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#bucky barnes x reader imagines
avenging-fandoms · 3 hours ago
bucky waking up from a nightmare and all he keeps saying is “don’t leave me, please don’t leave me” as he holds you so tight
Tumblr media
the winter soldier stomped around the hall, pointing his gun at people and pulling the trigger. people fled with pleas and screams, ducking with every shot. the winter soldier scanned the room, spotting the person he was told to find. 
the winter soldier skipped steps as he ran up the stairs, standing in place as he rose his hand slowly, cocking the gun. all he saw was the back of their head, and he stepped closer, slower. the winter soldier pressed the gun against the back of the person’s head, and they slowly turned around. 
you stood in silence as the barrel of the gun pressed against your forehead, staring up into his eyes. the winter soldier’s eyes flickered in between yours, gripping the trigger with his index finger slowly. you shut your eyes and the winter solider pulled the trigger. 
bucky woke up with a loud sob, his breathing jagged and shoulders shaking as he sobbed. you sat up with him, rubbing his back and scooting closer to him. your fingers ran through his hair, pulling his head to your shoulder. bucky’s arms wrapped tightly around your body, crying into your neck. 
“don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. please.. please..” he whispered, sniffling and letting out a sob. “don’t leave me, yn, please, don’t leave”
“i’m not going any where, bucky, i’m with you forever and a day. i’m not going any where, baby” you kissed his forehead softly a couple times, whispering the same words against his head. 
bucky finally calmed down and you two laid back down, your nails softly drawing pictures into his back. your other hand rested on his cheek, thumb rubbing over his skin. bucky didn’t loosen his grip on you, scared to close his eyes in case he saw what he had a nightmare about. 
“do you want something to eat? watch something? music?” you offered everything bucky enjoyed, but he just shook his head. his head snuggled deeper into your neck, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly.
“i just want you to hold me, yn. please don’t leave me” he whispered, a tear running down the side of his face and landing on your skin. 
“i’ll never leave you, bucky. it’s me and you against the world” you kissed his forehead and put on your relaxing music playing, humming along and bucky fell asleep to the vibrations, your warmth, and your words replaying in his head. ‘i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you. i’ll never leave you. forever and a day. i love you’ 
you turned off the music when you heard bucky snoring, holding him as you fell back asleep yourself with your cheek on top of his head. you were what bucky always needed, and he never wanted to let you go, and you never wanted to let him go either. 
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breadqueen95 · 4 hours ago
Dress - Bucky Barnes
bucky barnes x fem!reader
wc: 5k
plot: bucky and y/n’s relationship is new, and they don’t want to share with their friends just yet. but something as simple as a dress can change anyone’s mind, even the winter soldier. 
content warnings: kissing. physical affection. flirting. allusions to sex. drinking. being drunk. language. bucky being a flirt. 
a/n: this is for @natasha-romancff and her taylor swift writing challenge! it took me awhile, but i’ve had a ton of fun writing this. so many bucky fics are angsty, and rightly so the man has some TRAUMA. but for my first bucky fic, based on dress by taylor swift, i wanted something happier for him 
Tumblr media
Damn. That was a lot of leg.
“I don’t know,” you muttered as you stared into the mirror, “aren’t these things…a little classier than this?”
“Uh…have you met Tony Stark?” Natasha grumbled as she continued to scroll through her phone. “The man has never been classy a day in his life.”
“Well I know he isn’t, but fancy people show up to these things. I just don’t want to embarrass myself.” You were currently standing in front of the full-length mirror in Wanda’s room, staring at the reflection of a woman who didn’t quite look like you.
But it was you, wasn’t it? It was just…that you was wearing a very short, very sexy red cocktail dress. The sweetheart neckline was a nice touch, but the back was completely open. And that hemline? Definitely hiked way up past your knees.
“Y/n, relax,” Wanda reassured in her lilting accent, “sure, the dress is a little…spicier…than you’re used to, but it’s in a good way.”
“I’m pretty sure every single person would be able to tell I spend my days in tactical gear. God, I’m not sure I even know how to walk in heels this high!”
Heaving a dramatic sigh, Natasha threw her phone down and looked at you in the mirror. Her eyebrows were raised, and she was giving you her usual ‘don’t give me that shit’ look. It nearly had you shaking in your very strappy black heels.
“Are you kidding me, y/n? I’ve seen you strut in enough fancy parties during undercover missions to know that you’ve got this.”
“Yeah,” Wanda scoffed as she took a sip of red wine from her glass, “all she’s nervous about is what Bucky will think.”
Rolling your eyes, you tried to hide how much that sentence affected you.
“C’mon, Wanda. You know Bucky and I are just friends.”
“Do friends undress each other with their eyes whenever they’re in the same room?”
Damn it. Damn Wanda and her stupid perceptiveness.
“You’re reading too much into it, Wanda.” She just laughed at you, acting like she knew so much better.
What you knew and wasn’t ready to admit to your two best friends, was that she was right on the money.
Bucky Barnes, the infamous Winter Soldier, your favorite person in the entire world, was now your boyfriend. He had been for a few weeks now. The two of you were insanely private people. Hell, it had been years before the two of you had finally learned everything about each other. Once you had gotten past the walls the other had so carefully crafted, well…
At that point you were in love.
But the others didn’t need to know that, not yet at least. The Avengers were a family, your family. They were really the only true family you’d ever had. But Bucky…Bucky was finally yours. And you were his. You didn’t think it was crazy to just want to enjoy that, just the two of you, without everyone else sharing their jokes and opinions just yet. They did it out of love, you both knew that, but you just wanted him all to yourself.
As you looked back at your reflection in the mirror, you took a minute to really consider what Bucky’s reaction might be. He had the best poker face in the room no matter who he was with, but you knew him well enough to know how he was feeling just based on his eyes. He’d always said how much he loved red on you, and he adored every and any excuse to touch your skin. Those steel blue eyes of his would absolutely burn once he saw you in this dress.
And fuck, that was something you really wanted to see.
“Well, if you aren’t going to wear that dress, you better pick something else,” Nat said, jerking you from your fantasies, “we need to be there in twenty minutes, and we all need to touch up our makeup.”
“Actually…I think I’ll wear it,” you said confidently, trying to hide your grin as you ran your hands down the silky fabric.
What you didn’t see was Natasha and Wanda sharing a secret smirk behind you, like they’d known what you’d do the whole time.
Six weeks ago, everything had changed for you and Bucky.
You’d known how you felt for a long time. Bucky Barnes, despite his past, was the kind of man anyone could fall in love with. He was sincere, kind, generous, witty…everything you’d ever wanted in a partner. He had been your best friend for even longer.
It had been a long time before you could even admit your feelings to yourself, let alone to him. After everything the two of you had been through, who had the time and mental capacity for romance? It just didn’t seem important. You just chalked up your feelings to being such close friends. All you wanted was to be near him, even if you just sat in silence doing different things. Just being in the same room as Bucky brought you a sort of peace you’d never had before. Whenever he touched you, even if it was just a brief hug or brushing your back to get past you, your skin erupted into goosebumps. But that was just because physical touch was still foreign to you, right?
And his smile. God, his wonderful smile…
Bucky didn’t smile much. He hid behind a mask of stoicism, a remnant from the trauma of his horrible history as the Winter Soldier. Showing any sort of emotion, especially happiness, was hard for him. But when he finally let himself smile? It was the most beautiful thing you’d ever see.        
It took several sleepless nights wrestling with those confusing feelings to figure it out. You didn’t just see Bucky as your best friend. You had it bad. Not just “oh my god he’s so handsome” bad, like the “I would take a bullet for you I’m so in love” bad. That revelation? It left you euphoric. It also left you scared.
Because you were so sure Bucky didn’t feel the same. And that thought was like a knife to the heart every time it flashed through your mind.
So you kept it to yourself. You tried to keep things as normal as possible, but your heart kept fluttering whenever he walked into a room. Being so close to Bucky meant you confided in each other about pretty much everything, and he knew you well enough to know you were hiding something.
It all exploded on a Tuesday night in the compound.
Tuesdays were your movie nights. Bucky had a lot of pop culture to catch up on, so on this night every week he would come by your room to watch a movie. It was a weekly tradition that kind of started by accident. You were shocked he still hadn’t made time to watch Lord of the Rings, so you forced him onto your couch with popcorn and The Fellowship of the Ring. He loved it so much, and immediately asked if you guys could watch The Two Towers the next week. How could you say no to him?
Tonight, you were watching 13 Going on 30. It was your all-time favorite romcom, and you figured you could both use a break from all the action and fantasy movies you’d been cycling through. Something with a happy ending was worth indulging in.
“Does that Matt guy look like Banner to you? Or is it just me?” Bucky asked through a mouthful of popcorn.
“Heh, maybe a little,” you said, “Give or take a few years.” He laughed at that, and you forced yourself to laugh quietly. You wanted to blurt out your feelings every time you looked at Bucky, so you’d gotten quieter and quieter every time you spent time with him. It was an awful reaction, and you knew he noticed. But it was better than losing his friendship, right?
After that awful and painfully obvious forced laugh, Bucky let out a huge sigh and paused the movie. He set the bowl of popcorn down on the coffee table in front of the couch, then turned to face you. Exasperation and hurt glimmered in his eyes.
“Y/n, what the fuck is going on with you?”
“W-what do you mean?”
“Oh come on, don’t give me that,” he said sharply, “I know you better than anyone, and I know for a fact there’s something you’re not telling me. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?”
“What? No, god no!” You exclaimed.
“Well it must be something I did, because you’ve never been this quiet around me and it keeps getting worse. I hate it, and I want to know what I did so I can fix it.”
“Bucky, I’m serious, it’s nothing you did—”
“Then why? Why are you shutting me out?” He cut you off angrily, arms thrown wide. “You’re my best friend, I just don’t get why—”
“I don’t want you like a best friend, Bucky!” Your eyes went wide as the words flew from your lips. In the most comical way, you clapped your hand over your mouth as if you could stop the words that had already been said. Bucky’s eyes narrowed in confusion.
Oh fuck. He didn’t get it. Curse him and his old man ways.
“What does that even mean, Y/n? Are you saying you don’t want me around anymore?”
“Bucky, of course not. God, I would never want that. Never in a million years.”
“Then you better explain, because if you haven’t noticed, I’m over 100 years old. I need a little help here.”
“It means, uh…um,” you stuttered, wringing your hands together. “Is there any chance we can just forget I said that?”
“Nope, not a chance.”
“It means…it means that I care about you. As more than a friend.”
His entire face seemed to crinkle as he processed that. If you weren’t freaking out, you’d be obsessing over how damn cute it made him look. Then his eyes got wide as he began to make the connection. Your stomach nearly fell out of your ass as his eyes lifted again to meet yours.
“I…I think I know what you’re saying,” he nearly whispered, “I just need you to get real specific real fast, because I’m not about to say anything until I know exactly what you mean.”
“It means I’m in love with you, okay?” You burst out. Even through your mortification, there was a sudden sense of relief. A secret as big as that had definitely been weighing you down. Now that it was out there, that was one less thing you had to worry about.
His eyes grew even wider. How that was possible, you didn’t even know. That beautiful mouth of his began to turn up into a small smile as he gazed softly at you.
“You’re in love with me?” He asked, his smile getting wider with each passing second.
“What, you need it carved into stone or something?” You couldn’t help but sass him. Did you fucking stutter?
“No, it’s just…I never thought you’d feel that way about me.”
“Well, clearly I do. So you – wait, you mean you’ve thought about this before?”
“Of course I have,” he said as he shrugged, “I’ve been in love with you for two years now, how could I not think about it?”
You were instantly filled with warmth and pure bliss. In all your obsessing over your own feelings, you’d never allowed yourself to consider that he might feel the same about you. It just didn’t seem possible.
“I’m sorry,” you burst out, holding a hand up, “you’re telling me you’ve been into me for two years and didn’t say anything?”
“Why didn’t you?” He shot back, inching closer to you.
“Because you’re my best friend. I didn’t want to lose you because of stupid feelings I have.”
“But…I have those same ‘stupid feelings’ for you. So can we just cut the whole act and get on with it?” Bucky brought a hand up to cup your cheek, his thumb brushing along your skin so gently.
“Uh…um…get on with what?”
“Well I’d kinda like to kiss you, if you’re cool with it.”
“Bucky Barnes did you just use current slang to ask if you could kiss me?” You didn’t move an inch as his face moved right in front of yours, breath intermingling as you gazed into each other’s eyes. God, was this really happening?
