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#bucky barnes headcannon
mindofharry · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
In which bucky learns how to be a boyfriend.
a whole lot of fluff, clueless bucky and some cuddling, bucky is a sucker for cuddling! this is the last part of the losing you series 🥺 i’ve loved writing this - thank you for the continuous amount of love and support on it.
just a short little piece to finish it off!
losing you masterlist! happy reading!
Waking up early is something bucky does everyday. He doesn’t set an alarm or leave the curtains open before he goes to bed, he just wakes up at 6 in the morning naturally. You absolutely loathe it. Not only does the warmth and your beefy boyfriend leave the bed, bucky barnes does not know how to be quiet. You have to give it to him, he’s been working on a lot of things. His emotions, communication etc. But understanding that you don’t want to wake up at 6am isn’t one of the things he just can’t get over. Every night before bed for the last two weeks he’s asked you to wake up early with him for a coffee and a run, every night you say no. You need your beauty sleep, and you’re working from home at the moment so you’re taking every chance of lie in you can.
“Baby, please” Bucky pleaded, kissing behind your ear as you lay in bed. You were reading a report you wrote up today, and bucky just got back from a mission. You would’ve thought he’d be exhausted after fighting all of those bad guys, but if anything - bucky has more energy. You were kind of hoping he would drop the 6 am thing and just sleep in with you. But no, he’s just as adamant as two weeks ago. Maybe if you weren’t absolutely exhausted from the last couple of months at work you would do this coffee and run with him, you love spending time with bucky.
After the fight, bucky has been better. He hasn’t changed, he’s still the same stubborn and blunt man you met a year ago. But he’s learning every day, going to his therapy sessions, hanging out with friends. Bucky is doing a lot better. He tells you when you’ve hurt his feelings and encourages you to do the same, you communicate and talk through your problems no matter how loud it gets.
Bucky is dropping you to the bar, massaging you whenever you want, getting you cakes and buying you dinner.
And even the simple things where he kisses your temple, or tucks you into his side. Bucky barnes is everything you could ever want and more.
“Why do you want to go out at 6 am?” You giggled turning over to face him, bucky was now on his side his head leaning on his hand, so he was looking down at you. You wanted to know why he was adamant on getting you out at an ungodly hour.
“Just want to spend time with my girl, is that too much to ask for?” He said and you smiled softly, pecking his lips. Your hand goes to his shoulder as you shake your head.
“No it’s not” You said and then nodded to yourself. “Ok, we’ll go for a coffee and a run tomorrow morning” You said, giving in to his pleads. Buckys eyes widened and he immediately buried his head into your neck, his arm going across you waist. You laughed loudly as he kissed down your neck.
“Need to get some sleep then, you’re not going to like me at 6 am”
Bucky tutted at you placing the report that was resting on your stomach on your bedside table. “I like you all the time, no matter how early it is” He said and you smiled placing your lips on his.
“Even when i’m grumpy?” You asked in between kisses.
“Even when you’re grumpy”
With that, you both got out of the bed to do your night time routine. You had been staying over at buckys place for the last couple of days and before that bucky was staying at yours. You like to be around each other, you’re not dependent on each other but you do like to be together. Bucky is so comforted by your energy, always ready to listen, help and offer the best advice you possibly can.
You get out your tooth brush as place it under the tap, and then put the toothpaste on it. Bucky is beside you doing the same to his, you hit your hip of his sending him a little smile to comfort him. You know how he gets before bed. Before this, sex with you was distracting him from all the nightmares and ugly things of the night. Now that you’re together and not doing anything to distract himself from his own harming thoughts, he gets nervous.
Nervous that he might hurt you or injure himself. You know he would never intentionally hurt you, no matter how mean bucky can get he’d never lay a hand on. You’re very sure of that.
You spit the toothpaste out, running your tooth brush under the water.
“You doing ok?” You asked and bucky nodded, cleaning his own tooth brush. You raised an eyebrow leaning against the sink. “I’m just, a little anxious. Nothing new, baby” He said putting his tooth brush away. You pouted and brought him into a hug.
“How about some face masks?” You asked with a grin, before bucky could even blink you had two face masks in your hand and was pulling him over the toilet. You practically pushed you boyfriend onto the toilet seat, he wasn’t wearing a shirt (requested by you) so it made it easier to do the face mask.
You put yours on quickly, and then rushed back to a bored looking bucky.
“You’ll love it” You reassured opening up the packet. Bucky sighed “The things i do for you” He mumbled closing his eyes and placing his hands on either side of you waist.
You place the face mask on your boyfriends face, carefully spreading it over his cheeks and forehead. He had perfect skin, you would be forever jealous of it.
“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”
He nodded leaning into your hand a little bit, you could see he was a little sleepy. “Can we watch an episode of new girl before bed?” You asked and of course bucky nodded. He secretly really liked the show, but he would never tell you that. You already knew, that’s why you asked.
“We’ll wash these off after this episode and then head to bed. Sound good, buck?” You asked and bucky nodded placing a hand on your shoulder guiding you back into the bedroom and grabbing the remote off your dresser. He was really quiet, which was something you’d have to get used to. It was just before bed when he got super quiet and you had to do all the talking. You didn’t mind one bit, bucky is a very good listener. He could listen to you talk for hours on end.
During the episode, bucky lay his head in your lap. You massaged his scalp, sometimes bucky reminds you of a little golden retriever.
“This part is funny” You said and bucky nodded agreeing rubbing at his eyes. You could tell he was tired.
“Why don’t we go wash these off and finish the episode after we get back from our run?”
Bucky sighed and stretched standing up, and then holding out his hands to help you up. You walked in front of him, bucky slapped your ass. He just couldn’t help it, your ass looks amazing in those shorts. You giggled and hit his shoulder.
You washed both of your faces and squished buckys cheeks together, he had a nice glow about him recently.
Bucky would definitely say it’s because of you.
You would say it’s because bucky is actually taking his mental health seriously.
“I love you” Bucky said and you stopped drying his face. You’ve said it before, but bucky had never really understood it until now. You doing all of this for him made him feel so happy, so warm and loved inside. The fact that you would stop watching your favourite show for him, give up your time and good face masks for him and constantly reassure and care for him.
Bucky barnes loves you so fucking much and he just can’t comprehend it, but he’s working on it.
“I love that you’re willing to wake up early for me, and to sit up and cuddle me when you’re obviously tired. I love that you’re always around, ready with advice, i love that you give the best hugs and know the right thing to say all the time” He said you blushed placing a hand on his cheek.
“I love you, Y/N. And i hate that i treated you so badly. I love you, and i’ll never love anyone the way i love you” He said and you bit your lip to try and stop the tears.
“I love you more, james”
And with that you both settled down and went to bed, you turned the tv off and looked over at bucky. “Shirt off or on?” You teased and bucky smirked.
“Is that even a question? Definitely off”
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mindofharry · a day ago
i can’t stop thinking about how bucky would fuck you after returning home from a mission
the adrenaline rush he would after a mission - and he would just run to go to your room after coming back.
And you would be ready waiting for him!!
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natasha-romancff · 4 days ago
1940s Bucky Headcanons
a/n: under the cut because I went ~a little~ overboard
he was definitely raised right and a complete gentlemen
he would always walk you home, the usual for the time doing what his mom had taught him to do when he was with a lady
but bucky wasn’t just a gentleman, he was a hopeless romantic
he would have gone on dates here and there before but he had always been set on a true love, wanting to just find someone who he could see himself spending forever with
so he went on his dates but never courted any girls. it wasn’t that he didn’t want to have a real relationship but didn’t want to settle for courting anyone who he didn’t see himself marrying.
as sad as it was he never saw himself marrying any of those girls so he would go on a date and nothing more with them
bucky, ever the hopeless romantic, was willing to wait for the person he would want to spend forever with
and he did find that person in you when he saw you
instantly bucky just knew that you would be the one so when he was walking down the busy streets of Brooklyn and saw you
maybe you weren’t any more beautiful than the other girls in the city. after all, brooklyn was not short of beautiful girls but to bucky you were something special
a diamond in the rough, if he ever saw one. so when he saw you he stopped dead in his tracks, catching a clueless steve by surprise
whatever bucky had been doing had ceased as he caught your eye and he found himself strolling across the busy road over to you, not caring about the traffic.
steve had called after him but bucky didn’t seem to notice and he make his way over to you. they had places to be, bucky knew this, but he didn’t care. you were the only person on his mind even if he didn’t know your name.
from the very first time you met him, bucky had swooned you. he was confident, handsome, and ever so funny,
there was more to him than that though, you soon learned. not only was he a gentleman and raised right bu his parents, he cared about you.
you could tell how he cared about you how he really listened to you, valuing your opinions and respecting you in a way that the men you had met had rarely done. 
it was easy to say that bucky was unlike any other man you had met before
and god, was he a romantic. he bought you flowers before a date - not the red roses all the guys bought but your favorites. you hadn’t even told him that those were your favorite but he knew somehow. he really paid attention to you, that much was certain.
the dates you went on were always simple - the the dinner to shake a shake, grabbing a slice of pizza at your favorite place, or a drive in movie - but it was who you were with that made it special.
it was every time you caught him fond stare, every time he held your hand so tenderly, every time he kissed you like you were his entire world and his stars, that you knew he not only loved you but was different than all the rest.
bucky knew it the frist time he saw you, before he even knew your name, that you were it for him. perhaps you did too because looking at him for the first time you just knew that he was different form all the rest.
all of his actions, his sweetness and caring attitude, showed that he loved you. you were so lucky, this you knew more than anything else in your life.
because of this it wasn’t at all surprising in a way when he got you those flowers you loved more than anything, took you to the first place you had told him you loved him, and got down on one knee and asked you to marry him
and it was certainly no surprise when you said yes, giving him the kiss of his life with the promise of many more to come
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mindofharry · 4 days ago
the tension that you and professor!sebastian would have OMG. like in the middle of class he just can’t stop looking at you. sometimes it isn’t even sexual but most of the time it is.
no fuck i was just thinking about this ??? ok so you’re in a lecture room, so it’s quite big. You’re in the middle row, so sebastian can kind of see you. When he goes around to just check up on people to make sure they’re getting the work ok, he can fully see you and god, he can’t believe that someone THAT beautiful is in his class.
