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#bucky barnes x black!reader
bri3ll3 · 2 hours ago
when did this happen?
pairing: bucky x black!reader, sam x reader (platonic), sarah x reader (platonic)
word count: 461
summary: you and sam have a conversation about buckys type but you and bucky have a little surprise that he doesn’t know about.
warnings: none
a/n: this takes place a year after where captain america and the winter soldier ended, and ofc
Tumblr media
“y/n you can not tell me after two years in wakanda that bucky doesn’t want him some chocolate” sam says and i giggle.
“we’ll never know” i say and he groans.
“come on y/n that man was like uncooked chicken when he went to wakanda and now he’s like a chicken that’s just came off the grill you know what i’m saying” he says and i laugh.
“you’re never going to let this go are you” i ask and he shakes his head
“no because i know that man wants him some chocolate ” he says and i laugh.
“there is no way you stay in wakanda for two years surrounded by all of these beautiful women and not like chocolate” he says throwing his hand up in the air.
“he was in the mountains with a goat sam, i don’t think he did much mingling” i say and he rolls his eyes.
“sarah help me out here” he asks sarah and she gives him a look.
“sam i’m not doing this with you” she said and laughed
“bucky may like black women but we’ll never know unless he says something about it” i say and he nods.
1 week later
i was in the kitchen making breakfast with sarah when bucky came into the kitchen with sam, bucky walked over to me and gave me a quick peck before sitting on the counter.
i look over and see sarah smile before looking at sam, i look at sam and see his jaw hanging open.
“WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN” he asks waving his hand between bucky and i.
“a year ago after the cookout” i answer and he puts his hands up as he shouts in victory.
“so i was right” he says with a smirk and bucky looks at me confused.
“right about what” bucky asks
“about how you liked chocolate” sam says and bucky looks even more confused and sam sighs “we were talking about how you like black women” he said and bucky nods understanding now.
“it was more sam trying to convince me on something i already knew” i say and sam rolls his eyes“he also called you an uncooked chicken” i say and sam gives me a look.
“really y/n” sam groans and i giggle.
“before you became cap you were literally called ‘the falcon’” bucky says making sarah and i laugh.
“but it’s way cooler than a chicken alright” sam defends and bucky rolls his eyes
“ok sam” bucky says obviously over the situation.
sam and bucky start arguing about god knows what. i look at sarah and she looks at me and we both laugh.
“how do we deal with this every month” sarah asks and i laugh
“i have absolutely no clue”
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hoebrowsalad · 13 hours ago
𝕓𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕕𝕠𝕨 ✧ 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕡𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝟙
summary || after an exhausting week of lectures, the reader's friend convinces her to take a break and head to the on-campus mall for coffee, where they meet an avenger and his disgruntled friend
pairing || steve rogers x f!reader x bucky barnes
word count || 1,325 words
warnings || language, reader is kind of a pessimist
black of the widow masterlist || my masterpost
Tumblr media
"C'mon, your grades are fine-"
"But are they?"
You answered sarcastically as your friend, Cecelia, berated you for your stubbornness.
"Just for an hour, please?" she pouted, making big puppy dog eyes, which usually never fazed you, but today you were exhausted.
Fatigue was something that you had become accustomed to. The Stark School for Protectors was an exhausting joint. You had never planned on attending the school, but your prowess in engineering caught the eye of Tony Stark's scouts. It was an opportunity that you had to take. Not just to secure a future for yourself, but for your family too. Poverty had held reign over your family for far too long, and you refused to let your dislike for capes and cowls stop you from saving your family. So you accepted the offer, and made peace with constant fatigue, caused by work and attending a school of wannabies.
"Alright," you smiled at your friend and began to look for some decent clothes to wear. Cecelia let out a breath of relief, satisfied that you had decided to join her.
You muttered a, "as long as you don't do what you usually do," as you pulled a shirt over your head. You loved Cecelia to bits, she was the first person you made a connection with at this godforsaken school, but her acceptance of your skepticism over the Avengers did not hinder her own love for them. Especially for the Captain and his Soldier. On every occasion that you previously accompanied her to the mall, she would freak out every time an Avenger was spotted. She met the Captain once, but it was only for a brief, momentous "Hello ma'am" while he rushed out of building as duty called.
"Yeah, yeah okay," she drawled, her signature sneaky smile plastered across her face. You shrugged it off this time, just focusing on your need for fresh air and a change of space after a long week.
"Hey, is that a new coffee shop?" you asked Cece as the two of you loitered in the mall. As obnoxious as it sounded, the on-campus mall was convenient for it's busy students. Tony Stark made it his job to pack it with endless trendy coffee joints, sushi bars, clothing stores and entertaining amenities. The two of you sat down at a small table and ordered some drinks.
"So, how's engineering going? I heard Dr. Banner had a fit when Logan handed in his capacitor project," Cece looked at you over her cup of coffee.
"Engineering is fine, Dr. Banner's reaction was foreseeable, and Logan's project was only a disaster because he spilled one of his energy drinks over it."
"He needs to stop drinking that stuff," Cece half smiled, before her face set into a solemn expression, "And I guess you're right, the Avengers haven't showed face in almost 2 weeks. Black Widow's death really took a toll on them."
You nodded in agreement. News of the Widow's death had plagued the school. Students mourned their hero and the Avengers mourned their friend. The whole ordeal managed to squeeze some sympathy out of you. You closed your eyes as your thoughts and the comforting warmth of your coffee pushed your mind to sleep.
Your eyes shot open as you turned and growled at the person nearby. Their mouth closed mid-scream but their finger continued to point. Your eyes followed and landed on two men walking across the mall.
Both of them stood over six feet. The first had dirty blonde, bordering on brown hair, long and slicked back. Facial hair covered his jaw. He wore a simple pair of jeans and a white shirt. A blue jacket draped his broad shoulders. He answered his phone and turned away before you could see more. The second paused to throw an empty coffee cup away. He had longer, much darker hair that grazed his jawline. His face was cleanly shaven. A red Henley and a pair of jeans clung his body. His facial expression was hard, his jaw set tight. You caught a better glimpse as he looked up in your general direction. His stare burnt through the walls.
"Jesus," you thought, "who shoved a stick up his ass?"
You started getting up to leave, but your arm was caught in a hard grip before you could move any more. Cecelia shook you as she spoke, "Let's go." In any other circumstance, you would have tried to pull away and leave, but you knew you had to save your friend from her own embarrassing demise.
"Cece don't embarrass yourself, c'mon," you tried to reason with her, but she had already pulled you over in a flash.
By the way, Cecelia had super speed. Great for ambushing super soldier crushes.
You pushed down your coffee as you both came to a stand still in front of the Winter Soldier. You turned to avoid gagging in front of him as Cece began gushing.
"Mr Barnes, I mean Sergeant Barnes, hi, um, just wanted to say thank you for your service!" She smiled at him. You turned back around and smiled, for her sake. His reaction was completely unexpected. He just stared at the two of you. His face bore a stony expression and his gaze burnt through your brain.
You both stared at him awkwardly before you spoke carefully, "Look, um, she's a fan, she's just trying to be nice-"
"You wanna be nice? Then leave me alone. " he spat before turning and taking an escalator to the basement parking.
You scoffed as his figure disappeared out of sight. Cece stood next to you in shock.
Definitely something shoved up his ass.
"Buck! Where are you going?" a voice called out from behind you.
"I'm so sorry ma'am, he's been on edge lately, after Nata-" he stopped and cleared his throat, "the loss," he gave a small, genuine smile, "Steve Rogers, ma'am, pleased to meet you." Cece let out her breath and began thanking Captain America for the apology and for his service. He just smiled and let out bouts of nervous laughter as she continued. For a second, he turned and looked at you, blue eyes twinkling with an emotion you couldn't place. You gave a small smile, not knowing how to react. After a few minutes, his phone rang again. He looked at the screen before explaining that he had to go.
"Duty calls, you ladies stay safe," he gave a friendly smile before going down the same escalator his not-so-friendly companion took.
Cece let out a cry of joy. The entire way back to your shared room, she texted everyone about the incident. She even phoned her mom. And your mom.
"Ugh but the Winter Soldier scared me, what's his deal?" she asked as she flopped onto her bed.
"Just what Captain America said," you hummed.
"You're not mad I dragged you there?"
You smiled and shook your head, too tired to debate with her, like you usually would. As you both settled in for the night, you couldn't help but think about the look in Steve Roger's eyes. The depth behind them was filled with so many untold emotions. You tried not to make a habit out of psychoanalyzing people, but when he looked at you, you felt as though there was more to his story than you knew. You rolled your eyes, remembering the Winter Soldier's reaction. Perhaps he didn't take the Widow's death very well, or he was just a grumpy old man. Literally.
A small chuckle blew out of your lips.
"Look at me, thinking about the Avengers."
You sighed. You didn't know that the interaction was one that you would never forget, but at that very moment, you chose to push it to the back of your mind and let sleep envelope you, blissfully unaware of what the next day had in store for you.
Hope you guys enjoyed it! Honestly this chapter only fed crumbs in terms of the whole story arc, but I'm trying to reel you guys in xD also all the marvel characters are aged down from 20 to 30 years old, because this is a college!au. The main character is in her early twenties.
Please like, comment and let me know what you think!
TAGLIST: @fckdeusername @tossacoin2yourwitcher @confused-feminist
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deexchanel · 17 hours ago
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Pregnancy, Fluff and Angst
Summary: Y/N is a well-known respected therapist in Washington D.C. H.Y.D.R.A threatened Y/N to give therapy to the Winter Soldier to know his strength and weakness. Or they would kill her and the baby.
During Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Post Captain America: Civil War.
A/N: I know a lot of people do not like reading about the OC being pregnant so if you do not like it, go read something else!
Tumblr media
‘Another day of not being killed’ Y/N thought as her heels clicked against the sidewalk. It was around 6:20 when she went inside the Ideal Federal Savings Bank. It was where James was being held at. Pierce told her to be there by 6:30 everyday even though she doesn’t get off work until 5:30. Then she had to drive half way then walked the rest.
Her feet would always ache by time she was to give therapy to James. She rubbed her five month belly as she went through the metal detector. This was Y/N’s 5th week working there so she was accustomed the procedures she had to endure. Y/N took a sip of the caramel frozen custard, she had disguised in a black travel coffee cup.
Hey it’s what the baby wants.
Before she could walk through the double doors, the scientist stopped her from going any further. “Miss Y/N he isn’t stable!”
Ignoring his worried manner, Y/N waddled past him. Her fear went away when she saw that he was okay. James was sitting up in the chair with clenched fist. Pierce stood in front of him along with armed forces talking to a technician.
“Then wipe him and start over.”
“Wait.” Y/N speaking up grabbed everyone’s attention. “If I do therapy with him in this state of mind, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.” She fumbled with the coffee cup, nervous from the attention being on her.
A smile creeped on Pierce’s face. “I like the way you think.” He pointed at one of the technician. “When she’s finish when wipe him.”
Once therapy start, the guards knew to step out. Y/N sat on the little chair in front of James. She gave him a smile and he gave her a smile on back.
“Hi James.”
“Y/N I told you to call me Bucky, many of times.”
Y/N crossed her feet, sitting down her bag. She then pulled out a clip board and pen, writing down today’s date. “I know Bucky, I just like saying James. How have your day been?”
“The same as always.” Bucky admired how she gave her full attention on him. Y/N is only here to write down information about him, but she takes her time and shows him that she actually care.
“Bucky we have been doing this for 5 weeks now. You have to give me something else other then ‘the same as always’ okay?”
“Okay...” Bucky trailed off. He was nervous to compliment her, thinking she would reject him but he went for it anyway. “I like your hair Y/N, it really fits you.”
Y/N felt her face heat up from the sudden compliment. “Thank you Bucky. I put extra leave in conditioner on it this morning.” She gives him a very bright smile. He visibly looked happier talking about something other then H.Y.D.R.A but she knew she had to ask him the questions anyway.
“Have you been fed today Bucky?”
“No not since 3 days ago.”
Out of instinct, Y/N rubs her belly. “I’m going to have to talk to Pierce about that. Until then, drink some of my frozen custard I have hidden.” She leans forward passing him the travel coffee cup.
Bucky looks at her in a worry. “What’s frozen custard?” He took the cup in hesitation. Y/N wrote down the fact that he haven’t ate today nor 3 days ago.
“I’ll explain another time, just drink up and get full because I filled up that entire cup. You’re going to love it. Let’s talk about today shall we?”
Bucky shifted in his seat, taking here and there sips of the frozen custard. “Y/N we always talk about me. I give you the same answer, today I fought and took down guys for H.Y.D.R.A’s dirty work. I really don’t want to talk about that.” His eyes held fear, talking about the one thing he’s forced to do really bothers him.
“C-Can we talk about you Y/N?”
She was completely caught off guard by that. Y/N begin to play with her curls. “Oh uh o-okay. Yeah we can talk about me. I never knew were curious in me. Anything to make you feel comfortable. What is it you want to know?”
“How did you become my therapist?” Bucky noticed how her happy mood died down a bit.
“Well uh I came home to see my boyfriend being held at gun point. Pierce gave me an ultimatum on either I come work for him or he kills my boyfriend. Y/BF/N spoke out of turn trying to defend me. Pierce k-killed him before I could even answer the choices.” Y/N eyes became teary. She picked at the hem of her shirt.