“Yeah, guess your lessons worked,” he murmured.
“Well you better kiss me, then.”
As soon as your lips met, it was like coming home.
That memory, your favorite memory, replayed in your head as the three of you stepped into the elevator. Nat and Wanda were happily chatting about who would be there, what kind of antics Tony would cook up tonight, if there would be music we could actually dance to. You know, normal party things.
All you could think about was how long you had to stay until you could sneak off with your boyfriend.
You were so happy Wanda and Natasha had convinced you to wear this dress. When you’d first put it on, the difference from your normal look was so jarring that it took you a few minutes to get used to it. But now that you had, now that you felt the silky fabric shifting against your skin as you moved, now that you saw how dangerously long your legs looked in these heels…
Damn, you felt sexy.
And that sexy feeling? It made you want Bucky’s hands all over you.
But this was a party. A party thrown by Tony Stark, one of the most perceptive and observant people you’d ever met. If you left too soon, if he thought you weren’t “having enough fun”, he’d be more than a little upset. So you had to stay, drink, mingle, maybe dance a little…and then, maybe later, you could go do what you actually wanted.
The elevator pinged, indicating you had reached the topmost floor of the compound. This floor was home to a huge communal space, often used for just hanging out with the team. But on nights like tonight, Tony went all out and turned the space into something that resembled…a club?
The three of you stepped out into the massive room, upbeat music already blasting from the speakers. Typical Tony – he never really outgrew his love for dancing and parties. The bass thrummed through your body, making you want to move to the music. The lights were dim, but you could still tell who was around. It looked like you were some of the last members of the team to arrive. There was a huge bar off to the side, and Natasha headed that way right away. You turned to ask Wanda if she wanted to follow Nat, but she was already making a beeline for Vision. Smiling, you just turned right back around to follow Natasha. A drink sounded pretty good right now.
As you made your way to the bar, you felt more than a few pairs of eyes on you as you walked. You sneakily looked around as you went, noticing men and women watching you with admiration, and dare you say it, longing. As someone whose job was to blend in with the background all the time, this was a different and slightly addictive feeling. You leaned on the bar next to Nat right as the bartender slid her drink over to her.
“Straight whiskey tonight? Damn, going hard.” You quipped.
“Hey now, you know I can handle my liquor. It’s you we need to watch out for, you lightweight.”
Laughing, you scanned the party guests, looking for the one person you wanted to see. Tony had had arm around Pepper’s waist, both laughing at something Rhodey had said. Bruce lingered around them, drink in hand and looking a little nervous, but still happy to be included. Wanda and Vision were sitting quietly on one of the couches, both looking absolutely smitten with each other. Scott Lang, one of the newest additions, was busting some moves, while Peter Parker laughed as he watched. Thor, who was visiting from Asgard, laughed boisterously as he watched various guests try to lift his hammer. You couldn’t help the smile growing on your face. You loved these people so much.
Then, you saw him.
Bucky was with Sam and Steve, as usual. But even as Sam and Steve were talking animatedly next to him, those gorgeous blue eyes of his were glued to you. There was a kind of intensity in them you hadn’t seen before. Your breath whooshed from you body as he grinned at you. Trying to maintain the suggestive image your dress gave you, you managed to send a flirtatious smile his way, then turned back around to face the bar. Leaning against the counter, you knew he’d get an eyeful of your bare back. God, this was fun.
The bartender finally made his way over to you, and you ordered two tequila shots.
Nat turned to you, one eyebrow arched in surprise as she asked, “And you say I’m going hard? You can’t just down two shots right away, babe.”
“I’m not doing two shots; you think I’m stupid?” The bartender slid the shots over to you along with two lime wedges. “One is clearly for you.”
Unable to hold back a laugh, Natasha put her arm around your shoulders and pulled you into her side as she said, “Why the fuck not, let’s do it.” The two of you went through the process: salt, shot, lime. You couldn’t help but wince as you downed the harsh liquor. Of all the shots in the world, tequila probably tasted the worst. The only reason you kept going for it was the warmth it traced down your body, and you felt your muscles begin to loosen up.
“Two more,” you called over to the bartender.
“Uh, no,” Natasha shot at you, grabbing her whiskey, and pushing off the bar, “I’m good with my top shelf shit, you keep going after that gasoline if you want but I’m out.”
“C’mon, Nat,” you called out, “what am I gonna do with two shots?”
“I’m sure you’ll find someone else, babe.” She said with a wave over her shoulder.
Sighing, you turned back to the ridiculously pretty bar (seriously, how much had Tony paid for this thing?). Who else would help you look cool and sexy at a bar for your secret boyfriend?
Okay, that was the cringiest thought you’d ever had. Gross.
As the bartender slid the tequila in front of you, you steeled yourself for the nastiness that was about to happen.
“Fuck, I didn’t think this through,” you mumbled.
“Yeah, you tend to do that,” a deep voice answered on your right. Instead of being the slightest bit surprised, you couldn’t help but smile. You’d know that voice anywhere.
“Something I can do for you, Barnes?” You looked up at him from under your lashes.
“Well, it looks like you’ve got an extra shot there. Thought I could bail you out.”
“Is that all?”
Bucky shifted so that your arms were just barely touching. His hand was right next to yours, and you reached out with your pinky to lightly brush his.
“Doll, you have the gall to show up in that dress and ask what I want as if you don’t already know?”
“Sorry Buck, I’m a little slow, must be the tequila. You should probably be a little clearer.”
Putting on quite the show of reaching for one of the shots, his mouth somehow ended up right next to your ear.
“I want you.”
It was lucky everyone was so distracted and couldn’t see how you shuddered at his words. Trying to maintain brain function, you managed to take the shot with him. You were now fully facing each other. He was wearing the cockiest smirk you’d ever seen, one that would put Tony Stark to shame. You couldn’t help but respond with that same energy despite the jitteriness his three little words had reduced you to.
“Well why don’t you—”
“Hello, my friends!” A booming voice sounded between you as Thor threw a huge arm over each of you. Bucky, with his stupid super soldier strength, didn’t really have a reaction to it. You, on the other hand, stumbled a little under the weight and force of it. “It’s so good to be back with you tiny humans.”
Was…was he slurring his words?
“Thor…are you drunk right now?”
He simply laughed in response. Well, that answered that.
“Of course I am, tiny person! It can’t be a party without good Asgardian wine.”
“Wait…you have literal god wine?” Bucky, who had a look of vague irritation on his face up to this point, now looked interested. Maybe even a little excited?
“Of course, metal appendage.”
“Dude, you can’t just call Bucky ‘metal appendage’—”
“He can if he lets me have some,” Bucky interrupted.
“We have a bargain!” Thor slapped Bucky on the back before scurrying back over to where he had come from, probably to get the wine he had promised.
“Bucky, you can’t even get drunk,” you hissed, “what exactly is the point of this?”
“Since everything happened, I haven’t found any alcohol strong enough to get me drunk. I figure god wine is worth a shot.”
“When I kiss you against a wall later, I wanna be a little tipsy,” he whispered in your ear, “that cool with you?”
Unable to keep yourself from smiling again, you nodded as Thor sauntered back over. Ever since that moment a few weeks ago, right before he kissed you for the first time, asking “is that cool with you?” had become your thing.
And the idea of Bucky kissing you against a wall? Yeah, that sounded pretty good.
As it turns out, Asgardian wine is just as potent as Thor had promised.
For the first time in over seventy years, Bucky Barnes was certifiably drunk. It made him feel like the Bucky from all those years ago, and it was the most incredible thing. Here he was, over 100 years old, partying, and all his favorite people were here.
Including his ridiculously hot girlfriend.
Even as they both flitted around the party, Bucky and y/n still found each other’s eyes, even from across the room. They would send winks, smiles, even funny faces. All he wanted to do was be right next to her, talk and dance with her all night…
But they had agreed. They wanted to keep their relationship a secret for now, keep the attention off of them for a bit while they got to know each other in this new way.
But god damn, that dress.
Y/n in red was…indescribable. It didn’t matter what she wore, she was always the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. But in red? In this dress?
She was breathtaking.
“Buck, you breathing?”
A hand waved in front of his face, snapping Bucky’s attention back to the people around him from Y/n’s back. He had been imagining putting his hands all over that back later and had gotten more than a little mesmerized. He managed to get his eyes to refocus, finding a drunk Sam smirking right next to him and an even drunker Steve dancing next to him. But what Steve was doing couldn’t really be called ‘dancing’ per say…more like an aggressive wiggle.
“Why wouldn’t I be breathing?” Of all the things he could’ve said to get Sam’s attention off of him, that wasn’t it.
“Uh, probably because the girl you’re in love with decided to show up and show off tonight? Pretty sure you’re drooling, man.”
Despite himself, Bucky slapped a hand across his mouth, only reducing Sam to wheezing laughter. Knowing he had been caught, he rolled his eyes and grimaced a little. Of all the people to catch him, he wished it hadn’t been Sam.
“I wasn’t…staring… at y/n, I just never see her dressed up is all.”
“I never said anything about the girl being y/n.”
“LANGUAGE,” Steve yelled out, pointing a finger at his two friends before returning to his shimmying.
Turning back to him, Sam added, “Just go be with her, Buck. You’re not fooling anyone, and neither is she.”
“We’re that obvious?”
“A few weeks ago you’d at least try to hide it. Now I’m surprised you’re not jumping each other’s bones right here right now.”
“Point taken,” Bucky said, lightly slapping Sam’s shoulder before power walking over to his girl.
“Nat, if you don’t stop asking about Bucky and I’s relationship, I’m going to kick you,” you called over the music before taking another swig from your glass. It was no Asgardian wine, but the human stuff wasn’t half bad in your opinion. It wasn’t like you could drink the god shit, anyway. If you had even one sip, you’d be swinging from the swinging like Miley fucking Cyrus. You were pretty drunk as it was.
“Okay, fine,” she said with a shrug as she took a sip of her whiskey, still as calm and collected as ever. “You’re almost as drunk as he is, you’ll be talking soon enough.”
“Oh? Is that your spy master plan?”
Natasha was still looking as unbothered as ever, but as she looked across the room over your shoulder, her face split into a savage grin.
“It was, but it looks like I might not need it.”
“What do you me—”
Your words were cut off as a large, warm hand enclosed around yours. Whirling around, you were suddenly face to face with the man himself. Bucky was clearly having a good time. His mouth was relaxed into the cutest smile you’d ever seen him wear, and he moved without his normal stiffness and intensity. He threaded your fingers together, smiling down at you with so much love it was a wonder Nat hadn’t said anything yet.
Looking back in front of you, ready to explain yourself, you only found empty air. Guess she’d seen all she needed to, but honestly, you really didn’t care. All you’d wanted the whole night was to be exactly where you were right now; hand in hand with the man you loved.
“We’re just kidding ourselves, doll,” Bucky called next to your ear, “Sam said we’ve been pretty obvious.”
“Nat said the same,” you answered with a sheepish smile, “kind of hard to keep my face under control when you’ve got that leather jacket on.”
“You’re blaming me?” He asked with mock indignation. “You’re the one who looks,” he gestured wildly to your whole body, “like that!”
Trying ignore the heat spreading over your cheeks, you shot back, “Like what?”
“Like the most…” he screwed his face up in the most adorable way as he searched for words, “like the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” As the last few words tumbled out of his mouth, he gazed at you with such a softness you almost melted right into the floor.
“Wanna get out of here?” You asked, finally giving up the game. It was pointless, really. Now, all you wanted to do was for your boyfriend to keep his promise and kiss you against a wall.
Wrapping an arm around your waist, he answered, “Absolutely.” Without looking at a single soul, the two of you began walking as quickly as you could for the exit. You and Bucky were both leaning on each other a bit, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Stepping out into the light of the hallway, you blinked as your eyes adjusted after the dark room you’d spent the last few hours in. Bucky led you until you were right in front of the elevator, and he lazily pressed the button to go up. There was tension in the air between you, like a thread that was being pulled. Biting your lip, you stared at the doors in front of you. You knew if you so much as looked at the man next to you, you’d jump him right then and there.
The shining doors slid open, and the pair of you walked in, his strong arm still around your waist. His grip wasn’t loose in any sense of the word. Bucky kept you right next to him, even as your legs wanted to drift all over the place. You pressed the button for the residential floor.
As soon as those doors slid shut, that thread of tension snapped.
