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#bucky barnes concept
philtstone · a day ago
Bucky and the spider-man kids of your choosing, "delinquent"
So maybe she didn't consider the fact that Captain America has a very busy day-to-day schedule. It's fine. It's cool. Michelle is great at improvising -- she always has been, but especially more so now that her idiot, sometimes-delinquent boyfriend is definitely a superhero and has, by extension, given her free access to colluding with other superheroes over canned soup at May's charity drive -- and, also, at gently bullying senior citizens over text to be their Wellness Wednesday's guest speaker of the month when all her other options fall through.
"Um, hello," says Bucky Barnes from the front of the half-fully gymnasium. "I'm here today to talk to you about --" he glances down at her meticulously pre-prepared script, which she sent him last week with zero expectation it would be read until right this second "-- mental wellness?"
The look she is given over the top of Cindy Moon's head is nothing short of exasperated.
"How many cars can you bench?" calls out some kid at the back.
"One," Bucky says, looking a bit relieved.
"Spiderman could do two!" yells Flash, and, honestly, Michelle has to admit he's probably right.
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ronimina · 2 days ago
tasamum - تسمم
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x woc!reader
summary: you wake up from a nightmare hoping for a drink, but bucky gives you a different form of intoxication.
warnings: SMUT, a little fluff (bucky taking care of the reader,) knives (reader has one in her room,) alcohol mention, oral (f receiving,) fingering, dom/sub dynamics, multiple orgasms, unprotected sex, praise, sexy bucky!
a/n: my first official smut! english is not my first language, so if there are any errors, please let me know. any type of feedback would be lovely and, as always, reblogs are appreciated. not my gif.
word count: 2.5k
You scream as you sit up in bed, throwing the covers off you and immediately pulling the small dagger out from under your pillow, holding it up in a defensive stance. It takes a second for you to realize you’re in no danger as you drop your weapon and hold your head in your hands, catching your breath. You woke up after another one of your nightmares; remaining memories of people you’ve killed in your past still haunt your dreams.
Instead of going back to bed, you decide to head to the kitchen to grab a quick glass of water. The compound was quiet and dark, very unlike how it usually is in the daytime. Once you finish your drink, you hear a raspy voice near the sitting area, “Y/N?”
It wasn’t bright enough for you to see who said your name, but the deep, thick voice could’ve only belonged to the one and only Bucky Barnes.
“Bucky?” you switch on the light and move towards him, setting your glass on the counter. He wore dark pants and a black buttoned-down shirt that was undone completely, exposing his gorgeous toned chest and abs. Your breath hitches in your throat as you watch him look you up and down. Compared to him, you were hardly dressed; a baggy Thrasher T-shirt that barely covered your ass and black lace panties.
“Nightmares?” he asks and you nod, looking away. “Come here, doll.” Your gaze slowly turns to meet his and you see him holding his hand out to you, offering his lap to you. A feeble attempt on your part to hide your shock rewards you with a small smirk from Bucky as you slowly make your way to him.
You try your best to pull your shirt down as you sit in his lap, and you blush as you feel the muscles in his thighs under you. Bucky wraps his arms around you and you lean your head against his shoulder. He rests his chin softly on the top of your head and he sighs. You can smell the scent of some sort of drink on his breath, “are you drunk?”
“No,” he chuckles softly, “alcohol doesn’t do much for me, unfortunately.”
“Oh, right.” you snuggle yourself into him, willing to let your vulnerabilities show in front of this man; suddenly feeling small and soft in his arms.
“Would it be bad if I was drunk?”
You pause, “I just- I have trust issues.”
“So you trust me?”
“Maybe,” you smile softly.
He tightens his vibranium arm around you and slowly lowers one hand down to rub small circles into your bare thigh, causing your breath the hitch.
“Do you wanna talk about the nightmare?”
You tilt your head to look at him, “No, not really... have any alcohol left though?”
“Sorry, doll, but I already finished the bottle,” Bucky looks at you curiously, “but there are other ways to make your night better.”
Your face flushes immediately to a deep shade of red as you stare at him blankly, “W-what do you mean by that?”
“I mean,” Bucky slowly moves his touch from your outer thigh closer between your legs, and pauses to look at you, “there's a different form of intoxication I can give you.”
Swallowing thickly, you look down at how close his hand is to your heat, and you’d be a fool to think this man didn’t feel it. It was almost embarrassing how badly you wanted him in you right now, but you hadn’t been with someone romantically in the longest time. Compared to the man whose lap you were currently perched upon... what would he think of you?
“If that’s not what you want, I get it-“
You cut him off, “I do! I just uhm..”
“We can take it as slow as you want.”
After a deep breath, you nod, “Okay.”
It only takes a second for Bucky to adjust you to straddle his lap, and before you can even register it, his shirt is off. You can see the sudden hunger in his eyes before he moves his lips to yours, and you easily melt into his touch. Bucky places his hands back on your thighs and massages slightly.
Your tongues move in union, both of you exploring each other’s mouths. One of your hands moves to cup his face and the other rests on his bare shoulder. Bucky pulls away after a bit with a tug to your bottom lip and moves his kisses to your jawline. A quiet moan escapes your lips, and you can feel his smile against your skin. He moves his way down to your neck, only needing a second to find that sweet spot on your skin that he knew would drive you crazy. If this man didn’t feel the heat and dampness from your core and panties, he certainly did now.
All the while, you’re pressing yourself against his covered length, yearning for more than just kisses. It doesn’t take long for his cock to harden against your clothed cunt; you were sexually infatuated with each other.
You tilt your head back to give him more space to pleasure you as he pleases, and you were already at his mercy. Leaving a few nips on your neck and now moving to your collarbone, Bucky drinks up all the soft whimpers and moans you give him. Later, when he pulls away, an unintentional whimper falls from your lips.
Without moving your gazes away from each other, you feel his rough, calloused hands move from your thighs to the hem of your shirt; at this point, it had ridden up to your waist, “May I?”
You give him a small nod and he slowly lifts the baggy T off your body, laying it next to his own discarded top. You shiver as the sudden cold perks your nipples up, and he moves his hands up to cup your breasts, massaging them and attaching his lips back onto your collarbone. He murmurs, “If you want me to stop just say it.”
“I know,” you whisper and squeeze your eyes shut as you grind against him. Your act rewards you with a deep growl from deep from Bucky’s throat as his lips move down to your left nipple. He twirls his tongue skillfully around the nub and rolls your other nipple between his fingers.
“W-want more,” your voice is almost inaudible and your eyes squeeze together from the pleasure he gives you.
Bucky slowly pulls away and looks up to meet your gaze, his pale blue eyes now darkened with lust. “Yeah?”
Your nod is almost pitiful as he lays you down on the couch, his large figure overpowering you even before his cock is in you. Bucky leaves kisses down your chest and stomach, red marks that will surely bruise by morning. His breath is hot against your skin as he pauses at the waistband of your panties.
He looks up at you through his lashes, asking permission to remove the final piece of your clothing. You nod again, “please,” and after that one word, he wastes no time pulling the black lace off with his teeth, discarding it on the floor.
Bucky takes a moment to admire your body before he makes his next move, “you’re beautiful, you know that, doll?” He brings your legs up, leaving hickey after hickey on your inner thighs, slowly moving closer to your aching core. He touches his finger to your bare cunt and reaches his hand to his mouth to lick the wetness and makes eye contact with you. You swallow again, hard, and whimper, begging desperately for more.
He slings your legs over his shoulders and brings his face to your dripping center, licking a long stripe from your entrance to your clit. Your body shudders and radiates in hot pleasure as his lips attach to your clit and he carefully slips one metal finger into you, looking up to see your mouth drop open. You reach one hand down to tangle it in his dark hair as your back starts to arch.
Not wasting any more time than necessary, Bucky slips a second finger into your pussy and begins to scissor you open, making enough space for a third metal finger. He curls his knuckles and all the while swirling his tongue around your most sensitive parts. It doesn’t matter that this is the first time he’s eaten you out, he knew exactly what you wanted, and did not hold back in providing.
A sheen of sweat has acclimated over your skin, and your back is arched highly from the couch, the edge of which you’re now gripping so hard your knuckles have paled. Your thighs are shaking from being held apart by Bucky’s large hands and your head lolls to the side as you murmur, “I-I’m gonna-“
You aren’t even given the chance to finish your sentence as you hit your climax. Your body is plunged into a deep euphoria; waves after waves of hot pleasure crashing over you like a storm. Whether that orgasm could be described as heavenly or sinful, you weren’t sure, but it didn’t matter; was the best feeling you’ve had in the longest time.
