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#buckey barnes
2manytabsopen · 28 days ago
BBYY ILY can you gimme a marvel ship pls hehehe
Tumblr media
Ok we already KNOWWWWWW who it's gonna be, and it's mr. Bucky Barnes. Now specifically I bopped around between pre-Winter Soldier Bucky, and tfatws Bucky. Pre-Winter Soldier Bucky simply so you can live out your old fashioned Bollywood dreams, however for the sake of staying modern it's going to be tfatws B1ucky.
We all know just how much this man has gone though, so you're very understanding about that and willing to take things as slow as you need to. He's getting exponentially better each day though your eyes and you remember to always tell him that just so he knows that he is making progress. He lives for your words of encouragement since most days it his only way of gauging how he's doing, he's still learning about his real emotions and you're there to help him every step of the way.
On a different note, this man is a sucker for small notions of love, so if that means learning all the desi culture that he can, he's gonna fucking do it. He loves listening to you talk on and on about desi culture, he swears it's one of the coolest things about you. He loves getting to see the little bits of Indian culture all throughout your life and home, and it even makes an impact on him to the point that anything he sees that's related to 'desi-ness' he related back to you, his home.
Tumblr media
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strwbrrybucky · a month ago
request from @chubsluda , thank u! i hope you enjoy <3 if any of you have any requests, dont be afraid to inbox me!
summary: it had been about six months since you and bucky had started seeing each other seriously, and for that entire time, you weren't aware he was hiding something big from you.
word count: 1637
warning: angst but also fluff at the end
Tumblr media
When you started dating Bucky Barnes, you had no idea what the Avengers were. You basically hid under a rock, so engrossed in your studies to become a nurse, that you weren't really caught up with anyone or anything going on outside in the real world.
The only reason you were dating Bucky Barnes was because you were introduced to him by a friend who was sick and tired of you just being in love with your studies. You didn't hate the idea of dating, no. You just didn't have time for it in the past.
But since your exams had come and gone and you passed, you were able to commit much more time to your boyfriend.
Bucky was something else, he was a gentlemen through and through, super loving and caring, but not too physically affectionate. You weren't sure if that was just who he was, or if it had something to do with you but it was something that had bothered you for quiet some time. Sure, he opened doors for you in public, ordered your food for you , but he didn't kiss you, hold your hand, or even hug you in public.
It did hurt your feelings, but you weren't sure how to bring it up to him. It seemed like he had something else going on with him and it made you so paranoid to think that there was someone else.
You had planned a nice evening in with Bucky, hoping to watch something with him while it rained outside, and maybe get him to open up and express your concerns. You set the Chinese food you had ordered out on your kitchen counter when you heard the door open and boots being dropped on the floor, footsteps following.
"Y/N?" Bucky called out softly from the front hallway.
"In here!" You called back and heard him getting closer to the kitchen. Turning around you saw him standing there leaning against the door way, his leather jacket on, gloves on his hands. His hair was dewy from the rain, and you only assumed he rode his motorcycle here. He looked handsome, you wouldn't deny.
"What is all this?" He smiled and walked closer to you, patting your shoulder softly and looked around the counter to the food laid out. You brushed your hands on your shirt, and looked over at him.
"I thought we could spend some time in, since it's raining. Watch some movies or something." You trailed off and looked over at him who was just smiling at you. You noticed how his hands were fidgeting a little bit with the gloves on his hands but you didn't comment on it.
Instead, you got two plates out and handed one to Bucky, as he watched you intently. Something seemed off, something was on your mind but he wasn't sure what it could be and if it was his fault you were like this.
"Thank you, doll." You stopped what you were doing and smiled at the nickname. He hadn't called you that, at all. It was usually 'babe' and not that you minded babe, it was just too generic for you.
You both were finished with your food about an hour later, sitting next to each other, a hand of his resting on your thigh, your head resting on his shoulder and you both had your feet propped up on the ottoman. He shuffled a little bit and looked down at you, your eyes meeting his for a second before he looked away.
