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thisgirlisonfayeeer · 26 minutes ago
I love WandaVision and TFATWS but I've come to realize that both shows assume that Team Cap went on their separate lives completely after everything they went through together in Civil War until Infinity War. The Avengers had different dynamics over the years but Team Cap, at least, in my opinion, is found family. This means Clint, Sam, Bucky and Wanda (and maybe Scott too) would keep tabs on each other after being pardoned and going separate ways, even with Steve and Nat gone... ESPECIALLY with Steve and Nat gone.
This is true for Sam and Bucky since we did have TFATWS, although Bucky did cut off communication with Sam for a while. This should be true also for Wanda and Clint, because on top of their history in Age of Ultron and Civil War, they both shared grief for loved ones and even shared a scene in Endgame. I don't think Clint would leave her completely alone because 1. she doesn't have anyone left but her found family which is the rest of Team Cap and 2. Clint understands what it's like to lose everything. He'd be there for her like how Nat was there for him when he lost his family. I also think Sam would also go his way to reach out to Wanda, because Steve was like a big brother or protector to her. And Sam would occasionally check in on Scott Lang and Clint too because he knows Steve would do the same and heart is what they have in common.
My point being, for sure they would catch wind of what was happening to Wanda in New Jersey. If Clint did keep close tabs on Wanda. Sam has government connections too. They would have helped her or attempted to communicate with her if they were busy elsewhere.
I know the shows were meant to focus on the titular characters and introduce new characters, but I wish they would show that they are still somehow connected to each other. They did go through so much together in the past years. Short cameos or even post-credit scenes would suffice so they stay true to character, sequence and connection of the characters. I mean, even fans think Tom Holland should have had a cameo because Peter Parker would have helped Sam, Bucky, John and Sharon in New York since he himself is around the area.
Well of course, we can't fully blame Marvel bc even most of the planned cameos were cut due to restrictions in the production. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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man-imgay · 30 minutes ago
I wish I could draw. Do you know the amount of gay Sambucky fanart I'd create?
Alas, I am stuck writing fanfiction instead.
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incorrect-cap · 44 minutes ago
Sam: I like your shirt.
Bucky: Thanks!
Bucky, remembering people like bad boys: I stole it.
Bucky, remembering people also like nice guys: From an old man I was helping walk across the street
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daisysreid · 57 minutes ago
you chose her | steve rogers x reader
word count: 2219
pairing: steve rogers x fem!reader
summary: in which steve has been distant since the final battle and you finally figure out why
warnings: swearing, angst— like a hurtful amount, slight fluff if you squint, mentions of death
notes: i dont why but this physically hurt me to write. i turned into a mess— also wrote this in three hours instead of going to bed bc ✨fuck sleep✨ but i hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
Being with him was like a fairytale.
He treated you like you were the only girl in the world. Took you on the best dates you’ve ever been on. Bought you flowers and chocolate when you were feeling sad. He sometimes made you some of your favorite foods even though he didn’t necessarily like cooking. He held you tightly at night as if he was afraid you were gonna turn into dust like half the population. He would always kiss you gently on the lips before he left to go for a run, go run the support group he formed after the blip, or meet with Nat. But alas all fairytales must come to an end.
He’s been acting weird— acting distance since the final battle against Thanos and Tony’s funeral. You had tried to speak with him but he would give some excuse as to why he didn’t have the time. He would either say he needed to train, he had paperwork to finish, Bucky needed him, Banner needed to go over the plan to return the stones, or he just wouldn’t say anything and walk away. You felt your heart break a little every time he ignored or ditched you.
You just wanted to know what was going on but he didn’t give you the time of day anymore and you didn’t understand why. Everything had been fine— actually more than fine, it had been great so when he started acting this way it stunned you.
In the beginning, you chalked it up to him grieving over the loss of Tony and Natasha during the battle but as more time passed you knew that wasn’t the case. You began to think you had done something and you went through every memory in your head trying to figure it out but nothing stood out. The two of you haven’t fought and you certainly hadn’t mumbled something that would make him act like this.
“Hey, Buck.” You greeted, falling into step with the super-soldier.
“Hey, doll. What can I do for you?” He threw an arm over your shoulder whilst the two of you walked towards the kitchen at the compound.
“Well, Steve has been acting distant… and I figured that if anybody knew why it would be you.”
He eyed you for a moment, seeming to think about his answer carefully. “Sorry, doll, wouldn’t know.”
He was lying. His stance had changed, the tone of his voice changed, he withdrew his arm from around you.
“Sergeant Barnes, Captain Rogers requests your presence in the gym.” Friday’s voice echoed through the hall cutting you off from scolding the veteran.