Bucky whirled you to face him, then walked you backward until you were pressed against the wall of the elevator.
“I promised I’d kiss you against the wall, didn’t I?”
He didn’t even wait for a response. His mouth was on yours in an instant, lips moving together like a dance. The kiss was slow and unhurried. You tried to bring him closer, linking your hands behind his neck and pressing yourself to him. Instead of responding in kind, he unwound your arms from around him and pinned them above your head.
Oh damn.
No complaints here.
“You’ve been teasin’ me all night just by wearing that dress, sweetheart,” he murmured in between the kisses he trailed down your jaw, “I think it’s my turn.”
“Would it change your mind knowing I only wore this dress so you could take it off?”
The heat that bloomed in those blue eyes of his was unmistakable. As the doors opened on your floor, he swept you up into his arms and began to walk purposefully to his apartment. All the while, he kept that signature cocky smirk of his you’d come to adore.
“Bucky?” You asked once he’d walked into his unit.
“That sentence was the single most attractive thing you’ve ever said,” he murmured as he set you down. Even still, he kept you pressed against him. “But nah, I’m a patient guy. I think I’ll take my time.” He followed this by resuming his slow and sensual kisses, and you couldn’t help but melt into them.
“I love you,” you whispered against his lips.
“I’ll never get tired of hearing that, doll. I love you too.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 10 hours ago
The Auction: Part 2
Exhaustion was seeping from every pore on your body as you drug your feet through the quiet and pristine lobby, a series of black zipped and enclosed bags held in your left hand and some pink and white bags in the other. Balanced in your right hand along with the pink and white bags was your cellphone which had been buzzing from the moment you stepped out of the car and into Stark Tower.
The itching under your skin to check on the phone call was only outdone and outweighed by Natasha Romanoff’s quick strides as she moved throughout the lobby toward the elevator. You struggled to keep up with her while lugging your haul and the dresses in the closed bags that she made you buy with the bonus she gave you.
You took as large of strides as you could, and when you stepped into the elevator you huffed and leaned against the cool metal wall, hooking the hangers built into the closed dress bags on the metal railing. Without the bags in your hand, you were able to grip your phone with both hands and finally answer the buzzing that had caused the itching anxiousness.
As you leaned against the cool metal wall of the elevator and answered emails and arranged the next week’s schedule, a rough outline anyway. You were quickly made aware of the elevator doors opening, by the sound of the doors parting like the Red Sea. The approach of two more people onto the elevator had not been enough to pull your attention away from your phone and your task of fixing and skeleton scheduling Natasha’s ‘life’ but the greeting she had tossed out was enough to steal your attention and cast it on the two men who were as wide as they were tall and built like solid mountains.
“Hello boys,” the message of Natasha’s greeting was friendly and neutral yet there was something about the tone of voice that made it seem like a jest at their behalf, “are you excited for Stark’s charity auction? A few days away. Do you have your eyes on anyone?”
You busied yourself with your phone, tapping away at whatever mindless game you could find, trying to make yourself appear ignorant to the conversation they were having. Despite your ears burning and their blue and blue-green eyes, respectively, on you, you kept your head down and your feigned naivety about what they were speaking about.
“You’re not in the auction this year?” The rumble of their voice, Steve’s you figured, had stirred the conversation and kept it alive, while you were trying not to be seen.
You found yourself shifting your weight from foot to foot with anxiousness. It was a tick of sorts, being so self-conscious when you were around people like Natasha and Steve and Bucky. When you were around beautiful and fit people that were ethereal in their nature and the picture-perfect vision of health and fitness and you…weren’t.
Given the mean-spirited nickname of ‘thunder thighs’ in your youth had stuck with you, mentally at least. You always felt as if you were hyper-aware of your soft stomach snd your heavy breasts that went along with your plus-sized figure. Your ass was neither tight nor small, and that made it difficult to feel confident in yourself, let alone your physicality’s when you had to meet with others under the guise of being Natasha Romanoff’s PA.
“Not me,” Natasha smirked, “but Y/N is.”
Though it didn’t necessarily show, you felt your cheeks burning from the near-constant and penetrating gaze that was cast on you. Your cheeks burned beneath your skin while the familiar souring of your stomach settled in as you prepared yourself mentally and emotionally for some sharp and snide comments about what a waste that would be.
You were preparing yourself for the jabs and the jests made at your expense. The little jokes and statements made that would bring laughter to space while you wallowed in your inability to ‘take a joke’ or the blatant offence you felt.
“Not entirely willingly…” You mumbled the lie, hoping that it would make you feel better about whatever they would say next.
“Is that what the bags are for?” Bucky asked, his blue-eyed gaze landing on the bags hanging on the metal pole attached to the wall of the elevator.
You turned your attention back to your phone, waiting for that eventual shoe to drop. You didn’t want them to see your weakness, though you were sure enough that they could sense it. You were sure they could sense your knees knocking and your stomach churning with anticipation of the inevitable.
“A few options for Y/N, ” Natasha had also cast her gaze upon your, though it was short-lived, “and a few surprises.”
Surprises being killed heels that made your legs good great and a pair of jeans that somehow seemed to flatter your body as it was without some hideous flower pattern on the ass cheeks to accentuate or some hideous cut that drew attention to yourself while simultaneously making you look as if you were by a jean covered blob.
Because that’s a lot of what fashion for plus size women was, a covering or a pattern or fabric that was meant to simply be on your body instead of embracing it.
“A dress for the auction, ” Natasha added.
“Since Natasha’s not allowed to be a part of it, ” you licked your bottom lip and prayed that the elevator would hurry its incontinence self up, “I was voluntold.”
“It’s for a good cause.”
“That’s why I said ultimately said yes.”
“A woman like yourself up on that stage, ” Steve cracked a half-smile, “I’m sure you’ll get bid up real high.”
“Who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend with a dame like you?” Bucky added, pointedly looking you up and down.
The doors finally opened to your floor and you couldn’t have gotten out fast enough. You had all but ripped the dress bags from the railing and threw them over your shoulder, with the other bags beating against your leg as you power-stalked away from the doors and the three perfect people in the metal box.
You didn’t stop your power stalking until you were at your room door and had the door halfway open. You had unceremoniously thrown the bags away from you, not caring where they landed or how.
You kicked your shoes off next and with the same lack of haphazard care, you strode throughout your small apartment to your room, throwing the door open.
You threw yourself onto the bed and sighed, feeling a day’s worth of anxiety slowly seeping from your shoulders. Shopping with Natasha was pleasant enough if you ignored every single scrutinizing look. If you could ignore every comment under shop attendants breaths or the way their eyes followed you with thinly-veiled disgust at how a person like Natasha Romanoff could be seen with a person like you.
A person like you – a woman who was plus sized and not worth the attention of any man who had eyes.
A woman like you who was the brunt of every joke and who could only land a man if that man lost a bet.
The day of shopping produced high-end and beautiful clothes that made you feel like a million bucks, but all that confidence cracked when you saw the look in the shop attendant's eyes.
It was the silent judgement and looks of odium and the snide remarks about how one could let themselves feel good in that body.
And now, because you felt as though you were a pushover, you were going to be on stage in front of rich men and women who were among the most beautiful and elite.
“It won’t be bad, ” you sighed and rubbed your hands down your face, “it’ll be fine. It’ll be fun.”
You could choose to wallow in your displeasure, or you could choose to keep your head high.
“Fuck it,” you mumbled, “it’s for charity. Natasha promised it would be fine.”
You sat up quickly, enough to make yourself dizzy. You shift yourself to the end of the bed and pressed your palms flush against the bed. You placed your feet on the floor before standing and moving with purpose toward the dresses that you had haphazardly thrown.
“Im going to look good.” You snatched one of the bags from the floor and draped it on your couch. You reached out and pulled the zipper down, revealing the dress within that was a favourite of Nat’s.
“I may hate the whole evening but damn, ” you looked at the dress with fondness remembering how it looked on you, “I’ll look good.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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just-dreaming-marvel · 11 hours ago
It’s Always Been You ~ 147
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 2,320ish
Summary: The final battle begins....
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Tumblr media
Y/N was lost in the midst of the chaos. Her unconscious body getting caught in one of the lower levels of the rubble. Tony was up first, searching for Y/N. He found the shield and Steve instead.
“Come on, buddy,” Tony urged, kneeling beside his brother-in-law. “Wake up.” Steve groaned, coming to. “That’s my man.” Tony held the shield up. “You lose this again, I’m keeping it.”
“What happened?” Steve asked.
“You messed with time. It tends to mess back. You’ll see.” Tony helped Steve to his feet.
“Where’s Y/N?”
“I was hoping she was with you. FRIDAY?”
“I am searching for her location, boss” FRIDAY responded.
“Please tell me that she’s alive."
“She has to be,” Steve said. “The Stones won’t allow anything to happen to her.”
“I’ve located Mrs. Stark,” FRIDAY announced. “She’s underneath the rubble.”
“Great, where?” Tony pressed.
“Tony,” Steve said, “maybe we need to deal with—“
“Deal with what?! Your sister—my wife is down there in who knows what kind of condition! We—I need to get to her!”
“Boss,” FRIDAY interrupted, “I don’t know if Y/N would see that as the best idea.”
“What?! Why are you choosing now to talk back, FRIDAY?”
“Because Thanos is here. Thor is currently watching him not too far from where you are.” Steve and Tony made eye contact.
“Y/N can protect herself,” Steve told his worried friend. “The she’ll be fine because the Stones need her.”
Tony nodded and the two walked out of the rubble they were in. They found Thor intensely watching Thanos, who was sitting on something not too far off.
“What’s he been doing?” Tony asked. 
“Absolutely nothing,” Thor answered.
“Where are the Stones?” Steve questioned.
“Probably somewhere under all this,” Tony responded. “FRIDAY’s looking. All I know is he doesn’t have them.”
“So we keep it that way.”
“You know it’s a trap, right?” Thor said.
“Yeah,” Tony agreed. “And I don’t much care.”
“Good. Just as long we are all in agreement.” Thor stretched out both hands as thunder cracked. He summoned both Stormbreaker and Mjolnir, which he had stolen during the time heist. HIs casual clothes transformed into his armor and cape, with his beard forming into a braid. “Let’s kill him properly this time.”
The three walked down the rubble towards Thanos. All of them were very serious and ready to end this once and for all.
“You could not live with your own failure. And where did that bring you? Back to me,” Thanos stated, as the three heroes slowly moved to surround him. “I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive. But you’ve shown me that’s impossible. And as long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be. They will resist.”
“Yep. We’re all kinds of stubborn,” Tony replied.
“I'm thankful. Because now, I know what I must do.” Thanos stood. “I will shred this universe down to its last atom.” He placed his helmet on his head. "And then– With the stones you've collected for me, create a new one. Teeming with life, but knows not what it has lost but only what it has been given.” Thor began crackling with lightning. “A grateful universe.”
“Born out of blood,” Steve said.
“They'll never know it. Because you won't be alive to tell them.”
And the fighting began.
Y/N groaned as she came to. Her head was pounding, it had obviously been hit during the chaos. She was breathing heavily as she took in her surroundings. There was a large metal beam trapping her against broken concrete.
“Hello!” She called out. “Is anyone there?” 
No response. And she instantly regretted not putting a comms device in her ear. Y/N grunted as she tried to push the beam off of her, failing. Looking up, she studied the rubble barely hanging on above her. She needed to be careful or it was going to completely crush her.
“Use us,” a rough voice whispered to her in her head. “Use us.”
“It has always taken a lot from me to control you,” Y/N responded, aloud. “How am I suppose to do what I have to if I’m weak?”
“You’ll be fine.” 
“What the hell am I even supposed to do anyway?”
“When the time comes, you will know.”
“You guys are incredibly unhelpful, you know?” She groaned as she tried to wiggle herself free again, without help from the Stones.
“You are wasting time.”
“Fine!” Y/N huffed. 
She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the Stones.
“Okay, Thor! Hit me!” Tony exclaimed, the back of his suit opening up.
Thor banged his 2 weapons together, each loaded with lightning, and aimed them at the back of Tony’s suit. The Iron Man suit sucked up the energy and he shot it out at Thanos using his hands and body. Thanos twirled his blade really fast to divert the energy. Thor grabbed Stormbreaker and used it to bat Mjolnir to hit Thanos. Thanos used Tony as a shield, knocking him out and away.
“Boss, wake up!” FRIDAY pled.
