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give-me-a-moose · 26 minutes ago
It Is What It Is
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Bucky Barnes/Fem!Reader
Words: 1,062
Summary: Every time you and Bucky try to go your separate ways, one of you gives in and reaches out . Inspired by It Is What It Is by Kacey Musgraves.
Tumblr media
You lost count of how many times you rolled over. No matter what you did, you just could not sleep. Deep down, you knew the reason for that. The deep set ache in your heart that would not relent. Ever since you and him split up, you haven't been able to sleep. Your body would not allow it. The absence of him beside you was too much. You missed the feeling of his arms around you as you slept. His warmth as your back. 
You reached for your phone and dialed that familiar number. You hadn’t even meant to do it, it was instinct for you at this point. After a few rings, he picked up. 
“I think we’re thinking too hard.” you rambled into the phone before you could fully wake up and feel mortified, “So, put on your shoes and get in your car. Put it in drive and point it this way.” 
“We both know that’s not a good idea.” he mumbled sleepily on the other end.
“We don’t have talk.” you argued, “You don’t have to stay.” 
After a few beats of silence, you heard him sigh, “Give me twenty minutes.” 
He hung up and you set down the phone. This was probably a mistake, but you couldn’t find it in you to care about that. All you knew was that you needed one more night in his arms. One more night of comfort and security, maybe then you could quit him. You knew you were lying to yourself even as you thought the words. 
Exactly twenty minutes after he promised, you heard a knock at your door. You opened it and saw Bucky standing there. In his grey sweats and a black, long sleeve t-shirt, he looked down at you in confusion. 
“Are you okay?” he asked, his deep blue eyes studying every inch of you. 
“I ain’t got no one sleeping with me.” you looked down at your hands, “And you ain’t got nowhere you need to be.” 
You peeked up at his face and saw the realization dawn on him. With a sad smile, he pulled you into his arms. His chin rested on your head as you buried your face into his chest. For the first time since he left, you could finally breathe again. 
You tried being apart from each other multiple times in the past, but the truth is, you were who you were. And both of you were so much in love. The love you felt for Bucky was so intense that sometimes it scared you. Looking into his eyes, you knew he felt the same way. Even though neither of you would ever say it out loud. Being so in love couldn’t be a good thing. But you were both too dumb to give up. More so, too stubborn to change.
“Bed?” he asked, his voice low and rumbling. 
You nodded against him and he led you into your bedroom. You eased into bed together, your back against his chest and his arms around your waist. For the first time in weeks, you felt yourself relax and fall into a deep sleep. Bucky squeezed his arm around you once before he too succumbed to the call of sleep. 
The next morning, you awoke to an empty bed. Your heart clenched, but you reminded yourself that you told him he did not have to stay. You never really knew how to define your relationship. It wasn’t normal by any means. You assumed that you would both keep falling into this pattern until something better came along. Or until whatever you had was gone. Maybe that pull was already fading for Bucky.  
You rolled yourself out of bed and stumbled into your kitchen. You thought about the coffee you would call your breakfast, when you walked in to see Bucky in your kitchen. Making eggs. 
“You didn’t leave?” you asked before you could think to stop yourself. 
Bucky just turned to you and gave you that bright smile, “Someone has to make sure you actually eat something. Coffee isn’t a meal, sweetheart.” 
“You didn’t have to cook for me.” you slinked into the room and sat at the table. 
“I have to give you a reason to keep me around.” he smiled at you as he set two plates down at the table, one right in front of you. It smelled amazing.
You both sat in silence as you ate. It was like he never left, and everything was back to normal with you two. You had fallen back into the same pattern before you broke it off the last time. You would fight, break up, and every time one of you would reach out. It was inescapable and yet there was nowhere else you wanted to be. 
“Wanna tell me why you called me last night?” Bucky asked, his voice was soft. 
When he spoke to you like that, you knew you could try to tell him the truth. Part of you wanted to give in and tell him how desperately you loved him. How much you wanted him to stay, for good this time. You could be earnest and bare your soul to him. You knew it, but you still couldn’t find the courage to do it. 
“Maybe I love you.” you shrugged noncommittally as you stirred your coffee, “Maybe I’m just kind of bored.” 
Bucky chuckled and stabbed his food with his fork, “It is what it is.”
Just like that he accepted your answer. He let you skirt around the issue and make a joke about it. Once you were finished eating, he took your plates and put them in the sink. He moved so easily within your space, like he belonged there. Of course he belonged there. You both knew it. 
“I read about a farmer’s market that’s happening today.” he suggested as he sat back down next to you. 
He took your hand so easily and you knew that you would happily fall into this pattern with him for the rest of your life. Or for as long as he wanted you. Your relationship would never be normal, but it would be this. 
He pressed a kiss to the back of your hand, “What do ya say?”
It is what it is. 
Til it ain’t anymore.  
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metalbuckaroo · 34 minutes ago
Bad Night Pt. 2
Summary: After a bad date, Bucky offers his help
Warnings: smut, mentioned birth control, cursing, fluff, kinda cheesy, pretty sure that's it.
AU: Roommate!Bucky x Fem!Reader
AN: Holy shit this got long I'm sorry lol
Requests are always open, feedback and reblogs are appreciated.
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
"I mean it."
And he did, because he knew. Ever since you spent his birthday with him he knew; the day you brought home a single cupcake and forced him to stop working just to go get 'birthday milkshakes'.
A smile was plastered on your face the whole day; you had made Bucky's favorite dinner specially for his birthday, watched his favorite movie with him. That's the day he realized he wanted you to always smile at him like that.
Now, you stood looking at him wide eyed, trying to figure out if he's serious or not. "Why?" You asked, still not letting go of the sides of his shirt.
He furrowed his eyebrows and shrugged. "I care about you and I don't want some guy knocking around down there, ruining the first time experience."
Inhaling a deep breath, you sat your hands on his chest. "I'll think about it." You nodded, backing away from him slightly. "You do that. Just give me the words and I'll break out the flower petals and champagne." He teased, going back to his joking state.
You did think about it, even into the next morning as you shuffled around your room; you thought about how he couldn't actually be serious. It was just him being... Bucky.
Friendly, flirty Bucky, who swore his place on this earth was to get under your skin and make you flustered.
The same Bucky that kissed your shoulder every morning in the kitchen, smacked your backside every time he caught you bent down; even squeeze it when he'd get the chance.
The one who would stumble into your dark room in his boxers, just to wake you up and show you a video he'd found; then try to talk you into letting him into your bed to show you more.
"Christ, James-" You cursed when you turned to see Bucky standing in your doorway, hair a mess and sweatpants hanging low on his hips. "Why the hell you up so early, Cherry." He mumbled, voice still scratchy.
The newfound nickname rolled off his tongue like he'd said it a million times, making your cheeks heat up.
"It's almost noon." You said, moving to sit in the middle of your bed as he walked further into your room.
He sat on the edge of the mattress and laid back, his arms behind his head. "Early for a saturday." He hummed, closing his eyes.
You watched the way his chest steadily rose and fell, his dog tags shifting slightly with every breath. Nothing Bucky did surprised you, so if he'd fallen asleep it wouldn't be shocking.
"Hey," you extended your leg out to nudge his bare side with your foot. "Don't fall asleep in my bed, you lug."
He chuckled quietly and held your calf in his metal hand, turning his head to look at you. "Think about my offer? Gonna let me pop your cherry?" He teased with a smile, gently pressing circles into your skin.
You rolled your eyes at him and shook your head. "Why are you so adamant on it being you?" He palmed at his nose with his free hand and shrugged. "It has to be done right. I can do it right. But, you have to answer something for me."
"Hm?" You hummed in response as he turned to his side, squinting his eyes at you. "If you haven't had sex, why take birth control?"
"To... regulate things. This is not a conversation I'm having with you."
"Makes since. No pressure, but I will gladly assist you in your- deflowering." He grinned. You pinched the bridge of your nose and sighed. "I don't want you to feel like you have to, just because I whined one time about it."
"That's not-" He chuckled and moved to sit in front of you. "I don't flirt with you just for fun and games, dollface. I care about you. That's why I want it to be me."
You blinked a couple times, trying to process his confession. "C'mere. Need a heart to heart." He stretched his legs out and reached for your wrists. "Bucky, not the lap. James-"
Instead of listening, he just pulled you to straddle his hips. "Sh, it's not weird. We were just talking about me taking your virginity, it's fine." He laughed with an infectious smile.
His hands rested on your waist, bright eyes dancing back and forth. "I don't want things to be awkward between us." You sighed, fingers wrapping around his dog tags.
He watched as your thumb ran over his name and number, heart fluttering at how you studied it every time you looked.
"They don't have to be. I want to be with you and it would be nice to know if you felt the same." He mumbled, eyes flicking back up to meet yours.
You bit your cheek, hands lifting to hold his jaw as you nodded lightly, suddenly becoming very aware of your seating on his thick thighs. "Your lap is pretty comfortable. Wouldn't mind being on it more. Ya know, bonding purposes."
Bucky's eyes widened and he tilted his head to the side with an amused smile. "Are you flirting with me, dollface?" He teased, scrunching his nose. "Only if it's working."
His hands slid down to your hips and he nodded. "Oh, its working." He laughed, rolling you onto your back, staying between your legs.
Your heart thundered away in your chest when he slipped his hands under the hem of your shirt; warm skin and cool metal making your stomach flip. "All you gotta do is tell me, and I'll do it."
You knew if you tried to form any words they'd come out in a squeak from the nervous feeling bubbling in your chest; so you just nodded and pulled his lips down to yours.
Bucky propped himself on his metal forearm, shifting his weight onto it so he could slip his fingers into the waistband of your leggings; gently tugging your bottom lip between his teeth.
"I can stop at any time. Just tell me and I'll stop." He assured, pressing a brief kiss to the corner of your mouth. "No, keep going." You said, inhaling a shaky breath.
Shocks of pleasure ran down your legs when the pad of his finger rubbed slow circles into your clit, your hands moving to hold his shoulderblades as he peppered kisses to your neck. "Shit..." You whimpered, biting your bottom lip. "Don't hold back. Let me hear you, sugar."
His low voice raised goosebumps on your skin, his finger slipping through your folds to press into you. "Bucky-" you moaned when he curled his finger.
He slowly worked you to your high with his fingers, gently sliding in and out a few times before adding another one. His gentle kisses and pleased hums enough to send you flying over the edge.
"Ready, Sugar?" Bucky said, sitting up to tug your leggings down once your body was relaxed again. "Yeah." You breathed, pulling your shirt off as he discarded his sweatpants and boxers.
The sight of him made your mouth go dry, kissable skin mashed with metal, strong features and gorgeous blue eyes only adding to his appeal.
His lingering eyes made you cover your chest and try to close your legs, heat creeping up your neck. "No, don't. You look beautiful." He said softly, shooing your arm away from your chest before bending his body back over yours.
"You can still change your mind." His eyes scanned over your face, checking for any signs to stop. You shook your head and put your hands on his ribcage. "No."
He nodded and lifted your legs higher on his hips, pressing a supple kiss to your lips. "I'll go slow, I promise."
Your heart was threatening to beat out of your chest as he reached a hand between your bodies, slowly pressing into you with a low groan.
You squeezed your eyes shut and bit your lips into your mouth at the soft burn, a whine escaping from your throat as you tightened your legs around him.
"I'm sorry, sugar. Just breathe." You felt his lips on the corner of your mouth and opened your eyes, seeing him watching the space between your bodies with a slack jaw; soft groans and pants passing his lips with the short, slow thrusts.
Your breath stuttered when he pushed deeper, teeth digging into your lip as you bucked your hips at the mixture of pleasure and pain.
He lifted his gaze to look at you, minty breath fanning your face. "Think you can take it all?" His genuine question stunned you, eyebrows creasing together. "Wait-what?"
He chuckled and tilted his head to press a kiss to your jaw. "It's okay if you don't want to, there's always next time." You shook your head and held his muscular back.
"No, no, I'm fine. Just move, please." You breathed, the fact of there being a next time sinking in. He nodded and locked his lips with yours, slowly rocking into you.
Each thrust pushed him deeper, slowly stretching you to fit more of him until he was fully sheathed. "I'm not gonna last very long, sugar. You're already squeezing me." He grunted, lifting your leg higher on his waist.
The new angle made you mewl and grip his firm back, digging cresent shapes into the smooth skin as his hips bumped yours at a slow, steady pace; his lips slotting over yours in a sweet kiss.
Bucky groaned into your mouth when your nails raked down his back, pulling away slightly. "Sorry." You panted, looking into his darkened eyes. "No, keep doing it. Feels good."
Everything you did felt good, every sound he pulled from you, every touch from you and flutter of your walls around his cock made him crave more. He was struggling not to spill into you before you were finished again, the sting your nails had brought grounded him enough to keep going.
He didn't care about anything else, everything he wanted was under him, skin clinging to his, whimpers and pants of his name the sweetest thing he'd ever heard.
You buried your face in his shoulder, squeezing your eyes shut and crying out his name as heat surged through you again, Bucky groaning at your walls clenching around him when you released around him.
Huffs of his breath fanned your shoulder, his hips stuttering before he pushed as deep as he could, thick spurts of his release pumping into you with a melodic moan. "Fuck-" He grunted, metal fingers digging into the outside of your thigh.
His stomach brushed yours with each heavy breath, warm hand finding the back of your neck. "Hey, sugar. Look at me."
You could barely hear him over the ringing in your ears, letting your head fall back onto the mattress. "Open your eyes, pretty girl. Look at me." He cooed, thumb stroking your bottom lip.
You slowly opened your eyes, being met with his hooded ones. "I didn't hurt you did I? Wasn't too hard?"
Shaking your head, he pressed another sweet kiss to your lips. "You ok?" He asked, hand sliding down your neck to rest on your collarbone. "Fantastic." You breathed, still trying to calm your body.
Bucky's bright smile crept on his face as he slipped out of you and moved to lay next to you, poking and prodding at you until you were pressed to his warm chest.
"Ten minutes and we'll go again." He hummed, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Your eyes shot back open and you tried to pull from his hold.
"Oh, god- Bucky, no, I change my mind. Go back to your room, this never happened." You laughed, lightly pushing at him chest.
He held on tighter, looking at you with a proud grin and bright eyes. "Oh, but, it did. Now, you're mine and I can have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner."
You stopped pushing and looked at him with raised eyebrows. "That's an unhealthy diet." He chuckled and lifted your leg over his hip. "You are mine, right?"
You traced his scruff covered jaw with your fingertips and nodded. "Yeah."
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fineanddandy · 2 hours ago
Summary: Bucky comes to visit Sam and you, his childhood best friend and roommate, but fails to tell you that he’s there. An embarrassing moment becomes a door of opportunity...
Relationship: TFATWS!Bucky x black!reader
Warnings: WELP...S M U T, AU, mentions of nudity, exchange of fluids, graphic language, unprotected sex, rough sex, angst, blah blah 18+
A/N: soooooo this wasn’t supposed to happen but AAAAYYYYEEEE FIRST BUCKY STORY ✨✨✨ this is @afriendlyblackhottie fault we talked about this last night and it was still on my mind this morning and BAM nasty fic starring Bucky with mentions of Sam. Totally random. Totally unplanned buuuuut enjoy!
Tumblr media
Four a.m. and there’s a commotion of sorts going down in the living room. Flinging your eyelids open with a groan, you aren’t frightened because it’s just Sam coming in from doing his crime fighting thing. He never comes in quietly, just straight up fuck your sleep when he’s tossing his shit down like this is normal hours. You do your best to adjust to his newfound fame, his super hero lifestyle but there are times you feel like Sam takes advantage of your ordinary citizen normalcy. Yes you keep unusual hours and are a chill ass person, but if Sam wasn’t like a brother to you, you would have kicked him out by now. Also he’s in and out a lot so it wasn’t like he’s a total bother. You’re just dumb tired, dying for at least five hours of sleep.
“Sam!” You shout out into the dark, flopping onto your back. You literally just fell asleep after a shitty night at work.
“Sorry!” He shouts back wincing then cuts his eyes at the sofa. “Man you gotta be quiet.” He whispers over to Bucky who’s tiredly tossing his boots down by his backpack.
“Relax,” Bucky yawns, dismissing Sam with an eye roll, “YN just barely went to sleep.”
“Yeah and I don’t want her comin in here and cussin me out because you’re being too damn loud.” Sam whisper-shouts back at him coming from the kitchen with water, tossing one over to Bucky before he grabs his bag and keys.
“Probably should have just told her that I was coming.” He shrugs with a sigh, unbuttoning his black denim jeans and shoving them down to his ankles before he plops back down on the sofa to kick them off.
You should come cuss Sam out for not giving you a proper heads up about his spur of the moment visit. Oh Bucky’s well aware of your attitude, being on the receiving end of it in the past. It’s a funny story now, but at the time not so much. Bucky coming in through the patio door late one night while you were hooking up with some strange guy on the sofa. Welcomed by a scream and an aluminum bat flying towards his face, Bucky blocked your powerful swing with his metal arm. Denting the bat then snatching it from you. You went off for a good ten minutes, to him and then to Sam who walked out of his room sleepy and confused. And it’ll happen once again in the morning when you find him on the couch because Sam is going to forget. Watch.
“I’ll shoot her a text later. I gotta go to some briefing at the Capitol so I won’t be back for a few days.” Sam informs Buck, heading for the front door but stops and turns back to suggest, “Just...don’t do your thing.” Bucky frowns, unsure of what he means by that. “And don’t push her buttons. I’ve known her since I was like seven man, and she has had the same short fuse since.”
Fluffing the pillows on the couch Bucky settles in, turning his back to Sam, ready for sleep as well. “I know, I know,” he grumbles closing his eyes. “Get out of here before you miss your flight.”