Obviously when you came in you heard rumours about him being hot, you just thought your friends were trying to mess with you. But when you saw your professor for the first time, you felt like your face burned up. They really were not lying. The way strands of hair fall down on his forehead, he always sighs and pushes them back up. He has this 40s look about him, you love it. His muscles are basically bulging out of his button up top, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
It started as a little infatuation - for the both of them really.
The lingering looks and the obvious - not so obvious - tension whenever they were around each other.
You remember needing help on an assignment he’d set, you really didn’t want to be alone with him. Not in a bad way, you just knew you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. But none of your classmates could help you and this assignment was worth a lot, so you had to ask for your professors help.
The sexual tension was almost unbearable. Your underwear was already drenched at the sight of him and the way you said his name had his cock standing up immediately.
“Mr stan” You started and sebastian leaned back in his chair, smiling. “Call me sebastian” He said cutting you off, you smiled and nodded continuing your question.
He couldn’t concentrate, not when your shirt is unbuttoned and the skirt you wore is so tight.
“Sebastian?” You asked, you knew he was staring at your breasts. If it was anyone else you would’ve hit them over the head with your bag and then left causing a proper scene. But you like it when he looks at you like this. the lust in his eyes and the way his bites his lip.
You know what he’s thinking because you’re thinking it too.
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sebbysbaby · 5 days ago
i have a request!! A bucky Barnes fic where maybe a bunch of people still hate him/consider him the winter soldier and the reader (his girlfriend?) sticks up for him!!
warnings: mean people, some softness
a/n: this is a bit short because when i tried to make it longer, i lost my focus on the topic and i didn’t want to do that. i hope you liked it, by the way requests are still open until May 3rd 23.59
there for you
Tumblr media
It was the little things, but sure he noticed. He could hear the whispers, see the fear in their eyes. He could catch the glances when he was outside, alone. He could hear mumble hateful things about him, considering he was the reason of King T’Chaka’s death, and many more.
He tried to ignore, he tried to keep it all together. But everyone has their limit. “We don’t serve people like you.” The man said, arms crossed at his chest.
“Like me?” He said in a low tone, he could still feel the eyes around him. Watching
Man mumbled something under his breath, remaining his posture. “I refuse to serve Winter Soldier.” Whispers around Bucky got louder, now everybody was watching him.
Bucky clenched his fists, shoulders down with defeat. He just wanted to buy some bagels for you. He didn’t want to go to your place empty handed for the breakfast you two were going to have. He was about to turn around to leave, until a familiar voice interrupted him.
“Yeah? What gives you the right to treat him like that?” He heard your voice standing few feet apart from him.
“Don’t you know half of the troubles he caused? I have the right to serve whoever I want. I don’t serve assassins and terrorists.”
“Oh, you’re an expert I suppose. If you knew half of the things that he had been through you would treat him with nothing but respect. He was in the World War to save your pity ass. He fought against Thanos and brought back all the people we’ve lost, including yours. He also fought with the Flag Smashers, to make sure you can still make your over salted and over priced bagels and none of us would have to live in the fucking dystopia those people wanted us to live in. Show him some respect, you probably don’t even have the balls to be someone that is one percent of how dedicated and brave he is.”
After your little monologue, you held his hand tightly and pulled him out of the store. “You didn’t have to do this.” Bucky mumbled, now he felt smaller than he felt before. Not because you stood up by him, because he felt like the man was right.
“No, I must have done this even sooner. I know how mean people can be. They don’t know shit, Bucky, all they have been is talk and gossip just to make themselves feel better. Make themselves good about the shit they have done so—“ Before you could finish your next monologue, Bucky pressed his lips to yours.
“You are the most amazing person I ever get to chance to meet.” He said pressing his forehead to yours. His free hand cupping your cheek.
You smiled at him before kissing him again. This time you opened your mouth to kiss, giving people something they could watch with their pitiful eyes.
“How did you even know where I was?” He said when he broke the kiss.
You shrugged before answering him. “I didn’t. I came to get some bagels, and thanks to you I found out how much a shitty person the owner is, and probably need to go somewhere else from now on to get bagels.”
“Sorry about that.”
“It’s okay. They were too salty and over priced anyways. We’re in New York, it wouldn’t be too hard to find another place to get bagels.” You explained as he wrapped his arms around your shoulder; pulling you closer to him.
He felt like the weight on his chest was lifted when you came into his life with your bright smile and your pure heart. You never judged him from the things he had done before, and you always stood up for him whenever he needed; and he was grateful for you.
You were the second chance he needed from life.
a/n: i hope you liked it baby
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mindofharry · 7 days ago
sebastian seems like a great cuddler and i’m sad i’m sad i’m not experiencing that
I WAS LITERALLY JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS!! let’s talk about the different kind of cuddles you would get from seb!
First off SPOONING. spooning in something sebastian fucking loves. Surprisingly, he likes to be the small spoon too. He loves just feeling your arms around you and vice versa. It’s so comforting to know that you’re both there, it makes you feel so safe. And you spoon most nights, sometimes you both like your space but you always wake up entwined one way or another! Your bodies are definitely in sync and knows when someone needs a good cuddle.
Second is definitely the seated cuddle. This usually happens after dinner and when the british bake off comes on. You both love baking and cooking shows, you even had a master chef cook off last week. After a full meal and a beer, cuddling is just what you need. You’re on the sofa, and sebastian flops down beside you making you giggle and peck his lips, he brings his left arm around your neck and his hand resting on your shoulder. The other is on your knee, every couple of minutes you’ll feel his breath on your temple and he’ll place a small kiss to it. Sebastian, even after a long, hard day, is the softest human ever.
CUDDLING FROM BEHIND. don’t even get me fucking started. Sebastian is seated behind you, and you’re sitting in between his legs, so his knees are either side of you. Your head is resting on his chest, while he brought him around to rest on your chest. You’re both outside, in the park on a blanket. Just basking in the sun, even though sebastians got muscles for days, he’s soft inside and out. You’ll press a couple of kisses to his hand every now and again too.
His whole body just over you. This one is one of sebastians fav, he just flops down onto you too, which you find adorable - but he is a little heavy. He rests his head in your neck, while you massage his scalp and back. You usually do this after he’s had a long day at work and just needs to calm down for a bit, you’re happy to do it, you love when he’s this close to you.
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mindofharry · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
In which bucky realises the mistake he made and does everything in his power to get you back.
losing you masterlist: here!
smut!! fluff!! angst!! i’m so fucking in love with this series. mean!bucky, sex and a bit of grovelling! ALSO!!! thank you for 2k, i never expected to get this far with this page. writing has always been a passion for me so thank you guys for taking time out of your day to read my stuff. i appreciate and love you all immensely <3 happy reading!
The first thing bucky notices about you not being here, is the how quiet and lonely his apartment is. Usually, your moans, whimpers and giggles fill the small space. Not anymore. The only noise he can hear is you saying those words to him.
“You’re selfish and mean. And i deserve better”
It felt like it was ringing in his ear, no matter how loud the tv is or the children running up and down the hall, it was on a continuous loop. Selfish. Mean. Deserve better. It was meant to be no strings attached, something to let off a little steam. But then bucky got those butterflies, he wanted to take you dancing, take you to meet his friends. He didn’t like the feeling, so he didn’t the only thing he knew how to do.
Push you away.
Bucky didn’t like how he felt with you, he couldn’t understand it. He felt like he couldn’t be that person for you no matter how fucking hard he tried, bucky couldn’t be the one you cuddled up with after a stressful day. He couldn’t be the one cooking dinner for you. And he most definitely can’t be the person loving you, he’s just not programmed for that. Bucky hasn’t felt love in decades. He doesn’t know how to process it yet.
Bucky knew what he did was wrong and now laying on the ground, his back against the hard wood, the only thing he wanted was you. Y/N.
Bucky wanted Y/N.
He decided then and there, he would fix himself up, go to his therapist. And get you back.
Back in your apartment, you were still in your dress, only this time your make up was smudged and your date was cancelled. Who were you kidding? Nobody could replace bucky barnes, nobody. Fuck, you love him so much. This feeling, it’s so big. It feel like it’s taking up all of your body, this fire so big that no one can put out. Bucky is a drug, and you’ve definitely become addicted.
After what felt like hours staring at your wall, you decide it’s best to head to bed and just forget about what a disaster this night has been.
“So” Dr Raynor said, crossing her legs over. Bucky was sat in front of her, his legs bouncing up and down as his therapist tried to figure him out. Bucky hated therapy. He hated everything to do with it, he would rather be put in jail than do this bullshit sharing feelings thing.
But if he wanted any chance of getting you back, in his bed, kissing him than he would do it.
Bucky barnes was officially smitten.
“Tell me” Dr Raynor said, leaning foward. “What’s going on, james?” She asked and bucky sighed placing a hand over his eyes.
