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#bucky barnes x avenger!reader
darke-15 · an hour ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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mayraki · 4 hours ago
✧ chapter four: fire is catching - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
my masterlist
summary: the night continues so sam, bucky and sera deal with the big man on his big throne. but when their mission doesn’t go according to plan, blood ends up spilling on the floor as their little team starts to fall apart.
warnings: graphic descriptions about blood.
Tumblr media
“Where do you think you’re going?” A tall man with his deep voice asked while putting his hand on Sera’s shoulder as soon as she walked in front of him with the intention to walk inside the VIP area.
Sera, who had her veins still pounding from her fight with Bucky moments earlier, she moved the man’s hand away and looked at him dead in the eyes. “Dude, I’m not in the mood for this so you better fuck off.”
“Excuse me?”
Sera nodded with a smile. “Oh, you heard me.”
“Hey, hey.” Sam appeared from her back trying to calm the situation down like he always did. But before he could let out another word, the big guy on his boy throne spoke while he had three girls around him.
“What is going on with that girl, Jack?”
Sera moved her head to the side to be able to see the guy on the eyes. “We just need to talk to you!”
The man let out a big laugh soon joined by the girls next to him, which lead to Sera feeling her chest being filled with anger and hotness. “And why would I do that, sweetheart? What makes you think a man like me would want to talk to a girl like... you?” He grabbed one of the girls he had next to him and quickly moved her on top of his lap. Disgusted by this man, Sera clenched her jawline and rolled her eyes. “Unless, is not exactly talking what you want to do with me.” The man let out a grin as Sera tilted her head to the side and squinted her eyes when a thought crossed her mind.
Bucky took a step closer angrily but soon stopped once he saw from the corner of his eye the little smile forming on Sera’s lips. “No, you’re right. It’s not talking what I want to do.” As soon as she said those words she opened her eyes normally and felt the hot air going through them.
Sam and Bucky looked at her and carefully watched her moves. But she wasn’t moving a single muscle from her body. Sam, noticing this and her silence, walked to be next to Sera and locked at her eyes. Followed soon by Bucky, but to her other side.
“Careful, now.” Sam said softly. “Just to get us in.”
Bucky heard Sam’s words and furrowed his eyebrows confused still looking at Sera and her red eyes. But before he could let out a word the man letting out a big scream in pain made him turn to him and see how he was grabbing his head as he was kneeled down on the floor.
“Sr? Sr? Are you alright?” The big man quickly walked towards him to try and take him off the floor worryingly. But soon after, the man stopped grabbing his head and quickly looked up with terror in his eyes.
“Just to get us in.” Sera said softly looking at how the man struggled to get up. The girls around him stepped back as they were grabbing each others arms.
As Bucky’s eyes were seeing everything that was happening in front of him, his thoughts about her were slowly coming together. She and her powers were still a mystery to him, the more he spent time with her the more he found out. And this time, he had one thing to add to the list: her saying “I can burn everything that’s on your mind without moving a finger” wasn’t a lie after all.
“Everyone out!” The man yelled after regaining his feet on the floor and started to push everyone out of the way. “Now!” His loud tone could be heard on top of the music gaining some looks from the people dancing. Proudly walking inside that tiny VIP area, Sam, Sera and Bucky stood in front of the man as he sat down once again on his throne, trying to gain his confidence and thoughts back. “Seraphina Thompson. I’ve heard stories about you... I should’ve guessed you were going to come here.”
“And why is that?” Sera asked as she crossed her arms around her chest.
“My name is Zaha and I’m a smart man. Enough to know that I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. And for that, I am truly sorry.”
“You know where you can stick your apology-”
“Sera.” Sam stopped her gaining her eyes on him. “We’re not here to get ourselves into trouble, remember? We just want to talk.” Sera rolled her eyes and went silent, letting Sam take over the conversation. “We need to talk about a guy that calls himself The Red Wolf.”
“I’m sorry. But what makes you think I know about him?”
“Rumours has is that one of his guys worked here for you, and we need to know if you’ve seen or heard about him.”
“I’m sorry... but I don’t. I’ve never heard that nickname before.” Sera squinted her eyes and took a deep breath in, noticing the guy moving uncomfortably on his seat.
“You sure about that?” Bucky said and for the looks of it, he seemed to have caught the same thing as Sera.
“Yes, I am sure. Otherwise I don’t know why I would hide information from you guys.”
“You call yourself smart but you lie about having information,” Bucky said “and I don’t think that’s very smart of you, Mr. Zaha.”
“I’m not lying.”
“Oh, I think you are.” Sera spitted out. “Otherwise you wouldn’t be moving in your seat nervously like you’re doing right now. If you don’t have anything to hide, then don’t be nervous.”
“Oh, I think he is very nervous.” Bucky agreed, getting closer to Zaha.
He crossed his legs to hide his heart beating faster but unlucky for him, nothing passes unnoticed for Sam, Bucky and Sera.
“Nervous like a little chihuahua.” Sam said jokingly. “Shaking like you need to pee right now. Do you need to pee Mr. Zaha? Or that brain of yours is hiding something important and that’s why you’re shaking like a little baby?”
“I think is the second option, Sam,” Bucky said firmly “so you better be smart about this.”
It was obvious that Zaha was caught off guard and didn’t expect to face someone like them on that night. Sera knew that he was a man that liked to be feared and not the one being threatened, so trying to gain control of the situation he let out a grin and tilted his head slowly to the side. “And you are, Mr...?”
“You don’t want to find out.” Bucky said quickly, not wanting to deal with Zaha’s twisted mind.
“Not to be rude or anything,” Zaha said slowly while while pointing at Bucky with his long finger “but why are you the one with the job of intimidation?” He let out a grin and then slowly turned towards Sera, who furrowed her eyebrows angrily. “Don’t you two think that is better to use the girl with fire in her eyes?”
Before Sam or Sera could say anything, Bucky quickly walked towards Zaha and punched the side of his throne making a loud noise once his hands touched the sit and for Zaha to lock eyes with him and regain the fear on his eyes.
“Don’t look at her, look at me.” Bucky said firmly with his jaw clenched and his killing eyes on Zaha. “You better speak and tell us what you know because you don’t want to be on my bad side.”
Sera noticed his big arms under that black jacket he had and felt how her stomach turned once the need of touching them appeared on her mind. Unintentionally, she widen her eyes at the surprise of Bucky feeling angry once again. But this time, Sera wasn’t angry too, this time she felt the hotness growing inside of her as the butterflies were going crazy inside of her stomach. He looked attractive and her mind wasn’t going to let it pass.
So lost in her thoughts, Sera didn’t notice the metal arm showing once Bucky moved closer to Zaha. Before she could do something about it, Zaha moved his eyes towards it since it made a different noise than the other hand. Realising the dark grey color Bucky had on his arm, his eyes went wide open as his back touched the back of his seat, clearly intimidated of what he had in front of him.
“You’re the winter soldier... and you” Zaha turned to Sam, immediately recognising him “you’re the falcon.” Bucky stepped back as Zaha was going back and forth between them all with shook in his eyes. “Seraphina Thompson with the falcon and the winter soldier?”
“Now you see the trouble you’re in?” Sam said nodding his head.
“I knew... The Red Wolf.” Zaha said finally after a couple of seconds and looking down at the floor. “He used to make his reunions here.”
“Why used to?” Sera asked.
“I don’t know. He suddenly stopped needing the place. I- I never stepped inside one of his meetings because he didn’t allow it.” He looked up waiting for one of them to talk but receiving not words he sighed and shook his head. “He is a very dangerous man. And has so many people behind him- even I was impressed. I knew who he was but I never knew or tried to understand what he was planning to do. To be quite honest, I was terrified, truly terrified, when he came here I moved myself out of the way. He once asked me to give one of his men a job here so I did. And that’s it. So, I’m sorry but I can’t help you more.”
“So you let a man have his meetings here for a long time but you don’t know anything about him?” Bucky asked. “It sounds like bullshit.”
“Sera do you smell that?” Sam asked and Sera quickly smelled the air and nodded. “Bullshit.”
“It’s not! I’m telling you the truth.”
“Sounds to me like you’re a coward.” Bucky let out slowly as he was getting closer.
Noticing his eyes on Bucky’s metal arm, Sera let out a tiny grin and slightly tilted her head to the side. “What? Afraid of a little metal arm?”
Bucky let his hands rest on the side of his chair to get his face closer to his, feeling the fear growing inside of Zaha. “Talk.”
“That’s all I-”
“Talk, before you make me lose my patience.”
“I’m being serious! That’s all I know!”
Bucky said something else but Sera didn’t hear it. As soon as he said his next words Sera felt how they slowly faded away as the electricity ran through her veins. She closed her eyes feeling her eyes burn and her throat feeling up with hot air.
“Sam-” She said almost in a whisper but it was enough since Sam worryingly turned to her and quickly walked towards her to grab her shoulder.
“Sera? Are you alright?” He asked but as soon as she locked eyes with him, he understood.
“Something’s wrong.” The second she said those words the sound of a bullet entering the room his their ears and soon ended up inside Zaha’s head, immediately making his body to fly backwards as the blood was pouring from his forehead and slowly covering the floor around him.
Realising what just happened, Bucky turned around to lock eyes with Sera. But when another thing caught his eyes, he immediately ran towards her as the sound of bullets being shot hit his ears. Without hesitating, Bucky covered her body and lifted his metal arm to stop any bullet quickly flying her way.
As Sam threw himself out of the way, Sera closed her eyes once Bucky turned her to the side and with strength pushed her against the wall to cover themselves from the thousands of bullets going their way.
Ignoring the pain Sera was feeling on her back from hitting the wall, she locked eyes with Bucky who seemed to have glued himself in front of her. Their eyes were locked to each other with no intention to move them away. Their faces were so close that their chests would almost touch the moment they filled their lungs with air. Sera widen her eyes at the realisation that Bucky just saved her body from ending covered in bullets.
Even if the loud noises around them were still going, Bucky and Sera didn’t take their eyes away from each other, until Sam quickly ran towards them to cover his body the same way Sera and Bucky were doing.
“Would you two mind stopping with the whole staring thing and help me?! Because I don’t think Mr. Zaha has the intention to do so now!” Sam yelled after taking the gun out of the back of his jeans and trying to hit anyone that had the intentions to kill them.
Going back to reality and what was happening next to her, Sera moved Bucky out the way the moment he took out the guy he had on his back. Feeling the fire on her fingertips grow Sera moved her feet towards the bullets and ignored the big yell of her name coming out of Bucky’s mouth. Lifting her hands to her side the second her eyes turned red, a wall fire started growing in front of her making the bullets towards her, Sam and Bucky melt the instant they touched the burning wall Sera had created.
Bucky seeing what Sera was doing and the second he took off the shook out of his face, he ran towards Sam who was now standing next to the wall of fire with his chest going quickly up and down. He turned to look at Bucky who was still surprised at the way Sera and her red eyes were handling the situation, something that he had never seen anyone do before.
The sound of the melted bullets hitting the floor were now hitting their ears. “I guess she can do a little more than turn into a torch.” Bucky said with his eyes locked on her. When the bullets stopped going through the wall, Bucky lifted his gun ready to face whatever was coming even if it felt like Sera had everything covered. And she did.
Without waiting another second, moving her hands to the ceiling she closed them into fists to feel the burning sensation growing inside her palm. Her chest was filled with hot air as the smoke was quickly coming out of her skin. Silence surrounded the room, but then, quicker as another bullet trying to get through, Sera opened her hands and with a loud noise left the fire of the wall fly like a pheonix towards the man with big guns trying to kill them, making them all fly toward the wall and end up unconscious on the floor, with nothing more than empty gun and burning marks on their skins.
Feeling her hands going back to normal, she turned around to Sam and Bucky who were standing behind her with their eyes locked on the guys at the floor with furrowed eyebrows. Sera did a little smile and shrugged her shoulders once she gained their eyes on her, doing a thumbs up and nodding. “We’re cool now.” She said before turning around and leaving the VIP area to join the now empty dance floor.
“Yeah, more than a torch.” Sam said softly before leaving a confused and still surprised Bucky behind.
“Now what?” Sera asked once she had her two partners by her side on that empty room with lights going all sorts of crazy.
Before Sam or Bucky could say anything, the sound of a door opening hit their ears letting them notice the now four guys with big guns going their way. “I guess is fighting those assholes.” Sam said before they all ran towards a big white column to hide their bodies behind it.
Expecting to hear more bullets going their way, Sera made her hands burn making fire grow out of them, but before she could move her hands to her side, a big ball of fire hitting the side of the column made them all jump backwards as both Bucky and Sam looked at a very confused Sera.
“What the fuck was that?!” Bucky asked.
“Did they cloned you or some shit?!” As Sam asked that questions, Sera looked at her hands glowing and spitting fire, she closed her eyes the second an ugly old memory game back to her head.
“Can’t be.” She said moving her head to the side to have a better look at the men with black suits and big guns on their hands. But they weren’t normal guns... they were white and were as big as their whole torsos combined. It had red lines on each side that Sera knew they glow everytime they charged. The little sound of fire it made when it threw the ball fire hit Sera’s ears once again making her move Sam and Bucky out of the way by pushing them and hitting their backs to the wall by their left.
“What is that and where can I get one!?” Sam asked when another fire ball hit the white and big column.
“It’s a fire arm!” Sera yelled moving the fire growing towards them.
“Yeah no shit, Sera!” Bucky yelled putting off the little ball of fire by his side with his foot. “What do we do now?”
“We need to make a plan!” Sam yelled. “Bucky go left and I go right while Sera stops the fire-!” He was yelling but then shut his mouth when Bucky and Sera completely ignored what he was saying and started to walk towards the big guns throwing fire. “Why the hell did you ask?!” Sam asked but then went back to the wall once another ball of fire went his way.
“This fucking shoes!” Sera yelled feeling the pain on her toes and ankles the second after she moved the fire going towards her and Bucky by her side.
“Give them to me.” Bucky said and without questioning it, Sera lifted her foot and took of the heel and handed the two pairs of shoes to Bucky. As her eyes were slowly following Bucky’s move, she saw how he moved his metal arm backwards and how the shoe left his hand the second his hand passed his head.
Without giving Sera a moment to react, her other shoe was already flying towards another man, ending up inside his eye. Sera’s eyes were seeing how the blood started to pour out of their eyes as slowly as a tear going down their cheeks. “I always knew you could use a heel as a weapon.” Sera said surprised. But that tiny moment didn’t last long since she felt another ball of fire going her way. Lifting her hands to her side she quickly stopped it and pushed it away, making a big explosion and taking down the other men in front of her in the process.
Bullets hitting her ear Sera turned to her side and noticed Sam behind the counter trying to hit the man now going towards him. With quick steps, Bucky walked passed her ready to take the man down. Seeing how the gun he had on his hands was glowing, Bucky stopped with the intention to move to the side and avoid the big ball of fire wanting to burn him. But before it even had the chance, the second it was out of the big white gun, the big ball of fire quickly moved backwards like someone pushed it, making the man fly backwards and hit the wall behind him.
Bucky turned back to see Sera with a little smile on her face as her eyes were slowly going back to normal. “Uno reverse card, bitch.” She said as she was getting closer to Bucky and Sam, who were now standing side by side.
“Having fun?” Sam asked out of breath while Sera was barely different from when the fight started.
“Is it wrong if I say yes?” She answered cheekily. Eating the laugh that came out of Sera’s mouth, the front door opened letting them see another man entering with, this time, an ever bigger weapon. “Holy shit.” Sera said with shook in her eyes.
“Still having fun?” Bucky asked gaining a mean look from Sera.
Without giving them a second to breathe, another big ball of fire was flying towards them but Sera moving in front of Bucky and Sam lifted her hands into the air and quickly stopped it. Feeling the fire inside of her hands and her eyes burning with desire, she pushed the fire towards the wall by her side making a big loud noise in the process.
Punches were being thrown out, bullets flying as well as fire growing each second around Bucky, Sam and Sera. Neither of them expected to end the night like that, or even why they were in that situation to begin with.
After moving another ball fire going her way, feeling her arms getting tired she moved to the side and let her back rest on the wall as the bullets leaving their guns was hitting her ears. She slightly moved her head to see better what was happening as she heard Sam yelling for Bucky. They needed her. She felt her heart beating faster as she saw how Bucky and Sam were struggling to keep up the fight. Her breathing was going quicker as the sound around her was fading away and her sight was becoming blurrier. Her fingertips felt the burning sensation as her eyes wanted to close. But trying her hardest, she moved towards Sam and Bucky to lift her hands and enter the fire about to burn them into her body.
The scene in front of her getting blurrier and blurrier as the seconds were passing, seeing the fire around her and being thrown at her became even more harder. She didn’t know what was happening or how to stop it. Moving her head side to side to see if Bucky and Sam were alright, she felt how her heart wanted to jump out of her chest. Bucky was struggling when three men were grabbing his arm with strength. Sam, by her other side, was still hiding behind the counter trying to move himself out of the way were fire was growing everywhere around him.
With the intention to move, Sera tried to lift her foot but it felt like it was heavier than ever. The pain in her legs turned into feeling like she was glued to the floor down her. The burning on her hands was stronger but nothing seemed to want to come out of it as her eyes hurt like something had stabbed them a second ago. Her head was pounding while she noticed the noise around her was slowly fading away. No bullets, no fire, no voices but complete silence... until she felt something grabbing her neck and pulling her to the ground as she felt an electric sensation against her neck making her breathing cut short and her eyes to fully close, stopping her from feeling anything else and fall unconscious on the floor.
Bucky’s foot quickly flew towards one of the guys’ knee making him quickly fall into the ground. Able to free himself from one of them, he threw his head backwards to hit the guy behind him in the forehead. Having one guy left, he just lifted his hand and quickly punched the guy in the face, leaving three men now in the floor next to him. Wanting to look for his friends, Bucky looked up and noticed Sam trying to fight a man but quickly shooting him to the ground. Nodding once they locked eyes with each other, with the same intention they both looked around looking for the third member of their team. But once they both saw the same thing, it made their quick feet ran towards a Sera laying on the floor with four men around her. But before any of them could make another move, a strange electric feeling hit their skin making them soon fall to the floor.
Feeling his body shake against the floor, Bucky’s eyes were still glued to Sera as his heart dropped to his stomach. “Sera!” He tried to yell but it came out nothing more than a loud whisper with so much pain in it.
“Look at you.... the winter soldier.” Bucky heard with a joking tone as he was laying in the floor. “What a pity.” Soon after a sound of someone spitting by his side hit his ears and then steps moving away.
As her skin was moving uncomfortably on the floor, he managed to keep his eyes on Sera. The way that a man grabbed her body and lifted her on his shoulders like she was bag of some sort, made his inside burn with anger. He felt how his heavy body was starting to hurt him and getting tired the more he spent on the floor with his eyes stuck on one side of the room.
“What are you gonna do now, Winter Soldier?” A guy yelled kneeling down before letting out the biggest laugh ever, shaking the walls around him. “We’re going to have fun with her. Don’t worry.” He said after getting up and letting out another smile seeing how Bucky still couldn’t get up from the floor.
Following the men with his eyes, Bucky felt how his brain was screaming at him to move and save her. But nothing seemed to be working, the electric feeling against his skin was still shaking his body slowly and keeping anything else from hearing the commands his brain was yelling.
Shaking Sera jokingly, the man that just talked to Bucky turned her head and said something that Bucky couldn’t hear. There was nothing he could do about it, they were taking her God knows where and were planning on doing terrible things to her while Bucky couldn’t even get up to try and save her. He felt useless while the pain inside of him was growing as they were taking Sera further and further away out of the building.
Suddenly, when he gain full attention of his heart beating faster he immediately felt something falling from his eyes towards his cheek. He tensed his teeth together while the pain became tighter around his chest and heart. His breathing was cutting short when the air became thicker around him. Closing his eyes when he heard the front door closing and seeing that Sera was no longer inside the building, hearing his breathing was the only thing he could hear next. The thick air, his heavy stomach and the pain inside his chest were growing each second that was passing as a single tear drop was going down his cheek. She was gone. They took her and Bucky couldn’t save her. That was just... it.
A strong headache appeared on Sera’s head the second she opened her eyes and the white strong light troubled her eyes. She squinted them as they were wondering around the room. It was as white as the light itself and had nothing but the chair she was sitting on and a giant black window in front of her. A tight feeling around her wrist made her realize that she was wrapped at the chair as well as her ankles. The coldness on her neck and being unable to move her head far backwards, she noticed a thick metal necklace covering her neck with a red light that would turn on and off constantly.
The memories before she closed her eyes were slowly coming to her the more she found herself in that room. The fire around her, her burning eyes and... her blurry sight. She still didn’t understand why she felt like that and why couldn’t she control herself. Her heavy body was now gone but she still felt a slightly electric feeling on her neck.
With the intention to move her fingers to feel the burning sensation in them, she took her full attention towards them, but as soon as she tried the white giant door by her left side quickly opened to let her see that ugly face she hated seeing.
“Jackson.” She said angrily as he let out a tiny smile once he closed the door behind him. He had his same long red coat and brown shiny boots. It didn’t matter to the old man that he had a powerful woman like Sera under his power, he still took the time to look good. “I should’ve guessed it was you.”
“Why?” Jackson asked while slowly walking towards her with his hands behind his back. “Because I am the only one who can defeat you?”
“No,” Sera quickly nodded as a grin started to grow on her lips “because I can smell the rotten fish from here.”
Instead of saying something back, Jackson just let out a tiny smile and got even closer to her face. Seeing every detail on his eyes, Sera felt the blood in her veins move faster as his lips were becoming even more into a bigger smile. “Nice to see you again, Sera. And not with those two.”
“Where are they?” She asked moving her body towards him making a loud noise as the chair moved with her.
Seeing how Sera clenched her jawline and the anger Jackson loved so much to see in her eyes, he moved backwards and let out yet another smile. “You really care about them... don’t you?” Not wanting to get an answer from her, Jackson took another step closer and added: “One thing at a time, dear, one thing at a time.”
“Yeah, and the first thing I’ll do is burn everything to the ground.”
“Ah. There she is. I missed you.” Jackson grabbed her chin with strength taking her head backwards as her eyes were burning with anger while looking at him. “But you need to be careful with what you do, dear. I want you to see something. You’re going to love it.” With the same strength as he was holding her, he let go of her chin making her move her head to the side and immediately feel the pain on her skin the moment he let go.
Following Jackson with her eyes, she noticed how his hand went inside his pocket and slowly took out a small controller with a bunch of different color buttons on it. “See this? This, can do a lot of things.” He arrived next to the window and let out a tiny smile while pointing at the blackness next to him. “First of all...” he pressed a button and Sera saw how it quickly turned the lights from the other room. Being the light so bright, Sera squinted her eyes and looked down trying to cover her eyes from the strong and bright light.
But when curiosity became even stronger than the pain she was feeling, she looked up and immediately widened her eyes. The moment she saw those blonde hairs and those green eyes her heart dropped to her stomach. “Angela.” Sera whispered making her throat hurt. Red scratches covered her lips and arms making Sera feel some tears fighting to come out. Her heavy dark bags under her eyes made it seem like she hadn’t slept for days.
Angela, being kneeled down on the floor with chains covering her wrists, looked up and made her face and body even more visible. Realising the shook in her eyes, Sera noticed that she could see her when they both locked eyes with each other. Her skinny lips turned into a smile as soon as her eyes realised that the person she was looking at was Sera, but then noticed Jackson standing in the other room as well, she erased it and rolled her eyes moving her scratched body to the side.
Feeling the anger and pain of seeing her friend all hurt grew inside of her as her fingertips were staring to feel their burning in them. A slight noise hit the room as Sera filled her lungs with fire and tried to free herself, but before she could let anything out, she felt a strong electric shook in her neck, making her body go back to normal and let out nothing but smoke out.
“And that, my dear, is the second thing this controller does. See that fashionable necklace I gave you? Yes, this little thing does the trick but, oh boy, that is the thing that could destroy you. So, if I were you, I would check my options and keep those beautiful fingertips still. We don’t want your sight to her blurry again before you fall on the floor, do we?”
“What do you want?” Sera asked with a firm tone once her neck recovered from the electric shook.
“What do I want?” Jackson asked getting closer to Sera. “I want you, of course.”
“Yeah...” He said softly. “To help me, of course. Like you did years ago.”
“I’m not that same person I was years ago, so fuck off.”
“Oh, language, please.” Jackson said disgusted arriving closer to Sera and stopping right in front of her body. “The old you is still there,” he pointed at her chest “I know it.”
“You don’t know shit, Jackson. You think you do, but you don’t. You want to control something that you can’t.”
“Well, I did controlled you, didn’t I?” He asked softly enjoying the look of Sera’s eyes.
She remembered all those old memories like it was the other day. Her old self being by Jackson’s side and doing whatever his mouth let out. Burning, exploding, tortuning.... it was horrible for her to recall all of those things. Knowing that she was no longer than person was what kept her going, but being in front of him asking her for help, made it more difficult to forget and not get affected by them as they were slowly coming back.
“You were happy, Sera. What happened?” Jackson asked slowly.
“I wasn’t. You manipulated me, you used me. You saw my pain so you took your chance to use what I can do-”
“But, yet, you did them. No questions asked. I never pointed a gun to your head. Did I? Don’t make excuses for the things that you did, dear.”
“I’m not. Believe me. I’ve spent years regretting and trying to forget what I did.”
Jackson stopped for a moment while a little smile grew on his lips. “Yes, with Mr. Wilson, am I right?”
Sera felt her chest close up as his mouth let out his name. “Don’t talk about him. Go to your point, Jackson, what is it exactly that you want from me?”
Seeing how Jackson lifted the controller and got ready to press another button, Sera furrowed her eyebrows as she was waiting for his next words. But before he did, the little noise of the button being pressed hit her ears and soon after, the door quickly opened. “I want you to make me more, Sera.”
Tables and more tables with the same weapons that Sera saw before collapsing on the floor were entering room. She slowly wondered the room and shook her head before turning once again to lock eyes with a proud Jackson staring at her like he was staring at her soul.
“What do you say, Sera? Just like the old days?”
“Like the old days-” Sera closed her eyes with strength while shaking her head. “This is insane, Jackson! Even for you!” The moment she opened her eyes Jackson was closer that made her able to see the desire and craziness now building inside his eyes.
“Sera, you and me together; we could rule the world. We would be unstoppable. If you make me more I can take down those asshole that want me dead and then make the underground mine. And after that, make the whole world mine. If you help me, if you give those weapons the energy they need to breath out fire it’s going to happen. I could be the king. And you... can be my queen, right by my side.”
Sera moved her head backwards and slowly shook her head while her eyes wondered the room once again, shook of what she was hearing and seeing. “Jackson. You want to play with something that’s way more complicated than you think. Understanding how this works isn’t something as easy as knowing how to build those weapons. It was comes after.” Seeing the anger and disappointment growing on his eyes, Sera moved closer to his face and whispered loudly: “Fire is catching. And if you play with it when you can’t control it... you’ll burn.”
“Well, I controlled you and I didn’t burn, did I?” He asked with the some tone but with anger before walking backwards and grabbing the controller once again. “And if I can make you remember, I have something that is going to make you help me, dear.” Jackson pointed at Angela who was confusingly watching every single weapon that there was in the room. Noticing that everyone was looking at her, she turned to lock eyes with Sera and let out a tiny smile even if her eyes screamed the pain she was feeling inside and out. “If you don’t help me, I can make her eyes go blurry.... like yours did. But I don’t think someone as weak as her can take it. So you better think it twice.”
Sera didn’t move her eyes from Angela. She saw how after giving her a smile, she went over to Jackson and flipped him off when he turned to her. Him, letting out a long angry sigh, went back to staring at Sera and tilted his head to the side, enjoying having the upper hand on her and the defeated look on her face.
‘I’m sorry’ Sera mouthed at Angela who slowly shook her head with a confused smile. Not wanting to look at her in the eyes anymore, she turned to Jackson and said the words she would never expected to say ever again: “I’ll help you.”
The trees were passing on Bucky’s window as the car was moving on the road. He had his elbow touching the door while his hand was against his lips holding his heavy head. The only noise surrounding the car was the sound of it running and the beeping coming from Sam’s phone.
