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#breakup quotes
sweet-for-you · 2 days ago
I’ve never felt this type of pain before, they weren’t lying when they said love hurts
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sad-and-endangered · 4 days ago
In my dream, I gave you another chance. I woke up relieved that I didn’t.
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hrishita122000 · 8 days ago
Types of love
This is the quiet kind of love- the type which often slips away if you’re too busy to notice. The type which ebbs and flows in each breath they take but it is almost as unnoticeable as the air around you. The soft “let me fix the bed for you” or the strong coffee they prepare in the morning, the ones who are ready to let go of you for your happiness no matter how shattered they would feel, or the silent smiles they pass in the air when you achieve something in life. It all leaves you in a habit of them but you never distinguish it as love- because love for the general population is roses and chocolates and expensive dates. But some people, the really silent ones, fall so deeply in love, that they are too scared to let it all out in words and over exaggerated expressions, scared that you will never fully understand or realise how selflessly they love you and how they’re too reserved to promise you the sea but they’d willingly and more so quietly drown in it just to keep you afloat.
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galaxyofthoughts-blog · 9 days ago
20 quotes people going through a break up will understand
20 quotes people going through a break up will understand
Almost all people at some point in their lives go through a breakup. Breaking up with someone is hard and can leave you more distressed than you ever thought. Breakups are similar in many ways to the death of a loved one. Not only you essentially lost part of your life, you no longer have that person with you anymore. After breakup you will spend a lot of time wondering where it went wrong, what…
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heartbreak-diaries · 15 days ago
I used to admire your patience for handling my emotions so well and for comforting me whenever I was down, until I realized that I was constantly the one apologizing for the tears that you caused.
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heartbreak-diaries · 15 days ago
May you never have to beg someone for bare minimum ever again.
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bluejays-saddays · 15 days ago
I should have begged you to stay
Fallen to my knees desperately grasping for your hand as tears slid down my cheeks
I should have forced you to keep the key
So you can crawl into bed with me and hold me like you used to in the middle of the night
But I want you to be happy, and healthy
I want you to live a wonderful life
And if that means I can't be in it
I guess I'll cling to the memory of you driving away
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sweet-for-you · 16 days ago
you came over at 4am and brought me food and made love to me. I slept in your arms and realized I will never be able to move on from someone as beautiful as you
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heartbreak-diaries · 16 days ago
The best way to heal after a breakup is to force yourself to sit in all the feels, good and bad. True acceptance and accountability lies behind that wall you've tried to build up. No distractions. The only way through is through.
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heartbreak-diaries · 18 days ago
See, the difference between who I was then and who I am now is I did the work by learning and unlearning. Here are some of my favourite lessons:
- boundaries are everything. Set them for your people, yourself, and honor them!
- your partner is not a project and it is not your job to fix them or mold them into someone they're not
- if they bring you more pain than joy, you are not obligated to stay
- communication is one thing, comprehension is another. You can try and communicate as much as you want, but if your fundamental alignment is off, they will never be able to comprehend your expectations.
- stop apologizing for having expectations!
- your most important relationship you'll ever have is with yourself. Love and nurture yourself first and this will inturn make you a better partner for someone else.
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