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#bucky barnes x female oc
starryhunbun · 18 hours ago
CHAPTER ONE: Something isn't right
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 after the events of the battle of New York, Steve Rogers doesn't seem to get a break from the aftermath that is caused by the blue space stone
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄 sorry for the late post, I wanted to post the first chapter on saturday but I've got an infection and was sick af. Anyway enjoy this chapter!
Tumblr media
May 17th, 2012: Washington, D.C.
On Friday, May 4, the world took a hard slap in the face. The Battle of New York revealed many dirty secrets the American government tried to hide ever since the events in Los Angeles 1995 and New Mexico 2011. Supernatural beings such as aliens are real, not just a rumor or a sci-fi story from an old comic book. Unfortunately, the people had to learn it the hard way. Overnight the world became part of something bigger- a bigger universe, beyond any imagination. No one had guessed that a crazy God who is jealous of his brother started to act out due to an inferiority complex.
The Battle of New York had taken its toll. Dead alien beings laying around the streets of Manhattan, completely destroyed buildings and people who couldn't be saved. Though conspiracy theorists finally got a long awaited answer to their questions. The Invasion caused fear, anger and trust at once. Trust for the not so mysterious group of a giant green monster, a billionaire in a flying metal suit, a costumed hero from the 40's, two deadly assassins and a literal God also known as the already mentioned brother of the crazy alien leader.
The Avengers were born.
"What kind of secrets are you trying to hide now, Fury?" With sceptical eyes and a bad feeling, Steve Rogers watches whatever the SHIELD agents are about to do.
Nearly two weeks have passed since the invasion of the chitauri. The aftermath is still causing troubles, buildings are still getting rebuilt and remains of the attack can be found in some areas. But it's getting better and people work together.
Ever since the Avengers were born, Steve Rogers decided to stay in Washington, D.C. at the so-called triskelion, one of the three main headquarters of SHIELD. To be fair, he only stays because it was Peggy Carter who originally founded the agency along with Howard Stark and Colonel Chester Phillips, his old chief of Camp Lehigh. Steve feels like he owes them, especially Peggy after missing their date and their possible life together.
Right now he is safe in an observation area, where he can see every inch of the big grey room behind thick armored glass. Walls made of solid steel make sure that whatever happens will not leave this former hulk security room. In the middle of this cold room is a pedestal with a small apparatus. Strange devices are surrounding the mysterious thing and conduct energy into it.
Though it seems like the little constellation of rusty gears and a crystal in the middle doesn't react.
After the lies Fury told them about the old plans with the tesseract, Steve couldn't help but question the actions. For all he knows this could be yet another plan to arm for a paranoid fear that something from space will attack the earth. Nick Fury, the director of the agency that prepares for supernatural things like this, stands right beside the living legend. Just like below in the newly built laboratory, there are scientists on the observation platform to keep an eye on the scene. They are mumbling highly scientific stuff now and then which a normal person wouldn't understand but at least the green lights on their monitors tell Steve that everything is alright. Nothing seems to blow up. Yet.
"No secrets, Captain", Fury promises, never taking his eye off from the strange relic that starts to light up a little. "We always treated that little thing like a paperweight. A dust collector, nothing serious. Due to the data, this thing has been in our possession since 1992."
Steve scoffs. It is hard to believe that SHIELD never tried to turn whatever that is into something more useful in the last twenty years. "And you never wondered what it could be?"
"Well, Captain. It never showed any reaction", Fury says, "Not until the tesseract was activated."
The tesseract seems to have done more damage than first suspected. It's the little details like a glowing rusty little artifact full of dust that cause fear and caution. But the fact that SHIELD is working on a strange object again that may or may not have a connection to the blue space cube worries the literal superhero.
"What's the plan?", the blond asks curiously as soon as the light grows brighter the more energy it gets.
"There is no plan. But whatever it is", Fury picks up a file and hands it over to Steve before finishing the sentence. For dramatic purposes. "It's dangerous."
The man's blue eyes scan over the paper. >WARNING< is written in bold, red letters on it. There isn't much information about the scrap metal which worries the super soldier even more. As if this thing just randomly appeared in 1992. No information on who submitted the artifact. It doesn't even have a name, just a bunch of numbers that define the constellation as >Subject C326<.
What no one expected is the burst of an enormous energy wave only to find a young girl lying unconsciously but uninjured on the floor while everyone else gets pushed away by the strong force.
The full moon is Selene's daily companion and constant reminder of the personal hell she is trapped in. Day in, day out, there is this full white circle in the night sky enhancing her magic like some sort of bad joke. Each damn night the girl spends in this world, Selene sees the celestial body. God, it is so humiliating, ignominious even. It's very existence is mocking her, showing the brunette the weakness within her.
A strict daily routine is the only concept to keep her sane. Every day Selene wakes up at 9 am, eats breakfast at 10:30 am after she goes to the grocery store nearby to get the food she wants, cleaning and digesting follows right after that. The rest of the young girl's midday routine depends on what Selene wants to do. Either a workout to keep the regular physical activity up or traveling around the world since she has nothing else to do. Who is going to stop her?
So when Selene went to bed, saying goodnight to the offensive moon after having one of her movie nights, she didn't expect to wake up in a white room.
Confused, Selene tries to get a clear mind. Did she sleep somewhere else? No, she's pretty sure she went home after visiting the store to get a new camera. Hesitantly she slowly lifts up the bed sheets and sees a strange baby blue pj in which she is mysteriously dressed in.
Soon Selene realizes that this isn't a familiar room. In fact, she's never been in a room without a single window or furniture. This looks like a cell. Almost immediately panic arises.
Where is she?
What happened?
Where did the clothes come from?
Or the most important question: who did this to her? Because as far as Selene can remember, she was trapped alone in an alternative dimension.
Something isn't right.
She can feel the blank fear in her veins, influencing her movements. It feels like every cell in her body suddenly awakens. Before Selene even realizes it, she jumps out of the bed. Her hazel eyes are trying to find a way out, an exit to flee as fast as possible. One door. Two cameras. One bed. One blanket. One pillow. That's it. The only light comes from buzzing lights on the ceiling.
Something isn't right.
Selene tries her best to keep calm. Her fast heartbeat echoes in her ears, probably too loud for it to be normal. Her chest rises at an inhuman speed. Cameras? A strange environment? Humans. But how? It's impossible.
Something isn't right.
The young girl isn't sure whether it's complete panic or even a little excitement she feels right now. To be fair she should be scared of what is coming but at the same time.. How long has it been? When was the last time Selene met a real human being? That's a stupid question. She never stopped counting the days in that damn alternative world her mother sent her to.
Someone saved her. A hero?
Whatever, everything will be fine now.
Selene has two choices. She could free herself, open the door violently and run away or she could wait and behave. Whoever freed her from this prison, they're cautious. But they probably don't know what they are dealing with.
Barefoot, Selene starts to walk around. Her mind runs at full speed. Do they think of her as an enemy or a friend? She still looks like a sixteen year old girl even after all those years of isolation. Honestly, Selene isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Maybe she miscalculated. Maybe she was trapped in a different time. It could've been several years in her world but only a few months or weeks in the real one. She doesn't know. Her mother sent her to this hell before Selene was able to run more tests on it.
Instantly she stops in her movements. What if the people who saved her are her enemies? That's the only logical explanation. No one could possibly use the ascendant without her mother's blood. Which means her mom brought her back. Which also means…
Selene is not free.
This is just another prison.
She was never free.
Wait. She freezes again, doesn't dare to move. What if this is just a dream? A nightmare. A hallucination. Selene had many of those already. A side-effect of isolation and loneliness. Her heartbeat is painfully loud and strong. Not again. Tears filled her eyes. Quickly Selene squeezes them shut, causing hot tears to roll down her cheeks. Not again. She's trapped in her mind. Or still trapped in this damn dimension? Hell, she doesn't know.
She needs air. Her breath gets heavier while her hand reachs for her tightening throat trying to free it from whatever happens right now. She is running out of air. She can't breathe. The walls come closer and closer. Is she going to die? But she doesn't want to. She didn't even have the chance to live at all!
It's warm but it's cold, the burst of different body temperatures makes her dizzy. The shortness of breath drives Selene crazy. Her legs feel numb, they can't hold her weight. The weight on her shoulders. The weight of the truth that she will never be free. Soon, her knees collided with the floor, arms wrapped around her small, trembling body. After all these years, the torture hasn't ended yet.
Suddenly Selene hears a lock. The door. Her eyes widen at the sight of the only exit slowly opening. Cold sweat covers her tensed body immediately. She swallows hard but the fear in her body remains. And again the girl tries to find something- anything to flee or to protect herself against the person who is about to enter this room.
That's when she remembers. Selene scoffs. What? Why is she afraid? All her life, she's been told what immense powers she has. Powers which caused all of this. She is strong. She can protect herself. Fear is nothing but a feeling used to control her.
I can do it, Selene thinks while trying to calm her breath and her shaking hands, and even if I don't, I have to.
A man comes in, blond short hair, dressed in casual clothes. Now Selene is confused. Who the hell is that? The girl tries to feel her surroundings by concentrating on every magical spark in the air. A strange amount of power radiates from him, but it's not magical. He's no witch and he doesn't work for her mom but he's not normal either. Also to be honest, it's safe to say that her mom would be the one to come into her room, simply to emotionally abuse her even more. To laugh in Selene's face. To tell her that after all she won.
Steve sees the young girl on the floor, scared, trembling, but mostly confused. He immediately holds up his hands, signaling her that he does not want to harm her. All he sees is a kid, imprisoned against her will. When Selene jumps up and steps back until her back hits the wall, Steve couldn't help but feel bad.
"Hey, everything's alright", the blond says calmly, "I'm not here to hurt you."
But all Selene can think of is his appearance. A human. After all this time a human being is standing right in front of her. Is he real? Is he a hallucination? Usually Selene hallucinates people she knows. People who caused her misery like her mom and the rest of the coven.
Slowly the girl takes baby steps toward the unknown man. He seems familiar as if she already met him.
"Are you real?", Selene asks cautiously. Immediately she scoffs. That's a stupid question. A hallucination would lie and say yes, just like a real person would say the truth and say yes as well.
Before Steve could answer the question, realization hits her. Again, her eyes grow wide.
"Holy shit", Selene breathes out, going closer to the man, "you are Captain America."
Steve's eyebrows rose in surprise. Of course people know Captain America is back since the events in New York, but he didn't exactly expect that reaction.
"Yes. Steve Rogers."
He offers Selene his hand to shake it, also silently requesting her name in return but she never answers.
Eyes locked on the outstretched hand, the girl draws even closer to the man. With a silent question in her eyes, she looks up at the blond.
"Can I-" , Selene swallows her fear down, at least she tries, unsuccessfully. She never allowed herself to hope. Hope would make everything worse, but now? Now Selene feels the warmth of a real hand of flesh and blood. The rough skin of the man's palm on her tiny fingertips as she touches it. Probably from the War he participated in. This can't be an illusion. This can't be her sick mind trying to trick her. It's real. It has to be!
"Can I hug you?"
Steve squints his eyes, brows lifted in confusion. Fury warned him about whatever the rusty thing brought into this room. SHIELD is clueless about this girl, they even changed her clothes to make sure wherever she comes from, she's no threat, not contaminated. Of course he understands the need for wariness, but looking into the young girl's hazel eyes, all Steve can see is loneliness. All Steve can see is a broken girl. She is hurt and needs to feel safe. She needs to feel affectionate human interaction.
After hesitating for a minute, Captain America nods and opens his arms to welcome the young girl. Selene embraces the muscular body immediately, her head against his broad chest, her arms wrapped around him tightly. She can hear his heartbeat, slow and regular. It's so calming, she could fall asleep on the spot. This can't be fake. The warmth of a human being she longed for. The hygienic smell of soap mixed with a strong, manly scent. She's free.
"What is he doing?" Fury asks, watching the living legend hug the unknown prisoner on the monitor, irritated.
Natasha Romanov also known as Black Widow stands right beside the director. To be honest, she's not sure what to think about this encounter either.
"Looks like Rogers has a soft spot for children."
𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 @ginger-swag-rapunzel @kaitieskidmore1
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a-edgar-allan-hoe · 19 hours ago
The Last Chthonian
Part 17
Bucky x Reader, Sam x Reader, Zemo x Reader
A/N: It is here! So sorry for the late update lovelies! I’ve been having really bad writers block lately and my job keeps switching my hours up so now my sleep schedule is all fucked up. And after writing this part I want to go stargazing so bad but the light pollution kind of sucks where I live. 🥲 Also this is my first time writing a steamy scene so I’m sorry if it’s awkward. Feedback is much appreciated and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list. 😊
Summary: Imagine being Hekate, the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft, the night and the moon, doorways and crossroads, creatures of the night, and ghosts and necromancy. You stumbled upon Earth many centuries ago and since then have resided on the foreign planet. During the recent years you created an alias for yourself to hide your true identity, and after the war against Thanos you chose to live out your days in the Scottish countryside, until a certain trio appears at your doorstep one day.
Warnings: language, angst, some foreplay and making out
Tumblr media
You had still been wrapped in Zemo’s arms, the two of you indulging in each other’s presence in a silence, which combined with the faint beating of his heart, you only found to be comforting. The meteors still swept by the earth’s atmosphere above you in flashes that lit up the sky, leaving behind trails of white that resembled the strokes of a brush, as if your mother Asteria had painted the celestial bodies using diamonds onto a canvas that was the night sky. You could only make out the few stars and constellations that were scarcely scattered across the vastness above you, caused by the light pollution that unfortunately managed to mantle the wonders and beauty that settled just beyond, separating humanity from the marvels of the universe. The stars flickered like the diminishing of the flame of a candle, a farewell to the billions of years lived by the remnants of those enormous spheres of hot plasma, thus leaving behind the birth of other stars to fulfill their legacy. However, there was a certain star that did not flicker like the ones around it, a certain spectacle distant in time and space that still managed to burn bright despite the innumerable amount of light-years that separated Earth from it. The remaining light of your planet Olympus. You stared at that particular star, your brows knit together and your face etched with this certain melancholy that one could not explain. How could one thing be so near, within the reach of your fingertips, and yet be entirely outside the capacity of reach.
“Draga.” You heard Zemo softly speak, his chest slightly wavering beneath your cheek from his words.
“Something troubles you.”
“What makes you say that?” You stared off, your eyes still fixated to the fading existence of your world.
“Your eyes draga.” Zemo looked down at you, his eyes scanning over the troubled creases that masked your features. “I have seen this shadow in your eyes that has seemed to occupy them as of recently. What troubles you?”
“…………You see that star there, right between those two constellations?” You pointed above you.
“Mhm.” Zemo nodded as he followed the line of your finger, his eyes now focused on the same exact star yours have not yet left.
“That’s my planet………Olympus.”
“You’re welcome to tell me about it if you’d like.”
“Well, when I was little, I used to live with my mother in this quaint cottage by the sea, similar to the one I live in now with my daughter. She used to bring me out most nights for stargazing. She had built this outdoor platform with bedding and blankets and we would have a small fire going to keep us warm as we watched the stars and constellations while she told me different tales and epic poetries. As silly as it sounds, she would make shooting stars appear in the sky for me knowing how much I loved them. Gods, I wish you could’ve seen my home back in its days, back when everything still remained. Everything was so…..beautiful, and the skies, gods the skies, you could see the different planets and galaxies as if they were only miles away. To this day, I have yet to see anything in my travels that compares.”
“I would have loved to seen it Schatzi. Your mother sounded like a wonderful person.”
“She was the kindest soul I knew.” You turned your body so that you could look up at him, resting your chin on your hand.
“You miss her.”
“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my family and planet.”
“I’m sorry about what happened to them Schatzi. I wish you never went through what you did.”
“If only I could bring them back. I’d do anything to be able to just see them again.”
Zemo was silent, believing that no amount of words could have provided you comfort, no matter how deep the meaning or how significant. He could not imagine what you went through. He had lost his country and his family, and you had lost your family as well, but you lost your world, your entire race, leaving you to be the last remaining entity of your people, the last Olympian and the last Chthonian. Words could not bring your family back, just as they could not with his. So he only did what he was able, making a silent unspoken promise within the abyss of his damaged heart to be there for you as he held you closer to him and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
A sudden feeling of guilt crawled up your spine like a venomous scorpion ready to sink its stinger in your skin with means to cause nothing but pain and suffering. You felt guilty for being here, lying next to Zemo wrapped in his arms like a pair of star-crossed lovers from the pages of a novel. A part of you felt selfish for what you did, undeserving of the affection that was bestowed upon you from a man who had suffered enough from the loss of his family. How much longer did you think you could give in to your mindless emotions without a single thought of the consequences it might bring about. Did you really think you could go on as if nothing is happening? As if you can conceal your true form from him forever. No. You could not. You did not have the heart to keep such knowledge from him. If you wanted to pursue what you had with him, you would have to tell him the truth when the time came.
“We should probably get back before Sam and Bucky notice.” You mumbled, blinking back the tears, your heart aching to go back to the way things used to be, wishing you could leave all of this and just be able to go back home. You didn’t belong here on earth, an immortal amongst mortals. At least on Olympus, if your titaness form had been revealed, many would not have bat an eye. They had already seen the likes of Titans before and the locals had become accustomed to you. But here on earth, you were nothing but a stranger, a drifter.
The two of you walked back to his place in silence, the only sounds being the whistling of the wind, the chirping of crickets, the voices of the few pedestrians and the humming of the cars that drove by. Your hands brushed against each other, craving to intertwine your fingers with his as you walked down the stone paved streets lit by the lamps that lined it, the two of you still withdrawn despite what occurred between you both. You felt it would have been silly, holding his hand like a couple of teenagers, though a century ago, you wouldn’t have gave it a second thought.
You arrived at his place, standing at the bottom of the steps in front of the double doors with Zemo opposite you, illuminated by the street lamp that stood just behind. Feelings of conflict washed over you, drowning you in waves of despair. As much as you wanted to be with him, a small part in the back of your mind kept telling you that it was wrong. Neither of you wanted to go through those doors just yet, wishing you could have spent the night under the stars. But life seems to have a way of working against your favor. The Wakandans would be here to collect him possibly tomorrow, and you would have to bid him farewell, separated from each other for what could be forever. As much as you did not look forward to that moment in having to turn him in and never see him again, you wouldn’t stop the Wakandans from what they were promised. And though you hadn’t said a word, Zemo had already knew what your decisions were regarding it, and he could not blame you for it. You were a woman of justice and you followed a code, and he respected that.
“Zemo.” A frown appeared on your face.
“Please,” Zemo whispered to you as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Call me Helmut.”
