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#bucky barnes blurbs
agentofbarnes · 2 hours ago
summary || bucky and his wife are apparently sex maniacs, or at least that’s what they’re kids think
alternative universe || the barnes’ au
warnings || smut, minors DNI, degradation, teasing, daddy kink, car sex, unprotected sex
note || dedicated to my love @gwenavibra of course cause we’re hoes of a feather
Tumblr media
You were in a mood. It had been weeks since the last time you and Bucky had been intimate. It wasn’t that you were growing apart but that life had been incredibly busy. Sam and Bucky had been on a mission for about two weeks. The week he had gotten back you had to help with the school’s fall festival to worry about.
With Grant being the class president and Rebecca being the star of the drama department, you had become quite the PTA mom. You had put so much work into the event, along with Sam’s wife, Lelia. Their daughter was sixteen, just a year older than Rebecca.
The night the festival arrived, Bucky had met you there at 6pm when it started. Becca and Grant hugged him tightly, kissing his cheeks before showing him around the festival.
“It’s good to have them back, isn’t it?”Lelia chuckled, watching how Sam and Samantha interacted at one of the game booths.
“I haven’t gotten any time with him, actually,”You sighed, watching as Bucky socialized with the suburban dads who seemed to glare at him when they realized he was your husband. It was no secret that you were hit with all the dads being an original avenger seemed to win all the points. It made them forget tug were a mutant.
“So, tonight’s the night, go get ‘em, the festival is done now enjoy it with your man,”She pushed your shoulder, making you roll your eyes.
She was right. You had come with a plan. Bucky hadn’t seen you yet, but when he laid his eyes on you he already knew the game you were playing.
You wore his favorite mini sundress, the one with the little skirt and tiny straps. It was red with little specks of white dogs covering it. You were sinful and precious in one perfect package.
Bucky bit down on his lip, not even saying goodbye in the conversation he was currently having. No, he had to have his hands on you.
You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck when he captured your body against his. His large hands circle your hips, beginning to inch his lips towards yours.
“Dear God, baby doll, you are trying to kill me, you’re gonna give me a heart attack wearing shit like this, fuck,”He whispered, making you blush creep on your warm skin.
Just as he’s about to mold his lips against yours, he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him away.
“No,”Grant interrupted them with a frown,”Not here, dad. Can you keep your lovey dovey stuff for home? My friends are here, they already think mom is hot—“
“They do?”Bucky raised a brow, frowning at the idea of anyone sexualizing you.
“Not the point,”Grant complained, sighing out.”I don’t need my friends and teachers knowing my dad is a sex maniac.”
You snorted at that, hiding your face in his shoulder to muffle the laughter. It was just too funny. You wished you could take a picture of a moment because your husband’s face when he said that was just pure baffled.
“I am not a maniac,”Bucky said very slowly, narrowing his eyes at you,”If anyone is a maniac—“
“It’s you,”Grant answered, shaking his head,”Mom wouldn’t do anything like that. You are a bad influence.”
Okay, now you couldn’t hold together your fit of giggles,”Okay, you’re killing me, Gray, I’ll keep him in check, okay?”
“Where’s your sister?”Bucky asked curiously, noticing she had run off.
“I dunno, probably with Tommy again, you know he moved back? I heard he—“Grant stopped himself, glancing at Bucky.”Never mind.”
“Wait what?”
And then Grant was off.
“Don’t worry about it,”You patted his shoulder, looking up at Bucky with a little smirk.”I missed you.”
“Behave,”He warned, towering over you which only made you want him to make you behave.
“How can I behave when I have felt full in weeks?”You murmured, making Bucky grunt under his breath.
“You are so not playing fair, our children think I’m a horny teenager, and they think you are an angel that in corrupting. This has got to stop, baby doll,”Bucky breathed out, making you pout when he released you.
“But I want you to corrupt me,”You whispered, but before you can say anything else, someone had approached you both.
“The Barnes’, right?”
“That would be us,”You smiled innocently as if you weren’t just begging for your husband’s cock.
“Oh, Grant and Becca are godsends, your son is so precious, I’ve never met a more emotionally mature teenager in my life,”The woman told you, and you didn’t make any comment about how he was empath. Of course he had more emotional intelligence than anyone else, he could feel it all.
“We try,”You chuckled, leaning your back against Bucky’s chest. You pressed your hips just slightly against him, making him clear his throat.
“James, why don’t you join us and the other dads by the games, the boys have been dying to see the super soldier in action,”The man, Greg, suggested,”Think you can hit those small targets.”
Bucky laughed,”Oh, I think my military experience might finally come in handy,”He joked, kissing your cheek before joining the other fathers reluctantly.
You socialized for a little bit, joking with other parents and making sure your kids were having a good time. But soon, enough was enough.
You wanted your husband, and you knew the night was drawing to a close soon.
“Hey, Mom,”Grant breathed out, jogging up to you,”Is it okay if I stay with Harry tonight? I figured Becks is staying with Sammy tonight anyway, you can pick me up when you pick her up tomorrow, Harry doesn’t live too far away—“
“Yes!”You grinned, making Grant tilt his head slightly.”Sorry, I’m just exhausted, Gray. Yes, you can stay and just, take my car for the night, okay? I’ll drive back with your dad, but you are in charge of getting your sister in the morning.”
“Got it, thank you, mom,”Grant kissed your cheek, going to say goodbye Bucky next.
With the kids out of the house, you knew you could acted up all you wanted. A small smirk graced your lips, finding your way to the bathroom to slip off your soaking panties. You couldn’t help the ruined fabric, seeing Bucky show off his strength and skills to the other dads was so hot. You were just dripping for him.
You approached the men, slipping into Bucky’s arms with ease. You just barely pulled him to the side, grabbing him by the shirt to anchor him down to your height. You slide the wet fabric into his hands and it immediately made his mind goes blank.
You just barely graze your lips over his lobe, gently nipping at him before uttering those magic words,”I want you, daddy.”
“Holy fuck,”Bucky grunted, quickly shoving your panties in his pocket with a very dark gaze and pulling you away from the public eye. He had started you towards the parking lot.”You’re being a little brat today, you that needy, baby doll?”
“Yes,” You gasped out, wetness looking between your thighs when his voice dropped an octave.
His lips were on you, kissing the air from your lungs while lust consumed you. Bucky had a way of consuming you, his emotions and warm flooding through you. It only made you want him more. You craved how your auras mixed together. You needed it.
“You’ve got everyone thinking I’m the needy one, that I’m insatiable, but they don’t know much of whore you are for me, how addicted you are for my cock. Would ride me every morning if you could, isn’t that right?”
You whined just as Bucky caged you in to the metal of his car. The metal was cold against your open back, making you shiver.”Can’t help it, you’ve been gone so long...”
“Such a fucking tease, this tiny little dress and that innocent smile, you want me to fuck right here, hm? In the back of my new car?”
You had noticed the sleep Chevrolet Suburban Bucky had brought this time, a gift from the government for his service on one of his latest mission. You personally loved the car, enjoying the big space and the tinted windows.
“I’ll do anything if it means you’ll fuck me, James,”You paw at his shirt, smirking down at you. “Come on, daddy, you know you wanna...”
Bucky gave in easily, opening the backseat door to lay the seats all completely down into a flat surface.. He pushed in the back. With the seats all down, you had plenty of the room to get on your hands and knees. He slammed the door shut, locking the car before he dipped his hands between your thighs.
“Fuck, baby doll, you are absolutely soaking,”Bucky groaned out,”You know how fucking hot you are, how all the dads thirst over you. They glare at me, knowing I’m the only one who gets this sweet cunt.”
You pushed your ass against his hand, whimpering at the feeling of his cold digits hooking inside of you.
“Give it to me, Buck, please,”You gasped out, fingers clawing at the seats under you. His hands bunched your dress up, scrunching it over your back to reveal your perky ass.
“Such a pretty pussy, all ready for daddy to destroy, did she miss me? Three weeks and you just can’t contain yourself.”
“Stuff me full of your cock,”You arched your back, wiggling your ass while Bucky unzipped his jeans. You felt his thick cock against your ass, pre-cum dripping onto your smooth skin. He thirsted his cock between your cheeks before licking his lips.
