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#bucky barnes x daughter!reader
moonvis · 22 hours ago
Bad days
Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x daughter! reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, mentions of the Avengers.
Summary: You are having a shitty day but your concerned family makes you feel better.
based on a request by maximeevansblog​
Warnings: some angst but then just fluff fluff fluff!!
Note: The fam live at the good ol' tower :)) Hope you like this!
Tumblr media
Being the adoptive daughter of two super soldiers has its perks. You get to live at The Avengers tower with your big family aka the worlds mightiest heroes. Your dads are the best, they adore you and you pretty much have them wrapped around your little finger. They're also very protective of you, which can be annoying at times, but you know they just care.
The only downside is the lack of talk about your feelings. You used to tell them how you felt and share your problems, but as you grew a little older you gradually stopped. If you really needed it, you would talk to Natasha about your period days and boy drama. Steve and Bucky never wanted to push you into telling them everything if you didn’t want to.
One day, you come home from school, unhappy, walking past Natasha who greeted you while you went straight to your bedroom. She raised an eyebrow, unsure if she should check up on you or leave you alone. Instead, she decided it was best your dads took this one.
"Hey, Steve!" Natasha greeted loudly as she entered the training room, where she had presumed he was. Steve was just finishing up his workout, drinking from his water bottle as the redhead came to stand in front of him, "Nat, what's up?"
Natasha was wearing a visible frown on her face, making Steve question her again before she even got the chance answer, "Everything okay?"
"You tell me. I just saw your daughter looking pretty frustrated. She ignored me in the hallway."
Steve's brows formed into a frown, and he quickly let go of his water bottle, "What? Where did she go?" He asked like the concerned mother-type he was.
Steve was already on his way out of the gym as Natasha informed him about your location, "Her bedroom, I think."
"Thanks Nat!"
Steve, on his way to your bedroom, met Bucky in the hallway, dragging the brunette along.
Once outside, they knocked on your door, but you didn’t answer. Bucky frowned and knocked again, "Doll, it's us. Can we come in?"
"Ms. Y/N has requested to not let anyone in. She wants to be left alone." Tony's Al spoke up.
You were laying on your bed, tears freely falling down your cheeks. Today had been awful. You got your period, which always made you emotional. Your math test went downhill. You dropped your food and drink in the cafeteria, making a mess. Then you rudely passed Natasha in the hallway, making you feel like a shitty human being.
You thought you were being dramatic, but that thought only angered you. You cursed at yourself, hating how your period days always messed with your head.
Steve and Bucky chose to give up on talking to you right now. If space were what you needed, they would give it to you.
Later that day, after collecting your thoughts, you wandered down to dinner. The other Avengers were gathering around the table, and you found your usual spot between your dads.
"Hey, sweetie, you feelin’ okay?" Steve asked you carefully once you sat down. You were grateful he kept it down, but annoyed he had to ask, so you gave him a quick response, "Yes."
Steve let out a quiet sigh and eyed Bucky. The brunette took the hit and leaned in a little closer, "You sure dollface?"
"I said yes. I'm fine. Focus on the dinner, not me." You answered again, immediately regretting how rude you probably sounded.
"Okay." Bucky muttered quietly, afraid to push it any longer. You let out a frustrated sigh before focusing on the dinner yourself.
It was cheeseburgers. You remembered it was Tony's turn to chose dinner, so of course it was burgers, his, and your favourite meal.
As the Avengers started eating their dinner, Tony tried communicating with you, "Hey, mini-solider, how'd you like the dinner?" He even winked at you, making you roll your eyes. The billionaire looked a little taken back and eyed Steve. Your blonde dad just shook his head.
You noticed every interaction, realising how rude you just were. Tony didn't deserve your eyeroll, your dads hadn't deserved your attitude when they just asked how you were doing. And Natasha hadn't deserved your cold shoulder when she only greeted you.
You stayed silent, looking down, feeling your eyes water. Fine, now you were dramatic again. You wanted to cry but refused to do so if front of the team. Your family you felt like hated you right now. You refused to eat your dinner as well, you didn't deserve your favourite meal. Not with your behaviour.
Unable to hold back a sniffle, your dads looked at you again. This time, Steve placed his hand on your shoulder, "Darling, what's wrong. Please, talk to us." You quickly looked up, angry he spoke so loudly. You didn't want any attention while feeling so emotional.
But when you looked up to scold at him, you noticed the concerned eyes plastered on you. Not only from Steve and Bucky, but from Tony, Natasha and the whole bunch. They worried, they cared. No one hated you, you quickly remembered that.
Unable to hold back any longer, the tears finally streamed down your face and you crashed into Steve's comforting embrace. You felt a metal hand rubbing your back, making you feel so much better.
After you had let it all out, you looked back up, eyes moving from Steve to Bucky and back, "Thank you. I'm sorry for being rude, I love you. I've just had a shitty day." You let out a last sniffle, turning back to Bucky who dried away your tears with his flesh hand. Your dads didn’t need details, they just needed to know you were okay. You crashed into Bucky’s embrace this this time, who rubbed your back gently, "It's okay dollface."
"We all have shitty days." You heard from a female voice, making you look up at Natasha, "We're just glad our smiling girl is back."
You chuckled, appreciating the smile she gave you, "Thanks Nat, and I'm sorry about ignoring you earlier. And Tony-" You turned to the man, who gave you a wink again, which you took with a smile this time, "Sorry for my eyeroll, of course I love the dinner!"
"That's what I like to hear!"
You laughed before turning to a happy looking Steve. Your smile always made your dads smile, "To forget about this day, what do you say we do somethin' fun tomorrow. You, me n' Buck."
You couldn't help the excitement showing on your face. You wanted cry to from the love they were showing you, happy tears this time, "Yeah!"
You kissed Steve's cheek, then Bucky's, thanking them. The other Avengers were pleased with the scene unfolding, continuing with their meal, while Tony suddenly felt extra generous, "You three do that. Do whatever. I'll pay."
To say you had your dads wrapped around your little finger was an understatement, cause honestly, you had the whole Avengers team wrapped around your arm.
The next day you woke with a smile from last night still plastered on your face. You dads did their usual workout and paperwork for the day early, so they could be finished when you woke up. You had slept in a little longer than usual, wanting to be well rested for the fun day ahead.
Once done preparing yourself, you met the two super soldiers in the common area. Bucky came forward and ruffled your hair a little, making you laugh and push his flesh hand away, “Hey, stop it.”
“Okay, dollface, what’s the plan for today?“ Bucky asked while Steve came to stand with the two of you, “Remember, you’re the boss today sweetie.”
“Nah, not the boss, I’ll be your Captain today dad.“ You pointed as Steve as you spoke, making him shake his head, “As you wish, Captain. Now, what’s the plan?“
“I was thinking we could go bowling and eat out later, but first I wanted to ask...“ You looked at both your dad’s innocently, “Could I get my hair and nails done? Please?“
“Of course. You’re the Captain.“ Bucky nodded. Steve did as well, with a smirk forming on his lips, “I mean, Tony’s paying anyways.”
You did a small fist bump with the air, before taking hold of Steve and Bucky’s hand, dragging them towards the elevator.
Once you arrived at the mall, you didn’t hesitate to head over to the hair salon first. And let’s just say you went all out with getting your dream hairstyle. Why not go for it when you don’t have to worry about the payment anyways?
When it came to your nails, you did something simple, an easy pedicure to be exact. Once done, you turned to your dads, with the same innocent expression as earlier, “I don’t wanna be the only one getting my nails done...”
Since Bucky couldn’t get both his done because of his metal hand, Steve ended up as the victim. You left the nail salon with a laugh, loving the sight of Captain America with long golden nails.  
“How am I supposed to go bowlin’ now? I’m going to ruin my nails!“ Steve played devastated.
You and Bucky laughed at the blonde, “Perks of having a metal arm!”  
Thank you for reading!!
Have you ever tried bowling with long nails?? They just break! I always forget to cut my nails beforehand...
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rachaelswrites · a day ago
Three New Dads
Sam Wilson x Daughter!reader, Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader
Word Count: 2,368
Requested By: Anon
Ok so I seen a tik tok about where Sam Bucky and Steve were on a mission and found a baby by it’s self with no parents and they raised it and was very 🥺 and wondering if you could write something about that ??
A/N: This will be a co-parenting situation but none of them will be romantically linked to each other. It’s just three bros raising a baby together. Reader’s ages are: a few months old, then 3 years old, then 7 years, old and then 16 years old
Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies,
Steve was the one who first came across the small bundle wrapped in the soft yellow blankets. The blankets were dirty with the dust of the debris that was settling around but through the ash, he could see a small baby wrapped in the blankets. He looked around for any sign of the parents and spotted them lying just a few feet away. 
Sam had spotted Steve bending over something and made his way over, his eyes falling on the baby and then the bodies nearby, “Are those the parents?” he asked. 
“Think so,” Steve said, slowly standing up with the baby in his arms, “It’s a girl.”
“What are we going to do with her then?” Sam asked, “I don’t think she has any family anymore,” he motioned to the destruction of the small town they were in. It was true. Anyone the small baby knew was dead, whether from the battle that had just ended or from a previous incident. 
“What’s going on here?” Bucky asked, making his way over to the two men. His face fell when Steve turned to face him and motioned towards the blankets in his arms and the fate of the parents, “Oh.”
“I was just asking what we’re going to do with her,” Sam said. 
“We could take her back with us,” Steve suggested, “There’s enough room for her and more than enough people to watch over her. 
“So the Avengers are just going to raise a baby? All together?” Bucky asked.  
“What if it was just the three of us?” Steve said, “We can do it and I”m sure everyone else would be fine with having her around.”
“That works for me,” Sam said. He was already loving the idea of having someone to take care of. 
“I guess I’m in too,” Bucky said. 
After explaining the whole situation to Tony on the jet, he reluctantly agreed to let the baby stay. The baby, who all three men agreed on the name Y/n, took turns watching her on the jet as she slept. They hoped she would stay asleep until they reached the compound and they could give her a proper place to sleep. 
Once the jet touched down, Sam was the one who carried her through the compound and up to his own room. Steve and Bucky went off to go and get all the supplies they would need to care for a baby. 
Sam laid down in his bed and held the infant on his chest. She was asleep for a few more minutes until she woke up, crying. Sam quickly shushed her, patting her back to try and get her calm again, “You’re okay,” he whispered, “I got you, don’t worry,” his voice seemed to soothe her back to sleep quickly. Her small fist had a hold of his t-shirt as her eyes closed again. 
Shortly after, Steve and Bucky returned to find Y/n and Sam fast asleep in his bed. Bucky went into the girl’s room to set up everything while Steve was tasked with waking up the other two, “Sam,” he said, just loud enough to wake him up. 
“What?” he asked groggily, slowly sitting up, keeping the baby against his chest. 
“Her room is almost done being set up. Let me take her there,” Steve said, walking to the side of the bed. 
Sam gently passed the baby to Steve, “I think I’m going to be her favorite,” he joked. 
“How do you know that?” Bucky asked as he entered the room. 
“She told me right before you got here,” he said back. 
“Really? Cause she looks like she’s fast asleep,” Steve said. He readjusted the child in his arms before walking out of the room and to the one across the hall. Both Steve and Bucky’s room were on either side of hers, with Sam’s right across so if anything happened, all three could be there quickly. Steve placed a kiss on the baby’s forehead before setting her down in her crib and letting her sleep. 
Three Years Later
Bucky sighed as he heard you crying for the third time that night. Steve and Sam had gotten you the first two times so now it was his turn. He slowly climbed out of bed and pulled on a shirt before going into your room. He watched as you moved around the bed uncomfortably. The three men had no idea how or where you got sick, seeing as you never left the compound but you’ve been miserable ever since. You had spent the previous day in someone’s arms or curled up next to them on the couch. Now, you couldn’t even get through an hour without crying and waking up. 
“Hey babydoll, calm down it’s okay,” Bucky said as he made his way over to your bed, “Papa’s here now,” he lifted the covers off of you and picked you up. 
“Feel icky,” you mumbled, hiding your face in his neck. 
“I know you do. Let’s go get some medicine and then see if you can sleep. How does that sound?” he asked, already making his way into the kitchen. 
“No!” you screamed loudly, surely waking everyone up, “No medicine. Too yucky,” you cried. 
“I know it’s yucky but Steve said you didn’t take any last time you were up. It’s gonna make you feel so much better,” he said, placing a kiss to your forehead. You were burning up and he knew you hated the medication but it would help you. 
You shook your head, “No,” you tried to squirm out of his grip but Bucky held onto you tighter. 
“What if I let you stay the rest of the night with me? Only if you take some medicine,” he bargained. 
You thought for a minute before nodding your head. Bucky smiled and set you on the kitchen counter before pouring the medication into a cup and helping you take it. He picked you back up and to his room, where he laid down on the bed and laid you on his chest. He put his metal hand on your back, hoping the coolness would help your fever go down. 
In the morning, Steve went to go check in on you but he panicked when you weren’t in your bed. He checked all over your room before going to Sam’s and waking him up, “Have you seen Y/n? She’s not in her room.”
“Did you check Bucky’s room?” Sam said. 
“I’ll do that now,” he said. He closed the door to Sam’s room and went to Bucky’s. He was about to open his mouth to speak but when he saw you curled up next to Bucky, with his arm wrapped around you protectively, he didn’t want to disturb your peaceful sleep. 
The sound of high pitched giggles filled the common area as Sam stepped into the room. He knew the sound belonged to you, he just didn’t know where you were. He followed the sound as best as he could until he saw you sitting on the couch while Thor was in front of you. 
“What’s going on in here?” Sam asked, walking to the couch and standing behind you.
“Thor has magic,” you said, pointing to the man in front of you. 
“I was just showing the little one a few tricks I had,” Thor showed Sam the small sparks of blue lighting emerging from his fingers, “She seems quite entertained by it.”
You let out another giggle before clapping your hands several times, “Again!” you squealed. 
“Maybe another time honey,” Sam said as he picked you up from the couch and placed you on his hip, “It’s almost time for your nap.”
“Magic,” you said, a small pout on your face. 
“After,” Sam said again. You frowned and tried to wiggle out of his hold. Sam thought you just wanted to walk to your room by yourself so he let you down and reached his hand out for you to take. Instead of grabbing his hand, you took off down the opposite hallway and out of the room, “Damn it,” Sam mumbled under his breath. 
He took off after you, making sure to check all your hiding places until he spotted Bruce crouching down in front of you, keeping you occupied. 
“There you are,” Sam said. He picked you up and made sure that you wouldn’t be able to escape, “I think it’s time for someone’s nap.”
Four Years Later
Steve had been looking all over the compound for you. He checked your room, then Bucky’s, then Sam’s. You were nowhere and Steve was starting to get worried. You weren’t one to stray away from anyone but since there was no one besides you and Steve at the compound today, he didn’t know where else to look. He looked in all the rooms and all your favorite hide and seek places. 
After looking for what felt like hours, Steve checked the gym, a place where he often went to clear his head and spotted you with your hands loosely wrapped in athletic tape. He watched as you attempted to throw punches at the bag but you missed, causing you to get more and more frustrated. 
“Sweetheart,” Steve said softly, walking over to you and grabbing your hands carefully. He could tell something was on your mind and he didn’t want you to get hurt by taking it out on the bag. 
“What,” you huffed out angrily. You were fighting back tears so you avoided looking your dad right in the eyes until he lifted your chin up with his hand. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked as he gently lifted you from the ground and onto his hip. 
You shook your head and buried it in the crook of his neck. You didn’t want to tell him because you knew it was silly. All it was is that you missed Sam and Bucky. They had been gone on a mission for a week, the longest they had left you in years. 
Steve wasn’t taking no for an answer so he asked again, “C’mon Y/n. Please tell me what’s wrong so I can help.”
“I miss daddy and papa,” you mumbled, just loud enough for Steve to hear. 
“Oh sweetheart don’t worry,” he said softly, “They’ll be back in a few days. I know they miss you too and can’t wait to see you again.”
“I want them now!” you cried. 
“I know sweetheart but you need to calm down okay?” He set you down on the floor before sitting down in front of you, pulling you back onto his lap, “Take a deep breath for me,” he took a deep breath and waited for you to copy it, repeating it until you were calm. 
He tried to think of something to help you channel your energy and he thought back to why you were in this room in the first place. He always went here to punch the bag when he needed to let something go and figured you would probably want to do the same. 
He carefully stood up with you still in his arms and walked over to the bag. He set you down and re-wrapped your hands properly before making sure you had the correct stance. He quickly showed you how to throw a few punches and watched as you slowly worked out all of your feelings on the bag. 
Nine Years Later
“I told you I’m fine Nat,” you said as the woman helped you walk into the medbay. You, her and Wanda were on a mission and you got injured. It was nothing serious, just a minor break to your ankle but Natahsa was intent on making sure your injury wouldn’t worsen. 
“Yeah but your dad’s will kill me if they find out you got hurt and then you got hurt even more being stubborn,” she replied, helping you sit down on one of the beds. 
“Do you think they’ll find out?” you asked, “They’ll never let me go on another one again.”
“Don’t worry about that Y/n,” Nat said as she patted her shoulder. 
“Don't worry? Is that why you’re here? In the medbay with an injured leg,” you heard Sam say. 
“It’s technically my ankle, not my whole leg,” you said back. 
“Y/n, not the time,” Bucky said. 
By now, all three of your dads had entered the room and started to coddle over you, especially Steve. He was the mama bear out of all of them. 
“Y/n do you need me to get you anything?” he asked you. 
“I would like some personal space please,” you said, shoving all three of them away from your bed, “I’m fine you guys seriously. Just let me go to my room and sleep. I’m tired.” 
“Not until Bruce clears you,” Sam said as he adjusted one of your pillows. 
“She’s good to go,” Bruce said from his desk, “It’s just a sprain. Ice and rest up and you’ll be ready to go in the field in no time.”
“Like she’s going on another mission anytime soon,” Bucky said. He walked over to you and helped you out of the bed and started to carry you towards your room. He wasn’t going to let you raise a finger. Neither would Sam and Steve. 
Once you all got to your room, Bucky set you down and pulled the covers over you, “Get some rest doll,” he kissed the top of your head. 
“Are you seriously not going to let me go on missions anymore?” you asked Sam as he walked over to you, kissing you on the forehead. 
“It’s a maybe,” he said, ruffling your hair a bit. 
“Just focus on getting better Y/n,” Steve said, “And then we’ll talk about it.”
You huffed and pouted just a little, making Sam laugh at you, “You’ll be fine,” he said. 
“I don’t know how I’ll manage to stay in bed for days,” you complained, “I won’t survive this.”
“Well, at least we get a break,” Bucky said. 
You scoffed, “Really? Because you three have to take care of me. You’re my dads and that’s your job. You signed up for this.”
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blueathens · a day ago
Tumblr media
For my Dusk Till Dawn series
Firstly, if you haven’t read this yet, you should know that this series is going to be an endlessly long series that happens in the Marvel crossed X-Men world following OC characters.
Second of all I know that I’m only on Iron Man (Act One) on Tumblr, but I am also writing Act 2 now (14/06/21) which happens between Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, following the proper start of Blue Stark, who for the people who’s already reading this knows she isn’t ‘normal...’
I was planning to make Blue Stark end up with Peter Maximoff (most likely), and I just wanted to state that as the story goes on Peter’s character will mature more (he will have still have the same characteristics but he’ll be more mature (if that makes sense)). The reason for this is so it can fit in with my ideas and because of certain events that will happen in the story, and he will have a healthy relationship with Blue.
Third of all I’m going to need you’re help with ideas as this story goes on.
You could come up with ideas you want to see in my story
I’m going to need help making up villains (In Act 2 there be a villain called Vex Schlect). And this help could be you creating a full on character profile, or the name of villain, motive for crime etc. The villains could be anything and they don’t have to be ‘super’ villains. They could be serial killers, kidnappers etc. (This reason will be more understandable as the story goes on, but there is a hint in Act 2).
You could also say what villains you want to see in my series that appear in the comics, or things that happen in the comics that you want to see. (E.g. Bucky and Nats relationship will make an appearance in my series as they deserve more recognition).
Obviously I can’t guarantee all your ideas will appear, but I will try and make them happen and fit them into the series.
Ideas may come as the story goes on.
You could send these ideas through the comments, message me on here, or request them in any way you’ll like.
I just kinda want you guys to be involved with the story in any way possible.
Any idea you have send it my wayyyy.
All ideas will be credited to you for a thank you for your brilliant ideas.
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Did I choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because he is severely under-appreciated in the fandom, he deserves better, and I love him so fucking much, it is absolutely insane?
Did I also choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because I knew I wanted the reader to call the other guy their uncle and I could absolutely not write that series having the reader repeatedly refer to him as “Uncle Sam”?
Also yes.
Did I also just realize that “Uncle Bucky” sounds a lot like “Uncle Buck” and am now this close to chucking myself out the the fucking window?
Sadly, also yes.
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klinenovakwinchester · 3 days ago
Looking Too Closely (Bucky x Fem!Stark!Reader) -- part six
I feel like this is finally getting into the good stuff so my brain has been very !!!!!!! and decided to spit out this next chapter so fast xx
Summary: Coffee (not) date with Bucky!
Warnings: more mentions of homelessness, arguing/yelling, Tony being a general asshole, I think that’s all
Tumblr media
You weren’t expecting to feel so...out of place on the streets of New York until you stepped out of the Tower and suddenly, you’re there.
Last time you were here, you were homeless. These streets were your home and in a weird way, it still feels like it. 
“What’s with the hood?” You shove Bucky’s flesh arm to get his attention as the two of you walk down the street. 
He looks over at you, shrugging. “Feels more comfortable. I’m still not well-liked, you know.” Which explains the jacket and gloves, too.
“You’re not gonna get us arrested, are you?”
He smirks. “Are you?”
“Nah,” you shake your head. “I’ll be fine. As long as none of them have like...been looking for my face or…” You pause, looking at him. “Um. Actually-- Can I have your hat?”
“You have a hood! If we both need disguises then I need something, too.”
“It’s not really a disguise--”
“Just give me your hat so I don’t have to do something illegal.”
He’s already taking it off and replacing his hood before you’re done talking. “Here.”
“Thank you.” Placing the hat on your head, you pull it down a little to hopefully shadow your face enough to the point of blending in. “Where are we going?”
“Coffee,” he says tiredly. “Just an excuse to leave that isn’t therapy.”
“You go to therapy?”
“Every week,” he nods.
“Part of my pardon,” he says. “It’s definitely not by choice.”
“Do you like it, at least?”
He shrugs again, pausing at the crosswalk. You reach over and press the button.
“I don’t hate it,” he finally says. “Don’t love it, either.” After a pause, he says, “Why, are you thinking of going?”
“Me? No,” you almost laugh. “I was just...making conversation.”
He chuckles. “Got it.”
His flesh hand rests between your shoulder blades when the light changes. He keeps you close as the two of you cross over.
“Probably should duck on a sidestreet,” he says quietly.
Without hesitation, you slide down a random sidestreet. Only to you, it isn’t random at all. You used to walk down this street every day, hell, you remember sleeping back here one night. It wasn’t as comfortable as your other spots, though.
Bucky follows you, eyes narrowing at the way you walk. It’s obvious to him within seconds that you know exactly where you are.
You round a corner and nearly smack right into someone.
“Hey, watch-- Y/N?”
Your eyes widen. “Jade? Holy shit!”
“Holy shit is right!” They grin, hugging you tightly. “What are you doing out here? 12 is still looking everywhere for you.”
“Yeah, I know,” you mutter. “Oh, this is Bucky, by the way. Bucky, this is Jade, we used to live together for a while.”
“Before she up and left my ass,” Jade jokes, waving at Bucky. “Nice to meet you.”
“Yeah,” he nods. “Who is 12?”
“Police,” Jade answers, then nudges your arm. “Where’d you find this guy?”
“He’s um…” You pause. Tony Stark isn’t exactly a friend of the homeless community. In fact, everyone thinks he’s a bit of a jackass. “He’s just a friend.”
Jade looks between you and Bucky, smirks, then says, “Yeah. Just a friend, okay.”
“What are you doing out here?” You change the subject quickly. “I thought you’d be a few states over by now.”
“Nope, staying here,” Jade shrugs. “Gotta go, though. Got somewhere to be. Take care and try to stay out of trouble?”
“Yeah, sure,” you grin, letting them go before you have to make up any more lies.
Once Jade is out of earshot, Bucky looks at you blankly.
“Nothing,” he says. “Coffee?”
“Sure. Lead the way.”
It’s been years since you’ve had coffee, but whatever it is that Bucky orders you tastes good. He chose a table in the back, where you’re right next to the emergency exit and he can sit facing the front door.
“So,” Bucky starts. “I...I don’t even know what to ask. Um… How...are things?”
“Things?” You take a sip of the coffee, shrugging. “Good. Fine. Better than I was. Here’s a better topic: Tony wants me to pick a movie to watch tonight. Any ideas?”
“I… No, no. I don’t watch movies.”
“Okay, well,” you sigh. “I’ll ask Wanda.”
“Good idea,” Bucky nods. “Speaking of Tony, um… How is that?”
“Him being my dad?” You question, though you don’t need to. “It’s fine, I’m...really trying not to think about it too much.”
“You believe him?”
“Science doesn’t lie,” you say. “Not like my mom.” 
You’re not sure what it is, but you with Bucky. Like you can tell him anything, like nothing will make him think any less of you.
So, you continue. “My mom-- She didn’t-- She wasn’t around. She was always working, but I never knew what it was, so I just knew she wasn’t around, didn’t care, hated me, whatever.” You pause, shaking your head. “But...the one thing she did tell me, so much that my ears fuckin’ bled from it, was that Tony Stark is my dad.” You scoff. “Why does it even matter? All it meant was that instead of having just one parent who could care less about me, I had two.”
“Tony cares about you, though. He does.”
“I know that now,” you say. “I guess, I-- It’s weird to think about. Yeah, he’s technically my dad, but...I still barely know him. At least he’s giving me a place to stay. Dumpsters were getting uncomfortable,” you joke, but Bucky doesn’t really smile. “I’m fine,” you say.
“You shouldn’t have...been sleeping against dumpsters and--”
“It was either that, or...prison and I’m not-- I didn’t do what they think I did, I was just trying to--” You cut yourself off, sensing someone-- no, sensing Tony walking into the coffee shop. “What is Tony doing here?”
Tony, having heard you, freezes.
You turn around, finding exactly who you sensed. “I thought you had meetings all day?”
“And I thought I told you not to leave the Tower alone,” he quips, finishing his stride and sliding into the chair next to you. 
“I’m not alone,” you reply, gesturing to Bucky who waves awkwardly, his smile tired.
“This,” Tony points at Bucky, “is a neon sign saying arrest me, so, before that happens, we’re going back to the Tower. Right now.” He stands, gesturing to you. “Come on, up.”
You roll your eyes. “In a minute.”
“No, I said now.”
“And I said in a minute,” you reply. “Can I at least finish my coffee?”
“You can finish it on the way.”
“Oh my God, relax.”
“I’m very relaxed--”
“No, you’re being a dick--”
“Watch the language.”
“I’m not a kid, Tony!”
“Oh really? You’re acting a lot like one right now--”
“Says you,” Bucky scoffs.
“This does not involve you,” Tony says sharply. “And you are coming with me. Get up.”
“No,” you laugh. “You don’t get to order me around”
“Like what?”
“Like you’re my father!” You yell, standing from your seat, the table rocking in the process. 
It's at this moment that you notice the many cellphones raised, cameras trained on the scene you’ve just unfolded, the anger you’ve let loose. 
Tony stands before you, well aware of the cameras. “Let’s go,” he says quietly. “I’m not asking again.”
Half of you wants to disobey for the hell of it. You want to run out the emergency exit, shed these stupid clothes, go find Jade, and fuck off to wherever they want to go as long as it’s far from here.
But you don’t. You follow Tony out of the coffee shop, with Bucky close behind. Tony left his car idling on the curb and you get in the backseat, grumbling as you slam the door. 
Bucky decides to walk. You don’t blame him.
Tony slides into the driver’s seat, clearly pissed off, and because he doesn’t know when to stop, he says, “You know, when I gave you a phone, the idea was that you’d keep it with you. You know, in case I needed to text you or call you if you disappear.”
