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#boy and girl
sylverstorms · 6 minutes ago
So I've realized two things:
1. I have a big crush on Cassandra (especially your version of her - I'd risk it all lemme tell ya).
2. Technically she's just a hot fly in a trench coat. I'm crushin' hard on a fly. This is what it's come to.
That's enough internet for me! Good night fandom!
1. I am madly in love with all the sisters, I don't care if they're flies, aliens or freaking human-shaped piranhas.
2. ...look at 1 and amplify it tenfold.
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rosebowl · an hour ago
thinking about how boy with luv is gender neutral <3
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ares857 · 2 hours ago
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internet find
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hazzy · 2 hours ago
this cute bi girl from work that i lowkey have a crush on is becoming my good friend and we hung out for almost 5 hours today and it was great 🥺
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wlwdni · 6 hours ago
my relationship with gender is very complicated i like. feel like being a girl and being born a girl loving women is a big part of me but I want to be a man in the trans way and.... i want to be a cis man as well... for like different reasons But even if i was amab id probably still be trans because its a very important part of me.. but i dont mind looking like a girl still but at the same time i want to rip my flesh off when i get seen as one and like I feel like its a part of me thats too big to leave behind and im still very much happy calling myself wlw despite also being mlm.. i dont like thinking of myself as a girl but i also dont want tobe a guy but i do want to be a guy and i like being a "girl" and i love men in the guy way as well as the girl way but its different because i cant even pass you know. i literally dont know to word this and sometimes i wish i had no sort of dysphoria so i could just live as a clueless cis girl but i cant erase the fact that i have sooo much Gender going on and i just wish i was a man . you know. but in the trans way but also i wish i was a cis man but also if i was born amab i probably wouldnt fully identify with being a male DO YOU UNDEFSTAND WHAT I MEAN . its literally just a mess in there i cant even remmeber half of what i typed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ariesmakesart · 6 hours ago
ahahahahaha I love that it took a whole ass group of men to get ONE guy to realize that he's been objectifying me and the 2 girls in our group to the point where they've stopped coming over bc they're uncomfortable and don't feel safe and I'M uncomfortable to the point where I dread hanging out with my friends, even though I've been trying for months to get him to leave us alone. I wanted to keep things civil and not get our friends involved, but it's gone on long enough.
I'm not a girl, but I guess he thought me having tits gave him permission to treat me like a piece of fucking meat.
I shouldn't have had to get my male friends involved for me and my female friends to feel safe.
My boyfriend and our male friends shouldn't be responsible for defending us. It shouldn't take a man physically putting himself between us and him for him to leave us alone.
We deserve the same level of respect as our male friends, and no, I'm not accepting his fucking apology. I've been blunt with him, and told him outright that he made us uncomfortable and needed to leave us alone, but he didn't listen to me. That tells me he isn't actually sorry, he's just intimidated now that he has 5 men against him.
I do not like him, I do not trust him, and I do not want him anywhere near me. The next time he thinks he can get away with that shit I won't hesitate to put him on the fucking ground.
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wisedemiguise · 9 hours ago
Ugh... I just saw that my former school-nemesis is on „princess Charming“ and I think I have a sexuality crisis rn even though I‘m usually really grounded with that :(
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justthatgirlsam · 22 hours ago
i just want to feel the way suneater by leana firestone feels for someone is that too much to ask
#/\\\#sam rambles#its on my miraculous playlist but goddamn#i wanna fall for a boy who swallowed the sun#/girl/person#it just makes my heart feel so full#and like this is gonna lowkey turn into a sad girl hours rant its 1am just let it happen#but i havent really been With someone since I was in high school#and that ended really bad#partcially my fault partcially his but like its in the past we're not gonna dwell on it#and it took me a really long time to 100% move on partially because of things that were said#and then i tried to date this guy like two weeks before covid hit#and he was really nice but i never knew where we stood#bc he was so kind and respectful the way a lot of guys I had talked to werent#and we went on a date and it was nice#and then spring break happened and covid happened and we thought things would be better in two weeks#but they werent and he moved back home which ended up being like a huge time difference#and like we werent serious and i always kinda knew he was probably talking to other girls and i kinda got fed up w having to know that#i say never having confirmed and only going off of evidence i found#but like#i was really sad#but its been like a year now#and i think i might be because I'm human interaction starved bc of covid#and touch starved even when we werent in a pandemic#but i just really want to love and be loved and have that happen for me#idk#its really a lot but i just#i know i dont need it#and i know as sooon as i start looking for it its not gonna happen#but i would like to not spend my early 20s alone
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rebeccahaphotography · 22 hours ago
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Rasmus & Vigga from Unique Models Denmark, shot by me April 2021
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