Steve tried to attack Thanos but was easily shielded away. Thor’s attack was quickly blocked by Thanos’ sword. Thanos grabbed onto Thor and lifts him up by the neck, choking him, before slamming him down and punching him. Mjolnir is flicked away as Thanos relentlessly beats up Thor, throwing him into a tree and socking him before throwing Thor over rubble and socking him again. Thor tried to grab Stormbreaker but Thanos grabbed it and used it against Thor. 
Form not too far off, Mjolnir began to float off the ground. Thanos was digging Stormbreaker into Thor, when suddenly Mjolnir flies into Thanos. It zoomed past, stopped, and then flew back the way it came. Both Thanos and Thor looked back in amazement as Steve wields the hammer.
“I knew it!” Thor said.
Frustrated, Thanos kicked Thor to the ground. Steve charged at the Titan, swinging Mjolnir, and hitting him in the face, knocking him down. Steve threw his shield and Thanos deflected. Steve threw Mjolnir to his shield, creating a shockwave and knocking Thanos off his feet. 
Steve then threw his shield at Thanos, quickly hitting it back at the Titan again with Mjolnir. He lined his arm up with Thanos to channel lightning his way. 
Thanos eventually got the upper hand, removing his helmet. He stabbed Steve’s leg and knocked Mjolnir out of the Captain’s hand. Thanos proceeded to destroy Steve’s shield with his double-bladed Soward and threw him across the battlefield. Steve staggeredly tried to get up.
“In all my years of conquest, violence, slaughter,” Thanos said, “it was never personal. But I’ll tell you now, what I’m about to do to your stubborn, annoying little planet—I’m gonna enjoy it. Very, very much.”
The entirety of Thanos’ army was then summoned to the ground. Upon seeing the army descending onto Earth, Steve slowly got back to his feet. With a fierce determination, he tightened his broken shield to his arm and stood against the army. Alone. Suddenly, a crackling came in on his comm.
“Hey, Cap, you read me?” 
Steve stopped and looked around.
“Cap, it’s Sam. Can you hear me?”
A portal began to form behind the Captain.
“On your left.”
Steve looked behind to see the portal on his left side. Three figures stepped through; Okoye, Shuri, and T’Challa, all ready to fight. Sam then zoomed in from above. As he did, dozens of more portals opened up all around the battlefield. Through one of the portals, Doctor Strange appeared, joined by Drax, Mantis, Star Lord, and Spider-Man. Everyone on the battlefield watched in confusion and awe as more and more heroes arrive through the portals from all the corners of the universe. 
Giant-Man (Scott) appeared out of the rubble with Rhodey, Bruce, and Rocket. Every one was lining up behind the Captain, all the teams and armies that Strange and the other sorcerers brought in to help. Tony was sitting up, finally coming around from the hit on his head. Suddenly, the ground in front of him began to tremble and crack. He pushed himself back as something blasted through it and into the sky. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was his wife.
Y/N was glowing with the power of the Stones. Each of the colors were circling around her, all six colors clearly defined. She slowly set herself down in front of Tony, the power fading away as she rushed to him.
“Tony! Are you okay?” She worried as she helped him to his feet.
“Am I okay?” He questioned. “You just shot up from the ground. You were glowing!”
“I’m okay. I’m ready to finish this. Once and for all.”
Tony pulled her in for a desperate kiss. Like he was terrified it would be their last. Y/N quickly reciprocated the desperation.
“I love you,” Tony breathed out as he pulled away.
“I love you too,” she responded.
They turned to join the group of heroes. Tony suited all the way up, while Y/N began to channel the Stones.
“AVENGERS!” Steve shouted, everyone gearing up as she summoned Mjolnir. “Assemble.”
Thor made a battle cry, as did T’Challa, and the heroes charged towards the opposing army. Thanos raised his sword towards the Avengers, signaling his army to charge as well. As the two armies collided, everyone short of paired up. Tony and Y/N were working together, keeping each other safe. Steve and Thor were doing the same thing, both switching off weapons. Steve had Stormbreaker in his hand while Thor had Mjolnir.
“No, no, give me that,” Thor said, tossing Mjolnir to Steve and signaling for Stormbreaker. “You have the little one.”
Steve passed Stormbreaker over and the two nodded to each other before running back into the battle. Y/N and Tony had gotten separated. Y/N could sense the Stones and knew she needed to get to them before Thanos did. It seemed that Thanos and his army knew that and were sending their biggest creatures to slow her down. 
Despite her trying, Y/N was thrown down, plowing through the ground. She was panting, and groaning in pain. The creature stalked towards her as she tried to get back up. It raised its claws above its head and was just about to ship down on Y/N when someone stepped in-between her and the creature and killed it. Y/N inhaled sharply, still slightly panting, as she took in her hero. Bucky had turned, looking down at her with those eyes she had fallen in love with. But it wasn’t the same anymore. Y/N now knew that she was over him, though he would always have a place in her heart.
“Bucky,” she breathed out.
“Hey, doll,” he smiled softly, helping her off the ground.
“Yeah, it’s me.”
“Bucky.” She practically jumped on him, hugging him tightly. He held her close. “We did it… you’re back.”
“I’m back. Though it’s been mere seconds for me.”
Y/N pulled away. The two studied each other’s faces. Y/N was trying to figure out how to say what she needed to. Bucky was studying her, knowing what she needed to say.
“It’s okay,” he whispered. “I kept you waiting too many times. I get it.”
Tears pooled in her eyes. “I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be. You’re happy, right? He treats you right?”
“Yes. He treats me like a queen. We have a daughter. Morgan Howard Stark.”
“Howard?” Bucky chuckled lightly. 
“Yeah, I was hesitant on it too. But Tony did some pretty good persuading.”
“I’m happy for you. Really.”
“Thank you.”
“Hey! Can you two old people stop catching up and come help us with the fight?” Sam exclaimed over the comms.
“Be right there,” Y/N responded. She shot out her hand to the side, blasting a creature into pieces. “Thanks for the save though, Buck. But I could have handled it.” She smirked before running off.
Tony was fighting by himself, creatures and one of the Children of Thanos were after him. He was punched at the ground and he was going to get back up when Giant Man stopped on the Child of Thanos. Peter swung in, immediately going to help Tony up.
“Hey! Holy cow! You will not believe what's been going on. Do you remember when we were in space? And I got all dusty?” Peter rambled after both his and Tony’s helmets disappeared. Tony was looking at Peter, trying not to brake out in a total grin. “I must've passed out, Because I woke up, and you were gone. But Doctor Strange was there, right? He was like, "It's been five years. Come on, they need us." And then he started doing the yellow sparkly thing that he does all the time–“
Tony took steps towards the teen. “He did?” He mumbled. “Oh, no.” He opened his arms and pulled the teen into him. “Hold me.”
“What are you doing?” Peter hugged back. Tony slapped Peter’s back and closed his eyes, holding him tighter. “Oh, this is nice.”
Y/N had noticed the two and had allowed them some time while she fought off the army. Finally, she was done. She landed behind them.
“Okay, boys, party’s over,” she commented.
“Y/N!” Peter exclaimed, rushing over to hug her.
“Hey, Peter,” she welcomed him into her arms. “I’m so glad you’re back. Now,” she pulled away, “keep fighting.”
“On it!” His helmet closed and he swung away.
The couple watched before making eye contact.
“We did it,” Tony whispered, coming closer to his wife.
“But it’s not over yet,” Y/N replied. She leaned in and kissed him. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
next chapter >
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mscalliewrites · 13 hours ago
“I stepped on a cornflake, does that make me a cereal killer?” With Bucky please xx
Cereal Killer
Tumblr media
Warnings: None, just some humour. No cornflakes were harmed in the writing of this drabble.
Author's Notes: Haha. My type of humour!
Tumblr media
Life as an avenger was always chaotic, always busy with not much free time to relax and do anything else. Most of the conversations that happened in the compound were mostly mission-related.
So, it was a little bit of a surprise to you to overhear Sam and Bucky argue about disrespecting cereal.
"You've just drowned the poor wheat! Your bowl is almost overfilling!" Bucky whined in disbelief from how much milk Sam had poured over his cereal.
"It's just cereal man, they don't have feelings." Sam retorted, crunching the cereal. Bucky scoffed as you walked in, with your arms folded and looking between the two men.
"Of all the things to talk about on a morning, you two are arguing about cereal?"
"Sam is disrespecting his cereal."
Sam scoffed and shook his head. "Will you please tell this idiot here that cereal doesn't have feelings?"
You bit your lip to hide the growing smile. "Cereal doesn't have any feelings Buck."
"Yes, they do Y/N! Don't agree with birdbrain here."
"Okay, so one time I accidentally stepped on a cornflake. Does that make me a cereal killer?" You asked, trying to make a point. This discussion was becoming ridiculous at this point.
Bucky stood with a scowl on his face. "It oughta be a crime!" He was offended, and stormed out of the kitchen. You looked back to Sam who was hunched over in laughter.
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natalieruhsman · 14 hours ago
reminder that i take blurb/fics requests for anything marvel/harry potter/peaky blinders!! both character x reader fics or ship pairings are welcome :)
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amberspellharbor · 23 hours ago
I've seen that your requests are open, can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like.
The request is here
I'm sorry it took so long to write it, I'm going as fast as I can while studying at the same time - I twisted the request a little bit to fit the story, I hope you'll like it !!!
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amberspellharbor · a day ago
Somewhere Only We Know (Bucky Barnes imagine)
Tumblr media
Request: @the-craziestone story about Bucky x Reader, where Bucky is really obsessed with Reader - But not in a creepy way, more like he's really really in love with her and he can only see her, like she's his world Anon: can you do something with reader gifting Bucky Barnes the 3 Lord of the Rings books? They were published after WWII, and reader knows he liked The Hobbit so she thinks it's something he'd like
Words: 2943
A/N: this is pure fluff with no warning, also I changed a tiny bit the second request to fit the story - enjoy ;)
He couldn’t explain the sadness he constantly felt every time he was walking through the streets of the city he used to know by heart. A stranger in a strange land was the best way to describe him. More than seventy years had passed, and he hadn’t witnessed any changes. While he had been a puppet deprived of freewill and controlled with the sole purpose of killing, he had missed the birth of a whole new world. Now, as he strode around the streets, he could easily remember each of their names, but none of them were familiar. His mind remained in the 1940’s and in the middle of the noises, surrounded by the sound of first responders vehicles, the children running around and cars piling up on the road, he was a stranger in his own home. It was an unsettling feeling, a pining melancholy that reminded him in every step he made that his Brooklyn didn’t exist anymore. 
He was furious in a way, but mostly confused. Haunted by memories he had gotten back a second ago, and they didn’t fit this new reality. He wasn’t even nostalgic, but the loneliness was getting heavier every day. He could still picture the park he used to take his sister, the alley where Steve had gotten beaten up one day, the bakery his mother used to go to every morning. Treasure of souvenirs he would keep forever. And although the park, the alley and the streets names were still here, he was left alone walking down Brooklyn. 
“Hey, Y/N!” He heard a voice shouting. “Where do I put those ?” 
His head mechanically turned to a young boy carrying a heavy box of what looked like antics. Without thinking he crossed the road and when his eyes laid on the small shop, he gasped. There it was, one small piece of his past still here. It was an old bookstore he used to go to with his sister. The man, a friend, an immigrant from France with a thick accent, would let them stay for hours. Bucky loved reading to Rebecca. They would sit inside and she’d insist to hear The Hobbit. François, the man owning the store, would make coffee and stay with them, relating the stories he had heard around the world, telling them all about the France he had known. It was all still here. ‘Au Nom de la Rose’ was still here. 
He didn’t hesitate a second and rushed inside the place, an honest smile on his face. His eyes roamed over the room and he took a deep breath. It was just like he remembered, a place filled with murmurs and whispers floating above his head and through the roof, indistinct conversations between friends, huge windows bringing in a powerful light at this hour of the day, plants in almost every corner. Even the atmosphere was the same, this powerful smell of imagination coming from the laying books on the shelves, begging to be read, mixing with a distinct smell coming from the dust. The small couch and the old table he used to sit by with his sister were also there. The wooden pieces had many rough and sharp edges but looked just as smooth and clean as he remembered. Finally, his eyes landed on a woman there. He watched her rearranging a bouquet of daffodils, breathing in the perfume of the vibrant flowers as she tended to them meticulously. 
