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dailyreverie · 49 minutes ago
Kissing Prompt: 13 with Bucky please!
Ease Off
A/N: Hi anon! Thanks for the request 😊 I was rewatching FATWS and that "If he was wrong about you then he was wrong about me" scene makes me SOB every time, so this blurb happened lol. I hope you like it!
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KISSING PROMPT #13: frustrated kisses
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Word count: 979
Warnings: Language (F word)
Tumblr media
[gif by @thewhitewolfisaguardian]
The sound of the bag hitting the floor and the door slamming shut was all you needed to know that Bucky was home. It was almost midnight, he had called you from jail about an hour and a half ago, and since then you had been staring at the door waiting for him wide awake with the TV serving little as a distraction.
He looks at you from the entrance, and from the look in your eyes he just knows that you are about to lecture him. "Please don't." He says, turning on his heels to head into the kitchen.
"Don't what?" You ask as you stand up to follow him, your voice stern and desperate to reach him. "You call me from a police station and expect me to don't do what, exactly?" Bucky opens the fridge and grabs a beer for himself, not looking at you as he opens it and takes a gulp. "Bucky, I'm just trying to understand-" You cut yourself as he turns his back to you and slams his beer on the counter, startling you. "Jesus Christ, James, I only want to know-."
"I don't know fucking know, alright!" He finally looks at you, his voice louder than it should be at this time of the night. "Whatever it is that you want to know, I probably don't have the answer to it."
"You can't talk to me like that!" You snap back. "You call me at 10:45 at night telling me you were arrested, then your therapist calls me to ask if I know why you have been missing your sessions because she has to basically BAIL YOU OUT of jail,” His body turns half way so he can lean on the kitchen counter, the grip he has on it making his knuckles turn white. “And I can’t get a fucking explanation?”
“That’s all you want? An explanation?” Bucky scoffs, and you are not sure if you have ever seen him so angry. “Well, how’s this. That shield, the one Steve protected with his life, the one that represented everything we ever stood for, it means nothing now!”
“So that’s why you skip therapy?” Bucky rolls his eyes and you can see him biting the inside of his mouth to not scream back at you. “That’s the one thing that will clear your name, and you just skip it?”
“Why should I even go?” He yells, “That shield is in the hands of that Walker asshole, Sam doesn’t give a damn about it, and Steve didn’t give a damn about me. What am I supposed to do, huh?”
“Buck.” You interrupt, shocked at his quivering voice, because the pain in the words he just spoke about Steve was something he had never mentioned before, and the blatant way he says it makes you realize that frustration is making him blurt out all his thoughts; he doesn’t seem to notice it, doesn’t seem to register what just came out of his mouth.
He looks at you with angry eyes and a puffing chest, expecting you to continue talking. “Why the fuck am I still fighting for something that is no longer here?” He keeps asking, shaking at every word, and the tone in his voice should have made you turn around and leave but instead you are walking towards him even after he has done nothing but scream at you since he got home.
“Bucky, baby, just-” You try again, but his ranting interrupts you.
“What’s the point of all this fucking therapy, and all this fights, if I’m doing it for someone who-”
“Bucky, look at me!” You insist, holding his face between your hands to force him to look at you. His eyebrows are knotted and his nostrils flare at every breath, but his eyes don’t match the anger, instead they are filled with confusion and… plain sadness.
So you kiss him, pulling his head towards yours in a firm grip, hoping that with it he can slow down his train of thought and bring him back to you. His breathing starts to slow down as his lips move along with yours, and when you feel his hands holding your waist you know you have his attention back. You pull apart slowly, and you can see he is still trying to figure out how to feel and what to say “You are a good man, that’s why you are still fighting.” Your hands caress his light stubble while his find the skin under your shirt to draw small circles on it. “And I will never understand Steve, but he knew that too.”
“He was wrong.” He states, his voice raspy and knotted. If you could, you would go back in time and kick Steve Rogers right in the crotch.
“He was, but not about you.” The tears that form in his eyes rip your heart apart. “Never about you.” You whisper, assuringly.
Bucky kisses you again, looking to feel grounded as he always does when he has your lips against his. He doesn’t let go for a few minutes, because you are the one constant thing that makes him feel like he is doing something right and he wants to cling to that feeling for as long as he can. He lifts you with ease so you can sit on the counter, giving him an easier access to reach the rest of your body while his lips are still connected to yours.
You break apart after a few minutes and you immediately look for his eyes, much calmer and softer than the last time you saw them. His metal fingers grab your hand softly to lift it to his lips. There’s no need to say any word as your gaze meets his, you just let yourself wrap around him to bandage every wound that his past left behind on him.
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sambucky-stupidity · 6 hours ago
Sambucky fight scene in Captain America 4 but it’s actually just both of them arguing about who has the better boyfriend while Joaquin stares into the camera like it’s the office.
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svmbucky · 2 days ago
GUYS OMGGG sambucky amusement park date!!! sam, known thrill seeker, probably loves the fuck out of rollercoasters...... and bucky’s like trying to be a supportive boyfriend so he’s like “fine, ok, i’ll try it once” but of course he hates heights so it goes about as well as you’d expect (he almost breaks sam’s hand clinging on for dear life). in the end though they both kind of end up giggling about it and over some overpriced ice cream they hold hands and agree to start with the small stuff......
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dailyreverie · 5 days ago
Umm maybe caretaker Bucky please and thank you because i feel like it would be the sweetest fluffiest of fluff to ever fluff 🌡 🥺
Alright, you asked for fluff...
The flu had hit you like a truck, with fevers and body pain since the morning before. Bucky takes it on himself to make you feel better, since it was his fever what got you feeling like that. The medicines were working on your body like a clock, so he would keep a close track of time to give you your medicine every time it was starting to fade away.