“Shush, baby doll, I’ve got you,”He held your hips still, slowly pushing his large cock into the tight heat. Your walls squeezed around him snuggly, gripping him like your life depended on it.”Such a little brat, all you needed was my cock, huh? Fuck, pretty girl, you’re so fucking tight, so good to me.”
He’s so big, stretching your little cunt around his girth in the most obscene way. Bucky started out slowly, drinking up the whimpers that emitted from your throat.
“Fuck, James,”You moaned, pushing your ass back against him. Bucky can’t help but groan at the sight of you fucking yourself on his cock.
“So fucking needy, just gotta have my cock stretching this tiny pussy, she craves to be full, doesn’t she? Fuck, I’m going ruin you tonight, ‘m fuck you till you can’t think, how does that sound. You wanna be my dumb baby? Want me to fuck you stupid?”
His metal hand curved around your body, two vibranium fingers rubbing against your neglected cloth which throbbed under his touch.
Bucky grunted, fucking into you fast and hard. The car rocked with his strength, and he hoped no one noticed how he was giving you the fuck of your life. He didn’t need anyone to see how needy his wife was for his cock. That was for him and him only.
He heaved air out when your body trembled under him. Shockwaves rolled through you, your voice cracking when you screamed his name. Bucky whimpered out your name, spilling his hot, thick seed into your pulsing cunt. He had a tight grip on your hips as his hips sputtered. He threw his head back, pulling out and digging the panties out of his pocket.
Bucky helped you slip back into them, not wanting you to leak on the seat when you climbed up into the passenger seat.
“I needed that,”You whispered, reaching over the middle console to kiss Bucky gently. You felt so at home with his warm aura surrounding you, claiming you in a way that only you could feel.
“This night is far from over, baby doll, daddy’s just beginning.”
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agentofbarnes · 2 hours ago
Okay but I would love to see about milf!reader going to Grant’s school for a teacher conference or to pick him up and all the dads just drooling and seeing the other moms be jealous and I can imagine the teacher being awestruck when having the meet with her !
starstruck — the barnes’
Tumblr media
You are the star of all events because you are the celebrity, one of the Avengers. You had been in New York in the very beginning and also, you were the definition of a milf now.
It started in middle school with Grant, the dads had begun to notice you more. The talked about how you dressed and doyen shared their opinions about how you looked in the iconic suit you had worn during your time as an Avenger.
Now, you were all short skirts and flowing dresses. Somehow, this only mad eut worse.
The single dad were always flirting with you, anything to get in between those smooth thighs you liked to show off.
The one time Bucky heard them talking about your thighs, he left hickies and beard burn on them. That would show them who you belonged to.
No. It didn’t.
It was always something new, they always found something to comment on.
“You see her ass in that skirt, what a slut, stop staring at her, Greg!”One of the moms scolded her husband.
You rolled your eyes, squealing when you see Grant in his baseball uniform. He was twelve and the most adorable thing ever.
Bucky chuckled at you,”Calm down, baby doll, he’s adorable, but don’t embarrass him.”
Everyone around you watched when you bent down in your dress, fixing his baseball cap and helping pulling his socks up so they didn’t bunch up in his cleats.
Bucky got just a little glimpse of the pretty lace panties you wore, but he realize if he could see them, all the men could too.
He swore he heard one of them make a comment about how tight your ass looked.
Bucky bent down behind you to cover your ass, his hand smoothing your skirt over.
You blushed at his touch, thanking him.
“Gray, you look so cute in your little uniform,”You cooed, kissing his face.
“Moooom,”He complained, rolling his eyes.
“She can’t help it, bud,”Bucky chuckled.
When the baseball game finally starts, you bouncing in the bleachers without a care in the world. Rebecca was playing with Samantha while Sam watched the game from the lower bleachers with his wife.
You have no idea how adorable and sexy you look yelling at the referee.
Bucky realized how the states you were getting were from your loud voice but for your short skirt and low cut cleavage. You were bouncing with excitement
He was starting to feel a little possessive, urging you come sit in his lap for the rest of the game.
When Grant scored, you screamed at the top of your lungs as both you and Bucky lifted you up before sharing a soft kiss.
That’s what had all the dads crumbling. Bucky would never let anyone forget that you were Mrs. Barnes and you belonged to him.
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bucksfucks · 4 hours ago
i wonder how librarian!bucky would react to you riding his thigh after the library closes? 🤨
⟶ after hours ; bucky barnes
Tumblr media
WARNINGS || semi-public sex, teasing, thigh riding, mocking & degradation, pet names [dove & pretty girl], talk of blowjob, dry humping — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || i think it would go something like this <<3
“You don’t have to stay, you know that, dove,” Bucky chuckles as he rounds the desk to stand in front of you.
He’s wearing combat boots, thick and heavy that leave skid marks on the floors along with his leather jacket and dog tags hanging against his chest.
“I know,” you shrug, “but I like watching you work. You’re cute.”
He chuckles again, shaking his head, “cute? What’re you playin’ at, hmm?”
You feign innocence, fluttering your eyes as you give him a peck on his cheek, “I’ll be reading my book.”
Bucky doesn’t take his time closing, rushing through it as you can hear the squeaky cart wheels as you’re reappearing in front of his desk.
“M’almost done, dove.” He says, not turning around to face you as you lean your elbows on his desk and hum in response.
He sighs, dropping himself down in his chair and he types away at the keyboard for a second before chewing on his lip.
It sparks something inside of you, an idea brewing.
Walking around the desk, you pull him back from his desk by the end of his chair.
He laughs, “I know I know, I’m tryin’—“
You cut him off with a kiss, holding him by his face, stubble against your palms and he leans into your kiss.
“Now what’s this about?” He smirks, hands on your hips and nose brushing yours.
“I wanted to try something.”
It grabs his attention, eyebrows perking up as he leans back.
He’s expecting a blowjob, you think.
And you don’t blame him, it’s happened countless times. Whether it’s after his shift, on lunch, once while he was on the clock.
Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure. But that’s not what’s happening today.
His legs are spread enough for you to slide on his thigh, his left one as he welcomes it.
It’s new, but excited. And you can see the excitement.
“What’re you doin’?” He whispers, softly and a little lost. It’s almost pure as your heart warms, “wanted to try riding your thigh.”
You don’t sugar coat it, Bucky’s hands tightening their grip on your hips.
“Oh,” he groans, sucking in a breath as you rock your hips to show him.
“This is-this is good,” he swallows thickly, watching you grind against the muscle of his thigh.
You let a soft moan slip, “does it feel good?” Bucky whispers, unsure if what he’s doing is good.
“So good, Buck,” you whimper, hands on his broad shoulders as you let yourself get lost in the feeling of his rough jeans against your core.
“You look so pretty ridin’ my thigh, dove,” he purrs, finding his confidence again, “gonna cum, jus’ from this?”
He taunts and you take it, nodding your head.
“Gonna make a mess in those cute panties for me?” He growls, helping your grind over his thigh and you’re no longer in charge.
“Yeah, humpin’ my leg jus’ feels too good, pretty girl?” He cooes mockingly in your ear, lips on your neck seconds later as you let out a long, whimpering whine.
“Wanna feel you cum, dove. Cum all over my thigh,” he growls before you’re lurching forward and into his chest.
It’s a different, but much stronger orgasm as Bucky has to clamp his metal hand over your mouth just in case anyone were to hear you.
Thankfully no one does, your breathing returning to normal as a shudder runs down your spine with the soft aftershocks.
“That was the hottest fuckin’ thing,” Bucky beams, eyes wide and wild as he licks his lips.
“Now let’s get home so I can fuck you.”
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agentofbarnes · 5 hours ago
Wait going off of what gwen said about grant’s friends thinking his mom is hot. Can we talk about him having his friends over to play video games or something and bucky hears grant’s friends talking about how hot mama is while grant out of the room and he just laughs because he KNOWS
milf — the barnes’
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes knew he had scored the whole package. You were an amazing mother, a badass mutant, and a complete babe. He was so lucky to have you. He should have expected that when Grant got older that his friend would have crushes on you. He just hadn’t expected it to have so soon.
