break in the company of a certain dog. 
Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff 
One shots: 
You Should See Me In A Crown - Dark!Reader Insert x Natasha Romanoff (AU) 
Summary: Natasha’s sisters from the Red Room Academy come to collect her. 
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syntheticavenger · 3 months ago
Made Up fic title- Legally yours
I went a little overboard but thank you Dibs!
Dark! Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
Words: 2,942
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, DNI if you are a minor. Non-con, dub-con, breeding kink.
Tumblr media
It isn’t until you drive past your mailbox that you realize it’s been two weeks since you checked your mail. This always happens. Work gets busy, your hours stretching from eight hours to twelve as you offer to cover for sick leave and vacation. Online bill pay has been a godsend and with it, you’ve all but forgotten about still checking the mail until you remember as it appears in your rearview.
But this morning, you’re determined to check it, bundling up for the freezing cold as you make your way there, key in hand. Your mother has mentioned over and over that she’s sent you some recipes, tucked away in an envelope because she refuses to learn how to save attachments or cut copy paste. She’ll go kicking and screaming into the world of technology that you have wholeheartedly accepted.
A box sits on the top of junk mail – coupons, random services and credit card offers that have piled up before you grab it all and hold it all before you shut the door and lock it. The way back home is sifting through the pieces you need to shred and others that you can toss. The box you assume is from your mother, with only your name and address and no return address.
By the time you get inside, you toss what you can and kick off your shoes, shrugging out of your coat as you open the box slowly.
There’s a letter and a black velvet box that makes you suspicious as you open it. Inside is a beautifully cut diamond ring that glitters under the light. You know this can’t be for you but you don’t deny the feeling to slide it on your finger, smiling to yourself as it is a perfect fit. It’s heavy on your hand and you realize that it’s most likely real and that this has been delivered to the wrong address, let alone the danger of having such an expensive ring just haphazardly being mailed, even if it has your address on it.
Pure curiosity compels you to open the letter, lifting it from the box as you scan the page.
It’s addressed to you, which immediately catches your attention as you continue to read.
We have attempted to contact you but our calls have not been returned.
If we do not hear from you within one week, we will consider the marriage contract legal and binding. Mr. Barnes will arrange permanent housing for you once you receive this package.
The letter was dated two weeks ago.
It floats onto the table as you blink. There had been an issue with your mail but that had been months ago. You’ve been given a wedding certificate that you had sent back, unsure of why your name was on it, let alone how it would have even been legal to do so. There were battles with the social security office, your lawyer seemingly amused that someone would pluck your name out of nowhere and pretend to marry you.
Until it became harder for them to track down who was responsible. James Buchanan Barnes did not exist by any searches that you could find. It had been funny at first until you were sent magazines you’d subscribed to years before, labeling you as Mrs. Barnes.
The only way you could feel comfortable was when your lawyer filed for an annulment and then, everything went back to the way it was. No more weird labels, no more awkward mail. You’d even gone down to your local county’s office to make sure you were still filed as single.
But this forced you into a wave of anxiety as you picked up your phone to call your lawyer.
“Rita,” you greet as she answers the phone. “It’s happening again. I just got sent a letter and a ring and I thought this was over with.”
“Hang on, hang on. What’s going on? Who sent you a letter?”
“Some office from a B. Barnes. Saying that I didn’t respond to their calls and I don’t remember getting anything but there’s this ring and it says that I had to respond a week ago or else it’s considered legal and binding.”
You know your words are coming out fast, jumbled and toppling over each other as Rita inhales a breath.
“We filed an annulment, remember? You never had any contact, no consummation of whatever this is. Let me investigate. Don’t worry. We’ll get to the bottom of this.”
“Okay,” you agree, nodding rapidly as you place the ring back in the box. “Just… please call me back.”
“I will,” Rita urges. “Give me a little bit but I promise I’ll call you back.”
You pace around the house, silently berating yourself for not checking your mail earlier. You look at your missed calls, thumbing through them rapidly as you recognize the same number in a row that you blocked.
Through a quick search, you realize it’s an actual law office. When your phone rings, you answer Rita’s call, waiting for her to give you any news.
“That was fast,” you chirp, clutching the phone to your ear tighter.
“It was,” Rita says with a sigh. “We’ve run into some trouble.”
Your heart sinks as you sit on the couch, waiting for her to finish.
“I got in contact with the county’s office. Do you remember signing anything?”
“Signing what? I got my registration figured out, I signed for that. I needed a copy of my birth certificate for my passport.”
“Did you actually read everything you were signing?”