Bucky cracks opens the bedroom door to find you still curled up in a ball on his side of the bed, with one of his warm sweatshirts covering your body and your hands tucked behind your head.
"Doll, wake up." He whispers caressing your hair, and as soon as sleep leaves your body he sees your face twisting in pain and a groan leaves your lips. "Its time for your medicine."
"I'm cold." You mumble, not daring to open your eyes and risking getting a headache from the light.
"Come on, this is going to make you feel better." His voice is calm, almost soothing you back to sleep. "And I made you some tea."
You sit up slowly and take the pills from Bucky's hand and the tea from the night table. After a few sips you feel warmth starting to come back to your body, but even with that your bones stil feel cold. Bucky can sense it, somehow, and he draps a blanket around your shoulders, sitting next to you in bed and rubbing circles on your back. "Do you mind cuddling me?" Your stuffed nose makes your m's sound weird, making Bucky laugh slightly at that. "I'm just really cold."
Bucky props himself agaisnt the headboard and opens an arm to fit you in the space between his arm and his chest. The blanket is covering you up to your nose, and his warm body is producing the rest of the heat needed to stop the shivering from your body. You manage to watch one full episode of the Friends re-runs you found on TV before starting to doze off again, and without warning you are asleep, balled up against Bucky's chest.
He doesn't let go for a while, afraid you will get cold again and wake up, so he holds you close for a couple more episodes, just to be sure you will feel a bit better when you wake up.
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dailyreverie · 7 days ago
Put your head on my shoulder
A/N: Why did I thought the song "Put your head on my shoulder" was from the 40s? Guess I'm just dumb. Anyway, another request from @starksweasleymain. Thank you for requesting dear 💖 I hope you like both of them! This was written to include #8 and #22 of the touching prompts list. You can request your prompt right here!
8. shielding the other one with their body
22. falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
Pairing: Bucky x female reader
Word count: 549
Warnings: alcohol consumption. Other than that just massive amounts of fluff.
Tumblr media
The fuss of a successful mission had turned the common room into a full-on party. Karaoke on the main TV, drinking games going on in the table in front of you, and some sort of mixology taste-test at the bar between just Clint and Nat.
It was fun, and you wanted to be part of the fun, except the mission had left you exhausted. That kind of exhaustion that makes everything sound far away, that makes your legs feel like rags and your head weight as if a truck was parked on top of it. Still, you wanted to be there and enjoy the celebration.
Bucky was sitting next to you, his arm wrapped lazily around your shoulders while holding a beer with his other hand. Your head had found its way to his shoulder a few minutes ago, and since he was too invested in Sam and Steve’s karaoke performance he didn’t notice you sinking deeper and deeper into his body, wrapping your arms around his torso to use his warm body as a blanket.
He was laughing freely with a happiness he kept almost only to you, making your body shake every time he laughed at his friends’ out of tune voices. Only after they are done he turns to you, ready to joke about the performance, but he notices your half closed eyes and your chill breathing. “Doll,” He calls to you, lowering his head to speak to you. “Are you alright?”
Your eyes go up to meet his. “Yeah, I’m just a bit tired.” You murmured.
“Do you want to go to bed?” He asked in a soothing voice, his hand going to your hair to play with it. And yes, the answer is 100% yes, but you know that if you go to bed he is going to want to join you, and you can’t do that to him when he is enjoying the party as much as he is.
You shake your head no. “It’s alright, I can handle it.” You assured him, smiling up to him and he matches the smile, knowing you are lying right to his face. “Besides, I always use you as my pillow anyway.”
Bucky’s hand reaches down to the back of your knees and pulls your legs up to his lap, making you lie across it. A giggle leaves your lips at his actions, and he turns to look at you with crinkles in the corners of his eyes when he hears it. “What about now? Is it better?” He leans down and kisses your lips softly, wrapping one hand around your shoulders and the other one holding your waist.
“So much better.” You rest your head in the space between his shoulder and neck, sleep coming to you faster than before. “You don’t mind?”
He kisses the top of your head before replying. “Not at all, doll. I’ll take you to bed.”
You smile against his shoulder and place a quick kiss on it. “Just don’t let them make fun of me, or draw anything weird on my face.”
Bucky chuckles again, making your body shake. “Don’t worry baby,” the arm that was holding your waist grips you tighter against him, shielding you from whatever joke may come at you. “I got you, you can sleep.”
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dailyreverie · 7 days ago
Because I care
A/N: This was requested by @starksweasleymain to include #46 from the kiss prompts and #8 from the touching prompts. Here we have an angry confession Bucky, I hope you enjoy it! You can request your prompt right here!
KISSING PROMPT #46: angry kisses
TOUCHING PROMPT #8: shielding the other one with their body
Pairing: Bucky x GN Reader
Word count: 856
Warnings: Language (f word)
Tumblr media
[gif by @asterie]
Trying to “play nice” and “be patient” was a complete and utter disaster whenever it came to being on the same team as Bucky. He was always in your way, doing missions practically on his own, and not accepting any help when it came from you. Whatever crush you may have had on him when you joined the team was gone thanks to that, instead you were now dealing with a “self-absorbed fossil man”, which were the exact words you said to Nat before leaving for your mission that morning, completely on your own.
Being on your first ever solo mission gave you a rush of adrenaline and excitement that you had never felt before as you sneaked around the building without getting caught. Your eyes were on the target, the room you had to get to was just a flight of stairs away and the file number that you had to get going around your mind like a catchy summer song as the halls emptied and your silent feet made its way to cross it; you were ready to call it a victory, your very first solo victory, the pride in yourself making you smile. That is until a couple of agents appear in front of you, outnumbering you in bodies and guns and making the smile leave your lips.
“You are new.” One of the agents said with a quirked eyebrow, holding his gun right to your face. “You’re coming with us, sweetheart.”