You looked at Zemo once more, a look of longing hidden behind your eyes as you unconsciously swiped your tongue across your mouth, watching how his eyes followed the movement before lingering on the wetness of your lips that resembled the petals of a rose after the pouring of cold rain in the midst of spring. Oh how he wished to be the drops of rain that were gifted the pleasure of grazing upon the velvety petals that belonged to such beauty of a flower, a symbol of union between the two domains in which the heavens came down to declare its love for the earth. A pulling sensation filled within your core, drawing yourself to Zemo as if he were the sweet berries of deadly nightshade that have lured many unfortunate souls. Banishing the thoughts of doubt that clouded your mind, you grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to you, crashing your lips against his in a heated kiss. Zemo was initially shocked by your bold gesture and stiffened from the way your mouth moved against his, surprised you would pull something like this when just a wall away Sam and Bucky were awaiting your arrival, before loosing himself into your embrace.
Your fingers clenched the collar of his sweater and your fingers grazed across the exposed skin of his neck while his hands went to your waist in a desperate attempt, fumbling to grab at anything and bunching up the bottom fabric of your sweater as he pulled you against him. The tips of his fingers brushed against the skin of your waist that was exposed below the hem of your sweater, leaving behind goosebumps in its trail. You smiled into the kiss from the way he completely melted under your touch, a part of you amused from the affect you held over him as you managed to elicit a moan from deep within his throat. Zemo’s brows were furrowed in the passionate moment, something you have noticed when you first kissed him, a small crease in the muscles of his face that showed just how lost he was when encased in this moment with you, and it absolutely melted you. He was addicted from the warm numbness, the ecstasy he felt from kissing you. Your lips were like heroin to him, leaving him yearning for more, and it didn’t ameliorate the fact that his years spent in a German prison had left him somewhat inexperienced and filled with a chasmic longing for touch and intimacy from the lack thereof. Deep within him, masked by his ideas and objectives, Zemo wanted to be able to love someone again, a chance at a new life and a family, and perhaps, he saw that possibility with you. But, behind the passion of the kiss you shared with him, there was something else, a poison that laced your lips with feelings of despair and forbidding that consumed you as if you had tasted those sweet berries of nightshade, slowly loosing yourself to its malice. His lips which were at first warm to the touch, now felt cold like ice and sent shivers of dread through your veins, as if this would be the last kiss you shared with him.
You pulled away from the kiss to catch your breath, your teeth softly grazing against his bottom lip as you did so. Both of you were left breathless as you rested your foreheads against each other, panting as your breaths fanned each other’s face as if you had just been trapped in the depths of the ocean before breaking through the surface to allow oxygen to fill your lungs.
“If you keep doing that Draga.” Zemo rasped between breaths, “I won’t be able to compose myself.”
“Good. Maybe I don’t want you too.” You smirked before placing a playful kiss on the tip of his nose. “But I really should go back inside, and you should do the same. Just make sure you go unnoticed.” You slipped his coat off your shoulders, his cologne that lingered on his fur collar leaving your senses with discontent as you returned his coat to him before going over to the doors, stopping to turn back to him with a smile before stepping inside and closing the door behind you. Gods, what the hell did you do that for???? You felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment as you wanted to slap yourself for pulling a move like that.
“Gods I’m stupid.” You muttered to yourself.
“Hey.” Bucky smiled once he spotted you, his voice soft as if he were afraid you would shatter at any moment from the discussion that took place earlier. “How was your walk?”
“It was nice, relaxing. I went to the park to stargaze.”
“That’s good. As long as you feel better.”
“I do, actually. Thanks Bucky.”
“You look flushed. You okay?” Sam noted as he stepped over to you.
“Huh?” You stopped short. “Oh yeah, I’m fine. I just had to kind of uh power walk back here so you guys wouldn’t get worried. But I’m fine, yeah. Anyways, I’m going to hit the sack since I’m feeling a bit tired. Goodnight you guys.” You waved them off before going to your assigned room, making Sam and Bucky give each other questioning looks before they both shrugged it off.
You shut the door behind you, letting out a breath of relief that they had not caught on to anything and praying that Zemo had managed to sneak in. You had just gotten off the phone with Maze and your daughter, catching up on their activities after cleaning yourself up and changing into your nightgown. You had pulled up a chair next to the window that was in your room, your feet tucked underneath you and a warm cup of rose and blackberry tea in your hands. Your robe hung loosely off your shoulders as your index finger twirled above the small silver spoon that swirled in your cup, mists of violet wrapping around the handle of the spoon as you used your powers to stir the contents of the tea. You stared out the window onto the old streets of Latvia before glancing down at the teacup that was nestled in your hands, the glow of your eyes reflected off the window pane along with the tiny stars that swirled through the small globe of your necklace your mother gave you. You hadn’t stopped thinking about the moments that passed and the ones that have yet to come.
There was a knock on your door, interrupting you from the thoughts that had resided in your mind. “Come in.” You spoke as you looked through the reflection of the window and saw a figure step in. “Zemo?” You stopped using your powers, the clinking of the spoon scraping against the sides of the porcelain cup coming to a stop. “You know, you gotta stop sneaking into my room.” You teased before frowning, seeing the expression that sat on his face. “What’s wrong?” You got up from the chair, setting your cup down on the table before walking over to him.
“The Wakandans will…….be here for me tomorrow.” His eyes were lowered to the floor, the browns of his irises which reminded you of the dunes of the Sahara desert were whirling in thought, resembling the dunes caught in the midst of the fury of a sandstorm, as if searching for an answer to his troubles.
“Ze-Helmut, I………” You sighed, your tongue and mind lacking the ability to compose any words that might have provided some solace. “I’m sorry………..I don’t know what to say.”
“Y/n, schatzi” Zemo grabbed your hand, tracing his thumb over the bumps of your knuckles. “You don’t have to say a word. My actions………must be accounted for.”
You were silent, your brows knit together and your lips sealed as if your voice was ripped from your throat. Your heart wanted to tear itself from your chest, begging to be released from its cage so that it could be free to lament, so that it may be able to express the words that held it captive. But your tongue was tied, held back between the prison that was your teeth as you clenched your jaw. Zemo’s hand still held yours, stroking the soft skin on the back of your hand which were a contrast to the small rough patches on your palm, before you heard him speak again. “Can I kiss you?”
You blinked at him, lips parted in surprise that he would even ask such a question when you were honestly willing to kiss him any time of the day. The Zemo you had come to know was far different than the one you had heard about, his cold demeanor seemed to completely fade when he was around you, like a fog that dissipated with the coming of daylight. A part of you pondered whether this was how he used to be, before the events that happened. Though he hadn’t had a chance to share such affection with anyone and lost practice, you still found him to be great kisser and it always managed to leave you breathless. “Yes, please.” You whispered, your voice barely audible before you felt his lips brush against yours. What was sweet at first became more feverish and filled with hunger as an unfamiliar spirit seemed to possess your body, darkening the amethysts and golds of your eyes that resembled the galaxies, into the blackness of the abyss that swallowed the outer edges of space where not even the slightest bit of light could reach, almost as if you were sinking your claws into your prey.
A heat pooled in the pit of your stomach, filling your body with an electrifying warmth as his mouth moved against yours more confidently this time, catching you utterly by surprise and leaving your knees weak, a feeling similar to the stillness in the air a mere second before lightning strikes the ground beneath your feet. His hands slipped down to grab the flesh of your waist, dehydrated, and filled with an intense thirst that could only be quenched by your body that was the ocean, your skin separated by the silk fabric of your nightgown. Your hands went up to grip his shoulders as a gasp escaped your lips upon feeling him move down to your jaw and neck. Gods, since when was the last time you were touched like that?
“Helmut.” You rasped, struggling to hold back a moan as his lips sucked on the skin where your collarbone met your neck, making you lean your head back to allow him better access. Your robe had fell to the floor, leaving your arms completely bare while Zemo’s hands caressed the skin that lined them before resting on the dorsal part of your upper arms, the combination of the frigid air and his fingertips that felt like the touch of fire sending shivers through your body. “What if they hear?”
“Let them.”
“Well if you’re that worried Draga.” Zemo stopped to look at you. “The walls are thick enough.”
Gods that completely sent you over the edge. It felt as if you were on a high, your mind was not even within this dimension as Zemo met your lips again. You had to throw your arms around his neck to keep yourself from collapsing as the two of you shifted in the room, Zemo guiding your body before the back of your knees came in contact with the side of your bed. You let yourself fall back into the soft mattress, bringing Zemo down with you. You both were a mess, your hair disarray, the thin straps of your nightgown fallen past your shoulders had almost left your breasts exposed, and the skirt of your nightgown had ridden up to your thighs as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Zemo squeezed at the soft flesh of your thigh before attacking your neck again. He didn’t know how to describe it but you tasted absolutely divine. Perhaps being a goddess made you taste of ambrosia; the golden, honey-flavored fruit that grew on the trees of Olympus. You were in absolute bliss and thanked the gods he wouldn’t be able to leave a mark, at least you hoped not.
“Helmut.” You moaned, your nails digging into his biceps as his warm lips made a trail down your collarbone and lower to where the lace trim of your nightgown met just above the curve of your breasts, lingering on the space between, filling your mind with thoughts of a certain region you desired those lips to be. “Fuck.” You hissed from the contact, your hand moving its way to his head as you ran your fingers through his soft hair, your nails raking across the back of his scalp as the heat between your thighs only grew. You unconsciously pressed your heel to the lower part of his back, beckoning him closer to that heat between your thighs as you bucked your hips up. Zemo growled at the movement, slightly nipping at the skin where your breast had started to form, causing you to gasp and your eyes to fly open from the sensation.
“Apologies draga.” You heard him mutter before tenderly kissing the spot where his teeth had been.
Seeing Zemo in a close proximity above you in such a position had you dazed, wanting him to take you right then and there and not caring if the others heard you or not. And as your eyes wandered lazily over the sight of him, they widened in horror once they glimpsed at the image of your hands. Your nails became sharp, claw-like, and that deathly color had returned once again, slowly making its way up your arm like the tendrils of a shadow belonging to a demonic spirit.
“Helmut.” You whispered, your voice becoming panicked as you loosened your grip on his arms, being careful not to pierce his skin. “Helmut wait.”
Zemo stopped, pushing himself up to meet your eyes as his concern grew from seeing the frightened look that filled them. “Schatzi, what’s wrong?” He brought his hand up to your face, brushing away the strands of your hair. “If you’re uncomfortable let me know.”
“No, gods no. If anything I don’t want you to stop.” You breathed out, trying to catch your breath. “It’s just that………….”
“What is it schatzi?” His voice was soft as his fingers caressed your cheek, afraid that he might have offended you in some way, afraid that he might have been too forward.
“I’m sorry Helmut. I want to, I really do, but not like this.” You shook your head as you got up, shifting over to where the dark shadows of the room fell on the bed to hide your arms, afraid to meet his eyes as if you had made a fool of yourself. “Not like this.”
“You don’t have to apologize to me y/n.” Zemo smiled at you. “If you’re not ready, than I’m not ready.”
“Thank you Helmut.” You smiled back before giving him a delicate kiss. “I’d………uh like to think some things through.” You prayed that he didn’t see your hands, hoping that the darkness of the room managed to disguise it.
“Of course draga.” Zemo placed a lingering kiss on your forehead before leaving your room, stopping at the door to give you a comforting smile as he carefully shut it behind him.
Your eyes still lingered on the door, waiting to make sure he didn’t come back before turning on the bedside lamp and staring down at your hands. You had managed to stop the color from spreading up your arm, yet it strangely still remained, stopping halfway up your forearm. This wasn’t good.
“What the hell?” You scrunched your nose, trying to use your powers once again to remove it but to no avail. Fear coursed through your veins as you attempted to remove the color, spell after spell, hoping those vine like tendrils would crawl back down your hands and disappear. You cursed under your breath as each attempt proved to be as futile as the one before. What the hell was going on? Why were your spells not working? It vanished before from your magic, why wasn’t it doing so now? You were struck with a sudden realization that perhaps this change would become permanent, that maybe suppressing your true form for all those years had caused it to spiral out of control and in turn try to overpower you as if it had a mind of its own. You growled through gritted teeth, the furniture around you shaking as your fists were clenched in frustration, the violet mists of your powers encompassing your hands and sparking with small bolts that corresponded with the vexation that overwhelmed you.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, the mist around your hands disappearing and the shaking of the furniture coming to a stop. You had to work something out. You were left no choice but to keep your hands covered from now on until you found a solution. If any of them questioned it, you had to have a damn good lie. Getting up from the bed, you walked over to the double doors that led to the small balcony and opened them, your hands gripping the cold iron rail as you stared out at the view of the Latvian streets and buildings before you. Oh how you wished your sister Athena were here. She knew everything.
“Oh Athena.” You stifled a sob as you stared up at the stars, focusing on the light of your planet as if she could have heard you, a tear cascading down your cheek and dropping to the streets below. “Gods I wish you were here. I really need your help.”
Despite your pleas, you knew she wasn’t there, her existence only an artifact of the past. You were praying to nothing but a memory. It was extremely urgent that you got information on this matter of your form and the words of the prophecy that still threatened and echoed within the depths of your mind. And since you couldn’t obtain such knowledge from another Olympian, you would have to gather it from the old texts. Muttering a few words in Ancient Greek, you waited, searching, until a small white moth came into view, fluttering in your direction. You held out your finger, letting the tiny creature come to rest upon it.
“Hello little one.” You smiled at the moth as you gently stroked it in greeting, bringing it closer to your face so that you could speak to it in your language. “Please send word to my familiar and tell him to gather as much information he can on Titans and the prophecy. And tell him to come find me when he is done. Thank you.” The moth looked at you with understanding behind his tiny black eyes, it’s antennaes twitching before fluttering away into the moon. You sighed, watching it disappear into the night before giving your distant planet one last glance before shutting the doors and going back over to the bed. You laid down under the covers, your hands rested on your stomach as you stared up at the ceiling, dreading the day to come. How could you face Zemo? And however were you going to keep your hands a secret? Surely the three are bound to find out sooner or later? You just prayed that the message you sent would be returned in a short time. You needed to fix this before it would be considered too late. And the sooner you found Karli the better. Your mind was racing with thoughts, but you closed your eyes, desperate to get some rest and forcing those thoughts away. Gods help you from this moment on.
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Finding Home Chapter 21
Chapter 20
Waking up alone the following day was strange. I knew it was bound to happen, but that didn’t change the fact that I missed his presence.
After getting dressed, I make my way down to Natasha and Wanda’s floor. I didn’t bother knocking on her door because there was no way she’d respond anyway. So, I open the door and walk-in.
She is still curled up in her bed, sleeping peacefully. She looks just like the beautiful, deadly angel she is.
I know the best and most dangerous way of waking her up is to simply, well, jump on her.
Walking quietly and carefully up to her bed, I pounce, landing on my knees just behind her while driving my hands into her side. Not enough to injure her, but hard enough to knock the breath out of her momentarily.
“What the hell!?” She yells out.
“Язык, Наталья, (Language, Natalia,)” I laugh as I run to the door, pressing my back against it. Not trying to leave, but just being out of her reach.
“Тень! Ты сука! Я убью тебя, пока ты спишь! (Shadow! You bitch! I will kill you while you sleep!)” She scowls, trying to hide her smile.
“Продолжай мечтать, сестра. (Keep on dreaming, sister.)”
Looking at her clock, she groans. Natasha never was a morning person.
I walk back to her bed and take a seat. Crossing my legs under me, I wait for her to wake up enough to have a conversation.
Sitting up, she pulls her knees to her chest. Anyone who didn’t know us would probably think we look like a couple of middle school kids about to gossip over boys. Well, I suppose they’d be partially correct in that thought.
“Что это, Петрова? (What is it, Petrova?)”
“You were right last night, Natalia.”
“What do you mean?” She looks at me, concerned.
“I do need to talk to someone. This - This feeling? It’s destroying me, Natalia, and I don’t know what to do.”
“First things first. Coffee.” She rolls out of bed, and I can’t help but laugh.
“I suppose it couldn’t hurt.”
Unlike my floor, Nat and Wanda don’t have a mini kitchen on their level. So the two of us make our way to the central kitchen. I start the coffee while Nat finds something for herself to snack on.
She settles herself onto one of the stools at the island, and I make her coffee just the way she likes it. I know I’ll need a little extra to get through this, so I add a small amount of bourbon to my cup.
Who am I kidding? I add a couple of shots worth of bourbon to my cup.
Setting her coffee in front of her, she smiles as she inhales the sweet steam. Sighing, she finally looks at me and says, “Okay, now you can talk.”
I laugh and take a couple of small sips of the still-burning liquid in my hands. Leaning against the counter on my forearms, I take a deep breath before starting.
“Well… “ I pause, not sure where to even begin the story.
“Start at the beginning. It’ll be easier. We were at the Academy - is that where you met him?”
I knew she was trying to help. Frustrating as it was. I have to keep my calm.
“I wasn’t a Widow, as you know. My program was -- Well, it was basically --“ I struggle to find the words.
“Take your time, Shadow. We have all morning.”
I take a deep breath, knowing I need just to rip the band-aid off, sort of speak. “I was a Winter Soldier, Nat. The only difference was, they started training me as a child, even before the Red Room. By the time they gave me the serum, it just enhanced everything they had taught me.”
Her eyes widen a little at the information. She knew I would leave home on occasion but never knew where. Only that when I returned at night, I was too exhausted to spend time with her. She knew about the Red Room training, of course, because she was there.
I still had never told her the truth about my past after the Red Room throughout all these years.
“Once I hit a certain point in my training, they gave me to Barnes. I was like his shadow. He became my handler, my trainer. He made me into what I am.”
“The best damn assassin on the planet?” She looks at me with a raised brow, clearly trying to lighten the mood.
“Yeah.” I chuckle. “The student surpassed the teacher as it were.”
I take a few more sips from my cup before deciding how to continue.
“So, what happened then? Did he turn on you? Or what?”
“No. We uh -”
I pause, sighing quietly, trying to decide on the right words yet again. “It started small, away from others. Holding onto him a little tighter when on his bike or holding hands even if we weren’t undercover. Somehow, I could get through the shell that Hydra created and see glimpses of the real James Barnes.”
I take another sip of the liquid courage in my hands before continuing, “Those glimpses at the buried truth seemed to have solidified me into his mind somehow. So, regardless of what happened to him, regardless of what state he was in mentally, he always remembered me. Always knew I was someone to be trusted.”
“How did you get free from Hydra then if you were one of them? Did he help you escape?” Natalia knew how difficult it was to get away from Hydra.
“God no,” I pause a moment again, taking a deep breath. “No, um, somehow, one of the agents found out. They, uh, made me watch as they strapped Bucky into some fucking chair. One, I learned, he was all too familiar with in general. Though I had never seen it before, I never knew about what happened to him when we were apart.”
Looking at my cup, I can’t lift my eyes to her. I can’t let her see the tears that threaten to fall - for some reason.