“Tell him I’ll be a few minutes.”
The two of you came to a stop and he looked at you with a look behind his eyes that you couldn’t decipher. Was it sadness? Guilt? Or a look that was something completely unrelated?
“Bucky, please, if you know something tell me. I can’t talk to him because he won’t even look at me for longer than two seconds. He won’t talk to me. He moved back into his old room and I can’t… I can’t handle this. Please.” You begged, tears blurring your vision.
“Doll… I can’t tell you.”
“So you do know something?”
“I do but I can’t tell you.” He places his hands on his hips and looks down at the floor for a second. “Look, I- I will talk to him and tell him to speak with you, okay?”
You only nodded scared that if you opened your mouth you would break down right there. Bucky turned his whole body to face you and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him. “I miss him.” You cried.
“I know… I know. It’ll be okay, doll.” He whispers and places a kiss on the top of your head, letting you cry in his arms for a few minutes before he slowly lets go of you and backs away. “I gotta go meet Steve now.”
Wiping your face, you nodded and pushed past him without another word.
It has been a few days since your talk with Bucky and Steve has only been avoiding you more. You caught a glimpse of him once in the last four days and you could feel the end coming. You cried yourself to sleep because it seemed to be the only thing you could do.
He wasn’t there to hold you. He wasn’t there to kiss your forehead and reassure you everything was okay. He wasn’t there to tell you that you were just being paranoid. He just wasn’t there and it killed you.
Your heart ached for him and your body ached to feel his touch. It ached to hear his voice, his laugh. It ached to see his piercing blue eyes and run your fingers through his soft blond hair. You ached to feel his lips on yours again.
He was slowly disappearing from your life and it hurt like hell.
“Yes, Ms. L/N?” Her voice came through as soft as it always is sending a wave of comfort through your body.
“Could you try him again?” You asked, your voice cracking towards the end of the sentence.
“Of course.”
You picked at your nails letting tears fall freely down your cheek.
“Ms. L/N, Captain Rogers appears to not be here.”
Your heart dropped into your stomach. “Where… where is he?”
“Captain Rogers is with Doctor Banner, Sergeant Barnes, and Mr. Wilson by the lake. He is returning the stones today.”
Upon hearing those words, you quickly left your room and ran towards the lake. It was a five-minute run to where Steve would leave to go back to all the years that they took the stones from. It was a mission you were eager to see and had volunteered for but they thought Steve would be better which you didn’t argue with but they had promised to tell you when it was. And they didn’t.
Getting closer to the location you slowed to a walk and arrived a second before Steve left.
“Wait!” You quickly covered the switches before Bruce could touch them. All four men looked at you with surprise in their eyes, the blue-eyed super soldier had more surprise written on his face than the others. “Nice try, boys. Steve, we are going to talk now.”
“Y/N, can this wait?” You nearly let out a sigh in relief at the sound of his voice but you held it in.
“Why? It’s not like anybody’s in a rush. Are they in a rush to get these stones back, Bruce?”
“W-well, no.” He answered nervously looking between you and America’s golden boy.
“Great! Can you boys leave us for a few?” Bucky nodded motioning Sam and Bruce to follow him. Once they were far enough out of earshot you walked up to Steve, tears already brimming in your eyes.
Some say he was hard to read but to you, he was an open book. You could look at him and just know what was going on in his head, which is why looking at him now you knew what was happening. Looking at him, you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth trapping it there as your mind swirled with the realization of what was happening.
To anyone else, he was looking at you the way he always has but to you it was different—it held so many unspoken words that he’s never said aloud and couldn’t find the right words to even say it. It held his plan and how he wasn’t going to tell you.
“You aren’t coming back.”
It wasn’t even a question, you could see it in his eyes that he wasn’t coming back. He was choosing to return the stones but stay in the 40s. He was choosing her. He was choosing a woman he knew years ago. He was going to leave you behind to be with her. Peggy fucking Carter.
You heard stories of her—growing up you looked up to her. She was the reason you went onto be a SHIELD agent and soon join the Avengers. But now she was the reason you were losing the love of your life. The one person who could bring you out of the dark place that you sometimes found yourself slipping into.
“I’m sorry,”
“You’re sorry? That’s… that’s all you have to say? You son of a bitch! You’ve been planning to leave and not even tell me! You were just gonna leave me with nothing, Steve. No… no goodbye, no explanation, nothing, and all you have to is your sorry?”
“I can’t stay here. I… Princess, please understand.”
“What’s there to understand, Steve? You are choosing a woman you haven’t truly known in years! You were going to leave and not tell me!”