“I need help” He said and Dr Raynor nodded. “Well, yeah. That much is obvious” She teased making bucky roll his eyes.
“With a girl” He said and his therapist grunted leaning back in her seat. Bucky hasn’t been this embarrassed since middle school when he peed his pants and had to go home early, everyone laughed at him in the playground. He never forgot that, but right now, his therapist trying to keep her laughs in made him feel a little small and fragile.
“Fine. I’ll find someone else” He mumbled, moving to get up. Dr Raynor settled herself down and held her hand up to stop him. “Oh, be quiet. Tell me about this girl” She said putting her notebook down. Bucky looked down at his hands and smiled.
It almost startled the therapist, she’d never seen him smile like that. Or ever, for that matter.
“Y/N” He started.
“Y/N is the most beautiful and wise woman i’ve ever met” He said. “Always there for me, willing to do just about anything i asked her to do. Fuck, she’s the best thing that’s happened to me, since well ever” Bucky said and the therapist nodded.
“But i fucked it up. Said somethings i didn’t mean and now she won’t even look me in the eye. I was so shitty to her just because i couldn’t admit my own feelings.” Bucky groaned and Dr raynor nodded agreeing.
“James, what do you want me to tell you? You messed up, now go and apologise” She said and buckys eyes widened. “I can’t just apologise to her” He said and his therapist lifted her hand up.
“Exactly. Problem solved”
Bucky made a noise of complaint while dr raynor packed up her stuff. “See you next week, lover boy” she said walking out of the room and leaving bucky to his own thoughts.
Flowers? Chocolates? Dancing? A poem? What do women like you, like these days? God, he’s still way too new in this world to be thinking about these things. But he really fucking needs you. He needs you and your jokes, you and your witty nature.
Bucky just needs you, and he’s about to do anything in his power to get you back, starting with an apology.
You were sitting in your living room a glass of wine in your hand and new girl on in the background. Your mind was somewhere else, you’ve just felt off all day. You keep zoning out, not being able to concentrate. Is this what a broken heart feels like? A knock on the door brings out of your thoughts and back to reality. A shitty fucking reality. You sigh and put your wine down on the table and make your way over the front door, you nearly tripped over your stiletto heels on the way there. You didn’t move them last night because you were so exhausted and out of it.
Opening the door you see bucky. Just the man you didn’t want to see, you begin to close the door in his face when his foot blocks it. “Please, just hear me out” He begged and you sighed crossing your arms over your chest.
“Can i come in?” Bucky asked and you scoffed.
“Why should i let you come in? Do you remember what you did the last time?” You said and bucky placed a hand over his eyes, obviously frustrated. You didn’t understand why, he made your place in his life pretty clear.
“I should come in because i need to apologise to you. For everything. The way i treated you and the things i said. I need to apologise, so please let me in”
You sighed and opened up the door wider and walked down the hallway. You sat back down on the couch taking a gulp of you wine. You were so easy, you thought. You barley put up a fight, you should’ve just closed the door in his face. But you did want to hear what he had to say, what bullshit apology he’d come up with.
“So?” You said and bucky nodded sitting beside you.
“I miss you” He started and you rolled your eyes. “No, fuck. I do miss you, but i’m sorry. I’m really fucking sorry” Bucky said grabbing your hand. You wanted to pull away but you just couldn’t, his hand felt so good in yours. You leaned over and put your wine on the coffee table. Bucky took that as permission to take your other hand.
“I had feelings for you, no i have feelings for you. I just, i’m not good at expressing myself, i’m working on it. My therapist told me to get you flowers and shit, but i left them in my apartment and this is just a whole mess” Bucky ranted, you had to bite your lip to make you not burst out with laughter.
“You talked about to your therapist?” You asked, giggling. Fuck, even your laugh is beautiful. What is there not love about you?
“I’m sorry” He said, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles. “I have feelings for you, and i didn’t know how to express that. So i pushed you away and treated you so badly. I’m going to apologise for that until the day i die. I just, i like you a lot Y/N” he said and you could feel your cheeks burn.
You really weren’t expecting that.
“My thought process was that i would never be that person, you know that boyfriend who’s ready to cook dinner and take the dogs for a walk” He said and you nodded understand.
“But i’m willing to do that for you, if you’d give me another chance”
You looked up at him, staring into those beautiful wide eyes. This is what you’ve been waiting for.
He moved closer to you bringing a hand to your cheek. “Please, i have hundreds of flowers and like 10 boxes of chocolates back in my apartment. Come back with me? Please?” He asked, so much vulnerability could be heard. You sighed and looked around.
You didn’t deserve what happened, but you know he’s sorry. Maybe a little more grovelling? Make up sex is the best, though. You contemplate a little longer and then nod.
“Yeah, i’ll stay at yours for a bit”
Bucky nearly cried when you said that. Maybe he’d actually have a chance.
He helped you up from the couch and watched you get your shoes. He could get use to this. “You ready?” He asked holding out his hand, you nodded taking it. It felt nice to be wanted.
After a short walk to buckys apartment, your met with (literally hundreds) of yellow flowers. You could cry, he did this all for you? You lift your hand to your mouth and look around the room.
“Do you hate it? I can get better-“
You interrupt him with a peck to the lips. He was shocked, but he didn’t hesitate with kissing you back. He placed both of his hands on the side of your head and as you gasped, he slipped his tongue in.
“Fuck, i missed you” you said in between kisses, you moved your hands to his chest. Bucky pulled away and moved back.
“I just want you to know, that i wasn’t planning on seducing you or anything. If you want i have sex we will, if you don’t, then we’ll watch a movie. There’s no pressure” He said reassuring you. You smirked and pecked his lips.
“Why don’t we go to your bedroom?”
Bucky pulls you along to his room, lifting you up once he opens the door. “Your room is messy” You said and Bucky laughed. “Hasn’t been the same without you” He said and you pouted, kissing his lips.
“I’m sorry about that, let me help you?” You said taking your shirt off, leaving you only in your pjs short and bare breasts. Bucky was staring at you intently, making your nipples harden. He reached out and ran his fingers across your nipples making you moan with pleasure. His finger was cold and just what you needed.
“Strip and then you’re going to ride me. Been too long princess” Bucky said and you nodded quickly taking your shorts and skimpy underwear off.
“Fuck” Bucky said as you lay down on the bed, legs wide open. You were dripping wet, your hands coming down to play with yourself a little. “You’re gorgeous,” He said, kissing the inside of your thigh.
“Seems like you’re wet enough for me, yeah? i’ll play with you more later” He said and you nodded, just wanting him to be in you.
Bucky rolled over and took a condom out from the door, he quickly got out of his clothes and you almost moaned at the sight of him putting on that condom. He really does like hot doing anything.
Bucky lays down his head on his pillow and you quickly and swiftly move to sit on his lap, your knees either side of him.
You placed his cock, in your dripping pussy and loved the sound he made. Bucky groaned, his hands coming to your hips immediately, to guide you at a good pace. Your hands moved to his chest, scratching at it slightly, bucky moaned at that too. Pain kink, you figured that out pretty quickly. You began to move your hips and created a good rhythm.
“Oh, god” You whimpered, as you bounced on Bucky's cock.
“Missed you, and this” Bucky said and you nodded, your hips bucking.
You begin to move faster and faster, the bed frame hitting against the wall and bucky groans and your whimpers the only thing you can hear. God, you missed him and his cock so much. Bucky is so deep inside of you, you can feel everything. He’s so good at this, sometimes he doesn’t even have to try.
“This…. is so good…..” You said whimpering, leaning down to peck his lips. Bucky responded, moving his hands to your breasts and giving them a squeeze.
“Are you gonna cum?” He asked, bucking his hips up fucking you faster. You nodded and moaned.
“Please! Oh fuck” You screamed, feeling that pleasure start to build up. As the both of you came down from your highs, bucky brought you into his chest.
“I’m never losing you again”
Taglist: @formulamendes @ityagirljay @josegandulfo @youre-a-wallflower-charlie @beminetokeep @jbcalway @lxdyred @idkwhttocallmysrlf <33
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natasha-romancff · 9 days ago
Adopting a cat with Bucky
Summary: read title
A/N: based off of this fanart
Tumblr media
You and Bucky lived together in a cozy apartment
Despite the struggles you had a life of domestic bliss. When times got tough the two of you always had each other.
Bucky was now a civilian but you worked your job, enjoying the time when you would get ready to come home every day.
One day when you were walking into the apartment you were caught off guard when you heard Bucky speaking to someone but the tone of his voice threw you off.
Bucky was standoffish to most people and certainly everyone he didn’t know. He didn’t let people in often and you were the only one who he was ‘soft’ with. He loved you tenderly but it was you alone he treated this way.
So when you opened to the apartment door, setting your stuff on the kitchen countertop you could understand your own confusion. There was no one you could picture Bucky talking to in the tone of voice that was almost cooing.
But when you turned together everything made sense.
Bucky was on the hard wood floor on his back with the biggest smile you’ve seen in a long time as he held a kitten with beautiful white fur and astonishing blue eyes in his arms.
You leaned against the wall as a slight smile crept up onto your lips at the sight of your boyfriend, usually so stoic and intimidating, cooing tenderly at the kitten who was clutching his metal arm.
It didn’t seem like he was going to notice you anytime soon so you cleared your throat quietly which got his attention alright.
“Hi sweetheart.” He said far too causally for how he was acting with his wide eyes in a comical way as he propped up on his side. “Good day at work?”