"I need to tell you something." he started, hesitant in his words but still spoke. You sat up and turned to him, bringing your feet close to you. Your heart beat fast, nervous about what was going to come out of his mouth next.
"Well, more I need to show you something, I know I have been a little distant, not really touching you intimately and I'm sorry." He took his jacket off, a long sleeved black shirt underneath and still played with is gloves on his fingers. He looked nervous, and you hated when he looked like that.
"Buck, it's okay. You can tell me anything." You rested a hand on top of his, wishing you could hold his hand without the gloves in the way. He nodded his head, taking the gloves off slowly to reveal a metal hand, black with laces of gold. He sighed softly and in one take took his shirt off, showing his entire left arm, metal.
You brought your hand up to your chest, looking over his facial features that looked sad, until trailing your gaze to where his skin met the metal features of his arm, scarring around the edges that showed signs of struggle, like he was trying to rip the thing off.
"I, um. I know you don't know anything about the Avengers," he paused looking over to you quickly, seeing worrying etched across your face before looking away again, down at his hands. He was right, you didn't know much about the Avengers, though you did some research a few months ago, learning about Captain America, Iron Man, The Winter Soldier.
"But, I needed to tell you that I did a lot of bad things before I met you, before I became an Avenger and I still struggle with it every night. It's a reason I haven't spent the night with you, I've been scared." He looked over at you, watching your movements as they got closer to him, grabbing his hands into yours. It's crazy how he was still able to feel touch with his vibranium arm, feeling your finger tips trace the edges on his arm.
"Buck, I would never hold anything against you that you did in the past. That was you, you're someone new now. A different version of Bucky." You said softly, not wanting to upset him. He shook his head and smiled softly, a tear escaping his beautiful blues.
"I was the Winter Soldier. For years. I was controlled by HYDRA, I couldn't control my own body, I killed for them. I killed innocents for them and their agenda while they wiped my memory every single time so I could be their weapon. I was a shell of who I was in the 40's." Another tear ran down his face and you raised your hand to cup his cheek, wiping the tears away, as he leaned into your touch.
"I know I haven't told you anything about my past, mostly because I can't remember who I was before HYDRA, before I lost my arm. I was so scared to show you, because you would put things together and know me as the Winter Soldier and not as Bucky Barnes. I don't know what I would do if you decided to leave me.." He trailed off, as he started crying, his hands trembling at the thought of his past ruining everything for him with you.
You shook your head, getting on his lap and straddling him, both your hands on each side of his face wiping away the tears that fell from his eyes. He placed his hands on your hips, gripping softly as he shook.
"No, Buck. No no, don't be so silly. I would never leave you for the things you've done in the past. I, I love you," the words left your mouth before you could even think, as he looked up to you and smile creeped on his face.
"I love you, y/n." he said softly as you brought your hands to where his flesh met his arm. You traced the scars softly with your fingertips, listening as the plates on his arms settled into place. He shuddered under your touch, a sigh escaping his lips. You brought your lips down to his skin, kissing each scar softly, his chest breathing heavily up and down as each kiss touched his skin.
No one had ever treated him with this much care and love, he was always scared they would look at him like some freak for having a metal arm, scars littering his body, especially where his skin met his metal arm. He felt you trail your lips over every single scar he knew of, the soft skin making him gasp every time, as if he forgot the sensation right when you stopped kissing his skin. He was hooked, and kicked himself mentally that he hadn't felt the way your lips feel before this.
"Doll," he started as you looked up to him, your hands resting on his chest, his hands travelling up your body until he cupped your head in his face. "Thank you." He brought your lips to meet his, the spark igniting the second your felt his on yours. It was electric, the feeling leaving your hazy in the mind, knowing you wouldn't be able to think straight the second he parted from you.
He pulled you closer, his arms sneaking up under your shirt the contrast of hot skin on yours to the cool touch of his vibranium arm trailing across your skin leaving goosebumps everywhere his fingers trailed. It was soft and sensual, intimate and full of passion and love, and you had no idea what Bucky was capable of if this is how you felt merely kissing him.