You know that you did – at least, you hoped. It had been months ago, barely a blip on your radar.
“I’m sure I did… why?”
“One of the documents you signed was a marriage certificate. I just got it sent over. It’s the same date as when you got your birth certificate.”
“It’s not legal, right? I-I didn’t mean to sign it.”
“Well,” Rita breathes, her voice sympathetic. “Mr. Barnes’ lawyers believe that it wasn’t under duress. They are claiming they contacted you, sent you a letter.”
“Yeah, with a ring!” you exclaim, your heart slamming into your chest. “This is ridiculous.”
“Hey, it’s going to be okay. Just breathe. I’m filing another annulment, now that we have proof.”
“Who is this guy? I’ve never met him before. It’s some random stranger, isn’t it?”
“Military man. WIA, Purple Heart recipient. He’s been laying low but he exists. It’s a real person.”
“Does he know? The letter says he’s going to find me permanent housing. Rita, I don’t… what do I do?”
“Don’t answer the door, I’m going to the courts in about five minutes. We’ll file a restraining order. In the meantime, I’d stay at home for a bit. Just until we can get this sorted.”
At your low sob, Rita tries to soothe you.
“You’re fine, it’s okay. This is an extraordinary mess up and we’ll fight it all the way. Don’t worry. Just try to take your mind off of it, okay? Just watch some mindless TV while I work this out.”
“Okay,” you whisper, sniffling as you try to compose yourself. “Okay. Just call me if you hear anything.”
The call comes later that later afternoon, practically jumping at the ringtone before you swipe to answer.
“Good news?”
“I’m filing an injunction to get all the data I need. Right now, your status is married. But we can undo it. We’re going to.”
“Okay,” you reply, the last of your hope deflating as you hear Rita shuffle papers in the background.
“Just lay low like I asked, okay? I’ll call you tomorrow with an update.”
When you hang up, you want to cry, your emotions all over the place. You know she’ll fight for you, she always has and she’s never lost.
But it is unnerving, knowing that a simple mistake is now being forced upon you. You have a life, one that you’ve curated since you were out on your own at twenty-one, rising through the ranks of your job and not having to answer to anyone.
You’ve been free for years, coming and going and doing whatever you please. Now you were stuck, married to a man you’d never met and who you didn’t know existed.
By the time you made it into your room, you wipe away tears, turning on the shower to calm your nerves. The water slowly heats up the en suite as you discard your clothes, slipping on a shower cap as your tears mingle with the hot water that beats on your skin.
Your lavender scented bodywash hits your nose as you scrub your body, eyes closed as you continue to wish that this nightmare would end. You aren’t sure why you feel such dread from the letter but it hasn’t gone away, even with Rita’s confident promise that she will get to the bottom of it.
Once the shower is turned off and you dry yourself down with a towel, you force yourself to remember your usual skincare routine, slathering your favorite lotion on as you talk yourself down from the proverbial ledge that you’re clinging to.
Everything will be alright once you finally eat something, turn on the mindless shows that Rita has instructed you to watch and relax.
You wish it was that simple.
You slip on your t-shirt and shorts, hanging up your towel and tossing the shower cap into the drawer before you open the door and come face to face with a pair of slate blue eyes.
A hand clamps over your mouth before you can scream, your body twisting until your back is against the broad chest.
“Shh,” the man’s voice whispers against the shell of your ear. “If you scream, I’ll have to give you something to scream about. You’re my sweet little bride. Can’t rough you up so early in our marriage.”
Your arms are trapped at your sides, the metal arm around your waist like a vice as you try to breathe against the weight of the hand around your mouth, little puffs of air echoing in the space as he pulls you back from the en suite and toward the bedroom.
“She’s not going to win, that lawyer of yours. I’ve been very specific in what I wanted in a wife. We’ve met before, remember? The VA’s office where you volunteer? That little charity event. You in that little black dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”
When the tears trickle down your face, his mouth brushes against your cheek, the moisture sticking to his dry lips as he hums in appreciation.
“You’re always so busy. Too busy to notice people. Too busy to check what you’re signing. Too busy to check your fucking mail. You don’t think I noticed? You blocked my legal team’s calls because you thought it was spam. It took you almost two and a half weeks to check your mail. It’s all binding, beautiful and do you know why?” he continues, grinding his erection between your ass in your thin shorts. “Because once we consummate our marriage, you’re mine.”
Shaking your head, you sob against his mouth as he laughs, kissing your cheek with a wet sound that makes you shudder.
“I saw you opened the box. Did you like your ring?”