Bucky pulls away after drinking up all your come and watches how you slowly open your eyes, panting, “Th-that was amazing.” Instead of responding, he leans down to give you a kiss, letting you taste yourself on his lips and causing you to moan quietly.
“You are amazing.”
All you can do is let your mouth drop open and feel even more heat rising to your face as Bucky stands, unbuttoning his pants and slipping them off, along with his boxers. Your mouth practically waters at the sight of his hard cock, pressing up against his stomach; and it was huge. How he’s managed his composure for this long, you had no clue.
Bucky strokes his cock a few times and smirks at your peaked arousal, adjusting himself back on top of you, “Ready?”
You nod and he runs his length along your folds first, then gently presses himself into you. Even though he already stretched you out, it still took a bit for your body to adjust to Bucky’s size. Once he’s fully inside you, he presses his hand softly to your stomach, and chuckles softly, “Doll, look how deep I am.”
The realization of how you felt him in your stomach had come earlier, but now looking down and seeing that bulge made you desperate. Your hips buck up unintentionally, causing Bucky to moan quietly and begin to thrust into you.
You could tell he was holding back, keeping himself from pounding into you immediately, and you appreciated that. Maybe he could sense your inexperience and wanted to help you take it slow. Or maybe he was just scared of hurting you, but nonetheless, it felt amazing.
His mouth attaches to your neck again, and Bucky’s hand moves up to roll your nipple between his fingers. You allow your hands to roam his chest, biceps, and back as your head lolls back, moans falling from your lips easily.
He refrains from speeding up his pace; instead, his thrusts are slower, but stronger, hitting you deeper, his tip dragging along your G spot. Your back arches again off the couch, and your nails start to drag along his back.
His lips move to your ear, and he nibbles your earlobe teasingly. Bucky’s low voice now in the shell of your ear, “you’re taking me so well, baby, I’m so proud of you.” Your body shivers at that, and you want to say more, but the only words that fall from your lips are, “M-more, pl-lease.”
“Asking like a good girl, hm? I’ll give you more.” so he brings his hand down to your sensitive clit, rubbing in circles with his thumb, and you can’t help but bite down on his collarbone to keep yourself from crying in the pleasure. Bucky winces and chuckles again, “marking me up, I see? Don’t worry, I’ll wear the bruises proudly.”
Your whimper is muffled against his skin and this time, without warning you come around him, your essence dripping onto both of your thighs. Once again, you’re engulfed in hot, sticky pleasure as Bucky helps you ride out your orgasm.
Panting you mumble, “Y-you can go faster i-if you need.” He pauses a second to look at you, making sure he heard you right, then he pushes your knees into your chest and takes your calves in his hands. After adjusting his position, Bucky gradually speeds up, his head tilting back in pleasure as his lips part.
Looking down to watch him, and seeing your breasts being shoved back and forth from the new speed makes you wish for a third release. You bite your lip and grip the edge of the couch tightly, trying to keep yourself grounded.
You snake one hand down to rub your clit when Bucky looks back down at you. The sight of your body; the same sight you had relished in moments before, driving him closer to his own release. So now he grunts, “Cum with me, doll.”
And of course, you happily oblige, kneading your tit with one hand and the other rubbing your clit faster as you come a third time. Your channel tightening again against his cock drives him insane, and a deep moan comes from Bucky’s throat. He comes with you, heavily coating your walls and panting as he finishes and looking down to admire how he’s made you fall apart under him.
You meet his gaze and you laugh, “that really just happened, huh?” He laughs with you, “yeah, it did.”
Your legs are shaking as he pulls out and heads to the kitchen to get a damp cloth to clean you both up. He cleans very carefully around your thighs and helps you sit up to clean underneath. Your eyes widen as you see the forming stain underneath you, but Bucky doesn’t seem to mind, “this couch is officially ours.”
Smiling warmly at each other, Bucky picks you up and takes you back to his room, wrapping his arms around you tightly. your head is resting on his chest, and your arm loosely wrapped around his torso.
“How do you feel now?” he hums.
You tilt your head up to look at him, “way better than before.”
Bucky smiles down at you, “that’s good, doll. You should get some rest, I plan on ravishing you again in the morning.
Chewing on your lip, you pull the blanket around your shoulders and look away.
So his smile turns to a worried frown, “Is something wrong? We don’t have to do it again if you don’t want to.”
“No, no I want to,” you pause, “it’s just… the nightmares again…”
“Hey,” Bucky lifts your chin so you can look at him, “as long as I’ve got you here in my arms, I promise you’ll be safe, doll. I get nightmares too, but now I’ve got you to hold!”
You smile and leave a lingering kiss on his lips before resting your head again, letting your eyes flutter shut, “good night, Buck.”
He kisses your forehead, “good night, Y/N.”
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ohdolans · 3 days ago
father day blurb for daddy buck🥺
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling your husband's body pressed tightly against yours, his arm wrapped around you, and his face was nuzzled into your neck. It always seemed that Bucky slept best when he was wrapped around you. A small smile turned up the corners of your lips before you turned around in his arms. Bucky let out a small gruff from deep within his chest before relaxing back into you. You moved forward to kiss his lips softly, your hand reaching up to caress his cheek gently.
Slowly you moved out of the bed, his grip loosening around you enough for you to get out, before leaving the room. You walked towards the bedroom that was right down the hall. The morning sun barely peeked through the windows as you headed down the hallway.
As you opened the door the sight of your two small boys sleeping caught your sight. They were just a year old and already smiling towards you when you walked through the door.
"Mumma!" Carter babbled as he smiled towards you, his blue eyes shining just like his twin's. Just like his fathers.
You moved towards the bed and held him tightly in your arms, kissing his chubby cheeks making him giggle happily in your arms.
"Let's go and wake, daddy huh?" You kissed his cheek again before moving to pick up Chase and place him on your other hip. Since having the twin you'd come accustomed to holding both in your arms.
Both boys babbled in gibberish as you walked down the hallways back towards your bedroom. When you walked back through the door you saw Bucky till laying in the sheets, his arm stretched out towards your side of the bed. A smile came to your face as you thought of the family that you two have.
"Dada!" Carter nearly screamed, moving to lean towards the bed and his father. Bucky began to stir awake at the sound of his son's voice.
You first placed down Carter, the little boy crawling up the bed quickly and smiling as he stared down towards his dad. Bucky woke up slowly from his dreamless stage, his arms wrapping around the boy and holding him. Chase did the same the moment you placed him down on the bed.
"What is this?" Bucky laughed as the two crawled over him, grabbing at his face and his dog tags as they continued to babble and say 'dada'.
You moved back to your side of the bed and sat beside Bucky, smiling and watching the three that you loved most in the world.  Bucky turned his eyes towards you and reached up to caressed your cheek softly, you melted and leaned into his touch.
"Good morning, doll," Bucky spoke with a thickness to his voice that was usually there in the morning.
"Morning," You leaned down and pressed your lips to his in a soft, but loving, kiss.  "Happy father's day."
Bucky's smile widened as he looked up towards you, his eyes sparkling in a way that had you feeling the love and happiness coming from him.
"Thank you," He spoke, looking down towards his boys that sat in front of you both, now entertaining each other. "For everything, for our family. For marrying me."
"You don't have to thank me," You brushed back the long dark hair that started to hang in his face, "I couldn't have picked a better father for our boys."
You reached down and grabbed his hand, before placing it on your stomach.
"And you'll be an amazing father to this one too."
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theyoutubedork · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Concept: Bucky goes to your floral shop to get flowers for all the unsuccessful dates he’s been on. Eventually, he buys flowers just for an excuse to see you.
Low key thinking about making this into a fic. Who wants it?
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eosvns · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
you thought that was the last of the sambucky kisses? YOU THOUGHT WRONG!
click for better quality!
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hauntedelation · 9 days ago
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
I'm thinking about Sam Wilson laying under a tree one late morning, hardly a breeze flowing through the leaves and the grass around him. And he knows that he is in no rush because the weight draped over his body is one that is breathing deep. With that gold-speckled metal arm, warm from the rising sun peaking through the branches, Sam is reminded of that fact.
The man brought him real close, nestling deep like Samuel was a pile of blankets on the bed. The ridge of his nose kissed the spot between Sam's neck and shoulder, that metal arm locked around his chest as if he was keeping anyone out. Maybe he was, and if could find the right words, Sam would mumble a comment by the likes of, 'You keeping me all to yourself?'
But Wilson doesn't, (he knows the answer) mostly he doesn't want to disturb his soft breathing on his neck, every exhale just unleashing goosebumps on his skin. He doesn't want that weight to be disturbed. He had never seen him so tranquil. The lines in his face that were carved in by his long life were smoothed.