“Stop talking,” you say through gritted teeth. “Just stop.”
“Why were you even out with him?” Tony continues, looking at you through the rearview mirror. “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”
You close your eyes, ignoring him, refusing to answer and fuel his ego.
Tony barely sees you when he pulls into the garage back at the Tower. You’re out of the car and stomping off to the elevator before he even shuts the engine off.
He lets you go. He should really apologize, but right now isn’t the time.
Instead, he takes the stairs to a different elevator. 
By the time Tony makes it to the conference room that he told Steve and Natasha to meet him in, Bucky is already there, too. Tony has no idea how, but Bucky is known for sneaking around. He was practically hardwired to do just that, which is why Tony doesn’t trust him.
That, and Bucky very obviously has feelings for you. Even if he doesn’t know it.
“Lay it on me,” Tony says, throwing his hands up. “Father of the Year award goes to me, of course. I’ll take a plaque, no need for a trophy, I don’t have the shelf space.”
Bucky rolls his eyes. 
“I told her not to leave without me,” Tony says, as more of an explanation for Steve and Nat, but all it does is give Bucky a headache.
“You can’t expect her to stay in here all the time, she’s just a kid,” Steve argues. “You saw how that worked with Wanda.”
“I didn’t lock her in here, she has access to the entire Tower!” Tony yells. “I just specifically told her not to leave with you.” He points to Bucky. “What are you doing, taking her to coffee? Giving her your hat?”
“Letting her get fresh air?” Bucky counters. “Is that another random crime around here?”
“It is when she’s my daughter,” Tony says lowly. “Stay away from her. I mean it, Barnes.”
“Sure, yeah, got it.”
“Next subject,” Steve interrupts. 
Natasha nods. “Y/N did good today. She’s definitely stronger than normal and I don’t think she realizes the full extent of what she can do.”
Tony nods, looking at Steve. “What do you think?”
“She’s impressive.”
“Good enough for me,” Tony says. “Nat, do the honors of training her, will you? Dr. Banner is getting in tomorrow and we’ll start looking at the data and try to figure out what’s…you know.”
“When are you gonna tell her?” Bucky speaks up. “About what she is?”
“Soon,” Tony says. “Eventually. When it’s right. And when I can think of how to say it.”
There is no right time. Everyone knows that. But Tony has convinced himself that there is, and that it’s not right now. Because he has no idea how he’s going to tell you. 
Steve knew what was happening to him. He consented, he was ready. Bucky didn’t, but Bucky was brainwashed, rewired. You...Tony has no idea what this means for you. How did it happen in a way that left you with no memory of it? Surely you’d remember the pain, the changes, but you’re oblivious.
Tony leaves the meeting first, no doubt headed to the lab to blow off steam and blast music before Pepper intervenes and gets him to see the light. She’s sitting in the rest of his meetings since he decided to leave and find you.
Natasha knows the look that Steve is giving Bucky, so she leaves them alone to have their talk.
Steve wastes no time, getting straight to the point once Natasha is down the hall. “You gave her your hat.”
Bucky shrugs. “She asked for it.”
“And you just...let her have it.”
“She needed a small disguise,” Bucky says. “They’re still looking for her.”
“C’mon, Buck. You and I both know a hat does nothing for a disguise. Not on its own.”
“Yeah,” Bucky sighs. “I know.”
There’s something deeper there, something Bucky can’t explain, something he hasn’t felt since before the war.
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A Witch And Android | Mother Figure! Wanda x Reader, Dad Figure! Vision x Reader
(Angst with a hint of fluff) Reader has pyrokinesis. Reader is about 16/17.
This is loosely based off of something that happened in my DR.
Steve said it would take an hour at the most to clear out a hydra base. He sent in Bucky, Wanda, and you to clear out and grab intel. He, Natasha, and Vision were backup if needed. The mission was routine and supposed to go off without a hitch.
As the quinjet landed, the recon team got out. “Get into position and wait for my signal.” Steve said over the comms. Wanda grabbed your hand and rubbed the back of it. “Follow protocol and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She kissed your forehead. “I know, Wan. I’ll be fine.” You rush over to your position.
“Wanda, there are two guys to the left of your position.” Bucky says. “On it.” Wanda uses her magic and takes the men out. “Let’s move out.” Bucky motions us to a metal door. Bucky opens the door and starts to clear the facility. You and Wanda follow closely behind.
“(Y/N), clear the room on the left, and I’ll get the one on the right. Wanda, stand guard in the main room.” You follow Bucky’s orders. The room has a desk with a computer and filing cabinets. “Steve, I have files and a computer. Maybe asbestos because this room is pretty dusty.” Nat chuckles.
“Download the data and search the files.” You start to download the data. A loud bang is heard from the back of the facility. Alarms start ringing. “The files were a distraction. Get out of there!” Steve shouts.
The door to the room shuts and locks. “I’m stuck!” You say and grab the door. You try melting the metal, but it’s too thick. You start shouting for Wanda and Bucky. You can hear them trying to pry the door open. “Self-destruct in 1 minute.” A robotic voice says over the intercom. “You guys have to get out of here!” Wanda starts to sob. “I’m not leaving you. I can’t go without you!” You use all your force to melt the door. You faint from the amount of energy exerted.
You awake in a bed. You assume it’s the infirmary from the beeping noises. You hear Wanda’s voice, but you don’t have the energy to open your eyes. Her hand is clutching yours for dear life. “Please be okay. I can’t lose my fire. You’ve given me the chance to love and be loved unconditionally. You’ve given Viz and me the opportunity to be parents. You’ve completed our family in ways you don’t even know. We can’t go on without you”
You squeeze her hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” You rasp out as you open your eyes. You see a puffy eyed Wanda and very concerned Vision setting on the left side of the bed. Vision has one hand on her shoulder and another on the bed. You move your hand and pat the bed for Wanda and Vision to come sit next to you.
Wanda moves next to you, and Vision sits by your feet. “How am I alive?” You weakly say. “I ripped the door apart and pulled you out.” Vision puts his hand on your leg. “I couldn’t bear to think of a world without you.” You nod and lean into Wanda. “Thank you.” Vision shakes his head. “There is no need to thank me. You know I will always try my best to protect you and Wanda.” Wanda starts to play with your hair. “I think you made it easy for him. The door was almost melted when he got there.” You gave her a small laugh.
“Thank you, guys.” Vision sighs. “You don’t have to thank us.” You cut him off before he can start to ramble. “I’m not thanking you for this. However, saving my life is a big deal. I’m thanking you for taking me in and giving me a family.” You choke up a bit. “I’m thanking you two for being the best mom and dad anyone could ask for.” Vision and Wanda lean in to hug you. You start crying a bit, and Wanda wipes your tears with her thumb. “We’ll always try to be the best parents for our fire.”
Tony stands at the doorway. “You know kid, the best parents usually are a witch and android.” You roll your eyes at him but he’s right. The best parents for you are a witch and android.
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rachaelswrites · 5 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
One World, One People
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, fighting, mentions of gunshots, mentions of a dead body
Tumblr media
Here you were again, not even hours after you landed back in New York. You and your dad were suiting up for what you hoped was the final battle between Karli and the Flag Smashers. You and him approached the entrance of the building where the GRC meeting was being held. This is Karli’s final target so she had to be close, which is exactly what your dad said to Sam over comms. The officers let you two through the roadblock and to the building’s entrance. A man followed you two before speaking, “Excuse, are you two supposed to be here?”
You two turned and you opened your mouth to respond but the man’s face pixelated and he pulled it off, revealing Sharron. You were glad that you looked over and the confused look on your dad’s face matched your own, “Relax, it’s me,” she said. 
“Sharron what are you doing here?” your dad asked. 
“Don’t worry. No one is looking for me,” she replied. She led you two over to the side and out of the way, “Hey Sam. Thought I’d get the band back together.”
“Thank you for doing this,” Sam said over the comms, “I know you risked a lot to come here.”
“I heard pardons aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be,” she said dryly. 
“Depends on the therapist,” your dad responded. 
“They’ll move on the building soon. Be ready you three,” Sam said. 
The three of you started walking, scanning around in case there were Flag Smashers hanging around. 
“Y/n, Bucky, Sharron, what’s it like on your end?” Sam asked. 
“There’s nothing. It’s quiet,” you said. 
“No one is moving towards the building,” Sharron said. 
“Karli isn’t coming, she’s forcing them out,” Sam explained, “You guys have to do something. Don’t let them out of the building.”
The three of you entered the building and walked through the metal detector. You went first, leading the group with Bucky behind you and Sharron behind him. When Sharron walked through, the detector beeped, “Oops,” she said. 
Your dad’s attention was on her for a second until he spotted one of them, “There’s one of them,” he said, “I’ll get the evac. Y/n clear the building and make sure there aren’t any others. They know what you look like so don’t get caught,” he waited until you nodded and took off down the corridor. 
You only cleared one floor before Sam checked in on you, “How’s it going over there Y/n?”
“Good so far,” you said, entering a room quietly, “Scratch that,” you said, much more quietly.
“Y/n what does that mean?” your dad said. 
“Give me one second,” you turned your comms off before fully stepping into the room, making your presence known, “Hello gentleman,” you said to the two Flag Smashers in front of you, “Wanna do this the hard or the even harder way?”
The men looked at each other before going towards you. You swerved to avoid the first man but the second was waiting and punched you in the face. You quickly recovered and kicked him in the legs, sweeping him to the floor and knocking him out. The man who you avoided came from behind you, a knife pulled out. You quickly turned with your own knife and stuck it in his thigh, making him drop his and collapse on the floor, “That was easy,” you muttered, turning your comms back on, “All good now.”
“Don’t turn those off again,” your dad said in a warning voice. He was scared that one of them took you and that’s why you went silent on them. His body relaxed a little, knowing you were as safe as you could be. He could fully focus on the target he was chasing. 
You left the room and quickened your pace, seeing as your help would probably be needed soon. You were on your way back down to the entrance and out the building when your dad’s voice spoke over the comms, “Y/n I’m going to need you down here with me,” he said, “Now.”
“Got it,” you said, “On my way dad,” you sprinted through the hallways and down the staircases and off to your dad’s location. 
You got there just in time to watch him flip over the concrete barricade and launch himself at the Flag Smasher, slamming him to the ground. 
“Well that was badass,” you spoke, hanging off to the side. 
“Not the time Y/n,” he said as he swung at the other man but he ducked in time. 
“Right,” you mumbled, moving from your spot and helping your dad. 
You two were too preoccupied with the fight that neither of you noticed Karli and her team pouring gasoline over the van and lighting it on fire, sending it in flames. Your dad lost focus and the Flag Smasher punched his leg, making him drop to the floor. Before landing another punch to your dad, you spun and kicked the man in the gut, making him fall on the ground. 
Your dad got up from the ground and ran over to the van. He tried pulling on the door but it didn’t budge, “Y/n!” he yelled, wanting you to come over and help him. You ran over to him and helped him pull on the door but even with the two of you and your combined strength, it didn’t budge, “Stand back,” he said to you, pushing you so you were at least an arm’s length away from him. He started punching at the device that was stuck to the door, covering the seams so it was even harder to get open. He loosened the device before pulling on the door, finally getting it open. 
You immediately went and helped everyone out of the van, telling people where to go and getting them out of the way. After everyone was out, Bucky took off to where the other Flag Smashers were winning in a fight against John. Even though you really didn't want to help him out, you didn’t want them to win so you joined in the fight. You ducked and rolled out of the way of the parking meter that was being passed around between them. They swung it at you and you stepped back. It felt like you were fencing with them. Except instead of a sword and safety gear, it was a metal pole and super soldiers. 
Karli kept taking steps towards you, making you step backwards. You didn’t realize how close you were to the edge of the road until your foot slipped off the edge, making you fall and hit the ground below you. 
You heard the sound of metal scraping against concrete and looked up, seeing your dad falling right above you. You rolled out of the way before he hit the ground. He spotted one of them jumping off, a heavy beam in his hand, ready to use. Bucky pulled you as close to him as he could and raised his metal arm above his head, letting it take the impact of the beam. 
Your dad grabbed the beam and used it against the man, swinging it once and knocking him out cold, “You good?” he asked you, visually checking you for injuries. 
“Yeah,” you panted out, “Can’t believe I just fell from that though,” you said, pointing to the ledge. 
“Yeah? Trying falling off a moving train,” he said, patting you on the back. 
“Not funny,” you said, hating the fact he brought that moment up. It was the beginning of everything. If he hadn’t fallen off that train, neither of you would have been taken by HYDRA in the first place. 
“Sorry,” he said, walking to you and resting his hand on your head, smoothing some hair down in the process. 
You heard a loud crash that made you and him both look up at where the sound came from, “Shit,” you mumbled, seeing the other van dangling over the ledge. 
“Y/n go,” he said, “Now.”
“Are you going to try and stop it?” you asked. You didn’t want him to handle that alone. Sure he was strong, but was he that strong?
He nodded, “Go. I don’t want you getting hurt by accident.”
You nodded reluctantly and ran off, not really knowing where you should be going. You didn’t want to go far, not knowing if your help would be needed again. You hid behind a few crates until you heard cheering and clapping. You followed the sound back to where Sam, your dad, and Walker were. 
“Nice suit cap!” you shouted, making your way over to them. 
“You, out of all people bought into that bullshit?” Karli asked Sam in disbelief. 
“I’m trying something new. You should also,” Sam responded. 
All of a sudden, the sound of an explosion filled the area and smoke appeared all around you. The smoke clouded your vision, making it impossible to see. Your dad reached his arm out to try and get a hold of you. His hand grabbed the collar of your suit, enough reassurance you were still there. 
Sam used the heat vision in his goggles to track down Karli and Batroc, “This way,” he said, taking off towards the tunnels. You followed the sound of him and John’s footsteps guiding you in the right direction. 
Once you entered the tunnels, it was much easier to see. You followed behind Sam, your dad on the right of you and Walker on your left.
“We’re underground, Sharron,” your dad said into his comms, “The tunnel on Williams heading South. 
Still using his goggles, Sam saw their steps went in different directions, “They split up here it looks like,” he said. 
Before being told, Walker went left and took off, “I got him,” Bucky said, “You two stay together.”
You nodded and Sam led the way through the tunnels again. The two of you followed the path until you reached a fabric partition that led you to another large corridor. You two didn’t make it far into this part of the tunnels before two shots rang through the air, startling you and Sam. 
“Stay here,” Sam instructed you. He ran off in the direction of the shots and disappeared from your vision. Once you knew he wasn’t going to turn around and see you, you took off, using your sense of direction and your gut to try and find your dad. You didn’t know if it was him or not but you couldn’t go the way Sam did otherwise he’d see you. You went back the way you came and back to the place where you split up. You followed that path him and Walker took the best you could until you found your dad. 
The anxiety of the possibility of those shots being ones that went through your dad was distracting you. Several times you had to stop and even your breathing, wiping any tears that had fallen down your face. You couldn’t lose him again, not after all this. 
Minutes had passed and you still didn’t find anyone. Your fear for your dad was starting to set in until you heard sirens from a distance. You picked up your pace from a jog to a sprint, stopping when you reached the light. Your eyes scanned through all the people. The cops who had a Flag Smasher each in their cuffs. You looked passed them until your eyes fell on him. 
“Dad!” you shouted, catching his and John’s attention. When he turned and you saw his face, you ran over to him and collapsed into him, hugging him tightly and burying your face in his chest. 
“Y/n? I thought you were with Sam?” he said, wrapping one of his arms around your back.
“I was but we heard gunshots. Sam told me to stay but I didn’t. I didn’t know if it was you,” you said, trying to keep your voice from breaking, “I was so scared. I thought it was you dad. I thought I lost you again.”
“You didn’t lose me Y/n. I’m right here,” he said. He moved his hand to your back, starting to rub circles. 
“I didn’t know that though. I thought you were dead,” you said, your breathing slowly getting back to normal. 
“It’s okay,” he said, “You’re okay. I’m okay. Let Sam take care of it now.”
You nodded but still clung to your dad. You were so close to losing him that you weren’t going to let go of him for a while. Bucky accepted that you weren’t going to let go of him so he walked slowly back up to the main street, with you attached to him like a koala. 
Once you reached the main road, Bucky helped you sit up on top of one of the cop cars, knowing you needed to rest after the evening’s events. He leaned up against the door of the car and talked to you, anything to get your mind off of what was happening. 
You heard the whirring from Sam’s suit before your dad and Walker did. You slapped him on the arm to get him to stop talking and pointed in Sam’s direction, carrying Karli in his arms. Bucky helped you off the car and the three of you walked over to where the rest of the crowd was standing. 
Every single word Sam spoke struck you. Every word he spoke was true. As he finished his speech, the people began to walk away and the sea of reporters left. Sam walked over to where you and your dad were standing. 
“Sorry I was texting so all I heard was black guy and stars and stripes,” you dad said jokingly, making Sam chuckle. 
“Good job Cap,” you said. 
You three continued walking until you spotted Sharron, holding gauze to her abdomen and sitting on the top of a cop car. 
“Sharron?” Sam asked her, taking a step towards her. 
“You’re blocking my light,” she said so Sam stepped away letting her have the light from the other cop cars back. 
“We gotta get you to a hospital,” he said, concern laced in his voice. 
You watched her expression and you knew it well. It was one you wore every single day. Stubbornness, “She won’t listen,” you said bluntly. 
“It’s not the worst thing to happen to me all week,” she added. 
“Told you,” you said, sending Sam a glance. 
“Cap?”a voice spoke. 
“Think he’s talking to you,” Sharron said, “I’m sorry for how things ended down there. For what it’s worth, that suit looks good on you.”
“Thanks,” Sam said. 
“Alright can we get out of here?” Bucky asked nervously, ushering Sharron away with one hand so she wouldn’t be seen, and you with the other so you wouldn’t get separated again. 
“I didn’t forget my promise Sharron,” Sam said before she was out of ear shot. 
After all the chaos, you expected to go straight to the apartment and crash but Bucky had another plan. You climbed up the staircase to your floor but your dad stopped when you reached Yori’s apartment. 
“Dad what are we doing here? I thought we were finally going home?”
“You go ahead, doll. I’ll be there in a bit. I have to do something,” he said, fishing the key to the apartment out of his pants pocket and handing it to you. 
You thought about what he had to do at Yori’s until it hit you, “Dad.”
“What?” he asked softly. 
“Let me stay with you for this,” you said. You tried to pull puppy dog eyes but your dad looked away from you and knocked on the door. 
“This is my amends Y/n, not yours. I’m going by myself,” he said. You nodded, knowing no matter what you said, he wouldn’t let you. You leaned up against the wall next to the door and slid down it, waiting for him. Bucky accepted that this was where you would be so when Yori opened the door, he stepped inside and let the door close behind him, leaving you in the hallway. 
You leaned your head against the wall in an effort to eavesdrop on the conversation. There was silence for a moment until you heard a shout and footsteps walk towards the door. It opened and you stood up, watching your dad leave the apartment and the door slam shut behind him. He had a solemn look on his face and he never looked you in the eyes. You wrapped your arms around him. 
You looked up at him as the two of you started walking down the hallway. He had tears brimming in his eyes. You couldn’t imagine what was going through his head or how he was feeling. What he just did, took a type of strength you didn’t think you had in you. It was something only your dad had and you appreciated him even more now than you did before. 
When you woke up the next morning, your dad was already up and waiting for you to get up, “What are you doing up so early?” you asked, sitting up from the couch. 
“I know we just got back but we’re going again,” he said. 
“Please not on another European action movie. I’m not sure my back can handle it,” you said as you stretched, small popping noises coming from your back, proving your point. 
“No. It should be much more fun this time.”
Once you got dressed and out the door, you two took your normal path but your dad stopped once you reached Izzy’s, the restaurant. He stopped and looked through the window, seeing Yori and the waitress he had his date with, Leah. She smiled at him softly before turning and going back to her work. Bucky watched Yori for a second, making sure the older man was okay. You peered over his shoulder to see what he was looking at. 
“He’ll be okay dad,” you said reassuringly, placing your hand on his arm, “I promise.”
Bucky looked down and smiled at you softly, nodding before stepping back from the window and continuing on. 
Your dad apparently liked to surprise you and not tell you where you were going. You only found out when you landed and were greeted with the familiar Welcome to NOLA sign again. 
On the way to Sam’s place, you had to quickly make a stop at a grocery store. Your dad wanted to stroll into the cookout without bringing anything, which you vehemently objected to. You made him stop and pick up something. Even a plate of cookies would be decent. 
You waited in the truck while he went inside. He came back out a few minutes later with a clear plastic container in his hand. He opened your door and held the cake up for you to see, “Better?” he asked, setting it in your lap. 
“Much,” you said. You picked up the container as your dad closed the door and walked to the driver’s side, climbing into his seat, “This actually looks really good.”
“It better. It cost a lot more than a cake should,” he grumbled, starting the truck. You laughed at him before turning up the radio and rolling the window down. 
You reached the docks and saw loads of people gathered around and talking. You got out of the truck and walked around it, joining your dad at his side. He took the cake for you and started towards Sam. 
You spotted Sam’s nephews heading towards you. The older one, Cass, started to pretend to fight your dad, who played along, careful to not drop the cake. The younger one, AJ, wasn’t going to let you off the hook so easily and he attempted to tackle you to the ground. You stumbled to the ground lightly, laughing and gently throwing the kid off of you. You stood up and took a fight stance playfully, which he copied, making you laugh again. 
Bucky glanced over his shoulder as he set the cake down on the picnic table in front of Sarah. He watched as you were going back and forth between both boys, either attempting to chase one or fight one. He smiled, knowing it had been over seven decades since you had interactions with anyone close to your own age. It was nice for him to see you having somewhat normal friendships now, not just with a bunch of Avengers and superheroes. 
After hanging out and talking for a while with AJ and Cass, you could tell there was something on their minds, “What’s up you two? You look like you’re planning something?”
The two brothers looked at each other before Cass spoke up, “Can your dad carry things from his arm? Like if we were to hang off of it, could he hold us?” he asked. 
“Hmm I don’t know. Why don’t we go find out?” you stood up from the ground and looked for your dad. He was at a picnic table, talking to Sarah, “Dad!” you shouted. 
“What!” he shouted back, copying your tone. 
“Question for you. Can you carry all three of us,” you motioned to you, Cass, and AJ, “With your metal arm?
Bucky looked at the boys then back to you, “What are you? Five?” he joked, already sticking his arm out for you three to try. 
“Obviously,” you said. You let the other two wrap their arms around his arm before doing the same yourself. Bucky then lifted his arm up so you were all off the ground, feet dangling. 
As the sun was starting to set over the water, and the hanging lights started to turn on, you looked around for your dad. You spotted him and Sam near the edge of the water. You didn’t want to get up from your spot, so you looked around for something you could throw at him to get his attention. Your eyes landed on an empty ketchup bottle. You picked it up and chucked it, throwing it right in the back of your dad’s head. 
He and Sam both turned around. Bucky picked up the bottle and looked for whoever threw it. He was expecting it to be one of Sam’s nephews, meaning to hit their uncle not him. He caught a glimpse of your face and knew immediately that it was you who threw it at him. He threw it back to you and you caught it, “I’m cold,” you said. 
“You’re cold? That’s why you threw a ketchup bottle at me?” he asked. 
“Uh, yeah. Why else?” you asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. 
Bucky looked over at Sam, “Guess I gotta go. Dad duty,” he said. 
“Have fun with that,” Sam replied. 
Bucky laughed and patted Sam on the back before walking towards you. You stood up and were expecting your dad to walk to you normally. Before you knew it, he was running at you and before you could react, he was at your side and starting to tickle you. You tried to move away from him but he picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, making you shriek.
“Dad! Put me down!” you shouted, trying hard not to laugh too much. 
“Wait? You said you were cold. Heat rises so you should be nice and warm up there,” he said casually, ignoring your continued pleads to put you down. He took one more glance at Sam and the scenery behind him before turning and walking away.
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Looking Too Closely (Bucky x Fem!Stark!Reader) -- part five
Not me updating over a month later. Anywho. I’ve got a BUSY day/weekend ahead of me, so I wanted to post this now even tho it’s midnight for me rn (I’m EST)
Summary: Welcome Sam! Some good ol’ SamBucky friendship bickering. Sparring with Nat! Steve being weird.
Warnings: None that I can think of! (Lmk if there are any)
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You’ve never killed anyone, but Sam Wilson might make you change that.
First, he woke you up at five a.m. Yes, five in the goddamn morning, after you only slept for three hours. And when you told him this, he said, and you quote, that it “sounds like a personal problem.”
“Who the hell even are you?” You deadpan.
“What?” He replies, sounding genuinely offended. “I’m the Falcon, man!”
You raise an eyebrow. “Okay and?”
Bucky hears the commotion the second he gets off the elevator, snickering under his breath. Sam can be a nuisance most days, but Bucky thinks Sam might’ve met his match when it comes to you.
“Sam Wilson! You’ve never heard of me?”
“Dude, why would I have heard of any of you?” You pause, catching a glimpse of Bucky down the hall. You point at him tiredly. “I didn’t even know he existed until he scared the shit outta me when I was trying to get breakfast.”
“You were standing on the counter and you nearly ate shit,” Bucky replies. “You’re lucky I was standing by.”
“Fuck off,” you roll your eyes. “It’s too early for this shit. Goodnight.”
“Uh-uh,” Sam shakes his head. “It’s time to run.”
“Absolutely not,” you hiss, already closing the door. “Goodnight.”
When you shut the door, you flick the lock, and tell FRIDAY to put Do Not Disturb on. You swore you did that before you fell asleep last night, but evidently, you must’ve forgotten.
By the time you wake up again, it’s your own doing, so you’re much less grumpy. But when you walk into the kitchen area and Sam opens his mouth, you’re back to being grumpy.
“I’m going back to bed. I can’t do this today.”
“No, come on,” Sam groans. “I’ll quit. Promise.” He pats the open seat next to him.
You stay, but you don’t sit next to him. Instead, you sit on the counter across from Bucky who currently stands at the stove, cooking.
“I didn’t know you could cook,” you observe, raising your eyebrows.
“Because I don’t,” Bucky replies.
“But he needs to learn!” Sam adds. “You can’t expect someone to always cook for you, man.”
“I thought that was the whole point of fast food,” Bucky grumbles.
“Exactly,” you nod. “My mom never taught me how to cook.”
Bucky glances over his shoulder at you. “So you don’t know how either?”
“I know basic stuff,” you shrug. “But canned food is where my limit is.”
“That’s ridiculous,” Sam interjects. “The two of you are having cooking lessons from yours truly starting ASAP— right now, actually, Bucky, turn the flame down, man, what are you trying to do? Set the eggs on fire?”
Bucky flips Sam off with his vibranium arm before turning down the heat.
“Hey, none of that,” Tony rounds the corner at the perfect time.
Bucky flips him off in response.
You hold back a snicker, causing Tony to roll his eyes at you tiredly.
“I see you’ve met Birdbrain here,” Tony says, gesturing to Sam while looking at you.
“Yeah, at five in the fucking morning,” you mutter. “What are you doing today?”
The question shocks Tony as much as it shocks you that you even asked him. Still, he answers. “A lot of meetings. Unfortunately, I’m important.”
You make a noise that’s half between a scoff and a laugh.
“I can move them around, if you want to do something,” Tony offers.
You shake your head. “It’s okay, I was just curious.”
You’re not sure what made you ask him that, anyway. It’s been a few days since finding out he’s actually your dad and your mom wasn’t lying about that — at least that’s one thing she told the truth about.
“We’ll keep her entertained today,” Sam jokes, but Bucky glares at him for it.
“Sure,” Tony says, giving you a look that makes you grin. “We should...have a movie night or something. Think about what you want to watch and what you want to eat — we’ll need to place the order for that soon.”
“But—” Before you can protest or question anything, Tony is sauntering off, phone pressed to his ear.
You sigh. Looks like there’s a movie night tonight and you’re in charge of it.
Bucky puts the cooked eggs on two plates instead of one, and you aren’t sure why until he slides one in front of you with a fork.
“I cracked too many,” he says as an excuse, albeit a lousy one. He leans back against the counter next to the stove to eat his portion.