“The agent held me,” I continue, “as best he could, not that I put up much of a fight at first, and… I won’t forget the words, ‘Ты посмотришь, принцесса. Пока мы берем твою память от головы солдата. (You look, princess. While we take your memory from the Soldier's head.)’”
“Explains why you hate that nickname.” She mumbles quietly. I hear her, but it doesn’t register what she says. I have focused my mind elsewhere.
I grip my cup tighter, gritting my teeth, remembering the pain on his face, the muffled screams because of that mouthguard. Trying to look away, but the agent forcing me to face Bucky.
“His screams, Natalia? Were because of me.” I growl. I slam the cup onto the counter, cracking it enough to allow the coffee to trickle out. I can do nothing but stare blankly at the mess, tears still threatening my eyes, not from sadness but anger.
“So… I ran. Simple as that.” I go for a towel, but Nat reaches across the island and takes my arm, stopping me.
“You can’t beat yourself up over what happened, Shadow. It wasn’t your fault. It was -”
“But it was Natalia! I knew the consequences would be horrific for myself and him. With Hydra, they always were. I knew what it meant to harbor ‘feelings’ of any kind for the Winter Soldier. And I did it anyway! All because I convinced myself that I could get away with it!” I yell. Sure by now that someone can hear the commotion.
“I knew damn well what I was doing! I knew damn well the procedures in place should any of us from the program stray! And do you know the worst part of all of it?”
She mumbles something in reply, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to care.
“I doubt he ever actually felt anything for me in return! He was void of emotion, for god sake - we both were! We killed with no remorse. You honestly think he could be capable of anything even remotely close to - whatever the fuck it was, I was feeling for him?!” I throw my cup at the wall, watching it shatter into a hundred pieces.
“Hey! Relax! -- Go cool off. I’ll clean up.” Her voice calm, collected as if my outburst was a regular occurrence.
I storm from the kitchen and take the stairs down to the training room. I knew, as soon as the words left my tongue, that I was lying. I knew Bucky had loved me, or at least some form of that emotion. He had his ways of showing as much. The Winter Soldier may not have been capable, but Bucky sure as hell was.
Chapter 22  - Masterlist - Tag List @lostinwonderland314
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Bookstore Bargains: Candid Confessions
Previous chapter!
Summary: Bucky finds himself returning to the bookstore but his past continues to have an iron grip on the fleeting happiness he feels
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character
Word Count: 1800 or so
Warnings: None! Unless you're against Bucky Barnes finding happiness and solace in a bookstore worker and literature
Requests are open for this series and any other one shot, blurb, or story you'd like written!
Emilia was her name, turns out.
He had asked for it the week after his first visit, returning to buy more books after burning through the five she had recommended to him, earning himself a grin he found himself willing to do just about anything to obtain again.
She had graduated from Boston University with a major in English literature, putting off graduate school when her aunt asked for her help running the store since she was getting up there in age.
However, as he walked back home with a few new books purchased with the employee discount for the third time in three weeks, he felt the guilt gnawing at him once again.
The same guilt that kept him far away from people, kept him far away enough to not care how they reacted to his past as Hydra’s best assassin because he wasn’t emotionally invested.
But this time it felt multiplied by 10 because he had been so excited, so grateful to find someone kind to speak to, someone calm enough to put him at ease even on his second time meeting her but she had no idea of the crimes he had committed.
The lives he had taken, the families he had demolished.
Sitting on the floor of his living room while a mindless Family Feud episode played, he thought about not telling her at all. Because if he didn’t tell her, well then this could develop into… something, right?
It had been well over 70 years since he had even contemplated becoming something to someone, that something being more than friendly and much more binding with all emotions concerned, but he wanted it.
He wanted to be selfish, dammit.
For once, he wanted to have someone to look forward to seeing, someone who didn’t give him sympathetic eyes when they saw his gloves and knew the truth, someone who wouldn’t give him a double glance when he lost his temper for a second.
He wanted to earn more of the soft blushes she gave him, to know what she was like when she was happy, sad, angry, sleepy, all of it.
It was slightly pathetic, but he felt the need to be the person who knew the other better than anyone else with a connection palpable from an outsider’s perspective. The pull that loneliness brought him was poignant in a situation like this.
There wasn’t any rational explanation for his affection for her, but he was also incredibly tired of questioning just about anything when it came to his life.
Maybe it was her calm demeanor, her pretty green eyes, or just this surreal pull he felt towards her, but he wanted it.
“It” being everything.
The way she could make him laugh and feel so unguarded, talked to him about current events and didn’t bat an eye when he didn’t know the most rudimentary of modern age slang or news.
Though the rational part of his mind told him that a relationship, any sort for that matter, couldn’t be built in the avoidance of 70 years worth of history because lying by omission was still lying.
A bloody, deadly, and dangerous history that he couldn’t find himself selfish enough to not allow her to be privy to.
Sure there was a small portion of himself that told him it would be okay to allow this to develop further if the feelings were mutual without telling her about anything, but he couldn’t bear the thought of having her then losing her because she suddenly finds out.
So he told her.
He told her that same week on a Thursday when the store was completely empty on an early Thursday morning.
From Steve, to the Howling Commandos, and how the Winter Soldier still felt like the most brutal reality there was on nightmare filled nights he couldn’t find solace within a bed and opted for having the stability of a floor beneath him
He felt like a small toddler following her around, telling her everything as she adjusted books here and there, nodding at the right times and maintaining eye contact when his voice shook enough to make him clear his throat in search of a pause.
Though there wasn’t a look of disgust as he told her about the pardon he had received with the help of Sam, instead she just gave him a soft smile.
“Okay,” Emilia told him, “Your past doesn’t define you, James. You are a victim, but that’s not all you are. You’re an entire person with an entire personality to develop, but that doesn’t change things with us, you’re still great to have around.
The relief on his face was so prominent she felt her eyes tear up a bit and she couldn’t help herself from pulling him into a tight hug, feeling him wrap his arms around her without hesitation holding on for dear life.
People didn’t touch Bucky like that.
In an intimate, meaningful way that made him feel warm inside.
Sure there were random pats on the back from Sam, small touches here and there but nothing where someone wanted to outright touch him and went out of their way to do it in a moment where he needed comfort.
Pulling away, he wouldn’t meet her eyes but she let him have his space until he spoke again.
“I couldn’t avoid telling you before this became-” He cut himself off with a nervous laugh, “Not that this will become something but I couldn’t withhold… truth from you.”
The happiness on her face was evident alongside the blush, and she felt her heart swell for this stranger who had popped into her bookstore out of the blue not too long ago and swept her off of her feet without knowing.
“Thank you for trusting me, James.”
Bucky nodded and found himself smiling despite the weight of the words he had spoken still hanging around him, “You’re kind of stuck with me at this point, I really like it here.” He told her as he leaned on the shelf behind him in a casual admittance of his attachment to her.
Emilia laughed and nodded, “You’re stuck with me too, I’m imprinting on you like a doe.” Which earned a laugh from Bucky who felt his own cheeks flush in a way he managed to hide as he feigned interest in the bookshelf behind Emilia, the energy between them nearly visible.
Emilia had made him promise to come back the following day, presenting him with a small rectangular item with a proud grin painting her features from behind the counter.
“It’s my old iPod,” She explained, “I got you new earphones, but I downloaded a lot of music onto it so you can enjoy what we  the youth call: music.”
Taking the small item in his hands, he noticed his gloves seemed so gross against it.
With a small amount of hesitation, he set down the iPod and began plucking at each of the gloved fingers until he pulled out his flesh hand followed by his metal one from the other one.
Glancing at her hesitantly, he saw as she looked at the black and gold hand but it wasn’t with disgust or discomfort, but more of awe.
“Can I touch it?” Emilia asked, hoping she wasn’t overstepping and instead was letting him know that she wasn’t uncomfortable with the arm.
Bucky’s face showed surprise, and he froze for half a second before he nodded and gently reached over the counter where she gently touched his arm as though she were afraid of hurting him rather than the other way around.
The metal was cool and smooth, sleek and meant for everyday use as well as in battle which should be as attractive as she found it.
Looking up at Bucky as she pulled on the fingers, she admitted she found just about everything about him attractive, but that wasn’t the moment to go about thinking about such things.
From his steel blue eyes, strong jawline dusted with just the slightest bit of stubble, and good Lord his broad shoulders and well worked physique really did it for her. But while he was physically very attractive, his personality was also to die for.
She had been a goner from the moment she had seen him come into the store and ask for her opinions. The way he was opening up, bringing out his personality where he was so funny and genuine, and allowed himself to be just the slightest bit sarcastic.
Her thing for him was becoming more and more prevalent every time she saw or even just thought about him, and her face felt warm as they made eye contact while she was holding what he felt was the most vulnerable part of him.
“I think your arm is cool.” She informed him as she let it go and he picked up the iPod again with a grin on his face.
Pushing herself onto the counter so she was able to look down and help him navigate, she watched as he scrolled through the artists with a nod because there were hundreds and hundreds.
“Which album do you recommend I listen to first?” Bucky asked and Emilia set herself back down on the floor with a pondering expression.
Rounding the counter, she stood next to him as he scrolled through the artists again and stopped him at the C’s.
Handing it over to her, he leaned over her shoulder as she clicked through the center dial and landed on Coldplay and went to their first album, Parachutes before she realized how close he was.
Close enough to where she could smell his rich cologne and a scent that can only ever belong to him.
Moving away as she felt her heart pound in her chest, she turned and handed it back to him, “I think you should listen to Coldplay’s entire discography, but Parachutes is a good way to start.” She informed him and Bucky nodded with a smile.
“Anything else?” He asked as he placed it in his pocket and she thought again before she shook her head and went back around the counter.
“No sir,” She said, “Just listen to what you feel inclined to listen to. There are plenty to pick from.”
Bucky nodded, telling her he had to go to therapy but that he would give her a full report regarding what he listened to the next time he saw her.
Stepping out onto the sidewalk outside of the bookstore, Bucky took in a deep breath of crisp late October air and felt it really reach the bottom of his lungs, an extra pep in his step as he put in the earphones and figured out how to play it.
Dr. Raynor was certainly going to have some questions regarding his positive mood, but he would deal with that just fine.
A/N: How do we feel about Bucky's characterization here? I hope we feel swell.
As always, my requests are open so send away because I'm on summer break and in dire need of some entertainment!
Much love.
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jamiewritings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Till the end of the line...
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie and Morgan return back to their time and find that everything has been fixed, but in a way they didn't expect as they come to terms with who they are. The promise made between three friends from Brooklyn long ago lives on as it always has.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter.
Word Count: 2,000+
Thanks to everyone who has read this story and been here from the start!
Check out the AU’s that are part of this:
The Winter Soldiers :
And a Comic Book AU coming soon! 
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jamiewritings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie and Morgan must receive help from the Avengers in order to get back home. However, because of their Time Traveling, time itself has started to go wrong, bringing problems that need to be fixed.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter.
Word Count: 3,000+
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likeahorribledream · 3 days ago
The One That Got Away
Chapter 3: One True Love
Summary: Bucky and Charlie bond over their mutual love for litterature, opening a little bit more of themselves to the other.
Word Count: 5.7k
TW: Fluff, so much fluff.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Bucky and Charlie could have stayed on the phone for hours without getting bored or tired but Charlie’s mom needed to use the phone and made her hang-up after an hour of them talking.
Bucky seemed better than when she left him that afternoon but she was still worried about him. She wondered if he had told Steve yet, or if he was waiting until it was official. He clearly wasn’t taking the news very well and Steve would only be excited, hoping he would get drafted too when the moment came.
Charlie spent the rest of her night thinking about Bucky and what she could do to help him. From what the soldiers had said, they still had two months before they would start drafting men and she was determined to make the most of it.
She woke up the next day feeling a little bit anxious and nervous for her friend. Charlie had a habit of taking on other people’s problems and making them her own. Friends and family had told her on multiple occasions to be careful, that it wasn’t her responsibility to help the whole world but that was who Charlie was, at least she was trying to do something to help.
It was Thursday, and on Thursdays Charlie would be in the back office working on updating all the patients’ files that hadn’t been updated throughout the week for a lack of time. She was thankful for that, her thoughts being anywhere but at work. She had asked the woman who took her place at the front desk to let her know if Steve came in at some point during the day.
She spent the whole morning listening to music on the radio while slowly working her way through the files that had piled up during the week. Most people hated updating the files but Charlie loved it. It allowed her to catch up on the patients, sometimes wondering what had happened to them and it was a lot more relaxing than being with the patients. As much as she loved being with them, she needed some time alone from time to time. A small break from all the action.
When noon came around, Charlie had just finished updating a file and thought it was the perfect time for a break. She took the time to clean up her desk, knowing that if she didn’t do it now she would put it off until the end of the day and then curse herself for it. After making sure that everything that was done was put away, she walked out of the small office and closed the door behind her, locking it.
She went to the break room to get her lunch, walking in she saw that most nurses and doctors were sitting down at the large table and there weren’t any seat left for her. She grabbed her brown paper bag containing her lunch and decided to go eat outside, it was a nice sunny day might as well enjoy it, she thought.
When she walked outside, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to how bright the sun was shining. The office where she had been all morning didn’t have any windows and she had gotten used to the darkness. After blinking a few times to get her eyes into focus, she noticed a familiar face waiting for her in front of the clinic.
She panicked. Was something wrong? Did she forget that they had made plans?
Bucky, seeing her confusion, smiled and approached her.
‘’I hope you don’t mind. I thought we could eat together again today.’’ He smiled, shyly.
Charlie felt relief wash over her and allowed herself to smile back.
‘’I would love to.’’ She grinned.
She took a moment to look him over. He looked a lot better than he did yesterday, his eyes had that spark she loved so much again.
‘’D’you want to go back to the diner?’’ He asked, no specific plans in mind.
Charlie looked at the diner across the street and then looked down to the sad little paper bag she was holding, a soggy sandwich waiting for her at the bottom of it.
‘’Sounds a lot better than the lunch I was about to have. Just give me a minute, I’ll go put it back.’’ She raised her hand that was holding the bag and gave it a sad look.
Bucky laughed and nodded, letting her know he would be waiting right here.
Charlie made her way inside, all the way to the back to the break room and put her lunch back. She’ll just save it for tomorrow. She quickly made her way back outside, this time her eyes getting used to the light a lot quicker and she smiled at Bucky.
‘’Let’s go.’’ She said, walking towards Bucky.
She had almost reached the street to cross, no cars in sight when she felt a hand grab her wrist and slowly pull her back. She turned her head to look at the hand holding her and stepped back. She was confused as to why Bucky had held her back, it had been safe to cross the street.
‘’Is everything ok?’’ She looked at him, concerned. He was frowning and looked nervous.
He was biting his lower lip, just like Charlie did when she was nervous. He pulled gently on her arm, bringing her closer to him while walking towards her, closing the distance between them. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and hugged tightly, just like he had done yesterday.
It only took a second before Charlie realized what was happening, wrapping her arms around his waist and hugging him right back. Bucky was taller than her and she loved the height difference when they hugged.
She let her head rest on his chest, waiting until he let go before stepping back and looking at him.
‘’Feeling better?’’ A small smile forming on her lips, seeing the red flush his cheeks.
Bucky hadn’t planned on hugging her. Being close to her reminded him of the hug they had shared yesterday before she had to go back to work and how calming it had been. He wanted, and needed, to feel the calm again. Without even thinking about it he had grabbed her and before he knew it she was snuggled tightly in his arms.
He felt a lot more calm but he was also embarrassed by what he had just done. He wasn’t really the hugging type, especially not with people he barely knew but there was something about Charlie that made him want to be vulnerable. Like he could bare his soul to her and she would heal every little piece that needed healing.
He looked at her for a few seconds, still not over what he had just done and blushed. She looked at him with such warmth and concern that his embarrassment quickly dissipated.
‘’A lot better.’’
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and together, they crossed the street to their new favourite spot.
The next day, exactly at noon, Bucky was waiting for her again. This time he had brought his own little paper bag and together they sad on the grass under a tree to hide in the shade.
They spent the entire lunch time talking, sharing some of their lunch with the other.
After the whole Wednesday incident, they had gotten closer. The only person he trusted when he felt vulnerable was Steve and now Charlie had seen him in a very vulnerable moment and the way she reacted to it just made him trust her more.
Charlie quickly learned that once Bucky liked you, he really liked to touch. He was hugging her a lot more often, when they were walking he had one of his arms wrapped around her shoulders, whenever she had to walk in front of him he often had his hand on the small of her back, letting her know he was still there.
At first, it made her blush a lot. She wasn’t used to that kind of attention from men. She quickly learned to love it, looking forward to his hugs. She found herself leaning into him automatically when they were walking, almost he sync with the movement of his arm being wrapped around her.
It was crazy to think that in as little as 48 hours they had gotten so close. It was just so easy for them to be comfortable with one another.
They had finished their lunch, Charlie was picking up their leftovers to throw them in the garbage can out front. She walked back to Bucky and sat next to him.
‘’You should come over tonight.’’ She said, turning her heard to look at him. ‘’I want to show you my book collection.’’
Bucky nodded.
‘’Books, uh? Count me in.’’ He grinned. ‘’What time is your shift over? Should I just meet you back here and then we can walk together?’’
‘’That’s perfect. I’m usually done around 4. If I’m not outside you can come in, it shouldn’t go past that. That’s when the night shift starts.’’
Bucky stood up, holding out both his hands in front of her. She put her hands in his and let him help her get up. She used her hands to straighten up her dress, sitting on the grass with it hadn’t been a really good idea.
‘’I’ll be here at 4, then.’’
It was time for her to go back to work, Bucky walked to her and hugged her, once again. He was still a little bit hesitant, so far it hadn’t looked like it was bothering her but he promised himself that if there was any sign from her that he was making her uncomfortable, he would stop immediately. Little did he know that he didn’t have to worry, Charlie loved his hugs as much as he loved hers.
‘’I’ll see you later, James.’’
‘’See you later, Lily.’’ He watched her walk back inside and made his way home.
After her lunch break, Charlie made her way to the back office and finished the work she had started the day before. It was a slow day and there were enough girls to cover the front, nurse Jones suggesting to Charlie that she could continue updating the files if she wanted. An offer that she gladly accepted, needing the calm. Plus it was Friday and she loved Fridays because it meant that she would leave work earlier than the rest of the week. It was shaping up to be a good day.
The last 3 hours of her shift went by painfully slow. She kept looking at the clock on the wall in front of her, every time she thought 10 minutes had gone by she would look up to realize that it had barely been 2 minutes since the last time she looked. She was excited to show Bucky all of her books and spend time with him which made working feel like a nuisance.