And there Sam believes he witnesses the man before he fell.
He's seen a photograph or two, smiling wistfully at the life in that young face, the glow and the boyish curve to his rosy lips. Sam wonders about meeting him back then, but he doesn't linger.
Wilson prefers now, where that ex assassin prepares those demons for rest and he takes baby steps out into the sunshine. Where the tension between them in the very beginning hadn't been strong enough to stay, and burned slow into something unforeseen.
Marvin Gaye—Sam insisted, is playing on his phone speaker and he made sure that the music was playing low. Much more silent than he could enjoy but he knew the man laying on his chest could hear just fine. He lets himself be held tight and he embraces those broad shoulders himself, running his fingertips up his neck and into the darkness of his hair.
He wouldn't say anything, but Sam could feel the man hug him closer. When his lips grazed against his temple, where the streaks of grey lay painted, Sam merged further into him.
And really that space under the tree where the morning sun seems to peak through just right was the only thing. The image of his face, the scowl long melted away and replaced with the sparks peace, to Sam that was the only thing.
So he lays there with the man of a thousand horrors staining his hands. He rubs his fingertips through that short hair and brushes his thumb behind his ear.
Sam places a kiss to his cheekbone, splotched purple from a long mission a few days earlier, and the song transitions to another.
"You listening, Buck?"
His voice rumbles in his chest and he knows the man could hear it. Down south his legs untangle with Sam's and he pulls them taught, a stretch mimicking a house cat. It doesn't take long before those striking pair of eyes are revealed.
Sam senses the soft grin tugging on his lips, a bleary hum is returned. A short chuckle respires through Wilson, still careful to not stir. Sam basks in the light covering them both; he accepts that they are to flourish there.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
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theyoutubedork · 10 days ago
Concept: You surprise Bucky with one of those sleep number mattresses, where you can adjust the firmness. You tell him, “So you don’t have to sleep on the floor anymore,” Bucky is incredibly happy that you would do something so considerate for him.
Tumblr media
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hauntedelation · 14 days ago
TFATWS!Bucky Concept: Dating
Tumblr media
Description - Bucky was never told what Netflix and Chill meant.
Pairing - Black Female Reader x Bucky Barnes
Word Count - 2.1k
A/N - It’s been a while since I’ve seen the films Bucky is in. I watched some clips from the new show and fell in love with how he was presented. I hope that he and Sam don’t sound too ooc. This is a bulleted format, something that I've thought about lately w/ TFATWS!Bucky.
A friend of mine (here's their Tumblr! Thanks Vic <3) was expanding on this with me last night and their additions are marked in bold. No beta, really, I apologize for any errors! 
Warnings - minor descriptions of smut, Buck’s got a praise kink, unspecified age difference (the man is 106 y’all), fluff, warm feelings and anxiety, Sam is his literal wingman.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
Bucky Barnes meets you on a dating app. And of course, Sam had done a large part in helping him set it up. The man’s profile appeared a little different. There were nicely taken photos, but many he didn’t smile much in.
You were drawn, despite his rigid nature. You figure it was something about the energy put out. But you had no real explanation. 
Upon meeting, and after much encouragement on Sam’s part (including his therapist), Bucky realizes that he can’t outright explain everything to you. At least, not so soon.
Those words are a full stop on his tongue, and he found a way to change his story into something that isn’t a total lie. He wasn’t sure when he would be comfortable.
All that mattered was that with you he had all the time he needed.
He remembers stiffening one day when you reached out to gently touch his left hand, you were lost in speaking about your day then.
Knowing he can’t feel a thing, he was inaudible when he watched your thumb brush over his gloved fingers.
You appeared completely perceptive as if all you needed to do was look at him. There hadn’t been once where you pressed him on any topic.
The message he tried to put out is more than well-received. He is reserved, distant, but he inches just close enough for you to spend longer dates with him.
Close enough to where he learns to text you, starting out rather confusing for him. Eventually, the man calls, preferring to hear your voice.
In the beginning, you had the idea that he intended for both of you to take your time. So, you treated this bond as a friendship during the first few months.
You would coax him out of his own head, gradually showing him your favorite things and asking him about his. You noted a fair amount about Barnes.
His excuse (lie) to you of why he hasn’t seen any films or other media seemingly ever, was that his lifestyle kept him busy.
You didn’t question him when most of his music choices were from the forties. He remembers you complimenting him, “I like it, Buck. Your taste seems to be for the more meaningful things. You’re like an old soul.”
He found himself smiling at you, adoration spilling into his lungs watching you look over his favorite books, Billie Holiday playing on the speaker.
Around you, he could feel his nerves stand on end but it was not as if he was overwhelmed.
He was losing himself in you, everything about you who you were, and what made you happy. He tried to hold all of that back and keep it to himself. What if she found it was too much?
The man didn’t want to ruin what he had begun building with you. Unknowingly, Buck didn’t see that the feelings were very much mutual.
So you show him things he may have missed, you watch his reactions. You couldn’t get enough of the softness in his eyes when he finds something he likes, or his pensive reflections on another piece of media.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
One day, nearly a year after meeting you, Bucky brings you up casually in a conversation with Sam.
He sits back, using a rag to wipe at his hands and he thinks back to the time he spoke to you last.
You mentioned something about “Netflix” and he thinks he’s heard it before only he wasn’t quite sure what it was. Not ready to admit he didn’t, he agreed to the proposition.
Buck had recalled how you seemed to coyly play with a loose string on your shirt, your body language open.
“She’s showing me what ah…Netflix is the next time that I see her. Isn’t it a television channel?”
Sam stops tightening a bolt on a screw and he sets the tool down. His brows pinch together for a split second however Bucky witnesses a simper grow over his face.
“ do know what that means right?” Sam tilts his head and leans against an object when he looks at him. The man had a twinkle in his eye.
Bucky frowns at Sam, he doesn’t particularly like the way Sam says that, but he says no. 
His friend shakes his head and breaks it down for him, “Bucky, you’re going to get some ass.”
Bucky’s face hardens straight away. He counters, “Don’t talk about her like that–” The younger man peers down at that vibranium hand clenching around the dirty rag, and he sighs.
Sam has to hold in a laugh. That’s not what he was insinuating.
Eventually, Bucky gets it. He tries to wrap his head around the idea, but in a way, it made sense to him. Buck remembers back to those nights at the drive-in, a pretty girl on his arm with fire in her eyes.
He’s thinking about it with you, how you would look at him, touch him or what you would sound like. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel dizzy. You had him on clouds even during the occasions he would kiss you.
He knows he’s rusty. And, even though you seemed to understand, it had to have been far longer than he realized since he’s felt all of that. Much longer since he could comprehend that degree of touch. He’s been deprived.
Anxiety fogs his mind, thinking about “what if” or any possible negatives.
Sam remains there for him, he places a hand on his shoulder and looks him in the eye closely, “Just be real with her. From what you’ve told me about her, she will be understanding.”
What follows has to be one of the most embarrassing trips to the drugstore that he’s ever taken, Sam insisting that he was present just to give Bucky advice.
Really the man was looking to tease light-heartedly. How couldn’t he be happy for his friend?
Inside, Buck isn’t entirely calm. He mentally prepares for meeting you once again, speaking with his therapist hesitantly.
‘Do you feel ready for her to see you, James? Intimacy is trust, and the experience can be a lot of not thought over tenderly.’
Buck waited a long time, allowing the woman’s words to sleep into his mind before he placidly said his answer.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
He finds himself at your house the next day, dressed in his normal dark clothing. His dog tags hung under his shirt, bushing against his pounding heart.
You invite him in with the most beguiling outfit the man had ever seen. Under your shorts, your tank top, more of your smooth skin had been exposed to him. He felt like a leper for taking you all in.
Soon you catch him staring midway through a movie, those blue eyes soaking you up. You carefully made a move.
Your soft hands glided over his body, focusing on his hair, his chest, stomach. Bucky’s eyes fluttered shut the lower you went.
He pulled you over him, letting your thighs surround his being and his erection press against your heat.
It took a long time for Bucky to convince himself to remove his shirt. You had already worked yourself down to almost nothing, your breasts exposed to him and pressing so close to his body.
He gazed up at you and knew that all wanted was to feel you.
The scar tissue embedded in his shoulder rubbed against the fabric uncomfortably. He shifted, and he could feel your hands start to wander under the hem of his shirt.
“Wait-Wait, Doll, hold on—“ Bucky pants.
Your angelic face contorted to somewhat cautious, aware. “What’s wrong?” His hands settled on your hips, held you there to him.