“Thanks,” you murmur, picking up the fork. You didn’t know you were that hungry until the plate was in front of you, but now you can feel the hunger gnawing at your stomach.
Sam makes his way to the fridge and grabs the orange juice, twisting the cap before lifting it to his lips.
“What are you doing?” Bucky nearly shrieks.
“What, man?”
“Use a glass, God, what were you raised in, a barn? Here.” Bucky hands him a glass with a disgruntled face.
Meanwhile, Sam is grinning. He totally did that on purpose.
After breakfast with Bucky and Sam, you head back to your room something. Maybe change? You’ve never had this issue before because normally your days consisted of wandering around in the same clothes all the time.
Now, you don’t know what else to do when you have the freedom to walk around and do things on your own.
Still, you go back to your room to change, and that’s when you run into Wanda.
“Hey!” Wanda smiles. “Nat and I are gonna go workout, wanna come with?”
You almost decline, but you stop yourself. “Sure,” you say. “Wanna help me find something to wear?”
You don’t really need Wanda’s help because you only got a few sets of workout clothes, but still you want her company while you choose.
Once you settle on an outfit, you and Wanda head down to the gym floor to meet Nat.
Natasha is busy sparring with Steve when the two of you walk in, and you stand back with Wanda in awe. Part of you thought Steve would have the upper hand, being a Supersoldier and all, but Natasha is kicking his ass right now, and it doesn’t look to you like he’s holding back at all.
A particularly hard kick to Steve’s chest sends him stumbling backward, and then Nat knocks him down.
Barely out of breath, Nat turns around to grin at you and Wanda. “Hey guys.”
“Holy shit,” you exhale. “That was badass.”
“Language,” she teases.
“Shut up, Romanoff,” Steve says from the floor.
She rolls her eyes when he groans. “He’s being dramatic. What do you guys want to do?”
Steve is hauling himself up from the floor while Wanda asks if she can practice with her powers today.
“I don’t see why not,” Steve answers, dusting off his hands. “Let me grab my shield.”
“I got it,” Wanda says, and before Steve or Nat can protest, she’s using her powers to lift Steve’s shield from where it’s propped against the wall. Carefully, she floats the shield over to Steve, her lips spreading into a smile when she places the shield in Steve’s hands.
“You’ve gotten better,” Steve observes, nodding in approval. “Good job.”
“Thank you,” Wanda says, rocking on her heels. “I’ve been practicing in my room.”
“That’s the spirit,” Nat says, nudging Wanda’s shoulder. “Good work, kiddo.” Then, turning to you, Nat asks, “Wanna go up against me?”
You shrug. “Sure, why not. I’m not any good.”
Natasha walks away a little and you follow, giving Wanda some space to work with Steve. You hear Steve instructing Wanda of what to do next.
“How do you know that?” Nat ask once the two of you are in your own area on the mats. “You ever tried?”
“Yep,” you chuckle dryly. “Got stabbed.”
“Oh,” she pauses, laughing with you. “Well, let’s...let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again. Arms up.”
“Here we go,” you mutter, raising your fists up so they’re level with your face.
“Ready when you are,” Nat replies, her hands raised as well.
Reluctantly, you step forward, throwing the first punch that Nat (of course) dodges. You try to remember what you’ve done in the past so you can be sure that you won’t do it this time.
Nat throws a few punches in quick succession, and you have no clue how you manage to dodge them all, but you do.
She goes low, but you remember Steve’s demise, so you hop in place, as if her leg is the jump rope. Natasha rises, a surprised look in her eyes, and that’s when the fun really begins.
The adrenaline hits your veins and you start dodging faster than before, moving in other directions besides backwards. Natasha uses her legs a lot more than you know how to, but that knowledge alone helps you avoid hitting the floor.
Because you know she uses her legs, that’s where you try to hit, but it doesn’t go well. She grabs onto your shoulders and pushes, sending you to the floor while she flips over you.
“What is this, Leapfrog?” You ask, spinning around to find Nat staring at you weirdly. “What?”
“Nothing,” she says. “Stop holding back.”
“I’m not,” you reply. “You’re almost kicking my ass!”
“I’m actually not, you’re kicking mine,” she says. “Come on, give me more. Push yourself. You can do more.”
You don’t know what she’s not getting, but you keep going. You do as she said and try to push yourself.
Trying something new, you somersault on the floor to avoid one of her kicks. She does backflips to avoid yours, and seeing her do one has you wondering if you’re able to.
“You want your opponent on the ground,” Nat shouts. “You’re not pushing yourself.”
“I am!” You yell back, kicking with your full energy. When your foot connects with her hands, her attempt to block you, you shove hard, flipping yourself around and over yourself, sending Natasha down to the floor.
When your feet connect with the mat again, Steve and Wanda are looking over at you. Steve, his eyes narrow, Wanda, hers wide.
“Nat…” You breathe, rushing over to where she is on the floor.
When you get to her, you see she’s grinning. “That’s what I was waiting for.”
“Oh,” you mutter, “my God.” You reach your hand out to help her up, and she takes it.
“Don’t worry,” she says. “I’ve taken harder hits than that, but…” She claps your shoulder. “That was good. Really good.”
“Thanks,” you chuckle, looking over toward Wanda. She’s smiling, but Steve...isn’t.
“Nice form,” he finally says, but his face doesn’t confirm it.
“Thanks,” you say anyway. “That was fun, but I’m...tired. I think I’m good for today.”
“No problem,” Nat nods, and you catch her giving Steve a look. “You did good. Anytime you want to do some more, you know where to find me.”
“Yeah,” you murmur. “Thanks.”
Wanda stays back, wanting to work some more since apparently — and you didn’t even notice this — barely a minute into sparring with Natasha, Steve started watching you closely.
Even the way he looked at the end has you...confused? Irritated? He looked a mixture of both of those and you have no clue why. It’s not like you randomly started shooting fire or lasers or something out of your eyes. All you did was miserably fumble around Nat’s punches and kicks, and accidentally do a backflip at the end.
You still can’t believe you did that. Last time you tried, you nearly broke your nose. But you also weren’t in a fight last time. You were just bored and in the front yard at your mom’s house.
Your mom. Is it wrong to say you don’t really miss her? What is there to miss, really? She was never home, anyway, and when she was, she never came out of her office. You fend for yourself almost all the time, so that was one thing that didn’t change when she died.
Whatever. It’s not something you care to think about.
When you step off the elevator back on the main floor, you nearly run right into Bucky — literally.
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly. “Are you done in the gym already?”
“Yeah,” you reply, not sure if you want to tell him about any of it. You’re sure Steve will tell him, or Nat. Someone will. “Is that where you’re going?”
“No,” he almost laughs. “I’m taking a walk around the block and might get...a coffee or something— Do you want to come with me? You haven’t left since you’ve been here, have you?”
“No, yeah I’ve been in here, I didn’t even realize um…. Sure. Uh, let me change clothes first.”
“Yeah, no rush,” Bucky says. “Take your time, I’ll just be…” He gestures over at the couch.
“Okay, cool,” you smile. “Be right back.”
While you’re changing, Bucky sends Steve a text, though he’s sure Steve won’t read it right now anyway. Taking the kid out for a walk. Just letting you know so you don’t freak out.
Weirdly enough, Steve replies almost instantly. OK. When you get back, we need to talk.
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow. About what?
Again, Steve replies within seconds. About her.
Great, Bucky thinks. Just what he needs on his mind when he’s about to be alone with you. He’s too neurotic for this.
His phone buzzes with another text from Steve. Did you let Stark know you’re taking her out?
Bucky rolls his eyes. No. Does she need permission from his royal jackass?
The typing bubbles appear, disappear, then reappear. Stark doesn’t want her going out alone.
Bucky scoffs. She’s not alone if she’s with me. He can get over it. He’s in meetings anyway. We’ll be back in an hour, tops.
Steve types for a long time, but his reply only says, OK.
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«𝙳𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚆𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎 𝙸𝚝»
Tumblr media
                               𝗔𝗰𝘁 1, 𝗦𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗲 4
𝖲𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗌: 𝖬𝖺𝖽𝖾 𝖥𝗈𝗋 𝖳𝗁𝗂𝗌 𝖻𝗒 𝖳𝗁𝖾 𝖯𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗍𝗈𝗆𝗌 𝖰𝗎𝗈𝗍𝖾𝗌: "𝖻𝗎𝗍 𝖧𝗎𝗇𝗍𝖾𝗋 𝗁𝖾'𝗌 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 𝗆𝗒 𝖻𝗋𝗈𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗋. 𝖨𝗍𝗌 𝖽𝗂𝖿𝖿𝖾𝗋𝖾𝗇𝗍." 𝖳𝖶: 𝖣𝖾𝖺𝗍𝗁, 𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗈𝖽?
𝖣𝗎𝗌𝗄 𝖳𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝖣𝖺𝗐𝗇 𝖬𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍
𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 ◁ II ▷ 𝑁𝑒𝑥𝑡
                           »»-----  -----««
                                 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗥𝗗 𝗣𝗢𝗩
"If this is going to be our workstation, we want it well-lit. I want these up." Tony ordered the men, who captured him and his daughter, where to place the materials. He instructed what and where the items should go so that he and Blue could use them for their worktable and create the weapons that they were ordered to create.
Blue was still not happy with the idea, but her dad convinced her to do it so here she was, creating a missile for the bad guys, in a cave, something she never wanted to do in a million years. Maybe create weapons to cause good in the world (if that was even possible). But she did not want to do anything like this.
"We need welding gear. I don't care if it's acetylene or propane. We need a soldering station. We need helmets. We're gonna need goggles. I would like a smelting cup." He continued ordering the men around and telling them what he and Blue needed for this creation. Blue stood near the side of the room as she pointed where things should go. It also wasn't just Tony talking, everyone in that cave was talking over one another as they prepared themselves for this project ahead of them.
"I need two sets of precision tools."
                        »»-----  -----««
Tony stood at the head of the missile, twisting the top off with an Allen Key whilst Blue measured and cut materials at the bottom of the worktable.
"How many languages do you speak?" Asked Tony to the man with the glasses.
"A lot. But apparently not enough for this place."
"Blue can speak some languages as well. Can't you sweetheart?" Even though Tony was in a conversation his focus never left the missile.
"Yep, but I'm not fluent in anything yet." Blue responded but she too didn't take her focus of her job.
"They speak Arabic, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Mongolian, Farsi, Russian." The taller man listed.
"Who are those people?" Tony asked as he carefully took a long trail of electronics that makes the missile go off.
"They are your loyal customers, Sir."
"Some loyalty," Blue mumbled sarcastically, "they kidnap us and hold us against our wills to build a missile...yeah this is great loyalty. I hope everybody treats me like this in the future."
"They call themselves the Ten Rings."
"Lame." Blue mumbled to herself again.
The man knelt next to Tony as he drilled into the missile whilst Blue went over to the fire and heated some metal up. "You know, we might be more productive if you include me in the planning process."
"Uh huh." Tony quickly responded back without no care in the world. He didn't need this person who was following him around distract him. He just wanted to get this over with.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Okay, we don't need this." Tony said as he chucked the strange cylindrical component with lots of spokes away.
"What is that?" The man asked quietly as he gestured towards the tiny strip Tony was holding.
"Palladium." Blue responded on the other side of Tony as she too watched what Tony did.
"You remembered me talking about it?" Tony asked proudly.
"Nope." His smile faltered. "I heard Hunter and you mention it once, I looked at it, remembered what it looks like, and then ignored everything else you two said about it."
"There's only 0.15 grammes here. We need at least 1.6, so why don't you go break down the other 11?"
Palladium is a metal used in catalytic converters and various electronics. It is used at high temperatures such as jet engines and missile parts.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Careful, careful, we only got one shot at this." Fretted Tony as the man in the suit carried the palladium mould across the room. Blue was doing it, but her hands got tired.
"Relax. I have steady hands. Why do you think you're still alive?"
"He's got a point dad; without his steady hands you be vamoosed." Blue teased.
When the man got to the table, Tony placed the box that was keeping him alive down and watched the man pour the liquid into the other mould.
"What do we call you?" Blue asked as she watched the liquid.
"My name is Yinsen." Answered the man in the glasses.
"Yinsen. Nice to meet you." Tony said.
"Nice to meet you Yinsen, I'm Blue."
"I know."
"I know you know but it's the only polite thing to say considering we never asked earlier."
"Well, nice to meet you too, Blue."
                          »»-----  -----««
"You mentioned a he a friend?"
"A friend?" Laughed Tony. "Those two are best friends. Never away from each-" he cut himself short as he just realised that Blue couldn't and may never see Hunter again.
"Do you have other friends?" Yinsen asked he saw Tony nervously stop talking. Yinsen wanted to make this place as calm as he could for Blue. He could guess what happened to her earlier and he just wanted to make her as safe as he could. He wanted her to remember some happy memories.
"Yeah, I have other friends, sure, but Hunter he's like my brother. It's different."
"You'll see your friends again Blue." He said with a small hopeful smile.
Blue could only respond with a small fake smile as well.
The longer they stayed the less hope she had of ever getting out.
                        »»-----  -----««
"My best friend is missing!" Hunter exclaimed sadly as he pointed to the TV with Blue's face on. "She went missing without me! But that isn't the worst part! We don't even know where she is, and we don't know if she-"
"Hunter, sweetheart she's going to be okay." Pepper told the young brunette as she bent down to look at him.
"And Tony-"
"Will be fine as well...they both will." Pepper brought Hunter into a hug and looked at Happy who was standing with his hands in front of him as he watched the exchange between the pair. "This is the longest time I have ever seen Blue and Hunter separated. You never saw one without the other...well I never did, until now." Pepper stoked Hunter's hair slightly and kissed the side of his face. "They're inseparable."
                        »»-----  -----««
"That doesn't look like a Jericho Missile."
"Thank god." Blue muttered.
"That's because it's a miniaturised arc reactor. I got a big one powering my factory at home."
"It should keep the shrapnel out of his heart." Blue said as she and the two men watched the arc reactor get brighter due to Tony increasing the power. "It was kind of clear that we weren't building a missile when we were taking it apart."
"But what could it generate?"
"If my math is right, and it always is, three gigajoules per second." Tony said in a matter-of-fact way.
Three gigajoules are equal to a billion joules. To get this onto a scale, one joule of energy is given off by your body in the form of heat every 0.017 seconds. Every two seconds of energy created by Stark's arc receptor is comparable to the chemical energy potential of a barrel of oil that combusts.
"That could run your heart for 50 lifetimes."
"Yeah. Or something big for 15 minutes. Blue show Yinsen the documents you and I have been working on."
Blue nodded and slide the documents that were next to her to Yinsen. "This, Sir, is our ticket out of here." Blue told him with a small smile as Yinsen looked the papers in shock.
"What is it?"
"Flatten them out and look." Tony told him as he pulled the paper tighter onto the table as to show Yinsen what they have designed.
On the documents were sketches of big, metal armour. It screamed business to get out. And it was enough for Yinsen to agree to work on it.
Maybe trapping three geniuses in a cave wasn't such a good idea for the bad guys.
But it was a good idea for the three who were trapped.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Good roll. Good roll." Yinsen mumbled after Tony rolled the dice onto the board.
"You still haven't told us where you're from." Tony said.
"I'm from a small town called Gulmira. It's actually a nice place."
"Got a family?" Blue asked as she leaned against Tony's arms tiredly.
"Yes, and I will see them when I leave here." He said without meeting Blue's eyes. He wasn't saying everything. She knew that. She and Tony knew that there was more to the answer. "And what? You and Blue only have each other, yes?" He asked as he changed the questions off from him.
"Yeah." Tony replied. "It's small," he patted Blue's head, "but it's all I need."
                         »»-----  -----««
The metal door opens and in walks many Afghan men with guns.
Once again, the trio raised they arms and put them behind their heads as the men got closer and raised their guns.
But instead of the rounded man walking towards them it was a more skinny and scarier looking one.
He walked slowly and menacing between the gap that the men created as he glared at the people he passed. Especially the youngest one.
He's the one Blue recognised and knew the most out of all the men.
She was with him when they arrived. He was the main reason why she's covered in these cuts and bruises. She even knows his names.
He was the face that was haunting her nightmares. His voice would haunt her thoughts.
"Relax." The man said in amusement at the Stark's raising their hands.
They slowly put their hands down and Tony looked at Yinsen with confusion at how casual and how good the English the man spoke was. But Blue wasn't confused, she just kept a fixed look at him as she watched his every movement.
The man pulls Tony's shirt down slightly to observe the palladium contraption. Blue gulps slightly out of nerves and her fingers rubbed together. It was a habit she picked up when she was younger. She would rub her fingers together, then stretch her hand out then repeat until she wasn't nervous anymore.
"The bow and arrow, once was the pinnacle of weapons technology." He said as he walked away from Tony and started to wonder around the cave's machinery and strewn materials.
Blue continued to keep her focus on the man.
"It allowed the great Genghis Khan to rule the Pacific to the Ukraine. An empire twice the size of Alexander the Great and four times the size of the Roman Empire." He picked up the plans that they were constructing. "But today, whoever holds the latest Stark weapons rules these lands. And soon, it will be my turn." The man sneered at the Starks.
This man wants the power that the Starks had, and he was willing to do anything to live up to the legacy of Genghis Kahn.
The man turns to Yinsen and says in Urdu, "Why have you failed me?"
"We're working. Diligently." He responded back in the language.
The man moves away from where the two Starks stood and starts making his way towards Yinsen with a calm menace.
"I let you live. This is how you repay me?"
The two Starks looked at Yinsen in wary due to how desperate and scared he looks.
He may have had the same experience Blue had with the leader and his men. But Blue would never know just like Yinsen would never really know what happened to her.
"It's very complex. They're trying very hard."
"On his knees." Ordered the man. The men roughly grab Yinsen from behind and thrusted him onto his knees. Tony immediately places his arm in front of Blue so she didn't do anything reckless, like he knew she would.
So, all Blue and Tony could do was watch; powerlessly.
"You think I'm a fool? I'll get the truth."
"We've been working." Yinsen answered helplessly.
"Open your mouth." Yinsen's head was forced down on an anvil and the man begins a deliberately slow advance towards him and-
"Wait!" Yelled Blue as she pushed forwards on Tony's arm to try and stop them but Tony didn't let her, he pushed her back gently but with enough strength to warn her that whatever she was planning isn't smart. "You want your missiles right? We're working on it, I swear, it just takes time and-"
"Time?!" The man raised his voice slightly, but he continued to speak in Urdu. Blue could only guess from the few words that Yinsen has taught her what he was asking Yinsen. She knew some of the words and time was one of them.
"What does he want?" Tony asked Yinsen whilst Blue and the other man continued to stare at one another. But Yinsen couldn't hear Tony as Blue spoke loudly over the top of both men who spoke in unison.
"Yes, time, you idiot." Tony quickly put his hand over Blue's mouth to shut her up, but she just pushed it down. "I thought you would know what that was considering you talk so much about missiles. You talk so much about them you act like you can make them yourself, but you can't. Because if you could you would be doing it right now and not questioning us!" Her voice got louder as she went on to get her point across.
"You think I'm a fool?" The man asked in Urdu to Yinsen and Blue.
"What's going on?" Tony asked Blue. But she ignored him as she continued to glare at the man as she tried to push Tony's arm away from to get closer, but she failed due to him being stronger than him.
"They're building your Jericho." Yinsen responded in Urdu.
"Tell me the truth!"
"He's building your Jericho!"
"What do you want? A delivery date?" Tony asked and Blue finally was able to step closer but got cut off by the rounded man and some of their men sprang some steps forwards and raised their guns at them, shouting at Tony and Blue to stop what they were doing.
This was the first time that Blue noticed that they were afraid of them. They had all the power and control they needed yet they were still afraid of two helpless people who had no way in harming the men with guns. The Starks stopped and looked at the man who was now staring at the two.
Tony also noticed their fear as he took charge of the situation, He knew that they needed them, that him and Blue had power over these people. And if they needed them, then Tony has leverage.
"We need him. Good assistant." Tony said lowly and subserviently. The man glares at him but drops the burning coal next to Yinsen worried face.
"You have 'til tomorrow to assemble the missile." The scary man said lowly before walking away. But not without giving Blue a smirk.
The same smirk he wore when they first met.
                       »»-----  -----««
The three had to work quickly knowing that they now had a deadline. A deadline for a missile they weren't even building.
Hammer banging. Sweat dripping. Sparks flying.
The metal item sizzles in the water as it cools down from the heat it was been held over, And then there it was, once it was taken out of the water and in front of Yinsen, was the metal helmet.
Tape wrapping around fists. Heat resistant clothes. Engineering gloves.
The suit was being placed on. The grey metal suit they have been working on was put on Tony with the help of Blue and Yinsen. The only colour of the suit was the blue glow of Tony's arc reactor.
"Okay? Can you move?" Yinsen asked as he and Blue tightens the suit on Tony. "Okay, say it again."
"41 steps straight ahead. Then 16 steps, that's from the door, fork right, then 33 steps, turn right."
"Yinsen! Stark! Stark!" A man yelled as he drew open the metal slip on the door.
"Say something." Blue whispered.
"Say something back to him." Tony whispered to Yinsen.
"He's speaking Hungarian. I don't..." Yinsen angrily growled at Tony.
"Then speak Hungarian." Hissed Tony.
"Okay. I know."
"What do you know?"
"One minute, one minute!" Yinsen yelled in Hungarian.
The men at the door didn't wait though.
They opened the door but was flown back by the fiery explosion from the bomb that was attached to the door.
"How'd that work?" Tony asked.
"Oh, my goodness." Yinsen said in amazement.
"Wicked." Blue said in awe as she looked at the destruction that was caused by the bomb.
Those men weren't innocent anyways.
"It worked all right." Yinsen and Blue finished the last bits of the suit.
"That's what we do." Tony responded back to Yinsen.
"Let us finish this."
"Initialise the power sequence."
"Tell me. Tell me." Yinsen said quickly.
"Function 11." Blue answered instead of Tony as she finished the last bits on the suit. "Tell me when you see a progress bar. It should be up right-"
"Talk to her. Tell her when you see it." Tony said quickly.
The three of them were all talking quickly over one another.
"I have it." Yinsen said.
"Press Control 'I'" Instructed Blue.
"'I.' Got it."
"'I.' Enter."
"'I.' and 'Enter.'" Yinsen repeated Blue.
"Come over here and help Blue button me up...Every other hex bolt."
"They're coming!" Yinsen anxiously said.
"Nothing pretty, just get it done. Just get it done."
"They're coming!" Blue and Yinsen now said loudly.
"Make sure the checkpoints are clear before you follow me out, okay?" Tony told the two.
"Checkpoint clear, follow you...yeah got it." Blue mumbled back.
"We need more time." Yinsen said as he looked at the loading bar that was only half-way finished. "Hey, I'm gonna go buy you two some time."
"Stick to the plan!" The Starks yelled at Yinsen as he ran out of the area they were in with a rifle in his hand. "Stick to the plan! Yinsen!"
But Yinsen couldn't do that. The plan's caput and only a whiff of death will keep it from stalling completely.
"Blue I swear you better stick to the plan!" Tony said angrily.
"I will! I will!"
                          »»-----  -----««
Yinsen was yelling and firing the gun rapidly at anything as he chased after the Ten Rings soldiers. But when he rounded the corner, he was faced with a dozen of armed men, (who were led by the man who held coal in front of his face earlier), stood before Yinsen. He too knew who he was... just like Blue knew who he was.
His name was...
                          »»-----  -----««
Gun's firing was all that Blue could hear as she hid in the area she was told to hide.
Tony Stark in his metal suit walked out in the gunshots and knocked down all the men with a punch as he went pass them.
The men ran away from the huge machinery that hid Tony and as they ran Blue slowly walked and followed Tony whilst checking that everything was clear.
She was defenceless but she trusted that the plan would work.
She needed it to work, or they will all be dead.
Rumble from the walls that surrounded the door fell like snowflakes as Tony bashed down the door with his metal fist.
Tony Stark was like a predator hiding in the shadows just about to pounce.
And that was when the door fell completely, and the men ran out of fear.
Stupidly, one of Tony's metal arms got stuck in the stony walk next to him and it was only now that Blue walked through the door and saw a man holding a gun towards Tony's metal helmet.
She knew it wouldn't go through.
Well, it shouldn't.
She picked up the closest rock that was the biggest and held it up in the air. She bent her arm back and chucked it towards the man's head. He fell and the bullet of the gun flew and hit the wall next to Tony. The man landed on the hard ground with a thump and red blood started to flow out of the side of the soldier's head.
He wasn't dead so Blue felt great about throwing that rock.
If he died later on it wouldn't be her fault per say. It was his for not helping himself to stop the blood.
Tony shook his head at Blue's recklessness and knew he would have to talk to her about it later on.
Tony walks around the next corner first before Blue and he gestured her to stay behind the wall as he stared at Raza in front of him holding a gun.
Blue could hear the sound of coughing from behind the wall, but she didn't know who it was. But Tony did. He saw Yinsen laying on the floor in front of him, coughing up blood. He also saw the blood gushing out from the bullet wound in his chest.
He was dying.
"Yinsen!" Tony screamed.
Blue now knew who it was, but she still didn't know why. But she knew it couldn't be anything good.
"Watch out!" Yinsen cried back as he laid upon the sandbags.
Right next to Blue's head a grenade rocket hit it's way through the wall she was leaning against. She falls to the ground and holds her hands to her ears. The ringing wouldn't stop. She couldn't hear anything.
Tony loads up his rocket and sends it towards Raza but misses just like Raza did. But the explosion sent parts of the cave crumbling down on top of Raza causing him to scream.
Blue could still hear the ringing, but she was gaining her hearing back slowly as she steadily crawled away from the other side of the wall once she saw the rocks crumble on top of Raza.
Tony bends down to assist Yinsen and Blue arrived a few seconds later, her blue blood was dripping down her body from the different cuts she gained or from the ones that started to bleed again. Her body was littered in more cuts and bruises than she had earlier due to it not having time to heal. But now she just got more. And maybe a sprained wrist...but she won't bring that up just yet.
Instead, her focus was on Yinsen bloody body in front of her. She didn't know how to react apart from staying quiet and waiting for her dad to tell her to do something. So that's what she did. She sat there on her knees as water filled her green eyes.
She snuffled a few times whilst Tony and Yinsen spoke.
Tony raised up the front of his metal helmet. "Come in. We got to go. Move for me, come on. We got a plan. We're gonna stick to it."
"This was always the plan, Stark."
His words were tinged with sadness, but he nodded slightly with acceptance that this was how it was supposed to go. His face was pale, and his words were slurred.
He was dying.
"Come on, you're gonna go see your family. Get up."
"My family's dead. I'm going to see them now, Stark."
Blue closed her eyes to stop the tears. She sniffed and rubbed her fingers harshly together to focus on something else than the dying man in front of her.
She didn't want her last memories of him to be him dying.
"It's okay." He said as he saw Blue's face. "Blue it's okay."
She just nodded at the lie and the truth of those words.
"I want this. I want this." He smiled slightly through the pain. Tony gave Yinsen a small smile in return in resignation.
"Thank you for saving us."
Blue opens her eyes and spoke quietly to prevent her voice from cracking, "thank you for everything."
"Don't waste it. Don't waste your life, Starks."
And that was the last thing Tony and Blue heard from him expect from his few last shallow breaths and Tony beckons Blue to get up with him, so they don't watch his final painful moments.
He put the front of his helmet back on and walked first towards the cave with Blue behind him. She gave one last look at the man and nodded as she remembered his words.
'Don't waste your life.'
And see knew that as she grew older, she wouldn't live her life with regrets. She will do everything she wanted to do and live it to the best she could. She wasn't going to waste it.
Tony thought about his words too. And he knew from then on out he wasn't going to waste his life either. He nearly died once and he's getting out of this, and a friend sacrificed himself for the Starks. This was life telling him that he had a second chance; that he shouldn't go and waste it.
This was his chance to do something good.
                         »»-----  -----««
Once again shots fired at the man in metal and Tony waited until they stopped.
"My turn."
Flames on the end of his arms burst into life. The fire chased after the men as if it was a game of cat and mouse. The flames roared over the enemies as it swallowed it up and left them with severely burnt skin or left them with nothing. The fiery death unleashes screams from the men as they tried to run but many of the men failed and were eaten by the hungry flames.