But Sam never sent you that text. Ten a.m. rolls around and you start to wake, annoyed that the sun is shining so brightly directly in your face. There isn’t enough sleep in the world. Rolling away from the sun’s beautiful rays, you grimace and groan some more. Your usual morning mood until you eventually roll out from under your sheets, yawning and queuing up your morning meditation. Doing your routine, still no text from Sam, you are completely oblivious to Bucky even being in your apartment. Walking to and from your bedroom and the bathroom in nothing but your lady boxer briefs, headphones in and volume up like any ordinary day. You vaguely remember Sam saying something about being back in DC so when the roomie’s take advantage of the freedom.
Bucky could never sleep, no matter how badly he needed it, it was almost impossible. The most he got today’s about two hours. Lying with his eyes closed still, he listens to the patter of your bare feet across the hardwood floors, humming to yourself as you get ready to start your day. Deep down, he has a feeling Sam forgot to give you a heads up, so he isn’t too sure of what to do. Should he just wake up and run the risk of getting yelled at for Sam’s mistake OR should he just lie there and hope you’re getting ready to leave without seeing him? He hears a door close and assumes you’re back in your room. Popping his lids open, Bucky groggily turns over with a long yawn and stretch, then scratches his scruffy chin. God he hates the morning. Bucky didn’t care for a lot...but he cared about you, more than you know. He was already excited about coming to see Sam since it’s been a while but when he found out he was going to be gone for a few days, leaving you alone with him, Bucky really couldn’t wait to see you. He always thought you were cute as hell, but when you nearly clocked him with that bat? His infatuation only grew. He only barely mentioned it to Sam once and he lost it, so grossed out by the idea; it almost offended Bucky how outlandish he was about it.
“Aw c’mon Buck! She’s like my sister man!”
“But...she’s not your sister.”
“Aht! Don’t even think about it Buck. For real. Don’t.”
Heaving a tired sigh, Bucky rubs his eyes and starts to wonder what you’re up to in your room.
The last chime goes off on your meditation as you slowly open your eyes and take one last deep breath, feeling calm and at peace. You pop up off the floor with a grin, stretching your arms so high up in the air. Time for your favorite part of the day: coffee. Opening your Spotify you shuffle your morning playlist and walk out of your room with a little dance in your step, singing along as you beeline for the kitchen. Bucky bucks his eyes up at you entering the room and his jaw damn near hits the floor. Surprised gaze sweeping up your smooth cocoa butter legs to your cute ass perfectly accentuated by the tight cotton material, your tits flouncing as you shimmy, Bucky can’t believe his fuckin eyes. You soooo didn’t get that message from Sam. Bucky’s soooo about to get cussed out when you finally see him. Your music’s so loud even Buck could hear as he sits up, the blanket falling off his naked torso. Whatever you’re listening to is your jam. Bobbing your head and rolling your shoulders you lip sync along, scooping coffee grounds into a filter. He can’t fight back the cheesy smile spreading over his face. All the blood rushing to his dick growing rapidly in his own black boxer briefs you two practically match besides the sweet golden honey hue of your skin. The morning sun spotlighting you as you giggle and sing to yourself. Alerting you now would be pointless so might as well enjoy the show...? Leaning forward, resting his elbows on his knees, Bucky rubs at his chin, debating how to get your attention when you’re this exposed to him. And unknowingly too. There’s no easy way out of this one.
You bounce over to the fridge on your tip toes, giving Bucky a full display of them thangs thangin while you’re still doin your cluelessly enjoying yourself. The cool fridge air perking up your nips as you reach for the creamer. The blanket falls to the floor as Bucky stands to get a better view of your ass poking out from behind the door. Spinning around you slam the door close, noticing a figure standing there on your second turn. You scream and toss the coffee creamer up in the air, arms flinging towards your chest to cover yourself. Bucky slightly winces at the volume of your shrill, hands up, ready to explain. Coffee creamer hits the floor with a noisy splat but fuck the mess. You’ve been performing, practically naked, for Bucky for about five minutes! Embarrassed is an understatement!
“Sam was supposed to text you.”
“I came to visit?”
“Didn’t know how?”
You roar as you run off to your room, slamming the door shut behind you. Leaving Bucky completely tomato red and alone with coffee creamer all over the kitchen. He should do you the favor and clean that up. Maybe cook you some breakfast too.
Livid and fuming, you snatch your robe off the back of you door and dial Sam. Fuck a Captain America. Fuck a breach of security or protocol or whatever the fuck super heroes do. This motherfucker was going to answer. Sam’s marching down some hallway with senators when your ninth grade yearbook picture come up on his screen. Already kicking himself in the ass the second your name pops up, Sam excuses himself to take the call. Wrenching his eyes closed, hoping you won’t be screaming, he answers softly,
“Heeeey rooooomie...”
Bucky snickers to himself hunched over the spilled cream. Sam massages his forehead in shame.
“I forgot. I forgot I am so sorry YN.”
Looking over his shoulder for anyone passing by Sam turns down the volume on his phone.
“Looklooklook, I know I messed up sis but you gotta calm down. Did you meditate this morning?”
He’s trying to be cute but it isn’t the time. You inhale so deep your chest expands. “Sam shut the fuck up or so help me God.”
“Okay, okay! Not the time for jokes, I get it. What happened?”
But you’re still so embarrassed you can’t even find the words to tell him. “It’s just—it’s—,” you facepalm your forehead with a mighty smack already wishing you could forget it. “He...just scared me. That’s all...”
Sam side eyes you through the phone. “ sure?”
You drop the phone from your ear and grunt. You can’t tell him this. Not yet anyway. Maybe when the terror of it all subsides.
“Yes, just...shoot me a fuckin text asshole! I know you’re fuckin Cap and all, but you still need to respect my space dude!”
“You’re right, you’re right. That’s my bad sis.” He’s just grateful you’re done screaming. “I’ll make it up to you. Promise.”
But fuck his promise. You roll your eyes and snark, “uh huh sure,” before hanging up the phone and chunking it at your bed. Your head’s pounding, skin burning up. Anxiety on a million you drop down to the balls of your feet and hug yourself, wishing this feeling away. You can’t believe Bucky sat there the whole time just watching you make a fool of yourself like that. Replaying everything you were doing you shake your head and whine, feeling like a total asshat. Then you remember there’s creamer everywhere, that Bucky’s in your living room in nothing but his tags and underwear, and that maybe...just saw a boner? That has you standing at attention, squinting, trying to jog your memory but Bucky knocking at your door startles you out of your deep thinking.
He felt inclined to apologize even though this was mostly Sam’s fault. All he had to do was send a “Bucky’s here” message. Takes less than a minute. Even he knows that and he hates cell phones. He didn’t mean to scare you like that either or just creepily watch you dance around half naked. Bucky was in a compromising situation. And you looked so damn sexy. You crack the door open.
“Yes?” You’ve calmed down some. Besides it wasn’t completely his fault. Bucky confidently stood out in the hall, still in his underwear, and you can’t help but give him a quick look over. Never seeing this much of him before you notice how beefy and insanely ripped he is. Wishing there was a tattoo across his chest. His metal arm propped along your door frame. You’ve always seen him Sam’s weirdo super hero buddy who loves knives but goddamn. Bucky’s super hot. Like dumb hot you take a hard swallow
“Um...” His greyish blue eyes that are usually so harsh can barely look you in the face, Buck still a little pink under his scruff. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t know how to make it stop.”
He looks just as embarrassed as you, head down and voice all low. Suddenly feeling bad you open the door up some more with a sigh. Bucky was already going through it with all the therapy and debugging you could tell he meant it.
“Ugh it’s okay Bucky. I probably should be more aware of my surroundings but I really thought I was all alone. I’m sorry I yelled at you like that.” You lean your head against the edge of the door and shrug. “Sam’s a dummy sometimes.”
You two grin together, even chuckle a little, and Bucky picks his chin up. Peering up at you through his lashes his softness makes you swoon a little.
“Yeah I had a feeling he would forget. I got in at a weird hour and he had a flight to catch it was just a shit show. I should have said something.”
“Hey. C’mon. It’s fine. It’s good to see you anyway Buck.”
Letting go of the door, you open your arms out to him. Let bygones be bygones. Besides how could you not want to take advantage of this moment to hug a half naked Bucky. Even he perks up, enthusiastic to hold you after seeing so much of you so many minutes ago. In a way, you did kind of miss him. It had been way too long since his last visit and even then you barely got to talk since they had business to take care of. You guys embrace each other tightly, like two long lost friends do...who are also needy and pining for one another. Who had just seen each other half naked. His scruffy cheek scratching your soft skin as he nuzzles and squeezes you tighter. You close your eyes the hug is so good. Bucky’s skin so damn warm but with the contrasting cool of his metal hand soothing up and down your spine, a shiver quakes all over you. An alarm it’s time to let go.
“Uh I cleaned up the mess.” He smirks bashfully as you guys part, thinking about how hilarious it was to see it go flying like that. You can’t help but laugh about it too.
“Oh shit, you didn’t have to do that Buck.” You giggle as you guys walk to the kitchen. Not only did he clean up but he also started to cook. Eggs and pancake mix out on the counter by the stove you are stuck.
“Also I felt so bad I started making breakfast.” You’re already smiling so wide, placing a hand on your chest when you see your cup of coffee already waiting next to a bowl of strawberries. Oh, all is definitely forgiven with Bucky. You love anyone who is willing to cook for you, especially a fine ass man. Hell you didn’t even know he knew how to cook. Like the gentleman he is, Bucky pulls your chair out for you to sit then heads to the stove to flip pancakes.
You’ve got the best seat in the house; feet propped up in a neighboring chair, you relax and drink your coffee, watching Bucky’s back flex and move as he silently cooks. He doesn’t want to talk, just wants to feel your smitten gaze on his muscles. As you pop strawberry halves in your mouth, you tilt and cock your head, wondering all sorts of things about Bucky that you shouldn’t. How was he so fuckin big? And how was that ass so perfectly toned and round? Did you see his boner earlier? And was he fuckin anyone with it? Sam would hate the idea of you messing around with Bucky but this has really got you thinking.
“How long are you here for Bucky?” You ask as you cut your pancakes in little syrupy triangles. The silence left you with your loud thoughts you have to talk about something. You weren’t expecting much when it comes to his food but those first couple of bites had you sighing and dancing in your seat. Seriously thought when did he learn how to cook?!
“Not too sure honestly. Planned on a few days but I’m waiting to see what Sam comes back with from DC. Maybe help him out a for a bit.” Which gives him a few more days alone with you. With how things are going, he might really enjoy himself. And you just might too. Bucky can’t help but smirk as he watches you sway with your eyes closed with every bite you take. Looks like watching cooking shows when he’s bored is paying off.
“Can I just say...holy shit by the way.” You sigh with your mouth full of food, chasing sweet bread down with a sip of coffee. “This is the best breakfast I’ve had in such a long time.” You had to give your compliments to the chef who just modestly grins to himself, licking his sticky lips wishing he could lick yours clean. Your robe slipping off your shoulder, exposing your collarbone. Bucky’s metal fingertips rub together as he bites his lip.
“Thanks,” he damn near moans too focused on wanting to kiss you right above your protruding bone. God he wanted to taste you, touch you. “You should really try them with fruit. They’re even better.”
Feeling Bucky’s eyes burn a hole in your right shoulder has your eyes fluttering open, still swallowing bits of pancake. You could feel your breaths gets heavier, quicker, the more you kept eye contact with him. His teeth dragging over his bottom lip. The energy between you two so electric it could start a fire. Eyeing his metal hand fidgeting against the table stirs you up, trailing your eyes up the shiny silvery vibranium until you fall back into his hungry gaze all over again.
“Yeah?” Your eyebrow quirks with a smirk, “let me see...”
Somehow he catches your drift and his metal hand drops into the bowl in the middle of the table as you rise up out of the chair, leaning over to meet his metal fingers cradling a strawberry just for your sweet pouty lips. Bucky’s other hand grips the edge of the table so hard it splinters as he dips his smooth fingertips over your bottom lip, the strawberry tumbling onto your tastebuds. His jaw slacks with a silent “ah” as you suck on his metal fingers a bit. Your mouth waters as you moan longingly, chewing and swallowing all the contents dissolving on your tongue, holding his smolder.
“Mm you’re right Buck,” you thumb away a little drool from the corner of your lips. “It’s definitely better...a little sweeter even...” You land a tiny lick against his lingering metal fingers with a dark chuckle then bite your lip. Bucky’s heart fuckin drops into the floor. Sorry Sam.
“Fuck get over here.” He gasps out, metal hand grabbing you by the nape and dragging you up onto the table as you clear dishes out the way, knocking your chair down as your scramble up to meet Bucky’s open wet mouth. Lips collide with desperate groans. The sweet sticky residue of maple syrup dance on your tongues snaked together. Your squeal muffled as Bucky picks you up and plops you back down on his edge of table, ripping your robe open just so he can kiss and suck right over your collarbone like he wanted.
“Oh fuck Bucky.” You cry out, panting as he sloppily kisses down your chest to your rock hard nipples, biting so hard but then soothing the aching pain with a juicy kiss. “Oh my god!” Your hips go to jerk up off the table but he firmly holds you down.
“Mm you don’t know oh my god yet hun.” Bucky smirks up at you as he falls to his knees and you could almost cum based off that image alone. Big bad Bucky bowing down, clawing and jerking your underwear off your thighs, then tossing them to the side. He snatches you closer to his drooling lips breaking his stare on your excited awed face to adore your burning wet folds, spreading your legs as wide as they could go. For a moment he just shakes his head, softly growling to himself before he latches on, sinking his fat tongue so deep inside your fluttering hole. Without hesitation you lock a hand on the back of his head. A wild moan filling the air.
“Hooooollllyyyyyyy shiiiiiit Buck...” your legs spasm, your hips rock against his tongue that spears and circles your weeping pussy and you are fuckin losing your mind. He couldn’t be more pleased with how uninhibited your moans and whimpers are, how soft and needy your begs sound. Neither of you really understood how you guys got here but thank god you did. Bucky eating you out like your his most important meal of the day. Shit, of his fuckin life.
“God you taste so fuckin good.” Mumbles Bucky, face an absolute pretty mess as he slips three cool metal fingers inside your dripping hole. He didn’t care if you can handle them or not. He just couldn’t wait to see his cock stretch you out but the sight of your wetness oozing trails down his shiny hand makes his dick ache. He can’t wait to still smell you days later. “Such a pretty pussy...” he laps at your sensitive clit, “so fuckin pretty around my fingers hun...” He laps at you again then rapidly rolls the pad of his thumb over it. You slap a flat hand where Bucky’s strong grip has already split the table.
“Oh fuck!” You gasp then groan, convulsing from the spontaneous teases on your swollen clit. His fingers swiftly fucking you. Even his knuckles stroking your fluttering walls made you crumble. Just made you wonder what the fuck his dick game is like. “Oh my god Bucky please...”
Bucky slams his hand three times against your throbbing slit then asks, “please what? Use your words like a big girl.” He demands landing wet kisses and bites along your inner thigh, swirling his fingers around preparing to stretch you out his monster of a cock. Your head drops back with an exhausted huff, meeting his strokes with tremoring hips; your mewls and pathetic whines are music to his ears. How can you answer him when you can’t even find your breath? Looking up your body Bucky notices you’re nearing your peak and takes his hand away with a sinister laugh.
“I’m still waiting YN.” He murmurs standing, lifting you head up so he can slide his soiled fingers over your tongue hanging down over your chin. Sucking his metal fingers all warm and wet from your pussy, Bucky knocks his forehead against yours and moans loudly in your face. Who would have known you two would have hit it off like this? Feed off each other’s energy like this. The next few days will be...absolutely insane. He could make you cum forever. Once he feels like you’ve cleaned him well, Bucky slowly drags his fingers from between your puffy lips awaiting your answer. Kissing his worn lips that smell and taste like you, you whisper you’re wants to him.
“I want you to fuck me Bucky,” you snake a hand up his nape into his soft shaggy hair, “I want you to fuck me into this table.”
He rubs his aching cock as you softly confess, the two of you smiling and playing with each other’s lips. Damn Buck’s got you actin an ass and you don’t hate it. Nipping at his skin and licking your drying juices off his rough chin. You wouldn’t hate to keep throwing it at Bucky...if he can fuck you right. He sighs a laugh pulling away from you, lopsided and mischievous still working his dick.
“Alright.” That metal hand pushes you down into the surface with a muted thud then yanks you towards his pelvis, spanking you so hard with his special hand your pussy squirts a little. Bucky’s obsessed. “Fuck she’s ready for me...”
You squirm and whimper, groaning his name over and over, begging for him to get inside of you. Teasing you by circling his head all over your wet folds with a dastardly smile.
“Jesus Bucky...what the...” but he shuts up your persistent whining by slamming his meaty cock inside your burning walls. Shuddering and powerfully groaning out to the ceiling, Bucky stills, closing his eyes for a minute as you take a sharp inhale, overwhelmed with how full he makes you feel. Pulling out slowly, just so he can feel every ripple of your pussy, Bucky sighs your name...then snaps every inch of his big dick back inside of you as you shout and praise his name. Holding onto you by your feeble hips, he arches your lower back and bangs you out. Every beefy muscle in his body flexed and veiny Bucky fucks you like he’s using you to jerk himself off. And you fuckin can’t get enough of it. Grabbing ahold of his metal arm, you let Bucky take you, shouting and moaning as loud as you want. The table scooting noisily over the floor each time he makes contact with your spurting slit.
“That’s right hun.” Bucky growls lowly behind a clenched jaw, dying to hold out but struggling because you feel just that fuckin good to him. “Tell everyone who’s fuckin the shit out of you.”
A madman. A super soldier. A goddamn saint.
“Fuckin you so good you can’t even speak hm? Too bad...I really wanna hear that smart ass mouth.”
You’re nothing but soft groans and growls, fucked out and just about ready to combust all over Bucky talking mad shit and fucking you senseless. The table splits some more. It’s okay because Buck’s got you and you’re so fuckin close he can’t wait.
“C’mon pretty girl...cum for me...” his jaw drops as your walls squeeze, “oh that’s it...that’s it hun.”