The tone in his voice makes you gag. “Nah, I don’t think so.” You reach down to get out your guns in a quick movement, and as soon as you start to fire at them, you hear a couple gunshots behind you. You turn around, ducking your head at the sudden threat, and suddenly a metal hand grabs your arm and pushes you behind him as he shoots.
The two agents are down when the alarms go off. “Go!” Bucky tells you, turning around to meet your furious gaze.
With a loud grunt you rush to the file room before anyone else arrives and take out the information you need. It was still a victory, just not achieved on your own, and that thought alone was fueling the need to kick the soldier in the shins. You both manage to outrun and avoid all the security that was after you, firing shots behind your head while Bucky took charge of threats that could be coming up front.
You get to the parking lot leaving a mess of bodies and alarms inside the building, breathless, while Bucky looks around for an exit. “Hey!” You yelled. “What the hell are you doing here?” He stops walking and turns around to look at you, his jaw clenched and his eyebrows in the same straight line they always are. “This was MY mission.”
“Yeah, and that was going great.” He rebuked sarcastically.
You sigh as you roll your eyes at his comment. “I had it, I could have done it without your help.” He doesn’t say anything, he just keeps staring at you with his nostrils flaring every breath. “I’m not stupid, Bucky! I know how to take care of myself!”
“You almost get killed.” He cautioned.
“I could have done it.” You said between your teeth.
His body is suddenly towering you. “You don’t know that!”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” You question, trying not to be intimidated by his tall body and his piercing gaze. “You think Tony or Steve would have let me be in the team if I didn’t know what I was doing?”
“That’s not what I…” Bucky shakes his head in frustration, a deep breath escaping his lips. “That’s not it.”
“Then what is it!” You demand. “You keep stealing all my victories and I am sick and tired of-”
His lips crash to yours, cutting your sentence in half. Your back meets the door you came from as his lips steal your air in a hungry kiss, his hand grabbing the back of your neck holding you against him as you kiss him back, the same eagerness coming from both of you. Maybe the crush you had on him wasn’t entirely gone, you realize, holding to the pads of his jacket to deepen the kiss. You part after what feels like hours, when your lungs are screaming for air, and you look into his eyes trying to see if they had the answer of what just happened.
“It is because I care too much about you to let you go alone.” Bucky’s voice is hoarse, and the softness and truth it carries leaves you speechless. There’s no time to fight back as security catches up on you, sending you on the run to the exit once again.
The drive back to the compound is silent, filled with questions that are left hanging in the thick tension that surrounds you. Once you arrive and the car is parked you leave quickly, heading to the door to find Nat as soon as you could, leaving Bucky standing in the garage with words and feelings clenching to his throat.
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eosvns · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
steve: look at what arrived in the mail today :) do u like them sam? :)
sam: what the fuck
sam: i just cancelled all my meetings for the week i'm coming home rn
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5-seconds-of-mendes · 7 days ago
A/N: Okay, so let’s pretend that Bucky didn’t blip 😉 That is the job I am trusting you with as you read this, dear reader (especially during a certain part, but you’ll get there when you get there) Also, please ignore my lack of original concepts, as I am well aware that I used this similar concept for a Shawn fic a while back (I promise this version is quite different and much better written) Anyways, happy reading! :)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem Avenger!Reader
Summery: Different types of kisses throughout you and Bucky’s relationship
Word Count: 4.3k+  (oof, much longer than I intended. Sorry, friends!)
Warnings: Swearing, reader gets stabbed, mentions of blood, mentions of pregnancy, (brief) mention of death (nobody actually dies)
The First Kiss
It was quiet as the two of you walked down the hallway, save for the occasional sounds of Bucky’s boots scuffing on the linoleum. Whether it was because you didn’t want to wake up anyone else in the compound this late at night or because there was nothing left to say, you weren’t sure.
After months of longing looks and nervous conversations (and a bit of pushing from Steve), Bucky finally found the courage to ask you out on a date. He made it a whole ordeal, even bringing flowers when he asked if you wanted to grab some sandwiches from a nearby deli and eat them at the park. You would be lying if you said you hadn’t been waiting to hear those words for a while now and told him you’d be happy to. Your shy smile made Bucky’s insides melt and he found himself mirroring one back at you.
Now, your third date--a midnight hike through a trail you suggested--was coming to an end.
“Can I walk you back to your room?” Bucky broke the silence, chewing his lip nervously as he awaited your answer.
“Your room is right across the hall from mine. Aren’t you going that way anyways?” you giggled.
“Let me be a gentleman,” he insisted as you rounded the corner of the hallway that led to your rooms.
“I mean, how can I say no to that?”
“I don’t think you can.” His signature smirk and charm had you melting and you stared at the floor in hopes that he wouldn’t see the obvious ways he affected you.
The two of you arrived at your door almost too soon, and you found yourself wishing that your night together wasn’t over quite yet.
“I had a great time with you, Bucky.” You turned to fully face him, looking up shyly into his eyes.
He took one of your hands with his, bringing it up to his lips. “I did too, Y/N. We should do it again.”
“The date or getting eaten alive by mosquitoes?”
“The mosquitos were endearing but I was more so thinking of another date.”
“I’d like that.” You squeezed his hand before letting go, pushing your door open and taking a step forwards before Bucky’s hand grabbed your wrist. He gently spun you back towards him, his charm suddenly replaced by a more timid look.
“Um, can I . . . would you let me . . .” he glanced down to your lips. “Can I kiss you?”
You didn’t respond, simply placing your free hand on his cheek and leaning towards him. His hands both went to wrap around your waist as your lips brushed and your other hand came to rest on his chest. The kiss was slow and soft. There was no need to rush as you stood there in the hallway at 1:45 in the morning, wrapped around each other like you couldn’t let go.