Explosion of Tony's weapons lit up in flames expanding the power of the flames. Tony grabbed Blue quickly whilst the men were distracted and leaned over her, so his armour was covering her as people shot at them.
The flames increased and Tony knew they needed to escape, so he let out one last flamethrower and grabbed Blue tightly before he pressed the red button on his left arm and shot up towards the sky with Blue holding him on for dear life. The last thing she felt than the impact of the momentum of going up was the heat of the flames that tickled the bottom of her trainers. But the last thing she saw was the big explosion beneath them and that was quite an explosion to fly away from.
Unfortunately, the flames in Tony's feet didn't last for long. The two were making a beeline for the ground, at a fast enough velocity to produce a shrieking whistle.
They both screamed and Tony turned himself backwards so Blue could fall on top of him and he held his daughter tightly as he embraced for landing. The screams stopped when they brutally hit the sandy desert beneath them, sending up a cloud of decries along with the dull reverberating thud.
Scraps of the suit went everywhere, and Tony lied half submerged in the sand with some of the machine barley clinging onto him. Blue was lying next to Tony as she coughed up sand after the impact of the ground.
"Not bad." Both of the Starks said together once they got their selves together again and shared a grin with one another.
"You okay?" Tony asked Blue.
"Yeah, yeah...I'm okay...You?"
"I'm good." He responded slightly breathlessly as he tried to get air back into his lungs.
"How we survived be a mystery I'll never solve." Laughed Blue.
                          »»-----  -----««
The two stumbled across the desert with their jacket over their heads. The heat was getting to the both of them from the lack of energy, water and food.
They were tired and injured a desert was not the best place to be for them.
They walked up a hill and as if someone heard their prayers helicopters flew over their heads.
"Hey!" The two yelled as they waved their hands at the helicopters. They were cheering with happiness whilst the helicopters lowered. Tony fell to he knees as he held two fingers up in a 'V' for Victory. Blue bends down slightly as she rests her hands on her bloody knees and looked as the people emerging from the helicopters.
And if nothing else could get better, Rhodes emerged from the group of five soldiers showing that he was alive and was here to take them home.
"How was the 'funvee?'" He asked sarcastically. The two Starks just smiled, and Tony closed his eyes as he remembered this moment. Rhodes get down to look at both of the Starks. "Next time you ride with me, okay?" He told them before pulling both of them into an embrace.
                          »»-----  -----««
𝑻𝒂𝒈𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕: @obsssedwithjustaboutanything
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jamiewritings · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Goodbye is just the Beginning
Summary: Victoria Rogers is the younger sister to Steve Rogers and a childhood friend to Bucky Barnes. When she ends up losing the two most important men in her life, she must learn how to overcome it and find herself through her grief, not realizing that their story together isn’t over yet. They are with each other – to the end of the line.
Chapter Summary: Bucky and Sam are successful on their mission as Sam takes up the shield as Captain America and Bucky works to make a positive change with the Winter Soldier name. Five years passes for our heroes as Winnie Barnes story begins to take place.
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Original Sister Character. Bucky Barnes/Original Female Character.
Word Count: 2,000+
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ev-pierce-writes · 7 days ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) x F!Reader
Words: 7.7K
Rating: Very much 18+
Warnings: P in V, oral (fem receiving), light (consensual) choking, praise, James Buchanan Barnes is a sad boy and only you can make him happy, mutual therapy over past trauma, a couple light spanks, and some sexy sparring
Note: Reader had a run-in with Hydra that gave you invisibility powers. Bucky is tasked with training you. Totally not canon, I just kept the parts I liked. Got the idea from a tiktok but I can't find it anymore oops. I'm thinking of turning it into a series of all the places you can fuck Bucky Barnes at Avengers HQ. Enjoyyyyyy....
"Alright, so I'm thinking absolutely the first thing you need is a suit. Because we can't have you sneaking around in clothes that give you away."
Tony Stark and Peter Parker stand before you at Avengers HQ, furiously tossing ideas back and forth, trying to come up with ways to build you the best possible suit. Last night had been...interesting, to say the least.
"Who's that?" Stark had said when you appeared all of a sudden from your room. "Come on Agent Hill, don't tell me you're taking in lost kids nowadays."
Your mother had only laughed, slightly inebriated and feeling loose because of all the drinking that was going on in your penthouse apartment. She was hosting one of those parties where too many superpowers drank too much alcohol and got a little too rowdy. "That's my daughter."
Usually, you stay away from such events, go out with friends, and avoid the house until it's all over. For the past four years, you hadn't even been in the house to need to avoid it. But now you're 22 and a recent college graduate and something about the party was drawing you in so you had emerged from your hideaway to join in the fun.
"Alright, Maria, how'd you manage to keep that one a secret?" Romanov spoke up.
Until this point, you'd remained silent, in shock at the sudden attention a group of superheroes had focused onto you. But you couldn't help yourself from responding now. You'd managed to hide away long enough. It was time to come into the open.
"I'm a ghost," you said jokingly, approaching the couch and stealing the drink your mother had been drinking to take a sip. It was strong and burned on the way down. The group laughed at your words, unaware of how true they really were.
It was then that you'd performed your little trick, the one that only a few of your closest friends had ever seen. You became invisible.
The laughter had immediately stopped. The girl who suddenly appeared out of thin air had disappeared right back into it. They could still tell where you were of course. The glass in your hand remained visible, floating in mid-air, giving away your position. And your clothes were still perceptible, not being able to change with you. But your features were otherwise undetectable, not even a shimmer revealing your face. You took another sip of the drink, liquid disappearing into an invisible mouth.
"I want her. On the team," Stark had said.
And that was it. The start of your superhero career.
"Explain again exactly how this works?" Parker asks.
You sigh and start from the beginning, again. "I can distort the absorption wavelengths of my cells so that the reflected light is in the invisible range, usually infrared."
"And how long can you hold it for?"
"About seven minutes now," you explain. "It's sort of like holding your breath. You can go underwater for a while, and you can practice holding your breath longer and longer, but eventually, you need to come up for air. Eventually, I have to 'recharge.' But I've been working on extending it."
Stark turns to one of the many holograms of his supercomputer, working with Friday to design a brand new suit to accommodate your skills. You're so engrossed in watching his process you don't even notice the shadowy figure appear in the doorway that leads to the training facilities.
"How'd you get these powers? Agent Hill isn't lacking in skill but it certainly isn't supernatural."
You knew Stark's question would come up eventually. It always did. Over time, it became easier to tell the story, but now you really don't feel like explaining fully, so you tell the short version.
"Hydra. When I was seventeen. They used me as a bargaining chip against my mom in a mission gone wrong and decided to experiment on me in the process. Left me with a lot of scars and a lot of therapy. Almost dropped out of school."
You don't remember much from the experience. But enough for it to leave lasting damage.
"Hydra?" a familiar voice asks behind you. Only now do you notice that Barnes is behind you. How long has he been watching?
You remain silent, just like you did the night before when he'd arrived late to the party, unable to speak under his gaze.
You had planned to leave not long after you joined the festivities. But when the elevator doors opened, a pair of blue eyes halted you in your path. James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier. You'd recognize those eyes anywhere. Crystal clear and icy, freezing you under their gaze. He wore a leather jacket and leather gloves, concealing his metal arm, but you knew it was there, hiding behind the layers.
Barnes had always been the one that caught your eye during your mother's briefings. His transition from the greatest warrior Hydra had to offer, and thus S.H.I.E.L.D.'s greatest enemy, to the trusted companion of Captain America and official Avengers member intrigued you. At first, he had been more of a schoolgirl crush, the little girl grappling with her new powers seeking guidance in someone who didn't even know she existed. But age had not reduced your admiration of him. Barnes' face was hard set in serious determination and his glance barely grazed over you before turning to the rest of the group. He paid you not a single ounce of attention, yet you felt dumbstruck in his presence.
But Bucky had noticed you that night. Noticed you in a way he wanted desperately to hide, so he disallowed his eyes from lingering on you. Who were you and why were you wearing pajamas at a party and how did you make them actually look good?
And not only did he notice you, but he recognized you. He wasn't sure how, but something at the back of his head buried beneath decades of blurred half-memories told him he knew you. It was a stupid thought, though. How could he know you?
From the doorway, his eyes narrow in concern, making you feel smaller than ever beneath him. How is that 5 o'clock shadow so enticing? You just want to run your fingers across--
Stark gestures at Barnes, completely ignoring his comment. "Good, you're here. Our young Agent Hill needs to get started with her training immediately. I want her in the field but she can't be going in inexperienced. Teach her the works."
It's rather bold of Stark to assume you have no combat skills. And to assume you even want to go into the field. But you follow behind Barnes in silence anyway toward the training facilities. It doesn't matter what you know and don't know. He's going to kick your ass anyway.
"Feet wider," he says, coaching you on your swing. His blue eyes have somehow darkened, and along with the faint beard, he looks positively dangerous. "Not too wide."
"I know how to punch, Barnes," you whisper under your breath. He's not meant to hear your words, but he does anyway.
"Oh yeah? Punch me then. Go for it." His voice is challenging in the way that reveals he knows he could block any swing that comes at him. But he wants to see what will happen. Your mention of Hydra loosened a memory in his brain somewhere, and though he can't quite place his finger on it, the memory told him you're anything but the kid he's treating you like. He wants to know what you really have inside you.
Your annoyance gets the best of you. You aim for his face, the way your mother taught you. And she taught you well, teaching you all the self-defense skills you might need moving through the world as a woman. But she did not teach you how to fight super soldiers. That's an entirely different world.
Unsurprisingly, Barnes predicts your move and his metal arm comes up to meet your human one, halting your punch mid-swing. His palm fully engulfs your fist, your knuckles slamming into the metal with a ringing sound.
"Fuck, that hurt," you seethe through your teeth, gripping your hand in pain. And yet, you still smile. You mean for your words to sound irritated, but they betray how much you enjoy getting a swing in. "Didn't have to do me like that, Barnes."
He ignores your pain, though secretly it pleases him to find how much force is truly behind your punch. Nothing, of course, his metal arm can't take, but strong enough. "Language, kid. Go again. And this time, try not to be so obvious."
Despite his advice, it's impossible. He predicts every one of your strikes and counters them with four times as much strength as you possess. You give him everything you have, and nothing lands.
"This would be a lot easier if you let me use my powers."
So far, Barnes has refused to let you fight invisible, not that it would have done you much good without a proper suit. But you're tired and sweaty, your hair falling from its ponytail and sticking to your face, your muscles aching and your heart beating fast. Barnes hasn't even broken a sweat.
"Unless you learn to fight without your powers, they'll do nothing more than level the playing field. You need to be at an advantage if you're going to survive."
Survive. You've done plenty of that already. You want better than survival. Barnes recognizes the look on your face, the one that expresses the desire plainly. He knows the feeling, drifting from one day to the next and wanting more than that.
His voice softens a bit. "We can call it quits for the day. Get some rest. We'll go again tomorrow."
He didn't intend to be so kind. It just sort of happened, drawn out of him by the not-so-innocent girl who still has a lot to learn but can hold her own better than most.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow's8 like the day before, 9 am at HQ, wait for Parker to get his ass up the elevator so Stark can begin, get sidetracked by coffee, and then finally return to the task at hand.
"Give this a shot," Stark says, handing you what looks like nothing more than a vaguely human-shaped paper suit. "Not exactly protective, but it's a new technology. Should conform to your abilities."
"You did this overnight?"
"Of course. Get changed."
The suit has little support and definitely no protection. You feel like a fingernail could rip a hole through it if you pull on it wrong, let alone a knife coming at you from an angry enemy. But it's a start. An impressive start. You stare at yourself in the mirror of the bathroom as you shift, the suit shifting along with you.
Back in the training facilities, where you know Stark and Parker will be waiting, you remain in your shifted form. They don't look up as you enter, somehow having not heard you, and instead are engaged in a heated discussion with Barnes about something you don't understand. So you creep up behind Parker, lean in, and whisper into his ear.
"I think it works."
You feel a little bad, but only for a moment. Parker jumps straight out of his skin, screaming a scream you didn't know was possible from the kid. Stark lets out a laugh as you rematerialize, and Barnes even cracks a smile at your prank.
"Yeah, yeah, I'd say so." Parker's voice quivers.
"Well, what do you think?" Stark asks.
"Very thin," you say, aware that much more is visible than you really want. "I feel like it's going to rip at any moment. And there's not a whole lot of support in this area."
You gesture vaguely at your chest, not knowing how best to explain to a group of men that a sports bra is a necessity for fighting, but knowing you have to make them aware all the same. You can feel Barnes' eyes on you, a little less polite than the others, and you find you like the way he eyes you up, a bit like a puzzle to be solved or a strategy to be devised.
"Right, right, I'll get on that. Only a prototype anyway," Stark responds nervously. "Back to work, Parker. Hill, Barnes, back to training."
Bucky tries his best not to picture what you might look like without that suit, but it leaves little to the imagination as you saunter away to change again.
And so the days move forward. You've never before been so busy or exhausted in your life. You just graduated college, which is a feat in itself, but all the training, all the work, keeps you on your toes so that by the end of the day, both your brain and your body are tired.
Still, you improve and get better at sparring Barnes, even taking him down a couple of times on your own, though you suspect he's going easy on you.
"Again." Barnes is already on his feet and helping you to yours. Today the sparring room is particularly warm, and you've long forgone your sweats for shorts and a sports bra. Barnes has lost the shirt as well, and his chest glistens with sweat beneath the fluorescent lights. Maybe it's the heat or maybe it's him, but the whole thing feels a bit dreamlike. Here you are, sparring with a man who could take you to the ground with one arm alone, and he's letting you kick his ass every once in a while.
But there's no way you can do it again. You feel destroyed by all the slamming onto the mat.
Barnes is doing his best not to be distracted as well, but those tight shorts and the top that reveals your midriff have to be on purpose. It's easy to admit to himself that he likes you, might even be attracted to you. You fight hard and relentlessly, rising to every one of his challenges and not backing down even when you're tired. You've already come a long way since that first encounter, and Barnes has come to look forward to the two hours a day you spend together in the gym. He had tried to tell himself it was the fun of having a new sparring partner, but in truth, he knows it's the determined glint in your eyes, the way you bounce on your feet in excited anticipation of the fight, the way you collapse on the mat after a hard session, chest heaving deep breaths in and out. But what he likes most is your heated gaze when he pins you to the ground, or even better, you pin him.
"Knock me down one more time and you can be done," he challenges. The familiar determination returns, though a flicker of doubt remains behind your eyes. He can tell you need encouragement. "Remember to use your size to your advantage. Don't let me get ahead of you. Keep me guessing."
You do your best. You really do. You hold your own for almost two minutes, but it's obvious you're only barely staying ahead of him. As soon as you falter, Barnes has you flat on your back on the mat without much resistance, immobilized by a knee on your thighs and his metal arm trapping your hands over your head. His free hand plants by your head and holds him up to prevent him from actually hurting you.
You gasp underneath him, trying to disguise the weird flicker of desire with breathlessness. He looks good from down here, all sweaty and dark and serious. But you're also a bit too tired to care. "I'm out, Barnes. Let me go."
Let me go. Please.
And that's when the memory returns. The full, real memory, the one that has been tickling the edges of his brain since he first saw you. You, a kid, his mission. Kidnap, don't kill. A small voice, your voice, begging. Please, let me go. What has he done?
"Fuck," he curses under his breath, standing up quickly.
"Language, Barnes," you say teasingly. But he doesn't laugh, simply exits the sparring room, abruptly leaving you, speechless and alone on the floor. What just happened?
After a moment of confused silence on the mat, you brush it off and stand, heading to your room for a shower. Stark offered you a place to stay at HQ, and you happily agreed. Though you loved being back with your mother after four years away at college, you cherish your independence. A room at HQ offered you just that.
A nice shower would certainly make you feel better after that confusing interaction. You pull on your robe and shower shoes, leaving your clothes behind so as to carry one less thing. But as you pass down the hall toward the showers, you can hear Barnes' voice drift through the slightly open door to his room.
"I remembered," he says. "It was her. I'm the reason she's--" He cuts off, appearing to be interrupted by whoever he's talking to on the phone. You pause by the open door.
"I know that's not me anymore but I'm still responsible," he continues. "I have to tell her."
Again a pause. By now it's apparent he's talking about you.
"No, Steve, we aren't a team. We aren't partners. I'm helping Tony out. I don't care if she doesn't want to work with me anymore, this is part of my redemption. I have to tell her."
The conversation seems over. You rush to the showers, not wanting Barnes to realize you were listening the whole time. Apologize, he said. Apologize for what? You've known him for a whole of four days and he's been nothing but polite to you. Cold, at first, but he warms upon acquaintance. And then he's downright sweet.
So sweet, you realize, for someone so damaged. He has every right to hate the world, and though he walks through it with a healthy dose of cynicism, he never lets that cynicism touch you. If anything, he's outright positive around you, an undeserving brat. A kid, really, though you don't like when he calls you that. You know you can be naive, positive on the verge of artificiality, and yet he never tries to burst your bubble. In fact, he seems to relish it.
The shower feels nice, but it does nothing to assuage your fears. Maybe it's you who has done something wrong? Now you're spiraling. You have to find out what's going on or it's going to drive you crazy.
You know what you have to do. You have just about seven minutes of invisibility before your shifting gives out. In those seven minutes, you can duck from the showers, sneak into Barnes' room, snoop around, and make it back to the showers unseen. Plenty of time. But you have to go nude. Now would be a great time for the suit, but no such luck. Naked it is.
Out in the hallway, all is quiet. Barnes' door is still ajar, but when you peek your head in, the room is empty.
Where to start? His phone is a dead end, being one of those ancient flipping kinds rather than a new, high-tech smartphone. He has few personal belongings, the bed is made perfectly, and his closet contains only clothes.
The drawers of the nightstand are empty. Or nearly empty. At the back of the top drawer is unceremoniously shoved a small booklet with a pen stuck between the pages. It's worn and supple, as though held a thousand times and read a thousand more. You flip through, finding a list of names, some crossed out, others not. Your name does not appear, but something about the list tells you these are not ordinary names. These are the names of his victims, people Barnes hurt as the Winter Soldier. Your heart aches and your stomach clenches, the reminder of his past jarring against the kind demeanor you've come to know. But deep down, you know this isn't him, know he's a good man, despite it all.
You know better than most the first-hand horrors of Hydra's super-soldier experiments. Of anyone, you can relate best to the experience Barnes has been through. Your memories of that long week are blurry, but the pain remains, forever seared into your mind. You can only imagine a lifetime of that pain.
The sound of the door opening jolts you from your reverie and you close the drawer quickly. But you soon realize your mistake. Barnes would know he left the door open, would know exactly how he placed his book in the drawer, would recognize something was off. Unfortunately, you're right.
"Hello?" he calls into the darkening room. The evening is coming on fast and the sun dims to barely glimmer, casting the space in shadow despite the large windows on the south wall.
Bucky knows something is off the moment he finds your room unoccupied, having gone there with the express purpose of confronting you about his actions earlier in the afternoon. And though he has no way of truly knowing, he suspects you are now here, in this room with him, invisible to his gaze. Bucky shuts the door behind him and waits.
You're trapped. You don't have long before your powers give out; already the suffocating feeling that begs you to take a breath is coming on. And Barnes has closed the door, effectively sealing you in, as you can't open it without him knowing for sure that you're here. On top of that, you're clothingless. You've run out of options and Barnes seems to sense this. So, he waits, drawing out the moment of tension, building the suspense.
"I know you're here," he says finally, his voice soft and barely audible. "You can't hide that well. Next time, dry your feet off before you go leaving wet footprints all over the place."
"I--" you begin, and immediately Barnes' eyes snap to where your voice originates from. "I'm sorry. I overheard your conversation with Rogers. I shouldn't have but I know it was about me."
Barnes sighs, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, you're right. I have some things to explain. Though I'd much prefer talking to you if I could see you."
You hesitate. "Only a slight problem there. I'm not wearing any clothes."
If it had been any lighter in the room you would have seen Barnes blush. Instead, you watch him pull his shirt over his head. He hands it to you blindly, the shirt off his own back, soft with wear and long enough to cover the tops of your thighs. It smells of him, salty with sweat and sweet with the scent you've come to recognize only as him. You shrug it on and shift back.
"I'm sorry," you say again, having trouble concentrating with Barnes' bare chest at your eye level. Is that an old bullet wound on his shoulder? The reminder of a knife across his stomach? You can't look away, even at the seam where man meets metal.
Barnes shakes his head. "No, I should be the one apologizing."
He pauses for a moment and tries to begin several times before finally forming a complete sentence.
"It's my fault you're like this, that Hydra tested on you. It was me who kidnapped you, it was me who followed orders, it was me who completed the mission and got you hurt. And I'm so sorry."
You're so frozen in shock that the absurdity of the situation doesn't even register. There's nothing under this shirt, no underwear, no pants, no bra. And here you are standing in the bedroom of your greatest inspiration, listening to him apologize for being the one that facilitated your kidnapping, for being responsible for all the injury, the pain, the nightmares, the isolation, the...
It all comes flooding back, the things you had forgotten, or simply chose to not remember, and one of those things is his face.
You thought you'd dealt with impact. So many hours with a therapist, and you realize all you did was suppress the feelings, not confront them. And then you break, all the anger and sadness and frustration flowing from you at once.
"You piece of shit." Your voice begins as a whisper but soon amplifies nearly to a shout. "You monster, you bastard, how could you? How could you?"
All this time you forgave him for the damage he'd done, excused it as brainwashing and manipulation from Hydra. But now that it's you he's involved, you have somewhere to direct your anger, and you take it out as a shove straight to his chest.
He didn't expect that one. The words he understood. He accepted those, accepted that you would hate him forever. But then you're pushing and hitting him with all your force. Barnes could fight back, could hold his ground. But you need this, so he lets you shove him into the wall with a newfound strength. Finally against the wall, with nowhere left to go, you turn to pummelling his chest with your fists, repeating the words over and over, how could you, how could you, how could you.
For a moment, he lets it happen. But eventually, Barnes reacts, grabbing your wrists and holding them to his chest in an attempt to calm the fury that rages inside you. Surprisingly, at his touch, you still, slumping against him once the anger is replaced with nothing but sadness. That anger, one you never truly realized you'd harbored since your capture, bled from you all at once, leaving you exhausted.
You don't notice you're crying until a soft thumb wipes a tear from your cheek. Barnes releases your hands and wraps his arms around your sobbing body, pulling you close. "I'm so sorry," he repeats in your ear, his words a whisper against the rage inside your head.
Is it hours, or only minutes, standing like that, wrapped up in him, his skin so soft against your cheek? Time has ceased to exist, melting into the nighttime that encompasses the room in near pitch-black darkness. Your breath calms, your heart rate slows, the tears dry. He's only a man, a broken, misplaced, lost man. But he's also impossibly kind to you, caring enough to train you day after day, to pick you up when you fall down, to ensure you're happy here at all times. That's the man you know and rest your cheek against and seek out for comfort in this moment, despite him being the reason for your anger. But he's not truly the reason for your anger, only an easy outlet standing right before you.
This is not how Bucky had expected this to go. Perhaps to never see you again, yes. But to hold you in his arms, certainly not. And not just hold you, but comfort you. It surprises him how much he finds he likes it. And he can't ignore the fact that you're here in his room, wearing his shirt and only his shirt. He doesn't try anything improprietous, just wraps his arms around your waist, but it's not lost on him that your supple chest is pressed against him and the delicious scent from your still wet hair is filling his brain with a flowery cloud. His stomach clenches at the thought of burying his face in that smell for the rest of the night but he pushes it aside. That's not why you're here. That's not what you want.
But your next words surprise him. You pull slightly away, tilting your splotchy face upward towards his to look him in the eye. You take a ragged breath and speak.
"I forgive you."
Bucky is taken aback. That's not why he made this confession, not to seek your forgiveness. "You don't have to do that."
"I know. But I do. And I know you think I'm just a kid--"
Barnes lets out a short laugh, cutting you off immediately. "Jesus Christ, that's not true. You're not a kid. You're smart and strong and capable. And you've seen the ugly world for its true self and choose to remain good and happy all the same. I'm not like that and that makes you wiser than I'll ever be."
He takes a deep breath, unsure if he should admit to the feelings he desperately wants to express to you. The way you're looking at him, with a mixture of hesitation and admiration, makes the words tumble from his mouth without a second thought.
"But somehow being around you makes me want to be good again. Not for my sake, but for yours."
"James, I--" You've never used his first name before, but it falls deliciously from your lips, the sound of it nearly distracting him from the finger you run across the stubble on the cleft of his chin. Nearly. He captures that hand in his own, holding it there against his face.
"You don't have to forgive me. I don't deserve it," he repeats, eyes falling shut to the feeling of your thumb pressed to the corner of his lips. He still holds you close, the other arm wrapping tight around you, and though verbally he rejected the comfort your warmth offered, his body says otherwise, desperate for the acceptance his brain refuses to give into.
"Stop punishing yourself," you whisper. For a moment, he almost feels that he could.
And when your lips find his, soft and delicate, he forgets why you're even here in the first place, forgets his guilt and your anger, forgets even to react.
His lack of response has you pulling away, worried you've done something wrong, but then he's chasing your lips with his own, leaning forward to meet you halfway, gathering you impossibly tighter to his chest. He pauses, mouth mere centimeters from yours, eyes still shut, a deep breath heaving from his chest. He wants more, wants to kiss you again in all the places that count, but he can't quite yet.
"What was that for?" The question's not an accusatory one but simply curious. Have you always looked at him in this light since day one? Has he just not noticed?
"Are you blind, Barnes?"
He laughs and shakes his head. "None of that last name shit, doll, we've moved on to a first-name basis."
But your words are enough to surge him forward, this time capturing your lips in a dominating kiss that leaves you gasping for air. He takes advantage of your open mouth and presses his tongue to yours, seeking to fill his soul with your all-consuming warmth, to wrap it around him like a cocoon of your scent. His fingers slide down your back and slip under the shirt you wear, his shirt, grasping at the bare skin of your ass, filling his hands with your supple flesh.
You moan softly under his touch, relishing in the feeling of being encompassed by someone so large and so strong. The vibranium arm, which you expected to be harshly indelicate against your relative fragility, caresses you with the same gentility of the other. The intense contact sends your heart racing like it did all the times you were pinned below him on the sparring mat. Will he pin you like that in bed? Hold you down while he fucks you within an inch of your life?
The thought rouses a heat between your legs and stirs butterflies in your tummy. You don't even know if that's where this is going, but it invades your brain anyways. You're sure Barnes can feel your racing pulse beneath his lips when he kisses your neck, sending your nerves haywire as he creeps toward the neckline of your shirt. He inhales your scent, the hot air of his breath fanning your cool skin.
Everything about this is sloppy, the wet kisses dragged across your skin, his tongue tangled with yours, your fingers tugging at the hair that brushes the nape of his neck. Even his hips against yours are messy and rough, the heat of him leaving your core feeling slick, the wetness of it rubbing between your naked thighs. And then Barnes is sliding his hands back up your body, this time under your shirt, and tugging it over your head, his lips leaving your skin just long enough to toss the item to the ground.
You expect him to keep surging forward, to lift you in his arms and take you to bed like you want him to. But he pauses instead, hands cradling the back of your head, his eyes staring intensely into yours. Or you think he's staring into your eyes.
"Are you okay? Is this okay?" His voice is full of concern but raspy with arousal all the same.
"Yes, James, yes, I need more."
"Well, I would, it's just that you've disappeared on me again." One look at your hands and you know he was looking right through you, not at you. The swirl of emotions--pleasure, arousal, timidity even--sent you shifting without your knowledge. You can't help but laugh.
"Let me see you, doll," he groans, sounding exasperated that he can't rake his gaze across your naked flesh or find all the places he wants to touch you because they're invisible.
"You first."
A heated understanding lights up his eyes, still vibrant in the darkness of the room. Slowly, he releases his grip on you, relenting to not knowing where you are in space. You take an invisible step back to get a better view of the specimen before you. With one hand, he unbuckles his belt, sliding the leather from his pants and dropping it to the floor with a thunk. And then his pants are gone and he's left in his boxers, tight against the bulging muscles of his thighs.