But Grant had invited two of his friends, Harry and Killian. You had entertained the three fifteen years old with complete grace. They had loved you, asking questions and wanting you to stay in the room for the movie. It was until Bucky had come to check on the boys later that night that he realized.
Grant must have gone to talk to you like he does every night, like clock work, he would sit on the edge of your bed while you did your nightly routine. You were close, and Bucky loved that.
As he went towards Grant’s room, he overheard the two teenager boys talking.
“Dude, Mrs. Barnes is a total milf, I thought you were exaggerating, but holy fuck, that little dress...”Killian commented, eyes trained on the violent video game on the screen.
“She’s definitely the hottest mom in the school, and my mom complains about her all the time, apparently all the dads have things for her, I know my dad does, but that’s why my mom hates her, you know? She hates anyone my dad looks at especially after the divorce,”Harry explained with a faint laugh.
“No offense, but your dad can’t score someone like that, Mrs.Barnes is top tier milf,”Killian replied, leaning back in the bean bag chair just as Bucky opened the door.
“You boys alright in here?”His voice is deep and husky, and it made them jump at the sound. They both share the same worried look that he had heard them.
“The missus and I are about to head to bed, so if you need anything, knock on the door and we’ll answer, alright? Try not stay up too late, and don’t be too loud,”Bucky instructed before getting back two yes, sir’s
Bucky chucked, rolling his eyes at the conversation he had overheard. Yeah, his wife was top tier milf, but only he got to have her.
Grant was exactly where Bucky expected him to be, on the edge of the bed while you out your lotion on.
“Your friends seem to really like to your mom, bud,”Bucky smirked knowingly, making Grant sigh in defeat.
“Did they say something weird?”
“Not to me, but there may have been talk about mama here being a milf.”
Grant groaned in disgust while you blushed all over your body in embarrassment for your son. You finished up your routine, pulling Grant off your bed.
“Go hang out with your friends, forget what your dad said, and just go have fun,”You told him, pushing him out the door after kissing his head.
“You are a milf,”Bucky said once the door was closed, pressing you against it while he locked the handle.”Definitely a mom I’d like to fuck.”
“Oh, yeah, how about you show me?”
Bucky growled in response, hands pawing off your clothes eagerly with the biggest smirk on his face.”You gonna be a good girl, be quiet for me? Wouldn’t want anyone to know what a dirty girl you really are.”
“Yes, yes, “You breathed, panting as you were thrown on the bed. Bucky quickly crawled over your body, and just looking at the devious look on his face, you knew this was going to be a long night.
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nerdraging4point0 · 6 hours ago
May I have your attention! I want to say... 🍵
Tumblr media
The lack of Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes vampire fiction is disturbing. I mean the fucking man was born in Romania! 🇷🇴
My BDB au with Tom Holland went well. Who'd be down for a Sebastian Stan version? 🤔💭
Tumblr media
You can't tell me this man doesn't give off brotherhood vibes?? 🧛‍♂️
Tumblr media
Feed me your thoughts on this... ✉
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bloodorangesoup · 6 hours ago
I think one of buckys favorite things about the future is the easy access to a variety of different foods. He’d enjoy trying thai or Korean or Colombian hot chocolate.
Extremely cute if reader has a different cultural background & she makes things native to her culture for him to try. Even if he doesn’t like it he’ll finish it all and tell her it’s the best thing he’s ever had.
Idk how hydra would feed him. Dont wanna think about it too hard it’d just break my heart
Especially if he ate something good while stationed somewhere during the war and he sees it in a store in Brooklyn and is just 😮 THEY HAVE IT HERE NOW?!?
His kitchen would be full of alternative to regular stuff so like you said instead of some Nestle coco he’ll have Mexican/Columbian hot chocolate blocks
Something tells me this man ain’t picky about his food so he’d love to try everything from your culture
If he’s meeting your family at a carne asada all your tias would be talking not only abt how big and strong he looks but also about how he’s already gone for a third plate 😊
I wouldn’t put it past hydra to not even feed him :( like making him find food on his own when out on assignments and just putting him on an IV for nutrients when he’s back or just giving him raw meat since his body would be able to process it :(
Not thinking of that anymore 😀 he’d love to eat good food and tbh would probably prefer cultural food over typical american food like hot dogs or burgers (he just sucks at trying to cook them on his own)
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agentofbarnes · 7 hours ago
A Barnes AU drabble please where the kids walk in on Bucky and mama in the morning and as Bucky is stumbling over his words, trying to come up with an excuse and lie, Grant just says "We're you guys having sex?" Which horrifies Bucky and mama
summer mornings — the barnes’
note || oh my god i imagine this as teenager!grant and preteen!rebecca and oh my god, they are absolutely scare you and the kids
Tumblr media
Mornings were usually quiet in the summer. The kids slept till noon, which is exactly why you and Bucky tended to wake up so early. Those few hours of just getting to enjoy each other made the lost sleep worth it.
“Fuck, baby doll,”Bucky groaned into your ear quietly, rocking his hips against yours with a slow and hard motion that you a trembling mess. His body was molded perfectly against yours, your panties thrown to the side leaving you in just his shirt. The fabric bunched at your hips, his thick thighs spreading your legs apart. You hooked your legs over his hips, pulling him closer into you under the thin sheet strewn over your bodies.
“Shit, Buck, please, ‘m so close, feels so good, oh!”Your head fell back, lips connecting against his in the moment of ecstasy. It was just as Bucky spilled inside your clenching walls, smirking at the way you trembled under him that the door has swung open.
“Hey, Mom, have you seen—oh my god!”Grant screamed, immediately going to push Rebecca away from the door so her twelve years old mind could stay innocent.
“We’re just...your mom and I were just...”Bucky stumbled over his words, trying to find a good excuse while you covered you your bodies.
“You guys were having sex!”Grant said with wide eyes,”That’s my mom!”
If it wasn’t so embarrassing, it would have been funny. Bucky looked horrified by this,”I know she’s your mom, what does that—get out, we’ll be out in a minute!”
Grant closed the door quickly, ushering Rebecca into the kitchen where they sat at the table in complete awkward silence.
Bucky sighed out in defeat, his body draped over yours in shame.”Oh my god.”
“This is the worst, why are they awake? It’s like 9am???”You muttered out, running your hand through your hair before pushing Bucky off of you.
“Why did he act like I was defiling you?”Bucky asked after a moment, scrambling to find something to wear.
You pulled on a new pair of panties, dressing in a flowing sundress that may or may not give a little peek of the hickey forming on your neck. You bit down on your lip nervously.
“He’s my baby boy, he’s protective,”You shrugged, fixing your hair slightly before kissing Bucky’s cheek.”Look, they’ll forget it about this in a week, don’t be so freaked, okay?”
You left the room, allowing for Bucky to get dressed while you found the kids in the kitchen.
“What did you need, baby?”You asked Grant, making him glance up at you with scarred eyes.
“Pancake mix, Becca wanted pancakes,”Grant said, avoiding eyes contact.
“Look, you guys, I’m sorry...we should have locked the door—“
“Oh, please don’t make us talk about it...”
“Sex is natural, Grant, it’s healthy, how do you think you guys exist?”You went explain, making both children cringe.
“Mom, can we just forget it?”Becca begged.
“Please,”Bucky backed up when he came into the room.
“Can you get the pancake mix down from the top shelf, babe?”You asked as soon as he got in the room, giving him a kiss before he did what you wanted. Both kids gagged in response to the affection.
“Hey, I love your dad, I’m not gonna stop kissing him just because got two don’t know how to knock,”You looked at them pointedly, rolling your eyes.”Which is what we need to talk about. You should knock before you barge into the room.”
“We didn’t think dad would be all on you and...ugh, we didn’t guys would doing that!”Grant defended, shuddering at the thought.
“Wait, why am I at fault for this?”Bucky said, starting to make breakfast for the kids.
“Well, it’s not mom’s fault you can’t keep your hands to yourself,”Grant sassed, and now you laughed, covering your mouth with your hand.
“Me? I can’t keep my hands to myself, oh my god, your mom—“
“Please don’t finish that sentence,”Rebecca pleaded,”Please, dad, can we just forget it happened? We’ll knock now, we’ve learned our lesson, we’ve suffered enough.”