"I love you so much, baby." He breathed as he pulled away leaning his forehead against yours, his thumbs rubbing your soft skin right under your breasts. It was intimate enough to turn sexual, but you knew you just wanted to bask in the sensual feeling, being close to him skin to skin as you have been yearning to for months on end. And you knew you wouldn't be able to ever let this man go.
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hannahsapeach · a month ago
Does anyone know of any marvel servers/rp that I could join?
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nirai-kuko · a month ago
Tumblr media
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theartofmycuriosity · a month ago
Hey DJ, I’d like to dedicate ‘Kiss Me More’ to Sebastian Stan!
Thank you! ❤️
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the-bomb-sammi-morse · 2 months ago
I will personally give someone a million dollars to kill John Walker.
Steve Rogers is turning in his grave.
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solielsfanfics · 2 months ago
lover boy (b.b)
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes & (y/n) | ft. the avengers (all alive, aged-up morgan stark)
warning: smut & fluff
“seriously tony stark can’t go one week without throwing a party?” you ask in an annoyed tone. “it’s a mission, not a party” tony states as he walks into the kitchen. “loud music, drinking, random people, wearing tight clothes...sounds like a party to me” you say as you scope cereal in your mouth. “you know y/n, a little social interaction won’t kill you” clint stated. “yeah yeah, i know.” you say with an exhausted expression on your face. you always told by everyone that you need to, “explore more” or “meet new people” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. i mean for gods sake you work with the avengers, what part of your job doesn’t include traveling and meeting new people. “y/n” “what?” “you have that look on your face when you deep in thought” “what? i don’t have a face” “yeah, you do” Clint protested. “look, what he’s trying to say is that you need get laid, y/n” natasha states as she enters the kitchen and heads to the fridge. “laid?” you ask questioning what she said. “yeah it’s when two people have sexual inter-” “i know what laid means nat” you say as you cut her off. nat chuckles, “see clint she’s not the preasious little baby you think she is. she knows sexual terminology.” clint rolles his eyes. “what about bucky?” nat askes. “what about him?” you ask. “first off, he has a crush on you-” “-no he doesn’t” “don’t cut me of” “whatever” “as i was saying, he likes you, he’s hot, single, and.. he’s walking in the door right now, so make conversation.” she finishes he sentence as she exits with a smile to bucky. “hey y/n” he says with a slight smile. “hey” you said in a low tone, almost a whisper. “something wrong doll?” he asks as he pours coffee into your mug. you try to avoid eye contact as you blush at the name, “nope, nothing.” “you sure?” “yeah, just a lot on my mind right now.” you said as you sip your hot coffee. “if you wanna talk, im her-” “-thanks buck, im going for a run see ya.” you say quickly cutting him off. “bye doll?” he says in an unsure toned voice. was that rude? god, i hope i didn’t sound like ass—i’ll apologize when i see him tonight. “hell no!” you protest. “but you’d look perfect in it!” morgan protested back. “tight dresses aren’t my thing.” you reminded her. “fine, then a skirt!” “pants” “jumper” “fine! i’ll wear a jumper!” you stated. “great, red or blue??” “black.” “that’s not and option-” “-well it should be.” morgan sighs. “fine! i’ll wear the jumper.” you state. as you grab the jumper and heels and make you way to the bathroom you nibble under your breath. “just know i won’t enjoy myself tonight.” “trust me y/n, you will.” morgan replies. “hurry up y/n!” nat yells. when you walk out the bathroom everyone was gone, “great, no i’ll have to walk in there alone!” you grab you purse and open the door to see bucky “bucannon” Barnes leaning on the back of the wall. “whoa..doll, you look...whoa.” “is that a good whoa or a bad whoa”you ask giggling. “a very, very good whoa.” he said as he smiled and rubbed the back of his neck lightly. “i haven’t seen you since this morning, so i didn’t get a chance to ask you out.” he says as you blush. “so when i saw nat and morgan in the hall, they told me where you were so i waited.” “well, thanks for waiting for me, appreciate it.” “will you go out with me?” “of course ‘doll.’ ” he chuckles at the name. he intertwines arms with you. as you walk toward the loud music, your stomach starts to knot. you hated in needed social interaction. “it’s only for a few hours, and i’ll be by yourside the whole time.” “promise?” “promise.”