For some reason, he couldn’t look away. She felt familiar, like he had known her all his life, yet he had never seen her before. When she turned around he took an instinctive step toward her. She noticed, raised her head and that was the moment their eyes met. His breath caught in his throat when she smiled at him. He stood, frozen on the spot, staring at her. He couldn’t comprehend that instant connection. There was an inexplicable sense of excitement yet weird feeling that they had known each other forever, that they were meeting each other again after a long journey. He was transfixed, almost stuck by the confusing mixture of emotions but oddly comforted by them - all at the same time. 
“Can I help you ?” She asked him.
He surprised himself thinking there was something eerily calming about her voice, that he could listen to her for hours.
“Do I know you ?” He quickly wondered out loud, mentally facepalming himself for his lack of tact. 
“Shouldn’t I be asking that question ?”
“Why ?”
“You’ve been staring at me for the past five minutes” She grinned.
“I’m … I’m sorry” He apologized profusely. “I didn’t mean to…” 
“Look weird ?” 
He could swear his heart skipped a beat when he heard her laugh.
“This place is beautiful”
“Thank you” 
“How long have you been working here ?”
“Forever” She smirked. “The store belongs to my family. Passed on from generation to generation” 
Bucky raised an eyebrow, surprised.
“You’re related to François Y/L/N ?” He questioned.
She tilted her head, crossing her arms.
“Now I’m intrigued” She told him. “How do you know about my grandfather ?” 
“We’ve met,” He answered without thinking. He rapidly realized his mistake when she narrowed her eyes in utter curiosity. “I … I didn’t mean … I mean … It was … It was a long time ago”
He gulped, hoping she wouldn’t push it. She looked him up and down, assessing him. 
“What’s your name, weirdo ?” She inquired, giving him a skeptical glance.
“Bucky. M’am” 
She smirked.
“Let me guess, a soldier ?” 
“How … ?” 
“You all have the same manners, and the same eyes”
“What do you mean ?”
She was now standing in front of him, staring at his face with the most adorable smile he had ever seen.
“You carry the same sadness and the horror you’ve seen” She replied honestly. “My father was a lot like that too” 
Her answer had the effect of a punch in the gut he hadn’t been expecting. He felt naked under her gaze, a stranger with the power to see through his soul.
“I’m Y/N” She introduced herself, raising her hand to shake his.
It was rare for him to smile truthfully but the unexpected bliss slowly growing made his lips twitch before he could even acknowledge it.
“Hi, Y/N” He greeted her.
She chuckled, amused. 
“Hi, Bucky” She murmured. 
After that encounter, he made a point of coming back as much as he could. He stayed for hours sitting on the couch, reading the same book over and over again. They shared quick words but he didn’t dare to start up a conversation, too afraid he would say something he shouldn’t, something that would scare her away. He was content like this. There was no Winter Soldier, no war, no fight, no one else than Bucky. Being next to this girl was in itself a medication for him. It made no sense but she was so bright and radiant. Like a magnet, he was sucked into an invisible gravitational pull toward her.
By the second week of him coming into the store, she started to notice the small marks of attention. He would come so silently she wouldn’t hear a thing, bringing a fresh cup of coffee he would lay on her counter when she wasn’t looking, replacing the daffodils before they could fade, carrying the heavy boxes filled with new books. When she wasn’t working, she would grab something to read and sit next to him. They would exchange a smile but wouldn’t talk. The proximity was enough. Their presence was louder than any word. A quiet routine they were slowly creating. 
By the fourth month, nothing had changed and that day was no different. Rain was pouring outside and the store was empty, except for Y/N and Bucky. Just as usual, he was reading in a corner while she was working. New stacks of books had arrived and she was methodically putting them on the shelves. Standing on a ladder, on the tip of her toes, she was so focused on the task she had failed to notice the soldier walking up to her. 
“Do you need any help ?” He offered. 
Surprised to hear his voice so close to her, she lost her balance and slipped. She yelped as her ankle hit one side of the ladder and automatically closed her eyes, anticipating the fall. She tried to brace herself but before her body could touch the ground she felt something cold holding her waist. Suddenly, instead of laying on the floor, she was against his hard chest, in a protective embrace. She recognized his arms around her and shivered at the odd coldness. He  felt it immediately and was quick to put some distance between them, making sure his metal arm was no more on her body and only his human hand was steadying her. 
“Are you alright ?” He questioned. She pursed her lips, trying not to show that she was hurt when she heard how worried he sounded. 
“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m fine”
He looked skeptic but didn’t say anything about it.
“I didn’t mean to scare you,” He apologetically told her.
He took the books scattered on the ground, putting them away, and helped her walk to the couch.
“You know, if the goal was to literally make me fall for you, I’d say you did a pretty good job there” She flirted, making him chuckle. 
He sat on the table in front of her and grabbed her calve, gently laying her leg on his thigh to assess the damage. From the corner of his eyes, he could see her blushing. It made him insanely happy to know he wasn’t the only one affected by their closeness. They tried not to look at one another, too embarrassed by the situation. This was the closest they had ever been and the touch on his skin on hers was more than enough to make her heart ready to jump out of her chest. When he clasped her injured ankle, she cried and instinctively pushed him back. 
“Fine, huh ?” He repeated her own words with a smirk.
She huffed and rolled her eyes.
“It’s not a big deal, Bucky” She reassured him. “I’ve got to get back to work”
“You’re not moving from this couch” He ordered.
“Is that an order, soldier ?” She ironically threw at him, crossing her arms in annoyance.
“You bet it is”
She watched him, intrigued, as he stood up and piled up some books on the table to put her ankle to rest on it. 
“No moving around, got it ?” He made sure she would follow his advice.
“Aye, aye, Captain”
He chuckled 
“Technically speaking, I’m not a Captain” He confessed as he continued what she had been doing earlier and started putting the books carefully on the right shelves. 
“Would you have preferred Sergeant ?” She replied, bitting her lips, unsure this was the wrong moment to admit she knew who he was.
He instantly stopped what he was doing and slowly turned around to stare at her.
“What did you say ?” He asked, more scared than ever.
Up until that moment, he had avoided telling her who he was. Becoming part of the Avengers meant his identity wasn’t a secret anymore, and although he had done a terrific job staying hidden among the mass of people, it wouldn’t have taken more than a little push to find who he really was. He stood in front of her, frozen, not having a clue how to react.
“Sergeant Barnes, isn’t it ?” She sounded nervous, almost frightened to say his name out loud.
“I… “ He tried to say anything, but as the rain kept pouring outside, slowly turning into a thunderstorm, he blankly stared back.
“Would you have told me ?” She whispered.
She humorlessly snorted. 
“We’ve known each other for more than three months, Bucky. I see you practically every day. Be honest, eventually would’ve never come” 
“It’s not like that” He tried to explain.
“I’m not mad, don’t worry” She sadly smiled. “I just wish… I guess I wish you could’ve trust me” 
He rubbed his jaw in frustration and made a step toward her. Without breaking his gaze, he slowly took the glove off, revealing his metal hand. Still, he didn’t look at her, too afraid of her reaction. The cold metal had never felt so hot against his skin, a burning reminder of the stranger he had become.
“I didn’t want you to be scared,” He admitted in a broken voice. 
“Of you ?” She was surprised. “Why would I be ?”
“I’m not a good man, Y/N”
“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that ?” 
“You don’t understand…”
“The red box under the counter” She interrupted him. “Can you take it for me ? And turn the sign of the shop, we’re closed.”
He gave her a puzzled look, but did as she said anyway. He locked the front door and took the box she asked for before walking to her and putting it directly in her hands.
“Sit” She instructed him.
He didn’t dare to stay near her and chose to stay on an opposite chair.
“I found this a little after you and I met” She told him, motioning to the box. “It was in the basement, hidden under old junks my parents had kept over the years”
He let her speak, not understanding where this was going or why she was telling him about that. She slowly opened the mystery box and took a small envelope out of it. It looked old, so old the paper had turned into a deep shade of yellow.
“My grandfather wrote this” She confessed. “In 1957. It’s addressed to Bucky and Rebecca Barnes. I believe it belongs to you” 
She handed him the letter that he took with shaky hands.
“How did you… ?” He started to ask.
“It was a long shot,” She explained. “The first time you were here, you said my grandfather's name like it meant something to you. Like you really knew him. When I found the box, and the envelope, I didn’t make the connection with you right away. But your name was all I needed to start my research. My parents kept pretty much everything so it didn’t took me too long to find an old photo with you and him, back in the 1930′s” 
He wasn’t moving at all when she showed him a picture François had taken of them right before he was enlisted. 
“I wanted to wait for the right time to tell you, I guess. I mean, you have enough ghosts as it is”
“Still not scared ?” He inquired in a humorless chuckle.
“Not one bit” She didn’t hesitate to reply.
She softly smiled and motioned for him to come closer. When he sat next to her, she moved the box from her lap to his. 
“We were friends, François and I” He recalled, his eyes glued on the letter. “He was married to Eloise. This bookstore was their treasure. He kept repeating that I shouldn’t go to war when I could stay hidden under the pages of books that would take me around the world without risking my life”
She took his metal palm between her fingers when she heard his voice breaking. He almost tried to remove it but she tightly entwined their hands together.
“Maybe he was right” He muttered under his breath.
“Or maybe you and I were meant to meet almost a century later” She shrugged.
He snorted before turning around the envelope to open it. Y/N gently laid her head against his shoulder and let him read in silence. She didn’t move when she felt his body shaking with tears but only held his hand harder.
“They’re originals, from 1954 I think. He kept them for you” She told him as he slowly took what was in the red box. A set of three old books. “Why Lord of the Rings, though ?” 
He laughed,sniffing, before brushing the tears off his face and staring down at the woman. At that very moment, he felt like the journey was done. His soul had stopped the search it had been on for a time that felt like forever. Like a century. 
“My sister and I, we used to come here often,” He said in a melancholic grin. Sorrow was finally starting to be replace by something much better, happiness. “We would sit on this very couch and she would make me read the Hobbit. She used to love that story so much.”
“How many times has she make you read it ?” The woman smirked.
“Enough to remember every single word” He exaggerated, making her giggle. “When I told François I was leaving, he said he would send me books to help me travel away from the war, even just for a moment. I guess he kept them, hoping I would come back. Even after I was declared dead” 
“Maybe deep down he knew you weren’t”
“And he planned this whole meeting with his granddaughter ?” He ironically added.
“Oh no, that was beyond him. That was fate, Barnes”
“I was meant to find you” He agreed, a deep feeling of love and utter contentment forming in his heart. He bent his head down and let all he needed to say be spoken through the kiss they shared. 
“Will you read it to me ?” She playfully requested.
Overflowed with joy, he smirked and kissed her forehead before opening the old book on his lap. There it was, the only choice he needed to make. The only home he had yearn to create. Her. 
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There are very few days such as this: no missions, no saving the world, just quiet conversation and equipment upgrades. Sam and Joaquín are discussing the new adjustments to his wings when your laughter rings out through the near-empty air hanger. Across the room, you and Bucky, deep in conversation, take no notice of the sets of eyes now observing you, one more intensely than the other.
“Oh…” It’s at that moment that Sam observes the stark difference in his protégé’s posture. The way his back is now straight, shoulders squared, gaze fixed on your figure, and lips slightly parted in awe as if you had just performed one sort of miracle, “OH!”
It takes several more ticks of the clock’s arms before Joaquín finally acknowledges Sam’s outburst. His eyes flick back to Sam before settling on you once again, “What?”
“You like her!” The older man announces his epiphany as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world now. Joaquín’s denials go unheard over Sam’s laughter, “You do. You stare at her all the time. You nearly lose your mind when having a conversation with her. I’ve never seen someone have that much trouble talking with another person before. It all makes sense now!”
Sam’s chuckles are now full-on belly laughs, the kind that make him grab at his sides and cause his abdominal muscles to clench in soreness. Meanwhile, Joaquín is the embodiment of embarrassment, hands waving frantically in the air and eyes darting between Sam and the location where you stand, “Shhh! Shhhh! Before her and Bucky hear you!”
“So it’s true then?!”
As if his presence was magically spoken into existence, Bucky suddenly appears behind the two, “What’s true?”
“Oh, fuck…” With a hand over his racing heart, Joaquín slinks away from Buck, hoping to create enough should he in a head start in fleeing.
“Jaoquín, here, is crushing on our girl (Y/N).”