“Because you would’ve talked me out of it!”
“Of course I would have! I love you and I’m your fucking fiancé! You proposed, Steven! You— God! You asked me to marry you and now… now you’re choosing another woman.” You couldn’t stop the crack in your voice or the tears from falling down your face. “You weren’t even gonna tell me goodbye.”
“Bucky would’ve… he would’ve told you and given you a letter.”
“A letter? A fucking letter?” Not only was your heart falling apart in your chest but your blood was boiling with so much anger towards the man in front of you. “You fucking bastard! I have been by your side for years. I was branded a criminal to help you and never left your side! I loved you and gave you every piece of me and you’re just… no, don’t touch me!” Unbeknownst to you in all your yelling, he had gotten closer to you so he could wrap his arms around your trembling body. You struggled against his grip, trying to push him off you but he was significantly stronger than you and wouldn’t budge. You continued to push at his chest until you finally gave in and melted into him. “I hate you… I fucking hate you!” You sobbed into his chest.
“I know.” He whispered in your ear, not releasing his grip in the slightest.
“You can’t… I need you.”
“Princess, I can’t stay here. I love you so much but I need to see if I can live a life where I was supposed to. I’m a man out of time, I’m not supposed to be here.” He tried to explain through his own tears.
“Then why did you let me love you? Why the hell did you let me get so close?”
“I didn’t know this would happen.” He ran his fingers through your hair sending shivers down your spine. “I’m so sorry, my love, I’m sorry.”
“Please, stay. Please, Stevie.” You whimpered, wrapping your own arms around his waist.
“I can’t, princess, I just can’t.”
“But you can! You can and you're choosing not to! You’re choosing to leave me! You asked me to marry you and to be with you forever because you were sure about us and here you are.”
“I know I did. Fuck, I’m so sorry.”
“Stevie,” You whimpered his name, gripping the collar of his suit so tight your knuckles began to hurt. “I’m begging you not to stay there.”
“Okay… okay, I won’t. I won’t even do the mission, I’m sorry.” You buried your head in the crook of his neck, sobs escaping past your lips. “Come on, let’s go home.” He left the case full of the stones next to the machine and adjusted his hold on you so he could pick you up bridal style.
You kept your head buried in the crook of his neck, hands still gripping the collar of his suit scared that he would just disappear. He dipped his head down and placed a gentle kiss on your exposed collar bone.
“Banner, have somebody else do it.” He told the scientist as he walked past the three men— one of whom tried and failed to talk him out of his stupid plan.
“I love you.” You murmured when he sat you down in the truck he had taken from the garage at the compound earlier that morning when he had gone out for what he thought would be his last look at modern-day New York while he still looked young.
He hooked his pointer finger under your chin and lifted your head to look at him. Your eyes were swollen and red and tears still fell down your cheek. His heart swelled with love and so much guilt. He pulled his hand back from under your chin and cupped your cheeks, using his thumb to wipe the salty tears away. “I love you, my beautiful princess.”
His thumbs ran gentle lines across your cheek and he dipped his head down to slot his lips together with yours. You melted at the contact, closing your eyes, and brought a hand up to hold onto one of his wrists. Your lips moved against each other perfectly in sync.
You pulled away first when a wave of exhaustion ran through your body and you felt your eyes begin to grow heavy. “Try that again and I’ll kill you.” You tiredly threatened.
“I wouldn’t dream of it, my love.”
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redwingsupportgroup · an hour ago
bucky would confirm that steve is indeed on the moon just to screw around with torres, and he would make him promise not to tell sam that he revealed such a private info, because cap will definitely kick his ass if he knew what he's doing, but it's so much fun to watch the utter mind blown expression on the young man's face
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wenellyb · an hour ago
All this talk about how Dr. Raynor is a bad therapist. All I see is she made them do a couples exercise to figure out what kind of life they want to build together, and it worked.
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darcylewisgf · an hour ago
sam: can I be frank with you guys?
bucky: sure, but I don’t see how changing your name is going to help
zemo: shh let frank speak
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darcylewisgf · an hour ago
[staring into the camera with a small grin]
sam: when bucky's mad at me I tighten the lids on all of our jars so he has to ask me for help
[sound of glass breaking in the other room]
sam: it doesn’t always work, though
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your-mothers-converse · an hour ago
the line “just a couple of guys” gets me sometimes
bc that’s all they see each other as
sam doesn’t see bucky as broken or evil or dangerous or anything else
bucky doesn’t see sam as soldier #4 or steve’s sidekick or (just) a black man or a therapist or even as captain america
there’s no expectations whatsoever
they’re just
a couple of guys
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belleinhell · an hour ago
Genesis- Chapter 12
Tumblr media
Genesis’ POV:
I woke up to the sound of cluttering and hushed voiced, it was the sound James Barnes which me up.