“So now I have to act as if I’m happy to my clients but in reality I’m miserable. My child has to now grow up without his father. It’s going to be so hard. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this profession.”
Bucky felt bad for even bringing up the question. He’s never seen her cry before because she’s always happy when they talk. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I-I didn’t know it was like...”
Y/N cuts him off, placing a hand on his knee. “It’s fine. I’m going to be okay. I’ve been everyone’s listening ear. Sometimes I need someone to listen to me.”
“Y/N can I ask you another question?”
“Yes Bucky, you may.”
“Are you having a boy or a girl? I’ve been wanting to ask you that for the longest.”
Y/N lets out a giggle at his curiosity. He was like a little kid. “It’s a boy Bucky.”
“I’ve always wanted boys when I have a family. I have 4 sisters and I tried to protect them the best way I could. That’s exactly why I want boys first so they can always protect their little sister.” Bucky smiled thinking about how amazing life would be if he wasn’t captured by H.Y.D.R.A. Y/N wanted to hug him so bad for finally opening up to her.
He actually gave her a real smile.
Y/N cleared her throat knowing time is almost up. She didn’t dare writing down they had just talked about. That was their own personal conversation. “Bucky I have to ask you one last question before I go. I know Pierce is going to ask me about it so therefore I need to ask you. What was your reason for lashing out today?”
Bucky finished up the last of the frozen custard. Thinking about it, his jaw clenched. He sat the cup near her bag. “ I overheard Pierce and Rumlow talk about how they were to get rid of you. As in how they were going to kill you.”
Y/N heart begins to race as she protectively covers her stomach. Bucky noticed she was starting to hyperventilate. “Hey hey doll, look at me.” He placed his hands on her cheeks, bringing her forehead to his.
Y/N brown eyes looked into his blue eyes. Calmness start to take over, she felt protected. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you Y/N okay?”
Y/N nodded knowing that he was serious. “Okay. You promise?”
“I promise.”
“Alexander Pierce has been exposed for being over H.Y.D.R.A while being the head of S.H-“ Y/N turns off the television, heart beating out of her chest. She didn’t know this day was coming so soon. Y/N didn’t know where to go, who to call, or when to leave.
She needed to know that soon or she was going to prison for working with H.Y.D.R.A. Government Officials wasn’t going believe her if she said Pierce gave her a ultimatum then killed her boyfriend. That’s why she needed to leave now. Y/N waddled to her room in a rush, to see that her bags were packed.
Y/N slowly took steps back, covering her huge stomach. She was scared because she knew she wasn’t the only one in her condo. She stood in the door frame just as Bucky walked out her bathroom with her last packed bag.
“Yes. Y/N we need to leave now.”
“I have to g-grab..”
Bucky cut her off holding the exact bag she was talking about. “ I have your leave-in conditioner, that thingy that you sleep in at night that protect your hair, curl creme, your brush and more. I knew what to grab from the labels and what you told me from previous sessions when we talked about your hair. Let’s go.” Y/N didn’t reply as she put on the clothes he had laid out.
To herself, she was surprised but also happy that he remembered. It showed how closely he payed attention to Y/N.
Soon they were a train cart on the way to Bucharest. Y/N was asleep safely in Bucky’s arms. He kept his hand, protectively placed on her growing belly. He kissed her forehead , watching her sleepy peacefully.
“I’m always going to protect the both of you.”
This randomly popped up in my head and wouldn’t go away until I wrote it so I hoped you guys enjoyed.
Stay slutty my friendsss!
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lil-stark · 18 hours ago
I used to be a typical brown girl and simp for Zayn Malik, now I just simp for a man who read The Hobbit in 1937 when it first came out. I’d say it’s a glow up.
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barnesdogtags · a day ago
Real or Not Real? (Part 2)
Summary: Bucky made a bet with Steve that he would have a girlfriend before their trip back home to Brooklyn. Steve is bringing Nat and Bucky doesn’t want to be the third wheel. When he forgets about the bet until a few weeks before the trip, he asks you to be his fake girlfriend in a panic. Just one week, that’s it. But the line between real and fake quickly becomes blurred, leaving you to wonder if you’re really playing pretend anymore.
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff
Tags: fake dating, “there’s only one bed”/sharing a bed, mutual pining, slight friends to lovers
PART 1  [masterlist - requests are open]
Word count: 1K
Wake up, they’re gonna be here in twenty minutes.”
You spent the night at Bucky’s since Nat and Steve were coming early and you aren’t a morning person. He knew you would sleep through your alarm and make everyone late.
“Give me five more minutes,” you groaned.
“You said that ten minutes ago.”
He pulled the blanket off of you. It took you a second to open your eyes and the smell of coffee from the kitchen encouraged you to get up. Bucky sat next to you, and the two of you enjoyed your drinks in silence.
“Are you nervous at all?” He asked.
“I’m excited to be going, but then I remember what we’re doing and it freaks me out a little bit.” 
“I get that, I think we’ll be alright though. If at any point we want to stop, I’ll just tell them the truth and deal with it.”
“You won’t have to do that. We got this.”
You gave him a reassuring smile which he returned. After finishing the coffee, you quickly showered and brushed your teeth. Right after you finished getting ready, Steve texted Bucky that him and Nat were outside waiting. 
Butterflies filled your stomach as you and Bucky got into the elevator. He linked your hands together before walking outside. They were pulled up to the curb, and when they saw you and Bucky, their jaws dropped. Bucky put the suitcases in the trunk while Steve and Nat gave you hugs.
“Wow, I was not expecting this,” Nat laughed.
“Me either. Why didn’t you guys tell us?”
“We wanted it to be a surprise. It’s all still new,” you said.
He came up and slid his arm around your waist and you mirrored his action. 
“You guys do look cute together,” Steve complimented.
You blushed and Bucky smiled, “Thanks Steve.”
Steve got into the driver’s seat and you and Bucky slid into the back. They were bench seats, so he sat in the middle to be closer to you. He brought a book to read, and you downloaded a few shows and movies to watch on your phone.
“So how did all of this start?” Nat asked as Steve merged onto the highway.
You gave Bucky a look that said I got this. “I went on a date last month and Bucky came over after. He was upset for some reason and I couldn’t figure out why. Then he told me he was jealous because he has feelings for me, and I realized I felt the same.”
“I’ve always thought you guys would make a good couple. I’m glad you guys finally realized it too,” Steve said.
“So am I,” Bucky squeezed your hand even though they couldn’t see.
“I’m really happy you’re coming with us. This is going to be so fun,” Nat turned and smiled at you.
“Me too. It’s always nice getting to see you and Steve, and I’ve never been to New York before.”
“I’m sure Steve will love showing you every alley he got beat up in where I had to save his ass,” Bucky joked. Everyone laughed when Steve flipped him off. 
“I could still throw some punches for a 90 pound ashmatic kid.”
“I bet you could babe,” Nat teased.
It became quiet in the car aside from Nat’s music playing softly. Bucky took his book out and you decided to watch a movie. 
-   -   -   -
You woke up when you felt the car stop. At some point during the movie you fell asleep, and you were currently laying on Bucky’s shoulder. He was still reading his book, but he put it down when he saw you were awake. You quickly sat back up, feeling embarrassed. 
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you like that. You should’ve told me to move.”
“It’s alright, you looked comfortable,” he shrugged. 
“If anyone needs to use the bathroom, you better go now. We only have about an hour left and I don’t want to have to stop again,” Steve said.
You and Bucky went into the gas station for a bathroom break and then grabbed some snacks. Bucky got some donuts and water, and you got more coffee and a bag of chips.
“Chips? At ten in the morning?” Bucky asked.
“Don’t judge me, it’s a road trip.”
Once everyone was back in the car, you asked Bucky if he wanted to watch something with you. He said yes and put one of the headphones in his ear while you pulled up the show you were currently watching together. You were sitting close together, his leg and arm were pressed against you, but you didn’t mind. 
-   -   -   -
Steve pulled into the hotel about an hour later. It was a nice one not too far from the city, and the worker said both rooms had a great view. Luckily the rooms were right across the hall from each other. After checking in, everyone agreed to meet back in the lobby in 20 to head into the city for brunch.
You stood behind Bucky while he opened the door. He barely made it inside when he froze.
“What is it?”
“Shut the door.”
After doing that, you saw what the problem was. 
There was only one bed.
“Why aren’t there two? When Steve and Nat showed me the room when we booked everything, there were two,” Bucky was slightly panicking.
“They probably upgraded when you told them you’re bringing someone. I mean, they do think we’re a couple, and couples share beds on vacations.” 
“Well, I guess I’m sleeping on the floor this week.”
“I’m not making you do that, and how do you think that’ll make us look if they saw? We’re adults, we can share a bed and not make it weird.”
“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“I’m sure.”
He didn’t say anything else and you both started unpacking your suitcases. Twenty minutes later, everyone met down in the lobby to start the first official day of the trip.
tag list (let me know if you want to be added): @piggyinthesea | @ginger-swag-rapunzel | @sergeantbuckybarnes | @intothesoul | @buendiabebeta 
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hoebrowsalad · a day ago
Greetings tumblr goers 😌✨
Mark your calendars!! 📌
The first chapter of Black of the Widow will be out tomorrow!!
*shivers at the thought of members*
I'm so excited for this fic, I haven't written any fanfiction in 2 years, and I tried my best not to make it cringey wattpad things that I used to write as a horny youth 😩✋🏽
If you want to be added to a tag list, please just comment! 💓
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tgigoldie · a day ago
Run This Town: Chapter Two
Tumblr media
Read Part One Here
Summary: In this city: money talks and respect means everything. One wrong move and you could never be heard from again.
The Wooden family are the head of the table. They provide the city with everything they need and have their hands in every politicians wallet. If you’re smart, you’ll watch how you move around their city.
New in town, Lu Xin Lee has his eyes set on becoming a big name. Coming from San Francisco, the name Wooden means nothing to him but he’ll have to learn respect quickly if he wants to be successful and even better, alive.
Army vet, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes has learned that his country that he fought so hard to “protect” has no intentions of truly repaying him the way he deserves. He finds himself venturing into a new career path that is the opposite of where he once stood.
Y/N Wooden is the heir to the family business. Her mother and father, Nia and Angel, gave her all the tools she’d need to succeed them once they retire from the game for good. Until then, she’s just going to have fun.
Warnings: 18+, alcohol & drug use, cheating, smut, depictions of violence, PTSD, slow burn
Pairings: Lu Xin Lee x Black!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Black!Reader
He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Lu Xin couldn’t believe he allowed Uncle Zhen to talk him into coming out here to apologize. Why apologize when he did nothing wrong? All he did was say what every gutless, no dick having, ass-kissing, lowlife in the city thought. And yet, here he was walking into La Bella Donna, with two dozen roses in hand. He was guided to a table in the center of the almost empty restaurant. Weird. Since this is where all the “movers and shakers” seemed to dine here.
He was told that only a limited amount of people was allowed in this evening. The Wooden family closed it down to the public for private dinners only.
He sat down at the table, placing the flowers on the surface. This “dinner” was set up for seven o’clock and here it was seven o’clock and he was sitting here alone. Lu Xin was a prompt man and tardiness is not something that he tolerated from anyone.
Lu Xin looked down at his watch. It was going on fifteen minutes after seven. He contemplated getting up and leaving but he knew if he did, he would never hear the end of it from Uncle Zhen.
“Excuse me sir, would you like something to drink?” This is the third time the waiter offered him something other than the bread and water he was nursing.
“Uh sure, let me get some bourbon please”
The waiter excused himself while he went to get Lu Xin’s drink. He was beyond irritated. It was bad enough he had to be here to give some half-assed apology so his uncle could feel comfortable plowing the city’s princess without the worry of what his nephew could say to ruin it.
After another fifteen minutes and three more drinks, Lu Xin was beyond annoyed. The nerve and audacity of this woman. He tapped his fingers against the table. He was only going to wait for another five minutes and then he was leaving. Fuck what his uncle thought.
“Sorry, I’m late. Had an emergency at home”
Lu Xin rolled his eyes at the excuse. Of course. An emergency at home. Sure, it wasn’t some attempt at pissing him off. It’s not like you met on a pleasant basis.
“I hope it’s all fine now” Lu Xin planted on a fake smile. You sat down across from him, placing your silver clutch on the table. He took note of your satin yellow dress. It clung nicely to your body. He would admire it more if he weren’t so irritated.
“It is. So, I hope you know that I know your uncle put you up to this. We don’t need any fake pleasantries. I’m sure you don’t want to be here” You spoke. He was sure you could see how irritated he was by your comment. At least you weren’t for the bullshit of this dinner. So, he figured it could just end here.
“As long as you know that then there’s no reason for me to be here” Lu Xin started to stand but you reached out and grabbed his hand, preventing him from moving further.
“Sit back down, I have a couple of questions for you but first-dinner”
You ordered Malfatti Gnocchi and he ordered Bistecca alla Fiorentina. There was an awkward silence between the two of you. Lu Xin didn’t know what to say to you. Especially since he didn’t want to be there to begin with. You took a sip of your white wine and looked over at him.
“So why did you move from San Francisco?” You asked him. You placed your hands under your chin and leaned forward.