You finally broke away, feeling Bucky’s chest steadily rise beneath your palm as you calmed your own breathing. You tried to play it cool on the outside, though you were screaming with glee internally.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” You slowly slipped out of his grasp, a twinkle in your eyes that hadn’t been there before.
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
The Welcome Home Kiss
Your eyelids seemed to droop more by the second as you tried to keep yourself awake. The caffeine you had earlier could only do so much to curb the sleepiness that was settling in your bones. The fact that you were sitting in your bed at the moment probably wasn’t helping, but you were too tired to move.
Waiting up for Bucky seemed like a good idea until it was 2:30 in the morning and he still wasn’t back. He would probably scold you when he got back, saying how sleep deprivation didn’t look good on you, but you didn’t care. You hadn’t seen your boyfriend in a week and you missed him. If you had to pull an all-nighter to do so, so be it.
The sound of footsteps outside your door pulled you from your thoughts. It only took a second to recognize the familiar clunking of Bucky’s combat boots, causing you to perk up as you waited for him to peek into your room.
The footsteps paused outside your door for a moment and you held your breath in anticipation. The door didn’t open though, and the footsteps became fainter, presumably walking away from your room.
Does he think I’m asleep? You frowned. Usually, he at least opened the door to check in on you.
You pulled the blanket off your body, getting out of bed and padding out of your room towards Bucky’s. You did your best to stay quiet as you twisted the door knob in case he was already asleep. It wasn’t uncommon for him to pass out as soon as his head met the pillow after a mission. Lord knows he needed the rest.
You were met with an empty room when you peeked your head in. You almost left, assuming that your excited mind had been playing tricks on you, when you caught sight of light peeking out from beneath the bathroom door. A smile crept its way onto your face and you closed the door behind you, sitting on the edge of his bed and waiting for him to come out.
A few more minutes passed and you debated just letting yourself fall asleep there when the bathroom door swung open. Bucky stepped out, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt that you had tried to steal on multiple occasions. He didn’t notice you until he was almost to his bed and lifted his gaze from the floor, jumping back with a “shit!” when he saw you.
“What are you doing up, doll?” he asked once he regained his composure.
“Waiting for you,” you replied simply, pulling him into a hug as soon as he sat down next to you. “I missed you.”
“I missed you too.”
You pulled back just enough to press your lips against his, relishing the languid movements of his lips against yours at the absurd hour of the morning. His arms traveled down to your hips as yours moved to wrap around his neck.
“Welcome home, sergeant.”
The Fevered Forehead Kiss
You were burning up.
The sweat drenched shirt you were wearing was sticking to your body and the fact that Bucky, AKA: the walking furnace, was laying next to you, wasn’t helping in the slightest. His arm was slung over your back, which made your situation that much worse. He seemed to be sleeping peacefully: a rarity with him. Moving out of bed was sure to wake him up but you really needed to change your shirt.
You sighed, deciding that you needed to get into some dryer clothes if you had any hopes of falling back asleep before the sun rose. Prying yourself from Bucky’s grip as carefully as possible, you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. A wave of dizziness overcame you, forcing you to brace yourself against the wall. A quiet groan escaped your lips when the dizziness started getting worse rather than fading away. Your vision started to tunnel: a surefire sign that you were going to pass out.
A pair of arms wrapped around you and Bucky’s face came into view. He gently eased you back onto the bed, supporting your back as he layed you back down. You felt a hand brush over your cheek as the dizziness faded and your senses returned.
Bucky frowned at how warm your cheek felt beneath his touch. You were feeling a little warm when he carried you to bed after a group game night--of which you had fallen asleep halfway through--but he didn’t think much of it then. He smoothed some hair back from your forehead and rested his lips there to better judge your temperature.
“Shit, doll. You’re burning up,” he murmured.
“It’s really hot in here.” Sleep was clawing at you but you were uncomfortable beyond belief. “I need to change my shirt.”
Bucky silently helped you out of the shirt you were wearing, throwing it in the hamper before shuffling over to the dresser to get you another one. He grabbed the first one he saw, making his way back over to where you were laying and helping you into it.
“Get some sleep, sweetheart,” he said as he pressed his lips to your forehead once more. “I’ll be right here.”
The “Shut Up!” Kiss
The Quinjet was filled with chatter as the team headed back to the compound after a successful mission. You managed to get the intel you needed and nobody got hurt in the process--well, nobody except you, but no one needed to know that.
You managed to get yourself stabbed in the right bicep when you were making your way back to the jet. It wasn’t horribly severe, it just hurt like a bitch. You were quick to take care of the Hydra agent and keep moving, knowing the team was going to want to get back to the compound as quickly as possible to celebrate. Missions without some kind of injury were a rarity with you guys.
You just assumed that you’d wait until you got to the compound and stitch yourself up there without anyone knowing. Seemed easy enough of a plan, right?
“Hey, doll,” Bucky said as he sat down in the seat to your left with a kiss to your cheek.
“Hey, babe.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, snuggling into the warmth radiating off of him.
“I’m so ready to get in bed.”
“You said it.”
You were able to block out the pain coming from your arm for a moment, allowing yourself to relax in your boyfriend’s presence instead. That was, until Bucky’s arm came up to wrap around your shoulders. You winced when his hand brushed over your wound, cursing internally when you felt him stiffen up next to you. Of course he was going to find out.  
He pulled his hand back, seeing it covered in red. “Is that blood?”
“Yes but that doesn’t matter right now. You know what does matter? Getting to bed cause you look-” You sat up, rubbing your hand over the wound yourself, finding that there was significantly more blood there now than there was earlier.
“You are literally bleeding right now!” He raised his voice slightly and you glared at him, not wanting to draw attention to the situation.
