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#boromir and his hobbits
elvish-sky · 23 days ago
Merry: I dare you-
Boromir: Pippin is not allowed to accept dares anymore.
Merry: Why not?
Pippin: "I have no regard for my own or others personal safety", as some would say.
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elvish-sky · a month ago
Pippin: *texting Merry* I heard Aragorn say he was going to Dairy Queen so I snuck into his car and he has no idea I’m here.
Pippin: He asked Boromir what he wanted and I popped up from the floor and said, ‘I was thinking about a milkshake.’
Pippin: I have never heard two men scream louder.
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elvish-sky · a month ago
Aragorn: Call the hobbits, they’re not listening to me.
Boromir: I’m not their dad!
Aragorn: Just do it.
Boromir: Ok guys! Line up, let’s move out!
*the hobbits immediately start following him*
Boromir: no listen LISTEN i’m not their-
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elvish-sky · a month ago
Aragorn: You lost a lot of blood and passed out. Do you remember anything?
Merry: Only the ambulance ride to the hospital.
Legolas: That wasn’t an ambulance. I drove you.
Merry: But I heard a siren.
Aragorn: That was Boromir.
Boromir: I was WORRIED.
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elvish-sky · a month ago
Merry: If I accidentally sat on a voodoo doll of myself, would I be trapped forever in that position, doomed to starve to death?
Pippin: How am I supposed to know?
Boromir: You say, as if we don’t use you as a source of knowledge of the occult.
Pippin: *sighs*
Pippin: You wouldn't be trapped
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elvish-sky · 3 months ago
Ready {Merry x Reader}
A.N: This request was awesome! I’m a big cartography girl, so it was really fun getting to use some maps for this. And the min-panic attack the reader experiences is based on my own, I get lots of little ones a lot, and rarely have a big one, so that’s where that came from. I hope you like this little fic, I’m sorry it’s so short!
Requested by Anon on Tumblr: Hi there! I really enjoy reading your writing and your blog makes me smile everytime I see something new pop up! If you’re taking them, I’d like to request a Merry x reader fic where they are both working together to research the lands they expect to cross and trying to memorise maps for the journey ahead in Rivendell?
Word Count: 661
Pairing: Merry x Reader
Summary: In Rivendell, you and Merry study maps in preparation for the journey to destroy the ring.
Warnings: Fluff, Mini-Panic attack
“Okay, so if you’re at Sarn Gebir, and need to get to Morannon, what would you do?” You sat cross legged on the floor opposite the hobbit, maps spread all around.
“Cross the Anduin before the Falls of Rauros, then skirt the southwestern edge of the Emyn Muil, going around the Dead Marshes. Go southwest from there and you should reach Morannon,” Merry spoke with a confident smirk.
You nodded at his answer, and, pleased, he asked you a question. “How do we get to Lorien from here, Rivendell?”
“We are going to go due south along the Misty Mountains before reaching Caradhras, at which we’ll cross the mountains, head west, and eventually reach Lorien.”
He nodded at your answer. “Good job! It’s getting late, so I think we should turn in for the night. Let’s head back to our rooms.”
You smiled at him, taking the hand he offered to help you up. Entwined hands swinging between you, you walked through the halls of Rivendell back to your rooms. 
The next day, you walked into the outdoor dining area to see Merry, eating next to Pippin while speaking with the man from Gondor who had joined the Fellowship with you. You were pretty sure his name was Boromir.
Merry was busy questioning him about his kingdom while Pippin looked on. “So, the two cities are Minas Tirith and Osigiliath, right, Boromir?”
The man shook his head. “Well, technically yes, but Osgiliath is just ruins. We hold it against the forces of Mordor at the moment. But yes, Minas Tirith is our main city. It’s mine and Aragorn’s eventual destination.”
Merry nodded, “And what do you know of Rohan?”
“A little. They are a great people, known as exceptional horse-riders. Known as the Rohirrim. And Rohan is a very hilly land, which explains the usefulness of horses.”
“That makes sense. Thanks, Boromir! Now, Y/N and I better get off to the library. Today we’re going to review the geography of Rohan.”
“Have fun, you two!” Pippin winked at Merry, and you reached out and punched him lightly in the arm. His cry of “Ow!” followed you out the door. 
Later that day, you sat at a table while reading about the settlements of Rohan, of Helm’s Deep and Edoras. Breathing in and out, you tried not to panic, the full reality of where you were going to go setting in.
Merry turned the corner around the bookshelf to see you there, knees brought to you chest as your breathing quickened. Rushing over, he grasped your hand and squeezed it lightly.
“Hey. Y/N, look at me. What’s wrong?”
