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#bucky barnes x black oc
wintervvidow · 14 hours ago
apricity pt. two
apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter
warnings: angst, blood, violence,
pairing: bucky barnes x female oc
word count: 2,956
A/N: part two is here! I did unintentionally rush through this chapter because I am so excited to start the civil war segment of this story. feedback is welcomed, let me know how you are liking it! thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
Bucky’s cheek stung after the third slap from Pierce, the flesh bright red and warm to the touch. He continued fighting his restraints as he had been for the past hour. He had just been wiped, HYDRA needed to start fresh. Sweat trickled from his hairline to his jugular as he yanked and squirmed in the chair.
Alexander lost his patience an hour ago, Bucky hadn’t stopped talking about the girl on the bridge, “She doesn’t love you! If she did, she would have come back for you. We’re trying to correct the world, and we need you to do that. You want to be useful, don’t you?”
Bucky stared ahead emotionless, ignoring Pierce’s words. She loved him. Her eyes told him so, the look on her face from the bridge continued to haunt him even after being reprogrammed. He knew her. She was good. She was home.
A hand came down against Bucky's face again, harder than the last, “You are an asset. She is what we are fighting against. The world deserves freedom and that is what HYDRA is doing. You don’t do your part and I can’t do mine.”
Bucky softly murmured, voice raw from screaming, “But I knew her.”
Alexander clenched his fist as he stood from his chair placed in front of Bucky, “Wipe him again.”
Soon the air was filled with Bucky’s screams again, torturous and raw. Brock Rumlow looked on in silence, taking in the sight before him. This, he could work with.
The team consisting of Florence, Steve, Natasha, Sam, Maria, and Fury were littered throughout the vacant underground room, lights dim and the air heavy with stale humidity. Steve and Sam stood while the remaining few were seated at a long conference table. Fury had documents scattered in front of him, Maria with a laptop, typing away intently.
Fury held an image of Pierce from the ’80s in his hand, “This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize. He said peace wasn’t an achievement, it was a responsibility.” Fury threw the picture onto the table, “See, it’s stuff like this that gives me trust issues.”
Natasha speaks from her chair next to her fellow redheaded friend, a solemn expression on her face, “We have to stop the launch.” Alexander was planning on using Project Insight, which consisted of three helicarriers that patrolled the Earth to eliminate threats, deployed after the Battle of New York, only this time it was being planned to be used as a way for HYDRA to eliminate any threats to themselves. The operation was now turned against them.
Fury looked at Natasha with an eyebrow raised, “I don’t think the Council’s accepting my calls anymore.” He flipped open a briefcase, revealing three data chips.
Behind Florence, Sam spoke with arms crossed tightly over his chest, “What’s that?”
Maria flipped her laptop around, showing the team a diagram of data, “Once the helicarriers reach 3,000 feet, they’ll triangulate with Insight satellites, becoming fully weaponized.”
“We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own.” Fury gestured to the case in front of him.
Maria flipped her laptop back around, “One or two won’t cut it. We need to link all three carriers for this to work because if even one of those ships remains operational, a whole lot of people are gonna die.” The entire team grimaced.
All eyes were on Fury as he spoke, “We have to assume everyone on those carriers is HYDRA. We have to get past them, insert these server blades. And maybe, just maybe we can salvage what’s left.”
Florence and Steve shared a look, Florence knew Steve wouldn’t let that happen, “We’re not salvaging anything. We’re not just taking down the carriers, Nick. We’re taking down S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Fury snapped back at Steve, “S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with this.”
“You gave me this mission, this is how it ends. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s been compromised. You said so yourself. HYDRA grew right under your nose and nobody noticed.” Steve’s face was set, his entire body taking on the posture of command.
Fury gestured around the room with his hands before setting them back on the table, “Why do you think we’re meeting in this cave? I noticed.”
Steve’s face remained cold, “How many paid the price before you did?” Florence read between the lines, she knew what he was asking and it felt like a punch to the gut.
Fury bowed his head as Florence looked away, “Look, I didn’t know about Barnes.” No one did.
Steve scoffed, “Even if you had, would you have told me? Or would you have compartmentalized that too? Like Florence.”
“Hey, she did what she had to. You did not go through what she did.” Florence looked to Fury with kindness in her tired eyes, silently thanking him.
Steve interrupted the tender moment, continuing his speech, “S.H.I.E.L.D., HYDRA, it all goes.”
“He’s right. It all has to go.” All eyes darted to Maria, a silent understanding that Steve was right. This was the beginning of the end.
Fury looks around, eyes landing on Sam, “Don’t look at me.” Sam nods his head to Steve, “I do what he does, just slower.”
Steve stood at the head of the table, staring at Fury as he leaned back in his chair, “Looks like you’re giving the orders now, Captain.”
The team was given their tasks, parting their separate ways before the mission.
Florence found Steve outside, standing on the bridge lost in thought.
Florence sided up next to him, “Hey, I know you probably hate me right now, but-”
Steve cut her off, turning to face her, “I don’t hate you. I don’t. I’m just struggling to wrap my head around the fact that he’s been alive this entire time and you haven’t told one person. Not even me.”
“Steve, I tried. After I ran, I tried to go back for him but he wouldn’t let me; told me to run and to never come back for him. So I had to go into hiding. Seventeen years Steve. It’s not like I could walk into a government building and tell them without HYDRA catching wind. Hell, I could have been walking straight back into HYDRA. You have to understand that everything I’ve done has been to protect him. Everything.” By the end of the redheads’ speech, she was choking back tears, hands trembling at her sides. She bit her lip to quell the emotions running through her.
Steve placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, “I know, I know. I’m sorry.”
Silence fell over the two friends as both reminisced on the past, staring off into space.
Florence climbed the stairs behind Bucky and Steve to Steve’s family home. The mood was somber, Florence’s black funeral dress grazing her ankles as she stepped up the last step, standing next to Bucky.
“We looked for you after. My folks wanted to give you a ride to the cemetery.” Bucky’s tone was soft as he spoke to the heartbroken Steve.
“I know. Kinda wanted to be alone.” Steve stared at the ground as he spoke, never making eye contact with either Florence or Bucky.
Florence cocked her head to one side, gaze softly inquisitive as she looked at the small-statured man in front of her, “How was it?”
“It was okay. She’s next to dad.” The blonde’s tone was monotonous and quiet, understandably so.
Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “I was gonna ask-”
Steve cut him off as he reached his front door, hands fumbling in his pocket for the key, “I know what you’re gonna say, Buck, I just-”
“You can put the couch cushions on the floor, like when we were kids. It’ll be fun, all you gotta do is shine my shoes, maybe take out the trash.” Bucky reached down to move a brick, grabbing the key to the door and handing it to Steve, “Come on.”
Steve took the key, finally looking him in the eye, “Thank you, Buck. But I can get by on my own.”
Florence looked to Bucky, silently telling him to comfort their friend. Bucky nodded, speaking again, “The thing is, you don’t have to.” Bucky’s large hand clapped Steve on the shoulder, “Cuz me and Florence? We’re with you till the end of the line, pal.”
The moment was broken up by Sam, approaching the two old friends, “He’s gonna be there you know.”
“We know.” Both Steve and Florence were painfully aware of that fact.
“Look, whoever he used to be and the guy he is now, I don’t think he’s the kind you save. He’s the kind you stop.”
Steve looked to Sam, “I don’t know if I can do that.” Florence knew she couldn’t. Everything she has ever done, Bucky has always crossed her mind- how to help him, save him, protect him; always concerned about his well-being. And now she was forced to go against him.
“Well, he might not give you a choice. He doesn’t know either of you.” Sam twisted the knife with his last sentence, Florence and Steve grimacing at one another.
Steve spoke, looking at Florence for a last time then at Sam, “He will.” The blonde looked over the bridge, “Gear up. It’s time.”
The team changed into their gear and split up to where they were appointed: Natasha infiltrating a meeting with Alexander as a congresswoman with Fury as backup and releasing all HYDRA files, Maria preparing to order the attack to bring down the helicarriers, and Steve, Sam, and Florence to board the helicarrier to replace the targeting blades.
Sam called out to Steve as he walked away, "Wearing that?"
“No. If you’re gonna fight a war, you have to wear a uniform.”
Florence ran through the ship deck as fast as she could, doing her best to not get shot. Her earpiece kept her up to date, Natasha had just started releasing all of the files; her and Natasha’s secrets were now public along with the rest of HYDRA’s. Steve had already made it to the helicarrier, the redhead had gotten caught up with a HYDRA agent on the ground.
Florence was late to the party, Steve, and Bucky already furiously exchanging punches. She got to the top of the carrier as fast as she could with the help of Sam, her feet moving without thought. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Sam deploy his parachute after being kicked off by Bucky, now he was grounded.
Steve and Florence were on opposite ends of the carrier, Florence quickly making her way toward the two men.
Bucky threw Steve off of the top-level, Steve landing below with a thud, shield long gone in the Potomac beneath them.
Florence stared ahead, Bucky finally noticing her arrival. Both looked at the other in silence, gauging the situation at hand. His eyes were void of all emotion, this was not Bucky. The Soldier had a mission to kill her and Steve. Florence had a mission to keep Bucky alive, no matter the cost. If he was alive that meant there was hope to save him. You can’t save a dead man.
The silence was erupted by Florence, her mouth moving before her brain could stop, "Bucky, don't do this. You don't have to do this."
Tears welled up in her eyes unwillingly, the dam threatening to burst. Even if she knew deep down that he had been alive this entire time, a sliver of her always thought he was dead. Maybe her subconscious came up with that thought to protect herself, to make herself feel better about not being able to get him out. And she did try to get him out; she tried like hell. The first five years of her seventeen-year stint of being on the run was the worst. She was constantly moving locations, barely sleeping. And when she did sleep, she dreamt of Bucky- he was always screaming at her to go, save herself, and leave him behind. That was a detail that she would never tell Steve; if they even made it out alive of this situation. Steve wouldn’t understand, he was too stuck in his ways, he would have tried to get him out anyway. He would disregard any command in order to save Bucky even if the demand came straight from Bucky’s mouth. He would never truly understand why Florence did what she did. Maybe it was better that way.
He furrows his brow, lines etching themselves between his steel-blue eyes, "You're my mission."
A single breath is taken before he swings at her, metal arm glinting in the light as she dodges his punch, sweeping under his outstretched arm. She wasn't going to fight back. She couldn't.
Bucky turns violently, eyes hard, set on her. He lunges again as her weapon clatters to the ground of the helicarrier. Now Florence was defenseless. Although it's not like she was fighting back anyway. She'd let him kill her. If that kept him alive, she'd do it. It's not like he remembers her anyway, you can't mourn a person you don't remember.
She takes three steps back, her back colliding with the wall behind her as Bucky stalks forward. His breath fans across her face as he stands in front of her. She notices a stall in his motions, practically seeing his brain malfunction. His head was fighting with his heart.
A fist flies next to her head, Bucky purposely missing as he punches the wall again. His face twisted in pain, he was fighting himself. He couldn't do this. He knew her. His body knew her, pieces of memories played through his brain as he continued to punch the wall, a ring, her hand in his, dog tags being placed around her neck, all of it hurt. Florence was frozen in place as Bucky's fists continued flying next to her, "Go! You need to go!"
He remembered her.
Just as Steve ordered Maria to fire at the carrier, Bucky shoved Florence, causing her to tumble over the edge, joining Steve at the bottom of the carrier as it went up in flames. The carrier was under fire from all sides, jostling violently, causing Bucky to fall along with her. He landed away from Florence and Steve, being pinned under the debris.
Steve got to his feet, swaying as he stumbled over to Bucky who was struggling under the weight of the metal beam. Steve wedged the beam up, freeing Bucky. The girl remained on the ground, curling into a ball from the pain of the impact of the fall.
Florence rose to her feet as Steve told Bucky that he knew them. Bucky’s metal arm reeled back, punching Steve in the face as he screamed, “No I don’t!”
“Buck, we’ve known you your whole life.” Florence’s voice trembled as he hit Steve again, effectively knocking him to the ground.
Steve stood again, “Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.”
Bucky punched Steve in the face for a final time, the force knocking him off the carrier and into the river below. Florence scrambled to stand in front of Bucky, making him really look at her. To truly see her, to see what he was doing. Her face was bleeding, soot smudged across her forehead, sweat mixing with tears and blood flowing down her face.
“I’m not gonna fight you. I love you.” Florence’s body shook with sobs as Bucky tackled her to the ground.
His frame towered over hers, his body heaving as he spoke, “You’re my mission.” His fist flew next to her head, once, twice; never actually hitting her. Florence could see the struggle in his eyes. He was a broken man without a home.
“You don’t love me. You left me!” Bucky’s fist continued flying next to Florence’s head, the plexiglass cracking. Pierce’s words looped in his mind, she didn’t love him. She left him. She abandoned him. She was his mission.
Florence took a heaving breath in, “Yes I do, I do love you. I tried to get you out, I did, you wouldn’t let me, I tried, I-” Bucky interrupted her by pressing his flesh hand against her throat and applying pressure.
He leaned down, only inches between their faces as he applied more pressure around her throat and choking her. He grit his teeth as he choked her harder, brunette hair dangling in his face. This was it. This was Florence’s last chance, “It’s okay. It’s okay. I love you, it’s okay.” If these were the last words Bucky would ever hear from her, she was okay with that. She needed him to know that it was okay. He was doing what he had been forced to do, it wasn’t him. She needed him to know that she understood.
The hand from her throat disappeared, Bucky leaning back above her, staring at her with glassy eyes. Florence struggled for breath as she watched Bucky process her words. Debris fell around them, Bucky hovering over her to protect her from the falling particles. A large engine fell next to them, shattering the glass and sending Florence falling straight into the Potomac, Bucky hanging onto the carrier from a beam as he watched his lover fall into the water below.
Bucky dragged Steve out of the water with his metal arm while the other balanced Florence against his shoulder, ignoring the burning pain of his flesh arm as her head rested on his neck. He placed the two unconscious Avengers on the riverbank, taking one last look at them before he disappeared, becoming a ghost yet again.
Tumblr media
taglist: @tanyaherondale   @lilyviolets   @jckie94
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deexchanel · 4 days ago
Charm Bracelet
Word Count: 2,406
Warning: Fluff, Angst, and Swearing.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes| BlackOC
Summary: Last part
A/N: Surprisingly I don't have anything to say.
Part 1, Part 2
Tumblr media
"I had the perfect opportunity so I took it," Bucky smirked then he walked over to the stood sitting down. He took in her appearance.
"Why do you have Steve's shield and Thor's armor?"
Charm strike a pose," I look good in it don't I?" She giggled then took another scoop of her ice cream. "I couldn't sleep so to entertain myself, I took their stuff. I'm having a blast in it!"
"You do look good in it." Bucky agreed making a big smile form on her face. "What kind of ice cream you're eating?"
"Well I normally eat vanilla ice cream with melted buttercream icing cake on top  but I forgot to pick up a cake today so I'm eating Tony's caramel ice cream instead."
"Caramel? You actually like that? I prefer cookies and cream."
"Basicccc! Caramel is superior just like Vanilla."
"Vanilla is good but it can't top cookies and cream."
"What is this foolishness you're speaking of!" Charm mocked as if she was Thor making them both laugh. After placing the shield down, she opens the bottom drawer to get the cookies and cream out.
"Oh, you actually had some?"Bucky asked leaning forward over the island to see what else it was. Nothing caught his eye that he wanted so leaned back in the chair and she closed it back.
"Yes, Tony and I come to eat ice cream when we both can't sleep. So there are about 10 different flavors in there. We like to try new things." Charmaine passed him the spoon and Bucky takes the top off, digging in. She took in his appearance while he ate, Bucky eyes were red in the corners with bags under them.
Bucky slowly ate on his ice cream getting antsy from her staring as if she noticed something on the side of his face, "Charm is there something on my face? You're staring really hard."
Charmie blinked out of her trance," Bucky why aren't you getting any sleep?"
"It's that bad huh?"
"No! It's- fuck I-I didn't mean to ask that personal question. You don't have to answer. Sorry."
"It's fine. I don't mind answering it but if I tell you about me, you have to tell me about you. Back story and all." Bucky said sitting the spoon down twisting the chair facing her. He twists her chair so they could be face to face. She gave a small smile.
"Okay, I will tell you all about me."
She hasn't opened up to anyone but Tony. Charmaine didn't really have any friends since staying in the tower. So there wasn't anybody to open up to. But this shouldn't be hard for her, she trusted Bucky. " Should I go first?"
"Yeah, you can if you want?"
"Yeah, I don't mind." Charmaine cleared her throat. 'This should be easy' She thought to herself. Bucky grabbed her hands for comfort.
"If it gets too hard, you can stop okay? I don't want to make anything worse. I'm here for you."
Charmaine nod her head," Okay so my full name is Charmaine Raleigh Morgan. I'm actually from Louisiana. My favorite food is mac and cheese, I only eat ice cream with cake, I love dogs, my favorite colors are white and gold, my zodiac is cancer. I was an only child because my parents always worked. The person I use to call my dad got this big promotion here so we moved. When we got here, I lost my friends due to distance and enrolled to NYU."