Looking up only to notice it had barely been 5 minutes since the last time she checked, she let a groan escaped her lips and she fell back into her chair. She covered her face with both her hands and sighed. She usually didn’t mind being at work, but today was not the case. She got up and walked over to the wall, bringing her chair with her. She climbed on it and grabbed the clock that had been driving her crazy. Stepping back, she placed the clocked face down on the ground and walked to her desk with her chair, moving it to its original place and sitting down.
‘’Okay Charlie. You need to focus now.’’ She told herself, out lout, as if it would help.
It strangely did. The rest of the afternoon went by a lot faster. The first few minutes after taking down the clock, she had the urge to walk over to it and look at the time but fought against it and finally won. She focused on her work, never bothering to look up again, until she heard a small knock on her door. Taking her attention away from her files and to the door, she told them to come in.
She was surprised to see the man in charge of the night shift looking back at her once the door had opened.
‘’Miss Mathews, your shift ended 10 minutes ago. What are you still doing here?’’ He looked amused.
Charlie jumped up from her chair, panicked.
‘’Is it really 4:10 already?’’
The man only nodded as an answer and couldn’t help but chuckle, seeing Charlie trying to rush and clean up the desk. Being called by one of the night nurses, he wished her a good weekend and left.
Charlie had never cleared up her desk as quickly as she did that afternoon. She grabbed her bag and her jacket and rushed to the front of the clinic, hoping Bucky would be late and that she hadn’t made him wait. Unfortunately for her, Bucky had been on time. Even a little bit early. He patiently waited for her, sitting on a chair in the waiting area and reading whatever book they had left out on the small table for patients while they waited.
When she noticed him sitting patiently, engrossed in what he was reading, she softly cursed under her breath and rushed to him.
‘’James! I’m so sorry, I lost track of time. Which is ironic because after coming back from our lunch I thought the afternoon would never end, I even took down the clock from the wall because I felt like it kept nagging me on how slowly time passed and then suddenly it was 10 past 4 and I am late I am so, so, sorry.’’ She rambled on, not even taking a second to breathe in between sentences.
Bucky looked up at her and put down the book he had been holding. He stood up, listening to Charlie, a small smile on his lips. He chuckled and grabbed her by the shoulders to break her from her trance.
‘’Charlie..’’ He tried to cut her off, but she kept going. ‘’Lily!!!’’ He said a little bit louder.
Her eyes found his quickly at her nickname, finally making her stop apologizing. When she finally looked at him he smiled at her.
‘’Hi.’’ He said. She smiled at him. ‘’It’s fine, don’t worry about it. It’s Friday, we have all the time in the world.’’
She felt a wave of embarrassment rushing through her, finally realizing at how insane she must have sounded. She blushed and looked down.
‘’Sorry.’’ She whispered.
Bucky started laughing. ‘’Please, stop apologizing, it’s okay.’’
Still holding her by the shoulders, he slowly pulled her towards him and hugged her. He felt her relax against him and then felt her arms wrapping around him, hugging him back. Always waiting for Bucky to be the first to let go, she stepped back when she felt him loosen his hold on her.
‘’Let’s go.’’ She turned around to walk out.
She waved goodbye to her coworkers, wishing them a great weekend and smiling at everyone. Bucky walked in front of her to open the door and held it open for her, following behind once she was outside. He wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders and they started making their way to her house. They walked in a comfortable silence, enjoying the sun and watching kids running around the streets, coming back from school.
With her house in sight, Bucky turned his head towards Charlie and looked down at her.
‘’Won’t your parents mind me coming over?’’ His question made Charlie look up at him.
She shrugged. ‘’They aren’t going to be home for a few more hours.’’
Getting closer to her front door, Charlie started going through her purse, looking for her keys. After a few seconds of fumbling around, she finally felt them under her fingers and grabbed them, bringing them to the locks. Opening the door she walked inside, stepping aside to let Bucky walk in and then closed the door behind him.
Bucky had seen her house, at least the outside, on multiple occasions when he walked her home with Steve. It was a gorgeous house, clearly her parents had money and lots of it. But now, being inside, he felt so out of place.
His family wasn’t what you would call poor but they were far from being rich. They would have enough money for necessities but not a cent left for ‘’extras’’ as his mom called luxuries. Bucky found a few odd jobs, working here and there to make money. He gave most of his paychecks to his mom, keeping just a little bit aside for when he wanted to go out or buy presents for his family members.
Standing in Charlie’s house, Bucky felt like he didn’t belong in here. The house was even more beautiful inside and it looked even bigger, somehow, than when he was standing outside. He looked around, looking almost nervous. As if someone would know he wasn’t supposed to be there and come kick him out.
Charlie took off her shoes, Bucky doing the same thing shortly after.
‘’Welcome to my home.’’ She said with a warm smile.
He finally turned his attention back to her, her smile making him feel better. There was something about her that made him feel... special. The way she would look at him, smile at him or cheer him on whenever he was doing something he didn’t think he could. Charlie made him feel like he was worthy of anything, even a house like this. Clearly, she had the means to be looking down on him and his entire family. Like every other rich families did with people like him, but she never did. She was kind to everybody, never looking down on anyone. She always made everybody feel like they were important and worthy of her time. He thought she had one of the most beautiful hearts he had seen, even better than Steve’s and he didn’t think such a thing was possible.
Charlie gave Bucky a quick tour, walking around, pointing at rooms. After finishing their ‘’tour’’, Charlie guided them upstairs to her room. When she opened the door to let him in, Bucky was surprised to see what was in front of him.
Her room was big, huge compared to his that he had to share with one of his siblings, and it was extremely neat. Her bed was made, not a single wrinkle could be seen on her covers. An entire wall was covered in book shelves, but clearly they weren’t enough because there were small piles of books on the floor and even those piles were neatly stacked near the shelves.
‘’I knew you liked to read but this...’’ He waved his hand around, gesturing towards her book collection ‘’This is insane.’’ Charlie laughed.
‘’I know, I know. It’s a problem’’ She laughed once more. ‘’I just...’’ She paused, thinking for a few seconds and blushed. ‘’I just love to escape reality sometimes.’’
He nodded, agreeing with her. He must admit, if he had the kind of money her parents did, his room would probably look very similar to hers. He looked around a little, curious. He walked over to her desk, the one she used to get ready every morning. Her hairbrush, hair ties, hair pins were all placed neatly in front of the mirror along with her makeup. What surprised him was the amount of jewellery she owned, especially necklaces. There must have been 10 different ones placed on small hooks, and yet ever since he had met her he always saw her with the same one.
He turned towards her, pointing at all the necklaces and raising an eyebrow, curiously.
‘’You have all these necklaces, but you always wear the same one.’’ He then pointed at the necklace she was wearing. She nodded and he let his hand fall back next to his body. ‘’Why?’’ He asked.
Charlie chewed on her bottom lip and her hand reached up to touch her necklace, she looked nervous.
‘’If I tell you, promise you won’t laugh at me.’’ She says while sitting down on the edge of her bed.
‘’I would never laugh at you. I promise.’’ He was even more curious.
He grabbed the chair from her desk and brought it closer to her bed, sitting in front of her.
‘’My grandmother gave me this necklace when I was 10 years old.’’ She started.
Her necklace was made of silver, a thin chain was holding a small heart locket. The locket lying between both her collarbones. She raised a hand to it and smiled.
‘’She had one very similar that I had always loved, ever since I was a little girl. She said that my grandfather gave it to her when they started dating. I think it was on their second date. He said that the moment he had laid eyes on her he knew she was going to be his wife. When he gave it to her, he opened the locket and inside one of the halves was a picture of him and the other half was empty. He told her that she was meant to put her picture on the other side and this way they would always be together, near her heart, even when they weren’t.’’
‘’They were so in love.’’ She continued, not really looking at Bucky. Just remembering the moment her grandmother had given her the necklace, a sad smile formed on her lips. Charlie opened her own locket.
One half was empty and the other one had a picture of herself.
‘’She gave this one to me, saying that when I meet the man I was going to marry, the love of my life, I’ll be able to put his picture in it with mine, that way he’ll always be close to my heart like the love of her life was close to hers.’’ She took a small pause, snapping the heart shut. ‘’My grandfather died the next year and she followed soon after. Broken heart syndrome the doctor told us. She literally couldn’t live without him.’’
She was smiling but a few tears fell down her cheeks. It had been almost 15 years but she still missed them every single day. Bucky quickly reached up and wiped away her tears.
‘’My parents got married because it was a good business move for both their families. They get along fine but they aren’t in love. Not the way my grandparents were and I don’t want that. I want to marry someone because we love each other and can’t live without one another, not because it’s the ‘’right’’ thing to do. I wear the necklace every day to remind myself, but mostly remind my parents, that I won’t settle for less. They have been pushing me for years to marry any guy that can ‘’provide’’ for me so I can be a dutiful housewife.’’
Bucky chuckled, knowing full well that wasn’t going to happen. She was too independent and she loved her job too much to give it all up for some guy and spend all her days at home, by herself, cleaning and cooking.
‘’Like that’s ever gonna happen.’’ Charlie snorted, as if she could read his mind.
‘’That’s a beautiful story.’’ He smiled at her. ‘’Whoever ends up in the other half is going to be a very lucky man, and he better treat you right because it’ll be my pleasure to hurt him if he doesn’t.’’
She laughed at the threat.
‘’What? It’s true.’’
‘’Oh, I know. That’s why I laughed. Because I know you will be more than happy to remind him about that.’’
‘’Damn right.’’ Bucky smiled and winked.
Charlie shook her head, rolling her eyes as if she was annoyed but the big smile on her face proved differently.
They looked at each other, smiling for what felt like hours but in reality was just a minute. Both subconsciously hoping that Bucky would be her other half but never willingly admitting it to themselves.
They finally broke eye contact and Bucky got up, walking over to her book shelves. He looked the books over, glancing at them. He turned around to look at Charlie who had gotten up short after and was now standing behind him, raising an eyebrow and smirking at her.
‘’Are they in alphabetical order?’’ He teased.
Charlie nodded and chewed on her bottom lip a few seconds before adding ‘’And sorted by genre.’’
‘’Amazing.’’ Bucky said, turning back to the books and starting at the far left to make his way through the alphabets and genres.
After a few minute he gasped.
‘’Is that a first edition of The Hobbit?’’ He looked at her with wild eyes.
‘’Yes!’’ She said, excitedly.
‘’It’s such a good book, isn’t it? I used to have a first edition copy, too. I brought it with me everywhere I went and I ended up losing it.’’ He pouted at the memory of the heartbreak he felt when he realized he had lost one of his favourite books.
Charlie mimicked his pout, sympathizing with him. ‘’I’m sorry James.’’
She reached out and squeezed his shoulder in her hand, trying to comfort him.
‘’It’s okay.’’ Bucky said dramatically ‘’I’ve grieved. I still miss it, but I try to not think about it. It hurts too much, you know?’’ Wiping a tear that isn’t there.
‘’I understand.’’ She nodded, being just as dramatic as he was being.
They looked at each other, completely serious before starting to laugh like they had just told the most hilarious joke of all times.
‘’Dork.’’ She said, sticking out her tongue at him once they had calmed down.
‘’Takes one to know one, sweetheart.’’ He smirked and looked at the books again, missing the way Charlie blushed at the new nickname.
‘’You’re welcome to borrow whichever ones you like.’’ Noticing how Bucky was eyeing some of them. ‘’I haven’t read them all yet, but I really don’t mind if you want to bring some home with you. As long as you don’t keep them from me forever.’’ She laughed.
He smiled and pointed at a book. ‘’Could I borrow this one? I’ve been wanting to read it forever but never found it anywhere.’’
‘’I know! The reviews were so good, everyone jumped on it. I went to every book store I could think of to find it. There were only a few copies left and I never saw it for sell again. I haven’t read it yet, it was the next one on my list but you can definitely borrow it. I’ll just read it after you bring it back.’’ She smiled, not even hesitating to let him be the one to read it first.
He felt bad to be taking it from her, even if it was just for a couple of weeks. He shook his head, a shy smile on his face.
‘’No, no. It’s okay. You should be the one to read it first. I’ll look for something else.’’
‘’Nonsense. Take it. I have plenty more to keep me busy.’’
He almost melted right where he stood. The way she was looking at him, as if just the thought of making him happy by borrowing the book was more than enough to make her happy made his heart flutter. Hesitating for a few seconds, he grabbed the book in question and turned around to completely face her.
‘’Actually, I have a better idea.’’
She looked at him surprised and curious, following him with her eyes. He walked over to her bed and sat down, his back against her headboard, rearranging all her pillows and decorative cushions in a way that almost made it look like he had just made himself a cocoon made out of her pillows.
‘’What are you doing?’’ She laughed.
He grinned at her and patted the spot next to him.
‘’Come over here. We’ll read it together.’’
Charlie swore that in that moment her heart skipped a few beats and she tried to not think about what that meant. Without hesitating she made her way to her bed and sat down next to Bucky.
‘’How are we doing this?’’ She asked.
‘’Maybe I can read it to you? That way we’ll be following at the same time.’’
Again, her heart skipped a few more beats and with how close they were sitting and she sincerely hoped Bucky hadn’t noticed. Not trusting her voice in this moment, she simply nodded.
Bucky couldn’t have noticed, he was too busy focusing on the way his heartbeat had sped up when she agreed to sit next to him and let him read to her. He acted before thinking, mad at himself for doing so. Something he found himself doing a lot when he was around Charlie. He didn’t know what took over him but the idea popped into his mind and before he could stop himself, it was too late and he was already on her bed. He couldn’t understand why he was acting this way with her, he just hoped she wouldn’t think he was being too weird and that it wouldn’t make her want to stop hanging out with him. He feared that some day he’d cross the line between friendly and cute to clingy and annoying, scaring her away in the process.
He reached his arm around her, bringing her closer to him so he could hold the book for the both of them.
When she felt how close he was, she felt heat creep up on her cheeks and she was thankful that he was too busy getting comfortable to notice it.
Charlie sat down a little lower on her bed so that Bucky didn’t have to hold up the arm that was around her. Soon enough, he started reading to her and after a few pages Charlie thought that his voice was the best sound she had ever heard and that she would never get tired of hearing it.
By the end of chapter 2, Charlie had readjusted herself, feeling how Bucky’s body was already tiring from their position. She had gotten impossibly closer to him, the back of her head was now resting under his collarbone. His arm that had previously been around her shoulder was now around her middle, resting on her stomach. Her arm was resting on top his, playing with the hem of his sleeve.
Too engrossed in the story, and each other, neither Charlie or Bucky heard the front door open and close downstairs.
Her parents were home and were surprised to find a pair of shoes that clearly weren’t Charlie’s next to the front door. They stopped moving, listening to see if they could figure out where she was. The only sound in the house was coming from her room. A man’s voice. A voice they soon recognized to be Bucky’s. They listened for a few more minutes, trying to figure out what was being said and finally understanding that he was reading something to her.
They moved to the living room and slowly closed the door behind them, trying not to make a sound. Charlie’s mom looked panicked while her dad looked angry.
‘’That’s the boy she’s been spending all of her time with?’’ He hissed. ‘’I thought she was with the Rogers boy!’’
Her mom glared at her dad.
‘’Lower your voice before they hear you.’’ She hissed back. ‘’I thought it was the Rogers boy, this is news to me, too.’’
Charlie’s dad started pacing, shaking his head.
‘’This.’’ He waved in the general direction of Charlie’s room. ‘’Cannot happen. Steve Rogers wasn’t a threat but Barnes has a reputation. He can get any single girl he wants, not one of them being able to resist him. Every single person in this town knows how he is.’’ He was so angry, his skin looked almost purple.
Her mom wasn’t in a better shape.
It would have been easy to mistake their anger for concern, anyone who could have been listening in could have sympathized with her parents. They were concerned that their daughter could possibly get her heartbroken. Then, her dad spoke again.
‘’My daughter isn’t going to fall in love with some...’’ He trailed off, looking for the perfect word to describe Bucky. ‘’low-class bastard.’’ He added with disgust.
And there it was. Her parents weren’t concern with her well-being, they weren’t worried about her possibly getting hurt or having her heart broken. No. They were concerned that their daughter might be falling in love with a man they didn’t approve of. A man that couldn’t provide for her, that couldn’t bring anything to their family. Marriage had nothing to do with love, marriage was a business transaction. They needed to gain something out of it and love wasn’t something they were interested in.
They had noticed how their daughter seemed happier, chipper even. She was barely even home and she was always in a good mood. They thought it was because she had found a new friend in Steve but now they understood what it really was. James Buchanan Barnes was corrupting their daughter, ruining any chance for them to make her marry a man of their choice.
They stared at each other in silence, the faint sound of Bucky’s voice reaching the living room then the sound of laughter filled the house. Charlie’s laugh. It made her parents cringe.
‘’We need to put a stop to this.’’ Her mom whispered angrily.
‘’We are going to do everything we can, darling.’’ Her dad got even more angry when Charlie laughed again. ‘’There is no way in hell I’m letting Barnes anywhere near our daughter. I don’t give a damn about how she feels.’’
Her dad stopped for a minute, thinking.
‘’I’ll make it so that she won’t have a choice but to listen to what we want.’’ He smirked. ‘’It’s going to be us or him.’’
An ultimatum. Her family or her best friend. Either way, Charlie’s heart was about to be broken and her parents couldn’t wait to see it all happen.
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peterbparkerth · 3 days ago
The Cloaked Rose -Chapter 4-
Tumblr media
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 4
Alara’s POV
I had arrived at the compound, tony was there to receive me along with Steve, they were talking about something I couldn’t understand. “What are you old people talking about?” I ask them making tony look at me and roll his eyes.
“Hydra, they are also on the look out for the super soldier serum” Steve said, I nod and walk inside with them.
Everyone turns to look at us and Wanda walks up to me to hug me “Alara we missed you” Nat says as my luggage gets to the main floor. “So what happened?” Wanda asked me but all I could think was Bucky, he didn’t message me in the morning like he said he will.
“Alara!” Wanda said loudly, I got out of the thought and smile at her “sorry I was thinking about something” I said apologetically and she smiled widely “it’s fine Al, do you want my help to unpack your things?” She added as we get to my room.
“Thank you Wanda but I’m alright” I replied as I unzipped my luggage. It took me a while to get my things unpack and settle in before I walked down to the kitchen, on the way there Maria passes me a phone and I looked at her confused.
“Hello?” I say as I place the phone on my ear
“Hey beanbag” I hear Bucky on the other hand and I couldn’t stop chuckling at him
“I miss you” I finally tell him, feeling my heart beat even faster. For a minute there was a silence before I heard him speak again, “I’ll be back too love”.
Just then I heard sam’s voice telling them they have to go so we said our goodbyes and he ended the call. I kept smiling as I walked into the kitchen and made my cereal.
“So you talked to Bucky huh?” I heard Wanda say “you’re thinking about him” she added and I nodded as I took a bite of the cereal. “Are they coming soon?” Nat asked as she entered the kitchen. “Yeah soon” I replied.