“Nothing, nothing. I just…I haven’t exactly…done this in a few decades,” he professed.
Your dark eyes flash with something unreadable within, a perplexing look or maybe amusement. Within a few seconds, he feels you lax against him, untangling your fingers from his hair.
He swears you had to be reflecting on how crazy he sounded. Why did he say a few decades?
“Oh…so you…don’t want this?”
Buck’s hands fall on your thighs perched over his. You’d begun to place more distance between you both, following his uncertainty.
However, when your body moved away, your hips dragged against his, against him. He breathed out a curse and shook his head.
“No, no! I mean—yes! I mean—Fuck, I want this, I want you, Doll…I’m just sayin’ that…I might not be any…y’know, good.”
You find it difficult to believe, but your hand reached up to cradle his stubbly cheek. You let his arms pull you closer to him, placing short kisses on his mouth. “I understand. I’ve got you, don’t worry.”
When you worked him up to where he couldn’t take it anymore, where he was pulling that shirt over his head before any realization.
The air in your home prickled his exposed skin, and he looked away once your eyes fell to his shoulder.
He was sure he was close to passing out then, everything building and the dark feelings surrounding his arm not aiding. Bucky was frozen.
Yet as the seconds ticked on by, your face was amorous. You didn’t try to touch the mangled bunches of tissue or ask any questions about it.
You brushed your palms against his chest and guided him back into the couch. Your full lips left trails all over his neck and jaw.
He watched you pause, how you met his eye before placing feather-light kisses where his body met his arm. You moved over the whirring metal, shutting your eyes as the coolness of its surface felt pleasant on your lips.
Buck's heart pounded against his ribcage, almost painfully and he swore that you could hear it. He held in the surge of emotions that entered his body after beholding that.
“You’re so handsome, Buck. I can’t believe I was lucky enough to meet you." Your breath warmed over his skin as you whispered to him. “Look how wet you’ve got me.’
The man’s cheeks flushed and surely the color bled down his neck. You let him take a deep breath into his lungs, but then your words continued. Every syllable blanketed him.
“Are you alright with...moving forward?”
He fights himself to not answer too eagerly.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
Bucky doesn’t return home until the next morning. He found it difficult to pull away from you after a long night.
He knew that he had to, he cursed to himself recalling that he told Sam he would be back before the end of the night.
There is a glow to Bucky that you had never seen before that early morning. The man had been up all night with you, falling asleep for a few short hours before he woke again and repeated everything.
He felt drunk in bliss, overcome with everything that was you. And you felt it, in his bones, watching it drip off his body. 
You couldn’t help your shy smile when you saw the relaxed expression on his face. You said to him, “Feel free to call me when you want to hang out again. I…really enjoyed my time with you.”
He graciously accepted, kissing you lazily at your front doorstep before he dragged himself away.
Bucky knew he was in for it the moment he unlocked the door and there Sam was cooking breakfast in the kitchen.
He bit back a grimace when Sam turned around, eyes taking in the man’s current state.
His hair was a mess, clothes wrinkled, and a warm aura surrounding his body. Bucky feigned a nonchalant expression on his face, sometimes clenching his jaw to avoid all eye contact.
Sam turned the fire on the stove-top down and crossed his arms over his chest, examining his old friend playfully.
“I can’t believe it, man.”
Buck went to the other side of the kitchen looking for a glass, he filled the cup with water and took a few sips. “What do you mean, Samuel?”
His hand rubbed at his stubbled cheek and Sam laughed heartily. “Told you that you were gonna get some ass.”
Bucky had gone to say something but was caught up in his words. 
“Sam I—" His face burned dark crimson.
He shook his head and quickly excused himself for a shower, ignoring Sam's exuberant voice as he sauntered down the hall.
His friend returned to cooking. The smirk on his face was not going to leave anytime soon.
Sam knew he would ask Buck after his shower when the man was planning on introducing you.
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
Taglist - @missyellowbirdie @emyearns @brandycranby  (Tagged who I thought would be interested)
⊱ ───────────── ⊰
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starshipsofstarlord · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
The Fast Road - college!Bucky Barnes x ex!cheater!reader
Masterlist Link
Word count - 3060
Summary; he should hate you after what you did, but he can’t. He finds himself falling back into your web, like the lovestruck idiot that he is
Warnings; mentions of a breakup, angst, cheating, alcohol consumption, smut, unprotected sex, use of drugs (cocaine), degradation (not in a kink way), swearing, yelling, slight exhibitionism
He held a cigarette between his fingers as he surveyed you from the other side of the roof, watching how you ran your hands over Rumlow’s shoulders, laughing at something he had sensually whispered into your ear. Bucky didn’t know what he was saying, but he was certain that he would not like it at all.
There were girls trying to speak to him, but he paid them no mind, instead he shoved them Sam’s way as he kept his eyes trained on your form, flicking the ash of his fag to the ground, as he frustratedly bit his lip. As his eyes decided to dart around, he saw him enter the rooftop party, looking proud as he scanned the crowd also, his sight pivoting towards you. Bucky knew that you wouldn’t accept his affections, if they were anything but casual.
That was all you wanted, he discovered that when he found you in bed with that man, beckoning under his touch rather than his own. Not to mention, that man was everything that you had wanted, whilst you were with him. The sight of you and him in the same vicinity sent him hurtles of pain. He was admittedly shocked whence Sam also pushed the women away and clasped his hand onto his shoulder; he was close to pushing it off, but instead he refrained for a moment.
“You need to forget about her, she’s no good for you man. The fault of the end weighs in her hands, not your own.” Sam’s words soothed nothing, instead they brandished a sickening rise in his stomach, but he held it all back as he watched you dodge the affections of your previous lover, and entail persuasions of lust upon Rumlow. Eddie was in your rear view, the only difference was, that he was a simple fling that caused major complications in your relationship status, not that you minded. It seemed that the situation had set you free like a bird from the cage, and Bucky was once more urgent to take you into his captivity.
As horrid as it was for him to admit, and Steve would have slapped him on the back of the head for doing so, he desperately needed you back, you were a craving for him, and he wasn’t yet willing to give you up. Sure, you’d broken his heart and whatnot, however, if he could get you back, he wouldn’t care; he’d take a little bit of affection over none. Brock Rumlow and Ediie Brock, amongst many other competitors for your attention were all he was up against, if he had to, he would most definitely take on the world for you, even if the sentiment wasn’t reciprocated.
“Whatever Wilson.” Barnes scoffed as he took a heavy swig from the green glass bottle that was in his ring clad hand. Sam rolled his eyes at his friend’s ignorance to his advice, knowing that when Bucky wanted something, he was intent on getting it, no matter the cost nor consequences. The sound of footsteps glided over, making Bucky’s jaw clench as he saw the pitiful look on the blond’s sharp featured face. Steve tutted at the aggression behind his words, and softly shook his head, shifting his sights to Peggy for a moment, before flickering his cerulean orbs over to where you were practically dry humping that jerk.
“Don’t whatever him Buck, he’s right.” His words had much more affect on Bucky’s emotions, he noticed that as he winced lightly. “Y/n is a mess, one that you don’t need in your life. After what she did, you deserve better; she just proved that. No one should find their significant other fooling around with another, even if it is one of the reporters from the student council. Doesn’t matter if every girl wants them, if said girl is in a commitment, then she should keep her hands between whom she is supposed to be loyal to, and herself.”
“Maybe it was me Steve, you ever think o’ that?” He passively spoke with an invigorating silence dwindling around him. It wasn’t in his minded pitch, but it seemed every one was listening to his tumbling words, as though they were taking some amusement from watching him crack. “There could have been many problems on my side, she may have kept it to herself to protect my feelings. Maybe my dick wasn’t big enough, or maybe she didn’t like me hanging out with losers like you, ‘cause I gotta say, right now I’m not a fan either.” As he finished his tantrum of denial, his face was flushed and Steve and Sam were looking at him absurdly.
They knew he was suffering, but it hardly gave him a reason to take it out on them, and thus when the blue eyed boy with ex girlfriend issues glanced over, he noted that both the Brocks (first and last named) were abandoned by your presence. Instead they had other drunkard girls hanging from their arms as they resumed showering them with intimate attention after Bucky’s little outburst. You were gone, that was the main thing, and he couldn’t refrain from tracking through the bodies of people, ignoring Steve’s voice calling out for him, and heading down the fire escape.