"My sophomore year, my class took a trip to Stark Tower. I actually ran into Tony that day and he was in shock because I didn't know who he was. He gave me an internship that lasts until I graduate."
Charmaine began to fumble with Bucky's metal fingers," My 'father' lost his job and things start to go downhill. I didn't have enough money to stay on campus so I had to come home every day. He started to drink and soon influenced my mother. Soon one by one things in our house start to turn off or disappear."
"I was wearing the same clothes, not eating, took showers in public showers. It was the lowest time in my life and the only reason I was still in college was because of my smartness and scholarships. I missed coming to the tower like two weeks straight and it worried Tony."
"One day he called my phone nonstop but I didn't receive them because my phone was turned off because we didn't pay the bill so he pulled up to my house. F.R.I.D.A.Y had found my location." Charmaine giggles remembering that day. Her breath hitches as she continues to tell the story.
" Me, Tony, and Happy spent the whole day together plus I met Peter. When I came back home, my parents were so drunk they thought I was an intruder. I-I walkthrough the-the door and my father held me a gu-gun point. My mother was yelling at him to shoot me. Ignoring my cries and pleads, he shot me in the shoulder..."
She looks down at her lap, tears blurred her vision as her breathing quickens. Bucky's hand cupped her face pulling Charm closer to his face.
"Hey, Hey, look at me. It's over, you're safe okay? I'm here to protect you."
Her teary brown eyes looked up into his. Charm nodded letting herself calm down. Her breathing went back to normal and Bucky used his thumbs to wipe away her tears. She took a deep breath and wraps her hand around his metal one pulling it back into her lap, fumbling with it.
"So that's why I'm not a huge fan of guns well only the ones that are aimed at me. I'm so grateful for Tony saving me that night. He's the best person. But enough about me, tell me about you. I want to know everything."
Bucky cleared his throat "Alright, my full name is James Buchanan Barnes. I don't have a favorite food but I do like tiramisu, I guess my favorite color is blue. I'm 106 years old born in 1917."
"I can make you tiramisu if you like? and that's so cool, you've probably seen everything."
"Yeah, I would love that. I was enlisted in the army and assigned to 107th." Bucky rubbed his thumb on top of her hand. "My regiment was captured by HYDRA, where I was given a variant of the super-soldier Serum by this guy name Arnim Zola. "
"Me, along with whoever remained from my regiment, were later rescued by Steve, who had become Captain America during my absence. Steve and I formed our team which was the Howling Commandos, to battle Red Skull's forces." Bucky bit his lip as the conversation got touchy. Charmaine understood and spoke up.
"Bucky you don't have to finish if you don't want to."
"I'm alright. I can finish it. On our final attempt to catch Zola, I fell from a train that was hundreds of feet in the air." Bucky rubbed his mouth with his free hand. Charmaine pulled his hand to her chest gasping.
"I survived cause of the super-soldier serum but Hydra captured me. I was subsequently brainwashed and armed with a new cybernetic limb to become their operative, known as the Winter Soldier."
"As Sam would say, I have killed everyone I met but it wasn't my fault. I wish I could make everything right but life doesn't work like that."
"I have nightmares about missions that I've done. It happens every time I go to sleep so I barely get any rest." Bucky explained and Charmaine let out a little yawn. She pulled his metal hand to her face cuddling it.
"Well, I have a solution."
"And what is that?" Bucky raised an eyebrow. Her actions made him feel better about his arm. He's never had the baby treatment from anyone.
"To deal with nightmares and anxiety. I sleep on the floor with a light and tv on sometimes." Charmaine said letting out another yawn. "It helps most of the time."
Bucky checked the time on the clock which said 4:57 a.m. "Well let's try this out cause I really don't want to sleep in my bed."
"Okay, I'll grab some blankets, you get comfortable."
"Will do."
Charmaine let go of his hand then went over to the couch pulling out a draw that was under the couch. She pulled out a big blanket and a little one. Bucky came over and helped her layout the big blanket. 2 minutes later, they both were on the floor.
Tv playing softly in the background, kitchen light on, blankets covering up their torso. She laid on her side, comfortable while Bucky kept tossing and turning. Charm sat up crossing her arms over her chest.
"Take your shirt off."
"You're not comfortable so take your shirt off. I'll take my mine off cause I know I get hot." Charm said then pulled the armor over her head leaving her in a sports bra. His eyes adverted everywhere but her chest trying to be respectful. Bucky sigh pulling his shirt off then laid back down as well as she did.
She grabbed his metal arm placing it under her head. Bucky worried to himself that it would be uncomfortable for her.
"I'm comfortable Bucky. Go to sleep."
"You sure?"
Charm rolled over to where her face met his neck, gently she ran her fingers over the flesh that that met metal. "Does that hurt? Can you feel it?"
 Bucky kept his eyes on the ceiling, "Yes I can feel it a little bit but no it doesn't hurt."
"I know this is too late to ask this question but do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, I actually don't have a girlfriend."
"Good, I can do this because it looks so uncomfortable," Charmaine lifts her head up kissing the weird ropes on his shoulder. " I hope that makes it feel better."
Bucky smiled feeling her soft lips against his skin," Feels so much better. Thank you."
"You're welcome, I'll do it as many times you need me to. I want you to be comfortable." Charmie kissed his cheek. "Goodnight."
Bucky kissed her forehead, "Goodnight doll."
Around 6:30 a.m. Steve walked into the living room dressed in exercise clothes seeing them on the floor. He laughed to himself.
Charmaine was sprawled out with the shield over her face to block the light. Bucky laid on his stomach sleeping soundly. Natasha walked in seeing them as well.
"Is that Barnes and Charm asleep on the floor?"
"That is Barnes and Charm sleeping on the floor," Steve said with a humorous smile. He went over to them ruffling Bucky's hair making him shift a little in his sleep. Steve lifted the shield off of Charm's face.
"Charm Bracelet."
Charmaine opened her red eyes from the lack of sleep. "Hmm?"
"Nothing. I'm just doing the same thing that you did to me." Steve winked making her groan. He laughs letting the shield down.
Natasha walked over to the fridge grabbing some water laughing at Steve from what he said," What did she do to you?"
"She came in my room all hyper waking me up, asking for my shield."
"Wow. I think it was her I heard moving around last night." Natasha said with a humorous smile then took a sip of water.
"Nine times out of ten it was her." Steve laugh then they both walked to the training room.
"Barnes. Charm get up! Kiddo you slept through your alarm and class." Tony said shaking their shoulders. She yawns sitting up then her eyes widen. Charmaine scrabbles to grab her phone.
"What time is it? I'm going to be late for class."
Tony rolled his eyes going to the kitchen, "It's 12:28 p.m. kiddo. As I said, you overslept."
Bucky sat up covering his face with his hands. He looked around stretching his arms in the air. Everything from last night starts to flood in. That was the best sleep the both of them have gotten in weeks. Hence why both of them have red eyes.
"I'm sensing you guys were sleeping really good. Both you have red eyes." Tony said pouring himself a smoothie in a cup. Charmaine calms down rubbing her face when she saw the email from her professor saying that it was no class today.
"I'm ignoring you I hope you know that," Charmie said to Tony while swiping away on her phone. She turns to Bucky who turns towards her and they make eye contact.
"Your eyes are so red." She giggled pointing to his eyes. He gave a smile holding a finger to her face. Only Charm was able to make him smile, she had that effect on him. Bucky's morning voice caught her way off guard.
"Your eyes are red as well. Plus you have indents from my arm on the left side of your face. On the right side is from the shield straps."
She giggled but inside Charm was trying to hold her composure from his deep sexy ass voice.
"Alright, alright enough with the being cute. Get up so we can begin training." Tony said taking the last sip of his smoothie. He walks from behind the island to in front, leaning against it. He was for sure that she was going to love what he had to say next.
"You and Barnes have training to do for the upcoming mission."
Charmaine gasp in shock trying to process what he said. She got up running over to Tony hugging him while jumping up and down.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Omg."
Bucky saw their little moment so he gave them their space going to his room so he could get ready.
"I thought about it and it's your life, you're 21 so I can't control you. Only protect you the best way I can." Tony said placing his chin on top of her hair as they hugged.
"I love you so much, dad. Thank you so much for everything."
Tony was shocked that she called him that, he hugged her tighter," I love you too kiddo."
This chapter was good.
Stay slutty my friends.
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deexchanel · 4 days ago
Shit Bucky!
Word count:
Warning: Fluff, Angst, and a nightmare swearing.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes|BlackOC
Summary: This is part 2
A/N: I really hope you guys like it. This is what Charmaine looks like but she can look like whoever you think she should look like!
Part 1, Part 3
Tumblr media
Laughter from the living room had awoken Charmaine from her nap.  She rolled over, checking the time on her digital clock that sat on her nightstand.
6:28 P.M.
Charmaine groaned holding her growling stomach, "Yeah I need to go cook now." She took the covers off herself getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. The brunette walked down the hallway going straight to the kitchen.
The team was sitting around talking in the living room as she passes them. Charmie took her ingredients out of the refrigerator placing them on the counter.
"You enjoy your sleep Charm?" Scott asked grabbing her attention. Charm stopped what she was doing, squinting her eyes trying to see who was talking to her.
"Scott I don't even know why you said something, she hasn't fully woken up yet so she can't see. Blind ass." Tony said drinking some of his beer. The team let out a laugh and she flipped him and whoever else was laughing off.
Yawning, she stood on her tippy toes trying to grab the pot that was on the rack above the stove.
"Need help?" A deep voice said from behind scaring the shit out of her. Charm clutched her chest turning around swiftly to see Bucky standing there with his hands in his pockets.
"Shit, you scared me! You can't just do that to people. Bout gave me a damn heart attack."
"I'm sorry, I uh came to throw away my trash and grab another beer from the fridge. I didn't mean to scare you, Charmaine." He scratched the back of his neck with his gloved hand. Charm smiled seeing how he was acting. She could tell that he was quiet and probably preferred to be by himself but if he was around people he knew, he probably wouldn't shut up.
"It's fine Bucky, just give ya girl a warning next time. You move so quietly like an assassin or something and yeah you can help me. Grab that big pot right there, please!" She pointed at what she needed. He reached up grabbing the pot with ease.
"Sorry. Anything else?"
"Oh don't think you're leaving, you staying your ass in this kitchen to help me." Charm grabbed the pot from his hands so she could fill it with water. Bucky was lost for words not knowing what to say. He didn't mind helping, he just didn't know how to cook so he didn't want to be in the way.
"Before you say anything, no you won't be in the way. I really need the help, I know Peter won't help because he probably doing homework. Plus I'll be able to get to know you  more." Charm said in a voice soft with affection turning away from the sink. A smile was on her face to show genuine it was.  Bucky couldn't fight a smile off his face seeing hers, he hasn't even known her for a full day and she was already pulling him in.
"Okay, I'll help. I guess getting to know you is a bonus. What do you need me to do?"
" Yay! First, gloves, jacket, and shoes off in my kitchen!" Charm said playfully but she saw him hesitate. "I want you to be comfortable, whatever it is I won't judge because who am I to do that?"
Bucky bit his lip thinking about it. 'what if she's scared of my metal hand and doesn't want anything to do with me?'
'What if she makes jokes?'
'What if she looks at me in disgust?'
Charm grabbing his hands pulling him out of his thoughts, "Bucky don't overthink okay? It's me, just your average dark skin joe. Trust me."
He gave a small smile then pulled back so he could take off his things.  When he was finished, Bucky looked at her nervously for a reaction to his metal hand since he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Charmaine gave him a big smile grabbing the metal hand.
"I love it and I'm not just saying that just because. No, I really love it and if you don't mind, be prepared for me to always touch it. Does it hurt? Where does it stop at?"
He takes her hand guiding it up just past his shoulder, "This is where it stops." Bucky releases her hand to let Charm feel it on her own. " I don't mind you touching it and no it doesn't hurt."
"Wow," was all she said, Charmie stared at it like a little kid on Christmas. She felt all the weird ropes where the flesh meets the metal."Does it ever get uncomfortable at times?"
It was so pleasing to Bucky to see how gentle she was being with his arm, "Yeah sometimes but I'll tell you more about it later. I suggest that we get started on dinner."
Charmaine laughed passing him the chipotle peppers, "Let's get started shall we?"
Bucky gave her a genuine smile taking the peppers," We shall."
"It smells delicious in here Champagne," Peter said as he came into the kitchen. Charm was wiping the island clean while Bucky swept the floor. He took the lid off the pot but she smacked his hand away.
"Unt unt nope. Get your sticky fingers away from the food Bucky and I diligently prepared. You have to wait until everyone gets in here. Thanks for the compliment though."
Peter whined like a little kid, "But Charm...'
She shook her head," No now go take your shoes off, you know how I feel about them being in the kitchen."
"Ugh Okay." Peter rolled his eyes leaving out of the kitchen. Bucky put back the broom in the closet then walked over to Charm, who was stirring the stew so the meat wouldn't stick to the bottom of the pan. He could talk to her for hours, Bucky loved the sound of her voice.
"Champagne is another one of your nicknames?"
"Yeah but Peter is the only one that really calls me that."
"Oh, so what does your boyfriend call you?" Bucky cringed realizing what he had just said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ask you a personal question like that. I uh..."
"Bucky stop apologizing it fine." Charm laughed finding interest back into his metal arm so she picked it, guiding her hand over it. "To answer your question, I do not have a boyfriend. I'm not really focused on that right now. What I am focused on is graduating from college."
"It smells good up in here!" They heard loud mouth-ass Sam walking over to the kitchen. She looked up at him with a smile.
" We will have to finish our get to know each other conversation later. Is that alright?"
"It's perfect," Bucky said with pleasure. Charm pulled him into a hug smelling his amazing cologne. He smelled mango with pineapple, it reminded him of the beach. Bucky felt like he could hold her in his arms forever. She didn't want to let go but she knew Sam would say something stupid. In the nick of time, the two of them pulled apart.
"Sam I know you just didn't walk into my kitchen with your shoes on!"
Everyone munched away happily on their birria tacos. At the table, Charmaine sat between Bucky and Peter across from her was Steve.
"I've never had these before. They are so good."Clint said then took a big ass bite from his taco.
"I know you haven't. I try to bring different food options to dinner every night." Charm grinned taking a sip of her drink. "How long are you guys supposed to be staying?"
"2 months, the max 3. This kind of a big mission so that means all hands on deck." Tony spoke wiping his mouth with a napkin.
"I'm just staying for the weekend, that's all," Peter said and Charm poked out her lip.
"Only for the weekend? Ask May if you can stay longer."
"I'll try Champagne."
"Thank you for cooking this Charmaine. This is really good." Bruce said nodding his head at her.
"Awe stop you're going to make me blush." She laughed waving him off.
"So Charmaine what you do for a living?" Sam asked making Bucky rolled his eyes. It seems to him he was trying to shoot his shot or something. The winter soldier crossed his arms over his chest, not taking his eyes off Sam.
"Other then take care of Tony? I am a full-time college student who loves to cook!" Charmaine smiled. Bucky noticed that her eyes sparkled every time she talked about cooking or food. " I want to own my own company or restaurant, but I do like helping people with like a mini therapy. I'm a good listener."
"Good so you can listen to Steve when he rambles about world war 2," Natasha smirked drinking her wine. Steve scoff in protest.
"I do not ramble about World War 2. I just talk about all the memories I have from being there."
"Ramble," Natasha muttered making Charmaine laugh.
"Steve I'll definitely listen to you talk about WW2, I don't mind."
Steve's face turned bright pink, "Aww thank you Charm."
Charmie blew him a kiss, "Your welcome, my darling."
"First Barnes, Wilson now Rogers. Thor, you bet not flirt with my daughter."Tony huffed rolling his eyes and shaking his head.
"No, but if she doesn't mind, can she make me some pop tarts from scratch? I prefer strawberry." Thor asked looking at Tony then Charm.
"I've never made that before but it's a first time for everything so yes but you'll have to help me." Charm held the thumbs which is what he did in return.
"Great! Can't wait."
Even though all the conversations, she noticed how quiet Bucky was being. She placed a hand on his forearm, "Hey you okay? I gotta check you every other minute because you'll get really quiet on me and I don't want that."
"I'm fine and sorry, it's a habit of getting quiet. I don't be trying too."He said scratching the back of his neck. She noticed that he does that a lot plus saying sorry too.
"Stop apologizing!" She laughed.
"Sorry!" He laughed because hers was so contagious. Charm shook her head still laughing.
"Has everyone had their seconds?" Thor said looking at everyone's plates." I want some more."
"I want some more too!" Scott claims, setting his fork down. "What's for dessert?"
"Just get some more guys. I'll cook some more if it's not any left and someone wants some. Whatever in the freezer Scott." Charm assured and Sam nodded getting up from the table. "Back to my questions, if anyone doesn't mind answering, what is this mission about?"