We talked for a while more before taking out food to the lounge and eat. I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, all I was thinking about was Bucky; then I realised something. I was falling in love with him and it’s terrifying.
Third Person POV
Many days has passed since Alara and Bucky talked and it was the last day of Bucky and Sam’s mission as they had just defeated Karli and her gang.
“Let’s go back home” Bucky said as he and Sam arrived at Sarah’s place, Sam looked at Bucky and smirked “so you’re saying you’re missing Alara”, Bucky chuckled and replied “no I.. can you stop” Sam rolls his eyes as they walk down to the main door after getting their bags. They said their goodbyes to Sarah and the kids and promised to meet them again.
They were on their way to the compound when Bucky got a message from Alara, telling him she’s glad he and Sam are coming back. He did reply back this time but with a flower emoji only.
This confused Alara because Bucky was never the one to send emoji, how did he even learned how to use them.
The moment everyone saw the quinjet land on the ground they all went down to greet them. As soon as Bucky saw Alara, he went to hug her and she shyly hugged him back. “Since when are you to not trying to kill each other?” Tony said in his sarcastic tone making both Alara and Bucky chuckle.
“Well things change” Bucky said as Wanda tried to read his mind. As they all went inside Tony announced that he’s throwing a party to welcome Morgan into the world. Bucky looked at Alara from a far and she looked back at him and smiled.
But they have no clue how the party might change their future. Alara and Wanda along with Nat went to shop for some dresses. They returned after few hours and as the party was about to start they quickly got dressed and walked down, wanda walked towards vision while Nat went to the bar leaving Alara alone in the hallway, she walked towards the sitting area when suddenly a man came to her and asked her for a dance.
She accepted the request not knowing what else to do. He led her to dance floor and as she was dancing she felt Bucky stare at her, Bucky on the other hand was staring at her; his anger was about to get the best of him as he got off the sofa and walked to the dance floor.
He pulled Alara away from the man and whispered in her ear “I need to talk to you about something Al”, this made Alara’s heart beat faster as she held his hand as he led her to the bar. Nat saw them approaching and Bucky nodded at her signaling her about something, that made Nat leave the bar for a bit.
Will this night change everything for Alara and Bucky?
@httpscarletwitch @madisondelstan
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Finding Home Chapter 20
Chapter 19
Returning late at night after the mission, we all sat through the debriefing, barely managing to keep our eyes open. Once Steve finished rambling on, he made one final announcement.
“Everyone has the day off tomorrow.”
“This isn’t some trick, is it Cap?” I laugh.
“No trick. We all deserve a little downtime.”
Nat looks across the table at me and smiles. “Pizza and game night?”
“Hell, yes!” We both laugh loudly.
It was decided - mostly by us, but we aren’t going to let the others out of it. We will all end our day off with some pizza and games as a team.
We all happily part ways, each excited for a much-needed day to ourselves.
Steve, Bucky, and I retiring to our floor, sharing a lingering glance between myself and each of the men before entering their rooms. Things are different; I know that, but I’m not sure any of us realize just how quickly things are going to change.
The Tower is silent as I lay in my bed, tossing and turning for a couple of hours at least. Unable to sleep, unable to get comfortable. Between the nightmares that flash each time I close my eyes and the lack of -- well, the lack of comfort, it just isn’t happening.
That is when the screams break the silence.
I know that Bucky isn’t adjusting to our first night back very well, either. I hear Steve’s door open with a thud and his feet hitting the floor as he runs into Bucky’s room.
Lying there, quiet, I just listen.
Listen to Steve try to wake Bucky from the scene that is plaguing his mind. I listen to Steve try to calm Bucky once he is finally awake. I listen as they both make their way to our small kitchenette for some coffee.
Stepping out of my room quietly, I start to walk toward the voices of my two floor-mates. I stand back in the shadows and just listen for a moment.
“I don’t know what it is about her, Steve. But that week we spent…”
I hear him pause. We had promised each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone about waking up in each other’s arms each day of the mission.
“I never once woke up. Let alone screaming.”
“I don’t know what to tell you, Buck. Have you tried to talk to her about it? Maybe she can shed some light on it for you.”
“She won’t say anything more about it. I’ve tried. All week I tried.”
“Give her time. She’s like a locked safe when it comes to certain things.”
I quietly make my way back to my room. Screw the coffee. I’m going to try to sleep again instead. It is still dark outside, after all.
Lying there again, with my eyes closed, I am still unable to drift off to sleep. Instead, I allow the stray tears to trickle onto my pillow as I think about what Bucky said.
I’m not sure how long I was there - I all but refuse to open my eyes until my alarm goes off this evening for our team game night - but I hear the door open quietly. Trying to decide if it is worth moving or not, the door clicks shut again, and the lock clicks into place.
I never hear the footsteps approach my bed; I only feel the mattress dip behind me. My blankets move, just slightly, allowing him to slip underneath them - feeling that cold metal against my bare skin, my body immediately relaxes.
Feeling him slide closer, pulling me back at the same time, he nuzzles his face into my hair and takes a deep breath. My body forms to his, and my breathing slows.
No words are spoken. They don’t need to be.
We both drift off into a blissful sleep for the remainder of the morning and afternoon, only stirring when my phone goes off, alerting me that it is time for dinner.
Try as I may, I can’t break free from Bucky’s hold. I turn under his arm and face him. I take in every tiny detail of his face because this is the calmest I have ever seen him within the Tower walls.
Kissing his nose gently, I watch as he scrunches it up. Groaning, he slowly opens his eyes.
“I need to go help Nat downstairs, Buck,” I whisper.
“So?” His voice still full of sleep.
“So, I can’t get out from under your arm.” I giggle quietly.
“Oops. Sorry.” He smiles before closing his eyes again.
Finally free of his grasp, I throw on some clean clothes and make my way downstairs, leaving Bucky to rest in my bed peacefully.
Standing around the island, we are all enjoying some pizza and just an overall beautiful relaxing evening. Everyone is laughing and having a good time.
Most of the group has decided to play their version of twenty questions. I’m not ready to answer most of them, so I just sit back, pretending to listen, smiling and laughing when I see others react.
I did my best to tune out the conversations going on until I hear my name. It seems Nat feels I need to partake, at least a little, in their game.
“Huh?” I look up, confused.
“Have you ever been in love?” Natasha asks again. The room is suddenly silent.
“I-I-.” My voice quiet and innocent, “I don’t know.”
I think for a moment, trying to remember all the times I was with the Soldier. I try to think of what love is supposed to feel like and if it was something that I felt for him or if it was something else.
After debating for what seemed like an eternity, I can feel their eyes burning into me - my tone changes from soft to cold and harsh. “It’s painful, pointless, and overrated. Why would anyone want that?”
My eyes flit to Bucky before focusing back on the cup in my hand. Undetected by most, but not going unnoticed by Nat.
“Would you ever love someone?” She pushes.
I take a deep breath, staring blankly in her direction. "Doubtful. But then, in this world, nothing is certain."
Setting my cup in the sink, I make my way toward the elevator to go back to my room. Wanting to avoid any more questions along those lines. It is too late, though; Nat knows it all from just one small action.
No sooner did I press the button, she is behind me with a gentle hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry, Marena.” Her voice is quiet but sincere.
“It’s fine, Nat.” I don’t know who I was trying to convince more? Myself, or her?
“Barnes, huh?” I turn and look at her with narrow eyes.
“I don’t wanna talk about it,” I state coldly.
“Come on, сестра (sister). You have to tell someone this story. It’s eating you up inside, I can tell.”
I pull away from her, stepping into the elevator without another word.
Arriving at my room, I quickly discard my clothes and throw on an oversized t-shirt. Crawling into bed, I pull the covers up tightly against my neck and try my best to fall asleep.
Maybe Nat is right. Maybe telling someone about it all will help to ease my mind. But do I want to remind myself of everything? Everything I caused him?
After a few hours of lying alone in my bed, I finally hear Steve and Bucky return to their rooms.
“I think I’m going to skip the run, tomorrow man. I’m exhausted.”
“That’s fine, Buck. You need your rest. I’ll see you in the morning.” With a click of a door, I know Steve has gone into his room.
A moment later, I hear Bucky’s door open and close. I secretly hope he hasn’t entered. I got my answer when I hear my door softly click open — listening as Bucky closes and locks the door silently behind him.
The bed dips behind me again, but this time I don’t wait for him. I roll over, facing his solid form, and slide toward the middle of the bed. He matches my movements, wrapping his arm around me, pulling me in. I bury my face into his chest and feel myself relax.
“I’m sorry about earlier, doll. I don’t know what upset you, but that wasn’t Nat’s intention. You know that, right?”
“I know Buck,” I mumble against him. “I’ll be okay. I just need some sleep.”
“Do you want me to -”
“No. Stay. We both know it’s better for both of us.”
He presses a kiss against my hair, and we both quickly fell into a deep slumber.
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constantwriter85 · 4 days ago
You Can Always Find Me in the Drift
Chapter Eight - The Best Laid Plans
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character (OFC)
Word Count: 3044
Chapter Warning: Language, Angst, Minor Panic Attack, Ross being a shady douchebag, mentions of the past Winter Soldier trial.
Warnings: 18+, Language, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Slow Burn, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Blood/Injury, PTSD, Major Character Death
Series Summary: When Loki opened the portal atop Stark Tower, he inadvertently opened a second portal deep in the pacific, unleashing the vicious kaiju monsters. In desperation, the world looks to the Avengers for help containing the Breach, but the kaiju are too much for earth’s mightiest heroes. From the ashes of the first attack emerge two telepathic twins, Matthew and Marlowe Mackenzie–pilots of a gigantic robot they call a Jaeger, built in secret to combat the kaiju. As they’re accepted into the Avenger’s family, Bucky finds himself falling for Marlowe. She helps him come to terms with the man he’s become, but as the Avengers wage their war against the kaiju, Bucky wonders if the cost is too high.
A/N:  Ok, wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this one. This chapter kicked my ass, and although I’m not 100% happy with it I’m pushing ahead, because I’m ready to get back to the action. Hopefully the next update won’t take so long lol! Dividers by @firefly-graphics ​
Tumblr media
Chapter Seven
Tony’s prediction was correct. It did piss the Twins off—big time.
Marlowe stood in the middle of the conference room, sandwiched between Bucky and Matthew. Nearly all of the Avengers were in attendance, in addition to Newt, Hermann, and Pentecost. Tony clearly believed in strength in numbers.
Secretary Ross frowned at the assembled group. “Mr. Stark, I’m starting to find these meetings tedious—”
“Really? Me too. Let’s just call it a day then, and we can get back to doing what we do best—what was that? Oh, yeah. Saving lives.”
Ross pressed on as if he hadn’t even heard. “It’s funny how every time a new technology pops up, you seem to right there. The wily spider, pulling everything into your web.”
“Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.”
“Gentlemen.” Rhodey only raised his voice a bit, but the affect was immediate. “Mr. Secretary, you were saying?”
“Thank you, Colonel Rhodes. I’m calling to inform you that a Special Senate Committee has been convened to determine the classification of the Jaeger Weapon—”
Matthew growled. “It’s a robot, not a weapon.”
“Does it kill?” Ross asked calmly. “Does it take down monsters that even the US military has struggled with? It’s a weapon, son.”
“I’m not your son.”
Marlowe stiffened. Matthew, calm down.
This fucking asshole—
I know, but this isn’t getting us anywhere. Please just calm down.
Ross was already talking again. Next to her, Marlowe could feel the waves of anger flaring off her brother through the bond.
“Mr. Stark. You and your team will appear before the Senate Committee on September 5th, during which the classification of the Jaeger will be determined, followed by the transfer of the asset and all relevant personnel to the custody of the US Government.”
Rhodey narrowed his eyes. “All relevant personnel?”
“I’m referring to the Pilots. They’ll need to be debriefed, of course.”
“No doubt,” Tony said. “A thorough debriefing from a team of scientists, just itching to find out what makes them tick.”
Marlowe stiffened at the words. She understood what that meant. Beside her, Matthew was still primed for a fight, but he sensed her unease across the bond and immediately looked over at her.
How could this be happening? All they were trying to do was stop more people from dying. Trying to stop more homes from being destroyed. There was another attack scheduled in less than two weeks, and here this politician sat, demanding that they hand over themselves and the only thing that had been able to stand up to the Kaiju so far.
All in the interest of expanding military might.
Marlowe, we can’t let this happen.
I know.
This is bullshit!
I know, Mattie, but I…I don’t know what to do.
Everything felt like it was slipping through her fingers. Beside her, Matthew fumed. Bucky must have sensed Marlowe’s growing anxiety, because he reached out and took her hand, smoothing his thumb over her knuckles.
“You okay?” he murmured.
She nodded, flashing a tight smile that fooled neither of them.
“September 5th, Stark,” Ross was saying. “I’ll be sending over a team of specialists to evaluate the program and the Twins—”
“Yeah, that’s a big no. Your specialists can have the same nickel tour of the facility as anyone else, but they’re not laying a finger on either the Twins or the Jaeger Technology without a court order.”
Bucky’s hand tightened around Marlowe’s protectively as the two argued.
“You know you don’t have the authority for that—maybe the balls, but not the authority.”
“I can get the authority if you want to play hardball.”
“Yeah, and good luck with that. In the meantime, why don’t you go bully someone else—we have work to do.”
“Fifth. Right. Bye.”
Tony hung up, just as Ross was opening his mouth to say something else. “I love teleconferences, nothing says kiss my ass quite like mashing the old end call button.”
“What happened to subtlety?” Rhodey sighed. “Did you have to antagonize him?”
“Tony’s about as subtle as a hand grenade in the shorts,” Steve said dryly.
“Oh come on—like none of you were thinking the same thing?”
Bucky certainly was. He was fuming. It was a good thing Ross wasn’t in the room for that conference, because he just might have lost control at the mere idea that someone would take Marlowe away. To lock her up and study her like some kind of criminal…some kind of animal…
Bucky closed his eyes, taking several deep breaths in an attempt to slow his racing pulse and clear away the haze of red that threatened to overtake his vision.
Pentecost cleared his throat, immediately quieting the room. “As entertaining as that little exchange was, Mr. Stark, do we actually have a plan for avoiding this…ill-concealed governmental seizure of property?”
“We do.” Pepper stepped to the front of the room, shaking her head at Tony’s antics but not looking all that surprised. “We’ve dealt with Ross and his tactics before, and we’ve developed a few of our own. JARVIS, can you pull up the itinerary?”
Dates, times, and locations flashed up on the holoscreen, along with the names of several media outlets. Marlowe frowned in confusion. “A press tour?”
“Exactly,” Pepper said. “We have a bit of time before the hearing, and we need to work on your image. Although support for the Jaeger Program is holding steady, we need the numbers if we’re going to go head to head with Ross. We can’t just wait until the hearing to duke it out with him.”
Matthew crossed his arms. “But why does it matter? They’re just going to do what they want anyway.”
“Not if we have public support in our corner,” Rhodey said. “Look—two enhanced individuals piloting a giant robot armed with missiles and plasma cannons? It doesn’t look good. Ross is going to paint the Jaeger as a weapon.”
“…as well as both of you. He’ll lock you away in some lab all in the name of national security, just to find out what makes you tick. Ross hates the Avengers, and he doesn’t trust anyone who’s enhanced.” Banner finished.
The Twins paled.
“The public is afraid of what it doesn’t know.” Pepper was pulling up figures on the screen. “So, we’re going to introduce you to them. Marlowe, Matthew, Newt, and Hermann—the original four. I’ve already developed a press kit. Interviews, appearances, tours of the facility, demonstrations—”
Newt snorted. “You’re going to put Hermann on camera?”
“Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you.” Hermann shot back.
“What are you talking about? The camera loves me.”
“At least I’m not boring.”
Marlowe’s head was spinning. It was all too much, too fast. There was so much to be done here—the next Breach was due in a little under two weeks, and they were still in the process of outfitting Nova’s new weaponry. After that they still had to field test it, and she hadn’t worked the kinks out of the new servos on the right leg. The drive couplings had been a little glitchy last linkup, and Matthew needed to—
“Marlowe. Marlowe, hey—” Bucky had a hand on her shoulder, looking concerned.
“There’s no time—we don’t have time for this.”
“We’ve got plenty of time before the hearing, Pep’s a wizard with this stuff,” Tony said.
“But the Kaiju—"
Pepper was still fiddling with the itinerary. “We’ll work around the timed Breaches, of course.”
“No. I—we need to be in the lab, working. There’s still so much to do.”
“We’ve got people here that can help with that, kiddo,” Tony said gently. “Pepper’s right, this is important.”
“A bit of a break wouldn’t hurt the two of you either,” Banner said. “You both have been running on empty for months.”
“We’ll do it,” Matthew said.
Everyone started talking at once. Plans were being made, things were being pulled from Marlowe’s control. And with that loss of control came the spiral as her fingers slipped on the edge of the only thing that had been keeping her afloat the past year.
Bucky’s hand smoothed down her back, his voice low in her ear. “Marlowe what’s wrong?”
“I-I just…”
Matthew looked at her, seemingly surprised by her mood. What’s wrong with you?
I don’t want to do it.
We don’t have time to waste on press tours.  
They’ve got a point, Mar. We don’t want Ross to get his hands on Nova.
I know, but somebody else could—
Look, they’re gonna take her if we don’t do something. This is a solid plan.
Marlowe pinched her brow. Why couldn’t he understand? The kaiju are getting bigger, and Hermann’s timetable won’t hold forever. We’ve got to be prepared.
Tony’s got the manpower to get it done, we don’t need to be there for every step of the process.
It’s our asses going up in that thing—
And you think it’s going to fall apart without you?
No, but right now Nova’s the only thing standing between the kaiju and the rest of the world, and I’m not willing to gamble on it!
The Twins were facing each other now. Neither had noticed the room gradually quiet. Bucky felt a slight vibration in the air, emanating off of Marlowe and making the pens on Tony’s desk rattle.
Matthew was glaring at her. And you think I am? Nova means everything to me. This—this fight means everything to me.
I know that, but we can’t lose focus on what’s important.
This is important.
I don’t want to take a break. Dad wouldn’t—
“Don’t.” Matthew took a step towards her. “Don’t bring him into this.”
“I’m just—
“You know how I feel about that, Marlowe. Don’t you dare bring him into this now.”
“Matt, I’m—”
“I get it—I really do. But don’t you stand there and throw Dad in my face as an excuse to keep working just because you’re too scared to slow down and confront what happened and actually feel something for once. Working yourself to death isn’t going to bring them back. Killing kaiju isn’t going to bring them back. Nothing will.”
Marlowe looked like she’d been slapped. She opened and shut her mouth, instead wrenching her arm from Bucky’s grip and pushing through the doors, not looking back once. Matthew was right on her heels.