Lu Xin threw back his bourbon and placed the glass back on the table. Was he really in the mood to talk? No and definitely not to you. But he could hear his uncle’s voice in the back of his mind, “Please her so she continues to please me and I’ll continue to fund your little hobby”. Lu Xin hated this “arrangement” between the two of them. His uncle was the one funding his “auto shop”. He told him that once he becomes truly self sufficient then Lu Xin will have to pay him back and then, he’s free to do whatever he wants.
“After I lost my parents, I got low. I ended up in some dirty deals that almost cost me my life. My Uncle Zhen basically forced me to come here and do something productive” Lu Xin explained. You took another sip of your wine, mulling over what he just said. He couldn’t read your face. Was it curiosity?
“I’m sorry for your loss” You stated earnestly. Lu Xin signaled to the waiter for another drink. He could hear the sincerity in your voice; however, he wasn’t to have that heart to heart with anyone. He didn’t think he ever would. Not even with his uncle.
“Thank you. So, what’s it like, having everyone at your feet? Being able to control someone’s life with a phone call?” Lu Xin wanted to get to the bottom of her. If he had to place nice in order to keep his business afloat, then so be it.
“It has its perks. I get what I want when I want but just like everything, there’s a down side” You looked away, finishing your drink.
A downside? Now Lu Xin’s curiosity was piqued. What downside could there possibly be to having the entire city at your beck and call. To not have to worry about being touched or disrespected. Can walk into anywhere and have your way. There’s a down side to that?
“Like what?”
“I don’t know if people actually like me for me or because they’re afraid of my parents”
Lu Xin watched your face drop. You were serious about what you’d just said. It bothered Lu Xin a little to see you feel like you had no one real around you. He reached across the table, his hand gently touching your hand.
“I’m sure someone out there likes you for you”
“I can’t tell. I should go” You stood up, grabbing your clutch from the table. Lu Xin grabbed your hand before you could completely walk away.
“Don’t forget your flowers” He motioned to the roses on the table. You picked them up, inhaling their aroma before smiling at him.
“Thank you. And dinner is taken care of by the way, so feel free to stay here and drink”
You walked away from the table. Lu Xin took in the way your hips swayed when you walked. He could see why his uncle was always sniffing after you. If the way you walk was any indication of how you fucked, then he knew why he always came around for you.
Lu Xin signaled to the waiter for another drink. He told him that whatever he wanted would be on the Wooden account. Lu Xin figured he could order some tiramisu to go. Maybe having a connection with the Wooden name would come in handy.
Tumblr media
3:00 AM
Bucky stood in front of the punching bag, throwing blows like it owed him money. He was feeling frustrated and pent up and angry. Angel had given him a key to the house. He told him if he ever needed it, he could come over to escape. Bucky never thought he’d need to use it but here he was, in their gym, trying not to break their punching bag. He’d been pulling the punches on his left arm. Some times he could forget his own strength with it.
His dog tags bounced against his bare chest. Sweat formed on his brow.
He’d had another nightmare. He’d woken up in a pool of sweat and could barely control his breathing. He’d hated how his time overseas had sent him home a completely different man. His mind will never be the same.
“Aaaaah” Bucky screamed as loud as he could. The room was sound proof so no one would be able to hear him. He threw four more punches before they slowed. He placed his forehead against the punching bag. Tears began streaming down his face as he tried to process his feelings.
“Are you okay?”
Bucky couldn’t contain his intense breathing. He turned to see who the voice belonged to. You were standing in the doorway of the gym. You were wearing a maroon t-shirt and a pair of shorts that stopped just above your thighs.
Bucky wiped the tears from his face.
“Y/N” Your name came out like a broken cry. He saw your face fall at his current state. Was it heartbreak?
You walked over to him. You took his face in your hands and pressed your forehead against his. Your hands were soft. Bucky closed his eyes as you held his forehead to yours.
“You shouldn’t be here with me. Your parents-”
“Ssh. Come with me”
Bucky followed behind you to the bathroom. You turned on the water to the shower. Bucky leaned against the wall. His mind was running a million miles a minute. Why were you helping him? He’s a nobody to you.
“Take off your clothes” Your voice was low but adamant. Bucky didn’t argue. He stepped out of his shoes, his pants and underwear following. Your eyes trailed his body but gave away no thoughts. Bucky couldn’t read your face. He didn’t know if you liked what you saw or figured it best to ignore him. Even now, his insecurities were eating at him.
You held out your hand to him. Bucky placed his hand in yours. You guided him into the shower. The warm water hit his body, instantly relaxing it. Bucky closed his eyes as the water carried his pain into the drain. He shouldn’t have come here. He shouldn’t have put you in the position to take care of him. It’s not fair to you.
Bucky tried to leave the shower but you stopped him. Your delicate hand on his chest. He should’ve been able to move passed it but your intentions were so pure. Bucky placed his hand on top of yours, his thumb stroking your knuckles.
“I only want to help you. Okay?”
Bucky nodded in response. Your hands were light as you scrubbed him with a microfiber towel. Your nails scratched his scalp as you worked shampoo and conditioner through it. Bucky’s eyes fluttered shut. This nurturing feeling had become foreign to him.
“Y/N” Bucky sighed.
“Thank you”
You smiled at him. It was so beautiful. Bucky wanted to see you smile more. He watched you walk over to grab a bath towel. Your touch was so light as you dried him off. Why were you doing this for him?
“You need some rest. Don’t say a word and just follow me”
Tumblr media
The sunlight peeked through the white sheer curtains of your bedroom. It was coming up on noon and he had yet to stir. He was sleeping so peacefully now. He spent two hours in your bed whimpering like he was in pain. It was clear that his thoughts were haunting him.
You gently pushed his hair away from his face, fingers threading through his brunette strands. He looked like a baby. His lips were slightly pursed. His breathing was finally even.
“So beautiful” you smiled down at him. You often wondered how the government could be okay with taking civilians and turning them into machines and then sending them back home as if their minds wouldn’t suffer. And someone as sweet as Bucky shouldn’t have to suffer.
After meeting him, you’d asked your parents about him. They told you all that he told them. About his time in the service and how he feels his country failed him. How he felt he owes your parents his life for intervening when they did.
You heard his phone buzz on the nightstand. It was the third time within the last thirty minutes and it was the same phone number calling. Whoever it was must’ve really wanted to get ahold of him but you were happy to let him rest. Your parents had taken off earlier that morning. They mentioned being gone for a couple of hours. Giving you enough time to let him completely rest in your bed.
Instead of continuing to wait for him, you decided to go and take a shower. You were going to yoga with your friend Kamaria later.
You grabbed your towel and headed to your en suite. Your mind travelled back to the beautiful man in your bed. You don’t know how you ended up in the gym but seeing him caught you by surprise.
Once you noticed he was crying, you desperately wanted to help him. After hearing what your parents said, seeing him like this broke your heart. Bucky didn’t need to lose himself in Ravyn’s pussy. You were a little disgusted to hear that she was cheating on her husband with him. Why take vows if not to uphold them?
You tried to cleanse your own mind in the shower. The scent of your cucumber mint body wash filling your nostrils. You scrubbed your body. You got lost in thought often thinking about the night. Bucky tossed and turned in his sleep. At one point, he draped his arm across your waist. He pulled your body close to his and snuggled into your side. Such an innocent move. He didn’t mean anything by it. He was asleep after all..But why did it make you feel butterflies?
You wrapped your body in your towel after stepping out of the shower. You looked around your bathroom and mentally kicked yourself. You’d forgotten your lotion on your dresser. You’d be quick. You just needed to get to your dresser, get your lotion, and come back. You opened your bathroom door and ran smack into Bucky’s broad back.
He turned and faced you a scream leaving his lips. You sshed him and slapped your hand over his mouth. Bucky pulled away from you, tripping over one of his shoes and landed on your bed.
“Bucky calm down. Please” You held your hands up like you were surrendering. He looked around your room wildly. He looked down and noticed that he was naked. He quickly grabbed his underwear from the chair next to your bed. Hopping on one leg to put them on.
“I can’t be in here. How did I get here? Why am I naked?”
“Bucky relax for just a moment. You came here last night. It was around three in the morning when I found you in the gym punching a bag and crying. I only wanted to help you”
Bucky’s eyes trailed your body.
“You’re naked. We didn’t….Tell me we didn’t”
“No, we did not have sex. And trust me if we did, you’d remember it” You laughed. He didn’t. You cleared your throat and looked down at your pink painted toes.
“I wasn’t trying to freak you out. I gave you a shower and let you sleep in my room. My parents aren’t here if that’s what you’re worried about”
Bucky pulled his shirt over his head. He patted his pants legs, obviously looking for his phone.
“Shit” He mumbled to himself.
“It’s on the nightstand. Bucky please don’t be mad at me”
“I’m not mad at you. I’m pissed at myself” Bucky grabbed his phone from the nightstand and walked out of your room.
You felt a little defeated. You only wanted to help.
Tumblr media
Yoga did nothing to clear your mind. You could only think about Bucky and how he was in such a rush to get away from you. You had only met him the one time. Did you rub him the wrong way?
You thought it over as you snacked on some strawberries. The tv was playing in the background but your mind was in other places. Rachael moved around you, cleaning the coffee table.
“Are you feeling okay miss?” she asked.
“No but I’ll be fine” You placed your bowl on a coaster. You had to remind yourself that you didn’t know him so his response to you shouldn’t bother you. But it did. You couldn’t explain why but you wanted to know why he reacted the way he did. What was on his mind when he woke up?
And then, you wished you could’ve seen him wake up. To see him open those bright blue eyes and welcome the afternoon sun. You sighed. You needed to get over this.
A knock on the door interrupted your thoughts. You waved Rachael away before she could get it.
You gasped once you opened it. Bucky was standing there. He was wearing a tight black tee and black skinny jeans. The corners of his eyes crinkled as he smiled at you. As if he didn’t rush out on you a few hours ago.
“Hey Y/N”
“Hey Bucky. Do you want to come in?” You moved aside.
“I can’t. I have to go meet your parents but um…I wanted to thank you for what you did for me. I know I didn’t seem appreciative earlier and I’m sorry but honestly, thank you”
“No problem babe” You saw his eyes lit up at the pet name. He looked down at his feet nervously.
“Um..I got you this. It’s not much but it’s my way of saying thank you” Bucky handed you a single red rose.
“Oh, thank you Bucky. You’re too sweet”
“Not as sweet as you” Bucky turned and headed towards his truck. “I’ll see you around” he tossed over his shoulder. You waved shyly at him as he backed out of the drive way. You closed the door behind you and leaned against it. A smile planted on your face. You looked over at Rachael, who was pretending not to have noticed the exchange.
You headed up the stairs to your room. He brought you a rose. The butterflies were back.
You grabbed a vase from your storage closet and filled it with water. The bouquet of roses you received yesterday was sitting on the nightstand to the right of your bed. You placed the single rose on the left side. You were feeling giddy and excited like a teenage girl. You hadn’t felt that way in a very long time.
“He brought me a rose”
You couldn’t help but smile to yourself. It was very thoughtful of Bucky to bring this to you. You’d keep that a secret between the two of you. Your parents didn’t need to know.
Tags: @honeychicana @honeydulcewrites @sapphirescrolls @chaneajoyyy @amelatonin @vikkidc @mareethequeen @avintagekiss24 @mauvecherie-writes @uhlxis @melinda-january @my-rosegold-soul @lotusss-flowerbomb @laketaj24 @browngirldominion @fumbling-fanfics @twistedcharismaaa @hellomadamebutterfly @mysooorandomthoughts @queenoftheworldisdead @angrythingstarlight
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Double Agent
Word Count: 2.K
Warning: Swearing, Angst
Pairing: Avengers x OC, Bucky x OC, Steve x OC, Thor x OC, Tony x OC.
Summary: The team goes out for a normal date night but someone had different plans. Empriss has her true identity revealed.
A/N: This is a sort of sad one. Empriss (Em-Priss), Aurelia (A- U- Rell- e- ah) , Lori and Alexis is characters I have made up myself.
Tumblr media
“This is my family! I can’t go through with this mission anymore, just kill me instead.” Empriss whispered harshly into the phone. She stood in the bathroom she shared with Bucky.
"YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT ME! I will go through this mission and kill them myself! I need their power!"
Empriss couldn't get a response out and the phone hung up. "H-Hello? Hello?" Panic set in, not knowing what else to do. Bucky knocked at the door.
"Empriss? Doll is everything okay?"
"E-Everything is fine!"
----------- First Person Point of View
"Bucky just hold on to the leash. You keep letting Subi pull on you!" I laughed placing my hand on top of his.
"I'm trying! I never had a dog before." Bucky laughed as our hands both held on the leash.
" I see!" I giggled and we continue to walk on the sidewalk. My phone ring in my pocket so I pulled it out. Tony's picture was showing on the screen.
"Can you guys come back please, Lori is freaking out cause her hair won't do right for tonight."
"Yea, we'll come back right now."
Tony hung up and Bucky looked at me concerned.
"Everything okay?"
"Yes, Lori need help with her hair that's all. You're walking Subi back so you can get use to it." I smiled and his concern washed away.
"Okay. Are you ready for tonight?" Bucky asked smiling at me. I stood on my tippy toes, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"I'm exciteddd!"