“I know but-”
“I love you but if you shut the fuck up right now, Y/N-”
Bucky grabbed your face, quickly bringing your lips to his. “You are going to stop talking and let me take care of this, okay? No ifs, ands, or buts. I don’t wanna hear ‘em.” His voice was stern but you could see the concern in his eyes.
“Okay,” you sighed, dropping your eyes to your lap.
“Now let me see your arm so we can fix you up.”
The Top of the Head Kiss
“You don’t think it’s too soon, do you?” Bucky asked Steve as they sat in the kitchen. It was early on a Thursday morning, when everyone else was either asleep or doing an early morning workout. The two super soldiers had already finished their daily morning run and decided to enjoy a cup of coffee in the kitchen before the rest of the team showed up.
“Buck, I thought you were going to propose after the fifth date. You’ve been together for almost two years. I think it’s about time,” Steve answered with a chuckle, enjoying the bashful look on his best friend’s face.
“I just wanna do it right, you know?” Bucky bit the inside of his cheek as he contemplated the right way to propose for what was probably the thousandth time. “I know she doesn’t want something that’s so romantic it’s cheesy but I want it to be special.”
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Steve patted Bucky’s arm as he got up to put his mug in the sink. “You know she’s going to say ‘yes’ no matter what.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s just scary trying to-”
“Morning boys.” Your groggy voice rang through the kitchen, causing Steve and Bucky to immediately shut up.
“You’re up early, sweetheart,” Bucky commented as you made your way over to him.
“Thought I’d be productive today.” You ran a hand through his hair, still unruly from his run, before placing your lips on top of his head. “Whatcha’ guys talking about?”
Steve and Bucky shared a panicked look. “Uhh . . . super secret boy band stuff.” Bucky’s hands made their way to your hips, fingers messing with the hem of your shirt.
“Ohh, okay. Let me just grab my breakfast and then I’ll let you plan your little boyband stuff.” You ruffled Bucky’s hair and busied yourself with making a bagel, winking at him before leaving the kitchen.
“You better hurry up,” Steve chuckled. “Cause she’s gonna figure out what you’re doing soon if you don’t.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Bucky grumbled. “I’m working on it.”
The Passionate Kiss
“I’m so hungry!” you complained as you took your suit off, having just returned from a mission. You weren’t able to eat lunch earlier and your stomach was making sure you knew just how much it did not appreciate that.
“We stocked up the fridge yesterday so you should be good to go,” Bucky said from his place on the edge of the bed. His eyes stayed glued on you as you slipped on a pair of shorts and one of his Henleys.
You smiled brightly at his words and made your way over to him, giving a quick peck to his temple and grabbing his hand. “Care to join me?”
“Course, doll.” He stood up and followed you out of your shared room, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you into his side as you walked to the kitchen. Everything was going according to plan.
The mission you just came back from? It was fake. You didn’t know that of course, but Bucky had Steve and Tony help him set it up so he could get ready for what he was planning on doing tonight without you either finding out or getting overly suspicious. What was he planning on doing, exactly? Proposing. He was finally going to propose tonight.
You and Steve were sent out on an undercover “mission” in which you had to pretend to be a couple in order to attend a ball and gather intel on a possible new Hydra branch. Bucky wasn’t quite sure how Tony managed to set the whole thing up, but he decided not to bother himself with the logistics. There were more important issues at hand.
He patted his pocket as you parted from his side to grab plates. Yup, the ring was still there.
“Why don’t I get the plates and you grab what you want from the fridge, sweetheart?” he suggested.
“Oh no, I got the plates. You grab whatever you think is good. I’ll eat whatever.” You took two plates out of the cabinet and made your way to the table, your back to the fridge.
This is going to be harder than he anticipated.
In his debate to decide the perfect way to propose to you, Bucky somehow came to the conclusion that the best way to ask you to be his future wife was by spelling out “Will you marry me?” on the refrigerator with a bunch of magnets. A picture of the two of you from when you first started dating was placed next to it with a heart magnet, and Bucky was pretty proud of himself for the idea. He forgot, of course, that you could be a little oblivious sometimes when it came to noticing things.
No need to stress about it. She’ll notice eventually.
Bucky grabbed some things from the fridge, microwaving a few before bringing them over to the table and sitting down in the seat next to yours. “Bon appetit!”
“¡Muchas gracias, señor!” You smiled, already dumping a few things onto your plate and digging in.
“That was a completely different language,” he chuckled.
He shrugged his shoulders. “Tell me ‘bout the mission.”
“It was alright,” you said through a mouthful of food. You swallowed before continuing. “I don’t know why they sent Steve with me instead of you. You’d think that since we had to pretend to be a married couple, they’d have me go with my boyfriend.” Damn, Tony really didn’t try to be that subtle, did he?
“Yeah, strange . . .”
“Anyways, it was pretty easy. I didn’t even have to go to a debriefing!” You put some more food on your plate, noticing that Bucky had barely touched his. “You okay? You’ve hardly eaten.” You motioned towards his plate.
“Hmm? Oh, I ate before you got home so I’m not that hungry.” It wasn’t entirely a lie. He ate, just not a lot to be considered a meal. Nerves.
“Uh huh.” You gave him a weird look as you took a bite of food. “You’re up to something.”
“Me? Up to something? Never.” He watched you finish your food and sit back with a satisfied groan.
“Okay, sure.” You gave him a playful glare as he took your plates and got up to put them in the sink. You grabbed the leftover food and containers, and put them in the sink, nudging Bucky’s hip with yours.
“You trying to start something, doll?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Maybe I am.” You looked back at him, completely missing the colorful magnets on the fridge yet again as you opened it and put the food back inside. Your hand caught the ‘M’ when you tried to take your hand off of the refrigerator handle, causing it to fall off and clink on the ground.