After both, Sam and Bucky, gained control of their bodies they ran out of the building to see if they could notice anything that could lead them to Sera. But the whole street was as empty as the club inside. No noise, no black car, not even people walking around. The wind was the only thing they noticed moving around them.
Bucky found himself walking backwards and moving his metal hand with speed towards the wall behind him, hitting it with strength and making a big whole in the process. Feeling his breathing getting heavier as the anger grew inside of him, he closed his eyes with strength while his mind was trying to think of his next move.
He had no idea where they could’ve taken her, or even if she was still on the ground or on a plane going somewhere. His brain was empty as his chest became even more tighter and his heart wanted to jump out of his body. He opened his eyes to see Sam standing right next to him with his eyes glued to his phone screen typing something as fast as his fingers let him. Confused on what he was doing, he got closer to him but as soon as he arrived to his side, Sam blocked his phone and started walking away, quickly being followed by Bucky.
“So how exactly is this thing going to take us to Sera?” Bucky asked with a raspy voice once he looked at the phone, seeing how it had a tiny map in it and had a big red circle beeping every two seconds.
“A couple of years ago, when I used to work with Sera, I installed a tracker on her phone because there were times where she would...” Sam stopped and Bucky noticed that he was struggling on deciding if he should keep talking or just stop right there, but then when a tiny sigh came out of his mouth, he continued: “Look, our story is way more complicated than I could ever let you know. And if ever let you know, she has to say yes first. It’s her decision.”
“What is it about it that it’s such a big thing for you to ask her permission?”
“It’s complicated, Bucky, like I told you. It’s more of her story than mine, that’s why.” Bucky looked to the window a million of questions were flying around his head. Was it something bad? That questioned seemed to eat his brain the most. It wasn’t like Bucky’s past was clean and he was worried of thinking bad of her if he knew, his past was the dirtiest of them all, the wonder and the curiosity was the thing that was surrounding his brain. Why was it so important that Sam didn’t want to tell him?
“I get it.” Bucky said. “Believe me, I do. It’s not like I have the cleanest past.”
“Look, remember the first where she stayed with us? The one where we told her to wait?” Bucky nodded, as he looked at Sam remembering what Sera told him about Sam seeing it before. “It used to happen a lot back then, but even worse than the one we saw. She would take more minutes to calm herself down, make bigger shields around her to the point where we couldn’t even be close to her. It was ugly, Bucky.”
“Why, Sam? What makes her do that?”
“She comes from a hard life. Even if she acts like she doesn’t, the worst scenario that could happen to a person happened to her. After that, she went through even more terrible things. The point is, when those moments were over, she would usually end up in places far, far away.” Sam said. “That’s why I decided to install this tracker, I never told her because I knew she was going to hate it. But that was the only option I had back then.”
“And that’s how you knew where she was after all those years.” Sam nodded as Bucky let out sigh and added: “Good thing you thought of it, then.” He let out a tiny smile and turned to his window once again.
Even if some of the questions Bucky had on his mind were answered, he still felt as confused as the moment he started to wonder about her. Thousand of ideas were growing on his head as the seconds were passing. Not knowing the real story was eating him on the inside and making him even more nervous. He moved on his seat uncomfortably as his foot started to move up and down with speed. The minutes didn’t seem to pass as they where moving and that made the blood in his veins to rush.
Noticing this, Sam did a quick look to Bucky and his nervous actions. That wasn’t something normal on him, feeling anxious and showing it. He would always hide what was going on that brain of his carefully managing every movement he did. He was good at it. He was trained to be good at it. Even if his mind wasn’t the one that it used to, he still had everything he learned inside of him. So to be this out and about with his emotions, it had to be something big.
“You care about her, don’t you?” Sam asked ending the silence between them. Bucky, instead of turning to Sam and denying it, he stayed in silence and let out a tiny sigh. Maybe he did.
The memory of how his body felt when his eyes were seeing those men taking her away... made his chest tighten and feel his heart beating a little bit faster than usual. His throat closed up making it harder for him to say something to Sam. Like his cheek had a memory of it self, he felt how the invisible tear dropped down from his cheek while his mind was replaying Sera’s body being carried out. She knew this girl in less than a week but had him feeling things he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself caring about her, wanting to protect her like she was his.... Bucky knew that Sera didn’t need a protection, she proved more than capable of taken care of herself multiple times, but for the way his body and mind were acting, that didn’t matter to Bucky, he still felt the need to make sure she was fine until her last breath.
“She’s going to be fine, Bucky.” Sam said softly gaining Bucky’s attention.
Locking eyes with Sam, he nodded and let out a tiny smile not wanting to worry Sam with his millions of questions inside his brain. And weird enough, a big noise coming from a far helped him do that. As soon as the noise hit their ears, they both turned to the the road to see a big explosion going off, fire surrounded trees as big piece of smoke was flying upwards towards the sky. Like they were thinking the same thing, they both turned to Sam’s phone and noticed that the big red circle was closer than they expected.
“I think we found her.” Sam said softly, quickly turning the car towards the side of road after checking if anyone was coming, ready to follow the fire slowly growing around the forest.
“C’mon, Angela, get up.”
As the smoke around her was getting bigger and thicker, fire was growing and building up every second, Sera quickly ran towards her friend and grabbed her arm to help her get up. She noticed the weapons all now destroyed and some men also laying on the ground, but Jackson was nowhere to be seen.
Since the moment Sera saw those weapons get into the room, her little plan started working inside her head. She saw the opportunity and knew that she was going to take it. So, when Jackson pushed the little button to take that thick eletric necklace out of her neck and slowly took it off her, she looked up and immediately felt her eyes burning with desire as her hands touched the cold metal of the weapons.
“How-?” Angela asked after coughing the smoke out of lungs. “How did you do that? I thought you were going to help them.”
“That asshole wants to control fire but doesn’t even take the time to understand it.” She said while getting Angela’s arm around her shoulders to help her walking. “If I can give that piece of crap the amount of energy to work, I can also give it the energy to self destruct and explode. C’mon, let’s go.”
Covering Angela’s mouth with her own shirt to prevent her from breathing in the smoke around her, they both walked outside the room to find their way out of that building. Wondering with her eyes, Sera looked to her left and noticed a light coming from a tiny window surrounded by fire. But that wasn’t a problem for her. Moving her feet towards the window, she moved the flames to the side making a tiny path for her and Angela to walk through. Once close to it, she lifted her other hand that wasn’t holding her friend and as she felt the burning on her palm, she moved it with speed and threw a ball of fire to break the glass and finally, leave the burning building behind.
“C’mon, watch your step.” Sera said as Angela was carefully jumping the window and dropping to the other side.
Trees on fire and more smoke was the only thing Sera noticed the moment her shoes touched the grass. She looked around and realised the where both in the middle of the forest, there was nothing else than trees and bushes around them. But getting away from the fire to keep Angela safe was the only thing Sera wanted to do, so without waiting another second, Sera wrapped Angela’s arm around her shoulders once again and started to walk away, leaving pieces of smoke behind her.
“Wow, ok, so let me get this straight.” Angela started saying with her heavy breathing as they were both carefully walking besides the tall trees. “You have super powers. You can control fire and explode things... am I right?”
“And other things, but yes.”
“Alright! Cool, cool, cool, cool. That’s just... oh my god, that’s wild Sera! All this time since I’ve known you?” Sera nodded. “What the fuck?!” She yelled but then regretted it since a strong pain appeared on her stomach. “Fuck. I mean,” she said softly “you, fire, that’s crazy! And that man? What’s your story with him? Did you work with him? Is he bad? Angela, of course he’s bad! He trapped you for days to get to Sera! Of course! So, ok, Sera equals super powers. Then bad guy takes me to find Sera and make her do shit that’s bad. Ok, I got it. Then, Sera, a badass, explodes the entire building so we can escape. Sounds good?”
“You know, for being trapped in a horrible room for days you do have the energy to talk a lot.” Sera said and then soon heard Angela let out a tiny laugh, which lead to Sera’s chest fill with relief since her friend was alright and it was starting to hit her.
“Yeah. I mean if you just found your roommate for almost a year has super powers, you would too!”
Sera let out a tiny laugh but then quickly shook her head. “It’s not that amazing.”
“Sera! Are you kidding me, of course it is! You made an entire building blow up! Ouch- fuck.”
“Are you alright?” Sera asked once she looked to her friend, noticing her hand on her stomach. “We can stop if you want.”
“No, we need to get out of here. I trust you and your amazing powers, but those assholes can come after us any minute. C’mon.”
After feeling like they’ve been walking for long minutes, Sera and Angela both smiled when they started to hear the sound of cars moving along on the road. But the moment Sera moved her foot to keep walking, the sound of people walking behind them made her turn around with speed and fill her hands with fire and her dark eyes to turn red.
“Sera! It’s us!”
“Bucky?” She asked making her hands go back to normal as well as her eyes. Once she locked her sight with Bucky’s, a wave of safeness ran through her body.
“And you have hot friends too?!” Angela asked in a loud whisper by her side making her let out a tiny laugh and erase the feeling Bucky just gave her, saving it in a little box along with the others.
“Sam. How did you find me?”
“That’s a long story for later, now we need to get the hell out of here because-” Sam was saying but then the sound of a group of people running towards them cut him off. Turning around, they all noticed the men with weapons ready to fight them all. Sera took of Angela’s arm and walked closer to Sam, before he turned around to look at her once again “well, because those douche bags were following us.”
“Sam, Bucky, you need to take Angela to the car and keep her safe. Leave and don’t look back, I got this.” Before Sam could let out a word, Sera talked again “C’mon, you know better than anyone I can handle it.”
Sam took a second but then nodded, taking Angela’s arm and turning around, ready to follow what Sera told her.
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
From the moment that the first shot was fired and Sera stopped it, neither of them stopped moving. Sera moving her hands left and right, filling their surroundings with flames, destroying or exploding the weapons along side the men holding them. Bucky, with his quick feet would make his way towards each men by the right side, avoiding balls of fire and using his strength to take every guy to the floor by only one punch. Soon after, they both find themselves with three guys left.
Feeling Bucky by his side, Sera locked eyes with him and nodded when Bucky grabbed the knife from his back pocket and quickly moving it between his fingers. Lifting her hand towards Bucky, she carefully lit up her fingers and as soon as Bucky’s knife left his hand, she took full control of it and moved it towards the men with the intention to hit three of them at the same time. And just like she wanted, as the fire was leaving her hand she moved the knife and with a quick move of her wrist she saw how the tiny metal object hit one, then another one, and final, the other men lined in front her, taking them all to the ground in less than three seconds.
“Good throw.” Bucky said while nodding with approval which lead to Sera just shrugging her shoulders and letting out a tiny smile.
“I had a little bit of help.”
“A little bit?” Bucky said offended, but that little banter didn’t last long since Sera felt that electric feeling against her skin and soon faced forward to see the big ball of fire going with speed towards her.
Before she could lift her hands to stop it, a big yell coming from Bucky’s mouth hit her ears making her turn around with worry. But what she feared to see didn’t happen, instead, a quick Bucky was now in front of her seconds away to get hit by the fire flying ready to burn him.
Everything after that turned like a slow motion movie for both of them. The flames hitting his skin and the pain on his face made her eyes widen and get watery at the sight of it. As fast as her feet could allow her, she moved towards him and quickly placed herself in front of him immediately feeling the fire hitting her skin in every single place of her body. She touched his shoulder and closed her eyes with strength, ready to do one of the hardest thing she ever learned to do.
Bucky as soon as he felt the burning sensation against him, he closed his eyes with clenched teeth feeling the strong pain now growing on his body. Not being able to bare it anymore, he let out a loud scream in pain but soon after, like a quick wave of water had hit him, he suddenly stopped feeling that irritating pain. Opening his to see what was happening, he met hers. Her red eyes were staring at his while tears were dripping down her cheeks. Her hair was moving around her uncomfortably as her glowing skin was making her body shine.
From the corner of his eyes Bucky noticed the fire still going around him, but he wasn’t burning. His eyes were still glued to hers trying to understand what she was doing, he suddenly felt how her fingers on his free hand started to tingle so he looked down to find his skin... glowing. Just like Sera, his skin started to glow the same color as the fire around them. The tingle feeling was now all over his body expect on his metal arm which seemed to be the only thing that didn’t change since the fire hit him.
Looking back to Sera, the moment that they both stared at each other was when a strange feeling appeared on their insides. It felt like they were connecting, he felt like he could read all of her thoughts as she could read his. A second later, Sera moved her hand to Bucky’s cheek and pressed her palm with strength agains his skin to feel every single part of him on her.
Their hearts felt like they were beating as one with the same rhythm, their veins were twisting together like cables as their blood were mixing to become just one. Those feelings felt so strange but real at the same time. Their glowing bodies were becoming one as the fire that had went inside Bucky was slowly flying out. Suddenly, like the slow movie that was happening they both felt everything come undone when Sera lifted her hands and let the explosion that was building inside her body finally come out.
Once the noise was gone and there was nothing but silence surrounding them, they both opened their eyes to find themselves lying on the floor with smoke trying to get inside their bodies. Their eyes locked as their heavy breathing was moving their chest up and down.
Bucky felt so confused at what just happened that he sat down and stared at his surroundings noticing nothing but fire around him. Going back to Sera, he saw how her body was going back to normal and her red eyes were turning dark once again. She knew what just happened and he couldn’t wait to ask her, but nothing seem to want to go out their mouths.
Their connection was all they could think about. The way their bodies became one and everything they felt. Even if Bucky was confused and had no idea what just happened, he knew one thing: that was definitely not a nothing.
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mayraki · 7 hours ago
a little sneak peak of tonight’s chapter: fire is catching 👀
“I’m not leaving you.” Bucky said walking in front of her. “I’m not going to let you do this alone.”
“Bucky, go!” She tried to push him by touching his chest, but barely moving Bucky turned to the men walking towards them and ignored the angry Sera by his side. “Bucky.”
“I’m not leaving without you, Sera.” His firm tone made her realise he wasn’t going to change his mind and having no more time left, she let out a big angry sigh and turned to the side ready to face the fight coming her way. With her eyes, she counted the amount of men in front of her and as soon as the number ‘15’ appeared on her mind, she turned to Bucky and whispered “Regret staying now?” But got no response, he just tilted his head to crack his neck and moved his metal arm, preparing his body to help Sera and end that fight once and for all.
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bloodorangesoup · a day ago
Oh, Don't Mind Me
Summary: Reader is having a very good day, including a damn good sandwich and an adorable dance session in the kitchen. Bucky observes with heart eyes. Slow dancing ensues.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: None, complete fluff
Notes: This is my first writing on here, let me know what yall think! Hopefully, as I continue writing I’ll get better, but for now, I liked this. Also, I do not and will not respect the rules of grammar surrounding punctuation and quotation marks because they do not, as Marie Kondo says, spark joy. Happy reading!
Spring had finally settled in Upstate New York leaving the air fresh and the flowers bright. It was one of those days that just flowed. Gliding by breakfast, you had already turned in a mission report that was supposed to be completed a few days prior, took a shower, tidied up your room, and started lunch. There was a steady buzz of contentment in your head, a result of the day’s effortless productivity and quiet atmosphere.
Putting together the last pieces of the sandwich you made for yourself, you chose to ride the high of your productive buzz and wash the dishes you used before eating. Never had you felt so happy washing dishes. The water was just a little hotter than warm and felt relaxing. Even after the knife and cutting mat were clean you let the water run over your hands, taking in the steam rising to your face causing goosebumps to appear on the area of your arms that the water didn’t cover. Everything just felt like it was in place, it just felt good. When you finished, you dried off your hands and poured yourself some water, admiring how pretty the droplets of condensation looked on the glass.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y., play my favorite playlist, please,” you chimed into the empty kitchen.
“Playing your most played playlist on Spotify,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice echoed through the room. You silently thanked Tony for his genius idea of connecting all the team’s Spotify accounts to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s system. With that silent thank you, When A Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge began softly drifting through the speakers in the kitchen and adjacent living room.
You felt like you were floating. The floor to ceiling windows in the hall let in the sunlight and you closed your eyes as it touched your face and spread warmth all over you. Leaning against the counter, you opened your eyes and turned for a moment to pick up the first half of your sandwich. Closing them again, you took a slow bite and slowly chewed, letting your shoulders drop and letting out a hum of pleasure. Maybe it was the perfection of the moment, but it was a damn good sandwich.
With a small smile lifting up the corners of your lips, you began softly rocking your head side to side with the slow rhythm of the song. The smile on your face grew as you felt the music course through your ears, down your neck, into your chest, and through the rest of your body down to the tips of your toes. Taking another bite of your sandwich, you pushed off from your spot leaning against the counter and stood in the space between the counter and kitchen island for a few seconds before letting your whole body rock side to side just like your head had before. With the combination of the lack of duties to worry about, the satisfaction of such an excellent sandwich, the sun glowing across your skin, and the music coursing through your veins, you felt completely and utterly at peace.
About fifteen minutes prior, Bucky had just finished a workout session. Once his hair was literally dripping with sweat he decided it was about time to get cleaned up and see what you were up to. He happily got to his room, showered, and changed into fresh clothes with nothing but you on his mind. He checked your room to find it empty and assumed that, without a text telling him otherwise, you were probably in one of the living rooms or the kitchen.
Not wanting to disrupt the quiet that settled over the compound on this day, he didn’t call out for you and figured he would see you eventually. He padded through the hall and heard the distant drone of music playing from the kitchen area. Smiling to himself, he remembered how excited you were when Tony had sent out the text telling the team he added Spotify to F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s system.
He recognized the song as one you had put on a playlist you had made for him at the beginning of your relationship. He had worked up the courage to ask you out, after a few months of intense pining and a lot of pep talks from Steve, and later that night received a goodnight text from you including a link to a playlist titled “For Bucky”. The song was about two decades after “his time”, but after seeing how much you melted at it, it quickly became one of his favorites to listen to.
Once he finally reached the source of the sound, he halted to a stop at the doorway of the kitchen. To his delight, you were exactly where he thought you would be. However instead of simply making something to eat, you were dancing in the middle of the kitchen. Eyes closed, grooving to the sounds of the speakers, the light hit you in a way that made his breath hitch and a lump form in his throat. You looked adorable, gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. The song playing also brought right to his attention that, in addition to adorable, gorgeous, and absolutely beautiful, you were also all his. All of that, your soft humming to the music, your unabashed smile, your hips swaying back and forth, was all his. The sight of it alone made his mouth gape open a little and the back of his eyes sting with tears that hadn’t yet formed.
But before he could get completely swept away with his overwhelming adoration for you, you turned around and opened your eyes for a second to take another bite of your, once again, amazing sandwich and came face to face with Bucky. It startled you enough to make you jump and look away in exasperation of the small scare. Bucky chuckled to himself at how cute you could be and leaned against the doorway. You looked up at him with a face that clearly said “how long have you been standing there and how much did you see?” Ignoring the silent question, Bucky decided the opportunity was just too good to pass up teasing you a little.
“Oh, don’t mind me, doll, keep going.” He couldn’t help the little grin that crept up his face.
At this point the song had faded out and transitioned into another song. Bucky identified it as one that was also on the playlist you made for him and it made his grin a little wider realizing that it was in fact “For Bucky” that you were playing.
You rolled your eyes, leaned your hip on the side of the island, and decided to verbally repeat your question.
“How long have you been standing there?”
“Oh hey, Bucky! It’s nice to see you, I missed you, how was your day?” Bucky mocked, pretending to be you. “Oh hey, y/n! I missed you too, my day’s been good,’” Bucky replied back to himself, making you groan and roll your eyes again.
“Hey Buck, how was your day?” You asked him in the most monotone voice you could use, making sure to exaggerate the annoyed expression you wore.
His grin turned into a smirk as he opted to answer your initial question rather than answer the one he mocked you into.
“I’ve been standing here long enough to see you dancing to our song, angel. Very cute, really.” He teased.
“Oh, shut up and come here” You pouted while lifting your arms, inviting him to take up the open space. He smiled at your change in tone and pushed off the doorframe to meet you with arms wide open. You slipped your arms around his neck, resting them on his shoulders, while he snaked his around your waist. He turned you both so that your back was to the island and he caged you against it. You let your head fall against his chest while he leaned down and buried his head in your hair. You could smell him on his clothes, the subtle musk of his skin that lingered anytime you slept in his bed or cuddled him.
Inhaling and exhaling with a sigh, you ran a hand through the hair at the back of his head, returning to that state of absolute peace, now having with you another reason to feel it.
From inside your hair, a grumbled voice came through, “You know that song you were playing when I first came in, I listen to it all the time, always makes me think of you.”
You couldn’t control the giddy feeling that hearing that left you with. You looked up at him, prompting him to lift his head and peer down back at you. Your eyes met and you smiled wide at him, loving the feeling of being wrapped up in him. He grinned back at you and you couldn’t avoid seeing the look of bliss that graced his face, if you could have it your way you would keep him in this moment forever.
“You said that song was our song?” You asked.
“It’s the song I think of when I think of you, and it’s the first one on the playlist you made for me,” he blushed but then quickly followed up, “it doesn’t have to be our song if you don’t want it to or if you want a different one or someth-”
You moved forward away from the island, pushing him backwards with your hips until you were both standing, still embraced, in the middle of the kitchen.
Shaking your head you hummed, “I love it. Dance with me?” Bucky simply nodded his head, staring at you like you put the stars in the sky.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y., play the first song on this playlist again, please.” The sound of the old 60s love song started tuning into the room. You didn’t think your smile could get any wider than when Bucky started rocking the both of you side to side, his eyes never leaving your own other than the occasional glance at your lips.
“You’re so amazing, angel, you know that?”
“You’re one to talk, you’re absolutely perfect yourself, Mr. Barnes.”
This made Bucky completely smile down at you. In that moment neither of you needed words to express the loved and adoration you two shared for each other.
Steve walked through the compound looking for Bucky, on a mission to give him back his watch that he’d left in the gym. Hearing your and Bucky’s voices in the living area, he smiled to himself and made his way there. Arguably one of the things in the world that made Steve the happiest was Bucky’s relationship with you. He knew as soon as he had introduced you to the team and could see the way Bucky blushed and got nervous around you that he was a goner. After months of waiting for Bucky to feel okay with dating and feelings and the whole shabang that came with those, he made it his main goal to set you two up. He knew how much you genuinely cared for Bucky and knew how undoubtedly happy you made him, when he saw you two together it served to him a reminder that the world could be good, that things could be bat shit crazy but there was always a silver lining.
Making his way to the kitchen, he ironically stopped at the door frame just as Bucky had, hearing you two together.
“You’re so amazing, angel, you know that?”
“You’re one to talk, you’re absolutely perfect yourself, Mr. Barnes.”
He saw his friend smile down at you and felt the pang of happiness that hit him whenever he listened to Bucky talk about you. He could feel the love from where he stood, rooted in place.
Bucky looked down at your lips once more, you copied him. He leaned in while tightening his hold around your waist, bringing your whole body closer to him, and kissed you softly. The kiss sucked the breath from your lungs. No longer swaying to the music, you let yourself lean into him and kissed him back with passion, making him feel how much you loved him. When your body couldn’t supply you with any more air, you were forced to pull back and look up at him. He looked totally smitten. He peered down at you with red cheeks and a relaxed grin, taking you in.
“God, I love you so much, y/n.”
“I love you more, Buck”
You gave him a soft peck in response and dropped your head back on his chest as you continued swaying to your song. Finally tearing his eyes away from you, he noticed Steve standing where he had minutes before, with a satisfied smile, nodding his head in approval.
Bucky just smiled and nodded back, closing his eyes and resting his chin on your head. You were his reminder that the world could be good. Things could be bat shit crazy, but you were always his silver lining.
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mayraki · 2 days ago
here’s the summary for chapter four: fire is catching 👀
the night continues so sam, bucky and sera deal with the big man on his big throne. but when their mission doesn’t go according to plan, blood ends up spilling on the floor as their little team starts to fall apart.
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lovelybarnes · 2 days ago
carter baizen
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, platonic!natasha romanoff, platonic!sam wilson, platonic!steve rogers and mentions of tony stark warnings: language, oblivious idiots about: part two to oblivious idiots in love and their annoyed friends (p2 to gummy, but can be read as stand alone)
you’re sprawled out on the couch, muscles aching and a large yellowing bruise beginning to form along your abdomen- courtesy of your favorite redhead russian spy. sure, the injury throbbed and made you hesitate to fully breathe, but it got you out of sparring with anybody for the rest of the day, and for that, you were thankful.
you can hear crunching coming from the kitchen, and you can immediately tell it’s sam from the sound of his chewing- chewing the snack you stored for yourself and threatened murder if it was touched by anyone else but you. “sam!” you shriek, sitting up and instantly biting back a groan. you point an accusatory finger at him, and he doesn’t flinch, grinning up at you with faux innocence painted on his face.
you contemplate bouncing off the comfort of the sofa, straining your already sore limbs to beat sam’s ass and make the already too present pain on the skin of your abdomen worse, and decide against it; instead, you choose to shoot him a deadly glare and tell him to share. he smirks and you scowl in response, snatching the chips from sam’s cupped hand. biting angrily, you turn to the television again, scrolling through the variety of shows you haven’t had time to watch.
“ooh, put on that one,” sam says through a mouthful of your food, pointing to glee. you were planning on selecting it, but after hearing his interest in it, you decide you are not in the mood for glee and scroll to another show; gossip girl, white letters read. sam shoots you a look and you shrug blamelessly, selecting the series.
you’re three episodes in and it is safe to say that you’re not the biggest fan of the slow burn drama, which you tell sam, steve, and nat, who joined you halfway through episode two. they exchange a look and nod. “yeah, it’s really frustrating, isn’t it?” sam asks, and you nod, confused, “uh huh… hey, nat, as a favor for nearly breaking my ribs, will you go get me some water?” you request, trying to push past their microaggressions after your previous statement. natasha quirks an eyebrow at you, and she doesn’t need to say anything to get her point across. you groan, “but i’m in pain,” you complain, and steve takes pity on you, offering you his drink. “thank you, steve,” you say pointedly, giving natasha a side eye that she rolls her eyes at. you look back at the television, surprised to see that you were already on episode four.
mid-swallow, carter baizen is introduced, and suddenly you weren’t swallowing anymore, a strange strangled noise coming from your throat as you choked. “holy sh-it!” you wheeze as natasha smacks at your back, successfully getting you to breathe.
“d- did you see that- him? did you see carter?” you ask, gesturing to the screen that no longer showed the stunning man that had nearly killed you. steve and sam have the same wide-eyed look as you do, “he looks exactly like-”
“he was hot!” you interrupt, your arm still up and outstretched towards the tv. “holy shit,” you repeat quietly, grabbing the remote to rewind. the minute he comes on screen again, you visibly swoon, seemingly unaware of the looks the trio is sharing. “y/n…” natasha starts slowly, “he looks identical to bucky.” you stare at her in bewilderment, “what are you talking about? they look nothing alike.”
natasha mirrors the look on your face and looks at steve for help, “she’s not kidding, they look exactly like each other-” steve agrees, and you shake your head madly, unable to see it. “no, they don’t- what are you all on-”
you’re pressing the buttons on the control to rewind, face immediately warming when carter comes on screen, and you pause, jutting your finger in the direction of the screen, “how can they possibly look the same.”
“you have to be kidding, how do you not see it-” sam begins, only to get cut off by another distinct voice, “what are we watching?”
“bucky!” sam cries, jumping up and dragging him to stand next to the still image of carter baizen, “what the hell are you-” bucky grunts, trying to pry sam’s fingers off, but the man doesn’t pay attention to him, staring straight at you. “look!”
you do, and can’t seem to see any similarity between the two men. natasha stands now and grabs bucky’s chin, putting it right next to the other face. she gestures between the two, and you shake your head. “y/n! how can you not see this?”
bucky shakes away from sam and nat’s hands, glaring at them, “what the fuck was that?” he demands, and sam’s hand practically slams on the television. tony’s shriek is not missed, but is completely ignored. “look at this dude! does he not look identical to you?” sam says, and bucky squints for a few seconds, before: “what the hell are you talking about?”
you may not love the show, but thanks to carter baizen, you have successfully finished a season and a half of gossip girl within a day. you’re obsessing over one of his scenes when bucky decides to lounge with you, sitting next to you. “this guy again? why are you so obsessed with him?” bucky grumbles, and you don’t even look at him, “have you seen him?” you reason, extending an arm to imply look at him.
bucky glowers, jaw setting as he crosses his arms, fuck carter baizen, he thinks as he notices you drooling.