"You guys finished? Thor is hungry and won't stop complaining about it." Alexis whine poking her head in the room. I was sitting by Lori finishing my makeup. She was putting her lashes on while Aurelia was painting her nails. Natasha was flat ironing her hair.
"We're coming. Tell him to hold his horses." Aurelia scolded trying to stay focused on her nails. Tonight they were having just one normal night without anything interrupting. I pushed down my fear of something happening to the team since I didn't go through with the mission.
"Natasha you look amazing!" I exclaimed looking at her outfit. She gave me a twirl with a big smile.
"Thank you!"
"Oh yeah, Bruce is going to love that!" Lori winked at her. Natasha blushed, rolling her eyes.
"Don't you guys start! That was one time." Natasha said, making all of us laugh. She was talking about the time Lori took a picture of them sleeping in the same bed.
Five minutes later, we were walking into the living where everyone waited. The guys sat on the couch talking about god knows what. Wanda was in the kitchen drinking some water.
"We're readyyyy! Let's go!" I announced loudly as we girls walked into the room. Bucky looked up at me then his eyes traveled down my body. The guys cheer as we girls strike a pose.
"Finally, you guys took that long, just for y'all to look the damn same." Sam joked, taking a sip of his drink. Aurelia flips him off, laughing.
"Oh hush, Sam."
"Well, I made reservations for 7:30, which is..." Tony trailed off, looking at his watch. "Now."
"I'm grabbing my Hennessey!" Alexis interjected rushing to the refrigerator.
"Alexis, you're not getting drunk tonight!" Steve stated, following behind her. Wanda stood in front of Vision, fixing his tie.
"Vis, why you didn't let me do your tie?"
"Because you were busy getting dressed. I didn't want to bother you, Wanda."
"You look so handsome, babe." I complimented, sitting down beside Bucky. He pulled me into his lap.
"You look beautiful, doll. What flavor lip gloss that is?"
"Mango. I wanted to try something new other than strawberry-" I rambled but was cut off by Bucky placing his soft lips on mine. I smiled in the kiss, placing my hand in his long hair.
He pulled back smirking, "Hmm, that tasted good. I like mango way better than strawberry."
I was too star-struck to say anything. I bit my lip thinking about the things I would do to him. He winked at me, so I grabbed his shirt, pulling him into another kiss. His hands guided over to my ass, gripping it.
"If you guys are done sucking each other faces off. We're leaving now." Natasha told us, hitting the back of Bucky's head. We pulled apart, blushing madly.
Thor and Aurelia walked out of the bathroom, fixing themselves up. I raised an eyebrow pointing at them.
"Not the in the bathroom!"
"Not on the couch!" Aurelia mocked back, pointing at us. Bucky shook his head, laughing.
"We were making out."
"We were having a serious conversation," Thor said confidently, then realized how it didn't make sense. "In the bathroom?"
It turned into a laughing fit then we 4 walked out to the garage. Everyone was in a huge circle arguing.
"We should ride together!" Steve said.
"No, each couple should drive their own car," Bruce argued.
"That's too many cars. How about ladies ride in one car. Men in the other car. It saves space and time." Lori reasons, but Tony slumped his shoulders in a pout.
"I wanted to ride with you."
"Next time, babe." Lori assured, kissing his cheek. "We need to go because we're already late."
I placed a quick kiss on Bucky's lips, "See you when we get there." He places a kiss on my nose.
"Vice Versa."
I was irritated at this point because we were lost. They gave Tony the wrong address. At this point, we could order a pizza and have a movie night at the tower.
" Ugh, we should go ahead and order pizza. It's taking too long for us to even find the place." Lori complained from the driver seat. Aurelia sat in passenger, Wanda beside me, Alexis and Natasha on the back row.
"I literally thought of the same thing. I should call the guy and tell them." I suggested pulling out my phone.
" I could do for a meat lover's pizza." Aurelia agreed.
"I just want to eat in general." Wanda groaned.
"Can we cook tacos too?" I have a taste for some." Natasha said, making all of us hum in agreement.
"I'm calling Tony so we can turn around," I told them while clicking the phone icon. A big crash makes me look up from my phone. It was like everything was in slow motion.
-Third Person-
The SUV the guys rode in flips high in the sky. The truck lands on the ground, tumbling a couple of feet. Lori smashes on her breaks out of instinct. Aurelia lets out a blood-curdling scream seeing the entire crash.
It happened so fast for the girls as they watched with wide eyes. Empriss was the first one to open her door getting out. She kicks off her shoes quickly then ran over to the flipped truck.
"BUCKY?! BUCKY! TONY?! STEVE? SAM!? " She screamed, hoping someone responded. She hoped that this wasn't her boss's doing; deep down, she knew it was. Not too far behind her was Natasha.
"EMPRISS?!" She heard a hoarse voice call for her. Empriss pry the door open to the truck to see Bucky lying on the roof of the truck. His shoulder was bleeding, face-filled scratches, a huge gash on his forehead. Empriss touched his leg since it was closer.
"I'm here, baby!"
Alexis runs over to the passenger side to see Steve had kicked the dented door off the truck. He was on the ground holding his shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears seeing that he was alive.
"Baby! T-Tell me what hurts!" Alexis stuttered as she hovers over him. A gash was on his cheek, dirt was all over his face, his lip was cut.
"My shoulder! Ah!" Steve cried out in pain. Alexis's eyes looked to see that his shoulder was badly dislocated. She smelled gas, and realization kicked in.
"Babe, I need to move you to the side!" Alexis cried, and Steve shook his head no. He knew it was going to hurt, trying to move. "I have to, or the truck is going to blow up with us beside it."
Steve's eyes had tears in them from the pain, which hurt Alexis more. She took off her sweater, balling one side up. Steve stared into her eyes, scared.
"Babe, bite this! I need to move you." Alexis said, placing the balled sweater part in his mouth. It wasn't no debate; she needed to do it. She placed a hand under his shoulder than one softly under his display shoulder. Alexis counts down from 3 mentally then proceeded to pull Steve away from the truck.
His muffled screams were heart-wrenching.
Aurelia kissed Thor's forehead as he lay on the ground. She tried to hold her composure seeing him in this hurt state, but it wasn't working. The truck was on top of his leg. His face was filled with scratches, and his lip was cut. She was on her knees, hovering over him.
"Thor, baby, I'm going to touch your leg so I can know if you can feel it, okay?" She cried, holding his hand to her chest. Thor closed his eyes in pain; his breathing quickens.
Aurelia kissed his hand before moving her hands to his hurt leg. She pressed it softly.
"Can you feel that?"
Aurelia pressed harder, and he screams in agony.
"Yes! Yes! I can feel that!"
"Thor, I have to lift this truck off your leg! You're going to have to move it. You ready?" Aurelia said and he nodded his head. She squat, placing her hand under the truck. Lifting the truck, Thor rolls over but cry out in pain from his leg.
Aurelia grabbed his hand, pulling his body away from the truck. Thank god for super strength.
Lori had found Tony's body away from the truck. He was unconscious from him flying out the windshield. She pulled his body into her lap, lamenting.
"Oh god, honey, wake up. Please! I need you."
Empriss had finally gotten Bucky's body out of the wreckage. She was on her knees, hovering over his body placing pressure on his wound. His eyes were opening and closing from the amount of blood he lost. Empriss gently hit his face to wake him up.
"Baby, keep your eyes open for me. Hey! I need you, so don't die on me." She whimpered as more tears falling down her face. She grabbed his metal hand, placing it against her face.
"Please, baby. I need you."
"BRUCE!" Natasha screamed, looking everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Sam was sat against the bridge wall. She noticed him running over to help. Wanda ran over as well noticing him too.
"Sam are you okay?"
"Other than my back I'm fine Wanda."
"What happened in that truck Sam? Where is Bruce and Vision?" Natasha asked squatting in front of him.
"I don't know where they are. We were driving and talking about the fact that we couldn't find the place. Someone shot through the windshield which made Tony swerve. You know the rest of what happened. I just came back conscious," Sam explained wincing when he tried to move.
"I tried to call someone for help but there's no service. Nobody has their suits, armor, or any sort of communication with the other Avengers. This was a setup guy." Wanda said looking at the rest of the team.
"Weird thing is, we're the only one on this bridge." Natasha lowered her voice as if someone was listening. Numerous armored trucks drove on the bridge, on either side of it. Everyone looked around frantically in the bright lights.
"No!No!"Empriss gut feeling was right. Tears sprouted from her eyes as she placed her hand against Bucky's cheek. "This is all my fault.." She whispered to herself knowing she betrayed everyone's trust.
"Ah sorry, it took so long for us to come back. We had to catch Bruce and Vision here." Thaddeus Ross said standing in front of the lights of the vehicles. Both girls gasp to see their significant others in containment.
Bruce laid unconscious on his side. Vision had some kind of advanced spear lodged in his side. His body was misconfiguration. "Wanda!" He called out for his wife. Wanda's eyes turned red as her power flare.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you Wanda. Barnes and Banner would electrocute." Ross grin and the girls shared a look as Wanda's powers died down.
"What the hell do you want with us?" Lori sneered as she held on to Tony's body tightly. She wasn't going down without a fight.
"This was the easiest way to get my earth's mightiest heroes. The night they were going out with their lovers. No protection, no armor, no problem. That bullet lodged in Barnes's shoulder, neutralize everyone that was in the truck powers. So bye-bye powers. Empriss didn't go along with the order I gave her so I took things into my own hands." Ross retorted then snapped his fingers at his guards. "Get them! I need mind wiping started in the next hour."
One guard grabbed Lori from behind to pry her off of Tony. The other two grabbed his body, placing him in the back of a truck. Lori thrashed around sobbing in the man's arms.
The guard yanked Steve up with his dislocated arm. One yanks Alexis by the hair harshly so he couldn't help him. He cries out in pain.
They ignored her throwing him in the back of a truck. The guard wraps his arm around Aurelia's neck and the other two grabbed Thor by the arms dragging him so they could put him in a truck.
Aurelia hits the man's arm, not being able to breathe.
Empriss knew the guards were coming for Bucky. "Ms Empriss." One of them greeted her. She let the guards push her off. Bucky. They yanked him up by grabbing his shirt on the hurt shoulder. His eyes opened and he cries out in pain.
Empriss sobbed knowing she couldn't do anything, this was all her fault and she knew that. Wanda and Natasha stood in front of Sam protectively.
"You're not going to touch him. What do you mean Empriss didn't go through your plan? She doesn't work for you." Natasha seethes getting in defense mode.
"Crazy for you think that. Empriss has been a double agent this whole time. The one you love and trust the most works for me. Can you believe it? I can!" Ross lets out a hearty laugh. Each one of the women stared at Empriss in disbelief. She placed her hands over her face not wanting to face everyone.
"Empriss what the hell is he talking about?"Lori sniffed looking at her in a glare. "Tell us he is lying!"
Empriss cried harder giving everyone their answer.
Ross shook his head. "You know what. I'll let you keep him and weak Empriss. I don't need her anymore, I have my treasure. Shock 'em."
Two guards came from the side of Wanda and Natasha placing a disk on their necks. Unbeknownst to everyone, when the guards took away their men it was disks placed on them. All the women fell to the ground unconscious from the electrocution.
"You will not get away with this!" Sam yelled trying to get to his feet.
"Oh, I already have!" Ross laughed going back to his truck. Soon the bridge was cleared again. Too many thoughts ran through Sam's mind as he up from the ground in pain.
So much for a normal night.
wow uh this is a filler.
I kinda don't like it😂. If you guys like it, let me know in the comments!
Stay slutty my friends!
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deexchanel · 2 days ago
When he tries
(part 2 to when he cheats)
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, Allergic reaction, Angst, fluff.
Summary: little Melanie has a allergic reaction when she is at school. Instead of the teacher calling y/n, she calls bucky.
A/N: I wouldn’t have thought of this if @bx725 didn’t comment so thank youu 🥺 all the credit goes to you!
Tumblr media
Bucky sat at meeting table very stressed. Him, Steve and Tony were coming up with ideas on how to take down the next hydra base.
“So we can’t come in on the left?” Steve placed his hand on his chin. Bucky sigh leaning back in the chair. Tony removed his glasses from his face.
“That side is overcrowded with soldiers so no unless we send in hulk.”
Bucky’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He held a finger up, using his other hand to take his phone out. Seeing that it was his daughter’s school calling confused him. “Hello?”
“Is this Mr.Barnes?”
“Yes it’s me.”
“M-Mr. Barnes I need you to come to the emergency room. Melanie had an allergic reaction and it was b-bad.”
In a panic, Bucky gets up from the table, hanging up the phone and ignoring everyone. His mind wondered about his baby girl and prayed that she was okay. He drove over the speed limit, trying to reach her in time.
“Melanie Barnes? I’m her father!” Bucky frantically placed his hands on the receptionist desk.
“187, Down the hall on the left!”
Bucky ran past her, following the directions that were given. When he opened the door, his heart broke seeing his daughter state. Melanie's eyes were swollen with a red rash going up the side of her neck. Her teacher sat in the chair, trying to calm herself down.
“What happened?? How did this happen?” Bucky rubbed his baby hand as he stood beside the bed. He moved the hair from her forehead.
“I-It was snack time; I specifically put on her plate what you guys me to put. Melanie asked to go to the bathroom, so I let her. The student beside her switched her chocolate chip muffin to a banana one without me knowing. Mel ate it, not knowing, and 2 minutes later, her eyes were swollen shut.” The teacher tried to keep her composure. On the inside, she knew her job was good and gone.
