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#bucky and steve
mariailoveyou-guerin · 10 minutes ago
How are stuckies still shipping bucky with first of all his brother second of his brother who left him for dead? lmao it’s giving people who ship incest vibes they probably ship the maximoff twins knowing how sick nasty their minds are!
bucky said fuck steve rogers and threw his ugly diseased filled book away and never thought about him again because he’s finally happy now
white people really ship anything that has two straight white males can’t even believe people ship tony with his abuser who lied to him steve
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thisgirlisonfayeeer · an hour ago
I love WandaVision and TFATWS but I've come to realize that both shows assume that Team Cap went on their separate lives completely after everything they went through together in Civil War until Infinity War. The Avengers had different dynamics over the years but Team Cap, at least, in my opinion, is found family. This means Clint, Sam, Bucky and Wanda (and maybe Scott too) would keep tabs on each other after being pardoned and going separate ways, even with Steve and Nat gone... ESPECIALLY with Steve and Nat gone.
This is true for Sam and Bucky since we did have TFATWS, although Bucky did cut off communication with Sam for a while. This should be true also for Wanda and Clint, because on top of their history in Age of Ultron and Civil War, they both shared grief for loved ones and even shared a scene in Endgame. I don't think Clint would leave her completely alone because 1. she doesn't have anyone left but her found family which is the rest of Team Cap and 2. Clint understands what it's like to lose everything. He'd be there for her like how Nat was there for him when he lost his family. I also think Sam would also go his way to reach out to Wanda, because Steve was like a big brother or protector to her. And Sam would occasionally check in on Scott Lang and Clint too because he knows Steve would do the same and heart is what they have in common.
My point being, for sure they would catch wind of what was happening to Wanda in New Jersey. If Clint did keep close tabs on Wanda. Sam has government connections too. They would have helped her or attempted to communicate with her if they were busy elsewhere.
I know the shows were meant to focus on the titular characters and introduce new characters, but I wish they would show that they are still somehow connected to each other. They did go through so much together in the past years. Short cameos or even post-credit scenes would suffice so they stay true to character, sequence and connection of the characters. I mean, even fans think Tom Holland should have had a cameo because Peter Parker would have helped Sam, Bucky, John and Sharon in New York since he himself is around the area.
Well of course, we can't fully blame Marvel bc even most of the planned cameos were cut due to restrictions in the production. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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sicariav · 3 hours ago
     [ Aaaand that’s enough of that. Thirty five minutes to the end and I’m tapping out. I got to see Peter being the cutest Avenger to ever avenge and the women of Marvel carrying the team and slaying it. Did more damage to Thanos than the men combined tbh. I’m- noping out at this point. This is where it ends happily, no one dies, they just cut off Thanos’s head again. End of story. Yay. ]
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originaljediinjeans · 4 hours ago
Bucky getting anxiety when he has to do something trivial that for some reason makes him nervous (like talking to Natasha about how he feels about her) but Sam and Steve and whoever else is nearest are rolling their eyes because he’s the freaking Winter Soldier, objectively speaking he is a superhuman of ferocious strength, agility and skill, he’s a great guy, and even before the Hydra mess Steve knew him as a charismatic and able person, why is he get so intimidated over something so seemingly simple?
(or on the other hand Steve knows exactly how it feels to be afraid to talk to your crush)
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the-fallen-nightmare · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: 1940'S Bucky Barnes x Reader/ Present Bucky Barnes x Reader.
Words: 1173
Warnings: angst, fluff, swearing, some smut at some point.
Summary: Before the war, Bucky and Reader had the picture perfect life together. When she lost him, she thought that she would never find that kind of love again. However, someone from a different time returns to give her that love once more. Will she follow them through the unknown or come to terms that her once in a lifetime love is truly gone?
A/N: Enjoy everyone! I hope you all like this chapter, not my best but I’m working on building their relationship. 