Bucky was stunned. He started to go after them, but Marshall Pentecost held his hand up. “Give them a couple minutes to cool off.”
Bucky stared at the double doors. Marlowe was always so calm and collected—he’d never seen her that worked up, and it worried him. He had a feeling their argument was about a lot more than just the press conference.
“Uh…should we be concerned about that?” Rhodey asked.
Steve shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, what was that about?”
“An argument a long time coming…and I think a few blows might’ve landed below the belt.”
“What do you mean?”
Pentecost sighed. “I’ve known the Mackenzie family for a long time—used to watch the two of them chasing each other down the hall, both of them barely out of diapers. Matthew takes after his mother—boisterous and emotional, his heart on his sleeve for all the world to see. Marlowe takes after her father. Cool and level-headed in a crisis, but she has the tendency to take on others’ problems as a way to avoid her own.”
He nodded towards the doors. “I’m not sure that Marlowe has allowed herself to grieve for her parents. Not truly. Matthew has, and she’s supported him through it, but she hasn’t allowed herself that same luxury.”
Steve frowned. “I don’t know that I’d call grief a luxury, Marshall.”
“Sometimes, it is.”
Bucky understood what Pentecost was getting at, and it made sense. It explained why Marlowe threw herself into the Program, and why she’d been so opposed to taking a break for something as frivolous as a “press conference.”
As cathartic as it could be, grief was something terrible and final. And in times like these, stopping to grieve felt like a luxury. Sometimes, the only grasp on sanity you had was to just keep soldiering on.
Bucky had been doing it for years.
Pentecost was looking at him, and Bucky knew he understood.
“Go,” he said. “I expect they’re done raging at each other by now.”
Bucky nodded and started to move towards the door.
“Oh, and Sergeant Barnes? Take care of my Pilot. I’ll know if you don’t.”
It was as close to the shovel talk as he was probably going to get from Pentecost, but it still made Bucky blush all the same.
Tumblr media
  Bucky found her up on the roof with Matthew. He knew he would. He hanged back a bit, lingering by the stairwell door and trying not to listen in on their conversation, but he heard it anyway.
“I’m sorry, Matthew.”
“I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to—”
“I know. I didn’t either.” She sighed. “You’re right…about how I am. The work. I just…I don’t…”
“Marlowe, it’s okay—”
“I miss him.” She choked back a sob. “I miss them both.”
Matthew pulled her close, shushing her. “I know you do. Even if you don’t say it out loud, I can still feel it.”
“I love you, Matthew,” she whispered.
“I love you too.”
Marlowe curled into her brother’s arms, and Bucky could see the tears from where he was standing. It shocked him a little, to see her so vulnerable.
Bucky felt like he was intruding on a very private moment. He was about to leave, but before he could, Matthew caught his eye. He must have said something telepathically to Marlowe because she laughed wetly, and he kissed her forehead before letting her go.
“You okay?”
“Are we okay?”
Marlowe punched him softly on the shoulder. “You know I can never stay mad at you.”
“Me neither.”
Bucky waited, his hands shoved in his pockets. Matthew gave him a bleak smile as he passed, one that expressed the worry he had for his sister. And along with it, another warning not to hurt her.
Marlowe glanced at Bucky as he approached, giving a little self-deprecating laugh as she wiped her eyes. “Well, that was a nice little display of emotion.”
“It’s not like I did it in front of the entire team or anything…”
“Hey—” Bucky grabbed her arm, gently but firmly. “It’s okay. Nobody’s judging you, least of all me.”
“I just—this isn’t like me.”
“I know, and…and I think that might be the problem.” He gently ran his hand down up and down her arm. “Are you okay?”
Marlowe didn’t say anything, but the way she wrapped her arms around her body said enough. Bucky pulled her into his arms, guiding them down to sit with their backs against one of the ventilation shafts.
For a long time, they didn’t say anything. Bucky just held her, his nose nuzzled into her hair.
“I know you don’t want to hear this, but Pepper has a point,” he said finally.
She looked up at him, and he sighed. “Ross brought me to trial about six months ago. Tried to hold me accountable for the crimes of the Winter Soldier. They were, um…seeking the death penalty, and it…things looked kinda bleak there for a while.”
The look on her face made him immediately regret saying anything. “Shh, no—it’s okay, it-it worked out in the end.”
Marlowe clenched her jaw. “I fucking hate Ross.”
Bucky chuckled. “I’m not a big fan of his, either. But the point I was trying to make was, Pepper arranged the same thing for me. She and Steve—god, you should’ve seen him up in front of the jury, I swear that punk missed his calling—they helped the public to view me as a person. As James Barnes, and not the Winter Soldier.”
“You’re not him. What happened wasn’t your fault.”
“I…I know. I mean, I’ve still got my own issues that I’m working on, but…” he sighed and shook his head. “The point is, it worked. And if it can work for someone like me, then it’s going to work for the Jaeger Program. Take a step back, beat Ross at his own game, and then get back to what you do best—kicking Kaiju ass.”
He tilted his head against hers affectionately, and she smiled. “I know. I knew it was the right thing to do, even as they were saying it, it’s just…”
“You feel like you’re losing control of the only thing you have left.”
Marlowe looked down. “Yeah. And Mattie was right, it’s been…easier to throw myself into my work than actually deal with the fallout.”
“I know.” Bucky tilted her chin up. “And you’ve taken on my problems too—”
“You’re not—”
“I’m just one more thing heaped on your shoulders.”
“Not to me, you’re not,” she said fiercely. “You mean a lot more than that to me.”
Bucky’s breath caught in his throat. The green of her eyes was nearly swallowed whole, her pupils blown and smoldering with a heat that threatened to burn him alive. She believed in him. She really did. He could see it there, her steadfast loyalty and fierce passion for him.
God, he wanted to kiss her. He wanted it so badly it felt like his veins were on fire. Bucky reached up and caressed her cheekbone, threading his fingers through her curls. She was so close he could feel the heat of her, her lips were right there—
No. Not now, not like this.
Bucky pulled back slightly, feeling uncharacteristically out of breath. Marlowe was vulnerable right now—she was hurting, and the very last thing he wanted to do was take advantage of that.
Instead, he settled for a light kiss to her temple, lingering perhaps a bit more than he ought to, eyes fluttering closed as she rested her head on his shoulder.
I believe in you, too, Marlowe, he thought. And I…I think I’m falling in love with you.
Chapter Nine
Tumblr media
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marvel-sluts · 4 days ago
Request #1 - hey please can you do numbers 5/6 with Bucky Barnes x reader and make it extremely angst :) - @bonk-3
Request #2 - Hey do you think you can do 5 and 7 from your prompt list with bucky? I've been having a rough time lately and relapsed with my self harm and I love your writing if not that's completely understandable thank you! - @but-my-tongue-is-a-wepon
5 - Finds you self harming
6 - Finds you trying to commit suicide
7 - Finds you having a panic attack
The escape you craved
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Warnings: self harm, attempted suicide, panic attacks, swearing, angst, ⚠️don't read this if it will trigger you⚠️.
Summary: Bucky finds you self harming and makes you promise to come to him whenever you feel like that again, but after a bad day you decide that you don't want to bother him.
A/N: If anyone ever needs anyone to talk to I'm here, I know what it feels like to go through self harm and suicidal thoughts, but I promise you will be glad you stayed when you get through it. Enjoy <3.
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
The first time Bucky found you self harming was a few months after the two of you had started dating. You were sat in the bathroom with a blade held to your leg and blood dripping onto the floor when he burst in, his eyes going wide as soon as he saw what you were doing.
"I'm sorry." You choked out, tears dripping down your face as you dropped the blade onto the floor.
Bucky kicked the blade away instinctively, as you started to breathe heavy. Your heart felt like it was about to beat right out of your chest and you couldn't breathe properly.
"Hey doll it's alright, I'm here, I'm not gonna leave." Bucky said, wrapping his strong arms around your small figure curled up on the floor.
"I can't breathe Buck." You sobbed, you felt your chest tighten as you gasped, trying to get air into your lungs. It felt like no matter how much air you breathed none of it was getting to your lungs.
"It's alright, calm down, I've got you. Your having a panic attack, follow my breathing and it will pass." Bucky reassured, "breathe with me okay? In." He said breathing in, you mirroring his actions. "And out. Okay one more time, in." The two of you breathed in like last time, holding your breath for a few seconds. "And out." Bucky said, as your breathing slowly started to stabilise. "Good girl, you keep breathing like that and I'm gonna clean you up okay? Then we can get to bed." Buck said before going to the cupboard and taking out the medical kit.
He started swabbing your leg carefully, pausing slightly when he saw the deep scars that littered your skin but not saying anything. Your breathing had mostly returned to normal thanks to Bucky but you were still worried about his reaction to what he had caught you doing, what if he left you?
Within a few minutes your leg was bandaged up and you were in bed but Bucky still hadn't said anything about what he caught you doing. "Please Buck, say something." You murmured as he came out of the bathroom.
"I know what your going through, when I came out of Hydra I felt like I had nothing. Half the world wanted me dead and the other half wanted me locked up. Steve helped me cope and got me out of that dark place, and when I met you, I had a feeling everything was going to be okay. You and Steve have been there for me through everything, now it's my turn to be there for you." Bucky said, turning off the light and crawling into bed beside you. "Please tell me if you ever what to hurt yourself again. I'll always be here for you. Always." He said, wrapping his arms around you securely.
"I will" you whispered back, glad that you had Bucky by your side.
After that whenever you felt the urges again you would find Bucky and curl up on the sofa with him. He never pressured you into telling him what was wrong, but would always listen to you if you needed to talk. You would often do the same for him, if he was feeling insecure about his arm or having nightmares about what occurred when the winter soldier was in charge you were always there to reassure him.
You were always scared about bothering Bucky, that he would get bored of you and leave or that he would get fed up of dealing with your problems all the time. Because of this you would sometimes not approach Bucky about what you were feeling, you knew that you were being stupid but you couldn't shake the feeling that he would get irritated of you sooner or later. Thoughts like these often resulted in you curled up on the bathroom floor trying to resist the urge to drag the blade against your skin until blood was all you could see.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
You burst into the bathroom with tears running down your face, fingers shaking as you locked the door behind you. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong today went wrong. You had to give a presentation in front of the whole team today on the new type of weapon Hydra had that would be used against them in the next mission. You had already had a bad day mentally, so when you got up there you kept stuttering over your words, nothing coming out the way you wanted it to. Because of this the new person in charge of your devision had a very stern talk with you about how high the stakes were on the next mission, like you didn't already know that. Bucky was going on that mission and you were worried sick about him.
As soon as you had finished getting told off you had ran into someone carrying a lot of very important looking papers, causing them them drop the large pile. The man that you had bumped into was obviously in a bad mood. He had got pissed off at you despite your profuse apologies and, once he had picked up their papers, had stormed off down the corridor.
This then led you to running to your room and locking yourself in the bathroom before breaking down into tears. You felt so stupid having a breakdown over such small things, but your mental state today had been awful, and Bucky had been busy all morning so you hadn't wanted to bother him.
You hated feeling this way, you hated hating yourself so much and you hated knowing that you would have to live like this for the rest of your life because it's a chemical imbalance in your brain. The only thing that was going to make you feel like everyone else was taking medication for the rest of your life to survive in a world that you don't want to be in anymore.
Your gaze landed on the razor sitting on the side of the bathtub, these last few weeks you had stopped using it for anything other than its designed purposes. But in that moment all of the progress you had made was completely lost to you.
You grabbed the razor, not caring about how much your hands were shaking or where you cut, you just needed that release. Rolling up your sleeve you pressed the blade to your skin, slicing it in one long stroke. The effect was almost immediate, blood pouring from your arm all over the floor. You had cut deeper than you planned but you didn't care, if this was the end you embraced it with open arms.
Several cuts later you were beginning to feel lightheaded, the floor was patterned with a mixture of the tears falling freely from your eyes and the bright red liquid that was pouring from your sliced up arm. In the past you had always avoided using your arm for cutting but today you didn't care, you needed the release too much.
I wonder if they will miss me. You thought as you drifted in and out of conscious but just as you closed your eyes for what you hoped was the last time
"Y/n!" You heard faintly, causing you to open your eyes again. Bucky was standing over you, tears in his eyes. "Hold on y/n, I'm calling for help." He said.
How did he get in? Oh the door is open, he must of busted the lock. You thought, the lack of blood in your system making your brain go fuzzy.
"Come on y/n, fight it. Please don't leave me, I need you. I love you." Bucky said, falling to his knees beside you. "Don't close your eyes y/n, no keep them open."
You felt yourself being laid on a stretcher, presumably to take you to the medical room, and Bucky's voice assuring you that you would be okay as you let the darkness consume you.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
The first things you hear as you slowly come back into consciousness was the faint sound of a heart moniter and soft voices around you.
"Shes going to be okay." You heard Bruce say.
You heard your boyfriend breathe a sigh of relief at the news.
"She's going to have to go to some sort of therapy though." Bruce said regretfully, knowing how much you hate that sort of thing.
"She's not going to like that." Bucky said, "she told me that she didn't want to see a therapist when she told me about her self harm."
"I know, but hopefully it will help" Bruce said, as you slowly started to open your eyes.
"I'm not going to therapy." You said stubbornly, your voice scratchy from unuse. "How long was I out?" You asked.
"A few hours." Bucky replied, taking a seat in the chair next to you and taking your hand in his.
"I'll leave you two." Bruce said as you heard the sound of the door opening and closing again.
"Why didn't you come to me?" Bucky asked, looking hurt.
"I didn't want to bother you with it, I was scared that you would get fed up of all my shit and leave me." You mumbled, looking down shamefully. "I had a bad day, mentally and physically. Everything just seemed to wrong. I have everything I could want, an amazing boyfriend and amazing friends. I don't want to seem ungrateful and kill myself when there is nothing physically wrong, but the minute things started going down hill I realised that I finally had a reason for the escape that I craved." You explained.
When you finally looked up at Bucky you saw that he had tears in his eyes, he hated the thought that someone he cared about so much had to go through thoughts like these.
"Next time you have thoughts like this, please come to me and never be scared of it, I don't know what I'd do without you." He said, tears falling down his face. "We can talk about therapy later, for now, rest. Talk to me if you need to."
"Thank you Bucky, I love you." You murmured, suddenly realising how much he cared about you.
"I love you too doll, so much. Oh and Nat and Wanda brought you flowers and food to make you feel better." Bucky chuckled, wiping his tears before pointing to the vase of flowers and endless amount of baked goods.
"Tell them I said thanks next time you see them." You said, laughing as you finally realised how many people cared about you. You had so many 'get well soon' cards from the team that you didn't know what to do with them all.
"Now go to sleep, we can talk when you wake up." Bucky said, picking up on how tired you still were.
"Can you stay with me?" You asked timidly, not wanting to be alone.
"Of course, I'll always be here." He said, crawling into bed with you and pulling you into his chest, taking comfort in the feeling of you against him. If you had died he wouldn't know know to do with himself, in that moment he made a promise to himself that he would cherish every second he got with you. Today made him realise exactly how much you meant to him, and how short life was. He wasn't letting you go for anything.
As the sound of Buckys steady heartbeat lulled you to sleep you also made a promise to yourself. To always go to him, and not suffer alone. He needed you, and you needed him, you couldn't leave him alone. Maybe there was something worth living for, him, your friends, the team. They all cared for you, you realised that now.
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Dating Bucky Would Include Headcanon
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Dating Bucky would include lots of hugs and affection as he lacked it for such a long time. He couldn’t go more than an hour without kissing you as it reminded him that he had someone who cared for him even after all the mistakes he made. 
He would constantly be touching you so that everyone knew the two of you were together. These touches would range from him holding your hand whilst in public or hugging you from behind when he felt anxious. 
When the two of you were alone the former assassin would let his guard down and would tell you about all his guilt and regret. “Every time I close my eyes all I see is the people I hurt and even though I tried to make amends I can’t get over the pain I’ve caused.” The man explained with tears in his eyes. “Bucky, you have to remember that wasn’t you. Hydra manipulated your brain and forced you to do awful things but at least you feel remorse so it shows that your clearly no longer the Winter Soldier.” You told him hoping to reassure the man that he had worked to being a better person.
During the night you were aware there was a possibility of Bucky waking you as his mind was plagued with traumatic memories of the war, his torture from hydra and his fine as the Winter Soldier. Every other night he would wake up and begin searching the room in a state of panic only relaxing when his eyes landed on you.
When Steve left it was almost as if all the progress Bucky had made disappeared. The soldier went back to sleeping on the floor and avoiding spending any time with you as he feared you would leave him just like Steve did.
“James if you don’t open this doo right now I swear I’ll break it down!” You shouted to your lover through his apartment door. When he continued to ignore you and your attempts to see him your resolve broke. 
The next morning when Bucky found you outside his apartment door you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
When you woke up in Bucky’s apartment you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
After his confession the two of you mended your relationship and were quickly back on track. 
Soon the two of you were joining Sam and his family on the weekends and enjoying the simpleness of life. Seeing Bucky with Sarah’s children made you smile and realise that he may be okay with the little surprise you had growing. 
Overall, dating Bucky was never easy but it was worth it as you knew the solider was a good man who just needed to focus on everything positive he had done and had been doing for the world. 
The love the both of you shared was unconditional and was going to last a lifetime especially when your little one joined the both of you. 
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Strawberry Pancakes // Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter Five: The One With Her New Neighbour
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1637
   Lily remembered the moment that she saw Scott alone with a woman at a party. Gen had sent her a picture from a party she attended, catching her best friends husband. Lily was home with seven-year-old Hunter, helping him with his homework and watching kid’s shows. The blonde remembered both her world crumbling around her and relief draping over her. As though she was glad that it was finally over.
Over the years, their relationship became more strained. They only ever spoke when it came to Hunter or when they were trading days. Lily mostly communicated with him through Mary, though. But now, it was through Priya.
Priya was kind enough. Lily and she weren’t friends, nor were they acquaintances. The only reason they spoke was to let Scott know anything about Hunter, talk about the PTA, or setting up when Scott can see Hunter for his birthday. Lily didn’t want communication with Scott or anyone in his life. She had her own family and her own life. She survived him. Lily came out on the other side of their marriage and prospered. She survived him.
And now he was standing at her door, a crooked smile on his face and fiance on his arm. Lily could barely process the fact that her ex-husband dared to show his face on her property. If the blonde wasn’t as docile as she was, she was sure that she would have thrown a shoe. But she didn’t.
“Whose there, doll?” Bucky asked as he walked up behind Lily, placing a hand on her waist before looking out the door, “What the hell are you doing here?”
“Is that Bucky Barnes?” Priya gasped, placing her hand over her mouth, “Baby, you didn’t tell me your ex was related to him!”
“Engaged to,” Bucky snapped, taking a few steps forward, “Now you have thirty seconds to explain why the hell you’re on my porch.”