"Hydra bases is kidnapping people using the scepter to give them powers or to brainwash them," Steve explained. Charm felt Buky tense beside her when he mentioned brainwashing. Silently she moved her hand from on top of the table to under it, grabbing his normal hand.
She rubbed circles on top of his hand with her thumb. That seemed to calm Bucky all the way down, the events from hydra were still on his brain. He wanted to just forget it all but he couldn't because it was still his past.
"We need to retrieve the scepter so I can take it back to Asgard," Thor informed.
"And taking down the Hydra bases as well. Are you joining?" Natasha asked eating a piece of taco off the fork.
"Ye-" Charm was cut off by Tony.
"No, she is not coming."
"Tony I got a mouth. I know how to use it. Anyway."
"I'm using mine too that's how I'm saying that you're not going."
" I could be extra help, Tony. Natasha could teach me a few tricks up her sleeve."
" I honestly don't give a damn what Romanoff teaches you. Charmaine, you're not going and that's the end of the conversation."
"Ugh, Tony I can take care of myself. I don't need you to protect me all damn time." Charm lets out an angrily frustrated groan getting up from the table. She walks to her room, slamming the door behind her. Angry himself, Tony gets up going to his workshop locking himself away for the rest of the night.
"Champagne are you alright?" Peter's voice was heard from outside the door taking herself out her thoughts. Charmie paused the movie so he could hear her response.
"I'm okay. I'll come to your room when I'm done being upset okay?"
" Okay." Then she heard his footstep retreats down the hall.
Around 2:30 a.m. Charm was up going to the kitchen. While pulling out the ice cream from the freezer, she came up with her brilliant plan.
"Steve," Charmie whispered poking his face. He was laying on his side so she was laying on hers facing him.
"Steve wake up."
Steve's blue eyes fluttered opened but they droop from him being asleep," Charmaine why do you keep poking me?"
"Can I hold your shield?" Charm asked propping her head up with her arm. Steve looked at her blankly.
"Yes, Charmaine you can hold my shield. Don't lose it."
Charmaine gave him a big smile then kissed his forehead, "Thank Steve!"
He waved her off then rolled over. After getting out of the bed, she pranced over to his shield happily grabbing it. Next, she went to Thor's room.
"Thor?"She poked his face. He was sleeping on his stomach so she got in the bed on the side where his face was. He grumbled something but didn't wake up.
"God of thunder."
Thor's blueish-grey eyes opened then gave her a blank face when he realized who was waking him up.  "What is it you want Charm?"
"Can I wear your armor?"
"No. What time is it?"
"Does time matter right now? No but what do matters is, I want to wear your armor."
"Why are you so hyper right now?"
"Can I wear it, Thor? Please?"
Thor closed his eyes sighing "Fine. Don't mess it up."
Charm kissed his forehead, 'I won't!"
Charmaine danced in the kitchen eating on her ice cream. The cape was flowing behind her and the shield was strapped onto her left arm. Music playing softly from her phone speakers, she dipped another scoop of ice cream.
"You're my mission!" Bucky yelled angrily with each hit he took on Steve.
Bucky sat up gasping for air, looking around in a dark room scared him shitless. He scrambles out of the bed to turn on the lights in the room. This was the third nightmare he had tonight so he had to get out of bed.
Sleeping in that bed wasn't helping with his anxiety. He shook his head rubbing his face. Bucky went into his bathroom grabbing a hair tie, the hair being in his face was irritating.
Bucky quietly walked down the hall thinking he was the only one up. A smirk played on his lip when he saw Charm dancing around the kitchen.
"Charmie what are you doing?"
"Shit Bucky don't do that!"
I hope you guys like itt!! Enjoy
Last chapter going up in a few minutes.
Stay slutty my friends.
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deexchanel · 4 days ago
Word Count: 2,067
Warning: angst, some fluff
Pairing: Bucky Barnes| BlackOC
Summary: The beginning so read to find out.
A/N: I know I'm posting a lot today cause I'm really bored and I don't want to keep you guys waiting! I'm going to post the first three chapters of this, if you guys like it then I'll continue with the rest of the chapters. I wrote this book on my Wattpad but never published it sooo enjoy!
Part 2, Part 3
Tumblr media
"That's all for today's class. Tomorrow we will be going over how to manage a company. Stay after class if you have any questions, or to turn anything in. Enjoy the rest of your day!" The professor said, sitting her papers on the desk. Charm smiled to herself, getting out of that hard-ass seat she has been sitting in since 8 a.m. that morning. It was Thursday, so today and tomorrow, she only had one class.
Being a senior in college and being an intern was hard on her most time, but it was manageable. She was Tony's intern and he treated her like a daughter most times. Charm wants to own her own networking company, and one example is Tasty (please tell me you guys know what that is!). A food network like that is one of her biggest dreams.
"Shit! I need to stop by the store and grab some softshells for the birria tacos." Charmaine mumbled, packing her things up in her bag. A hand grabbed her shoulder, making her turn around puzzled.
"Charmaine, hey, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to hang out with my friends and I tonight?" One of her classmates asked, gripping on his bookbag strap. His name was Tyler, and every time it close to the weekend, he always asks her the same question but in different ways. Charm always turn him down nicely because he wasn't her type.
"Not this weekend-"
"You have some intern stuff with Tony Stark. You say that every time I ask you, like why do you keep lying about living there?" Tyler taunted, crossing his arms over his huge chest. "I don't see how you can stay there with his conceited annoying ass."
Charm tilts her head picking up her bag, "See, I was going to let you slide with the saying that I'm lying about staying there, but you crossed the line with talking about Tony. Look, mother fucker; you don't know shit about me, so get your desperate ass out of my face. Don't ever in your damn life disrespect Tony cause he could buy your whole life. Giving me very much little dick energy."
She scoffs then pushes past him so she could leave the class. Tyler grabs her forearm, gripping it tightly.
"Look, you little-"
Charm balls up her fist, preparing to punch him, but the professor interrupts them.
"Is everything alright, Mr. Adams and Ms. Morgan?"
Charmaine snatches her arm away from the irritating guy giving a fake smile to the instructor.
"Everything's fine, just having a conversation."
After that little issue, Charmaine was at Trader Joe's getting ingredients for tonight's dinner. On the menu, it was Birria Tacos. She tries to bring flavor to Tony's taste buds, not all of that gluten-free shit. Charmie fixes every dinner, snack, lunch, breakfast, and anything that would come to mind for good eats.
Even though it was only 12 in the evening, she wanted to be prepared for dinner. Charmaine bobs her head to the music was playing in her AirPods. Her message notification pauses the music, so she pulls out her phone.
Parker - Can you pick me up from school? I told Aunt May that I was coming to the tower today but forgot to tell Tony to tell Happy to pick me up. I know you do your daily grocery shopping around this time.
Champagne- Yes Peter I will come to get you, if not I'll tell Happy.
Parker- What's for dinner tonight?
Champagne- Birria Tacos. I've only had them once so I'm going to watch a youtube video and make them from scratch.
Parker- What's Birria Tacos?
Champagne- My point exactly! This is why I try to get you guys to try new food. You'll find out tonight.
Parker-  Okay well I'll eat whatever you cook. It always tastes good.
Champagne- Thanksss Petey.
Peter- You're welcome! I think the team is supposed to be coming in tonight for a mission so be prepared to make extras
Champagne- Noted.
Charmaine has yet to meet any of the avengers; she heard that it was a lot of them. Meeting them was the last thing on her mind at the moment; the future C.E.O was focusing on her schooling, so if they were to come tonight, it would be her first time meeting all of them except Bruce.
They had their separate lives, so only Charmaine and Tony stay in that huge tower by themselves. Bruce comes to visit here and there but never stayed any more than a month or two.
She started being Tony's intern at the start of her sophomore year, but previous horrible incidents had her move in the tower at the beginning of her junior year. Charm and Tony are inseparable, like father and daughter. 
Being in the tower, just the two of them would get boring at times, so she started to learn combat in the training room. Safe to say, she was advanced from starting to train in her sophomore year.
"Hi F.R.I.D.A.Y.," Charm greets, walking through the living area so she could get to the kitchen. "Could you tell Tony I'm back from classes and grocery shopping?"
"Hello Charmie, will do." The A.I responded. She had got Tony to program it to where it just call her by her name instead of Ms.Morgan.
She placed the bags on the counter then begin to take items out to put them in their respective places. When Charm was finished, she went upstairs, changing into a black sports bra and black biker shorts with some running shoes. Stopping by the kitchen to grab a yeti for her water.
Walking in the training room over to the treadmill, she placed the yeti in the cup holder pressing on to power the treadmill.
Charmaine ran to release the anger that was held in her from the issue from earlier with Tyler. Like who he was to disrespect Tony like that?
Now Stark may seem like a narcissist to the media, but he is a sweetheart and the best friend a person could ask for. It seems like hours while she ran, making her lose track of time. Her message notification pauses the music in her AirPods once again.
Parker- Are you on the way to get me?
Charmaine's eyebrows furrowed in confusion until she looked at the time. It was 2:15 and his school gets out at 2:30.  "Ah crap! I forgot about that."  She thought while getting off the treadmill.
Grabbing the yeti, she rushed to leave out the training room; if she grabbed her keys in the next minute, she could make it to the school.
When she opened the door, she was met with a redhead who quickly pulled out her gun, aiming it at Charmaine.
"Who are you? Why are you in our training room? Who gave you the clearing?"
Charm points at her with her free hand, "Hold the fuck up; who are you? I'm not a threat, so you can lower the gun."
"Answer the question, then I'll think about lowering the gun." The redhead shrugged, taking the gun off safety. Okay, now that made Charmaine's heart quicken; last time she was in a position like this, the turnout wasn't good.
"Wait just ease it with the gun."
Charmie choked, trying to get her words out; holding her hands in front of her. A blonde hair man walked into the room; he looked familiar to Charm, but that wasn't the point.
"Natasha, put the gun down! That's Charmaine, the one that Tony took in."
Natasha lowered the gun tilting her head to the side," Hmm, so this is her? I never looked at the pictures Stark sent, so I didn't know. Sorry, Charmaine."
"I-It's fine." Charmaine panted, placing her hand over her beating heart. She rubbed her face as memories from that night begin to flood in.
"Charmaine?! Can you hear me?! I should've back sooner! I'm so sorry, Charm. Keep your eyes open for me!" Tony hovered over her; when he lifted his hand, it was covered in her blood.
"To-Tony?" Charmaine stammered as her eyes could barely stay open. He was placing pressure on her wound to keep it from bleeding more.
"I'm here Charm. I'm always going to be here now; save your energy to keep your eyes open." Tony reassured, and you could hear the sirens in the background coming closer.
-Flashback over-
Tony looked his intern-like daughter in the eyes while she was sitting on the chair beside the island. It was like she was in a haze as her eyes stared off in space. Steve brought her over to the seat so she wouldn't fall or pass out while standing up.
"Charmie," Tony whispered, gently rubbing her face. "Charmie, come back to earth."
He knew already what she was thinking of, which wasn't the first time she was going into this trance.  The team stood around quietly, not knowing what to do since this is their first time meeting her except Bruce, but he's never seen her do this before.
Charmie closed her eyes for a couple of seconds then opened them, showing her beautiful brown eyes again. She looked around confused for a second.
Tony gave a smile, "There she is! I thought I lost you for a second. Is there anything I need to do?"
"I'm good; I think I need to go lay down." She gave a small smile then realized the things she had on her list to do.  She got up, looking for her phone, "Shit! I forgot I was supposed to pick up Peter, study, and cook dinner for everyone. I can't go to sleep now."
Tony held her phone up in his hand," No ma'am; you're going to bed. Peter called me, and I sent Happy, so he's on the way."
"But-" Charm starts, but he cuts her off.
"No buts, bed. Now."
Charmaine knew he was right, so she sighs not even wanting to argue.
"I'm sorry about what just happened. That was not the proper way to introduce myself." Charm spoke, looking around at everyone.
"It's fine. Just glad you're okay, ma'am." The blonde buff man said, nodding his head towards her. She gave an amused smile.
"Ma'am? I am not that old."
"Excuse the Smithsonian, he's a very polite person, but his name is Steve. I'm Sam." Sam smiled, pointing at himself, then pointed at the long blonde hair. "That's Thor."
"I could've introduced myself. I'm Thor, son of Odin." Thor smiled, introducing himself.
" Hi Steve. Hi Sam, hi Thor." Charm waved at them.
Sam proceeds to point at the guy with long brunette hair; he said a solemn look on his face. "That bionic staring machine right there is Bucky."
Bucky crossed his arms over his chest, "That is not what I am."
Sam pointed at another guy with blonde hair.
"That's Clint."
Clint waved, and she waved back. He pointed at a short hair brunette man," That's tic tac or also known as Scott."
"I thought we agreed that you would stop calling me." Scott huffed.
"Never. Anyway, that fine sexy ass redhead is Natasha. I like me some of her." Sam said, then bit his lip, nodding his head at Natasha. She sighs, shaking her head, but you could see a little blush on her cheek.
"Don't listen to him, but I'm sorry about earlier. I really am."
"It's okay, Natasha. Well everyone I'm Charmaine, but I feel like we're going to be family, so you can call me Charmie or Charm. It really doesn't matter. I'll see you after my nap that I'm forced to take!" She smiled, waving goodbye; charm kissed Tony's cheek then head down the hall to her room.
"It's for your own good!"Tony replied.
"Bye Charm!"  the team said, but Sam just had to be extra.
"Sweet dreams, Charm bracelet!"
She laughed, closing the door to her room. After taking a good shower, she got into bed, and not even minutes later, she was out like a light.
I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter.
I really liked writing it.
The next chapter is basically mingling time with the team and bucky.
See how I separated those two? *Wink*
We would know her back story in the next chapter or two. I don't know yet.
I just pray you guys don't think this is another corny tony stark daughter story😭😭
dedicated to @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms . she replied back to message when none of my friends did with the decision on posting this💕
Stay slutty my friends.
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kj-1130 · 9 days ago
Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
     At 19, Christine never expected to be where she currently was. Instead of spending her time at college parties or planning out her marriage (something her parents wished for her to do), she was attempting to run away.
     She just wanted to do her own thing. She was tired of trying to fit everyone’s standard of who they wanted her to be. She was tired of considering everyone’s thoughts and feelings and opinions except her own. 
     Christine was just utterly exhausted.
     There was only so much more she could take until she snapped. 
     At age 21, Christine began to make a name for herself. 
     At first, it was making street medicine. When people caught wind of what she was doing, many were crawling towards her, desperate to do her bidding and help themselves grow as well. 
     It was where she first started really. One person suggested the idea of making it a small gang and everything just seemed to grow from there. 
     The gang developed from street deals into the very beginnings of a whole cartel within just a year. With that ‘pre-cartel’ brought a lot of enemies and people who were envious of Christine’s success. 
     She doesn’t think she’ll ever forget how her first taste of revenge felt. 
     On October 31, 1996, someone thought it would be a good idea to try and sabotage her. Christine had been sabotaged one too many times whether that be self-sabotage or by a member of her previous community. 
     The fact that they thought they could trick her--that they thought she was so foolish. It made her angry. Absolutely livid. 
     The woman watched as her henchmen dragged in the scum by the shoulders and dropped him on the floor. She watched them kick him in his ribs. She heard each satisfying pop of his bones. 
     She watched as her right-hand men forced him to stand. And then, she watched him slit his throat with a kitchen knife. 
     Christine remembered tilting her head, watching the man bleed out. Then, she grinned. 
     Watching him suffer made her happy. What a great birthday that was. 
     It was December 31, 1998.
     Christine had thrown a party for the New Year. Her place was filled to the brim with high-up partners and clients. Strobe lights flashed and the floor vibrated with the bass of the music.
     She had just pushed one of her wing-women against the wall, nipping at her neck. It wasn’t uncommon for her and Adeen to mess around every once in a while. It was a great stress reliever in their opinion.
     At the entrance, two bulky men stalked in, looking as if they were hunting for their next meal.
     They searched the dance floor, trying to avoid the sweaty bodies and sky-high patrons who could barely stand on their two feet. 
     Just as Christine was placing her lips on the woman in front her, a tap reached her shoulder. The leader dropped her head down with a sigh, before turning around to face the men with an annoyed look. 
     “We need you to come with us.” 
     After a moment’s consideration, she turned back around towards Adeen and tapped her cheek. She gestured towards her henchmen and leaned towards her ear. 
    “You know what to do,” Christine whispered. 
     Her wing-woman nodded in response and walked off, but not before giving the two men that interrupted their time together a dirty look. 
     The leader waltzed off of the floor and headed towards her private office without so much as a glance. 
     “What can I do for you, boys?”
     “Bogomolov has a proposition.”
November, 2000
     Christine watched as the other scientists strapped down the young boy to the metal slab they called a table. 
     The woman couldn’t care less about his little screams of terror or the thrashing of his limbs. She just hoped they wouldn’t have to sedate him because she had other ‘projects’ of hers that needed to be tested and not enough time in the day. 