And other bulging things. He doesn't hide his attraction to you. But still, you do not reappear.
Bucky begins to worry you're never going to, that maybe he's taken things too for. But then, a soft finger trails across his neck and he jerks in surprise. You're tracing the plain of his chest with a feather-light touch, dipping into the indent between his collarbones, feeling along the puckered scar of a bullet wound and the long slice of a knife. He feels healed beneath your touch, but it's not enough to satisfy the insatiable hunger building in the tightness of his groin. This entire evening has been a long, drawn-out, build-up of tension, and if he doesn't release it soon, it will snap like an overstretched rubber band.
He makes his move.
Apparently, Bucky's senses are just as perceptive here as they are on the sparring mat. His metal hand shoots up and wraps around the wrist of the hand on his chest, despite being unable to see it. The other reaches out and grapples at your invisible body in the dark, somehow finding your waist. He doesn't need to see you to manage to flip you around and press your back against his chest. In your surprise, your invisibility falters, and you flicker out of your shifted form with a flustered squeak, one hand suddenly pinned between your back and Bucky's rock-hard chest.
He holds on with an iron grip and walks you toward the bed, holding you up to prevent you from tripping in your ruffled state.
"You're taking too long, doll," he mumbles into your ear, and you feel his chest rumble with the vibrations. Your free hand flies to the one around your waist, which is slowly creeping upward toward your breast to twist at the sensitive nipple. "I know you like it when I pin you on the sparring floor. I can see it in your eyes. I'll take you like that right now if you give me the word."
Fuck, you want nothing more but you can't breathe enough to get the words out, opting for nodding vigorously instead. But Bucky wants words, gently prodding you forward to get a verbal commitment out of you. He will never take you against your will again. So you manage a long, drawn-out please and suddenly you're face-first in the sheets, bent halfway at the waist, your ass grinding against the delicious bulge pressed against your aching cunt. It pleases you that he has been thinking the same wicked thoughts as you when he slams you to the mat over and over again in training.
Bucky pulls your arm out from underneath you, joining it with the other and holding them together with his metal fist at your lower back, forcing your chest further into the mattress and your ass higher in the air. There's no way for you to move, no matter how hard you try. But you don't try, won't try. Bucky has you right where you want to be.
"Tell me if it's too much," he murmurs in your ear and you breathe an affirmation. His teeth nibble suddenly at your ear lobe and you squirm, the sensation of his breath fanning your skin sending goosebumps along the trail of kisses he leaves down your spine. Somehow, you know this is only the calm before the storm, the gentle caresses of a man who's about to rearrange every organ in your body, all the way up to your heart if you aren't careful.
It doesn't matter to you that it's pitch black in the room; you wouldn't have been able to see anything with your face shoved into the comforter, even if the lights were on. But Bucky's starting to regret having left the lights off, wishing he could better see the curve of your hips, the swell of your thighs, or the bloom of his handprint on your ass when his hand comes down with a smack. He resigns to being satisfied by the mewling gasp that escapes your lips and your soft pleas to Do it again, harder.
So he does. Smack.
And then he's sinking to his knees and you can tell because he leaves a wet stripe of skin with his tongue over the globe of your ass and blows a shock of cool air across the rawness of your skin.  He replaces the sting of his hand with the bite of his teeth and then a kiss to soothe you again. The rollercoaster of sensations has you moaning against the mattress and rocking your hips toward his face and Barnes chuckles at your movement, your actions giving away the desperation you feel to have his tongue move to more sensitive places.
He is happy to oblige. You hadn't even noticed you'd been squeezing your thighs together until he slid a hand up between them, forcing them apart. It's a blessing your legs aren't doing any work to keep you up anymore because they feel like jelly under his touch. The hand between your thighs moves higher still until you feel his thumb pressed to your sensitive clit, warm and twitching with anticipation, desire coursing through your veins and dripping from your wet cunt. Your ears barely register that he's speaking, the blood is pumping so hard in your ears, but his words are exalting.
"Look at you, so wet for me." The hand around your wrists tightens just slightly. You are surprised by the extreme control he has over the cool metal fingers, and you almost wish he'd use those on you instead. And then he says, "you like it, don't you, doll, being at my mercy," and you forget all about the arm and decide it doesn't matter what hand presses down with a gentle strength on your clit as long as he doesn't stop. And he doesn't. Doesn't move, doesn't flinch or twitch or falter, just holds steady until your gasping mewls die down just enough for you to say, "yes, all for you, all for you, all..."
With those words, his thumb slips, between your slick folds into your pussy, finding the soft spongy flesh and pressing down again and you cry out with a careening moan that tapers off into a silent sob. He's taking his time, picking you apart, pulling at the laces that bind you together, and undoing them to release the tension he knows you harbor. But what about him? Is it not torture for him?
You breathe in a rough gasp, enough to squeak out a few more words. "I thought we were going too slow for you."
He laughs, he actually laughs, at your words, but relents.
"I hear you, doll."
I hear you. Oh wow. His tongue replaces his finger and you lose all coherence, able only to blubber some iteration of his name as the smooth muscle traces circles around your clit, finally allowing your orgasm to build with a steady contraction in your pelvis. Barnes moans between your legs like he's never tasted chocolate or buttercream or any of those other wondrous flavors and there's only you. And that moan sends you overboard, the vibrations diffusing down your legs and you tremble into your first orgasm. Your first orgasm.
He keeps going, riding out the waves of your high until you're crying that it's too much, James, too much and he pulls his tongue away from your oversensitized clit only to move down your legs. He's working you up again, teasing the smooth skin of your inner thigh with gentle nips and kisses until your body is craving release again, your cunt clenching around nothing but the memory of his mouth. He is deliberate in his ministrations, methodical in the way he must be with his missions. The flood of your first orgasm has dripped steadily down your thigh and he cleans you with his tongue, dragging upward along the sticky trail of your musky release until his tongue makes contact again and he pulls an orgasm from your desperate body once more.
He still hasn't released your arms.
"You know how long I've wanted to do this?" he groans, as you shudder again into the pleasure of his touch. He kisses back up the length of your spine while you twitch under him, his free hand dragging shock wave after shock wave from your cunt. It strikes you that this man is truly 106, not 26 like his body suggests, and you absentmindedly wonder if that's why he's so good at it, that he's had years to practice. And then his cock is pressing against your folds and you forget the notion halfway through thinking it. "You're so good to me doll, so good for opening up for me. Wanna feel your tight pussy around me."
You push backward, or do your best to without the employment of your arms, wanting desperately to feel him inside you. He is warm and all-encompassing and part of you thinks his cock spilling his seed inside of you would complete you like nothing else. But you know that's a bad idea and you can hear him already unwrapping a condom (where did he get that from?) and your body trembles with the anticipation. You haven't even seen him yet but you know he must be big, the way he grunts when the tip of his erection teases your entrance.
When he enters you it isn't gentle like the stroke of his tongue. It splits you open with a rough thrust, the laces of your heart fully undone and releasing you from their confinement. You choke on your own air.
And then he's releasing your arms, and before you can react, Barnes has you lifted, your back to his chest, your knees shoved roughly into the mattress so he can stand and fuck you from behind. The metal arm finds your neck and forces your head back, his lips dragging hot against your soft skin and muttering filthy praise into your ear, his hand gently on your throat to hold you there. Your hands fly to his, not to pull him away, but to convince him to squeeze, just a little bit harder. The pressure is grounding, and then the hand around your waist is trailing toward the bud of your clit and rubbing in urgent circles and you let out a silent gasp as he thrusts into you at a pace astounding for the position you're in.
You come hard, over his hand, around his cock, and for the first time Barnes falters, stunned by the intensity with which you clamp around him and if he hadn't made you come two times already he might have held out a bit longer to pull another one of those stunning orgasms from your slick cunt. But you're sagging, using him to hold you up against the exhaustion of repeated abuse so he releases, riding the wave of pleasure you started. Bucky groans out your name, surprising you with the gentleness of it on his tongue despite the rough hand around your neck.
When he releases you softly back onto the bed, you sink heavily into the mattress, feeling high on pleasure and drunk on his hands. He pulls away and shuffles around the room, and if you had had any energy left you might have complained at the loss of him but as it sits nothing will rouse you from the intense desire to simply fall asleep.
He continues to move about and then... the lights go on? You groan at the harsh treatment of your eyes as they adjust. But Barnes returns and pulls you against him and apologizes for the rude awakening.
"Sorry, doll," he mutters. "Wanted to get a better look at you." His fingers glide along your back and his face nuzzles into the top of your head, breathing into your hair as you press your forehead into his chest. Despite being exhausted himself he trails his hands all over your body, exploring the side of you that has been shoved into the sheets for the better part of the evening. You let him, although your nerves feel fried and oversensitive to touch.
"Watch what you do with those hands," you giggle as his fingertips brush over a nipple, "unless you're ready to go again."
"Already looking forward to next time?"
"You wish," you tease, but already you know for certain that there will be a next time.
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buckaroosplums · 7 days ago
That’s Yucky! (SamBucky x daughter reader)
Tumblr media
REQUEST: Sam and Bucky’s 4 year old daughter comes down with the flu.
Readers Age: 4 years old
Y/N= Your Name
Y/N/N= Your Nickname
Word Count: 643
Tumblr media
"Daddy, Papa." You whined quietly from the door frame of Sam and Bucky's shared bedroom, tears falling down your pale cheeks. Your shaky legs were having a hard time making it to the large bed.
"Daddy, Papa." You whine again, this time loud enough for Bucky to hear your weak voice and sniffles. 
Bucky sat up in the bed, running his right hand over his face. "What's the matter, sweetheart?" Bucky said with a yawn. 
"Don't feel good Papa, it hurts." You said quietly, your achy legs continuing to shake. 
"What hurts babydoll?" Bucky had sat up further and turned on the lamp on his bedside table. The panic and concern of his daughter in pain causing the sleepiness he felt moments ago to drift away from him.
"All of it, Papa." You whimpered, wiping the tears from your cheeks. He frowned before reaching forward to take your shaking form in his arms. 
"Sammy." Kick. "Sam." Kick. "Samuel!" Kick.
Sam woke up with a jolt, moving to face his partner that held their daughter in his arms.
"Huh? I-I am awake," Sam spoke sluggishly, not expecting to have been kicked awake, more or less at 3 in the morning. 
"Y/n's not feelin' well. She's burnin' up over here." Bucky stated as Sam sat upwards, leaning on the headboard of the bed. Sam reached the back of his hand towards your forehead, quickly retracting it from the sudden heat. "I'll grab the Tylenol," Sam muttered, still half asleep, as he climbed out of his cozy bed to make his way to the medicine cabinet in the master bathroom.
Bucky gently pressed his vibranium arm against your forehead, you leaned into the calming feeling the bionic arm had given you. 
When Sam came to Bucky's side of the bed, with a bottle of children's Tylenol and a plastic cup of water. Sam went to kneel down to measure the medicine before offering you the green liquid. 
"Daddy, don't want it. Smells funny." You complained, sticking your tongue out at the thought of drinking the liquid. "I know baby, it does smell a little funny, but it'll help you feel better." 
Sam brought the measured-out medicine to your lips, helping you to swallow the Tylenol. You tried to spit it out, but Bucky kept your head tilted back far enough for you to swallow it all. 
"Blah! It's yucky!" You dramatically complained, sticking your tongue out and waving your arms around. Sam and Bucky both let out quiet chuckles at your actions.
 "Here, sweetheart, have some water." Bucky took the cup of water from his husband and brought it to your lips to drink the ice-cold beverage.
Sam stood back up and climbed into his side of the bed, ultimately getting comfortable again. 
Bucky placed you in the middle of the bed before also laying down, you quickly gravitated towards Sam and settled yourself to curl up on his chest. 
"You sure you don't wanna lay with Papa, Y/n/n?" Bucky whispered teasingly, and Sam kicked him from under the covers. 
"No, Papa. I stay with daddy." Your eyes began to slowly close just as Sam and Bucky bickered over who your favorite parent was. 
"I'm the one who plays with her all day!"
"I make her breakfast!"
"I watch the pig show!" 
You let out a dramatic sigh, "Papa, now is not the time, and it is called 'Peppa Pig' " You sassed. 
"Sorry, babydoll."
"S' okay Papa." 
Bucky shuffled over to be closer to you and Sam. "Are you coming to cuddle with Daddy and me Papa?" You asked Bucky who looked fondly at both you and Sam, "Yes I am. Is that alright with you, my little princess?" 
"Yeah." You said quietly, closing your eyes again as Bucky rested his head against his partner's bicep. 
All three of you fell into a joyful sleep, your sickness fading away with the help of Tylenol. 
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Legacy [Nineteen]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Nineteen
[Arc 1] [Arc 2] [Previous]
Description: Back in New York, Alex sits face to face with Markus for the last time. Whilst coming to terms with the fact she'll never see him again, Alex seeks comfort from Steve. Interesting revelations bring about a new avenue of exploration for the team as they pursue Loki's sceptre and try to put an end to Hydra's human experimentation.
Warning(s): mild language, mild violence, a brief discussion of past trauma and abuse, symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, some fluffiness to make everyone feel better, if I missed anything lmk!
WHEN STEVE AND ALEX EVENTUALLY MADE IT BACK TO NEW YORK, IT WAS WELL AFTER DARK. Alex was travel-weary but determined to at least find out how they managed to get Markus. Pepper was there to greet them both in the lobby and welcomed them back with firm hugs.
"Where is he?" Alex questioned as they reached Tony's lounge.
"In one of the basement levels - but Alex, you should probably eat and get some sleep first okay?" She shook her head and remained set in her ways.
"No, I'm seeing him tonight. Right now -"
"Alex -" Steve tried to interject, but she wasn't going to be swayed on the matter.
"Look, I'm gonna do it with or without your permission, I just wanna know where he is." With sighs of defeat, both Steve and Tony ran their hands through their hair and stepped out of her way.
"Sub-Basement Two. Holding Room Five," Tony informed her just before she could get in the elevator. Steve appeared at her side whilst Tony and Pepper talked over their plans for dinner.
"I'm coming with you," he stated gently and Alex didn't fight it. As they stepped into the elevator, Alex cleared her throat.
"Just so you're aware, there are things I'm going to say when I see him... Things that I wouldn't ever dream of saying otherwise," she warned and Steve nodded in understanding.
"I can respect that. I won't tell anyone. Promise."
"Thank you." When they reached the right floor and eventually found the room, Steve assured the security guard on duty it was okay to let them in. Alex shadow-stepped inside the confined space and was greeted with a haggard Markus handcuffed at the wrists and waist. A few stainless steel chairs were stacked in the far corner. Her entrance startled him but he was quick to recover as Steve opened the door and joined them.
"What a lovely surprise. I thought you were dead," he stated simply with a glint in his eyes.
"Wishful thinking. The tables sure have turned, huh? Never thought I'd see the day where you were the one in handcuffs and I was free to come and go," Alex replied smoothly and pulled a chair over. She turned it around so she sat on it back to front and leaned forward against the backrest.
"This is only temporary, Little Lamb." Her skin crawled and her lip curled in disgust.
"I'm sure it is. But I'm going to enjoy this whilst it lasts. The Raft is a pretty gnarly place, Markus. Can't imagine them taking kindly to the likes of you." With an insincere pout, Markus put a hand over his heart and tipped his head to the side.
"You wound me, Lamb. You should be thanking me."
"Thanking you? For what? Torturing me? Almost killing me?! Tell me what it is I should be grateful for because I'm having a hard time seeing any benefits of my time with you," Alex challenged, temper simmering. The light flickered overhead.
"Without me, you wouldn't have discovered your gift. Your... Higher purpose." From his position near the door, Steve crossed his arms over his chest and adjusted his stance slightly.
"You can stand down, Captain. I'm not exactly in any position to hurt her, am I?" Steve remained unwavering in his vigilance and Alex appreciated that.
"He's not here to protect me," Alex informed him with a borderline-sinister smile.
"Let's phrase it this way, Markus. I'm not trapped in a room with you. You're trapped in a room with me." His facade faltered and he blanched at the realisation.
"You and your powers have grown quite a bit since I last saw you, Little Lamb - sorry - Phantom," Markus eventually spoke up again and Alex cleared her throat.
"Yeah. Walking through walls is a party trick now -"
"I bet it is. You're still in your early stage of development," he interjected and it was Alex's turn to figure out what he meant.
"What are you talking about?"
"Oh - you didn't think that was it, did you? My sweet, naive child, there are layers to your abilities. Complexities and nuances that need to be mastered in order to remain in control of them." Panic dripped down her spine as Alex cast a glance at Steve. He gave her a reassuring nod and she turned back to face Markus.
"Remain in control?" A sharp, grating laugh escaped the detained man in front of her.
"Your powers are almost as sentient as yourself. They grow and evolve just like you do. So you can walk through shadows now, imagine what you can do if you knew how to train and push yourself. The things you'd be capable of -"
"Alright, that's enough," Steve stepped forward, a warning primed on the tip of his tongue, but Alex beat him to it.
"No. No more riddles, games or cryptics."
"So much potential -"
"Cut the bullshit!" Alex exclaimed and stood up. She threw her chair to one side with a loud clatter and slammed her hands down on the tabletop. The lights flickered and hummed overhead. Threatened to go out completely.
"It scares you. Not knowing the true nature of what's inside of you," he stated quietly in realisation as she glowered down at him, lips parted and breathing heavily.
"You have ten seconds to start talking. Give us information about facilities like yours," Alex demanded, ignoring the pleasure he was taking from messing with her.
"You'll never get them all."
"Irrelevant. Start talking."
"You don't scare me, Little Lamb -" Alex grabbed him by the nape of his neck and slammed him face-first into the stainless steel tabletop. Crimson spurted from his nose and mouth at the harsh impact.
"I should. I'm a product of your design. And if what you said about my power is true, then you better be thankful you're already detained," she spoke in a low tone, voice laced with a venomous level of hatred.
"Alex, maybe you should ease up a little," Steve suggest quietly and Alex let Markus go. He sat up with a gasp and wiped the blood from his lip with the back of his hand.
"Okay -" he sniffed and tipped his head back slightly "- There's one base I know of that's still in operation."
"Now we're making progress," Alex mused sarcastically as she returned to her seat
"It's a heavily protected fortress in Sokovia. The last I heard was Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was running a similar kind of experiment to ours -"
"On humans?"
"I couldn't say -"
"That's not good enough." Alex threatened to stand up again and Markus flinched in surprise.
"I don't know! All I do know is that they found a staff of untold power. It's being held at the fortress but I don't know what they're using it for," Markus finally explained and that seemed to satisfy the duo. Alex rose to her feet and straightened out her clothes.
"What are you doing?" he questioned. Blood had smeared across his teeth and chin, adding to his already dire appearance.
"Letting you take a good, long look at my face. This is the last time we'll see each other and I want you to see my face. In your dreams. In your nightmares. And I want you to remember how it felt to be completely at my mercy," she stated cooly before she turned to the door. Steve held it open for her and with a final glance over her shoulder, stepped out into the corridor. As soon as the door shut and the security guards resumed their positions, tears welled in her eyes and her facade came crumbling down.
"Hey - are you alright?" Steve was quick to pull her in for a hug and held her close for several long minutes. From her position, Alex could hear the steady beating of his heart beneath his ribs. A sound that kept her grounded.
"I could've killed him..." Alex half-sobbed in realisation.
"But you didn't," Steve countered and there was a hint of pride in his voice.
"You saw what happened Steve. I snapped on the drop of a dime and if you hadn't been there I would've killed him."
"Alex, look at me," he prompted and she listened. Looked up at him with glassy eyes and flushed cheeks.
"I don't doubt for a second that you could've killed him. But the fact remains, that you didn't. Part of that is because I stepped in and the other part... Well, I guess that's down to you. You're not a killer, Alex. The world's given you plenty of reasons to become one, but that's not who you are," he stated calmly and Alex took a deep breath.
"It's not?"
"No -" Steve shook his head "- It's not. You have a hell of a lot more going for you than being some stone-cold killer. You're too smart, too quirky and colourful to let someone like Markus change that. He wouldn't have been worth it."
"Thank you."
"Of course. Now, I'm starving. How does pizza sound?" he questioned as he draped an arm over her shoulders and the two of them moved back to the elevator.
"Really good, right about now actually," Alex agreed as she dried her eyes on her sleeve. They returned to the communal area and Alex ordered the pizza.
Fed and cosy on one of the long sofas, Alex was struggling to keep her eyes open. Some movie played on the TV and a glance at Steve told her he was struggling to stay awake too. With a yawn and a stretch, Alex kicked the fuzzy blanket off her legs and forced herself to her feet.
"C'mon, Old Man, time for bed," she teased with a sleepy grin. Steve made a disgruntled noise but accepted the hand up.
"Hey - less of the old, alright?" Steve rebuffed and pulled her in for an overly enthusiastic hug, which put Alex firmly against his chest. There was playful energy between them despite the obvious fatigue that had settled on the two of them. As they moved to the elevator, they laughed at the half-assed attempts at roughhousing.
"- Easy! The last thing I need is Tony getting mad that I bruised his precious baby girl," he teased as the doors opened.
"Oh, please. I can handle myself," Alex insisted with a nudge to Steve's shoulder as he pressed the button for their floor. They began to ascend and Alex tried to be subtle in her attempts to stand closer to Steve.
"I never said you couldn't." The doors slid open and they stepped out into the corridor. There were two rooms between them, but they took their time walking the hallway. Alex stopped outside her door and caught Steve by the hand.
"Would you wanna... I dunno, stay with me tonight?" It was a long shot but she took it nonetheless. Steve let out a pensive sigh and put his hands on her upper arms, rubbed gently up and down.
"I'd like to, but maybe not tonight." Alex pouted and shuffled closer. Steve pressed his forehead to hers and let out another sigh.
"Why not?"
"I just - I don't want Tony to get the wrong idea," he soothed and Alex had to refrain from rolling her eyes.
"Why do you care what Tony thinks? I'm an adult, I can do what I please. Besides, it's not like I have anything sinister planned, I just prefer having you near," she explained and tugged lightly at the front of his t-shirt.
"I respect you, Alex. Any other night, I'd keep you company for as long as you needed me... But I'm not gonna be much company tonight. I'm sorry." Alex couldn't say she wasn't disappointed in his decision but respected it nonetheless.
"Alright, but I wanna see you on the training floor first thing tomorrow morning," she bargained and Steve let out a quiet chuckle and his breath fanned against her lips. Half sure of herself, Alex tipped her chin up slightly. Their lips grazed and Alex pulled Steve in with a hand curled around the nape of his neck, her fingers just curling into his hair.
It was a soft, somewhat tender kiss and as Alex felt Steve press her back into the door, she started to hitch a leg around his waist, but he pulled away.
"What was that for?" Steve was breathless and there was a confused frown on his brow. Alex cocked her head to the side slightly and reached up to smooth the frown out with the pad of her thumb
"Because I wanted to. Goodnight, Steve." With a final look into his eyes, Alex twisted the door handle. It swung open behind her and she turned to step into her room when Steve stopped her. She spun back around to face him and was surprised to feel his lips against hers again. This time, there was a push of tongues and the sensation of her teeth nipping at his bottom lip.
"Goodnight," Steve exhaled against her parted lips as he tried to pull himself away from her. Alex moved her hands to his chest and gently nudged him to step back.
"I'll see you in the morning, Captain." Bashful, he echoed her words back and retreated down the corridor. Alex let the door shut with a click and she was quick to take a running jump onto her bed. Amongst the pillows and covers, she let out a giddy laugh and muffled a scream into the nearest pillow.
Hours later, as she lay staring at the ceiling, the good mood Alex had been in was long gone. Fitful sleep plagued with nightmares was all she was gifted whenever she closed her eyes. Unable to take it much longer, Alex threw the covers back and grabbed her phone from the nightstand, tucked it into the pocket of her pyjamas. Barefoot, she went in search of a pair of shoes and came up with a pair of slip-on VANS.
Alex loosely brushed through her hair and put it up into a half-assed ponytail before she reached for a hoodie off her desk chair. The wall clock told her it was almost five in the morning. She pushed the tiredness out of her mind as she shadow-walked to the elevator.
The ride down to the sub-basement was strange without Steve by her side. Nonetheless, Alex got out when the elevator stopped and retraced her steps to the holding cell. The guards were still stationed outside, so she took the opportunity to shadow-walk into the confined space. The lights overhead had been dimmed since they were last in there but that only made it easier for Alex to move around.
Alex stood over Markus and when he opened his eyes, she clamped a firm hand over his mouth. The noises of protest he made were muffled by her hand but the warning in her eyes was enough to get him to quieten down.
"You even think about yelling, it's the last time you'll open your mouth." With a nod of understanding, Markus sat up. Alex lowered her hand and pulled a chair over from earlier.
"What are you doing here? Without your precious Captain to keep you grounded?"
"He doesn't need to know. This is between you and me," she stated, gaze unwavering.
"You haven't been sleeping, have you?" There was a distinct lack of smugness in his words this time and Alex shifted in her seat.
"I'll admit, my circadian rhythm isn't what it used to be, but I grew up a gifted kid, running on minimal sleep is nothing new to me," Alex confessed with a slight shrug.
"Of course. You take after your father -"
"Don't bring him into this right now. As I said, it's between you and me," she interjected and pulled her hoodie tighter around her torso.
"Sure. Why did you come back?"
"Oddly enough, it has nothing to do with your magnetism," Alex replied sarcastically and leant back in the chair.
"You wound me."
"Good..." It was childish bickering, but Alex pulled her sleeves down to cover her hands before she spoke again.
"I want to know more about what you did to me. The stuff you put in my veins, I wanna know." Markus sighed with a nod and leant back against the wall.
"I see. That's not something I can easily answer. The history of the project -"
"No, no more bullshit propaganda or history lessons. I want - need - to know what the hell is going to happen to me," Alex interrupted, her voice remaining level and even.
"Alex, you have to understand that there are certain things even I can't offer an explanation for. But what I can tell you about the state of your being is that it's integral that you train and exercise control," Markus conceded and began to explain.
"But how? At the moment all I know how to do is walk through shadows from one place to another and I can take someone else with me. That's it."
"You just have to push yourself. The right amount of exertion and force will bring about miraculous changes in your abilities."
"You say that like I've been sat around doing nothing for the past two years."
"Look, you're smart, it's not going to be that difficult to figure it out -"
"Markus, I'll cut the bullshit. I'm terrified. Every time I try to sleep, I have no idea where I'm going to wake up or if I'm gonna wake up at all. It's not just the shadow-walking," she explained, putting all her cards on the table.
"Don't let the suspense kill me."
"Sometimes, I can feel this - this pull. I feel like the shadows are just the tip of the iceberg."
"How do you mean?"
"Oh, c'mon I know you saw it earlier. I got mad and the lights flickered. That's no coincidence, it can't be," Alex stated with slight exasperation.
"I did, but anything could explain that -" He stopped when Alex closed her eyes. She thought about it, the darkness. Focused on the all-consuming, pressing nature of the dark. The way it felt to walk through the shadows. Warm static and a floating sensation.
Alex opened her eyes and the lights were out. Total darkness swallowed the room and Alex could hear the nervous breathes that Markus exhaled.
"Your powers are already growing... Impressive," he mused.
"I just wanna know how to get ahead of the curve. I control my abilities and not the other way around." Alex relaxed and the lights flickered back on. Markus squinted at the harsh intrusion of light but was quick to recover.
"I've already told you - your powers are like a muscle, if you don't train it and use it frequently, it'll deteriorate." Dissatisfied, Alex stood up and put her chair away.
"Enjoy your time on the Raft. And for future reference, learn to sleep with one eye open." Alex ignored the desperate attempts Markus made to back peddle as she turned and stepped into the long shadow at the end of the room. When she emerged, she was outside her room again. A glance at her phone screen told her she had almost an hour left before she was expected to meet Steve in the training room, so she returned to her room and began to prepare herself for the day ahead.