The night went on exactly as said. bucky stayed by your side. “so y/n are you and bucky going out?” thor asked. “uhh, nope.” you say avertering your eyes from buckys si he wouldn’t see you blush. “they’re just here as “friend” ” wanda informed thor. “ohh, is that so?” “yep” “so that means you’re single y/n?” “um, yeah i guess so.” “would you like to dance?” “uh..sure?” you say im an unsure tone. Bucky watched as you two danced. gripping his cup tightly when he sees thor pull you closer to him invetibly breaking the cup. “well it’s been a lovely night, y/n.” thor says. “yeah, i had fun dancing, see ya around.” you say as you walk up toward the elevator. bucky was nowhere in sight, which was shocking. you look left and right for him before entering the elevator. “hold the door!” bucky yelled. you hold the door and see bucky. “there you are bucky, i was-” before you could finish you sentence bucky’s lips were pressed against yours. he pushes you against the wall kissing you passionately. his hand moves you grab your face to deepen the kiss. you arms wrap around his neck. pulling away from the kiss he says, “i’ve been waiting all night to do that.” before you could say anything he was kissing you again. “b-bedroom” is all you could get out between kisses. bucky picked you up, and you wrapped your legs around his waist. he makes a trail of kisses and licks down your neck, as you let out a slight moan. he groan as he feels his member grow. “doll..” he starts in between kisses, “you little moans are turning me on.” “mmm, good...the bedrooms to the right.” he continues to kiss you, as his hand run up and down your back. his large hands unzipped your jumper in an instant. you let out a gasp as he sucks your skin as he sets you onto the comforter. you scout up as you watch him unbutton his pants, and help him take off his jacket. you’ve seen him shirtless before, but this time he had more affect in you. he pants kisses all over your body, he unhooks your bra and plays with your nipples. sweet moans feel his ears. he slides down your body and starts to press against your clit, as he looks up at you with your head tilted back in pleasure. you feel his fingers go deep into you clit.“f-fuck, don’t stop buck...please.” his member grows harder at you sound as pre-cum starts to form. you reach down to rub his cock. “you little hands feel so nice around me cock doll.” he says a he groans in pleasure. “don’t start something you can’t finish.” “trust me i’ll finish.”
“im sorry.” “for what?” “for cutting you off earlier and for-” “-stop, its fine doll, don’t take it to heart.” you run you hands through his hair. “you a jealous guy, you know that bucky barnes?” “that’s because i don’t like to share..” he says as he turns, flipping you underneath him. “...especially when it comes to you.”
a/e: ahahahaha- so um this is my first time writing i tried to be as descriptive as i could, even though i was flustered, anyways hope you liked it 😀..more fanfics to come !
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exhuastedpigeon · 2 months ago
I’ve seen a lot of jokes about Bucky not having a couch, but are we gonna talk about the fact that he has a TV, TV stand, side table, and a throw pillow, but not couch? 
He’s just punishing himself by not having a comfortable place to sit. 
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coffeecakefanfics · 2 months ago
Iso a mutal, I need friends lol. Im very into the MCU, I play xbox and I love books. These dms are OPEN
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spasmsofthought · 2 months ago
you know what i want to see? a bucky one shot with a reader who’s super kind and compassionate and doesn’t know what to do with him as he currently is because he’s obviously very traumatized and sarcastic and just this wall of stone that stares a lot and mostly processes internally but she wants to get to know him but it just feels like an impossible hurdle to get over. liiiiiiike that would be a journey !!!!!!!!! what angst, what feelings just ughhhhhhh
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coffeecakefanfics · 2 months ago
A sunday kind of love  Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Requests are open
Warnings: language, SMUT, adult themes, fluff.  Hopeless romantic shit pretty much
Bucky had fought with her over putting the bed right against the window at first, like I said, at first.  The two had laid curled up next to each other all day the first rain after moving into the apartment.  They laid watching the rain hit the glass and made love all day.  The view at night was his favorite though, the city lights through the high floor of the window were almost magical.  