Before Bucky could reply, his phone rang. Not taking his eyes off his sleeping daughter, he answered. “Hello?”
Steve replied in a heartbeat.“Buck, what happened?? Everything alright? You left in a panic.”
“I’m alright; Melanie is in the E.R. she had an allergic reaction.”
“I’m on the way. Have you called Y/N?”
“Shit! Let me call her right now.”
He hung up, not even waiting on a response. Bucky hit Y/N’s emergency contact.
“What do you want, Bucky?”
“It’s not like that right now. Y/N, you need to get to the emergency room. Melanie had a bad allergic reaction. I’m here now with her teacher.”
Y/N hung up, not wasting any time leaving work. Melanie's eyes opened, seeing her dad’s tall frame standing beside the bed. “D-daddy?”
Her little voice grabbed the Winter Solider’s attention. He leaned over the bed frame grabbing her hand. “Yes, princess, I’m here.”
Melanie's eyes filled with tears, her throat began to feel itchy. “Daddy, my face hurt, and throat is itchy.” Bucky's eyes wandered around, then caught a glimpse of the itching cream on the stand beside the bed.
“I know, honey, let me put some cream on it.” He grabbed the container, putting some cream on his fingers then smeared it on her irritated skin. Relief flood through Melanie as she didn’t have the urge to scratch her skin. Steve peeked his head in the door.
“Is she woke?”
“Yeah, man.”
“Uncle Steveeee!!” She beamed excitedly then let out a cough. Bucky rubbed her back for comfort. “Princess, don’t overwork yourself; we want you to feel better soon.”
Steve came into view holding a white teddy bear. “Daddy’s right; don’t overdo it.” He slid into bed right beside Melanie. She cuddled up to her uncle, and they engaged in a weird conversation.
Bucky took this time to stand out the door to collect his thoughts and physically calm down. It was also to wait on Y/N’s arrival. He could take a deep breath and accept that his daughter would be okay.
James watched his wife rush into the hospital with tears in her eyes. Even though they were separated, they still haven’t filed for a divorce. “Where is she?!”
“In the room Y/N with Steve and her teacher. She’s fine.” He tries to grab her hands, but she is snatched away. Bucky could see how stressed and tired she was from the bags under her eyes.
“Why didn’t you call me first??” Y/N hit his chest.
“W-Why you didn’t you call?”He took the hits from her.
“W-Why??” Bucky blocked the hits pulling Y/N into his chest. She cuddled her face into his chest, breaking down. Being away from each other was hard on both of them. Bucky kissed her forehead.
“Doll, I’m sorry I didn’t call as soon as I got the news. I rushed here to make sure our daughter is safe. I’m so sorry.”
“Bucky, I can’t do this without you. I’m so stressed; these 3 weeks without you have been hard.” Y/N sniffled, pulling back from his chest. She wipes her eyes, trying to control the tears. “I need help, and I need you, but you cheated on me. I think about it every night because you showed me that I wasn’t good enough. Why am I not enough? Is it my weight? The way I look? Do you not want Melanie??”
“Enough with the nonsense Y/N. There isn’t any excuse for why I cheated. I don’t want to come up with a bullshit ass excuse. I’m sorry that I cheated Y/N. I’ll do everything in my willpower to make it up to you. I know forgiving me will take time, and I don’t care how long it does. I will wait for you. You are perfect for me, the way you look, your hair, your body, your eyes. Everything is perfect for me. I want you and our daughter over anyone else. I love you Y/N; I’ll forever love you until my heart stops beating.” Bucky placed his forehead against hers. Y/N grabs his face, pulling him into a passionate kiss.
“I love you too, Bucky Barnes, but this will take time for me.”
“I will be here when you’re ready.”
Y/N gave him another peck on the lips then gave a small smile. “Let’s go check on our daughter.” Bucky gave her one more hug then let Y/N open the door.
I hope you guysss like thissss 😁😁😁
This is just a fanfic. We do not condone cheating in real life!!! Beat his ass if he does☝🏾
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bri3ll3 · 2 days ago
happy for you
pairing: bucky x black!reader
word count: 370
summary: after being gone for two years, you come back to find a little surprise.
warnings: none
a/n: i know natasha cannot have kids but let’s just say she can here.
part 1: if only
Tumblr media
it has been two years since i had last been in that tower, steve had sent me on a long mission which required me to live a different life.
i was excited to come back and see everyone. no one but steve knew where i was and i had contact with absolutely no one but steve.
i walked into the tower with my suitcases and look around the tower, it looks the same as when i left.
i heard talking coming from the kitchen, i walk towards the kitchen quietly and stood in the doorway quietly.
i cleared my throat and everyone looked towards me, i swear tony’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me.
peter got out of his seat and ran over to me, hugging me. after peter everyone piled in to make a a big group hug. eventually everyone pulls away from the hug and bombards you with questions.
as i’m talking either everyone i hear tony giggles and a goofy roar come into the kitchen, i look up and see bucky holding a child in his arms.
i notice the little girl cock her head as she looks at me. her eyes are blue and her hair is reddish-brown, the perfect mixture of her parents.
i smile at her and she smiles back holding out her arms to me, bucky puts her down and she waddles over to me. i pick her up and sit her in my lap, her hands immediately go to hair playing with the curls.
“we’ll give you two a moment alone” steve says guiding everyone out of the kitchen, leaving bucky and i alone.
“so how is it, married life” i ask and he sits down next to me,
“it’s great” he admits and i smile.
“you finally got it, the family you wanted” i look at him and he nods.
“yeah, i’m a full time family man” he jokes and i laugh
“what’s her name” i ask looking at the little girl.
“sarah rebecca barnes” he says and i smile before looking at him.
“its beautiful” he smiles at my response.
“i’m happy finally, it feels nice” he says and i smile
“i’m happy for you”
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elivanah-writes · 2 days ago
As of a few days i have no internet and that at least until Friday.
So i won't be online or post a lot cus my 4g sucks.
But I am working on the next part for happier (Juice Ortiz x reader/mob bucky x reader) and gift of the gods (Paul Lahote x reader).
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crackheadgeminibby · 3 days ago
appearances pt. 2
pairing: 40s!bucky barnes x female!black!reader
warnings: language, angst, mentions of racism a bit?
word count: 2.3k
a/n: got a lot of people asking for part 2 and it gave me a burst of inspiration so there you go! hope it exceeds your expectations:) fair warning though, this has barely been edited sorry
i do not consent to my work being copied in any way, shape or form or reposted on any other platform
not my gif
Tumblr media
After Bucky left the hospital the day you officially broke up with him, you gave him his ring back after your shift. As you had told him, he couldn’t spend all that money to have the ring sit in your room, collecting dust.
Since that day, you hadn’t seen him nor Steve. You knew that Steve still came around the hospital because his name was all over the log sheets, as per usual, but he was apparently making sure to avoid you whenever you were working.
Today, it had officially been 5 weeks since you had last seen Bucky and Steve. You had worked all day and were exhausted but still stayed up to have dinner with your family. You were starting to get very busy, and you knew that there would probably be a while before you could all spend some time together.
As usual, Saturday dinner was special in your house. Everyone cooked together and you all dressed up a bit before eating dinner, having family game night and ending the night with a movie.
You were currently finishing dinner when the doorbell rang. You were confused because your family’s friends knew that Saturday nights shouldn’t be disturbed.
Your mom gently wipes her mouth before saying, “I’ll get it.”
She gets up and walks to the door.
Your dad looks at you, “Were you expecting anyone?”
You frown and shake your head, “No. You know I never invite people over on Saturdays.”
Your dad hums in agreement and you continue to eat. You look over at your sister. She was in her early teens, which also meant rebellion against the family rules.
Sensing eyes on her, she looks up at you.
You mouth, “Was it you?”
Your sister shakes her head, looking slightly offended that you would think that.
You’re about to get up and see what’s taking your mom so long but you hear the door close and her light footsteps making their way back to the dining room. However, she’s clearly not alone as you can hear a pair of heavy boots walking right behind her accompanied by a pair of footsteps lighter than the first pair but louder than your mom.
Your mom enters the dining room, behind you, and announces, “Everyone, this is James and Steve.”
You turn around, taking a sip of water. When you see Bucky and Steve in front of you, you gasp loudly.
However, your brain had momentarily forgotten that you were drinking water and you feel a surge of water coming through your mouth up to your nose.
You cough loudly, trying to clear your airways as your mom frowns and pats your back trying to help.
You can feel that everyone is staring at you and your dad asks, “Jesus, Y/N, what happened?”
You cough again a couple of times before vaguely gesturing to your throat and barely squeaking out, “Water went down the wrong pipe.”
You wipe the tears that had fallen from your eyes and look at Steve and Bucky pointedly. Bucky gives you a slight smile before clearing his throat.
“We’re really sorry for interrupting your dinner. It’s just that Stevie here is very sick and the only nurse that’s ever been able to help him was Y/N. When we went to the hospital, she wasn’t there so we thought we would go straight to the source.”, Bucky finishes, flashing his large smile.
You turn back to your family and your dad stares at you with a raised eyebrow. You chuckle nervously and get up quickly before dragging Steve outside with you.
You slam the back door close and turn towards him with wide eyes.
“Steve, what the fuck?!”
He raises his hands in surrender and stutters out, “I’m sorry! I told him it was a bad idea, but he wouldn’t listen to me and he practically forced me here!”
You pace back and forth in front of him before stopping with your back to him, “Wait… What is a bad idea? What’s the plan here?”
You whip around and stare at Steve with wide eyes, “Steve, what the hell is going on?”
Steve’s mouth opens but no words come out as he stares right back at you.
You groan and turn towards the door to go back inside.
“No, stop!”, Steve screams while pulling your arm back with surprising force. As soon as you’re facing him again, he immediately lets go of you and puts his arms back to his side.
“I have… an earache! Can you check it out?”
You stare at Steve, an incredulous look plastered on your face. You put your hands on your hips and say, “First of all, I don’t even have my equipment because we are literally in my backyard! Second of all, even if I did, I highly doubt you have a magical earache that developed in the last three seconds.”
Steve’s shoulders hunch as he sighs loudly, “Fine.”
Your anger dissipates as you see Steve’s desperation, “Okay, Steve, look… I’m not mad but you have to tell me what’s going on.”
Steve sits in one of the chairs in your backyard and exhales before saying, “After Bucky and I left the hospital, he spent all day trying to find ways to get you back. Then, you swung by that night and gave him his ring back. It destroyed him.”
You feel your heart squeeze in your chest at Steve’s words. You sit down on a chair in front of him and gesture at him to continue.
“He wouldn’t eat or move or do anything for two weeks. I started to get really worried. I had to force him to eat little bites of food and drink sips of water every day. I even asked his sister to come by to talk to him, but it didn’t change anything. Or at least, at first, it didn’t. A week after his sister came, I woke up and he was up and about, making breakfast, humming, everything. When I asked him what changed, he said that he realized that he was never gonna get you back by staying in bed, waiting to die. Then, he started to concoct this whole plan about how he was gonna win you back. He never told me what the actual plan was because he said that he knew I was going to try to talk him out of it. So, to be honest, I don’t really know what he’s doing in there.”
You gape at Steve, speechless.
“But, Steve, what am-”
“Y/N, get in here right now!”
Your father’s loud voice sounding throughout the backyard makes Steve and you jump. You look at Steve, a desperate look on your face, while he looks back at you, looking sorry. You get up and walk back to the house, feeling Steve follow after you.
When you enter the house, you see your mom and sister sitting on the couch while Bucky is sitting on the loveseat that’s in front.
You walk slowly to the living room and stop at the threshold, not wanting to be stuck in the middle of this situation. Your dad closes the back door and sits next to your sister on the couch.
You look at your dad, expectantly, before he says, “So, James was telling us that you were in a relationship. Said that he tried proposing to you but you told him no because of appearances and all.”
You groan and look at Bucky, throwing your hands in the air, “Bucky, what the hell? Why would you do that?”
All your family members furrow their brows before your sister asks, “Wait, who’s Bucky?”
You realize your mistake and slap a hand over your mouth, eyes widening.
Your father gets up quickly, “So, it’s true? After all we have told you since you were a toddler, you did this?!”, he finishes, gesturing between Bucky and you.
Your mom gets up, putting a hand on your dad’s shoulder before saying calmly, “Isaac, calm down.”
Your dad exhales forcefully, “No, Flora, I will not! How could she do this? Disobey us like an ill-mannered child?!”
You feel tears pooling in your eyes at your dad’s words. Your sister gets up to give you a hug before quietly saying, “Dad, I think that’s enough.”
At this, Bucky and Steve look up, eyes previously fixated on anything but the scene in front of them, trying to respectfully stay out of it. As soon as Bucky sees your tear-stained face, he gets up, prepared to comfort you, but your sister immediately raises her hand, silently telling him to stop.
Your dad watches the interaction and calms down, sitting back down. Your sister gets two chairs from the dining room and you both sit down, still in the entrance of the living room.
You breathe deeply before looking at Bucky and Steve, both looking worried, then switching to your dad.
“Look, Dad, I know your opinion on… this type of relationship. And I understand it.” You look down at your lap, playing with your fingers. “Trust me, it’s not like I meant to fall in love with Bucky, it just happened.”