“Good morning Bucky.” I smiled at him trying to award the awkwardness, it’s the aftermath of my confident moment.
“’morning Nes.” I bit my lip at the nickname and chuckled.
Oh Christ on cracker.
“Uh James?” I called out the heat rushing to my face faster than Peter answering my texts…it was pretty fast.
I could feel something poke my thigh, and it didn’t take a genius to realize what was happening. “Please stop that.” I complained unable to move.
“I’m not doing anything?” he tilted his head at me, I choked out a laugh.
“A part of you is doing something.” I groaned when his face filled with realization.
“Oh- I um, sorry I-” he started stuttering, I immediately got off of him.
“I gotta help in the engine room, you’ll can find me there after you um freshen up…” I choked out, walking away.
I hate myself.
“Push the stopper.” I hear Sam say over the music playing from my phone, I turned around to see James. Shoot, I turned back to loosen the bolts.
What am I supposed to do? I was on top of his hard ass dick, find me on the bottom of the ocean.
“Hey, those ones.” I pointed at the bolts which I didn’t loosen. And we started working in silence.
Let me do this, let me do this now, and just…
“Dance with me.” I turned to him once the song changed to a slower one compared to the rock music playing before. He smirked and took my hand and bowed down, I laughed at him for being dramatic.
He wrapped his arms around my waist while mine wrapped around his neck, we were just swaying, and it meant so much.
“You’re quite the dancer Mr. Loverman” I mumbled, burying my head into his shoulder as we swayed to the music in the darkness of the engine. It wasn’t long before he completely pulled me into him, making me hug him closer than ever.
This was really happening.
I was dancing with James Barnes.
I was really gonna do this.
“I didn’t hate you” oh shit, abort mission. No grow a pair bitch. “I never did, I was scared.” he started to talk, I didn’t want to mess this up “no just, hear me out.” I stopped him. “I- when I started getting to know you, I had this feeling I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from getting closer cause you gave me the comfort I craved, I thought I’ll start needing you, I got scared, I panicked and I shut you out. I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, and then I realized that I have feelings for me, I kind of slapped myself into not feeling.” I chuckled “don’t worry, I do that a lot, and I made up this whole persona of Hating you because I thought if I did that I’ll stop loving you, I didn’t. That shit didn’t work at all. So yeah, I know that was shitty.” I finally took a breath.
He didn’t say anything.
Bottom of the Pacific Ocean here I come.
He just held my face and pressed his forehead with mine
Maybe not the bottom.
“Nes, I-”
“Yo Bucky help me out here!” I gasped out if the trance I was in, I sighed out in disappointment.
“I just wanted you to know, I have to leave now, my flight’s in an hour.” I informed him.
“We’ll call you when we get a lead.” he nodded awkwardly, I shook my head and hugged him.
“Thank you, enjoy the little bromance moment you got planned in that scrap metal brain of yours.” I mumbled while he pulled me closer before I broke away to say goodbye to everyone and make my way back to Virginia.
Holy fuck I did it.
“Attack me bitches.” I spread my arms wide walking into the briefing room, looking at the team who stood up looking at me and crushing me in the group hug.
“y’know, we saw the footage, Walker killing that man.” Emily was the first to speak up, I sighed knowing I had to answer them.
“It was so not a sight I enjoyed.” I plopped down on the couch.
“We meant we saw you, with wings, and you had this black thing flowing out of your hands.” Morgan clarified and I laughed nervously earning looks from Hotch.
“Wait, what black thing?” my eyes winded as I panicked from not knowing what I did.
“Genesis…it happened again.” Spencer mumbled making me hang my head down in realization. It wasn’t supposed to happen. I thought I had control over the…darker part of my powers.
I sighed ignoring the feeling of guilt and started to explain myself
“Okay fine, I’m an Avenger. I got wings and energy manipulation powers.” I admitted. It was kind of funny watching their jaws drop. “I joined the FBI for a change, dropping my old life y’know.” I shrugged.
“Reid? Did you know about this?” Rossi questioned, it was hard to say what they were thinking about me now.
“I know everything.” He smirked making me slap his arm.
“I’m sorry for keeping this from you guys.” I looked down at my tangled fingers.
“Babygirl, we’re not mad, just surprised, and really proud of you.” I beamed at everyone who nodded and smiled at them.
I spent the next hour or so telling them about the mission, what we did, and stuff. We were happy.