Lily pursed her lips and stepped forward as well, shutting the door behind her as she rested a hand on Bucky’s arm. She knew how much her fiance truly hated Scott and just how badly he wanted to beat the living daylights out of him. So many nights, Bucky would lay with his head on Lily’s chest and tell her how much he hates what Scott did to her. She would simply listen and play with his hair, smiling about the passion he had.
It made her feel loved. She felt cared for with Bucky. Even if it was from him telling her how much he wanted to kill her son’s biological father. Those were the nights Lily would promise that they would submit the adoption paperwork. Yet, many years later, the two still haven’t done it. There was no real rush to do it. Lily wondered if there was a hidden reason why she and Bucky hadn’t submitted it yet.
“Calm down, Cyborg,” Scott snapped, his own anger matching Bucky’s, “No need to go all… never mind. “
“Watch it,” Lily warned, standing next to Bucky and staring angrily at her ex, “I will not hesitate to call the cops. Now answer Bucky, why are you here?”
“We moved in down the road!” Priya beamed, bouncing back and forth, “It was my idea. We thought it would be good for Scott to be close to Hunter!”
Lily raised her eyebrows and tilted her head at the taller man in front of her. As far as she was concerned, Scott didn’t have the right to be near her son. Hunter was Bucky’s son. Scott had signed the adoption papers for Bucky and given his consent for him to adopt Hunter. It was a done deal. There was no need for Hunter and Scott to have a relationship. Hunter didn’t want one, and Scott lost that chance years ago.
“Close to Hunter?” Lily challenged, crossing her arms over her chest, “Closer to Hunter? There is no need to be closer to Hunter. He already lives with his father.”
“Noooo, Scott lived in the city. Scott, you told me she was smart.” Priya chuckled, giving a tight smile to the shorter blonde.
“Get off of my porch,” Bucky sneered, clenching his fists, “Or I will forcibly remove you both.”
Lily felt everything around her go tense. The air was thick, and the entire world seemed to be closing in on her. Who did Scott think he was? What kind of man moves down the street from his estranged son and ex-wife and their family? The blonde knew for a fact that if anyone in her immediate circle got wind of what happened, there would be hell to pay on Scott’s end. Even without them, Lily was going to make sure that man was as far away as can be from her and her family.
“See you later, neighbours,” Scott chuckled, winking at Lily and walking down the steps with Priya.
“Get the papers,” Lily whispered, “Get the adoption papers. I’m calling Carter now. We’re ending this.”
Lily sighed as she unbuckled Stella from her car seat, tucking a stray piece of chocolate hair behind her ear. The young girl had a saddened look on her face, as though her whole world was falling apart. In the four-year-olds defence, Lily knew how excited she was to go wedding dress shopping. Sadly, there were more pressing matters at hand than finding her dream dress. She had already cancelled and rescheduled the appointment.
“I’m sorry, baby,” Lily whispered, running her thumb across her daughter’s cheek, “We’ve got to see Carter for a bit. Then, you get to see Leo!”
Stella looked up with glassed-over blue eyes, “But I wanted to see you in the pretty dresses.”
Lily sighed softly and nodded, “I know. I know you did. It’ll be even more special when we go next week.”
Stella pouted and tucked her face into Lily’s shoulder, gripping her blazer. The blonde sighed softly and shut the car door, walking around to meet Bucky at Rose’s apartment building entrance. The tall man gave his fiance a gentle smile before kissing her forehead, laying his hand on the small of her back. The two didn’t waste any more time while walking into the building and waiting for the elevator.
“Thank you two again,” Lily whispered as she handed her daughter to Sam, “I can’t have this happen. I’m hoping this will deter him.”
Rose gave her sister a sad smile before embracing her tightly, “It’ll be okay. You two have gone through hell; you can handle this.”
Lily nodded and revelled in her sister’s touch. When she and Bucky left the apartment, a few tears slipped from the mother’s brown eyes. She and Bucky stopped for a moment, stepping into a corner of the lobby and just holding each other. Lily attempted to relax and hold the tears back. She didn’t need Hunter seeing her cry while they were on their way to her lawyer’s office. He had already dealt with her running around the house, organizing everything and not speaking to him.
It was Bucky that had to brief Hunter on what was happening. An hour later, the family was loaded into the car on their way down to Manhattan. The drive was silent other than Hunter trying to cheer up an upset Stella. The tension was taut and awkward, no one really knowing what to say. Lily could barely process what was happening. She thought everything was fine with Scott. Sure, it was weird that he and Walker went for dinner. But he wasn’t bothering her. He had left her and Bucky alone for the years leading up to this moment. He never attempted to gain custody back and even admitted his faults with Hunter.
Why he suddenly decides to move in down the street and try to rekindle a relationship with his son? Lily had no idea. She thought things had finally calmed down with the drama. She just wanted to live the rest of her life in peace, plan her wedding, and raise her children. That’s all Lily ever wanted. She wanted a simple life.
Ever since Lily was a child, she dreamed of a house by the water. She revelled in the idea of meeting someone perfect and starting a family. She wanted away from the city and to be able to sit in an open backyard. Instead, she faced trauma and heartbreak countless times over. She went through hell and back with her family and suffered when it came to finding love. Lily craved that relaxation and serenity.
Was it too much to ask? Was it too much to ask to have a peaceful life with her family and the man she loved? She saw everyone else getting it. Her friends at Hunter’s school had it. Stella’s teachers had it. What was it with Lily that had the universe out to hurt her?
“Why?” Lily whispered, gripping Bucky’s tie, “Why does it keep happening? Why can’t he just leave us alone.”
“I don’t know, my love,” Bucky whispered, placing gentle kisses to the top of Lily’s head, “I don’t know. But we’ll figure this out. I promise.”
A part of Lily wondered if it was true. She doubted it. Whenever something went well in Lily’s life, some sort of force sent another troubling event her way. For four years, she and Bucky raised their family and found that peace they both craved. Bucky was able to finally rest from his life of avenging and saving the world. Lily was able to settle down with the love of her life and raise the family she always wanted. She had everything laid out for her and ready for her to take. And just as things were hitting that high peak, everything crashed.
Lily wasn’t sure how much more she could take.
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rainydaycafe · 6 days ago
Bookstore Bargains
Summary: Bucky finds himself walking into a bookstore that gives him more than one reason to want to return
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character
Word Count: 675 or so
Warnings: None! Unless you're against Bucky Barnes finding happiness and solace in a bookstore worker and literature
Requests are open!!!!!!
There was a librarian.
Well, she wasn’t a librarian as much as she was a worker at a bookstore owned by her aunt over on Tremblay Street about 5 blocks from Bucky’s apartment building.
He had found it coincidentally during one of his seemingly endless strolls he almost constantly found himself on in an attempt to sort out his thoughts and avoid sitting in his depressing apartment for too long.
Margo’s Books was painted on the hanging wooden sign and it just looked so warm and cozy.
Considering the end of October was soon approaching, the weather was dripping down towards bitter coldness so he found himself pulling the door open and glancing up to the bell that chimed above him announcing his entrance.
It was a nice place, if he had said so himself.
Well taken care of and well loved, with a seemingly endless array of books from multiple genres, subgenres, and just about anything organized throughout the store on the shelves.
Perusing the shelves, he ran his gloved right hand over the spines of the books, simmering in the feeling through the barrier his glove provided his past from the rest of the world's eyes.
The only sign that the establishment was actually open was the soft footsteps that fell around the store every so often, though never too close to him and his browsing.
Moving on to the Literary Classics shelf, he peeked around the corner of the shelf and finally saw someone setting something up near the checkout counter with a focus expression on their face.
She was sitting on the floor, putting together what seemed to be a small table which most likely was meant to display the books sitting on the counter behind her. Though it didn’t seem to be something she was enjoying because she kept glancing back to the instructions manual in front of her from the leg of the table in worry.
She had noticed him, but she had only caught sight of him from the corner of her eye as he moved from shelf to shelf, inspecting the merchandise and browsing at his own pace.
Opting not to bother him, she continued on her mission to finish building the new table for the Women in Literature display until he was suddenly standing in front of her, looking sheepish.
"I haven't read in a really long time," He said looking nervous, "Do you have any recommendations for books you think are must-reads?"
His nervousness dissipated as she grinned at him and quickly stood from the floor, taking him all around the store as she pulled out title after title from the shelf.
She apparently had the patience of a saint as she explained every title to Bucky, walking with him as she answered all of the questions he cooked up.
He wouldn’t admit it, but some of the questions were just so he could continue hearing her speak.
Deeming the books he had in his hands as a satisfactory beginning, she led them to the checkout counter where the total came out to $47 and Bucky only raised his eyebrows a bit as he reached for his wallet because well, books had gone up quite a bit since the 1940s.
Though before he could pull out the cash, the total dropped from $47 to $20 after she had included her employee discount, though Bucky refuted her because he didn’t want her to get in trouble with her boss.
“I’m the owner’s niece.” She told him with a smile, “I’ll be just fine.”
He paid and went on with his day, wishing her a good day which earned himself another grin from her as she waved to him and wished him the absolute same.
The memory of her smile was imprinted on his mind as he read through To Kill a Mockingbird in one sleepless night, followed by Fahrenheit 451 the following morning before kicking himself because he realized he had never gotten her name.
The only consolation of that was that he had an excuse to go back to Margo’s Books aside from just buying more books after he burned through the first stack.
A/N: I don't know where this came from, but I couldn't get it out of my head... I hope this becomes a series of sorts with Bucky finding something substantial that makes him feel something?
I'm not sure, I'm probably speaking out into the void. But send me request for future chapters of this, or any other Bucky (or other) fics you'd like written.
I'm on summer break so please entertain me.
Much love.
Requests are open!!!!!
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Finding Home Chapter 19
Chapter 18
The first morning of our mission, I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I knew immediately why, too.
I had slept. A beautiful, deep, restful sleep.
Waking peacefully, with that massive arm wrapped tight around my middle, I knew that Bucky had finally gotten a good night’s rest as well. I was warm - almost too warm - which meant he had stayed close the whole time.
A small smile forms across my lips as I slip out from under his grasp. Turning to watch him sleep, only for a moment, he looks thoroughly at peace. I make my way into the bathroom to get ready for our day.
As I emerge, I see that Bucky has turned and is facing the bathroom. His eyes are open, and he is watching me.
“I… I didn’t hurt you at all last night. Did I?” He questions softly, his body visibly tensing up in worry.
“No, Buck. You didn’t.”
“Good.” I watch as he relaxes again with a sigh. “I was afraid… when you weren’t here…”
“I just woke up before you did, Bucky. I figured I’d get my shower out of the way. If it helps, I’ll stay in bed until you wake up next time.” I chuckle.
He offers a small smile as he makes his way into the bathroom.
I get dressed, putting on a beautiful yet simple dress and some heels. Standing in front of the mirror, putting on a little makeup, I hear Bucky make his way back into the room. Watching through the mirror, though never stopping my task, I can’t help but stare at the perfect man behind me.
It is unmistakable as ever to me at that moment - I missed my soldier. I wanted him, sure, but the truth was, I needed him.
But I couldn’t think of myself. I had to focus on the mission at hand.
With the comm piece in my ear, and the team chattering away, Bucky and I walk the streets. Hand in hand, a smile plastered on my face; we explore all the little vendors set up along the way.
Both of us are oddly relaxed. Our muscles aren’t tense and ready for a fight like they usually are; our eyes aren’t scanning everything around us, looking for a threat. Sure, we are still aware of our surroundings - the people, the vehicles, the action going on around us - but we had slipped, subconsciously, into a different frame of mind.
Typically, if you know what to look for - which the opposition usually does - you can pick out one of the Avengers from a crowd with ease. Even someone as good as Natasha can’t completely hide from a trained eye amongst the general public.
That was something Bucky and I have always been able to do, though. We could stay vigilant while still appearing to be typical people. It is one more reason that Hydra would send us together. Bucky and I could blend in with no problem - well, so long as we kept his left arm covered - but still get the job done better than anyone.
I have to say, I am thankful Bucky is listening to me and following my lead. Having him put that trust in me helped his mind open up to the things he didn’t know, or at least didn’t remember, he could do.
“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two had done this before Petrova.” I hear Tony quip in my ear.
“And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to blow this for us, Stark,” I mumble in a quiet reply.
“There’s a reason I said they were our best choice, Tony. Now let them do their job.” Steve jumps in to try and help.
“You two are hiding something from me. I know it.” He retorts.
I feel Bucky’s hand release from mine, but I pay no attention. I know he is safe - I trust him.
“Where is Bucky off to now?” I hear Steve question.
“How should I know? It’s not like we had a plan or anything.” Tony’s tone is a distinct mix of sarcasm and frustration. “Trust them, you said. They know what they’re doing, you said. So why don’t you tell us where he’s off to Capsicle?”
“Natasha, any visual?” Steve’s voice comes through again, seemingly ignoring Tony’s outburst.
“He’s at some fruit stand or something.” She can’t see much from her spot at the little cafe.
“That man and his plums,” I speak quietly, avoiding any unwanted attention. “He’s fine. I’ll make my way his direction.”
I smile at the vendor in front of me as I step away and walk toward Bucky. Never shifting his gaze from the food in front of him, his hand instinctively snakes around my hips and pulls me in closer to his side.
“Are you going to get some to take back to the room? Or only admire them here in the street?” I smile softly.
“I suppose we could bring some back with us.”
He finally looks down at me and realizes where his hand is. I smile again, reassuring him it is okay, even going as far as to place a gentle kiss on his cheek before reaching for a piece of fruit myself.
It wasn’t clicking in my head what exactly was happening.
Maybe a part of me wanted to ignore the sign. Revel, silently, in the calm and comfort.
Our time went by quickly.
A couple of days spent walking the streets. Putting on a convincing show for the lowlifes that were watching us.
A couple of days spent dealing with the crooks themselves, putting up the front as a power couple looking to make a large weapons purchase. We knew what to say, what information to give, and what to keep quiet.
Then, it was just a dull day of taking down their entire operation when they were stupid enough to take us to their warehouse to see their stock.
Each day of that week ended the same way, though with us lying quietly in bed, drifting off to sleep.
And each day - save for the first - began the same way. Bucky’s arm wrapped around me, pulling me in close as I waited for him to wake. Whether I was facing him or having my back pulled to his chest, I always awoke in his tight embrace.
That second day, when he cautiously opened his eyes and saw how we were lying, he’d been embarrassed. Unsure why he had me held so close and afraid I would be upset.
I can’t say I blame him, really, after the way I’d been acting towards him since my return.
I reassured him that it was of no consequence. If anything, I welcomed it, though I still would not tell him why.
Now, the only thoughts I had on that final night were how I desperately didn’t want the mission to end.
I wanted to continue waking up in his arms. Continue getting the best sleep I’d had in a long time. Continue feeling at home once again.
Chapter 20  - Masterlist - Tag List @lostinwonderland314
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scarifice—natasha romanoff!platonic
ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴀʀʏ ➢ once thanos threatens to disintegrate half the population, nat, steve and the rest of the team go and ask for help from an old friend even if it isn’t convenient.
ᴡᴏʀᴅ ᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ ➢3.1k
ᴅɪꜱᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀꜱ ➢ angst, losses, tears
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ ꜱᴘᴇᴀᴋꜱ ➢ i wanted to play around a nat romanoff platonic story because i had this idea.
Tumblr media
two years ago, would’ve been a good time for you if you didn’t have pick sides against your team but unfortunately you had too. to say you chose the side that you thought was right, never mattered to steve anyways. being like tony’s younger sister was even worse as you felt betrayed to what steve and bucky did to him. nat also letting them go, you felt hurt.
you promised him to never speak to bucky or steve ever again and that caused the avengers to split up. you living your own life in a small house with your daughter of 3 years old. doing your best to never give out your information so that no one could talk or be in contact with you. things might have changed with bucky if nothing happened but sadly it wasn’t like that.
changing everything about your appearance was different when you first had your daughter since she had no father. wishing to have nat or even bucky by your side but none of that mattered. losing everyone was painful but it was the right thing to do for her.
you worked with a guy that was a close friend, he wasn’t technically like the avengers but he was someone that would protect the people around him. carter is a good guy that you and mila loved. when you first met carter, he was everything a father figure would have to be.
the day was normally quiet for you, mila and carter while you all watched television upstairs and enjoying the night until you heard the glass shatter from downstairs. startling your daughter, she gasped at the sound as you went to get up immediately and pick her up while putting her in a safe room. carter looking at you for reassurance to see if he could go down, you have it to him.
“mila, honey. please be quiet for mommy. i will be right back alright.” you spoke softly when she nodded, both adults leaving to rush downstairs to see what would lead to it. quietly rushing out, meeting a couple of aliens while carter pushed you back. “you have about five seconds to tell me who you are.” carter demanded them.
they both looked at each other before looking at you, getting worried you started to let small orbs from your palm to get ready. “leave my house. now.” you roared when they went to attack carter with their weapons making him block them swiftly when you did a circular motion with your hands pushing them off of him.
the aliens started getting mad when you fought them off, you using you magic to elevate carter away when he was in pain from the attack. rushing up stairs with him when you got attack behind making you fall groaning down the stairs. trying to get up from the pain, you saw them rushing you. you kicking them underneath the legs making them fall and running back to carter.
“you alright cart? here, don’t move.” you told him using your healing ability and the orb to stitch him back up from the cut he had. one of the aliens throwing you across the room and pointing his sharp weapon to carter’s chest. seeing how close the weapon was to his heart, you whimpered. “no. don’t-give us the stone and he lives.” they threatened.
you looked down at the stone on your ring which you kept and you looked back at carter who kept shaking his head. “don’t y/n.” he whispered, you knew what the stone meant and how much power it had but you didn’t know that things like this would happen. you shook your head, immediately pushing him onto the wall with one hand and using the other to push the other one out the glass window.
seeing as it was a way to get away from them, you kneeled to carter and helped him up rushing to the room where your daughter was still quietly placed. you went to go pick up mila and grabbing a bag with her things and rushing out the window before helping carter. you sensed he was still in pain when you went to grab him and pushed him out of the window.
you were in a rough situation, you had your daughter who was clueless about everything and your friend who was in pain. “okay mila, go open that door.” she was well aware of things like this, so it wasn’t that hard for her to understand. you ended up pushing carter into the car then jumping in and starting the vehicle and leaving the home you once had.
“carter, you’re gonna be fine.” you said using your healing ability to take away the pain he had and carter chuckled. “mommy?” you would hear mila say and then turn your direction to her, she would ask what was happening. “bad guys. we just need to go somewhere safe, which i don’t know exactly where that is.” you’d mutter the last pet smiling at her and continue driving to wherever.
a few hours from driving, you heard snoring from the backseat and noticed it was mila and you got spooked by a phone call that was going through. raising your eyebrows, you see it’s from tony as that raised suspicion. “hey tony?—no, it’s uh... bruce.” the other line said when you froze as why he would calling you from tony’s phone. “hi, bruce. is something wrong?” you grew nervous to see if something happened to tony.