You exhale loudly before looking back up at your parents.
“Mom, Dad, I love you guys. With my whole heart. But I am not a child anymore. You can’t decide who can and cannot be in my life. I know you think you need to protect me from everyone and everything but I’m never gonna grow if you don’t let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. Bucky treats me right. He’s charming and nice and he’s a real gentleman. And he actually loves me and cares for me.”
You look at Bucky before continuing, “Bucky, you can’t just come in here like you own the place, dropping all sorts of information like that.”
Bucky looks at his lap, embarrassed.
“And Steve…” Steve looks at you, panicked.
“You actually didn’t really do anything wrong, I guess.”, you laugh softly before frowning, “But stop using your illnesses as excuses to do whatever you want. That’s not cool.”
Steve chuckles before hitting Bucky on the shoulder, “He made me do it! He put all the plates on the top shelf and said he would leave them there if I didn’t help him!”
You laugh loudly before looking at your parents.
Your mom has a smile on her face and your dad’s face has softened.
You get up, walking to the back door.
“Bucky, come on. We need to talk.”
Bucky immediately gets up and follows you outside. You sit back down on the chair from before and Bucky sits in front of you.
You see slight hesitation on his face before he asks, “Is it okay if I hold your hand?”
You chuckle softly, “Yeah, I think that’d be okay.”
He reaches over and takes your hand in his, letting out an almost inaudible sigh.
“Baby, I’m sorry. I know that your family is very important to you and I shouldn’t have ambushed any of you like that. I just… When you gave me my ring back, it sunk in that we were actually completely over, and I felt like my world was collapsing on itself. It’s like I couldn’t think or breathe.”
Bucky looks up at you, maintaining eye contact before saying, “I love you so fucking much. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I’ve loved you. And I don’t think I ever will. You’re really it for me, baby.”
You sigh, biting your bottom lip, before saying, “I love you too, Bucky. I just don’t know how we could ever make this work.”
“Well, your family doesn’t completely hate me. And I’m sure anybody else who we consider important enough would be the exact same. We don’t need anybody in our lives that don’t want to be there.”
You look at the grass beneath your feet, hesitating slightly before nodding. You look up at Bucky, seeing his charming smile and remembering what started this whole thing.
“Wait, actually… What were you doing with Dot in the alley that day?”
Bucky groans loudly, “I was at the tailor and I guess she saw me or something. She came up to me, talking about how some man had taken her purse in the alley, so I went with her to get it back. When we got there, there was no one and she said she knew about us and that if I didn’t go out with her, she would tell everyone. I knew that you were uncomfortable with it so I figured I’d occupy her for the day then I would talk about it with you so we could decide what to do. I just didn’t want her to hurt you.”
Bucky nods.
“You don’t have lingering feelings for her or anything?”
Bucky snorts loudly. “I never had feelings for her in the first place. People just assumed we liked each other because we were together all the time. I never considered her anything more than my friend. But I thought she provided a good cover story in the time being, you know?”
You analyse Bucky’s response for a couple of seconds before nodding and looking up at him.
“Okay. I forgive you but you have to promise to either not see her again or tell her that you’re taken forever because she’s really getting the wrong idea here, thinking she can control us and all.”
Bucky nods excitedly before he whispers, eyes flickering to your lips, “Can I kiss you?”
You roll your eyes and smile, “Of course you can, you big dork.”
You lean over, meeting Bucky halfway, kissing him softly. You part slightly, your lips still ghosting over his, and whisper, “I love you, Bucky.”
Bucky cringes slightly before leaning back and saying, “Okay, one more thing.”
You look at him, confused.
“Can you please stop calling me Bucky? It drives me fucking crazy, you never used to do that.”
You laugh loudly before gently kissing his cheek. You look into his eyes before smirking and saying, “I love you, James.”
Bucky frowns, groaning loudly as you laugh.
“I’m sorry, it was just too easy!”
You cup Bucky’s face in your hands, squishing it slightly before pecking his lips and saying, “I love you, baby.”
Tumblr media
as asked by @jasminedayz , @lydiaisstilessanchor & @cybermantic , here is part 2, enjoy!!
@saiyanprincessswanie hope you also enjoy!!!
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angrythingstarlight · 3 days ago
thots about reader’s tits being bucky’s favourite pillow 😌
Tumblr media
Pairing:Beefy Bucky x Reader
A/N: Second late sinday drabble. As always Minors DNI. 18+ only. Do not copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.
He can't get enough of them.
It's not even sexual (44% of the time). He likes to lay his head on them and listen to your heartbeat.
He alternates between using your ass and boobs as pillows. It depends on what position you feel like being in, he's just happy you let him do it all.
After a long mission, he wants to tear off the fifty pounds of tactical gear and rest his head on your chest. So soft and sweet.
He could spend hours like this. Your sweet unique scent in his nose, your hands playing with his hair while you talk to him about your day.
Bucky thinks knows the size of your boobs are perfect, he loves how they fit in his hands and mouth.
And if he happens to play with a nipple while you’re watching your favorite show and he happens to slide a hand down between your legs, well oops accidents happen every day doll.
Who needs to waste money on pillows when he has you?
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bri3ll3 · 3 days ago
pairing: steve x black!reader
word count:
summary: steve goes back in time to live his life with peggy, leaving you behind.
warnings: angst, cheating????
a/n: i’ve been on a sadness kick lately
Tumblr media
that all you could feel when steve didn’t return, your breathing picked up as you looked around frantically. “sam, y/n” bucky called pulling us out of our panicked states.
sam and i walked over to bucky, i followed buckys gaze and saw an older man sitting on a bench.
that’s who it was, i felt my heart shatter into a million pieces as i realize he went back to her after five years of being engaged.
the three of us walk over to him, standing a couple of feet behind. sam walked over to him as bucky pulled me into his side rubbing my arm, i shed a few tears as i wrapped my arm around his back and laid my head on his shoulder.
after sam gets done talking to steve he walks over to bucky and i “he wants to talk to you” sam tells me and i nod.
bucky and i let go of each other, he nods before i walk over to steve. i walk around the bench and sit next to him, i stare straight ahead trying to keep myself together.
i feel steve’s hand grab mine and squeeze, that’s all it takes for me to breakdown. i grip onto his hand lightly before looking at him, i smile sadly and he does the same.
“i’m sorry i left you” he apologized and i shake my head as i wipe my tears.
“you did what you had to do and you look happy” i say and he smiles “she was your soulmate, you can’t deny that type of love” i say but he doesn’t respond.
“i see you still have it on” he said referring to my engagement ring.
“yeah, it still hasn’t sunk in that we’re broken up” i admit and he chuckles
“i loved you, don’t ever think that i didn’t” he says and i feel a pang in my heart as he uses past tense.
“i know, i know” i say patting his hand lightly “you loved her more though and i knew, i knew that this day would come” i says and he nods.
“i’m happy you got to be with her” my voice cracks as i speak to him, me gives me a sympathetic look.
“thank you and i really do hope you find happiness” he says and i smile sadly.
we both get up, we hug each other before we both go out separate ways. i walk back over to sam and bucky, bucky pulls me into a hug and i cling onto his body as i sob into his chest.
i knew it was coming it was bound to happen, we weren’t supposed to work out.
it was just a matter of time until we had to say goodbye.
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hoebrowsalad · 3 days ago
hey besties✨
please comment if you want to be added to a tag list for all parts of montero and black of the widow!
Tumblr media
thank u!!💓
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loonyloopylupxn · 3 days ago
part one / part two / part three / part four / part five
"You're joking." Y/N groaned when the elevator refused to move.
"I do not joke." JARVIS informed her and she jumped in frustration, slamming her feet down over and over again. "That would not work even if you were Captain Rogers, ma'am."
Y/N cursed at the elevator door, kicking it and falling through when the doors open suddenly.
"I don't understand why I'm grounded. I did my chemistry homework this time." She grumbled, making her way into the communal kitchen, eyes narrowed.
"It doesn't count if you plagiarised it all." Bruce reminded her from his seat at the kitchen island and she grumbled again.
"It's not plagiarism if you reference." She reasoned and he raised his eyebrows.
"You didn't reference." She scowled at him, well aware she was throwing a strop, not caring enough to fix it.
"Bet I won't be grounded when there's a call for a mission. Funny how I can go to work but not Starbucks." She sneered. Steve poked his head in from the living room and fixed her with a warning look.
"You have actually been benched. Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro went to Montreal this morning with Tony instead." Y/N let her jaw drop, her eyes wide open, and stared at Steve.
"For the squishy rats? You promised I could go this time!" The elevator opened, letting Clint and Natasha out and she turned her glare on them.
"Whoa, tone it down." Clint held his hands up defensively while Natasha only laughed.
"Did you know that not only was I grounded, I was also benched for the squishy rats?" Y/N asked, fists clenched.
"I made the decision and whispered it in Hill's ear who whispered it in Steve's." Natasha shrugged, heading for the fridge.
"Boo you whore." Y/N grumbled to two choruses of 'hey!' from Steve and Bruce and one too happy 'get in loser, we're going shopping' from Clint.
"I'm running away." She informed them all.
"Can't run away if you're grounded." Steve reminded and she glared, hands on her hips.
"Can too! Running away trumps getting grounded. I'm gonna join the circus." She frowned at Clint. "I'm amending that. I'm going to join a terrorist organization. Well, Wanda and Pietro already did that. God, I've never had an original thought ever."
"I know. I graded your chemistry." Bruce spoke up, hiding his laugh behind the paper. No one else bothered to hide their laughter.
"That was my thirteenth reason." She told him and huffed when no one laughed. They were all so old. She huffed again before sliding into the seat next to Bruce and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Help me do it?" She asked and he sighed.
"Tomorrow morning we'll go over it again." He promised and she gave him a soft smile.
She was almost over her tantrum when the elevator opened, letting Tony, Bucky, Pietro, and Wanda out. They looked miserable.
"Squishy capybaras." Bucky groaned and the look of anguish on Y/N's face almost made them think someone had died.
"What's a capybara?" Clint asked.
"Only the second-largest rodent on Earth!" She groaned, dropping her face into her folded arms on the island.
"Second largest?" Bruce asked, petting her head awkwardly to somewhat console her.
"After Pietro of course." She sighed.
"Isn't that a line in Bob's Burger's?" Steve asked and she looked up at him and nodded sadly. They watched it together sometimes when neither of them could sleep. They all had ways to comfort their nightmares.
"I could've quoted so much Bob's burgers." She sighed, leaning into Bruce's hand when he scratched at her scalp.
"Next time do your own chemistry homework." Bucky told her, accepting a coffee from Steve.
"Okay, Mr. Fall Off A Train And Forget My Best Friend." She seethed and Bucky hid his smirk when Steve began to lecture her on manners and not bringing up people's trauma.
"I'm going for a bath, anyone seen the toaster?" Tony spat out his coffee and Steve launched into a whole new lecture on how fatalist humor hadn't been charming in the 1940s and it certainly wasn't any different.
"Steve, it wasn't funny then cause you were a stick in the mud and even less so now because you're a centennial." Y/N sighed.
"Centenarian." Bruce corrected her quietly and she rolled her eyes.
"You're being childish." Natasha sighed.
"I am a child." She reminded her.
"You're almost eighteen, time to start acting like it. Start doing your homework, stop annoying everyone." Tony sighed and Y/N shot him the finger making Steve scowl again.
"If you benched me from the squishy capybaras then considered me benched. I'm not going back until I decide my grades have improved enough. Try being one down and see how it goes." Y/N turned on her heel and headed back to the elevator.
"I still don't know what a capybara is." Clint sighed as the elevator doors shut.
That night Y/N found Steve on the sofa in the communal living room. On his left, Bucky had fallen asleep but she could tell it was only recently, he hadn't started to drool yet.
"I'm sorry." She whispered, sitting on his right and wrapping the rest of Steve's blanket around herself. He only rolled his eyes, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and changing the television over to Bob's Burger's letting it pick up where they'd left off.
Tina was trying to become her school's news anchor and Y/N was beginning to drift off to the steady rise and fall of Steve's chest. He was running his hand through her hair slowly, trying to relax her. "You wanna come to Washington with me?"
"When?" She asked around a yawn that made her jaw crack.
"Probably in the next day or two. Fury's narrowing down the location of what used to be a Hydra base. We're not expecting a fight, just information recovery. I was gonna bring Natasha and Tony but what if we just went down together?" Steve asked. This was his way of apologizing. It was no squishy capybara but it would do.
"We might find out Bucky is actually my dad this time." She told Steve, leaning against him more and getting comfortable.
"I'm not your dad. I'd have given you up for adoption." Bucky spoke sleepily from Steve's left.
"You're only proving my point Buckmeister. I am adopted." Y/N closed her eyes with a satisfied smile.
a/n i just adore the thought of the Avengers having to deal with a gen-z team member
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swan-of-sunrise · 3 days ago
Spellbinding (Chapter Fifteen)
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/N)’s first solo mission as the Cosmic Sorceress takes an unexpected turn, and she begins to notice some worrying developments with her magic.
Pairing: Loki X Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Warnings/Disclaimers: None
A/N: I hope that you enjoy!