Bucky’s silence lingers as he contemplates the information before finally deciding to step into Joaquín personal space, “Look here kid. (Y/N) is very important to us and if you do anything to hurt her, if you even think about doing something to hurt her, I will hunt. you. down.
“Of course. I’d never do anything to hurt her, sir. I promise.”
Bucky holds his stare, perhaps hoping to somehow project the images of what he’d do should the man ever break your heart. It would not be pleasant but to protect you, Bucky would walk through hell itself. Sam is the one to interrupt the silent communication. In a hushed whisper, he continues his teasing, “Oooooh, Joaquín. Here she comes! Get ready.”
Tumblr media
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Avengers Masterlist
Requested by Anon: “Hey! Can i request a Joaquin Torres x Avenger!reader where the reader is very close to Sam and Bucky, and when they notice Torres has a crush on the reader or something, Sam teases while Buck gets protective like a big brother? Thanks have a good”
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Everything Has Changed: Part 13
Days spent in the state of the art lab preparing for the first attempts at the experimental synthesis of medication and DNA modifications that would ignite those receptors that drew omega’s to alpha’s and vice versa. It was the first day of the experiment and the entire lab was buzzing with excitement and hopefulness that this would further limit the repercussions of the Snap and Blip.
With the volunteers already checked into the lab, you were in the midst of preparing for your part in the experiment, when the approach of Dr. Banner had stopped you in your tracks.
On his approach, your stomach tightened as you recognized the face of bad news. You didn’t know what he was going to tell you or what would become of the rest of your day, but you knew that something was going to change.
You could feel it in your bones, you could see it clearly in his eyes and the way he carried himself that there was something unspoken that was bothering him.
You moved away from the core of the lab toward the far left side that was much quieter and would allow for a hushed conversation. When you came to stand in front of him, you shoved your hands into your lab coat pockets, fiddling with the pen to keep your nerves at a low.
“Dr. Banner, what’s the bad news?” You asked even if you didn’t want to. If you could’ve remained ignorant, you would have. However whether you wanted to know or not, Dr. Banner would tell you.
“Y/N,” he crossed his arms over his chest, hesitating to speak, “I know that you’ve spent countless hours preparing for the launch of this procedure-“
“-but…?” You felt the preemptive sting of tears.
“You can’t be a part of the experiment itself. The conditions to be part of the actual testing of the procedure are very clear-“
“What did I do wrong?” Tears blurred your vision, the airy gasps that left your mouth were the tip of the emotional iceberg.
“Nothing, Y/N. You did nothing wrong. You’re brilliant and talented, however the conditions do not allow pregnant women to partake in the procedure.”
“Pregnant?” Your eyebrows furrowed and you wrapped your arms around yourself. “I’m not pregnant…”
“I had to do a final test on the blood we’d taken and on every sample you’d given us to confirm your readiness. When I test your sampled and your blood, I got the confirmations.”
To prove the point he was trying to make, Dr. Banner handed you the tablet in his hands with all the data already loaded snd ready for you to see. On the tablet screen was the clear image of your hormone levels that has shifted as well as the sharp spike in estrogen and progesterone that proved not only were you pregnant, but the levels in which they’d increased had opened the possibility up to their being more than one baby.
“There’s no symptoms.”
“You know as well as I do the symptoms of pregnancy’s may not show up within the first month. Based on the hormone levels, I’d say you’re just under a month.” Dr. Banner placed his hand on your shoulder snd squeezed.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. But in my good conscience I can’t allow you to be one of the constant’s in the experiment. You can still run the trial and head it up if you would wish, however being part of it is no longer an option.”
“Pregnant.” You stared at the tablet while mentally being a mile away.
Kids. You’d always wanted kids, but later on in your life. You were only 22 and you’d just started your career.
You heard Dr. Banner speak yet you couldn’t take your attention off the numbers on the screen. You couldn’t take your eyes off the hormone spikes and the clear data that damned you from your own trial.
“You should tell Steve and Bucky-“
“Excuse me.” You handed the tablet back to him, more like shoved it into his arms, and pushed past him.
“Y/N, talk to Steve and Bucky. Tell them before you-“
“I need air. I need-“ you slipped your lab coat off and tossed it toward a desk chair. Before it could even land on the chair, you were headed toward the door of the lab. You placed your hand against the biometric lock and wait the half second as it scanned your DNA before it let you out. You slipped through the door and moved in a haze, completing everything action that would take you from the lab, to the elevator and then to the lobby of Stark Tower. You moved by autonomy, while your head was reeling and you were consumed by a constant barrage of questions aimed at yourself and your situation.
“Y/N!” Your name was called but you kept moving. “Y/N, stop!”
You kept moving until you collided with a body made of muscle snd strength. After colliding with the body, you craned your neck and studied the man hovering over you, relief and insignificant anguish at the pair of blue eyes watching you.
His brown hair, thick and luscious, was cut short. It was a new look for him after having his longer hair for a while. He was clean shaven too, it looked as fresh as his haircut. His blue eyes were caught between concern and caution, his hands reaching out to grab your arms.
He was your alpha, you should find comfort in his touch and yet…
“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He was holding your arms in gentle grasps. “You didn’t hear me calling your name. What’s wrong?”
Pregnant. You were pregnant.
“I need air. I need to get out of here. I need…” Your eyes dart around the lobby of Stark tower, your stomach churning the burning acid inside.
“You’re okay.” Bucky cupped your cheeks. “You’re going to be okay just-“
“No!” You slapped his hands away. “No im not going to be okay! I’m not okay! I need air!”
“You’re having a panic attack,” he reached for you again, “let me help you.”
You stepped back, your eyes widening as the sting of bile rose in your throat. The word PREGNANT has been at the forefront of your mind, repeating on a record.
You wanted kids, but not yet. You’d worked so hard to get where you are now.
“Baby please-“
You were going to be sick. You couldn’t breathe and you were going to be sick. You felt the bile rise in your throat, the stinging acid that burned as it crawled, the fresh wave of bushes tears making it hard to see as you nearly collapsed from the shock of what had just conspired.
“Are you okay?” Bucky was on you in an instant, an arm wrapped around your waist to steady you. “You’re flush.”
“I need air…” You mumbled under your breath, settling into a panic attack that was sever enough to induce nausea.
“Let me help you upstairs, doll.” Bucky started to help you stand and while his touch was comfortable, it was almost smothering.
His presence as an alpha gave you comfort you knew you needed yet it had also made you feel as if your breathing was even more restricted than it had been. It made you feel as though you were truly gasping for air.
“No!” You pushed him off of you with unknown strength. “No! I need air! I need to be alone!”
You rebuffed him and ran with all you had in you to the exit. You burst through the doors of Stark tower and pressed on even further. You ran until your lungs were burning and your heart was beating like a war drum in your chest and when you finally stopped, you sunk.
You sunk to your knees and wrapped your arms around yourself as you cried, as you screamed your frustrations.
You wanted to be a mother and you wanted your career.
You wanted a baby and you wanted your own mother back.
You wanted a family with Steve and Bucky, and you wanted to see the fruits of your years of hard work.
You cried until you couldn’t anymore. You cried until your voice was horse and your eyes were puffy.
You don’t know how long you were out there, wherever you were. You didn’t know how long you’d spent curled into yourself, crying until your voice was weak. You’d spent your energy running from your anxieties, running from the news that flipped your world upside down.
“It’s okay.” Steve’s voice hit your ears, the suffocating comfort was replaced with gentility. “You’re okay, doll.”
He came to your side and held you, he came to your side and embraced you as you broke down in his arms. You clung to him with as much might as you could gather, silently accepting the shift in comfort as he pulled you into his lap in whatever alley or on whatever street you’d found yourself on.
“You’re going to be okay, sweetheart.” Steve mumbled into your hair, he pressed his lips against the side of your forehead and soothes you with the gentle rocking of his body. “Let me take you home. Please.”
“Take me home.” You went lax in his arms, knowing that you had a lot more processing to go through but it would be better to do it in the comfort of their presence, with them being part of the conversation.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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My inspiration to write is dead so please fill my inbox with requests/prompts literally everything
Tumblr media
Fandoms I can write for:
Tumblr media
The Walking Dead
Tumblr media
Harry Potter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My Hero Acadamia
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No !dark aus
I won't put minors in NSFW situations.
Ships & self insert are fine
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songbook 📖
🌼🌷🌺🌻☁️ welcome to my garden! pick a flower, listen to some tunes, and enjoy your stay! ♡ thank you so much for stopping by, i hope to see you again 🌼🌷🌺🌻☁️
honeyedtulips x🌷♡
Tumblr media
| the playlist |
♡ bucky’s songs♡
 ♡ nat’s songs♡ 
♡ andy barber’s songs♡
♡ steve’s songs♡
♡ sam’s songs♡
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Cap USA and his OAP’s (Bucky Barnes)
(FFR Masterlist ~ My other blog you might enjoy)
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This is a x Female!Reader. Thank you for reading... I hope you enjoy! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Buckyvision Part 2: An Unideal Life
Summary: In this reality, you and Sam have a relationship too close for Bucky’s liking and he can’t do anything about it.
Pairings: Captain America!Sam Wilson x You
Warnings: swearing, gun violence
A/N: Sorry if I missed adding you to the tags! Let me know
Word Count: 3.3k
Heads up!:  @ironmansuucks  @fanofalltheficsx  @intothesoul  @ladifrickinda  @reichelhache  @austynparksandpizza  @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms  @thesneakylittleminx  @bluemoon-icecream  @mizz-kraziii  @stolenxkissess @kennedywxlsh  @fragile-heartt  @pistachoz  @acciosiriusblack @galaxysweets @xkonpinkx @i-just-like-fanfics​
Tumblr media
From being surrounded by a scarlet energy, Bucky was suddenly transported into an alleyway in the middle of the day.
“Bucky, this way,” a gruff voice whispered from behind. As Bucky looked back, he saw Sam entering an unmarked building. Automatically, switching into Winter Solider mode, Bucky stealthily followed Sam.
“What’s going on?” Bucky whispered as he and Sam ran up a staircase. He wanted to get some idea of what was going on, so he didn’t get blindsided.
“We’re following, Y/N remember? Torres said she had popped up on his radar around here. We literally just talked about this,” Sam answered, annoyed.
“Right, right,” Bucky took note then shot back, “You know it’s just when you talk, it’s hard to listen. Your voice is not pleasing to the ears at all.”
“You didn’t have to come you know,”
“Sure I did, you’re hopeless without me and you don’t even have Y/N,”
“Just be quiet and stay out of the way,” Sam rolled his eyes and put his hand up to silence Bucky. Bucky didn’t say anything as they approached the door with roof access. Sam looked at Bucky. Bucky in turn nodded to signal that he was ready. Sam slowly and quietly reached for the door handle and turned it.
“Why are you moving like a turtle?” Bucky furrowed his forehead.
“I don’t want her to see or hear us. Element of surprise remember?” Sam shook his head in disbelief, “You really don’t listen,”
“But it’s Y/N, why do we want to surprise her?” Bucky asked in confusion. For the whole time, he thought that you were maybe kidnapped, and they were on the way to rescue you.
“Did you hit your head or something?” Sam let go of the door and turned to Bucky almost fuming.
“Uhh…” Bucky hesitated to answer, “Just remind me?”
“Seriously?” Sam snapped.
“Just remind me,” Bucky repeated getting frustrated himself.
Sam huffed, “You know what? No, just stay behind.”
“Just tell me,” Bucky grunted, but Sam ignored him and went on the roof quietly. Bucky let out a frustrated sigh and followed him silently. In the distance of the rooftop, Bucky saw you and his jaw dropped. You had shorter than usual hair, and wore a red skintight suit while holding a large sniper rifle. You had one foot on the edge of the building as you stared into the distance looking for your mark. It was all very femme fatale, and he was all for it.
“Oh man,” Bucky sighed dreamily as he admired you from afar. He hadn’t seen you like this before and it stirred something inside him. You were very competent as a fighter, but you had a very class clown energy usually. You loved throwing out quips to the bad guys which was still entertaining but seeing you glare…man, it was enough to get Bucky’s heart pounding. He imagined looking up at you from some bed as you pushed him down forcefully and and got on top. Bucky’s cheeks burned.
“She looks hot,” Bucky continued his comment, “Wow…this is really doing it for me,”
“Are you fucking serious?” Sam whispered aggressively.