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blueathens · 9 days ago
«𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚁𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚘𝚏 𝚃𝚘𝚗𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚔»
Tumblr media
                            A𝗰𝘁 1, S𝗰𝗲𝗻𝗲 2
𝖲𝗈𝗇𝗀: 𝖨𝗇𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗍𝗎𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝖺𝗅𝗂𝗓𝖾𝖽 𝖻𝗒 𝖲𝗎𝗂𝖼𝗂𝖽𝖺𝗅 𝖳𝖾𝗇𝖾𝗇𝖼𝗂𝖾𝗌 𝖰𝗎𝗈𝗍𝖾: "𝖸𝗈𝗎 𝗄𝗇𝗈𝗐, 𝖻𝖾𝖼𝖺𝗎𝗌𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝗈𝖿 𝗍𝗁𝗈𝗌𝖾 𝗉𝖾𝗈𝗉𝗅𝖾."
𝖣𝗎𝗌𝗄 𝖳𝗂𝗅𝗅 𝖣𝖺𝗐𝗇 𝖬𝖺𝗌𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗅𝗂𝗌𝗍 𝑃𝑟𝑒𝑣𝑖𝑜𝑢𝑠 ◁ II ▷𝑁𝑒𝑥𝑡
                          »»-----  -----««                                 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗥𝗗 𝗣𝗢𝗩                    Las Vegas, 36 Hours Earlier
"Tony Stark, Visionary, Genius, American patriot. Even from an early age, the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark, quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age four, he built his first circuit board. At age six, his first engine. And at 17, he graduated summa cum laude from MIT. Then, the passing of a titan. Howard Stark's lifelong friend and ally, Obadiah Stane, steps in to help fill the gap left by the legendary founder, until at age 21, the prodigal son returns, and is anointed the new CEO of Stark Industries. With the keys to the kingdom, Tony ushers in a new era for his father's legacy, creating smarter weapons, advanced robotics, satellite targeting. Today, Tony Stark has changed the face of the weapons industry by ensuring freedom and protecting America and her interests around the globe."
The video ended and the huge images of Tony Stark disappeared into the writing of Stark Industries. People dressed in grand dresses and suits applaud for the man who 'changed the world.'
"As liaison to Stark Industries," Lt Colonel James Rhodes began as the room quieted down, "I've had the unique privilege of serving with a real patriot. He is my friend and he is my great mentor. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to present this year's Apogee Award to Mr. Tony Stark."
Even though their was music playing and people applauding no Tony Stark made an appearance to grab his award.
A resigned looking Stane shakes his head at Rhodes, who then barely supresses some annoyance, through he doesn't even seem surprised that his friend did not come. Shane allowed the applause to continue for a moment before he sat up slowly off his chair and walked up onto the stage.
"Thank you Colonel."
"Thanks for the save." Rhodes said in a thankful tone as he handed Stane the award.
"This is beautiful. Thank you. Thank you all very much. This is wonderful."
The clapping stopped.
"Well, I'm not Tony Stark." Stane joked, which the expensive-looking audience responded with slight chuckles. "But if I were Tony, I would tell you how honoured I feel and what a joy it is to receive this very prestigious award. Tony, you know...the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing. He's always working."
                          »»-----  -----««
Tony rolled two dices onto the table. Beautiful ladies stood near him in anticipation to see what the billionaire rolled. His bodyguard, Happy Hogan, stood behind him also watching as the dice rolled onto the table.
Rhodes walking up to the game of Craps, with a straight face and an annoyed persona. Here his friend was, playing Craps and flirting with the ladies, instead of collecting his award, the award he said he will come and collect. But instead he didn't, he blew Rhodes off for a Casino game.
"You are unbelievable."
"Oh no, did they rope you in?"
"Nobody roped me into anything!"
"I'm so sorry."
"But they did told me that if I presented you with an award, you'd be deeply honoured."
"Of course I'd be deeply honoured. And it's you, that's great." Tony told his friend quickly. "So when do we do it?"
"It's right here." Rhodes said as he presented the award to Tony. "Here you go."
"There it is. That was easy." Tony joked as he grabbed the glass trophy. "I'm so sorry."
"Yeah, it's okay."
"Wow!" Tony said dismissing his friend's forgiveness as he looked at the new award. "Would you look at that? That's something else." Tony looked uninterestedly at the award before hanging it over to the pretty lady in the black dress before he went back to his game.
"Where's my niece? Did you drag her here?"
"No, what type of father do you think i am?"
"The one who always wants Blue around."
"That's true, but she blew me off for Hunter."
"So you was going to bring her."
"No." Tony lied as he collected his chips. "Hey," he said as he held his closed hand with the dice towards the woman with the award. "Give this a blow, will you." And as always the lady did as she was instructed to in a flirtatious manner.
He then held his hand in front of Rhodes lips, begging him to do it as well, but instead Rhodes hit Tony's hand in annoyance.
Just like the annoyance, it was an unlucky roll.
Two Craps.
"That's what happens. Worse things have happened. I think we're gonna be fine. Colour me up, will you."
                          »»-----  -----««
"This is where I exit."
"All right." Tony said as he grabbed hold of Rhodes hand to shake, whilst also walking.
"Tomorrow, don't be late. And say hello to Blue for me, will you?"
"Yeah, yeah, you can count on me."
"I'm serious." Rhodes called back to his friend as he walked off.
"I know. I know." Tony replied more to himself. He walked across the fancy looking Casino in a suit and his usual glasses with bodyguards following closely behind. But his friend, Happy, was walking closest to him. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. There you go." He rambled to the people dressed up in Egyptian clothing.
Happy opened the car door for Tony who nearly got in before hearing his name being called.
"Mr Stark! Excuse me? Mr Stark?" The blonde lady called as she got stopped by a bodyguard to not come any closer. "Christine Everhart. Vanity Fair magazine." Christine introduced herself with a slight wave. "Can I ask you a couple of questions?"
"She's cute." Whispered Happy.
"She's alright?" Tony mumbled back before turning around and greeted the girl with a smile plastered over his face. If the girl was beautiful then he knew he would turn around as he knew that those couple of questions will lead him to somewhere good. "Hi."
"Yeah. Okay, go."
"It's okay?" The girl classified before starting her questions as Tony walked closer to her. "You've been called the da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?"
"Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint."
"And what do you say to your other nickname, 'The Merchant of Death?'"
"That's not bad," nodded Tony. "Let me guess, Berkeley?"
"Brown, actually." She responded holding her small tape recorder higher to get every word the the older of the two famous Starks have to say.
"Well, Ms Brown," said with a slight annoyance as he tried to seek her weakness. "It's an imperfect world, but it's the only one we've got. I guarantee you, the day weapons are no longer needed to keep the peace, I'll start making bricks and beams for baby hospitals."
"Rehearse that much?" She questioned in sugar-coated tone.
"Every night in front of the mirror before bedtime."
"I can see that."
"I'd like to show you first hand." Tony said boldly as he flirted with the blonde.
"All I want is a serious answer."
"Okay, here's serious. My old man had a philosophy, 'Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.'"
"That's a great line coming from the guy selling the sticks."
Tony's annoyance grew as he crossed his arms and stared intensely into Christine's eyes as he continued to add heat onto the full blown argument he was having with the pretty blonde.
"My father helped defeat the Nazis. He worked on the Manhattan Project. A lot of people, including your professors at Brown, would call that being a hero."
"And a lot of people would also call that war profiteering. Isn't it true that your daughter, Blue-"
"Hey, don't bring Blue into this." Tony said furiously as he swiped his glasses off from his face and pointed the end of it at the interviewer.
She ignored him and continued: "-is against what Stark Industries stand for? How does it feel to have the heir of Stark Industries-"
"Tell me, do you plan to report on the millions we've saved by advancing medical technology or kept from starvation with our intellicrops? All those breakthroughs, military funding, honey." Stark jutted his head closer to her.
"You ever lose an hour of sleep your whole life?"
"I'd be prepared to lose a few with you."
It all drops like a final beat to a song. All the anger and annoyance vanishing as Tony casually flirts with Christine, who is taken back by his answer, especially when she comes to the conclusion that he is serious.
                         »»-----  -----««
"Good morning. It's 7:00 a.m." JARVIS says as he wakes the blonde up, who was sprawled across Tony's bed with a thin cover over her behind as she lays on her stomach. "The weather in Malibu is 72 degrees with scattered clouds." The lights slowly turn on as Christine pulls the duvet closer to her in case someone was watching her. She watches as the the computer screens that create the image of windows slowly turn on. "The surf conditions are fair with waist-to-shoulder high lines. High tide will be at 10:52 a.m."
The off-white mansion was found on the side of a cliff in Malibu, which was connected to many different forms of technologies that both the Starks and Blue's friend, Hunter King, has made throughout the years.
To say there were smart was an understatement.
The house had a pristine pool that overlook the large scenery in front of them.
This house was something. It held the quality's of grand, opulent, flawlessly clean and bright as it sat on top of a mountain as it stares down at it's creation. This house screamed Tony Stark.
"Tony?" Christine called as she buttoned up his red shirt.
No one answered but small patters of feet that was coming down the stairs. The steps grew louder indicating the person who getting closer to the room she was in. Christine leant against the wall waiting for Tony with her lips pulled between her teeth and she placed one of her legs up against the wall behind her to raise the shirt up slightly. She made sure the first few buttons of her shirt was undone and then she moved her thumb towards her lips so her teeth bit onto it instead of her lips to look more seductive.
But it wasn't him.
It was a small girl with chestnut hair that waved down passed her shoulders. She had a pair of galaxy headphones placed on her head and a Walkman attached to her khaki shorts.
The girl stopped immediately as she stared at the blonde who hurried off the wall.
"Oh." Blue simply said as she pulled her headphones down so they could wrap warmly around her slightly tanned neck. "Oh...Oh, oh, oh, no." She said in disgust, disappointment and annoyance as she realised what this lady was doing here.
Being the daughter of Tony Stark meant all her innocence was gone.
"Oh hello, I'm Christine and you must be the famous Blue Stark." Christine said as she crossed her arms over chest loosely, not bothering to cover up.
"I could be." The girl responded as she swung her arms around slightly.
"You could be?"
"I mean, right now I wish I wasn't." Blue then looked at her empty right wrist as if she was looking at a watch. "Aren't you meant to be leaving?"
"Excuse me?"
"You know, because you're one of those people, so logically you should have left already just like my dad." She knew her dad hasn't actually left, he was downstairs waiting for her.
"He left?"
"Yeah, you must have been terrible." Blue said with a blank face as she pursed her lips in thought as she watched the women, who was just getting closer by the seconds.
Blue was hoping that she would just leave after that sort of fake statement but the lady did nothing, so she tried again. "You know, you should be more quiet, people try to sleep around here."
Blue was in fact not asleep and she also did not hear anything but she was trying anything she could so this lady could leave her home. Blue has never had a good relationship with sleep, and last night was one of her off days resulting in her only getting about 3 hours of sleep this morning before she climbed down these steps to be in a conversation she didn't want to be apart of.
"How old are you?" The lady asked with a fake happy tone as she bent down to Blue's level.
Blue was also not happy that the lady kept on talking to her and not leaving.
The door wasn't far. She would happily show her the way out. She could even keep the shirt as long as she left.
"Eight." Blue replied with a fake smile but her eyes narrowed at her.
"And you're talking all about this and you're-"
"Tony Stark's adorable daughter. Geez, catch up Curtsy, I've been around for eight agonising years already."
"It's Christine."
Blue ignored her as she continued to try and annoy her as much as possible. "If I'm his daughter then there is no way I can be innocent. That word and Blue do not go together. Just like you and red."
Christine bite her lip slightly to hold back her tongue as she tried to remember that this is the Blue Stark and a little eight year old girl. "That a cute shirt Nirvana shirt." She nodded pointed at Blue's top only for her finger to being pushed away by Blue's small hands.
"Nice to know you can read, very nice, good knowledge for me to forget."
"Don't they sing Wonderwall."
Blue was irritated for so many reasons. She could feel her blood boil inside her as she glared at the annoying lady. "No, that Oasis. Nirvana sings better songs such as Something in the Way and Come As You Are and About a - you know what you should just-"
Blue started to point to the door as she started to outright tell the lady to leave again but got stopped by the lady's fingers wrapping round her right wrist and getting pulled towards the blonde's face.
"Where did you get this." The lady pestered as she stared at Blue's birthmark. Blue never really questioned why her birthmark was so different just like she never questioned another other aspect that she had which was different to other people. But Blue felt very uncomfortable with how this Curtsy person was staring at the small present moon with three stars going in a sort of curve line next to it.
What was this lady expecting her to say? She got it when she battled a rainbow dragon whilst trying to steal a red egg from it to cure cancer?
But before Blue could come back with either a witty or rude remark, Christine got up. Blue smiled in victory but it quickly turned into an angry frown when she saw her go towards one of the technology panels on one of the walls. "Hey, lady-"
"What is this?" She asked as she pressed a button.
The panel went red and JARVIS spoke, making Christine step back in fear whilst Blue rolls her eyes before she continues to glare venomously at the blonde. "You are not authorized to access this area."
"That's JARVIS. He runs the house" Blue's saving grace spoke as she breathed out a relieved breath knowing that she doesn't have to deal with this person anymore. Pepper Potts walks in, heels clicking against the hard, polished floor. "I've got your clothes here. They've been dry-cleaned and pressed." The red-haired continues as she gestured to the clothes in her right hand. "And there's a car waiting for you outside that will take you anywhere you'd like to go."
"You must be the famous Pepper Potts."
'She is defiantly a spy,' Blue thought to herself.
"Indeed I am." Pepper politely replies as Christine gets closer to her. Blue sits down on the sofa as she watches the exchange.
"After all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry-cleaning." Christine said as she tries to act tough around her. Pepper stares at the half-naked girl with bemusement in her eyes whilst Blue raises her eyebrows at what she just said.
"I do anything and everything that Mr Stark or Miss Stark requires. Including, occasionally, taking out the trash. Will that be all?" She replies innocently as she keeps eye contact with the guest.
Blue giggles and silently cheers Pepper on. She stands up and decides to go see her dad.
"Bye Curtsy." Blue said with a smirk as she skips out the room.
"It's Christine."
"I really don't care!"
                           »»-----  -----««
"You took your time." Tony calls out as he hears Blue's name be announced by JARVIS that she has entered the room. But he didn't need JARVIS to tell him it was his own daughter. He knew her, and he knew it was her just by the soft sounds of her feet skipping down the stairs as she hums the song that is playing on her Walkman. But there is no humming this time as Blue never put her headphones back on.
"Yeah there was litter on the floor." She casually replies as she steps further into the room.
"Yeah, Pep is dealing with it."
"That good. How's Hunter?" Tony asked her when she sat down next to him. She grabs a spanner and twirls it around in her hands as she shrugs her shoulder.
"He's alright."
"Yeah? I thought he was going to stay over tonight."
"Nah, Bailey picked him up last night, we watched Bridge to Terabithia with Pepper last night and we were all in tears by the end of it whilst eating ice-cream...Oh! That reminds me we have officially ran out of cookie dough ice-cream."
Tony hummed. "Of course you three did."
"How was your night? Did you get your award?"
"How you know about that?"
"Rhodey told Happy, who rang and told Pepper, who told me and Hunter."
"When did Rhodes tell Happy? I was there when Rhodes gave me the award." He said as he looked at his daughter with furrowed eyebrows but Blue just shrugs as she continues to look at the spanner.
The music suddenly stops as Pepper walks in on the phone.
"Please don't turn down my music." Tony said as he continued to fiddle around with the engine he was working on. "Are you not going to help?" Tony asked his daughter who only responded with a shake of a head, not taking her eyes of the tool she was messing around with.
"You are supposed to be halfway around the world right now." Pepper said as she looks at the clipboard in her hand.
"How'd she take it."
"Like a champ."
"Blue's coming with me."
"I am?" "She is?" The two females asked at the same time.
"Yeah, need some quality time with my favourite person." He said as he wrapped his arm around his daughter, who was still not looking at him, whilst he continued to fix his machine.
"To Afghanistan?" Pepper questioned as she stared at the back of Tony's head.
Blue looked up with a grin and announced happily, "Great! I can tell you on the way there every reason why you should cancel the making of weapons and make money out of something else."
"Great you can do that whilst I ignore it and think of every reason how I can sell my weapons."
Blue huffed and chucked the spanner onto the floor next to her before crossing her arms and sulking.
"Why are you trying to hustle us out of here?" Tony questioned as he stared at a metal material.
"Your flight was scheduled to leave an hour and a half ago." Pepper told him.
"That's funny, I thought with it being our plane and all, that it would just wait for us to get there."
"Tony, I need to speak to you about a couple of things before I get out out of the door."
"And Blue."
"And Blue." Pepper said through gritted teeth, hating the fact that he's taking his daughter to a place where he's selling weapons.
"Doesn't it kind of defeat the whole purpose of having your own plane if it departs before you arrive?" Tony said as he turned around too look at Pepper. He sits on one of the tires whilst he wipes the grease of his hands.
Blue also turns around but leans her back against the car instead.
"Larry called. He's got another buyer for the Jackson Pollock in the wings. Do you want it? Yes or no?"
"Is is good representation of his spring period?"
"No. The Springs was actually the neighbourhood in East Hampton where he lived and worked, not 'spring' like the season."
"I think it's a fair example. I think it's incredibly overpriced."
"I need it." Tony states as he stares dreamily into nothing before he grabs hold of Blue's hand, pulling her up too, so they could walk away together. "Buy it. Store it."
"New slogan right there." Blue muttered.
"Okay. The MIT commencement speech..." Pepper started to say before getting interrupted by Tony, who she was now walking behind."
"Is in June. Please, don't harangue me about stuff that's way, way, down..."
"They're haranguing me, so I'm gonna say yes."
Blue walks off as she allowed the two adults talk over one another.
"Deflect it and absorb it. Don't transmit it back to me." Tony picked up a cup of coffee and turns towards to face the redhead with the clipboard.
Pepper opens up the files and holds it open for Tony to see, "I need you to sign this for me please."
"What are you trying to get rid of us for? What, you got plans?"
"As a matter of fact, I do."
"I don't like it when you have plans."
"It's her birthday." Blue called from the other side of the room as she pours some peanuts out of the packet she found on her desk into her mouth.
"It's your birthday?"
"Yes." Pepper told him with a small smile.
"I knew that. Already?" Tony scrunched up his face.
"That what usually happens dad, once every year. Except the Queen of England, she believes she deserves two birthdays. Greedy lady." Joked Blue who shook her head before pouring the packet into her hand but nothing comes out. She squishes the packet into a ball and throws it into the bin that sat by the wall near her.
She scores, and Blue does a small celebration dance with a huge grin plastered on her face.
"It's strange though isn't it?" Pepper continued from Blue's statement, "it's the same day as last year."
"Get yourself something nice from me and Blue."
"I already did. And Blue got me a present already."
"Both presents was very nice."
"Very tasteful. Thank you, Mr Stark."
"You're very welcome, Miss Potts."
"And thank you Miss Stark for you amazing present."
"You're very welcome, Miss Potts." Blue said as she mocked her father's voice.
"What did you get her." Tony asked his daughter.
"None of your business."
"Why can't I know?"
"Maybe if you remembered her birthday then I would have told you but you didn't so that's a you problem," Blue said as she pointed at her dad before pointing at herself when she says," not a me problem."
"Okay." Tony said as he tipped his expresso into his mouth before giving the miniature cup to Pepper, who watches as Tony walks away. "Come on kid!"
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Things Could Be Worse
Sam Wilson x Daughter!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Niece!Reader, Joaquin Torres x Reader
I do not own MCU
Don’t plagiarize my writing!
I use Wiki transcripts to pull exact, canon quotes that I can’t catch in while watching, just so y’all know.
Chapter One: A Typical Day of Stress, Insecurity, and Surprise
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buckaroosplums · 11 days ago
Checking In (SamBucky x baby daughter)
Tumblr media
A/N: Wanted to try writing for Sam and Bucky as parents to little Y/n. When writing this, I pictured it to be taking place after TFATWS, and Bucky to have retired to be a stay at home Papa.
SUMMARY: Bucky wakes up to check on his and Sam’s newborn baby, Y/n. 
Readers Age: 1 week old
Y/N= Your Name
Y/N/N= Your Nickname
E/C= Your eye color
Word Count: 572
Tumblr media
Bucky jolted awake from the horrors that plagued his mind, the way the Winter Soldier mercilessly stabbed, shot, and even tortured people both innocent and not innocent. Nobody deserved what the Winter Soldier did to them, but it happened and with the help of Sam, Bucky was able to realize not only that it wasn’t him as a person that committed these acts but that everything he did under HYDRA’s control was in the past. He was forgiven and had a family.  
The ex-assassin abruptly sat up to lean against the headboard of the bed that he shared with his lover, Sam.
Bucky took a moment to close his eyes, breathe in, opened his eyes, breathe out, he repeated the action, breathing in and out until his breaths became even. He looked over to his partner, who was fast asleep on his front with his legs tangled in the sheets, quiet, nearly inaudible snores slipping past Sam’s lips.
He stayed completely still and silent, listening for any additional noises. Hoping to hear his daughter’s adorable cooing noises, or even to hear her fussing. But when the only noise that came to be heard was Sam’s soft snores, Bucky felt his heartbeat increase once again, he was sure Sam may just wake up from his loud heart rate. So much for deep breathing. 
Bucky slipped out of the comfort of the soft bed, making sure to drape more of the blanket over Sam’s body before leaving for your nursery. Bucky made large strides to the small room that belonged to you, gently pushing open the door the man smiled to see you fast asleep on your back. The rhythm of your chest rising and falling brought a slight sense of peace to him. 
Bucky sighed in relief as he peered down at you, leaning onto the sturdy crib. Your eyes blinked open before you let out a yawn and gathered up the strength to reach up for him. Without hesitating, Bucky gently scooped you out of the crib and into his arms, to cradle you against his chest. 
“Oh look at you, huh? You’re Papa’s sweet little baby, aren’t ya.” Bucky spoke softly, taking a few steps forward to sit on the rocking chair beside your crib. 
He rocked the both of you back and forth on the chair, humming a song from back when he and Steve used to attend church together with their families. 
Bucky looked down at you adoringly, while he rubbed circles on your tiny back. His smile continued to grow as your eyes closed, your Papa’s heartbeat and soft humming helping you to drift off into a peaceful sleep.
Bucky stopped humming, glancing up at the door to see Sam leaning on the door frame with a grin on his features.
“How’s our baby doin’?” Sam asked, walking over to the rocking chair to get a better look at your sleeping form. “The baby’s good Sammy,” Bucky said quietly, pressing a gentle kiss to your tiny head and then to Sam’s cheek.
“Come back to bed Buck,” Sam started but instantly took notice of Bucky’s hesitant features, “Hey, Y/n isn’t goin’ anywhere, she’s safe. Nothing’s gonna take her away from you.” 
“I know, just wanna hold her,” Bucky said, gently running his flesh hand over the soft skin of your chubby cheeks. “You can hold her in bed. Let’s get some rest while we still can.”
“Good point.”
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onlystarrydreams · 11 days ago
Part Two//When Enemies Slip By, Allies Form
Series Masterlist
Series Warnings: child abuse, torture on a child, PTSD (nightmares, sleep walking, attacking someone in your sleep), gore, violence.
Word Count: 5k
BUCKY HAD DEMANDED THAT YOU WENT WITH HIM TO THE BASE WHERE HE KNEW HIS ACQUAINTANCE, SAM, WOULD BE -- UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THE IDEA OF LEAVING A MINOR ALONE IN AN APARTMENT. You still clung to his side, your wide eyes taking in everything around you which was foreign and new. 
The bunker was light, due to the large opening at the end which revealed a plane ready to take off. Metal bars lined the ceiling, some painted yellow and the new Captain America propaganda was littered around -- but Bucky didn’t seem concerned by any of that, his eyes were set on one man who was walking down the steps connecting their layer to the one above them, a duffle bag clasped in his hand.
“Shouldn’t have given up the shield,” Bucky called aggressively,
“Good to see you too, Buck,” The man, who you could assume was Sam, responded shortly. The man’s eyes then landed on you as he questioned, “Who’s that?”
“My daughter,” Bucky answered without hesitation, “This is wrong,” Bucky continued as the two men walked in front and towards the waiting jet.
You stepped behind them, stepping in line with the person that was previously talking to -- the man smiled simply to you, which you reciprocated. “Hey, hey, look, I’m working, all right?” Sam said shortly, “So all this outrage is gonna have to wait.” 
“You didn’t know that was gonna happen?” Bucky questioned sceptically, 
“No, of course I didn’t know that was gonna happen,” Sam snapped, his head cantered towards Bucky, “You think it didn’t break my heart to see them march him out there and call him the new Captain America?”
“Steve didn’t want this,” 
“Oh, my God. What do you want me to do?” Sam rolled his head backwards, stepping into the spilt sunlight pocket. “Call America and tell ‘em I changed my mind? Huh?” Sam chuckled, “Yeah, right. It’s a great reunion, buddy, nice to meet you girly, be well,”
Despite those words, you and Bucky kept walking though the man who was walking besides you stopped, “You had no right to give up the shield, Sam,” Bucky continued to press. 
Finally, Sam stopped, also stopping Bucky and facing him, “Hey. This is what you’re not gonna do. You’re not gonna come here in your overextended life and tell me about my rights.” Sam waved his finger in front of Bucky’s face -- and you continued to stand awkwardly to the side. “It’s over, Bucky. Besides, I have bigger things to deal with now,”
“What could be bigger than this?” Bucky responded sharply, though his face seemed so broken, you had studied behaviour from afar long enough.
Sam slipped his phone out of his pocket and showed a picture of a man in a black mask with a red hand -- you had to roll onto your tip-toes and peer over Bucky’s shoulder to see. “This guy.” Sam answered his question, “His connections with rebel organisations all over Eastern and Central Europe, and he’s strong. Too strong.”
“And?” Bucky said quickly, 
“Well, he’s been connected to this online group called the Flag Smashers.”  Sam placed his phone back into his pocket, “Now, Redwing traced them to a building somewhere outside of Munich. So that’s where I’m going.”
“Well, I don’t trust Redwing.” Bucky answered back,
“Who’s Redwing?” You questioned, but your words were left unheard.
“Hold on a minute,” Bucky called out when Sam began to walk away, stopping him once more.
“You don’t have to trust Redwing,” Sam responded, “but I’mma go see if he’s right. ‘Cause I have a feeling they might be a part of the Big Three.”
“What’s the Big Three?” You said, though this time you finally were given an answer,
“The Big Three,” Sam echoed confidently, as though it was your fault for not knowing, “Androids, aliens, and wizards,”
Bucky glanced over his shoulder at you, noticing you wore the same expression before commenting, “That’s not a thing,”
“That’s definitely a thing,”
“No, it’s not,” Bucky continued to argue,
“Every time we fight, it’s one of those three,” 
“Who are you fighting now? Gandalf?” Bucky said sceptically, 
Sam opened his mouth however, his attention snapped back to the old man as he questioned, “How do you know about Gandalf?”
“I read it, to my daughter, in 1937 when it first came out,” Bucky responded seriously,
“So you see my point?” 
“No, I don’t. There are no wizards,” 
“Doctor Strange,”
“Is a sorcerer.” 
“Ah.” Sam shouted, snapping his fingers and chuckling, “A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat. Think about it. Right? I”m right. I just came up with that. It’s crazy,”
“Harry Potter?” You questioned quietly, knowing that it didn’t really matter in that moment,
“But that’s not the point. These guys aren’t magical. They use brute force like you, the incredibly annoying guy in front of me with a staring problem.”
Sam began walking away and Bucky turned to you, you nodded together before following the man, “We’re coming with you,”
“No, you’re not, and I don’t know your daughter,” 
THE PLANE TOWARDS MUNICH WAS SILENT AS YOU SAT BY BUCKY FACING SAM, THE TWO MEN STARING STRAIGHT AT EACH OTHER. “One minute to drop off, Sam.” The previous man called as he walked into the waiting bay. 
You watched, pulling your feet onto the ledge of your chair and tucking your head under your chin as you watched the two grown men partake in a strange staring contest. Until, finally, Sam got to his feet. 
Instantly, Bucky mirrored the gesture, both of them moving to a box containing gear to your left. “So what’s our plan?” Bucky finally asked, fishing out some knives and throwing some to you, including a  -- however, after two you shook your head, you had enough weapons concealed.
Bucky began to walk back to you, and Sam did not speak, instead clasping his red lensed goggles in one hand and placing a hearing device in his ear with the other -- studying both soldiers. “Great. So no plan,” Bucky muttered as he fell back onto the red seat. 