Chapter Fifteen January 2nd, 2016 Avengers Tower, New York City (Previous Chapter)
“I’m really sorry about your nose, Sam…I-I could try healing it for you? I’m not very good at it, but I might be able to stop the bleeding just a little…”
Although partially obscured by a handful of blood-soaked tissues, (Y/N) could just make out a glimmer of amusement in the man’s dark brown eyes as he shook his head. “Nope, I’m good, I think I prefer the old-fashioned way of fixin’ broken noses. And stop apologizin’ so much, (Y/L/N), you landed that punch fair and square!”
“Birdbrain’s right, (Y/N), he walked right into it.” Natasha smirked and handed Sam another tissue. “You two should know that I had to kick Barnes out of the training room ‘cause he was laughing so hard.” Sam ambled away towards the restroom, shaking his head and grumbling under his breath as he went. “Your hand-to-hand combat has definitely improved over the past two months; tomorrow, I’ll get Steve or Thor to spar with you so we can really see how far you’ve come.”
“Mm-hmm.” (Y/N) had only been half-listening, as her attention was focused on her bandage-wrapped right hand; she could still recall the rush of fury swirling inside of her after ducking Sam’s attack and the unmistakable feeling of satisfaction when the tell-tale sound of a nose breaking filled the training room. Replaying the incident in her mind caused (Y/N)’s stomach to churn uncomfortably; she’d never been entirely comfortable with violence yet she understood that its necessity came with being an Avenger, but what she’d felt earlier had been something else entirely. It reminded her all too much of the frequent nightmares she’d been having about her parents and the destruction they’d caused in their lifetime, and that realization shook her to the core.
“You okay?” Natasha’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. “That was a pretty hard punch, are you sure your hand’s not hurt? We could get Bruce to-”
“I’m fine, Nat, it’s only a little sore; I’ll be sure to ice it later.” (Y/N) gave her a quick smile and began unwrapping the bandages from her hands. “So, have you gotten a chance to begin listening to Good Omens yet?”
That seemed to do the trick. Unbeknownst to most of the team, Natasha Romanoff was secretly turning into quite the bookworm and would regularly consult (Y/N) for reading recommendations; she preferred to listen to audio books as opposed to reading print, which was why their teammates were unaware of her new passion, and she’d even taken to listening to them while she trained. (Y/N) had quickly learned that books were currently the only thing that could distract the usually observant spy, and this time she was not disappointed. “Yeah, I’ve gotten through the first three chapters already and I really like it so far. I-”
“Miss (Y/L/N),” The robotic voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. filled the training room. “You have been assigned to a mission by Director Fury.”
“What’s the mission, J.A.R.V.I.S.?”
“The apprehension of one Antoine Garmiena, a known Hydra enforcer. Our agents have tracked his whereabouts to a hotel in Vancouver, Canada and Director Fury has assigned only you the task of arresting him. The Quinjet will depart in one hour and when you land, you will be met by a CIA task force. Do you accept the mission?”
(Y/N) took a deep breath and replied, “Yes, I do. Thank you, J.A.R.V.I.S.” Turning back to Natasha, she gave her friend a smile. “Well, I’d better go and get ready. Thank you for such a…productive training session, and I’ll see you later!”
After stopping by her room to take a quick shower and change into her uniform, (Y/N) boarded the Quinjet by herself and was on route to Canada; from her seat near the back of the jet, she was finally able to absorb the fact that this was her first solo mission as an Avenger. To her surprise, the thought of apprehending Garmiena alone didn’t fill her with anxiety; if anything, she was glad for the opportunity to do something on her own after working with the others for so long. If Director Fury and Steve think I’m up to this than I know that I am, she thought with a smile as she continued flicking through the file on Garmiena that Director Fury had given her.
The buzzing of her phone on the seat beside her broke her concentration but when she caught sight of the caller I.D. that popped up, she immediately set the file down to answer it. “Hey, you. Isn’t it almost midnight in Oslo right now?”
“Unfortunately, yes, but since Barton has insisted on watching television all night I figured that calling you would be the best alternative to committing homicide.”
Through her phone’s speaker, (Y/N) heard Clint’s faint retort and couldn’t help but smile through her light scolding. “Loki, that’s no way to start a new year off.”
“That’s easy for you to say, (Y/N), you haven’t had to endure an entire evening of so-called ‘reality television.’ I swear by the Norns, if I hear one more obscenely wealthy housewife complain about something idiotically trivial…”
“Well, it’s a good thing that you called me because I was about to call and tell you I’ve been assigned a mission. I just left for Vancouver and should be back later tonight…and Fury only assigned me to this one.”
“Your first solo mission, then! Congratulations, darling, you’re going to do wonderfully!”
“Thank you, sweetheart, I’ll try to call you once the mission’s complete but I might be stuck in a meeting based on how well I do. And no pranking Clint while you two are on your mission, all right?”
“Fine, but if he continues to annoy me I’ll be forced to retaliate once we return.”
After wishing each other luck and exchanging their love, (Y/N) ended the call and set her phone down; she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to help focus her magic. Through trial and error, she and Loki had discovered that Midgardian meditation practices helped with controlling and centering her magic before missions. Object and intent, she silently chanted, object and intent; the palms of her hands tingled with familiar energy and she peeked through her eyelashes just as her vivid purple magic began to swirl around her hands. Closing her eyes again, she took another deep breath and exhaled as the all-too familiar tugging sensation in the pit of her stomach intensified; the air around her was practically humming with energy and as she worked to control it, she could almost feel-
“We will be landing shortly, Miss (Y/L/N).” J.A.R.V.I.S. announced; startled, (Y/N)’s eyes flew open and the moment her concentration faltered, she suddenly dropped back down into her seat and winced in pain. “I’m terribly sorry, but I could find no other way of informing you of the Quinjet’s status.”
“That’s okay, J.A.R.V.I.S., I didn’t even realize that I’d been…that I’d been levitating.” She carefully got to her feet and adjusted her long black and purple leather coat before fastening her sword to her belt, feeling a little unnerved by her meditation session. “Is the CIA task force prepped and waiting?”
“Yes, Agent Ross just arrived at the helipad and is awaiting your arrival.”
(Y/N) thanked the Artificial Intelligence and continued to ready herself for the mission; she double-checked that her comm link was operational and pressed the button on her glasses to mask their presence, finishing up her tasks just as the Quinjet began its descent. Once it landed smoothly on the helipad, the ramp automatically lowered and she walked out into the frosty air.
“Just once, I’d like it if these Hydra thugs would pick someplace warmer to hide out in. Tahiti would be a nice change of pace, or maybe even Fiji.” Agent Ross quipped, his teeth chattering slightly as he withdrew a gloved hand from his CIA parka’s pocket to shake hers. “It’s good to see you again; I’m glad Fury assigned you to this one ‘cause we’re gonna need more brain and less brawn to finally apprehend this slippery guy.”
Smiling, (Y/N) walked alongside the CIA agent as they entered the warmth-filled building and made their way down a long stretch of hallway. “It’s good to see you too, Agent Ross. How long has Garmiena evaded arrest so far?”
“Over one and a half years, since right before the launching of Project Insight. He was on the CIA’s radar before he was outed as a Hydra operative but since the fall of the original S.H.I.E.L.D., he’s been on the run and almost impossible to track.”
Before she could ask another question, they were escorted into a room by an armed CIA agent and came face-to-face with a group of agents seated around a table. Clad in their tactical gear, the agents perked up when they recognized who she was and began whispering to one another, much to her embarrassment. It had been difficult for her to grow used to being in the public eye, but (Y/N) had finally reached a point in her Avenger career where being recognized in public only made her feel slightly bashful and not on the verge of a full-on panic attack.
As if sensing her discomfort, Agent Ross stepped forward and cleared his throat to grab their attention. “As you’ve already noticed, the Cosmic Sorceress will be working alongside us on this operation. If that’s something you can’t handle in a professional manner, then I have a pile of coloring books and some crayons in my office that you can play with while the adults go to work. Is that clear?” The agents nodded and Agent Ross smiled. “Great. Now, let’s get to work.”
(Y/N) blocked bullet after bullet fired at her but was forced to throw herself behind a nearby stone wall for cover when she caught sight of the flamethrower being aimed in her direction; clutching the stitch in her side, she yelled into her comm link, “Did you forget to mention that Garmiena’s an enhanced, Agent Ross, or did you just want to surprise me?!”
“This is the first the CIA’s hearing about it; believe me, I’m just as pissed about this as you are! There’s too many of him, I’m calling in backup from Fury-”
“No! By the time they arrive he’ll have already escaped or injured civilians; we just need to think of a new plan.” (Y/N) cautiously rose to take a quick look around the stone wall. The hotel was completely surrounded by CIA agents but they too were taking cover as a dozen versions of Garmiena stood on the roof and fired guns and other weapons at anything that dared move. Out of all the enhanced superpowers I’ve seen as an Avenger, self-duplicating’s got to be the weirdest one yet, she thought to herself. Her eyes landed on the building beside the hotel and after realizing that they were fairly close in height, a plan began to form in her mind. “All right, I think I’ve got something but it might not work…”
“Anything’s better than nothing; what’ve you got?”
Once she and Agent Ross finalized their new plan, (Y/N) took a steadying breath and waited for the signal; sure enough, moments later the agents began returning fire on the south side of the building, giving (Y/N) enough time to sprint out from behind her hiding spot and to the building adjacent to the hotel. Without stopping to question if her plan would even work, (Y/N) summoned her purple-hued magic into her palms and aimed them towards the ground; the overwhelming force of her magic propelled her into the sky at dizzying speed, and in the blink of an eye she had landed on the roof of the building.
Not stopping to admire her newfound magical skill, she ran at top speed towards the rooftop of the hotel and jumped, landing on the roof and somersaulting onto her feet. The duplicates of Garmiena all turned towards her with their weapons at the ready, but (Y/N) thrust her hands outwards and clenched them into fists, watching as each weapon was ripped from their grasp and thrown off the roof. She then raised her arms and forced them downwards, which caused the duplicates to be thrown high into the air before landing harshly onto the roof; one by one, the duplicates blinked into nothingness until just one man was left groaning in pain as he struggled to stand.
(Y/N) strode over to Garmiena, drawing her sword and holding it against his throat to halt his movement. “Antoine Garmiena, on behalf of the Avengers I’m placing you under arrest.” She held her free hand up to her ear and spoke into her comm link. “Target apprehended, requesting assistance on the northeast side of the rooftop.”
“Great work, Cosmic Sorceress; the tac team’s on their way up.”
Garmiena’s brow rose in surprise, and it was then that (Y/N) was struck by the unusual brightness of his hazel eyes. “So, you’re the one they call the Cosmic Sorceress. Tell me, did Stark and Banner create you in that laboratory of theirs or were you blessed by the gods as I was?”
“Apparently you’re just as delusional as they warned me you were. You didn’t receive your enhancement from the gods, you’re one of the countless people who allowed Hydra to experiment on them and in return were used to carry out their bidding. If you’re trying to look for similarities between us, then I suggest you stop now because we have nothing in common.”
He chuckled to himself. “Now who’s the delusional one? The only thing keeping us from being alike is your cowardice.” (Y/N) frowned in confusion and he took the opportunity to continue uninterrupted, his eyes strangely unfocused as he spoke. “I’ve embraced my true identity while you have hidden yours away. You have the chance to fulfill your mother’s quest to rule, yet you squander your power by remaining with the Avengers, Earth’s So-Called Mightiest Heroes.”
(Y/N)’s blood ran cold at his words; clenching her jaw, she pressed her sword into the skin of his neck as her vision began to redden. “What did you just say?”
“Yes, you and I are similar, but I would say you and your mother are more alike than you realize. The fiery tempers, the star-crossed loves and most importantly, the ambition. Deep down, you know that you don’t belong with your pitiful pretend family and once you let them go…” Garmiena grinned widely and although she registered that something was off about the situation, it didn’t do a single thing to quell her growing fury. “You’ll be free to unleash your true potential.”
With a sharp flick of her wrist, (Y/N)’s purple magic swirled tightly around his body and she watched as the smug expression on his face slowly morphed into a grimace of pain. Something deep inside of (Y/N) warned her to stop but she purposefully ignored it, clenching her fingers into a fist to tighten her darkening magic’s hold…
“Stand down, we’ll take him from here.”
Startled, (Y/N) released her hold on Garmiena and looked with widened eyes as he gasped for air and her now scarlet-colored magic faded into nothing. She stumbled backwards and out of the way of the tac team as they hauled Garmiena to his feet and dragged him towards the rooftop doorway; out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Agent Ross approaching. “The CIA owes you a debt of gratitude; zero civilian casualties and minimal property damage is what we like to see in an Avenger.” He glanced over his shoulder and turned back to her with a low whisper. “So, um, about your magic…how does it work? The color, I mean; did you choose purple, or is the color tied to your emotions, like a mood ring or something?”
Tearing her eyes away from the doorway Garmiena disappeared through, (Y/N) met Agent Ross’ curious eyes with a forced smile. “You know, Agent Ross…I’m not really sure.”