Your ears ring. Your chest’s so tight. If it wasn’t for Bucky brushing his thumb over your clit, you thought you would have passed out but finally, you let go and it’s like everything left your body. He moans with you as you cum, still inserting his way through your contracting walls pushing his throbbing dick out. His impacts get stiffer. Crack. More punctuated. Crack. You can’t push him away.
“Buck!” You croak, limbs still stuttering from your climax.
Another determined hit and—
Bucky rests his tired body on the counter, securely wrapping his strong arms across your back, still releasing his load into your creamy pussy. Laughing, completely out of breath, he looks at the broken table in the middle of the kitchen floor. You’re barely on this earth to even worry about your table being partially torn. You gave a soldier instructions. He gladly completed the mission. Whatever casualties you picked up along the way so be it. Your chests combat one another for oxygen as you loosen your hold around his neck to look up at him.
“Sorry about that.” He shoots you a tired smile and it’s swoon worthy. Bucky’s even prettier all worn out and flushed, droopy lids and a silly smirk. Admiring that handsome face you caress you prickly cheek.
“Don’t worry about it.” You land a sweet peck on his pretty lips then snuggle the bridge of his nose. “You were just fulfilling a fantasy.”
Chuckling together, you and Bucky fall into another open mouth make our session as he carries you to your room, gently placing you down on your bed.
“Are you okay? Do you need anything?” He mumbles against your wet lips. You just shake your head with a warm smile.
“I got all I need right now Buck...”
Right then, Sam’s irritating ringtone comes singing from your pillows. Bucky begs you not to answer but you can’t do that, especially when Captain America is your roommate.
“What.” You bite through the phone, annoyed he’s interrupting but a small giggle falls from your lips. Bucky’s rubbing his scruffy cheeks into your neck. Instantly, Sam’s suspicious.
“Why do you sound weird? Where’s Bucky?”
You try to shrug your way out of his hold. “Bucky? Ummm...” But he bites your arm and you yelp and giggle some more, mouthing him to stop. “Bucky’s out. Went to the store or something.”
Sam squints at the screen. He knows when you’re lying. “Right. Well I’m just checkin in...making sure you two are getting along okay...”
As Sam talks, you watch Bucky trail his cool fingertips down your stomach down between your thighs, just to spin them around your clit. His dick coming to life inside you as you warm to him. You hum a chuckle, those light greyish blue eyes peepin up at you wondering why you’re still on the phone.
“Yeah Sam. We’re getting along just fine.”
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caesaryoulater · 7 hours ago
For the Record - Chapter 5 preview.
Tumblr media
I still have a few parts to fill out and edit, but I got a “GOOD LORD WOMAN” when my friend read it, so here’s a quick preview. I’m hoping to get it up sometime this weekend.
As with the entire series, this is rated Explicit, 18+ only. If you’re a minor, please do not interact.
At the restaurant, Bucky requested a booth towards the back of the house, away from the small crowd of other customers. One of the curved booths. Both of you sat towards the middle. It seemed like an odd choice until after you put your orders in and his hand was on your thigh. You look up at him and he looks at you and kisses your cheek as if nothing was happening under the table.
“How was work?” He sips his water with one hand, the one on your thigh inching up, massaging the skin.
You clear your throat, trying to keep any other sounds at bay. Your skin was on fire. “Work was good.” His hand dips underneath your dress, massaging your inner thigh.
“Tell me about it,” his voice is low and husky. Besides a playful glint in his eyes, his face is giving away nothing, it’s completely calm and straight.
“N-nothing special,” your voice falters as his fingers start playing with the edge of your panties. “Mostly cataloging.” His hand quickly moves from under your dress back to your thigh down by your knee. You look up and see the waitress approaching with your food. How is he able to keep so calm and aware? He thanks the waitress; all you can offer is a weak smile.
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qveerfemmemusings · 9 hours ago
Okay this needs to be said and it needs to be said loudly.
Literally, nothing feels more exclusionary and hurtful than to get excited to read a fluffy domestic fic, only to read about children described as having “Chris’ blue eyes” or “Steve’s blonde hair”. You are making it very apparent that you aren’t writing with POC in mind and that you only write for the white readers in the fandom.
Same with writing for “y/n” and writing about messy buns, silky straight hair, and white features. (Yet you all have no problem writing that y/n has ‘plump’ lips) Stop cherry picking features that are palatable to you, when you claim to be writing for everyone.
Maybe try writing original characters instead of reader insert if you want to describe a character/family as having specific features, but don’t project your white beauty standards on a whole fandom because not all of us are white and again, you are making it pretty clear that you aren’t writing with the intent of the reader possibly being a POC.
(And pls don’t use the excuse ‘some POC have blue eyes/blonde hair’, while that is in fact true, it is still not accurately representative of ALL POC, so just don’t do it??)
I have no idea why some of you have issues writing reader characters with ambiguous features or simply not describing their features at all?? It’s truly not integral to the story to specifically describe hair colors/eye colors/skin colors if it is reader insert.
Anyways. This has been on my mind for YEARS and I’m putting it into the universe because this shit is getting tiring and there are really no excuses for it.
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buckysbrattybug · 10 hours ago
Imagine the Winter Soldier being given a little to take care of when he’s not on a mission. She was kidnapped and taken to where he is. He brings her toys and stuffed animals when he returns from missions. She’s extremely little every time he comes home because she’s all alone.
little dove
summary: you’re winter’s little dove. and he’d do anything for you.
w/c: 1k
note: i had a brainwave with this one so i had to start writing it straight away hahah😭 i’ll have another part of the bucky and zemo series out very soon!! and another part of their angel💞
Tumblr media
The first thing that you remember are his eyes.
Those piercing blue eyes boring holes into your very soul; the rest of his face is obscured by a mask, and he stares down at you curiously, as though he’s never seen another living human before.
“Who a-are you?” you stutter through your tears and he cocks his head quizzically, as though he doesn’t have an answer to your question. As you begin to sob even harder, he scoops you up in his arms, sitting you in his lap and shushing you. For a so-called killing machine, he’s so gentle with you. He handles you as though you’re made of porcelain — as though you may break with a single touch.
He’s your only source of comfort, and you cling to him at all times. Except, of course, when he goes on missions. And then you’re left all alone.
You often cry when he’s not with you, because none of this makes sense without him. He’s your only person; he takes care of you and rocks you to sleep at night. He feeds and bathes and kisses you. And the longer he’s gone for, the less able you are to do those things by yourself. You lose the ability to do so much as string a coherent sentence together. You cry for him every waking hour that he’s away, trying your best to soothe yourself with stuffies, but it rarely works. You need him.
And that’s what you’re doing right now — cradling a stuffy in the corner of the cold, concrete cell, rocking back and forth in a desperate attempt to calm yourself.
By the time he returns, you’ve gone completely non-verbal, the only sounds you make being soft whimpers and whines.
“мой принцесса.” he coos quietly, holding his arms out for you; you immediately push yourself up on shaky legs, staggering into his waiting embrace and burying your face into his neck.
My princess.
He’d kill for you. He’d live for you and die for you and do anything in between. You’re the only one he cares about.
“Shhh.” he calms you, letting his unexpected warmth seep into your pores and settle in your bones, tranquility flooding your every nerve. He’s the only thing that can make your brain stop screaming.
“I got you something.” he whispers; he doesn’t often speak English, but he will for you. Because you find it hard to understand him in this small state of mind. You peel your face out of its hiding place to look at him curiously, and he pulls out a pink rabbit stuffy. The fur is soft to the touch and as he hands it to you, you hold it to your chest tightly, inhaling his scent from it.
“Tank you.” you mumble meekly, and he chuckles, carrying you to the hard bed and laying down with you draped across his chest.
“Dada…” you mutter quietly into the fabric of his suit, and he wraps his arms more tightly around you.
“мой маленький голубь.” My little dove.
You fall asleep like that, pressed against his chest with his arms around you, hands curled into his clothes in an attempt to mould yourself into him.
Every time he leaves you, you retreat back into yourself. No matter how many agents come to check on you or assist you when Winter’s gone, you don’t speak. You become a ball of anxiety and worry — anxiety that can’t be calmed until you’re back in your Daddy’s arms.
Generally, you’re so little by the time that he returns that you can barely stand or talk. When you catch sight of him, you cry. The feeling of being back with him is so euphoric that it’s unbearable. Overwhelming. You’re totally dependent on him, your whole being aching when you’re apart. He’s your rock and you’re his little dove.
When he returns from his next mission, you try to walk to him as he’s thrown back into the cell, but you’re so little that your legs give out and you crumple against the cold concrete. Soft sobs overtake your body and you collapse in on yourself, tears streaming down your plump cheeks.
“голубь.” he coos, scooping you into his embrace and holding you tightly as you wrap yourself around him, legs around his waist and arms around his neck, placing desperate kisses to the side of his face, saliva mixing with tears as they trickle first down your face and then his. His rough stubble scratches at your face but you can’t find it in yourself to care, pressing your face further into his as he hoists you up in his hold, carrying you to the bed and sitting you on his lap.
“‘m s-sorry.” you sob into the crook of his neck and he shushes you.
“You’re okay. Shh. Dada’s got you.” he croons, rocking you gently as you weep. You lift your head to look him in the eyes, pushing his hair out of his face and running your thumbs across his cheeks.
“Hi, маленький голубь.” Hi, little dove.
“Hi, Dada.” you giggle through your tears and his lips pull up into an almost smile. Your breath begins to return to normal, your ragged pants ceasing as you press your forehead against Winter’s.
“Clever girl.” he praises, tugging you further into his body.
“M-missed you.” you hiccup quietly and he chuckles. “I lub you.”
“I love you too, принцесса.” He taps his lips gently with his finger and you know what he’s asking immediately. You lean down, planting a kiss to them; he smiles into the kiss and traces his hands lightly down your sides, making you shiver. You whine softly, curving your body away from his hands.
The only time he smiles is when he’s with you. Nothing else makes sense in this life. No one else cares for him as you do; nothing else is worth living for.
His life may be confusing and miserable and painful, but at least he has you. And one day, you’ll get out.
Just him and his little dove.
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mickey-henry · 10 hours ago
𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x reader
summary: bucky falls asleep on your shoulder after an exhausting mission
word count: 1.8K
author’s note: hello! welcome to my fifth fic😊 I wrote this for @blackberrybucky’s writing challenge with the prompt “knowing my fate is to be with you” from abba’s waterloo. I’m eager to share this with you all! here's the playlist I made based on this fic. likes, reblogs, messages, replies, and comments are cherished! I hope you like it! 💖
Tumblr media
Finally back from his mission, exhaustion consumes Bucky like the night: all-encompassing and endlessly devouring. His head is heavy; it stings to keep his eyes open and burns when he tries to shut them. Tiredness envelops him like a weighted blanket—it takes more energy than usual to move underneath its ponderosity. He mindlessly stumbles to his room, anxious to strip the remnants of the mission away. He thoughtlessly throws his clothes into the corner of his room, bumbling toward the shower.
He’s desperate to remove this mission from himself, roughly scouring the grime off his skin, unsatisfied with his scrubbing until his skin reddens and prickles. He welcomes the discomfort—anything to distract from the pelting thoughts that ravage his psyche whole. Every little thing that went wrong loops in his mind. The chaotic rubber balls of thoughts slam around his skull, continuous and unyielding. Even the soothing pulse of the showerhead does little to relax him. He reluctantly redresses in a fitted black t-shirt and gray joggers. The ordinarily comforting cotton aggravates his skin; nothing feels right when he’s trapped in a state like this.
He grabs a beer from the fridge, the smooth alcohol trickling down his throat; its bittersweet silk does nothing to soothe his aching mind. He downs the entire bottle before remembering to shut the refrigerator door. He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose before heading back to his room, ready to crash for the night. His thoughts are an anchor, entangling his legs, pulling him deeper and deeper into the darkness. Nothing can haul him from the depths of himself.
Yet something does—you.
Muffled singing breaks the chains of his wretched state. Your voice brings a smile to his face—he instinctively knows you’ll pull him from the depths of his mind.
The irresistible gravitational pull of your soul draws him in like no other; resistance is futile. He fell into your gravity the day he met you. Since your introduction, he’s been inexplicably drawn to you, tugged towards your glowing spirit, like a moth to a flame, desperate for a glimpse of your fluorescence.
You’re the sun to his moon, the light to his dark, the joy to his pain—the two of you form a delicate dichotomy. His world changed for the better the day you met; you quickly became the luminescence of his life. He’s grateful for even a single ray of your sunshine.
Your effervescent glow, like sunshine on the ocean, makes him want nothing more than to dive into the depths of you. He hopes you can spare a bit of your light with him tonight.
He’s gently knocking at your door before he realizes what he’s doing, your melodies like a siren’s call. He pushes it open once he hears a muffled reply, taking a moment to admire you from the threshold.
You sit cross-legged on your bed, hugging a pillow as you stare engrossed at the movie playing on the television. A smile trickles across your cheeks as you look towards him.
“Hey blossom, can I join you?”
“Of course, Bucky,” you answer, scooting yourself over to make more room on the bed. You throw your lap pillow aside and pat the spot next to you. “There’s plenty of room.”
Bucky sits beside you, his arm lightly brushing against yours. Of course, you don’t mind the contact, but you feign ignorance, unsure how he feels about it.
“What are we watching?”
“Mamma Mia 2! It’s the best musical movie. The first one is great too, but something about the sequel really gets me. You haven’t missed much. Ooh, here comes the best part of this song!” you exclaim, straightening yourself as you prepare for the chorus. “Waterloo, I was defeated; you won the war. Waterloo, promise to love you forever more. Waterloo, couldn’t escape if I wanted to. Waterloo, knowing my fate is to be with you. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Waterloo, finally facing my Waterloo,” you softly sing, slightly embarrassed now that you have company. You glance to see Bucky’s reaction, noticing him smiling and shaking his head. You look at him quizzically. “What?”
He loves to watch you in your element: happy, bubbly, sincere. Your adorable heart passionately sings along to the movie. He’s never met someone so unapologetically themselves; he admires that quality about you. Your kaleidoscope eyes glimmer as a smile tugs at your lips. He’s never known someone more perfect than you. These ideas swirl around his mind at a million miles per hour. Of course, he voices none of this; instead, he smiles and says, “you have a lovely voice, blossom.”
You can’t help but blush, “Thank you.”
You continue to sing along, your gentle melody carrying throughout your bedroom. As enjoyable as the movie is, Bucky can’t help but watch you instead. A particular lyric sticks with him, an echo of his feelings: he couldn’t escape you even if he wanted to. He’s sure it’s destiny the two of you met; he’s so appreciative of your kindness and friendship.
After a few more scenes of the movie pass, you feel Bucky’s weight shift on your side—he falls asleep with his head perched on your shoulder. Your heart flutters in your chest; this is the most vulnerable Bucky has ever been with you. This small gesture means the world; you’re in awe that he’s comfortable enough in your presence to let his guard down.
Bucky’s head slides down from your shoulder. You gently guide his head into your lap, praying you don’t wake him. He remains asleep, his legs curling into his stomach as you situate him on your thighs. You softly stroke his soft brown hair, letting it run between your fingers, resting your arm on his bicep. The heat of his torso warms both your legs and your heart.
When you first met, Bucky’s eyes, haunted by a subtle sadness, drew you in unlike anything you experienced before. The torment behind his eyes and the pained expressions he hides in the daylight finally dissipate; he’s relaxed, happy, and at ease asleep in your lap. You’re relieved to see his anguish melt away.
In his slumber, he pulls your arm between his, gently hugging it and intertwining his fingers in your hand. Without thinking, you softly kiss his temple. Your cheeks burn as his lips curl into a smile from your touch.
You hope Bucky can feel the love spiriting through your veins. It shatters your heart knowing how Bucky sees himself: damaged and broken. You see past the cracks in his mirror; the beautiful reflection of his soul is clear to you: his pure, sweet, wholesome essence. You could stay in this moment forever, content and at peace, even with your arms and legs fast asleep.
Waterloo’s catchy melody echoes through your mind. It’s destiny that Bucky is here with you, in your arms, at peace for once in his unnaturally long life. You know he went through hell and back—a super-soldier lost in time. You can’t help but be thankful that through all the dark twists and turns of his life, it’s led him to you. He’s a beautiful friend; you’re so grateful to know him.
He wakes up as the credits roll, confused at the sense of serenity rushing through his veins. His head rests in your lap; he feels the gentle caress of your fingers as they circle through his hair. He’s surprised at the placidity; it’s been a long time since he’s felt this way.
He lays unmoving, desperate to stay in this moment for as long as he can.
His internal monologue usually goes on forever: never stopping, never ceasing. Even in his dreams, his thoughts follow and haunt him. The black hole that is his consciousness destroys everything it touches—ravaging peace and light.
But at this moment, in your lap, arms, and presence, his thoughts mellow.
His usual turbulent, reckless current of thoughts are now calm, gentle waves that softly kiss the scorching shore. He bobs up and down in the wave pool of his cognizance rather than swimming against a fierce riptide.
The calmness is overwhelming; the floodgates of his feelings come crumbling down. Suppressed emotions bubble to the surface, the lava-like torrent erupts his tranquility. Even as he feels everything at once, he feels secure because he’s with you.
God, he loves you so much. He wants nothing more than to profess his love; his heart screams and yearns for you. He knows he’ll be okay, though. Even if your love for him is only platonic—basking in your light is enough. Like the song you sang earlier, he promises to love you forevermore.
He selfishly indulges in this moment, memorizing how your fingers feel in his hair, how your thigh feels against his cheek, how your arm feels wrapped between his before you eventually let him go. He wishes this moment could last forever. He wouldn’t mind spending eternity with you; paradise is in your arms. He doesn’t feel like he’s holding the weight of the world anymore, all he’s holding onto in this moment is your soft arm.
The moment ends as he sniffles, surprised at the tears slowly trickling down his cheeks and embarrassed at his unexpected, visible vulnerability. He shifts to sit back up beside you. “I’m sorry for intruding on your space,” he whispers.
“It’s what you needed; it’s no problem, truly,” you reply with a smile. You wait until he looks you in the eyes to continue. “My door is always open if you need me. Don’t hesitate, Bucky, I mean it.” You angle yourself towards him, cupping his cheek and brushing the tears away with your thumb.