Bucky offered a similar see-through hearing device to you, the both of you lodging them into the canal of your ear at the same time -- hearing the man’s voice call, “Thirty seconds,” 
“Enjoy your ride, Buck,” Sam turned back to the pair, only nodding to you. 
“No, you can’t call me that.” Bucky instantly responded sharply, 
“Why not? That’s what Steve called you.” 
“Steve knew me longer, and Steve had a plan,”
“Fifteen seconds to drop,” Sam’s friend, who had a name tag with the word ‘Torrres’ on, called from the open panel. 
Sam took one last look at the two of you before walking to his friend. “I have a plan,” 
“Really?” You called out, jumping to your feet with a sceptically raised eyebrow as Bucky followed you and the three began walking to the opening, wind whipping gently on your cheeks as you approached. “What is it?” 
Before Sam responded, he strapped his goggles to his head and jumped from the plane. “Great.” Bucky muttered, he glanced at the ground which was many meters below them and glanced at you, “How are you getting down there?” 
You smirked, before walking away from the opening and slipping from Bucky’s eyesight, “Ugh, not you too,” 
“I’ll meet you down there,” You called from just out of Bucky’s field of view. 
“Where’s the chute?” Bucky asked, raising his voice so he would be heard over the yelling wind. 
“We’re at 200 feet. It’s too low for a chute.” 
“Then how is Y/N-- never mind. I don’t need it anyway,” Bucky sighed, staring straight at the fastly moving trees. 
“You sure about this?” Torres asked finally understanding Bucky’s plan. 
Bucky’s eyes lingered on the prospect that lay in front of him, weakly smiling as he glanced at Torres, “Yeah.” 
Bucky grabbed the blue leather material that was concealing his left metal arm before ripping it off, throwing it aside and falling from the plane.
The fall was far from gracious and filled with his yells as he fell through the branches he was hoping to catch on his way down. Finally, the trees thinned and Bucky’s back hit the pin and twig covered floor, his legs and arms splayed around him as he groaned in dull pain. 
“I have all of that on camera. You know that, right?” Sam’s voice filled Bucky’s ear and Redwing zoomed above his head -- another sign of Sam’s mockery towards him. 
“Get out my face, Sam, or I’ll break it.” Bucky grumbled,
“Come on, old man.” You called from where you were resting against a tree, holding out your hand to help him, which he happily took. 
“Okay, head north. Come on,” Sam instructed and the two followed Redwing until the trees disappeared and they were presented with a brick-built warehouse that seemed to have begun to crumble in its old age. 
The two easily slipped through a hole in the exterior wall. The rest was just as easy as the holes seemed to grow into something that more so resembled doorways. Nonetheless, Bucky went first each time, making sure nothing lurked behind the brick wall.
Trees had sprouted through the floor and as the two passed, Redwing buzzed past them from behind. Though you recognised the noise, Bucky didn’t and so his hands came up to attack it. 
He was halted by Sam’s voice, “Oh-ho-ho. Don’t hurt him.” Redwing began to speed away but Bucky still sent the inanimate object a glare, you only chuckled. 
You two joined Sam at the entrance to the next warehouse room. Sam stared at the screen resting in the arm of his suit, watching the camera installed on Redwing.
“You’re doing the staring thing again,” Sam noted to Bucky, not even needing to look up to know that Bucky’s attention was solely on the missing section of the wall, waiting for any movement. “They’re in there.” Sam explained once Bucky turned back to you two with furrowed eyebrows.
“Where’s the guy?” You asked as you and Bucky glance at the screen on Sam’s suit,
“I don’t know. I think they’re smuggling weapons, though,” Sam answered --they were moving large wooden crates from the warehouse floor to the back of two trucks. 
“Well, I think you could be right,” Bucky responded shortly, though he was in agreement his words sounded like an invitation for argument. But Sam only hummed, gesturing for Bucky to continue with that sound, “But there’s only one way to find out. I can see a clear path, I say we take it,”
Bucky went to step outside of the protection a crowded shelving unit gave them, but both Sam and you grabbed an arm, keeping him back.
“We’re not assassins.” Sam barked, though that hadn’t been your reasoning and Sam’s words had hurt, you preferred to stay silent in this moment -- wanting to make sure you were right before saying a word.
“I’ll see you inside or not,” Bucky answered coldly before continuing to walk further into the warehouse room. You sighed heavily, only following Bucky when Sam walked away.
The two of you, both former assassins, snuck behind a partitioning wall, keeping their backs hunched to avoid catching anyone’s eyes, “Look at you. All stealthy.” Sam chuckled through the earpiece, “A little time in Wakanda and you come out White Panther. Tell me Mini-Winter Soldier, were you the stealthy one before?”
“It’s actually White Wolf,” 
“Huh?” Both you and Sam questioned the name,
But you didn’t get an answer, instead, the two of you slipped behind a metal shelving unit, watching the men load the truck between two boxes on the shelves. “All right, we’re inside. Therefore, way ahead of you.” Bucky bragged. “It’s not great, but very doable.” 
However, when Bucky glanced at you, he saw Sam who had slipped besides you. “Hello. How are you?” 
“Good. What did I miss? Nothing.” Sam bickered back, 
“All right, let’s go.” Bucky responded,
“No, wait.” You called out,
“I got a vibranium arm. I can take them. I’m sure you can also.”
“And I can fly. Who gives a shit? Wait.” Sam backed you up as you ignore Bucky’s gaze, instead staring straight ahead, on your tip-toes and resting your chin on your hand which was wrapped around the shelf. “I want to see where they’re going.”
“There’s two people,” Bucky pointed,
“There’s two people?” You questioned with a raised brow, still not turning your head to him.
“That’s what I saw.”
“Let me see what Redwing sees.” Sam commented,
“All right,”
“Let’s see what Redwing... Oh, look at that. Mini-Winter Soldier is right. How many people you see now? One, two... oh, here it comes again. Four, Five.”
Bucky sighed, “Yeah, five. Yeah. Sorry,” Bucky whispers the last word to you, but you only nod. Noticing how that the people you were hiding from were able to move heavy packages by themselves without trouble, “So they’re strong. Whatever,” Bucky murmured, “All right, let’s go.” Bucky eagerly moved again once he saw them begin to head towards the door.
“No, no, wait.” Sam echoed, he moved his hand quickly and knocked something over, causing it to clatter against the hard floor. “Shit,” Sam hissed as he hid behind the pillar whilst Bucky grabbed you had hid you behind a convenient line of boxes on the shelf, and taking it further by using his body also.
The three waited in a pregnant three second silence, until they heard a woman yell, “All right, let’s move.” 
You watched as they got into the truck and the engines began to rev to life. “There’s an eighth person. I think they have a hostage.” Sam announced as the group left their line of sight. 
Together, you ran from your hiding spot, the trucks beginning to roll away. Whilst you kept up with Bucky, Sam used his metal wings to fly to the two of you. He soured upwards once you exited the warehouse and you chased after the trucks that had pulled from the parking lot to the main road that didn’t look like it had been used in a few years.
Using your super soldier speed, the two of you caught up to the trucks, jumping onto the back of the red truck furthest ahead. “Get onto the top of that one.” Bucky yelled over the ear-piercing wind, “To cover my back,” Bucky elaborated and you simply nodded.
You pushed off the metal rail of the truck door, kicking your legs against the door and soaring upwards, landing perfectly on the top of the truck, waiting, kneeling down as Bucky opened the door. 
Your finger clutched to the hearing piece as Bucky spoke, trying to catch his words, “They’re stealing medicine. Vaccines... Hi,” 
“Bucky, talk to me. What’s goin’ on?” Sam questioned before you could.
“Found the hostage,” He whispered back, and you shuffled closer, trying to get a look whilst keeping low, knowing the wind atop the truck could topple you if you weren’t careful.
Before either of you could question him further, Bucky went flying through the air, his back slamming against the windscreen of the truck you were perched, smashing the glass. You pushed yourself forward, wrapping your fingers around his metal wrist before he could fall to the fastly moving concrete. 
You yanked him upward when you noticed a red curly-haired girl, who you assumed was the ‘hostage’ Bucky was referring to, put on a black mask with a red handprint. 
Unfortunately, you had been focusing on him, you didn’t notice three other people with the same mask approach you from behind, two grabbing your father figure and the other wrapping his arms around your waist. 
The three masked people split you and Bucky as the truck twisted to join the side of the other truck. The girl that Bucky had assume was a hostage jumped onto the trucktop -- but Bucky wasn’t looking. He was looking at you.
You were fighting against the grip of the man with his arms around your waist, dragging you further down the lorry surface. However, Bucky’s main concern shouldn’t have been you, instead it should have been at the flying at his face, landing a solid blow against his cheek. 
The man holding you pushed you towards the edge of the truck, your body rolled but your fingers caught onto a small bump in the metal, your heels balancing off the edge.
As you stood up, Redwing buzzed past your hear, heading straight towards the redhead -- the man between you and her ducked but his eyes remained on the object, much as yours did. 
The redhead jumped from the truck roof, grabbing the metal bird and when she landed, she lifted her knee and broke the thing in two. “I always wanted to do that,” Bucky grumbled through the mic as you used this to your advantage, landing a punch on the man’s cheek, ducking when he wildly slamming his fist towards her.
Sam fly towards the red head, gaining vengeance for his Redwing, by landing a hard blow to her chest, knocking her down. In the middle of the truck they began to quarrel whilst Bucky tried to wrestle with the two faceless people held him back, “Good of you to join the fight, Sam,” Bucky yelled,
You managed to get in the blindspot of the man, elegantly staying within it as he swirled his body around looking for you. You should have attacked, but you felt your blood freeze every time you thought about grabbing one of your knives or your gun. 
However, when your head Bucky grunting in pain and effort, whilst Sam got thrown onto the other truck where to other soldiers were waiting for him, you wrapped your hand around the knife handle.  You raised the blunt of it and landed a blow to his temple, knocking him to the floor and you took the opportunity to run to your fellow ex-HYDRA soldier.
However, before you could pass the red head, a shield cut through the air stopping you and bouncing off the chest of someone else on the other truck. Within the next breath, the man now known as Captain America jumped down onto your truck, immediately engaging in a fight with the red head, leaving you time to slip past. 
You threw a knife towards the one on his right, it narrowly missing his ear but his reaction was all you required. In his desperate attempt to keep the knife from implanting itself in his skull, he dived to the left, removing his hands from Bucky, how took a step forward.
Before he could shake the other, the metal Frisbee soared through the sky and hit the other person holding the Winter Soldier before it went back to the owner, who was joined with a man dressed in a bullet proof vest with red stripes. 
“Sam, John Walker, Captain America,” he introduced over the roaring wind, saluting slightly as Sam got to his feet on the horizontal truck. 
“Lemar Hoskins,” The second man introduced, neither even turning to Bucky or you. “Looks like you guys can use some help,” He observed when the red head jumped back onto the truck.
The redhead ran to John Walker, who landed a punch before she could get close -- throwing the shield towards Bucky and you, who dodge the metal, causing it to hit a man running towards the two. 
When the shield bounced, Bucky caught it, though John took it immediately afterward, causing Bucky’s face to scrunch. But something behind Bucky caught your attention instead -- Sam had been trying to fly away but two people in masks pulled him back down.
You hit Bucky’s shoulder and nodded to the situation, the two of you jumped to the other truck simultaneously. Upon landing, Bucky pushed one off the truck -- you landed a punch to the gut of the second soldier holding Sam down, causing him to roll. 
Your attention had been on your opponent, you only then noticed Bucky hangning onto the very bottom of the opposite truck. You went to step forward to help him but a solid punch landed on your cheek -- snapping your attention back onto your opponent. 
Instantly. a knife was within your grip and dodged his next punch. Whilst you were leaning on your side, you brought the knife down, slashing at his arm. You noticed Sam and Bucky rolling into a yellow field and you jumped from the truck also. 
Whilst they had landed with Bucky laying on top of Sam, you had landed on your feet, sauntering over to the two of them whilst desperately trying not to laugh. 
“Could have used that shield,” Bucky commented sharply. 
“Get off of me,” Sam bit back in a strained voice, feeling crushed under the other mans weight, pushing the ex-assassin off of him. Bucky lay on his back also, noticing you standing there with a smirk,
“Shut up,” He muttered to you
“Those were Super Soldiers,” You observed, 
“I know,” Sam agreed, “You’re welcome by the way,” The Flacon glanced at the other man,
THE THREE WERE WALKING ALONG A DUSTY ROAD TOGETHER IN PURE SILENCE. Eventually, you spoke, “We’re sorry about Redwing,”
“No you’re not,” Sam responded, neither you or Bucky could rebuttal that fact, “What’s going on in that big cyborg brain of yours?” He asked Bucky,
Bucky had been looking at the welt forming on your cheek as you walked, instead answering, “It’s computing,”
Both you and Sam chuckled at his words, “You know what? I can actually see it. I can see the gears turning. Oh, they’re malfunctioning, shutting down. Yep, they’re on fire.” 
“We gotta figure out where the serum’s coming from,” You said, trying to draw the attention from Bucky, who was getting irate at the comments. 
“Yeah. And how in the hell after 80 years are there eight Super Soldiers runnin’ loose?” Sam agreed but Bucky and you share a glance, both confirming to each other that they shared information. 
A car honked as it passed the three of you, Lemar and the new Captain America sat in the back, “So that didn't go as planned, huh?” The Captain jeered, he opened the back door, yet you kept walking, “Okay. Let's keep going.” He ordered the driver, who paced the car so they continued annoyingly at your side.
“Look, at least we know what we're up against now, huh? And we're pretty sure it's one of the Big Three, so...” John tried to spark conversation, 
“Aliens, androids, or wizards?” Sam questioned,
“Pretty sure.” 
“There's no such thing as wizards.” Bucky snapped his previous words, his flesh hand brushing against yours, as though confirming that you were still by his side,
“All right, then it's aliens, or androids...” Captain America was interrupted,
“Or Super Soldiers.” You cut in, 
 “Shit. Super Soldiers, for real?” Lemar asked, practically hanging from the army jeep,
“Yeah,” Sam entertained the conversation, 
John Walkers eyes widened as he breath-fully responded “Wow. All right, well, then we gotta work together.” 
“That's not happening.” Bucky inwardly chuckled, his eyes snapping to you when he noticed your hand coming up to your cheek, as though trying to wipe the dull pain away,
“I think we stand a much better chance if we all just...”
“Just 'cause you carry that shield, it doesn't mean you're Captain America.” Bucky snapped back, 
“Look, I've done the work, okay?”
Bucky was very quick in his response, “You ever jump on top of a grenade?”
“Yeah. Actually, I have. Four times. It's a thing I do with my helmet. It's a reinforced helmet. It's a long story, but, any... Look, it's 20 miles to the airport. You guys need a ride.” The three of you ignored his words, continuing to walk, “Guys. Gary, stop. Get in.”
The three of you glanced at each other before sighing, and getting into the jeep. Lemar and John sat on one side whilst you squeezed between the two men, “Okay, so we've got eight Super Soldiers on a bulk supply run. Why?”
“They say their mission is to get things back to the way it was during The Blip. Maybe they're just trying to help.” Sam revealed, it was funny seeing the man that had been so openly cheery to annoy Bucky, be so cold with the two men across from them.
“They had a funny way of showing it.” You bit underneath your breath, still subtly nursing the welt on your cheek, knowing you couldn’t heal it with the audience opposite you.
“That serum doesn't exactly have a great track record. No offense.” John responded, glancing at Bucky and you, though you only stared as a reaction -- your hand grabbing onto Bucky’s... to calm you or him you did not know. 
“We need to figure out where they're going. How'd you track 'em here? The Flag Smashers?” Sam continued to keep the conversation on a less personal topic,
“Uh, no, we didn't track them, we tracked you, uh, through Redwing.” Lemar responded,
“You hacked my tech?”
John chuckled at Sam’s blunt reaction, “Sorry. It's not exactly hacking. It's government property. Kind of the government.” John chuckled once again, before glancing at Bucky again, “Does he always just stare like that?”
“You get used to it.”
“Okay, look, you know, things have gotten kind of, uh...”John began,
His friend found the word for him, “chaotic.”
“Yeah. The GRC, they're doing the best they can to get things up and running smoothly, post Blip.” John continued, and you fought your eye roll,
“Reactivating citizenship, social security, healthcare. Basically just managing resources for the refugees who were displaced by the return.” Lemar revealed more information, though you knew it wasn’t the exact facts, rather an ideal, glamorised version of events, 
“The Global Repatriation Council does all that. I get that. So why exactly are you two here?” Sam questioned,
“Well, they provide the resources and we keep things stable.” 
“Yeah, violent revolutionaries aren't usually good for anyone's cause.” John agreed with his friend, though you just slipped further in your seat, feeling Bucky squeeze your hand,
“Usually said by the people with the resources.” Sam bit back,
“We got a lot of resources. If you guys, if you joined up with us, we could...” Captain America offered,
Together, you and Bucky interrupted with a snap, “No.” 
“I got mad respect for both of y'all. Sorry, I don’t really know you but I assume you’re the same as him.” Lemar addressed you though his eyes widened when he saw the tattoo creeping up your neck, “How old are you?” You didn’t answer, instead continuing to glare -- he hesitantly and uncomfortably moved on, “But you were getting your asses kicked till we showed up.”
“Who are you?” Bucky questioned,
“Lemar Hoskins.”
“Look, I see a guy hanging out of a helicopter in tactical gear, I need a lot more than Lemar Hoskins.” Sam said,
“I'm Battlestar. John's partner.”
"Battlestar?” Bucky chuckled at the name, “Stop the car!” he yelled, moments before you were planning to do the same, not wanting to be in their presence much longer,
Just besides a seemingly abandoned bus shelter, the jeep stopped, another road forking off to the left as you and Bucky jumped out,
"Look, I... I get it, okay? I get the attitude, I do. You didn't think that the shield was gonna end up here. I get it, Bucky. And I'm... I'm not trying to be Steve. I'm not trying to replace Steve. I'm just trying to be the best Captain America I can be. That's it. It'd be a whole lot easier if I had Cap's wingmen on my side.”
Sam scoffed, the last one remaining on the jeep with them, “It's always that last line." And the falcon joined you in your walking escapade. 
You and Bucky were many paces ahead and you deemed it safe enough to remove your stele from your pocket. It was a thin, pencil-like object that fit comfortably in the ridge of your fingers. 
You pulled up the material of your sleeve, bare skin already covered in black lines revealed. Methodically, you worked on a new symbol, a new rune -- one to heal. As the stele lit, your skin burned, a hiss erupted from your lips, alerting the man besides you, “What the hell are you doing?” Bucky hissed, instinctively grabbing your arm, trying to stop you,
“It’s okay,” You whispered, glancing upward at him, softening your eyes until he took a deep breath and removed his grip, though his concerned eyes remained on you, ready to intervene when he deemed appropriate, 
You finished burning the symbol into your skin and the burnt trails instantly turned black, “Look,” You offered, pulling your hair back and revealing the spot where the welt used to be -- now completely healed.
“Did--- did HYDRA give you that ability?” He questioned hesitantly, as though regretting wanting to know the answer -- but curiosity burned him.
“...yeah. I think it was the night after they took me from you -- the memory of you is still blurry but it must have been around the same time they told me SHEILD had you. I remember the anger, I wanted what they were going to give me cause they promised it would be enough to get you back -- and that’s all I cared about. The pain didn’t matter.” 
“Was their pain?” Once again Bucky was hesitant -- all you did was nod your head, ignoring the single tear that fell down your soft cheek. Instantly Bucky noticed and a voice screamed to him to change the subject, take your mind away from that bitter memory -- you had lived it once and once was enough. “Do you think you can walk the whole way? I can give you a piggyback?” He offered,
“You don’t--”
“I wouldn’t offer if I didn’t mean it. I’ve missed you growing up, I want as much as I can get now,” Bucky responded softly and hesitantly, you nodded, laughing as he crouched down in front of you... and true to his word, he carried you to the jet.
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rachaelswrites · 12 days ago
Fatws: Rewrite
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Warnings: Violence, fighting, mentions of dead bodies, small mentions of blood (nothing graphic) 
Tumblr media
You were snapped out of your thoughts by your dad pulling away from you and shaking you gently, “Y/n we have to get Walker. Do you want to stay here or go with us?” he asked. 
You shook your head, “I’ll go. I want out of here,” you said, already moving out of his grip. You saw Walker disappear between the buildings and you took off after him, Bucky close on your heels. 
When you, Sam and Bucky reached the warehouse that John ran to, he was already crouched in the middle of the floor, the shield sitting next to him. You grimaced at the sight of the blood covering the shield. 
Walker slowly looked up from the ground and at the three of you, “Time to go to work,” he mumbled. He stood up and walked towards you three, shield in hand. 
“Walker,” Sam said. 
“You guys should see a medic,” he said, “You don’t look so good.”
“Walker stop,” Sam said again. 
“What?” he nearly shouted, “You saw what happened. I did what I had to do. I killed him because he killed Lemar!”
“He didn’t kill Lemar,” Bucky said, “Don't go down that road John. Believe me it doesn't end well.”
“I’m not like you,” Walker spat. 
“It was the heat of the battle,” Sam said, trying to get Walker to calm down to avoid any type of outbursts from him, “If you explain what happened, they might consider your record.”
“We don’t want anyone else getting hurt,” you said, your eyes glancing back down to the bloody shield. The images of the Flag Smasher on the steps still burned in your brain. 
“John,” Sam said, “You have to give me the shield man.”
Walker looked up and his eyes scanned the three of you, his eyes full of malice, “Oh,” he said, “So that’s what this is.”
“You made a mistake,” Sam said
Walker looked right at you, then Bucky, “You don’t want to do this,” he said. 
“Yeah we do,” Bucky responded. 
You lunged towards Walker but, in response, he blocked you with the shield, sending you back a few feet. Sam and Bucky went after him while you picked yourself up while John knocked your dad to the ground. You joined his side as Sam tried to get the shield away from John. 
You went after John again, trying to kick the shield out of his hand but you slipped up and he grabbed you with his free hand, throwing you like a piece of garbage. 
While you gathered your strength back, Sam was knocked to the ground and your dad was now handling John by himself. He threw the shield into Bucky and sent him across the warehouse into a beam. You helped Sam up before hearing Walker yell, “Why are you making me do this!” and he sent your dad flying into an electrical beam. You saw the sparks from the beam itself and his metal arm, knowing it was probably now useless and it was up to you and Sam. 
Sam flew overhead to John while you ran towards him. Sam was knocked down and before John could slam the shield down, you tackled him to the ground and rolled away from him, not wanting him to get the upper hand on you. Even though you were focused on the fight at hand, your dad, lying in the corner of the room, was still in your mind. You made sure to take quick glances over to make sure he was still breathing,  Sam rolled away and got back up, joining you. 
“This isn’t you, John,” Sam said. 
“We could have been a team,” Walker said in between pants. He saw you in his peripheral vision, taking a set towards him so he launched the shield at you. You didn’t move out of the way in time so it struck you in the stomach, sending you backwards. The shield went back to Walker, whose focus was now Sam. 
You tried to get up but a sudden urge to cough sent you back to the ground. Small specks of blood landed on the floor and that was when you knew your fight was over and it was now Sam’s. You rolled over onto your back and tried to stay alert, just in case it came back to you. You were close enough to your dad that you crawled over to his side and gently shook him awake. 
His eyes slowly opened and he took in your appearance. There was blood at the corner of your mouth and bruises on your face. He sat up as his mind tried to focus on what you were saying, “He’s gonna kill him. We have to stop him.”
Bucky nodded in agreement but didn’t let you stand back up, “Stay down Y/n. You’re too hurt,” he pushed you back to the floor gently as you tried to get to your feet. You didn’t have enough time to protest before Bucky was tackling John to the ground after he tried to hit Sam with the shield again. 
After fighting Walker, your dad was back on the ground and you couldn't just sit by anymore and watch. You carefully stood up, and made your way behind Walker. You carefully wrapped your arm around his neck, not hard enough to stop his breathing but enough to let him know you weren’t messing around, “Give it up Walker,” you said harshly. 
He only laughed darkly at you before he managed to pull you off of him. You landed a few punches to his face, trying to get him off of your dad. In your fight, you grabbed a hold of the shield and pulled, Sam and Bucky joining you. Sam used his suit, which you hadn’t noticed were missing it’s wings, to his advantage before pulling the shield out of John’s grip. You ignored the awful sound that came from John’s mouth and you scrambled away from him. 
Walker stood up and walked towards you three, or more likely, the shield, “That’s mine,” he said lowly. 
“It’s over. You lost,” you said in between breaths. Even in a fight, you couldn’t help but try and get under John’s skin. It was probably your weakness but you had spent so many years in silence and you finally had a voice, you wanted to use it. You always spoke your mind, even if it got you hurt. 
Walker didn’t seem to like your comment, seeing as he cocked his arm back, “It’s mine,” he said as he tried to throw a punch at you but Bucky stepped in and blocked it with his metal hand. Bucky and you held him off until Sam flew in with the shield and slammed it into Walker, making all four of you hit the ground. 
After being slammed into the ground so many times in less than an hour, you weren’t sure if you would be able to get up without any help. Luckily for you, your dad, after picking up the shield and dropping it next to Sam, came over and helped you. You were laying on your back when you felt your dad’s hands on your side, “Can you walk?” he asked you. 
You nodded and he moved his hands under your arms and helped you to your feet. He let you wrap your arms around him and he threw one of his arms around your shoulder. You leaned most of your body weight on him, which was the only thing keeping you up as you walked out of the warehouse. 
Bucky gave you some time to rest and change before he was dragging you off to another adventure. You were able to bounce back quickly so you were ready, but Bucky had other plans. You and he were on a Wakandan jet, along with several members of the Dora Milaje. 
“When we get there, you’re staying here,” he said as he was carefully cleaning one of the wounds on your face. 
“I’m fine,” you said, “I’m going with you.”
“No,” he said as he set down the rag he was using, “You’re staying. Don’t argue with me Y/n.”
“Why can’t I go then?” you asked curiously. If you could take down John Walker, surely you could handle anything else. 
Bucky sighed before lifting your chin with his hand so you were looking right at him, “I’m going to deal with Zemo. You’ve dealt with too much so you’re staying,” he said softly. 
“If anyone should take care of Zemo it should be me,” you protested, “He tried to kill me.”
“And that’s exactly why you’re not doing it,” he said, “You’re unpredictable when it comes to him Y/n.”
“So it’s my fault? I’m not the one who holds guns up to kids’ heads, ya know,” you shot back, crossing your arms over your chest. 
“Don’t start this argument again. Zemo has messed with your mind so many times and I don't know what you’ll do around him and I don’t need him dead.”
“You’re not killing him?” you asked. 
“No,” he said back. 
“Why not? He deserves it!”
“Calm down,” he said, moving his hand from your chin to your shoulder, “He deserves to rot in jail and never leave. Death would be too kind for him.”
“Unless someone breaks him out again,” you shot back. 
“No one will break him out again. You have my word.”
“You owe me two things now,” you said. 
“Two things? What for?” he asked. 
“One, for helping John out and two, for not killing Zemo any chance I got,” you said, a smug look on your face. 
“Well I didn’t agree about that Zemo part”
“It took a lot of self control, Dad. Trust me.”
“Fine,” he grumbled, knowing you were right. 
Bucky didn’t tell you the details of what happened but all you had to know was that Zemo was secure at the Raft now. All that was left to do was take one more plane ride home and you were done. Sam had the shield and Zemo was locked up again. You and your dad could finally move on and be free of your past. 
When the plane landed, you thought it was New York but when a wave of heat and humidity hit you, you thought differently “Where are we?” you asked, “I thought we were going home.”
“New Orleans,” he said, motioning to a Welcome to NOLA sign, “I have to drop this off for Sam,” he pulled the case out from behind him. You weren’t sure how you missed him taking that onto the plane. 
“I wanna go home, Dad. I’m tired,” you whined like a child. 
“It won’t take long,” he said, grabbing your bag for you. 
“Your list of things you owe me is getting longer everyday, old man,” you teased. 
Bucky rolled his eyes as he walked away and towards the exit. 