You couldn’t take him seriously and failed to stifle your laugh as you took in the sight of your strong boyfriend with a dainty kitten climbing up his metal arm. The small kitten was a stark contrast to Bucky’s large metal arm.
You only shook your head fondly. “Same old, same old. Seems your day was a bit more interesting though.” You eyeballed the kitten and it was entertaining how Bucky turned his head to glance at it before looking back at you.
“Well I was at lunch and found her on my way back. No tags or anything, someone clearly left her and well I couldn’t leave her.” He rambled, not even noticing as the kitten climbing up his arm as it settled on his shoulder, curling up against the metal. “I was going to call the animal shelter but once she settled in well, I couldn’t do it.” He finished rambling and you could only smile down at him.
To you, that was your Bucky. Kind hearted and good, all shown through the way he treats others. This act of kindness wasn’t the first one but it certainly was the first that led to a new addition to your family.
“That’s settled then.” You said nonchalantly, walking over and picking up the kitten in your hands as she purred lovingly. “I guess all that’s left is what to name her.”
As you dotted on the new addition to your little family you missed the same fondness you had when you looked at Bucky now being directed at you. Just like you knew your home was wherever he was, Bucky looked at you and saw his home. Now it just came with another addition.
Tumblr media
Marvel Taglist: @barneswidow​​ @lovecroftreads​​ @ginnydrinkstea​ @breadqueen95​ @ginnyweasely​ @vogueweasley​ @peterssweetpea​ @andromedaa-tonks​ @nuttytani​ @vibraniumredwing​ @awritingtree​ @amourtentiaa​ @angelxnaa​ @accioraeken​ @buckweasley @ebxny27​ @iamninaannaisreading​
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Reblogs and feedback always appreciated!
requests are open for Bucky Barnes
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mindofharry · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
You and Bucky are hooking up. You fall in love and he doesn’t, he says some pretty messed up things and you realise your worth.
And bucky realises how much he actually needs you.
WARNING: this series involves mean!bucky, a lot of self growth, sex and sex and more sex, tears and laughs, bucky being dumb and a shithead. This is all fictional and these characters aren’t perfect, please remember that!
Tumblr media
* indicates smut.
PART 1: In which you and bucky are hook up and he doesn’t appreciate you until you’re gone.
*PART 2: In which bucky realises the mistake he made and does everything in his power to get you back.
PART 3: [FIN] In which bucky learns how to be a boyfriend.
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mindofharry · 10 days ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist!
i’m quite new to this fandom, but i absolutely adore bucky and writing for him! there’s only a little amount of written works here because as i said, i’m new to the fandom. More will definitely be added in the future!
happy reading! <3
Tumblr media
* - smut ; - angst > fluff
; In which bucky and you are hooking up and he doesn’t appreciate you until you’re gone.
losing you masterlist! *>
‘“It’s about what you said to to me, bucky. You’re selfish and mean. And i deserve better”
Bucky sat down on the end of your bed beside you. He knew what he was doing, you were an easy lay. Bucky hates himself for breaking your heart, god knows he broke his own letting you go and saying those awful words to you. You do deserve better.
“So with that being said, i think it’s time for you to leave”
And this time, it was you kicking bucky out of your bed.’
* In which you’re sam’s sister and bucky definitely has a crush on you. > part 2.
‘“Can i kiss you?” He asked and you whimpered nodding your head. “Please” You said and bucky, crashed his lips into yours. You moaned quietly, trying not to attract any unwanted attention. His lips are soft, warm and inviting. You never want to stop kissing him.
He pecks your lip, moving so he could take your shirt off. You were bare, your tits out and bucky couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.
“Sit back” You ordered, taking his shirt off, then sitting on his lap. You had your knees on either side of bucky, your hands on his shoulders. His eye were wide and he was dying to kiss you. Fuck, he was already so infatuated by you. He wished he knew you before. Before everything. Before the winter solider, before all the wars even before steve.’
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mindofharry · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
In which bucky and you are hooking up and he doesn’t appreciate you until you’re gone.
angst!! so much angst!! swearing, bucky saying stuff he doesn’t mean and a whole lot of crying. feedback is welcome as always <3
roughly based around the time the falcon and the winter soldier meet up again :D enjoy, lovers!
losing you masterlist.
You met Bucky just after he moved into the apartment block. He looked pretty lost and you, being you, decided to lend a helping hand and help out a neighbour.
You did not expect him to end up in your bed the next morning.
It was unexpected and kind of childish, but he made your heart pound and your lips to as red as a cherry. Bucky barnes had you wrapped around his finger before he even knew your name, he just had that kind of charisma. You wanted to be around him all the time, be more than just the causal hook up. Not just someone he calls when he needs to let off steam. You want to be it for him. Bucky is unpredictable and stubborn, but you were sure you could fix him or at least help him onto a better path.
He just wouldn’t let you in.
You’d have sex, and then he’d kick you out. He wouldn’t even let you stay the night. Which at first you didn’t really care about as he would always greet you with a smile and walk you to the local bar. Bucky would have actual conversations with you, that was only for a week. The sex got more hot, more steamy and a lot more fucking rough. He didn’t greet you in the morning, not even a smile and he most definitely didn’t walk you to the bar anymore. He said it was a waste of his time.
You’re a confident person, you don’t usually let people like bucky barnes hurt you this much.
But he was so much more than a hook up to you, you loved him.
It was wednesday, so that means when bucky is done with his lunch he’d text and you’d meet him at his apartment. That’s what happens every wednesday and you never question it. Why would you? A strapping man like bucky wants you in some way. You’re not going to let it go because you have feelings for him.
It might be a little selfish, but you loved him too much.
You made yourself something to eat and watched some downtown abbey to calm yourself down. Bucky liked it when you were chill and not your usual bubbly self. You’ve changed yourself completely for this man. You hope it’s all worth it in the end.
After eating and relaxing for a bit, you decide to shower and get ready for buckys. You want to look nice, show him what he’s missing.
You wash your body with multiple shower gels, and decide to shave your legs - which really, you didn’t want to it’s a lot of effort and you’re just not in the mood today. But if bucky likes it, you’ll do it.
He mentioned once while you were in bed that he loved how smooth your legs are. So you shaved them before every hook up.
“You’re amazing” You reminded yourself, putting on your mascara. The make up will only come off, but again you want to make a good and lasting impression on him. You never used to wear makeup, just a bit a blusher and the occasional gloss. But bucky likes it. It’s always about what bucky likes and dislikes. Your mother would be so disappointed in you.
You shake your head to get rid of those thoughts and walk into your room. This time you pick something you want to wear. Opening up your closet you pull out your flowery, summery, dress that got at a marker in spain. Your family flew there and spent the summer in a nice little villa. It was the only bit of a peace you felt. When you came home, it felt like everything you left behind came crashing down.
Maybe that’s why you depend so much on bucky. You never wanted to be that person, but bucky makes it so hard. And you’re definitely not blaming him for you becoming so attached, you’re definitely the one to blame. But bucky is just, he’s just this great guy.
Or at least he was.
You get it, he lost a lot of people in the blip and after the blip. You lost people too. But it obviously affected him more, so you’re cutting him some slack.
Even if he doesn’t really deserve it.
After getting dressed and making yourself look some what presentable you text bucky to let him know you’re on the way to his apartment - it was only a 30 second walk, but you know he liked his privacy, so you warn him each time.
There was no response. As per usual, you thought rolling your eyes. You strolled down to his apartment taking your time, the weather looked nice enough. Maybe you’ll go for a walk after this, you know you won’t be staying long in buckys home.
You knock on the door, looking down at your phone. Still no messages. Now this, was surprising. Even if he didn’t text he’d always let you know in some way if he couldn’t make it. Bucky may be a dick, but he’d never leave you waiting.
You wait outside for a minute and contemplate leaving, but your hear footsteps walking towards you. You look over and see the man you love.
Bucky Barnes.
And he did not look happy. Angry, frustrated and confused maybe, but not happy. Usually he’s in a good mood after meeting up with his little friend for lunch. Did something happen? You don’t want to pressure him, but you need him to know you’re always there for him.
You were snapped out of your thoughts when bucky stepped infront of you, his eyebrows furrowed and scowl on his face.
“What are you doing here?” He asked fishing out his keys. You start to get annoyed, this man is really testing you. But you push that feeling down and put a smile on your face, placing a hand on his shoulder. Bucky shrugged it off, the smile fell off your face. Bucky noticed, but didn’t say anything.
“I’m busy today” He said putting the key into the door, trying to open it. He obviously put the wrong one in, frustrating him even more.
“We always meet up on wednesdays, and i did text you. But you never replied so i just assumed” You said, messing with the hem of your dress.
You wish he’d compliment you.
“Well you assumed wrong and i need you to leave. Got a date tonight” He said finally opening up his door. Your heart broke, it actually felt like it shattered into a million different piece. A date? With another person? Fuck, you didn’t think this far ahead. You thought that one day he would just realise. That it’s been you, you’re the one he wants. But obviously you were wrong.
You were wrong about a lot of fucking things.
But you put a brave face on and walked into his apartment, closing the door behind you. Again, you didn’t want to intrude but you needed to know how serious this date is. You need to know if this is the end of you and bucky.
Bucky sighed as he saw you standing in his hallway, he looked exasperated. Like you were a chore he forgot about or had been putting off. He looked at you like you were exhausting. Maybe you are. You should’ve never agreed to this hook up, friends with benefits shit. It always ends badly.
“Y/N, i said you need to leave” Bucky said placing a hand over his eyes. You nodded and instead of leaving you sat beside him. Bucky looked over at you and you’ve never seen him angrier.