Grey light poured into the room as thunder clapped outside and the soft sound of rain tapped against the window.  Bucky had been awake for about a half an hour, admiring the love next to him, how her hair was starting to mat after tossing in her sleep, how her lips looked slack and relaxed, small snores creeping past them.  He admired the curve of her body under the blankets.  She stirred and turned over, leaning into him more.  He placed a chaste kiss to her forehead and closed his eyes.  Music floated in, muffled from the living room.  Y/n had insisted they buy it after Bucky found some records he liked at a local thrift shop 
“No way, I used to love Bea Wain,” Bucky’s face lit up
“Are there more?” Y/n peeked over from the books
“Let me see,” he began rummaging through the records.  His smile never faded as he continued to pull record after record. “Why are these here?” he looked at Y/n.
“Well when older people pass a lot of time their families donate their old stuff, including records, it’s sad but it lets my generation and under get to experience them,” she shrugged and began digging with him.
“Do they still make players?” 
“Of course, Pick out all of the records you want and i’ll stop by a target or walmart on the way home and buy one,” she smiled at him handing him an Etta James Record.
“You don’t have to do that doll,” his heart swole at the gesture.
“Buck, please, I want you to be able to enjoy your music the way you used to. I mean phone are great but nothing beats the crackle of a record,” she held his hand and kissed his cheek.
He smiled at the memory, thankful to have found her when he did.  They would turn it on when he had a nightmare,When they made breakfast and danced in the kitchen, on romantic diners, or on lazy mornings,pretty much any excuse they could get,  it calmed him down a bit, and for that he was grateful.
“Buck?” a tired voice pulled him from his mind.
“Morning baby,” he smiled at Y/n
“It’s raining,” she mumbled, turning her head to the window.
“Mhm” he stroked her messy hair.  She hummed in response and closed her eyes. 
“why didn’t you wake me up sooner?”
“Didn’t want to bother you, I haven’t been up long anyway” she hummed again and leaned up on her elbows. 
“I think today is a perfect day to stay in bed,” she licked her lips, a soft smile on her face.
“I think that is a great idea,” he smiled back, resting his hand on the back of her neck to bring her down to him.  Her lips were soft and plush against his.  It was slow, lazy, and had so much love behind it.  Y/n let her hands run over Buck’s chest.  The pair broke away for air.  Bucky stared up at the woman above her, pushing hair behind her ear. 
“Penny for your thoughts” she ran her finger alone his hairline gently.
“You are the most amazing woman I know,” he let his eyes catch hers, a small blush dusting her cheeks.
“Aren’t you a flirt,” she grinned at him.
“Yes buck?”
“Stay with me,” his eyes were soft, they were always soft with her.
“Of course baby, I’m not going no where,  promise,” she continued to stroke his hairline. 
“I mean forever,” he cupped her cheek.
“I have something for you, but I want to know that i’m what you want.  You can walk away right now and I wont blame you I-” she pressed a tender kiss to his lips. His body went slack and his muscles relaxed.
“I’m not going anywhere James, I promised,” she let her fingers run over his left brow, down his face, over his lips and finally resting on his cheek.  He kissed her palm and held her hand while he leaned over to the night stand pulling something out.  In his hand was a small opened black velvet box.  A simple band covered half way in smaller diamonds accentuated a single bigger stone in the middle.
“James,” her eyes were wide at him.
“I know it’s not a perfect proposal, and I know you deserve better than in our bed but I can’t wait any longer. Y/n L/n, will you marry me?” his eyes were welled up.  The woman had sat up straight by now.  Her hand was covering her mouth and tears spilled over.  She swallowed the knot in her throat and held her left hand out to him.
“Yes James, I love you,” she spoke shakily.  He slid the ring onto her finger and sealed it with a kiss. She examined the ring on her finger, more tears spilling over. 