“nothing is wrong y/n. i need your help.” you kept quiet letting him know that he could continue with whatever he needed to say to her. “thanos is coming. he’s a plague, he wipes out half the population, he invaded planets. the attack on New York—that was thanos—whoa, slow down bruce. who is thanos?” you asked him confused on the outburst bruce was doing, “he is one of most powerful beings and wants to wipe out half of the population. to do that, he needs all seven infinity stones.”
you went to look down back at the ring when you sighed know that this would be it, this would be the start of war. “well we’ve actually met one of his pose then—who is we? what do you mean by that.” bruce asked when you went to tell him about the other aliens, “now vision is in danger. do what you can y/n, please.” you told him you’d do what you could.
seeing everyone sleeping, you drove up to where you could so that you guys could get to scotland to meet and help wanda and vision. everything about thanos was disturbing and explaining the whole thing to carter was easy as he went with anything you wanted. “she’ll be safe, i have someone.” you reminded him leaving to rush to see if you could find wanda and vision.
once you both figured out where they were, you and carter went on the plan on how to help them as you both saw the aliens from before. you spotted a few heads but nothing you could make out, “stay low. i’m gonna do what i always do.” you say flying up to see wanda fighting off the alien. you stepped down meeting wanda’s and visions eyes when he smiled at his old friend. “you don’t just stop. well lucky for you, me neither.” you said to them, pushing out orbs and dragging them across the concrete.
you stopped and went by vision to see him hurt as wanda looked down and nodded to tell you to help him. you started feeling around and once you sensed his pain, you went to start healing him. the next thing you knew, a staff was hitting your right cheek. you yelped falling backwards when someone caught you, you see natasha holding you when she smiled softly.
she helped you up before grabbing the weapon and handing it to you as you both went forward to hit the alien. you pushed the weapon towards the alien into the chest making him groan at the compact before jumping up and hitting the alien with your leg making him fall onto the ground.
“carter now.” you yelled when carter came running and catching the weapon to attack him before getting stabbed by the weapon from the other side by one of the aliens. you screamed when you saw him with the arrow in his chest, “carter!” you yelled when you grew red and used your force to push the alien backwards but nat pushing you back to stop you. “let me go, you will pay for this.” you seethed to the aliens as he fell onto the floor.
you went to start letting out orbs onto your palms and pushed everything in force to the aliens making them both scream in pain. “this is the last time, you step foot on this planet. see you again, i will kill you.” you breathed out to the aliens on the floor. “you’ll never get the chance again.” she promised you.
the next was where she was gone with her other alien, you and steve rushed down to carter who was on the floor with blood slowly gushing out of him. “carter, i’m so sorry. there is nothing i can do—just watch over mila, she needs you.” he breathed out while you cried onto his shoulder as steve went to grab your shoulder in comfort.
Tumblr media
after containing yourself from the loss of a dear friend, you went back to the car but you were left alone. not knowing how to explain anything to mila and how her only father figure had just died in your eyes. nothing could make up for that—you knew that.
you start the ignition until you saw a few faces on the other side of the car, steve, nat, sam, wanda and a highly injured vision. you got startled a bit and sighed and turned the car off and rolling the window. “i have to go... my daughter is waiting.” you mentioned wanting to leave the place, steve nodded as he understood. “i understand y/n but tony is missing. we need you, he needs you.” steve whispered.
he thought bringing up bucky would help ease you into helping them battle thanos. you grabbed the wheel and gripped onto it tightly not wanting to make a decision that would affect your girl. natasha looked over to try to soften up things, “please y/n. if it’s protection against your daughter—are you implying i can’t protect her.” you snapped scoffing at her which she shook her head softly.
“y/n, we know she’s everything to you—if you cared about me or her, you would of checked up. look, i’m sorry that ever is happening but i will not put my daughter in danger.” you breathed out towards natasha and steve as they kept pushing you to help.
from the corner of your eye, you could see vision struggling to being held up by wanda and sam. you mentially wince at his state he was in. he went to speak up, “please. y/n, you know what it means to help others when they need it the most. as a leader, just understand that we will do anything to help you and your daughter when this all over.” his British accent trailed off when you looked back at him while nodding. “alright. i will leave that you vision.” you chuckled while starting your car.
you ended up meeting your daughter in a safe house where she was sleeping on the couch with a close friend of yours. steve and nat both wanted to be there to help you with her things, you smiled when you saw her snuggling her favorite stuffed animal. you kneeled down in front of her to wake her up gently kissing her forehead. she slightly stirred when she saw her mom in-front of her.
“h-hi mommy..” mila yawned at you getting up and rubbing her eyes with her small palms of hers, she reached over to engulf you in a wide hug. you chuckled almost falling back at her. “how was your nap sweetheart?— was ok. can we go home? where is carder?” she would ask botching his name while you would look at her with pain. you didn’t want to break down but it broke your heart when she asked about him, natasha kneeled down next you when you put your head down.
she rubbed your shoulder to help you relax when mila gre confused on who the woman was next to you. “hi. i’m natasha, what is your name?” nat asked your daughter as she looked to her and smiled a little bit, “mila.” she responded back looking up at steve who let out a smile. “who are you?” she pointed up to steve as he looked back towards her, “i’m steve.” he said softly to her.
you had a chance to look back at mila with the same look from before, “honey, carter he uh... he is in heaven. he’s safe.” you whimpered grabbing her small face and hugging her, sobbing into her shoulder. “mommy. please don’t cry.” she pleaded wanting her mom to not be in pain. mila cared a lot and she knew what was going on but she wasn’t a crier. “we have to go. go follow steve.” 
steve went to grab her hand when natasha went to grab your hand and giving it a tight squeeze. signaling that everything would be alright, you got up when nat went to wipe away the small tears on your face. she pushed you out the door as you all made it back to the avengers compound.
it has been awhile since coming back and it all seemed like it’s usual self from the last time you saw it. looking up, you hear soft snores from mila that was on steve’s chest—that was a lovely sight. you saw the secretary speaking with rhodes when you went to grab her from steve’s arms.
she started to stir a little when she got off, you stayed in the front with steve and nat while walking to the secretary and rhodes. they both still didn’t see eye to eye about the accords, “mr. secretary.” steve spoke as he came near you all, “you have some nerve. i’ll give you that.” ross said to some of you.
“you could use some of that—you think all is forgiven.” trailing to steve who looked pretty intimidating towards ross when he looked at you in betrayal. “and you’re running with the criminals, i thought you were on the good side—the world is collapsing and you just lost your best defender.” you said to ross when he shook his head at how you were right. then went back to steve, “i’m not looking for forgiveness and i’m way past asking for permission. so we’re here to fight. if you want to stand in our way, we’ll fight you too.” steve finished.
ross told rhodes to arrest you all when he said he was all over it, you walked down with mila in your arms when you walked over to rhodes to hug him. “hey y/n and mini y/n... what’s her name?” rhodes asked pointing to your daughter—“mila.” you told him when he nodded smiling at how you turned into a mom.
he commented on the appearances of them all when a familiar voice was heard by nat and you, turning around rapidly to see the one and only bruce banner. “i think you guys look great.” bruce said walking out of a room to meet all of them, nat looked at him shocked that he was there in front of her. when they both greeted each other, things became uncomfortable for some of them.
bruce walked over to see you with mila in your arms and went to hug you which you handed mila to nat which she accepted while you went to reach to bruce. you smiled deeply when he hugged you as you inhaled when you were so close to a friend.
as you all were in the way to do a meeting about everything with thanos and also vision, you went to go ask rhodes about a room to place your daughter in. “is there a room so she can sleep?” you asked grabbing her bag from the floor when he told you to follow him. you brought her to a room and placed her down on the bed while rhodes left you both to give you guys a minute.
you moved the hair out of her face and kissed her forehead softly causing her to snuggle into the pillow. heading out the door, you walked out to shut the door slightly and made your way to a hall. you could already tell some arguments were brewing, they stopped when they all saw you enter. “well we just have to protect them—no, we destroy them.” nat started looking at you when vision interrupted them.
everyone looked back at vision to see if they heard exactly what he had just said. vision went on to explain what he meant as, though a few people kept refusing them to do anything like that. “let me destroy them—absolutely not.” nat rejected your choice that you wanted to make, you got up from your seat and went near her. “you know it’s our only way nat—no. just no. you aren’t sacrificing yourself just to help the planet. we have to think of a different direction.” she implied
“we don’t have another way! we do it this way or thanos gets the stones, wipes out half of the population and everything will be horrible.” you exclaimed to natasha when she shook her head in disbelief of how easy you were saying to kill you self in order to save the universe. “you would do that—if that meant protecting vision and many people then yes.” vision looked over and smiled at you.
nat sat back down fustrated at your choice, steve backed natasha in this—“we have to figure out a way to help you both with sacrificing any of you.” you sighed walking over to where wanda was standing after vision made the same thing.
bruce looked up as he thought about something so that none of them had to do so that no one would have to do anything. you would sacrifice yourself to save the world if it meant just one person would get hurt. “what if we could take out the stone without hurting vision—i know a place.”
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Tumblr media
Following in the family footsteps...
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Winnie Barnes and Morgan Stark have been best friends since childhood. While Morgan takes after her father, Tony Stark, with a sharp wit and brilliant mind, Winnie follows after her uncle Steve in one field only: constant health problems and a knack for drawing anything they see. It has been 14 years since Steve passed away, and it's still something that deeply affects the Barnes daughter, wanting to understand why everyone says she is similar to her uncle who clearly didn't struggle as the Captain America before Sam. Despite the warnings from her friend, Winnie begs Morgan to help her travel back in time, wanting to meet her uncle before he became Captain America. However, as always when Time Travel is involved -- things tend to go wrong and things that were best left buried are revealed.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character. Barnes Daughter. 
Word Count: 3,000+
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Finding Home Chapter 18
Chapter 17
It has been two weeks since the night I helped Bucky with his nightmare. The events of our talk after, still playing in my head on occasion.
He didn’t know what had happened before our talk. I don’t even think he remembered having a nightmare at all.
That was when the perfect opportunity landed in Steve’s lap - so to speak.
As I’m lying in my bed, my back against the headboard, I hear a soft knock on my door. I try to ignore it and focus on my reading, but the tap tap tap continues.
“What, Steve?” I finally call out.
My door opens gradually, and he peeks around it before opening it entirely. With a smile on his face, he walks in and makes his way to the bed. I know he’s up to something, but I figure it’s best to give him a chance.
Setting my book down, I watch as he lifts my legs to take a seat, placing them across his lap.
“I have a question for you.” He says innocently enough.
“And that is?”
“We have a mission that came up. It will require some undercover work. Only about a week. Did you want to -?"
“YES!” I yell out excitedly before he can finish. “When do I leave?”
“I figured you’d be more than willing to take the job.” His smile widens. “Pack up a few things now; we head out in about an hour.”
I jump from my spot on the bed and hurry to pack a bag. He laughs as he walks toward the door to leave, calling over his shoulder. “Make sure you pack some nice dresses too. You’ll have meetings to attend, and they only deal with high-class customers.”
Once I am packed and ready to go, I make my way to the meeting room so Steve & Tony could brief us on what will happen. I mostly tune out what is said, until of course, he gets to the part that involves me.
“… So, you two will be a married couple looking to make a purchase,” he says nonchalantly.
“Excuse me. What?” I sit up and look at him, confused.
“You heard me, Petrova. We need strength on our side if something goes wrong.”
“So why can’t you be my better half for this little fiasco?”
“Because I can’t very well carry my shield in with me on the off chance that we might get shot. Between your speed and quick thinking and Bucky’s strength, you two are our best options.”
“You’re doing this on purpose, Steven Rogers,” I growl as I stand up to leave.
“Marena…” He begins before I cut him off.
“No. I got it. Mission first, remember? Just know - I’m pissed.” I turn and walk out of the room without another word.
I know he is doing it on purpose. He could have just as efficiently sent Natasha on this mission with Bucky. Instead, this is his way of torturing me.
He knows that I will have to tell Bucky some of our past for this to work the way it needs to.
We all sit in the quinjet in complete awkward silence. Everyone is slightly on edge after I had stormed out of the meeting room. None of them want to risk pushing me any further for fear of me snapping.
After we arrive at our location, we go over a few last-minute details.
Seeing as this has to be as authentic as possible and not offer a chance to reveal the truth, Bucky and I will be sharing a room at a local high-class hotel. The others will spend their nights at the safe house and days in town, helping keep an eye on us if anything may go wrong.
Since I can comfortably wear my hair down without any suspicions, I will be wearing an earpiece so that the others can hear what is happening. The only stipulation I have is that it gets shut off while we are in the hotel room alone. Steve and Tony were both quick to agree to those terms.
After putting the communication piece into place, I climb into our rental vehicle's back seat while Bucky loads our bags into the trunk.
“Petrova, you better talk to him, or this whole thing is a waste of time. If you don’t tell him and this mission fails because you two can’t be convincing…” I hear come through the earpiece.
Placing a finger on my ear, I quietly reply to the voice in my head. “Steve, I swear to god, if you don’t drop it, I will drop you.”
Once Bucky is in, we take off for the hotel. He can tell I am tense. It doesn’t help that I know the others can hear anything that will be said, so long as I keep that damn comm piece turned on in my ear.
“You know, you don’t have to do this. I’m sure Nat or Wanda would -”
“No, Buck.” I sigh and turn to face him. “Not only would Steve not allow them to take my place, we really are the best option.” Turning back to the window, I mumble, “Besides, this is his way of forcing my hand because he knows I’d never do it on my own.”
“It’s for your own good. And you know it.” I hear Steve quip in my ear.
“Do what on your own? Petrova, I’m not that person anymore, you know that, right? You have no reason to be scared -”
“No, it’s not that, Bucky.” I interrupt. “Trust me. I’m more scared of Stark than of you.” I chuckle softly.
Without looking in his direction, my hand absentmindedly finds his. I lace my fingers with his and let out a soft sigh. I feel him hesitate a moment before he squeezes my hand gently in return.
“Give me a little time to come up with the best way to tell you. I promise we’ll talk about it at the hotel.”
Arriving at the hotel, Bucky grabs our bags from the car, and we make our way to our room. We have a beautiful suite, complete with a small kitchen.
He sets my bag on the bed, and I lazily start unpacking a few things, being sure to remove and shut off the communication piece from my ear.
The room stays silent for about an hour. Neither of us says a word to the other. That is, until nightfall anyway.
I am sitting on the bed, going through some papers from Steve, when I see him standing in the doorway to the bedroom.
“I’ll uh - I’ll take the couch,” Bucky say, motioning to the main room of the suite.
“Nonsense Buck. Come on.” I pat the bed next to me. “Besides, we’re supposed to be a married couple, right?” I smile.
“I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable or anything, princess.”
“I’ll be fine, Bucky. Really.” I watch as he haltingly makes his way toward the bed. Still hesitant to get too close. “But I swear to god if you call me that again, I will knock you out.” I narrow my gaze slightly.
I see him recoil slightly from my tone, “Got it. Sorry…”
My features soften again as I continue, “Look, I’m sorry about earlier, by the way.”
“What do you mean?” He looks at me with a bit of confusion.
“Brushing you off. Throwing a fit at the Tower. Hell, how about the entirety of the last few months that I’ve been here?” I shrug, turning to face him.
“It’s fine, Marena. I’m used to it.”
I lower my head, whispering, “Not from me, though.”
“Hey.” He places two fingers under my chin, lifting my head until I look into his eyes again. “I know we have some history together. And if I ever hurt you, I -”
“No, Bucky.” I interrupt him. “You never hurt me. Not once.” I pull away from him, turning my back, unable to keep looking at his perfect face. “If anything, I hurt you,” I mumble.
“I forgive you.” He whispers.
Turning and looking at him over my shoulder, I try to offer a weak smile. He has no idea what he’s saying.
“You wouldn’t if you knew what I caused. And you shouldn’t.”
“Sure, I would. I was a monster, Petrova. I probably deserved whatever happened.”
Whipping around on the bed, I cup his face in my hands and pull him closer. “You listen here, James Barnes. You were never a monster. Do you hear me? You were never in control of the things you did, and you sure as hell never deserved any of the shit that happened to you. Least of all from me.”
As painful as it is, I resist the urge to place my lips against his.
“Tell me why.” His voice was full of hesitant desperation, “tell me our story.”
“In time, Bucky.” I sit back up and lean back against the headboard again. “For now, I can tell you only pieces.”
“I’ll take as much, or as little, as you want to offer, doll.” He smiles at me sweetly.
“We worked together under Hydra. Close together. Any mission I went on, there was a good chance you went too. You trained me to be what I am, Bucky. That’s why I wasn’t scared the day you caught me and didn’t try to fight. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me. I also knew I stood no chance from where I was.”
“But you took me down pretty easy at the Tower.” He chuckles.
“You weren’t standing over me with a gun to my head,” I laugh in reply.
“Why did they have me train you?” He questions.
“Because you were the only one that could handle me. I was too strong for the other agents.”
“How -”
“I’m like you, Bucky. It wasn’t just those five soldiers in cryo that were the last of the winter soldiers. There was one last soldier.”
He is silent for a few moments, processing what I said. “You…” he whispers.
I can see the gears moving in his mind - pieces were falling back into place. I can see in his eyes as the memories flash. Just bits and pieces, but still, I can see it.
“How did you get out?”
“It’s not important right now.” I sigh. “I know Steve has helped you remember your past. Including some that involved me. Tell me, Bucky, what do you remember about the last time we met? Before I took off a few years ago?”
“Well, uh, I remember that the doctor triggered the Winter Soldier. And that you were there when I woke up in that warehouse with Steve and Sam. But I -  I don’t remember anything else.” He put his head down as if he was disappointed in himself.
“That’s fine, Bucky. We’ll focus on that later.” I lift his head to look at me again. “What matters now is that you know that we work well together. So, acting like a married couple should be no problem at all for us. Just take my lead, okay?”
“Sure, doll. But, you will finish telling me about us eventually, right?”
“When the time is right, sure.”
I smile, picking up all the papers and moving them to the nightstand. Shuffling myself down into the bed, I rest my head on the pillow and look up at Bucky. He has a nervous expression on his face, and I know what is going through his head.
“Rest, Buck. I promise you won’t hurt me.”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Just… trust me.”
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Tumblr media
Goodbye is just the Beginning
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Bucky and Sam are successful on their mission as Sam takes up the shield as Captain America and Bucky works to make a positive change with the Winter Soldier name. Five years passes for our heroes as Winnie Barnes story begins to take place.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character.
Word Count: 2,000+
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