You don’t answer as he spins you around, pushing you down onto the bed as you struggle to get up before his large body cages yours, forcing your hands up above your head with one hand as your shorts are pulled down your legs.
“No! Please, no!” you sob, before your mouth is covered once more as he leans down to kiss your forehead.
“Why are you afraid?” he asks darkly, his eyes boring into yours as he gives you a smirk. “You’re going to have the best of everything. Anything you want, it will be yours. But you have to make me happy. You want to make your husband happy, don’t you?”
You feel the pinch at your clit before you can register what is happening, his mouth still gripping your jaw as you flail, trying to fight him off.
“It’s no use, sweetness. Gonna get you nice and wet and then you’re gonna take all of me. You’ll like it, I promise. Gonna have you crying and begging me for more before you know it.”
When you try to pull your legs up in a feeble attempt to kick him off, he leans in between your thighs, the black pants rubbing against your sensitive skin as his thumb brushes over your clit in lazy motions.
“So much fight in you. Legally, you’re mine. To do whatever I see fit. Which means you’ll be taking my cock for the foreseeable future.”
Your core tenses at the contact and you know you’re getting wet with how easily his fingers catch the lubrication of your slick, adding to the heightened sense of pleasure that you feel as you try to fight it.
“That didn’t take long at all, did it? That’s what you need. A nice, firm hand to guide you. Open up, sweetheart.”
His body is heavy on top of you as you squeak against his mouth, the rustle of his pants making you squirm as the pressure continues you build. It feels good – so good that you squeeze your eyes shut at the guilt before you feel the weight of his fingers, inching up inside your swollen walls as you fight back a moan.
“See? Look how you’re reacting to me. You need this. That’s what you’re made for, my sweet girl. Gonna have you on my cock for days, fucked out and pleading for more. That’s your job now, got it?”
He tightens his hold on your jaw and you nod, tears still streaming down your face. Your thighs are trembling at the increasing movements of his thumb against your bundle of nerves as his fingers scissor back and forth inside you, making you mewl against his hand.
“Good girl. You gonna let me in? Open your eyes,” he commands.
When you do, he smiles, your heart racing as his fingers slide back and forth inside you.
“Yes or no?”
He stops his movement as you see his cock, precum beaded around the tip as your hips strain as his thumb brushes against your clit once more.
“Y-yes,” you cry, his fingers pulling out of you before they are shoved into your mouth.
“Clean them off,” he instructs, your tongue swiping away at your juices as he narrows his eyes at you.
“So submissive. Is that fear or because you can’t lie to yourself? Guess we’ll find out.”
When he enters you, it’s hard and fast, the air leaving your lungs as you struggle to adjust to the stretch of him as your slick walls cradle him. He groans above you, his hand on your throat before he kisses you hard, your lips bruised from the intensity.
“Even better than I dreamed. You’re mine now, wife. Say it.”
The admission doesn’t leave your lips as he pulls out, the drag of the head of his cock at your entrance that makes you whine, stretching you wider before he thrusts back inside.
It’s lewd and loud, the sound of skin slapping against skin as rough swears are rained down as praise as you do exactly what he promised, taking all of him inside you as you fight back the urge to beg for more.
When his hand grips your throat again, his thumb runs over your lower lip, a pleased expression over his dark features.
“Already fucked out and we’re just getting started. Gonna breed you right of the gate, sweetheart.”
At the mention, you fight against him, his hands anchored to your hips as he fucks you deeper into the mattress.
“It’ll take, won’t it? Not on birth control, right? Nice and round with my baby in a few months. Gonna keep you nice and full every chance I get.”
The tendrils of pleasure that continue to wrap around your core tighten as the pad of his thumb swipes over your clit once more, your back arching as he leans down to draw the skin at the side of your neck into his mouth.
“You know you’re close,” he urges, a shiver going through you as you sob. “Already crying for me. You want to cum?”
When you try to turn your face away, he pulls you back to him, the force of his rhythm driving you to the brink.
“Beg me,” he orders, his mouth brushing against yours. “I want to hear you.”
The ache between your thighs intensifies with his order as your lips form into your plea, chasing your orgasm that is so close that you can feel it in your spine.
“P-please let me cum,” you whimper, the air sucking from your lungs as you cry. “Please, please.”
“That’s my good girl,” he praises, the tempo of his movements rougher than before as he rolls the bundle of nerves between his fingers as you cum, your slick and swollen walls clamping down on him as you feel him follow suit, the warmth spreading inside you as you realize what he’s done.