“Ill you marry me?” you read off the fridge, a confused laugh escaping your mouth. “What?”
Bucky playfully shook his head. He walked over to you, picking up the fallen magnet and putting it back in its place. He leaned against the fridge as he watched you read the phrase again.
“Buck, are you being serious?” Your eyes lit up, though there was a hint of hesitance in your voice.
“I don’t know, you tell me.” He pulled the black velvet case out of his pocket, getting down to one knee.
Your hand slapped over your mouth, trying to contain the squeal of joy threatening to jump out. “Bucky!”
He flipped the lid open. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”
You bit your lips together, nodding your head vigorously. “Yeah. I think I’ll marry you, Bucky Barnes.”
Bucky stood up and you grabbed his face, crashing your lips onto his. It was messy but perfect for the moment. Your heart was beating a million times a minute but you paid it no mind as you tried to pull Bucky even closer.
“I love you,” you said once you pulled away for breath. Your eyes watered as you tried to keep tears from falling.
He leaned back in to slot his lips between yours again. “I love you too.”
The Relieved Kiss
Bucky wasn’t sure what exactly to expect when he rushed out with the team to find Captain Marvel lowering down a giant ship in front of the compound, but nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to see.
He’d been a mess since Thanos snapped away half the universe. Unbeknownst to him, you were up in space when the battle happened, leaving him to assume that you had dusted away with the millions of others and left him behind to pick himself up.
While Bucky suffered in his own personal hell down on Earth, you were stranded in a broken spaceship with Tony and Nebula. Up until your rescue, you were sure that you were going to die up there, staring into the void of space. You recorded a message for Bucky after Tony recorded his for Pepper in hopes that it would someday make it back to him. Then Captain Marvel came to save you and bring you back to Earth; to bring you back home.
Bucky ran up with Steve to help Tony, supporting the man who looked like he’d been to hell and back a few times. He stepped aside once Pepper ran up, choking on his own breath when he looked back to the steps of the ship.
You held onto Nebula’s arm as you slowly stumbled down the stairs. Bucky let out a sob at the sight of you, immediately rushing up to help you. You felt so fragile in his arms and it took everything in him to not collapse to the ground in shock, not sure if it was relief that you were alive or horror at your condition
He held you to his chest as tightly as he could once you made it to solid ground, his vibranium arm holding you up by your waist while his flesh hand held your head to his chest.
“Oh my god,” was all he could say as he stood there, body shaking as he cried
“Hey, I’m okay.” Your hand shook as it came up to weakly pat his shoulder. He could tell you were completely out of it: eyes distant and mind barely there. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone approaching, ready to help get you to med bay.
He pressed his lips to the crown of your head, gently rocking you back and forth in his arms. “You’re alive.”
You tried to pull back in his grip, forcing him to loosen it slightly. “I love you.” You leaned up to kiss his lips, though it ended up being more of a brush of your lips than an actual kiss.
“I love you too, sweetheart.” He kissed your hairline, scared that kissing your lips would steal more oxygen away--something you desperately needed more of in your system right now. “You’re gonna be okay.”
The “Holy Shit!” Kiss
You weren’t sure how much longer you could keep it a secret. You were sure he would’ve figured it out by now: the sticks in the trash, the sudden avoidance of certain foods you would usually never pass up, the second heartbeat that now accompanied your own.
It wasn’t that you didn’t want him to know--you had actually been trying for a baby for a while now--you just weren’t sure how to tell him. Is this how he felt before proposing?
The opening of your bedroom door interrupted your thoughts. You were met with the sight of your husband shrugging off his jacket when you turned around. He cut his hair recently. Something about it being “too hot for this shit.”
“Why are you wearing a jacket? It’s June,” you giggled.
“The air conditioning is fucking blasting and I got cold while I was doing my paper work, if you must know,” he said, laying the jacket on the chair you were standing next to. He left a quick kiss on your lips, leaving you craving for more.
“You’re crazy.”
“I’m crazy? I think you have the wrong guy here, doll.”
“No, I don’t think I do.” Your hand caught his, tangling your fingers together. Should I just tell him now?
“You keep thinking that. Steve asked me to help train some agents here in a few minutes so I gotta go now.” Another quick kiss and a wink and he started making his way out the door.
“Wait, Buck!” He turned around, almost out the door. “I need to tell you something real quick.” You motioned for him to come back over.
He took a few steps forward, a confused look on his face as you grabbed both his hands in yours. He could hear your heart rate picking up, which only served to worry him.
“So, I was wondering if you would be free to go to the hospital about eight months from now?” You gave a small smile, hoping he’d catch on quickly. “I’m not sure what the exact date is going to be quite yet but I’d really appreciate it if you could be there.”
Bucky frowned. What business did you have at the hospital that you scheduled nine months ahead of time? “Babe, what are you talking about?”
“I think we’re going to need to find our own place too. We’ll need a lot more space.” He still wasn’t catching on. “I doubt having three people in here would be super pleasant.”
He frowned even more and you simply giggled, bringing his hands to your stomach. “I’m pregnant, Buck.”
“Ohh!” He let out a sigh of relief, glad that that was all you were worried about. “Had me worried for a second there, doll.”
It was your turn to frown. “What?”
“From the way you started, I was worried you were dying and this was some sadistic way of telling me.”
“Nope. Quite the opposite, actually.”
“Was wondering when you were going to tell me.” His thumbs rubbed circles into your belly.
“You knew?!”
“I heard the heartbeat weeks ago. Took me a while to figure out what it was but I figured you’d tell me when you were ready.”  
“Damn your supersoldier hearing.” You leaned your head on top of his shoulder, letting out a small groan.
“Holy shit though,” His voice was soft as he rested his chin on your head. “we’re having a baby!”