You two showed up at the dock and looked around for Sam. You spotted him near a truck full of stuff and talking to two men. You two walked over and heard Sam asking how they would get this stuff off the truck. Your dad handed you the case and picked up the machine from the truck, easily lifting it onto his shoulder and setting it on the ground. 
“Your welcome,” you said as Sam turned to you and your dad. 
Sam looked confused as to why the two of you were here so Bucky took the case from your hands and set it on the back of the truck, “Just came to drop this off,” he said, “You sign for it and we can leave.”
Before Sam could say something in response, a nearby pipe creaked and started hissing, letting out some sort of gas or steam. 
“Sam!” Sarah yelled, trying to get him to do something. Sam ran over to the pipe and tried to tighten it. Bucky followed Sam to see if he could help while you stayed back. Boats weren’t really your thing so you thought it would be better handled by them. 
“Hi,” Bucky said to Sarah. 
“Hi,” she replied back. 
Bucky joined Sam and moved him out of the way, taking the wrench from him, “You gotta go up,” he said as he tightened the pipe and it stopped hissing. 
“Why didn’t you use the metal arm?” Sam asked. 
Bucky looked down at his arm, “Well,” he then looked back to Sam, “I don’t always think of it immediately. I’m right handed,” he replied. 
“So this is the boat?” you asked, joining both men, “It’s nice.”
“You don’t know the first thing about boats, do you?” Sam asked you. 
“I was trying to be nice,” you said. 
“Do you need any help?” Bucky asked Sam. 
Sam nodded and motioned for you to follow him. You followed but Bucky lingered near Sarah for a second, “I’m Bucky,” he said to her. 
“Sarah,” she said back. You looked over at Sam and held in your laugh when you saw his face. It was a mix between disgust, confusion, and protectiveness. 
Bucky was smiling when he joined you and Sam. You knew he was just messing around with Sam but it still made you let out a small laugh. 
Sam put you in charge of cleaning the things near the front of the ship. You had been scrubbing for so long that you were starting to get warm so you slipped off your jacket and threw it to the side, accidentally hitting your dad, “Sorry,” you said with a sheepish look on your face. 
Bucky rolled his eyes at you and tossed it aside, helping you out with your task since he finished his own. He was doing a lot better than you so you decided to let him take over and you sat on the edge of the boat. 
“Really? You aren’t going to help me?” he asked, sitting across from you. 
“You seem to be enjoying this,” you said, picking up a scraper and twirling it between your fingers making Bucky scoff, “What?” you asked, “Old habits die hard.”
“Give it here,” he said, waiting for you to toss it to him, “Let me show you how to do it better,” he took the scraper and flipped it once before stabbing the air, making you giggle. He flipped it again before tossing it back to you and watching you copy his movements, “Good,” he said. 
“Better watch your back,” you said, poking the scraper in his direction. 
“Right,” he said as he stood up and walked over to you, “Cause you’re so scary,” he pulled you up and into a side hug, “Let’s go see if Sam needs more help.”
After a long day of working on the boat, the three of you finally were able to sit back and relax. The two of them each had a beer and you were stuck with a cream soda. You didn’t see why you couldn't have a beer like them. You were technically over the age of eighty and the serum made it impossible for you to get drunk but Bucky still didn’t let you. 
After a while, Bucky glanced over at you and saw you were close to falling asleep. He had his arm around your shoulder and his hand was resting on your bicep so he patted your arm lightly to get your attention, “Well, we should probably get going now,” Bucky said as he stood up, letting you stand up on your own, “We’ve got a flight to catch tomorrow,” he clinked his bottle with Sam’s, “Probably get a hotel room for us tonight.”
“So you gonna set me up like that?” Sam asked, a smirk on his face. 
“Well I don’t want it to be awkward with your family,” Bucky responded. 
“Just stay here. Both of you,” Sam said, “The people here are the most welcoming people there are. Even to people like Oscar the Grouch over there,” Sam nodded his head over to you and Bucky looked. 
“I’m not a grouch,” you replied, “I’m an old lady. I’m allowed to be a grouch sometimes.”
“Thought you just said you weren’t?” Sam teased. 
“Whatever,” you said as you rolled your eyes playfully, sitting back down. 
“Told you,” Sam said.
Bucky laughed lightly, “I get it. I mean the people are nice,” he said. 
Sam laughed as Bucky turned to start going back towards the house, “But don’t flirt with my sister. If you do, I’ll have Carlos cut you up and feed you to the fish.”
“No,” Bucky said as he shook his head, “I would never do that.” he turned and started walking off to the house. 
“Don’t worry,” you said standing up, “I’ll keep an eye on him.”
“That goes for you too Y/n,” he said. 
“Umm your sister isn’t really my type Sam.”
“That's not what I meant. No flirting with my nephews.”
“Don’t worry about that,” you said, “Haven’t you heard that according, to our dear pal Bucky, I’m too young to even think about dating,” you joked. 
“Funny,” Sam said, “Why don’t you go with your dad then.”
“Will do,” you shot him a smile before turning on your heel and trying to catch up with your dad. 
“What did Sam want from you?” Bucky asked as you caught up with him. He opened the door to the house and let you walk in before him. 
“Told me not to flirt with his nephews. But don’t worry, I told him I wasn’t allowed to date anyway,” you said as you flopped onto the couch. 
“Glad you remembered that talk,” he said as he sat next to you. He watched as your eyebrows furrowed slightly, “What’s up?”
“Now that everything’s over I don’t know what to do,” you explained, “There’s so much stuff running through my head.”
“Like what?” Bucky asked, “Zemo stuff?”
You shook your head, “No. I’m okay with that now, knowing he’s in jail. I keep seeing the body of that Flag Smasher John killed. I’m scared that I’ll have nightmares again because of it.”
“I know I’m not the best person to help with those but how did you deal with them when I was gone?” he asked. He wanted to be able to help you through them now. He was your dad and it was his job to protect you. 
“Steve,” you said, “He always told me that talking about these things to people you trust is key. It gets it out of your head and into the open. He could always tell when I was hiding something and he made me talk to him.” You missed Steve so much. You hadn’t really talked about him since he left so tears started forming in your eyes. You tried to stop them but couldn’t. 
Bucky cupped your face in his hand and used his thumb to wipe the ones that had fallen onto your cheek, 
“Steve was right wasn’t he?” he asked, “Talking helped you?”
“Yeah. It might help you also, you know.”
“It might,” he said, “Or maybe I’m just a mess that can’t be fixed.”
“That’s what I told Steve. He said there’s always one person who can fix us. I think you’re that person for me, dad.”
Bucky’s heart melted at hearing you say those words. Even after everything that happened, and everything he had done to you as the Winter Soldier, you still trusted him with everything. Your secrets and your life, “I think you’re that person for me Y/n. You’re the thing that’s kept me going all these years. I can’t imagine you not being here with me.”
“Me neither,” you reached over and hugged him, your arms around his neck. 
He kissed the side of your head before returning your hug, wrapping his arms around you completely, “You ready to talk about it now?” he asked. 
“Do I have a choice?”
“Not really,” he let you go before turning to face you. 
You had fallen asleep a few hours into you and your dad’s conversation. You felt so much better about the whole situation and slept peacefully through the night. 
When you had fallen asleep, you and Bucky were still on the couch. Bucky didn't want to disturb your sleep, knowing you hadn't gotten much the past few days, so he carefully laid you down on the couch and managed to squeeze himself on there also. There wasn’t really any other place for him to sleep, since he was much larger than you. The original plan was for you to sleep on the armchair next to the couch. 
You were sandwiched in between Bucky and the back of the couch, creating the warmth you needed to sleep. You could never sleep if you were cold, even when you were a baby, so it’s why you spent most nights sleeping cuddled up to your dad or wrapped in a thousand blankets. 
Morning arrived and you were still out cold, not being a morning person. Bucky heard noises coming from somewhere nearby and he slowly opened his eyes, seeing Sam’s nephews playing with the shield. He smiled slightly at them, “Hey,” he said. He was using his metal arm to hold the blanket over you two so his other arm, the one that was holding you, was his only free one. He raised it and waved to the kids, careful not to wake you up. 
Bucky smiled even bigger when he watched the two boys panic and try to put the shield back in its bag. You stirred slightly, making the two bolt out of the room even faster. Bucky looked over at the shield then back to you. You had fallen back asleep so he carefully slid off the couch, making sure to keep the blanket on you. He got dressed and left the house to go and find Sam. 
You were woken up by something soft hitting your face, almost inhibiting your ability to breath, “Hey,” you shouted, pulling the rag off your face, “You almost killed me. Imagine if I didn’t wake up and I breathed that thing in. Boom! I’d be dead,” you said looking at your dad. 
“C’mon get up. Sam’s putting you to work,” he said, “Get dressed.”
You groaned and rolled off the couch, finding something to change into. 
Once you got dressed and ready, you made sure to grab the rag that had almost killed you minutes before and find Sam. He was putting you in charge of wiping off the parts of the water pump, the one thing Sarah had said wasn’t the issue. 
“If she sees us, she’s gonna yell at you,” you said, picking up a part and wiping it down. 
“No she won’t,” Sam said, “She’ll appreciate it. Just watch.”
You went back to cleaning while Sam and Bucky argued over how to fix the pump. You heard Sarah’s voice get closer and closer and knew Sam was in for it. 
“No. Nope, Uh un no,” she said as she approached the three of you, “I specifically told you the water pump was not the problem and to not touch it but here you are.”
“Hi Sarah,” your dad said, giving her a small wave. 
Sam shot him a look but turned to his sister, “In our defense, we were supposed to finish before you woke up.”
“I don’t come up to the sky and tell you how to barrel roll so you don’t come here and mess with things you don’t understand,” she said. 
“Wow,” Sam said, clearly offended. 
“Bye,” she said.
You set the rag down and stood up, “I told him it was a bad idea,” you said. 
“I’m sure,” she said to you, “Thank you, gentleman,” she said to Sam and your dad. 
They stood up and started walking, you right behind them, “Told you,” you quipped. 
“Whatever,” Sam said. 
You watched as Sam threw the shield and it bounced off the mats tied to a tree and came back to him. “Feels weird picking it up again,” he threw it again and this time, your dad caught it. 
“When Steve told me what his plan was, I don’t think we realized what it meant for a black man to be handed the shield. How could we? We owe you an apology,” Bucky said. He handed the shield back to Sam, “I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too,” you said. 
“Thank you. Both of you.”
“Whatever happened with Walker wasn’t your fault,” you said, “That shield is the closest thing left we have to Steve and a family. It’s important to us so when you gave it up, it felt like he was gone all over again. 
“That wasn’t my intention,” Sam said. 
“I know and I wish I realized that sooner instead of getting mad at you.”
“When you gave up that shield,” Bucky said, “It was like I had nothing left. I questioned everything. You, me, Steve, and Y/n. I have his notebook but, I thought if it worked for him it would work for me.”
“I understand why you’re both upset but Steve is gone. This might surprise you but it doesn’t matter what Steve thinks, does it?” He threw the shield and this time you caught it, handing it back to Sam. It didn’t belong to you so it felt weird holding it. Sam threw it and it was back in your dad’s hand, “Stop looking to other people to tell you who you are. Let me ask you something, Bucky.”
Bucky looked up from the shield and at Sam, “What?”
“You still have nightmares?” he asked. 
You looked up at your dad and waited for his response. You knew the answer and if he lied, you would know, “All the time,” he said truthfully, “It means I remember. Means that there’s still a part of me in there somewhere which means there’s still a part of the Winter Soldier in me.”
“But you’re not him anymore,” you said as he threw the shield and Sam caught it. 
“Ready for some tough love? Both of you?” Sam asked, “If you want to escape the hell you’re in, you gotta do the work.”
“I’ve been making amends,” Bucky said. 
“That’s not amends. That was avenging,” Sam argued, “You were stopping all the people you enabled as the Winter Soldier because you thought it would bring you closure. You go and say sorry to make yourself feel better but you have to make them feel better. There’s probably one person in there who you can give closure to.”
“Probably multiple,” your dad responded. 
“Start with one then. And you,” Sam said, turning to you, “You gotta stop worrying about your dad. He can take care of himself. I know what they did to him if you did something bad but that won’t happen anymore. Let him take care of you cause I can guarantee, he misses being a dad to you. He missed out on over half your life so let him be there for you now.”
“I can’t exactly change my ways immediately though,” you said, “I’m working on it.”
“Good. Things don’t have to happen overnight and you always expect them to. It doesn’t work like that and it’s time you accept it otherwise, it’ll hurt you in the future. And you’ve got a bright future ahead of you,” he said. You opened your mouth to protest but he stopped you, “Don’t say no to that. What did I just say? Stop looking at people to tell you who and what you are. That’s your decision now. Not HYDRA’s, not the government but yours.”
“You’re better at this than my therapist,” you said, “You just summed up what he’s told me over months in less than a minute. Thank you for sparing me the pain of seeing Dr. Kingston again.”
“Anytime,” he said while laughing. 
Bucky grabbed his bag and handed you yours, throwing his own over his shoulder.
“You know Karli won’t quit right?” Sam asked. 
“When you get a lead, call us and we’ll be there,” Bucky said, throwing his arm over your shoulder and walking, Sam right besides you. 
“Not as a team though,” you said, “We’re not that good.”
“Nope,” your dad said. 
“Definitely not,” Sam answered. 
“We’re professionals though,” you said.
“Definitely,” Sam said. 
“So partners?” you asked. 
“Co-workers,” Sam corrected. 
“But we’re also a couple of people who have a mutual friend,” your dad added. 
“But he’s gone now,” you pointed out. 
“So we’re just a couple of people then,” your dad said. 
“Perfect, I can deal with that,” Sam said, “Thanks for the help you two. I appreciate it.”
“Of course,” you said. Your dad smiled at Sam before clapping him on the back. The three of you parted ways, Sam going back to the house with you and your dad headed for the airport. 
“I just had a thought,” you said while walking. 
“Uh oh, what is it?” your dad said. You smacked him in the arm as he laughed at his own joke but he let you continue on. 
“I think I’ll let you off the hook for those IOU’s.”
“Why? I was actually looking forward to seeing what you came up with,” he said. 
You shrugged, “I just figured because you helped me last night that that covered them. I really appreciate what you do for me. Not just last night but for everything you’ve done.”
“That’s just my job, doll. No need to thank me for it,” he replied. 
“Can’t you just let me do something nice for you for once?” you groaned, “Please?”
“Fine. But just so you know, I wouldn’t hesitate to do anything for you. You know that right?”
“Of course I do, dad. And I’d do the same for you,” you said, leaning up and pressing a kiss to his cheek. 
Bucky smiled and ruffled your hair softly. The two of you reached the airport and boarded your flight, sleeping the whole way back home. After the last few days of chaos surrounding John and the Flag Smashers, the last thing you needed was to join another fight immediately. Too bad Karli didn’t think the same thing. 
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buckaroosplums · 12 days ago
Worried About You (Bucky x daughter reader)
Tumblr media
(A/N: I was planning on getting this out a lot sooner but life issues got in the way, but here it is. Finally! I’m also yet again relying on google for the Russian words, so I apologize if they are incorrect)!
WARNINGS: Anxiety around food, mentions of HYDRA
REQUEST: “Hello can I request a Bucky x Daughter Reader where he notices that she isn't eating that much because back when she was in Hydra she had to ration her food because they didn't give her that much and he reminds her that she's okay now. Thanks!”
Readers Age: 10 years old
Y/N= Your Name
Y/N/N= Your Nickname
кукла= Babydoll
Word Count: 449
Tumblr media
Bucky didn’t take notice of how much you ate until Sam pointed it out. Now Bucky realized not just how little food you ate at dinner time but throughout the day. Sure, your dad was very alert and observant of everything, he had to be for the past ten years of your life, starting with you being placed in his arms as a newborn, but the amount of food you were consuming completely flew over his head. 
You didn’t see the issue with not eating much, it was hard for you to eat, so you kept your portions of food throughout the day small without realizing what you were doing. It was not an uncommon thing for you to skip a few days of eating while you and your dad were in HYDRA. Over the years it had become a habit, what seemed to be an unbreakable one.
“Hey, doll?” Bucky called out from the shared kitchen in the Avengers Compound. 
“Yeah, Papa?” You asked from the living room, briefly peering up from your book to look at your dad, who made his way over to you. 
“Y/n, sweetheart, did you have anything to eat today?” He asked softly, laying down beside you. “No.” You mumbled, barely audible enough for your dad to hear you. 
“How come, кукла?” Your dad asked, using the Russian nickname he had given you as a baby. “ ‘m not allowed.” You said quietly, turning your attention back to your book. “What makes you think that?” Bucky asked, using his large and slightly rough right hand to gently pry the book out of your small hands. 
“Papa, can I have my book please?” You whined slightly, reaching for your book. “Just wanna talk to you кукла, then you can have it back if ya still want it.” 
“What do you want to talk about?” You asked as Bucky sat up to pull you into his lap. “You haven’t been eating much, doll, what’s goin’ on, hmm?” Your dad brushed the stray hairs away from your face with a sad smile. 
“It’s just, hard to eat.” You shrugged, relaxing into your dad’s chest. 
“Why’s it hard?” 
“I’ll get into trouble, Papa.” Your dad shook his head, “No, sweetheart, you won’t get into trouble for eating.”
The room fell into an uncomfortable silence, then it hit him. HYDRA.
“кукла, we aren’t in HYDRA anymore.” Bucky placed a soft kiss in your hair, before letting out a mumble, “You’re here with me and it’s safe now.”
 You nodded before your dad spoke up again, “You wanna have some plums with me?” Your dad raised his brow, making you giggle. 
“Sure Papa, I’ll have some plums with you.”
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Hi! So I’m sooo in love with Dad!Bucky! Sorry I ranted a bit 😅😅😅 Feel free to do whatever you’d like with this!!🥰💜
Can I please request a (Avengers au! Everyone lives au! Endgame never happened au!) Platonic!Dad!Bucky x platonic!Young teen!fem!reader where she is on his list of people he needs to make amends with. During his time as the Winter Soldier, he had taken out her parents on the orders of Hydra. As Bucky is making his way down his amends list, he gets to Y/n and he decides to foster her after finding her in a foster home. At the time, it was his way of making amends, by giving her a better life. She’s unsure about him at first but after awhile they start to bond (& she bonds with the Avengers too) and she starts to see him as her dad & he sees her as his daughter, Y/n starting to call him Dad. (Bucky would feel really guilty though 🥺). He tells her about what happened with her parents after she asks him when he’s going to adopt her, because he doesn’t wanna lie to her anymore🥺 She’d probably be in shock about what he tells her, but also mad because she’d think he only fostered her because of his guilty conscience 🥺🥺
Last Stop On The List
A/N: Thank you so much for this request! :) This is my first time writing a dad! Bucky fic and it almost made me cry lol. This idea was so sweet, yet so sad. I loved it. Again, thank you! I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated!!
Pairing: Platonic! Dad! Bucky x Platonic! fem! Teenager! Reader
Warnings: angst/fluff, mentions of death, cursing
This story may be triggering to some, so please read with caution!
Tumblr media
The blue paint on the wall peels off, revealing white cement underneath. Staring at the wall, you think about how you got here.
Nine years ago, your parents were murdered. No one explained to you how it happened, you were too young to understand anyway. Since then, you’ve been stuck in a foster home, waiting for anyone to adopt you, or at the very least, foster you.
Now at age 14, the day has finally come for you to go home with a new family. Or, as your caretaker told you, a new someone. A man by the name of Bucky Barnes has come to foster you.
“Y/N? He’s here. You have all your things together?” your caretaker, Maria, asks.
Gesturing towards your suitcase, you nod. “Is he strange?” you ask.
Laughing, Maria shakes her head. “Y/N, we wouldn’t let you leave with someone who we didn’t think is capable of taking care of you.”
As you walk through the bedroom door and into the hallway, you sigh. “I guess you’re right,” you say.
Reaching the stairs, you look down to see a tall man staring up at you. Immediately, your eyes lock on his left arm, the overhead lights bouncing off the metal and creating a glare.
With a small wave of his right hand, he smiles at you. “Hi… I'm Bucky,” he says.
Walking slowly down the stairs, you don’t answer until you’re standing right in front of him. “Y/N,” you say.
Nodding, he gestures towards the front door. “I uh, I filled out the paperwork already and I have the car outside in the parking lot.”
“Nice,” you say, looking away to stare at Maria.
Maria reaches over to give you a hug. You hold onto her tight.
“He seems like a really nice person, Y/N. Just try to give him a chance. If you need anything, you have my number,” she whispers into your ear.
“Thank you,” you whisper back. When she lets go of you, you walk back up to Bucky.
“Ready?” he asks.
You nod in response and grip your suitcase tighter. “Ready.”
Once in the car, you stare out the window as Bucky reverses out of the parking lot.
“So, Y/N, do you like ice cream?” he asks, paying attention to the road.
“Love it,” you respond. “Chocolate is my favorite.”
A small smile forms on his face. “Mine too. I know a small place nearby that has the best chocolate sundaes. Wanna go?”
Looking over at him, you smile. You haven’t had a sundae in a long time. “Yes, please.”
Bucky nods and turns the radio on. “To the ice cream shop it is then.”
As you drive away, you listen to the sound of “Hungry Eyes” softly coming through the radio, with Bucky humming along.
“And, this right here connects to this wire,” Tony says, guiding your hand to the right.
The lab door opens and Bucky walks in, heading towards you and Tony.
“Hey, munchkin, what’re you guys up to?” Bucky asks, looking at the tool in your hand.
You smile at the nickname. Bucky started calling you “munchkin” once he realized how much you love to eat munchkins. Not only does he call you that, but he also picks you up some for breakfast once a week. During that time, you both will sit and watch TV together, and eat the entire box. It’s one of your favorite traditions.
“Hey, dad, Tony here is just showing me how to build an arc reactor,” you respond.
“Which…” Tony looks down at his watch. “I’ll have to finish showing you tomorrow. I’ve got a date and you do not keep Pepper Potts waiting.”
After Tony cleans up the mess you two made, he stops and looks at you as he reaches the door. “Oh, by the way, whoever gets in the lab last tomorrow has to make the other person lunch.”
Chuckling, you look back at Tony. “Tony, you know I’m going to get here last. You practically live in this lab.”
“Exactly,” he responds. “See ya later, kid.”
Turning to look at Bucky, you shake your head. “I can’t believe him.”
Bucky reaches out to wrap his arm around your shoulder. “That’s Tony for you... Ready for ice cream?”
“Ready,” you respond excitedly.
It’s been two years since Bucky decided to foster you, two whole years since he picked you up from foster care. Ever since that day, Bucky makes sure to take you to the same ice cream shop you went to on the day you first met, and you both always get chocolate sundaes.
As you follow Bucky out of the lab, you run into Sam.
“Hey, kiddo,” Sam says. “We still on to play PS4 later?”
“You know it,” you say, smiling.
Sam smiles back at you. “Great, I can’t wait to kick your ass at Call of Duty.”
“Language!” Bucky says, moving his hands to cover your ears.
You shake his hands off you. “Please, dad, you act like I haven’t heard you curse before.”
Embarrassed, Bucky looks down at the ground.
“She’s got you there,” Sam says.
“Watch it,” Bucky replies, giving Sam a death glare. He guides you away, towards the elevator. “C’mon, time to go.”
“Bye, Sammie! See you later!” you yell, following Bucky out of the compound.
Sitting down outside, you watch as Bucky comes up to you, carrying two chocolate sundaes. When he sits down, he places one of the sundaes in front of you.
“Thank you,” you say, taking a large bite. “Mmm, this is delicious.”
Laughing at you, Bucky eats a bite of his own. “Glad you like it, Munckin.”
“Not much of a Munckin anymore, old man.”
“Please don’t call me old man,” Bucky says, dragging his hand down his face. “You sound too much like Sam.”
Shrugging your shoulders, you continue eating. “That doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to me.”
“It is, trust me,” he responds.
“Whatever you say.”
After a couple minutes of eating in comfortable silence, you look over at him with a curious expression on your face.
“I can see those gears turning. What’s on your mind?” Bucky asks.
“Why haven’t you adopted me yet?” you blurt out.
Bucky practically chokes on his ice cream, caught off guard by the question.
“Do you want me to officially adopt you?”
“Yes,” you answer with no hesitation.
Sighing, he swirls his ice cream with his spoon. “I knew this had to come up some day.”
“What do you mean?”
Looking up, he stares at you. It was now or never. “Y/N, I don’t know how else to say this but...I know who murdered your parents,” he whispers.
“What?” you ask, confused. “How would you know that?”
“Because it was me,” he says, voice so low you almost didn’t hear him.
“I don’t understand,” you say shakily.
“Me,” he says, voice louder than before. “I killed them when I was the Winter Soldier.”
Jumping up, you knock your chair over. “What? How could you possibly keep that from me?!” you yell.
Bucky stands up immediately. “I didn’t know how to tell you, Y/N. And, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, Munchkin. If I could take it back I would. I swear…”
You cut him off. “Is that why you fostered me? Because you felt guilty for killing my parents?”
Tears start to run down your face. “Did you feel so bad that you decided to raise me yourself?”
“No,” Bucky says, voice choked up with emotion. “No, I wanted a better life for you. A better life than what you were getting at that foster home.”
“Yeah? Well, at least the foster home never lied to me!” you yell. “Just take me home.”
Stepping forward, Bucky reaches out towards you. “Y/N…”
Snapping your head in his direction, you glare at him. “I said take me home. I’m done with this conversation. I don’t want to talk to you.”
Nodding his head, he follows you towards the car. You sit in the back, not wanting to be too close to him.
“Y/N…” he starts again, looking at you through the rearview mirror.
“Save it. Whatever you say won’t make up for the fact that you’ve been lying to me for the past two years.”
Deciding not to respond, Bucky instead turns up the radio slightly and drives off, heading back to the compound.
“Hungry Eyes” plays in the background as you look out the window, tears streaming down your face.
Peeking your head around the corner, you see Bucky sitting at the kitchen table, a glass of whiskey in his hand.
Walking up, you slowly pull out one of the kitchen chairs, startling him.
“Oh, hey, Munchkin,” he says sadly. “I didn’t hear you come in.”
“Hey,” you whisper back. The sad look on his face breaks your heart in two.
For the past month, you have been avoiding Bucky. Finding out he had lied to you this whole time had crushed you. But, after talking through it with Steve, you came to the conclusion that Bucky kept it from you because he figured he was protecting you. Besides, these past two years, Bucky has done nothing but make sure you’re healthy and happy.
At first, you were mad that he was the one who murdered your parents, but then you remembered it wasn’t actually him. What he did as the Winter Soldier wasn’t his fault, and you weren’t about to keep punishing him for it.
“How’ve you been?” he asks.
“Okay,” you respond. “I’ve been better.”
Finally looking up from his glass, you notice the dark circles under Bucky’s eyes.
“Guess I’m to blame for that,” he says.
Instead of answering, you slide the piece of paper you’re holding over to him.
“What’s this?” he asks.
“Adoption papers.”
Gasping, Bucky shakily picks up the paper. “You want me to sign this?”
You nod. “I want you to officially become my dad.”
“Why would you want that? After what I did?” he asks, sniffling.
“Because I realized that you meant well by keeping it from me. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t know how to tell myself either. And, I know it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t ask to become the Winter Soldier. It was forced on you. You had no say.”
Taking a deep breath, you continue. “These past two years you have shown me nothing but unconditional love and I am forever grateful. What happened is in the past. I’ve accepted my parents death… and, I need you to accept it too.” You reach out and grab his hand. “You’ve become a father to me, whether you like it or not. I love you and I’m sorry for not reaching out sooner.”
Placing his other hand on top of yours, he starts to sob. “Of course I want to be your dad. You mean the world to me. I know I can’t take back what I did all those years ago, but I will always continue to shower you in love. Yes, I felt guilty when I fostered you, but I just wanted you to have the best life possible. And, I knew you could have that here.”
“I know. And, it’s okay. I forgive you,” you respond, tears starting to run down your face.
You place a pen on top of the adoption papers.
“Will you do the honor of adopting me?” you ask.
“I would love to,” he responds, pulling you into a hug.
“Good... Also, can we get some ice cream later?” you mumble into his shoulder.
“Of course, Munchkin. Anything you want.”
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