     “What number is this?”
     A gravelly voice spoke. 
     The scientist looked to her right and connected gazes with a tall man that had a dark and mysterious demeanour.  
     She looked back down at her tablet after assessing him with her eyes.
     “I don’t care about who it is. I just need him to sit still so I can see if this stuff works or not.” 
     The man whistled lowly and raised his eyebrows in response. 
     “Feisty,” he muttered. 
     Dropping her arms to her side, Christine looked up at the stranger with an annoyed look on her face that she didn’t even bother trying to hide. 
     “I’m sorry. Did you need something?”
     “Nah,” he said, shaking his head with a small smirk. “Just wanted to meet my new lab partner.”
     “Excuse me, new what?”
January, 2003
     If there was one thing Christine hated, it was James. They had been working together for almost three years now and she still couldn’t stand his cocky little attitude. 
     They had just been called Bogomolov’s office and walked on opposite sides of the hallway to get there (well more so Christine than James. He just found it all amusing.).
     When the two arrived they were greeted with the older man and files. 
     “You two have an undercover mission.” 
     “Ah,” Christine interrupted. “I don’t do missions, especially not with him.”
     “I wasn’t asking,” Dima responded, raising an eyebrow as if challenging her. The woman huffed and flopped back into her seat. 
     “As I was saying, I need you two to grab some intel for me.” 
     “May I ask where?” 
     The old gentlemen turned towards James with a blank face. 
     James looked at him in confusion.
     “Now stop interrupting me. You’re going undercover as a couple. A party in Canada.” 
     “That’s quite vague,” Christine mumbled.
     “You leave tomorrow.”
     The two stood and made their way to the exit, one with a frown on their face, the other with a giddy smirk. 
     “Oh cheer up, princess. You get to spend some one-on-one time with me!” 
     “Yeah, that’s the part I’m dreading.”
February, 2003
     She hated James. Hated him more than anything on the planet at the moment. 
     How dare he let her sleep with him while they were both drunk. I mean, yeah it was good but that doesn't mean she necessarily wished for it to happen!
     Storming down the hall, Christine banged on his bedroom door. After a couple of seconds, the door swung open and the woman barged in. 
     “If I end up pregnant, it is all your fault!” 
     “Woah, woah, woah,” James exclaimed with his hands raised in mock surrender. “Cool it, princess.” 
     Deeply annoyed, Christine took in a deep breath to contain the urge to knock out his stupid, perfectly straight teeth. 
     “Wh-why did we do that?” 
     “Well you were all up over me, mama,” James said with a cocky grin. “I was just following your orders.” 
     The woman opened her mouth to reply but instead was fighting the urge to gag. 
     “I am too nauseated to continue this right now.”
     Christine made her way to the man’s bathroom and hunched over the toilet. 
     “Fuck you, James!”
December 22, 2003
     Christine screamed in agony as she was told to push another time. 
     “I’m going to chop your testicles off!” 
     “I’m sorry! What do you want me to do?” 
     “Just hold my hand.” 
     James held out the appendage and winced as the woman in labor latched onto it with a death grip. 
     It was five grueling hours that Christine had been in labor and she had only recently started pushing. 
     It was another hour until the woman held her baby for the first time. 
     As the newborn drifted off to sleep, the scientist looked up at James with a small smirk on her face. 
     “You thinking what I’m thinking?” 
     With an identical expression, the man locked eyes with her. 
     “You know I am.” 
     “So she was born into HYDRA,” Sam started. “That means there most likely won’t be many records of her existence.” 
     “Poor girl never stood a chance,” Natasha muttered, flipping through the few notes they were able to retrieve. “Says here, they were attempting to create connections with the deceased.”
     “With everything we’ve experienced, I wouldn’t be surprised if they found a way,” Wanda stated, slumping back in her spot.
     As everyone continued to look through box after box, Bucky sat in his seat trying to remember. 
     A lot of it was fuzzy, but thankfully there were a few breakthroughs.
     He remembered hearing Karima and whoever W1498 was, having many conversations together. He remembered the countless times one tried to take the punishment for the other. 
     But the most prominent thing was when they talked about the voices. 
     Bucky can still faintly hear the whispers of Karima saying, ‘the voices are so loud,’ or ‘can you keep it quiet, Zee?’
     “W-we never talked about why she was doing this,” he spoke up.
     “Didn’t you say you were pretty sure these were revenge killings?”
     Steve asked. 
     “Buck’s got a point,” Sam spoke. “I mean, if it was revenge, wouldn’t she have been at least a good halfway through the staff by now?” 
     They all sat back and thought. 
     “You did say she was talking to this ‘Zee’ person when she said she wanted to make them hurt like they hurt them, right?” Natasha asked. 
     “Yeah but we can’t ignore the part where she said it felt like her heart stopped,” the former winter soldier spoke.
     “My thing is,” the red-head started. “Is that if these were revenge killings, why would she go after W1498’s handler? They probably rarely made any contact.”
     Steve turned to face his friend who had his eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. 
     “Any more memories, Buck?”
     “I remember Karima talking about voices and asking ‘Zee’ to make them stop.”
     Rustling paper broke them out of their little huddle as they directed their attention towards the witch.
     “Says here that W1498 got moved out of that base around Christmas of 2018.” 
     “Didn’t Fury start sending surveillance over there around January this year?” the captain spoke.
     Wanda nodded in response and flipped through more documents. 
     “Last record of movement was said to be around February. Doesn’t say what happened to all of the people or why the base was suddenly abandoned.”
     “So if our girl was close with W1498,” Tony started. “It coulda really pissed her off when they moved ‘em.” 
     “What if Karima’s looking for her?” Sam suggested suddenly. “I mean, you have W1498’s relocation which Karima would’ve suffered from. ‘Zee’ practically helped her with whatever ‘voices’ Bucky was talking about. They took the one good thing from her; it would make sense if she snapped.”
     “That would explain why she went after their handler,” Natasha added. “She had no idea of her friend’s whereabouts ,the obvious choice would be to go to their handler and at least try to get some information.”
     “What about the sudden abandonment of the base?”
     “We don’t know the full extent of her powers,” Steve said. “We don’t even know how she killed the agent.” 
     The captain looked around at the few Avengers who were spread out across the common room as a pang of hurt stuck him. 
     He simply took a deep breath and stood. 
     “Let’s take a break. We’ll regroup either later today or tomorrow.” 
     With that, everyone left, ready to take advantage of the rare relaxation they had.
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 | 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘥𝘣𝘰𝘢𝘳𝘥
previous part here!
pairing: bucky barnes x black o/c
summary: peyton meets bucky for the first time and bucky meets peyton for the tenth.
word count: 2,241
notes: this is a series called 'The Archer," click above for the previous part.
Peyton noticed him; hell, how could she not. The cafe wasn't big at all. It was the exact opposite. With its 20 person capacity limit and six tables, including the bench outside, there was no hiding in the Davis Family Cafe. And the man who sat in the corner every day was no exception. Often Bucky would watch Peyton or her mother, Adrianna, with his intense blue eyes, sending shutters down their spine. It had been the beginning of week three since he had started visiting them, and today Peyton had had enough. She would talk to him, confront him if she had to.
Peyton burst through the kitchen doors, wiping her wet hands off on her worn-down strawberry print apron."Charlie, I'm gonna do it," Peyton blurted.
"Do what exactly?" Charlie muttered. Her striking green eyes never leaving the fresh cinnamon roll she was icing.
"Confront him.' Peyton told, taking a sip of her hours-old coffee. "Confront Blue Eyes, I mean."
Charli snickered, brushing a loose piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. "Is that what we're calling him now?" She said, pushing her iced cinnamon rolls into the warmer.
Peyton rested on the flour-dusted counter. "I've always called him that—besides, have you got any better names?"
"Hm. Touche," said Charlie, glancing over her shoulder.
"Great, now give me a cinnamon roll." Peyton grinned, her palm covered by a plate that she held out in front of Charlie.
"I think you can ask a bit nicer," Charlie smirked, dancing around Peyton with the cinnamon roll clasped between a pair of tongs.
Peyton took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the baked goods that surrounded her. "Charlie, may I please have the cinnamon roll you are holding hostage from my clutches so that I can give it to the strange man who sits in my cafe every day." She asked in a robotic tone.
Charlie dropped the cinnamon roll onto her plate, tilting her head to the side. "Fine—but we're working on your manners, young lady!" She shouted, pointing at Peyton with the pair of tongs she held.
"Pff. I have manners! So many that I think that could be my superhero name." Peyton boasted as she walked backward.
"We aren't the avengers, Pey," Charlie said.
Peyton shrugged, her lips pulling tightly together. "I know—because if we were, we would have never blipped for five years, and my business wouldn't have gone to shit." Peyton pushed open the kitchen's swinging door using her manicured nails, walking the peace offering over to table number ten.
Finishing her strut to the table, Peyton smiled down awkwardly at Bucky, who sat sipping his freshly roasted black coffee. No sugar, no cream—just coffee. She cleared her throat in an attempt to get his attention. She wanted him to look at her the way he did so many times when he believed she hadn't noticed.
Eventually, he did. Slowly, Bucky lifted his eyes to see Peyton holding a fresh cinnamon roll in front of him. Bucky shot her a stiff grin, one that looked almost painful. He hadn't ordered the cinnamon roll, he never ordered anything but coffee from the cafe, and he assumed Peyton knew that.
She was aware Bucky's only order was coffee. And in Peyton's opinion, Bucky had the easiest, and if she was honest, the most basic order out of all of her regulars. So, of course, she knew he didn't order the cinnamon roll.
Bucky coughed, placing his mug down with his flesh hand. "I didn't order that." He muttered.
"I know.' Peyton placed the plate down, scooting it in front of Bucky. "I wanted to give it to you." She smiled.
Bucky's eyes nervously looked at the roll, then back at Peyton, who had found herself resting comfortably in the chair across from him. He stiffened as she watched him with her intense brown eyes. Her stare wasn't inconspicuous at all. It was as if she wanted you to know she was staring at you.
"What are you doing?" Bucky said dryly.
Peyton leaned back into the chair, squinting her eyes at the man in front of her. "What are you doing?" She asked back.
Bucky's eyebrows drew together as he took another slow sip of his coffee. He didn't know what she was implying, and he was nervous about finding out.
"I mean here.' Peyton's brown eyes grew wide as she slapped her hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry—not that you aren't welcome. What I mean is, I've never had a customer come in so often and never speak to anyone."
Bucky tried to respond, but the words were logged in his throat. All he could do was give Peyton his intense stare as it usually got people to leave him alone—but Peyton kept going.
"You see Mr. Jefferies?' Peyton shifted her gaze toward the older gentleman. "He comes in every day around the same time as you, maybe five minutes earlier. But he always speaks to us."
Peyton placed her hands onto the table, lifting out of her seat and leaning close to Bucky, causing him to shift back into his chair, uncomfortable with how close her nose was to his own.
"So I need to ask you two questions.' She glared. "Do you work for the Feds?"
"What? No." Bucky said, shocked slightly.
"Okay then.' Peyton sunk back into her seat. "So, are you stalking me?"
Bucky nearly choked on his coffee. He was coughing loudly while Peyton stared at him in distress. Bucky knew he looked peculiar sitting in the coffee shop each morning, not saying a word. And his approach to making amends was obscure, but Bucky was scared to reveal the truth—he'd be cruel to come in and ruin their happy lives. Initially, Bucky had planned on slipping them a note and never return. But when he saw how full of life they were, he couldn't. It felt wrong. So, he would settle for the stalker narrative—it felt better than the truth.
"No,' Bucky coughed once more. "I'm not—I should leave." He rapidly stood out of his chair as Peyton did the same, almost blocking him from leaving.
"No, I should leave you alone." Peyton ran her fingers through her hair, the tips getting stuck between her coils. "Please, sit.' She reassured, pointing to his seat. "The cinnamon roll is on the house. Tell me if you like it. It's our first batch of vegan rolls we're selling." She smiled, walking away backward, bumping into a table with her hip.
Bucky nodded. His attention now focused on the warm roll in front of him, hesitantly he picked it up, turning it from side to side. It smelt marvelous, and before the cinnamon roll was placed in front of him, his stomach hadn't growled. But now, he was ravenous. Bucky took one more sniff before taking a bite. His steel-blue eyes grew wide as the silky dough melted in his mouth like a marshmallow. He let out a low moan of satisfaction, it had been years since he had something so sweet, and he intended on savoring every bite.
From behind the display case, Peyton watched as Bucky devoured the cinnamon roll. She had a huge grin plastered on her face, mentally checking off talking to the man in the corner from her to-do list—not that she honestly had one. She watched as Bucky stacked his plate and coffee mug neatly, pushing it to the edge of the table. Bucky would leave his coffee cup on the table on a typical day, with a generous tip tucked underneath it. It was thoughtful, and Peyton felt he was kind—or at least kind enough for her to bombard his space the way she just had. Peyton walked through the kitchen and into dry storage, where her mother stood. Pen and paper in hand, collecting inventory for the cafe.
"Momma, I did it." Peyton squealed, gripping her mother's shoulders, shaking them a bit.
Adrianna took Peyton's hands in hers, removing them from her shoulders. "Did what baby," She asked while counting the number of flour they had in stock.
"There's fifteen, by the way.' Peyton pointed to the flour."But I talked to blue-eyes."
"Thank you, darling." Adrianna jotted the number down and moved on, her eyes narrowing. "Who?" She said.
Peyton groaned, dramatically tossing herself onto the baking utensils behind her. "The man that always sits in the corner, remember him?" Peyton flayed her arms. "Oh, of course, you do because he only sits there every day." She exclaimed.
Adrianna glared at Peyton over her shoulder, not impressed with her daughter's tone. "Don't get smart. I might be pushing fifty, but I'll still give you a beat down." Adrianna threatened.
"Momma, you know I don't mean it like that. It's just, how am I the only one to notice him."
"Because you're a weirdo." Adrianna laughed. "But you're my weirdo, so it's okay." Giggling, she kissed her daughter's hairline, moving around her to finish inventory.
"Whatever," Peyton chuckled lightly. "I should be getting Mr. Jefferies third round of matcha anyways." Peyton stalled, looking around her."Where is my coffee?"
"I threw it out!" Charlie shouted as she washed a pile of dishes.
"You did not!' Peyton marched over to Charlie. "Why I outta feed you to Alpine!" Peyton shouted, shaking a finger in Charlie's face.
Charlie smirked, biting Peyton's finger playfully. "That cat loves me." She said, releasing Peyton's finger.
Peyton moved a coil out of her face raising her eyebrow cheekily at Charlie. "Seeing as he's my cat, I'm pretty sure he loves me."
"I think he loves him," Adrianna said, her head peeking out from the kitchen's swinging door.
"What?" Peyton frowned, walking over to her mother, standing on her tiptoes. "What the hell." She whispered.
There, she saw Alpine, her cat. He was rubbing against Bucky, resting comfortably on his lap. But Bucky wasn't repulsed. Instead, he stroked Alpines white fur, only making the cat nuzzle into him more. From the kitchen, Peyton could see him whispering to Alpine—of course, she couldn't hear what was said, but she was still curious.
"Oh man, what should I do?" Peyton paced, pinching the bridge of her nose.
Charlie, being the tallest, did not need to stand on her tiptoes. She simply looked above their heads. She was squinting her eyes to see the action.
"Maybe go get your cat, just a thought." Said Charlie.
"Right," Peyton groaned, fluffing her hair a bit in the reflection of the window.
"What the hell are you doing?" Charlie laughed.
"Nothing," Peyton said all too quickly.
Peyton walked out of the kitchen doors, slowly making her way to the man's table. Where Alpine rested on his shoulders, she thought of the ways she'd ask for her cat back. Maybe she could try "Hey, mister, can I have my cat back," or "May you please return my cat." It all sounded stupid, and before she knew it, Peyton found herself standing before Bucky once more.
"Hi," Peyton grinned.
"Hi," Bucky said, allowing Alpine to climb on his covered metal arm.
She watched as Alpine rolled over, swatting at his gloved hands. "He likes you." She chuckled.
"Hm," Bucky hummed, petting Alpine once more.
Peyton was taken back by his lack of words, not knowing what to say to him or if she'll get more than a three-word response.
"Do you have any pets?" She blurted.
Peyton sighed, slipping into the same chair as she had done before. "Well, do you have a name?" Her voice had a nervous tremor as she played with her fingers.
"Bucky," He said, gently handing her Alpine while walking past.
Following him, she stuck out her hand for him to shake. "Well, I'm Peyton." but by then, Bucky was already halfway out the door.
Bucky nodded, shooting her a faint smile before shutting the door behind himself. Bucky knew her name—Bucky knew all their names. He had to because painfully, he remembered all of them. All of the victims who had suffered at the hands of the Winter Soldier. Especially the innocent ones.
Walking down the crowded street, Bucky's phone began to buzz in his pocket. Taking it out, he flipped open the screen. He groaned aloud when he saw it was Sam trying to get in contact with him. Composing himself, he answered.