“I’m sorry, again that it was in our bed but-”
“It’s perfect Buck,” she leaned down to kiss him.  He relaxed once again.  His right hand held her face while the metal arm rested on her waist.  He slowly laid her under him, moving their lips in synch.  He let his lips trail down her jaw to her neck.  Y/n let out a shaky breath, her body getting warm.  Bucky’s movements were slow, calculated.  He hiked the shirt she wore, which was his that she’d stolen forever ago up carefully.  He drug the cold metal fingers down her stomach, stopping at her panty line. She let out a mewl and shifted under him.  He smirked before helping her out of his shirt. 
“You, doll, are an angel on earth,” he spoke softly into her ear before biting gently.  A small moan escaped her lips as he let his right hand dip below her underwear and between her folds. 
“Buck” she let out and let her head fall back as he gently rubbed her clit. 
“That’s it doll, let me hear you baby,” he husked into her ear agin and slipped a finger into her.  She tried to fight the moans, but Bucky wasn’t having it.  She let moan after moan tumble from her lips.  Bucky leaned up enough to look at her.  He slowly added another finger gaining another loud moan from her throat.  Her head was thrown back and a light sheen of sweat coated her body.  He took note of how her hair fell, how her breasts rose and fell with each ragged breath she took. She was Ethereal, an angel on earth, the best thing to happen to him. He felt her clench around his fingers.
“That’s a good girl,” he praised and quickened his pace. 
“B-Buck I- I want” she stuttered out.
“Words baby, tell me what you want,” he left a trail of kissed down her neck and onto her chest where he kitten licked her nipples. 
“I want you insi-ide of me plea-ase” she whined.
“Of course angel”  He drew his fingers from her pussy, sucking them clean.  She bit her lip as she watched.
“You always did taste so sweet for me,” he groaned and slid her panties down her legs, kissing his way down her thighs as he did so.  She sat up to help him tug his boxers down.  
“Ready doll?” he asked, lined at her entrance. She nodded.  She squealed and clutched Bucky’s arms as he suck into her.  Bucky let out a low moan right next to her ear, the sound sent waves to her core. Bucky set a slow but deep pace.  He went gentle. Leaving kisses down her throat and chest, slid his hand over her scalp, captured her lips. Her moans sweet like honey to his ears.  He snapped his hips against her pelvis. 
“Buck I- please”
“please what doll” he teased, voice a whisper.
“Please let me cum” she begged.
“go ahead baby, let go for me, let me make you feel good,” he held her hands as her orgasm tore through her, ripping moans from her throat and making her legs shake.  Bucky dropped his head, letting little growls fall from his lips as he followed her. He stilled, leaving his weight on his elbows as they relaxed through their highs. 
“I love you,” he told her, still breathless.
“I love you more James,” she kissed him, tiredly.  He slowly slid out, laying next to her.  She curled up against his side, sneaking a peek at the ring on her finger.  Bucky smirked, watching her.  He let his gaze drift out to the steady rain and thunder, let the music fill his ears, let her smell take over his nose, let her body take over his touch.  Because in that moment, nothing could hurt him, nothing else mattered, but the lazy days in bed with her 
A/N: I haven’t written smut in sooo long plz don’t come for my throat, k bye love you have a good day my sweet whores <3
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sxftrey · 2 months ago
To begin again
Tumblr media
Okay so. I watched tfatws and this idea came to me. I wrote this pretty quick and i will most likely end up going back and changing it later. I may make this into a series if people would like!!
Bucky Barnes x Rogers!OC
Warnings: Angst, Kinda happy ending?, tfatws spoilers (maybe im not sure)
{This is one of my first time writing anything like this so if its bad i aplogise in advance}
It was almost as if nothing had ever changed. As if the past five years never happened. No one ever spoke of the blip, of the chaos it caused, how it pulled families apart. So much had changed and she hated it, hated that people wouldn’t face it. Her father included. 