He found you beside the dumpster that housed a vast littering of shattered beer bottles, sniffing a white substance off your hand, running your nose along the alabaster line that tainted the opposing side of your palm, rubbing your nostrils effectively therefor after. As you looked up, your eyes scanned to the side, realising his ghostly and agitated figure walking towards you, he threw the bottle he carried in with the rest of garbage, the crash making your skin jump. “Quite the mockery you made outta yourself up there Barnes, anyone’d think you still harboured childish emotions of love and romance and all that shit.” You dug in your pocket, searching for your packet of cigarettes and a lighter.
“Are you doing fucking coke?” He blatantly asked you with a reprimanding undertone, it was half hissed towards you, as though he were severely judging your actions. “Don’t just fucking shrug at me, answer me dammit!” His hand rapped against the wall, the knuckles on his hand scathing with blood that broke through his split skin, “How about you stop being so damn childish, and own up to your actions, huh doll face? Don’t take the piss out of me for giving an actual flying fuck, your resentment is untitled and deemed pathetic, you’re the one that cheated on me, if you haven’t forgotten from doing that toxic powder.”
“You’re not the boss of me James!” You growled at him, gasping as he snatched your bag off your shoulder, and rifled through it, securing the illegal condiments in his grasp, and shaking them lightly in your face. “Don’t you dare throw them away, that shit costs a lot of money, or are you as street smart as you are tone deaf.” If he made the thin flakes of small collective white specks disappear, you’d not be able to afford any more for weeks on end, and that would drive you absolutely mad. It was the only thing that helped you to balance your social life and studies, it was fuel to a painful fire that would eventually tire down, but for the next few years, you would be steady and prepared for anything, or so you hoped.
“You’re the one that made me tone deaf doll, I didn’t exactly want to hear you screeching out another guys name.” He remembered like it was yesterday, listening to you evoke a renaissance of Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. The sound still drawled around him like it’s prey, haunting him each time until he collapsed into a sobbing mess, feeling grand debate against his inner demons that refused to rest, and had a derelict goal of constantly haunting him with the image of your colossal sin. “So...” he opened the bag of coke, and dabbled an expensive line against the back of his hand. Bucky feared that his life would flash before his eyes; he’d never done nor had he planned to do drugs that made someone thus vulnerable. Cocaine was always off the list, weed was the casual, but he was discarding those values of his, all because he wanted nothing more to piss you off.
“So fucking what James?” Your glare was angled towards the spillage of of content that he was wasting, some even trickled onto the ground like low in precipitation snow. With motive frustration, your teeth gritted together like two gears, as you watched him with bewildered eyes, that retained elements of a variety of emotions whilst looking at him, scared of what his motives were. He leant his head down, raising his baked hand to meet with his nose, as you stepped closer, fury enraging your form. “Don’t you fucking dare Bucky! Fucking stop it, stop it!” To be described as furious with his actions was an understatement, the route of taking drugs and in a sense, fucking up everything good that you ever had was your life, not his.
“You didn’t tell Brock to stop it, nor the other one Brock that was prepared to get beneath your dress given the chance. But you woulda loved that, wouldn’t ya? Because you’re a fucking whore, just love to get everyone’s dick inside of your cunt; it’s practically open season.” Bucky was yelling, there was no doubt in his mind that Steve and Sam, among other attendants of the party would be able to hear him, and it was safe for all of them to assume of whom he was speaking to, and it was his demeaning tone that ran through the ally. “It’s as though there’s nothing you love more than taking someone else’s cock inside of you, no matter if you’re with someone else, or if you’re practically stabbing said person in the back.”
“I loved you!” You couldn’t hold the words in any longer, they ran from you, same as the explode of tears that hurtled down your face. He was continuously grilling you about your dire mistake, as though you had no regret in reference to the grave mistake that you had made. If you could turn back time, you’d have done things differently, same as people. Eddie would never have ended up in your bed, you had been regretfully tipsy, your mind hazed as you prioritised the objective of having sex, be it with another man that was not the one that you had been committed to. It was simply a classmate of yours, the prospect of studying vacating far from the mind. “I still do James.” At your prevail, Bucky laughed, inhaling the powder through one nostril.
It both angered and harmed you that he decided to take the drugs; he had never dared to do something so destructive, and it was all on you, the fault landing on your lap as you stared unimpressed at him. “Love is a scam, i learnt that from you.” His head had began to lightly spin, he stepped closer to you, making you gasp as he pressed you against the cold brick wall, his chest pressing deliriously upon your own. “So who are you going to fuck tonight y/n? Gonna find some poor stressed guy to relieve, make them believe that you actually care to them, lie and tell them that you love them?” He wasn’t sure why he decided to pry at you, however he brought his mouth closer to your neck, nipping upon the skin.
“Buck...” you weren’t sure whether you should push him from you, or allow him to continue, though for now, the latter was in motion as you opted to do nothing. Bucky’s tongue scoured the expanse of your throat, engulfing the layer of your molten perfume, and the sweat that had gathered upon your flesh. His hand fused down to your waist, giving it a seductive squeeze, as your hand pawed at his back. It felt like a dream whence he reeled up your dress, stroking up your thigh as you breathed heavily in his ear. “Please fuck me Buck, want you inside of me.” You asked him prolifically, feeling his chortled at your whimsical desperation.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” The man teased, removing his face from between your neck and shoulder, brushing his lips against your own, as you wantonly tried to collide into a kiss with him. “I’m sure it’s not even just because it’s me, is it? You just want someone to stuff you to the brim with their length, fill you up all nice and pretty until you’re crying for them to stop, don’t you doll?” His adventurous fingers played with the hem of your underwear, pulling them down until they fella round your ankles, to where they stayed, cocked around your heels as you hitched your hips and mound in an effort to get closer to his crotch. “Don’t even think I’ll use a condom, show you who you belong to. You’re not even going to think about being with anyone else after tonight, never consider cheating on me again, will you baby girl?”
A whimper delved out from you, as he brought his hand to your cunt, circling your cunt with the pads of his fingers, jolting whence he pinched the bud, drawing your attention to his face, that was intent on maintaining eye contact. “Tell me that you’ll never cheat on me again y/n. I don’t want your apologies, I want to hear you state that you’ll never make the same mistake again.” He continued to massage your pearl, swiping his tongue over your agape lips, the contextual flavour of your alcohol choices mixing, as he provoked you to hum out in pleasure. “Come on baby, you can say it.”
“I’ll never cheat on you again.” There were a blur of tears in your eyes as you informed him of the thing that he wished to hear. Bucky removed his fingers, sucking them into his mouth as he moaned at the taste, having missed it for the long endurance that you had been apart. “I didn’t mean to- I hate myself for it. I’m sorry Bucky, I love you, I love you, and I’ll never dare to repeat my mistake.” The sound of his zipper tuned in your ears, as he adjusted his clothing so that he could pull his cock out, you leant your hand down and gave him a few tugs, directing the uncut head of his prick to your folds, running its leaky agenda down your slit, pressing it to your entrance as he pushed in, diving his body closer to yours, your hips engaging in an intimate clash.
“Still so tight after fucking so many guys.” James breathed, dragging the material of your dress that was upon your breasts down, baring your hard peaks to the open air, as he suckled down on the bud, nipping on it as he allowed you to adjust to his size. He gave an experimental thrust, half in heaven as he drooled upon your chest, grasping one hand against the wall as he began to remove his length in and out from you, the sound of your sopping folds echoing around the area. “You’re never gonna experience that again, I’m going to live in this wet hole, poise my dick in here, weigh down your pelvis as you get descended down by the fullness of my balls.”
“Baby.” Bucky hoisted your leg over his waist, as he pummelled deeper into you, the fact that you were fucking in an ally turning you on furthermore. “Please. Feel so fucking good honey, ‘s your cock hitting me so deep. Love it, an’ you.” His shoulders were scathed with a defying grip that blossomed from your knuckles, the sound of the party above radically making your head spin, as well as the high that you were deposited on. You still were not happy that Bucky had chosen to do cocaine, as hypocritical as it was, you hated seeing him hurt. And the fact that you had caused him such pain in the past made you hate yourself, resentful of every action that you had ever committed.
“Shit!” He groaned, hearing a clad of footsteps escort down the alleyway, and as he turned his head, he saw that they belonged to Eddie and a girl that was hitched on his arm. The sight of them only fuelled his inhibition to fuck you harder, you were unaware of the surrounding and surpassing guests as you were overlooking a great height of alluded integrity. “Yes. Say my name doll, fucking say it.” To prompt you into doing so, he ravished his cock further inside of you, making sounds of utmost pleasure course through your body, as you bellowed out his name, with your eyes sternly traipsed shut.