"Yeah," He said bleakly.
Back at the cafe, Peyton had Alpine cradled in her arms as she rocked him back and forth. Walking around to where Bucky sat, she cleared his mug and plate from the table, placing them into the tub she had rested beside her. Picking up the daily five-dollar tip Bucky left, she put it in her pocket. In the corner of her eye, Peyton watched as a tiny napkin fell to the floor. Placing Alpine down and letting him roam, she bent over and picked up the small napkin. Unfolding it, she read the one word written on it.
How fitting, Peyton thought.
Smiling to herself and releasing a small laugh, she shoved the note into her pocket, feeling as if she had accomplished something for the day. All Peyton wanted to do was make those around her feel good—and most times, she achieved that with her baking. So knowing Bucky enjoyed her first batch of vegan cinnamon rolls warmed her heart. After today she could officially put speaking to Bucky behind her.
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rhagana-doomslayer · 13 days ago
Bucky: You girls want a lift? *flexes vibranium arm*
Hilda and Khloe: No.
Bucky: What? Why? All the kids love hanging off my arm.
Hilda: Why would we like to hang off your dinky metal arm?
Khloe: Yeah. Our mom can bench press a mountain.
Sam: Ahhhhhhhahahahahahahah! AURORA! I LOVE YOUR KIDS.
Bucky: *becoming very self conscious* Hey, Sam. My dinky metal arm is made out of the same stuff as your shield and wings.
Sam: *still laughing* I know! But at least my ego ain't brusied. Hahah!
Natasha: Girls. Be nice to James. He's very old.
Bucky: The fuck, Nat! You're as old as me!
Hilda: Mooooom! Mr. Bucky said a bad word!
Bucky: Seriously? You're ratting me out?
Aurora: Really, James? You're swearing in front of my kids?
Bucky: N-no, ma'am.
Aurora: Good.
Sam: Haha. The look of fear in your eyes is priceless, man.
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kj-1130 · 18 days ago
Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
     Karima walks down the dingy halls of the rundown motel. She listens to every little sound, trying to distinguish the steps of rodents from the steps of any potential witnesses that she doesn’t need. 
     Beginning to turn a corner, a door opens near the end of the hallway, catching her off-guard. She quietly gasps, and pushes her back against the wall and becomes invisible to the human eye.     The person slowly proceeds forward, each of their thudding footsteps vibrating the floor and echoing against the walls. It was as if they were walking in slow-motion or trying to fuck around with someone. 
     But that theory was quickly debunked as Karima saw a heavy-set man walk by with a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth and his eyes closed. 
     “What the fuck,” the teen muttered quietly to herself. 
     She needed to get in and get out cause this place was really giving her the heebie-jeebies.
     She stealthily continued her way down the hall, keeping aware of her surroundings knowing this wasn’t the most trustworthy place. As she neared the last door, she reached to her side, her hand hovering over her knife. She unsheathed the weapon and rested her other hand on the doorknob. 
     The teen quietly twists it and finds the room clean (well as clean as this place could be) and empty as if no one had ever been there. She walked in tensely and flipped the lamp on, causing a dull light to emerge. 
     She surveys the room and after finding no immediate threat, Karima begins to scramble through everything; the draws, the bathroom, the closet, all of it. She then reaches the bed. She doesn’t want to look, if she’s being honest. Because if she finds nothing, then she has no leads. If she has no leads, then she loses her. And she can’t lose her. Not again. 
     She inhales deeply, and exhales deeper. A trembling hand reaches out and starts to pull back the covers. Her hand pauses briefly before she decides to rip off the band-aid. 
     After the covers, it was the pillows. After the uncomfortable ass pillows, it’s the whole damn mattress itself. She assesses the bed frame and finds nothing. She looks through the pillow cases and finds nothing. She cut open the pillow and still nothing. 
     Karima takes a breath, trying to calm down her rapidly beating heart. 
     “C’mon, c’mon,” she mutters to herself as she cuts open the mattress. 
     Her arm slips through the well-sized slit she created and immediately, it comes into contact with a folder. She immediately snatches the material out and rips the orange holder open. 
     Inside of it was over two thousand dollars and a section of a map. 
     Karima let out a sigh and ran a hand over her flushed face. Putting the items she found in her jacket, she headed towards the door. 
     Right before exiting, a glint of light flashed against her eyes. Looking on the headboard, she stalks towards the furniture and reaches out for the shiny metal. In her hand was a chain with a pyramid pendant. The teen turns the object over in her palms and on the back, it read, “I pledge.”
     Karima bowed her head, then lifted it, giving the room one last look over before shutting the light off and leaving. 
     Natasha Romanoff was never one to be vulnerable. Whenever she got a splinter, the woman never whimpered or winced. It was simply a task of finding something small enough and yanking it out. Whenever she had gone undercover, she never shed tears over the mental and emotional toll pretending to be someone else took. She just did her job, no questions asked or hesitation given
     Growing up, she was taught that being vulnerable equated to being weak. It has been engraved in her brain like her mind was some sort of headstone; it was all she would ever be. 
     A weapon that never wept.
     When the Avengers were first assembled, Natasha was... skeptical, one could say. These were people she didn’t necessarily trust, but she had to for the fate of the world. 
     It was a whirlwind, to say the least. She had been trained to be a spy and use her body and reproductive organs to her advantage. She was never taught how to deal with aliens or other-worldly creatures. But she did it because she was, however, brought up to believe that failure results in punishment. And Natasha refused to fail.
     As time went on, the heroes slowly became people she could rely on. They would always have her back and vice versa. Regardless of that, she would never share her deepest, darkest secrets or thoughts. 
     So when she jolted up from her bed, sticky from sweat, the woman quickly wiped those few tears that had been mistakenly shed and went to the shower which washed away any remnants of the involuntary recollection of her past. 
     It was as if her mind was on auto-pilot as she made her way to the kitchen, ready to prepare some tea. And it was only then that her mind became aware of her surroundings. 
     At the counter, someone was hunched over. They were holding a small glass before bringing it to their mouth. 
     The man shot his head up and straightened his back. He cleared his throat and nodded at his company. 
     The red-head continued walking over and sat across from the genius and gave him a once-over. 
     He looked tired; drained.
     He slouched over his drink and stared into the abyss that was the liquid. 
     “Why are you up?” 
     “Couldn’t sleep,” he shrugged. “You?”
     She nodded in response and muttered a quiet ‘same’ before they were both forcefully sucked back into awkward silence. 
     Tony let out a sigh after a moment and pushed himself up to grab a second glass. He reached under the counter into the cabinet and grabbed the bottle of vodka.
     The man pushed both items to the woman who had an apprehensive eyebrow raised. 
     He gestured towards the liquid in encouragement and went back to sipping his own. 
     Letting out a sigh, Natasha filled her cup and slouched against the kitchen counter as well. 
     The philanthropist raised his glass. In response, the former spy copied his actions and clinked them together. 
     It was a silent vow to at least try. 
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wintervvidow · 19 days ago
part one.
apricity - the warmth of the sun in winter
warnings: angst, blood mention, violence
pairing: bucky barnes x female oc
word count: 2,364
A/N: hi! welcome to part one of apricity! set in mid-captain america: the winter soldier. this idea has been in my head for a very long time and I am super excited to finally get it out. in this story I use the term “winter widow” , similar to the “winter soldier”, it has no correlation to bucky and natasha here. prolonged italics indicate a flashback.  friendly feedback is appreciated! thank you! <3
ALSO: please know that future parts will take a WHILE. I just want to get the first part out to get the ball rolling.
Tumblr media
The silence is what breaks her. She swears she would have been fine if it weren't for the silence, the screams of innocent bystanders no longer existed, the smell of gunpowder burning her nose and stinging her eyes. Aside from the erratic breaths coming from both their lips, you could hear a pin drop as their eyes stared at each other in a blinding intensity as Steve Rogers called out to him, “Bucky?”
The gun feels entirely too heavy in her hands as her lungs expand rapidly, eyes unmoving from the ghost of a man in front of her. Except he isn't a ghost anymore. He's here, alive. James Buchanan Barnes, her Bucky, alive.
He’s clad in all-black tactical gear, metal arm glinting blindingly in the sun. His eyes are a stormy shade of blue, same as the ones that haunt her in her nightmares, not the kind blue she wishes she could have back. The Winter Soldier is the shell of the man she was in love with, the man in front of her was the man she learned to love all the same. He protected her even when he didn’t remember her, even the brainwashing couldn’t fully get rid of the love they both had for one another. Although HYDRA fought like hell to make them both forget. It never worked though, fragments of memory always littered their conscience. 
His brows furrow, overgrown hair in his eyes, “Who the hell is Bucky?”
Deep down in her bones, she knew he was alive. The last time she saw him he was being wiped by HYDRA, his screams masking her disappearance into the winter weather. HYDRA searched high and low for her, yet they forgot that they were the ones to train her. HYDRA perfected her, taught her how to disappear into thin air, and that's just what she did. They went as far as to send the Winter Soldier to find her, but even he couldn’t track her. Florence was a ghost. 
Florence Morozov was many things before she was an assassin; she was an immigrant daughter, a friend, a nurse, and her greatest title of all, the love of Bucky Barnes' life, his fiancée. The couple, along with the third wheel Steve, were inseparable in their younger days before the second war. Where there was one, the other two were usually not far behind. 
The trio had gone to the Stark Expo the night before Bucky got shipped off to the war. That night Bucky had proposed with a small emerald ring, promising her that when he got back they'd get married, move into a little white picket fence house, and settle down. They dreamed of growing old together surrounded by their kids and grandchildren. Only that dream had been crushed under the heel of HYDRA, not long after Florence enlisted as a nurse and Steve became Captain America, notably leading the Howling Commandos. Florence worked closely along with them, acting as a medic when needed. 
When Steve woke up from his 70-year slumber on ice, Florence had a lot of explaining to do. How she was alive, what she had been doing, where she had been. She told Steve what he needed to know, leaving Bucky out of the answers. She had to protect him, even if it meant lying to their shared best friend. She would do anything to protect Bucky. 
Florence explained to Steve that when she fell off the train with Bucky, she had been captured by HYDRA and experimented on. She was sent to the Red Room to be trained and then sent back to HYDRA in the ‘50s. She was their puppet for 46 years, coined the name the Winter Widow before she disappeared in late December of 1991. Florence was on the run for 17 years before she was taken in by Clint Barton, joining S.H.I.E.L.D along with Natasha Romanoff. 
Natasha and Florence grew to be very close over the years, the trauma they both shared bonded them. Natasha was the only one to know the full story of Bucky, every nitty-gritty detail that haunted Florence in her dreams. When Nick Fury had been killed, both Florence and Natasha immediately recognized the ballistics information, a silent agreement between the two redheads to only tell Steve what he needed to know, no more than that. Florence only told Steve that she knew the Winter Soldier, nothing more. Natasha understood her secrets, she had them herself, her response of, "That's not my story to tell, we all have secrets for a reason."
Florence quickly tracked everything up to this moment. Fury being attacked, Steve's description of the shooter, the Winter Soldier attacking them on the highway only minutes ago. And then there was the chase between the soldier and Florence, trying to divert him. And it worked, Florence had managed to distract him until he got too close, the pair of lovers engaging in hand-to-hand combat until Steve intervened.
And now here she was standing in the middle of the street with a bullet in her shoulder from none other than the Winter Soldier. Flashes of the mission in Odessa running through her mind, he had shot her in the thigh then, Natasha in the abdomen. Steve stood in shock as the ghost disappeared, leaving Steve, Natasha, Sam, and Florence to be surrounded by HYDRA agents and arrested. 
Blood trickled down Florence’s shoulder as she was seated between Sam and Natasha in the back of the truck. Her shoulder felt white-hot as she grits her teeth, Sam nervously glancing at her every second. Steve sat across from them, visibly upset, lifting his head to glare at Florence, eyes cold, "You said you knew the Winter Soldier, that you two had a history, not that it was Bucky!" Steve felt betrayed, his oldest friend lying to his face for years about his best friend.  
Sam angrily glared at Steve as Florence rasped her response with a shaky breath, "Steve, I'm kind of bleeding out right now. This is going to have to wait, just know I had my reasons. I did it to protect him. And you." 
Florence knew this day would come. Bucky wouldn’t be a ghost forever. She fought herself internally every night, dreaming of him. It was always him; the good and bad, the Red Room, what happened after the Red Room, their mission in Romania, and every second in between. She was permanently trapped in her own personal hell.
Steve continued on, “It was him. He looked right at me and he didn’t even know me.”
Florence knew the feeling. Every time Bucky was reprogrammed, she had to convince him to loosen his grip around her throat, begging him to recognize her before he killed her. And every time he did, his eyes flashing in recognition and guilt. And then he would hold her shivering body against his in the confines of their shared cell, murmuring in her ear that he was sorry. And she knew he meant it. Even if his mind barely recognized her, his heart always did.
Sam questioned Steve loudly, causing Florence to flinch as she fell back down to reality, “How is that even possible, that was 70 years ago.” Florence felt bad for Sam, he just jumped headfirst into a dark world with more questions than answers. 
“Zola. Bucky’s whole unit was captured in ‘43. Zola experimented on him. Whatever he did helped Bucky survive the fall. Florence, how are you even alive? Zola didn’t get to you before the fall?” Steve just asked the golden question.
Florence took a deep breath in, “I don’t know. There are gaps in time, I don’t remember much from it. They all said that the fall should have killed me but it didn’t. Then I became a lab rat. The end.”
Steve looked her directly in the eye for the first time the entire day, “They must have found him and…”
Natasha interrupted him, she knew where this conversation could lead, “None of that’s your fault, Steve.”
Florence shifted slightly, sharing a look with Natasha, silently thanking her for diverting the conversation. 
Sam shifted beside her as another wave of blood oozed out from her shoulder, he turned to the guards, "We need to get a doctor here. If we don't put pressure on that wound, she's gonna bleed out here in the truck." Florence appreciated Sam’s protective and caring nature as Steve continued glaring daggers her way. Florence knew Steve wouldn’t understand her reasoning, too set in his ways of complete honesty all of the time. He didn’t understand what it meant to lie to keep those you loved safe.
The nearest guard flinched forward, flashing the taser at Sam before turning the taser on the second guard and kicking him unconscious. The guard pulled the helmet off of themselves, revealing Maria Hill, “God, that thing was squeezing my brain.” She motioned at Sam, “Who is this guy?” Everyone shared a collective sigh of relief at the sight of Maria. 
After ditching the car, the team arrived at an undisclosed location. The doors of the truck opened, allowing sunlight to flood in. Steve helped Florence down from the truck, supporting her weight with ease. Blood continued to trickle from her shoulder as she leaned against him for support as Steve spoke while he half carried her forward into the building, “I’m not mad. I get why you didn’t tell me.”
Florence laughed slightly, her body weak, “Are you just saying that because I got shot and I’m currently bleeding out all over you?”
Steve scoffed, his body vibrating with the action, arm tightening around her, “No, Flo.”
Behind her and Steve, Sam called out for a doctor. People ran towards them from the opposite end of the hall, Maria Hill speaking over the sound of footsteps thundering down the hall, "Natasha, there's something you're going to wanna see. Steve, get Florence patched up."
The group broke apart for a short period of time, Natasha reappearing with a hopeful expression on her face as Florence grimaced in pain next to the doctor stitching her up, "Fury is alive."
All eyes remained on Natasha as she explained how Fury was alive, a medication Bruce Banner had come up with did the trick to fake his death. Florence looked to Sam as he digested this information, he didn’t know what he got himself into. She could feel Steve's eyes boring into her head, but she didn't dare look. Her mind was a constant loop of Bucky. 
His calloused hand led her through the crowd of people, Steve trailing far behind. The trio had just gotten finished dancing and now they were wandering aimlessly through the busy streets of Queens. The air was brisk as it blew through Florence’s auburn hair, her dress fluttering around her calves. Bucky stopped in front of a movie theater, the lights casting a warm glow over his face as he turned to face the girl. Her cheeks were blushed pink from the chill of the air and a smile had been permanently etched on her face all night.
 The news that Bucky was being shipped off in the morning loomed over them like a rain cloud but Bucky was determined to keep her smiling; at least until the morning. His hand abandoned hers, reaching down to fish in his pocket. He found what he was looking for quickly, the velvet box small in his hand. Florence gasped at soon as the box came into the light, tears welling up in her eyes. She knew what this was, she accidentally stumbled upon it when she was putting away clothes last week. A small emerald ring.
Bucky knelt down on one knee, flipping the box open, “Flo, you’ve been by my side through everything. You’re my best girl, always there keeping me in line. I love you more than words can say. I know I leave tomorrow and I should have done this years ago, but will you make me that luckiest man on earth and marry me?”