It was well past midnight by the time (Y/N) was able to go back to her suite in the Avengers Tower. She sat through a CIA mission debriefing in Vancouver before boarding the Quinjet and heading back home to New York, only to attend another debriefing in Director Fury’s office. During that time, she hadn’t had the opportunity to reflect on what had occurred on the hotel rooftop but now that she was alone with her thoughts, it was all she could focus on; she spent the entire afternoon and evening learning about Garmiena’s background, and there was absolutely nothing in the CIA or the Avenger’s dossiers that indicated that the Hydra enforcer had any connection to Alfheim. She’d even considered consulting the book King Tarian had gifted her but had quickly changed her mind; the one and only time she’d tried reading it had triggered horrific nightmares that had yet to dissipate, so she kept the book tucked away in her closet, out of sight and out of mind.
But what had worried her the most wasn’t just that Garmiena somehow possessed knowledge of her family, it was that for a split-second, she had lost control of her magic and had done very little to try and regain it. She’d wanted to hurt him, wanted him to feel pain for what he’d said and done, and if the CIA tac team hadn’t shown up when they did…she wasn’t sure what would’ve happened. First Tony and Loki, and now Garmiena, she thought to herself as she unfastened her sword from her belt and set it down on her suite’s coffee table, how many more people am I going to needlessly hurt with my magic?
As quietly as she could, (Y/N) crept into the bedroom and glanced over to see Loki already fast asleep; he was stretched out on his back, the blankets pooling at his waist as his bare chest nearly glowed in the darkness, and his expression was peaceful as he slept. Seeing her boyfriend put her at ease, and after silently changing into her pajamas and going about her nighttime routine, she carefully got into bed beside him and made herself comfortable on her right side. She smiled softly when she felt Loki’s arm wrap around her waist and hold her against his chest as he nuzzled his face into her neck and let out a sleepy hum of contentment. “How’d your mission go, my love?”
“Wonderfully.” She lied, ignoring the pang of guilt brought on by her outright deceit. “What about yours?”
“I managed not to kill Barton, so I’d say it went well. Did Garmiena put up much of a fight?”
Instead of answering, (Y/N) smoothed down his sleep-rumpled hair with gentle fingers. “Go back to sleep, sweetheart, I’ll tell you all about it in the morning. Okay?”
“…Fair enough. G’night, darling.”
Loki quickly fell back asleep, but (Y/N)’s restless mind refused to let her follow suit. She glanced over her shoulder at her boyfriend and after checking that he was indeed asleep, she held a hand out and only hesitated a moment before summoning her magic. To her immense relief, the magic swirling around her hand had returned to its usual purple hue; the longer she laid in bed staring at the tendrils of magic dancing across her palm, however, the more curious she grew. Agent Ross had innocently speculated that her magic’s color was tied to her emotions so to test the theory out, (Y/N) thought about Garmiena’s words and how they’d affected her on the rooftop; though it was difficult, she remembered the white-hot anger that had filled her as her magic tightened its hold around him and she squeezed her eyes closed, part of her too frightened to look.
Don’t be such a coward, (Y/N) scolded herself after several long moments; taking a steadying breath, she slowly opened her eyes. She had to stifle her horrified gasp behind her free hand as her widened eyes stared at the shocking swirls of scarlet magic dancing across her palm.
A/N: Some more interesting developments! This is the end of the second chunk of this story, and I just wanted to let you all know that there won’t be a new chapter next week but instead the week after. It’s nothing serious, I just need the time to write some more and finish up a couple of my other fics. I’m sorry to make you guys wait a little longer for the next chapter, but I promise that I’ll be back here in two weeks with an update!
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting! I’ve created a Spotify playlist inspired by this series, and I’ll be updating it every time I upload a new chapter. Enjoy!
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sunshinexsin · 3 days ago
✨Imagine this✨
You’re finally letting sleep take over after a long day and trying to get comfortable next to Bucky who has been peacefully sleeping all this time. Your heavy eyes flutter closed and your body releases it’s tension allowing you to sink into the mattress. It’s then that you hear Bucky’s breath hitch and a pained groan rumbles in his chest. His body starts tossing and turning and you already know what’s happening. Sitting up, you gently touch his clammy body, your hand daintily resting on his chest.
“Bucky. Bucky baby, wake up,” you speak softly while rocking him.
His chest rises and falls with heavy breaths as his nightmare takes hold of him. You stroke his face to try to wake him like you’ve done many times before and within seconds, Bucky springs up out of his sleep.
“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Look at me, baby. I’m here. You’re here. You’re safe,” you soothe.
Bucky’s eyes slowly focus on you as his breathing evens out. He leans into your hand cupping his face and turns to place a kiss on your inner wrist.
“I’m sorry,” he whispers.
“I’ve already told you not to apologize. It’s okay.” You leave the bed to get a cool washcloth from the bathroom before returning. Patting at his face and neck, you ask, “Want me to get you some water?”
“No. I’m okay.” His eyes are on you as you take care of wiping the sheen of sweat from his skin. “Did I wake you?”
“I wasn’t sleeping. Couldn’t.”
Bucky stops your hands and brings them up to his lips. “We can help each other then. Come on.”
He takes the washcloth and sets it on his nightstand before pulling you close as he lays back down, his back to your front. You know what he wants, what soothes him after a nightmare. You curl into him, your arms wrapping around his torso, and nuzzle his back.
“I’m feeling better already.”
And that’s how you both fall asleep, wrapped up in each other’s warmth with your heartbeats in sync.
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whitehairedwhitegirl · 3 days ago
shining just for you (chapter 6)
A/N: sorry for the wait! finals are over, freshman year is done, and i can start writing in between the two jobs i’m working. lol. anyways, here’s a fluffy filler chapter before i start giving us a happy ending <3
Tumblr media
Time seemed to feel like less of a burden the longer you stayed at Clint’s farm. You started to fall into a routine, started to make friends (Pietro was an easy target, he wanted to be your friend from the beginning), passed your psych evaluation with flying colors (meaning: you weren’t brainwashed, but you also were far from perfectly fine), and even started to find some hobbies.
Hobbies meant naming every single barn cat you found, crocheting terribly ugly potholders that Clint pretended to like, and letting Wanda play with your hair. You liked that one, but if anyone else (Pietro) touched your hair, they were at risk of death. You said this jokingly one time, and think that it's highly likely Pietro actually believed you.
James and Natalia had stayed for as long as they could before they started getting called away on mission. Steve had only stayed for that first night, but he had given you his signature “Golden Boy” smile and patted your shoulder. He seemed to understand you, much like the majority of the people here did. An almost unsettling number of them knew firsthand what it was like to be frozen like a meaningless hunk of meat. Well, human. Or something close to it.
No, not meaningless. You’d been working with Clint on talking more kindly to yourself, and it was helping quite a bit. He knew what it was like to feel immense survivor’s guilt, so you found a sort of ally in him, and couldn’t get rid of him if you tried.
Every day seemed to dawn impossibly brighter, slowly lifting the weight of the Red Room off of you. You would always carry it with you, sure, but it didn’t have to take over your life. James taught you that.
You felt weird admitting it, but you missed him. You hadn’t really had the opportunity to talk much with him, at least like you had your first night, since he left. Sure, you hung out nearly every day he was there, but conversation stayed light and never, ever, strayed anywhere near the topic of the Red Room or HYDRA. Besides, Clint had a lot of heavy lifting he needed done around the little farm and denied your offers of help no matter how many times you reminded him that you literally were a super soldier.
“But do you have a metal arm? I don’t think so, sweetheart.”
You and Wanda were laying underneath one of the apple trees, laughing at Pietro’s antics in his attempts to entertain the two of you. “It’s amazing how much he’s lightened up since, well, Sokovia. He was always so protective of me, and so serious. I worried that he never would get his spark back.”
You smile. “Clearly he has it back now, because if this isn’t a spark I’m scared to see what his fire looks like.”
Her laugh is loud, and happy, and almost distracts you from the jet touching down. Honestly, you haven’t really gotten used to the ease of access to incredible technology here, but, to be fair, you pretty much were a science experiment yourself. The modern world didn't scare you as much as you think it should have, but you had friends (and James, expert on time-hopping, or something close to it, to help you out.)
You flush in embarrassment when Wanda notices how quickly you scramble up when you see the aircraft land.
“Excited to see someone in particular?”
You shove her playfully, hiding your face in your hair to avoid her laughter as you walk back to the house.
Yes, you are excited to see someone in particular, but you would die before admitting it out loud to Wanda. Of course she already knew, but you wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of hearing you say it yourself.
Bucky is trying his very best to remain completely unaffected by the fact that you seem to be nowhere in the vicinity when he lands at the farm. He subtly (not-so-subtly) looks around as him and Nat walk into Clint’s kitchen. Nat catches this and grabs his arm, and before he can even blink, she’s pulling him into the living room.
“What do you think you’re doing.” It’s not a question, it’s a statement.
Bucky is stunned into silence, which is rare for him, if he’s being honest. “I’m not doing anything. I haven’t done anything. What are you mad at me for?”
Her face remains absolutely, entirely unamused. “I know that look, and that look is the look you get when you think you’re about to make a move.”
“What do you mean, when I think I’m about to make a move? What does that even mean? I know when I’m about to make a move, Nat, and I don’t make a face -”
“Yes, you do. I know you better than you know yourself. And I see the way you look at her. Like she’s the greatest discovery since Steve. Well, she’s not ready for that. She’s been through enough, and I don’t need you going in like a knight in shining armor, hoping that you can fix her. She doesn’t need to be fixed. She needs time.” She’s passionate about this, he can tell, because she sees herself in this girl they saved.
Bucky doesn’t have a response to that, yet again.
“I just want you to be careful, James. That girl does not need anything else stressing her out."
He nods, joking over. "Nat, I'm not going to do anything. I promise."
He's almost being honest, swear he is, but he has something really important that he needs to grab from the jet, and Nat seems to strongly dislike the fact that the something he's grabbing just happens to be for you, and this conversation (or, this shovel talk) seems to be incredibly poorly timed.
When you and Wanda finally made it from the orchard into the house, Bucky was nowhere to be seen. Clint saw you looking and walked over to subtly nudge you while Wanda talked to Natalia. “He’s grabbing something from the jet, he’ll be in soon.” You try to shrink your smile somewhere into what would be considered the “normal, friendly” range, but it proves to be more difficult than it should be.
Finding someone that actually understood you (not that you didn’t have people that cared about you, but James was different) was a new feeling. The girls in the Red Room had understood you on a certain level, and Natalia especially was a shoulder to lean on, but James didn’t see someone that needed fixing when he looked at you. He just saw you.
You make your way over to Wanda and Natalia, chatting next to the table, and Natalia surprises you by pulling you into a hug. She wasn’t the physically affectionate type - when you needed to talk, she was there, or when you needed to get some steam out she would spar with you - but she never hugged you. She pulls away for a moment, and a flash of something almost maternal flashes in her eyes.
“Ya lyublyu vas. Bud' ostorozhen.”
I love you. Be careful.
Your shock is evident, shock at the open affection which is strange coming from her, and for a moment concern fills your eyes but she gives you a look that soothes your worry a little bit. It’s still there, mixed with a little confusion, but nothing seems to be wrong, so she must be fine. Her hands tighten the slightest bit on your arms and her gaze moves over your shoulders.
James is standing in the doorway of the kitchen, holding a little vase of flowers.
Violets, actually. Your favorite. You had mentioned it to him offhandedly one day when the two of you stumbled upon a little patch of wildflowers in Clint’s garden. You didn't think he was really listening, because who cares about your extensive knowledge of flowers - but clearly he was listening. And he remembered.
You can’t help the blush that blooms on your face, but his smile and sparkling eyes distract you from any embarrassment you feel from the many eyes in the room being turned to you.
“I saw these when we were heading back from our recon mission and thought you might like them, just as something to brighten up your room a little bit.” You move a kitchen chair out of your way and wrap your arms around his neck, standing on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear.
“Thank you, James.” His arms hold you a little tighter, and his whisper ruffles your hair the slightest bit.
Bucky wasn’t the type to get nervous around a pretty girl. But being around you made him feel a little bit like he was back at Coney Island with Steve, and a little bit like he was holding a very breakable porcelain plate that his ma would kill him if he dropped.
Not that you were breakable; he knew that you could kill him fourteen different ways with a paperclip, so it wasn’t that - he just didn’t want to scare you away. You both had baggage, and it wasn’t the kind of baggage you can fit in a carryon. It was the kind of baggage that kept him sleeping far, far away from anyone with a heartbeat, or the kind of baggage that kept him sleeping on his left arm in hopes of pinning it down in case he tried to strangle someone (or himself) in his sleep.
You had enough to deal with, stuff of your own, but in moments like the one when he handed you those stupid violets, he saw a little glimmer of hope. You weren’t completely past saving. He had seen you around the farm, and he could see that you really were improving. You helped a mama cat take care of her kittens, naming them all in softly whispered Russian that you thought nobody heard. He had seen you gently helping bees lift themselves off flowers, cluck at the chickens to get them back in their coop, and seen you cry when one of them went missing.
He didn’t like the crying part, but didn’t complain when you sought him out for comfort (and not anyone else, thank you very much Clint.)
Bucky wasn’t the type to get nervous around a pretty girl. But when he saw all of that, and felt the way you hugged him when he gave you flowers with broken stems , he couldn’t deny the fact that his heart seemed to forget how to function. He was a highly trained killer, spent years perfecting his icy expression, and you seemed to be able to melt it with just a touch.
It scared him, seeing his icy exterior melting, but he also wanted so badly to feel what it would be like to go up in flames lit by you.
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