Bucky sighed, glancing at you with a little knowing look in his eyes. So, he let it go. He let them keep their innocent outlook on their mom.
No one needed to know it was you that couldn’t keep his hands off him this morning.
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agentofbarnes · 8 hours ago
A drabble about Grant and Becca fighting over something and how Bucky handles it, please ❤
sibling squabble — the barnes’
Tumblr media
“Give it back!”Grant screamed from the living area, pulling at Rebecca’s hair. Bucky immediately was on his feet when he realized the kids were fighting. He closed down his work laptop, entering the living room just in time.
Without knowing her own strength, Becca pushed Grant back and he slammed into the way. The little girl’s eyes went wide.
“Rebecca Barnes!”Bucky scolded, going to check Grant for injuries. He seemed fine, just a little scared of his little sister’s strength. He was always consumed with Bucky’s concern, making him cry from pain and worry. Bucky sat him on the couch before turning to Becca.”You know better than that, violence is never the answer and you can’t push people around, look baby, you could have seriously hurt him, you can’ have to be gentle, no everyone is built like me.”
“I didn’t mean too! I just wanted the—“Becca looked down in shame and Bucky picked her up to sit with Grant. She went to go hug him, apologizing profusely with little sobs.
“What was all this about?”Bucky asked with his arms crossed, staring down at his children with a tight frown.
Both Barnes children glanced over by the floor toy bin, and Bucky followed their gazes to this stuffed animal.
It was an old stuffed bear, baby blue with little Captain America shield all over it. It was something you had since way before you had even met Bucky. It had been a gag gift to Steve one Christmas and he had left you the bear with a little note before he left forever.
You had left Grant have it when he turned one, and it was his favorite toy. He couldn’t sleep without it, he adored it. Bucky realized now that Becca seemed to be jealous of the toy.
“Becks, you can’t take your brother’s things, you know he loves that bear,”Bucky told her, already setting his own little plan in motion.”We can just get you your own bear, a stuffed animal that you can cherish like your brother does Cappy.”
“Promise?”Becca asked, sniffling quietly,”Can it be koala?”
Bucky chuckled,”Yes, baby, we do it and we can get a little Captain outfit like Uncle Sam’s, how about that?”
“Yes!”Becca giggled before Bucky went back I to daddy mode.
“But before anyone gets any new toys, I want to make something very clear, you can squabble all you want, but you cannot hit each other. You do that again, I will put you in time out and I will tell mommy.”
“No, not mommy!”Grant gasped, shaking his head.”She’ll get sad!”
“We don’t wanna make mommy upset,”Becca pouted,”Please don’t tell her.”
Bucky nodded,”Fighting helps no one. You guys can always work it out and if you can’t, you come find me and we’ll work it out together.”
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moonlight-onyx · 9 hours ago
Hello sweets!
Prompt list A, #42. With bucky, obvs. I have a "braiding Bucky's hair" kink. It's the hairdresser in me. 😍
Tumblr media
Also I don't think I've officially said it, but congrats on 1.5k. you deserve all of them and more!
thank you sm!
1.5k sleepover + list a
Tumblr media
bucky never let people touch him. not after the amount of years that he’d spent being forced into submission by people with hands far less gentle than those he’d deserved.
but you, you were different. it took a while before he let you, the two of you starting off with quick touches, just a brush of your skin.
steve noticed the change in his best friend long before either of you did. he saw the way that the brunette would relax when you came around because he knew that you would never hurt him, even if he never said it.
which is why you were a little surprised when bucky came into the living room one day while you were just finishing up morgan’s hair.
“there you go, morg!” you grinned, tying off the ponytail at the end of her hair, “now you’re just like rapunzel.”
“thank you, y/n!” she threw herself against you, wrapping her small arms around your center tightly. “you’re the best auntie ever!”
you laughed and kissed her forehead softly, the sound of bucky’s quiet chuckle catching your attention. “oh, hi buck!”
“hey, y/n,” he smiled, the sight warming your heart. “i have a favor i wanna ask you.”
you furrowed your brows slightly but nodded at him to go on, “okay, what’s up?”
“could you, um, could you maybe braid my hair?”
you smiled widely and nodded, “yeah! yeah, of course!”
bucky let out a sigh of relief and came over to sit in front of you on the floor so that you could reach his hair.
you brushed out the tangles very gently, humming an apology each time he hissed in pain.
about halfway through his braid, bucky cleared his throat quietly. “this is nice. t-thank you, y/n.”
“anytime,” you smiled, though you knew he couldn’t see, “i know it gets annoying when it’s in your face all the time so if you ever want me to braid it again-“
“-i’ll take you up on that.”
Tumblr media
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buckymylove · 10 hours ago
give it back | b.b
Tumblr media
summary: bucky is more than willing to cross the lines between your friendship to get back what is his.
warnings: stealing, sexual themes.
word count: 0.7k.
authors note: nothing to say
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
As soon as the bedroom door clicked open you ran in, your fluffy socks being a problem as you almost tumbled over. Standing upright, you looked back towards the door keeping the object behind your hands.  
Just as you suspected, he entered, Bucky Barnes in nothing but sweatpants to ease the hotness of the day.  
“Are you going to give me it back?” he slowly starts walking forward, trying to seem threatening but it never works in your presence. “I think we both know the answer to that, darling” you tease back.  
After slowly moving backwards, the back of your legs touched the bed, that was the only way to go so you went. You sat down and the bed, moving your body backwards with your elbows, showing him his phone in the process.  
“If you want it, come get it” The lift of one of your brows and the bite of your lips was enough to encourage him.  
So that’s what he did. Bucky slowly started to crawl up your body, one of your arms now above your head with the phone. Your head fell back on the bed, letting your elbow rest as his face was inches from yours.  
If Bucky wanted to, he could easily grab the phone and run, but he didn’t want to. He lowered his face more and at first, you thought he might kiss you, but then he moved his head to the side slightly kissing your jawline.  
The sweet kisses, the knee keeping your legs apart, and the shirtless scene on top of you were enough for you to get turned on.  
“Give me it and I'll get of you” he whispered in your ear, his stubble slightly scratching the side of your face making you let out a breathy moan, he showed off his smirk as he looked back into your eyes.  
“No thank you, I'd rather this continue” you raised your body on both elbows, the phone in your hand, his face moved up with yours, maybe he didn’t want to kiss you, maybe he just wanted to play the game, “do you want this to continue?”  
“It would be my pleasure to continue this. After you give me my phone back” His lips grazed of yours, almost losing all control, he needs to kiss you now or he’s going to break.  
“What’s on it that you don’t want me to see? Your search history?” you titled your head as you asked the question, raising your head to kiss below his lips. “Nothing like that, doll” something like that, his endless searching on how to tell a girl you like them was still up, the messages from Sam giving him advice were also not deleted yet.
Not caring about the phone anymore, you lock it and raise it to give it back to him. He grabs it from your hand, your fingers grazing in the process. When he finally has it in his hand he tosses it to the other side of the bed, no longer caring and eyes still on yours.  
“So, you want to continue?” you looked genuinely scared for his answer, the hard stoic y/n being gone and instead, an insecure woman who would give anything to have her crushes lips on hers.  
“I would love nothing more” he dragged out the words, the tension in the room rising every millisecond. But it was worth it, the second he finished his lips latched onto yours. Finding solace in the place they were meant to be all along, for the both of you.  
“Wait” your lips moving together had stopped at the utter of your words, “What’s wrong?” Bucky replied, his hand finding its way to the back of your head.  
“What about the shirt I stole” Bucky lets out a small chuckle, relieved that he didn’t hurt your hip with his metal hand. If he hurt you, he would never forgive himself.  
“Keep it, you can wear it when I'm not around” Loving eyes looked into yours as he smiled at you, “I will, but I'll have to borrow another one soon”  
“Why’s that?” Bucky asked, not bothered, you could wear whatever of his whenever you liked. “Because this one won’t smell like you soon” you looked down at the black shirt you were wearing, your nipples slightly poking through, not needing the cold weather to do so.  
Bucky looked back up at you after seeing the sight you saw, his sweatpants feeling tighter as he lowered his head to catch your lips, and you let him. For the rest of the night, you made passionate and hot lovemaking, only stopping to watch the sunrise in each other's arms.