Florence flew into Bucky’s arms in a flurry of kisses and agreements, Bucky lifting her up and twirling her. He gently set her back on the ground, slipping the ring on her finger as she giggled. Bucky met her eyes, tears glimmering in them, “I promise you, when I get back you and I will get married, we’ll buy a house and we’ll make it a happy home; kids, dogs, a garden, all of it. I promise you.” By the end of Bucky’s promise, both he and Florence were crying in each other’s arms, each one clutching the other tightly, both hyper-aware that the future wasn’t promised. 
Steve stumbled his way through the large crowd, catching sight of his two best friends hugging each other. He didn’t have the heart to break them up at the moment, so he watched on with a smile. It would all be okay.
Bucky sat in the test chair underneath the bank piecing the remnants of his memories together. He knew them. The man knew his name, or at least what he thought was his name. And he knew the girl he shot, memories of her smiling flickered through his mind. Yet they were complete strangers, their faces foreign yet home all at the same time. 
Alexander Pierce was terrified of this day, whether he wanted to admit it or not. He knew of the attachment Bucky had to the Winter Widow, ever since she disappeared in ‘91, the soldier was harder to control, more agitated and violent. He screamed her name in his sleep and when they wiped him he was always mumbling about her when he became coherent. They tried to program it out of him, and when that didn’t work, they tried to beat it out of him, hoping she would vanish from his memories the way his blood washed down the drain. Nothing ever worked. The Winter Soldier was irrevocably in love with Florence Morozov and Alexander was going to use that against him.
The Winter Soldier’s mission was to kill Steve Rogers and Florence Morozov.
Tumblr media
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kj-1130 · 28 days ago
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
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     Tremors passed through her hands as she was guided back to her cell.
     They did it again. They poked and prodded at her again as if she was some test subject. She guessed she was, though because at this point, she was wondering if that was the only reason she had been conceived. 
     Karima didn’t know what their goal was. There never seemed to be an actual plan with all the different things they did each day. All she knew is that she wished she never told anyone about the voices. 
    As her body was tossed into the confined space, all of her began to vibrate. It was all just too much; the pain, the noise-- all of it.
     The preteen slowly sank to her knees, pressing her palms against her temples and clenching her eyes closed, willing for the voices to be quiet--willing for a second of silence. 
     It only continued to get louder, her body curling in on itself, overwhelmed from the stimulation. 
     Hands came into contact with her shoulder. But she didn’t flinch like she normally would. Maybe it was because she couldn’t focus with all of the pain. Or maybe because this hand was small, a little warm, and kind of soft compared to the calloused, rough, and cold hands of the guards. 
     She sensed a presence in front of her, but couldn’t bring herself to react. Those oh so soft hands reached up to hers and gently pulled them down. Before Karima could complain, they were replaced and her temples felt the warmth radiating underneath their palms. 
     Her eyes connected with honey-brown orbs that seemed cloudy like hers--but she still found them beautiful. 
     “Does it hurt?” they whispered. 
     The preteen nodded with a trembling lip. 
     She felt a pressure then nothing. 
     There was no headache, no voices; nothing. 
     Glancing around with watery eyes, Karima let out a relieved breath and let a tear fall. 
     The warm hand lifted itself and wiped it off of her skin. 
     “I’m Zhenya.”
     Tony clicked the button on the remote, causing a picture to appear. He set his head in his hands and spun back towards the table. 
     “That is thirty-two year old Marcus Weil. He was found dead near an alleyway in Ontario.” 
     Natasha lifted her head from the file she was skimming through. 
     “Cause of death?”
     “Lemme guess; cardiac arrest,” Sam stated. 
     The genius pointed to the man, “Bingo.” 
     It was silent for a few moments while everyone was mulling over the details. Communication was hard between them all--which was to be expected. They did fight each other, after all. 
     “It’s gotta be our girl,” Steve declared, stating the obvious. 
     The former winter soldier was in the chair farthest from everyone, tapping his foot silently on the floor, eyebrows furrowed and his hand near his mouth.  
     “You good, Buck?”
     The brunette lifted his eyes and saw everyone looking at him expectantly. 
     The man let out a sigh and let his arm drop. 
     “I heard her talking to someone one day. Sh-she said…” 
     “It hurt so bad, Zee.” 
     Karima had just gotten back to her ‘room’ where Zhenya was waiting for her. 
     The two had gotten close as the months went by, each leaning on the other for support. 
     The teen’s hands were still shaking. From fear or pain--either did not know. 
     “I-it felt like my heart had stopped. And I kept begging for them to stop. But they didn’t listen,” the girl shakily spoke. Tears were streaming down her face like a river. “They never listen.”
     Zhenya ran her hands through her friend’s hair, trying to cry. She had heard the phrase “weapons do not weep,” one too many times and did not want the one closest to her getting hurt. 
     “It is alright. I am right here, just-just calm down.” 
     The waterworks had eventually slowed to a stop and Karima’s hands had stopped shaking. But only because she had clenched them into fists. 
     “One day... One day I am going to make them feel how they make us feel. I promise you that.” 
     “She said it with so much certainty a-and determination. I wouldn’t be surprised if she held up her promise.”
     As everyone processed the new information, they glanced at each other with uncertainty in their eyes. 
     “So what the hell does that Marcus guy have to do with it?” the falcon asks. “There aren’t any obvious connections to Hydra.”
     “What about that ‘Zee’ person she was talking about? He could be associated with them in some way,” the red-headed spy speaks up after a moment's consideration.
     “I don’t remember anyone by that name,” Bucky speaks.
     “F.R.I.D.A.Y,” the AI’s creator began. “Are there any names that start with ‘Z’ and are connected to Marcus?”
     “Afraid not,” the proper voice announced. 
     “Anybody connected to Marcus?” Wanda asked. 
     Silence washed over the conference room like a wave. Natasha was developing a headache and Tony was worried he was going to get grey hairs.
     “There was someone known as experiment W1498. It says that Marcus was her ‘handler’.”
     “And there’s our connection,” the witch concludes tiredly.
     Everyone was tired; both physically and emotionally. They had been woken up at the ass crack of dawn, being tossed files and told to head to the conference room. And with being superheroes, the emotional exhaustion was quite obvious. 
     But another contributing factor was the tension. No one ever told them how heavy it would be and how tiring it was trying to carry it all. Just a few months ago, they were basically trying to kill each other when the week before the accords, they were all laughing and joking together. 
     They all lost a family before. But then they lost the one they created. And it hurt; it hurt all of them. 
    They might’ve had powers, suits, smarts, and enhanced abilities. But they would never have been strong enough to fight that stack of papers.
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20 first lines
the marvelous @reggiemantleholdmyhand-tle tagged me and I'd like to tag @akabluekat + @hairringtonsteve since it involves re-reading more of your excellent writing.
Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories (if you have less than 20, just list them all!). See if there are any patterns. Choose your favorite opening line. Then tag 5 of your favorite authors!
Listed from most recent to least recent. I'm also only doing stories that have the potential of being series. They may be a one-shot right now, but they were written with more in mind. (* means WIP)
1. Bucky stood outside of the door, staring at the wreath of brightly colored fabric leaves, a small wooden sign hanging in the center with the words Give Thanks looping across it. - Blank Out (Bucky Barnes x Reader) // Meeting of Minds (Bucky Barnes x Mina Kaminski)
*2. Nora pinched the side of her thigh through her pocket - Post-Battle of Hogwarts AU (Lee Jordan x Nora Randolph)
3. Iris followed Pietro in through the back door, blowing it shut after her with a casual flick of her hand. - Playing House (Pietro Maximoff x Iris Tate, WandaVision)
4. Finals Week at Starfleet Academy was a glorious occasion. - Treacherous Waters (Leonard McCoy x Reader, AOS)
*5. It felt like her insides were collapsing. - Palm to Palm (Lee Jordan x Nora Randolph, Goblet of Fire)
*6. There was a ringing in her head. - Search and Recover (Bellamy Blake x Leta Cole - 100 AU)
*7. “You’re overreacting,” she said, punctuating the statement with a roll of her eyes. - Protective Custody (Diego Hargreeves x Francesca Vives-Soler)
8. They've been close since the academy. - The Dating Game (Diego Hargreeves x Reader)
*9. She knew from the minute she walked in to work that today was not going to be her day. - Under Covers (Clint Barton x Bobbi Morse)
10. The pounding on the door was seriously the last thing you needed right now. - Best of Friends (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
11. Being woken up by a Hufflepuff was undoubtedly the worst possible way to wake up. - The Fool (Fred Weasley x Wren Collings, Goblet of Fire)
*12. Her mother always warned her not to trust picket fences. - Picket Fences (Steve Rogers x Rosy Kovecky)
13. She had always known that the fieldwork would be hard—emotionally, academically, even physically. - Second Wind (Pietro Maximoff x Iris Tate, post-Age of Ultron)
14. Molly McKay rarely at breakfast at home. - Muscle Memory (Clint Barton x Molly McKay, post-Ultron)
15. Whenever she had pictured college, it always looked exactly like this. - Into the Rush (Kendall Knight x Autumn Mayes, Logan Mitchell x Jemima Yeung)
16. Nick Fury's secrets have secrets. - Parting Shot (Clint Barton x Molly McKay, post-Avengers)
*17. It started, as many of life's regrettable things do, during puberty. - Serious As They Come (Sirius Black x Florence Saise)
^ My favorite
* 18. “Don’t be mad,” Toni started, her fingers beginning to drum against the steering wheel. - Fresh Air (Sweet Pea x Reader, College AU)
19. You never had the luxury of a normal life. - Broken Wings (Billy Hargrove x Hopper!Reader)
20. If her friends ever got her to go to another party, it would be a miracle. - Careless Whisper (Steve Harrington x Reader)
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mrsbarnes107 · 28 days ago
Secret of the Widow
-part eleven-
Summary: Post Endgame time period. The team is healing, trying to navigate this new normal they’ve found themselves in when Bucky and Sam bring home a stray with an attitude and a secret. Will the broken team take her in? Or is it too much to bare?
Warnings: language, violence, smut, death, fluff, angst, blood
Pairings: Bucky x OC
Tumblr media
After Petey returned with pizza and another kiss on the cheek the team watched me eat and discussed plans to pinpoint the Hydra base housing Mr. SunscreenAd. With Buckys knowledge and the few locations I knew of there was a decent list that Sam and Peter decided to do recon on in the meantime.
Once my plate was emptied, a very pushy Fury shoved me into Banners arms and ordered us to the med lab, Bucky trailing beside me.
Sitting me down on a table Banner turned to have Friday pull up some scans around my body. "Barnes, would you mind patching her up? I have a few tests I would like to do if that's okay Ali."
"Go for it Doc." With a shrug I turn to Bucky, his scowl still prominent but his hands are gentle as he begins cleaning my wounds.
"Al I know it's a lot to ask, but do you think you have enough energy to jump a few feet across the room?"
"Banner she doesn't need to strain herself anymore than she al-"
"Of course I can Doc, I'm fine now." With a small smile and shake of my head I try to let Buck know that it's okay. A second later I'm across the room and his forehead is creasing with some unreachable thought.
"Hm that's interesting.... Al have you ever made an object move? Without having to hold it?"
After hopping back onto the table Bucky begins stitching up the cut on my forehead. I'll never understand why stitches are more sucky than the injury itself. "I've tried but haven't been successful. Why?"
"I need to study the scans more, but from what I can tell you're right in saying it is not simply teleportation. When you jump, you seem to be moving at an atomic level."
"I'm moving atoms as in each individual atom?"
"That's what it looks like. Theoretically speaking, this means that not only can you move inanimate objects but you should also be able to rearrange atoms at will, reshaping their structure essentially. This is why you get so drained when jumping. Your brain pinpoints every single atom inside you and transfers them in less than a second. Your body is basically exploding and imploding in the blink of an eye, and the further you jump the longer you are broken down to an atomic level."
Bucky stopped halfway through dressing the last cut to look at Banner, seemingly lost in translation.
"Well that's- that's a lot. It's nice to know finally, can you update me on any other findings?"
"Of course, you get some rest and Barnes, make sure she eats another high calorie meal in the next hour."
With a short nod Bucky is picking me up and strutting out the door, face grim and solid as stone. "Sarge I can walk just fine, you can put me down."
"I don't really trust your sense of self-preservation at the moment Doll, so forgive me if I ensure your safety while I can."
"Buck what's wrong? What did I do to make you so angry?"
Pushing the elevator button he looks down at me and grunts softly. "Not mad at you Doll." With a shake of his head his arms tighten around my body, pressing me further into his warmth. "I'm pissed off at the world, at Hydra, at myself. I just- it's always something isn't it? I'm always clueless and lost, never having memories, and it always leads to someone else's pain."
Putting a hand on his scruffy cheek, I guide his face to look at me. "Buck, nothing that happened to me is your fault and i-"
"It is Doll, I could have saved you or gone with you. You wouldn't have had to be alone and tortured for so long. If I had-"
"James Bucky Barnes if you don't shut the hell up and listen to me I will call Wilson and let him carry me to my room." I arch my brow as my thumb brushes over his cheekbone, laughing softly as his mouth snaps shut. "Sarge, what's past is past, it can't be changed. I don't want it to change. I have these powers for a reason and if I improve more I could really help people Buck. I don't regret what I went through. And yeah it sucks that you don't know who I am, but that's not your fault B. Just like all those things the Winter Soldier did wasn't you. Despite what you believe, you are not to blame. You were tortured and used for far longer than I was in much worse ways. I'd kill every Hydra agent I could get my hands on if it meant you'd understand how important you are to the team, how cared for and wonderful and talented. I know the memories, the nightmares, haunt you, and they probably always will because your heart is so big that it just has to feel the loss that doesn't belong to your hands. But you need to understand that the only person you need forgiveness from is yourself Buck. A little secret? Tony forgave you long ago. He saw that you were a good man forced to do bad things and he understood that on some level. I forgive you for throwing me down so many hallways. While you have nothing to be sorry for, you are still forgiven Bucky."
A large, rough hand was gripping my chin as soft lips crashed onto my open ones.
With a small gasp my hands slid up into soft hair, pulling the broken man further into the kiss. It was desperate and passionate, teeth clashing and noses bumping every so often.
The floor swayed beneath me as Bucky walked us to my room, kicking the door open as his lips never left my own. Careful of my sore body, Bucky gently laid us on the bed, his large frame caging me in as my legs wrapped around his waist.
The kiss slowed, desperation turning into wonder, passion into longing. The kind of longing one has for rain after being trapped in the desert for too long. Strong hands that have once ended lives, that are capable of such violence; caress my body like it is made of the finest porcelain. Like I am a gift he is afraid to break. The metal hand is hesitant, almost scared, of the pressure it pressed into the delicate skin of my neck as he tilts my head to the side, lips trialing down my chest, his brand pressed into my very being.
Only then as I finally take a real breath do I notice the wetness upon my cheeks.
Buckys mouth stops above my heart, forehead resting against my shoulder as he listens to the steady beat within me. My hands run up his back, into his hair, and down his broad shoulders until he finally raises his head.
For the first time in years I see the Bucky Barnes I fell in love with. The man running from demons he couldn't see, lost in a time he didn't understand and a mind he no longer owned. His eyes were filled with torment and confusion and anger... and something I'm far too scared to even entertain the thought of just yet.
"I need to remember you Doll. I have to. I know you, I know I do, everything inside of me is screaming at me to remember, to hold you and to protect you. I can't not remember you."
I bring his lips back to mine and press a chaste kiss to them. Giving his nose a little nudge with mine I swipe away the couple tears slowly traveling down his cheeks. "I already told you Sarge, I'll remember for us both. I think you already know I won't tell you any of our stories, just like you know why. I don't want you beating yourself up over things you can't change, agonizing over things you can picture but not remember will make it worse. Plus, I want you to learn to trust me as me, not just who I tell you I am. And if one day you do get those memories back.. well, I hope nothing changes. I hope that we can find our own way even with the missing pieces.."
Pulling him into a deep kiss, I arch into his body and promptly jump to the other side of the room, leaving him sprawled out and confused on the bed.
Turning towards the bathroom I strip off my top and throw it towards the bed. "I think I need to shower this wonderful day off now." After turning on the hot water I poke my head back out the door. "Well Sarge, are you coming?"
My last coherent thought as I run to the shower in a fit of giggles is I have never seen a man so rugged and serious look so much like a kid on Christmas morning in my life.
Fucking Barnes. I swear I hate that stupidly attractive, oh-so-chivalrous, Mr. OverProtective assbutt. Waltzing into the shower with a cocky smirk, body on display for my eyes only. That stupid arrogant chuckle when he heard my heart skip at the beauty (and size) of him.
Here I am being oh so kind and lovely, offering him a nice hot shower with a very naked me.
And he has the AUDACITY to actually care about my well-being and say "Doll I just stitched you up myself and as much as I'd like to fuck you until you're a screaming, begging mess, it's going to have to wait until you have the energy for me."
Stupid Barnes with his bubble filled hair and soap slicked body. With his stupid strong hands currently spreading shampoo through my hair, sometimes stopping to massage my neck and run along my shoulders. So so so stupid.
With a groan I lean my head against his chest feeling his body rumble as he lets out a soft chuckle. His beard scratches dangerously against my throat as he leans down to whisper into my ear. “Turn around Draga mea.”