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mayraki · 2 days ago
✧ chapter three: a boyfriend like him - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
-> zacharylevis’ gif
Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
my masterlist
summary: as bucky, sera and sam prepare themselves for their next step into the mission, some weird and unexpected events lead to new feelings and fights growing into their little team.
Tumblr media
“Jayme Jefferson. That’s his name.” Sera said to the poor working girl trying to catch every word Sera was saying.
“Yeah, I know him but he doesn’t work here anymore. He quit three days ago.” The girl said while she was cleaning the counter at the coffee shop. Sera furrowed her eyebrows as she felt her heart dropping to her stomach when the math hit right in her head. “Three days ago?” She asked getting closer to the girl before she slowly nodded, trying to understand what were all the questions about.
“That’s very odd.” Sam said behind Sera which made everyone turn to him.
“What is?” The girl asked confused but non of them even tried to explain something to the confused girl, Sera just sigh and turned to the working girl once again.
“Can you describe him for me?”
“I don’t know. He was very tall and strong, he had tattoos on his neck and arms. But what caught my attention even more when I met him was his white hair.”
“White hair?” Bucky asked quickly.
“Yeah.” Sera noticed how the girl locked eyes with Bucky and soon felt intimidated by the way he was looking at her, or maybe it was the way someone as attractive as Bucky was looking at her, either way she soon regained control of her words and kept talking. “I first got really confused because he didn’t seem the type to work at a coffee shop and from the back he looked like an old man, you know, the white hair and all. But his face didn’t show him being more than 40.”
“I don’t know about you,” Sam said “but that guy sounds like the perfect sidekick douche who would follow the big man like a dog following a treat.”
The girl furrowed her eyebrows confused at the comparison while looking at Sam but then when Sera nodded and let out a long sigh, she went back to her with the confusion still on her face. “Alright. Thank you for your help.”
“Are you guys like detectives or something?” She asked the moment the three of them were about to leave the counter.
“Not really-” Sam said but then was interrupted by the girl gasping loudly and covering her mouth with her hand, gaining a couple of stares on the way.
“Oh my God, you’re the Falcon.” She said in a loud whisper as Sam immediately let out a tiny smile and nodded.
“Yeah, I am.”
Sera turned to Bucky with an eyebrow lifted as he had his arms across his chest, she took a step to be closer to him and then whispered to him. “I didn’t know he had a fan club.” Sera said with a tiny smile on her face but Bucky didn’t respond, he just let out a tiny laugh and kept looking at the girl trying to not freak out.
“Can I get you guys anything?” She said once she took the picture with Sam and left her phone inside her back pocket.
Sera tilted her head sideways and lifted her eyebrows. “Do you have anything with vodka in it?” As soon as she said those words she heard Sam letting out a tiny laugh while Bucky just shook his head, even though a little smile escaped his lips.
The girl let out a smile but then shook her head. “Not really.”
“Then I’m good, thank you.” Sera said after letting out sigh and finally turning around to sit down at one of the tables, disappointed of the poor progress they just made.
“So he decides to quit a day before going out with Angela. The more we found out about him is not good on his case.” Bucky said once they all sat down and tried to recolect all the information they had.
“No, it isn’t.” Sera said while looking at the window she had next to her seat.
Sera’s eyes were directed to the window but her mind wasn’t in it at all, all she could think about it was her friend and where she might be... or even if she was alive in the first place. That thought consumed her brain fully no matter how much she tried, even if she wanted to erase it and focus on what was important: finding her. “Is there anything else your friend told you about him?” Sam asked trying to catch Sera’s eyes, but she didn’t took them away from the window.
“Not that I recall. She was just very excited and- couldn’t wait to go out with him.” She said softly.
Bucky y Sam noticed the way that Sera was acting and couldn’t help but feel guilty about the whole situation. Yes, it wasn’t their fault that the guy they were after took Angela, Jackson was the one to blame, but they were the reason Sera and her friend were in it to begin with. They both locked eyes while Sam was letting out a tiny sigh as the guilt was growing each second that was passing. “Sounds like she really liked him.” He said and Sera slowly nodded furrowing her eyebrows. She was on her own world, trying to get every idea she had on him and her friend right in order to see if anything she hadn’t thought before could help her, but no matter how many things she remembered or even could slightly help her, nothing seemed to take her to the next step or even make sense. As Bucky had his eyes on Sera, even if she wasn’t staring at him he could see the sadness in her eyes. He felt so stupid and useless because there was nothing that was coming to his mind that could help her in any way, nothing that could make her feel better o even push the mission a little bit. And Sam’s silence made him understand that he didn’t had anything either. The silence surrounding their table became so awful that the tension could be cut with a knife. But Sera didn’t seem to care, her eyes were still glued to the window, so still that she looked like she was frozen, even if her mind wasn’t.
Bucky’s mind was still trying to look for something when he felt his phone vibrating on his backpocket. Picking it up to see what it was he reached his hand towards his back and unlocked it once he had it on his hand. His eyes were moving towards the notification but then quickly stopped once the app that was going to save them appeared on his sight. “Wait, we have his name, right?” Bucky said gaining the looks of Sera and Sam. Sera nodded confused as she and Sam were waiting for Bucky to speak again. “I know this app.”
“Do you know an app?” Sera asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Yes... what?” Bucky asked looking back and forth to Sam and Sera and their confused looks.
“Nothing. Is just a little bit weird having grandpa talk about apps. That’s all.” Sera said gaining a tiny laugh out of Sam’s mouth.
Bucky slightly opened his mouth offended. “What? I know about apps.”
“Knowing how to open your contacts list isn’t knowing an app.” Sam said looking at Bucky’s phone and realising that there wasn’t more than 2 apps on his phone.
Bucky looked down to his phone screen and moved his fingers looking for something to show them both. “I have- I have Instagram.” He lifted his phone and waved it as the app was opening. Sera and Sam gave Bucky a weird look so he took down the phone and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t post anything- I just, I downloaded because it has pretty pictures.”
Sera bit her lower lip trying to hide a laugh coming out of her mouth as a thought came into her mind. Trying to keep that thought inside, she closed her eyes but her mouth seemed to have a mind of its own since it didn’t took long to let out the words after that. “Pretty pictures of pretty ladies showing their butts?” She said to annoy him with her joking tone.
Bucky’s eyes went wide open as Sam let out the biggest laugh ever, gaining some looks from the people on the coffee shop. “What?! I don’t follow that.”
“He definitely follows at least one.” Sam said trying to see Bucky’s phone screen.
“Oh, c’mon, no shame here. They’re hot.” Sera said trying to not laugh at Bucky’s expression.
“Yeah, man- I mean, we get it. You spent a lot of years like a frozen lolly pop, I get that is new for you to have all those things right on your hand. It was weird for me too!”
Bucky let out a long sigh and shook his head. “How did we get here?”
Sera locked eyes with Sam and they both saw how the other didn’t want to end the conversation, and wanting to annoy Bucky even more, Sera tilted her head and started naming with her fingers. “Is she blonde? Brunette? Long hair or short hair? C’mon, how does grandpa like his women?” She said loudly enough so the people around them heard. As some people were staring, Bucky turned around and did a little smile before going back as Sera with his killing stare.
“It’s cool man!” Sera said lifting his hands into the air.
“Granda has Instagram, cool to know.” Sam said after letting out a laugh and playfully punching Bucky on the arm.
“Can we go back to my app please?”
“Sure, enlighten us with your app, please.”
Bucky rolled his eyes and touched the icon to slowly see the app opening. Once opened, he turned the phone around to show the screen to Sam and Sera, who quickly got closer to the phone. “This app allows us to search for anyone on the system.”
“Yeah. You write their name down and you can see a little bit of information about them and some of their family tree.”
Sera looked at Sam confused but then went back to Bucky. “And how, may I ask, do you know about this app?”
Bucky didn’t respond immediately. He didn’t know if he should tell the truth or not. He didn’t used the app anymore but the reason why he used it wasn’t something that anyone would pas unnoticed, even if he wasn’t what he used to be anymore. “I used to use it for... to search people.” He said but when Sam and Sera didn’t say anything back, he let out a tiny sigh and looked at his phone screen. “People that I used to know as the winter soldier.”
“Ah, got it.” Sera said nodding, not giving much importance to the reason why Bucky had it. And that, caught his attention. She didn’t ask why, or what did he exactly did with it, or anything else, she just nodded and waited for Bucky to keep talking about the app. He clearly wasn’t expecting that, and his eyes were definitely saying. He locked eyes with Sera and noticed the little smile she had on her face. Her eyes weren’t full of disappointment or fear like Bucky would usually see when he talked about his winter soldier past, her eyes were just... looking at him. Like he was a person ready to help her out, not seeing him as a... killer. And that wasn’t very common with the new people on his life.
“How do know this app is going to work?” Sam asked making Bucky and Sera turned to him.
“It worked for me.” Bucky shrugged his shoulders while getting the app ready.
“Ok, fine, but there’s probably like a hundred thousand of people named Jayme Jefferson.”
“I never said it was going to be easy.”
“I don’t know a lot of people with the name Jayme...” Sera let out a tiny sigh but then furrowed her eyebrows tilting her head to the side “but at the same time I don’t have many friends, so- do it.” As soon as Sera said those words Bucky nodded and looked down to his phone screen. Impatiently, Sera and Sam looked at each other as they were waiting for Bucky to type with her slow fingers. Silence now surrounded them for the second time, but not wanting to go down that dark whole one again, Sera let out tiny smile ready to annoy a working Bucky.
“Look at grandpa with his cellphone and all. Looking all smart and shit.” She said and soon Sam let out a laugh, pushing Bucky with his shoulder.
“Looking all modern. I can get used to that.” He said and Bucky let out an annoyed sigh.
“I hate you two.” He said firmly without taking his eyes away from the screen.
“Aw, stop it.” Sera said moving her hair out the way and tucking it behind her ear. “You’re going to make me blush.”
Bucky left the phone on the table and blocked it. “It’s going to take a couple of minutes.“
“Alright. So let’s go back to the note, it had the letter ‘J’ in it, right?” Sam asked turning to Sera and she quickly nodded. “So, are we sure that Jackson is the one behind it all? I mean, we got another candidate for the whole situation. Or the whole group has like an obsession with the letter J.”
Sera thought for a little bit but then slowly shook her head, feeling her insides burn. “My apartment was all burned and Jackson likes to play with fire. I’m pretty sure it’s him.”
“Alright but we have to be open for other possibilities. Maybe someone who you crossed you on the past.”
“A lot of people don’t like me.”
“Can’t imagine why.” Bucky let out a tiny laugh when Sera gave him the death stare and a fake smile afterwards.
“Aw, the grandpa has jokes now?” Sera jokingly asked but when Bucky was about to open his mouth again, his phone vibrated.
“I got the results back.” He said reading the notification on his screen and quickly unlocking it.
“What does it say?” Sam asked intrigued.
“Ok, there’s a guy that lives a couple of blocks away from here...-” Bucky started reading but then stopped, shaking his head slowly “but he’s 80 years old.”
“Yeah, I’m guessing that’s not him.” Sam said but Sera slight tilted her head backwards, disappointed.
“Well, the girl said that he looked like an old man. Maybe he has some super baby face.” She said, going back to looking at Bucky.
“The next one says that the guy works at a flower shop and has Italian background. Family is from there.”
“Next.” Sera said quickly, shaking her head.
“Ok, the next one... died five years ago.”
“Could be a ghost.” Sam said.
“And this one says that he works at a night club and- weird.”
Bucky’s eyes started reading but he wasn’t saying any words. He kept reading and reading until he looked up and finally let out the words Sera and Sam were impatiently waiting. “It doesn’t say anything about his family. It always says something.”
Sera felt her thoughts looking for something even if she didn’t know what it was. But then, Angela’s voice came into her head. “Wait- did you said he works at a night club?”
Bucky nodded. “Why?”
“Angela started telling me like a week ago that she wanted to go to this club on the city, some big famous club that rich and famous people go.”
“And what about it?” Sam asked confused.
“Angela hates going to clubs, she’s more of a big reunion at a house with friends. At first I thought she wanted to try something new and didn’t give much thought into it. But now...” she stopped while her brain was coming up with the conclusion. Once it did, she was about to open her mouth but Sam spoke for her, coming up with the same conclusion like Sera.
“Who better to make someone leave their comfort zone-”
“Than a guy who drives your crazy and you’re very interested in.” Sera finished his sentence and they both let out a tiny smiles, proud of themselves and their tiny progression for the mission.
“I think we got our guy.” Sam said and without another second, him and Sera got up from the table, except Bucky who kept staring at the table without moving a finger.
“Why?” He finally asked when he had the eyes of Sera and Sam on him, both confused. “Why would she want to go there?”
“It’s a club, and the guy she likes works there. It’s simple, Bucky.” Sera said shaking her head.
“Yeah, I know, but what about festivals? Isn’t that better if you want to go on on a... date?”
“Seriously?” Sam asked while Sera closed her eyes not believing what her ears were hearing.
“Yeah. Give the girl some flowers and then take her to the festival.”
Sera locked eyes with Sam who just let out a tiny sigh and shook his head. “He’s from the 40’s. I don’t know.”
Sera turned to Bucky to whisper: “Grandpa” before leaving the table and a confused Bucky behind.
“I’m just saying! And that isn’t an insult! Grandpas are cool!”
Sera looked out the window and rolled her eyes the moment Sam parked the car in front of the mall. “Sam, we don’t have to do this.” She said turning to see Sam, who just nodded locking eyes with Sera.
“Yes you do. And so does Bucky.” Bucky quickly turned to Sam and opened his mouth offended.
“Why me too?”
“Because you don’t have anything to wear.”
“Yes I do. This is perfectly fine.”
“Yes, if you want to look like a drug dealer or everyone to know that you’re a screwdriver,” Sera bit her lower lip trying to contain her laugh as Sam pointed at Bucky’s tiny sleeves showing a tiny part of his metal arm “you need to get new clothes.” Seeing that Sera wanted to laugh at Bucky, Sam pointed at her and soon that feeling was erased from her. “And your clothes are all burnt and we don’t want you two to gain a lot of eyes. We need to blend in. You do want to do this the right way, don’t you?” Sam waited for Sera to say that she wanted to, but instead, she tilted her head to the side and slowly shook her head.
“Not really.”
“Surprisingly,” Bucky said pointing with his head at Sera on the backseat “I’m with her on this one.”
“C’mon, torch and screwdriver, out of the car.” Sam unlocked the door and as Sera was letting out a long sigh, she took her hand to the handle and quickly opened it.
“You suck.” She said annoyed but Sam just let out a loud laugh.
“Uh, that was a throwback!”
As Sera’s was impatiently moving her foot up and down, the old lady was looking for a dress that would fit Sera perfectly. Or at least, what the lady thought it would since the smile on her face let Sera and Bucky know that she had what she was looking for, even if Sera didn’t know what that was. “How about this one?” The old lady said the moment she grabbed a dress and lifted it to be in front of Sera. She took her time to see the dress in detail, even if there was not much to look. The frabic seemed thin and see through. It was a color of light orange with sparkles glowing on every side of the dress, making it look like a disco ball and ready to party kind of dress. Sera didn’t know what she wanted, but that was definitely not it. “Uh, that looks... tight.” She said looking at the dress up and down.
“Oh, sweetie,” the old lady grabbed her arm as a smile came out of her lips “you have an amazing figure! You!” She quickly turned to Bucky, who immediately erased his bored expression out of his face and opened his eyes wide open when the old lady slightly punch his arm with the palm of her hand. “Tell her she has a wonderful figure!”
“What? Me?” Bucky asked confused the moment he understood what the woman was trying to say and Sera bit her lower lip trying to hold in a laughter.
“Do you see another man with her? Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr! Compliment your girlfriend!”
Sera, wanting to follow the woman and annoy Bucky, shook her head and let out a long and dramatic sigh. “You’re right. He never compliments me.”
“Men!” The woman said while putting the dress back on the shelf and looking for another one.
“Tell me about it.” Sera said and then quickly turned to Bucky to enjoy the annoyed smile he let out. “Unbelievable.” Bucky said in a whisper which lead to Sera letting out a tiny laugh but then turn back to the old lady, as she was already grabbing another dress to show Sera.
“What about this one?” They both stared at the dress in detail. It was red and it was thinner as the one before, but this one had one thing different: it was shorter. Sera knowing that she didn’t want it, she shook her head but as she was about to open her mouth, she felt Bucky getting closer to the dress to grab it and feel the fabric against his free hand. Carefully watching Bucky, Sera closed her mouth and enjoyed the confused man she had in front of her.
“I think that’s shorter than the one before.” Bucky said with his eyebrows furrowed as her fingers were moving along the dress.
Sera knew that it wasn’t the dress she wanted for the night club, she knew that wearing that dress could lead to her being uncomfortable and not ‘mission’ worthy. She definitely knew that. And for that, Bucky would be right about the dress being too short for her... but she wasn’t going to let that happen. “What?” Sera said quickly. “I can’t wear short dresses?”
The women let out a loud gasp and shook her head in disapproval, while looking at Bucky and his even more confused face. “The audacity of some men!”
“Ok, I’m starting to believe you two made an unspoken agreement to be against me.” Bucky lifted his hands into the air after letting go of the dress and took some steps backwards, ready to sit down on one of the chairs next to the changing rooms, but the old lady wasn’t going to let him get away that easily.
“You’re the one who doesn’t let his beautiful girlfriend wear whatever she wants. Ugh, we always have to deal with boyfriends like him.”
“Like me?”
“Yes, like you Mr. Boyfriends who don’t seem to realise that they’re lucky to have a girl like this one by their side. You’re very fortunate! I mean, look at her!”
Sera let out a laugh but then joined in, once again. “Yes! Look at me, Mr!”
Bucky let out a sigh and slowly shook his head. “All of these because I didn’t compliment her on her figure?”
“Damn right!” The woman and Sera said at the same time.
Sera closed her lips with strength trying to not burst into laughter while Bucky was just killing her with his eyes, but no matter how much he stared, she just couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of annoying Bucky. “Ok. I’m just gonna sit down and wait for when you two decide to stop hating me.” Bucky said before turning around to head towards the chairs.
“Don’t hold your breath!” Sera yelled to then finally, let out the biggest laugh she ever let out.
Bucky’s eyes were glued to the curtains of Sera’s changing room since she walked in to try on the dress the woman picked for her. For some reason, he couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the old lady mistaken them both for a couple. He couldn’t even remember the last time someone was... his girlfriend. Even back then, the thought of having a girlfriend seemed so far away for him, ignoring the fact that he was kind of a ladies men, he didn’t even thought about it. And now- after everything that he went through, having to think of someone as normal as having a girlfriend. It was so weird and distant for him, something that he had forgotten how it felt like. Even if it was as simple as that.
“How is it going, sweetie?” The woman said gaining Bucky’s attention making him come back to reality. He looked at the woman as she was waiting for Sera’s answer, and once she did she let out smile and nodded. But the immediately erased it as soon as she locked eyes with the innocent Bucky sitting down in front of Sera’s changing room. “You. You better compliment her with she comes out.” She intimidatingly pointed at Bucky as she gave him a killing stare, almost threatening.
“I will, I will.” He lifted his hands into the air while the lady walked passed him and disappeared behind Bucky. “Jesus. I didn’t know I was going to get told off by someone younger than me today.” He said almost in a whisper. As soon as he let out a sigh he heard the curtain doors opening and the woman quickly walking towards Sera and her new dress.
“So, how does it look?” She said looking down and checking herself out while feeling the fabric against her hands.
The moment Bucky’s eyes laid on her, his tongue got twisted and his mouth went out of breath. The same feeling when people see something to the first time, the electrify going through their body, the eyes wondering every single detail, the desire of touching it and feeling it trying to remember how it feels for later. That’s how Bucky felt the moment she walked out the changing room. It had been a long time since Bucky layed eyes on someone like her, and for the way his eyes were looking at her made it pretty obvious.
Sera had a long red dress that would end on her knees, following her body magically and fitting it like a glove. Right on the end it would let Sera’s legs to move easily and move like the wind was hitting it, but it was just her legs moving. The thin straps let her shoulders and neck be more visible than ever, making her even more elongated than she already was. The redness fitted her skin color perfectly, making it glow under the light of the room and shine like the tiny diamond earrings she was wearing. The red dress was simple, but on her, it wasn’t. And Bucky definitely knew that.
“Oh, that’s even better.” The woman said noticing the silence surrounding Bucky. “A dress that leaves a man without words. We did it.” She gave Sera a high five and walked away, proud of herself and Sera, for leaving Bucky with twisted tongue and with wondering eyes, not being able to take them off her.
“Close your mouth, Romeo,” Sera said pointing with her at Bucky and his slightly opened mouth, him not even noticing it “or a fly will go inside your mouth.” She let out a tiny laugh and titled her head trying to see the embarrassment on Bucky’s face.
“I’ll go pay.” He said trying to sound annoyed once his gained full control of his body and left Sera behind, even if his mind was screaming to not do so.
The moment Sera stepped inside the changing room Bucky’s eyes on her appeared on her mind. The feeling he gave her on her stomach was still even if his eyes were long gone. She bit her lower lip locking eyes with herself on the mirror. It had been a long time since anyone has looked at her like that. It wasn’t like he was looking at her like he wanted to take her to bed, or checking her butt or any other part of her body... she felt like he was liking her. Liking the way she looked on that dress and enjoying her. Not her body, just Sera being under that particular dress. She didn’t know if it was because she hadn’t been around a man in a long time and that’s why she was liking it, or she was liking the fact that it was Bucky who just got mermerised by her, but there was one thing she knew. The butterflies going crazy on her stomach weren’t just there because she missed being looked like that.
“Even if I was harsh with you, I do believe you two make a beautiful couple.” The women said once she grabbed Bucky’s credit card. She went completely silent waiting for Bucky to say something, but he didn’t know what to let out. “She’s a wonderful girl. And I noticed the way you looked at her,” the woman locked eyes with him and let out a tiny, genuine smile “you seem to like her very much.” As soon as those words hit Bucky’s ears his heart dropped to his stomach and not wanting to appear weird, he let out a tiny smile to the woman and nodded, even if that made him look even more weird that he already looked.
Trying to block his mind from taking him places he didn’t want to, he looked around to the dresses he had on his side and tried to see every little detail their had. Flowers, glitter, sparkles, words, quotes, long, short sleeves, tight, loose, he saw everything that was left to see but even then, she was still on his mind. The feeling of having her by his side and calling her his girlfriend... it seemed so weird and yet there he was, imagining it since the old lady said it.
“Bye!” So lost on his thoughts, Bucky didn’t realised that Sera left the changing room and was now by his side, with his payed dress on her hand and waving the card in front of Bucky’s face. “Thank you for your help!” The old lady winked at her and that made Sera turn around to face Bucky confused, who just gently grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the shop. “What happened?” Sera asked once their feet were out.
“Oh, nothing, nothing.” Bucky said, wanting to leave everything that happened inside that store behind.
“How did it go?” Sam asked the moment his eyes crossed with Sera’s after waiting for them in the car.
“Oh, Sam,” Sera said with a smile after arriving next to him “Bucky got told off by an old lady. It was awesome.”
Sam, confused and surprised at Sera’s words, turned to Bucky who seemed tired and annoyed at the whole situation, but before he could ask something about it Bucky lifted his hand and stopped him. “Don’t ask.” He said before going inside the car, leaving a very confused Sam behind.
The whole way to the apartment Sera and Sam spent talking about their mission and what was next. The night was coming closer and they needed to have everything in order, according more to Sam than to Sera. The car and then the apartment was filled with their voices going back and forth, nothing much out of the ordinary. Expect for one thing, Bucky didn’t let out a word since they all left the mall. It was definitely something weird coming from him since he always had something to say or even be grumpy about, but this time nothing but silence was coming out of his mouth.
Sera, of course, noticed this since once she called him screwdriver he didn’t even let out the same annoyed smile he would always do. Nothing.
Preparing herself for the night that was coming, she walked into the bathroom and took all of her clothes from her body to put on the red dress and black shoes she bought. Sera’s mind knew that she had to be thinking of Angela and that maybe this night club could lead her to her friend, but for some reason, Bucky didn’t seem to want to leave her thoughts. Since she noticed his silence the moment at the store was going around her mind like crazy. She didn’t know what she felt or what it meant, and not wanting to give much thought into it she focused her mind on the dress that her hands were now holding. But even if she tried her hardest, questions and more questions were appearing as the seconds were passing and the more ready she was to face whatever was outside that door.
Sera was the type to leave the fight unfinished or leave everything and end it herself, not wanting to put in danger the ones beside her. She wound usually leave every feeling untouched and save it inside a locked box in her brain, not wanting to open it ever again. And just like before and every thing she has ever done in her life, once her dress was on her and her shoes were ready to carry her anywhere, she grabbed every confused thought she had about Bucky and saved in a tiny box inside of her, with the intention to put it under every other box that was there and forget about it until her last breath.
Just like moments before, the moment she left the bathrooms the only voices surrounding the room and next thing the car, was Sam and Sera’s. The car street lights of the night started to get into the car as they were closer and closer to the night club. Having so many thoughts inside her brain, Sera didn’t realise this was the first time in a long time where she went undercover. Where she went out and put her life on the line because of a mission, so the moment she realised and all those ugly memories came back to her mind her heart started to beat faster as Sam’s words were coming out of his mouth talking about being careful and such. Her fingertips were feeling the heat going towards them as her hands became hotter and hotter every second. Sera closed her eyes and let out a breath trying to calm herself down, and try to remind herself over and over again that that wasn’t her life anymore. And this time was to save a friend, to keep her safe and fix her mistakes. Nothing more than.
Once her heart came back to normal and the feeling of the air being thicker around her disappeared, she opened her eyes and immediately locked eyes with Bucky in the car’s mirror. Sera wanting to know what they were saying kept the eye contact with him, but before she could let out a single thought, Bucky looked around towards the window as Sam kept talking about the mission.
As soon as her eyes noticed the red neon sign spelling the words “the red velvet club” Sera pulled out her phone and unlocked it to search the text with the guy she contacted to get the tickets to go in. Letting Sam and Bucky know she was going to the front door to make sure everything was alright, she walked out of the car once Sam parked it and started walking towards the big men with black suits on.
“What about you?” Sam asked the second Sera was out of his sight, making a very confused Bucky locked eyes with him.
“You’re quiet. I mean, I’m not complaining. Believe me, this is like a dream come true. Just a little confused on why.”
Bucky shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, not wanting to show any other emotions out. “I’m fine.”
“I didn’t ask if you were fine, I asked why you’re quiet.”
“It sounded like you were asking that.”
“You putting words in my mouth now?”
“What? No!”
Sam looked over to where Sera left and then went back to Bucky, with a grin on his face. “Is it Sera?” Not getting a response back, Sam took that as a yes and asked again: “What happened today and why did you got told off by an old lady?”
“It was nothing.” Bucky answered quickly not wanting to talk about the subject, but the now lifted eyebrow on Sam’s face made his words let out before he could think about them. “Alright, the old lady at the store thought me and Sera were together, and you know her, she played it along and it ended with me getting told off because I didn’t compliment her enough.” As soon as Bucky finished Sam let out a laugh and nodded quickly. “What?”
“That sounds like something she would do.”
“Annoy me? Yes, it does.”
Sam shook his head and went silent while looking at Bucky. “You know, I kinda see it.” He said after a couple of seconds in silence.
“You and her. Together. Now that would be a power couple, if you ask me. Your death stare and her red eyes? Wow!” And there it was again, the same feeling Bucky had on the store came back to his body and that made him move uncomfortably on his seat. Sam, noticing this, let out a tiny laugh and grabbed Bucky’s arm. “Oh, am I seeing all the cables on your head malfunctioning? I can see them going all crazy, yes, they’re failing!” He said jokingly as Bucky was facing the other way annoyed, but that didn’t stop him, Sam kept laughing enjoying his little joke he just made. When the silence surrounded the car once again, Sam gently punched Bucky’s shoulder and said softly: “She’s a nice girl, Bucky.”
Bucky let out a tiny sigh turning to face Sam. “I know that. But-”
“But what? Wait, do you have some feelings for her?”