The kindness and love in your eyes surprises Bucky. He has never grown complacent to the way you look at him, adoringly, with light and joy in each glance. You are incredibly patient with him; you never push him to open up. Yet here you are as he bares his soul to you, unjudging and gentle.
“Thank you, blossom,” he answers. He knows your words are truthful, but he can’t help the swarm of insecurity buzzing its way through his mind. Although his words sound confident, his eyes are stormy with doubt.
Without hesitation, you press a gentle kiss on his brow, resting your forehead on his as you whisper, “I’m always here for you, I promise.”
He presses his lips gently into yours before he can refrain—a quick, chaste, and soft peck. You feel the heat spreading across his cheeks as his lips leave yours. Before he can turn away, you pull him back, softly kissing his pillowy pink lips. It feels perfect and passionate—everything you could ever dream of.
The universe signs its blessing in the stars, unifying your souls, a match made in the heavens.
Wrapped in each other’s arms, you both finally face your Waterloo.
Tumblr media
taglist (and some mutuals I think would be interested): @multiplums @midnightf @starryevermore @mardema @belladonnabarnes @millennial-teenybopper @starlightcrystalline @amelia-song-pond @nahthanks @elijahs-wife @leyannrae @champagnebuckyyy @babycap @lavender-fog @kinanabinks @justreadingficsdontmindme @barnesdogtags @writingsomewrongs @meetmeatyourworst @rebelemilu @winter-james @ritesofreverie @certainaesthetic @bloomingbucky @belowva @sableseb @bucksbestgirl @bvckysmoon @angeloniaa @thatsthethingaboutbucky @onceuponabarnes @gogolucky13 @amayatheowl @romantizzity @bubbly-moonwarrior @buckyblues @bucksfucks @mindingmyownbusiness @bloomingbucky @jurassicbarnes
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fic-for-fic-sake · 12 hours ago
Somebody to Love
A/N: I honestly don’t really know what this is but who am I to let motivation stop me from posting mediocre writing? 
Pairing: kind of Bucky x reader
Warnings: So much yearning
Being a siren and working for the Avengers was always guaranteed to be an interesting fit. Your skillset wasn’t used on the battlefield but in interrogation chambers. A sweet song passing from your lips could make almost anyone talk, for fear of not pleasing you. But your powers didn’t work how everyone assumed they did. 
You couldn’t really make people do your bidding or fall madly in love with you like the stories claimed. What feelings or actions you drew from your audience were all dependent on your feelings and wants. You used songs of persuasion and desire to make people talk, songs of sleep and peace to calm the mind, and songs of anger and glory to give your teammates the boost they may need before going into a fight. 
You weren’t sure when it started, but it had become a sort of tradition that every Friday you and the team would gather around and you would sing to them. Most of the time, the songs were to help everyone wind down and relax. Once or twice you had accidentally made everyone fall asleep and you felt like you were Jiggly Puff. 
Tonight everyone had been drinking a little and you were no exception. You were drinking wine and had passed sober a while ago, now riding a buzzed feeling. But, because it was wine, this wasn’t a pleasant buzz. No, it made you feel things that you shouldn’t have felt. You looked around and noticed that Bucky was missing and your heart gave a pathetic pang. Of course he wasn’t there, he was out with his girlfriend. His normal, ordinary, girlfriend who smelled like sunshine and looked like little birds followed her around everywhere. She was what he needed, normalcy, not someone who fought monsters for a living. 
You sighed into your empty cup and went to pour yourself another drink when Sam called out from across the room. 
“Hey, Y/N, why don’t you sing us something?” He suggested, a smile curving on his lips. He was always the first to ask, and the first to fall asleep. 
“I don’t know if that’s a good idea tonight, I’m not in a great mindset.” You replied, not wanting the whole room to be affected by your song. 
“It can’t be worse than when you made Tony throw Steve through a wall.” Nat commented. You chuckled at that. One time you had been so mad that your rendition of Good 4 You sent Tony and Steve into a fit of blind rage that ended up with several broken walls and a week spent cooling off. 
“I guess you’re right.” You sighed as you filled up your glass and stood comfortably in front of everyone that was there, minus Bucky. 
You started off by singing Hozier, which you knew would put them to sleep. By the end of Like Real People Do Sam was snoring softly and Wanda and Nat were asleep in each others arms, it was adorable. But you found that you needed to sing more, and started another song. This one you put all your stupid emotions into, you let yourself think about Bucky. You let yourself feel that yearning that felt like a chasm had opened in your chest, the want that hurt so much you couldn’t stand it, the desire that existed every time you looked into his eyes. 
Can, anybody find me, somebody to love?
Your song started off quiet, not wanting to disturb anyone. Your voice was broken, a songbird afraid to take flight. Afraid to make real that which existed, for now, only in your head. As the song continued you felt yourself gain confidence, from the wine or from yourself you weren’t sure. 
I have spent all my years in believing you
But I just can’t get no relief, Lord!
Somebody, oh somebody, 
Can anybody find me, somebody to love?
As the second verse hit you felt your frustration mount. Not at Bucky, but mostly at you and your heart. You wanted to be rid of this, you wanted to move on and find someone who could actually love you back, if that person existed at all. 
Find me somebody to love
Find me somebody to love 
You were chanting with your eyes closed at the point, near desperate. As if your siren cries could reach the makers of the universe and compel them to find you somebody. Please. 
Can anybody find me
Desperate passion made you open your eyes, open them and lock them on to the new person in the room, the one who hadn’t been there before, the one your heart called for. James Buchanan Barnes. He wasn’t moving, he was as still as a statue as he looked at you, as his breath came in short pants through his parted lips. You stood rooted to your spot, nerves fraying and short circuiting because now he was feeling what you were feeling, and he knew. But you couldn’t stop the final part of the song from coming out of your mouth and filling the silence between you two. 
Somebody to love?
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multifandomwriter · a day ago
Boyfriend Upgrade
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You have always been close with your roommate, Bucky, but tensions start to rise when your boyfriend begins to stay over at your apartment. You feel like you’re drifting apart until Bucky accidentally sees you almost naked.
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), multiple orgasms, body worshipping, cheating, swearing, praise kink, squirting
Tumblr media
You and Bucky always had a strange relationship. You were roommates, but there was more too it; it was more than friends. Bucky had always assumed you both just hadn’t confessed your feelings for each other yet. That was until you brought a guy home one night.
It wasn’t that you didn’t like Bucky, you just didn’t think you’d ever have a chance with him. So, you tried your best to move on. That’s when you met Alex. After you hit it off on your first date, you brought him home to your apartment.
It had been downhill since.
Yours and Alex’s relationship was fine. It had started off as new and exciting, but now you to really try to make it fun.
The sex though, was not great. It wasn’t that he was bad. He just only focused on getting himself towards his orgasm. So, you often had to suggest new positions or ideas so you might be satisfied.
You were sitting on the kitchen counter as you and Alex both ate breakfast. He had stayed over at your place last night. Alex was slotted between your legs, running his hands up and down your thigh.
“Oh god” you heard someone exclaim. You saw Bucky had walked into the kitchen and rolled his eyes.
Here’s the thing. Bucky hated Alex.
“Good morning, Buck” you said, giving him a soft smile. He walked past you both and grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge. “Morning, darling” he said, returning your smile.
“I’m going out. Tell your boyfriend he left his clothes on the bathroom floor” Bucky said, pretending Alex wasn’t there, just like he always did. You waved to him before he left.
“Why does he hate me?” Alex asked, pressing a kiss to your knuckles. You shrugged, honestly not knowing. “You have to get to know him first. He’s a great guy” you told him.
Alex huffed, before taking a deep breath. “Why don’t you move in with me?” He asked you, and you nearly choked on your food. His eyes dropped as he saw how shocked you were. “Are you serious?” You asked, catching your breath.
He nodded his head eagerly. “I always have to sneak around your roommate when I’m here. We could live together. Just the two of us” he said. He was imagining it all.
You crossed your arms. “I can’t leave Bucky like that” you told him, amused by the thought. Alex was stunned. “So he’s more important than I am” he countered.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes as you jumped down from the counter and pushed away from him. “You are so fucking jealous. It’s ridiculous. You know that I love you. I signed a lease; I can’t just expect Bucky to pay double the rent” you said, walking away into your room.
You slammed the door in his face as he chased after you. “Baby, I have to go to work” he said, through the door.
“Have fun” you yelled back, rolling your eyes.
You decided to busy yourself by catching up on a new tv show you’d been watching. When an intimate scene came on, you could feel the wetness pooling between your legs. You clenched your thighs, momentarily relieving the pressure.
You quickly turned off the show and stripped down to your bra and panties. You were beyond horny, and you were in a fight with your boyfriend.
You didn’t care how mad at him you were, you were willing to take him right there if he was home. You folded up a pillow and began to grind your hips down on it, desperately humping it for your release.
You grew frustrated as you couldn’t cum. You needed it.
You heard the front door open. Your eyes lit up as you realized Alex was home. You both could fight later, now you needed him to fuck you.
“I know we’re in a fight, but god I really need you right now” you said, before walking out of your bedroom.
You were met by Bucky’s stunned eyes. He gazed down your almost-bare body. You remembered what you were wearing and quickly grabbed a blanket from the couch to cover yourself.
“Oh fuck—Bucky?” You asked, barely managing to wrap the blanket around you. He didn’t say a word, but stared blankly. You didn’t know what he was thinking.
He walked towards you, still silent. He held your chin and forced you to look into his eyes. “Let me take care of you, angel” he said, before kissing you.
You were shocked by the kiss. Your instincts kicked in as you kissed him back. You didn’t know what had taken over you. This morning, you were making love to your boyfriend and now you were making out with your roommate.
He hands ran up and down the curve of your back. “What about Alex?” You finally asked, pushing his chest away from you.
You both gasped for breath, caught up in the suddenness. “Do you really want to be with him?” Bucky asked you, genuinely. You knew the answer.
You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled his lips back to yours. He kissed you back, holding your waist. “You gotta lose the blanket, darling” he said, pulling the fabric away of your body.
He dropped it to the ground and returned his focus to you. He finally got a good look at all of you. “Fuck, darling” he said, his eyes rolling down your frame. He cupped your breasts through your bra.
“Please” you whined. He eyes snapped up to meet yours, and he saw the neediness in your eyes. “I’ll take care of you” he said, picking you up in a single motion.
He carried you into your bedroom and lightly set you down on the bed before kissing you. You kissed him like your life depended on it; it was needy, but also caring and intimate.
You tugged at the hem of his shirt telling him to take it off. He stood up and stripped himself until he was in his boxers. You grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back down on top of you.
You jutted his hips up into his. “You’re practically dripping, sweetheart” he said, with his hand on the outside of your panties. He pulled you towards the end of the bed and kneeled on the ground. His fingers looped in the top of your panties and pulled them down your legs.
“You are so beautiful” he said, placing soft kisses on the inside of your thighs. His hands massaged the supple skin as he left wet kisses. You twitched under his touch. He knew that meant he needed to hurry up, but he wanted to love every single part of your body.
You felt his hot breath in between your legs. You whined and then felt his tongue dive into your folds. You threw your head back and called out his name. He’d finally given you what you needed.
Your fingers grasped for his hair, desperate to grab onto something. He lapped up all the arousal that pooled between your thighs. He pressed his tongue flat against your clit, sending a jolt through you.
You bucked your hips up against him. “You’re doing so well, pretty girl” he praised, beginning to suck on the bundle of nerves. You balled your fists into the sheets, turning your knuckles white.
You couldn’t take much more. “You taste so perfect” he mumbled, slipping his tongue back inside you. Your thighs tightened around his head. He pinned down your legs, while his nose brushed against your clit.
“So close,” the words fell from your lips in a breathless pant. You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to your orgasm.
Bucky sucked on your clit, wanting you to cum just as much as you wanted to. Then, the pressure was gone and you drenched his face. He smirked to himself as you wore a panicked expression.
“Did you know you could do that?” He asked you. You shook your head, ashamed. He interlaced his fingers with yours. “Don’t be shy” he said, before kissing you again. You could taste yourself on his lips.
“You are so perfect” he said, placing kisses up and down your jawline. He pushed you back onto the bed. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you. I’ll show you what a real man is like” He said, taking off his boxers.
His cock slapped against his stomach, leaking with precum. He noticed you staring at his throbbing cock. “You see what you do to me?” He asked, smirking.
You felt the heat rush to your cheeks. His hands snuck behind your back to unclasp your bra. He threw it to the side before catching your lips in a kiss.
He hesitated to go any further. “I want this” you assured him, giving him the consent he needed. His hands landed on your hips, holding you in place.
He lined himself up and looked up to meet your eyes. You gave him a reassuring nod. He pushed half of his length inside of you, and you already felt full. “Bucky, oh—fuck. Keep going” you begged, biting down on your lip.
He squeezed harder on your hips and pushed his entire cock into you. You whimpered, adjusting to his length. “Angel, you feel so good wrapped around me” he muttered.
He pulled all the way out of you, leaving you feeling empty. Then, he pushed back into you. Your hips jutted up to meet his. He grunted as you clenched onto his length. He began to thrust in and out of you. You held onto his shoulders to steady yourself.
“Oh...god. Bucky—right there” you moaned out. His sweaty skin slapped against yours. Breathless moans passed through your lips as your face contorted.
“Your moans sound so pretty, angel. He doesn’t make you feel this good, I know” he said, as you whined under him. You threw your head back as he hit your g-spot. “Thin walls, sweetheart. I can always hear you two. I never hear these moans though. Does he make you feel as good as I do?” He asked, pecking your lips.
You eagerly shook your head no. “Use your words, pretty girl” he groaned. You took his hands into your yours, squeezing his hands. He pinned your hands above your head, and continued to reach deep inside of you. “He never made me feel as good as you do” you moaned out.
He reached a hand down and drew circles on your clit. You could feel him pulsing inside of you. “I’m really close” he groaned. He sped up his pace, ramming into you. You grasped at his shoulders, as you got closer to your high.
You reached your peak, squirting all over his cock that continued to thrust into you. You could feel him twitch and then felt his cum fill you up.
He slowed his thrusts, as you both took sloppy breaths. He pulled you in to a gentle kiss, cupping your face.
Then, your heart sank. The guilt set in. “I just cheated on Alex” you mumbled, feeling guilty. His face softened, as he caressed your cheek.
“Why do you stay with him?” He asked you, seriously. You squirmed under Bucky’s gaze. “Because I couldn’t sit around and wait forever for the guy I really wanted” you said, finally looking into his eyes.
He chuckled to himself. “I’m right here, ready for you. You can have me, all of me. Let me be yours” he begged you.
You thought about the possibility, finally being with Bucky. You had waited years for this moment, but now that it was here, you weren’t sure what to do.
“But what about Alex? I still broke his trust. This is wrong” you said, trying to pull away from him. He held you still with his strong grasp. You continued to squirm, trying to get away. “Maybe our timing is off, but tell me you didn’t want this. Tell me that this meant nothing and I’ll leave” Bucky told you.
You froze under him. You couldn’t lie to Bucky.
“Of course it meant something” you said, quietly. He leaned in to kiss you again, his lips slotting against yours. “Then be with me” he told you, simply.
A small smile appeared on your face. “Okay” you finally gave in. His eyes light up like a kid in a candy store before slipping his arms under your back and pulling you closer to him. His lips were quickly on yours. It was a short, but intimate kiss.
He laid beside you and wrapped his arm around you. You both dozed off and when Alex came home, you broke things off. Without you even telling him, he knew it was because of Bucky.
He could tell by the way you both looked at each other. He’d known all along that you both had feelings for each other.
He saw it in your lingering glances, your inside jokes, and your instincts to protect each other. It had been obvious to everyone except for you and Bucky.
Anyone could tell just by the way that Bucky looked at you that you both could never just be roommates.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @bigbadspooky
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
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Hold Me
40s!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1,146
Warnings: Fluff | Smoking | Implied Smut (If you squint) | Storms | No Plot
Author’s Note: My entry to @221bshrlocked’s writing challenge (congratulations!). Honestly this has no plot and is just fluff, which I’m not great at writing, so bear with me through this. It’s also not beta’d because I’m too lazy to sort that out. Anyway, thank you for reading!
Tumblr media
Lightning struck in the distance. One. Two. Three. Four. Thunder joined it. Y/N lay watching him silently. He hadn’t noticed her wake up, so stood at the window, looking out over the street. The rain poured down, hitting the windowsill and splashing in. It didn’t matter. The warmth from last night's activities had yet to wear off, despite his attire, or lack-thereof. Leaning on the frame, he brought the cigarette up to his lips, taking a long drag before blowing out into the open air. The music in his apartment had yet to fade out, and was playing quietly in the background.  
Stretching, Y/N pulled the sheets further up her body, hiding her nakedness from the draught coming from the open window. She buried her face in the pillow, still smelling her lover’s distinct scent from where he’d been lying. It smelled of smoke and whiskey, a combination she’d grown to love over the months they’d been together. The mattress had become cold from his time spent watching the people on the streets below. “Bucky? Come back to bed,” she murmured, her hand reaching out into the open space.
He turned to look at her, grinning at how sleepy she was. Taking one final drag from the cigarette, he stubbed it out into an ashtray, placed delicately on the windowsill. Bucky wandered back towards the bed, falling down next to her. “I’m right here, what do you want, sweetheart?” He held onto her waist, pulling her body tight against his own. Exhaling heavily, she nestled into his chest, smiling at the memories of the two of them together. His arms wrapped around her, as he pressed gentle kisses to the top of her head. 
“Stay with me? Hold me and never let me go?” She said softly. 
Bucky kept her in place, which wasn’t difficult considering how well she fit beside him. “I ain’t goin’ anywhere sweetheart.” He rasped, enjoying the moment, and the feel of her intertwined with him. There wasn’t a second that went by that he didn’t love the company he kept with her. Staring into her eyes, he knew that there was nowhere he’d rather be. “I love you, Y/N.” He said, running his thumb against her cheekbone. 