When you try to move, he keeps you still, the bliss from your pleasure fading as dread sets in.
“Gotta make sure it takes, doll. Remember, you’re mine now. Our marriage is binding which means I do what I want. We’re just getting started. I’ll tell Rita in the morning that we’re dropping your little case.”
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whisperlullaby · 4 months ago
Master List
Hello and welcome to my growing masterlist! I write mainly for Marvel at the moment but who knows what else I’ll end up writing in the future. This is an 18+ only masterlist and all my "reader" stories are "female reader" unless otherwise specified. I appreciate you all respecting my boundaries and not interacting with me if you are a minor. If you have a prompt or drabble request send it over! I won’t guarantee it’ll be written but I’ll do my best. Enjoy!
Writing Challenge Master
Steve Rogers:
Concentrated Sunlight (Steve x Reader AU)
Just Say It And I’m Yours (Series)
Bad Day (Steve x Reader)
Morning Sick (Steve Rogers x Reader)
I Just Want to Look At You (Steve Rogers x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Into the Frey (Steve Rogers x reader)
Greatest Love Story (100 word drabble)
Sam Wilson:
Walk Me Home (Sam Wilson x Reader AU)
Take Me Home
Falcons (Sam Wilson x Reader AU)
I licked it, it's mine (18+ ONLY)
Let Me Come Home (Sam Wilson x Reader)
Bucky Barnes:
The Talk (18+ only)
What's that tune (Drabble)
Ukulele (Bucky Barnes x Reader AU)
Team-Building (Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Beautiful Music (Bucky Barnes x Reader AU) 18+ ONLY
Friend Date 
Heaven’s Not Too Far 
Don’t Over Do It
Knocked Out (Bucky x Reader)
Full of Sleep (Bucky x Reader)
Like You Have a Choice (Bucky x Reader) 18+ ONLY
I Can Treat You Better (Stalker!Bucky x Reader)
Rejected (Bucky x Reader) 18+ ONLY
My Omega (Dark!Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader) Dark 18+ONLY
All Dressed Up (Bucky Barnes x Reader) 18+ ONLY
First Time (Librarian!Bucky x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Stuffed Full (Baker!Bucky x Reader) 18+only
Gentle Massage (Bucky x Reader)
Andy Barber:
Hidden Talent (Andy Barber x Reader)
When Can You Start (Andy Barber x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Ten Minute Recess (Andy Barber x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Banana Pancakes 
Misc Characters:
I Am The Law (Dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader) 18+ ONLY
I’ve Got My Eyes On You (Dark! Jake Jensen x Reader) 18+ ONLY
Dark!Jake Jensen HC (18+ ONLY)
New Mascot (Ari Levinson x reader)
Soothe a Broken Heart (Nick Vaughan x reader)
Drunken Sin (Ransom x Reader) 18+ ONLY
HC Frank Adler x Reader
Grand Central (Nick Vaughan x reader)
Friendly Neighbors (Frank Adler x reader)
Soft!Dark Frank Adler Headcanon
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bookscoffeeandracoons · 4 months ago
366 Days Reblog Challenge - September 2020
Tumblr media
Here’s more to read from some brilliant writers! I really don’t know what i would have done this year without all this great content to read from everyone.
As I’m posting this on the last day of 2020 I wish you all a great New Year and hope for 2021 to bring us all some better times again!
Lots of Love to every single one on here! ❤ 
01. Sam Winchester Oneshot* by @mariah-vg​
Sam Winchester x Reader
Request:  hi!! can u do sam x reader #15 she’s on her period and super grumpy but ends fluffy
02. Yippee Ki Yay - Chapter 8 by @nomadicpixel​
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: This is a post-endgame AU, Peggy and Steve have lived their life together, however, both are still alive.   Steve and Peggy’s granddaughter track down Bucky and Sam.  She makes no secret of her attraction to him, but Bucky has his doubts.
03. Take Care (Pt. One)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: violence, fluff, age gap (reader is in mid-20s), angst, power dynamics, really fucking annoying boys
Chapter Summary: You’re a new recruit, fresh out of the SHIELD Academy. You’re the top of your class, the best fighter of your team. And Steve Rogers can’t keep his eyes off of you.
04. Take Care (Pt. Two)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: feelings (?), power dynamics (lowkey), more annoying boys
Chapter Summary: You are offered a new position.
05. Take Care (Pt. Three)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: angst, sexual harassment, power dynamics, REALLY! FUCKING! ANNOYING! BOYS!, soft!steve, soft dom!steve 🥺
Chapter Summary: Not everyone is happy about your promotion. 