“What? No! Why would you think that?”
“It looked like you were going to say that you do.”
“Oh, you’re putting words in my mouth now?”
“Nice one.” Waiting for Bucky to speak again and answer his question, Sam pushed his arm and waved his hands around impatiently. “So!?”
“So what?” Understanding the look on Sam’s face Bucky quickly shook his head. “No!”
“No? Nothing? Do you feel nothing?”
Bucky nodded. “Nothing.”
Sam noticed the little nod Bucky did and the words that came out of his mouth that were completely different. So he took a mental note and kept it on his brain. “Alright. If you say so.” Bucky nodded again and Sam let out a tiny smile, noticing this little action again on Bucky. Even if Sam couldn’t read minds it seemed like, in a way, he could. Since he was right. Bucky did say nothing but inside his brain, he thought of maybe having some sorts of feelings towards Sera made him and his mind go all sorts of crazy. And he had been there before, so repenting it wasn’t something he wanted to do.
“You better not get drunk tonight, Mr.” Sera said arriving next to Bucky while the music at the club was hitting their ears. The people around them were dancing and having drinks like there was no tomorrow. Even if the lights were as dark as the room itself the moment Sera arrived next to Bucky she quickly noticed the drink on his hand and his wet lips from taking a sip a second earlier.
“I can’t get drunk.” Bucky said shaking his head before taking the glass to his mouth and dropping half of it inside his mouth.
“Oh, wow, I don’t know if I should feel sorry or envy you.” Sera let her back rest on the counter while her eyes where wondering around the room. “Do you miss it?”
“What? Getting drunk and feeling my head wanting to explode the day after? Not really.”
“Oh, c’mon, what about the fun of drinking and doing shit you’ll regret later, like texting an ex or making out with the first person you see?”
“I can still do that.” Bucky let out a tiny smile but as soon as he saw Sera’s excited face he erased it, knowing what going to happen next.
“Uh! Tell me about those things you did and that you regretted later. Spill the tea.” Sera turned to the side and got closer to Bucky, not wanting to miss any words coming out of his mouth. But Bucky furrowed his eyebrows confused before finishing his drink and leaving it on the counter.
“Spill the tea? Why would I spill the tea? What does that even mean?”
“It means that you spill all the secrets.”
“And why would I want to do that?”
“You don’t have to be so boring. C’mon, I want to know what did Bucky Barnes did when he was a young man, have you ever texted an ex? Hook up with more than three people in one night? C’mon, spill it!”
Bucky let out a long sigh. “And you say you’re not a kid?”
“Hey, screwdriver and torch,” Sam said on their ears “focus on finding the guy, would you? We have a mission to do. Damn! I can’t see shit from up here.” Sera turned to her left and looked up to see Sam on the second floor surrounded by people dancing.
“Those names are never going to get old, are they?” She asked shaking her head after going to back to Bucky, who slowly shook his head.
“Knowing Sam... no.”
After looking around Sera left Bucky behind and started walking around the night club to see if there was something out of the ordinary. But nothing caught her attention, people were dancing, drinking, making out, she even heard some loud fights as she was walking. But nothing that could lead to the guy named Jayme. Going back to the counter and grabbing the drinks menu, she turned her head down but kept her eyes looking up trying to see if anyone with white hair caught her attention, but just like before, nothing. No one that looked like the description the girl at the coffee shop gave them. Soon after she was joined by Bucky but by the way he looked, Sera knew that he didn’t have anything either.
Not having any progression whatsoever, Sera called the bartender and, seconds later, she transformed into a business woman that wanted to work with the boss. So getting the part right, she started asking questions left and right, getting the answer she wanted.
“So, waiting it is.” Sera said when the bartender walked away, after telling Sera the Big Man didn’t came out for another half hour. She turned to the big fake red throne that was on the right side of the night club and sighed, seeing the empty sit under the dark light. “I hate waiting.” She said once she turned towards the counter and grabbed the drinks menu once again.
“Are you old enough to drink?” Bucky asked next to her, looking down to the menu on Sera’s hand.
“Yeah,” Sera said with an eyebrow lifted confused “since like five years ago. How old do you think I am?”
Bucky shrugged his shoulders locking eyes with Sera. “Like twenty.”
“You know, being 106 years old doesn’t mean that you have to act like a grumpy old man.”
“If I want to.”
Sera rolled her eyes and went back to the menu between her hands. “What a fun life- Oh! There’s a drink called ‘Fire Ball’. I think I’m gonna like that one.”
Seconds later, Sera’s hand was now holding her cold drink while Bucky was just staring at her and her little smile on her face. He moved to the side trying to keep his mind focus on the people around him but once Sera lifted her cup to stare at the weird red liquid inside of it, Bucky’s head unintentionally turned back to her to look at her dark pink lips. So focused on her drink, she slightly opened her mouth and tilted her head to the side which made it easier for Bucky to see her cheeks and lips under the dark light. He didn’t know what it was about them, but he couldn’t stop staring at them. It was like he was under some spell and his eyes were glued to her. Suddenly, when she licked her lips making them shine against the light, Bucky quickly moved his eyes to the side when the strange desire of tasting her lips appeared on his. Wondering how they felt like he strengthen his back and moved uncomfortably on his place. But once again, like she was screaming his name, Bucky went back to look at her and immediately stared at Sera’s tongue moving between her lips as she was so focused staring at the strange looking drink. Like a fast train, the image of Bucky’s tongue playing with hers appeared on his mind but quickly wanting to erase it, he moved his head side to side and cleared his throat, embarrassed of his wild thoughts.
At that point, Bucky was so confused on why his mind was having those kind of strange desires and images. He didn’t know what to do or how to stop it, and watching Sera lick her lips once again wasn’t helping him.
“I wonder how they made this.” Sera said innocently, like she didn’t had the man by her side wanting to taste her lips as he was grabbing her cheek with his cold metal arm.
Before Bucky could get his thoughts in order and let out a single word, a guy appeared next to Sera and said with a grin: “You need to be careful with that one, they say it burns your throat like fire.”
Sera turned to the man and looked him up and down. He had a black suit on with a black shirt underneath. His black gloves were hiding his hands but they seemed to be bigger than Sera’s. His hair was brown and messy but it looked good on him and his pink thick lips, they went well with his sharp jawline and big eyebrows. He was definitely tall, probably to heads taller, making his big shoulders look even more bigger from Sera’s perspective. He was ms very was attractive. Looking down to his chest noticing the little name tag and reading “Lyle” Sera smiled to herself and then nodded, going back to his dark green eyes.
“I think I’ll be just fine.” She said seconds before lifting her drink and moving it towards her mouth. Feeling the hot liquid going down her throat Sera closed her eyes and enjoyed it, that usual sensation against her skin and throat going down to her stomach. It was burning like fire, but being Sera, that was just another normal feeling for her.
“Wow. I’m impressed.” Lyle said after Sera opened her eyes and noticing that not single muscle from her face moved since she took that liquid inside her body.
Sera smiled proudly while getting her face closer to Lyle’s. “Not my first time having fire go down my throat.”
Lyle let out a laugh taking Sera’s word as a joke, even if there were nothing but the truth.
“Are you from around here?” He asked.
“Not really. How about you?”
“Yeah, I know a guy that works here so I come pretty often.”
As soon as he said those words Sera’s suspicions bacame true and the opening to finding something out appeared right in front of her eyes. “Interesting.” Sera slowly nodded. “How do you know him?”
“What kind of work?” She asked innocently.
Lyle let out a tiny laugh and then looked the other way. “I’m pretty sure a girl like you doesn’t want to know about the kind of work that I do.”
“A girl like me?” Sera asked with her eyebrows lifted but then when she got not answer from him, she slowly nodded. Even if she was annoyed the guy was playing hard, she let out a little smile not wanting to show any bad emotions to Lyle. “Alright. You’re the mysterious guy, got it.”
“I’m not the mysterious guy.” Lyle let out a laugh once he locked eyes with Sera once again. “I just don’t think your innocent mind would understand what I do. That’s all.”
Sera felt that usual burning sensation on her chest after hearing those words, but instead of burning the guy to the ground like her eyes wanted, she just tilted her head to the side innocently and bit her lower lip. “What makes you think I’m innocent?”
“With that pretty face of yours, c’mon, it’s pretty obvious. I just know you won’t like it, so you and your pretty face can stay being pretty and not worry about anything else.”
Sera smiled even if her mind was planning murder right on that second. She felt her veins pounding as her blood was running faster than before, the anger that was growing on her body felt like it was going to explode the fire inside, but controlling it she let out a tiny laugh and got even more closer to Lyle, who directly looked at her lips and let out a grin.
“And let the men work, right?” She asked.
“Exactly.” Lyle’s grin turned into a smile, and that didn’t help his case on not dying under Sera’s eyes. “I like that we’re starting to understand ourselves.” Sera nodded taking her hand towards his arm and touching it gently ignoring the fact that she felt disgusted by doing it. “Would you like to dance?” Lyle asked noticing her arm and looking back at her desirable eyes.
Sera’s mind was screaming at her to call the whole thing off but wanting to find out more about him and his work was even stronger. So once she nodded with a smile, Lyle let out a grin and moved his arm towards Sera’s back but before his hand could get to her waist, a cold metal arm grabbed it and pushed it away.
Feeling the coldness on her back, Sera turned around and looked at Bucky, who’s jaw was tensed and was looking at Lyle with his killing stare.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Bucky said walking closer to Sera and standing right next to her. She looked at him confused not understanding what was his deal, she was getting close to the guy that might have information and there was Bucky, killing him with his eyes.
“Boyfriend?” Lyle asked turning to Sera.
“He wishes.” She said, trying to not sound angry at Bucky ruining her opportunity.
“Alright then.” Lyle said even if Bucky still wasn’t taking his eyes away from him. “So? How about that dance?” He was about to grab Sera’s waist once again but before he could get any closer, Bucky stepped in front of her to look down at Lyle.
“The lady is going to pass.” Bucky said firmly.
Confused as ever, Sera stepped to the side and touched his shoulder to move him back but he barely moved.
“Bucky.” Sera said to gain his attention but it was useless, he didn’t want to let go of Lyle.
“Hey, how about you leave the pretty lady alone so she can dance with me, alright? I promise I’m gonna take good care of her. She’s in good hands.”
Sera closed his eyes feeling sorry for Lyle since his words weren’t going to help the fact that an angry Bucky wanted to separate his neck from his head right on that moment. For whatever reason.
“Do you still want to keep those hands?” Bucky said firmly getting closer to Lyle’s face and getting his jaw even more tensed that before. It looked like it was going to break the next second. But before Bucky could move another muscle, Sera grabbed his shoulder once again, and this time with more strength and anger inside her body.
“What’s your problem, man? Are you seriously angry because she wants me and not you?” The need to punch Lyle became even more stronger for Sera right as he said those words. He was going to be crashed and he didn’t even knew. He had balls for facing someone as frightening looking as Bucky, Sera had to give him that. Stupid, but brave.
“You don’t want to see me angry.” Bucky said once again, trying to kill him with his eyes.
“Do you want to take this outside?” Lyle let out a laugh and then turned to grab Sera’s hand and lock eyes with her. “Do you mind, sweetheart? I know it won’t take long.” He was about to give her hand a kiss but before his lips could get anywhere else Bucky grabbed his hand and quickly twisted it to make Lyle leave Sera’s hand alone.
“Hey, hey,” Sam, finally, appeared from behind Bucky and grabbed his shoulder. “chill man.”
“Who are you?!” Lyle asked grabbing his hand in pain.
“I’m sorry, man, why don’t I buy you a drink and we can forget about all of this, huh? Sounds good?” Sam said as Bucky turned the other way and let the biggest angry sigh out of his mouth.
“Whatever. She’s not that worth it, anyway.” Lyle said before shaking his head and walking away, leaving a very confused Sera behind.
“What the fuck was that about?” Sera yelled while turning to Bucky once her mind fully processed what just happened.
“Guys-” Sam lifted his hand to stop Bucky and Sera from having a fight but it was too late, Bucky already turned to Sera to look at her angrily.
“I can ask you the same thing.” He said firmly with hot air coming out of his nose.
“What are you talking about? He said that he knew someone who worked here so I was trying to get more information.”
“Oh is that what you were doing? Because all I could see was you trying to get that guy inside your pants.” Sera opened her mouth offended and felt the fire growing on her fingertips.
“What the fuck is wrong with you? What is your problem?”
“My problem is you not being professional enough.” Bucky got closer to Sera’s face and felt how the air coming out of their mouths were mixing with each other.
“Says the guy who almost got into a fight because someone asked me to dance!”
Bucky let out a grin and licked his lips annoyed, before unintentionally looking down at Sera’s lips. “Just do your job, Thompson.” He said as he locked eyes with her once again.
“I will, Barnes.” Her firm tone felt like it could shake the walls of the night club if she wanted to.
The tension and the anger growing on their veins could be visible from their eyes. The anger each felt inside of them was starting to make them feel like bombs about to explode. Neither of them knew why they felt so angry, but one thing was for sure, it wasn’t angry all they felt for the other.
“Hey, guys, stop it!” Sam put his hand on both chests and with strength pushed them apart, but Bucky and Sera didn’t take their eyes off the other. “Jesus! It looks like you two are going to burn each other with your own eyes.”
“If only I could.” Sera said shaking her head and turning to the side while crossing her arms around her chest.
“Well, maybe later because either someone’s been playing dress up or our guy is here.” As soon as Sam let out those words Bucky and Sera quickly turned to where Sam was looking at and immediately saw the big guy walking towards his big throne. He had a big brown coat on so the only thing there was left to see was his big and long black boots. His hair was long and blonde that went perfectly with his beard. But what caught everyone’s attention even more was the guy’s light blue eyes, almost grey, brighter than any other light at the night club. “Can you two children behave right now or am I going to have to do this alone because you two are going to kill each other?” Sam said gaining the looks of Bucky and Sera once again. Without looking at Bucky, Sera let out a long breath through her nose and walked towards the big guy and his big boy coat.
Sam, turning to Bucky he grabbed his shoulder as they both started to follow Sera.
“So, nothing, huh?” Sam asked after noticing Bucky’s eyes following Sera as she was walking away.
Bucky let out a long angry sigh before looking down to the floor as his feet were walking. That was what he said, and he still stood by it, but someone doesn’t do and feel all of that for someone that it’s just a “Nothing.”
Tumblr media
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Belong to You
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! reader (based on TFAWS)
Summary: When you are tasked with flirting with other men at Sharon’s party to get information about the Flag Smashers location, Bucky gets jealous and decides to remind you who you belong to. 
Warnings: Smut, 18+, cursing, alcohol, dirty talk
A/N: Wanted to switch it up and post my first smut piece. I suggest listening to “Belong to You” by Sabrina Claudio while reading. You won’t regret it. But, I hope you enjoy and as Sebastian Stan would say, goodnight and good luck!!
Tumblr media
You stare in the mirror at the outfit Sharon lent you for the party. It was a major change from what you usually wear, which consisted of a t-shirt, leggings, and combat boots. Tonight though, you were looking at yourself in a tight, black dress that cut off mid-thigh and exposed both your entire chest and back. 
“You look great,” says Sharon. 
You try to tug the dress down a little more, but to no avail. “It’s a little short, don’t you think?”
Sharon looks at you confused. “No, not at all. You, my friend, are just used to your entire body being covered.” 
You sigh. “Yeah, maybe you’re right. Tell me again why I have to be the one to flirt with the bidders tonight to get information?”
“Because they all know me and you’re the only other woman we have on this team. Unless, of course, you think we should throw Zemo in there.” 
You let out a chuckle. “No, I’m sure that would be drastic.” 
Sharon smirks. “Which is exactly why we need you. Now, c’mon, we have information to pry out of these filthy rich bidders.” Sharon grabs your arms and drags you out of the bedroom. 
“Now, when you say it like that, I don’t feel so bad” you say.
Sharon looks at you and winks. “Atta girl.”
Sam is pulling on his shirt as Bucky walks into the room wearing a black suit jacket over a black shirt. 
“Well, what do we have here? I never thought I’d see the day where Bucky Barnes is wearing a suit jacket” says Sam. 
Bucky grimaces and tugs on the jacket’s sleeves. “Sharon made me wear it.” 
Sam comes up to Bucky and pats him on the back. “You’re looking good, tinman.” 
A snort comes from the other side of the room, where Zemo is walking towards them. “Neither of you know true fashion.” 
“And, you don’t know when to shut up,” says Sam. 
Before Zemo gets the chance to respond, the door opens and you walk in with Sharon. 
Your eyes immediately lock with Bucky’s and you notice his jaw clench. You can’t help but look him up and down. The tight suit jacket looks so good on him. When you make eye contact with him again, he sends you a smirk. He knows you were just checking him out. And, he is doing the same to you, shamelessly looking at your chest and down your legs. You decide to walk up and sit next to him. He instantly pulls you onto his lap and wraps his arms around you. 
“I don’t like this plan,” he whispers into your ear. 
You turn in his lap to look at his face. “It’s just for a couple of hours. We need this information. We have no leads.”
Bucky grunts and turns his head to speak to Sharon. “Tell me again why it needs to be Y/N?”
Sharon rolls her eyes. “We’ve been over this countless times, Bucky. It’ll only be for a couple of hours. One of the bidders here has to have a lead on Karli and her crew. Just try to contain your jealous self until we get the information we need. ” 
Zemo speaks up, “She is right. Y/N is our only option right now.” 
Bucky shoots Zemo a glare. 
“Like I said before, he doesn’t know when to shut up,'' says Sam. 
Sharon looks at you. “You ready?” 
You feel Bucky's arms tighten around you and give him a quick glance before looking back at Sharon. “Let’s do this.”
You throw back another shot as the man next to you leans in close.
“Let’s dance, sweetheart,” he says in your ear. 
You instantly shudder out of disgust, but turn around to grab his hand and lead him to the dance floor anyway. The man turns you around, so you’re grinding. You close your eyes and let out a long breath. When you reopen them, you see Bucky standing against the wall across the room, staring at you. 
“I’m sorry,” you mouth to him. 
He continues to just stare at you, as he pulls his beer up to his lips and takes a long swig. 
The man behind you pulls you out of your thoughts. “Glad to have your pretty face here with me tonight. Something to keep the funeral out of my mind.”
Your interest piques and you turn your head to look at him. “What funeral?” you ask. 
He lets out a sigh. “Mama Donya. Poor thing just passed away a few days ago. It’s tragic. She was such a kind soul.” 
You fake astonishment. “Mama Donya? The Mama Donya? That’s horrible! Where is the funeral taking place? I have to go and pay my respects.” 
“In the old building on Norfolk,” he responds. “Maybe we can go together.” His grip on your waist tightens. 
Now having the information you needed, you decide to find a way out of dancing with this stranger. “I’m feeling really tired all of a sudden. It must be those shots I took earlier. I’m going to find a place to sit down.” 
The man grabs your arm. “I’ll go with you.”
Before you can respond, you feel metal touching the skin at the bottom of your back. 
“She’s coming with me,” says Bucky, standing behind you. 
The man looks at Bucky angrily. “The hell she is. She’s mine, man, back off.” 
Bucky’s metal arm is around the man’s throat in seconds. “Get away from her now, before you regret it.”
The man immediately looks at you and scoffs, before walking away. 
You turn to look at Bucky. “I had that handled.”
He looks back at you. “I know, but I was tired of watching men put their hands all over you.” 
Bucky grabs your hand and starts pulling you off the dance floor, away from the crowd.
“Where are we going?” you ask. 
He doesn’t answer. 
You roll your eyes. “You’ll be pleased to know I got the information.”
“I know,” he replies. 
“How did you know?” you ask. 
He points at his ear. Ah, super soldier hearing. 
After a few seconds of walking, you reach a door. Bucky pushes it open and pulls you inside. As soon as you get through the door, you’re pushed up against it, with Bucky right in front of you. 
“I think you need a little reminder,” he says, voice lower than before. 
You look at him confused. “A reminder of what?” you ask. 
His metal hand grabs your throat and he looks deep into your eyes. “Who you fucking belong to.” 
You gasp and his mouth is on yours in an instant. You moan into his mouth and he shoves his tongue inside, fighting yours for dominance. The metal hand on your throat runs down to your hip, pushing you further into the door. He pushes his knee in between your legs to separate them. 
“Bucky,” you moan, as he slides his hand in your pants and runs his finger over your clit. 
“Whose pussy is this?” he asks. His eyes are staring deep into yours, waiting for an answer. 
“Yours” you manage to breathe out. “Always yours.” 
He slips a finger inside of you. “And, don’t you fucking forget it.” 
You throw your head back and moan loudly. “Don’t stop, please” you beg. 
“Wouldn’t fucking dream of it, doll. Going to make you scream so loud, everyone is going to hear you.”
Bucky pulls his hand out of your pants and you whimper. Before you can start to beg again though, he pulls off your shirt and attaches his mouth to your left nipple. 
“You’re wearing too much” you say. 
Bucky looks up at you and steps back to pull off his shirt and pants, then immediately goes back to sucking on your breasts. 
You move your hands to his chest, running them down to the top of his pants, before you tug his zipper down. 
“Bucky, I need you inside of me. Please.”
Bucky stops his assault on your chest to look up at you. “Your wish is my command, doll. I’m gonna fill you up so good.” 
He yanks his boxers down, while you pull your own pants and underwear down impatiently. 
He grabs you and picks you up, you wrapping your legs around his waist as he slams you into the door. He’s inside of you in seconds, and you scream from the feeling of him stretching you out. 
“Fuck, doll” he grunts out. “You’re so fucking tight. Feel so good wrapped around me.” 
He buries his face into your neck and picks up his pace, slamming into you repeatedly. 
“I’m not going to last long, Buck.”
Bucky moves his head to look at you. “Good. I want you to cum all over me.” 
He slams his mouth onto yours and you moan into him. He runs his metal hand down to rub your clit. “Be a good girl and cum for me, baby.” 
With the feeling of his fingers on your clit and him thrusting into you, you tighten around him and let go. Bucky reaches his orgasm right after you, spilling inside of you. 
Panting heavily, Bucky leans in to give you one more kiss on the lips before pulling out and helping you stand up. 
He hands you your clothes and stares at you as he gets dressed. 
“What?” you ask. 
He shakes his head and smiles. “I just love you, that’s all.” 
You smile back at him. “I love you too.” 
Before you can say anything else, there’s a sudden knock on the door. 
“If you two are done fucking now, hurry up and get dressed so we can leave,” yells Sam on the other side of the door. 
You walk up to Bucky and grab his shirt collar. “That’s our cue, lover boy.” 
He grabs your hand and intertwines your fingers. “After you, doll.”
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I Had It Under Control
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! reader (based on TFAWS)
Summary: After almost dying during a fight against the Flag Smashers, you wake up to an angry Bucky and a fight ensues. 
Warnings: angst, fluff, violence, cursing
A/N: Thank you so much for all the love on my first fic! I really appreciate it!! For this one, I decided to incorporate a little angst. I hope you like it! :)
Tumblr media
You wince as your back slams into the ground. The Flag Smasher that just knocked you down, turns away from you and heads toward Walker. With only a few seconds to get off the ground and collect yourself, you scan your surroundings. Bucky is to your right, dodging two Flag Smashers with knives, while Sam is to your left, landing punches here and there. You were losing this fight. It was the four of you against seven super soldiers. 
“Shit. This isn’t good looking.” You whisper to yourself. 
“It would be nice if you stopped talking to yourself and helped out a little, Y/N” said Sam, into your earpiece. 
“I just got knocked down, thank you very much. Couldn’t really fight when I’m laying on the ground, trying to catch my breath” you say back. 
“You got hurt, doll?” asks Bucky worriedly. 
Sam laughs. “Mr. Knight and Shining Armor always worrying about if Y/N is hurt or not. Where was your concern when I got shot in the leg last week, huh?”
I could feel Bucky rolling his eyes from where he was standing a few feet away. “You walked it off. You were fine.”
“No, no, I didn’t walk it off, tin man. I couldn’t walk because I was shot in the leg and where were you…” 
You interrupt Sam before he can continue, “Alright, we get the picture. Let’s stay civil here. We already have enough around us to fight. Don’t need to start fighting each other too.” 
Right after you speak, you are surrounded by two super soldiers and instantly get into a fighting stance, already pulling the knife out of your leg holster. 
“Looks like we fancy the same type of weapon, boys,” you speak while gesturing towards your knife. “Unfortunately for you, I fight better with it.” 
You dodge the super soldier on your right, throwing your knife into his leg, and quickly grab your second knife from its holster, throwing it into the side of the super soldier to your left. Before either can react, you pull the knives out of both soldiers, sending them to the ground in pain. 
You step back and wipe the knives onto your clothes, cleaning the blood off them. 
“You know, fellas, it’s a shame it had to come to this. I was open to talking it through.” 
You turn to look towards Sam. “Now, who did you say needed to help out a little, birdman?” 
Sam’s reply is like a distant memory as you suddenly feel a tremendous pain in your stomach. You look down and see blood pouring out of you. Your hand instinctively moves to cover the bullet wound.
“And, unfortunately for you, sweetheart, I have a gun” says one of the super soldiers you stabbed. You turn to see him lying on the ground still, but this time with a gun in his hand, looking at you with a smirk on his face. 
Your legs give out beneath you, but before you can hit the ground, Bucky is there, holding you up. “I’ve got you, doll. I’ve got you.” He looks at you with nothing but terror in his eyes. 
“Sam”, Bucky yells. “I’ve gotta get her out of here.”
Sam comes running up to your other side. “Shit” he says. “Go, Walker and I will cover you.”
Bucky doesn’t waste another second, as he picks you up and starts running towards the nearest building. 
Once inside, he places you on your back, on a table in the middle of the room. 
“Bucky” you whisper. Your vision was starting to blur. You were losing too much blood. 
Bucky doesn’t hear you, as he is frantically ripping off your shirt and tying it around the bullet wound, trying to stop you from bleeding out. 
You lazily reach your hand up to grab his wrist. “Bucky” you say a little louder. 
Bucky whips his head to look at you. 
You reach your hand up to touch his cheek. “Bucky, I have something I want to tell you.”
“You can tell me after we get you stitched up.”
You start to talk a little louder. “No, Bucky, no, I need to tell you now. In case I don’t make it.”
“Stop that”, Bucky yells. “You’re going to make it. You’re going to be fine. Don’t say shit like that, doll. Just don’t.” Tears start to fall down his cheeks. “We are going to get you all fixed up. Just sit tight.” 
You start to cry. You reach your hand back down to grab his hand. “I love you, Buck. I love you so much. And, I have for so long. I just want you to know that. It’s important that you do.”
Bucky starts to cry harder. He opens his mouth to speak, but you don’t hear anything he says. 
The darkness in the corner of your vision starts creeping in and after a couple seconds, you fall asleep. 
You slowly open your eyes and see white all around you. You hear a faint beeping sound to your left. Your body aches everywhere, especially your stomach. You feel a slight squeeze to your right hand and turn your head to see Bucky sitting in a chair next to you, with his hand holding yours and his head down. 
“Buck” you attempt to say, but your voice is so scratchy it doesn’t sound like anything. 
Bucky’s head immediately lifts up and he springs to his feet. 
“You’re awake. Oh my god, doll, I thought... Let me go get a doctor.” 
You shake your head slowly. “No”, you manage to get out. “Stay please. I just need some water.” 
Bucky nods. “Water, right, okay.” He hands you a cup of water. “Here you go, love.”
The water burns down your throat and you start to cough. 
Bucky instantly grabs your hand again. “Are you okay?” 
You nod. “I’m okay. Just burns a little.” You look him in the eyes. “What?” you ask him as he looks at you with a strange look. 
Bucky’s mood immediately changes. “I should be asking you that. What were you doing turning your back to the enemy?” he asks angrily. 
You scoff. “We are really going to have this conversation right now?”
“Yeah, we are. What the hell were you thinking? You can’t be doing that. You could have died!”
“But, I didn’t. I’m still here, aren’t I?”
Bucky slams his hands down on the bed and stands up. “But, you almost did!” he yells. “You almost fucking died because you wanted to make some stupid comment to Sam, like a dumbass!” 
“Me? A dumbass? I had it under control. I had both of those men on the ground, while you were still busy trying to dodge the fucking knives being thrown at you! Some super soldier you are, huh?”