Lightning crashed somewhere in the distance, and a few seconds passed before thunder joined it. Bucky noticed Y/N’s lips moving slightly, recalling her habit of counting how far she was from the storm. One. Two. Three. “I love you too.” She replied, smiling softly. “But you need to learn to close the damn window. It gets cold.” She raised her eyebrows as Bucky grinned. Watching his expression turn to a pout, she pressed a kiss to his lips. He glanced at the wide open glass, seeing the water drip onto the floor of the apartment.
“Keeps you in bed longer, don’t it?” Bucky teased, as she hit his chest. 
Her hands lay across him as he smiled down at her. “There are other ways to keep me in bed than freezing me.” Y/N grinned back, resting her chin on him. 
Bucky crooked his eyebrows, knowing exactly what she was suggesting. “Well, I’m sorry for trying to be a gentleman and not wanting to wake you up.” Bucky said, his hands trailing to her hips, where fingers ran circles on her skin.
Sighing into his touch, Y/N placed her forehead on his chest. “My ma’s gonna kill me.” She muttered, sparking a chuckle from Bucky’s soft lips. 
“Not before she kills me. You got nothin’ to worry about, doll.” He countered as she looked up at him. 
“Imagine what she’ll say when I get home.” Y/N said as her smile fell, her hand resting on his cheek. 
He kissed her palm, leaning his forehead on her own. “What’s the worst she can do?” Bucky replied softly, as her leg wrapped around his waist. 
"Forbid me from ever leaving the house again.” She lamented, wrapping her arms around his neck and fiddling with the short hairs on his nape. 
“Then I’ll come to you. There’s nothing she can do that’ll keep me away from you.” He replied, basking in the sound of her small giggle.
He moved onto his back, as Y/N put her head on his chest, listening for the soft beat of his heart. She watched as his head fell back on the pillow, sighing in contentment. Lightning lit up the room again, the rain seemingly getting heavier by the second. Y/N counted. One. Two. Thunder rumbled. Bucky’s eyes were closed, mindlessly listening to the sound of the rain, the sound of water on the wooden floor a sure sign that the window needed to be closed. Nevertheless, he stayed still, the weight of his girl lying on top of him all he needed in the moment. He wouldn’t care if the whole apartment flooded. He would do anything to pause time as it was. 
After a quiet few minutes, he lifted his head, looking down at Y/N. “You’re bein’ unusually quiet.” He grinned as she giggled again. Bucky pulled her up, pressing a kiss to her soft lips. 
“You looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to disturb you.” She said, pulling away to lean beside him. Her fingers caressed the stubble on his jawline, brushing her thumb gently against his chin. Carefully, she pulled his bottom lip down, causing them to part slowly. He watched her mindless behavior, before the edge of his mouth turned up into a smirk. Catching her wrist, Bucky stopped her hand in its tracks, her attention snapping back to reality. 
She looked into his eyes as he looked back. “Sweetheart,” He began as lightning struck again. “There is nothing I love more than your voice.” Again, thunder rumbled. One. “Don’t ever think you’re disturbing me.” He smiled softly, his lips meeting her fingertips.
Y/N sat up straight and looked out the window, the sky growing darker by the second. “The storm is getting real close.” She faltered, her concern growing. Bucky leant on his elbow as he watched the puddle on the floor spread. He glanced up at her “How am I supposed to get home?” She said, furrowing her eyebrows as she looked back at him.
Scoffing, Bucky ran his fingers down her arm. He bit his bottom lip and looked at her, noticing her genuine worry. “You really think I’d let you go out when it’s chuckin’ it down? Baby, you’re gonna stay right here until the storm ends.” He said, his thumb brushing over her arm, sending goosebumps across Y/N’s skin.
She sighed back, nevertheless smiling. “That could be hours, Buck.”
Bucky grinned. “Well,” His lips moved to her neck, pressing gentle kisses behind her ear. “If your ma is gonna kill me, then I’m glad I could spend my time left with you.”
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arrow-guy · a day ago
New Friends (4/??)
Summary: It’s hard enough to make friends when you move to a new city, but even harder when you’re trying to rebuild your life at the same time. Bucky lived in NYC for most of his conscious life and now he’s back after years of trying to get himself right. He thinks he’s finally starting to figure everything out, but Steve takes him to a bookstore one day, and everything is turned on its head again.
A/N: Alright, we’re picking up directly where we left off with chapter three and we’re jumping right into it with Bucky this time and finally getting to the punchline of a joke I set up in chapter one. If you don’t catch it, don’t worry. If you do, please clap, I am verifiably hilarious. That being said, please enjoy!!
Page dividers by @carryonmyswansong
Pairing: BuckyxReader
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Mentions of danger and potential bodily harm
Part 3
Tumblr media
Bucky’s just barely stepped into the elevator when his phone rings. He smiles when he sees who it is and answers.
“Hey,” he says. “You miss me already?”
“Yeah, something like that.” (Y/N) sighs. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I do miss you, actually. But that’s not why I’m calling.”
“Did something happen?”
“An old friend of mine broke into my shop.” Her voice shakes and Bucky balls his free hand into a fist. “I think he’s gone now, but I don’t know if he’s planning on coming back tonight and I just… It’s been a long time since I felt unsafe in my own home.”
“How can I help?” he asks. “I can be back over there in ten minutes, just say the word.” She doesn’t say anything and Bucky gets worried. “(Y/N)?”
“Sorry, I’m still here.” Bucky can hear shuffling on the other end of the call. “You don’t need to come here. But, uh…. Could you meet me on the roof of the tower in, say, five minutes?”
“The roof?”
“You’ll see when I get there.”
“Are you sure you’re alright?”
“Honestly, I’m fine. I’m just a little shaken up.” Something falls to the floor and (Y/N) curses. “I feel better just talking to you.”
"Good." He redirects the elevator to the roof and says, "I'll see you in five minutes then."
"I'll see you then."
The elevator doors open unexpectedly on the third research level and Tony steps in.
"What're you doing up here so late?" Tony asks.
"Meeting a friend."
Tony glances at the elevator destination and frowns. "On the roof?"
"Care to elaborate?"
Bucky bites the inside of his cheek, debating whether or not he should tell the truth. He's sure Stark will think he's crazy if he does, but he's helping no one if he doesn't.
"(Y/N) called a minute ago. She seemed really freaked out and asked me to let her in from off the roof, so I'm doing it."
"(Y/N)? You're not talking about (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N), are you?"
Confused Bucky says, "I am. How do you know that?"
"Shit, I haven't seen her in a few years." Tony laughs at the poorly hidden surprise on Bucky's face. "I'll go with you."
"You don't have to-"
"I want to! It'll be nice to see her again." He steps into the elevator. “Take us up, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”
“Of course, boss.”
The air in the elevator grows awkward and Bucky shifts uncomfortably from foot to foot. When the doors open, he rushes out into the hallway and over to the staircase up to the roof. Tony quickly catches up and follows him out onto the gravel rooftop. Ten feet away from them, a large, sparking circle appears from thin air and expands to reveal (Y/N).
Tony steps forward. “(Y/N)?”
She tips her head to the side and steps through the portal. “Tony?”
Tony extends his arms. “(Y/N)!”
Bucky watches Tony approach (Y/N), and she readily extends one arm and the two of them hug. Tony says something that Bucky can’t hear and (Y/N) laughs and hitches her back up on her shoulder.
“Since when are you friends with Popsicle two-point-o?” Tony asks.
“Steve brought him into the shop a few months ago,” She looks past Tony and grins directly at Bucky. “I refused to let him get away.”
Bucky can feel his blush creeping up his neck, and he’s suddenly very glad it’s dark out. Even so, he almost wants to disappear when Tony leads (Y/N) across the rooftop towards him. When close enough, she breaks away from Tony and reaches out to Bucky. He readily tucks her under his arm and leads her to the stairs.
“You okay?” Bucky asks.
She nods. “Thanks for this. There aren’t many people who’d just trust someone on something that vague.”
“You sounded terrified. I don’t have to trust you to know that you need help.” He pauses. “Not that I don’t trust you.”
She laughs. “I know you do. You wouldn’t hang around if you didn’t.”
“Speaking of trust, I thought you didn’t like Stark.”
“Since when?”
“You made a big deal about Steve not bringing him into the shop. I figured you hated him.”
Tony laughs. “No, our precious (Y/N) here loves me.”
(Y/N) rolls her eyes. “Shut up, Tony, you’ll give the poor man a heart attack.”
“What?” Tony steps into the elevator head of them and leans against the wall. “I can’t detail our long and colorful friendship?”
“You make it sound like we’re having an affair.”
Tony pulls a disgusted face and (Y/N) punches his arm as she enters the elevator. Bucky laughs and settles against the railing beside her.
“We’re not physically involved,” he raises his hands in defence when (Y/N) jokingly raises a fist. “Barring physical altercations.”
“That’s more like it.”
“So you’re friends?” Bucky asks.
“Mhm, we met close to ten years ago, I think. Total random happenstance.” She gestures to Tony. “It was actually his idea to stay away from the shop in the first place.”
“I know the kind of attention someone like me brings to little hole-in-the-wall establishments. It’d just wreck her business if someone caught me there and spread it around.”
“You did get caught, one time,” (Y/N) says. “There was a group of fans who hung around for almost three months after, hoping they could just get a glimpse of you.”
Bucky frowns. “Huh.”
“So,” Tony turns his attention to (Y/N). “To what do we owe the pleasure?”
“An old friend from Kamar-Taj broke into my shop. He’s hell bent on shaving down the number of sorcerers, and he’s starting with disabled people who use magic daily.”
“He’s done it before?”
She nods. “Took a friend of mine’s power away. He can’t move from the neck down without it. He could’ve died, had his coworker not found him.”
“Holy shit.”
(Y/N) nods solemnly. The elevator doors open and Tony leads them out to the common area. Steve is lounging on one of the couches with a book and looks up when they walk in.
“(Y/N)?” he says. “What’re you doing here?”
“My apartment isn’t safe right now. I need a place to stay for the night, and I figured the building with more security than the Pentagon was a safe bet.”
Steve practically vaults over the back of the couch. “Shit, are you okay?”
(Y/N) nods and accepts Steve’s hug. “I’m fine. I’ll be better after tomorrow.”
Tony says something about making sure they have a free room and walks off down the hall. Steve suggests they sit down and (Y/N) takes a seat across from him on the ottoman. Bucky sits beside Steve on the couch and listens as (Y/N) recounts the events of the night.
“And he’s done something like this before?” Steve asks.
She nods. “He went after Jonathan almost a year ago. But he didn’t come for me right away, so I guess I got a little too comfortable.”
“But you’re not doing anything wrong.”
“I don’t think it has anything to do with what I’m doing. Mordo has it in his head that there are too many sorcerers. People like Jonathan and I, using magic solely for ourselves, go against what he feels it should be used for.”
“So he’s going after disabled people.”
“I’m not saying that I agree with him in any way. I’m just saying that I understand why he’s doing it. The way he sees it, he was betrayed by our teacher and this is the only way he feels that he can make things right.” She rolls her eyes. “It’d be nice if he’d thought about it for more than ten seconds, though.”
"Is there anything that we can do for you?"
(Y/N) shakes her head. "Nothing past what you've already done. I have a meeting with Stephen tomorrow morning. Having him in the know, even if he can't help, will put me at ease."
“You sure?”
“Of course! Don’t worry about me, Steve. It’s not productive.”
Steve rolls his eyes, but smiles. “I do some of my best work when I worry. You know this.”
“Oh, I know, believe me. I-hmm?” Her attention is drawn to something behind Steve.
Tony steps up beside the end of the couch and jokingly bows, offering his hand. “Your room awaits.”
(Y/N) laughs. “I guess this is goodnight, then.”
She pushes herself up from the ottoman and pats Steve on the shoulder before she follows Tony down the hall.
Tumblr media
Someone knocks on the door as I’m shoving my day clothes into my duffel bag.
“Yeah?” I call.
Their answer is muffled by the door. “It’s Bucky. Can I come in?”
“Of course.” He enters and carefully closes the door behind him. His expression is more guarded than I’ve seen in a while and I quickly cross the room, arms outstretched. “What’s wrong?”
“I just…” he frowns. “Are you sure you’re okay?”
I nod and he gathers my hands in his. “I’ll be okay, Buck. I promise. It was just a little scare.”
“Some guy threatening to take your power away isn’t a little anything, (Y/N). You literally use it as a mobility aid.”
"I know." I run my thumbs over his knuckles. "I'm not saying that it's not a threat. It's a huge threat. I just don't want you making yourself sick over this. It's not worth it."
He frowns. "How can you be so calm about this?"
"I'm not calm at all. I'm on edge and nauseous because I don’t want to get hurt, and I also don’t want you, or anyone else, to get hurt because of this.” I poke him in the stomach. “But I won’t go down without a fight.”
“Honestly! I know I don’t look the part, but I’ve had some training. You learn more than just magic tricks in Kamar-Taj.” I squeeze his hand. “But that doesn’t mean I’m not scared.”
“You have a funny way of showing it.”
I shake my head and move across the room to sit on the bed with my back against the wall. I pat the space beside me and Bucky takes a seat.
“I don’t want my being a civilian to change this relationship. I know that I’m boisterous and sometimes I’m flippant about things that are important to other people, but that’s not always who I am.”
“I know.”
“I don’t want you to feel like you have to protect me. That’s a burden you don’t need. I can take care of myself.”
“I understand that, but there’s some guy out there trying to hurt you. I’m still going to worry about you.”
“I guess that’s something that can’t be helped though. I mean,” I smile and lean back against the wall. “We worry about the people we care about, right?”
"Right." He nods and takes my hand, lacing our fingers. “You’re sure you’re alright?”
“With you in my corner? Absolutely.”
Tumblr media
Well, nothing like a little shared stress to bring people closer! This is probably about as angsty as this story is going to get, so fear not. Only happy Bucky in this story, as previously promised.
What’d you think of this chapter? Do you like where the story is headed? How do you think the reader and Tony met? How do you feel about Steve jumping into action and Bucky being protective of the reader character? Even more important, what do you think might happen next? Be sure to like, reblog, comment, and/or shoot me an ask and tell me all about it!
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iliketowrite1996 · a day ago
Then he Kissed me 2/7
    DISCLAIMER- I own no rights to any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, planets, etc.
Trigger warnings and themes- fluff mostly, feelings of rejection, insecurity
 ‘’Here you go, Mr. Shapiro,’’ you set the coffee and croissant on the table for the older gentleman.
    Mr. Shapiro has become a bit of a regular. He comes in every Tuesday with his wife, Maria, and every Thursday on his own while Maria is volunteering at the community center. 
    ‘’Thank you, so much,’’ he grins at you before turning back to the newspaper that he is reading.
    ‘’Anything for my favorite customer,’’ you compliment before turning to walk back to the counter.
    Currently, you only have four people working- Miles, Peter, MJ and Alyssa. When MJ and Peter head out for their college classes later, at ten, Anya and DeShawn will be coming in. 
    ‘’Okay, Mr. Smith,’’ Alyssa emerges, dark black hair pulled into a tight bun at the nape of her neck, ‘’Your cupcakes are done. I’ll have Miles here pack them up for you.’’
    ‘’Alright, thanks,’’ he nods, taking out his credit card to pay you. 
The bell dining alerts you that someone has just entered the bakery, causing you to look up to see who has entered the bakery.
To no one’s surprise, it’s none other than Bucky.
Bucky, as you’ve gathered his name being from the times he’s come with Steve or Natasha, has become a frequent visitor to your little bakery over the past four weeks. He’s come in once or twice with someone else to pick up pastries, or on his own to grab a black coffee and leave. 
    You make eye contact with Miles, who is putting the cupcakes in a box for Mr. Smith, who is celebrating his daughter’s fifth birthday today. This kid, who is like your little brother, has been teasing you about this when you drive him home after work.
    Bucky’s the fifth person in line now, right behind a couple with a baby, the pastor from the church you sometimes visit with your family, Mr. Ramsey, and Ms. Li. Additionally, he’s not even making eye contact with you, but everything but you.
    As you hand Mr. Smith his receipt, you ask Alyssa, ‘’Did Mr. Stark order anything?’’
    ‘’ No, he didn’t,’’ she raises an eyebrow at Bucky before turning back to you, ‘’Maybe he’s here to see you.’’
    ‘’Take your sarcasm into the kitchen and finish cutting those apples for the turnovers, thank you,’’ you respond quietly, waxing to Mr. Smith as he exits.
    The line moves fairly quickly- Ms. Li orders two donuts and some coffee and sits at the window to people-watch, Mr. Ramsey gets three bear claws and a smoothie to go, the pastor is picking up donuts for choir rehearsal, and the couple orders cakepops and sit at the furthest table, playing with the baby and eating their treats. 
    Finally, Bucky’s to the front of the line, and you do the only thing you can do- you showcase your ‘’talking to customers that were rude’’ smile and ask him how he is doing.
    ‘’Good,’’ he nods, looking up towards the menu.
    ‘’I didn’t realize that Tony Stark had placed an order. Or did Steve-’’
    ‘’Um, I’m actually just here to get myself something.’’
    ‘’Oh,’’ you nod, sliding one of the laminated menus towards him, ‘’I have to run to the back to check on something real quick, but look and see what sounds good and I’ll be with you in a moment.’’
    He nods a bit, before looking over the menu, eyes scanning the various options to choose from.
    You make your way into the back, allowing the door that connects the kitchen to the bakery to swing shut before you motion to Alyssa. She slides over to you, eyes on the mysterious man looking over your menu.
    ‘’Oh, looks like Mr. tall, mysterious and quiet is back,’’ she smirks at you, ‘’Did Stark place an order after all?’’
    ‘’No, he’s here to get something for himself. I don’t want to overthink that, tell me not to read too much into it.’’
    ‘’I could, and and I am telling you not to read too much into this, but it’s clear that you’re already doing that. Look, he’s just another customer. Go, take his order, and then please switch out with MJ because she is getting on my last nerve today.’’