TAGS: @overthinkinggotmedrinking @igothroughphasesalot @veralyonn @shannonleanna182 @white-wolf-buckaroo @whatawildone @jessyballet @sebby-staan @multiyfandomgirl40 @andeys-obsessions @spid3rgwen @slut-for-buck @spideyyypeter​
Tumblr media
July 2, 1941. 
The bottom of my sundress blew lightly in the wind as I hopped down the stairs of my apartment complex. Brooklyn in summer was beautiful and the warm sunshine always brought a smile to my lips. 
“Where ya headed, cookie?” 
Ignoring the comment from one of my downstairs neighbors, I went on my way down the other set of steps, worrying that I would be late. 
Steve had invited me over to his apartment for a small get together, grilling some hot dogs and watching the Dodgers game. He said it was a small group but I knew exactly who was going to be there; us and Bucky. 
Probably. Not likely. 
Ever since Steve had walked me home months ago, we had become close. He would continue to come by the diner every shift I would work and walk me home. Our friendship had blossomed and I considered him as close as family, even though he was the only family I had here. 
Bucky, however, didn’t come around that often when Steve and I would hang out. Steve said that he was busy with some things but I never knew exactly what he was doing. Steve always said it was family matters but wouldn’t go into more detail. I knew a lot about Steve, about his parents dying and how he had been on his own for a while now. 
Bucky, however, I didn’t know much about. 
So if it was only Steve and I tonight, I was perfectly fine with that. 
Steve’s apartment was only one block from mine so after turning a corner, his complex came into view. I could see his bedroom window on the side that faced the factory across the street. 
My sandals clicked against the cement steps and I softly knocked on the door, expecting to see Steve on the other side. 
“Oh, hi,” I muttered, staring into the pair of blue eyes. 
There was a small smile playing at Bucky’s lips as he stared down at my dress. “Yellow is your color.” 
Feeling the heat rise to my cheeks at his comment, I shifted on my feet. 
“Is Steve home?” 
Bucky leaned against the door, allowing me to step inside. 
“He ran to the store to pick up some beers. He said to make yourself comfortable.” 
I sat on the couch, still feeling a bit uneasy about being alone with Bucky. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he would hurt me in any way. I was uneasy because of how my cheeks would burn up at the sound of his voice or the way my stomach would flip when he had that playful smirk on his face. 
“I didn’t know you would be here,” I mentioned, rubbing my sweaty palms on my knees. 
Bucky sat in the spot next to me on the couch and nodded. “Steve said you two were watching the game together. Figured you wouldn’t mind me third wheeling.” 
“There’s nothing to ‘third wheel’,” I insisted, almost too fast. 
He raised a brow at me, confusion on his face. “Really? The two of you have been with each other quite a lot.” 
“Steve’s a great friend. That’s it.” 
“It’s because he’s smaller than most guys, right?” Bucky questioned with a defensive voice. 
I immediately shook my head. “Not at all. We’re better off as friends, that’s all.” 
Truthfully, I didn’t want to tell Bucky that I had my eyes on someone else for a while now and I could confide in Steve about it. 
Bucky eyed me for a few moments and I felt myself shrinking under his gaze the longer he stared. I kept my own gaze glued to my freshly painted yellow toenails, thinking back to his earlier comment about how yellow was my color. 
With the silence flowing between us, it was then that I realized the soft tune of music coming from the record player. It bounced off the walls, throughout the small apartment, and suddenly I found myself humming along to the words. 
“This is a great song to dance too,” Bucky spoke. 
I turned my attention towards him. “Do you go dancing a lot?” 
“Every Friday night. You?” 
Bucky leaned back into the couch, his arm draping on the top of it and I could feel his fingers lightly brushing my shoulder. His touch spread warmth throughout my body and he had me melting at the tips of his fingers. 
“Uh, no. I’ve never actually been dancing before.” I admitted. 
His eyes doubled at my admittance and let out a small chuckle. “A girl like you have never been dancing?” 
“Haven’t found the right partner, I guess,” I shrugged. 