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agentofbarnes · 11 hours ago
Headcanon: Grant starts calling reader or even Becca baby doll cause he hears Bucky saying it a lot
baby doll — the barnes’
notes || oh my god, this is absolutely adorable to think about
Tumblr media
You noticed immediately when Grant started to use the affection pet name Bucky called you.
He’s like Bucky little sidekick and wants to be just like his dad when he was younger.
“Thank you, baby doll!”Grant squealed, the six year old giggled when you gave him his plate of dinosaur chicken nuggets.
You grinned so hard at that,”Baby doll? What happened to Mommy?” You asked with a pinch of his cheek.
“But daddy says baby doll.”
That was just the beginning. Grant started to uses it all the time.
Oh man, when Bucky hears him call Becca or you that, he think it’s so cute.
It’s when you’re sitting on the couch, watching the kids play while Bucky paints your toenails for you.
“I like this color, baby doll,”Bucky commented with a hum, the color a sparkling bright blue.
Grant and Becca immediately want to see what he’s talking about, gasping at the pretty colors because they are amazed by anything Bucky likes.
“It is pretty, I wanna paint my nails!”Becca said with pout.
“I’ll paint them, baby doll,”Grant said in a heartbeat, making you giggle at them.
Bucky smiled so big, looking at you with the sweetest and widest eyes. His heart was so warm with love.
“What color you want, Becks?”Bucky asked, handing the kids the polish.
The first time Grant calls you baby doll in front of him is a little different.
“She’s my babydoll,”Grant whined, curled up against your chest while Bucky tried to get him to go to bed. He wanted to stay with you.
“Oh, Grant, baby boy, she is mine,”He teased, making Grant shake his head and cling to you. You were in giggles at your boys’ antic.
“Nope, daddy,”Grant stuck his tongue out at him.
“How about we share, huh?”Bucky offered,”Baby doll, is that okay?”
“It’s more than okay,”You beamed at them, biting down on your lip to suppress more laughs.
“She’s mine at night, and you can have her in the morning, hm? That way you can get a good night sleep in your bed, and baby doll here gets some rest of her own.”
“I guess we do that...”
Bucky was magic with his children, scooping up the six years old who finally agreed to go to bed and getting him to go to sleep.
When Bucky gets back and he’s shaking his head with a grin,”That kid is gonna be heartbreaker if he keeps going around calling all the girls he likes baby doll.”
“Mhm, or maybe he’s find his baby doll, that wouldn’t be so bad,”You chuckled with a grin, making grabby hands for Bucky to come lay down with you.
“It’s so cute though.”
“He just wants to be like his daddy,”You smiled at him, adjusting your position so Bucky could rest his head against your chest.
“Well, I’m getting a little jealous of all the attention, you are my baby doll after all.”
You rolled your eyes, threading fingers through his soft hair.”’m right here, baby, all yours.”
And one day, Grant would find the perfect girl, the girl he calls baby doll and loves more than anything, but right now, the only girls that matter to him are you and Becks.
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agentofbarnes · 12 hours ago
For your Barnes AU, imagine after the reader had one of their babies her nippers became so sensitive that Bucky could make her cum hard just by playing with them and not touching her anywhere else
sensitive — bucky
au: the Barnes’ au
warning || nipple play, cock warming, lactation kink, smut
Tumblr media
Bucky had a strict rule placed on him right before you had given birth to Grant and it was to never for any reason touch your nipples. Towards the end of the pregnancy, they hurt and swollen. Now, they still swollen and much less hurt rather made you feel sensitive. Not necessarily in a bad way, but an uncomfortable way.
Bucky hadn’t noticed there had been a shift in the sensitivity. You actually enjoyed feeding your child and being close. It had been a few months now and you had gotten used to it, so Bucky shouldn’t have been surprised that your nipples seemed to perk up when you accidentally rub against him when trying to go around him the kitchen. He ignored that slight gasp that left your mouth.
You sighed out when you came back into the room, frowning at the wet shirt that now graced your body.”I’m still leaking,”You frowned,”He’s not drinking enough, I still feel full.”
You cupped yourself breast in your hands, looking up at Bucky who seemed to have short circuit.”Hello? Earth to daddy barnes!”
“I Uh,”He cleared his throat,”I could help...I read this article that said if were to...well, if after Grant fed, I could...and it would actually be beneficial to you because you get the relief and it makes sure you continue to keep the right amount of supply...”
Bucky was a blushing mess at how he presented his idea, making him want to hide in a hole.
“My god, you can’t stand not being able to play with my tits, and now you want me to feed you?”You asked with curiosity like you weren’t wet at the idea of Bucky’s mouth on your breasts against.
“Hmm, I think you forget I can smell you, baby doll, that idea excited you,”Bucky rasped, hands coming around your waist and pulling you close to him. Maybe you were a little excited, a blush creeping on your cheeks.”Come on, the baby’s asleep, why don’t you come sit on my cock and let me take care of you?”
You gasped at his words and how his lips trailed down from your ear to the base of your neck. It had been awhile since you both had time or energy to just be with each other.”Okay,”You breathed, giggling when Bucky picked you up and took you to the bedroom.
It didn’t long for both of you to be fully striped down, his metal hands coming up to grope your full breasts.
Bucky made himself comfortable on the bed, back against the headboard while he guided your soaking cunt over his cock. Once you were fully seated on his large cock with your cunt so stretched out for him, Bucky stilled your hips.
“Shush,”He told you when you whined,”We’ll get to that, so needy, baby doll.”
“Bucky...”You gasped, his hands massaging over your breasts and making you jolt at how sensitive you felt. His cold digits tweaked at one of your nipples, causing you to moan quietly.
“Fuck, you’re so sensitive, aren’t you? Haven’t let me touch you like this in forever,”Bucky groaned, admiring how taut and responsive the little buds. When he pressed two fingers against your nipple, licking his lips when beads of milk emerged.”Gonna let me drink from you?”
You were already a mess in his hands, nodding weakly,”Please, touch me.”
Bucky smirked, dipping his head down between your breasts and left kisses all over the sensitive skin before enveloping your tit into his mouth. His warm, wet mouth made you jerk in response, crying out when he suckled on your breast.
Your back arched against his lips, skin vibrating as Bucky groaned into your breast. The sweet milk filled his mouth and he lapped your every single drop of it. His hand pinched and massaged your other breast, making you tremble under his grasp.
The pressure and stimulation was too much to handle. The fuzzy feeling in your belly built up and exploded inside you like a thousand stars. Nails dug into his arms, holding on to him tightly when he pulled an orgasm from your body.
You couldn’t believe you had done it until after the high ripped through. Bucky pulled over you, licking his lips with a tilted head.
“Did you just cum?”Bucky asked, his cock throbbing in your clenching heat. You were squeezing him so tightly,heaving your chest out as you tried to catch your breath.
“Yeah,”You whimpered, his tongue teasing at your redden nipple.”I can’t help it, you make me feel so good.”
“Oh baby, we are going to have so much fun tonight,”Bucky smirked, swiftly flipping you over with his cock still pressed inside you. Your back hit the mattress,”Baby doll, you taste so sweet, so good for me,”His lips surrounded your nipple once again, drinking your the milk eagerly while he had begun to thrust into your thought heat very slowly.
It was going to be a long night and you were already buzzing with excitement. You just hoped Grant didn’t wake up anytime soon.
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winterrskywalker · a day ago
Starfish — Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
SUMMARY: Most of the time Bucky sleeps with a little starfish.
AO3: here!
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
A hand slapped his chest and made Bucky jump. He scanned the room with worry but then noticed you sleeping by his side, with an arm stretched out on his chest.
He noticed you were once again sleeping in a starfish position, it was pretty common and he didn’t mind it that much, but every time you hit him with one of your limb he woke up with worry, quickly replaced by a soft expression.
”Alright little starfish, sleep well.” He planted a kiss on your cheek and smiled when you got closer to him in your sleep. 
“Star…fish.” You mumbled and put your head on his chest, keeping your limbs spread over the mattress.
“Yeah, my little starfish.” He slowly caressed your hair, relaxing by your side and going back to sleep with you.