    Peter snorts from his spot, where he is icing cookies for you, and MJ glares over at you two before saying, ‘’That is my specialty.’’
    ‘’It’s annoying,’’ Alyssa jokes, before turning back to you, ‘’Anyway, get back out there and dazzle him with your charm and your dry humor.’’
    ‘’I’m electing to ignore that,’’ you decide before exiting to the bakery.
    Bucky is still the only one in line, and Mr. Shapiro is waving at you as he leaves, coffee in hand.
    ‘’So, have you figured out what you want,’’ you inquire, and Bucky nods.
    ‘’I think I’ll have the cherry turnover and the chocolate croissant.’’
    ‘’Great choice. Those cherry turnovers are my specialty,’’ you playfully wink, ducking down to get boxes from under the counter, ‘’Miles, go get me some boxes, will ya?’’
    ‘’Sure thing,’’ Miles agrees, exiting to the kitchen to get you two to-go boxes.
    ‘’So,’’ you look to Bucky, grabbing the tongues to take out his pastries, ‘’I didn’t catch your name the other day.’’
    ‘’It’s James. James Buchanan Barnes,’’ he introduces himself.
    ‘’How very regal,’’ you nod unironically, appreciating the timelessness of his name, ‘’I mean,I couldn’t very well go on calling you Steve Rogers’ friend, now could I?’’
    ‘’I mean you could, but it’d be fairly rude,’’ he responds, a smile barely making its way to his face before Miles returns with two small boxes.
    ‘’Thank you, Miles.’’
    You pack up James’ order, he pays you, he leaves. 
    And you release a breath you hadn’t even realized you were holding, and Miles wiggles his eyebrows at you.
    ‘’First name basis, huh?’’
    ‘’Get back to work,’’ you chuckle.
    You won't’ act like it doesn’t send a thrill through you in away- a good one, a warm one. To know that his name is James simply feels pleasant- like ice cream on a hot summer day, saying his name now leaves a sweet taste on your lips.
    And you’re not so secretly hoping to speak to James again.
@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @starsshines-blg @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212 @kumkaniudaku @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs  @dramaqueenamby  @mellowjellow6 @ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @airis-paris14 @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines    @vicmc624 @lovely-geek @battoddster @niffala  @angstlovers    
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One Last Job [Fifteen]
WORD COUNT: 4834 WARNINGS: Hospitalization, mentions of blood and surgery, emotional crap CHAPTER SUMMARY: Just as was expected, just as you feared, everything came to a violent end, and now you have to navigate the aftermath.
Tumblr media
You had your eyes closed, leaning on your brother, head resting against his shoulder. Steve was on Clint’s other side much the same way you were, bruises blossoming on his jaw. You didn’t know what time it was, if it was even still the same day. 
The pinnacle of your career, yet the worst day of your life. 
You blinked your eyes open, sitting up and doing your best to ignore the dull ache in your head. A relieved sigh escaped your lips as you saw Ollie, and you slid from the chair to your knees when he ran into your arms. You held him tightly, his little body shaking as sobs of “Mama” left his throat. Your hand gently rubbed his back as you rested your head against his, murmuring softly that everything was okay. 
Wanda came walking up with worry in her eyes when you looked her way. She shook her head, trembling arms moving as she spoke. 
“I didn’t—he saw everything. I-I couldn’t—“ “It’s okay, honey. You didn’t do anything wrong.”
Wanda nodded, blinking as tears filled her eyes. Clint cleared his throat and she looked his way, nodding again as he motioned for her to come. She sat and Clint put his arm around her, rubbing her arm while still holding Steve on the other side. 
Ollie lifted his head, tears still leaking from his eyes. 
“I saw—I saw you on TV.”
You smiled and nodded. 
“You did?”
He nodded, sobbing as he leaned forward again and you held him. 
“I’m okay, baby. I’m right here. I know that was so scary, but I’m just fine.”
You closed your eyes when Ollie tightened his hold on you and you ran your fingers through his hair. He moved to rest his head on your shoulder, speaking softly. 
“Where’s your pretty dress?”
You closed your eyes. A nurse had helped you take off the dress as they’d rushed Bucky to surgery. The police wanted the dress to possibly use as evidence. You were now wearing hospital-issued green surgery scrubs that were baggy but comfortable, and no-slip socks that were bright yellow. 
Ollie leaned back and rubbed his eyes. You watched him, as he studied your face. 
“I saw the red dot on your chest. Wanda made that noise that people do when they’re scared and her mouth looked like this.”
Ollie made an “O” with his lips and you smiled as you moved to gently touch his arm. 
“She gasped?”
Ollie nodded. 
“Then I saw Bucky run and hit you. He tackled you like a football player, Mama.” “I know, but he didn’t hurt me, Ol. He saved me.”
Ollie shook his head. 
“The TV cut off then and I didn’t know what happened. I thought you … that you were—“
His face crumpled and you stood up, gathering him in your arms and carrying him to the plush chair across from the couch where Clint, Steve, and Wanda were. You sat down and held Ollie in your lap, letting him cry against your chest. 
“I’m okay, Oliver. I promise. I am just fine because Bucky saved me.” “Like he said he would?”
You nodded. 
“Just like he said he would.” “Where is he?”
You glanced across the room to see Steve’s eyes open, saw him flick his red eyes your way before putting his face in Clint’s neck. You sniffled and sighed. 
“Buddy … Bucky got hurt. He did what he said he would do and he kept me safe, but … he’s in surgery right now.”
Ollie sat up, turning to face you, tears sparkling in his green eyes. 
“Is he going to die like Auntie Tasha did?”
You felt tears well up in your own eyes, bottom lip trembling before you spoke softly. 
“I hope not.”
Ollie closed his eyes, curling in on himself and resting back against you. You sniffled again, closing your eyes as you held him, resting your head on top of his. 
Tumblr media
“Miss Barton?”
You stirred at the gentle sound of a deep voice, turning your head to see a man with compassionate brown eyes smiling down at you. You looked at Ollie in your arms, and he had his head against your chest, sleeping soundly. You looked back to the man as he knelt and he spoke softly again. 
“My name is Sam Wilson. I’m a member of the LAPD and a friend of Bucky and Steve’s.”
You nodded. 
“Bucky mentioned you, I think.”
Sam nodded. 
“We did a thorough sweep of your house and the vehicles on your property. Nothing turned up, but we’re going to keep a unit outside your gate and do regular patrols for a few more weeks.”
You nodded. 
“Do you know if … did Peter …”
Your voice trailed off, and Sam smiled. 
“He sustained two bullet wounds to the chest.”
You blinked and Sam’s eyes hardened just for a moment before he spoke barely above a whisper. 
“He was gone before the camera hit the ground.”
You closed your eyes and Sam gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze. 
“I’ve known Bucky for a while now. He’s a fighter. He’ll pull through this and be bothering us by the end of the week.”
You gave a watery laugh, nodding your head. Sam gently rubbed your shoulder. 
“I’ve never seen him act the way he did when it came to you. You’re special to him, so I know he’ll be fighting tooth and nail to get back to you.”
Your throat felt thick as you nodded. You couldn’t make the words, so you mouthed “thank you” to Sam. He gave your shoulder another squeeze, then stood up and went to Clint and Steve. You closed your eyes and rested your head against Ollie’s, smiling when he nestled closer to you. You kissed his forehead and exhaled, dozing off again as the stress caught up to you. 
Tumblr media
“Y/N. Honey, wake up.”
You blinked your eyes open, disoriented and cold. You’d gotten so used to sleeping near Bucky, in his warm arms, and trying to sleep anywhere else just wasn’t the same. You turned your head to see Steve kneeling before you. You looked to your lap, eyes widening, going on alert, but calming when Steve laid a hand on yours. 
“He’s fine. He’s with Clint, raiding the vending machines.”
You gave a breath of relief and Steve gave your hand a squeeze. 
“Y/N.” “Oh, god. Bucky?”
Steve nodded. 
“He’s out of surgery.”
You moved to the edge of the chair, folding in on yourself. Steve stopped you, taking you in his arms instead and forcing you to your feet. You held him as tightly as you could, eyes squeezed shut as you dug your nails into his thick shoulders. 
“Breathe, Y/N.”
You nodded, doing as he said, exhaling shakily. 
“He’s okay?” “He’s not out of the woods yet. They had to give him blood because he lost a lot. He’s got a tube in his chest because his lung kept collapsing. And they had to remove the bottom part of his lung.”
You moved a hand to your mouth and Steve rubbed your back. 
“He’s up in ICU, but we can see him for a minute.” “I thought only family—“ “Fuck that. Come on. Clint’ll take care of the kid.”
You nodded and Steve let you go, taking hold of your hand and leading you to the elevators. The ride was quiet, and you followed after Steve as the two of you made your way to Bucky’s room. You stopped outside the sliding door, and Steve held one hand on the door as he turned to you. Your body was trembling as you shook your head. 
“I can’t.” “He’s going to want to see you, Y/N.” “I’m the reason he’s in here.”
Steve sighed. 
“No, you’re not.” “Don't stand there and lie to my face.”
Steve narrowed his blue eyes. 
“Well, don’t say stupid things. I’m hanging on by a thread here, Barton. Don’t push me.”
You blinked as Steve pushed open the door. He reached back and clamped a big hand around your wrist, yanking you into the room. You sucked in a breath as you stared at the bed, at Bucky with oxygen in his nose, tubes and lines coming out from under his gown, hooked up to machines on the wall that gave a rhythmic melody of steady beeps. 
“He’s alive. Hear those beeps? That’s his heart. It’s still ticking.”
You slowly nodded, one hand moving to rest against your throat. 
“He’s just sleeping?” “They said they had to hit him hard to sedate him fully. Probably won’t wear off until tomorrow.”
You nodded again, eyes focused on Bucky. You swallowed, stepping forward and reaching a shaky hand out before pulling it back. 
“It’s okay. You can touch him.”
You exhaled and reached out, laying your hand against his forehead. He was warm and solid and you felt yourself crumple until your head was resting against the rail on the side of his bed. Steve gently moved a chair behind you and you sat, putting your head in your other hand. Steve knelt beside you, one hand cupping your head. 
“He’s still here, Y/N. He’s fighting. He’s always been a fighter, but he’s not about to leave you.”
You moved to rest your head against Steve’s shoulder, tears soaking his shirt. 
“It’s my fault.” “No, it’s not.” “He was just trying to protect me and now—“ “Stop this.”
You lifted your head, eyes widening when Steve took hold of your arms.
“You’re not to blame. You didn’t shoot him. You didn’t ask Peter Quill to do it. Bucky signed on to this job, knowing this was how it could end. He knew the risks and he did it anyway and you can’t leave him now.”
Steve gave you a hard shake and you blinked. You shook your head. 
“I’m not leaving.” “You can’t, Y/N. He’s going to need you.” “I’m here.” “You can’t feel all guilty and push him away and give him an out he doesn’t want. He saved your life and you owe him enough to stick around.”
You pulled your arms out of Steve’s grasp. 
“I know that. He saved my life and bled all over me in front of millions of people. I can’t help how guilty I feel, but I’m not about to go anywhere. If he doesn’t want to stick around later, I understand, but I’m going to be here.”
Steve just stared at you as you stared back at him, both of you quickly looking to the bed when a gruff voice sounded. 
“I don’t … want to … listen to you … two … fight.” “Buck?”
Bucky moaned as he shifted in the bed, and you and Steve jumped up. Steve rounded the bed to Bucky’s other side, gentle hands joining yours to press him easily into the bed. 
“Don't move, pal. You’re in the hospital.” “I … know that … punk.”
Steve couldn’t help but smile and you gave a quiet laugh. You moved a hand to brush your fingers through Bucky’s hair. He gave a soft hum and turned towards your touch and you smiled as you sighed in relief. 
“Hey, big guy.” “Princess.” “I’m here. Get some rest.” “Don't go.” “That's the plan. I’m going to be right here.”
Bucky nodded, heavy eyes closing as you moved to hold his hand. Bucky gave your hand a weak squeeze and you leaned over to kiss his temple, resting your head against his until his breathing evened out. 
Tumblr media
“Son of a bitch!”
You winced from your spot in the hallway outside Bucky’s room. You squeezed your eyes closed as he gave a yelp, groaning low. 
You opened your eyes, wincing again when Bucky hissed. Clint narrowed his eyes and you signed to him that Bucky was currently having his chest tube removed, along with his catheter. Clint made a face, starting to walk backwards when you laughed. You motioned with your head and he walked over to you. 
“When all these tubes are gone, he’s moving to a regular room, right?”
You nodded. 
“I offered to get a nurse to come to the house and that went over like a lead balloon. It’s taking all my tricks to keep him from signing himself out AMA.” “AMA?” “Against Medical Advice. The nurses and I have gotten close.”
Clint rolled his eyes. 
“Next you’re going to say you’ve signed on to do that medical show.” “I’m thinking about it.”
Clint snorted, shaking his head. The two of you raised your eyebrows at the vicious cursing that echoed from the room and you slowly nodded. 
“Glad this isn’t the pediatric floor.”
Clint snorted again, then chuckled softly. You turned to him and crossed your arms over your chest. 
“Where’s my baby?” “With his new favorite human, Uncle Steve. If I have to hear that kid sing Steve’s praises one more time…”
You smiled, laughing when he went on. 
“‘Uncle Clint, did you know Steve was a soldier? Did you know he fought the bad guys and kicked their ass?’” “Clint!” “We’re soldiers, Y/N. You can take us out of duty, but you can’t fix our mouths.”
You gave a quiet groan as you put your head in a hand. 
“I was a soldier too, you know. But that’s not as cool as Uncle Steve. ‘He was a captain, Uncle Clint. What were you?’ Little shit knows my rank wasn’t anything special. Yet he’s still going to bring it up and Steve just stands back with that damn smile on his face.”
Clint shook his head as you smiled. He turned to look at you and narrowed his eyes. 
“Yeah, that smile.” “It’s sweet.” “Kid’s been around Steve most of his life, but tell him we’re together and it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time.”
You pressed your lips together, and Clint sighed. 
“It’s not that I’m ashamed of it.” “I didn’t say anything.” “I know. But I know you and I know you’re dying to ask.”
You shook your head, turning to face your brother. 
“I love you. It’s not my business; it’s yours. I’m not trying to make this about me. What I think doesn’t matter.” “It matters to me.”
Clint blew out a breath, shaking his head. 
“I don’t know why I didn’t tell you. I thought about it all the time. Steve wanted to. I know you’ve done the storylines and the Pride parades and the photo shoots, but it … god, Y/N.”
Clint shook his head again and you stepped closer to him. 
“Did you think I’d change how I felt if I knew my brother was gay?”
Clint closed his eyes as you gently went on. 
“You had to know it wouldn’t change anything. If anything, I’d double down and drive you crazy with rainbow shit.”
Clint laughed, lifting his head and looking tear-filled eyes at you. You shook your head. 
“Did you notice how Ollie didn’t bat an eye? He found me and Bucky curled up together like you and Steve and it didn’t occur to him that anything was dirty or bad or wrong.”
A tear slid down Clint’s cheek and you shook your head again. 
“I’ve tried really hard to teach Ollie to have an open mind and to treat everyone he meets with respect. I’ve tried hard to make sure he knows that not everyone looks or thinks or loves the same way he does and that’s okay.”
You moved both hands to your brother’s shoulders and gave a shake of your head. 
“I love you. There is nothing you could say or do to change that. You’re the only thing I’ve ever been able to truly count on, Clint. You’re stuck with me for the long haul, and if being stuck with you means I’m stuck with Steve too, then I’m fine with that.”
Clint shook his head, sniffling as he pulled you into a hug. 
“Shut up.”
You smiled, putting your chin on his shoulder and hugging him back. 
“Wuss.” “Oh, that’s it.”
You squealed as Clint grabbed you in a headlock, rubbing his fist over your hair and messing it up. You pushed away from him and glared his way, yanking the band out of your hair before trying to wrestle it back into a ponytail.
“Don't do that.” “Why not?” “Because now it’ll be a headline. Academy Award Winning Actress Whips Brother’s Butt in Hospital Hallway.’”
Clint barked out a laugh. 
“First of all, nice giving yourself top billing. Second, you couldn’t whip my ass if I let you.”
You raised an eyebrow, smile fading when the door to Bucky’s room slid open. Clint glanced over his shoulder to see the redheaded nurse make her way to them. 
“Everything looks good. Taking the tubes out will mean he’s sore for pretty much the rest of the day, but we are encouraging him to try to get up and walk a bit. The last thing he needs is a blood clot from lying in that bed.”
You nodded, and the nurse nodded back before she walked away. You stared at the door and took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly. 
“Hey. You okay?”
You looked at your brother and nodded, pushing a smile onto your face. Clint shook his head. 
“What’s wrong?”
You shook your head, tears welling up in your eyes. Clint stepped closer, taking hold of your arms. 
“Talk to me. What is it?” “It’s because of me.” “What is?”
You waved a hand around, and Clint slowly nodded as he scanned the room. 
“It’s not.” “It is.” “Y/N—“ “He got shot on national television because he was trying to protect me. He had to have surgery and have a tube inserted into his lung because of me. It’s all—“
The two of them fell silent when a gruff voice sounded. 
“Will you at least get her in the room so she can break down in peace? And where I don’t have to yell or get out of my bed?”
You blinked, speaking softly. 
“It’s good for you to be up.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes. 
“Stop taking Karen’s side. She’s sadistic.” “Heard that. Fairly apt description. Nice to see you up, Sarge.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the redheaded nurse as she winked at you and continued down the hall to the nurses’ station. Bucky shook his head and turned to go back into his room, laying a hand on the wall and wincing as he shuffled back through the door. Clint’s hand on your lower back pushed you forward, until Clint had slid the door closed behind you. Bucky moaned and groaned as he climbed back into bed, wincing until he found a comfortable position. 
“Now. What seems to be the problem?” “Eh, the martyr complex, I think.”
You blew out a breath, shaking your head at your brother and your boyfriend. You met Bucky’s eyes and he raised an eyebrow. After a moment, you swallowed, then spoke again. 