“What’re you doing Friday?” 
Crossing my arms over my chest, I turned my body more towards him. We were a few inches apart and my knee brushed against his thigh. 
“Are you asking me on a date, Mr. Barnes?” I raised a brow, feeling the flirtatious banter flowing around us. 
Bucky’s lips parted, ready to say something, but the front door to the apartment opened and in walked Steve, a large paper bag in hand. 
“You’re not bothering her, are you Buck?.” Steve brushed some hair out of his face. 
I shook my head with a slight smirk. “He’s being a gentleman, don’t worry.”
The flirtatious cloud had drifted from us and while I busied myself helping Steve set up the food and drinks, much to his dismay about ‘you should sit and relax. Bucky and I can handle this’. We were in the kitchen, the two of us, while Bucky was out on the porch grilling the food so I took it as an opportunity. 
“Hey Steve?” 
“Yeah?” He asked, setting down the handful of beers on the table. 
“Is Bucky a good guy?” I held my breath, hoping for the best answer. 
Steve sighed and stuffed his hands deep into his pockets. “Buck is one of the best guys I know. If you’re worried about him treating you right, don’t.” 
Our conversation had seized the moment Bucky had entered the apartment, a plate full of food bringing a smile to my face. 
“Hungry?” He asked once he saw my smile. 
“Starved,” I admitted. 
He motioned towards the couch. “Go sit, I’ll make you a plate.” 
I went to protest but with a small pat on my lower back from Bucky, I pressed my lips in a hard line and sat comfortably back onto the couch. My eyes drank in his appearance while he moved effortlessly around Steve’s kitchen, fixing me a plate of food. 
“Here you go, doll,” Bucky handed me the plate. 
My face burned once more at his pet name and soon we were all seated, watching the Dodgers game. I couldn’t stop myself from stealing glances towards Bucky. The way the sunlight sneaked it’s way through the blinds, casting his face in a warm glow. 
“Hey Bucky?” 
He gave me a worried look. “Everything alright?” 
I gave him a quick nod. “Pick me up at seven on Friday.”
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onelineinthesand · 6 hours ago
“You got a lotta those.”
“Hmm?” She looked up, distracted, and grateful for the moment that he hadn’t caught her staring.
“Oh.” They were lighting up out in the yard, little glimmers of light in the growing dark. She smiled. “We call those lightning bugs down here.” Bucky leaned forward and she watched him carefully cup one between his hands.
The untold conclusion to TFATWS. A series of oneshots in which Sam and Bucky wrap matters in New York, and Bucky Barnes moves to Louisiana.
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yourleft · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
      while    i    think    steve    may    have    tried    retirement    out    for    some    time    after    endgame    (    he    deserved    a    period    of    rest,    of    letting    himself    attempt    to    move    on    with    life    outside    of    what    he    considers    his    duty    ),    &    passing    the    shield    onto    sam    is    always    a    choice    he’d    make    .    .    .    i    don’t    actually    think    that    he’d    stay    completely    retired.    that    “normal”    life    &    stability    isn’t    who    he    is    anymore,    not    since    he    came    out    of    the    ice.    he    can’t    just    sit    idly    by    while    he    knows    that    he    has    the    ability    (    &    responsibility    )    to    help.    i    think    he’d    take    more    of    a    role    like    he    was    doing    after    civil    war,    away    from    the    government,    &    without    the    shield,    leaning    more    toward    that    nomad    /    secret    avengers    type    style    of    life.        i    just    don’t    find    it    plausible    that    he    would    leave    bucky    either    after    so    many    years    of    struggling    to    get    him    back,    so    while    he    may    not    consistently    be    around    &    trying    to    figure    out    his    life    &    the    way    he    wants    to    live    it    with    this    new    type    of    freedom,    if    sam    /    sharon    /    bucky    were    to    call    him,    he’d    be    there    without    question.