“So you confessed?” Spencer stuttered out after getting over the initial shock and dropping the ice cream spoon on my floor
“Yes I did, you’re cleaning that up.” I pointed at the chocolaty mess he had made “if you didn’t hear, I also ran away after said confession.” I mumbled with my mouth filled with ice cream, my eyes staring at the glory of Chris Pine in Star Trek playing on TV. Spencer just nodded taking the words in.
“At least you confessed?” he celebrated with uncertainty, and I nodded with a laugh.
“At least I confessed.” I stated with a smile.
“My little sister is in Love.” he sang out making me roll my eyes.
“I’m 10 months older than you.”
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cjsinkythoughts · an hour ago
How do you think Sam and Bucky would react if their woman’s time of the month was like killing her?
First of all, they both have sisters, so they get it. Even Bucky (although he has to kinda relearn everything since it's been a while).
Sam definitely calls Sarah when it first happens, just to have her stamp of acceptance in his ideas. He's very specific with what he gets. Knows what treats you like, figures out what works best from Sarah, etc.
Bucky kinda just wings it and does a shit ton of research and buys absolutely EVERYTHING! Every size, brand, color, flavor. He's basically clearing out the feminine product aisle and there's NO ice cream left.
And they both refuse to let you do anything. At all. They carry you to the bath (which for Sam, he knows just what you like while Buckys chaotic and just holds out a big ass box with every bathbomb imaginable), breakfast in bed, heating pads (again, Sam asked Sarah for which one she uses and Bucky just bought the top five), bringing a TV into your room if you don't already have one and spending all day setting it up.
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sam-and-buck · 2 hours ago
your sambucky fic is my favourite i hope you know that. when u post the next chapter it will make me day i am telling u in advance
Ahhhh thank you so much!!!
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cjsinkythoughts · 2 hours ago
I've notice in endgame how Sam is looking worried over Bucky AND HIS HAND ON BUCKY' SHOULDER IMMA CRY BESTIE-
Imma cry brb...
Tumblr media
Like imagine them like
Sam : it's not your fault, you were brainwash
Bucky : yeah but I still killed his parents and now he's dead
Sam : Tony probably understood and has forgiven you already
Bucky : but what if he didn't, I killed the parents of the man who saved the universe
(I'm sorry if I make you cry😭)
No but I actually think about this all the time. It just makes me so sad. And v Bucky looks so dejected. I just can't imagine. After everything that happened-
What if Bucky had Tony's name in his book of amends because, hello. He killed his parents. But it'll never be crossed off because Tony's dead! 😭😭😭
He does get to cross it off because Pepper forgives him and he comes over to help out with Morgan and he's Uncle Bucky!
(Side note: Morgan meeting AJ and Cass and the three talking about and pretend playing/reenacting Uncle Sam and Uncle Buckys adventures)
Sorry. There's a lot going through my mind because of this ask, obviously
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slytherclaw2005 · 2 hours ago
Marvel: *hands Stackie the tfatws script*
Anthony Mackie: 😏
Sebastian Stan: 😏
Marvel: They become best friends-
Stackie: 😃🏳️‍🌈😃🏳️‍🌈😃🏳️‍🌈😃🏳️‍🌈
Marvel: Just friends-
Marvel: But-
Stackie: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
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thebrunette-bookworm · 2 hours ago
Sam: *grabbing a phone and recording himself*
Sam: So, every since Bucky’s moved in, on a daily basis
Sam: He’s locked himself inside the bathroom and screamed because he thinks it’s soundproof
*Bucky screaming intensifies*
Sam: *with a pleading look to the camera* please help
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sam-and-buck · 2 hours ago
My god I legitimately spent the entirety of my day obsessing over Perfect Landing and— sweet Jesus— I CANNOT stop fawning over the beautiful writing and characterization. You had me laughing my butt off and yearning for the pay off you’ve been building up. It’s simply stunning work. I can’t wait for the last chapter!! You’ve easily written my favorite story and you an bet I’ll be there first in line to finish it ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you so very much @studio-hatter!!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying it :)
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heterophobickenobi · 2 hours ago
Not the first fic I’m writing in years being a bucky (kinda stucky) fic
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sicariav · 2 hours ago
     [ Aaaand that’s enough of that. Thirty five minutes to the end and I’m tapping out. I got to see Peter being the cutest Avenger to ever avenge and the women of Marvel carrying the team and slaying it. Did more damage to Thanos than the men combined tbh. I’m- noping out at this point. This is where it ends happily, no one dies, they just cut off Thanos’s head again. End of story. Yay. ]
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