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prodigalbright1 · an hour ago
The final chapter of book 3 is now available so of course I had to share the link to the full book. Don't forget to read books 1 & 2 first if you haven't already & keep an eye out for chapter 1 of book 4
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Malcolm: Hey, I heard you like bad boys.
Dani: Not really.
Malcolm: Oh, thank God.
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I just read an amazing fanfic where Dani and Malcolm have to go undercover as a married couple and it is the perfect fake!dating/marriage fic.
Fanfics aren’t going sustain me
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darling-stay-with-me · 3 days ago
you know what would make life better?
a network saying they have saved prodigal son
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danipowll · 3 days ago
brightwell + " i don't care about everyone else! i care about you, dani!"
fandom: prodigal son, pairing: malcolm bright & dani powell, rating: t+, word count: 1,857
Dani felt the tension in Malcolm’s body, like a rubber band stretched to its limit, ready to snap back and she was the hapless set of fingers, waiting for the sharp pain of retaliation.
The passenger side door closed with a slam
and she shut her eyes against the sight of his back, tense and straight as he rounded the front of the SUV and headed towards the apartment building.
She sat for a moment, keys cold against her fingers as she steadied the emotions that were trying to claw at her, causing a tenseness in her throat and tears to dampen her eyes.
“Shit.” She whispered under her breath as she opened her door and climbed out.
read more @ AO3
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prodigalbright1 · 6 days ago
I can't believe this series is almost over. There's one more chapter left of this book before the finale book in the series. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.
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JT: Where have you guys been?
Dani: We had to do stuff.
JT: Bright’s shirt is inside out.
Malcolm: That was the stuff.
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Malcolm: It was pretty cool.
Dani: Aw, it’s so cute when you use the word cool wrong. It’s like when kids say “pasgetti”.
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i-watch-all-the-tv · 6 days ago
I swear I've signed more petitions this cancellation season to get shows renewed than any year before. Please reblog far and wide and if you can sign it even if you don't watch the shows the fans appreciate it 🙏🥺🙏
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danireef · 7 days ago
Brightwell Aquatics presenta i nuovi alimenti UltraPlanktos e Microplanktos
Brightwell Aquatics presenta i nuovi alimenti UltraPlanktos e Microplanktos - Brightwell Aquatics presenta tre nuovi prodotti per l’alimentazione mirata dei coralli: UltraPlanktos-Z UltraPlanktos-P e MicroPlanktos.
Un nuovo articolo su
Brightwell Aquatics presenta i nuovi alimenti UltraPlanktos e Microplanktos
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- by Danilo Ronchi
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psonincorrectquotes · 7 days ago
Malcolm: When I get murdered, can you make sure I become an unsolved case?
Dani: What?
Malcolm: I want to be on Buzzfeed Unsolved
Dani: Can we go back to the part where you said "when I get murdered"?
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Jessica: Malcolm, you like this girl.
Malcolm: What? [Smiles] Dani? No I don’t.
Jessica: Darling, you can’t say her name without smiling.
Malcolm: That’s... Dani [Smiles] Sorry. Sorry. I was thinking of a funny thing that Dani [Smiles] said. [To himself] Stop it! Da-[Smiles]-ani... Dammit! what is the matter with me?
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danipowll · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fake fanfic meme: this is how the world works (now all he thinks about is me), an Brightwell model au
Dani Powell had heard of pretty boy Malcom Bright who was related to the very old and very rich Milton family. His success had to have been gained through his connections and she hated nepotism, especially in the industry, but then she met him on a shoot and perhaps her first opinion had been wrong, very wrong.
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Dani: Well, thirty years from now, are you gonna hide from me because I'm so scary?
Malcolm: Hey, I don't think you're actually scary.
Malcolm: Yes, I flinch when you make sudden moves, but that says more about my childhood than you.
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marwanchicokenzari · 8 days ago
here's a reminder that i track #usertriz and i love being able to promote your amazing work (gifsets/edits/fanarts/fanfics). 🧡 💫
tagging some mutuals: @hiraeth-doux @overzonen @rafael-silva @nickydestati @bookersebastien @marwankenzarisgaylittleearring @judsonryder @emmawoodouse @cherubinas @alkaysani @yusufal-kaysanis @niccolos @alwaysablossom @nicolodigenovas @nilefreemans @theresatvjoe @nicolos @pierremichelofavignon @strangehighs @briannabaker @strandtk
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Prodigal Son Appreciation Week, Day Seven: Free Choice
Hey. I promise you you will get stuff for days five and six, life just got a bit haywire. But I can provide you with the next chapter with my Taylor Swift-inspired child.
Official Summary: Malcolm makes a choice and Dani participates in some social media stalking.
Unofficial Summary: I will need at least a year before I can listen to "Today Was a Fairytale" again because five hours of listening to that song is too much. Also, Googling "overused romantic Instagram captions" does not get you as many sources as you'd think.
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