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chokemewanda · a day ago
This definitely did not stem from real life events that I whined about to @msmarvelwrites last night while drunk 🤷‍♀️
Tumblr media
Bucky taking care of you drunk would include;
Promising you that you can get chicken nuggets before heading home
Him picking up your belongings when you leave them behind you
Him laughing when you cry cause you saw a puppy
Him holding you while you both wait for the car to come collect you from outside the McDonald’s you dragged him to
He does his best to keep up with your thought process but when you start to cry he has no idea what to say
“You’re so good to me. I’m a mess and you just take care of me.”
“Sweetheart, I like caring for you, makes me feel like you need me.”
“I do need you. I’m so glad you’re here. I hate Hydra and how the treated you.”
And then you’re inconsolable again, sobbing into his shirt as he herds you into the car
“Baby, I’m okay. I’m here and I’ve got the love of my life in my arms.”
“I’m the love of your life?” You ask, tears still running down your cheeks.
“No, the chicken nuggets are.” He jokes and you begin to cry again making him panic.
“I didn’t mean it. I was jokin’ you know you’re the only one for me.” He shushes you and let’s you eat the nuggets.
When you get back to the tower he sits you up on the counter in the bathroom and washes your face clumsily, using all your fancy bottles
He helps you into his shirt and into bed where you insist on cuddling him until you both wake up the next morning
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hesthermay · a day ago
𝟕:𝟐𝟓 𝐏𝐌 — 𝐁. 𝐁𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐄𝐒
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ timestamp, 0.6k
ʚϊɞ gn!reader, sfw, fluff, happy bucky
Tumblr media
The sun is turning orange but the sky still holds its light blue hue. Bucky walks up the driveway, heading towards your house, and the gravel crunches under his boots with each step but all he can focus on is the faint sound of music coming from the home. For him to hear it out here, you must have had the volume turned up to the max—very on par for you, he’s come to find. 
His long legs take him up the few steps that lead to your front porch, and he can see two stocky bodies barreling towards the screen door. The two plump pit bulls sit and stare, tails wagging so aggressively they shake their entire torso’s, and he shifts the bags he’s holding to his left hand so he can grasp the handle. He laughs loudly as the door is pushed open before he could even make the move, and his legs are attacked by sniffs and kisses. 
“Hi babies,” he greets, looking down at the animals with a love that he’s thankful for everyday. The music is louder now that the door is open and he doubts you can even hear that he’s come home, and when he lets it fall shut behind him and the pits the sound is hidden in the guitar strums and twangy voices filling the space. 
The trio make their way to the source of the sound, the kitchen—where you stand before the small island in the middle of the room, hands working diligently and hips swaying to the beat of the song. He leans against the door frame, shoulder resting easily against the painted wood as he watches you chop the vegetables and sing along. Your voice blends with the original artist’s and his heart swoons. 
You place the knife down and spin around, and your eyes land on the man standing in your kitchen. A smile stretches across your face as the warm glow filtering through the windows lights him up, and he returns the greeting. “Did you grab the things I asked for?” You ask, voice loud enough to be heard over the noise. He only nods, pushing off the door frame and entering the room at last, holding out the grocery bags to you. 
A thankful look takes over as you take them from him, placing a kiss on his cheek and turning to place them on the counter. “Thank you, sir!” You shout over your shoulder, pulling the requested contents out. You throw a look at him and your eyes land on the two dogs at his feet, staring up at him with adoration and loyalty. “And I see my trusty protectors greeted you at the door,” you giggle. 
He nods once again and leans down to pet their large heads before moving closer to you, his presence familiar and comfortable. “They even opened the door for me, ever the polite little meatheads,” he leans against the farm sink as you lay everything out to prepare dinner for the night, and you throw your head back in a bout of laughter before you step away from the counter all together. Sunbeams dance across your body as you twist and spin and sway in the middle of the kitchen. 
“Do you want me to play that one song you said you liked?” 
Bucky doesn’t know a lot of your music, you say it's older than you but younger than him, but he listens anyways because the way your spirit shines through whenever music hits your ears makes him picture a future he would have never thought himself worthy of. And when you turn away from him to put on the one song he’d made an offhand comment about before he can even answer, his heart swells in his chest and that future seems just a bit brighter. 
He pushes himself off of the edge of the sink and heads for you, and he catches you right as you spin around. You laugh and he joins you, and then he dances with you. He spins and dips you, he sways to the steady beat and he smiles. 
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ reblogs are always appreciated luvs ! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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buckymylove · a day ago
forget me | b.b
Tumblr media
summary: vampire!bucky makes you forget about him for your own protection, causing more harm than good.
warnings: compulsion, stalking.
word count: 1.0k
authors note: nothing to say
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
"Please don't do this" Your tears were already rolling down your cheeks at the realization of what was to come.  
"I'm sorry, baby, I don't have a choice" Buckys hands were sat firmly on your cheeks, wiping away the tears as they came.  
"We can fight like we've done before" You tried so desperately to offer a solution, just so you wouldn't forget your one true love, but it was inevitable. "I have to do this, I love you so much, please never forget that"
buckys eyes stared back into your own, your hands on top of his and your bodies close together. "When you leave, you will forget all about me, you will forget meeting me, you will forget the world of the supernatural and all of our memories until I say remember. Now go"
You had walked away from Bucky, only him seeing your back now. a tear rolled down his cheek at knowing you wouldn't remember his love for you. "I love you so much" he whispered just before you walked out of the door and into your new life.
2 years later
The music was so loud you thought your ears were going to start bleeding, you felt so uncomfortable at this party that your friends had forced you to go to. Also forcing you to wear a black dress that showed a little cleavage, which you hated.
You had your arms crossed over your body as you walked out of the party, catching some boys’ attention but hopefully not your friends, knowing they would drag you back in.  
Your hair was blowing back at the slight breeze of the wind as you were walking home, you would send a message to your friends that you felt sick and left, not that they would care.  
You fished for the keys that were in your bag, as you pulled them out you felt eyes on you, you did a quick scan of your surroundings but found nothing. You entered the keys into the keyhole, forgetting about your suspicion of someone being nearby.  
1 week later
Your first suspicions of someone watching you, a week ago, seemed accurate. You no longer felt safe anywhere, in your own home or when you went out. Grocery shopping was an outrage now, you had downloaded a fake call app, you could call your friends but they were always busy, pretending to talk to someone gave you a sense of comfort.
You could have gone to the police, but feeling too guilty to do so you decided against it, you were sure they had better things to do than support your ridiculous suspicions.  
Instead, you opted for a night in, your favourite movie and chocolates had called you two hours ago, you obliged.  
Now, you were in your comfiest of clothing due to it being a cold night, staring out into the street on your balcony. Once again, you felt uncomfortable, just like all those other times, feeling like someone was watching you. Instead of backing down and going inside, you opted to look into the darkness below, it was a very quiet night, not that many people around.
You had almost decided to go inside, but just then your eyes caught sight of a dark silhouette, it was most likely the most stupid mistake you could have made in that situation, but you weren't in the right state of mind.  
Before you knew it you were rushing out of your apartment, down the stairs, and outside. You weren't sure what you were hoping for, the person to say sorry, an explanation, all you know is that you had a longing to know who this person was.
Your bare feet made contact with the pavement, every step taking you closer to the silhouette that was stood beside the tree across the street. Due to how close you where, you could now tell it was a man, brown hair as what you could see in the darkness, what did unsettle you though was how his back was facing you.  
Once you got close enough you decided to make your presence known, it was too late to back out now. “Excuse me, who the hell are you” It was not like you to talk with such distaste, but lately you were just fed up.  
The man had slowly started turning around, once you saw his face it made you feel something, you weren’t sure what, but it was certainly something. “I’m sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean” the smirk laid beautifully on his face told you he was lying.
“I don’t care for your games, I just need you to stop following me. You’re making me feel uncomfortable” Once you said those last words something changed in his facial expression, it seemed he was hurt by your words.  
“I’m sorry, I never meant for you to feel that way” He started with a genuine smile, before stepping forward “But can I just do one thing” Your bodies were so close now, despite feeling uncomfortable before, you didn’t feel it now. His hands slowly rose and he placed them on your cheeks, with anybody else you would have pushed them off you and call them a creep, but without meaning to, you got lost in his eyes, the feeling of wanting more bubbling in you.