“What? Don’t deny it. Y/N looks really good in that suit and with the hair. I mean…I’d let her scratch me while we’r—”
“Stop right there. Don’t finish that sentence,” Sam interrupted, “First of all, she looks great, you don’t have to tell me that. But second, don’t talk about my girlfriend li—”
“GIRLFRIEND?!” Bucky cried out in shock, “Since when?”
“Be quiet!” Sam hissed. It was already too late though because you had already noticed them. Sam knew this. You quickly aimed your large sniper rifle knowing that the two would take a while before getting to you. Sam threw his shield at you hoping to stop your assassination attempt while Bucky ran towards you. You simply put up a forcefield to protect yourself from the shield then grabbed the handgun from your thigh. You shot at Bucky to slow him down. He raised his metal hand to block the bullets and continued to run towards you. At this point, Sam had begun to run towards you as well. Becoming impatient, you formed another force field and pushed both of them to the side of the building. As Bucky and Sam were propelled sideways, Bucky quickly grabbed the edge of the building with his metal hand while grabbing Sam with his flesh hand.
“You should’ve just stayed behind!” Sam yelled at him.
“Yeah, and how would you have survived this?” Bucky grunted while swinging Sam side to side.
“I have wings, dumbass,”
Before Sam could do anything, Bucky roared and flung Sam back up onto the rooftop. As Bucky pulled himself up, he heard a gunshot noise and Sam shout,
Bucky breathed in and out and pulled himself up quickly. As he got on top of the roof, he saw Sam trying to negotiate with you.
“It’s me, Y/N. It’s Sam. Remember me? I’m your boyfriend and we love each other very much so please snap out of it,”
“That’s not going to work,” Bucky told him while studying you. You slowly moved your gaze from Sam to Bucky while keeping a serious face. Your eyes traveled from the top of his head to his feet and then back up. You then raised an eyebrow at him. This sent a small chill down his spine. Jeez what was it about you right now? Was it the haircut or the way you looked at him?
“What do you suggest we do then?” Sam retorted, “This is how Steve got through to you,”
Bucky began to piece things together. You were brainwashed by HYDRA or something and turned into their personal weapon. It made sense as to why Sam and Torres were keeping a close eye on you and how popping up on the radar made them want to move quickly. It also made sense that the element of surprise was important.
“How many times have you tried bringing her back using her memories and how many times has it worked?” Bucky inquired. Sam didn’t say anything and looked away in shame. It was true that Sam tried this many times before and got no response. Bucky on the other hand didn’t mean for his question to be an attack on Sam, he just really wanted to know. Based on Sam’s response, however, Bucky deduced that the memory recall strategy hadn’t worked very well. This meant one of two things: 1) The memories of Sam and you weren’t strong enough to get you to snap out of it or 2) You weren’t brainwashed the same way he was. There was something else that was controlling you. 
Bucky needed to test a few things. He grabbed Sam’s shield and threw it to you. At the same time, Bucky dashed forward. He needed some hand-to-hand combat time with you. The original Bucky from this universe might have already known, but he still needed to piece the whole puzzle out. This time, you didn’t dodge the shield, but you actually caught it. Damn, that was hot too. As Bucky lunged forward, you flipped backwards and threw the shield at him. He caught it but his eyes never left you. You were never this graceful before. Had you always been catlike in this universe or was it something else? Before Bucky could do anything else, you had jumped off the building.
“NO!” he darted forward and reached out for you. As he extended his grasp, Bucky’s flesh fingers barely brushed against the sleeve of your suit. Meanwhile, his metal arm bumped against the edge of the rooftop an stopped him from falling off. He watched as your body gracefully fell down the building. Suddenly he saw a white winged figure come up from behind you. Sam had grabbed you from behind and lifted you high up in the air. His hands were wrapped around your biceps.
“Y/N, this isn’t you!” Sam shouted in your ear as his grip around you tightened. You tried to wriggle out of his hands, but you weren’t in a position to get any leverage. From below, Bucky watched as you both struggled mid-air. He began searching his pockets for anything that could help. On his right pocket was something that felt like a dart. As Bucky pulled it out, he saw that it was something that resembled a tranquilizer dart. At least this universe’s Bucky was somewhat prepared. He began to feel around his body for a dart gun or something. After a while, he finally found something that could be used. Unfortunately, it already seemed like you had already broken free from Sam and were freefalling.
You surrounded yourself with a force field to protect your body when landing. As the you reached the rooftop, your force field created a crater on top of the building. The force field absorbed the much of the impact and allowed you to land unscathed. You looked around for any sign of the other person but was surprised when you saw the rooftop completely empty. You quietly grabbed the sniper rifle you had left behind and strutted towards the exit. As you opened the door, your eyes met the gaze of the Winter Soldier standing on the other side. Before you could react, he had plunged the dart into your left arm. You pushed yourself backwards and began to run away. As you ran however your head began to feel fuzzy and your legs felt weak.
Bucky watched as you tried to run away. You didn’t get too far before collapsing on the ground. Bucky slowly approached you examined your body. Everything seemed normal but as he cupped your neck with his human hand, he felt a small, unnatural bump. Bucky carefully adjusted you to see the back of your neck more. Luckily, your short hair allowed for easy access and viewing. He saw the unnatural and long bump on the back of your neck. It was evident to him that something was inserted into your neck. It was possible that the device connected all the way to your brain, so he hesitated to pull it out completely. Bucky picked you up and went to go find Sam to resolve the problem.
Your eyes slowly opened to see Bucky sitting in the corner of your hospital room. His eyes were closed and arms crossed. He was probably waiting a long while for you to wake up, you figured. After telling Bucky that you and Sam were dating, he had cut off contact with you guys. It was surprising and totally unexpected. So, when you saw Bucky, you felt some relief.
“Hey,” you weakly called to him. This however was enough for Bucky to hear as his eyes snapped open and he turned to you.
“Hey,” he stood up and pulled his chair towards your bed, “How are you feeling?”
“Like I was hit by a train…What happened?” you asked him. Bucky placed his clasped hands onto the hospital bed and leaned forward.
“From what I heard, you got kidnapped and brainwashed into being an assassin.” He gave you a small smile that made your insides feel warm. Tears welled up in your eyes. It had been so long since you last saw him, and it felt like forever since he smiled at you.
“It’s all Sam’s fault. You shouldn’t have picked him,” Bucky casually said, but you knew he was joking this time, so you let out a weak laugh. Bucky continued, “I fixed it though so no need to worry. Also, if you really wanted to know what being a brainwashed assassin felt like, you should’ve just asked me.”
“I’m glad you’re not upset anymore,” you told him.
Bucky inhaled deeply and let out a sharp exhale while leaning back in his chair. He pursed his lips and contemplated the next words that would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t really say anything about being upset because this wasn’t his life. Maybe in this life, he was madly in love with you but didn’t have the courage to say anything. He was slow and lost you to Sam. If Bucky considered the situation, which he had while waiting for you to wake up, he would’ve probably been really upset too. After all, he was initially upset when you two had fought and you moved out. He pretended he didn’t care to protect himself, but he was deeply wounded. He was pretty devastated when he returned to the apartment to find your room empty. The nice part about your departure was that he didn’t have to see you at all. It was all very out of sight, out of mind. In this life, he was probably working with you and Sam and being a third wheel on missions probably felt shitty.
“Well…I don’t know about that,” was all Bucky said to preserve the pride of the original Bucky of this reality.
“Please James,” you pouted while reaching for his hand. Bucky allowed you to hold his hand and stroke it gently with your thumb. You pleaded, “Let it go…I’m happy, Sam’s happy… you should be happy for us,”
“I like your new haircut,” Bucky changed the subject.
“He’s going to propose soon,” you suddenly said. You were not his Y/N. This life that he was currently in wasn’t his so he couldn’t take anything that happened personally. But even with that being said, your sudden news felt like a stab in the chest. It wasn’t that he didn’t like Sam or that Sam was a bad person, but he supposed that if you were going to be with anyone…he wanted it to be him. This of course was a new sentiment and maybe he developed it after spending a whole day with a version of you that was his wife and the mother of his children. Or maybe this was the feelings of the Bucky who usually inhabited this reality. Did any of those Buckys reside in him while he was there? Did they stay unconscious or were they transported to his life?
“And how do you know that?” Bucky asked while trying to sound casual.
“I saw the ring box in our apartment while I was cleaning,” you divulged while smiling goofily. Your demeanor and personality had completely changed after taking out that device, Bucky noticed. Your glare and silence had been replaced by a sunnier disposition. He preferred it this way. No matter how hot he found your assassin side, he preferred an affectionate and talkative you any day.
“Wow, he’s shit at hiding things too.” Bucky mumbled, “Are you sure you want to be with this guy?”
“I missed you,” you then expressed while tightening your grip on his hand. Bucky inhaled deeply and felt a buzz in his chest. These were words that would affect him even in his own reality. When you had first called for him to help out with Wanda he was in total shock. Of all the people you could’ve called, it was him. However, when you saw him, you were all business. Because of your formality, Bucky decided to keep a wall up and hardened his heart. But the words you had just uttered were probably the ones he wanted to hear from the you in his own reality the most. This almost felt therapeutic to him.
“I…” he paused for a moment then said sincerely, “I missed you too,”
You smiled and gave Bucky’s hand a light squeeze of affection,
“How have you been then?” you asked him.
“Terrible,” he answered honestly although he didn’t know if it was true for this Bucky.
“Well, you could always come back to working with us,” you suggested.
“And watch you guys be gross and cutesy with each other during missions? No thanks, I’d rather gouge out my eyes.”
“Dramatic as usual,” you slapped his hand, “Sam and I are very professional and would never do that.”
Bucky snorted then gave a smirk in disbelief. You opened your mouth to comment when the door slammed open as Sam rushed in with a bag of food in his hand. He dropped the food bag and shoved Bucky against the wall as he approached your bed. He cupped your face and quickly kissed you. It was a pretty long kiss Bucky thought. Sam then pulled away and scanned your face for any other injuries. You assured him that everything was okay while rubbing his arms. You cupped Sam’s neck and pulled him towards you for a short kiss before pressing your forehead against his.
“I love you,” you told Sam.
“I love you too,” he replied.
Bucky unconsciously clenched his fists and jaw. He felt almost disgusted seeing Sam shower you with affection. All he could do however was look away.
“I’m so sorry this happened. I promise it won’t happen again,” Sam kissed your forehead.
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”
“I love you,” Sam said again.
“I love you,” you smiled at him. Bucky rolled his eyes and quietly gagged. Knowing he couldn’t take any more of this saccharine display of emotions, Bucky began to leave.
“Bucky wait,” you called out to him, “Please don’t go.”
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna just stand outside. I don’t want to get in the way of your reunion,” he explained.
“Okay,” you smiled and watched him leave.
Bucky tried to keep his word and stood outside. He leaned against the wall across from your room. There was a little window that showed you and Sam. You two looked at each other with affection and it was sickeningly sweet. It was official: this reality sucked. Bucky didn’t want to pretend any more that he was okay and that this pained emotion was inherited from the Bucky of this reality. This sucked. Again, Sam was a great guy and probably a great partner so it wasn’t technically bad but it wasn’t ideal. He kept reminding himself that Sam was a good guy and good partner for you. However, when he watched Sam kiss you and hold you, Bucky’s blood began boiling. He didn’t know why….okay he knew why…he was jealous but who could blame him? You were his wife! Okay you weren’t in this reality, but you were in a different life! Bucky ran his fingers through his hair and lightly slammed his head against the wall. Why didn’t this Bucky tell you how he felt a lot sooner? Why’d he drop the ball? Bucky at this point totally understood why this reality’s Bucky cut contact. It felt terrible to be constantly reminded of your mistake. Just then, a flash of red from the corner caught Bucky’s eye. As he looked, he saw the same scarlet energy that moved him from the first world to this. The energy looked like a large crack on the wall almost. As a nurse passed him, Bucky stopped her,
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but uhm, do you see that red light?” he asked her. She looked around the hallway then shook her head.
“No? Okay, thanks, I should probably go see a doctor soon,” he gestured for her to leave. So he was the only one who saw Wanda’s whatever. For a moment Bucky just stood and waited. Maybe someone would come out this time. However, the longer he waited, the smaller the crack became. Bucky gave you and Sam one more look. Sam had moved onto the bed and spooned you. Bucky inhaled and exhaled sharply. Fuck this reality. He walked towards the crack and the world around him disappeared again.