“I- I…” Your breathing was still fast, and Merry helped you take a deep breath, then another, and as your chest shuddered you finally spoke.
“I’m scared.”
His eyes widened in understanding. Knowing the best thing was just to let you talk it out, he asked, “Why?”
“Well, I mean I know we’ve been looking at these maps for a while but it’s kinda just sinking in that we’re going to travel so far. I mean, a few months ago I’d never left the Shire. I guess… I’m scared of the unknown.”
Merry nodded. “Me too.”
You looked up at him, surprised. “Really?”
“Of course! Who doesn’t? But we’re going to see stuff no other hobbit has seen. And we’re helping Frodo, and that’s all that really matters.”
“That’s true,” you smiled up at the hobbit. “Thank you, Merry.”
“No problem,” he said as he sat next to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders so that you could rest your head on his.
Several weeks later, the full Fellowship stood at the gates of Rivendell, preparing to leave. As you got ready to step out into the world again, you turned your head to see Merry standing next to you.
“Ready?” Merry was smiling at you as he held out his hand. 
You nodded, clasping his hand with your own. “Ready.”
Everything tag <3: @entishramblings @itgetsatadhazy @boyruins @anjhope1 @wellofeternalthirst @kumqu4t @katbby16
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eohere · 3 months ago
I’ve said this before but Theodred’s title of Prince does not afford him as much special treatment as one might expect. He still is of course, the King’s son. But in terms of his authority, he is closer to the other marshals of the riddermark. And, pertinent to what I’m thinking of now, he has a place amongst the working of the Kingstead, it’s farms and storehouses and cattle slaughter. Theodred doesn’t have a croft that he farms by himself per-se, but in times of high labour he is commonly expected to join in the efforts. He sews and tills fields, harvests, drives cattle in for winter, hunts boar in the autumn and helps with the cultivating of wild foraging plants throughout the year. Indeed, Theodred is quite the farmer, well aware of wisdoms and practices and such needed for the job, feeding their people being the major concern for Rohir royalty. He keeps a good head of food stores and a lot of his riding out was originally for the purposes of seeing to food shortages and advising or organising relief. Theodred has even spent time with the more nomadic herders of the Eastemnet, keeping an eye on what are known as the ‘kings beasts’, herds owned specifically by the crown and loaned out to the herders who make the best bidding every ten years. 
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gendermybeloved · 6 months ago
recently resurrected boromir who doesn't know his own name bc when the valar were shoving his soul back to earth they were like: how to swing a sword? sparks joy. your name and past human (or otherwise) connections? hm. does not spark joy. (oops) (in their defense) (it's been a while since they did this) (and it's kind of hard) (theyd like to see YOU try and shove a dude's soul back into his body and not make a few mistakes!)
so he keeps hearing increasingly absurd tales about the fellowship's accomplishments along his meander up north from parth galen but the thing is that some people know the basics because of battlefield news but they're not... super clear on who is who or what exactly the whole thing's about, so by the time merry and pippin discover him vibing in the shire and try to convince him he's their good pal boromir who joined them on a quest and he really needs to come to minas tirith he's like,
'i can't be boromir; i may not know a lot about my past but i know im not a dwarf, nice try though? where are your parents? and really, i don't think i look like a boromir anyway.'
'he doesn't have the face shape for a boromir,' his adopted hobbit dad calls from the garden.
'well, you heard him. don't have the face shape,' boromir says, 'you're welcome to come in for lunch, though, if you want.'
'what,' says merry.
'what???' agrees pippin.
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gendermybeloved · 6 months ago
i have constructed such an intricate boromir lives au... for reasons everyone else thinks hes dead and also he lost his memories because that's definitely how amnesia works and also somehow hes wandered into the shire since he just kind of walked in that direction hoping he'd find a destination along the way and a hobbit finds him looking starved and they invite him in of course and oops! hes been adopted by hobbits and he kind of thrives as a guy just chilling, learning how to farm and helping carry heavy things and grabbing things on high shelves whenever necessary so he just settles down and takes up a hobbit name since it's not like he remembers his own and the fellowship only learns about his not being dead when merry pippin sam and frodo all come back home and hamfast is like well it's about time! come say hello to our new neighbor and then they see boromir gently patting the ground around a seed he just successfully planted and they're all just standing there like sir what the good fuck and then they hug him and start crying and boromir is like i hate nothing in the world more than a crying hobbit you must come inside immediately and the hobbits get out hobbited by the guy who didnt even know what second breakfast was and long story short faramir gets a fascinating letter from pippin a few months later and takes an extended vacation from his new job to go try and inform his brother that he is not, in fact, a farmer, and also maybe cry on him a lot
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