Hailee blew a breath from her lips as she pulled on her hood making sure it was covering her face. Normally she wouldn’t care if people came up to her, she was used to it. Being the granddaughter of Captain America brought you that attention. Steve had changed her life (She still wasn’t sure if it was in a good way or not.) The day he had come out of the ice she had been thrown into a new world. 
{5 months earlier}
“You want to go back?” Steve nodded watching the girl with a close eye. Hailee turned to face the lake. “I-I’m not going to stop you. It’s your choice.”
“But do you think it’s the right choice?” He questioned. Hailee crossed her arms over her body, hugging herself. “If I were to say no that would be selfish right,” She let out a small laugh. “I guess I finally know how you feel. I’ve only been gone for five years yet I feel so...lost and confused. I mean so much has changed.” Steve reached out to place a hand on her shoulder. “If you really don’t-” She turned around quickly shaking her head. “You deserve to have a life. All my dad ever wanted growing up was to be able to have a relationship with his father, with you. Go back Steve, live your life. I’ll be fine...promise.” Unleashed tears glistened in her eyes. 
Steve pulled her forward wrapping his arms around her. He took a deep breath as he ran a hand up and down her back. “When I first woke up and was told that I have a granddaughter I didn’t believe them,” He let out a small laugh as he remembered the conversation. “I told Fury that someone must have lied. But then I saw you for the first time, and I realized that he hadn’t been lying,” Hailee smiled as she pulled away mouthing ‘thank you.’
The two walked back up the bank towards the house. Neither spoke both just happy to enjoy the company of one another for however long they had left.
Hailee’s hand shook slightly as she reached out to open the door of the cabin. Her mind was screaming at her to go and tell Steve to stay, that she couldn’t handle losing him as well. Taking a deep breath she opened the door walking down to the platform where Bruce was getting it ready. He shot her a quick smile before going back to work. “Hey, you okay you look a little sick?” Sam questioned as he appeared next to her. “I’m fine, just a little tired that’s all.” He nodded. “Those two have been gone for a while. Any idea what they’re talking about?” Sam questions as he pointed towards Steve and Bucky who were stood in front of a tree in the near distance. She shrugged. “No idea.”
Eventually, she heard footsteps before Steve walked up next to her. “Now, remember– You have to return the stones to the exact moment you got them. Or you're gonna open up a bunch of nasty alternative realities.” Bruce said as Steve nodded. “Don't worry, Bruce. Clip all the branches.” 
“You know, I tried. When I had the gauntlet, the stones, I really tried to bring her back.” Bruce’s face falls. “I miss her, man.” Steve nods. “Me, too.” 
“You know, if you want, I can come with you,” Sam speaks up moving to be in front of Steve who smiles before shaking his head. “You're a good man, Sam. This one's on me, though.” Sam nods. “I’m surprised you didn’t offer to go.” Hailee shook her head a smile gracing her face. “He wanted to do this alone.” 
Steve had moved over to Bucky who was stood a few feet away. “Don't do anything stupid 'till I get back.” Bucky smiles. “How can I? You're taking all the stupid with you.” The two hug for a moment. “Gonna miss you, Buddy,” Bucky speaks with a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes. “It's gonna be okay, Buck.” Steve places a hand on his shoulder before speaking in a low voice. “Take care of her okay.” Bucky looks over meeting Hailee’s eyes for a moment. “I will.”
Steve gives Bucky one last smile before moving to Hailee. “I guess this is it.” She spoke. Steve nodded pulling her into a hug. “I love you, grandpa.” She mumbled into his chest. The phrase took Steve by surprise and he squeezed his eyes shut, she’d never called him that before. Fighting back any tears that were threatening to escape he pulled back “I love you too.” He held her at arm’s length for a moment. “What are you doing?” She questioned as the other three men watched. “Wondering if I’m doing the right thing. You sure you don’t wanna come?” Hailee knew what he was doing. She looked at the ground for a moment before shaking her head. “No. I’m sure. I’ll see you soon.” Steve nodded. 
He took a breath before walking to the platform. His suite changed to the quantum suite as he picked up the case. 