Part 1
Part 3
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pistachiojbarnes · 2 days ago
tbh ive been thinking of writing a multiple chapter fic (with longer chapters, i promise i can write those LOL) where y/n or the reader was best friends with steve and bucky in the forties and works alongside peggy as an agent. while saving bucky with steve, they fall down alongside bucky and get kidnapped by hydra. they then are trained just like bucky, as a winter soldier and i might just follow the timeline of the movies or do something else, i’m not quite sure yet.
it’s 100% inspired by other fics i’ve read where similar events have happened so originality is hard plot wise but i wanna put my own spin on it and see how it works out. so depending on how i manage my time, i’ll see if it can get done. but i will try to post my regular one-shot imagines!!
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wigglywoowanda · 2 days ago
Age Gap {Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan} One-shot
Requested?: yes
Request:  Can I get a request for either Sebastian or Chris where the reader(early 20s) and him discuss age gap?
Words: 1.2K 
***Warnings and Potential Triggers****: Age gap (between 10-20 years), slight cussing, online bullying and hate (don’t send hate to people), fluff
Reminder- My inbox is still open for requests. Most Marvel actors and characters I will write for. I will also be doing SFW ABCs here and there. (Those I’m excited for!) The drabbles will start below the cut! Hopefully you enjoy it! Please keep in mind, it has been a long time since I have published any writings.
Chris Evans
Tumblr media
When Chris asked you out, you were over the moon. It was something that you never expected. It was simply a bliss until you and Chris had the serious discussion about announcing the relationship to the public. You were a little hesitant at first, but seeing Chris’ puppy dog face, made you give into his pleas. After his appearance on the Late Late Show, you were shocked to hear that he also revealed that you were a little over 15 years younger than him. A lot of fans went to your Twitter, and started to attack you for your age. A lot of them were accusing you of using Chris and being a gold digger. It made your heart hurt and regardless of knowing how Chris felt about you, you began to distance yourself. Chris had started to notice this, and while you meant well, the distancing worried Chris. You’d only been together for about 10 months and you were already turning down going to red carpets as well as casual dates outside of the house. 
One afternoon, you were scrolling through Twitter to read the hate tweets. Chris had gone out to get some Starbucks and you were waiting to hear his car pull into the drive. He had no idea that you were receiving any sort of hate, due to the fact that Chris didn’t have Twitter at the time. Dodger heard Chris pull in first, running off the couch towards the door. He barked a couple times and you didn’t realize that the door had opened. You didn’t even process Chris talking to Dodger or even notice him until he entered the room with your coffee. He glanced over your shoulder as he walked past the couch, pausing to snatch your phone out of your hands. 
“Hey!” You gasped out while Chris replaced your open hands with your Frappuccino. 
“What are you looking at, Dove?” Chris asked, using the nickname that never failed to make you smile. Chris flipped over your phone and looked down at the screen. He took a seat beside you on the couch, not looking at you as he did so. “Y/N is using Chris for his fame. What a fucking gold digger. A 15 year age gap is too much. He needs someone more mature and older.” 
“Keep reading them. They only get better,” You muttered while taking a drink of your Frappuccino. 
“Y/N doesn’t deserve Chris. If he’s willing to do a 15 year age gap, I wonder if he would do a 25.” Chris read another tweet, a frown on his face. “Tsk tsk. . . Had you told me that Chris would be dating my age, I would be more than willing to be in Y/N’s spot. She doesn’t deserve him. #goldigger.”
Chris locked your phone, setting it down on the coffee table in front of the two of you. The two of you didn’t exchange words for a few moments before Chris set his coffee down. He took your coffee from you, setting it next to his. Your hands trembled a little before Chris took them in his. He pressed kisses to your knuckles, his eyes meeting yours. 
“How long has this been going on?” Chris’ voice was soft. He was never angry with you. 
“Since the Late Late Show. . . “
“Dove, that was nearly three months ago. Why didn’t you tell me that you were receiving things like this?” 
“I didn’t want you to reconsider,” Your voice is soft and you can’t help but watch his face. 
“Reconsider?” Chris shook his head before moving his hands to your face. “Reconsider one of the best decisions of my life? Those tweets you’re reading are made by teenagers or even jealous adults. Y/N, our age gap doesn’t bother me. I have no problem dating someone who is 15 years younger than me. You are my best friend and I don’t care what the fans think. You shouldn’t either.” His hands cupped your cheeks, pulling our face closer to his. “All that matters is that I love you. That’s all that should matter to you as well.” 
Finishing his sentence, he pressed his lips to yours. The kiss reassured you that he wasn’t going to reconsider anything. All the words that he just spoke, seeped into the shared kiss. When he pulled back, he had to wipe away a few tears that rolled down your face. He kissed your lips again softly before rubbing your arms. 
“Besides,” Chris paused, flashing you his thousand dollar smile. “Age is overrated.” 
Sebastian Stan
Tumblr media
You met Sebastian through your father’s photography business. Your dad worked for GQ and was a phenomenal photographer. After a few coffee dates after the photo shoot, Sebastian asked you to be his girlfriend. He didn’t really care about the 13 age gap, which made you happy.  It was a really sweet gesture; he showed up at your father’s studio, with a full bouquet of your favorite flowers. You were busy taking photos of the next cover star when you felt him gently tap your shoulder. When you turned around, you were greeted by the sight of Sebastian holding the bouquet as well as your favorite coffee. He sweetly asked you and when you said yes, he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. (Of course, your father got some amazing shots of interaction.)  
 During the press for “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier”, Sebastian was asked hundreds of questions about his relationship status. You had been quarantined with him since the beginning of the pandemic, so you were getting a lot of solo Sebastian time. You loved waking up to him every morning and seeing his beautiful face whenever you woke up before him. Before his next interview, Sebastian and you were lazing around in bed still. It was nearly noon and his interview was at 2:30. You had your head resting on his bare chest, listening to his breathing and his heart beating. The sound simply made your anxieties about your life go silent. Sebastian’s hands were running up and down your arms, comforting you even more. 
“Babe?” He asked softly, making you tilt your head up. “I have a question for you.” 
“What’s up?” 
“How would you feel if I wanted to go public? I’m so sick of lying about not being in a relationship. I want to show you off to the world. I want to go to the red carpets when COVID is gone. I want to be able to love you in public, without a care in the world. You make me happy and I want to be able to share that with my fans and my coworkers.” Sebastian suggested, watching your face. 
“What about our 13 year age gap? A lot of people aren’t fans of age gaps. Sometimes it makes people uncomfortable.” You responded while playing with his fingers that now rested on your lower arms. 
“I don’t want to get shit for dating someone I care about,” You responded softly. 
“Forget what everyone else thinks. Just think of this; I love you,” It was the first time that Sebastian said those three words to you. 
The worries about the age gap disappeared while you leaned up to press a kiss to his lips. In that very moment, there was nothing that could make you happier than being with the man that you loved.
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imaginedreamwrite · 2 days ago
The Auction: Part 1
Summary: In which Natasha pushes you to be auctioned off for a weekend for charity, and the opportunity arises for two super soldier’s to have reader at their mercy for a full weekend
** **
The Avengers were akin to celebrities and that created a need for personal assistants to help support and create ease in their lives while they fought off the threats that faced the world.
As a person assistant, your job revolved the most basic errands such as getting fresh coffee or picking up their dry cleaning, making their day to day as seamless as possible, to making sure all preparations were made for any and all trips that they would have to go on to save the world.
Being a personal assistant wasn’t a glamorous job, and the hours proved to be long and draining, but the pay was incredible. Not only was the pay incredible but the benefits of being a PA had vastly outweighed the negatives. Yes, you worked long hours and had a hectic schedule, but when your assigned avenger was on a mission overseas or on vacation, your free time grew exponentially.
As long as the basics were handled, you had quite a lot of time on your hands when they were in another country.
Your assigned avenger was Natasha Romanoff, and given her skill as an assassin and spy, your free time was on the higher end than someone who stuck closer to home like Peter Parker or Bruce Banner or even Tony Stark.
The hours that those PA’s worked we’re almost double your own, but that could also boil down to the privacy Natasha Romanoff required. Peter Parker, while he was in his senior year, had a PA who was nearly run on her feet after trying to keep up with Peter and his forgetfulness.
Bruce Banner’s PA was always tired, always had dark bags under her eyes after being kept late in the labs while Banner worked.
Tony Stark used his PA almost too much, which has caused his PA to put more miles on her car in one year while working for Tony than the 2 years prior.
One disadvantage of being Natasha Romanoff’s PA was the incessant looks you’d received when you were in her presence. Natasha Romanoff was a beautiful woman, she was completely breathtaking and she knew it. She knew she was a deadly woman with her fists and her physical appearance and that drew questions whenever you were introduced as her PA.
If Natasha Romanoff was such a bombshell, then why did she choose a PA who was not? Why did Natasha Romanoff have a PA who was ‘pretty for a big girl’, who’s thighs had been rubbing together since you were 13. Why would Natasha Romanoff have a PA who looked as if she had swallowed two of her?
You were a woman who was plus-sized, and spent the greater amount of your time working for a woman who was the epitome of men’s fantasies. It was enough of a contrast to draw comments under breaths or snide looks. It was almost a constant reminder that no matter what, you wouldn’t fit well into their world aside from working for them.
Despite the comments and the snide looks, the depreciating hand signals that would be fired toward you for a ‘few good laughs’ Natasha treat you no different than she treat anyone of her team mates.
Natasha was a woman who had put in the effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible while working for her, and in your defence, had told the commentators, usually men, how quickly she could dismember them without leaving evidence behind.
You may have been verbally bullied about your size as a plus sized woman, but Natasha would never treat you with so much disrespect. Natasha had treat you as if you were her little sister rather than her PA, and that meant talking you up from the low places you would sometimes notch yourself in.
Natasha was an amazing woman and you admired her.
Even if she had pushed you out of your comfort zone toward new unchartered waters.
“You’re attending the charity auction.” She told you, handing you an invitation. “I need you there.”
She was constantly trying to push you toward a place where you could see your own value.
“Charity auction for the sick kids foundation?” You read the invitation twice.
“They’re auctioning off weekends spent shadowing avengers or weekend dates with volunteers for the auction.” Natasha explained while adjusting and fixing her eyeliner.
“So you need me to go and make sure everything is sorted out?” You behind her, tapping on the tablet in your hands.
“Not exactly, kukla.” Natasha locked eyes with you in the mirror. “I can’t volunteer this year on account of what happened last year on the ‘date’, but you can.”
The tablet in your hands has nearly fallen to the floor. It had nearly slipped from your grips to the soft carpet below your feet as the registration of what she said had gave way to shock.
“What?” You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m sorry..:what did you just say?”
Natasha smirked in the mirror, adjusting her stance after she reached for a metal container of mascara. She hadn’t given you an explanation of elaborated on what she had said right off the bat. She had coat her eyelashes with mascara until she was satisfied, then she pressed her lips together.
“I said you can. I put you down on the docket to be auctioned for a weekend of fun. It’ll do you some good.” While Natasha had been unbothered by her decision to offer you up as a volunteer for the auction, you were not.
“Why would you do that?” You hissed. “No one will bid!”
“Are you sure?” She questioned, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow. “I think there are more men attracted to you than you think.”
Your snort and derision was a precursor to your eyes rolling. You had mirrored her stance by crossing your arms over your chest and cocking your hip out. You were having two different reactions that were each battling for control, first was your mental reaction that was akin to a nuclear meltdown in your head and the other was your emotionally pressed yet coolness snippiness that had taken over.
“I’d like to believe that, but there’s a better chance of seeing pigs fly.” Your comment had rolled off Natasha like water off a duck’s back, she didn’t even acknowledge your comment or your dig at yourself.
“As a friend,” Natasha asked with a tone of voice that was more telling, “I am going to put you on the volunteer list. As a friend, I am doing this because there are men out there who are attracted to you and have even tried flirting with you-“
“I’ve been flirt with?” Your irritation turned to general confusion.
“-and they feel like this is the best way to get your attention. So will you please-“ she didn’t even need to twist your arm before you caved.
“-it’s for a good cause.” There was a bubbling in your belly as butterflies sprung to life, “what the hell. I’m in.”
“Good.” Natasha stride toward you and pinched your cheeks, “now let’s get you a dress that’s show-stopping.”
** **
Tumblr media
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pistachiojbarnes · 2 days ago
!!! i edited shared drinks n shared kisses to gender neutral pronouns !!!
(so sorry for not doing it before! every imagine and fic uploaded will consist of you/your pronouns)
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