Tumblr media
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i-have-zero-chill · 8 hours ago
If I’m reading a sambucky fic and they start hardcore shit talking Steve I have to stop reading. Like for real it takes me out of the whole story. Because as much as I think Sam and Bucky have complicated feelings (which is understandable) about Steve’s decision, there’s no world in which them legit hating him for it makes any sense to me. He was literally their best friend, why would they not want him to be happy?
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spid3rgwen · 8 hours ago
TFATWS head canon 3/???
Sam and Bucky run into Deadpool at one point, chaos ensures. Deadpool calls Bucky “big daddy James”, Bucky has to google daddy kinks, Sam considers retirement and Deadpool offers to take the mantle of Captain America.
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Endgame through Aricka’s eyes Part 7: Aricka wakes up
(Aricka and the Avengers, Aricka x Bucky Barnes, pre Sam x Aricka x Bucky, Aricka and Sarah Beth Barnes.)
(The Avengers POV as they wait for Aricka to wake up in the hospital after absorbing the power of the Infinity Stones.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Tony
He was the closest to Aricka when she passed out. Tony caught her and held her close, and his first thought was, her heartbeat is too faint and we need to fix it. “STEVE WE NEED A MEDIC!” He yelled, hoisting Aricka up into a bridal carry and flying across the field, Steve right behind him. “Barnes, get your kid and get to the hospital- Steve will text you which one to go to.”
Everyone followed Tony as he made his way to the Kings County Hospital. Aricka was too still and pale in his arms but her heart kept beating.
Tony wanted it to stay that way.
A doctor came and took his sister from him and he was left alone, arms feeling empty all of a sudden, until Steve ran up beside him. “Where is she?” He asked, and Tony could hear how close to breaking he was.
“They took her back already, left me here”, he said.
“You’re gonna want to see this,” he said, dragging Tony to a waiting room-
Where Clint was crying and hugging Natasha.
Nat looked up and saw them both standing there and stood, holding her arms out to them both. Steve and Tony both went to hug her and Tony asked, “Not that I’m not glad to see you- I’m thrilled, really, over the moon- but how are you back?”
“Because of Aricka,” Natasha said. “A pure selfless sacrifice, she chose to save you and let you live to see your daughter and wife- she brought me back.”
“Will she live though?” Tony asked.
“Thats up to her. She absorbed the powers of the Stones, making her even more powerful than she already is. Now she must decide if she’s going to wake up or not.”
So now he was playing the waiting game, standing in the corner of her room, wishing she would wake up already.
2. Bruce.
He had been put in charge of her care. Aricka was so small, lying under the white sheets, hooked up to the machines in the hospital. After her snap, something happened that turned him back to Bruce, instead of him and Hulk being fused. It wasn’t her fault- nobody knew that would be apart of her snapping.
Nobody planned on her snapping in the first place.
Aricka’s heart rate was steady but slow, and so was her breathing.
He walked over and slid his hand under hers, squeezing lightly. “We miss you,” he says. “Bucky hasn’t left the hospital for a second, he misses you so much. Sarah is with Tony, don’t worry about her. Steve returned the stones and came back, so that’s taken care of. He got his dance with Peggy, he wanted you to know that.” Bruce squeezes her hand again, with no movement from her. “I love you sis. Please wake up soon.”
3. Thor
It should’ve been him. Thor sat beside Aricka’s bed, holding her hand carefully. Aricka was improving steadily, but she still hadn’t woke up.
He should’ve snapped, then she would’ve been awake and happy and kissing her soldier like she deserved to.
“I’m so sorry little one,” he whispered. “You should be awake and running around and happy. Not tied to this bed. You deserve to be happy and free.”
He wiped tears from his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. “You told me I was worthy,” he said to her. “That I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Then why are you here and not me?”
And then he left the room, too overcome to stay any longer.
4. Natasha.
Nat painted Aricka’s nails carefully, knowing her little sun would appreciate the care someone showed her while she was asleep. Bruce said Aricka would wake up any day now, and she had so much to talk to her daughter about.
