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#brother sister
underdogtarot · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Love this story and it’s meaning!! Love yourself my little pups because mammy dog loves you all unconditionally! 🙏💕🐶💚😘💞💖❣️💗💓😇🧿 use the meditations at the bottom of the page as a tool for self love, god bless you all love and light my pups xxx 🙏🐶🐶
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supersohu7 · 12 days ago
What do you mean no pets allowed?? This is my sister.😂
I know this pic is lil' funny😅🤭😂but it's OK😇
Sorry big sister😝
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ramikennymalek · 14 days ago
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Happy brother sister day 🤍
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hornydomguy19 · 14 days ago
Reblog this if you wanna see pics off my sister
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desire-tenderness · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Les deux frères.
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hornydomguy19 · 15 days ago
My sister her slutty moans while fucking her in doggystyle
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gender-fluid-freak · 19 days ago
Hii! I was wondering if you could do platonic HCs of Larry and his little sister (the reader) she’s only like 14-15 but he sees her as a baby and one day she wants to be bold and sneaks out of the house to hangout w/ friends Larry doesn’t like lol, thank you!
Tumblr media
So just for the sake of the whole "Larry doesn't like them" thing, we're gonna go with their Travis's only real friend...
1. So obviously they live in the basement... With a Latina mother... So sneaking out is already risky
2. But if you end up managing to sneak out without being caught, there is always the chance that Sal is up on a midnight walk and could see you
3. But again if you get passed him unnoticed, it's a free Sprint to the cemetery and your hanging out with your best friend
4. Travis
5. Then Larry's big brother instincts kick in, telling him to check on you, when he sees you gone he assumes the worst
6. Especially after what happened with your dad
7. When he does find, hanging out with Travis, he is livid
8. He sees you smiling though,and Travis doesn't seem like he's acting like to much of an assignment, so he let's it slide once
9. Definitely warns you the next morning and says something along the lines of "dude, if you really want to hang out with Travis that bad, don't sneak out, it'll get you both killed"
10. From then on you can hang with who you want, just no more sneaking out at night
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hornydomguy19 · 21 days ago
Audio of my sister and i
Lmk if you want more
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rubyriibs · 27 days ago
Tiring of trying, there's a necessary dying Like the horseshoe crab in its proper seasons sheds its shell Such distance from our friends Like a scratch across a lens Made everything look wrong from anywhere we stood
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rebornidentity · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
It's probably a grand idea if we all learn how to grow our own food. And teach others how to as well.
Pretty sure that's what the Native Americans did with the original Mayflower people AND VICE VERSA; trying to find a better way.
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bokugaos · 22 days ago
6; bokuto terushima me 🤨
go clothes shopping with terushima <33
i feel like he just knows what’ll look good on you yknow. i mean the mans got 2 older sisters !! and i actually think that he knows how to dress me better than i dress myself LMAAOO
go to ikea with u my queen bee!!
OOOH I GOT HOUSE FEVER SO BAD i wanna explore ikea and look at the furnitures and decors and i might noncon u into being my suitemate ♥️
go grocery shopping with bokuto!!
im a huge snack person and he needs to go get his weekly supply of meat (my mans need the protein) and i love going to the store just for fun SO IF YOU SEE PEOPLE ROLLING AROUND IN SHOPPING CARTS yeth that is 1000% us
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melon-dot-jpeg · 22 days ago
my brother @thewhatmustbedone recently joined tumblr!! he’s been learning how to code websites so if you want her to do some cool custom css for your blog pop over and ask! it’ll be good practice for him :)
ps: he knows how to make your blog avatar an oval :eyes:
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