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#boyfriend pico
mickycute3 days ago
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ahre me gusta dibujarlos , me encanta por que me recuerdan a KND ya que tambien son de baja estatura, tienen manos y cabezas grandes :V
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mickycute16 days ago
podr铆a dibujar bf x pico de Friday night funkin
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splatzap2 hours ago
Oop forgot to add this here
I made some art of that one rythm game
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canon-call2 hours ago
Hello !! I'm boyfriend && pump from friday night funkin !! I'm looking for anyone, especially Pico !! We dated in my bf canon !! (18/19+ only && no doubles !! Oh....&& Senpai DNI)
@irl-boyfriend !!
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Whitty, talking out loud and writing: Pico, If you鈥檙e reading this-
Hex: Can Pico read?
Whitty: ... Boyfriend, if you鈥檙e reading this to Pico-
Hex: Can boyfriend read??
Whitty: .... Girlfriend....
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Boyfriend: I wish I had a super tight knit group of friends I could fight crime with.
Ruv: I wish I had a super tight knit group of friends to commit crimes with.
Pico: I wish I had a super tight knit group of friends
Girlfriend: I wish I had friends
Whitty: I wish I could knit.
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wolfyender6906 hours ago
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Forgot to post this here once again, sorry in advance for the random @ Frog!
Anyways it's been on my list for awhile to draw and I finally drew it. I honestly love @lilartfrogpostin AU, I love the designs and I love the interactions. The maid draw was probably the hardest to shade but other then that I had fun drawing them!
I already posted this on Twitter so I kinda forgot to post it here so again sorry for the random @ Frog! qwq
Fogged Maid AU belongs to @lilartfrogpostin
Go follow them, they're very epic! >:[
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Girlfriend: I wish you could block people in real life
Boyfriend: Restraining order
Pico: Murder
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wannagetfunkin6 hours ago
some boyfriend with a s/o who likes to draw headcanons??
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yeah ofcourse!! i hope you like it. i thought i would add these two together since they were similar! and i'm very sorry i didn't write the oneshot, as i couldn't choose between what character i wanted to write it for :( also uh i knew i said i would post smth yesterday but-- *runs*馃弮鈥嶁檪锔忦煆冣嶁檪锔
senpai, boyfriend and pico x s/o who likes to draw ;
you are very artistic? pog.
this guy will definetly be your hypeman. no that鈥檚 not an option. you are not getting out of that one <3
he鈥檒l always compliment your art, even if you feel like it wasn鈥檛 that good.
he always reminds you that you tried your best!! and that you always learn from the past聽鈥榤istakes鈥 you make.聽
sadly though, boyfriend is not really the artsy type.聽
he can鈥檛 draw to save his life, and every person he attempts to draw will just look like goofy stickmen.
but on that note, he will definetly draw something for you. even if it ends up looking kind of silly.
he will suggest that you could, perhaps draw him during a rap battle. because wow your art always makes him so happy.
another man who can鈥檛 draw <3
he is quite skilled in the literature department. but, even though he hates to admit it, he can鈥檛 draw or paint at all.
but you better believe he'll adore your art.
he will endlessly praise you over your skills, your determination and the artwork in general.
senpai is quite bad at handling loss. so to not give up and throw a tantrum when your art is not 'perfect'?
...... wow.
also he is definitely the type of guy who would place any art you made on the fridge. you'll have to deal with constantly seeing all your artwork because this guy can't stop fawning over it.
also he'll definetly write a heartfelt love letter for you in exchange for your masterpiece.
he will also definitely suggest you make some portraits of him. and he will be over the moon when you accept his request. even if the art didn't turn out how you wanted it to? senpai will cry.
from happiness ofcourse.
finally someone who can draw.
you wouldn't think it, but pico is actually quite artistic. so you guys are basically art buddies!
he will definetly give you small drawings as gifts, or draw portraits of you for anniversary's.
he absolutely loves looking at you while you draw or paint, he just finds it very endearing.
the way your face looks when you concentrate on your art?
always makes his day.
drawing sessions?? bro yes <3
he definetly also gives you tips on how to paint or draw better!! if you want those tips ofcourse. if not, that's totally fine with him aswell, and he'll assure you that your art is pretty regardless.
tough gun man has a soft spot for both drawing and you.
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teradriive7 hours ago
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more fnf/picos school endeavors WITH a side of cheese
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evening-cheeses17 hours ago
Boyfriend: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life
Senpai: Self-esteem, haven鈥檛 seen you in years!
Pico: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this!
Girlfriend: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
Lemon Demon: My moral code, is that you?
Boyfriend: i was just gonna show you this cool trunk my mother left me but do you guys need a hug?
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