“I saw how you smiled at Sam when the three of you exited that portal. When did your feelings for him start, little one? And why are you afraid to reach out?”
She smiled and gently blew on the girls’ nails. “You keep resting and wake up when you’re ready to. We’re all here and waiting for you.”
And then she left the room.
5. Clint
His eldest daughter laid in a hospital bed, having been in a coma almost two weeks by now. Aricka may not be his by blood, but he chose her. Aricka was his kid now, he would always consider her his child. Wild horses couldn’t keep him from her side at this point.
“Hey kid,” he says, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. “Lila wants to show you how she’s improved her archery skills. And Cooper wants you to come to his baseball game next week. You better be there. Laura says to rest up and wake up when you’re ready to.” He squeezes her hand. “I know we never really discussed this, but you’re family, sweetheart. You’re a Barton, whether you like it or not. So, young lady. You better wake up or you’re grounded for a week.”
No movement.
“Come on, kiddo. Fight. We all want you to wake up.” He bends down and kisses her forehead. “I love you, kiddo. I’ll be back soon.”
6. Sam.
Aricka’s hand had twitched when he was in the room with her, and he’d got so excited, thinking she was gonna wake up.
She didn’t.
“That’s a little harsh, getting a guy all excited and then you let him down like that, don’t you think?” He teases. “Seriously though, Bucky is going crazy without you awake. Why don’t you open those pretty blue eyes of yours and then I can go ease his worries.”
“Aricka, it’s been almost two weeks. Come on, girl. Open your eyes. For me? For Sam? Your favorite Falcon?”
Once again nothing.
Sam sighed and squeezed her hand. “I’m right here,” he says. “I’m not Bucky but I’m here. Wake up. Please? I got some things I need to talk to you about. You and Bucky. Important things. You need to wake up.”
He stayed until a nurse kicked him out, and then he left too.
7. Bucky.
It was the second Friday after Aricka had passed out in the Battle against Thanos. She still hadn’t woke up. Sarah cried every night for her, asking where her mommy was.
How did Bucky tell his kid she might never come home?
“Sarah cried last night for you,” he said. “Doll, I’m at my wits end. I need you, she needs you. Steve needs you. We all need you. You’re the glue holding the Avengers together. We need our girl to wake up and be herself.” He laughs wetly and asks, “how were you a single mom for five years? I can barely handle being a single dad for two weeks. You’re so much better at this than I am.”
He talked for hours and hours, until he got a text from Steve saying Sarah was crying for him, wanting her dad after a bad dream. Sighing, he stood and kissed her cheek. “I love you baby doll. I’ll be back tomorrow like always. Same time.”
And then he left.
8. Steve.
Aricka’s hand twitched again when he arrived that fateful morning. Steve didn’t think it to be a sign of what was to happen, but later he realized he should’ve.
Aricka was almost completely recovered from the battle, and Bruce said today was possibly the day she’d wake up. Aricka was ready, her body was healed save minor bruises and cuts.
Steve held her hand and drew little stars and shapes on her hand. Aricka liked how ink from a pen felt on her skin and he was hoping maybe the feeling would help her wake up. “I danced with Peggy,” he whispered. “She was confused but I told her and promised her to not tell anyone anything about it. We danced to a slow song and I got my closure. Like I told you I wanted. The Stones are all back where they go. Aricka we all miss you. Please wake up. I need my sister. I need my sidekick.”
And then, just as he was leaving for the day, he heard it.
His name.
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belovatm · 10 hours ago
me, a week ago: my yelena is ordered to kill n.atasha after the events of ca:tws and that’s why she fakes her death and goes on the run, because it shakes her up and breaks her from that awfully manipulated mental state she was in 😌 also me, alone, to myself: okay... but...... what if yelena was ordered to take out steve..... and when she finally has him in her crosshairs.... She Can’t Do It 👀
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altrxisme · 10 hours ago
Also yes the brain is still stewing with the muses’ m/cu verse 
probably to make up for the lack of hcs and verse info that I neglected to expand on ;;;
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vivid4am · 10 hours ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky's therapist talks him into going to Y/N's apartment
Warning: Language
A/N: Thank you guys so much for the support on chapter 1, I'm so overwhelmed with joy. As a treat, I decided to post chapter 2!