“Are you deaf?” he asked and you flinched at his tone. “I have a date, and i need you to get the fuck out of my house” Bucky said and you sighed standing up.
“You’re an asshole” You mumbled and bucky stood up as well.
“You don’t say that when i’m balls deep in you” He replied, placing a hand on your cheek. He wasn’t rough when he grabbed you, but it did scare you a bit.
“This was just sex Y/N. Nothing more. You’re not my type, you’re too exhausting and tiring for me. I’m not interested in that sort of shit. Get the hell out of my home” Bucky said sternly letting go of your face. You searched his eyes for any sign of remorse or guilt, but nothing. He looked proud of himself really.
You sighed to yourself and wiped under your eyes. This is it. Fuck, ok don’t cry Y/N.
“I hope you enjoy your date” You said walking past him.
“Oh, I will” he smirked, watching as you left his apartment. You held back a sob as you ran to your apartment, ignoring on the stares and pitiful looks. You needed to leave the place.
You called your mom and told her the whole story and surprisingly she wasn’t disappointed.
“I could never be disappointed in you, baby. look at you, you’re amazing” Your mom said making you giggle. “That man doesn’t know what he just lost. a great friend is one of them. Now, men aren’t something you should be crying over. Go get yourself freshened up and then relax. You deserve it, honey” She said and you nodded to yourself, sitting up on your bed.
The tears were almost instant. Your mother hated to hear you cry. She lived so far away, and you just needed her hugging and cooking to make all of this pain go away. Heartbreaks are normal, their natural and everyone goes through it. It just hurts even more when the person you love the most doesn’t love you back.
“I love him” You admitted and your mom sighed. You could tell that she hated this too. “I met him when he was kind to me, he would walk me to the bar sometimes work too” You said and tried to stop the tears, but they just kept coming. “He was sweet. He would cuddle with me and not throw me out of his home. And he would listen, he would listen to anything i had to say” You sobbed.
“What did i do wrong? What did i do to make him hate me, mom?”
Your mother let out a pained sound. She just wanted to hug you and tell you everything would be ok.
“You did absolutely nothing wrong. This is all on him, honey. He didn’t appreciate what he had. He took advantage of your kindness and love towards him. You did nothing wrong. Never blame yourself for something like this.” She said quickly and groaned.
“I’ve gotta go” You said, and before your mom could get a word in you hung up and threw your phone against the wall.
Another thing to get fixed.
You did actually have work; but you decided you would get anything productive done. So giving yourself the day off would be good. Sit around, pig out and do not think of bucky barnes.
That lasted all of 5 minutes.
You’re now watching the notebook and didn’t get through 5 minutes of it without thinking of bucky. It’s not like you guys did actual couple things. Why are you so upset? Because you loved him, you idiot.
And now you have to get over him. If he was going on dates, you would too. If he was sleeping with other people, you would too. It’s time bucky barnes got a taste of his own medicine.
A week went by where you through yourself back into work and focused on catching up with old friends. During the day you didn’t think once about bucky, but when you got home that’s when the sob fests start. You’re pretty sure your neighbours can hear you, you feel a little bad.
Wednesday came and you didn’t once check your phone - one because it was smashed and you could barley see the screen, and two because you’re not going to be that girl anymore. You’re come to terms with the fact that bucky wasn’t for you, and although your heart is still very, very broken.
You’re doing better. You’re getting there.
On the other side of the apartment block, bucky barnes was not getting there or doing ok. You hadn’t texted him in a over a week, that’s a new record for you. Usually you send him memes or little reminders randomly. But there’s nothing, he’s been staring at his phone screen for far too long waiting for you to text.
He sighed and began typing.
‘ Hey, it’s bucky. Wondering if we’re still on for tonight? X ‘
He sent it and then put his phone down, turning on his tv. The date he went on was a bust. The girl wasn’t you, he figured that out pretty quickly. It’s not the girl wasn’t good looking or anything and she was nice enough, he just couldn’t stop comparing her to you. Y/N wouldn’t get the drink or Y/N wouldn’t sit that far away, or Y/N wouldn’t totally flipped that jackass off. He left abruptly in the middle of the date because he couldn’t handle it anymore. He couldn’t handle not being with you, and that, to him was a problem. Bucky hadn’t been this dependent on a person since steve.
And steve left.
Bucky was just protecting himself, but while he was doing that - he hurt you. Immensely. He put you through so much pain in after this relationship. It was barley even a relationship, but it hurt just as much.
10 minutes went by, and there was still no response. You didn’t even read the message. Now he knows how you feel. Instead of waiting a little longer, bucky decided to just go to your apartment instead. He strolled down the hall and knocked on your door. Your neighbour came out of his home. Bucky nodded his way, the man only tutted at him.
“Poor girl” The man mumbled walking away leaving bucky confused. He shook it off and knocked again, this time you finally answered. You looked beautiful. You were wearing a tight, red dress showing all of your curves off you hair was straightened and you weren’t wearing any make up - you still looked behind beautiful.
“Bucky....” you said with furrowed brows.
“I texted but there was no reply” He said walking into your apartment and taking off his jacket. He grinned and put his hands on your hips. You were even more confused, did he just forget about last week? What he said to you?
“Did you get dressed up all for me?” He asked you cleared your throat moving back so his hands would fall off you, bucky looked at you with a scowl.
“What’s up?” he asked moving his hands to your cheeks, you remembered how he grabbed you the last time and you flinched. Bucky froze for a second and dropped his arms to his side. Something was obviously wrong.
“I’m going on a date, bucky” You said and buckys world stopped for a second. A date? With who? This can not be happening.
“Whatever we have going on, it’s done. So i don’t know why you’re here” You said walking into your room to finish getting ready, you needed to find your black heels.
You met this guy at work, and you really hit it off. So when he asked for a date, you didn’t hesitate. You were putting you first, like you should’ve been doing all along.
“Done?” Bucky asked following you, you nodded and shrugged your shoulders. “You made it pretty clear last week” You said and bucky sighed rolling his eyes. “So this is about the date?” He said and you didn’t reply.
“It’s about what you said to to me, bucky. You’re selfish and mean. And i deserve better”
Bucky sat down on the end of your bed beside you. He knew what he was doing, you were an easy lay. Bucky hates himself for breaking your heart, god knows he broke his own letting you go and saying those awful words to you. You do deserve better.
“So with that being said, i think it’s time for you to leave”
And this time, it was you kicking bucky out of your bed.
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deafmandalorian · 13 days ago
My own headcannon about Bucky and Ayo
Bucky and Ayo are best buds and/or siblings
Ayo makes fun of Bucky's crush on Sam
Ayo is Bucky's wingperson, trying to help Bucky flirt with Sam
You know damn well Ayo gives Bucky good (and modern) dating advices since Bucky can be a disaster when it comes to flirting, especially with Sam
Bucky is Ayo's biggest fan
They always check in with other, making sure they're doing alright
They often fight/spar because of the sibling rivalry they got going on
Bucky tries to be Ayo's wingperson, but Ayo is like, "No. Thank you but I got this, old man."
Ayo embarrasses Bucky in front of Sam every chance she gets
Ayo is constantly embarrassed for and by Bucky
I know I have more ideas about Bucky and Ayo. There is a lot of potential there.
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mindofharry · 14 days ago
requests are open for harry styles and bucky barnes!! will be writing longer blurbs for them :D
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averysiriuschromie · 15 days ago
I hope Captain America 4 opens with a scene of soft morning Bucky drinking coffee with Alpine sleeping on his lap as he reads newspaper
And Sam casually emerged from a room in a home they share together, all suit up in his Captain America gear raring to go and be like
"Why are you not dressed yet?"
"I'm having my morning coffee, Sam"
"The world is in danger, Buck"
"Sam, I am the danger to world without my morning coffee"
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mindofharry · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
In which sam and bucky come home.
kind of a part two to this...... just a little blurb with a whole lot of fluff, kissing and the occasional dad joke. BF!BUCKY MELTS MY FUCKING HEART. feedback is welcome as always! enjoy <3
“So you and bucky” Sam said helping you set up the table. Nobody had arrived yet, but you were expecting the whole town and maybe some people from the city to pop in and say hi. Sam, along with bucky, had just gotten back from saving the world as sam likes to say it. All jokes a side, you’re so proud of your brother and you’re happy he’s home safe and sound.
“What about me and bucky” You said placing the cups on the table. Sam raised his eyebrows and stood tall, placing his hands on his hips. “Girl, don’t lie to me” He said making you tut at him.
“I could smell your perfume on him and you were wearing his shirt the day after he stayed over” Sam said and you rolled your eyes, mimicking his pose.
“We haven’t talked about ‘us’ yet” You said, biting your lip to hide the smile. You really hadn’t talked about it much, just that you both want to explore more.... of each other, if you get what i mean. That night was nothing like bucky had ever experienced before, the same with you. You both had this connection, sexually and mentally. You don’t believe in fate, well not until bucky came walking into your life.
It had been a couple weeks since the hook up, but you talked everyday over the phone. Bucky liked you and you liked him.
That was enough for the both of you.
“You know buckys coming around today” Sam said and you shook your head. “Sarah invited him” He said and you giggled.
“I think sarah likes him more than me and you combined” You teased and sam rolled his eyes. “He’s definitely growing on me” Sam said, before walking off, over to sarah.
You took out your phone and looked for buckys number on your contact list. These couple of weeks have been bliss, having sam home and a possible boyfriend? Things haven’t been this good since the blip. Sarah and the boys are really happy, maybe that’s because we get to keep the boat and we have enough money to keep paying the bills. It feels like all the stress had been lifted.