Hailee sucked in a breath. She felt an arm brush against her’s. Bucky. Her eyes moved to his and the two stared for a moment before Hailee slowly moved her hand to his. He quickly wrapped his hand around hers squeezing it as the two turned back to face the platform.
“How long is this gonna take?” Sam questioned. “For him? As long as he needs. For us? Five seconds.” Bruce spoke as he set the machine to the right frequency. Hailee felt her grip on Buckys arm get tighter at Bruce’s next words. “Ready, Cap? Alright. We'll meet you back here, okay?” Steve nodded. “You bet.”
“Going quantum. Three, two, one–” There was a quick flash and then he was gone. Bucky felt her body sag slightly. “It’s gonna be okay.” He whispered into her ear, although he didn’t completely believe the statement himself he promised Steve he would take care of her and he wasn’t gonna break that promise. “I will be.” She spoke quietly sending him a smile.
The two watched as Sam and Bruce tried to bring him back before Bucky spoke up. “Sam.” He turned walking towards the two. In the distance, a man is sat on a log facing the lake. “Go ahead.” Bucky urges, a real smile spreading across his face. Sam looks to Hailee as the realization sets in. Her expression was unreadable. “You sure you don’t wanna-” She shakes her head “Go Sam.” He nods. “Cap?” He slowly approaches the man who turns to him with a smile. “Hi, Sam.” Sam stops next to the log looking at the lake for a moment. “So did something go wrong, or did something go right?” Steve smiles a peaceful look on his face. “Well, after I put the stones back, I thought, maybe I'll try some of that life Tony was telling me to get.”
“How'd that work out for you?”
“It was beautiful.” He casts a glance behind him where Hailee stood before looking back to Sam. “I'm happy for you. Truly. Only thing bumming me out is the fact I have to live in a world without Captain America.” Steve lets out a small laugh before reaching down. “Oh, That reminds me,” He hands the shield to Sam who takes it. “Try it on.” He urges. Sam stands stunned for a moment before looking over to Bucky and Hailee. ‘Go on’ She mouths as Bucky nods. Sam takes a breath before sliding the shield up his arm. 
“How does it feel?”
“Like it's someone else's.” 
“It isn’t.” Sam nods as tears gather in his eyes. “What about Hailee? Did she know?” Steve nods. “Yea. She knew if she’d said to me that she wanted to go with me when I asked I wouldn’t have done this. But she doesn’t need me, She’s not alone.” Sam follows his eye line to where Haille and Bucky were stood. The two seemed deep in conversation, both smiling. “She has all the family she needs.” Steve looked back at Sam.
“Thank you. I'll do my best.” He nods down to the shield.”
“That's why it's yours.” Steve reaches out to shake Sam’s hand and his wedding band catches his eye. “Wanna tell me about her?”
“No. No, I don't think I will.”
Hailee let out a sigh of relief as she slipped into the small coffee shop. The shop was quiet enough that she doubted she would be recognized but she still didn’t take her hood down. She ordered her drink before sitting down at the back. 
“Thank you.” She smiled as the barista placed her drink down. She sat for a while just observing people as they walked past the window. 
“Excuse me.” A small voice spoke from next to her. She turned her head to see a young boy no older than six stood by her table. She recognized him, she’d seen him and his mum walk past a while back. “Hi.” She smiled softly pulling her hood down slightly. He brought his arm from behind him to show a toy elephant. “I wanted to give you this,” He held it out. “I saw you sitting here and I thought you looked sad and whenever I’m sad my parents buy me a teddy so I thought you could use one.” 
Hailee smiled as she looked over to see his mother stood by the door. “Thank you. Does he have a name?” The young boy smiled. “Yea Steve.” She smiled as she looked at the elephant. “That’s a good name.”
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dash-of-whump · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Picture this: Sam introduces Bucky to his family. The kids, after seeing his metal arm, ask if he’s an Average like Falcon, Bucky unsure how to answer, stays quiet. It’s hard to picture himself as a good guy after all the bad he was made to do. Sam quickly answers for him, “you better believe it, he and Captain American go way back.”
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