“You can now remember every memory I took from you” You had blinked once, yet it changed your life. Things were not as they seemed and you wanted to run away from it all but then you realized your one true love was in front of you.
You quickly pulled him in for a hug, his arms sneaking around your waist. “I can’t believe you made me forget” you pulled back from him, your hands on his shoulders and his on your waist. “I am so mad at you” Despite your words saying one thing your tears said another, with Bucky’s to match.
“I’m so mad at me too,” Bucky said with nothing but the truth. Needing his love so bad, you brought yourself forward, bringing your lips to his, them melding together like two pieces in a puzzle.  
In just a minute you were whisked away with the force of vampire speed, back to your home where you spent all night making passionate love with your boyfriend, not planning to forget anything else anytime soon.
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a/n: this whole series just one big puddle of fluff lmao but i regret nothing! im having way too much fun writing these little scenarios so here is one of another milestone as a soon to be dad, feeling the baby kicking for the first time!
pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader
word count: 1.3k
This fic is part of the LITTLE ONE series, but can be read as a simple oneshot as well! Find the masterpost of the series HERE!
Tumblr media
(gif is not mine)
There is nothing like a lazy Saturday morning spent in bed, bodies melting together under the soft sheets as the morning Sun peeks through the blinders. You’ve been lucky enough to have more and more mornings like this since Sebastian has returned from his last job before his hiatus he has planned for the baby’s arrival. Life has been slowing down around you, the hours spent with work and endless tasks are now turning into baby shopping, lounging around at home, enjoying the time spent together as just a couple before two becomes three soon.
Ever since your stomach has grown quite significantly, you haven’t been able to sleep in any other position than on your side, your belly kind of a burden in sleeping on your stomach at this point. In the evening you always fall asleep cuddled to Sebastian’s side, using him as your human-sized pillow, but somehow by the morning you seem to switch the position and it’s always him spooning you from behind, one arm under your head, his other one draped over your waist, hand protectively sprawling out on your bump. He has been obsessed with touching your stomach, amazed by the magic that’s happening to your body during pregnancy and he always sneaks his hands to your bump in every scenario, which you absolutely don’t mind. You love feeling his warm touch, his fingers caressing the stretched out skin, especially when he pays extra attention to your stretch marks that started to appear just a few weeks ago. At first you were a little anxious about them, afraid that they wouldn’t go away and you’d never be able to look at your body the same way, but he was quick to shut down every and any insecurities you were having.
“Baby, nothing can change the way I’m so grateful and amazed by everything you do for our little one. Those marks? Love them, if they are not gonna fade, I know you’ll rock them,” he told you one day when it came up. You almost started crying at his words, not sure how you scored such an amazing man.
Now as Sebastian slowly wakes, eyes squeezing gently, but still closed, his first instinct is to brush his hand over your bump, gently tickling the skin while you’re still fast asleep. He loves the way it curves into his hand, like it was made for him to touch. You stir in your sleep, pushing yourself up against him even more and he can’t help a lazy smile as he kisses your shoulder gently, just enjoying holding you in this blissful moment.
He almost falls back asleep a little when he feels the tiniest movement under his hand, something he hasn’t been able to catch before and his eyes almost immediately shoot open.
The baby started moving around a few weeks ago, the first time it was so weird and unexpected, but you’ve come to enjoy her little movements around, however she refused to move when Sebastian was touching your belly, waiting to feel her, but getting absolutely nothing. It’s like she knew when it was his hand on your stomach and not yours, staying still on purpose so he couldn’t feel her. That’s why he is now so excited as he feels a limb, a hand or maybe a tiny foot pushing against your belly from the inside, meeting his warm palm for the first time ever.
“Oh my God!” he whispers to himself, lifting his head up to see your stomach, hoping to get another little kick. “Babe, baby wake up!” he gently nudges you, only earning a growl as you bury your head deeper into the pillow. “I felt her! She moved!” he whispers in excitement, like a little boy on Christmas morning.
“Mm, just five more minutes,” you mumble, not even processing what he said.
“Y/N, she just kicked and I felt it!” he repeats, kissing your shoulder again, his hand now gently moving around your stomach, hoping to feel another movement.
“I felt it too, I really hope she is not trying to find my bladder,” you mumble under your breath, making the man behind you laugh.
“Do you think she’ll move again?” he asks, completely in awe of what he just experienced. You let a lazy smile tug at your lips as you take his hand on your stomach, move it around a little until you stop right under your navel.
“This is usually her spot, let’s see if she’ll kick for daddy again,” you hum, as Sebastian rests his chin on your shoulder as you’re still lying on your side, the two of you patiently waiting for something to happen. You can tell he is starting to give up, accepting that your little one is not gonna move again now that he is waiting for it, but then it finally happens.
A tiny foot kicks on your stomach from inside, right under Seb’s palm, making him gasp at the feeling and you can’t get enough of these reactions he always has for everything about this baby. You can’t believe there was even a moment when you were anxious about even telling him that you’re pregnant. This man was born to be a father and you’re the luckiest woman that you get to go through this all with him.
“I can’t wait to meet her, oh my God,” he breathes out as he leans down and kisses your cheek and temple softly.
“Not long is left,” you sigh, a little nervous about giving birth, but you’re trying to stay calm and collected.
You turn around so you can face him, arms snaking around his neck to pull him down for a sweet good morning kiss before he scoots down on the bed so his face is at your belly. Hands on each side of it, he presses a kiss to the naked skin as you run your fingers through his hair, playing with the locks that are getting longer now, outgrowing his usual clean ‘do.
“Hi there, little one. Are you enjoying the mama hotel?” he starts talking to the baby and you can’t help the grin that plasters across your face. “I know it’s warm and nice, but I can’t wait to meet you out here. Your mom and I are very excited for your arrival.”
“And a little nervous,” you add chuckling. Seb smiles up at you with those pretty blue eyes you are hoping your daughter will have too as he nudges his nose against your belly.
“Just a little, because we want to do everything right. But you’re gonna be a good girl and be patient with us, right?”
No answer comes, but he takes the silence and stillness as her agreement on the deal.
“You’re gonna let us sleep through the night, right?”
“Don’t even dream of that, baby,” you laugh, knowing well even if she’ll be a good sleeper you’ll have to wake up a few times still during the nights.
“Alright, alright. But cry just enough to wake me up, so I can take care of you and so your mom can sleep as much as she wants,” he then corrects the deal and your heart swells at how much he wants to take care of not just the baby but you as well.
“I think she agrees,” you smile down at him, running your fingers down the side of his face.
“Great, good talk, I’ll hold you onto this agreement. Love you, little one,” he hums, pressing another kiss to your stomach before he pushes himself up to meet your face again, capturing your lips in a quick kiss. “And I love you too.”
“I love you too. And she does too, even if she doesn’t like to make an appearance for you,” you chuckle, running a hand along your stomach.
“No, I get it. She is bonding with her mom for now. It’s all good, I’ll have all the time with her when she is here,” he smirks so proudly and you already know that this little one will be such a daddy’s girl.
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buckyhoney · a day ago
𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞, 𝐛.𝐛
a/n: idk what this honestly, but i just felt like i needed to read it so here is this, let me know your thoughts- lowkey was scare to post this, very different than what i’ve done before i guess
pairing: bestfriend!bucky x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
warnings: fluff with a bit of angst, kinda a plot, sorry for any typos
words: 445
Tumblr media
Trying to find the right words to express, he takes a deep breath. When he looks up at you, tears swell in the corners, threatening to fall.
"Loving you has been the most inconvenient thing that has happened to me." He shrugs,
Tears well in your eyes, loving you? Your heart begins to beat so loud, you thought it would fall out of your chest.
"I'm in love with you," He says, defeated.
Exhaustion flushes his face, but so does relief- he said the words that he's been meaning to tell you for years.
"I love you," Each word cuts his lip, but the pain is almost relieving.
He wished it was under different circumstances- not when you were about to leave him and move halfway across the country with your fiancé.