It felt too good to be true, but you did not for a second question it. If this only lasted for a couple months, you wanted to savour it. So no more thinking about the future, you’re going to live in the moment.
And you’re going to do that with bucky barnes.
“Hey, baby” Bucky answered, making you blush. You could hear his motorcycle, you gasped.
“Buck are you on the motor cycle? I told you not to answer when you’re driving” You groaned and bucky laughed. You loved that sound, his laughter is so angelic. It makes you feel so warm and gooey inside.
“Oh, stop it. I’m nearly there anyways. I miss you” He said and you sighed. “I miss you too, we need to talk about some things when you get here” You said and bucky nodded to himself. He knew this talk was coming.
“I’m still going to be able to fuck you after that talk, right?” He asked, that went straight to your pussy.
“We’ll see” You teased, after a few more seconds of talking you both hang up and you help sarah with the food. She laughed to herself which made you look up, eyebrows raised. Sarah had been extremely happy that you and bucky were..... something. She really wanted you to be happy - sarah is the person you have to thank for pushing you to talk to bucky.
Sarah laughed to herself again.
“Just like you seeing you happy, lil sis” She said, turning over the meat. You just smiled back. 10 minutes later, practically the whole town was on the dock waiting to be fed and get a picture with sam. Yes, you’re exploiting your brother for money. You gotta do, what you gotta do.
A truck pulls up, one that neither you or sarah recognise. You were expecting bucky on his motorcycle.
Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Bucky barnes steps out of the van, cake in hand already getting attacked but the kids.
“Woah, Woah” He said moving around, the kids following him. You bit your lip to contain your smile, but failed miserably. Sarah nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. “He’s a good one, don’t let him go.” she said sternly and you nodded.
“I don’t plan on it”
Bucky saw you and pulled his sunglasses on, leaving them on his head. You smiled and took the cake from him putting it on the table. He placed his hands on your hips, some of the elders were having a good look too but neither of you cared. He pecked your lips a couple times before saying hello.
“I missed you” He mumbled, pecking your lips again. You smiled and placed his sunglasses over his eyes. “Missed you more” you said and kissed his lips.
“Thought you were on the motorcycle?” You asked looking at the truck.
“Yeah, i just like to wire you up” Bucky said and you hit his chest, pouting. Bucky laughed and you walked over to the food area with the cake. “Baby, it was just a joke” Bucky said hugging you from behind.
“Not funny”
The day went on, with bucky entertaining your nephews and a few of the local kid and his horrible, horrible dad jokes. The kids were hanging out of his arm while you and sarah laughed at him.
“I could do this all day” Bucky said, and you giggled. “I’m sure you could baby” You teased and placed your head on sarah’s shoulder. In that moment you realised how much you liked bucky. He was good with kids, he was funny (most of the time), he has a somewhat good relationship with sam and he’s a fucking hero. He’s good to you. He respects you and he’s got a big fucking dick.
“Hey, buck?” You called out, he nodded knowing what this is about. He walked over and placed his hand in yours pulling you over towards the boat. He was nervous, not like he was going to pay his respects or crossing someone off the list. This was different, this was you. Bucky liked you, he couldn’t let you go.
“Wait, just listen to me before you tell me to leave. I like you, Y/N. We may not go together on paper, but we’re perfect in real life, in this moment. i’ve never felt this way about someone, especially someone i met just a month ago. You’re beautiful and smart and everything a person could want when they’re looking for a relationship. Please don’t let this go, what we’ve got is good” Bucky said all in one breathe, his finger pointing at you. All you could do was blink. Perfect? Smart? Beautiful? This man is so fucking good to you. He’s right, that you might not look good on paper, but this thing you have going on is good. One of the only consist and good things in your life right now. You’d be crazy to let that go.
“Buck” You said placing a hand on his cheek, before you could talk (again), he placed his lips on you, his tongue peaking in as you gasped. God, he’s so good at that. He always kisses you like the world is going to end.
“Bucky”You said again, placing a hand on his chest. This poor man looked like he was about to cry.
“I want you be my boyfriend”
“Wait- What?” Bucky asked and you giggled, pecking his lips in between the words.
“I” kiss “Want” kiss “you” kiss “to” kiss “be” kiss “my” kiss “boyfriend” You said and bucky grinned picking you up and spinning you around, you both laughed kissing eachother again.
“You know i think you should take me for a spin in that truck” You teased, biting your lip. Bucky let out a breath before picking you up and throwing you up on his shoulder, you squealed as he walked back to the area everyone was in. Sam and Sarah just shook their heads as bucky sat you down.
“You’re going to eat and then i’ll eat when you’re home” He said and you nearly choked on your own spit. He smirked leaning back.
“Who wants to have a swing at uncle bucky!?”
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delusionalwriterr · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: Being in a polyamorous relationship is a challenge, but what more if you were kept hidden from the public?
Word Count: 2.0k
Warnings: TW: ANXIETY ATTACKS, cursing, hateful comments
Requests: Hii could I request a Stucky x reader (poly!Stucky if you're comfortable) where the reader comes home one day and is talking to her friend on the phone and asks her if she thinks she's a slut/ gold digger/ whore because all her colleagues and social media believe she is for dating 2 men at once. The bestfriend comforts her, but reader is still uncertain. Unknown to her Steve and bucky are in the bedroom and here the whole conversation and feel a little hurt that she is going through this and wonder if she regrets it (obvio no). afterwards they comfort her, just a little tooth rotting sweetness.
Hmm so I'm a sucker for angst which is followed by fluff so maybe if you had time you could give this a shot. So basically reader is dating Stucky, and the world only really knows about the boys but doesn't know about her involvement in the relationship. She's kind of tired of being on the side and seeing Stucky being all touchy feely in public, so they decide to come out. But they get a lot of backlash and reader doesn't handle it well and has slight anxiety attack. So the boys calm her down and yeah you can take it however you want to
A/N: Definitely not one of my best works, but I do plan to experiment with poly fics more in the future. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this ❤️
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Tumblr media
You took a sip from your drink as you stared at the couple from afar. They were chatting amongst other members of the team, seemingly laughing at something Sam said, but you were too busy looking at how Bucky’s hand was gently placed on Steve’s lower back or how Steve occasionally lets his eyes linger on Bucky’s figure for too long.
You were too busy glaring at the couple to notice that you had a scowl on your face and only snapped out of it when someone beside you piped up, “If you stare at them any longer, they might melt.”
The voice soon turned out to be Nat, who was leaning against the bar as she studied you. Taking another sip of your drink, you mumbled, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Oh, but you did. You knew exactly what Nat was talking about and you hated it. You watched as Bucky whispered something into Steve’s ear before placing a quick kiss on his cheek. He soon detached his hand from Steve’s back and headed towards where you were situated, causing you to quickly turn away.
You send a glare over to Nat as you heard her snicker upon seeing you try to hide the fact that you were throwing daggers at the two men.
“Evening, ladies,” Bucky greeted as he reached the bar, earning a nod from Nat and nothing from you. He lifted two fingers up towards the bartender before leaning on the table to face you and Nat. His eyes landed on you, who was absentmindedly fiddling with your glass.
“Evening, (Y/N),” he said, offering you a kind smile. Without even a bat of an eyelash or a glance, you merely nodded your head in acknowledgement. Bucky huffed and opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the bartender handing him two bottles of beers.
Bucky quickly thanked him and turned to you, prepared to say something, but ultimately decided against it and walked back to where Steve was now talking with Tony and Maria Hill.
“You good, kid?” Natasha piped up from beside you. You waved your hand dismissively, “ Why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like I’m supposed to act like I’m not helplessly in love with my two boyfriends while I’m watching them together in public, right?”
Nat gave you an empathetic look as you kept your gaze on the two men across the room. She knows what you’re going through, frankly because she was the one you first told when you, Steve, and Bucky made the decision.
The three of you entered a relationship together and while the team was extremely supportive, you weren’t sure what the public’s reaction would be upon finding out that Captain America is not only in a relationship with his best friend, but in a polyamorous relationship with their collegue as well. So, you decided that it would be best if you were kept a secret while Steve and Bucky make it public.
At first, it was alright with you. The constant fear of being judged was looming behind your back so you were fine with being kept a secret, but as time went on you began to feel a little left out, especially if you were in public. The two men who were extremely sweet to you in private become dismissive and cold in public.
And you hated every second of it.
You hated how you got pushed to the sidelines and forced to watch Steve and Bucky have their hands all over each other in public while you do nothing about it. Of course, they reassure you by showering you with love and affection behind closed doors, but sometimes you still feel less significant in the relationship.
Which brings up to where you are right now: in your bedroom that you share with Bucky and Steve, getting ready for bed.
Bucky just got out of the shower while you and Steve were already laying in bed, Steve was reading a book while your focus is fixed on your phone.
“What time is Tony’s charity thing tomorrow?” Bucky asked, changing into a pair of boxers. He then proceeded to climb into bed, situating you in the middle of them as he peppered you with kisses. You ignored him and kept scrolling through your Instagram.
“Seven, and it’s Pepper’s not Tony’s,” Steve replied, sparing Bucky a glance as he continued to smother you with kisses.
Upon realizing that you had no plans of paying attention to him, he pulled away to look at you. “Okay, what’s wrong? You’ve been like this since the party and I’m getting worried,” Bucky mumbled, a small pout evident on his face. Your lack of response caused Steve to stop reading his book and turn over to you as well.