Chapter 1
“I made a friend yesterday. I think.”
Dr. Raynor’s ears perked up. “You think?” She asked as she adjusted her glasses. Bucky was in Dr. Raynor’s office for his federal mandatory therapy sessions. And mandatory meant one missed appointment meant another appointment in jail.
Bucky nodded his head, “Yeah, I met her last night.” He said. Dr. Raynor started to pick up her notebook. Bucky sighed. “Please, do you have to do this?” Bucky asked, motioning towards her notebook. She ignored him. “A her?” She asked, jotting something down on her notes. Bucky clenched his flesh fist. “Yeah, her name’s Y/N.”
“How’d you meet her?” Raynor questioned. Bucky took a breath before speaking. “She lives next door. Was playing some dumb song on repeat. Something about life going on, or whatever. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that song was annoying.” He rambled. All Bucky heard in reply was the scratch of pen on paper. “Songs and conversations about ‘life going on’ get you upset?” Raynor asked, looking up from her notebook.
Bucky sighed and rubbed his face, feeling his stubble on his single calloused hand. “No, it’s just annoying.” He replied with annoyance in his voice. Dr. Raynor gave him a look. “We’ll save that conversation for another session. Right now I wanna hear about Y/N.” Dr. Raynor leaned forward. “All I did was knock on the wall, which caused her to stop the song. She then asked about the band and I didn’t know who it was. She came over pissed.” Bucky explained, shrugging his shoulders. He was getting a little agitated with Raynor today. But then again, he always grew agitated with her every session. “What was the band?” She asked. Bucky shrugged again. “Something with a bug, I don’t know.”
“The Beatles?”
Bucky snapped his fingers with his flesh hand. “That’s the one.” He exclaimed, pointing at Raynor. She chuckled to herself. “What next, Bucky?” Bucky cleared his throat. “Well, she ripped me a new one for not knowing them, then came into my apartment -unwelcomed, by the way- and started looking around for my ‘shitty taste in music'.” Bucky did the little quotation mark gesture as he spoke. He went on, “I then told her that I don’t listen to music. She didn’t yell or anything after that. Just told me to come to her apartment today at 8. To do what, I have no clue. She then just left.” Bucky trailed off after saying ‘left’, which drew Raynor’s attention.
“Sounds like you like her already,” Raynor said, adjusting her position in her armchair. “You should go. I know you may think you don’t want to, but you do. Go.” Bucky rolled his eyes at her words. “Of course I don’t want to go, I don’t know her.” He did want to go. Goddamn, he wanted to go so badly. Why won’t he let himself go?
“You’re just saying that. You do want to go. This is the first person, other than-” Raynor stopped and flipped in her notebook. “Mr. Nakajima that you’ve had a connection with. Actually a first one outside of your list of amends.” Raynor was right. Bucky hasn’t spoken to anyone from the team in a while.
He’s been avoiding Pepper and Morgan because he still feels terrible about not being able to apologize to Tony about his parents. Thor’s doing whatever the fuck the God of Thunder would do. Sam’s in Louisiana with his sister and nephews. Clint’s trying to get over the guilt of Natasha’s death. And Bruce is doing “Brucey” things.
Bucky has no one. Just himself. Just like it’s always been.
He sucked in a breath. “Okay, I’ll go.”
“You better, Barnes. I’ll find out one way or another.” Raynor said, closing her notebook.
Bucky was sitting on his living room floor, staring at the clock in the corner of the room.
He still sat, his back against the wall, listening to the ticking of the clock on the wall. “C’mon, Buck. You gotta go.” He mumbled to himself, rubbing his gloved hands together. He screwed his eyes shut. He didn’t understand why he was so nervous.