But, here he stands- looking at you with your last suitcase that has the last bit of your life packed away. He was at your front door within minutes of texting him that you were about to leave for the airport.
"Y/N. I am so in love with you that I can't think about anything or anyone else." He shakes his head.
The tears become too heavy for your eyes to hold- they fall silently as you stand in disbelief.
Not wanting to believe the things you're hearing, wishing you were hearing them under different circumstances- Not when you promised to marry a near-perfect man who was on his way to get you.
For the first time, finally seeing what you've been blinded to for years. Seeing the love flooding in his eyes, pleading silently with you. Praying that you would repeat the three words and you stay with him.
Bucky's eyes lock with yours, praying that you would cave in.
"I can't sleep- because that one time you fell asleep on my shoulder at Steve's. I just can't get comfortable anymore." Bucky laughs, realizing how insane he must sound to you.
He continues anyway, knowing this might be the last chance he gets.
"You know- I can't listen to music. I can't because nothing sounds good as your voice." The vibration in your pocket reminds you that he's outside waiting for you- but your body is paralyzed.
"I can't breathe knowing you're not in the same room with me- My chest starts to physically hurt." He runs his hands through his hair,
"You have inconvenienced my life because all I want to do is be with you- and," Tears and the crack in his voice interrupt him- taking a deep breath, he sighs,
He purses his lips together, letting the tears continue to fall.
"and the worst part of it all? I- I can't be with you,"
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nightmares- b. barnes
pairings: bucky x reader warnings: nightmares, guilt, ptsd about: (PK4) forehead kisses + (PF26) person a wiping person b’s tears away +(DF53) “i just need you.” + DF10) “breathe.“ + (PF27) person a comforting person b after a nightmare
bucky rarely has nightmares when you sleep next to him. the sweet warmth that radiates from your body and fingers that stay tangled with his reassure him; you don’t let the bloody memories that hide in his mind, waiting to creep up on him when he lets his guard down, crawl up and leave him in shambles. you’re a dreamcatcher, with soft words and gentle kisses and kind touches.
today, however, has been one of his bad days. one of the days where he just can’t seem to escape the shadow of completely unnecessary regret- although during these days, trying to believe it unnecessary is hopeless. his mind is clouded over with his memories, metal hand too much to look at with the red stains he can’t help but see. you do what you can when they come, pressing your hands to his metal one in reassurance that you trust him- that the thought of him hurting you is impossible.
you comfort him to the best of your ability, give him tea and spend your day with him, whispering how much you love him and kissing his face.
when he goes to sleep, though, you can only do so much. today, it’s very little, and he finds himself back in the past, powerless to stop any of his actions, unable to pry his eyes open and escape back into reality. he can feel hands on his arms, and he panics when he can’t recognize if they lie in his horrible past reality or the one with you. he can feel you looking in his mind, pushing your soft voice through the terror, wake up bucky, you say. he forces his lids to part, surprised to feel the cold burn of tears welling in his eyes and running down his cheeks.
“bucky,” you coo, tone relieved when he notices you, taking a second to examine his state and whether touching him is the right choice. it proves to be when he falls into you at your open arms, dropping his head onto the crook of your neck. “oh, bucky,” you whisper, squeezing your eyes shut as you squeeze him tighter, allowing his tears to soak through your sleep shirt, “it’s okay, breathe, baby,”
“breathe,” you repeat, saying soft words into the shell of his ear until his sobs slow.
when they do, you pull away from him slightly, holding his face in your hands in front of you so you can look at him. your thumbs brush his cheeks, erasing salty tears. he begins to talk before you even think of asking, “they were with their little boy. i- i murdered them-” his words trap in his throat, mixing with another round of tears. you shake your head, “no, no, it wasn’t you, bucky. that isn’t you.”
at the tears that don’t stop running, you bring him closer, pressing a repeating kiss to his forehead, “what do you need?” you ask, already mentally going through his usual comforts: tea, hot chocolate, singing his favorite song-
“you, i just need you,” he begs, pressing his face into your chest. “you have me,” you promise, and you always will.
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dailyreverie · 2 days ago
Hiiii could I request a Bucky Barnes blurb??? #49 from kisses prompt
A/N: Hi! Thank you so much for your request ❤️ I hope you like it! Just for context: reader is Nat's cousin in this.
Click here to request a blurb!
KISSING PROMPTS #49: secret kisses
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word count: 861
Warning: sexual references, Bucky is a terrible liar.
Tumblr media
It really, really wasn’t on your plans to fall for Bucky Barnes when you joined the team. But the only person you talked to at first was Nat, and with Nat came Steve, and with Steve came Bucky, and with Bucky came all these feelings that you had no idea existed until his arms found their way around your body one night and with that you were gone forever.
It was Nat’s fault, if anyone ever asks.
But Nat could never know. She could never find out that her sweet little cousin, the one she was so protective of, was constantly spending the night at the room two doors down the hall instead of being in her own room. Arms would be broken and noses would be bleeding, and Bucky was not going to find out if Nat was able to break his vibranium arm.
You see them return from a mission and your legs can’t run fast enough, pulling you to his room to get to him as soon as you can. It was a long week without him, without his lips and his voice and his body, so if you have to dodge being catched by Nat and Steve a few times, hiding behind corners and empty rooms as you make your way down to Bucky’s room, then so be it.
You want to assume she didn’t catch you once you make it to his room, even if her eyes lingered at the spot where you just were for an extra few seconds. Practice - thanks to a handful of sneaky nights - has made you perfect the opening and closing of his door in record time and without a sound, but the second your body is in his room Bucky’s hands slam the door shut and makes you captive in between his arms.
His lips take no time to find yours and soon his tongue is grazing your lips, entering your mouth while his hands lift you up to walk you both towards the bed. Moans you can’t control leave your throat when he sits you on top of his thighs with your legs wrapped around his waist.
“Hi.” You whisper, his closeness stealing every breath away from you.
“That was risky, doll.” Bucky purrs, sliding his hands below your shirt. He has an ugly bruise around his eye, and he should immediately go get checked by a doctor, but he is looking at you with such tenderness in his eyes, and you are not planning on letting go soon.
“No one saw me.” You kiss him again, softer this time. “You know I’m always careful.” You say with a smirk that he kisses away. Your hands reach to his hair, tangling your fingers in it, and without breaking your gaze from him you can see his eyes starting to smile at you. “I missed you.”
“I missed you more, baby girl.” He swiftly turns you around, laying you on your back so he can hover on top of you to kiss you deeply once again. Your shirt is on the floor in a matter of seconds and his hit it soon after, but while your hands begin working the zipper of his jeans a knock on the door makes your lips part. You look at each other, frozen, hoping that it was all in your minds.
“It was probably the wind.” Your hands reach up to his neck to pull him back to you. He doesn’t hesitate, attacking your lips hungrily once again, but a second knock is heard after a few seconds.
“Hey, Bucky,” Steve’s voice could be heard behind the door. “We are getting some food, do you want to come?”
“Say something.” You whisper from under him.
“You alright, bud?” Steve asks again.
“Shit.” Bucky hisses, breaking apart from you and pulling his shirt over his head quickly before heading to the door. There’s no time to tell him, though, that there are marks of lipstick across his lips and his hair is all tousled.
He opens the door slightly, realizing he made a mistake when Steve eyes him up and down. “I’m good, I’ll cook something later, I was about to hop in the shower.” His excuse is as lame and unconvincing as it can be.
“You have a girl in there?” The Captain asks in a hushed voice, taking a step closer to him as to ask him in secret.
Bucky instinctively closes the door a little more. “No! No, it’s not that, I’m just uh…”
“Taking a shower.” Steve interrupts with a smirk. “Alright.” He adds, not entirely convinced. “If you need anything just-”
“Yeah, I will.Thanks, man.” Bucky says quickly, shooting him a quick smile and a wave before closing the door.
“Seriously?” You ask unimpressed when he lets his body fall backwards on the bed. “A shower?” You straddle his hips before removing his shirt again, kissing him in the process and feeling his hands holding your waist.
“Why?” He asks in a deep voice. “You want to hide in there with me?”
You roll your eyes, feeling the heat come up to your cheeks from his proposal. “Alright, let’s go.”
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