A shiver rolls down my body as I slowly spin around to face him, cursing the man the whole whole of course. Until he tenderly begins to clean around my wounds, blue eyes rarely leaving mine, emotions crashing like tidal waves beneath the surface.
Once he finishes the delicate task, his hand begins to travel along my ribs, a sultry smirk making its way to his face. “That was a dirty trick you played earlier Draga, it’s not nice to tease.”
“The only one teasing here is you Sarge.” I pluck the rag from his hand and take a step back, allowing the hot water to run down my body. My empty hand slides slowly over the mound of a breast, gliding down my stomach only to glide back up to pinch and soothe one of my nipples. The other begins running the soapy rag over my chest and down my stomach, eyes never leaving Buckys darkening ones. “You probably couldn’t make me scream anymore anyways. What do they say about age? And virility? Oh yeah-”
Suddenly I was smashed between the wall and a giant super soldier with lust blown, glaring eyes pressing his body into mine. His hands gripped my hips so hard there would inevitably be bruises in the morning. Not that I minded. At all.
A small squeak escapes my lips as he shoves his (beefy) thigh between my own pressed it flush against my core. My breath reduced to shallow pants within seconds as he trails his lips up my neck only stoping to leave little Bucky Bites until his nose is nuzzling at my ear. “You’ve got quite the mouth Babydoll, I would fuck that attitude out of you but I think you need to learn a lesson don’t you?”
Before I can even open my mouth he is pulling my hips down hard against his thigh, rocking them in an agonizingly slow pace, his muscles tendering every few seconds.
“Buck, Bucky, please.”
“Soaked and begging already? My beautiful girl, you’re just gagging for my cock aren’t you.”
The muscles in my stomach tense as Bucky leans down and captures a nipple in his mouth, rolling it between his teeth and tongue, letting it out with a soft pop, only to repeat the process until I’m a whimpering mess.
Letting out a load groan I press my hip against Buckys hard cock and rock into him. “Bucky, Buck, please, I need you, needed you for so long.”
A startled gasp followed by a loud moan escapes my lips as Buckys fingers press against my clit, metal hand pinching and rolling my nipples as his delicious mouth pressed into mine. His tongue traces my lips, pressing its way into me as his fingers begin circling my clit faster. Breathy moans are captured between his bruising kiss, teeth nipping and pulling at my lips as my hands explore the dip of each muscle, brushing through the trail of hair leading to his impressively rigid cock, trailing over his shoulder and scratching down his strong back.
I lay my hand over his metal one, feeling him immediately tense up as I wrap my fingers around his and nudge his flesh hand away, replacing it with cool metal. With a soft moan I rock my body into his, pressing my heated core against his soothingly cool fingers. I pull my lip between my teeth, biting it nervously as I look up to see Buckys reaction.
My hips jolt when he lets out a dark growl, his eyes predatory yet filled with a warmth meant for me. Once again my back is shoved into the wall, his lips kissing bruises into my own, as his fingers make there way to my entrance, teasing swipes until he finally, finally, pushes one inside. My body clenches he’s around him, begging to be filled but desperate enough to start riding the single digit.
“Look at you Draga, so desperate for release, body practically begging to be fucked by me. Fuck. You’re gonna be the end of me, I just know it.”
Another finger enters and then another, cool metal shifting and vibrating inside me. All I can do is moan in response, breathing out a broken Bucky as my hand wraps around his cock.
His jaw tenses as a low grunt is heaved from his chest. He’s about to protest until I begin to pump his large length, my thumb swilling over the head every few pumps. A growl rumbles through his chest and then he starts to absolutely tail my pussy with his metal fingers. He wraps an arm around my waist and uses it to pull my body down harder onto his hand, my breasts bouncing, his beard leaving burns on the sensitive flesh as he sucks them into his mouth once more.
“Bucky, oh Buck, missed you, this, fuck, you’re so- I jus-”
With a whimper I cut myself off before I say something I shouldn’t. I can feel Buckys abs begin to tense and I know he’s getting close, and suddenly his thumb is rubbing my clit with a fiery passion, his fingers crooked and hitting that spot inside just so.
I’m a screaming mess, Buckys name falling from my lips like honey. The knot is coiling so tight I’m scared of letting it go, of this ending after so long waiting for my rain.
“Say it again Draga, scream my name so pretty, let them hear.”
The coil fucking shatters. My back arches from the wall as my hand twists, Buckys name ripped from my lungs like a gasp for air until I feel his mouth connect with mine again. His kiss is soft and warm as his fingers slow inside me, his cum coating our stomachs.
“What was that about virility and not making you scream? I think my old age is affecting my hearing Doll.”
A tired giggle tumbles from my mouth as I lightly hit his shoulder. “I was just humoring you Sarge, can’t let your poor ego get hurt now can we.”
With his face pressed into my neck he left a smattering of soft kisses and bites, his smile pressed into my skin the whole time.
“How kind of you Doll, I’ll be sure to avoid touching this pretty pussy again so you won’t have to go through the pure torture of humoring me and my ego though. Will that make you happy?”
Pressing a kiss to his lips I nuzzle my nose along his throat until I reach the spot behind his ear, nipping and sucking until a beautiful red mark starts to form.
Pulling away I look up at him, slowly bringing my cum cover hand to my lips, tongue capturing every drop, Buckys jaw tensing and his hands giving my hips a warning squeeze. “If that was torture, I’d be happy to let you do whatever you want with me for however long you’ll have me Sarge.”
In a blink I’m outside the tub wrapping a fluffy towel around my dripping body. “You were right about my energy levels too, I’m starving, you gonna come eat dinner with me Handsome?”
I love this stupid man.
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nakedrogers · a month ago
we’ll meet again | p.
notes: hi!!! this is my first personal series. i'm not writing this for anybody's enjoyment. i wrote this for myself a long time ago and i've just decided to share it with you all! reblogging and liking and leaving reviews is very appreciated, but not necessary!
i'm also writing this as a lil treat for rosie @brattycherubwrites and this is just the prologue! a little different format from my other series, but like i said, this is personal to me and i really don't care about anything negative someone has to say. and i didn’t put a nice font for this title, kinda wanted to keep it simple!!
pairing: steve rogers x oc!reader
summary: she'd leave like it was a talent, forcing him to continuously watch her eyes drown in death; but no matter what, she always returned.
warnings: angst, mentions of blood, fighting, death
word count: 752
masterlist - series masterlist
Tumblr media
there's a split in the skin above her eyebrow, bloody and bruised. it's dripping crimson down her temple and cheek where it'll drip off onto the floor and create a puddle. it's already healing, mending itself back together as tiny strands of her synthetic skin layers on top of another and the wound ceases to exist. it's a quick fix, nothing much to it, but the bullet stuck in her abdomen says otherwise. hot blood is pooling from the hole, dripping onto her pants and staining the fabric and her skin. it dries with a crusty foundation before being replenished with a new wave of crimson liquid. the worst part is, with every movement of her stomach, she can feel the metal part inside her swishing against her organs and muscles. her eyes are clouding over, and she can hear a voice calling out.
"aurora!" he yells, sliding down to her side when her knees catch her fall. his hand grabs the back of her neck just before her skull can hit the ground. she's running out of air. "aurora, stay awake." he barked it as an order but behind it was a hidden sense of fear. it was evident in his eyes as well.
there wasn't much to see anymore. a vignette surrounded her line of vision and it was becoming darker and darker by the second. "steve?" she muttered, finding it hard to move her lips. her breaths were becoming shallow and soon, she wouldn't be able to make a sound at all.
he didn't hear his name. his eyes were freakishly wide, and although they'd both gone through this before, having her dying in his arms would scar him. his hands were pressured onto the bullet, but her blood only continued to seep through his clenched fingers and onto the gravel road. she'd died in many places before, and if there was one thing she learned, it's that you never get to pick how and where your life ends. "s-teve," she muttered again. seeing the end, however, would always scare her. she'd awake the next morning without any wounds, but it was the way he frantically cried and pleaded for her to stay in this moment.
"i'm gonna get you to tony," his voice cracked and when he finally looked to her eyes, he saw it. it was that blank stare that held no emotion yet every emotion. she looked angry, sad, happy, and scared, but the worst part was, she also looked at peace. she looked more calm than ever. and it terrified him. "aurora?" he asks, hoping just his voice and her name would bring her back to him. "c'mon, doll, not right now." he brought her head closer to his chest, smooth, baby skin against rough kevlar, and his cries finally stopped. they sat in the silent road, nothing but his ragged breathing echoing through the night. soon, the rest gathered behind him.
it was all a show they'd seen before. her eyes would freeze over, her skin and lips would gray, and her fingers would go numb. he'd hold her for however long it took--sometimes it'd be a whole night, and others it'd be only minutes. no matter what, this time seemed to take forever. the stars seemed to shift in their beds, the moonlight was getting brighter and brighter before dulling, and the sky remained black but the sweet singing of birds waking in their trees began to melodically play in the air. still, she remained frozen and untouched.
his back began to ache from leaning over her body, watching her blood pool at his knees and freeze from the cold of the night. everything was cold...bone-chilling as it racked through his muscles to which he could no longer move. his neck cramped but moving it only hurt more and his heart was frosting over with an icy hue. at some point, he'd wiped a drop of blood from the corner of her lip and watched it smudge against her synthetic skin.
she was real to him, realer than anything he'd felt or had before. she was the dream of summer during a deadly winter, the hope that he'd seen during the war. she'd leave like it was a talent, forcing him to continuously watch her eyes drown in death; but no matter what, she always returned.
her eyes swung open with a slow draw, a golden gleaming glare scared even the moon as the dawn took back its place in the new day.
Tumblr media
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kj-1130 · a month ago
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Karima refrained from letting out a sigh and held her hands up to her face. She eyed her opponent who was no more than two inches taller than her.
The man stood tall with his broad shoulders, staring her down with hard eyes that she could barely see considering the greasy brown strands that were draped across his face.
The teenager immediately threw a punch with her right arm, aiming for his head but pulled back just as contact was about to be made and struck him with her left fist in his side. It barely affected him, but was distracting enough to where she was able to twist to the side and kick the back of his knee. As the man went down, he pulled the girl with him and rotated at the last second allowing him to gain the upper hand.
Karima threw her arms up as the man’s fists started raining down. Punch after punch came, each accompanied by a harsh gust of wind. She blocked the hits to the best of her ability but her best was never enough, according to her ‘father’. Her reflexes weren’t fast enough; a blow to her stomach that left her winded proved that. With her temporary limitations, Soldat was able to land two more hits; one to her jaw and the other a jab to the ribs.
Ignoring the pain, she assessed the situation as fast as she possibly could. Her mind yelled to reach her hand up and grab. She didn’t know why, but she listened. And she was ever thankful for it because as soon as she lifted her hand up, it caught the metal fist. Both soldiers stared at each other wide eyed before Karima lifted her right elbow and rammed it into his eye. His sight was rendered useless for a moment and the teen brought her knee, catching him in his hip and throwing him off balance.
She pushed him onto his back and spun on her knee, ending up straddling soldat’s waist.
The monotonous voice halted her fist that was raised in the air, ready to pound this man’s face in.
Karima let out a grunt of annoyance as she pushed herself off of the floor. Letting herself out of the stuffy, rotten-smelling room, she made her way down the halls with quiet stomps. As much as she’d like to express her rage, a beating didn’t quite fit into her agenda today.
The halls seemed to be constantly decorated by someone’s blood with the smell of death being substituted for air freshener. Would it kill them to clean this every once in a while, she thought.
She passed door after door, each one muffling some sort of sound; all sounds of anguish. Her mind tried to ignore it all, knowing that it would only be a distraction and she couldn’t afford distractions.
As the teen reached her destination, emotions washed over her like a million waves. She hated this room more than anything and that’s saying a lot considering where she is.
Hesitantly, her shaking hand lifted as she tried to gather the courage to knock on this damn door. But, in the end I guess it didn’t matter if she knocked or not. Here, they didn’t give a damn about your health; mental, emotional, or physical. They didn’t care about whether you wanted this or not; the word ‘no’ was not in anyone’s vocabulary here. It will never matter. Because here, you only served one purpose.
There was no use in trying to prolong the inevitable.
Karima was stuck in a dingy motel room for the night. While she could’ve gone without the two rats that greeted her when she walked in (she could’ve sworn one of them waved), it was better than where she was before.
Her thoughts swirled through her head, as if they were on a train track that was wrapped around her brain. She wasn’t even sure if all of them were hers.
Never got to dance.
Favorite sitcom?
Karima didn’t even know what the fuck a sitcom was. That thought in particular was quite annoying.
And there was always this piano music that was playing. She had never heard the song before, but it was a breath of fresh air compared to the memories that would play in her slumber.
She never knew where the voices originated; hell she didn’t even know whose voices they were.
One day it would be a man’s voice with an European accent. The next, it would be a squeaky child’s voice; one that apparently hadn’t even made it through puberty yet. She continuously hoped for a day of peace where her mind would allow her some tranquility.
It was a sad thing to think about--when she had first heard the voices. It was a chilly evening in her ‘room’ when suddenly millions of thoughts had made themselves known in her mind. Each and every thought seemed to fight the other, trying to get itself to the front; to be the loudest and most known.
A terrifying thing it was for seven year old Karima. At the time, she was still young and naïve--although she wouldn’t remain that way long after.
She had rushed to the room to find her parents, desperately trying to figure out what the hell was going on in her head. But when she told them, she wasn’t met with the faces of sympathy. She wasn’t met with the eyes of loving parents, ready to support and help their child.
She was met with eyes colder than the village of Oymyakon itself. Eyes hungrier than the hungriest lion that was ready to pounce on their prey. Except this time they weren’t hungry for food. They were hungry for power. Her parents were ready to pounce on their own offspring as if she were their prey and they were the lions.
James and Christine were ready to manipulate. Perhaps that was their superpower.
From that day on, they were no longer mom and dad to little Karima. They had earned the title of monsters.
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if you’re 18+ and are into bucky / sam wilson / sambucky, let’s be mutuals 😌😌😌 i’ve been following all my grown folks back (and blocking minors, so don’t try it with me!!)
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kj-1130 · a month ago
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
     “Where is she?” 
     It was spoken in such a thick russian accent it was barely intelligible. 
     “I’m only going to ask one more time; where is she?” 
     The scene was a funny sight, really. A young woman, no older than 18 (though it was hard to tell considering the baby face and the huge, coily afro that always hid her face), was pushing a buff man against the wall of an old brick building. 
     ‘Bouncer Man’, as the girl had dubbed him, whimpered as the knife got closer to his neck. 
     “Don’t be a crybaby, it’s not even that sharp.”
     Her eyes rolled almost to the back of her head. At this point, it was hard not to imagine what had led to this current ‘predicament’.
     The night was chilly, accompanied by a few breezes that would sweep through hair and jackets occasionally. 
     A man, in his ‘leather’ jacket stood at the end of the block, looking over his shoulder as if he was guarding something. 
     Footsteps became louder and more evident as they became closer. Either he was being taunted or someone was just really, really oblivious. 
     ‘Bouncer Man’ looked around and made eye contact with a young girl. 
     “I need you to do something for me.”
     Looking her up and down, the man let out a scoff and went back to what seemed to be his ‘nightly duty’. 
     “Get lost, princess.” 
     If there was one thing she hated, it was being called princess.
     With a sigh, she pushed the muscle man against the wall and pointed the knife in the opposite direction. She didn’t need it to kill him anyway. 
     “You are no use to me. Run along.” 
     No hesitation followed as he stumbled up and practically sprinted away from the girl. Abruptly, he halted and began clutching his chest. As he collapsed the same young girl was revealed to be standing behind him. 
     She crouched and rubbed her right forearm on his jacket, as if she was wiping off some residue that had been there. With a frown, she rose and slightly tapped the dead man’s abdomen with her beaten converse. 
     “Princess,” her voice mockingly started. “Who the hell does he think he is calling me princess? Fucking bastard.” 
     The team sat in the common area going over the little intel the agent was able to retrieve before their untimely and very sudden death. 
     The atmosphere was dull and all that could be heard was the crinkling of paper, the occasional heavy breath, and that annoying ass cuckoo clock that Tony believed was a good thing to purchase. 
     Although most of them were trained to keep their composure, some couldn’t help but jump at the abnormal sound that broke the tension. 
     While others snickered, Steve could not help but crumple the edge of his paper in annoyance. 
     “Is that thing necessary?” 
     “It’s called style, old man.”
     Rhodey couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the duo. He was beginning to regret his impromptu visit to the compound. 
     He could admit that the weird ass clock that stood proudly in the corner of the room was a little obnoxious, he wouldn’t make the matter so trivial as to where a whole argument surrounded it. 
     It was a problem that everyone on this team--if it even was still one--was facing. No one could really look each other in the eye after everything. Something as simple as a glance would cause them to remember each punch that was thrown. Each blast that was created. And each bruise that caused on people that had grown to become family. 