“Yeah,” You lifted your head up slowly to see the biggest grin on your husband’s face. “we’re having a baby.”
A hand came up to cup your cheeks as he leaned into your lips, kissing you deeply and trying not to cry. “Holy shit!”
Reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated!! :)
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hcomet28 · 8 days ago
It took only one hour for me to become Bucky Barnes trash. wtf
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happygowriting · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: A Boyfriend for Hire Pairing: Ducky (Bucky Barnes x Dayton White), Stucky (mentions) Rating: Explicit [ if you are under 18 do not interact] Word Count: 2782 Warnings: feelings, angst, internal struggles Summary: A few months have passed, and Dayton and Bucky’s fake relationship is thriving. The press is reporting on Dayton’s career and while there are a lot of people who are still interested in Dayton’s love life the media has stopped talking about it so much. Dayton invites Bucky, and his friend Steve, over for a movie night. During the hangout Dayton discovers some things about himself. Author's Note: I decided to fast forward a bit to where the relationship is more established and they have been “fake dating” for a little bit. I didn’t fast forward much, just a couple of months but enough time has passed that maybe there are feelings starting to develop between the two and… that can’t be good, now can it? Unbeta’d, mistakes are my own. ****Also I will not stand for Steve slander, he is not going to be getting in the way of Ducky or anything like that. Steve is Bucky’s best friend. If you have anything negative to say about his character, just don’t.
Catch up here: ABFH Masterlist || Buy me a kofi!
Nobody‌ ‌has‌ ‌any‌ ‌permission‌ ‌to‌ ‌translate,‌ ‌repost,‌ ‌upload,‌ ‌or‌ ‌do‌ ‌anything‌ ‌with‌ ‌my‌ ‌fics.‌ Additionally I do not post my work to Wattpad. If you see this fic on there please let me know.
Tumblr media
A few months go by and Dayton finds it easy to fall into a routine with Bucky.
Each Thursday - because Friday through Sunday was reserved for his racing duties - Bucky would come over to Dayton’s house in the morning and they would spend the day together. It usually involved them doing regular couple things that would get them photographed enough to satisfy fans, the paparazzi and the media outlets. Sometimes they would go to the beach, other times they would go to museums, then there were the days they would just go shopping and eat lunch together.
It got to a point where spending time with Bucky didn’t seem like a chore or something Dayton needed to do and they started to form a friendship with each other. They talked about their jobs, they laughed at jokes, they even touched a bit on their personal lives but they had an unspoken agreement to not get too into the personal life stuff so that things didn’t become too real between them. They both had their reasons to not get too personal and they both respected that.
However, becoming friends also made it somewhat hard for Dayton to remember that they were fake dating and keep that at the forefront of his mind when they were doing things. He had settled into the routine so much that he hadn’t even thought about dating someone else or looking for a real relationship and he was sure that there were feelings forming, feelings that he tried hard to ignore and push down because he didn’t need to be dealing with anything like that. Feelings were too complicated and made things too real.
Anytime he felt a fluttering in his stomach or caught himself looking too fondly at Bucky he would push the feelings down and change the subject or pretend like they just weren’t happening. He couldn’t have feelings for Bucky, it wasn’t possible. They were in a fake relationship and any feelings that came about were fake feelings, or that was what Dayton told himself. They had to be fake, he couldn’t face a heartbreak. So he ignored any feelings that came up and just focused on his career, which was taking off more and more.
Even the media was starting to talk about his career more and that was a lot nicer to see than to have to scroll through a half dozen stories about his love life. Now when he looked up news about him it was about how great of a season he was having and in his latest interviews there were less questions about his love life and more questions about what he was planning to do for the rest of the season. He found out it really was true that when people got into relationships people were less interested in who they were fucking.
There were still the odd comments, the wanderings of who exactly Bucky was, but Bucky had a pretty tight lid on what he really did and his private life. The only thing anyone could really find on him was that he used to be in the military and was a decorated soldier. Dayton admired Bucky for how well he’d been able to keep his personal life private, especially with how he was an escort and had many celebrity clients before Dayton. Dayton wasn’t sure how he did it but he wished he knew how to as well, it would be nice.
As is, most of Dayton’s life was played out through tabloids and in what other people thought and he couldn’t go anywhere without someone taking his photograph. He was okay with that, for the most part. He had at least grown used to it so it didn’t bother him as much. It was just a part of his life.
As Bucky and Dayton’s relationship went on, Dayton thought it would be a good idea for them to start mingling with each other’s friends. He figured that it would look weird if they didn’t mingle with friends. When Dayton ran the idea by Bucky, he seemed to be agreeable and liked the idea and suggested maybe doing a quiet movie with his best friend Steve. Dayton had heard about Steve a lot, Bucky seemed to really like the other man and spent a lot of time with him - Dayton wasn’t jealous at that, he had no reason to be.
So on a weekend that Dayton had off he got some snacks: he made sure he had an array of options because he didn’t want anyone - even his fake boyfriend - to think that he was a bad host and got a few movies queued up on Netflix, and ordered a few pizza’s ahead of Bucky and Steve coming over.
friend tag: @steveng-rogers @nix-akimbo @eurynome827 @uncafeavecbarnes
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dailyreverie · 10 days ago
Healing Hands
A/N: Requested by @starksweasleymain to include numbers 17, 20 and 23 from the touch prompt list. There’s also a kisses prompt list in case you want to check that one out. You can request your prompt right here! (This was called “nurse Bucky” in my drafts, I found it hilarious)
17. holding the other’s chin up
20. bandaging/stitching up an injury
23. carrying the other one in their arms
Pairing: Bucky x female reader
Word count: 808
Warning: mentions of violence and blood
Tumblr media
Enemies were coming left and right. Your reflexes, more alert than ever, were in command of your body as you defeated all of them, one by one as they approached you. Bucky was a few feet away from you, his metal arm shining from the reflection of the sun as he took care of his portion of bad guys. Pure adrenaline was oozing from your bodies as you gave hit after hit, knocking them all out cold in the concrete until there were only a couple left.