“Under control? You call getting shot “under control”?” Bucky screams at you. 
You look back at him incredulously. “What the hell is your problem?” 
He throws his hands towards you. “You! You’re my fucking problem. Damnit, you could have died! And, then what? Do you even care? I could have fucking lost you.” He starts to break down and cry. You look into his eyes, as tears run down his face. “I almost lost you and I love you too much to lose you! And, of course, you finally said you love me and I didn’t even get a chance to say it back. I was so scared.” He sits down next to the bed and places his hand on your face. “I was so scared. I’ve lost everyone. I can’t lose you, Y/N.” 
Tears run down your face. “I’m here and I’m not going anywhere, Buck. I’m so sorry I scared you. But, I meant it when I said I love you. I love you so much. I’m here as long as you’ll want me.”
Bucky smiles. “Then you’re stuck with me forever, doll, because I’ll always want you. Just please don’t do something like that ever again.”
You smile and lean up to kiss him. Right as your lips connect, the door opens. 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What did I just walk into? I guess Tinman finally admitted his feelings, Y/N?”
Bucky rolls his eyes and moves back to sit in the chair. 
You laugh and look at Sam. “Cut him some slack, Sam. He’s had a long day.”
Sam walks over to your bed. “How’re you feeling?”
“Better. Just sore.”
Sam grins. “Bucky’s lips make it all better?” 
Bucky turns to Sam. “Hey now, don’t start.” 
“Oh, yeah? And, what are you going to do, old man?”
You watch as Bucky and Sam bicker with each other and smile to yourself. 
Sam interrupts your moment of thought. “But seriously, please tell me you guys aren’t going to be making out every time I turn my back.” 
You and Bucky look at each other and laugh. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to be quiet” you say. 
Sam groans in response and Bucky starts to laugh even harder, just as the doctor walks in.
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moonlight-prose · 3 days ago
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
A/N: Vintage Bucky is back and ready to put us all in our feels. Also because I got this idea thanks to a depression nap. Not beta read or edited.
I added back my old tag lists but let me know if you wanna be taken off or added.
(may or may not be pre Fatality. I’m not sure yet)
Summary: Time was most cruel to those who were waiting for loved ones to return.
Word Count: 1k
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: ANGST proceed with caution if you don’t appreciate angst, depression, grief, mentions of bucky being dead. let me know if i missed anything.
Tumblr media
    There’s irony in the feeling of grief. Irony in wanting someone by your side so much that it’s practically painful. And yet you are stuck, watching life play its painful tricks on you, as you continue to hope. Continue to wish. Except wishes aren’t granted; dreams rarely do come true, and all you’re left with is the ironic bitterness of life.
    You weren’t a fool for wanting him back. Weren’t being ridiculous for begging with fate, with anyone or thing that would listen.  Just to get him back. You didn’t care if it was for five minutes, five seconds, or even for just a glimpse of his face. None of it mattered, because you just needed to see him. To let him know that you still longed for him, still wished for him, still spoke to the moon and hoped she’d grant her wishes.
    They gave him a funeral and you attended. All the while knowing that he wasn’t gone, because you could feel it in your bones. Could see that he wasn’t going to vanish from your life. So, you continued to visit; believing that his fake grave was the only thing that you had left of him. You pretended that he was merely away at war, that he’d come home with the rest of the boys, that he’d step off that train and give you his smile that you loved to see.
    But then time passed, and it wouldn’t stop. Wouldn’t freeze and allow you to lay down and wait for him. What if you could do just that? What if you had the chance to stop your aging, to stop yourself from changing, and simply wait for him? Would you take it? Would you give up everything for him?
    You’d known the answer the second you met him at that park, his hat having fallen off as he tried to rush someplace. At that point you figured you would have to keep it, but then he turned around, and you knew whoever this man was, you would fall for him. No matter how many times you told him that, he continued to ask why. Why did you want me out of all the men in Brooklyn? What made him so lucky?
    “I blame those big blue eyes of yours James,” you would whisper against his lips as an answer. “They had me the second I saw them.”
    He’d turn red, tell you that he still didn’t get it, and that would be the end of conversation for a few hours, because words ceased to exist.
    Every now and again you’d remember that; catch the sight of the small image of him you had in a frame. And you would lose yourself in the past. In the memory of him, because you still held out hope that one day he would return to you. One day after the damn war ended, after people were back home, and the world could celebrate, he’d walk through the front door. He’d be banged up and bruised, but he’d still be your James.
    But then the war ended…
    “You remember how to dance James?” you asked, trying to ignore how he stepped on your foot.
    He laughed, his arm tightening around your waist as he led you through the steps. “It’s been awhile doll.”
    “So, let me lead.”
    Bucky shook his head. “I’ve got this under control.”
    Really you didn’t mind the awkward steps, because he was there. He was in your arms, just as warm as you remember him. Eventually he did get the hang of it, dancing as if he never left, as if he had been home with you the whole time. And you continued to clutch at him, admiring him in nothing but a white shirt and suit pants; having claimed that he needed to have you the second he stepped through the door.
    “Did you miss me doll?”
    You ignored the sting of the tears, the ache in your chest, almost as hollow as the shells you’d picked up with him at the beach that one time. “You have no idea how much James. I thought my heart would stop beating.”
    “But it didn’t.” His smile could light up an entire room. You had come to that conclusion early on in knowing him, and you should have told him.
    “I’m glad it didn’t, because now I can be here with you.”
    “I just hope you’re okay,” he said, the smile having faded, only to be replaced by a look in his eyes that you’d never seen before. Nostalgia? Pain?
    You cupped his face, watching as he leaned in. “What makes you think I’m not okay James? You’re here with me.”
    The song grew, the crescendo almost loud enough to hurt your ears, but still you ignored it. You ignored the way that your head began to hurt, almost as if you’d been sleeping wrong. You ignored everything except him, because he was home and you refused to let anything ruin that fact.
    “Time is cruel,” he whispered. “I love you doll.”
    The glass hit the floor, waking you from your nap, the shards of your cup now scattered along the living room floor. You cursed, grabbing what you could and trying to remember the dream you had. It felt off. Almost as if you were being held by Bucky again on the nights he’d crawl into your bed. A comforting feeling you didn’t think you would get the chance to experience again. But you merely shrugged it off choosing to toss the glass away before heading to your room.
    The moon continued to shine, illuminating the room along with the single streetlight outside as you crawled beneath the covers, Bucky’s pillow in your arms. You let out a breath, pushing down the pain that ate away at your chest, forcing you to focus on it. But for right now you wanted to do nothing but sleep.
    “Time is cruel,” you breathed against his pillow, the chilled Brooklyn air lulling you to sleep.
    People’s voices echoed outside, a jazz song playing on a record from upstairs, a couple saying their goodbyes down below, and the distant sounds of piercing screams. The screams of a man who continued to dream of a woman he couldn’t remember, and a home he didn’t know how to get back to.
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✧ chapter two: the missing girl - b. barnes x oc series ✧
Tumblr media
-> lost-shoe’s gif
Tumblr media
‘let’s play fire with fire’ series masterlist
my masterlist
summary: sera has to deal with the consequences of helping sam and bucky while still trying to get used to being a part of a team. and bucky finds himself not wanting her to be alone.
Tumblr media
“So... control fire, huh?” Bucky asked when the silence became unbearable between him and Sera.
She turned to him while her arms where across her chest and she was comfortably sitting on the seat next to Bucky. “What?”
“I’m just- trying to be nice.”
“You literally saw me back there. You know is fire. Is like if I went ‘hey, metal arm?’” She rolled her eyes and went back to staring out the window.
“We definitely started with the wrong foot. Maybe if we just-”
“That’s not gonna work.” She cut him off. “And, wrong foot? You literally accused me of wanting you two dead!”
“That’s why I was trying to be nice!”
“Then don’t! Being nice clearly isn’t helping.”
“Fine! I won’t be nice.” He said loudly trying to keep his full attention on the road ahead of him, but the girl next to him didn’t seem to let him. “Torch.” He said under his breath but loud enough for her to hear him.
“Screwdriver.” She said in the same tone dropping herself more into her seat and leaving her head to rest on the back of the seat.
Even if she didn’t want to talk to Bucky, the silence surrounding them was making it even more awkward than the situation already was. So turning to the side looking for something to do or say, Sera let out a tiny smile when her eyes noticed the button to turn on the radio.
“Don’t turn it on.” Bucky said immediately once he noticed her fingers going towards the car’s controllers.
“Why not?”
“The music is not good.”
“What? You don’t like modern music?”
“Yes I do.”
“Then why I can’t turn on the radio?”
“Just don’t.”
“Damn. Do you ever smile?”
“When I throw that bucket of water on you I will.” Sera let out a tiny fake laugh and then nodded.
“Never smile and not funny, what a deal, huh?”
“I wasn’t trying to be funny.”
“News for me.” As soon as she said that Bucky moved uncomfortably on his seat and grabbed the wheel with his two hands and that made Sera look at the metal arm in the other side of Bucky’s body. She bit her lower lip staring at it since a million of questions were flying around her mind. It was the first time she was in the presence of a super soldier and let alone someone that had a vibranium arm. So curiousity was her main feeling in that moment. “Can you take it off?” She asked without breaking her sight from Bucky’s arm but since Bucky didn’t look at her, he furrowed his eyebrows confused.
“Can you take the arm off?” Sera repeated. Bucky did a quick look at her but then went back at the road. People’s eyes staring at his arm wound usually make him uncomfortable or just don’t like it, but not with her. He found himself liking his arm under them.
“Yes I can.”
“And do you take if off to sleep?”
“No, I don’t.”
Sera tilted her head sideways to have a better look at it, which made Bucky let out a tiny grin. “Isn’t it uncomfortable?”
“I got used to it.”
Sera nodded. “Nice.”
“And you, do you get burn when you do.... that?”
“No. I can’t get burn.” A little laugh escaped her lips after watching Bucky struggle with his words, it was clear that he never been next to someone like Sera and he didn’t know what to say about it, or even what to think in that moment that he got her full attention. And Sera noticed it.
“With any type of fire of just the one that you... do?”
“Any type of fire. Is this weird to you?”
“What? No.” Bucky shook his head after looking at Sera who was exploring every detail on Bucky’s face.
Sera shrugged her shoulder. “Seems like it.” Sera looked Bucky up and down licking her lips enjoying the feeling of having Bucky on the palm of her hand. He did seem like the tough kind of guy, maybe he was, but there was a part of him that made him the softest guy ever. And Sera wanted to see more of that guy. “Does the serum affects... you know?” Sera moved her hand over her lower stomach but Bucky looked at her confused, not understanding.
“Does it affect what?”
“You know...” She moved her hands in the same position but quicker than before.
“No I don’t know.”
“YOU KNOW-” Wanting Bucky to understand she pointed repeatedly to her crotch area while a smile appeared on her face as soon as she saw Bucky’s eyes go wide open as soon as he understood.
“Oh my, no!” He shook his head.
“Really? Have you tested it?” She moved her body to the side to be more closer to his face.
“And you care because?” Bucky let out a smile and then bit his lower lip while doing a quick look to Sera by her side.
“Always wanted to know! Common things everyone wonders.”
“I don’t think everyone wonders.”
Sera quickly nodded. “Oh, yes, everyone does.”
“Yes!” She let her hand hold her head to be even more to closer to him, as closer as the car was letting her. “So....? have you tested it?”
“Then how do you know it doesn’t work!? Have you even had your first kiss since 1940?”
“I-” Bucky wanted to answer but his tongue seemed to have twisted itself. It was a reality of him not kissing anyone since he came back, it wasn’t like he had the time to hang out with someone enough for that, he had been dealing with big things since he gain his head back. And he wasn’t ashamed of it, but for some reason, admitting it to Sera didn’t sound like something he wanted to do.
“Oh, you haven’t?” She asked once she understood his silence.
Bucky let out a tiny laugh and then shook his head confused. “How did we get into this topic?”
“No judgement here! Not at all. Just wondering, you know?” Sera let out a proud smile knowing that she accomplished what she wanted and sat down normally on her seat but without breaking her sight from Bucky. He did seem to notice but he kept his mouth shut, waiting for her to talk again. “I made you smile.” She said softly.
“Annoy me. That’s what you did.”
A loud laugh escaped her mouth as she let her head rest on the back of her seat. “That’s even better.”
Bucky shook his head but he couldn’t help but let out a smile. He did a quick look at Sera and noticed that her eyes were now closed and it gave him a little wave of relaxation over his body, but when he went back to the road and noticed a group of people standing outside Sera’s apartment building, it all went back to normal.
“What’s that?” He asked as he was getting closer and the people became more clearer.
Sera quickly opened her eyes and got her face closer to the front window of the car, trying to see more if she could make a sense of the whole situation. But when the car was now a couple of feet away and the entire building was now visible, Sera’s stomach twisted as her heart started to beat faster.
“Oh my God... Angela.”
“That’s my apartment! You have to let me in!”
Sera’s loud voice could be heard from miles, even if the smoke coming out of the building and the people talking around them covered their entire surroundings. The man at the entrance had made Sera take steps back after seeing her with the intention to walk into the building with no hesitation. With a strange look, the man gently grabbed Sera by the arm and stopped her from getting sucked into the dark smoke and horribly damaging her lungs from it, but that didn’t seem to had bothered her at all. Not even a single muscle on her face let others know that she was a couple of centimetres away from a strong smoke, and that lead to some talking about Sera and her strange desire to enter the building on fire.
“Ms! That apartment is on fire! I can’t let you go inside!” The man yelled trying to keep Sera back. Noticing this, Bucky stepped towards Sera and gently grabbed her arm, preventing her from doing something bad in front of all those people.
“My friend was in there! Can you at least tell me if she’s alright?!” Sera yelled more loudly than before losing her patience, while ignoring Bucky’s hand on her arm.
“We don’t have information from anyone on the inside so please, move aside and let the men work.”
As soon as Sera heard those words she let out a word Bucky couldn’t fully understand but knew that it was a bad one for the way she said it. She stepped back while looking to her apartment and the smoke coming out of it. Biting her lower lip she looked down at Bucky and let out a tiny sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, let the men work my ass. Fuck that!”
“Where are you going?” Bucky asked as she walked passed him trying to leave him behind, but not getting an answer from her got him even more worried about her and her next mysterious actions.
She had quick feet but so did Bucky, so right behind her he followed her to a dark alley right next to her building. Even if it wasn’t far from everyone, the noise and the smoke didn’t seem to get to where Bucky and Sera found themselves to be. Until Sera quickly opened a black door and smoke immediately came out of it.
Without questioning it, Bucky followed Sera once she stepped inside the building full of smoke and hot air. It seemed like she knew where she was since she didn’t even stop to check where she had to turn or if she had to keep going. Her quick steps were becoming a little bit blind to Bucky since the smoke was starting to become thicker and bigger and deeper as they were getting into the building, but anything like that didn’t seem to bother Sera at all.
The long walk that Bucky was having with Sera in front of him didn’t seem to ever end, until the place became more brighter but more hotter as soon as the hallway turned into a room filled with firemen working to turn off the fire still growing inside.
“Ms! You shouldn’t be in here!” A fireman said as soon as he layed his eyes on her but not hearing at word he was saying, Sera walked passed him and walked through he fire that was hiding the hallway to her apartment. “How did she-” the man said turning to Bucky surprised but he just let out a tiny smile and patted his arm.
“Don’t ask questions, just keep working.” He said before nodding and following Sera, leaving the poor fireman confused at his own thoughts and what his eyes just saw.
It didn’t took Bucky long to find Sera again since he remembered the way towards her apartment. With quick steps he managed to walk by her side as she was moving the little flames out of her way without moving a finger.
“There’s no need for you to be here, Bucky. You should go.” Sera said without taking her eyes away from the way in front of her. “Go, Bucky.” She said firmly noticing that he wasn’t turning back, completely ignoring her words.
“Like I’m going to do what you say. I’m not afraid of a little fire.” He said and Sera let out a loud sigh but not a single word came out her mouth after that since the door to her apartment was now in front of her. Noticing that she didn’t have her keys or anything that could open the door for her, she was ready to step up and knock the door down. But Bucky stopped her.
“I got it.” He said but Sera just rolled her eyes and before he could move another muscle from his body, her foot was already on the door kicking it to the floor.
“I got it too.” She said before stepping inside and quickly moving her eyes side to side, trying to find something that could tell her that her friend wasn’t there.
As soon as they were both inside they both noticed that the fire definitely started there on Sera’s apartment. The flames were bigger than the ones outside and the smoke was starting to get into Bucky’s eyes, but ignoring it completely he tried to follow Sera around the apartment.
“Angela! Angela!” Sera started yelling but then suddenly stopped when something else caught her eye. Bucky followed her with his eyes as she was slowly getting closer to the table on the side of her living room. Not taking her sight from it, she moved her hand and grabbed a little piece of paper that didn’t seem to be affected by the fire around it at all.
“What does it say?” Bucky asked when he noticed her eyes transforming.
As soon as those eyes were finished reading the words on that tiny paper Bucky saw how they started to turn red like the fire living and growing surrounding them.
“Good luck on getting your friend back, dear. -J.” She said firmly and with anger on her voice. Seconds later, the note turned into flames and disappeared into the hot air. “That asshole!”
Her loud voice seemed to have shaken the entire building since Bucky felt the walls moving along side her voice. He looked around him and to the ceiling to find it becoming weaker and weaker as the seconds were passing
“We need to get out of here, Sera.” He said looking around making sure nothing was going to fall on top of Sera’s head, because she didn’t seem to care about the building falling apart on top of her.
As soon as Sera locked eyes with Bucky he felt the fire going through his veins. Those red eyes felt like they were burning every single muscle he had on his body. “She’s gone and it’s all your fault!”
“You don’t know that she’s gone!” Bucky yelled once the fire was becoming stronger around Sera. The redness on her skin looked like she had glowing sticks inside of her, slow flames were coming out her body as she was eating the fire around her while making it even more stronger, but she didn’t seem to care since her full attention was on the man there with her.
“I know is your fault!”
“Sera, calm down! We need to get out here!”
“If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be involved in this mess and Angela would’ve been safe!”
Another noise of the walls breaking and shaking next to them. It felt like the whole building was going to become apart at any second, and it was all because of Sera.
“Sera! The roof is coming apart!”
“Yes, Bucky! That’s what fire does! It breaks everything apart! Everything that comes its way it destroys it!” Each word seemed like a bomb to their surroundings. Sera was now the biggest fire in the entire building and Bucky knew that, so trying to get to her and calm her down he stepped to get closer and gently grabbed her arm ready to pull her out of there. But as soon as his hand touched her arm the burning sensation hit his skin and that made him take a step back in pain and locked eyes with her, ignoring the feeling of his hand coming apart.
“What?! Afraid of a little fire?!” Sera yelled once she noticed the surprise and shook on Bucky’s eyes.
Before Bucky could say anything else, he looked up when the noise of the ceiling coming apart every second. He could see how the material was slowly breaking and going down towards their bodies. Bucky, looking down ready bring his body next to Sera he locked eyes with her and moved his arm to the side, but like a slow motion movie, Sera let out a loud scream as the fire was coming out go her body and in the process, moving the breaking ceiling out of their way. Bucky lifted his metal arm ready to feel the burning on his skin as the fire was surrounding him, but for his surprise, he didn’t feel a thing. And that’s when he noticed, the fire was hitting everything; expect for him and Sera.
Seconds later, he stopped feeling the hot air and the sound of fire growing next to him. When Sera dropped to her knees he noticed that there was no fire around him anymore. The sound of the walls stopped and the ceiling was no longer breaking, instead, silence surrounded them for the first time in a while. Sera was now back to normal but with tears dropping down her cheeks. Bucky hesitated, but then walked closer to her and kneeled down to wrap her around his arms, making sure his metal arm wasn’t hurting her. Now there was no fire around them, no smoke, no hot air, no ceiling or walls breaking next to them. Just a broken Sera knowing that her friend was in danger and she couldn’t stop it, and Bucky knowing exactly how she felt.
“I’m sorry, Sera.” That was the only thing Bucky felt like saying when him and Sera were finally out of the building and next to their car. She was leaning over the door while looking down, it seemed like her mind was somewhere else but Bucky didn’t care, his words came out without his brain thinking them. “I truly am.” He said softly trying to get her eyes to look at him, He she wasn’t moving. Until, after a couple of seconds, she moved away from the car and from Bucky with decisive steps. “Where are you going?”
“You need to make sure Sam is fine, and I’ll go back to where Jackson used to work.” She said without stopping.
“Because maybe they were stupid enough to leave things behind. I’ll find something.”
“Are you sure?” He asked louder since she was further away, and noticing that he wasn’t going to get any answer, he started walking towards her. “I’m going with you.”
“No,” Sera said firmly without looking at Bucky “I’m going alone.” Feeling Bucky’s presence still next to her, she looked at him while letting out a loud sigh. “Didn’t you heard me?”
“Oh, I heard you perfectly.” Bucky nodded. “I just chose to ignore it.”
Sera stopped walking and grabbed his metal arm immediately feeling the cold hitting her skin. Being something that she wasn’t used to, she quickly let it go. “Bucky-”
“No. You’re right. You’re in the mess because Sam and I brought you into this. I wanna help.”
“I don’t need your help.”
“Well you’re going to get it anyway, so let’s go.” Bucky started walking but then stopped when she didn’t follow him.
“Being older than me doesn’t mean that you can order me around, you know?”
“I am 106 years old. That has to mean something.”
“Yes,” Sera moved her feet to pass Bucky “that you’re old as fuck.”
“Yes, ouch indeed.” She quickly started walking away but being as fast as her, he catched her with ease. “Bucky- go back and make sure Sam is ok.”
“He’s probably sleeping right now.”
“He needs to know what’s going on.”
“You’ll tell him when we go back to the apartment. Let’s go.”
Sera looked at Bucky with an eyebrow raised. “We?”
“Yes, we. Is a pretty easy word to understand.”
Once again, Sera stopped not wanting Bucky to follow her. Copying what she was doing, he stopped in front of her and crossed his arms around his chest.
“Like I told you before, you’re not funny. And I’m not coming back with you.”
“Well, we can discuss it later because now, you” He pointed at her while his other hand took the car keys out of his back pocket and waved them in front of Sera’s face “need a ride.”
“I can fly, remember?”
“You’re going to fly all the way there? Isn’t it going to be very tiring? It’s such a waste of time.” Sera rolled her eyes while letting out a long sigh and tilting her head backwards, realising that Bucky was right. “Let’s go, Sera.” He said in a loud whisper enjoying his win.
“This is going to be the last time you’re right.” Sera said without looking at him once she started going back to the car, not wanting to see the arrogant smile on his face.
”We’ll see.”
The sound of papers flying and drawers being opened was the only thing Sera and Bucky could hear the moment they both stepped inside that red room. For their surprise, the place wasn’t empty like they imagined it, even worse, it was all burned down. Every furniture, every paper, every little wall decoration was now to laying on the groun while a little smoke were coming out of it.
“Fuck! There’s nothing here!” Sera yelled throwing the last piece of paper the last drawer had inside. She let out a long frustrated sigh while trying to look around for something she hadn’t seen before.
“They literally made sure to burn everything to the ground.” Bucky bit his lower lip doing the same as Sera, but there was nothing else there that could potentially have any information. So Sera frustrated, turned to the door and without waiting for Bucky she left the room leaving traces of smoke behind her.
“Where are you going?” Bucky asked as he was trying to catch her.
“They like to play with fire, but so do I.”
“What are going to do? There’s nowhere left for us to look.”
“I don’t know!”
“We need a plan!”
“There’s that we again.” Sera stopped angrily making Bucky face her as soon as he stopped as well. Being behind her the quick movement she made to face him ended up with him being a couple centimetres from her face, almost feeling the hot air coming out of her mouth against his skin.
“Yes, we, Sera. As much as we need you, now you need us, so we need to stay together.” Bucky was starting to get frustrated at the whole situation, his loud tone was showing it but Sera didn’t seem to care about that at all, she just shook her head annoyed at Bucky’s words.
“I don’t need anybody.” She said firmly getting closer to his face without realising. Even if the hallway they were in had nothing but the light that was coming through the front door, they could see all the details from each other’s faces. They closeness made the other feel every little air that their noses were throwing out, mixing them together every time.
“That’s what you think.”
“No, that’s what I know.”
As each word was said, their tones became more firmly than the one before. Even if they felt the anger and frustration growing inside of them, knowing that the fight wasn’t over, they both went completely silent when their eyes finally connected to each other. Even though their eyes were locked since the fight started, they weren’t paying attention to what the they were saying. As soon as she saw those dark eyes under the poor light she felt the electricity she would often have when looking at Bucky. The blood in her veins started to move faster since she felt her skin burning, but she didn’t move at all. Her feet seemed to have glued themselves to the ground not wanting to leave Bucky behind and keep staring at those blue eyes. For the first time since they met, there was no words that wanted to come out of their mouths. They were no anger or frustration inside of them, just growing sadness ready to explode.
There was no noise around them, just the sound of their breathing. It felt like they been staring at each other for too long, when Bucky felt the need to end the space between them and wrap Sera around with his arms. Looking at her eyes and seeing the sadness and pain in them made him feel like he was in front of a mirror, like he was seeing his eyes on Sera. Those mysterious eyes were showing the same things Bucky would usually see in himself a long time ago.
Before he could say anything else or even think another thought, Sera closed her eyes and tensed her jawline ready to leave the dark hallway and those ugly thoughts on her mind behind. She moved to the side and turned around to walk towards the door with decisive and quick steps. A part of Sera wanted Bucky to follow her, keep talking and go back to normal, but he didn’t. He kept still looking down trying to find the perfect words to say next.
“I used to think the same thing, Sera.” He said softly but it was enough for her to hear him. His tone made her stop what she was doing and close her eyes while letting out a long sigh. “But now I have a partner and I’m good. Better than I’ve been in a long time.” Sera didn’t expect it but those words hit her differently than anything else Bucky had ever said to her. She felt the tears fighting to come out but she tried her hardest to keep them in place, not wanting to break down in front of Bucky. “You think you don’t need anyone but in reality you do. You can’t do this alone.”
As soon as he said those words she felt the burning anger inside of her. All those people on her past telling her what to do or how to act, keeping her like their pet or even weapon on their hands, those words brought them back. She knew that Bucky wasn’t the same, and he wasn’t doing what those people did, but something inside of her clicked moving away every single feeling she was having inside of her seconds ago.
She turned around and locked eyes with Bucky who was already looking at her. “Watch me.” She said firmly and without waiting for an answer, she turned around and walked through the door.
Bucky let out an angry sigh and followed her with quick steps starting to feel the frustration even bigger inside of him. “Alright!” He yelled angrily the moment he pushed the door to walk outside. “What’s your new plan now, genius? Huh? What is your master plan now that you plan to do it alone?”
“She had a date.” Sera said without stopping while hearing Bucky’s steps right behind her. “And the date was at the same hour that the fire happened so I’m going to see if that asshole is involved.”
“How do you know? Maybe he left after she didn’t answered her phone.”
“I don’t know. That’s what I’m gonna find out. It’s weird that at the same hour she had a date the whole apartment turns into flames.”
“Yeah, it is a little weird. And what do you plan to do with that information?” Not getting an answer back from her, Bucky let out a fake laugh and started yelling his next words even more frustrated. “Do you know his name? His address? Where he used to work? Anything? Do you know anything?!”
“I don’t know, Bucky! I don’t fucking know!” Sera turned around quickly to face Bucky. “Agh!” She yelled annoyed covering her face with her hands trying to calm herself down as Bucky was getting closer to her, ending up a right in front of her face.
“That’s what I’m trying to tell you! Let’s do this together. You get your friend to safety and we get those assholes, we all win.”
“Why do you want me with you anyway?” She spitted out uncovering her face quickly to lock eyes with Bucky, but he didn’t answer immediately. He just stared at her while her jaw tensed and those eyes penetrating her soul like he wanted to know every little secret she was hiding.