“Bucky. Bucky!” Your mouth asserted open, as your eyes were screwed close in a lost digress, as Bucky returned his finger to your clit, fondling with the orgasmic button, as you finished around him, making him swim in the abyss of your high. As Eddie passed, Bucky made direct eye contact with him, grunting loudly as he came inside of you, spilling his seed in the privilege of your walls, making you mewl out in rational endurance. The journalism major walked faster with surprised eyes as he hurried his planned hook up away, you oblivious to him and his scurry away as you fell down from your insane height. “Oh my god.” You breathed, pulling Bucky closer to you, entangling your lips in a mass mess.
“You could say that again.” His friends were going to be ravenously disappointed in him when they found out of his re-emerge in relation with you; it was clear that the pair of you had reaffirmed to be partners once more. He had done the cocaine, now it was his chore to keep you as far away from that shit as possible, but for now, he softened inside of you, allowing the mixture of your essences to dribble out from your stuffed folds, and onto the cement below, staining the ground, as you clenched around him, trying to keep his seed remained inside of you.
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honeydulcewrites · 14 days ago
headcanon that Bucky can do natural hair because he saw some kids in wakanda doing it and asked them to teach him. So now he sometimes helps his little do her hair.
Agreed!!!! Bc I cannot believe that Bucky wouldn’t have come back from Wakanda knowing how to do hair or somethingggg at the very least lol
Helping his little do her hair tho 🥺 excuse me I’m soft! Helping her on wash days and things too! And when she’s feeling too little to put her bonnet on or style it he’ll help her!
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wenellyb · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Behind every great love there is a great ship
                                                                                                    -The NoteBoat
Why I did this? I don’t know.
What was I trying to do? Nobody knows. 
But now it’s here I’m going to post it.
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heinzrat · 20 days ago
I've seen a few people on here talk about hugs being a love language for sambucky, which i agree with it definitely is, but i mainly see people talking about them loving intense hugs where they just keep holding eachother tighter.
I love that and i see that kind of hug being their favourite, but recently i keep thinking about tired after mission sambucky hugs
At the end of a mission, when they get back to their house/wherever they're staying, sam rests his head on buckys chest and loosely wraps his arms around the small of his back. bucky has his hands on sams upper back and chin resting on top of sams head, hes holding sam a little tighter but they're both mostly just resting on eachother. they dont really say anything, other than the initial whispered "you okay?" and the soft spoken "i love you"s, enjoying the peaceful silence and slight sound of eachothers breathing
both are just grateful to still be together, happy that they're both still alive and safe, and relieved that they're done risking their lives for the day.
they stay like that for a while, usually until one of them feels the other starting to drift off and then they carry them to bed and say the last "i love you" of the night
bucky sometimes is the one leaning into sams chest, it was just easier to write it one way
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swtbbybarnes · 21 days ago
congrats on 100!!! i love me some shy!reader x bucky barnes so anything to do with that sort or pairing would be so cute!! once again, congratulations :)
there’s so many thoughts in my mind rn but im thinking like someone who works with the avengers and like reader is quiet kinda keeps to themselves and bucky is obviously not opening up until one day it’s just them two around and they decide to play a board game or something??
and then like he makes her laugh and stuff idk is that cute?? i’m open to suggestions
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tonguetiedstan · 23 days ago
working on a bucky series (details coming v v soon!) and it’ll be about 40s!bucky so pls send in some concepts for our fave sgt!
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tinyyoungblood · 24 days ago
hi!! adore your work love. could you maybe do smth where stark!reader has to get her wisdom teeth out but HATES the dentist so she brings her boyf peter and her dad w her?? and then when they get home the avengers are all waiting with like comical amounts of flowers and stuffed animals and then reader says some funny shiii and thor thinks she’s like dying lol. idk if that made sense but i’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon and i’m scared😭 thank u so so much love u babe
pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
a/n: tysm lovely :,) i rushed through this like my life depended on it, but i hope i’m not too late. either way, i hope you’re okay! it’s frightening but those bad boys gotta go because we don’t need that kind of energy in our lives. enjoy x
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
wisdom teeth? more like wisdoom
y/n has to get her wisdom teeth removed and it’s the singular most dreadful thing she’s ever had to do, which says a lot because her dad is tony richling stark
doing dreadful things she doesn’t want to do but still somehow end up doing just because she can is a personality trait at this point
no one really makes a big deal out of it since ~death~ is part of their job description, but y/n is terrified
and when a stark is terrified the only thing that will keep them one step from insanity is researching the hell out of it
that information will be info dumped into every conversation for the next few weeks leading up to the appointment
“y/n you need anything from the store?” "no thanks, did you know the side effects of getting your wisdom teeth out include ✨sudden death or blood clots✨ tho” “……..i have a coupon?”
the day of the appointment, peter comes along and literally doesn’t let go of y/n’s hand. he keeps touching her to let her know that he’s there and it’s so. adorable
he would rest his hand on her knee, gently stroke her back while holding her, or just play with her hair
happy drops them off and he’s too Cool™ for emotions but he knows y/n’s a wreck, so he just fist bumps her with a single nod and she almost breaks down bc it’s really affectionate
y/n is sitting in the dentist chair and genuinely nothing is happening yet, but she’s squeezing peter’s hand like it’s a sponge
peter might have a high pain tolerance but he’s in pain pain and he prays that his hand won’t just explode on him
the dentist notices how peter tries to keep it together and chuckles
“you okay there, son?” “yea it’s fine, had a better time when a building fell on me tho haha” “pardon?” “oh i mean i didn’t have a good time, i just had a better time”
because y/n is running Anxious Town™, the dentist gives her a sedative to help her relax 
plus, an injection of local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and surrounding area
she doesn’t feel anything and it’s GREAT
the procedure is quicker than expected and now the real fun begins
she tries to walk but she falls down so peter scoops her up bridal style and happy stays glued at her side
y/n doesn’t mind although she literally doesn’t recognise them and they’re practically strangers to her
but girly sees an opportunity and tries to flirt with peter bc why wouldn’t she
“you’re pretty” *blushes* “why thanks” “you should let your girlfriend know” “i should let her know i’m pretty?” “so you do have a gf? :(” “yea it’s you” “:)”
they stop for gas and peter goes in to get some water for y/n, and in her infinite wisdom, she decides it’s burger time
her mouth is completely numb and she’s practically leaving a trail of drool behind her, but she’d kill for a burger right now
so she wobbles around aimlessly for an hour on some random parking lot as if the ground might just magically open up like a rabbit hole and lead her to five guys
she’s going places. not back to the car. definitely not five guys. they’re closed. but places
peter finally finds her and he’s drenched from head to toe in sweat. he doEsn’T wAnt tO tALk abOut iT tho so she lets him take her to subway instead
normally, she would know that peter’s usual subway order is bread-lettuce-jalapeño
but in her drugged-up state, it had simply slipped her mind so now she’s staring at him like he’d just murdered someone right in front of her
“that- that’s your order?? no meat or anything just bread, lettuce, and a little spice?”
meanwhile at the compound, sam and steve are ordering everyone around bc they want to decorate this place before y/n gets home to surprise her
they take it very seriously too. they’ve watched like one HGTV show and said it’s our time
they finally get home and tony gives y/n a big hug, asking her what took so long
happy tells him that she was keen on getting burgers bc apparently someone has taught her that stressful times call for ~cheeseburgers~
he proceeds to look at tony with a pointed look
tony just shrugs and goes “she was a problem child. we don’t mention her dark past”
she’s swaying on the spot and keeps grinning like a fool and thor just stares at her weirdly before elbowing bruce and whispering loudly,
“what’s wrong with her? is she dying? should i start collecting leaves, i know this remedy—"
no one can tell if y/n is just happy to see the newly decorated home or if she’s just delighted to see everyone but then she goes around hugging the entire team
she doesn’t even acknowledge the sky-high pile of teddy bears and flowers everywhere bc she’s just squeezing everybody
y/n is so high, she just starts to spill all of her feelings about everyone and they’re already so overwhelmed by the hug chain they can’t take this too
“wanda i just want you to know that you’re like my big sister and you’re always taking care of me and i know you and vision are just going to make such good parents one day”
“bucky you absolute PRICK, you FIEND, you’re the best chess player ever and that’ll never change and i wouldn’t be good without you, i hate to say it but you deserve happiness even after you made me lose five times in a row yesterday”
“dad, you’re so strong and smart, even though we’re like never on the same page, you’re always along for the ride, i want to be like you when i grow up, i swear i’m gonna try to be as good to the avengers as you were to us” “aww- wait makes you think i'll be the first to die“
“nat you’re such a bitch about your protein shakes but you’re my best friend and i wouldn’t have it any other way, you can try out as many make up looks on me as you want”
“bruce, brucey, i would live with you in your lab for the rest of my days if i had to, whenever you ask me to hand you stuff i feel useful and important”
“laura’s way out of your league clint i have no idea how the fuck you got her but don’t lose her and i want to be your next child’s godmother”
“steve…we’re your family now. we’re always gonna be your family now. okay?”