     Who knew that a stack of papers could tear that all apart.  
     “Hey, um. I think I got something,” Sam announced with furrowed eyebrows. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., scan these please.” 
     In less than a second, a file was projected into the air. The falcon walked forward and scrolled to the desired area. 
     “There,” he said pointing to a section that was basically surrounded by black bars. 
     “Most of that is marked out, idiot. What are we supposed to do with it?”
     Despite the insult, Sam found himself trying to hide a quiet chuckle. 
     “Not that--this.”
     He zoomed in and circled the part he was referring to. 
     “It says, Karima Foster. Underneath that it says…”
     “James and Christine,” Bucky finished in a gravelly voice. 
     The captain looked over at his life-long friend with a questioning gaze, “You know ‘em, Buck?”
     “I think so.”
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mrsbarnes107 · a month ago
Secret of the Widow
-part ten-
Summary: Post Endgame time period. The team is healing, trying to navigate this new normal they’ve found themselves in when Bucky and Sam bring home a stray with an attitude and a secret. Will the broken team take her in? Or is it too much to bare?
Warnings: language, violence, smut, death, fluff, angst, blood
Pairings: Bucky x OC
Tumblr media
Our footsteps thundered down the halls, narrowly ducking corners and vaulting stairs as we make our way to the containment unit.
"Do you have your suit?"
"No I didn't think I'd need it!"
"Shit. Okay. You stay back and find the one straggling okay? I know you're good hand to hand but without the suit your vulnerable and significantly weaker."
Luckily I always keep two knives strapped to my belt, so I toss one to Peter as we near the hallway leading to the prisoners.
"Aim between the ribs or the center of the throat. Don't stab yourself."
Just as we burst through the doors, the room shakes, pieces of the ceiling crashing to the floor, throwing us against the wall.
Immediately one of the bombers is on top of me, fist connecting sharply with my jaw. From the corner of my eye I can see Peter handling himself decently. With a swift knee to the gut I have the man under me, one knee pressing into his throat.
Before I can react, his fist slams into my stomach, sending my body further down his own. Taking advantage of my pause to get air back into my lungs, the man hauls us up and slams my skull against the wall then shoves me away.
Hot, thick blood crept slowly down over my brow, dripping into my eye, and flowing down my cheekbone.
With a sigh I plant my foot on his leg while hooking the other around his neck, throwing my body forwards. Bitches belong on their back, he seems to have not gotten the message.
Peter let's out a pained yell from across the room that has me leaping up, pausing to throw my knife straight into the piece of scums heart.
Before I can get to Peter the building is shaking again, a loud roar coming from the adjoining room. With a glance in the kids direction I can see Clint pushing him back while jackknifing the other bomber.
Heavy stomps make there way into the large room. A man well over six feet tall, covered in a billowing cloak, stalks towards me.
His face is obscured by a hood, but from what is exposed, it looks like a decomposing skull.
Black eyes meet my own, a low chuckle reverberating from his chest. "After a year of searching, here you are beautiful."
Not breaking eye contact I bend down to pull the blade from the dead mans chest, standing upright with my head cocked and a brow raised.
"I'm certain I would remember meeting you. Might I suggest a better moisturizer? You seem a little dry."
To the left Clint has disposed of the other prisoner, bow aimed at the beast before us.
The room is filled with black shadows, lit only momentarily as the red alarms flash in sequence.
As the man takes a slow step towards me Clint releases the arrow piercing the beasts arm. With a pause the arrow is snapped in half, point still embedded in the muscle.
Suddenly Clint is running at him, ducking into a slid between his legs while slicing the ankles. The large man grunts and turns as Clint swings a fist towards him. Immediately the man begins mirroring Clints every move. Matching each punch and kick, never once allowing the archer to land a blow. The avenger however was growing weaker with every hit.
With his back facing me, I jump onto his narrow hips, stabbing the blade into his shoulder, dragging it as far down his muscled back as possible. The gash is flowing with blood, covering my hands as the man throws my body to the floor, launching Clint into a wall across the room to land with a thud.
The beast of a man turns back to me, pure rage written across his dead face. "You're incredibly lucky I was ordered to bring you back alive, otherwise that pretty face of yours would be carved to pieces."
A second too late I see Peter sneaking up behind the man. His knife plunging into the mans ribs, likely grazing the heart. With a roar he falls to a knee, ripping the knife from his side. As he turns towards the boy I launch myself at him. Throwing my body weight into my punch, his head snaps to the side, his face glitching for a split second before I drag my knife up his abdomen. His large fist meets my ribs, sending me back a few yards.
He looks into my eyes and laughs as he turns to Peter, the kid stares up at him with doe eyes, terrified but standing his ground. I wish the idiot would run.
"However beautiful, him I can enjoy killing."
He launches his body at Peter, blood flowing down his back and chest, movements stuttering and slowed from his injuries.
A scream is ripped from my throat as I launch my knife into his open side wound and close my eyes.
I appear at the kids side within a blink, yanking him to me.
The last thing I see is the beastly man walking from the room slowly, his body red and weakening.
"I'll be back beautiful."
My eyes close again, opening to see Peter and I back in the lab.
Hours later we're sitting in the medical unit, me stitching up the boys as Peter looks at me with confused concern.
"Ali... did you know him?"
I press an alcohol cloth to Clints head, ignoring the dried blood sticking to my face.
"No, not in the technical sense. I'm pretty sure I know of him though. I called the team while you were helping Clint, they're on their way back, as is Nicky."
"O-okay, are we gonna talk about what happened earlier? In the lab?"
"Yeah Petey, we'll look at the video after the meeting. They'll be here in a couple minutes." With that I finish the last stitch and head out of the room.
Rounding the hallway I stop and fall against the doorway, a shuddering breath finally heaving from my lungs, tears welling in my eyes.
I was so fucking close to loosing them. And I'm so fucking tired.
"Ms. Romanoff, the quinjet has landed."
Letting out a deep breath I wipe my eyes and drag my body upright, forcing my legs to walk steadily to the conference room. Only faltering as I fall into the chair I sat in just yesterday.
After a few minutes Peter comes in, Clint hanging off his shoulder. They sit in the chairs to my right as I take a deep sip of my water, hopping it revives the little energy I have left.
"Hey Red, couldn't handle a few lowlifes without-" Sam playfully said as he waltzed into the room, pausing as he took a look at the beat up members in front of him, face becoming livid. "What the hell happened?"
Behind him stood Wanda and Banner, neither saying a word as they silently sit at the end of the table. Wanda eyeing me with curiosity, so I let her see the events herself.
She lets out a small gasp just as Bucky rounds the door, coming to a halt as his eyes meet mine.
Flashing a small smile I shrug, "At least you didn't do anything stupid."
That was definitely not what he wanted to hear it seems. His jaw looks like it's about to break from clenching so hard, his blue eyes cutting into me like steal as he slowly stalks forward.
He stops once his feet meet my own, bending down as his hand cups my chin, raising my eyes to meet his.
His gaze is terrifying. He looks murderous.
But his hand is gentle as he moves my head, eyes scanning my injuries. He growls from deep in his throat, "How the fuck did this happen."
After finally getting Bucky to sit down, albeit practically pressed against my side as his leg is hooked underneath my own, Nicky walks in demanding to know how a non-mission went to shit so hard.
I have Friday pull up the video footage of the containment room in the center of the table. All of us watching as Clint walked in and opened the cell, ordering the men out. All eyes glanced his way, but before anyone could speak the Clint in the video shimmered and turned into the beastly man.
Peter looked from the footage to me."He shapeshifts?"
"No. He projects a hologram. He likely walked past the guards straight through the front door."
I hold in a breath as I lean forward to move the footage to our arrival.
Bucky feels me tense in pain, his large hand coming to rest on my knee as his thumb rubs circles against the muscle.
Nicky stands to my right, his hand resting on the chair above my shoulder. Knuckles cracking as he watches me and the boys getting thrown around.
Bucks hand squeezes my thigh as if holding himself in place as he watches the fresh blood run down my skull.
The footage stops after I disappear with Peter from the room.
The team sits in silence for a moment, everyone staring at the paused hologram.
I take a sip of water and clear my throat. Jeez, I think Nicky is infecting me with his throat problem. "Well today wasn't boring am I right."
Nicky let's out a very burdened sigh as he shakes his head. I don't know why he seems fed up with me.
"Okay. We're going to ignore that little disappearing act for the moment while you tell me why the hell that guy seemed to want you so bad."
Buckys hand clenches tighter. Reaching down I lay my palm over is unwavering fingers and give them a soft squeeze.
"Friday, bring up a frame of Skelator please."
A grainy image of the decomposing man hovers in the center of the team. I nod at the photo as I take another drink, trying to keep from collapsing.
"To answer that very snarky comment I'm gonna have to also explain the uh the little 'disappearing act' as well."
I sit up a little straighter and push a clump of blood soaked hair from my face with a sigh.
"Having to go dark is a part of the job, we all know this. There's been a few instances where I've had to go underground for a month or so, like I said it's common in our line of work." I have to pause for a moment, trying to figure out how to best word my story. "You see, while the avengers were all tearing at each others throats after the accords, I was dealing with a group of terrorists in the mountains of Siberia. I suspected they were old Hydra members, however I did not expect getting trapped in a very well functioning base."
I glance up at Nicky, "You remember a few months ago when you asked why I went dark for six months before the snap?" A weak chuckle escapes my lips. "I was kind of taken by Hydra. The only reason I even escaped was because the snap."
Living up to his name, Nicky is looking at me with pure fury in his eye as he calmly berates me. "And you never thought to mention this?"
"There was a lot going on okay. Anyways, there were a couple others like me being kept there. Hydra was running experiments again-" Buckys body has been rigid since I mentioned being taken, but now his hand turns to weave his fingers in mine "-dozens of injections and tests, torture meant to stimulate a reaction to the serums. I was the only one to survive. And well, you saw what I can do."
"You teleport?" Sam asked with interest, concern hidden beneath the words.
"Um kind of I guess. I don't do it much, which is why I've never mentioned it. It takes a lot of energy. Like a lot. Just moving myself a few miles away requires a Barnes size serving of food and a short nap. Moving myself to another continent? I'm out within a couple hours. Moving another person? Well.." I shrug. "It's hard and it takes a lot. I can only jump to places I can visualize: my room, Tower of London, I can't just jump unless I've been there or have seen a photo."
"Have you practiced much?" Banner looked like he was running equations behind those glasses, trying to piece together an explanation.
"Not really, besides my time at Hydra I haven't used it much this past year. I think that's why today wiped me out so much."
I take another drink of water, draining the glass.
"Anyways, during my stay at the base I heard the doctors talking about a hired assassin a couple times. A man they have train new recruits and take out certain hits."
Bucky gives my hand a squeeze, his eyes never leaving my face.
"They call him Taskmaster. He has photographic reflexes, meaning he can mimic anyone's fighting styles, sometimes even their powers. I never got to see him and they never described him, but based off of what we saw with Clint and the fact that he's so adamant on finding me, I'm gonna guess he was sent by Hydra. And I think it's safe to also guess that the bombing from yesterday was to lure me out, while today's separated and weakened the team."
Peter gets up and pulls me into a soft, firm hug. Pulling away he looks into my tired eyes as I give him a smile. "Oh Petey-" "Shush and accept my thank you while I go get you some food." With a kiss to my check he jogs from the room.
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mrsbarnes107 · a month ago
Secret of the Widow
-part nine-
Summary: Post Endgame time period. The team is healing, trying to navigate this new normal they’ve found themselves in when Bucky and Sam bring home a stray with an attitude and a secret. Will the broken team take her in? Or is it too much to bare?
Warnings: language, *eventual* violence and smut, death, fluff, angst
Pairings: Bucky x OC
Tumblr media
"Don't do anything stupid Sarge." I bumped my shoulder against his bicep as I walked past him. Turning around I continued backwards down the hall, "oh and take care of Big Bird, wouldn't wanna ruffle his feathers too much." With a wink at the scowling bird man and one last look at Bucky I turn the corner and head to my room.
Apparently there were two other bombings, both in separate parts of Europe, so Sam and Buck were heading to one location while Wanda and Banner took the other. There were far more casualties this time, and now we have to wait to interrogate the bombers from yesterday while the team is out.
"Friday can you let Peter know I'll meet him in the lab in thirty minutes please?"
"Of course Ms. Romanoff.... He says he'll bring the coffee Miss."
With a nod I enter my room and immediately strip out of my sweat, among other things, soaked clothes.
Trying to hide the messy hair and flushed cheeks during the meeting was incredibly difficult. Especially when Barnes waltzed in after me, lips red and eyes still filled with lust, roaming my body every once in a while as Sam gave out instructions.
With a firm shake of my head I walk to the dresser, throwing on a simple halter top and jeans. Walking to the mirror to put my hair into a messy bun I can't help but feel guilty.
I promised myself I wouldn't let Bucky get to me. It's not fair to him. He spent so long fighting to get back to who he is, and I can't just throw more missing memories at him. He deserves to find himself again. Without the pressure of our past.
Staying away and staying platonic is so much easier said than done. Especially when he looks like a rugged Greek sculpture and touches me like he's starving.
In the middle of tugging on my vans, a soft knock echoes through the room.
Looking up I see Clint poke his head in, "hey sorry, looks like you're going somewhere, I can come back later."
"No no it's fine, I'm meeting Peter in a bit, you can walk with me if you want."
I stand and lead him down the hall, letting the silence settle for a moment, only the soft sounds of shoes hitting linoleum to be heard.
There's a sigh to my left and a shift in the atmosphere. "So, I've been trying to find the right words. Nothing sounds good enough though."
I glance up and meet his eyes as we enter the elevator. "Do you have questions?"
"I do, but none you can answer most likely. I just- I wanted to-" a frustrated sigh is heaved from his chest as he meets my gaze and grabs my hand lightly. "Loosing Natasha almost killed me. I carry that guilt every single day, I see the ghost of her everywhere.... And knowing that she lost you, that you lost her, it just- I'm sorry, I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough. It should have been me. She deserved so much more than what she got and I-"
I squeeze his hand with a small tug. "Clint, you and I both know that nothing could have stopped her. She did it for you and your family, she did it for me. She would have brought you back and killed you herself if you had taken her place. You don't need my forgiveness because I don't blame you for anything, but you need to forgive yourself Hawky. She was a stubborn, sneaky woman and I know for a fact that she's been cursing up a storm at you for the amount of guilt you're carrying."
At that he let out a chuckle sob and pulled me into a hug. "I know you don't know me kid, but I'm here and I'm gonna look out for you like Nat would have wanted. I've got your back always, no matter what."
The elevator dings as the doors slide open.
I give the man another tight hug and exit, turning to give him a small smile. "You know, she'd write to me sometimes, not often but everyone once in a while I'd get a letter. In every one she'd mention my Uncle Clint. She'd say you were a cocky ass, but the most loyal and caring cocky ass she'd ever met. She really loved you, so I grew up caring for you too. As much as you have my back, I've got yours."
A small chuckle escapes his lips. "Hm Uncle Clint, I could get use to that kid."
With a wink a turn and start towards the lab calling over my shoulder, "You better, cause I'm not an easy one to get rid of."
Nearing the lab it was easy to recognize the classic rock playing from the speakers. Guess Peters feeling nostalgic today.
"Hey Petey, what'd you need help with?" I slung an arm around his shoulder and swiped a coffee from the table.
"Well I've been staying here while my school is on a break, trying to crack some closed files of Mr. Starks but the encryption is weird and I'm going back to Mays in the next day or so. Could you give it a try?"
"Yeah of course." I swiped across the hologram to move in front of me and began reading the coding surrounding the encryption. "Huh. This is weird, it looks more like a puzzle than a typical password. Why are you going through his files?"
Enlarging different sections I began to reposition them and break them apart.
"I don't know really, at first it was because I missed him I guess, but now it's just interesting, reading through his thinking process, seeing the projects he wanted to finish. It's cathartic in a really painful way I suppose, getting to be with him in a way."
I give his hand a small squeeze and hip check him softly. "I get it.. hmhm so there's discoloration in certain parts of the coding and there were clear breaks in the pattern, so I separated each break. It's definitely a puzzle or picture of some sort."
Reaching up to rearrange a few pieces, one of them aligned, the coding changing from shades of grey to black and white.
"I don't understand why this file is so different. Mr. Stark didn't use this on any of the other encryptions."
I just hummed in response, squinting at the hologram.
A laugh startled from my lips, "Oh Tony."
Reaching up I move the coding fragments, each one clicking into place. As the last piece sealed, the picture enlarged for a a few seconds and blinked.
"Is that- is that a PLAYING CARD? He encrypted a file with a picture of a poker card? Why would he-"
Suddenly the card disappeared, little hologram fragments buzzing the the center of the table, until eventually Tony's face was looking at us.
"Hey Ace, long time no see huh?"
"Wait.. Ace? Why does that sound so familiar.." Peter mumbled, however it was drowned out suddenly from the blaring alarm echoing through the compound as the lights went black save for the red flashing from the generators.
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