Before Sera could feel the same electricity she felt before, Bucky took a step closer to her and added more softly than before. “Because I know what is like to care about someone and if something bad happens... it’s in you.” Those words felt deeper than Bucky intended them to. Yes, they were as true as the next words coming out from his mouth but saying it someone that he met not even a day ago wasn’t Bucky at all. Trusting a person new so fast and easy wasn’t what he was used to doing, not after him not being able to trust his own mind. But for some reason, saying those words to Sera didn’t make him uncomfortable, instead, he felt the same as he was talking to Steve. Like those old times he loves and misses so much. But this time, Sera being the one in front of him. “Working together is going to give all of us an advantage, we all have something to bring to the table and it’s going to have a better result. You want to find your friend as fast as possible, right?” Sera nodded. “Then let’s do it. I’ll go to the car, if you come that means you’re with us. If you don’t... then I won’t bother you anymore.”
As soon as Bucky left her side she knew what she wanted to do. What was the right decision, and that Bucky was right even if it felt hard to think about. She hated it, but if she wanted to find her friend safe, she needed to do it with Bucky and Sam.
“I remembered something.” She said and that made Bucky stop and let out a tiny smile as soon as he heard those words coming out of her mouth. “And it can help us get more information about the guy.”
Not hearing her walk towards the car, Bucky turned to Sera and nodded slowly. “Then let’s catch the asshole who did this, shall we?”
“Angela told me that he works at a coffee shop three blocks away from our apartment.” Sera said when she had Sam’s full attention.
They were all standing in the living room as Sam was sitting down on the couch, still trying to take it easy since the side of his stomach wasn’t fully recovered. Bucky and Sera were standing in front of him trying to catch Sam on everything that went down in a matter of hours.
“Very coincidental.” Sam said looking at Bucky which he nodded agreeing.
Sam turned to Sera who had her arms across her chest while her foot was going up and down repeatedly on the ground. “And you really think he’s involved?”
“I- maybe. I’m not sure.”
“Well, it’s something that we could start on.” Sera nodded and before anyone could let out another word, she turned around towards the door ready to leave the apartment behind.
“Ok, let’s go.” She said but when she noticed nobody was following her, she went back to Sam and Bucky who were staring at her confused.
“Where?” Bucky asked.
“To the coffee shop.” She answered immediately.
“Sera, is almost midnight.” Sam said pointing at the tiny window. Sera looked at it and noticed that the light of the day was long gone, but that didn’t seem to bother her at all. “The coffee shop is probably closed.”
“So?” Sera asked. “We can go and wait until it opens so we can talk to him first thing in the morning.” She opened the door but then Sam spoke again, making her turn around to face him.
“No, Sera, is better if we get some good sleep and we go tomorrow.”
Sera felt the burning sensation growing on her inside as her brian was processing Sam’s words. “Sam, Angela was taken. She could be anywhere right now. And they’re probably doing to her God knows what and you’re asking me to wait?!” Each word that was said was let out louder than the one before. The fire inside of her was growing and she knew it, but she didn’t seem to care or even stop to prevent something bad happening. Her mind was thinking about Angela and nothing else, ignoring the feeling of her hands starting to burn.
“Sera-” Sam got up from the couch to calm her down and for the looks of it, it made Bucky realize that calming her down needed to be done. Because he felt like something was coming. And he was right.
The moment that Sam got up from the couch Sera’s eyes went red like the fire itself. Her fingertips were glowing and her hair started to move like there was wind around her, even if there wasn’t. “No, I agreed to do this with you guys but that doesn’t mean we have to do everything your way-”
“It’s not my way or anyone’s way, it makes sense to wait and get some rest to be fully prepared for tomorrow.”
“I’m fully prepared now, Sam!”
“No, Sera.”
Even if Bucky wanted to intervine he was afraid that if he said something he would make it worse. By the looks of it it looked like Sera was a second away from burning the place to the ground of even burn Sam, who was closer than Bucky.
“Fine.” Sera said normally, like she didn’t feel her skin screaming fire every second that was passing. Just like she was her normal self. “Let’s go with the place Jackson told us about.”
Bucky was about to agree but then Sam spoke again, and his next words worried Bucky even more. “We’re not ready, we need backup.”
“Backup?” Sera asked with a joking tone on her voice.
“Yes. We don’t know what we’re up against and we need to make sure we have all the help we can get.” Sam’s tone made it clear that he wasn’t going to change his mind and Bucky knew that very clear. Knowing Sam he knew that he would always try to make the right decisions. And this time, it wasn’t an exception.
“He’s right, Sera.” Bucky said after Sam said those words, which made Sera even more angry than before. Clearly showing it on her red eyes and her now skin letting out some smoke. But just like before, she didn’t care.
“Of course you’re on his side! You two don’t get it, do you? My friend was just abducted by some really dangerous men that could be doing anything to her right now just to despise me!” Each word that was said was making Sera more angry and the smoke now turned into fire growing out from her skin, slightly burning the furniture on her side. “She could be dead right now and you don’t care! And if she’s not she’s probably suffering and I put her there! I made her involved even if I tried my best to keep her safe! But no! Everything that comes through my way always seems to burst out into flames!”
As soon as she finished her sentence the tiny fire from her skin turned into a circle of fire around her body. Sam and Bucky, preventing themselves from getting burned they took steps back almost falling to the ground in the process.
The fire around Sera was so strong that even Bucky felt the burning on his skin. The tiny table next to Sera was now burning and everything that was on top of it. The fire didn’t seem to be growing but it was becoming stronger and thicker around Sera. Bucky, trying to see her, opened his eyes wider and focused his sight inside the fire. Sera was covering her face with her glowing hands while her hair was lifted into the air moving uncontrollably.
Sam took some steps forward after gaining his balance back ignoring Bucky trying to stop him by grabbing his arm. “Sam! What are you doing?!” He asked but Sam completely ignored him and calmly walking towards Sera. Bucky expected Sam to move backwards painfully after arriving closer to the fire, but surprisingly for him, he didn’t. It looked like the fire wasn’t burning or hurting him. Noticing this a confused Bucky turned to Sera and saw how her red eyes were now on Sam, while tears were slowly going down her cheeks.
“Sera you need to listen to me!” Sam yelled but nothing happened. Sera looked down and covered her face once again and that’s when Bucky felt the burning on his skin become even stronger. “Sera, please. Count to three, remember? It’s me, Sam.” As soon as Sam let out his name out loud Sera quickly uncovered her face and locked eyes with Sam. Their connected eyes seemed to be talking even though they weren’t letting out any words. Seconds later, Bucky noticed how the fire was becoming smaller as the seconds were passing and the burning feeling in his skin slowly fade away. Once the fire was long gone inside of Sera, the second her body ate all the fire she quickly closed her eyes and dropped to the ground. Bucky and Sam with quick steps grabbed her and layed her on the ground, ignoring her burning skin hitting theirs. “You need to rest, Sera.” Sam said softly but Sera shook her head slowly.
“I need to find her.” She said almost out of breath and with a weak tone.
Sam nodded, while grabbing her body with he help of Bucky, who gently grabbed her waist and started walking towards their little balcony. “And you will, but one thing at a time, Sera, one thing at a time.”
As soon as Sera felt the cold wind hitting her skin, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Even if she wanted to feel some cold air inside her body, as soon as she took it in, she felt how it turned into hot and her lungs filling with it like it was used to. Annoyed, she opened her eyes and the memories of her priors actions came to her head. Like an old movie, the fire around her body and the tears coming out of her eyes were playing on her mind. Sam’s eyes on her, seeing something not for the first time and knowing what was happening, exactly like old times. But this one, had something different. Bucky was there.
A man that met her not even a day ago saw her doing one of the things that happened when she was on her lowest. Something that she didn’t know how to control and even feel coming, even if she tried for years. She felt embarrassed because they came to her for help but seemed to brought them even more trouble even if she wasn’t trying, but for some reason, it always seemed to happen to her. She was used to it, living a life like that for most of her life, but knowing that she did it with Sam... and not the first time; she felt the disappointment on herself growing inside of her each second that was passing. And she didn’t know how to stop it.
“Better?” Bucky’s voice made Sera come out of her thoughts and turn towards him, who was standing on the door with his back resting against the wall.
“Yeah,” Sera nodded and feeling the hot cup of tea touching her skin, she remembered the drink on her hands “and thanks for the tea.”
Bucky let out a tiny smile and then looked down, somehow embarrassed of him and his tea for her. “I’m glad you liked it because I didn’t know if you wanted something hot or cold after... you know.”
“Tea was fine.”
Sera turned to see the inside of the apartment and tilted her head sideways, feeling sorry for the plant and the table now burned. “I’m sorry for the plant... and the table.”
Bucky immediately shook his head and then shrugged his shoulders. “It’s alright, the plant was probably fake anyway. We’ll get a new one.”
“I’ll pay for it.”
“Don’t worry about it, it happens.” Bucky walked closer to Sera and sat down next to her on the tiny couch. Once comfortable, he looked at Sera who had an eyebrow raised. “Yeah, burning a plan to the ground, who hasn’t done that?” For the first time after a long time, Sera let out a genuine tiny laugh. She took a sip of her tea and for her surprise, enjoyed the hot feeling of the drink going down her throat and stomach. “Sam was pretty good back there with you.” Bucky said softly once Sera locked eyes with him.
She nodded going back to her tea, staring at the liquid inside her cup move slowly. “He has seen it before. Me going all... crazy.”
“Did he?” Sera nodded. “I didn’t know that.”
“Yeah. When I met him it was something that happened... a lot.” Bucky wondered why and the questions of her mysterious past came back to his brain. The need of asking some of them to her right on the moment was consuming him, asking himself if it was right or even if she was going to answer them in the first place, but before a word could come out of his mouth, she let out a tiny fake laugh and said: “It’s kinda funny because I get this electric feeling every time something bad is about to happen or someone is about to hurt me but... I never get it when it’s myself who’s about to turn the whole place into chaos. I have this crazy sense and still, I couldn’t protect her.”
“We’re going to find her, Sera.” Bucky said softly but Sera shook her head.
“How do you know that?”
“Because we’ll make sure to find her and keep her safe.” Even if Bucky wanted her to feel better for some strange reason, he couldn’t find the words because... she was right, there was no way he could assure Angela’s safety.
Sera stared at Bucky’s eyes and then let out a tiny nod when some old memories came back to her head. “I said those same things to myself years ago and it never went my way. It’s like everyone that gets involved with me they get hurt. No matter how much I try to keep myself out of the real world.”
“We won’t get hurt, Sera.”
Her entire past was a mystery to Bucky, but for her words he knew that he could relate to it. He could relate to the feeling of not being able to trust your own self and being scare of hurting the people around you. Not having a choice and wanting to leave the real world, Bucky lived that for years. He knew how it felt, but also he knew that it wasn’t easy to forget and heal, and there wasn’t much for him to do more than try to make things right, for him and for the people around him.
“Sam got hurt because of me. You said yourself.” Sera’s voice made Bucky come out of his thoughts and throwing everything he was thinking to the trash. The pain on her voice could be noticible for streets far away and that made Bucky feel the regret in every vein of his body.
“I didn’t- I’m sorry about that.”
“It doesn’t matter, Bucky. What matters now is finding Angela to make sure her safety, so I can move on with a different life like I always do. Away from everyone.” She got up from the couch and left the tea on the side table before locking eyes with Bucky once again. “Thanks for the tea, but I think it’s time for me to head to bed. Don’t worry, I heated it up for you.” She said with a tiny smile trying to hide the tears wanting to come out. And Bucky noticed that. “Goodnight, Bucky.”
As soon as she said those words, she started walking towards the door to walk inside the apartment. Once she left Bucky behind, the tears that were fighting to come out finally won and started to drop down on her cheeks as she was making her way towards the couch, ready to give herself up to the night.
Bucky, who just stayed put while repeating her words on and on on his mind, finally grabbed the cup of tea and felt the hotness on his hand. He let out a tiny sigh disappointed on himself for saying those words, for treating her that way and for everything that happened. Maybe feeling like they couldn’t trust their own selves wasn’t the only thing they had in common. Because Bucky also felt like the people around him always got hurt, even if he was trying to do the complete opposite.
Tumblr media
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Louisiana Confessions
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Avenger! reader (based on TFAWS)
Summary: You and Bucky have always had feelings for each other, but neither of you have admitted to them. After everything that went down in NY with the Flag Smashers, Bucky decides to come clean about how he feels. 
Warnings: None that I know of. Pure fluff 
A/N: Hi! This is my first ever fic that I’m posting on here. I’ve always been super nervous to post my writing, but I decided to just go for it (I plan on posting more fics soon)! I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think, thank you!! :) 
Tumblr media
You stare over at Bucky and Sam. They’re both fixing the boat, while you lounge on the dock. You wanted to help, even offered, but Bucky insisted you relax, since you had gotten hurt during the fight against the Flag Smashers. 
“Hey, Y/N. How’re you feeling?” asks Sarah, as she comes over to sit down next to you. 
“I’m alright, thanks. I just wish I was helping out in some way. Bucky insisted I sit out because of my shoulder. I know he means well, but I just feel useless sitting here.” 
“He’s very protective over you, don’t you think?” Sarah looks at you with a grin on her face.
“What do you mean?” 
“I can see he really cares about Sam, but with you, it’s something more.”
“You suggesting Bucky likes me?” you ask. 
“Likes you back.” corrects Sarah. 
“How.. how did you know I have feelings for Bucky?”
“It’s not too hard to figure out. It’s pretty obvious actually, but I guess you both are oblivious.” 
“Gee thanks.” You stare at Bucky as he turns to look over at you and smiles. “He doesn’t like me back though.”
Sarah looks between you and Bucky. “Just keep it in mind. But, since you said you are feeling useless… want to help me with the kids?” 
You turn to look at Sarah and smile. “I’d love to.”
Bucky turns to see you playing with the kids in the backyard. His heart instantly softens. 
“What’s going on in that cyborg brain of yours?” asks Sam. “Thinking about Miss Y/N over there?” 
Bucky looks at Sam with an incredulous look on his face. “What? No. But, if you must know, I was checking out the grass. Really looks like it could use a trim.”
“Yeah, sure. And, I’m a super soldier.” 
“No, you’re not.”
Sam starts to sigh. “Yeah, no shit I’m not. It’s a lie, just like the lie you just told me.” 
Bucky turns to focus on the pipe he was tightening. “I didn’t lie.”
Sam put his hand on Bucky’s shoulder. “Just go talk to her. Tell her how you feel. I’m sure she feels the same way.”
Bucky stands up to go walk towards Y/N and looks back at Sam. “Now you’re the one who’s lying.” 
Sam spreads his arms out wide. “Uncle Sam don’t lie, man. Now, go get your girl!” 
“Alright, alright, you win!” you yell while laughing, as Sarah’s kids tickle you after tackling you to the ground. “Somebody help me” you laugh out. 
“Hey now, let’s leave Y/N alone. She’s gotta bad shoulder” Bucky says while getting the kids off you and helping you up off the ground. 
You laugh. “Hey, Buck. Thanks for the rescue. My shoulder is fine though.”
“Just looking out for you, doll.” Bucky turns towards Sarah’s kids. “I heard Sam needs some help over on the boat and if you go, there will be chocolate cake with both of your names on it after dinner.” 
“Sweet” yells Sarah's kids as they run towards the docks. 
You watch as they run away and then turn towards Bucky. “Wanted them out of here that bad? I thought you liked them. I saw you playing with them earlier.”
Bucky looks at you and laughs. “I do like them, but I needed to talk to you alone.”
You instantly start to worry. “Is everything okay?” 
Bucky notices you tensing up and reaches out to grab your hand. “No, no, doll, nothing bad.” 
You stare down at his hand holding yours. “Then, what is it?” 
Bucky looks past you, at the bench sitting a few feet away. “Why don’t we sit down?”
You nod your head. “Yeah, yeah okay, let’s sit. You’re starting to make me nervous, Buck.”
You follow him over to the bench. “Don’t be nervous. I’m a little nervous, but you have nothing to be nervous about. Unless what I tell you scares you, then maybe you should be nervous, but…”
“Hey.” You grab Bucky’s chin with your hand and force him to look at you. “It’s just me.” You start to run your hand up his jaw and caress his skin. 
Bucky closes his eyes and lets out a long breath. He reopens his eyes and you see nothing but love in them. “My ma always told me to do sweet gestures for a woman. I was going to do more than this, once we left here, but Sam convinced me to just do it now. I know this is random, but…”
“Buck, your rambling again. Just tell me what’s on your mind.”
Bucky puts his hand on top of the one you have on his face. “You, Y/N. You’re on my mind. Been on my mind for forever. And, seeing you get hurt against the Flag Smashers, I..I just lost it. I can’t lose you, doll. You’re my everything and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. I love you, Y/N. Been in love with you, since you persisted on stitching up my wound when we first met, all those years ago.” 
You let out a small laugh. “You were bleeding out on your side, Buck. You would have died. I had to stitch you up.”
Bucky lets out a laugh too. “I know, doll, I know. But, I didn’t know you and I didn’t trust anyone but Steve at the time. You were so careful stitching me up though. And, you were so sweet to me and didn’t judge me.”
“There was nothing to judge you for. That wasn’t your fault. It was never your fault. The man I saw sitting there quietly as I stitched him up was a good man. Still is a good man. He’s the man I fell in love with. The man I still love and will always love.”
Bucky smiles hard and you smile back at him. 
“Love, huh? Well, in that case, this man would love a kiss from you, doll. Is that okay?” 
“I’m surprised you haven’t just kissed me already.”
Bucky places his hand on your cheek and starts to lean in. “What can I say? My ma raised me right.” 
You start to lean in, so your faces are only inches apart. “Always a gentleman. Now, shut up and kiss me.” 
“With pleasure.” Bucky finally closes the gap between you and kisses you. 
Deep in the back of your mind, you’re thinking that you’re going to have to thank the Wilson siblings later.
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just for you, honeybee (3/?)
pairing: bucky barnes x reader, steve rogers x reader (platonic)
word count: 3,986
authors note: part three!!!! I'm honestly so happy with how this is turning out so please leave feedback and lmk how I'm doing! thank you all so much :)
warnings: swearing, super soldier serum injection, needles, drinking
summary: dating back to 1943, you, james barnes, and steve rogers were best friends, including bucky being your boyfriend. when you get a notice that bucky died in the war, you make it your mission to find closure for yourself and protect steve as he is the only remaining piece of bucky you have left. once you are offered the super soldier serum, you and steve must make your way through world war 2 - and the unknown future hardships to come.
recap: You picked at your nails, anxiety swallowing you whole, “and what if you don’t make it back, either?”
“I will.”
Tumblr media
It had only taken you 5 days to make up your mind: either go with Steve as he finishes out his mission with the army or wait in Brooklyn upon his return. “Well,” you always bit back, “if you return.”
You did not want to stay in Brooklyn and wait for Steve to come back. You had done that with Bucky and after learning his tragic death, you needed to go with Steve. You didn’t care who you had to fight – you were protecting Steve Rogers and looking after him, just like James would have wanted.
Peggy Carter immediately welcomed you and seemed somewhat relieved when you had met with them outside your apartment complex, bags packed and ready to go. She had given you a soft smile and a nod, making you feel more at calm with your decision. However, before you left, you needed to say goodbye – just in case.
Dressed in a tie-neck floral dress, you headed across the street to where Grover was, selling newspapers once again in the early morning. However, when he wasn’t on the sidewalk, he was in your apartment, holding you as you cried for Bucky. Grover had helped you open Bucky’s files and put on his dog tags; he was there while Steve was sorting out your arrangements with Peggy. He had your snot stains on his nicest shirts that you always apologized for, and he had carefully placed the dog tags over your head; Grover was certainly one of your rocks when Steve needed to grieve on his own, which you understood.
Noticing your approaching figure, Grover stood up and shooed people away from his stand, meeting you halfway. He noticed your solemn look, “you goin’ with Mr. America?”
With a nod, you wrapped your arms around the older man’s neck, his chubby arms meeting your waist in a split second, “I have to, Grove. I needta’ keep my promise to James, and watch after Stevie.”
Grover tightened his grip around you and squeezed, much like a father would, “sure that super soldier can’t do it himself? Looks more than capable.”
You shook your head against his neck, “I promised – I promised James; you know that.”
Grover pulled away, resting his hands on your shoulders, “I know you did, kid…but that don’t mean it still pains me to see ya go…Come back here, the both of you, in one piece – ya hear me?”
With a nod, you squeezed Grover’s hand on your shoulder and went back to where Steve and Peggy were standing by an army truck, your bags already in the trunk. As the two looked back at you, you gave a curt nod, “I’m ready.”
Steve helped you into the backseat as Peggy headed up front, starting the truck up once you were all piled in. As you rode off, away from Brooklyn, you looked back to your home, and gave a sad wave to Grover who was already back to selling newspapers – but you saw him wiping his cheeks. Tears flooded your eyes as you imagined you and Bucky finding a nice white picket house in Brooklyn once he came back like he promised. Turning back around, you wiped your eyes, looking forward to the road, a hand wrapped around Bucky’s dog tags.
Only a little while into the car ride, you leaned forward, asking the two soldiers a question, “where exactly are we headed?”
Steve turned around towards you, “first, Camp Lehigh where we’ll get you some ID so they know you’re with Peggy and me. Then, London, where Colonel Phillips got a lead on Schmidt’s new hideout.”
You looked down at your nails, picking at the skin surrounding them, “can I be of help in any way? And, uh… who is Schmidt?”
Peggy glanced back at you for a quick moment, “how are your fighting skills, y/n?”
Steve gave her a glare, “no, absolutely not.”
The driver looked back once more, expecting an answer. You glanced at Steve, “I’ve got experience with guns and hand-on-hand combat.”
Steve shook his head, “that’s nice but I’m not letting you do what I think Peggy is insinuating.”
Peggy elbowed him before she answered you, “there’s a chance your skills may come in handy, Miss y/n, but it won’t be an easy feat.”
You nodded to her, “I’d like to be of any service I can, Agent Carter.”
Steve grumbled, “am I just invisible to you two?” That finally got a giggle out of you and Steve glanced back, squeezing your hand, before turning towards the front.
You waited a few moments before you tapped Steve’s shoulder, getting his attention, “hmm?”
With a head tilt, you asked again, “who is this Schmidt guy? Never got an answer earlier.”
Steve seemed a bit tense when you asked before answering you, “he’s a confidant to Hitler and closely affiliated with Hydra. Once we take down Schmidt, we get closer to taking down Hitler.”
Your eyes had widened during his short summary, “so you really been killin’ Nazis, Stevie?”
He huffed, “been trying too – mostly taking over Hydra bases. Buck was more the killing Nazi type.”
With a slight smile, you squeezed Steve’s hand, “sounds like our James.”
The rest of the ride was quiet, save for some mindless chatter over Peggy’s radio.
By the time you three got to Camp Lehigh, getting your identification was nothing out of the ordinary; however, being looked at with either such sorrow or surprise was a shock. You had assumed people knew about Bucky, but you never thought Bucky had told everyone about the girl from home, nor that they knew what she looked like. Tears flooded your eyes very quickly at the image of Bucky boasting about his Brooklyn girl and everything about her, and apparently, his words got all the way back to New Jersey.
Even when you got to the London Bunker, more dejected looks were given your way. Some sick part of you wished he hadn’t made you such a big deal, but if he were still alive, you’d be flustered. With subtle hands, you quietly put Bucky’s dog talks within your new army greens officer uniform. While you definitely were not an officer, Peggy had no problem lending you one of hers, telling you that if someone had a problem with it, take it up with her.
You clearly remembered her conversation as she dragged you into her tent, quickly shoveling through a trunk of hers, “are you alright wearing one of these? I have a few different sizes – whatever fits you.”
You accepted a green skirt of hers with a nod, along with a tan-colored blouse and a green jacket. Thankfully, it had no medals on it so you didn’t exactly feel as if you were impersonating a soldier.
You looked towards Peggy as she made her leave, “thank you, Agent Carter…You truly did not have to do this but – but I appreciate it.”
Peggy gave a soft smile as she opened the tent, “anything for Barnes’ girl.”
Right when she left, you sobbed for a good 20 minutes. You remember mumbling to yourself, “I hope I still am your best girl, Jamie.”
Over the next few days, you had quickly grown accustomed to the troops' fast pace and overall serious atmosphere, along with their Colonel. You would never admit it to the man, but Colonel Phillips scared you when you two had first met; you wondered if he had ever laughed in his entire life. And you definitely wouldn’t tell him this either, but you knew he was a big softie underneath that whole ‘I’m Colonel Phillips and you have to be intimidated by me’ attitude. Once you had arrived in London, you made it your mission to make the Colonel laugh, whether it be at your expense or someone else’s – but it took your mind off James; well, as much as it could.
One man who admired your mission and seemed to play along with it was Mr. Howard Stark; when the two of you weren’t messing around, history was being made, and changing the world for the better was your first priority.
Besides his cocky attitude, Howard had truly become one of your favorite people – besides Captain America himself, of course. When Steve had introduced you to the team focused on finding Schmidt and the rest of Hydra, Howard had taken to you liking a father hen, showing you his new tech and his favorite, the new vibranium shield he made for Cap. He was so ecstatic about showing a new face his greatest creation and how indestructible it was; as he told you, everyone else did not seem as impressed and he needed someone with a brain like yours to comprehend what he made.
While nobody else knew, he had also shown you the last remaining vial of the super-soldier serum Dr. Erskine had made and thus, what Howard had been trying to recreate. He had almost been successful but told you he did not want to use Erskine’s last vial on someone, in case it ever came to that. Instead, he wanted to try his own, one that would not affect one’s looks physically but included all the enhancements. Now that got you intrigued; you loved Steve, truly, but if you ever got the chance to take Stark’s serum and wanted a husband in the future, you did not want to look so…bulky.
The two of you worked closely together, using Stark brainpower and L/N design skills and expert eye to create the new symbol for Captain America.
With a pretty decent paint job on your part, both you and Howard took a step back from the upheld shield, looking over the new red, white and blue design, fit with a silver star. Tears filled your eyes but you refused to let them fall as Howard rested a hand on your back – your Stevie would be carrying that shield proudly very shortly.
Howard pulled you into a quick side hug, “Sergeant Barnes would be proud of you, kid. Look at you, designing Captain America’s new shield!”
With a soft laugh, you wiped your eyes, “I hope he would be.”
Before Howard stepped away to give you some space, you grabbed onto his arm, eyes darting towards the suitcase underneath his desk, “can I ask you something, Howard?”
Howard crossed his arms, “what’s goin’ on inside that head of yours, kiddo?”
You let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding, “listen, I know you’re gonna say no, but I just… I need to get this out.”
Howard noticed your serious tone and pulled you against a corner of the huge bunker that had been your home for the past couple of days, surrounded by books that you had read in record time, “go on, kid.”
You fumbled over your words, nails scratching against your skin, “do you think – do you think I could take the serum? Your recreation, of course – I saw your successful attempts and I want to take it. I’ve thought it over, truly, and it’s what I want. Ever since James – ever since James died, I’ve felt so lost and useless; I want to do something, something that James would be proud of. And I know you’re gonna say no, but Howard, I really need to do this, so please-“
Howard interrupted you, hand held up calmly, “let’s talk to Colonel Phillips, okay?”
Your eyes grew wide, “real-really? No immediate reprimanding?”
He looked at you with soft eyes, “I know what you’re feeling, y/n, and it’s not a good feeling. While I wish there was another solution other than you taking the serum, I – I’m not opposed to it. Maybe we need a sidekick.”
You gave a slight smile as he grinned back, “thank you, Howie.” He pinched your arm in response to his nickname, narrowing his eyes playfully.
The moment you asked Colonel Phillips for a private meeting with you, him, Howard, and Peggy, he already seemed on edge. Woke up on the wrong side of the cot, sour coffee, you weren’t sure – but you were sure that he was not going to be happy with your idea.
As expected, the meeting with Colonel Phillips was not exactly great; he may have thrown a fit and yelled at you for even suggesting such a thing. Okay, ouch, that stung – you genuinely thought it was a good idea.
You had interrupted during such fit, “sir, may I remind you that Steve Rogers had no prior fighting experience yet he got the super-soldier serum? I have the skills – well, some skills - the will to fight, and the…”
You stopped.
“I have a purpose, just like Steve,” you began once more, “Hydra took away the most important person in my life and I’ll be damned to hell if I’m not gonna do anything to stop them. So please, sir, let me do this.”
Peggy Carter stood beside Colonel Phillips, her lips twitching up in a slight smile, “you remind me of him. Of Barnes.” The Colonel grumbled.