“loki you’re not fooling anyone with your attitude, we all know you’re part of the family, you were just misunderstood and messed up bc of your dad–FUCK him by the way–but i realised everyone deserves as many chances as they need because of you”
“sam i would genuinely kill anyone who wronged you, even if they cut you in line at the grocery store, i would knife them no hesitation”
“thor, you poor golden retriever have been through so much, on my way here i made a wish on an eyelash for you bc you deserve better, your postcards always make my day, love you”
she mumbles something to peter that no one else can hear but he blushes and chokes back a sob
y/n orders hot soup and bucky brings it to her but before he even has time to react peter drops everything and ZOOMS across the room in .3 seconds
he barrels into bucky so hard they both go flying, but peter just smoothly rolls out of it and onto his feet like some kind of super ninja
“DUDE WHAT THE HELL” “😠 y/n is not supposed to drink hot liquids 😠”
all of this happens in mere seconds but sam has filmed it all and now slow mo clips go viral online of some mysterious kid knocking over the winter soldier
y/n’s a little in and out after that, but when she fully regains consciousness, she’s on a pile of blankets, surrounded by the team on the floor <3
* * *
let me know if this is actually comforting lmao stay hydrated pals
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ohdolans · 25 days ago
The Winter Soldier
Tumblr media
b.barnes x f!reader | tfaws au | bucky + enemy lover | warning: language, violence, murder, & torture. | words: 3.0k+ | masterlist | italics are flashbacks
songs: when the party is over & you should see me in the crown by billie eilish
You walked slowly across the edge of the roof that you stood upon. You could feel the cool night air moving around you and the sounds of the city below you. Your eyes darted along with the building that was in front of you, searching through the windows, before finding your target.
"Target acquired." You spoke, your voice devoid of any emotion,
"Good job, Soldat." A voice replied in your earpiece, "Now eliminate the target."
Nearly instantly you moved into motion, scaling down the building before launching your body towards the balcony. The momentum of your body through the double doors was enough for them to open. The room broke off in chaos as you grabbed your gun from your holster and shot two bullets into the chest of the bodyguard.
The mask you wore covered half your face, so you knew the person before you weren't able to recognize you, but the terror was there. You were silent death, and they knew that. Everyone thought that the Winter Soldier was dead and gone. But that didn't happen for you.
You reached down and fisted the shirt of the man before you, lifting them with ease before slamming them down onto the table not far from you.
"Where is it?" You spoke, your voice still monotone and almost robotic.
"P-Please...I don't have it here with me. The Powerbroker took it."
"I don't believe you," You spoke before your hand moved down with swift motion and grabbed your knife, pressing it to their throat. "You're dead either way. Might as well tell me, cause then, I'll make your death swift."
"I'm telling the truth, the Powerbroker has it."
Without a second thought, you sliced the man's throat and leaving his dead body on the table. Blood moved along the glass surface before dripping down to stain the carpet beneath. You walked over to the other side of the room and grabbed the briefcase that sat on the couch, before exiting the room. You walked back out to the balcony and used a tether to shoot across to swing your body over the railing.
Your boots hit the concrete beneath you as you walked along the back alley of the hotel. You slipped through without a witness before getting into the car waiting for you. You placed the briefcase into the lap of the man sitting beside you.
"Good job," He smiled slightly before opening the briefcase and seeing the files inside. "This should be enough to get to our labs to perfect the serum."
"He said the Powerbroker has the finished product you wanted."
"I'm not worried about the Powerbroker, soldat. Everything will work out exactly how we need it."
The car moved and pulled away from the alley and slipped easily into traffic with the rest of the cars. But as the two of you thought that you had no witnesses, a small red-winged android flew through the sky back towards the apartment on the other side of the city.
Red Wing flew back towards Sam before sinking back into his suit. Sam sighed softly and turned towards Bucky with a saddened look on his face.
"It's her, isn't it?" Bucky asked
"It looks like it." Sam walked towards his laptop where Red Wings information was downloading, along with the video recording.
Bucky walked over to stand behind Sam, as he leaned over towards the laptop. His heart was beating wildly against his chest as he watched you, how you moved with ease. How you killed with ease. His heart stopped when he heard your voice, a sound he hadn't heard in nearly ten years.
"It's her," Bucky's frown deepened.
"You sure about this man?" Sam asked, "You haven't seen her since Vienna, and who's to say that she's going to remember you. Y/N could be fully gone for all we know. She's taken on the role as Winter Soldier now."
That fact made Bucky's stomach twist and he fought back the urge to throw up. He never wanted this for you. Bucky promised you and himself that he would keep you safe the moment you both escaped from HYDRA.
The two of you were part of the Winter Soldier program, you came later after Alexander Pierce took over HYDRA. He wanted to make you better than the Winter Soldier, stronger. And he achieved that on some level but he wasn't expected was the two of you to create a bond. But he also didn't hesitate to take advantage of that and making the two of you a lethal team for HYDRA.
"I have to at least try," Bucky spoke turning away from the video playing out in front of him. "Back when I thought I had nothing, I had Y/N. She was the center I needed when everything else was chaos."
Sam frowned, "She means a lot to you?" Bucky nodded his head. "Do you love her?"
Bucky swallowed hard and slowly nodded his head.
Ever since he lost you after everything that happened in Vienna and Germany, he couldn't forgive himself. He'd gotten caught and was arrested, meaning you had to go on the run alone once the German forces had him in custody. Bucky tried to go back, right before leaving for Wakanda, but he couldn't find you.
And it wasn't till after the blip and everything else that he found out why. HYDRA had found you once again, using your words against you, and turning you back into what you hated most. Your mind has been theirs to control for the past eight years. You'd only been free less than a year before your capture.
"Ok. We're gonna have to be swift about this and also smart."
Bucky nodded his head again before moving to leave out of the room. Suddenly it was becoming too hot and enclosed to where he felt suffocating.
"James," You spoke softly, standing in the doorway of the room. Her voice small and meek, waking up the man sleeping in the bed across the room.
Bucky rolled over to face the door and opened his eyes to see you. He instantly knew that something was wrong the moment his eyes landed on you. You were nearly folded in on yourself as you stood in the doorway. Tears streaming down your cheeks, the soft glow of the hallway light giving him a view.
He sat up quickly, "Nightmare?"
You whimpered and nodded your head. Bucky knew of you and strong, one of the strongest people he knew. So Bucky knew this nightmare was a bad one if it had rocked you this hard. He can count on one hand how many times he'd seen you cry.
"Come here, doll."
You walked towards the bed quickly and moved to lay in the bed beside him. Bucky pulled the blankets over you both and wrapped his arm around you. You quickly nuzzled into his neck and molded against his side. The moment you felt him around you, the grips of your nightmare slipped away.
Bucky kissed your forehead and felt you relax into his arms. Bucky gently rubbed his hands along your back and listened as you fell asleep. Bucky laid there and holding you, making sure you were asleep before he fell asleep himself.
It took two more days for everything else to fall into place. For Sam and Bucky to finally see where HYDRA was keeping you. Bucky thought that this chapter of his life was resolved and he'd never had to come back. But as he slowly walked down the halls with his gun drawn, keeping vigilance in case he came upon someone.
"Looks like there is a cell holding on the third floor, waiting for the heat signature to come through to see how many are down there."
"I'm going to head down," Bucky spoke quickly making his way towards the door before going down the stairs, ignoring Sam's call for him to wait. Bucky couldn't wait, not when he knew that you were so close by.
The moment he entered the bottom level of the facility, shooting towards the guard right outside the door. Bucky sighed softly and pushed past the door to see the lines of bars around the room separated off into cells. The one right towards the back, lying on a bed with IVs and machines - was you.
Bucky lowered his gun and slipped it back into his holster before rushing towards you quickly. He felt his heart nearly leap into his throat as he looked over your face. You looked serene and beautiful as you laid there, he'd almost assume you were peacefully sleeping if Bucky didn't know the truth.
"I'm gonna get you out of here, doll," Bucky whispered before moving to gently and slowly take out the IVs in your arm, knowing a sleeping agent was within the machine to knock you unconscious. As he brushed your hair to the side to remove some patches, he cringed at the burn marks on top of your cheek and temple. The same marks he'd get when HYDRA would wipe his memories.
From behind him, Bucky would hear the door open again, and when he looked over his shoulder, he saw Sam rushing towards him.