“It’s my fault.” “It’s not.” “Yes, it is.”
Bucky rolled his eyes, wincing as he shifted in the bed. You held out a hand towards him and he blew out a breath. 
“This is a risk of the job, Y/N. I knew it when I signed on.” “That was when it was a possibility. Now, it’s a certainty.” “No, now it’s over.”
You shook your head. 
“You’re in the hospital, Buck. It’s far from over.” “The threat to you is over. The job is over.”
He shook his head, shrugging his shoulders, nose scrunching at the pull in his side that motion gave. You gave a shaky laugh. 
“You can barely move without it hurting. And the only reason you’re hurting is because of me.” “You think I don’t know that?”
You stopped, eyes widening. Bucky shook his head, sitting up in the bed and leaning towards you. 
“You think I wouldn’t do the same damn thing a hundred more times?”
He smiled, shaking his head as he gave a quiet laugh. 
“Y/N, you’re here. You’re fine. That’s all that matters to me.”
You just stared at him, at the smile on his face and the gentleness in his eyes. He lifted a hand, motioning with his head. 
“Come here.”
You shook your head as your eyes began to sting, tears welling up as Clint stepped up behind you, gently pushing you forward. You stumbled to the bed, sitting beside Bucky, giving a quiet sob as you put your head on his shoulder, opposite of the side where he’d had the tube. His arm came around you as his head moved to rest against yours. 
“I know you feel guilty, and that’s something we’ll just have to work through. I don’t regret one single second, do you hear me? I love you and I’m so grateful you’re okay.”
You couldn’t do anything but sob, turning as carefully as you could and hugging Bucky as gently as possible. He wrapped his arms around you as best he could, resting his temple against yours. You shook your head, speaking softly. 
“I just don’t want you to resent me.” “Baby, no. Never.” “You say that now, but what … what if years down the line something happens?”
Bucky didn’t answer, and you sat back, confusion coloring your face when you saw the smile on his. You shook your head and he lifted his hand to tuck a flyaway piece of hair behind your ear. 
“Years down the line?”
You shrugged and his smile grew. 
“You want me around for years?”
Your cheeks warmed and he gave a quiet laugh. 
“Trust me, angel. I don’t resent you. I won’t. If anything, I’m going to resent the bastard who did this to me and who put you through this shit. But besides that, I’m going to be milking this for years to come. Any fight we have, ‘hey, remember how I got shot for you?’”
Your mouth dropped open and Bucky shrugged, wincing in pain. You pursed your lips and nodded. 
“Sure, big guy. You can barely move without pain, but go ahead. Milk it all you want.”
You started to get up and Bucky grabbed your hand. You turned to face him and his lips were on yours, your body finally relaxing as he kissed you. Bucky murmured against your lips as his fingers threaded through yours. 
“There she is.”
You rested your forehead against his, feeling tears come to your eyes again. 
“I’m sorry.” “Dont be.” “I can’t help it.” “I know.”
Bucky lifted his head to lay his lips on your forehead before resting against you again. 
“I could never hate you.” “I just feel so guilty.” “I know. But it wasn’t your fault.”
You gave his hand a squeeze. 
“You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me.” “If that’s true, then I also wouldn’t have fallen in love with the greatest woman I’ve ever known. Or met a boy I’ve also fallen in love with. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be trying to figure out how exactly I can love that kid like he was my own. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be holed up in a cabin in the woods retreating more into myself until I don’t even know what might have happened.”
Bucky lifted his head from yours, waiting until you lifted watery eyes to meet his. He shook his head, speaking softly. 
“You saved me, Princess. You might not can see it, but you did. You made me open my heart and I don’t regret one single second. Not meeting you, not protecting you, not falling for you, not even getting shot. You’re here and you’ve made my world brighter by just being in it.”
A tear slipped down your cheek, and he brushed it away with his thumb, cradling your cheek in his palm. 
“Plus, chicks dig scars.”
You gave a laugh, shaking your head as you moved closer to him. 
“I love you.” “I know.”
You gave a laugh, shaking your head as Bucky groaned. You stood up and helped him lay down, covering him with the blanket as he motioned to the space beside him. 
“Lay down with me.” “Buck, there’s not enough room.” “Hey, remember how I got shot for you?”
Your mouth dropped open and Clint gave a laugh as he pushed off the wall. He shook his head, motioning for you to get in bed. 
“I’ll bring Ollie by later when you’re in a regular room. Get some rest.”
Bucky nodded as Clint tapped the edge of the bed, and blue eyes moved to you. 
“Don’t leave me hanging, Princess. Lay down with me.”
You huffed out a breath, shaking your head as you climbed up beside him. 
“If Karen comes in and yells, I’m blaming you.” “She won’t yell. Besides, I got shot. I deserve all the happiness I can get.”
You shook your head again, closing your eyes, almost nose-to-nose with Bucky. 
“You really are going to milk this, aren’t you?” “Every chance I get, pretty girl.”
You smiled, taking in a deep breath, exhaling gently when Bucky laid a hand on yours. 
Tumblr media
“Hey, Buck.”
Bucky shook his head as he swam to the edge of the pool, smoothing his hair back with both hands. Steve was standing beside the pool, hands in his pockets. Bucky nodded to him. 
“What’s up?”
Steve glanced towards the windows where the sun was shining in. Bucky followed his gaze, then cursed under his breath. Bucky placed both hands on the concrete, lifting himself from the pool, walking over to where he had a towel waiting. 
“What is it?” “Media hype seems to be finally dying down.”
Bucky rolled his eyes. 
“Thank God for small favors. It’s only been, what, five months now?”
Steve nodded. 
“You’re getting around better now.” “Clean bill of health last visit. Said I’m going to need to watch myself exercising or doing strenuous activities, because my lung capacity will be shit compared to what it was.”
Steve pursed his lips, unable to stop the smile. 
“My condolences.”
Bucky raised an eyebrow at him and Steve cleared his throat. 
“No strenuous activity. That must suck for Y/N.”
Bucky smiled as he slowly wrapped the towel around his fist. 
“Nah. Something to be said for taking it slow and easy.”
Steve yelped as Bucky popped him with the towel, one hand going to rub at his shin. 
“You son of a bitch. That hurt.” “That was the point, smartass.”
Bucky used the towel to rub over his hair, then tied it around his waist. 
“Now. What’s the real reason you interrupted my less strenuous workout?”
Steve licked his lips, looking down at his feet. Bucky felt his heart give a hard beat, pressing his lips together before he spoke again. 
“Say it, Steve.” “You and Y/N have been in the news ever since the Oscars. You know that. And you … you’ve caught the attention of …” “Of who?”
Steve lifted his head. 
“The president. He needs a new security detail for his daughter.”
Bucky blinked. 
Steve’s eyes widened. 
“‘No?’” “You heard me. No.” “Buck, this is the President. You can’t just tell him no.” “I can, and that’s what I’m saying now. I’m done, Steve. Y/N was my last job, remember? One way or another, and it almost went another.” “Buck, this is—“
Bucky shook his head, turning to walk away. He stopped at the door, laying one hand on the frame and hanging his head, then looking back over his shoulder. 
“I’m flattered. The fact the President wants me is …”
Bucky shook his head. 
“But I found it, Steve. I found her and I’m not letting her go. I don’t need money or whatever he wants to offer. I’m done. Plus, she’s probably going to make the announcement to the press soon.” 
Steve couldn’t help the smile as he thought of the ring you hadn’t taken off since Bucky slipped it on a few months back. He looked back to a Bucky, who shrugged his shoulders. 
“You should think about it. I’ll give you a glowing recommendation. Clint probably wouldn’t mind relocating to D.C.” “Not to mention how you’d like the privacy?” “You know we love you two. But how am I supposed to talk Y/N into filling this mansion with rugrats if there’s not enough room because you two clowns are still here?”
Steve shook his head, and Bucky smiled as he tapped the door. 
“I’m going to go find my girl and see if she’ll make me some pancakes. There’s a toll I like paying.”
Steve stood beside the pool and watched his best friend walk away. When Bucky was gone, Steve took in a breath, letting it out slowly as he smiled, sticking his hands back in his pockets and following after Bucky. 
Tumblr media
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Then he Kissed me 1/7
TRIGGER WARNINGS AND THEMES-  fluff, first meeting, Bucky is rude 
The sun begins to rise just as the smell of the bread currently baking in the oven. Being here since 4:00 in the morning definitely has its advantages- you were able to get the first round of muffins done, start on the donuts, and prepare the stations for what your employees will be making today. 
 As your employee, MJ, begins to clean her area, you begin to prepare to make your specialty- cherry turnovers. 
You’ve had this bakery, Petite Pastries, ever since you moved here to New York three and a half years ago. After graduating from college with a degree in Business Management, you moved in with your aunt and uncle. This gave you time to get used to living in the city(after having moved from a small town in Indiana), and time to save up to begin starting your own business. While your aunt and uncle initially helped with paying the rent for this space, you asked that they slowly begin to draw their support once your business was doing better. 
Now, your business is pretty much thriving. You’ve got a few regular customers, but your job is also in a path where many tourists pass. You have a pretty steady flow of business these days, especially on the weekends. 
That being said, you never would have imagined that your life would be where it is today when you first moved here. You have a nice little studio apartment a few blocks away, a good amount of employees, and a regular client that you never saw coming- Tony Stark of The Avengers.
Tony first entered your bakery about a year and a half ago, to buy donuts for a team meeting held by him and the other super heroes.
‘’I think that this will help diffuse any sort of tension, you know?,’’ he’d joked with you, gratefully accepting the 3 boxes of nuts from you, ‘’And, if not, hey. I tried.’’
‘’Don’t worry, Mr. Stark- my donuts are notorious for diffusing all types of situations. They’re that sweet,’’ you’d teased, earning a laugh from the billionaire philanthropist in front of you. 
‘’I’ll hold you to that. If they’re as good as you say, you just might have yourself a regular customer.’’
And a regular customer you do have- Tony either stops by or sends someone for donuts once a week. It’s not unusual for him to spend a few minutes chatting with you, or to tell you hello through one of the interns that he’s sent. In fact, he’s responsible for two of your youngest employees, Peter Parker and MJ Jones, working here since they graduated high school last spring.
Through Tony, you’ve met so many interesting people- Pepper Potts, T’Challa Udaku, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton,  and Wanda and Pietro Maximoff being a few. There are a few times they'll stop by and pick up donuts, introducing themselves and stopping to speak for a while before leaving with boxes of pastries or snacks. 
Little do you know that, today, you will meet two members of the Avengers Team who you’ve never met before.   
And one of them, a quiet man with beautiful blue eyes, is the one that is going to change your life for the better.
‘’Hey,’’ Miles Morales, another employee, peeks around the corner and you take a tray of cherry turnovers out of the oven. MJ is currently prepping crusts for apple pie while Peter is sweeping.
‘’Miles, aren’t you supposed to be manning the cash register,’’ you raise an eyebrow at the teen, who has only been working there for a month.
‘’I am,’’ he promises, ‘’But somebody’s here to pick up an order for Mr. Stark, and it’s not out here on the counter.’’
‘’Okay, give me one second,’’ you nod back towards the bakery, ‘’Have them step to the side if there’s another person in line.’’
‘’Got it,’’ he nods as you make your way to the other side of the kitchen, where Alyssa is packing up the last of Stark’s order for you.
‘’Thank you so much,’’ you grin at her, looking to the clock to see that it is only 8:45 AM, ‘’He’s earlier than usual.’’
‘’It’s no trouble. You can throw me three baby showers to make sure this kid has enough stuff,’’ she winks playfully, placing a hand on her stomach as you grab the three boxes of pastries- a dozen donuts, a dozen croissants, a dozen of your infamous cherry turnovers. 
When you walk out, you expect to see Tony, Pepper, Happy or even Rhodey. Maybe one of Stark’s interns.
Who you don’t expect to see is one of the Avengers you’ve never met. 
‘’Well, if it isn’t Mr. Captain America himself,’’you beam at him, a small laugh escaping him as you do, ‘’Sorry, I had to. Tony told me to that if you ever came to pick up the pastries.’’
Standing at the counter, talking to Miles., is none other than Steve Rogers himself. He’s accompanied by a man with brown hair who is browsing the pictures on the wall as you speak to the Star Spangled man with a plan. 
‘’Of course he did,’’ Steve shakes his fondly before sticking a hand out towards you, ‘’It’s nice to meet the woman who’s been supplying such delicious treats for those oh so boring meetings.’’
‘’This is my contribution to the world- keeping the Avengers happy with donuts and apple turnovers.’’
‘’It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it,’’ Steve shrugs, taking the bag from you and pulling out his wallet to pay. ‘’Thank you. How much?’’
‘’Thirty dollars and ninety-seven cents,’’ Miles supplies, as Steve passes him a twenty and a ten.
‘’Hey, Buck, you got a dollar? I don’t have any change.’’
‘’Yeah,’’ the man stands, slowly pulling out a worn, brown, leather wallet and turning to Steve.
As he does, he locks eyes with you.
    It’s not cliche’ of you to say that this moment came with romantic music, is it? Because it sure feels like it should have. 
‘’Thanks, Buck,’’ Steve takes the dollar from Bucky and gives it to Miles, who finishes ringing him up and passes him the receipt, ‘’Oh, Buck, this is the woman who makes those incredible cherry turnovers you love so much.’’
To say that the man in front of you is gorgeous would be an understatement. He’s simply beautiful, a quiet strength radiating off of him as he stands next to Steve.
‘’Hello,’’ you beam politely, sticking out your hand to shake him.
He begins to move his left arm from his pocket, but instead sticks out his right arm. He gives you a small nod, muttering, ‘Nice to meet you’, before speaking more clearly to Steve that he’ll be waiting outside.
    Then he exits the bakery like he can’t get out fast enough, the door swinging open a little to roughly for your liking as Steve turns back to you, noticeable fixing the wince on his face evident before it’s gone, and he is giving you a genuine grin, ‘’It was nice to meet you. Sorry about that. Thanks again.’’
‘’No problem. Say hello to Tony for me.’’
‘’Will do,’’ Steve nods before turning on his heel and exiting the shop, opening the door with a lot less intensity than Bucky did.
‘’Well that was weird,’’ Miles commented under his breath,and you can’t help but agree with him.
‘’Very. Listen, I’ve got to get started on another order. Daniel is on his way here- when he does get here, tell him to take over the cashier while I show you how to ice this cake.’’
‘’Alright,’’ he nods before turning to help the customer that’s just walked in.
‘’Will do,’’ Miles promises, turning to Mrs. Garcia with a smile.
You waltz back into the kitchen, and it is so obvious that Alyssa heard.
‘’Don’t let that get to you,’’ she nods towards where Bucky and Steve were standing.
‘’Girl, I’m not even thinking about it. Maybe he was just having a bad day.’’
It’s a semi-truth- you are sure that he was having a bad day and you are at least attempting to not think about him.
Little do you know that this won’t be the last time that Bucky Barnes enters your bakery this week.
In fact, the man with the piercing blue eyes and staring problem is about to become an important part of your life.
And it’s all gonna start right here in your tiny little bakery. 
DISCLAIMER-I own no rights to any Marvel characters or their fictional worlds, countries, planets, etc.
@ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @starsshines-blg @airis-paris14 @syreanne @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines @priya212 @kumkaniudaku @airis-paris14 @alexundefined @fonville-designs  @dramaqueenamby  @mellowjellow6 @ashanti-notthesinger @destinio1 @afraiddreamingandloving @airis-paris14 @chaneajoyyy @90sinspiredgirl @shemiahsmelanin @zillmonger @skysynclair19 @marvelpotterlove @constantlycravingtheunknown @imaginewhoever @wakanda-inspired @pocmarvelworks @theunsweetenedtruth @dreampovx @adrioola21 @supremethunda @thisiskayesworld @mcusocialimagines    @vicmc624 @lovely-geek @battoddster @niffala  @angstlovers  
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Tumblr media
Life Without Colour: Steve Rogers/plus size female reader/Bucky Barnes
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Something Real, Part 2
Taglist: @kennedywxlsh, @letssee2468, @ceeellewrites, @leyannrae
"Its in the books, Peter. It's where the story starts for (y/n)." Bucky told Peter, "but that can't be." The soldier looked at the rider, "excuse me, what's your name?"
They looked down at us, putting the cowl down.
(H/c) hair.
(E/c) eyes.
(S/c) skin.
"I'm (y/n) (l/n), who's asking?"
Peter's POV
The name kept repeating in my head.
I stood there, dazed as the woman who was the protagonist of my favorite ever book series introduced herself to me.
"How is that possible?" I murmured to myself.
"Hello? I asked you a question." She said, "why do you both look like you've seen a ghost?"
"One of them has to be messing with us," Bucky said to me quietly.
"If they are then it's one heck of a prank, they even got a girl who looks just like (y/n)." I whispered back, "but we might as well go along with it."
"What? Why would we do that?" He asked, confused.
"Because even if it is fake it's still like a copy of the world in the books, why not enjoy it?"
"Good point, but-"
"Could you two stop whispering amongst yourselves and answer my questions?" A bored voice cut off Bucky. We looked at her, "well?" She prompted.
"I'm Peter and this is Bucky," an idea popped into my head. Ask her to show us to the nearest town, if she doesn't know it then she's not the actual (y/n)(l/n), just one of the Avengers pranking us. After all, her journey starts with her journeying to a certain town, "can you show us to Avendale?"
Her eyebrows raised slightly in surprise, "you guys are going to Avendale?" I nodded, she scoffed, "no offense but they'll eat you alive there."
"You'd be surprised," she turned to look at Bucky when he spoke. "I'm a warrior of the fey. And he is my apprentice."
Her eyes widened, before she schooled her expression into one of neutrality. I could practically see her mind working, if she asked us to prove it and we're actually fey she could get beheaded for disrespect(the fey take respect very seriously in the books).
"It's been a long time since any of your people came out of your kingdom." She said carefully.