You felt a shiver run down your spine, “I guess he rubbed off on me.”
Peggy looked to Colonel Phillips as he was deep in thought, until he spoke, “you talk to Rogers about this?”
You shook your head, “no, sir.”
Colonel Phillips crossed his arms, “I suggest you bring it to his attention before we make a final decision, l/n. Then, if we decide yes, we’re going to need to change the plan just a tad bit.”
With a nod, you stood up and walked out of the meeting room, hoping to find Steve around the corner somewhere; on your way out, you already heard Colonel Phillips grumbling about how it would be nice to have another super-soldier.
One of the Howling Commandos spoke up during your search for Steve, “he’s over at Crocker’s Folly. Bar right across the street from here, kid.” You thanked him and walked out of the site, spotting a very beat-down bar just across the street, surprisingly still standing.
Heading over, you had honestly no idea how to bring up the idea of you taking the serum to Steve; it definitely was no normal conversation. You knew he would say no, but you wanted to take it and be of use during the war and avenge Bucky in any way you could. Once inside, you heard a radio in the distance of the bar, unsure of what song was playing. Following the sound, broken glass and among other things crunched under your footsteps, letting Steve know someone was there.
Sitting at a table with a bottle of liquor and a glass by himself, your best friend turned around and glanced at you, pulling up a chair. You gave a small smile, finding the seat right across from him, “are you okay?”
Steve shrugged, “that Dr. Erskine said the serum wouldn’t just affect my muscles, it would affect my cells. Create a protective system of regeneration and healing… which means uh.. –“
“You can’t get drunk.”
Steve shot you a look, “when you’d get so smart?”
You kicked his foot with a chuckle, “when I started hangin’ out with Howard.”
He gave a sad smile as tears flooded his eyes, “I am so sorry, y/n.”
You choked back a sob, eyes filling with tears, “it wasn’t your fault, Stevie. I know that you did everything you could.”
Steve’s eyes were brimmed red, “how are you – how are you staying so strong?”
Clearing your throat of the sob making its way up, you licked your lips, “I feel like I’ve cried too many tears, Steve. I want to cry more, my god I do, but I know he wouldn’t want that.”
Steve nodded, “’m sorry to bring him up, I just…” he mumbled, “I’m going to kill Schmidt and all of Hydra if it’s the last thing ‘m gonna do, y/n.” His hand had curled into a fist and you felt the anger radiating off of him.
You grasped his hand, softly uncurling it, “I actually wanted to talk to you about something, pertaining Schmidt.”
Steve let out a grumble, taking one last sip of his drink, “everything okay?”
You nodded, “I – I’m okay. But Howard…he has a remaining vial of the serum from Dr. Erskine and has even recreated it himself. I talked to Peggy and Colonel Phillips and I’m going to take it, the recreation.”
Steve’s eyes shot up to yours, “Y/N, I can’t – I can’t let you do that. It’s too dangerous and I promised –“
“Steve,” you stopped him, “I know you promised Bucky that you would look out for me. I promised him that about you, too. But I want to do this. It’s my decision and I’m hoping you’ll let me do this for myself and Buck.”
The man across from you looked down at his glass for a long while before he looked you in the eyes with a grin, “’gonna pretend I can get drunk and forget why I even agreed.”
A small smile formed on your lips as you reached over, squeezing his hand, “thank you, Stevie. Now c’mon, we got a serum to inject and plans to tweak.”
When the two of you reached the bunker once again, you nodded to Howard and he let out a breath. He was not exactly looking forward to this, injecting you with the serum, but it’s what you wanted. Word quickly got to Colonel Phillips who seemed a bit relieved himself, glad there were no tantrums thrown – much like his.
Down the many halls of the bunker, Howard, Peggy, and a few nurses prepared an operation room, a bed centered in the middle of the room as lights displayed it. Once you were injected, you would need a few moments to recollect yourself – both of them knew this.
You, Colonel Phillips, and Steve stood outside the operation room, looking in as Howard laid out the serum and sedation if needed. The Colonel spoke up first, looking down at you, “you certain about this? There’s no guarantee you’ll live.”
You nodded, “I’m aware, Colonel. But I’ve thought it through and it’s what I want.”
Steve looked to you as the Colonel looked on, “you yell for me if you need me, okay? I’m right outside.” You gave him a small smile before you headed inside per Howard’s direction.
Steve stopped you once more, “and y/n?”
You turned around to look at him as he continued, “you’re a good person. Maybe not a perfect soldier yet, but a good person.”
You smiled at Steve, “looks like I’ll need you as my teacher once I become your sidekick, Stevie.” You both let out a chuckle.
Nurses stood behind the two tables surrounding the cot you were instructed to lay on, taking off your shirt and tossing it into Peggy’s arms, letting out a whistle, immediately calming your nerves. You flashed her a smile which she returned.
Bright lights shining onto your body – now only clad in a bra and some army green cargo pants – your gaze shifted to Howard. He looked albeit nervous but once he caught your eye, all nerves disappeared, “how ya feelin’ kid?”
You chuckled, “like I’m about to be turned into a super-soldier.”
Howard’s shoulders shook with a slight laugh, “that’s nuts – it’s almost as if I’m administering said serum. I’m gonna inject you with some penicillin, okay?”
You nodded your head, looking towards the window where you saw Steve looking way too tense. With a smile, you gave him a thumbs up in which he chuckled at, shaking his head. Beside him stood the Colonel who looked nervous himself, but with a blow-kiss, you saw him roll his eyes and turn back into your stern Colonel Phillips.
Howard spoke up, grabbing your attention, “now, y/n, your transformation will be a bit different from Steve’s, but the outcome should be the same – just no outer physical changes, as I mentioned. No need for nerves. You ready?”
You nodded, and with a deep breath, you felt the sharp needle penetrate your skin, injecting you with the serum. As the serum coursed through your veins, your skin felt as if it were on fire, your breaths growing quicker and sweat already forming on your skin. Howard noticed your breaths, “deep breaths, kid, don’t rush the process. You got this. How ya feelin’?”
You grunted, “burning – hot but cold. Freezer burn.”
Howard grew pale, somehow making sense of your words, “okay, y/n, you gotta fight this. Don’t let the serum override your body – you gotta let it combine with your cells. C’mon, kid!” Peggy’s grip tightened on your shirt as she looked on, whispering words of encouragement.
Outside, Steve and Colonel Phillips began pacing, the Colonel glaring through the window, telling himself that he could telepathically communicate with you and force you to live through this. Steve bit his thumb, growing more and more anxious by the second.
Your body had now started to sweat profusely, the shine adding itself to your figure as you breathed heavier, a gasp and a sharp scream leaving your lips. Steve immediately ran in, holding your hand, “y/n, come on, please! Fight this – don’t give up, please. I – I need you, we all do.”
In a split second, your eyes opened, meeting Steve’s for a split second before you let out another yell, eyes squeezing shut once more, “Steve! It hurts – it hurts!”
Your whole body felt as if it were on fire yet hypothermic, your chest feeling so heavy that it was difficult to breathe. Every cell in your body felt as if it were being torn apart and being put back together again; you talked to yourself in your head, “how the hell did Steve do this?”
Steve ran a hand over your now-damp hair, “I know, I know, but you got this, y/n. Once you beat this, we’ll go and kill those sonsabitches at Hydra, you hear me? You gotta beat this.”
Over time, which honestly felt like hours, your body slowly started to welcome the serum and new changes within your body, your breathing returning to normal and sweat disappearing onto the cot below you, body returning to normal temperature. With only a slightly bloody nose, you felt…good. Resting against the cot, you let out a sigh, eyes fluttering.
Howard hooked an IV up to your arm, returning the liquids you had sweat out, pushing your shoulder lightly, “’gotta talk to me, kid.”
You grumbled, “’m tired…but feel like I could run a marathon.”
Steve’s hand squeezed yours as he let out a laugh, looking up to the ceiling, “that’s your girl, Barnes. You did great, y/n – you did great.”
Eyes still shut, you hummed, “mmm…do I have abs of steel now?”
Steve chuckled, “would it make you feel better if I said yes?”
You nodded your head, a dopey smile on your face. Steve continued, “I wouldn’t want to fight you in the ring, bug.”
Slowly but surely, you opened your eyes, adjusting to the way your body felt and sensed everything around you. With a grunt, you rubbed your eyes, glancing at your hands – hmm, they looked the same?
Howard noticed your confusion, “Remember what I said, kid? No outer physical changes, but you got all the upgrades Rogers has. Better looking, obviously,” you let out a soft laugh, “just not as bulky.”
With a hum, you sat up, fighting off Steve and Howard’s mother hen tendencies, “’mentioned that earlier…bulky. ‘m fine, by the way – stop worryin’.”
Slowly getting off the cot, you walked around the room, stretching your legs and your whole body. Everything felt different but good; it’s like your senses and every cell within your body were heightened. “It felt cold,” you mentioned to Howard, “the serum.”
He nodded, “as opposed to the vita-rays, we had to keep it in cold storage. Easier that way.”
You hummed, and while turning around in the small room, your eyes met Steve’s once more, “well Captain, what now?”
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whatrambles · 6 days ago
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader
Warnings: Swearing. One suggestive sentence.
(A/N): Feedback is always appreciated. Happy reading :)
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
The doors of the elevator opened with a screech to the living quarters of Avengers Tower.
Stepping out, you walked to your room and flopped on your bed, exhausted after the time consuming afternoon.
“Agent (Y/L/N), Sergeant Barnes requires your immediate assistance in the gym.”
You turned onto your back and narrowed your eyes at the ceiling.
“It's urgent.” F. R. I. D. A. Y. spoke further, not informing you more on the matter.
Just as you arrived at the entrance, the AI advised you to remove all metallic objects from your personnel.
“Hey (Y/N).” Bucky greeted.
“Oh my god.” you tried your hardest to keep the laughter at bay but it just wasn't possible.
Up on the ceiling, Bucky Barnes was somehow stuck to it. His head and neck at a strange angle due to his left arm being flush against the grey tiling.
“What happened?” you questioned between breathes of air.
“Stark probably.” he waved his non stuck hand in a gesture.
“Mr. Stark installed a powerful magnet to the ceiling which seems to have attracted Sergeant Barnes’ bionic arm.” the ever helpful AI informed.
“Thanks F. R. I. D. A. Y. I think we figured about my arm.”
“So, uh. How do we get you down?”
Shrugging as much as he could, Bucky suggested maybe pulling him down might work.
You grabbed onto his legs and tugged as hard as you could while the soldier tries to separate his arm from the ceiling.
A loud thud rang out as the super-soldier landed on top of you moments before he flew up again.
“You've got be fucking kidding me!” he yelled in frustration. Not only had he gotten himself stuck, the only person that was in the tower was his crush who he most certainly did not want to embarrass himself in front of. He was going to kill Tony.
“There's got to be a better way of doing this. Let me go check Tony's lab.” running out of the room, you entered the Iron man’s lab. One of these switched had to do something. Right? You were an Avenger. You could figure this out. If all else failed, you could try the pulling method again. Lord knows that you didn't mind Bucky's body on top of yours. Focus (Y/N), we have a task to do.
Going through half of the table in front of you, you found a lever labeled “Magnet Test 0.3”.
Hesitantly you pulled it hoping it worked.
You made your way back to the gym where you found the brunette laying spread eagled on one of the blue mats.
“You okay there Sarge?”
“Mhm, just fine. I think…”
You walked up next to him and lay down on his right side.
“Anything I can do to help?”
He pondered a bit before he got the perfect idea. He had overheard Natasha and Wanda plotting on how to set the two of you up and he figured now was his chance.
“Well, you could let me take my saviour out on a date?” he proposed quietly.
“And if your saviour says yes?” you teased.
“She will go on the best date of her life.”
“Give me a time and date Sarge.” pressing a kiss to his stubble covered cheek, you stood up to leave.
“How about tomorrow at eight?”
“Sounds perfect. See you then!” internally you squealed and did a little celebration dance filled with excitement in your head.
“Wait!” Bucky called out to you, “One more thing. Whatever you do, do not tell Sam.”
Chuckling, you sashayed out pulling out your phone and texting Nat and Wanda. You couldn't wait.
Tumblr media
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Of Men and Monsters || B.B. x Reader
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: mentions of blood, injury, experiments
a/n: i have never written for bucky so don't be mean :)) also i must thank isa @randomoutsiders for saving whatever this is
There is a man hiding in her closet.
(The man is not truly a man, but for the sake of the story, he is.)
(And the closet is not truly a closet, more of a cryostasis chamber, but to avoid verbosity, it’s just a closet.)
(And, perhaps most important, the man-that’s-not-a-man in the closet-that’s-not-a-closet is not truly hiding there. He is a prisoner. But in the interest of ethics, he is hiding.)
She doesn’t know much, but it is still enough. She knows that when she wakes up in the middle of the night, it is because of his screams. She knows that when she is ordered to look the other way, it is because he is fulfilling his purpose. She knows that when she helps her colleagues, her mission, strapping him into the chair, it is because he belongs there.
That’s what she tells herself.
The girl is often afraid of her closet; she fears what lurks there. Skeletons, those are what hang inside, but she also finds men. Men that linger behind old dresses and between her favorite pairs of shoes. It’s hers, she understands that—she should not be afraid of her own home (if such an organization could be called that), but a part of her still flickers with trepidation.
Once every two weeks, the girl checks on the man. She takes three sets of stairs down. Travels through one corridor. Makes a right. Two more sets. Another corridor. A left. His is not an easy hiding spot to find, and behind her, she leaves pretty blouses and ripped jackets.
Her feet know the course well, and by now she can follow it in her sleep. The girl knows the science, the facts. She knows he is too frozen to feel much in the chamber, but she can’t help but wonder if he gets cold.
It is a pattern. Check physical symptoms, observe brain activity, monitor vitals. She looks for muscle tone and bone density and makes sure he is a soldier. That is the only reason he exists, after all.
And sometimes, her pattern gets interrupted. Sometimes, the man is awake.
Those are the most interesting interactions. Usually (every two weeks, of course), there is no speaking—at least not the exchangeable kind. Normally, she talks to him, asks him questions about his life. He doesn’t answer. But in these deviating times, she almost believes he would.
The girl helps him prepare, testing his arm, providing him clothes. These are her new roles; she is a servant to a cause.
(She wonders if that makes them equal.)
The man is always disoriented when he leaves the chamber. He is quiet, he stares. And when she looks into his eyes, there is nothing at all.
But she knows that’s not true. She sees the slight tremor in his index finger, the left shoulder that he rolls one too many times—almost as if he doesn’t quite know what it’s doing there. His face stays schooled—no signs, save for the feathering in his jaw—but something tells her that there’s more.
Are you ready, soldier? they ask, and she thinks that his answer will not be given any consideration. Perhaps this was only another show of power.
The process of taking control is one she does not enjoy, and consequently, she always happens to slip from the room during that time.
She has become acquainted with him now; the girl knows the man well, even if he does not know her.
And in such a disrupted pattern, she always awaits his return. Sometimes, it’s with crimson coating his hands; sometimes, it’s with crimson coming from his body. This is the part she can never escape, because that’s the thing about men who hide in your closet: they follow you into your dreams.
She heals his wounds, she stitches him up, and only once did she ever murmur, Bucky?
He did not respond.
The girl learned the nickname when she accepted the job, and she took mercy on the man who lost more than merely an arm. His memories are gone, his mind is gone. He is a tool, he is a weapon, he is just a soldier.
Yet his screams echo as any normal man’s would. His cries and his blood are more human than anything else. And that’s why she still cares, because—with every wipe of all he knows—she wonders who will be left to remember him.
One day, they asked him his name. Asked him who he was. She had read the familiar surname (Stark) on the mission file, but it went forgotten as the man paused. Stilled. Stuttered.
Her fingers stiffened over the metal of his arm.
The girl could see the man’s lips shape the words, the letters, and she thought, perhaps, that she made a mistake. Because for him to know the answer would be for him to endure even more agony. More than one kind.
His brow furrowed, the silent B being formed. But he stopped himself.
They repeated the question, and this time, the man stayed silent. He knew who he was, who he was bound to be.
The girl watched as they strapped down the man who hides in her closet. She watched the man (who is not truly a man) get tucked behind her old dresses, between her favorite pairs of shoes. She watched them dust their hands and tell her to sleep. But as she walks back to her bed, darkness lingering, she wonders what separates a man and a monster.
And she wonders if they locked up the wrong one.
But even so, the girl is not afraid of the monster, only what lies underneath. The real fear is not a product of the fact that men are monsters, but rather that monsters wear the faces of men. And, maybe, that it is often the most terrified of men who appear the most monstrous. She knows what a hurt animal is capable of, and she knows what they do to girls who ask too many questions.
Through the corridors, up the stairs, the man’s screams chase her. The girl cannot escape, no matter how tightly she shuts the closet door.
(It might also be wise to note that in this story, the girl truly is a girl. She is nothing more and nothing less. She is a pawn, she is a puppet, she is just a girl.)
Tag List: @elleblxck @wizardingworldlover13
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rendevousz · 7 days ago
req: i was wondering if i could request a natasha x teen daughter reader where the reader has really bad social anxiety please? maybe where the reader was in the red room with natasha but given to hydra once the red room was taken down and natasha has been looking for her ever since she left the red room. on a mission to take down a hydra base natasha finally finds reader, and it's super emotional for the both of them and they're just happy to have each other back. natasha knows about readers social anxiety from when she was younger and sees that it's only gotten worse now, so she's super sweet and understanding. she saves the reader from the base and comforts her the whole way home because she's scared of all of the new people also on the jet (the other avengers). the reader lives with natasha at the compound with everyone else and natasha is just great about her social anxiety and never pushes her out of her comfort zone and comforts her when she has panic attacks. sorry if that's a lot, but thank you so much! i love your fics sooo much, you're such an amazing writer!!! 💖💖💖
mother figure!nat x fem!teen!reader
summary: nat finally finds you after years of looking.
word count: 4083
notes: i didn't make them peers in the red room because then they'd have to be around the same ages but i made them meet at the red room. also i didn't know how to write about her having social anxiety so i hope you don't mind that i didn't 😓 hope you like this <33
"stop," madame b's authoritative voice commanded and all of you stopped dancing. all of your peers seemed to be struggling to stand still on their battered feet, some breathing heavily but who could blame them? you had all been instructed to dance for hours now. you had to dance until you couldn't anymore.
your head faced madame b but your eyes landed on your best friend, veronika, for a split second. she seemed in pain and you vowed to check on her after whatever announcement your supervisor had for you. you stood tall, clenching your jaw in order to not show that you were in pain or out of breath.
madame b's gaze flickered to you for a second, her lip lifting up on one side for a brief moment before her face hardened once again.
"i have someone special here today. she's here to observe your training and if necessary, teach what you girls lack. she has long graduated this academy, please welcome miss natasha romanova."
you jolted awake, panting hard at the memory that just played in your dreams. you looked around you, seeing the same cell wall you had been put in for the past three years. after the fall of the red room academy where you were from, another organisation came and swooped you in, not wanting to waste your skills. you were the only one they took, having heard much about your abilities and reputation in the red room.
the girls stood all around you and veronika, watching the two of you spar tirelessly after hours of endless ballet. natasha and madame b watched the match closely, eyes trained on your techniques and movements.
after natasha had introduced herself to all of you, madame b had instructed her supposedly two best students—you and veronika— to demonstrate a true spar between skilled assassins.
while you were reluctant to attack your best friend, she had other plans, one that included impressing her idol who stood mere metres away from her. you were shocked when she started attacking you. never had she obeyed a command against you so quick.
you had to put away your initial shock to start attacking back in order to not get hurt by the hands of your own best friend. the look in her eyes was different, almost animalistic. it wasn't like the one she had when you two were laid in your beds side to side at night, handcuffed to it while you talked about your deepest struggles being in the academy. it wasn't the same one she had when you reassured her that she was doing okay whenever she said she would never be as good as you were at this whole assassin thing. it wasn't the same innocently surprised one she had just moments ago when she was addressed as one of madame b's best students.
this wasn't your best friend. this was a girl blinded by her desire to impress. she wanted to show natasha that she was the better one out of you two. your heart broke when you saw her desperation. it was obvious in the way she fought you.
it wasn't long before you had her in a chokehold, the girl struggling to get your grip off of her. your face visibly faltered, eyes tearing up slightly when you heard her whimpers. natasha took notice of this.
your lips were quivering when you turned to madame b. a simple nod from your trainer had you whispering a strained 'i'm sorry, i love you' in her ear before you broke her neck. the girl fell limp in your arms, dropping down to the mat, dead. you panted heavily as you stepped away from her body.
"good. this is what i expect of all of you," madame b turns to your peers, the stone cold look back on her face. "one thing you need to perfect though, y/n, is your emotions. don't get emotional over things that don't matter. i saw your inner conflict. veronika would have no reluctancy to end you if you were the one in the chokehold. she was more mentally prepared to be a ruthless assassin. you're lucky you're more skilful than she is. she would have no hesitation to kill you, close companion or not."
you swallowed that lump in your throat, biting the insides of your cheeks to prevent crying right then and there. "you have a lot of potential, y/n. don't let your emotions ruin it. i have high hopes for you." she spoke once again, before dismissing everyone.
you left the room with a heavy heart, turning to look at veronika's body one last time before leaving quickly so you could break down where no one else could witness.
you rushed to the staircase where you and veronika would sneak away all the time when you were supposed to be having lunch. you two would always sit under those stairs, talk about anything and everything you could. your tears were now freely rolling down your face.
"hey," you heard a voice say and you quickly wiped your tears away. you looked up and saw that it was none other than natasha. "miss romanova," you breathed out, scrambling to get up before she placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, the woman seating herself next to you on the floor, under the staircase.
"that must've been hard for you," she spoke after a few seconds of silence. "i remember my first time killing an actual person in training. they had me shoot targets and i consistently got the bullseye every time. then they switched out the targets to an actual person and i had a hard time doing that. i can't imagine how it must've been for you. i heard you and veronika were quite the inseparable duo."
you didn't move to show that you were shattered over the current events but the millions of tears silently streaming down your face said otherwise. natasha turned to you, reaching to wipe your tears away before gently caressing your cheek.
"you're a strong one, y/n. you remind me of myself when i was still in training. i can see myself in you." she told you truthfully. she had no idea why but she felt a strong connection towards you. she felt that you and her had so much in common. she had a strange inclination to protect you even though she knew damn well you were capable of doing so yourself.
since then, she always dropped by to help train all of you but you and her developed a relationship so strong that she even told you of her plans to get you out of that hellhole. at that point, it had been a few months since she'd turned good but she kept coming to the academy for your sake. she felt a sense of responsibility over you, like a mother would over her daughter.
she would with the other girls too if they had shown at least a bit of humanity but it seemed that the red room had ruined them beyond fixing. despite being the best student of the academy, you still weren't inhumane like the rest. you would hesitate to hurt others, only doing so when threatened and even that, you still weren't as heartless or cruel.
madame b would always berate you over this but natasha would pick up the pieces every single time. you loved her. she was the best thing in your life after veronika and your heart broke when the red room fell and you were taken away. away from the mother you never had.
you awoke with a jolt again. it was the second night in a row you were reliving your past memories. you touched your face and you felt the tears on it, wiping them with your sleeve as you sat up in your cold, uncomfortable bed in your cell. you sighed, bringing your knees up to your chest and hugging them.
you couldn't help but think of nat again. what could've happened if she managed to get you out before you were taken away? could you have a nice life with her? would you never have to hide under the stairs to have emotional exchanges with the woman? would you finally have been able to be who you were, not influenced by the evil around you?
you never knew what it was like having a mother but you imagined it was what nat had been towards you during the times you spent together at the academy. you two were more mother and daughter rather than trainer and student.
all of a sudden, alarms blared through the building and red warning lights flickered in your cell. you stood up, peeking through the small glass of your cell door to see guards rushing through the hallways in a frenzy.
you assumed that the facility was under attack and no one was coming to save you. you didn't even try, walking back to your bed to return to your position of hugging your knees tightly to your chest.
you could hear the chaos outside but opted not to pay attention to it. it didn't involve you and if no one was coming to save you from whatever was attacking the place—not that anyone in that place would, you were merely an asset to them—you wouldn't bother worrying about whether you were going to live by the end of the night.
a loud bang interrupted your thoughts and you looked up to see your cell door had been forcefully thrown open by a large man in stripes, holding a circular shield. you immediately stood up, getting ready to attack him when he spoke.
"i'm not here to hurt you." he said, holding out a hand as if to tell you to stop whatever you were about to do. "we're here to save you. you can finally leave this place now." he says gently. you frown at him, still in a stance ready to attack him.
"cap, is there someone in this room?" a familiar voice spoke and your head immediately turned to the door, where the owner of the voice stood, mouth dropping open at the sight of you. your face softened and a tiny gasp left your lips at the sight of her.
"y/ that you?" she breathed out, walking towards you and not stopping when she saw that you weren't alarmed or anything. "nat.." you choked out, tears starting to form. how crazy was it that you had been having flashbacks of her for the past two nights and suddenly she was here to come save you?
"y/n!" she exclaimed, pulling you into a tight hug. you knees buckled but she held onto you tightly, sniffling as she caressed your head gently. you buried your face in her shoulder as you took in the familiar feeling of being in her arms once again.
more tears started to form in your eyes now. never had you thought you were actually going to see her again. you lost the hope of seeing her again two years ago. but here she was, standing in your cell and hugging you like there would be no tomorrow.
your hugging session was cut short when steve sheepishly spoke up. "sorry to uh, interrupt this reunion but more guards are coming, i think it's best if we leave now." he picked up his shield, leading the three of you out of the facility safely and back to their quinjet. the whole time, nat held onto your hand tightly, as if letting go would lead to another few years of being apart once again.
once you reached the quinjet, nat led you to the seats in the back where you two would have more privacy. the team watched the two of you in confusion before turning back to steve for an explanation as he was the one who was partnered with nat for this mission. all the captain could tell them was that you two knew each other way before this and that all of them would have to wait for an explanation from nat herself if they wanted to know what was going on.
when you reached the compound, nat led you to her room where she lent you her clothes and let you shower before tucking you into her bed. when she was sure you were comfortably asleep, she left the room quietly to go grab a glass of water only to find the whole team sat in the common room instead of back in their own rooms.
she looked at them, confused. "guys, it's like almost the crack ass of dawn and we just got back from a mission, why aren't you asleep? or were you debriefing? in the common room? did i miss it?"
"no, you know debriefings for late night missions are the next morning. we were waiting for you actually," steve spoke on behalf of the whole team. "me? for what?"
"nat, c'mon, don't act stupid. you know what we're talking about," clint makes an unimpressed face at his best friend. nat sighs, taking a seat next to him and the team look at her expectantly. she cleared her throat, preparing for a whole story time.
"you know how i was from the red room?" she asked them and they all nodded, urging her to continue her story. "well, after i graduated, i was asked to come help train the younger ones in the programme. during that time, i met this girl. she reminded me a lot of my younger self and she didn't seem completely brainwashed to the point where she lacked emotions. i grew close to her and after i met clint and joined SHIELD, i vowed to get her out of there because she went through a lot in that hellhole and i could tell she didn't want to do any of the things that the other girls were fine doing.
"she had a good heart and i didn't want it to be wasted. she was the best in the academy and i knew they had big plans for her. but i didn't want her to be programmed to kill. she was much more than that. so i made this whole plan for her escape. i kept going back to the academy to come see her and share my plan with her. clint, you always asked me where i kept disappearing to when we first started becoming friends. it was her. the people there didn't know i was already under SHIELD at that time—nobody did—so it was safe for me to keep visiting and keep planning an escape for her.
"but three years ago, the red room fell. i rushed over because i thought i could finally leave with her without anyone knowing. but apparently she'd been taken away. she was the only one of the girls who was taken. by who, i didn't know at that time. but i knew it was because of her skills and abilities. if the red room had big plans for her, i knew other organisations must've already heard of her too.
"i never stopped looking for her. i don't know why i never thought of HYDRA. but it doesn't matter anymore. i finally found her and i'm never letting her go. i hope you guys don't mind that she lives here now. if not, i'll move out and find somewhere for us."
the team seemed surprised that nat told them her story. they were very much expecting her to, well, not tell them because this seemed like a very personal story.