“This is the first person you’ve ever had a connection with outside your list.” He said, remembering Dr. Raynor’s words. Maybe that’s why he was so nervous. He just didn’t want to fuck it up. Didn’t want to lose the chance to live a normal life. Whatever normal meant nowadays.
A knock on the wall shook Bucky out of his small pep talk. “You coming over or what?” Y/N’s voice sounded muffled through the wall. Bucky took a deep breath before getting up and walking over.
Before he could even knock on Y/N’s door, she opened it. She had a white t-shirt on, paired with a pair of plaid black pants, matched with a maroon leather jacket. Her feet were covered in her white socks. The only makeup on her face was some eyebrow gel and mascara. Bucky thought she looked pretty.
He shook that thought out of his head. Just be my friend, he thought. Y/N gave him a small smile. “Never thought you’d come.” She said, moving out of the way to let Bucky into her apartment. He stepped in. It did look similar, structure-wise. The kitchen was in the same place, as was the living room. But Y/N had it more decorated than him.
She had posters of bands and artists framed on her wall. Plants littered the corners of her apartment. She had a nice couch and another nice armchair in her living room. She didn’t have a T.V. though. Where Bucky had his T.V., she had a long shelf full of records, new and old. Sitting on top of the shelf was a record player accompanied by two speakers on either side. And of course, above the record player, hanging on the wall was a poster of The Beatles.
“I didn’t know people still used record players,” Bucky said aloud. Y/N shot him a smile. “It’s the best way to listen to music.” Y/N chuckled and walked over to her fridge. She opened the refrigerator door and pulled out two bottles of beer. Kicking the door closed with her foot, she gave one to Bucky.
Bucky watched as Y/N popped the lid off with her finger and took a sip. “Hope you like Stella Artois.” She said, nodding towards his drink. Bucky gave her a small smile. “I do, thanks.” He said, cracking the beer open with ease.
Y/N strolled over to her record player and then turned around to face the leather-clad man. “So, got a favorite decade?” She asked, crouching down to search through her records. Bucky cleared his throat before speaking. “The ‘40s.” He mumbled, just loud enough for Y/N to hear.
“Hmm,” Y/N sat down on the floor, shuffling through her records. “I have Frank Sinatra, does that sound good?” She asked, looking back and showing Bucky her copy of Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits.
“Yeah, I think I’ve heard his stuff before,” Bucky said, the name jogging his memory. He watched as Y/N carefully took the record out of its case before putting it on the record player. She pressed the start button, making the record spin. The girl grabbed a brush-like object and carefully swept the record with it. She then picked up the needle and placed it on the record. As Y/N walked away Sinatra’s All of Me started playing through her book-end speakers.
Bucky gave her a look. Something about this felt too good to be true. “So, what is all of this for?” Bucky questioned, motioning to everything around him. Y/N shrugged. “I decided to be charitable because you don’t seem to know anything about music. You come over, we drink, listen to some tunes, talk about life and whatnot.” She said, walking towards her kitchen table.
“Few rounds of rummy, while we listen to Sinatra, Buck?” She asked, holding a deck of cards in her hands.
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wintersoldier1989 · 11 hours ago
Bucky yeeting Steve out the window was just their version of Get Help
Tumblr media
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youdidntseenothing · 12 hours ago
I dont know what happened today but I looked up and saw it was only 3:00pm and I am already DRUNK and bingeing on @howdoyousleep3 's Daddy Steve and Bb Bucky. My day can only go down hill from here.
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chase-your-dreams-away · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi everyone, welcome to my little masterlist, I just started my adventure in writing so for now it’s a bit short but still...I hope you’ll enjoy my stories! 😊
Bucky Barnes:
Why Not? - One shot - Professor Bucky Barnes x OFC Penny ( Anika-Ann Attached series spin-off)
Steve Rogers:
The Blind Date - One shot - Steve Rogers x reader (for this challenge)
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