I thought about what was mentioned in the books, trying to keep the charade believable. "We're adventurers as well as warriors of the fey. We do not like to mingle with humans and dwarves and all the other species. But the nobles wished to keep caught up with the world. So here we stand." In the books, the main characters never actually come in contact with any fey, so no one can disprove Bucky's claim.
"Ok, why would you start at Avendale? You realise that place is like the criminal heart of the world. You could get your throat slit just while walking down the street."
"We know. No disrespect intended but we cannot tell you our reasoning." Bucky spoke up.
"Suit yourself," she shrugged. "I happen to be traveling to Avendale to, so I can show you the way of you'd like."
"Yes!" I said, much too quickly. I flushed, "I mean, yes. That would be much appreciated."
She smirked a little, "well we better get going then. No one wants to get caught on the Pass at night if they can help it." She got off her horse, starting to walk forward. Clicking her tongue, the horse followed after her obediently. Bucky strode alongside the horse, seemingly fascinated with the beautiful mare. It was so dark a black that when the sunlight hit it the fur glowed blue.
She smirked a little, "well we better get going then. No one wants to get caught on the Pass at night if they can help it." She got off her horse, starting to walk forward. Clicking her tongue, the horse followed after her obediently.Bucky strode alongside the horse, seemingly fascinated with the beautiful mare. It was so dark a black that when the sunlight hit it the fur glowed blue.
"Your friend's not much of a conversationalist isn't he?" She asked when I walked beside her.
"Mr. Barnes? No, not really."
"Well that's alright, to each their own you know? Beside he's got that whole hot and brooding thing down anyway so I guess it works." She said, contemplating, "so the fey refer to their superiors as Mr?"
"What?" I asked, still distracted from her calling Mr. Barnes hot.
"Nevermind, so what's it like living with the fey?"
"Umm," I thought back to what little was said about them in the books. "Every person is treated like family in our communities and we try to distance ourselves from outside troubles. Of course we do intervene when we feel that certain causes deserve our help."
"Like in the Battle of the 9 Kingdoms?" She asked, seeming genuinely curious about the way fey lived.
"Yeah, exactly like that. When the orcs and dwarves came together to battle, we saw the great threat they could pose to life on this planet. The faeries and elves came together with us when we rose up to oppose the dwarves and orcs, but the 2 kingdoms of man were divided when the Corrupt King joined the other side. But we still had the other kingdom of man, the trolls and the goblins join us." I thanked my obsession with the books, without it I never would've known this stuff.
"I'm familiar with the story, have you met any faeries or elves before?"
We continued to walk and talk for about 3 hours, Mr. Barnes occasionally joining in the conversation.
Shortly after the last rays of sun, sunk below the horizon we arrived at a grungy sign that once upon a time might've said something, now though it was just a dirty piece of wood on the side of the road.
"Ok, here's some common sense information you're gonna need if you wanna survive strolling through this place. Keep your head down. Do not show any object of value unless you're sure no one is around to see it. And this is the most important rule, never, " she emphasized the word 'never', "show your face to anyone. Number one rule of survival here is anonymity. Also, keep in mind we're in the kingdom of the Corrupt King. Anyone you meet here should be considered an enemy, all the orcs and dwarves will despise the fey because of the Battle. Unfortunately this town is filled with the worst of the worst, every orc, dwarf, and human here a criminal."
"Thank you for your guidance here," Mr. Barnes told her. "We have a proposition though."
(Y/n)'s eyebrows raised, "what kind of proposition?"
"You seem to be capable, smart, and knowledgeable about the kingdoms. Could we join you on your journey?"
"Why would you do that?"
I stepped into the conversation , "you're traveling and we need to travel, it would be mutually beneficial."
She pondered the question, no doubt thinking about the advantages of having fey warriors joining her.
"Even if I accepted, what happens if you don't approve of my mission?"
"What is your mission?" I asked, knowing full well what it was.
"Avenging a death."
I met her eyes, a grin on my face as Bucky spoke. "Luckily for you, Peter and I know a bit about that. Where we're from, they call us Avengers.
So the adventure has begun, although Peter and Bucky still aren't too sure this is real.
If any of you would like to be tagged just ask and I'll tag you.
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metalbuckaroo · a day ago
Hi! So from the prompt list, could you do the 44th dialogue prompt where reader and roommate!Bucky are talking and bucky just keeps falling in love with her more and more but reader is oblivious to his flirting bc she doesn't think anybody wants her and while they are talking and bonding one evening they fall into the category of relationships as the topic of the conversation (sorry if it doesn't make sense, english isn't my first language)
Bad Night
Summary: After a bad date, Bucky offers his help.
Warnings: Some angst, lil fluffy, pretty cheesy, mentions of sex,
AU: Roommate!Bucky x reader
AN: After 3 days I'm finally letting this go. Not very sure how this got so long, but part of me wants to make a part 2 if that would interest anyone.
Prompt from this list. Requests are always open, reblogs and feedback are appreciated.
Tumblr media
"Hey, dollface, can you look at something for me?" You heard Bucky call, his footsteps getting closer to your room. "If it has to do with your testicles, then no. I will not."
He stopped in your doorway, eyes wide as he looked you over. "Oh, wow. Where you going? Got a hot date you didn't tell me about?" He teased, walking further into the room.
"Yeah, hopefully this one actually goes decent. Now what do you need?"
He turned so his back was to you and pulled his shirt off. "This place on my scar is all itchy. Does it look irritated?"
This hadn't been the first time he'd asked for you to inspect a spot on his jagged scar. Although for the first month he'd make it a point to cover it, not wanting to freak you out.
Whether that be with a towel thrown over his shoulder, wearing a shirt, or just
Until that day you had came home early from work to Bucky standing in the kitchen shirtless. He had expected you to immediately look at the cluster of scar tissue on his shoulder and never see him the same. Instead, you had just greeted him like any other day; a warm smile that made his heart melt before blabbering about your day and asking him about his.
That's when he got more comfortable, walking around without a shirt or just in a towel after a shower. When your smile started making his heart melt even more than before.
You touched your fingers to a small red blotch on the spot where dark metal met skin and he shivered slightly, goosebumps forming on his skin. "Yeah, it is a little. Try putting lotion on it."
He sighed and turned to face you, looking down at your dress. "Who is this guy? Do I know him?" He said cocking an eyebrow at you. "I tried that stupid dating app you suggested." You exhaled, shrugging your shoulders.
Narrowing his eyes at you, he shook his head. "You're not going." He said folding his arms across his chest. You raised your eyebrows and copied his actions. "And whys that?"
"Because, I should've never told you to try it. Dating apps are full of weird people." He muttered, going over to your dresser. "Murderers, stalkers, creepy cat people."
He opened the drawer and pulled out some clothes to stuff into your hands. "Which is why, you're staying in with me." He smiled, sparkling white teeth flashing at you.
Rolling your eyes you put the clothes back in their spots. "If I don't go on a decent date for once, I'm going to end up a creepy cat person. Besides, not all cat people are creepy. Mrs. Lawrey is really nice."
"She's an exception." He nodded, following you towards your bedroom door and down the hall. "If it makes you feel better, I'll text you if he starts acting creepy."
He huffed a breath and grabbed your shoulders, spinning you around to look at him. "Fine, but, that means I get to come rescue my girl if he does."
You felt a slight blush creep your neck and moved away from him to slip your shoes on. "You're just saying that, because I pay half of the bills." You said, opening the front door.
"And you cook pretty good. Now, go on. Be safe." He teased, swatting at your backside as you walked out into the hallway. "Try not to break anything, please." You told him on your way down the hallway.
"Not making a promise I might break."
The date had went horrible, one slip up and he said a few choice words to you before calling a cab to leave.
You swiped your fingertips under your eyes to erase any sign of crying before you got to your front door, wanting to avoid Bucky at all costs.
"Hey, dollface. Back already?" He said from the living room. "Yeah..." You mumbled back, trying to make a break for your bedroom to change.
Bucky could tell something was wrong by how you weren't rambling about everything that happened. "Oh, no you don't. Get back in here."
You exhaled and turned back around to look at him. "What, James?" You sighed, walking closer to where he was sat in a recliner. "What'd he do?" He said, narrowing his eyes at you. "Nothing, I'm fine."
"You're crying, I wanna know why. What'd he do?" You rolled your eyes at his stern voice and shook your head. "Just didn't go very well." You said, sucking in a deep breath.
They never did. As soon as you let one little fact slip, they'd high tail. You would've been better off staying home like Bucky had suggested.
Bucky's voice broke you from your self pity. "C'mere." His hand reached out to grab your wrist and tug you closer. "I'm not sitting on your lap, that's weird."
He scrunched his nose up and shook his head. "Doesn't have to be. Stop being a brat and let me comfort you."
Once you were sat on his right thigh with your side against him, he wrapped his arms around you and leaned his head back against the chair. "This should be our new bonding method. Feels like we're getting closer by the second."
You teetered your head back and forth, pressing your lips into a thin line. "Maybe because, I'm on your lap. That's pretty close."
A soft pat to your thigh and he was looking directly at you, blue eyes dancing back and forth in curiosity.
He wanted to know what made you so sad and torn up about one stupid date. "Tell me about it?"
You took another deep breath and he lifted his head so you could slip your arm behind his neck. "Every single time I go on a date, they mention sex. As soon as I tell them I'm a virgin they're gone. Tonight's was just extra rude about it."
His eyebrows creased together, hand moving to your knee. "You're a virgin? How?"
You looked at the ceiling, tapping a finger to your chin as if you were thinking. "Hm, could be from never having sex." You said the most obvious answer.
"No, I mean-" he huffed a laugh and gestured a hand over you. "Look at you."
You pinched his side and he narrowed his eyes at you. "I thought we told each other everything?" He mumbled, his lips turning down into a frown.
"No, James. You tell me everything. I don't tell you near as much." You said patting his chest, the chain of his dog tags cool on your palm. "You don't have to, I know a lot just by paying attention." He said, giving a nonchalant shrug.
"Now, explain, miss goody-two-shoes. Why hasn't anyone popped your cherry?"
You looked to your lap and pursed your lips. "When I was younger I never felt the need to lose it. Now, I can't seem to find a guy who doesn't want to have sex on the first date. I'm not losing it to someone I barely know."
When Bucky stayed silent you looked at him, he was chewing on the inside of his cheek and you could see the gears turning as he looked at you.
He wanted to offer his help, but didn't want to scare you away. That was the whole reason he hadn't said how he felt over the past couple of months.
Although, he wasn't sure how you never noticed. How you hadn't noticed the lingering touches and looks, everything he'd say.
You had waved it off as mindless flirting because that's how he played it off; as him being a flirt without any serious intentions.
"You're being quiet and it's weird. Say something." You said flicking the tip of his nose. "I'll do it. If you wanna lose it, I'll do it. I know a lot about you."
"Buck-" you shook your head, trying to wrap your head around what he was saying. "You can't be serious." You said breathing a soft laugh.
He nodded and his hand on your knee moved to the back of your thigh.
You felt heat rush to your cheeks as you looked at him, his strong features completely serious. "I'm gonna go to bed. Its late."
Just like Bucky thought would happen, he was scaring you away. "Wait- no, come back." He said as you pulled out of his grip and stood.
You shook your head and cleared your throat. "Nope, not coming back. I know you don't mean it because... You're Bucky and you say shit like that all the time, so..." You inhaled deeply and started towards the hallway. "I'm gonna go get ready for bed."
Bucky stood from the chair and followed after you. "Sugar, wait." He grabbed your wrist gently and tugged you towards him, nearly crashing you into his chest.
In a sudden movement, his hands held your cheeks and his lips engulfed yours, the abrupt motion causing you to stumble a step back; your hands flying up to grip the sides of his shirt.
The kiss was slow and deep, the taste of his minty toothpast flooding your tastebuds when he slipped his tongue pass your lips.
He pulled away after a moment, looking at your shocked expression. "I mean it."
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metalbuckaroo · 2 days ago
i’m a sucker for fluff, so if you ever need fluff ideas or want fluff request i’m always up for it <3 so maybe #11 and #28 from the fluff prompts :) as always no pressure!
Summary: Bucky has a favorite diner with a favorite waitress
Warnings: cheesy ass fluff
AU: Biker!Bucky x Reader
AN: Not extremely proud of this, it could've been better, but I needed to post something since I've been MIA all day totally not binge watching True blood. I may come back to it one day and rewrite it.
Prompt from this list, requests and asks are always open. Feedback and reblogs are appreciated
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
Every Friday for two months Bucky would go to the same diner at 3pm and sit at one of your tables. Sometimes he'd be alone, sometimes he'd have friends with him.
But, he'd never fail to say something to bring a blush to your cheeks; whether it be a random compliment or a simple wink.
So, when 6pm was creeping up and there hadn't been any sign of Bucky, you were confused.
"Missing your regular?" The cook teased from the other side of the order window. "No." You said breathing a laugh and shaking your head.
The familiar sound of rumbling motorcycles made you look out of one of the large windows, three pulling into the small parking lot.
"Well, would ya look at that." The cook said, clicking his tongue. "I can't stand you." You laughed, cleaning one of the tables.
Bucky followed behind Sam and Steve to the door, dropping his cigarette into the ashtray before walking in.
The three leather clad men contrasted to the light blue booth seats as they sat down, Bucky sending you a cheeky smile.
"You're late, Sarge." Bucky's smile got wider at his title falling from your lips, chuckling lightly. "Miss me?" He said scrunching his nose. "Maybe a little."
His tongue swiped across his bottom lip, blue eyes scanning down you for a moment before he cracked another smile and leaned closer to you. "Let me take you out for drinks."
You cocked your head to the side and raised your eyebrows at him. "Why would I do that?"
"Well, I'm pretty irresistible." He shrugged before sending you a wink. "Tell him yes so he will stop dragging us here every Friday." Steve quipped.
You inhaled a deep breath, looking over the mountain of muscle that had a hopeful look plastered on his face. "My shift doesn't end for another hour. Sorry." You nodded.
"I'll wait, sugar."
Bucky had kept his word, by the end of your shift he had left a generous tip and went outside with his two friends.
"You keep tipping me so well, I'm gonna have to give you a kiss, James." You told him when you walked out of the diner. "I think you owe me a kiss, then." He smirked, shoving his hands in his pockets.
"Let me buy you a drink first."
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common-sense-tpaine · 2 days ago
Your Majesty Chapter 8
Tumblr media
Your Majesty Masterlist
Summary- It has been more than a decade since the Kingdom of Ultron lost their princess. (Y/n) was just a 17 year old that didn’t know much about her past. Realizations happen and lives are crossed. How will (Y/n) handle the new pressure?
Stucky x reader
Steve knocked quietly on the oak door in front of him. Bucky tapped his foot impatiently while the two stood there in silence for a few moments.
“I’m just going in.” Steve held his arm out to stop Bucky, but he was too slow and Bucky pushed through (Y/n)’s door. He followed Bucky in and smiled at (Y/n) sleeping in her bed while she held the corner of her comforter in her gasp tightly. “Doll?” Bucky slid into (Y/n)’s bed and shifted to face the princess. 
“Nuh uh, too early.” She mumbled into her pillow while shifting away from Bucky. 
“It’s almost breakfast.” Steve whispered from the other side of the bed. 
“Fine...but turn around. You can’t see me in my nightgown before we’re married. My teacher back ho- home would skin me alive.” She stuttered on ‘home’ still feeling the pain of her father’s actions. 
“Old traditional hag.” Bucky muttered which earned a slap from Steve. “Ow!” 
“Don’t be mean.” (Y/n) chided from wherever she was changing her clothes. 
“We need to talk about what happened last night.” Steve said, his posture regal even though he was sitting down. 
“I assumed we would at dinner.” She came around to where Steve was standing and ran her hand up and down his back. He jumped, not expecting the comforting touch as his eyes were still closed. (Y/n) whispered in his ear. “You can open your eyes.” Steve’s blue-green eyes were bright as he looked up at the woman in front of him. 
“Hi.” He said breathlessly.
“Hi.” She giggled. 
“Can I open my eyes yet?” Bucky interrupted the moment causing both Steve and (Y/n) to laugh. (Y/n) walked over to Bucky and ran her fingers against his jawline softly. 
“Yes, you can open your eyes.” Once his eyes opened to see (Y/n) in front of him, a smile spreading across his face almost instantly. He rested his hands on her waist, lightly squeezing before just letting them hover. (Y/n) leaned back at the feeling of Steve behind her, his hands resting on top of Bucky’s for a few seconds. 
“We should go get breakfast.” Steve whispered while resting his head on (Y/n) ‘s shoulder. “You didn’t eat last night.” (Y/n) hummed. 
“I was kind of upset, food was the last thing on my mind at the moment.” Steve pulled away. 
“Well it’s going to be the first on the list now.” Steve took (Y/n)’s hand and pulled her out of her room and down the hallway. Her laughs bounced off the walls along with Bucky’s protests of leaving him in the room. 
“I want something with both of you.” Steve said after excusing the waitstaff. (Y/n) looked up and smiled at both men. 
“Me too.” She said quietly after swallowing a piece of fruit. Bucky smiled at the two people in front of him, his eyes holding a sparkle in them. 
“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” He said simply. All three of them smiled wide, their eyes shining with happiness. 
“ are we going to break this to the world and more importantly, my father.” The boys turned pale at the last part of the sentence. 
“What happened?” (Y/n) asked, playing with her fingers out of nervousness. 
“Your father wrote.” Steve said and she froze. 
“What happened? Is everyone okay?” Bucky nodded and grabbed (Y/n)’s hand to ground her. 
“Yes, everyone is fine, but Hydra got to a village and they put another threat out towards you. They were able to save everyone, but your father, Bucky, and I have decided to increase your protection. Traveling and going outside are prohibited until further notice.” She froze. 
“I will not sit inside like this.” (Y/n) insisted. 
“You don’t have a choice. We are doing this to keep you safe.” 
Safe, huh?
Taglist- @austynparksandpizza @aikeia @simplyfandomish @baby-noodles​ @lili-ann-love​ @rebloggingeverything​ @spookyparadisesheep @fanatic434
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