"no, no, of course she can stay. i'll even set up another room for her." tony says and nat nods gratefully. "what's her name?" wanda asks.
"y/n," nat tells her, smiling at the thought of you as she stands up. "alright, i have to go back to her. see you guys in the morning. maybe you'll get to see her then."
she bids them goodnight, leaving after grabbing a glass of water for you in case you woke up in the middle of the night, in need of it. she wasn't wrong because when she got back to her room, you were up, hugging your knees as you cried.
"hey, hey, hey, what's wrong, sugar?" she quickly puts the glass of water on the bedside table, sitting on the bed and pulling you close to her. you look up at her all teary-eyed and she feels her heart break.
"i–i thought i lost you again," you croaked out, burying your face in her shoulder. "oh, sugar, you'll never lose me ever again. i'll never let that happen. you're safe here with me. now sleep, i'll be here when you wake up." she stroked your hair gently, laying down next to you on the bed before you two fell into a blissful slumber in each other's arms.
true to her words, she was right next to you when you woke up the next time. she seemed wide awake and you felt bad because she probably had been up hours before but didn't leave you because you were scared.
"how'd you sleep, sugar?" she asked as you sat up, stretching. "the best i have in years. thanks to you, nat." you smiled at her, still not believing all of this is real. that you're finally reunited with the woman you thought of as your mother.
"do you want to meet my friends? they're dying to meet you," she tells you and you bite your lips nervously. "do you think they'll like me?"
"are you crazy? of course they will. and if they don't, i'll make them." she threatens playfully and you laugh, missing how protective of you she is. you smile, agreeing to her suggestions to meet her friends after you got ready for the day.
"hi, sweetie, you're y/n?" a man with fancy silk pyjamas greeted as you entered the common room with natasha. you nodded timidly, scooting closer to natasha. it was weird for natasha to see you this nervous. after all, you were the best student of your batch in the red room. but she understood that years with no actual social interaction does that to people.
"i hope you'll like staying here, i already have your room setting up as of right now. when you move in, you can tell me if you don't like anything and i'll change it for you. oh, i forgot, i'm tony," he extends a hand towards you and with an encouraging nod from nat, you hesitantly shake his hand. he smiles at you before telling you both he has projects to finish down in his lab and to tell him if you needed anything.
"hey, nat, not gonna introduce your friend to us?" you heard a voice from behind you and you two turned around to see two men and a woman. you recognised both men—one of them was the one who broke into your cell last night and the other one you had seen him a lot from pictures nat would show you during your secret meetings in your red room days. he was her best friend. you didn't know the woman but the kind smile on her face was enough to reassure you that these people weren't bad.
"y/n, meet clint, the idiot who i call best friend," she points to the shorter man. the name nat called him must've offended him because the face he made was hilarious that you let out a little giggle. nat smiles at this before proceeding to introduce the other two.
"this one's steve, he's an old man stuck in a young body—literally— so if he says things you don't understand, just smile and nod." you nod at nat and steve gives her an incredulous look, as if not believing the audacity she had to introduce him like that.
"this one's wanda, she's the least annoying person in this whole place and she can cook whatever you want so i think you two will get along really well." wanda smiles at you and you return it shyly. you smile at the other two before nat drags you away, telling them she still had others to introduce you to.
when you entered the kitchen, you saw a man reading a newspaper on the kitchen island while another man, whose skin was red, stood beside him. they seemed to be discussing something very intelligent because you didn't understand a single word they spoke.
"bruce, vision, i want you to meet someone." they turned their attentions towards you and nat and you immediately felt like hiding once again. "oh hello, steve told us you brought back someone from the mission. is this her? hello, i'm bruce," the man sitting down introduced himself.
"wait, is this the bruce?" you asked nat, smirking teasingly at her and she smacks you gently on the shoulder. the man seemed flustered at what you're insinuating, scratching his neck awkwardly.
"bruce, vision, this is y/n, i've known her for a long time and i finally found her after years so i hope you two won't mind that she'll be staying here from now on," nat tells them. the two of them didn't come on the mission last night so they were the only two who didn't actually see you until today.
"it's nice to meet you, y/n. i'm vision, i hope you'll enjoy your stay here." the man with the red skin greets formally and you turn to nat with a confused expression. "he's an android, he does things a bit weird here so don't mind him." she whispers to you and you nod understandingly.
"it's nice to meet you two, i hope we'll be good friends." you say awkwardly, hoping to get this whole introduction thing over with. how many people do you have left to meet?
speaking of the devil—or should you say, devils—, two annoying voices rang through the kitchen, interrupting the peacefulness that it was before they came in.
"i'm just saying that if you hadn't eaten my last bag of chips last week, i wouldn't have taken your cookies last night. it's all about fair play, man."
"and i keep telling you that it wasn't me! i don't even like those stupid salty ass chips from that brand,"
"stop lying, i saw you eating that brand the other day! just admit you stole my chips and go,"
"guys, are you really having another one of your stupid arguments now?" nat cuts them off and they immediately turned to you, finally noticing all of you.
"oh hey! y/n, right? it's nice to meet you, i'm sam. if you wanna survive in this place, you better hide your snacks because if you don't, this winter warrior here will snatch 'em all before you can even stash them in the cupboards. don't ever trust this guy here when it comes to your snacks. you heard what happened to mine," the man fakes a cry and you held back a laugh at his long introduction. you only wanted a name to match the face but he gave you much more. you didn't mind though, he seemed like a fun person.
"hi, doll, i'm bucky. don't listen to eagle right here, i do not steal snacks. i simply let people have a taste of their own medicine. you steal my snacks, wilson, i steal 'em back. you think i don't know you stole my oreos too last month? that's why i stole your damn chips last week,"
"so you did steal them!"
"so what if i did?! you stole my oreos first!"
"oh my god, guys, you're really embarrassing me in front of y/n. these are really the people i was excited to introduce her to," nat face-palmed and you couldn't help but laugh. "don't worry nat, these people seem amazing. i can't wait to get to know them better." you assured her and she smiles, pulling you close to her. "buckle up, sugar, because living with the avengers is gonna be a wild ride."
you were excited for what was about to come. it seemed like everything was finally falling into place. you finally got nat back and you didn't have to worry about losing her again because you had a feeling these people weren't going to let that happen.
taglist <3
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lovelybarnes · 7 days ago
reckless- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, platonic!sam wilson, platonic!natasha romanoff, platonic!steve rogers
warnings: mentions of injuries, descriptions of fighting, angry bucky, a horrible ending, i kind of really hate this
about: “the things i feel for her are unlike anything i’ve ever felt before.” for a sleepover!
i actually wrote another one with the same quote but i didn’t think it fit so i changed it (that one will be posted tomorrow or the day after so i can edit it)
you’re annoyingly reckless to a point where it gets dangerous.
he’s told you this a thousand times before but you don’t listen- aren’t listening at the moment.
he knows it’s ironic that he’s being reckless by not paying attention to what’s going on, too concentrated on you- even if you’ve told him countless times that you literally can’t die (to which he responds with a “you never know!” because, really do you?)- but he has a metal arm and sam, who’s been hovering around him like a vulture after noticing his lack of concentration.
before he can react to it, a slimy arm is promptly cut off by you, the blade you threw now back in your hands and stained green with the things’ blood. you scowl at it and shoot him a dirty look, “pay fucking attention!” you demand, shaking the weapon haphazardly to get the goo off. he can’t believe that the words came out of your mouth but rolls his eyes and obeys, knocking an ugly alien down and crushing its chest with his boot.
he can still hear your cocky remarks and giggles- yes, giggles, you giggle when you fight life threatening menaces- paired with the gross sounds of your knife impaling the aliens they’re fighting. it’s the only thing keeping him from practically babysitting you, a reassurance that you’re there, careless and impetuous, but alive and close.
suddenly, he can’t hear you, and he turns to what he quite possibly believes to be the most disgusting thing he’s seen in his life (and it’s been a long one, so far). you’re blue, covered in a slimy substance, and your face is so red, it’s beginning to look nearly purple with the cyan sheen over it. you screech abruptly, wiping at your face angrily and jumping at the thing that probably did that to you. he nearly feels pity for it. nearly, because, in your rage, you hadn’t even noticed the large gash along your shoulder. before he can go to you before you kill yourself, his metal arm feels like it’s being sucked, taking him with it, and he grunts. “what the fuck-” he manages, unsure of what he’s looking at, but trying to cut through the sticky arm attached to his own. you’re there in five seconds flat, still blue and still angry, which he notices makes the slicing through the appendage easier.
you seem to decide to stay with him after that, and he’s not sure if he’s offended because you don’t think he can take care of himself- which is ridiculous, since this only happened because he was taking care of you- or touched.
“god, i wish i had wanda’s powers. chaos magick works a lot faster than causing chaos,” you complain, trying to wipe away the blue sludge at the same time and wincing when it tugs at your injury. he is reminded of the shoulder wound he nearly got his arm ripped off for trying to warn you, and he stops your hand. “you’re bleeding, you should probably be a little more careful with this.” he motions to your arm, avoiding touching it.
you frown at him, “it’s fine, it’s just a little cut.” (it’s most certainly not a “little cut.”)
you extend the hurt arm over him and flick your hands when you see an alien about to rip bucky’s head off, a grimace passing your face that he sees but you try to cover up anyways. “see? it hurts you, you need-”
“i just saved your life, would a hurt person be able to do that?” you cut him off, and he stares at you. noticing a green thing coming up behind you, he grabs your waist and moves you out of the way, shooting it with his gun and watching as it drops to the ground. “ow!” you protest, “you hurt my-” seeming to realize you’re about to prove him right, you shut up and roll your eyes. “you’re welcome,” bucky huffs, wiping away some of the blue stuff from your cheek.
your cheeks warm against his touch without your permission, and you turn away. bucky smirks at your reaction.
“shut up,” you grumble, extending your fingers and aiming at a group of the aliens ganging up on natasha. they freeze for the few seconds they’re under your control, and nat manages to take out two in the moment. the three left break out of the trance, turn to each other, and begin to fight. natasha makes eye contact with you in a form of thanks and starts to take the rest out. you hear a gun go off behind you and turn to see one of the things that sprayed you on the floor. bucky saved you again, great, it’s not like he’ll rub it in your face forever.
“you need to pay attention, what if i’m not here?” bucky scolds. “then never leave,” you flirt casually in response. with a few twirls of your finger, most of the aliens stop paying attention to your team and begin attacking their own teammates.
you don’t notice when one of the few unaffected beings picks up a discarded gun and shoots at you twice. bucky moves you away from a head shot, but one lands opposite to the bleeding slash on your shoulder, and the other hits your thigh.
“goddamnit, y/n, pay attention!” bucky growls, holding up your full weight when your adrenaline begins to run out and everything becomes blurry. “‘m fine,” you try to reassure, attempting to stand back on your wobbly legs. bucky doesn’t let you, shooting at as many aliens as he can with one gun. he turns to look at your state after he shoots most of them, allowing the others to take care of it while he tries to take care of you. his metal hand is touching the small device in his ear, telling the others the situation while his other arm holds you up. you might be delirious now, and your eyelids are becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. “hm, i’m not going to die, b’cky.” you tell him, noticing the increasing panic in his voice as he talks to steve. “stop saying that, how would you know if you haven’t died yet?”
his question is confusing for your foggy brain, so you decide to skip it, unknowingly making his worries worse. the blood running down your back isn’t stopping, and bucky stops for a second to lift you up completely, tucking his hand underneath your knees to carry you. at the tug at your thigh, you bite back a scream. bucky pretends not to notice; his hands are covered in a warm red. he’s trying his best to ignore it.
“don’t die,” bucky whispers again and again, making you frown, “how many times do i ‘ave to tell you i can’t die?”
“i’ll believe it when you don’t,” bucky mutters, and the blue sky turns to gray when he’s inside the quinjet. he sets you down on the medbay cot, looking lost as he calls out friday’s name. “yes, mister barnes?”
“y/n- uh-”
“do a scan on me and… and treat accordingly,” you interrupt. “scanning now,” friday obeys, and you turn to bucky. “by the time you figured it out i would have bled out.”
“that’s not funny, y/n,” bucky says seriously. you squeeze your eyes shut for a second, “calm down, i’ll be fine.” friday has enclosed you in some clear glass, red grids letting you know of your condition. “ooh, that’s bad,” you mumble, much to the dismay of your boyfriend. “what?” said boyfriend asks, and you wave him off as best you can- which means a pathetic bounce of your arm- and tell him to let friday do her thing. “we are not done here,” bucky instructs, but sits next to you and holds your hand. you can see his glossed eyes now, you wonder how you didn’t see them before.
“shouldn’t you be fighting?” you ask, a wave of exhaustion crashing over you. rest, your body begs. you’ll comply later. “they’re almost done, the chaos thing you did makes their job a lot easier.”
“‘s what i do,” you say breathily before falling asleep.
you’re still in the quinjet the next time you open your eyes, which lets you know it’s only been a few hours and you’re feeling better already. goddess healing, you think, looking around to see bucky’s hand still around yours. he looks worried, the hard lines usually softened by the sound of your voice as hard as you’ve ever seen them. you squeeze his fingers gently. “bucky,” you coo, “i’m not dying anymore.”
bucky turns to you immediately, squinting, “that’s not funny.” it’s like deja vu, but you’re not sure from where.
a vein on bucky’s neck throbs, and you’re aware that you’re pushing it, so you stop for a second, “i was just kidding, i-”
“no!-” bucky’s voice is near yelling, so he shuts his eyes for a moment, continuing in a lower voice, “you almost died, do you know how terrifying that is? you nearly bled out in my arms.” sam, nat and steve, who were waiting for you to wake up next to bucky, pause when he raises his voice. “bucky-” you start, softer now, trying to sit up. bucky stands, “listen to me!”
steve stands, beginning to put a hand on bucky’s shoulder, “buck-” he’s silenced with a cold look from bucky. sam gets to his feet too, telling steve and nat to give you both a minute. they do, after nat kisses your cheek like she always does when you get hurt. you’re sitting on the edge of the bed now, reaching for bucky, “bucky?”
“you don’t… you don’t know how much you scared me, y/n. you have to stop being so careless,” he says after a few seconds. you furrow your brows, “i’m not careless, i’m confident in my skills.”
“you are. you’re careless and reckless and hasty and i need you to not be,” he says harshly, you frown. “why? i’m fine and i’m always going to be-”
“you don’t- you don’t understand!-” bucky snaps. “then help me understand,” you implore. bucky closes his eyes tightly again, breathing in slowly. “the things... that i feel for you are unlike anything i have ever felt before, and i can’t- i can’t lose you, okay?”
“you’re not going to,” you assure, extending your arms towards him, noting the tiny ache in response. he walks over to you, letting you grab his jaw when he’s close, you run your fingers over his cheeks gently. “i’ll be more careful,” you promise. bucky nods, tucking his face into the dip of your neck. you run your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck, letting him squeeze your waist almost to reassure himself you’re actually there.
“hey,” you say quietly after a few moments, pressing tender kisses to bucky’s cheek, “sit down, i want to do something.” you stand, grabbing onto bucky’s arm when you stumble a little and promise him you’re fine and are taking it easy. you take out the first aid kit from one of the cabinets, setting it down next to bucky, opening it and taking out everything you need. you begin to clean his cuts, putting a pink hello kitty bandaid over one of his particularly bad ones. it’ll be gone within a day, but you can’t resist, and it makes him laugh.
you hum while you dab at a small scratch next to his eye, and he chuckles lowly, you look up at him, “what?”
“you’re still a little blue.”
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40sbuckyy · 7 days ago
How I think 40s Bucky would fuck you
He loves watching you scrunch up your face in pleasure while fucking you slow and sweet
Will always give you time to get used to his size and praise you
Sometimes will fuck you hard and rough especially if he is about to go to war
After care is important to him he will always clean you up taking great care of you
Giving you soft kisses after
Definitely loves to choke you
Loves to be called Sergeant
Would get turned on from you wearing his shirts
Find it adorable when you take his sergeant hat and put it on yourself but end up fucking you while you still wear it
Would send you sweet letters but also send you ones where you end up aching for him to come home and fuck you
(Comment what I should do next)
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lxdyred · 8 days ago
To second chances in life
Pairing: Sam Wilson/Falcon/Captain America x Fem!Avenger!Reader
Summary: "Hi! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I was wondering if you are still taking requests? If so could you do some Sam fluff where on his wedding day, maybe Bucky is his Best Man and when it comes to the rings Bucky jokes “what rings? You didn’t give me any rings?” As Sam is turning to look at Bucky he winks at the reader, because Sam as been the groomzilla because he’s wanted the wedding to be the best day for her, because she stuck through everything with him? Please. I hope the request makes sense. ♥️" By @velvetcardiganbucky -- I really hope you like it babes! (Sorry for taking so long tho)
Requests: Open!
A/N: English is not my maternal language, if this has any grammatical errors please let me know. Also this is SPOILER FREE!
Feedback is really appreciated. I really wanna know what you think about this! So please coment, reblog and like (?) 😊
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Okay, okay. It's all going to be fine. Everything will be great." Sam whispered as he tried to reassure himself. "It's only your wedding day. Fuck. Only my wedding day? You idiot it's the most important day of your life, Wilson." He scolded himself.
"Anyone listening to you would label you a lunatic." Bucky commented from the doorway, where he stood leaning with his arms crossed watching his good friend talk to himself.
"Not if they've seen you first, doing your staring thing." Sam replied back. Bucky laughed and shook his head, moving closer to his friend. "I'm a nervous wreck, Buck."
"I know. Just look at you." Buck commented as he walked over to the small table by the window where there was a bottle of Whiskey and two glasses. He took it upon himself to pour some of the alcohol and offered a glass to Sam, who nodded in gratitude. "Everything will be fine, Cap."
"I want everything to go perfect today, for her. She deserves it, man." Sam commented as he walked over to the window of his room and looked out the window, and watched as all the guests stood in the large back yard of his family house, waiting for the ceremony to begin soon. "I just want to give her the life she deserves after all the shit she's been through." He took a swig of his whiskey before setting the glass down on the table and finishing buttoning the buttons on his shirt.
"I adore your girl." Barnes spoke with a smile. "I like the idea of not having to be dressed so formally at a wedding. I hate ties, they're a pain in the ass." Bucky lowered his gaze to the floor and raised an eyebrow. "Sam." He called out to his co-worker and friend.
"Mhm? What's up?" Sam asked as he looked in the mirror and gave the blue-eyed man a look through the mirror.
"Why the hell are you wearing two mismatched socks? To be exact one with colored dots and one with garish yellow stripes."
"For good luck." Wilson lifted his pants a little to better show Buck the socks. "Bonbon's wearing the other two." He blurted proudly at the thought of how the girl of his dreams would be wearing the same unmatched socks on their wedding day.
"I don't want to know any more. I don't want to even imagine if you'll be wearing anything else to match." Bucky pretended to shiver. "What a pair of dorks." He whispered to himself.
"Gentlemen." Sarah spoke, poking her head through the bedroom door. "The bride has arrived. So get your asses moving, the ceremony is starting now."
"Hey, Sarah." Said a flirtatious Bucky, who couldn't take his eyes off his friend's beautiful younger sister.
"Hi, Buck." Sarah whispered in the same manner. "I'll wait for you guys downstairs." Informed to the two men the woman, before disappearing as quickly as she had appeared.
"Thanks, sis." Sam thanked before dropping a punch on Bucky's flesh arm. "Bucky, no." He pointed a finger at Barnes, who shook his head and laughed.
"It's too late now, Samuel."
"I beg your pardon? No, Barnes." He pointed his finger again at him menacingly. "I swear to God I'll tell Carlos to-"
"-to chop me up and feed me to the fish. Yeah, yeah. Nah, we know you wouldn't." Buck taunted Sam.
"You know what? That's right, I wouldn't. I wouldn't say anything to Carlos, because I know I'm going to end up doing it myself in the end."
"Then you'd never get your wedding rings. Mind you, I'm the one in charge of them, like the good Best Man that I am." Bucky commented with a shit-eating grin on his face.
"I swear to God I'll kill you, Barnes." Scowled Sam, Bucky laughed loudly and patted his good friend on the back.
"Come on, let's get you married, Wilson."
Five minutes later, both friends were in the back garden of the house, surrounded by all the guests. It was an intimate wedding, but there were still a bit more people than there would usually be at one, but there were considerably fewer than would at a normal wedding. Among the guests were Sarah and her sons, Isaiah and Elijah Bradley, close friends of the Wilson family, people who helped with the family business, neighbors, and of course, there were the Avengers and their families. Clint was with Laura and her children, Scott was with Hope and Cassie, Pepper with Morgan, Peter was with his Aunt May and Happy, representing Wakanda were Okoye and Ayo (as the King and Shuri were attending some royal business), Rhodey, Bruce and Wanda were also there, as were Strange and Wong. Unfortunately The Guardians, Thor and Carol could not be present as they were busy settling matters on other planets where there was still chaos after the return of the vanished people.
"SAM!" shouted Morgan in excitement when he saw Wilson, who upon seeing the little girl run to him bent down to pick her up and give her a hug.
"My goodness, Morgan, how much you've grown! You're so big now!" he laughed as he tossed the little girl in the air and she giggled. "Are you already taking care of your mother?" he asked the little girl, who vigorously nodded her head and smiled showing her teeth, and showing that the bottom two had fallen out. "Two of them already!? Wow, I bet the tooth fairy brought you something cool."
"Don't be silly, I know there is no tooth fairy. Mom gave me a new book and one of daddy's old helmet." The younger Stark spoke animatedly, as Pepper joined Sam and her daughter.
"Hey, Pepper. It's so good to see you." Sam said to the strawberry blonde-haired woman.
"Likewise, Sam." said Pepper with a smile as she took Morgan in her arms. "We've been looking forward to seeing you. Morgan had been looking forward to seeing her sister since the last time she came to see us a few weeks ago."
"Do you know if Sissy will be long in coming? I want to see her now. I'm sure she'll look very pretty in the dress we picked out together." Laughingly said the girl as she smiled and nodded her head vigorously.
"I'm sure she will be here soon, sweetie." Potts said as she set her daughter down.
"Big brother, get ready your girl is coming now." Sarah announced appearing from behind Sam, then patting him on the shoulder and leading him to the dock, which was where the couple would be get married. "I'm finally going to have a sister." sighed Sarah contentedly.
Sam, nervous as he was, began to fiddle with his fingers as he focused his gaze on the trees around him in an attempt to stay calm, but suddenly a collective gasp caught his attention. All the guests rose from their respective seats, and that was the signal that the ceremony had just begun. Wilson lowered his gaze and pinned it to the end of the garden, specifically to the back door of his house, which was where the love of his life had just appeared accompanied by AJ and Cass, who were in charge of walking her down the aisle/dock, each giving a hand to the bride.
"Damn." Sam whispered dumbfounded as he watched his fiancée, go approaching him with a radiant smile and eyes crystallized by the immense emotion and happiness she was feeling at that moment. "I hit the ficking Jackpot, man." He commented as he too began to cry with emotion. Never in his life did he ever believe that he could love someone so much and feel such happiness just by seeing that person. He never thought he would ever experience a moment like that, he never thought he would ever get to marry the love of his life.
Sam Wilson was a very lucky man, indeed.
Bucky, who was standing behind him, rested a hand on his shoulder as a sign that he was there. Sam took a fleeting glance at his friend and could see the excitement he also felt on his face, a bright smile on Bucky's face showed how happy he was for his two friends. Sarah was in the same position, almost on the verge of tears as she saw the emotion that reigned the place and the look of love-struck goofiness between her brother and her future sister-in-law.
Once the future Mrs. Wilson got to where her future husband was waiting for her, she let out a laugh as she brushed away the tears streaming down her face. Like Sam, she never thought she would get to experience this intimate and special moment with the love of her life, and for the simple fact of having the opportunity to do so, after those five long years without him by her side, she thanked the god who had made it possible.
No. Not to the god who made it possible. She was thanking Bruce and her father for making it happen. After all, he had given his life so that everyone's life could go back to the way it was.
"Fuck, you look beautiful, baby. You look amazing." Sam mentioned still with tears in his eyes, as he took her hand in his. "That dress-- plus it's your favorite color! Woah, just-- amazing. God... I'm speechless."
"Sammy, don't make me cry even more." Whispered the young avenger with a sweet smile through her tears. "By the way..." She caught Sam's eye, who looked down at the floor and saw the dismatched socks his girl was wearing under the long dress, after she lifted it a little. Sam laughed and showed his to her.
"Dorks." Laughed Bucky slyly brushing away his tears, as he looked down at the water.
"Oh, Buck. I didn't know you were the type to cry at weddings." His best friend, almost sister, teased him.
"Oh, shut it."
The ceremony continued smoothly, until the most emotional moment arrived. The rings exchange.
"And now the lovebirds will proceed with the exchange of rings." Sarah said as she smiled at the couple, and these two looked at each other, Sam made a gesture to indicate to Bucky that it was time for him to give him the rings. He waited a few moments but Bucky didn't seem to have understood him as he didn't give the rings to Sam.
"Buck, the rings." Sam muttered as he turned briefly and looked at his friend, who was looking at him in confusion. "The rings, Barnes. The rings. I gave them to you last night!" he scolded Bucky in a whisper.
Bucky looked at Sarah and then at BonBon, after that he looked back at his friend. "What rings? You didn't give me any rings." He replied to his friend who turned fully in his direction.
"Were you that wasted on that New Asgard's liquor?" He reprimanded the sergeant again in a whisper. "You've got to be kidding me." Bucky denied, as he felt around for the rings. Sam turned to give his still-fiancée-almost-wife a look.
"No, man. Sorry." apologized Bucky as he winked at his best friend over Sam's shoulder, the bride laughed and shook her head slyly.
"Goddamnit. I'm so sorry, Bonbon. I don't know at what point I decided to put a senile man in charge of our wedding rings." Sam pinched the bridge of his nose as he shook her head and sighed.
"Gotcha." Bucky blurted suddenly, pulling the rings out of his pocket. "A little drama was needed. You know, to add some excitement to the wedding." He held out his palm with the rings in it and Sam quickly took them, then turned his back on the Best Man.
The guests laughed at the scene. The wedding was turning out to be anything but normal, and that was what they would all end up remembering about that day.
"I know I'll kill him someday. I'll vouch for that." Sam muttered, before taking a breath and preparing to exchange rings. "Bonbon, Baby, Sunshine, My girl.... I promise to love you faithfully, trust you and respect you. I promise to comfort you in times of need and take care of you. I promise to be your faithful companion, friend, confidant and lover. All that is mine is now yours. Especially my heart. Till death do us part." Sam said as he held back tears as he put the ring on his special girl. He let out a small laugh as he saw how happy she was.
The smile that was plastered on her face made her glow, almost brighter than the sun itself.
God, how he loved her.
A tear fell down the cheek of the eldest of the Wilson siblings, but the bride attentively managed to brush it away from her lover's face, before proceeding to put the ring now on him. "Sammy, my love, my lover, my soul mate... I promise to be your faithful companion in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, in good and bad times. I promise to love you unconditionally, to honor and respect you and to pamper you with my whole being. I will be your comfort in times of need, your ally in battles to come, and the confidant of your heaviest secrets. I promise to give you my heart forever, even though it has been that way already. Forever, lover man. Till death do us part." This time it was Sam who received the ring.
"My girl..." Sam murmured before taking her face and kissing her sweetly but briefly, as Sarah cut their moment short.
"Not yet." Said Sam's sister with a tender expression.
"Hurry up, Mom!" exclaimed AJ from his seat, causing several of the guests to laugh.
"Okay, fine. By the power vested in me by the internet and the trust of this lovely couple, I now pronounce you.... husband and wife!" Sarah exclaimed, causing all the guests to stand and begin clapping and whistling.
The now Mr. and Mrs. Wilson stood completely static, they couldn't believe it. They were now married, they were now husband and wife.
Forever and ever.
"Now is when you grab her face and kiss her, Samuel!" Bucky exclaimed, thus causing Sam to react, finally kissing his now wife.
"Dorks" Sighed Sarah as she applauded the newlyweds. Bucky looked at her and smiled as he too clapped.
Maybe he too could meet the same fate as his friends and experience that special moment with someone in the future.
Feedback is so appreciated, please let me know what you think. If you have any request send them my way!
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