It was almost too easy, almost deserving of a little brag, because what an amazing team you and Bucky were.
The man you were fighting with fell to the floor after a strong kick to his face, letting you catch a breath and turn to look at Bucky, flipping knives and punching people and dear lord he looks good while doing that.
“Enjoying the view?” He asked after taking out one more enemy and holding another one by the throat.
“Just getting some ideas for later.” The smirk on your face made him match it, sending a wink your way. You hear shuffling on the floor and rapidly turn around to a fighting stance again. But the man you had knocked out was faster, and in no time he was already on his feet and holding a metal pole in his hand.
Bucky turned to look at you just as the pole was flying to your head. He screamed your name in panic as your hands flew up in an attempt to stop him, but the metal reached your forehead before his bullet reached the man’s chest. He saw you wobbling on your heels, your fingers reaching up to the spot that was hit, your fingertips shaking as they soaked the blood that was coming out of your forehead.
Your eyes unfocused as he reached you, and right before your knees gave up he was behind you, catching you before you fell to the floor dazed. “Shit shit shit shit…” He mumbled as he saw the scary crimson liquid leaving a track as it traveled down your face in a line. Bucky lifted you in his arms, rushing to the Quinjet agitated at the sight of your unconscious state and your bloody forehead.
Your senses came back right before arriving to the Quinjet. “Buck?” You called for him, clinging to his neck as you only saw trees going past you. Your head pulsed and your eyes were ringing from the hit you took. You could feel yourself coming in and out of it, your head spinning every time it happened.
Bucky finally placed you down on an unmoving spot, laying you down holding your head carefully. “I need the first aid kit!” He urged, removing his gloves. His hands, calloused and rough, were moving softly as they cleaned the blood from your face.
The smell of alcohol woke you up fully. His piercing blue eyes were furrowed as his hands made sure you were not in pain while he heals your wound.
“How bad is it?” You heard Sam ask somewhere behind Bucky.
“I don’t know.” Bucky’s voice shaked, and he hadn’t even realized you were awake.
“I’ve had worse.” Your voice was hoarse as you spoke.
You had hoped that it would make Bucky smile, but he kept his serious face. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, doll.” He left his hand at the wound, holding a gauze there to stop the bleeding, and he finally looked at your eyes. “Does it hurt?” Bucky asks, his free hand caressing your cheek softly.
“A bit,” You whispered. He let a loud breath out from his nose as he looked at your eyes. He knew it hurt like hell. “But I’m fine, I have a great nurse.” You smiled up at him, and his face softened.
A bandage appeared in his hands and he carefully wrapped it around your head, holding the gauze in place with it. You sat up slightly when he was done, and the wave of dizziness and pain hit you again, making your face scrunch up. His hands flew to your back, holding you in case you passed out again.
You managed to sit up. When your eyes opened again his face was in anguish, his eyes looking all over your face. “Hey.” You muttered, reaching for his face to stop his frantic eyes. Your fingers got a hold of his stubbled jaw, your thumb traveling over it until it reached his cleft. You tilted it up, and his gaze found yours.
“You scared me, doll.” He admitted in a low voice, caressing your hair back so it doesn’t mess up with his bandage.
“I’m alright,” You reassured him “Thank you.” He leaned to meet your lips in a soft kiss, and with your soft smile he’s at peace again.
Thanks for reading! Reblog and comment if you enjoyed it!
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bitchassbucky · 10 days ago
Bucky looks at you whilst you're doing something mundane and he realizes he doesn't want to be with you anymore😭
thanks for sending this in, bestie <3 thanks 4 the hurt
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happygowriting · 11 days ago
I wrote 1,123 words today on the nexr A Boyfriend to Hire chapter. 👀 It's not close to being finished yet. 👀 And it's getting angsty. I hurt my own hurt writing tonight. 😭
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bitchassbucky · 11 days ago
nah because ex!bucky would break up with you ever since he fell out of love.
congrats, you unearthed my biggest fear when it comes to romantic relationships: falling out of love 🥰
it starts slow too, you know? he'd start gettin annoyed by things you usually do, like, i dunno, leaving your keys outside the bowl or forgetting to turn off the lights in the bathroom.
it'll probably escalate to something more specific like how you take your time getting ready in the morning or how the side of your bed is always untucked or smth. he used to love doing the bed bc it smells like you but now it's just another chore itching the back of his brain.
he won't look at you the same way anymore. like his kisses are brief and cold and you have to beg for it. most of the time, you have to pull him tighter bc he pulls away when you try to hug him.
i don't think he'd be the one who's gonna "fight" for the relationship. i feel like he knows that it has to end NOW and he doesn't waste anytime.
was it easy to tell you that he fell out of love? yes, for bucky, it was just three words: let's break up.
he's probably expecting a screaming match or a slap on the face or smth. but eh, i think you'd know that the relationship came to an end as soon as he started acting differently around you.
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bitchassbucky · 11 days ago
Quick question
Ex! Bucky is an asshole and he never deserved you if he broke up with you because you're "too much".
You need to get back on your feet, brush yourself off, straighten your crown and KICK HIS ASS!!!
if ex bf!bucky broke up with me it probably means i fucked up so bad 🙂 it's not his fault, it's mine
Tumblr media
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bitchassbucky · 11 days ago
Ex-boyfriend!Bucky dropping off all the things you shared and gave him because it reminds him of you and he deserves peace
des...,,..,. erves...,,,,, peaze,,,,,.... from
Tumblr media
send me more of these
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