“Everything alright, doll?” he asked, throwing a worried look towards Bucky.
You sighed. Here goes nothing.
You placed your phone down and sat up, “I’m tired.”
The two men blinked as they stared at your blank expression. “Okay, then let’s go to be—“
“She obviously doesn’t mean that, baby,” Steve interjected with an exasperated sigh. Bucky muttered a quick apology before turning back to you, silently urging you to continue.
“I don’t want to be your secret anymore, do you know how hard it is to act like nothing’s going on between me and you when we’re in public? I’m tired of having to make sure no one else sees whenever I kiss you. I just want to show you guys how much I love you without the fear of anyone seeing, is that so much to ask for?”
Steve and Bucky exchanged looks you couldn’t quite read. You felt your heart beating out of your chest as you didn’t know what their reaction would be, but the feeling of dread went away when Steve grabbed your hand and gently rubbed the back of it with his thumb.
“No,” he started, “it isn’t too much to ask.”
Bucky continued by rubbing your forearm lightly, an attempt to calm you down. “You’re right, sweetheart, you’ve waited long enough. We’re sorry.”
You smiled as you saw Bucky lean over to place a soft kiss on your temple, letting his lips linger for a bit before pulling away. “So how do we wanna do this?” Steve asked.
Tumblr media
You woke up to an empty bed and to your phone ringing from beside you. You looked over both sides of the bed to find them cold, figuring Steve and Bucky already went on their morning run as you reached over your phone.
The charity event went great, there was a lot of press there so the three of you took this as an opportunity to finally come out in the open about your involvement in the relationship. This was done through the exchange of multiple kisses throughout the night as the three of you discussed. You didn’t want to release an official statement about your relationship, frankly because you think it was unnecessary to do so. So the three of you landed on showing instead of telling.
At the end of the night, you walked out of the venue in the arms of your two boyfriends while the photographers went crazy.
“Hello?” you mumbled as you answered the call with your college friend on the other end.
“Did you just wake up?” she asked, voice frantic. All the sleepiness went away upon hearing the panic in her voice as you slowly sat up. “Yeah, why? Did something happen?”
“Check Twitter. Your face is all over it,” she explained, immediately causing you to pull your phone away from your face and open the app. Instantly, you were bombarded with notifications of mentions of your name in several articles and comments. You clicked on one article and read a few of the replies.
TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: Avenger (Y/N) (Y/L/N) caught leaving charity event with Stucky couple.
“seriously? she’s obviously just trying to leech off of their salary as if she doesn’t already earn enough.”
“getting that double super soldier d 💀💀”
“not her thinking we believe that she’s actually in love with them 😩”
“my respect for her 📉📉📉”
You clicked on several articles only to see that almost every comment was similar to the first article’s. You didn’t even notice that you were scrolling for so long until your friend’s voice filled your ears once again. “(Y/N)? Sweetie, are you there?”
Her face turned into muffled sounds, as you stared blankly at your phone. You felt your fingertips go numb, but it soon started to spread throughout your whole body.
“Hey, don’t listen to them, they’re opinions mean shit anyway. Close the app and listen to my voice,” your friend said, but you were too focused on trying to maintain your breathing.
“Talk to me, (Y/N),” your friend demanded, her voice now loud enough to snap you out of your daze. You blinked, still staring at your phone before pulling it up to your ear again. “I’m here.”
“Don’t listen to them, alright? I know you love them with all your heart and you don’t deserve all the shit you’re getting. Honestly, I’m sorry I made you look, I didn’t know it was that bad until I read the tweets myself.”
You nodded silently, not caring if she couldn’t see you. It was mainly because you didn’t trust your voice right now.
Each breath felt sharp and pointed, piercing through your lungs, but getting stuck in your throat. The sound of the clock by your night stand echoed in the corners of your head as you felt your body begin to drench with sweat.
Unbeknownst to you, Steve and Bucky were right by the door to your bedroom, watching the events go down. It wasn’t until your body started shaking and your breath became uncontrollable until they stepped in.
Bucky came to kneel in front of you, careful not to place his hands on you without your permission while Steve gently snatched the phone away from your hand to tell your friend they have it from here.
You tried swallowing, an attempt to quench the unbelievable dryness of your throat as you felt tears begin to fall. “Doll, I’m gonna grab your hand now. Is that okay?” Bucky asked, a soothing tone evident in his voice. You managed to give him a small nod, instantly making him grab your hand as you squeezed it tight.
You felt the bed dip beside you. “We’re gonna start breathing now, sweetheart, deep breaths,” Steve whispered as he and Bucky began breathing synchronously, waiting for you to follow.
You began taking shaky breaths in and out, the air in your lungs still feeling like white, hot coal. The feeling of impending doom still plaguing your mind.
“You’re right here, baby, right here,” Bucky continued, gently squeezing your hand as you slowly began to calm down.
Both of them waited until you fully calmed down before speaking again. Steve was first, “I know it’s hard not to pay attention to what they’re saying, but they don’t matter. We’re free now.”
“Yeah, but at what cost?” you sniffled, turning to him with puffy eyes. “They’re saying I’m just after your money and I don’t love you. If I knew it was gonna be like this, I should’ve never brought it up in the first place.”
Steve placed a kiss on your cheek as he wiped the tears that were still falling down your face before Bucky piped up, “Fuck them. They’re not the ones in the relationship, we are. Steve and I know that what they’re saying is anything but true, doll. We love you more than anything and we’ll get through this together, okay?”
You tried to keep the tears at bay as you stared at the two men in front of you. One was still on his knees, mercilessly rubbing soothing circles on the back of your palm while the other was sitting beside you, lightly squeezing your thigh in order to calm you down.
You sighed, breath finally even and tears finally at bay. Breathlessly, you uttered, “I love you.”
Steve and Bucky smiled before enveloping you in a warm embrace, “We love you, too.”
You didn’t know what the future held for your relationship, but one thing’s for sure: you’d face it together.
Tumblr media
A/N: this was my first attempt at writing anxiety attacks and poly relationships so i hopefully i didn’t do too bad. i had to do a lot of research to figure out the do’s and don’ts but please feel free to leave a comment about what i can do to improve!
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sweetsunflowerkisses · 17 days ago
the youtube-ing avenger
Summary: Headcannons for being a younger and newer avenger (like peter) and vlogging your life in the compound.
Warnings : None
(a/n) - I randomly thought of this while watching some Marvel theory videos on YouTube and this little idea popped into my brain so I took it and ran :D I really hate the title though TvT
Tumblr media
- so to be honest you started the channel as a dare during a game with Shuri, Peter, Mj and Ned
- and mama didn’t raise a quitter so of course you did it but it actually was a lot of fun so you decided to keep up with it
- the blueprints for Tony’s newest Iron-Man suit? exposed on camera
- Loki’s weird habit of hanging off the couch upside down while he reads? exposed on camera 
- Scott’s collection of avengers action figures? exposed on camera
- that map of hydra bases that still needed to be cleared? exposed on camera
- it got to the point where Tony started requiring Bruce to screen all of your videos before you could post them
- why he didn’t just force you to stop making them who knows?!
- (actually everyone does and it’s because he thinks that watching Loki and the avengers get mad or flustered when you catch something embarrassing about them on camera is incredibly funny)
- Steve genuinely supports it as a career path and would prefer it because it’s “less dangerous” than being an avenger 
- but let’s be honest the team would be lost without your sarcastic wit and intelligence
- your channel ends up becoming so popular that people start recognizing you more from that than your position as an actual avenger
- when you make videos with other avengers Shuri and Peter are honestly the fan favorites (though Loki and Bucky are close seconds)
- when you collaborate with Shuri it’s usually about showing people, especially women that Tech can be fun and cool ! and lots of kids really look up to shuri 
- Peter and Steve like making videos where they try and teach you things like throwing the shield or using the web shooters and the takes of you trying (and failing) usually end up in compilations
- he pretends to hate taking time out of his day to do so but it’s very obvious that he enjoys it and it has definitely helped reshape his image in the eyes of the public
- you definitely once brought your camera on a mission just to film Wanda being cool :3
- ESPECIALLY SAM HE FINDS SO MUCH COMFORT IN MAKING A NICE CAKE ! it def reminds him of when he used to bake with his family as a kid <3
- in the end YouTube, no matter how many times you get reprimanded for exposing thingd you shouldn't, was a great idea and the other avengers are grateful to have it and you brighting their lives just a little !
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mindofharry · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
In which you’re sam’s sister and bucky definitely has a crush on you.
this is my first piece for bucky, so i’m super excited and hope you like it!!! smut and fluff :D feedback is welcome as always. enjoy! <3
You loved being home.
After the blip happened and it felt like nothing was right anymore, you and sarah became closer than ever. You, sam and sarah have always been close. You’re those sort of siblings. You and sarah would sneak out together, top and tail on the boat and most importantly take absolute shit about your brother sam. But he did it right back.
Your parents raised you well.
The blip happened and sarah felt all alone. Actually, she was all alone except for her two boys. You got the first plane back home and immediately became like the boys’ second mom. You’re the cool aunt. The good cop. The boys absolutely adore you, the same way they adore sam. They just don’t see him as much as you and sarah would like. It’s not his fault, he’s off being a superhero or whatever.
You’re still not completely sure what he does. Flying? Fighting? Putting away bad guys? Who knows. And honestly, now, you’re past the point of caring.
Sam came home, said he’d take care do stuff and then he upped and left again. But it’s superhero stuff, sarah said. To cut him some slack. So that’s exactly what you’re trying to do now as you watch sam absolutely destroy the boat. You’re over with a clipboard, helping sarah tick things off, double checking everywhere is where they’re supposed to be. Sam is meant to be fixing up the boat, so you can sell it.