"You just couldn't wait could you?"
Bucky rolled his eyes, "Just help me get her out of here."
Bucky moved quickly and tucked his arm beneath your knees and back to hoist you up into his arms. He and Sam moved quickly through the backs of the facility, Sam being his coverage whenever they came across someone in the halls.
The moment Bucky had you safe into the car, was the first time he felt like he could breathe.
When they finally got back to their safehouse, Buck paced back and forth as he waited for the sleeping agent to work out of your system.
"What are you going to do next?" Sam asked, watching Bucky move from one side of the room to the other. "She wakes up and doesn't remember you, we're gonna have to do something."
"They used her words to reprogram the Soldier into her, just like how it was for me in Germany. I don't know who's going to wake up in there."
Hours passed before you finally opened your eyes and recognized that you were in an unfamiliar place. Swiftly, you moved out of the bed and looked around your surroundings. When your hands moved down for your weapons, you saw that they were gone. A sense of panic went through you.
Slowly, you walked across the room towards the door, before walking out.
Maybe they moved me to a new safe spot? You thought to yourself.
You followed the voices you heard, quickly realizing they were male, and one even the slightest bit familiar. When you walked out of the room and into a large living area, both men stopped speaking and turned towards you. Your eyes moved from one to the other before suddenly an urge came over you.
They are enemies. Kill the enemy.
But when your eyes stayed on the one with the blue eyes for more than a second, you felt like you knew him. You couldn't place where or why. But there was something that made you falter for a moment.
Bucky stood there in shock as you stood before him. He had to stop himself from moving towards you and taking you into his arms.  He even could have sworn there was recognition in your eyes. But before either Bucky or Sam could speak, you moved across the room quickly slamming your body into Buckys.
He wasn't expecting it, so when you hit against him, he went flying back and slamming into one of the walls. Sam moved to grab you by your shoulders, but he let out a scream of pain as you grabbed his hand and pinned it against his back, the sound of his bones breaking could be heard.
You threw Sam away from you, before spinning on your heel and sending your other foot towards Bucky, hitting in the chest. Bucky could feel the strength behind every hit that you gave him. It reminded me of the times he'd comes across the Flag Smashers, except stronger.
Bucky was able to block your next few punches before Sam came back and moved to wrap his arms around you. The hold didn't last long as you rocketed your head back into his face.
"Mother fuck!" Sam screamed reaching up to grab his face.
But before you could make another movie, Bucky had his arm around your throat. The vibranium too strong to break the hold that he had around your throat. You let out a soft wheezing sound as he picked you up and slammed you down on top of the dining room table. Your hands wrapped his wrist. You were demobilized.
You could see the struggle behind his cerulean eyes, that sense of recognition coming back to you.
"Come on, Y/N," Bucky spoke, not breaking eye contact with you. "You know me. Don't make me hurt you."
You let out a scream of anger as you tried to fight against his arm, but it was no use.
"What are we going to do?" Same spoke, coming up beside Bucky.
"I need to bring her back to me," Bucky turned away from you for a moment to look at Sam. "Can you give me a moment?"
Sam nodded his head before moving out of the room slowly. He closed the door behind him to leave the two of you alone. You'd finally give up and laid silent beneath Bucky's hold.
"I'm going to let go of you," Bucky spoke slowly, "And you're not going to fight back. Understand, soldat?"
Bucky felt sick calling you that, but he knew it would be the only way you'd possibly comply. You stayed frozen for a moment before slowly nodding your head. Bucky removed his vibranium hand around your neck and slowly backing away from you.
You moved to stand and stared towards him with a void that sent a chill up his spine.
"Do you know me?" Bucky asked, speaking in Russian. It made you tilt your head to the side slightly in confusion.
"Should I?" You replied in the same language.
"I was a soldier once, for HYDRA." Bucky sighed softly and took a step closer to you. He felt a small triumph when you didn't fight him or back away. "We met years ago."
Your eyes scanned over his face. You couldn't place how you knew him, but knew he spoke the truth.
Bucky rose his hand slowly towards your face, you flinched slightly but didn't fully move away, before he caressed your face. You relaxed under his touch, as your body knew him before your mind did.
"My angel," Bucky whispered, once again in Russian, and that was like a small trigger for you. Your brows pulled together and you flinched back away from him.
"What did you just call me?" You asked, in English.
"Angel," Bucky spoke and again it felt like something was pushed forward in your mind.
Small flashes began to replay in your mind making you more confused. All with the man before you. Moments of the two of you together with HYDRA. Or together in bed.
"Your name is Y/N Y/L/N, you came onto HYDRA after Alexander Pierce came under command. You were taken from your home in Virginia. You told me that your mother's name was Mary and your father was Richard."
You shook your head as heavy confusion started to wash over your mind.  ""
"Yes," Bucky grabbed your face, making you focus on him. "HYDRA took you before you could go off to California to start college, you wanted to become a Doctor. Just like your dad." Tears were now streaming down your face "Come on, doll....come back to me. Don't make them have you anymore."
"Please..." You whimpered
Bucky could see the hold on your mind-breaking, and slowly but surely, you were coming back to him. He remembered what it felt like when Steve broke the brainwashing that HYDRA had placed on him. It was like a light being turned on after sitting in darkness for a lifetime.
"I love you," Bucky spoke, "I love you, so much and I need you to come back to me now."
Bucky would feel the tears falling down his cheeks, waiting and waiting for any sign that it was working. You reached up and gripped his wrists and hung your head down slightly as you began to cry harder.
"Bucky," You whispered, your knees buckling, but he moved quickly to catch you. "Bucky...Bucky..."
The two of you slowly sunk to the floor, Bucky wrapping his arms around you tightly and holding you against his chest. You cried heavily as finally to prison that you'd been in, within your mind, was finally gone. You sank into Bucky's chest and let his arms wrap around you.
"I've got you, angel...I've got you." Bucky kissed the top of your head and spoke softly to you as he held you.
He doesn't know how long the two of you sat there, but soon your tears softened to whimpers. Bucky pulled you back from his chest and wiped the tears from your cheeks.
"You cut your hair," Was the first thing you spoke, causing the corners of Bucky's lips to turn. A frown formed on your lips. "I loved your hair long."
"A long time has passed," Bucky frowned before sighing softly and looking down
"How long?" Your voice cracked slightly.
"Nearly ten years," Bucky hated the noise you made, his heartbreaking for you slightly.
"They've had me for that long?" You spoke, "God...I-I...It didn't feel like it."
"What do you remember?" Bucky asked, reaching up to caress your cheek softly, he watched as you leaned into his touch slightly.
You shook your head as a silent sign to him that you couldn't and wouldn't take about that at the moment. Bucky quickly understood and instead helped you from the ground and back to standing.
"It doesn't matter, because I've got you now and I'm never letting go," Bucky spoke with conviction as he looked down towards you.
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marniesea · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Mia’s tattoos from Selkie (the last one will be added to her sleeve by the end of the fic). For some of the animals, there were existing tattoos. They are in order of placement from shoulder to wrist as well!
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tonguetiedstan · 25 days ago
i didn’t watch it totally in depth but i think he hinted at sam to stay with him rather than a hotel? maybe i’m imagining things😭
but just imagine him staying up late with her + getting to know her and always just loving it whenever she’s talking about something she loves and then the realisation hits him that he loves her just UGH soft bucky .....
omg sorry it took me so long to answer this, my vaccine side effects hit me lmao. anyways i’m rewatching the show soon so i’ll keep my eyes and ears open lol
okay so this concept is literally perfect omfg 🥺
i can see that he’d stay up late mostly cause of his nightmares and therefore he literally needs you. he’s so afraid of those dreams coming back so he’s doing all he can to stay awake and talking to you works wonders.
at first you thought he just wanted to talk (and don’t get me wrong, he does) but yk that’s not the only reason he’s staying up late all the time. he’s asking you a ton of questions about yourself and he’s literally so invested in all of your stories, no matter how stupid you think they are, he loves them. and when he says something stupid and makes you laugh, omg that’s his favorite sound in the entire world and after a while he notices it’s not only your stories or your laugh that he loves but it’s you, that’s when he falls asleep in your arms and for the first time in over 90 years he doesn’t dream about his past as the winter soldier, but about a future with you.
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Bucky Barnes:
• best friends dad (bestfriend’sdad!bucky x reader) ongoing
• this is trouble (dad’sbestfriendbucky x reader) ongoing
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• bestfriend’sdad!bucky teasing you
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• jealous dbf!bucky
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Jimmy Conway:
(robert de niro’s character. NOT the actual person.)
• lover
• care to join me?
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• custom fav fictional character x you playlist
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