06. The Hamptons’ House: 2000 - 2 by @avengerscompound​
Tony Stark x F!Reader (OMC x F!Reader)
Warnings:  Pregnancy, Smut (MMF Bisexual threesome, oral sex, vaginal sex, pegging, frottage)
Synopsis: A lot has changed in your life between the party in 1997 and the one in 2000.  You worry that the changes will somehow turn Tony off.
07.  Shockwave (1) by @amanda-teaches​
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Attack on the city and all the violence that comes with it, minor character death, swearing, intense situations
Series Summary: When you’re caught in an attack and get struck by an enemy shock wave, Bucky saves you and brings you to the Avengers for help. They quickly discover that the wave altered your genetic structure to send out energy bursts, energy bursts that you can’t control. Fearful of the damage you could cause, you refuse to be around anyone except superhumans Steve and Bucky, the latter of whom you form a quick, intense bond with while he teaches you to control your newfound powers.
Chapter Summary: A simple little stop for ice cream turns out to be much more dangerous than you ever could’ve thought. Will Bucky be able to do enough to keep you safe?
08. Take Care (Pt. Four)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: angst, power dynamics (?), soft!steve, angry!steve, unfortunately nathan is in this chapter and i feel like that qualifies as a warning itself
Chapter Summary: You deal with your encounter from Nathan.
09. Take Care (Pt. Five)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: angst (?), power dynamics (ish), soft!steve, nathan (unfortunately)
Chapter Summary: You begin your training with Steve.
10. Take Care (Pt. Six)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: fluff. mentions of nathan. soft!steve.
Chapter Summary: You and Bianca have a wine night.
11. Take Care (Pt. Seven)* by @cherrypickertheory​
Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Warnings: fluff, mentions of that bitch nathan
Chapter Summary: Steve quite literally does not know how to act.
12.Small Gods: Lost Objects by @avengerscompound​
Thor x F!Reader
Warnings: Angst, PTSD, Grief
Synopsis: Thor has lost a lot in a very short period of time and he’s worried about losing himself too.  He goes to the one person who understands loss. 
13. Geralt of Rivia Oneshot by @honestsycrets​
Geralt x Reader
Warnings: abandonment issues, Wandering Witcher is a Wandering Witcher, some… jealousy? more like paranoia, hurt reader
Summary: every once in a while, Geralt comes back. 
14.The Hamptons’ House: 2000 - 3 by @avengerscompound​
Tony Stark x F!Reader
Warnings:  Pregnancy, morning sickness, Smut (MF shower sex, oral sex)
Synopsis: A lot has changed in your life between the party in 1997 and the one in 2000.  You worry that the changes will somehow turn Tony off.
Ease My Mind by @buckyskorpion​
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky Barnes is your best friend and, of course, you’re in love with him. But apparently Bucky is just fine with your platonic relationship - you’re going to have to do something about that.
15. Part 1
16. Part 2 
17. Part 3
18. Part 4  
19. Part 5
20. Part 6
21. Part 7
22. Part 8
23. Part 9
24. Part 10 (Final)
25. The Hamptons’ House: 2000 - 4 by @avengerscompound​
Tony Stark x F!Reader
Warnings:  Pregnancy, morning sickness, Smut (MF outdoor sex, hammock sex, vaginal sex, oral sex)
Synopsis: A lot has changed in your life between the party in 1997 and the one in 2000.  You worry that the changes will somehow turn Tony off.
26. The Hamptons’ House: 2003 - 1 by @avengerscompound​
Tony Stark x F!Reader
Warnings:  Smut (MFFF bisexual fourway, oral sex, vaginal sex, daisy chain, face sitting, come play)
Synopsis: You and Tony meet up again for your week again.  You both look forward to spending the time together,  but when it becomes clear Tony’s life is spiraling out of control, you wonder how many more of these meetups you’re going to get.
Call Sign: Renaissance by @captain-kelli​
Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)
Warnings: slow burn, fluff, angst, violence, alcohol + drinking, definitely and always language, optional smut (be sure to read the individual tags of each post)
Summary: After a rescue mission gone wrong, you retire as a pararescue airwoman. When an old friend of yours comes calling, asking you to spearhead a disaster response team for the Avengers, you have to decide if you can let go of the past in order to save lives. Will you move on and possibly fall in love? Or will the demons of your past come back to haunt you
27. 01. Wheels Down
28. 02. Stilettos + Aviators
29. 03. Dueling Pianos
30. 04. Planes + Parachute Packs
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