Not that you want to.
But he’s definitely making it worse.
A tall, brunette man comes over to your brother, helping and teaching how to mend that specific part of the boat. You bit your lip looking at the way the brunettes muscles bulged and the way his veins popped.
Veins? Seriously? You’re really finding vein attractive right now. You can tell that sam and the mysterious man are somewhat friendly, but you can almost feel the tension and you’re a good bit away from them.
“Y/N?” Sarah called again, getting fed up. You were too distracted looking at the hunk fixing the boat. Sarah followed your eyeline and then understood why you were distracted. She hummed and put down the cup in her hand, dragging you along the pier to the boat. You didn’t even register what was happened until halfway there.
“Sarah, what are you doing?” You asked shaking her hand, sarah just giggled shaking her head. You deserved this. Sarah wasn’t going to let you talk yourself out of this one, not for her or the boys. You always did this and although sarah appreciated you not bringing random people back home, she wouldn’t mind you going out and finding some new friends. Sarah always feared that she was holding you back, especially after the blip.
“I’m helping you out” She whispered as you both came into view of the boys. Sam saw the look on sarah’s face first. Oh shit, he thought. Sarah didn’t know when to stop meddling or when was the right time to do shit like this. Sam was not going to let either of his sister go out with bucky barnes.
Not happening.
Bucky hadn’t seen a woman more beautiful then you before. Your hair is natural, curly but you suited it. It went right around your round face ending at your shoulders. Your eyes are blue and bright, nothing like Sams. But Bucky can tell your all siblings from your cheeks, they’re like apples.
Sam looked at Bucky and saw him looking you up and down, Sarah was trying to be discreet so were you and maybe sam would’ve fell for it, if you and Bucky weren’t eye fucking each other.
“I’m sarah” Sarah said, giving bucky a welcoming smile. Bucky smiled back nodding his head, and then looked to you. You placed one hand on your hip and the other hand was still holding onto the clipboard.
“Y/N” You said smiling at him, more flirtatious. Bucky bit his lip and leaned against the boat machinery.
“Bucky” He replied quickly, sam looked over at sarah and then the two. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes. You tutted at sam, before sarah pulled you away from the two boys. You both giggled all the way back to your ‘station’.
Sam looked at bucky, as bucky watched you walk away. The sway in your hips even made him hard.
“Do not flirt with my sister” Sam said and bucky rolled his eyes.
“Of course”
Bucky walked off, leaving sam to stand there and try to piece together what just happened. You and bucky? His sister and the winter soldier?
Not fucking happening.
You and sarah arrived home, the boys came home about an hour later. The neighbourhood always helps out with schools runs and just looking after the boys, you and sarah always make sure to do the same. Some of these people helped raise you and your siblings. It’s the least you guys could do.
“You have any homework?” You asked, placing a hand on your nephews head. He shook his head and continued to eat.
You loved those boys to death. You’d do anything for them.
After helping with dinner and helping the boys get ready for bed, you decide that maybe heading to bed early would be nice. You haven’t been getting much sleep lately, not with sam out with those dangerous flag smashers. Something about them doesn’t sit right with you. But you understand that sam has a job to do, you’ll just have to get over it.
“I’m heading to bed” Sam said, poking his head inside your room. You were laying on top of your bed, comfy clothes on. You smiled and got up, going to hug your brother.
“I missed you” You said and sam sighed holding you tighter. “You know i always miss you more” Sam teased kissing your forehead.
“My friend, from the boat, bucky is staying over just for tonight. If you go down, make him feel welcome. not too welcome though” Sam warned, pulling back from the hug and pointing his index finger at you. You shrugged and leaned against the wall.
“Can’t promise anything, Sammy” You said and Sam rolled his eyes, before walking off to his room mumbling some gibberish. Probably annoyed at the comment you made. His friend is hot, and you can just tell from looking at him that he has a big dick.
Bucky barnes has bde. Big dick energy. There’s no denying that.
You walk over to your bed and curse yourself when you see there’s no water on your bedside table. It takes you even longer to sleep without a nice glass of cold water, you don’t know why but it’s been like that since you were a child.
That means you have to go down and see bucky.
You have no idea why you’re so nervous. Well, you do, he’s hot. But he’s sam friend. But he’s hot.
You contemplate for a good five minutes, before deciding that you’ll get your drink. This is your house and you’re both adults. You can do this, say hi, get your drink and then go to bed. It’s easy enough.
You open your door and make your way down to the kitchen, to get to the kitchen you have to walk through the living room. Where bucky is.
He probably doesn’t even remember your name, relax you told yourself. You opened the living room door and was met with a wide awake bucky. He was still clothed (thank god), laying on his back watching tv. He looked up immediately when he saw you.
“Did i wake you, i’m sorry” He apologised sitting up trying to find the remote.
“No, no i was just coming down to get a drink” You said, cursing yourself at how shaking your voice was. Bucky definitely heard the tumble in your words, he smirked to himself.
You grew a little more confident with that. As you walked into the kitchen, you swayed yours hips a bit more and bent down to get a glass. You made sure bucky could see. You heard him groan under his breath. Fuck, he sounds so good.
“Can i sit?” You asked and bucky nodded quickly, moving over on the couch. He was watching some stupid drama show, you could tell he really didn’t understand it. It was endearing to say the least.
You both laughed, you looked down at your water.
“So, are you and sam close?” Bucky asked and you nodded. “Yeah, all of us are. We were definitely those siblings” You said and bucky nodded.
“Were?” He asked and you shrugged, looking down at your water again. “Sams a superhero. He’s got more important things to do. Sarah and i stayed close, but sam just drifted. But we’re getting better again” You said, and bucky nodded kind of understanding. It was the same with him and steve when they met again. They drifted, but they put in the work.
But then steve left.
“How are things with you?” You asked and bucky sighed.
You knew you weren’t going to get an honest answer, so you didn’t push when he didn’t answer.
A few minutes passed, no one talked. And then, bucky looked over at you. You were looking at the tv, laughing softly. Your eyes lit up and your smile was huge.
“You’re beautiful” Bucky whispered and you looked over at him, eyes widened. “So are you” You whispered moving closer to him. Bucky took the water out of your hand and placed it on the floor, before looking back up at you.
“Can i kiss you?” He asked and you whimpered nodding your head. “Please” You said and bucky, crashed his lips into yours. You moaned quietly, trying not to attract any unwanted attention. His lips are soft, warm and inviting. You never want to stop kissing him.
He pecks your lip, moving so he could take your shirt off. You were bare, your tits out and bucky couldn’t keep his eyes off of them.
“Sit back” You ordered, taking his shirt off, then sitting on his lap. You had your knees on either side of bucky, your hands on his shoulders. His eye were wide and he was dying to kiss you. Fuck, he was already so infatuated by you. He wished he knew you before. Before everything. Before the winter solider, before all the wars even before steve.
“I’m going to ride you” You said and bucky nodded, pecking your lips three times. You bit your lips trailing your kisses down his neck, he moaned and you shushed him.
“Don’t want anyone hearing us, ok?”
You sit up to remove your shorts and bucky chuckled, “No underwear?” He asked and you shrugged. “Had a feeling i was going to get fucked tonight” You said and buckys eyes almost rolled to the back of his, he could cum his from your dirty words.
You moaned as bucky pressed his thigh against your core. Buckys hands were on your hips, guiding you on which to go with your hips. His jeans were hitting just the right place. You rock your hips down against his thigh, opening up your eyes to see bucky already looking at you and biting back a moan.
“Now are you going to fuck me or not?”
Bucky wasted no time in take his pants off. You nearly toppled off the couch and that made you giggle loudly, bucky put his hand over your mouth to stop you. God, you liked that way more than you probably should of.
Buckys tip teased your bundle of nerves, slowly inching himself in. You moaned and through your head back in pleasure. He was huge, and you were going to be really fucking sore, but it is so worth it. You begin to move, bucking your hips up, that makes bucky groan and then it’s your turn to put your hand over buckys mouth.
Oddly, he likes it too.
Bucky guides you down on his cock again, a little more rough this time kneading your ass cheeks. You whimpered bouncing up and down. He slapped your ass and you moaned, bringing your down to his shoulder to bite it. Fuck, so much pleasure all at once.
It’s euphoric.
Bucky took this as his opportunity to pound up into you. He’s never felt this close with someone before.
“I’m gonna cum” You said and bucky nodded.
“Gonna cum together” Bucky said sternly.
You both hit your climax at the same time, your shaking and buckys mind is in another dimension leaning against the back of the couch.
“Fuck” You said getting off of buckys lap.
He smirked and pecked your lips.
“Yeah, fuck”
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delusionalwriterr · 19 days ago
quick survey...
While, I’m working on a request (which are still open btw!), I’m thinking about writing a Bucky x OC Royal AU with a strangers to enemies to lovers arc and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading it? 👀 I’m currently laying out the plot and everything, I just got inspired by watching The Crown and I really wanted to try writing an OC so let me know if you’re interested! ❤️
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websandredheads · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Can I just say that I see Buck wanting to be a father for just a moment?
Maybe he saw his own sisters playing while he was taking a nap between his shifts at the docks.
Maybe he saw the neighborhood kids at Sarah Rogers because she was the mama Donya for his youth.
Maybe for a moment he could just pretend he was uncle Bucky and no one else.
All I’m saying is Bucky loves kids, and he missed being the type of person that had children in his life.
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